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  • ppiri-bahng
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    💭 chan drabble…

    “Does this bother you,” you ask softly as you curl into his chest.

    “Does what bother me baby?”

    His hands still in your hair as he awaits your answer.

    “When I get clingy like this.”

    “Never,” Chan tries to assure you, sitting up slightly so that he can cup your cheek.

    “Why would you think that?”

    You feel your eyes water slightly, not wanting to make eye contact in fear that you will burst into tears.

    “Baby,” he calls softly when you don’t respond.

    You shrug slightly, gripping the material of his t-shirt between your fingers.

    “I just feel like I’m being annoying.”

    Chan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

    “Do you think I’m annoying when I get clingy with you?”

    You quickly shake your head.

    “Then what’s got you feeling like this my love.”

    You sigh as you force yourself to meet his soft and concerned gaze.

    “Sometimes I just have this urge to be held and loved on. I just get really clinging sometimes where I don’t want you to leave me. I feel like I can get annoying though, especially if you are busy,” you mumble the last part.

    Chan sighs as he leans forward to press a kiss against your forehead.

    “You never annoy me my love. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that way.”

    You could hear the sadness in his tone at the thought of ever unintentionally hurting your feelings.

    “Chan you’ve never made me feel that way. You’re always so loving and caring even when you are busy it’s just—I guess I’m just in my head again,” you sigh as your eyes fall to the sheets.

    “We’ll get out of there silly,” Chan giggles as he leans to press multiple kisses across your face, resulting in your own laughter escaping you.

    “There’s that pretty smile.”

    You feel a soft blush kiss your cheeks at his affectionate gaze, looking at you as though you put the stars in the sky.

    “I love you Y/n and I love when you get like this because I like loving on you and taking care of you. So please don’t think you’re a burden to me, okay?”

    You nodded as you cranes your neck to press a lingering kiss against his lips.

    “I love you too.”

    You really really did.

    #bang chan x reader #stray kids #stray kids x reader #hyunjin x reader #stray kids fanfic #bang chan fics #skz fanfic #hwang hyunjin x reader #bang chan imagines #bang chan smut #bang chan scenarios #stray kids fic #stray kids x you #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #changbin x reader #lee know x reader #han jisung x reader #lee felix x reader #seungmin x reader #jeongin x reader #stray kids smut
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  • lix-ables
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Could you write one where it’s #20 with Seungmin?

    heyy bb, okie ill work on this, but please know that requests are currently closed. i'll open them up a little later, when i think i have the time. i hope you enjoy this nonetheless^^


    seungmin x reader ! cw; teasing, slight sexting, mentions of f. recieving, pet names like doll, pup, baby, etc. wc.— 468.

    back to masterlist.

    © lix-ables. translating and/or reposting is not allowed.

    now you couldn't really think of doing something like this to your boyfriend. your brain knew it would be mean, cruel even. but your fingers ached to send him that one pic you took at the trial room.

    that one pic of you wearing pale coloured lingerie, with lace and everything. what made it even prettier, sluttier even, was the thoughts you had while putting it on.

    your fingers trace the material, your nails lightly scrape the strap while you did so. a whimper leaves your pink lips, thinking of how seungmin would love it on you, liking it more off your body. thoughts roam to when he'd lazily remove the straps one by one, teasing you obviously. what was your boyfriend if he didn't tease you one bit?

    your mind shifted to thinking about when he'd just casually move your panties to the side, slipping a finger in with ease, because that's how soaked you were for him, and he'd just grin at that. "pretty pup all wet for me, aren't you?" he had said just last night, when he fucked you in that lingerie, only to rip it off, hence the reason for you to go buy a whole new pair. maybe even two more.

    again your mind shifted to thinking if it was mean for wanting to send him a picture of you, in the lingerie. but then again, he'd always tease you, and today was your turn.

    «image attached»

    ‹how does this look, min?› you typed out, somewhat hesitant on your current action. you regretted sending that, knowing that seungmin would be either busy or in a meeting.

    ‹baby...› came his reply, and you could see three dots, showing you that he was typing.


    a small smirk formed on your lips, as you type out your response, your fingers flying on the keyboard, telling him how much you missed him, and how you want him to touch you. you asked him if you could send in another picture, of you wearing a different colour lingerie, a different design altogether. this one being more revealing.

    without waiting for his reply, you attached an image, and exited the chat, your legs carrying you to the counter for billing. your phone vibrated in your pocket, and the caller ID showed seungmin's name, and that's when you froze.

    "what the fuck is wrong with you? if you love being a brat so much, doll, you might as well just get punished," came his voice through the phone, his tone low, like he didn't want anyone to find out who he was talking to.

    "get back into the trial room, pup. you're not leaving that store until you've made me cum."

    #skz hard hours #skz thoughts#skz smut #stray kids smut #stray kids hard hours #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagines #seungmin smut #stray kids seungmin hard hours #skz seungmin hard hours #stray kids seungmin smut #skz seungmin smut #kriss' thirsts#anonnie ✨
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  • bizzareskz
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    bizzareskzs’ masterlist ✎ (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)

    all fics entail ‘smut,’ meaning, none of my fics are aimed towards minors. my fics do not represent real people as they’re works of fiction.

    please do not copy, repost, or translate any of my fics.


    % — number of fics created for each member

    ■ — click on to go to fic


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    lee know

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    han jisung

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  • seungisms
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Yes hi i had a thought and must share with you Seungmin and Wonpil threesome with y/n

    convinced you people are just following me to see my inevitable downfall 😩 okay, just the dynamic alone with these two would be so hot ! firstly, any and all formalities seungmin pays to wonpil on a daily basis will be long gone and he’ll be sosososo mean with the both of you ! loves watching wonpil try his absolute hardest to get you off with his fingers, tongue and cock and just right before you’re both about to cum he’ll stop you both, causing the older boy to let out a loud whimper while stilling deep inside your cunt, the clenching of your warm, tight walls around him not helping the swelling of his sensitive dick one bit. will reluctantly do as seungmin says and pull out of you, glassy eyes stinging with frustrated tears and cheeks hot as he willed himself to separate from you, pouting as your hips only seemed to follow the withdrawal of his cock, feeling so empty without him feeling you up. only for seungmin to quickly stretch your small hole out again with his thick dick - the contrast of his rough, deep thrusts compared to wonpil’s earlier sloppy but eager rutting making your head spin.

    makes the other boy watch as he gets you off ‘right’ and not whatever pathetic display he was watching earlier, just so he can see wonpil’s cheeks darken in embarrassment from the mocking (seung 100% has a bullying kink and we don’t talk about it enough) always has his thumb pressed down against your clit while fucking you, just to see you squirm and mewl beneath him from the overstimulation of both his cock and fingers - and before you know it wonpil is back to eagerly shoving his tongue past your lips with the approval of seungmin, a hand softly ghosting over your perky tit as his other wrapped around his still hard cock, cutely rutting into his fist as you cried into his mouth. after seungmin is done with you and has coated your cunt in his cum he’ll make wonpil eat you out, tangling a hand in his thick hair and keeping his face pressed tightly against your pussy, making sure he cleans you dry and raw. even if you’re spent and sensitive from his earlier torture seungmin will always make sure you take care of wonpil before you’re done, cause ‘you don’t wanna make him suffer right? he’s been such a good boy for you’ and one hopeful look from wonpil’s tearful eyes is enough for you to comply, even with the soreness of your raw cunt

    #🎐: message board #anon #PHEW ! #tumblr need to let users ban certain words in their inbox’s #wonpil will be mine #stray kids smut #skz smut #stray kids reactions #stray kids x reader #seungmin smut#day6 smut#wonpil smut
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  • skzdreams
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    New pfp!! This was my old one :))

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  • planetdream
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ran thru ur entire seungmin tag like a freight train and now i'm thinking abt him learning how to be a brat tamer? (ft. chan lol)

    say, for example, you're wheeling (toronto slang for talking stage) with seungmin, right? this is a very quiet, observant guy who likes to gather and sort information to satisfy that chronic itch in the back of his brain. he notices things abt ppl he likes- therefore, he notices things about you. your tells; like the way you talk when you're agitated, how you reposition yourself anytime you're flustered or (his personal favourite) the acidic lilt in your voice that makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up- seungmin takes mental note of all of these things and more while he gets to know you.

    he concludes that you're a brat at some point once things between you start getting serious. he's read about the trope and watched enough BDSM videos to put two-and-two together. but obviously it's too soon into the relationship to do anything serious abt it. so he defaults to a quiet, stern stare when you get too giddy off teasing him- that seems to do the trick most of the time. he can tell that you like the sudden authoritative reaction. better yet, ~that look~ paired with a very harsh quip of your name and a flick to your thigh will garner the sweetest submissive response from you, and you settle right back down where he can engage with you normally.

    seungmin isn't opposed to being a caretaker OR a tamer, he just doesn't really know HOW outside of the little things he does to keep you in line. so he turns to the best role model he knows and watches his hyung carefully- seungmin even falls back on occasion and allows you and his friend to interact with each-other on your own time just to observe and jot down what makes you tick and reel.

    eye contact [direct, unwavering, dark]

    physical touch [varies on your actions. preferably striking- or, firm and calculated]

    name calling [degrading makes you a little sulky, stick to saccharine titles with a condescending tone]

    patience + delayed reaction [chan has very little patience and is too eager, that makes you bored and will prolong the attitude]

    discipline via punishment [withhold reactions and rewards, let them become incentives]

    seungmin catches on quickly, and within a month he's got himself a self-written guidebook on how to make your eyes glaze over with yearning, no trouble. throughout the winding path of your budding relationship, you find yourself leaning into seungmin more based off the little things he does that makes your bratty brain buzz with excitement! for example: he swats your bum when you tease him now. it's fleeting but it makes you squeak and stutter in stride sometimes. you have no idea why it causes you to sink into his side the way you do, but HE knows. additionally, he'll tower over you, hold your gaze and say your name like he's disappointed in you, then lean in and nip at your neck.

    gradually you build a dynamic, thanks to his silent testing and your visceral responses, it's an easy system to follow and god is it a pleasure to finally find someone who studies you down to the bone the way he does. coz that's essentially what you want, right? someone who takes the time to figure out how to handle you so the tables can finally flip and you can be the desperate, needy baby you are.


    idk what i did to deserve you sending me this masterpiece but oh my god—fighting for my life after reading this i want this so bad!!!

    its all so so so fitting for seungmin. he’s more of a silent type and pretty analytical so ofc he’s gonna take his time learning about what makes you tick and also about what puts you in your place and has you back to being the sweetest sub he knows you can be. wholeheartedly think he loves it all though—especially the potential challenge of a bratty s/o. its all so new for him, but he tries his best and learns fairly quickly.

    actually sobbing rn this is gonna be on my mind forever PLS

    #seungmin brainrot hours? seungmin brainrot hours. #💌 — mail time #💌 — revv9ine #✰˚. !! dream.hardhours #☁️ — daydream.skz #seungmin smut #seungmin hard thoughts
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  • shinnych4nnie
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Be quiet // Bang Chan (+18)

    Bang chan x lector femenino
    advertencias: vocabulario vulgar, sexo vaginal, sexo en lugar semi público, sexo consentido,sexo sin protección
    © este contenido solo pertenece a @shinnych4nnie no traduzcas/adaptes sin consultarme antes y darme créditos

    Nota de autor: holaaaaa! esta es mi primera vez publicando y escribiendo para Tumblr, también es la primera que escribo algo de este estilo (lol) asi que espero que les guste <3 pueden dejarme sugerencias e ideas si quieren también :)




    Besa mi boca lentamente, mientras sus manos aprietan mis caderas intentando sentirme. Aprisionandome contra la puerta del estudio, cada vez la temperatura empieza a crecer más como también el bulto en sus pantalones que siento contra mi estómago. Solo somos manos, gemidos y palabras incoherentes.

    Súbitamente me voltea y pega su duro miembro, aún cubierto por ropa, en mi culo. Sus manos suben a mi pechos apretando tanto como me gusta. Continúa con su tortura de besos desde la nuca hasta debajo de la oreja, chupando y mordiendo, lamiendo y soplando levemente haciendo que me vuelva loca cada vez más.

    Bajando sus manos hasta el borde de la falda y acercándose a mi oído.

    'Por favor, será rápido. Lo prometo'. acercó más su erección frotando un poco arriba y abajo. Curvé mi espalda y un leve gemido escapó de mi garganta. 'Chris.. no, estamos en el trabajo. Nos descubrirán'

    'No lo harán, di que sí' sus besos no cesaron y sus roces se intensificaron. me moría de ganas por sentir su polla dentro de mi. 'Di que sí, por favor'

    'Agh, de acuerdo'

    En un rápido movimiento subió mi falda y bajó mis bragas, segundos después sentí su pantalón caer al suelo. Sus dedos pasaron por mi humedad de arriba a abajo.

    'Estás tan mojada. lista para mí'

    'No me hagas esperar más, métela'

    a mis órdenes se incorporó y acercó su miembro a mi ansiosa entrada no sin antes torturarme pasando la cabeza por ella en movimientos circulares.

    'Basta de jugar, Christ…' inesperadamente la metió y no perdió más el tiempo que empezó con sus estocadas rápidas y decididas. Tomando mis brazos los llevó detrás de mi espalda. No podía evitar gemir fuerte, era tan placentero sentir como me llenaba y acariciaba las paredes de mi coño y escucharlo gruñir suave de lo mucho que le gustaba.

    Bajé de mi nube de placer cuando oí voces en el pasillo. 'Chris, detente creo que -Ah- viene alguien'

    'Entonces no seas no hagas tanto ruido'

    Pegándose más a mi espalda, soltó mis brazos y me rodeó el torso con un brazo y con la mano restante me cubrió la boca para que no se me escuchara. Sus penetraciones fueron más fuertes, profundas y rápidas. Me excitaba la idea de saber que estábamos en peligro, que alguien nos podía ver. Él follándome salvajemente en su estudio a mitad del día. Gemí más fuerte en su mano cuando mis paredes temblaron con la aproximación del orgasmo, él también lo sintió y rápidamente su mano libre fue directo a mi clítoris dónde con su pulgar lo estímulo con movimientos circulares. Unos segundos más y mi liberación estalló haciendo que gima fuertemente por última vez en su mano. Chris siguió bombeando dentro de mí unas veces más hasta que alcanzó su liberación.

    'Casi nos descubren ¿por qué seguiste?' dije tratando de recuperar el aliento, aún con él dentro de mí '¿Entonces no te gustó?'

    'No seas tonto, si me gustó'

    'Entonces hagamos un segundo round' empezó a meter y sacar lentamente 

    'Pero ésta vez te quiero callada'




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  • chvnnie
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Come on Fuck Me Emo Boy

    mini series masterlist - coming soon

    inspired by late 90s/2000s emo music (spotify playlist here)

    updated every wednesday through july

    genre: smut, fluff, angst - MINORS DNI

    warnings listed at the beginning of each fic

    taglist: @lix-ables, @rachalixie, @agustd-essert, @fthan, @chaitae-bae, @cloudyybinin, @lix001 - send ask/comment to be added

    lyric teaser below cut

    CHANGBIN 5/25

    “it’s so cool when you’re on top”

    MINHO 6/1

    “selfishly hated, no wonder you’re jaded”

    FELIX 6/8

    “this night is all we’ve got”

    CHAN 6/15

    “this complacency is something i can’t shake”

    JEONGIN 6/22

    “sharpen your teeth and bite as hard as you want”

    SEUNGMIN 6/29

    “you were fake, i was great. nothing personal”

    HYUNJIN 7/06

    “heaven ain’t close in a place like this”

    JISUNG 7/13

    “black and white picture of her on my wall”

    ©: chvnnie 2022

    #stray kids smut #skz smut #bang chan smut #chan smut #lee know smut #lee minho smut #minho smut#changbin smut #seo changbin smut #hyunjin smut #hwang hyunjin smut #han jisung smut #han smut#jisung smut #lee felix smut #felix smut #kim seungmin smut #seungmin smut #i.n smut #jeongin smut #yang jeongin smut
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  • dirtykpopsnaps
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Here’s the request for Seungmin!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#kim seungmin #kim seungmin smut #stray kids seungmin #stray kids seungmin smut #stray kids #stray kids smut
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  • lovestay3
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    Cuddles with han are the softest and clingiest. He loves sleeping on your chest while hugging each other. Kisses on his forehead are his favourite, compliments makes everything better.

    When you intertwine your legs with his he feels protected, when you touch his butt he feels shy, when you kiss him he feels loved but when you lift your t-shirt and you lower your bra letting him see your boob he feels in heaver.

    He loves sucking on your nipple like a baby. He feels a baby. He just wants you to give him your nipple. But when he sucks hard and you moan he can't avoid it but feel horny.

    If you keep pulling his hear and whining, trying not to moan he will suck harder, he wants you moans.

    His dick gets harder when you try to rub his clothe dick with you clothe clit he can't resist. He needs to fuck you.

    But he doesn't do it. He let's you rub your parts faster, the rooms is filled by moans and groans that leaves han's throat. It feels almost impossible to cum like this but not for you both. It feels so hot, so good.

    And when you stoo is when you feel wet yours and han's pelvis. Yor hum and his can't mix, not when both of you have your clothe on. Han leaves you nipple red and with little marks. Eye contact makes you giggle "I want more~" he says cutely "what do you want baby?"  "I want mommy's body"  that's what you need to be horny again "then let mommy suck you dick like how you did with mommy's nipple"

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  • ssin-ent
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    [Skz reaction to breaking the bed]pt1


    Warnings: spanking,teasing,pillow humoing,make out session, sub! Jisung, use of strap


    So I think they'd all freak out in a way because wtf just happened but I have specific things in mind for each member!

    Reaction + scenario right here! Pt2 here


    Changbin would be standing at the edge of the bed, thrusting his cock down your throat as your head would be hanging off the bed. A position he would have seen on internet and want to recreate with you. i see him as a big bj enthusiast and especially deep throating

    He'd try to go as far as he could. Staying there his hips pressed against your face, taking your breath away just the right for few seconds, loving the warmth around him before pulling out and in , again and again. It would be a mess of spit, dripping down your chin. You'd try to swallow as he was deep down your thorat, and that makes him lose his composure, taking him ofF guard he'd lean in to hols himself up, strong arms on either side of your head as he'd continue thrusting

    And from there, the sound of the bed creaking would be unoticed, swallowed - see the play word here :)- by his mouth and gargled sounds until the bed would creak down with a bed slat breaking

    His reaction

    ->I can picture him with a shy smile, basically just laughging he'd play it cool I think and be like damn I'm that good*smirks*


    To me it would happen as he has your legs over his shoulders, his hand gripping your thighs as he trusts into you, you'd try to reach for his hand, throwing your head back at the change of position. He'd be like " fuck this is good" as closes his eyes, not paying attention to the loud ass banging of the headboard against the wall

    His reaction

    ->It'd be so sudden for him he would believe it at first, our baby bread would be laughing all the way, dramatic shocked ewpression enters theplace because he actually did that? almost doesn't know how to deal with it

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  • ssin-ent
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Stray kids reacrtion to breaking the bed Pt2

    Pt1 here


    I can picture it happening when he's begging you to let him fuck you, /even if you were only teasing/ he'd literally throw himself over you, getting on your lap, grinding against you, kissing you.

    Would get a bit too violent in the way he'd try to present himself in front of you, getting on all fours for you, presenting himself to you,tryng the " I'll do anything card" and " I'll let you fuck if you let me fuck you".

    Basically throwing a thantrum cause you cant stop teasing him and he can see that clearly

    His reaction

    ->he would be shocked, proud of himself depending on the context, but also shy!! lowkey annoyed in that situation, would throw a snarky comment like " see if you had let me fuck you it wouldn't have happnedn" , sassy asf


    Minho woud be showing off what these dancer hips can do;), taking your from behind, a hand on your hip the ohther pulling on your hair. You'd be gripping the sheets as he fucks into you, his eyes locked on his cock going in and out of you. He'd be spanking your ass, thrusting roughly into you, pressing you down against the mattress with his hips everytime he thrusted in, rolling them just the right way the make you keen.

    His reaction

    ->He doesnt give a fuck I think, as long as he thinks it's safe, I see him continuing whatever's happening, I mean it's broken now so yall cant break it even more


    idk why I see this happening while you're riding a pillow together, you'd be facing each other, messiily kissing and moaning as you'd be grinding against it, chasing against that delicious friction Seungmin wanted to show you about, I feel like he love dry humping so naturallly he'd want to do it with you.

    Your moans would be getting lost between your tongues, you'd grip his hair, pulling him in closer as you rut against the pillow. Seungmin arching his back at the feeling of the fabric againstt his cock. You'd both be close to coming when you'd hear a weird crack.

    His reaction

    -> Bby is annoyed!!! how could it happen now !! would try to fix it right away so you can go back to your activities asap


    Chan would have been spanking you for the past minute, hands tied to the head board,using diverse object to mark your ass red, you'd try to wiggle away from the feeling now, squirming, using all your strenght to get you r upper body up totry to move away. wWhen the last hits striked on your skin, chan would rub a hand over you skin, you body relazing right away with a sigh.

    The bed, just like you,wuld have endured a lot with our session and it was the last straw for the lats when Chan got on his knees behidn you, stroking himself a few times before aligning himself with your entrance, he'd be thrusting in until he'd be laying over you, his chest against your back when a feet of the bed would give out.

    His reaction

    -> Chan would feel like it's the end of the world or smth, hands rubbing his face and all like * facepalm* you know


    I can picture him being in the mood you laying on your stomach on the bed. He'd come up behind you, draping himself over you, making you feel his hard cock agsint your ass he'd mark and lick all over your neck, lips brushing past your ear,his hot breath making you shiver. Felix would let out a smile, followed by a groan as he'd try to hump againat your ass. You'd pus your hips up agaibst him to tease him, so he'd try to get up to undress himself, hands digging on the bed until it cracked

    His reaction

    ->ho poor bby actually feels bad, but would laugh so much afterwards* insert here his deep ass laugh* would immediatyly go online and find away to fix or buy a new one on the way

    probably opens bubble to send a chat about it


    He'd be riding your strap, the newest on he'd ahve seen on internet with you and it was showing how much he actually thought about it as he was riding you right now, moaning so loudly with hannd around his neck, moving his hips so well you could feel it too . Fucking himself all the way down until it was nestledd deep inside him, hitting his sweet spot so well. He'd be shameless , jumping on your strap, letting it all go and letting you hear his lewd sounds.

    His reaction

    -> shy bby i swearrrr/especially in this situation/ would be babbling nonsense and stuttering, would be like " i didnt do it on purpose!!!!!", but laughs it out tbh you couldnt help but making acomment that he must have loved it a lot ;)

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  • hwajin
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    𝐬𝐤𝐳 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬

    genre: fluff, suggestive, smut
    pairing: skz x gn!reader
    wc: 1.7k
    warnings: slight possesiveness and corruption kink, awkward sexual experience, mentions of sexual exploring and experimenting, not proofread!

    not my pics, credits to owner!


    DON'T TELL ME that this man isn't the perfect 'first boyfriend'. it honestly starts with you telling him this, already, that you've never had a highschool sweetheart or this fairty tale love story or even just a fling when you got out of school and into college. he's simply being so sweet already, not an ounce of judgement on his face, the one most people have when they get to hear your lacking love life, giving you the feeling of being a late bloomer, of missing out on something you - for any reason - definitely need to experience before the age of 25. chan gave you nothing of that, the sheer excitement on his face when he all giggly says something along the lines of 'oh, that means i'm gonna be your first boyfriend!!' caused the opposite, even; you felt grateful to not having wasted your firsts on just any person, knowing that chan'll do nothing but treat you exactly how you deserved it.


    honestly doesn't see it as all that big of a deal, if anything he's happy you trust him enough to let him be your first. he will find you impossibly adorable, though, when you start acting shy at things that seem to be completely normal in relationships, things like cuddling while watching a movie, simply because you aren't used to it. when it comes to your first time sleeping with each other though, he's surprised at the slight possiveness he's developing, and the unexplainable joy he has in having the feeling of corrupting you, in a way. he didn't expect to feel this, but the way you started nothing but mewling and whimpering under him, telling him how good you feel, and how you've never felt this way before, and how you oh so wanna keep feeling like this - his brain short circuited and he started pounding into you just that much harder, not enough to hurt you or scare you off, but to get you to the point of near screaming. you two would do a lot of sexual exploring and experimenting and again, minho didn't know where those feelings came from but his heart and dick reacted intensely whenever he got to teach you something you were unfamiliar with before trying it out with him.


    with him i have a feeling that he's all but an absolute sucker for clichés. he will force you to EVERY POSSIBLE couple activity you normally see in movies, will literally wait months for certain things that are only possible in a specific season, like taking a walk out in the snow and sharing one jacket pocket, or going to an amusement park in summer, sitting at the very top of a ferris wheel, kissing while the whole city is below your feet. his one and only goal is to make you feel like the luckiest girlfriend and to show you the best possible sides of a relationship and loving a person <33. will also plan both your first kiss and your first time for DAYS so you won't get disappointed with either, especially with the second thing mentioned, preparing such a romantic atmosphere so you feel most comfortable before he's basically making you see stars, because you can bet your first night together won't end before he hasn't understood what exactly you like and what gets you over the edge, using those exact things to make you cum multiple times until the sun'll greet you in the early hours of the morning.


    boy is super shy for some reason?? he's somewhat nervous, maybe even feels some kind of pressure to be the 'perfect first boyfriend' and to not give you the feeling that dating and love is something unenjoyable, he simply wants you to love being in love, if that makes sense. and he's a hopeless romantic, so the task isn't really hard for him; he will plan dates for the both of you, will call you right before you both go to sleep so you can tell each other about your days, ending up fighting on who's gonna hang up first, cheesy stuff like that. but it's never artificial with him, he means every cheesy thing he does, and you know it. OH AND MATCHING STUFF!!!! he'll get so happy and excited when he gets to wear matching rings or clothes or earrings with you LIKE-. will be more nervous for your first kiss than you though, because of the same reason. he doesn't want you to memorize it as something bad, so when there's a moment where your eyes lock for longer than usual, your gaze wandering down to his lips for only seconds - his breathing gets irregular and he moves his shaky hand up your face, cupping your cheek with a slightly sweaty palm and he's praying that he's doing a good job while his lips meet yours, that you like the feeling of you mouths intertwining, before he pulls away, face red and a flusteredly questioning look in his eyes.


    bro will tease you SO much for no reason whatsoever, he's gonna be super annoying with jokes like 'oh i'm the first one to show you this and that', like even after your first kiss he's gonna be jokingly cocky for AT LEAST 3 business days. he just finds it adorable tbh. will also ALWAYS initiate stuff besides being normally shy, too, but he knows you must not yet be brave enough to reach your hand out to intertwine it with his on a walk you take together or to simply give him a quick peck when you two lazy around at home. so he sneaks in things like those from time to time, subtle skinship that will hopefully make you feel loved and seen. but, no matter how smooth and sweet he is with domestic stuff like that - boy will definitely screw up your first time having sex BECAUSE HE'S NERVOUS AS HELL. he simply doesn't feel like he can 'teach' you certain things, not sure how to tell you how and where to touch him, and his giddiness makes him somewhat fuck up when it comes to making you feel good, too. and he feels SO bad afterwards because he knows he didn't make you cum and you're basically the one comforting him eventually jfjsjfhe. but it'd take you just a couple more tries and lots of talking and touching to get comfortable enough with each other, soon understanding how your bodies work and react.


    THE. ABSOLUTE. SWEETEST. also similar to changbin in a way of doing some super cliché things with you, but he'd do it so naturally that you don't even get to tease him about it because it just seems- like such a perfect relationship?? like he will do stuff like make you matching braceletts for your 6 month anniversary, will randomly buy you flowers AND WILL CUDDLE YOU WITHOUT A BREAK. i'm not kidding you will not catch a break, he will walk up to you and pout and you know he wants a cuddle sesh while chilling in front of the tv. and honestly you can't complain, always giving into his pleadings. and more often than not - out of curiosity, because you simply want to know and experience everything about being in a relationship with someone - your cuddle sessions will turn into heated make out sessions, hands shyly roaming across bodies, lips awkwardly wandering across skin, and maybe you'd straddle felix, maybe your hips would slowly move against his while his hands lay on your waist, and maybe you'll hear the one or other sigh and moan halling through the room, your body getting used to new feelings, new sensations.


    another one to not care too much about it, he finds it the most normal thing that you simply never had time to date around much. he IS, however, the biggest fucking tease. he knows you're somewhat shy initially anyways, as dating is something entirely new to you, and he's just that much meaner to you by flustering you at any given situation. he will flirt and wink at you and poke and tickle your sides, both when you're alone together and out in public with friends. when you blush and swat away his hand, a small smile still dancing across your lips as you can't help but adore his antics, he simply gives the argument that 'that's how dating works' and that he finds it cute to tease his 'girlfriend', knowing damn well the word itself made you feel all giddy and somewhat excited still, and he nothing but loves to see it. he'd also initiate your first kiss, not worrying too much about it, in contrast to the others. he has that kinda mindset that - after all - you have no comparison from previous partners in regards to kissing, and that there must be a reason for you to chose him as you first, so he doesn't feel any pressure at all, and simply wants you to have a good time and enjoy the physical parts of your relationship as much as the deeper ones.


    honestly - scared baby. he'd ask you for reassurance for nearly anything, wouldn't even wanna hold your hands before asking you jfjejdje. he simply doesn't know where your boundaries lay, and to not overstep anything he will ask about all and every touch, which you find adorable honestly, how's he's almost treating you like a glasern figure. it gives you own choice, though, in a way. you can freely initiate and start things when you feel like it, not because you feel pressured or have the feeling to make jeongin wait impossibly long, because he doesn't give off the energy to mind at all. he wants you to take your own time in a situation unfamilar to you, and you couldn't be more grateful. ALSO loves to have someone to go shopping with, and to buy couple outfits with someone, he finds it so romantic??? like- not buying the same exact clothes but pieces that look good worn together by the two of you, perfect for dates or hangouts you guys would plan at LEAST two times a week <33

    tagging: @etherealeeknow @linoskitty @unexceptional-h @rseanne @diue @es-kay-zee @urcracksisx @jeyelleohe @yunkiwii @meloohmel @nyrasneedy @seochhj @spidercomics @chans-starlight @angelwonie @aeminju

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  • planetdream
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    THIS POST CONTAINS ! smut [d/s dynamics. mentions of—cum. fingering. oral—f.rec. subspace. toys. aftercare.] minho has a longer part bc i love him <3

    💌 writers block and i are fighting, and man, im getting my ass beat. hope someone likes this <3

    CHAN ! is the sweetest soft dom on the planet. taking care of and showering you in praises is just something that comes naturally to him. chan has got all the patience in the world for you—anything you want and/or need, he'll give it to you, twice over. he's all about your pleasure, even putting it before his own. just loves being all sweet to you (making you cum is a bonus). and while normally, receiving praises makes him a bit shy, he loves when you vocalize how good he made you feel.

    MINHO ! loves fucking you into subspace. once that film crosses over your eyes and you're mumbling words to him, holding onto him tightly, is when he realizes how much you've got him wrapped around your finger. minho would literally do anything to please you, and once you enter subspace, it gives him even more of a reason to be extra doting on you. sometimes, he can be a tease, but the second you tell him to knock it off, he'll give you whatever you want. for minho, i think a lot of it is also psychological, as well. he likes to softly take you apart, and sweetly put you back together again. you could try being anything but good for him and he's gonna give you a pout and tell you how 'this isn't you, baby'. easily putting you back into that good, subby headspace.

    CHANGBIN ! sometimes can't help being rough, so he makes sure aftercare is super sweet. he's very playful with you—changbin doesn't want sex or the scene you've created to feel like a chore for you or him. i think changbin likes for you to be a pillow prince(ss), most of the time. all you need to do is sit back, relax, and be your pretty self; let him do all the work. absolutely loves it when you reach up for him, wanting to feel his skin against your fingertips. it makes him feel desired, which in turn makes him want to keep treating you.

    HYUNJIN ! rewards you constantly—any and everything you do is deserving of a reward in his eyes. he's very sensual, too, as this is something the both of you are supposed to enjoy. honestly, he's quite a needy dom and hopes that you need him just as much, if not more than he needs you (and you do). hyunjin takes his time with you, not wanting to overwhelm you too much, and if you ever need to stop and take a break, he grants that—giving you space if needed or showering you in kisses and hugs.

    JISUNG ! can't help but give you every single thing you want. you look up at him with those pretty eyes of yours and tell him the things you want him to do to you?? really, jisung being a soft dom is more about having fun together. shedding away some of the seriousness that comes with him being more of a hard dom or vice versa. can't get his mouth off of you—lips trailing everywhere on your body, planting wet kisses and sucking marks onto your skin. loves when you suck his fingers after they've already been inside you.

    FELIX ! is a pleasure dom—he gets off on getting you off, it's like he's addicted to making you cum and feel good. loves mutual aftercare—you really care about his wellbeing and want to take care of him, felix appreciates that (it makes him hard, too). really enjoys getting all warm and cuddling after he's got you all cleaned up. from him eating you out, to fucking you open, to running a nice bath for you; it's a lovely bonding experience and felix is glad to share it with you.

    SEUNGMIN ! loves taking care of his sweet baby so much. he's always extra reassuring, and if you're ever nervous or shy about (doing) something, he guides you through it—just take everything step by step, breath by breath. likes making you wear pretty plugs to get you all stretched out for him; making you keep it inside of you for hours until you're both ready. seungmin is patient, he has all the time in the world when it comes to you—which means he can be a tease and edge you sometimes. but he always rewards you for taking it so well.

    JEONGIN ! likes to spoil you—showering you with kisses, cuddles, making you cum back to back on his tongue, fingers, and then his dick. spends so much time between your thighs just eating you out and when he's not fucking his fingers into you, he's intertwining them with yours, holding your hand through it. likes to give you small orders just to see if you'll obey them because he gets off on having power over you—and when you do, jeongin decides he has no other choice than to make you cum a few times as appreciation.

    © PLANETDREAM 2022

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    Here’s the request for Seungmin!

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  • seungmiilk
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Aftercare with Seungmin

    I finally decided to write a ff so lets make it cute first-

    “That wasn’t bad right Y\N?” Seungmin asked, completely ignoring all the cum on the bed “No Minnie, that was perfect” you said trying to catch you’re breathe. He grabbed your back and helped you sit up and slowly started to hold you “I love you princess” He said as he kissed you and rubbed circles into your hips. “I’ll start a bath, okay baby?” you nodded and hugged him “I love you Seungie..” 

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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Better Off

    Pairing: Chan x Changbin x afab! reader x Hyunjin

    Genre: Smut

    Content Warnings: Kidnapping; cheating; swearing; yandere behavior/stalking; sex; threesome; fellatio; implied foursome

    Word Count: 1.5k words

    Mellow speaks: Took me so long to get to this one, but I hope the nonnie who had requested this likes it. I'm kinda nervous about it, but I hope it's good enough!

    Tagging: @yedammi @ivyvesisi @sweethyuka @axartia

    "Why should I trust you?," you spit out, your lips curling up into a sneer as you look up at them, your wrists hurting against the satin that binds them to the chair, and your eyes fiery with anger. The three men in front of you can't help but chuckle at that, a sinister darkness about them as the shortest one heaves a sigh.

    "Because we have proof," comes the voice of the one who appears to be the leader, his eyes fixated on you as he stretches his arms. Your scared of them, of course you are. But at the same time, their hard eyes seem to hide a softness behind them, one that makes you feel as if they wouldn't actually do anything to hurt you.

    They might have kidnapped you, but from the way they're talking, they seem to be rather amateurish at it. Not once have they threatened you, not once have they put in a demand for ransom. Instead, all they've been doing for the past hour(?) is insist that you're better off without your boyfriend, calling him all sorts of things, from "scum" to "fucking jerk."

    But still, who are they to comment on your relationship, no matter how true their words might seem to ring? They don't know you, after all, so how on earth can you pay heed to their words, even if they do answer some of the questions you've had. And that's why, you've been refusing to believe them. Refusing to believe the way they've been trying to convince you that he's not the right one for you, because at the end of the day, how can you trust three guys you just met?

    Or at least, that's what you think as you let your eyes lose focus, failing to notice as the tall one shoves his hand into his pocket, pulling out something that's going to shatter you, and for the better. In fact, you don't notice until that something has been pushed right into your face, your pupils catching on to the photo at last. And when they do, it's like the air has been knocked out of your lungs, your vision becoming blurry as you try to take in the sight in front of you.

    It's your boyfriend all right, lying peacefully in bed with his shirt nowhere in sight. But the person sleeping next to him, snuggled into his chest with a bare back, is definitely not you, nor someone you've ever seen. Still, the way they seem to be wrapped around each other, the sheets a mess as they continue to sleep, makes it rather obvious what they were up to before the photo was taken.

    And that's when they launch into their story. You come to know about how the leader is Chan, the tall one is Hyunjin, and the shorter one is Changbin. They tell you about how all three of them fell in love with you the second their eyes landed on you all those months ago, and how they felt their heart break when they saw you in someone else's arms.

    And even though it took some time, they had eventually come to terms with seeing you happy with him. Because after all, he was everywhere. In your social media, in your photos, even draped around your arm as you exited the movie theater late at night. Catching a glimpse of you meant having to see him too, so sooner or later, they knew they had to accept it.

    But that was until that fateful day, when Hyunjin found him draped around someone that clearly wasn't you. What had ensued was weeks of following him around, spying on him and trying to gather evidence that he was up to no good. It wasn't easy, because your dick of a boyfriend sure knew how to be slick. But with time, they did manage to crack the code, deciding to take you away and save you from the mess he's created.

    So that's what they did, with Changbin pretending to be a man in need of help as he made his way over to you, a fake smile plastered to his face. One you couldn't recognize, letting him talk his way into your defense, your puppy soon to be left barking in the front yard as they took you with them. Coming to, you were met with another shocker, the room where you were filled with photos upon photos of you, eating, laughing, smiling, living.

    But you knew you were far from being in a happy place, you wrists tied to the chair as three handsome men came into view. You'd seen one of them before, the smile on his face different as you asked why you were where you were. And that's when they.....changed, Chan's bulky arm right in front of your face as his hand got wrapped around your throat. But that wasn't what caught you off-guard. What actually did was Hyunjin saying, "Your boyfriend is a piece of shit, we'll love you so much better."

    By the time they're done, tears are running down your cheeks, your vision getting blurry despite their efforts to console you. I say "console you," but in reality, all they actually do is tell you how you're so much better being their "princess," and how they'll never let a single tear fill your eyes. But their words don't really help, the heaviness you feel inside your heart refusing to go away.

    And it doesn't take them long to get tired of that very heaviness, Chan's eyes going narrow as he directs Changbin to resort to Plan B. "What's that?," you might be wondering. But how would you feel if I told you that what it actually means is finding a pair of lips, softer than soft, on your own, your mind shutting down as the pleasure that a simple kiss sends through you becomes too much to handle.

    Hands soon grope at your clothes, pulling them away from your body, one piece of fabric at a time. You know it's too soon, you know you shouldn't rush into things this fast. But as Chan lifts your chin up with his fingers, you can't help but let that thought go, wanting to get lost in his touch and forget all about your woes.

    So that's what you do, letting your body move on its own for once. Soon enough, you're left in just your underwear, eager fingers running along the bare expanse of your body as you find Changbin inching closer to your panties from behind, his hands flat against your buttcheeks.

    And as for Hyunjin, his lips find their way to your neck, leaving hot butterfly kisses in their wake. You can only moan at the feeling, your insides churning in anticipation as you let the three of them have their way with you. Chan soon takes his chance, doing away with your bra as his hands snake around your cleavage, kneading your breasts. Things threaten to escalate soon, and despite everything, you don't want them to stop.

    Next thing you know, your lips are wrapped around his length, cheeks hollowed out as you give him head. Your tongue feels soft against him, and the innocence that you hold in your eyes has Chan throwing his head back in pleasure, the other two smirking at the sight of you making love to his dick. Drool dripping down your chin, eyes rolled back in pleasure, you've completely forgotten about your pain, at least in that moment.

    And when you make him cum, it's like a key inserted somewhere deep inside you, making your insides burn with desire. Desire that is soon quenched as you find Changbin's muscular arms gripping your waist in place, while Hyunjin's lanky frame towers over you from behind. You're reduced to a moaning mess by then, your core dripping with wetness as the both of them hit the sensitive spots inside you.

    You can't tell who's going faster or who's going harder, your knees growing weak and your head growing light as you struggle to keep your composure. But it's obviously futile, pleasure rippling through every fiber of your being as Chan watches on, his hand palming his member while the three of you do the dirty right in front of you.

    When you finally cum, your body all but collapses against Changbin's shoulders, your senses nearly leaving you as he lifts you up effortlessly. Placing you on the mattress that somehow magically appeared out of thin air, the boys are quick to grab towels for you, Chan placing gentle kisses while he cleans you up, and Hyunjin leaning in to cuddle you.

    "Liked that?," the eldest asks, his giggles melting with Changbin's as you sleepily nod your head. "Good, because that means you belong to us now," is what Hyunjin says, implying that you're going to be staying with them for a while.

    And surprisingly, you have no problem with that.

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    Stray Kids Masterlist

    NSFW and SFW content contained within this master list

    If it contains NSFW, it will have (m) for mature next to it. If it contains suggestive material it will have (s) for suggestive next to it. If it doesn’t contain any suggestive or mature material it will have (ns) for non sexual next to it.

    Please give my work some love. I do spend time on these and it would mean a lot to me if you could

    Bang Chan: Two Weeks Notice (ns)


    Lee Know: None yet :(


    Changbin: None yet :(


    Hyunjin: None yet :(


    Han: None yet:(


    Felix: None yet :(


    Seungmin: None yet :(


    I.N: None yet :(


    Series: None yet :(


    SKZ Scenarios: None yet :(


    Please reblog to support my work! And don't be afraid to request!

    And make sure to refer to this post if you'd like to request!

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    Here’s the request for Seungmin!

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