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  • incorrectkids
    28.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    Chan: What’s something you guys are better than Jisung at?

    Seungmin: Mario Kart.

    Felix: Yeah, video games.

    Hyunjin: Emotional vulnerability.

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  • dreamyteam
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Seungmin Dating Headcanons

    genre: fluff

    pairing: stray kids seungmin x reader

    warnings: nothing

    word count:

    Honestly I see him as a best friends brother type person

    Talking to you in English

    Wearing his jackets

    And then him pulling the hood over your head

    Him telling you about the helicopter story

    Calling him your sunshine :(

    Calling him your sunshine :(

    Watching sports together

    And cleaning dates 🫶

    Like the domestic kinds

    Listening to music together

    Sometimes it’s One Direction love songs

    Other times its Olivia Rodrigo

    Writing about you in his diary

    I want to play with his hair because it looks very soft

    So please do that

    Also I feel like he’s not an affectionate guy

    Especially with the other members

    But with you he’s all about getting that love

    He needs your attention at all times

    Please love him forever :(

    #kflixnet #skz x reader #seungmin x reader #kpop x reader #stray kids x reader #stray kids fanfic #stray kids imagine #stray kids imagines #stray kids headcanons #stray kids fanfiction #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x gender neutral reader #stray kids x you #stray kids as your boyfriend #skz fanfic#skz headcanons #skz x you #skz x y/n #skz imagines #seungmin x y/n #seungmin x you #seungmin imagines#seungmin headcanons #kpop x y/n #kpop x you #kpop headcanons#kpop imagines
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  • huiracha
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    (200711) easy ♡ music core
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  • en-lovesick
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Getting caught checking you out.


    You were at one of your cousin's birthday party who is the manager of straykids and you catch the member checking you out


    - he was looking at you when you suddenly locked your eyes with his

    - gets a bit nervous

    - but handle it immediately

    - bows and smiles at you as if he was not just checking you out


    - this boy is confident

    - he will not even try to look away when you catch him staring

    - winks at you

    - you get startled and look away from him



    - looks away immedietly

    - you think he is cute

    - you will catch him staring at you a lot throughout the party


    - nervous Ilama

    - he'd be like 'OMG OMG she caught me staring'

    - somehow manages to calm down after a while

    - panics when he is caught staring again

    - you just laugh at his panicked state.


    - wide eyes.

    - looks away after blinking for a few seconds.

    - glances at you after 2-3 mins

    - gets shocked as you were still looking at him


    - when he gets caught he flashes his signature sunshine smile☀️🌞

    - you get blinded by his bright smile

    - you smile back and you guys started talking

    - 'so can i have you number?'


    - SHY SHY SHY pt.2

    - looks away blushing

    - stands next to you during the cake cutting

    - smiles at you when you looked behind


    - like jisung his first instinct would be to look away

    - lowkey embarrassed for getting caught

    - you join his table and sit near him

    - he didn't dare to turn towards you

    - when you tried to talk, he started eating anything and everything in the table due to nervous.

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  • a--vision--of--ecstasy
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    【mini7月号通常号表紙&付録解禁】 6月1日(金)発売 『mini』7月号(通常号)と、『mini』7月号 Stray Kids SPECIAL EDITION(増刊号※書店・ネット書店限定販売)に、いま世界を熱狂させる韓国のボーイズグループ・Stray Kidsが表紙初登場します!

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  • dark-moon15
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Felix lockscreens ( dscp gente, nn tô conseguindo fazer com qualidade )

    O Black hair dele----💐💍🤕

    #stray kids minho #stray kids felix #stray kids #stray kids han #stray kids jisung #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids bang chan #stray kids jeongin #stray kids changbin #stray kids seungmin #wallpaper kpop#kpop bios#kpop layouts#kpop lockscreens#lockscreens kpop
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  • locallixie
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hi can you do stray kids reacting to their s/o having a tongue piercing.

    tongue piercing ; boyfriend!stray kids' reaction. [all member]

    🖇—... Boyfriend!stray kids' reactions to finding out their s/o have a tongue piercing. [All member]

    > genre ; mature, suggestive, fluff, soft, boyfriend!stray kids, gn!reader.

    > warnings ; minor sexual themes, blowjob, marking, making out, pet names.

    > word count ; 770

    > sunny's note | Thank you for requesting^^

    bang chan—...

    Surprised at first, he have always saw you as a very soft and mild person. You wear clothes that was in-between the line of provocative and conservative.

    But when showing him the piercing you have on your tongue, he can't help but be amazed. He asked you a bunch of questions relating to your piercing. Whether eating is harder, do you accidentally swallow your piercing during sleep, how is the healing process.

    He loves the piercing, yet, is worried about it having negative side-effects on you.

    Now thinking of every time you two would be intimate in the future, he would feel something emerges inside of him.

    lee know—...

    He found out that you got your tongue pierced while you two were making out. He felt something quite cold on his tongue when it began to dance with yours in a aggressive rhythm.

    Minho pull away suddenly, "Darling, open your mouth for me, would y'a?" You complied, opening your mouth, letting him examine every tooth, every crevices inside your mouth, and the newly done tongue piercing you have.

    He finds it super attractive, especially when you're blowing him. The cold metal glides along his hard cock, making his body shivers. Bringing in a new excitement to your bedroom activities.


    Emo/goth boy! He likes the emo things, tatoos, piercings, dyed hair, dark clothing. The thought of either him or you having a facial piercing aren't as surprising as you think.

    He would happily get something done like you, his eyebrow maybe? He adore the style, it is so refreshing to be able to date someone similar to him.

    Making out with you would be heaven, the metal on his tongue as it dances and fight against yours. Or when you leave marks on his body. Licking through the teeth marks on his bare shoulders, courtesy of your doings.


    "Woah, you're so cool! Can I touch it?" He asks, seeing the teeny metal ball that sat on your tongue.

    You furrows your brows in confusion, "What? Touch it? Uh, I guess?" You pushes your tongue out of your mouth, giving him a clearer view.

    Hyunjin, in a excited way, touches the ball in your mouth with his finger. You still unsure as ever, standing there for him to touch your tongue piercing.

    Impatient, "Are you done?!" It feels like hours of him just touching you piercing like a little kid touching a polished pebble for the first time.


    "Did it hurt?" He asks, examining your newly healed tongue piercing. He wasn't there when you got it done, Jisung was quite caught of guard when you told him you were getting your tongue pierced.

    It isn't like he's unfamiliar with facial piercings, it is that he never thought you would be so bold getting your tongue done.

    "Well, a needle went through my tongue, of course it would hurt!" You laugh at his adorable question.

    You lick his lips, teasing him. The cold metal feeling runs through his lips, his cheeks heating up, shying away at your sudden confidence.


    You stick out your tongue, bragging to him about your new tongue piercing. His eyes lights up when he see the metal ball that sits on your tongue. "My baby looks so sick! Oh my God, look at that thing!" He cutely expresses his amusement.

    Felix is a generally supportive person, anything you do, he would be happy to be there for you. Even when it is getting stab by a needle through your tongue.

    Though with his soft boy appearance, the chance of him getting a tongue piercing like yours is surprisingly high. Twining!


    He was a bit uncertain about it at first, even going to the length of talking you out of it. Though already expressed his disapproval of it, he knew he couldn't stop you.

    "It doesn't suit you, angel." That was what he said when you came home after getting it done. But soon, he warmed up to it.

    "Wait, show me one more time!" He asks as you open your mouth for him to see. He smiles, loving your piercing now.


    "Can we kiss?" He asks suddenly. You recently got your tongue pierced and you showed him with much enthusiasm. Now face-to-face with a bold invite, not knowing how to react.

    He leans in, "I want to know how your tongue feels now." With sparkling eyes yet full of lustful intentions.

    "I—I guess?" Speechless, sometime you forget your sweet Jeongin is already a man.

    He presses his lips against yours, making the first move to push his tongue in. He swirls his tongue around your piercing, the metal gently bumps on him.

    Your cheeks flushes red as he pulls away, "I like your piercing, it's really cute, like you." He giggles at your embarrassment.

    #fluff#skz #stray kids x y/n #suggestive #stray kids soft hours #minho skz#chan skz#skz fluff#skz seungmin#skz scenarios#skz felix#skz stay #skz i.n #skz han#skz hyunjin#skz changbin #stray kids reactions #stray kids x you #stray kids #stray kids imagines
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  • ksmnet
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    [220528 via bubble] did you spend your saturday well?

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  • skz-bubble
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hyunjin sent this photos on bbl

    Quick drawing hyunjin made of lee know on blueprint.

    (hyunjin is on live and said he wanted to make a quick drawing of lee know on blueprint)

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  • aeveronika
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    first snow

    summary : you and your first love, seungmin, meeting in the first snow of the year.
    notes : not proofread yet! _____ is reader's name.
    a/n : based on legend of the blue sea episode 5, watching it rn, i had to, plus i really gotta stop impulsively writing short prompts and start working on my tropes 😭 also they're college students ! a reblog will be very much appreciated.
    + saw my inbox with 4 questions, someone requested for another ending of one of my stories, and i have unfinished prompts and fics. i haven't done anything, i'm sorry! schoolwork's been making me busy and idk which part to start with.
    theme song : 24 to 25, beautiful life (goblin ost)

    "meet me at the park once the first snow of the year starts..."

    his words whirled around your head over and over, staring out the window and inspecting for any signs of snow from the sky at all. the colorful twinkling lights hanged on the big christmas tree in your living room shone in your peripheral vision. the smell of that nostalgic cookies inside a red round tin container filled the air. you even had tiny crumbs on the sides of your mouth and on your sweater from the cookies you ate earlier, how adorable.

    2 days ago, you and seungmin met up at a local cafe for a mini-reunion after not being able to bond because of rough academic schedules.

    "i want to tell you something important once that day comes."

    you couldn't even focus on drinking the cup of warm chocolate you're holding 'cause everything now makes you think of him. you couldn't help but ask yourself, "what does he want to tell me?" you swirl around the little warm chocolate residue inside the mug.

    you always knew he was the only one you'd like in this town — he is a gentleman, he knows his priorities, he knows how to work around the house, he's independent, not to mention very handsome and talented — he is everything you could describe the perfect man everybody longs to be with. and you're hella proud that you're very close to him now.

    but the thought of him nonchalantly intertwining his fingers with yours during your casual walks, when he stares at you when you're not looking, when he shows great concern when you encounter simple manageable problems like getting the cookie jar placed on the high cabinet — all these things he do for you that he mindlessly thought you wouldn't notice, turns out you do.

    and everytime you think about it, a wave of chills rush throughout your whole body as your heartbeat skips a beat — all the things you thought you couldn't feel and think of. yet, you're here, red blushy cheeks but a serious face — ever trying your best to not let your intense feelings for him dominate the way you think and act. you didn't let yourself be in the feels since, who knows? who knows what he's going to say on the first snow of 24? he could tell you that he has a girlfriend and he might be excited to introduce her to you. it was therefore the right choice for you not to conclude everything on behalf of him.

    and there, a snowflake gently swaying down to the ground.

    you almost jumped to your seat in excitement when you saw it, heart progressively racing when you've come to the realization that this is the day. your toes starting to feel cold from excitement and nervousness, you try to stand up with your knees shaking with the anticipation the meet-up brought you.

    you picked the best winter clothes you found in your closet and changed before bursting out of your bedroom to frantically think of what you need to bring with you. pepper spray? your money? mint candy- yo.. but you thought to yourself that you only bring your mint candy when you're trying to impress someone.. are you trying to impress someone? wow, there we have it. you finally admit to yourself that you're expecting something from seungmin. so what are you expecting? hmm, you actually didn't know. just the thought that meeting someone on the first winter is special. you abruptly stopped in your tracks.

    "let's meet there at 5 if snow starts before that time. i'll message you if it's gonna be later than that. don't bring anyone, okay?"

    you remembered his words again, 5PM. you checked your phone to know the time, 16:50. should you go? should you wait at your house and go to the meeting place at exactly 5? you didn't know what to do. you wanted everything to lay out so perfectly that one mistakes can make you so frustrated and useless. you even forgot messaging apps exist. "ha!" you exclaimed as you excitedly texted him. are you there? i'm about to go out. you hit the send button to see his icon type in less than a minute. i'm here, been here since this afternoon. come. he replied.

    you felt your ears turn red as you jump and squeal, quietly, ofcourse. i mean, who would want to see someone jump and squeal like a crazy girl inlove?

    you started walking out to the meeting place after you were totally ready for both the meetup and everything that's about to be unraveled — good or bad.

    "i'll be sitting on this specific bench infront of the cafe and i'm gonna wait for you. don't forget, alright?"

    and there you were, beaming to yourself. you never even thought his words would make you fluster like this. you caught yourself in the act before someone else saw you when they were passing by. michin girl. you held on to your phone by your chest like you're hugging it, somehow waiting for a 'vibrate' 'cause damn you needed someone to calm your nerves down. you atleast need seungmin, to affirm you that nothing's gonna go bad today.

    your heart beats ever so fast and deeply, just by seeing him sit on the bench.

    "but, is that really him?" you thought to yourself, making sure it really is seungmin before approaching the figure. but before you could even take 3 steps forward, the man on the bench stood up and slowly turned around — startling you. the tall man turning slowly started to reveal himself, and as he turned around to face you, you started to feel your knees weak and suddenly couldn't carry your own bodyweight anymore. "_____, you came." seungmin said, smiling.

    you couldn't process in your mind by how he dresses so simple yet brings so much charisma. or is it just in your head? is it just you? wow, you were questioning everything at this point. you were amazed too, by how a man can turn your whole world upside down — atleast it felt like it. the snow falling around him and everywhere just makes everything 10x better.

    you didn't even realize you were standing infront of him, doing nothing but either stare at him or zone out. and he was just standing there, looking at you with visible anticipation, which made you feel relief in a way you can't explain. he finally broke the silence and said, "uh, i wanted to meet you here, to.. tell you something." occasionally rubbing his palms together and forcing out a chuckle — he seemed nervous. and you totally were as well. you chuckled nervously, "min, don't be like that. it's scaring me as well." you jokingly said, slightly slapping his arm. this time, he lets out a real chuckle — a lighthearted laugh that seemingly came from happiness, "don't worry about it, though-" he slightly leans down and pats the bench, "-you can sit first before i tell you." eye contact. face down looking up he gazed at you all of a sudden, a second feeling like minutes. you were trembling and it's not because of the weather, too. snap. you came back to your senses, "okay." you responded — a giddy tone very much present in your voice. you walked around the bench to sit beside him.


    was all you heard minutes before he says anything, he clearly looks like he's thinking of how to say it. say what, by the way? now that you're thinking of it, all the fear came back to your body. "remember when we were little kids?" his voice making you immediately turn your head to him that was staring at the snow infront of you earlier. "mhm? which part?" curiosity distracts your fear of what he's about to say. "when i used to pick flowers for you? those little red flowers our neighbor used to plant and we would eat the sweet thingies inside them together? or maybe sometimes form cute tiaras and bracelets?" seungmin said, all in one go, in one breath. you stayed silent. "i wanna do everything all over again, _____." the last sentence made you visibly confused, brows furrowed from what he meant. no, you weren't actually confused. you were anticipated to the fact that he could mean so many things by what he just said. so, "seungmin, i don't want to presume onto anything so you gotta be specif-"

    "i like you."

    all he did was stare at whatever's infront of him — the snow, the children skiing, the pine trees, the sun, anything but you who's just 2 inches beside him. while you, your gut dropped. you were speechless, you were astounded, you were blushing, you were panicking, you were celebrating, you were thinking of everything in your mind. he finally looked at you to say, "but hey, it's okay if i don't get any answer. i just wanted to tell y-" you wrapped your arms around his neck and rested them on his shoulders, you laid your cheek on his shoulder, to which everything you just did made him jump a little. "so, uhm, what does this mean, _____?"

    "it means i've been waiting for this moment for a little too long now."

    you peeked at his face to see him crazy red, his ears as well. seungmin was smiling so much it looked like it hurts. he then let out a relatively high-pitched giggle, "_____, please stop joking around. i'm serious." his statement made you lift your head up his shoulder and pull away, you grabbed the sides of his shoulders tight to make him face you, "well kim seungmin, i am not joking. do you think i'm joking?" your tone in an exaggerated one. he, once again, giggled. "no! it's just- i never really- never expected- i- you like me too?" he pointed at himself, raising his tone and brows to go along with your exaggeration. you rolled your eyes, "what do you think, hmm?" you pursed your lips. "i think- _____, you're hard to read." he laughed again, his ears now look like tomatoes placed on the sides of his head, and his head is also a tomato. you wrapped your arms around his torso this time, placing one side of your head to his chest to hear his heartbeat, "what do you think now?" you smiled. you could feel his heartbeat go doog doog doog very fastly, "i, think, yes." he hesitantly places his arms on your back, and rests his chin on top of your head.

    "i like you too, kim seungmin."

    you pulled away to cup his cheeks with your small hands, beaming at him purely. he looks at you in adoration before looking away, "wow, never thought we'd come to this, _____." the day ended in pure bliss, mutual understanding, and a very well-celebrated christmas eve.

    #skz seungmin #stray kids seungmin #kim seungmin#skz fluff#skz angst #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #stray kids au #stray kids drabbles #stray kids scenarios #stray kids#skz #stray kids blurbs #stray kids oneshots #skz drabbles#skz oneshots#skz au#skz aus#skz ff #stray kids ff #skz fanfic #stray kids fanfic
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  • louloulxysa
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Hey y'all, I'm writing a fanfiction at the moment. I will update consistently, at least once a week. Right now I have posted 3 chapters and the intro on wattpad and ao3 and I'm busy writing chapter 4, and now I'll upload it on here as well.

    The title is 'Not A Stray Kid' and it's a bit angst-like with Felix as the protagonist. The story is basically about Felix leaving to another city to escape his past, but he noticed he can't truly leave his past. His ex keeps ruining his attempted start on a new life, even when he isn't with Felix, physically.

    This is a romantic story, but I won't spoil the ship yet. It's Felix + a Stray Kids member. I want the readers to go into the story open-minded and see who he'll eventually end up with.

    I'm posting this on wattpad and ao3 as well. Links down below.

    If you liked certain chapters, please leave a like and/or, even better, comment. Comments really mean a lot to me.

    #kpop#stray kids#fanfiction#fanfic#ff#skz#straykidsfanfiction#skzfanfiction#straykidsff#skzff#kpop fanfiction#straykidsfelix #stray kids changbin #straykids hyunjin #stray kids lee know #stray kids seungmin #stray kids i.n #stray kids bang chan #stray kids han #changlix#jilix#minsung#chanlix
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  • stantalentstansk
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Prime skz/stay tumblr was 2018/early 2019 and you can’t change my mind

    #nathan.txt #stray kids #jyp stray kids #skz#skz stay#3racha#chan#bang chan#minho#lee minho#lee know#changbin#seo changbin#hyunjin#hwang hyunjin#han#han jisung#felix#lee felix#seungmin#kim seungmin#jeongin#yang jeongin #i.n #those of you who were around for that era of tumblr just might agree with me #ALSO I miss all of my old moots :’( #most of them deactivated before I came back to tumblr which is really sad
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