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  • christian-latte-anon
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    miss doing fic/art swaps

    #boo #Anoni Whispers Into The Wind #and secret santas and stuff #u write someone else's blorbos and they write yours and its just a good time #May 22
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  • kathuman
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    This was part of a secret Santa trade! It's my friend's character Angel in a fancy dress I made up for her XD

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  • tapejob
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    what if everyone had a lil anonymous playoff penpal they could rant to. well i think that’d be neat

    #tj.txt #this sleep deprivation got me fucked up rn #anyway hear me out u get a lil anonymous ask in ur inbox every day and it’s like a secret santa sitch #u know who ur asking but u don’t know who’s asking u #like an emotional support buddy system
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  • hippohead
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    hello friends! i am working on a little project (a zine!) and i need examples of people’s celebrity gay awakenings!! does anyone here have one that they would be okay to share with me, and okay with me using for my project? it would be anonymous! can be a conscious gay awakening or something you’ve realised in hindsight. also, the more specific the better (and funnier), eg. lucy liu in the leather skirt suit in charlie’s angels (2000)!! if you have one that you’re happy for me to include, reply to this post or send me an anon (if you’d rather) pretty please and thank you so much <3

    #making the most of the gay people in my phone #the project is for a mid winter secret santa gift for someone!!
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  • devil-kiwi
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    🎄Secret Santa gift art!🎄

    This was the artwork I drew for KaoRiver1 featuring their ocs, I completed it in January for the MO4 Community server’s secret Santa event!

    ✨Characters belong to KaoRiver1 on Twitter, some background details contain references to MarikinOnline4!!✨

    #secret santa#gift art#others ocs #ahhh i should really draw more full pieces like this 🥺 #i’m still proud of how this turned out
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  • lenfaz
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    This is a self pity party post

    It really puts me down when I work so hard at organizing my team mates gift presents and ensure they get there on time (usually the day before) and you're sitting there the day prior to your birthday and there's nothing going on and you know they didn't plan for you at all other than a last minute thought. Which means it'll arrive in a Saturday when you're not home and it probably can't be left on the street (and they will anyway) and it's going to suck if they are flowers bc they will be ruined by the time you're back from spending the day outside.

    Yes it's silly and stupid and first world problems but it hurts my feelings. Clearly nobody cared enough to plan for me. Not like I planned for others

    And it hurts

    This is a self pity part post

    #it happened with secret Santa too
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  • vpvrtment
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    "donuts and coffee, good idea" "on a rainy day like this? always is"

    #secret santa for a friend group!!! #furry art#furries#furry artwork#furry#vpvrtment #cute coffee and donut date #gdfgfdgdf#digital art#illustration
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  • sassy-santa-baby
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I want help finding the Santa who made this in 2017.

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  • wanderinganywhereart
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Original Upload Date - Dec 24, 2020

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  • 3pirouette
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Fic: A Red, White, and Blue Christmas (15/?)

    By: TriplePirouette/3Pirouette

    Disclaimer: They’re not mine.

    Distribution: AO3 Anyone else please ask first :)

    Story Summary: White Christmas AU. Peggy is pulled from Project Rebirth, setting off a chain of events that leaves Steve and Bucky unharmed at the end of the War, but never having met. Until, that is, their paths cross as professional performers. Steggy Secret Santa gift for @roboticonography

    Chapter 14: Where We Got Lost

    Chapter Notes: Apologies go a long way

    Chapter A/N: I had hoped to make this the big last chapter, but it wasn’t working out that way. Partially because my time to write has been so little and I hate leaving you guys without an update for so long, and partially because this just seems the best, natural place to cut this off.

    Again, 1, maybe 2 more chapters. Thank you to @roboticonograpy for your INCREDIBLE patience.

    Also, I mentioned this in my comments to someone, but I thought I’d put it out here. The character of Will, to me, would be a young Will Wheaton, almost ST:TNG age. He’s young, but good, and Steve saw his potential. Yes, he seems a little oblivious, but that’s only partly because he’s focused and partly because he knows Steve and Bucky say and do things in front of him they expect to be kept confidential (no, not THOSE things. Dirty minds. Deals, show prep, etc.) so he’s very good at “not noticing” things.


    Steve felt bad he had little to report to Angie when she and Bucky met him and Dugan at the station. She’d looked crestfallen when he reported that Peggy looked good and seemed happy with her gig. She sat quietly in the back of the Jeep while Dugan and Bucky chatted away the entire drive, catching up since they’d last seen each other.

    “So how are you going to keep all the men out of sight to avoid ruining the surprise?” Dugan asked as they stepped out of the Jeep at the Inn. “Not like there’s a ton of places you can hide.”

    “Ana and Jarvis have strategically created an entire day out for the Colonel. They’ve got errands and appointments set all the next town over so he’ll be out of sight for the day.” Bucky helped Angie out of the jeep, smiling. “We’ll have the whole place to ourselves, but that means we’re the only ones running it.”

    Dugan smiled, pulling his suitcase from the Jeep. “Well, I’m sure Cap will have a good plan.”

    Phillip’s voice was like a bullet through the air, carrying with certainty and authority. “A good plan for what?”

    Dugan dropped his suitcase and turned, saluting.

    “Oh, come off it, Dugan. It’s been years.” Phillips moved down the stairs, looking him up and down as he popped off a quick salute to him. “Besides, you’re a big TV star now, aren’t you?”

    “Middling at best, sir,” Dugan replied, still standing tall. “It’s good to see you.”

    Phillips held out his hand, and Dugan shook it heartily. “You as well, soldier.” Phillips looked over at Steve, eyes narrowed. “Your doing?” He didn’t let Steve answer. “Never mind. I have other things I want to talk to you about.”

    Steve went red, but they were all interrupted by Will bounding out to the porch. “I hate to interrupt, but we’ve got to get started, sirs.”

    Steve was happy to skirt past Phillips with halfhearted apologies, leaving Dugan behind to deal with the man. He didn’t know what Phillips wanted, but there was a look in his eyes he’s seen more times than he wanted to admit.


    It had taken her longer than she hoped, but Peggy left the manager’s office at the Stork Club smiling. She had to play tonight, which wasn’t exactly ideal, but he’d become much more amenable to ending her contract when she reminded him that Peggy Carter was far less of a draw than the Martinelli Sisters, and her leaving there happy might not only get him the Martinelli sisters, but as he could have clearly seen last night she also had ties to Rogers and Barnes, and would put in a good word with them, too.

    She sat in her dressing room, drumming her fingers on her make-up table, trying to decide what the next best move was. Being stuck in the city one more night afforded her time to figure it all out, and kept her from racing back to Vermont and ruining the surprise for the Colonel, but she was anxious to have a plan, to know exactly what each move would be next. Occasionally, there were things she missed about the army, and having complex, well thought out strategies was one of them.

    She needed to talk to Angie. Apology first, then Angie could help her with the rest of it, she was sure.

    She bounded up, starting to pack everything she didn’t need so she could leave the club quickly tonight. She wanted to be out of there and on the first train back to Vermont as soon as the sun rose tomorrow.

    She’d have to wait until tomorrow, she’d already checked and there were no late trains going that way tonight.

    And Angie wouldn’t get a break for another hour, at least, so she still had time to figure out what she was going to say.


    “You really didn’t—”

    Steve shimmied into his pants, both surprised and unsurprised that they fit after so long. “I don’t want to talk about it, Buck. We have to focus on the finale.”

    Bucky laughed and turned to him in their little curtained off dressing area, slinging his jacket over his shoulder. “You and I both know we could do this number in our sleep if we had to. You’re just avoiding talking about Peggy.”

    “And if I am?” He swung around, grabbing his own jacket, the leather crinkling under his fingers. “I just want to get through the next two days, ok?”

    Bucky looked at his friend’s face, eyes a little sad and hollow, shoulders fallen, and just nodded. “Ok, buddy.” He shrugged on his jacket, smiling and trying to lighten the mood. “I’ll save my questions for Christmas Morning.”

    “Gee,” Steve laughed, shrugging into his jacket, “how nice of you.”


    “Columbia Inn, Edwin Jarvis speaking. How may I help you?”

    Peggy wasn’t sure who she expected to answer the phone, but when she heard his voice she had a deep desire to slam the phone down and walk away. She took a slow, deep breath, and spoke as calmly as she could. “I’d like to speak with Angie Martinelli, please.”

    “And whom shall I say is calling?” His voice was prim and proper over the phone line and she was starting to rethink that right hook.

    “Peggy Carter.”

    “Good heavens! Miss Carter!” He suddenly turned into a mess of a ramble, words tripping over themselves as he tried to get them out. “I am quite sorry for all the inconvenience I have caused you. You know, I assume? Why, of course you know. Why…? But, oh, I…” He sighed heavily and took in another quick breath. “It’s just that I was so sure, and yes, I have made quite the mess. Quite! I am so dearly sorry for the deception I have caused and the rift between yourself and--”

    “Mister Jarvis!”

    He halted abruptly. “Yes?”

    She took another slow, deep breath. “It was a mistake. And your apology is accepted.” She wasn’t truly sure if the apology was accepted in her heart, part of that would depend on how things went when she spoke to Angie and if she made it back to Vermont, but she didn’t really have a choice in the moment but to accept his heartfelt words. “Now, can I please speak to Angie?”

    “Just a moment.”

    The line crackled as he walked away, the even cadence of his shoes a stark contrast to the hurried click of Angie’s heels as she rushed to the phone. “English? Peggy? Pegs? Ya there?”

    “Yes, yes,” she laughed to herself, imagining Angie’s face. “I’m here.”

    “Sweetie, I am so sorry about everything. Everything.” Her exaggerated words floated through the line, and Peggy could almost feel the pain through her voice. “It was such a mess and I wasn’t paying attention and I made it all kinds of worse—”

    She rubbed her forehead. What she hadn’t been expecting, when she picked up the phone, was to have to deal with two rambling apologies. “Angie? You need to stop.”

    “But I—”

    “You have nothing to apologize for. It was all one big, horrible mistake.” She let out a slow breath. “Mostly on my part. If I’d just taken one moment to ask them…”

    “And I didn’t make it better,” Angie harumphed. Her next words were soft and sad. “I don’t blame you for running as far as you could get.”

    “It was never you I was running away from.” Peggy replied, just as soft. “I just needed space. It was all too much.”

    “Bucky…” Angie stopped, then started again, cautiously. “I know you don’t like to share the war stuff, but Bucky mention that the guys, him and Steve really, were havin’ flashbacks and such because of the… well, and I… I know you don’t like to tell me, but were you—”

    “Some, yeah.” Peggy sniffed, looking around at the empty backstage area. No one was there to overhear, but it still hurt to admit these things out loud. “There were some nights when it was hard to sleep.” She cleared her throat. “But right now, I’d rather discuss this whole ‘you and Bucky’ matter.”

    Angie laughed nervously. “There ain’t one, not really.” She sighed. “I’m sorry about that, too. I thought—”

    “You thought wrong,” Peggy sighed, twirling the phone cord in her hands, “and I acted wrong, and the whole thing went pear shaped.”

    “Are ya… Are ya coming back?” Angie asked timidly.

    “Well,” Peggy smiled, getting excited for the first time, “I was hoping to talk to you about that.”


    Will stood over the book with Ana, looking down at it carefully. When the time came he was going to be in charge of getting all the men situated with a bed. “So, each room on this page has two beds, each room on this page only has one, correct?”

    She nodded. “Yes, and if you’re going to be doubling up for some of the gentlemen who come alone, you must have both occupants sign next to the room, yes?”

    “Easy enough.” He smiled up at her. “Are there any cots or extra beds in storage? Mister Rogers seems convinced we’re getting a big crowd.”

    “I’ll have Edwin look in on that this afternoon, but I think we only have a few extra sets of linens.” Ana bit her thumb and looked around. “I’ll add more linens to the list for town, tell Mister Phillips we had a string of unruly moth attacks. At least this way they can bunk on the floor if need be.”

    “The floor would be an upgrade from some of the accommodations we’ve had,” Bucky remarked, moving into the room. “How’s it going, Will?”

    “I think I’ve got the hang of it.”

    Ana chuckled and rounded the counter, grabbing a small ring of keys as she did. “He’s a fine pupil. I’m sure we’ll have no issues while we’re keeping Phillips away with him at the helm.”

    “It’s why he’s the best in the business, and why he’s ours.” He sighed, moving towards the lodge. His smile told them he was joking, “I’m more worried about what will happen to our show while he’s playing innkeeper!”

    “Oh, wait!” Ana stopped him from turning away. “Before you go, Miss Martinelli was looking for you. Said it was urgent.”

    “You know where she is?”

    “Costumes,” Will piped up. “I think you’ll be happy with what she has to tell you.”

    “You know?” Bucky looked slightly taken aback.

    Will threw up his hands, shrugging. “It’s why I’m the best.”

    Bucky pointed at him, shaking his head, but he moved away silently. It only took him a few minutes to find her in the back of the little costume area, digging in a rolling laundry cart, body half way in the cart and feet off the ground. “What are you doing?” He asked, leaning over and trying to figure out what she was doing.

    “Currently?” She asked, muffled from the pile of satin and sequins that kept falling on her even though she was pushing them out of the way. “Getting stuck. A hand?”

    Bucky grasped her hips and pulled her out easily, though he gave a grunt more out of habit than anything. “Ana said you wanted to see me, and Will seems to have some mystery knowledge about what’s going on here?”

    She turned back to the laundry cart, tossing costumes to the floor. “Well, I was ass over tits trying to dig to the bottom of this because someone stuck all of Peg’s stuff at the bottom.”

    He blinked a few times. “Ass over… did you really…”

    Angie laughed. “Get your head out of your ass, I know you’ve heard worse than that and we don’t have all day!” She tossed a dress at him, and he caught it as it hit him in the chest. “If you’re scandalized by that, wait till I tell you about what goes on at theater after parties!”

    He shook his head, chuckling. “Fine, fine. But what don’t we have all day about? And why do you need—” The realization hit him as she tossed him another costume. “She’s coming back?”

    Angie smiled ear to ear and shimmied a little with excitement before turning back to the bin. “Yup. Just talked to her. Will was right there so I talked to him first, and he said he was sure you two would go back to the first casting, but even if you didn’t, there was room for her in the finale and we could definitely put her solo number back in.”

    “She’s singing Baby it’s Cold Outside with Steve just so I can hear the Howlies give him shit!” Bucky laughed. “This is great!”

    “Well, don’t tell Steve.”

    “Whaddya mean ‘Don’t tell Steve’? I gotta tell Steve.”

    Angie stopped, holding Peggy’s black sequin gown in her hands. “She’s nervous, is all, and she’s got this whole apology planned and well, she wants to be the one to do it, you know?”

    He pressed his lips together, tilting his head, “Angie…” he whined, “he’s been insufferable! I gotta tell him.” He stood up tall and looked down at her. “Plus, he’s gotta know for the show!”

    “She’s coming in on the first train from New York tomorrow.” She nodded smartly, taking the costumes from his hands and moving past him. “He’ll know soon enough.”

    “That’s…” He turned, following her, “that’s not soon enough!”


    The station was abuzz, the sounds of men laughing and smiling and slapping each other on the back as they filled car after car, destined for the Inn. Steve and Dugan stood on crates at the center of it all, greeting men and organizing cars back as each train pulled into the station.

    Steve hopped down as the last train pulled in, smiling at the conductor. “Seems to be going well?”

    “Yes, sir,” He smiled, “most traffic we’ve seen here in a while.”

    Steve smiled, but his reply fell from his lips. There she was, standing at the door of the train, waiting for her turn to step down and out, eyes scanning the crowd nervously. He pushed through the crowd, ignoring greetings from old buddies to stand at the foot of the steps, holding out his hand. “You came back.”

    She let her hand fall to his, stepping down carefully as she smiled nervously at him. He swept her suitcase from her hand and was pulling her behind him before she could object.

    Not that she would, anyway.

    She let him lead her behind the station house. There were still men moving through, still chatter in the air, but it was far quieter and far less crowded. He put her suitcase down and turned, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. “You came back.”

    “I did,” she responded dumbly for lack of anything else to say. She twisted her free hand in her skirt, looking into his eyes. She could tell he had a million things he wanted to say, just like she did, but neither of them knew where to start.

    “I’d say I’m sorry,” he started sincerely, “But I’m not sure exactly what I should be apologizing for.” He shrugged. “But I’m sorry you left, and I’m glad you’re back.”

    “I should apologize,” she pulled her hand away, turning to pace away. “I got it all horribly wrong, and I didn’t…” She took a deep breath and looked at him. “Too many things came back too quickly when we started talking about the war. And then I…” She nodded to herself and found his eyes, shaking inside but fighting to keep her voice even. “Then when I was faced with this stilly little thing, this thing I could have cleared up if I’d just asked you, I felt like I was back there, and there was no one I could trust.” Peggy’s voice grew quiet as she stepped closer, leaving little space between them. “You’d never given me anything but reasons to trust you, and I was the one lost in the past. I was the one who made a mistake.”

    He reached out, moving to brush her hair behind her ear, but pulled his hand back at the last second. “It’s nothing to be sorry for. It—”

    “There’s a lot to be sorry for, and I am. Sorry. I am sorry,” she stuttered out. Her eyes looked to the sky and she held back tears. “It didn’t seem like it could be real,” she whispered before locking eyes with him again, “finding someone who understood me so well, who knew what it was like to need a hand to hold in the middle of the night and didn’t see me as less for it.”

    He reached out, twining his fingers with hers. “It’s hard to remember we’re not alone.”

    She squeezed his hand tight and stepped closer, leaving only a hair’s breadth between them. “Last night I was lying in my room and I was so afraid. Afraid that I’d mucked this up.”


    She cut him off, shaking her head. “But then I was afraid of it, you see. Of opening up to you. Of letting you see more and…” A tear slipped from her lashes. “What if I’d opened up and in the end you didn’t like what you saw?”

    This time he let his hand touch her cheek, wiping away the tear and pushing her hair back. “You ever think I’d be afraid you wouldn’t like me, either?” Her laugh made him smile, but he pressed on. “The legend of ‘Captain America’ and who I really am rarely match up. It’s a lot to live up to.”

    “I much prefer Steve,” she whispered, leaning her cheek into his hand with a smile. “Less a good soldier, and more a good man.”

    “I try.”

    “We both do, I think.”

    His thumb caressed her cheek as she fluttered her eyes closed, and he wished they were alone, some place more private. “So, you’re coming back?”

    Her eyes blinked open. She moved her lips a few times, but nothing came out. She wanted to scream yes, to ask him if he’d have her, to ask a million questions and make a million declarations. In the end, she pressed her lips together and nodded, eyes tearing up again.

    “Good,” he whispered, smiling.

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  • archester-creations
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    lost pictures

    The contact on her phone stared back at her. Not for the first time she actually kind of questioned contacting him. If her dad found out, he’d be so disappointed . But it wasn’t like she was calling him instead because she hated her dad! He could just be… Well. Embarrassing. A bit much. Over protective. Not saying he wasn’t, too. He was just less so. Maybe it was his nephew's influence vs her being her dad’s only child, but oftentimes he was simply more willing to trust that she could handle herself. He was less likely to jump in unnecessarily than her dad was. Which was exactly what she wanted for this school trip.

                                                                                                           Hey Perry |                                                                                               I need a favour |

    | ?

                                       Can you pretend to be my dad for a school field trip? |

    Not like it'd be hard , Vanessa thought as she tapped the side of her phone, waiting for his reply. Over the years, staying with her dad and Perry slowly went from ‘dealing with my dad and his nemesis’ to ‘dealing with my two dads and their weird career choices’. Not that she'd tell them that. No, she'd let them figure that stuff out on their own. Her hands were washed of at least that part of their insanity.

     | Dr. D?

                                                                                                                He’s fine |

                                                                                                   But mom is busy |

                                                                                   And you /know/ how dad is |

                                    He can be so embarrassing and over protective and just |

                                                                                                               So much |

    And its just for a small school trip! Were going out of danville and i know hed be                                                                                     so much more protective |

     She could practically see Perry raise his eyebrow at her, so she tacked on a hopeful ‘Please, perry?’

     | What day?

     Vanessa brightened up, smiling at her phone. Thank god. Now she'd just have to tell her teachers that her other dad is coming with. And with what happened last year, they’ll probably be too relieved to question it. The small pros of having your dad swear vengeance on cows during a field trip. She quickly sent him the dates so he could ask off.

    With that done, she let herself finally focus on the rest of the planning. Or, packing. She'd gotten her mom to sign off on this trip before she contacted Perry. Since she was her original go-to. Unfortunately she was unable to go. It'll be interesting to see Perry as a school field trip chaperone. Maybe she could get him to show her places other than the ones the school took them to. There's no way the secret agent hasn't been to Washington before.

     “Mr. Perrin Fletcher?” The short, stocky teacher looked at her clipboard then up at the both of them under her glasses. “Isn't that a different last name from your father’s?”

    Vanessa shrugged. “Work related reasons. With my dad being a scientist he didn't want to confuse the scientific community with a name change in case he made some big discovery or anything.” She waved her hands in a half approximation of jazz hands and rolled her eyes like she thought it was dumb.

    The teacher hummed, seeming to trust the reasoning, and moved on. Vanessa sighed with relief once the teacher was mostly out of sight. That wasn't a question she'd actually planned for. It was almost weird to even have it questioned. Fletcher or Doofenshmirtz, Perry was as much a staple of her life as her dad was. To have it questioned was like being questioned if she was really related to her dad. Which… come to think of it, she has been. Huh. Suddenly some of the teachers she’s had feel a touch more rude and she narrows her eyes in annoyance. Perry sent her a questioning look that she waved away. “I'm fine, Perry.” An eyebrow was raised but he left it, which she appreciated. He grabbed her extra bag and led the way into the bus when the door opened. They ended up in the middle of the bus on the side diagonal to the door. She couldn't help but wonder if it was strategic. The second they sat, Vanessa put her headphones in. Perry looked around a moment (definitely strategic) before he got his reading glasses and a book out.

    A few hours later, they were in Washington and Vanessa wanted to stretch . Also eat. Neither Perry nor her brought food with them to eat on the bus, like the other students and parents had. (Both of them knew if her dad had known, he would’ve packed something for them and they silently mourned the loss together.) The second they got off Vanessa popped her back so loudly, Perry actually looked concerned.

    “Alright, let’s get some food before we head to the hotel room,” Vanessa said and Perry easily agreed. They ended up in their room with taco bell.

     The first day was nice, if a little boring. Though a highlight was definitely when Lacie told her ‘your dad doesn't do much, does he?’ and she had to keep a straight face as she told her ‘no. no he doesn't’.

    The second day was where it got unexpectedly (which was really on Vanessa, she should expect this by now. Perry was just as much a weird magnet as her dad was.) exciting. The class had just separated to head to different smithsonians. Vanessa and Perry made their way to the American Art Museum. For the first half Vanessa got exactly what she'd expected. She appreciated and made fun of the art in equal measures. Next to her, Perry made some disapproving expressions with a half smile before he joined as well. (Modern art apparently was a joke goldmine for him.) Then a room caught her eye. More specifically, a person in the room. They looked familiar and she nudged Perry, gesturing subtlety to him when Perry looked up. It was great having someone for once who knew how to look without drawing attention.

    There was a shorter man in the room (though Perry knew with slight distaste the man was taller than him), black hair tied up in a loose bun and dark eyes highlighted by dark circles that told of a lifetime of missed sleep. Or perhaps just a few weeks. He wasn't in his normal black dress shirt and white tie but Perry recognized him easily. Years of OWCA training had him good with faces. Months of furious dislike followed by more months of much calmer dislike where they no longer tried to rip each other's throats out when they met- okay, fine, Perry can admit perhaps eight times out of ten he was the one who started those fights. Of course the times when OWCA purposely assigned them together to help them work out their issues' didn't help.- made it much easier. Peter, code name: Panda. The third agent P. He squinted, annoyance crawling up his chest. When he'd agreed to accompany Vanessa for her trip to Washington, he knew there was a chance to run into him. It was low because Peter usually worked out of Seattle, but all of them moved around occasionally. They were secret agents, they didn't only fight their scientists even if it was usually their main job. For the ones of them assigned a scientist, at least. Perry had really hoped they wouldn't run into each other.

    “You know him?” Vanessa whispered and Perry realized she must've caught his split second realization. A spark of pride welled in him. There were some newer recruits he knew that wouldn't of caught that flicker of emotion cross his face. Though he tamped it down to shake his head. “Bullshit. You do . I swear I've seen him before, too.”

    Perry frowned and tracked his memory. Had she seen him? Well, she'd been there for some of his own battles against Heinz. And… there were ones he didn't see. Which means she could've met him and he didn't know. Of course, if she did the lack of Heinz mentioning it at least meant that Vanessa didn't join in even if she was there. While that no doubt disappointed Heinz, Perry couldn't help but be happy by that. A light appeared in Vanessa’s eyes.

    “Ooo ooh .” There was a smirk that Perry didn't like. It reminded him of himself . “It's that other agent.” 

    His eyebrow twitched. Like a traitor, Vanessa laughed. Made fun of by his own fake daughter. He sighed.

    “Don’t worry, I didn’t see much of him but I still think you’re cooler.” Vanessa winked at him and he couldn’t deny it made him feel a bit better. “Now let’s see what he’s doing.”

    Quickly, Perry shook his head. This was not around where Peter lived (all agents lived in the same city as their assigned scientist) and he doubted Peter was here to appreciate the art. Which meant it had to be a mission. A non-Mystery related one, because while Perry could believe that Peter just liked the art, Mystery absolutely did not strike him as an art guy. Also because he'd remembered Pinky mentioning a recent string of art-thefts. Not only did he not want to interact with Peter in general, he didn't think Heinz would like it if he got Vanessa involved in a more serious OWCA-related case.

    “Come on, Perry, please ?” And Vanessa took a step toward the mostly-empty-room with Peter inside it. “Don't you want to see what your rival is up to?” ‘Rival’ felt like it held the weight of multiple meanings; the way it was light and teasing but formed around a knowing smile with emphasis. Platonic- rival at work, during training, in the field. Romantic- rival in love. She continued her way backward until she turned on her heel and entered the room. Perry sighed and begrudgingly followed.

    “ Hey , Peter,” Vanessa whispered before she got too close to Peter. She'd already seen her dad surprise Perry once before. If Peter actually was half as good as Perry, she wanted to announce her presence before his reflexes kicked in. The agent turned to her with an eyebrow raise. Only one swipe of his eyes and he let recognition show.

    “Dr. Doofenshmirtz?”

    “Not here.” Vanessa shook her head. A half-smile curled her lip. “I have a different chaperone.”

    Peter looked at her questioningly, no doubt concerned with her expression. The moment he noticed Perry behind her was clear. Annoyance flashed along dark eyes. The corner of his lip twitched downward for the barest second. It kinda reminded her of Lacie whenever she had to interact with someone she didn't like in class. Except Lacie wasn't an agent who professionally wiped those emotions off their face the second they occurred. Though she wondered if Peter ever complained about interacting with Perry to anyone. Maybe the Professor Mystery her dad had mentioned?

    “Perry,” Peter said tartly. It sounded like cold professionalism and it kind of made Vanessa want to laugh. Especially when Perry nodded in the same way. She wondered if this was how they interacted at work.

    “What are you doing here?” Peter asked.

    Perry nodded slightly toward Vanessa. “ School trip ,” he signed, then pointed at Peter, his head tilted and an eyebrow raised.

    Peter raised both eyebrows. “Mission. Classified.” It was easy to catch the smug ‘need to know basis’ undertone. Red-brown eyes narrowed in annoyance.

    There was definitely a fight brewing between the agents. In the corner of her eye, Vanessa caught sight of a pair of twins she recognized. Unlike Perry and her, who decided on just walking around, it looked like their parents had gotten an actual tour guide. Some young adult who looked tired and definitely worked there. Who had the power to kick them out if they made a scene. While she had led them here, that wasn't something she wanted. There were still sections she wanted to be able to look at. Plus, she'd gotten the information she wanted. She grabbed Perry’s hand to pull him away. “Come on dad, let's get back.”

    A moment of confusion appeared on Peter before he smiled and let out half a laugh. “Have a good tour,” he said and turned away to leave through the door at the far end of the room, heading deeper into the museum.

    “Hey Perry.” Perry looked over at her. “I know what we’re gonna do today.”

    Perry shook his head. No, whatever it was it was dangerous, much as he did want to know what his supposed ‘classified’ mission was.

    “I’m pretty sure Peter’ll hate it. Especially if we complete whatever mission it is first.”

    … Vanessa was right. Peter would absolutely hate that. Fuck. “ Safely ,” Perry signed firmly.

    “Of course ,” Vanessa said with a smile and maybe had she not been Dr. D’s daughter and clearly influenced by both the doctor and himself , he’d be more inclined to believe her. At least he knew just who to text for information. The second agent P.

    The second he texted Pinky, asking what Peter’s mission was, the videocall rang. He frowned at the phone and answered. Immediately Pinky came into view, their long hair tied up in a ponytail and a tanktop on. Which meant Pinky was home and not at OWCA. Their laptop was in view, though the screen wasn’t.

    “Why do you want to know?” Pinky leaned on a hand, half turned away from the laptop.

    “We want to beat him to it,” Vanessa answered from behind him and he could see her popping into frame through the tiny box in the corner that showed him his own side of the call.

    “Wait. Are you- Why are you even in Washington right now?”

    For the second time that day, Perry signed “ School trip.”

    Pinky’s eyebrow raised. “Is that your daughter?” There was no way Pinky didn't know the answer to that. Their families were neighbors, after all. And close on top of that. Plus Perry had told Pinky enough about her that he knew they knew exactly who she was. He almost rolled his eyes at the question.

    “Yep,” Vanessa said and Pinky smiled. Apparently the agent approved. On the other hand, Perry felt his face grow hot. It was one thing to pretend to be her dad for the school. It was another to have two people who knew he wasn't her dad refer to him that way anyhow while they were fully alone. And even speaking on a secure channel. (Any electronic communication with Pinky was secure. The other agent had the of scrambling any and all lines- and doing it double when they were in contact with Perry. It was something he greatly appreciated about his friend.)

    “ Mission ,” Perry cut in.

    “Right,” Pinky gave him a shit-eating grin and he had the feeling Vanessa’s expression would be similar if he looked. He refrained. “I'll look that up now. You remember my price?” Perry nodded with a sigh. He'd have to ask Linda to make another pie.

    “Price?” Vanessa questioned.

    “Of course,” Pinky flashed a smile toward Vanessa, only taking their eyes off the laptop for a moment. “I don't normally do non-work related hacking and information gathering pro bono.”

    Vanessa’s eyes widened and she glanced at Perry who didn't even flinch. Hacking ? As far as she knew, Perry did some hacking. But if he was going to this agent they must be even better. And if they did work outside the OWCA, they were definitely better. “What's your price? Do you teach?”

    They looked over at her. “It depends on the job. Though Perry’s a friend, so I just get him to bring me food. I've taught my sobrina some but I've never taught anyone else. Why, looking for lessons?”

    “ Absolutely ,” Vanessa said and Perry wasn't very surprised. It wasn't exactly a secret to him that Vanessa was interested in OWCA. From everything he’s seen from her over the years and everything he’s heard from Dr. D, he knew she’d be a good agent too. Though she hadn’t talked to Dr. D about it yet. That was one of those things Perry knew would lead to a discussion between them. Since that hasn’t happened, he knew she hadn’t told him yet. He looked from Vanessa to Pinky hacking into mission files beyond the screen. No doubt this would lead to that talk. Until then he’d be keeping a closer eye on Vanessa. There was no doubt in his mind she could do it and he’d be there for anything she needed. It kind of reminded him of training the new recruits. Except more important, somehow. Probably because it was Vanessa. Pinky said something, and Vanessa’s face lit up with interest. Perry wished Dr. D was here to see it.

    “Remember those art thefts I’d told you about, Perry? The hired ones. Looks like our friend got assigned the mission to stop them,” Pinky said, phone already repositioned so they could look at their phone and laptop at the same time. “And the next painting is scheduled to be stolen tomorrow night. Before you ask, I found it. Among the Sierra Nevada, California .” The camera turned to show a painting. Large clouds and mist swirled over mountains. Multiple waterfalls spilled into a lake with deer at its grassy shore. Perry looked over to the painting they’d found Peter at, Vanessa doing the same. They were identical. According to the label it was made in London before touring through Europe, to St. Petersburg, and ultimately to America.

    “Well, we don’t have to find it,” Vanessa said. Taking it as a cue, Perry turned the camera to show Pinky.

    “Oh good. You guys got lucky, too. It was in storage last month,” Pinky said. “Now if you’ll excuse me.” Perry nodded his goodbye and Pinky hung up.

    “So what now?” Vanessa asked. “Do we talk to the museum? Stake out the painting? Swap it with a fake?”

    “ Wait .” At this point, that was their best bet. They couldn’t talk to the museum. If asked, they couldn’t reveal where they’d gotten the knowledge and it could interfere with whatever Peter planned. While he was okay with having a one-sided competition with Peter, he wasn’t okay with compromising another agent’s mission. And he was certain Peter hadn’t told the museum either. “ Plan .”

     “Hey, Monobrow,” Heinz tapped the screen and Monogram looked over. “Do you know where Perry the Platypus is?”

    Monogram raised his monobrow. He didn’t even ask how the evil scientist acquired access to the screen. Later he’d have to get Carl to fix that. “He requested a few vacation days recently. As far as I know he left yesterday morning.” He narrowed his eyes. “Why?”

    “... no real reason,” Heinz said, eyes briefly looking off screen. “When do you think he’ll be back ?”

    “In a few days, Heinz. No evil till then,” Monogram said.

    “Yeah, yeah,” Heinz waved toward the screen. Then he shut it off. Apparently he’d have to find a way to entertain himself for a few days. Since Vanessa said she couldn’t come over and Perry was on vacation . Which was fine, the agent needed the rest. Hopefully he’d get some sleep . Something he’d love to get too, but he knew he was too wired for that. There was some cleaning he’d been putting off that he could get done today. And maybe tomorrow he could head to Washington. It’d been a while since he’d last had tea with Peter the Panda. He wondered how things were going with him and Mystery . He’d have to remember to call Peter later. Secret agent’s schedules could be so busy .

     The next day after the smithsonian was interesting, if not very eventful. Though it was definitely fun. Even with Vanessa getting distracted occasionally, wondering how they'd deal with the theft set up for the night. Their class went to the zoo and broke into groups. Lacie and her aunt went with them. They walked around for hours. It was a bigger zoo than the one in Danville. Vanessa didn't think they could see it all even if they had the full day. But they did see the ‘important’ exhibits.

    (“Dad, platypi! Do you think you're related to any of them?” Vanessa whispered at the platypus enclosure and Perry shot her an annoyed look that made her smile.)

    (Perry nudged her with his elbow and when she looked, he pointed to her eyes and then one of the ocelots. She frowned at him. It was easy to translate- you have their eyes .

    “I do not,” Vanessa said, glaring at his smirk.)

    Eventually the day ended, though. Her classmates all went back to their small hotel rooms with their parents. And Vanessa and Perry snuck out for the museum.

     It was dark inside. The museum had closed two hours ago. Perry took out his grappling hook and handed it to Vanessa to use. Since he only had one, one of them would have to climb the rope and he'd prefer it be him. She weighed it in her hand and smiled at him. Again, Perry wished Dr. D was here. It may not have been evil, but he knew his nemesis would've loved to see the light in his daughter’s eyes. When they got back he'd have to tell Dr. D about it. Of course, a few details would have to be left out but-

    But he wouldn't be able to tell Heinz anything. Because he'd feel terrible knowing that he missed a trip with his little girl. Perry didn't regret going with Vanessa. Knowing that Dr. D didn't get to go too hurt, though. How many pictures could Perry feasibly take to make it better? To make it like Dr. D had been there himself? He knew Dr. D wouldn't complain or say it hurt, but could be take the edge off? He blinked and shook the thoughts away. Right now, they had a thief to stop. They had a plan to follow. Vanessa looked at him and when he nodded, she shot.

    The grappling hook moved in a near perfect arc, up and up until it disappeared over the edge of the roof. Vanessa tightened it to make sure it stuck. Then she pressed the button and the rope pulled her up. Perry kept an eye on her as she went, ready to catch her in case anything happened. Thankfully nothing did. The rope came back down and he tested it before he shimmied his way up. They entered the museum through a vent and landed in the Lunder Conservation Center on the fourth floor, in the west wing. Down two floors in the east wing sat the painting. They'd have to go through at least three security locked doors to get there. Luckily, Perry had an all access badge. A badge that feasibly opened any and all doors that could be opened with a badge. There were two of them in existence. He'd helped Pinky make the badges a while back, when Pinky had been on their own non-owca mission. The Fireside Girls and Isabella had been in trouble then. Though they didn't know it then nor would they ever. They'd managed to get the badges to work in under two hours.

    He pressed the badge against the reader and for a second it flashed red before the light turned green and the lock clicked. Vanessa gave him a look as he opened the door. The badges were a secret between him and Pinky. With a wink he pressed a finger to his lips. She rolled her eyes and passed through before him. With a smile he followed. (Honestly, sometimes messing with Vanessa felt like messing with Candace. Though the pride he felt with her half annoyed reactions was often… stronger. He had a feeling he knew what that meant and he’s sure Vanessa knew too.)

    The lights are off when they get to the landscape gallery and Perry gestured Vanessa to crouch as he did the same. From what Perry got last night, the security guard should still be on the first floor. But the security guard wasn't all they had to watch for. There was the thief, and he didn't know how Peter would get in. Maybe through the vents. For now, they would wait outside the door out of sight and watch and listen.

    It's when Vanessa shifts because her foot was falling asleep that something happens. A door opened quietly enough Perry almost missed it. He turned around just enough to see behind them and red-brown eyes met black ones. Looked like Peter found them first. Peter’s eyebrows lowered angrily and he crouched but that didn't erase the annoyed set of his jaw or the stiffness of his spine.

    “What are you doing here?” Peter hissed at him the second he was close enough to do so.

    Perry gave him a thin smile and shrugged. Peter glared in return.

    “This is not your mission. Leave ,” Peter said. Beside Perry, Vanessa smothered a snort. Not well enough for Peter to miss it, though, given the brief glower. Perry himself had a brief war of reactions of laughing at that and sending Vanessa a quick but pointed glare. The glare won.

    “You're as bad as dad at doing what you're told to,” Vanessa said, not looking apologetic or chastised in the slightest. Perry narrowed his eyes at her. But she was kind of right. Though he'd argue he'd gotten worse in the years (suspiciously close to when he'd been assigned Heinz).

    “Take your daughter and leave me to my mission,” Peter repeated like they hadn't said anything. They ignored him again, like he hadn't said anything. There were footsteps that Perry could hear now, anyway. And they were running. Like a guard had noticed something and was making their way over, except Perry highly doubted it was a guard. Even when he saw the man running in a guard uniform. From the look Peter shot him, the other agent didn't buy it either. After all, why would a night guard be running toward them? There had been no other set of footsteps. The night guard stopped, his heels skidding against the floor. Perry looked up from his spot on the floor, taking in his appearance. The man was tall- taller than average- and lanky. Though the guard’s hat obscured his eye colour, it did not obscure his monkey face or his dark sideburns.

    “Fellas,” the guard said. “What are you doing here?”

    Peter shared a look with Perry before answering. “Official business.”

    “Oh, official, huh?” The guard said as he rocked back on his heels. Perry got the feeling that if he'd been chewing gum in that moment, he would've popped it. “Then why don’t I know about it?”

    Both Perry and Peter narrowed their eyes at him. From the beginning Perry guessed he wasn’t the real guard. That just confirmed it for him. There was no way Peter wouldn’t follow proper mission protocol, especially informing the museum of the stakeout. “Because you don’t work here,” Peter said.

    The guard raised his eyebrows and looked from his guard uniform- the same uniform they’d seen the guards the day before were wearing- and the three of them. Peter in his black and white suit and fedora; Perry in the darkest shirt he’d packed along with his own fedora; Vanessa in her usual all black, though she’d traded out the dress for pants. None of them dressed like they worked there. Or in clothes that would exactly denote them as doing something ‘official’. Especially for a museum. Though out of all of them, Vanessa’s probably read most as ‘possible thief’. So there was that. Apparently Peter was done talking because he shot up out of his crouch to tackle the guard. The guard who spun easily out of the way despite his lanky limbs.

    “Pops has a hat like this, I wonder if you know him?” The guard spun Peter’s hat around his pointer finger. Peter’s eyes widened slightly and he put a hand to his now-hatless head before he glared darkly. That had to be the first time the other agent ever lost his hat. Except possibly to Mystery. “Probably not, he wouldn’t send someone else after me and he’s more prone to weapons.”

    Peter narrowed his eyes at the guard. “Give that back.”

    “Sure.” The guard shrugged. “It’s not what I’m here for, anyway.” He threw it at Peter and bolted left, toward the painting. Perry jumped diagonally toward him. But the guard spun out of the way. It was like a dance and Perry usually liked the dance, but he liked it less with Vanessa so close. Not that she couldn’t handle herself. Over the years Perry had learned just how resourceful the girl was. But she was under his charge and wasn’t actually a trainee agent. ( Yet , from the way she talked. If she could convince Dr. D. Though Dr. D loved Vanessa so much Perry was sure it wouldn’t take much.)

    The guard lifted the painting from the wall, carelessly rolled it into a tube in a single movement, and tucked it under his arm. “ This is what I came for.” He bowed to them and Perry growled. Before he could use his grappling hook to lasso the guard, Vanessa shot past him. It was foolhardy and it was fully a move Perry had done as a much younger agent, back when he was barely Vanessa’s age. She moved too quickly for him to grab her. But not too quickly for the guard, who grabbed her by the wrist once she got closer and spun her toward himself. That moment was the first time Perry noticed the guard had a gun and he cursed himself for it. It was careless and he was better than that. The gun was turned to his daughter and Perry felt his heart stop for a long moment where he planned every possible action he could take– until the guard gave a lopsided, curling smile.

    The monkey-faced guard danced back, pushing Vanessa forward at the same time. She stumbled slightly with it. “I’d never shoot a lady.”

    There was the honk of a car horn outside, and the guard turned his head to the window, lighting up. He went to the window to look out it. Like he’d completely forgotten the three of them were there. Or that he simply didn’t care. “Jigen! Right on time as always.” The guard looked back at them. “Well, that’s my cue!” Then he shot a few bullets at the glass and jumped. Peter ran to the window. With a growl he turned to Perry.

    “He landed in a convertible. I’m going to follow it, you two stay here . This is my mission,” Peter said.

    “ Actually ,” Vanessa said. She held up a rolled up tube. “He doesn’t have the painting.”

    “What?” Peter turned to her from the broken window. Perry raised an eyebrow. With a smile, Vanessa unrolled the paper to reveal the painting they’d just watched the guard steal.

    “I grabbed this when he pushed me away,” Vanessa said. Perry whistled, impressed, and her smile turned proud. Clearing her throat, Vanessa stood up a little straighter. Obviously trying to appear unaffected. He pretended not to notice. “I traded it for a poster I’d grabbed from the gift shop.”

    Perry tilted his head. He hadn’t seen her buy a poster while they were at the gift shop. The only thing she’d purchased was a blank notebook that had some art replicas on random pages. Suddenly seeming awkward, Vanessa looked away.

    “I might’ve, um, stole it earlier?” Vanessa said, shifting in a way that reminded Perry of Dr. D. Peter turned offended immediately. Meanwhile, Perry just lost it laughing. At least Dr. D might get a proud chuckle out of that if he ever, gods forbide, learned about this little ‘mission’.

    “Do I seriously need to get on you for encouraging your daughter’s villainous behaviour?” Peter asked in a way that Perry felt was overly serious. Though if he was being honest with himself, he would’ve felt the same a few years ago. Amazing what befriending (and practically co-parenting with) your nemesis did. Maybe that was why OWCA’d originally disuaded it. It was one of the few things OWCA had told him that Perry ignored. Not for trying, of course. He smiled fondly at the memory, then at Vanessa as she turned brittle toward Peter.

    “Hey, it was either steal something fake or steal the painting, either way he was going to steal something . You should be grateful I even thought to grab something!” Vanessa said. “We can pay for it before we leave, anyway, if you’re going to be such an Agent Grumpypants.”

    Perry snorted. Loudly. He couldn’t help it and even if he could, he probably wouldn’t have tried. Peter looked angry and affronted at both of them. But he decided against saying anything about it, apparently. He looked between the two of them and perhaps Perry just saw things but something softened, and Peter placed his hat back on his head and straightened his collar.

    “See that you do. I’m going to report back to Monogram,” Peter said and left out through the broken window. Perry could hear the slight displacement of air as Peter activated his hang glider. Vanessa and Perry looked at each other before both of them broke down laughing. Depending on what Peter told Major Monogram, he’d probably have to write his own report later. For now, he was glad to avoid it.

    “ Ice cream? ” Perry signed.

    “Are any places open right now?” Vanessa asked.

    Perry shrugged.

    “Guess we’ll find out,” Vanessa said.

    There was a place that was open. It was a little place made of panelled wood with tables outside. They ordered two cones of separate flavours and set up at one of those tables, neither of them actually sitting on a bench. Perry leaned against the table while Vanessa sat on top of it. There weren't really any stars when they looked up at the sky, but they were both used to Danville’s clear nights and looked up anyway. Both quickly looked back down when they heard their names. Vanessa is sure her neck popped.

    “Vanessa? Perry ?”

    “Dad?” Why was he here? And at this time of the night. Not that her dad ever exactly went to bed any time before midnight.

    “ You’re the reason he went on vacation?” Her dad asked. Vanessa held back a wince. Major Monogram must’ve told him. Snitch.

    Not knowing what to say, Vanessa held up her cone. “Ice cream?”

    “Oh, yes!” Her dad’s eyes lit up immediately and Vanessa gave him her cone. It wasn’t like she’d eaten very much of it yet, anyway. While he was busy with that she left to buy a new one.

    “Can you believe Peter is doing other agent stuff right now? While you’re on vacation? What are the odds? You think maybe he’s taking something they were gonna give to you ?” Vanessa almost snorted at that. Whether they had or not, Perry and her had helped. “I hope he did well. I mean, I’m sure he did! Peter is a talented agent. Not as talented as you are, of course, Perry the Platypus. You’re like, super talented. But Peter is pretty good too!”

    “How did you know Peter was doing something else?” Vanessa asked as she retook her spot on the table. Her dad had sat down next to where Perry was leaning, his legs folded up on the bench.

    “Oh, well I’m visiting Professor Mystery, sweetheart,” her dad said. She barely refrained from rolling her eyes at ‘sweetheart’. In her opinion, she was a little old for that. But she could allow it for right now. “So tell me- Don’t think I caught you trying to distract me with icecream, though it was very clever!- what are you two doing here?”

    Vanessa looked at Perry, who just shrugged. She did not frame from rolling her eyes. “I had a school trip and I just… wanted to go with Perry this time.”

    Her dad nodded. “I see . Understandable, Perry is very cool. And responsible, are you having fun? How much longer is the trip, can I join? Do you want me to join?” Her dad looked hesitant on the last question and Vanessa found herself nodding.

    “Sure, why not,” Vanessa said. It’d be like a full family outing. It could be fun. Plus with Perry there she’d have a bit of help holding her dad back from some of the big stuff. Like planning evil. She looked to Perry who also nodded.

    “Right! It’s settled then,” her dad said and Vanessa thought he attempted to not look as pleased as he was, but her dad had never been good at hiding literally any of his emotions. It would be a lie if she said she wasn’t kinda happy too. Perry gave a thumbs up and her dad stole a bite of his icecream too, despite Perry’s halfhearted sound of annoyance, and Vanessa decided that it would be fun.

    At the very least, no matter what happened, it would confuse the everything out of her teachers when her dad count mysteriously ups to two come morning.

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    i got one like on a recent post but when I tapped on it tumblr didn't display any name so i am guessing secret admirer.

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    For @eries45 See behind the cut

    "So did you have fun, kid?" Din asks as he tucks the little womp rat into his hammock.

    The kid gives a wide yawn, and blinks at Din through sleepy eyes while his blanket is tucked in around him.

    Of course, the kid can't see it, but Din smiles at him anyway.

    "Go to sleep. You'll be able to see your little friend again tomorrow."

    The kid's eyes slide shut, and within a second, he is giving off little snores.

    Din stays for another minute to be sure he's asleep, and then he slips out, shutting the compartment behind him. He reaches up, pulls off of his helmet, and takes a breath of unfiltered air. He intends to join the kid in dreamland soon but first he is going to eat some dinner. To this end, he picks up the container of food their new friends had given him, and settles down on an upended cargo container.

    He starts to think about the last three days...

    "Would you and your little one like to stay with my family and me for today?" the man asks in an honest manner. "After all, it is Life Day, and no one should have to be traveling on it if they don't have to!"

    Din does not sense anything about him that tells him to stay would be a big mistake, so he nods. "Okay. We'll stay... if it is not any trouble."

    "It's not. Besides, my son will be happy to have another kid to play with! Come! Let me introduce you to my family!"


    Din follows the man away from the campsite towards a copse of trees. Although he did not sense anything sinister about this man, he's still a stranger, one whose name he doesn't even know, and so he keeps the hand that's not carrying the kid hovering close to his blaster. 

    "My name's Kanan, by the way."

    "You can call me Mando." Even after all this time of getting used to hearing his own name being spoken again, Din still do not give it freely to most beings he encountered.

    "So you are a Mandalorian." The words are definitely a statement instead of a question. 

    Din shrugs. "I am."

    "I know most people would say that my statement was a stupid one since your armor's a giveaway., I've known a few Mandalorians in my time, ones that I've been honored to call my friends. I know what the Empire did to your people. I know what they did to my friend and her family."

    Wait? Did he just say he's got a Mandalorian friend?

    "I'd like to meet your friend." He sees the man shake his head.

    "I'm sorry but I haven't seen her in awhile. You see another friend of ours got... lost towards the end of the war, and after it was over, she went with another mutual friend to search for him."

    So this man fought in the war between the Empire and the Rebellion. He didn't come across like someone who was a part of the former, so he had to have been in the latter. 

    As they got to the copse, there was neither unnatural quiet nor the air of foreboding as one would expect with a trap. Instead he can hear ...

    The high peals of a child's laughing!

    It's about this same time, they clear the last bend of trees, and a gently sloping hill is before them.

    The source of the laughter becomes apparent right away as Din sees a Twi'lek woman, and a small human boy go zipping by on some sort of sled.

    The sight causes a reaction from the kid who immediately reaching out towards the two on the sled cooing. "Mah mah mah mah!"

    Now to the notes part of this. 

    First of all, I am so sorry I made a promise I couldn't keep but my muse is gone and isn't coming back any time soon. I have struggled with this for months and I just can't get this going like I want to. So here are th ideas I had for this that I don't believe will be written out in story format by me.

    1. As  you can see, Din and Grogu ran into a very special family in the Star Wars universe.

    2. The family is Kanan, Hera, and Jacen. Kanan was not killed as we saw in Rebels.

    3. Grogu and Jacen doing lots of playing together, such as sledding, making snow creatures, and snow angels,

    4. Kanan senses that Grogu is strong in the Force and eventually says something to Din about it.

    5. I considered having Ahsoka mentioned, and perhaps even having Din figure out that Kanan and Hera were/are friends of hers.

    6. I also wanted to have Sabine's name spoken, but I'm not sure what details would be reveal about her beyond the fact she is the Mandalorian friend Kanan mentioned to Din.

    7. I also considered having the rest of the Ghost (crew) family show up and meet Din and Grogu - perhaps even including Ezra but I wasn't 100% sure on this aspect.

    8. I also wasn't 100% sure how I wanted to end the story, which is probably another thing hindering me.

    I'm so sorry I signed up for this, and perhaps took up the time/efforts of the very person who could have finished your story.

    I won't be signing up for anything like this again in the Mandalorian fandom as I have realized I am not meant to write fics in this fandom.

    I am so sorry.

    #the mandalorian#grogu#din djarin#star wars #star wars secret santa 2021 #fanfic #this isn't how I wanted this to go #but i can't think about this any more #i am so sorry
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    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sign Ups Open!

    Howdy to all our fog-bound content creators! We’re back for another secret swap event for the Dead by Daylight community! Everyone who wants to participate is welcome!

    The gifts are hand-crafted for the person receiving them and we accept Art, Fanfic, Playlists and more!. It is a great way to engage other DBD fans and is meant to be an event to spread cheer and build community!

    Please note that the posting period will be from August 7th to August 12th this year so please only sign up if you can make the deadlines!

    >> https://forms.gle/JJX7emdeRNUSVseMA << That being said, use the link to sign up today! We’re so looking forward to another season of DBD community cheer and creativity <3

    * There’s a bit of a change on the application forms this year, the request box has been split into 3 distinct request boxes. This should ideally make it a bit easier for people who request multiple categories, since the same things we may like in fan art may not apply or be enough of a prompt to start a fanfic and vice versa with fanfic prompts being a bit tough to interpret as fanart or playlist etc etc Or you can input all the characters/pairings you want to see in one box and a different box for situations and prompts and the third box for a special request. No matter how you use the request boxes we still require at least 3 different choices for your santa to pick from!

    #sign up form #summer secret santa #fandom event#art exchange #dead by daylight #dbdse2022
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  • brewing-radianite
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Interest Check - Valorant Fandom Secret Santa!

    Hey, everyone! My name is Macchiato and I’m a fanfiction writer and active player in the Valorant fandom. I’m starting an interest check for a Secret Santa event to take place during the holiday season - I know it’s a long time from now, but it’s never too early to prepare and the fandom is pretty big so there’s no telling how much preparation or help I’ll need.

    For those unfamiliar, Secret Santa in fandoms has generally worked for me like this: Writers and artists who choose to participate are randomly assigned to each other to write or draw something Valorant-themed from each other’s wishlist. It can be ship art, AU’s, etc. - anything you request (given that it is appropriate and comfortable for the writer/artist to fulfill the prompt). You usually have from mid-late November to the 1st of January to complete and send the fic/art. I’ve been part of 2 other fandoms’ secret santas before but did not see one for Valorant, so I thought I might host one myself! 

    If you’re interested, please fill out this interest check on Google Forms using the link in this sentence. Thanks in advance! 

    #valorant #brewed and served #valorant secret santa #riot games #THIS DOESNT MEAN IT WILL HAPPEN FOR SURE... but im interested in it and trying to gauge who else may be #if enough people are i will make further explanations #and rules/guidelines #etc.
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