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    24.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    "And don't even get me started about your sire. Any old brute could sit in that chair!"

    "All right then! Tough guy." Vitus sneered as he reached in his pocket, revealing 4 four gold pieces to the fool who sat across from him. "Four pieces says you won't say that to his face."

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    21.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    "I'm sorry...you want me to do what?"

    "You heard me lieutenant. I want you to take these cubs under your wing for a few days. They could learn a thing or two from you." Kurr scoffed at the stern look on Sett's face. "Don't worry. They won't be as much of pawful as you were. They're among the best in the fahrar. Yvera here shot down 24 markers yesterday in rifle training."

    "I'd like to see her do it without a sight!" The other cub protested.

    "You were the one stupid enough not to use one Cartcus," Yvera rejected.

    "Well had I used one I'd easily have shot 30!"

    "Do me a favor and cry more about it."

    "You'd know a thing or-"

    "Cubs!" Kurr Sparbreaker's tired old eyes lit up with refilled primal youth, his stare locking them in place. The hair stood on the back of their necks and that old feeling of getting on Sparbreaker's bad side gently lifted Sett's as well. His next words rang in Sett's mind before he even spoke. "That is no way to present before your Primus!"

    After a quick salute they just as quickly rehearsed their proper lines, "Yes Primus Kurr, we apologize."

    "Now get out of my sight. Take your groveling elsewhere."

    They knew they were off easy and bolted straight out of Kurr's sight, their arguments echoing down the halls.

    "Not a pawful you say?"

    "They know better. You've handled worse. Or so I've heard."

    Kurr resigned to his chair, not at all caring that Sett stood near him in silence, observing him as eyed the paperwork on his desk and the mess the cubs had left the quarters in.

    "Who rewarded you with that?"

    "Oh, this?" Sett rolled his chainmail sleeve to reveal the remains of a deep cut that scaled the length of his left arm. "Just a missed parry. You'd tire too fighting awakened brutes hours on end."

    The answer didn't satisfy Kurr. In fact, it all but enraged him.

    "I ought to give Mallik a piece of my mind! Not even preparing you enough for human skirmishes and here we are talking the undead," he slammed his paw into the desk, burying his claws deep into the wood. "Who's tail was pinched to send you away like this?"

    "With respect Primus," As Sett responded uneasily, "Zhaitan is dead, we... the Pact... killed him," he tripped over his words to extinguish his old mentor's ire, "it ought to worth losing an arm for that, right? ...it was Rytlock by the way," he finally surrendered.

    "Hard to believe anyone trusts the runt after all these years." His anger subsided and he let his claws unburrow themselves from his desk as he relaxed.

    "Still need me to see after the cubs?"

    "Still a weasel too, trying to get out of this conversation." He glared at Sett partially annoyed. "Yes," he answered after a moment, "but there's something I've needed to tell you. I've never told this too anyone and..." he stopped himself before getting out of his chair walking over to Sett, meeting his towering gaze with his own subtle ferocity before he continued, pointing a claw for good measure, "if word gets out about this I will wear your hide. Understand me?"

    He'd heard the threat before, and the rumors. So Sett nodded and allowed him trundle around his desk as he collected his thoughts. After a moment he spoke.

    "The Priory. As annoying as the bastards are with their questions and their paperwork," he eyed the handsome pile on his desk with a dreaded look, "I found they have some use in their endeavors. Every single one of us that falls, they document it. Every single one. I couldn't help but be curious."

    "I've never thought of you as the attachment type Primus."

    "We all think about it Sett. Some are just better at hiding it."

    "I hope you aren't implying anything."

    "No!" He snapped. "Of course not. I taught you well enough. But believe me I know you feel it too, I recognize the look. That's why you need to know. You are..." He nearly choked on his words but composed himself. "You are the last one. The last of your fahrar."

    Sett was disturbed by how little this news bothered him, at least in the moment. Rather than exposing any emotions, he simply observed his old primus, concerned as he struggled to string together any more thoughts. He thought to meet him and reassure him of... something, but Kurr signaled him to stop his advances. Not that he felt he had anything of value to add.

    "I'm fine. I want you to sit with that though."

    "I will."

    "Bangar is right...you don't look right. You need a break. Take the cubs, then come back to me when you are ready to talk."

    "And what do you suggest we do?"

    "Try fishing. Clears the head a bit."

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    20.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Khan-Ur Sett, 1364

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    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I almost want to retake this nearly 4 year old screenshot of Sett back when he was an edgelord

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    11.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    This time his annoyance fled in an instant, even as he sat with slober half covering his face. He couldn't be mad at Skarra. It wasn't her fault they were both so far from home.

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    03.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    The Outlander

    He scurries the streets by day, prowls the trenches by night. "Five-hundred xen for his coat!" the noblemen proclaim, posters lining the streets reiterating their ire, though gold only speaks to the wicked. They seek his name, for they know not where he came. An outlander, seeking no glory in our freedom, as mysterious to us as these time laced sands.

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    04.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    The dire bears, having nearly been driven to the brink of extinction by the Stone Summit, had become useful to the Norn of the southern shiver peaks in the years following the summit's disappearance. Through their taming, they become loyal companions and formidable beasts of war capable of even taking down giants when fighting on their hind legs.

    Tikvar [teek-var] was a dire bear who lived from 1300 - 1364 AE. The newborn cub was presented as a gift to Sett's sire, Lemick Scorchsear, by the Norn who had recently heard of his son's birth, and wanted to reward him for his mastery of Raven's philosophy and magic.

    Lemick fled south shortly upon learning of Gaheron's knowledge of The Insurgency, bringing Sett and Tikvar with him to live among the rumored Flame Legion faction that too, left many decades ago. There Tikvar grew and trained with Sett, becoming a very useful asset as hunter for the Olmakhan.

    Upon Sett's capture in 1313, Elder Lemick took Tikvar north to Elona to find him, only reuniting in 1331 after the death of Balthazar led Lemick to Sett during his speech in Amnoon.

    Tikvar remained at Sett's side for the rest of his life, dying in 1364 at the age of 65.

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    04.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    The Founders

    In the aftermath of Kralkatorrik's dragonrise in 1320, public opinion within Blood Legion towards Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer's stance against a potential ceasefire took a dramatic unfavorable turn. Among his most fervent critics was Centurion Koda, who from 1317-1325 managed the movements of over 200 Blood Legion warbands stationed around Ebonhawke. Hundreds of his soldiers were killed or worse in the wake of the dragonrise, convincing him that a potential ceasefire with Ebonhawk to defeat Kralkatorrik was in the best interest of Blood Legion.

    It would take until 1324, under pressure of a potential alliance between Iron and Flame Legion on top of the retrieval of the famed Claw of the Khan-Ur expediting the Ebonhawke Treaty negotiations, for Bangar to concede his stance. Following this he drafted a few points of negotiation: the official recognition of Blood Legion territory by Ebonhawke, the immediate release of all charr prisoners of war held in Ebonhawke, and the establishment of neutral territory were among the many provisions he suggested. This neutral territory would be organizaed by both Vanguard and a charr warband, and would primarily serve as a diplomatic gesture for Bangar.

    In 1325, Bangar gave the task of creating the warband to Koda, who in turn dubbed the bandname as "Spark". Two of his most trusted allies, the veterans Malakor and Fleck, joined in to assist. More curious was the acceptance of the much younger Sett, who had recently lost his entire warband, yet had quickly moved up to legionnaire after besting Urvan Steelbane in combat.

    The town of Fangfury honors these four charr as its founding warband.


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