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  • blu-joons
    28.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Sleepless Night ~ Lee Jaeyoon

    Your body jumped as you shuffled in the bed once again, coming face to face with Jaeyoon. You were sure that he was fast asleep, flinching as soon as you saw that his eyes were open, coupled with a weak smile on his face too.

    It took a few moments to settle as his hand reached underneath the duvet for yours, intertwining it in with your hand and holding onto you tightly. Whilst you were sure that he was sleeping, Jaeyoon had heard you toss and turn beside him for most the night.

    He had tried his best to ignore it, hoping that you were just having a tricky time getting comfortable. But as he began to hear you sniffle too, he knew that he couldn’t just sleep through it, opening his eyes and watching you until you turned over.

    “Are you alright?” He asked.

    Your head shook as a lump ran down your throat, fearing how late into the night it was. Your mind was clouded, body heavy and weighed down with pressure coming at you from all sorts of angles, not giving you the chance to rest.

    “I’m sorry for disturbing you,” was all that you could say in reply to Jaeyoon, knowing just how busy he was too. “If I’m keeping you up then I can always go and sleep on the sofa, give you the chance to rest properly.”

    You were barely allowed to move before Jaeyoon pulled you further into him instead, moving his arm to wrap around you to keep you secure in his side. He knew that you were struggling, refusing to let you struggle alone.

    Ever since you came home from work that evening, Jaeyoon knew that plenty was on your mind. You talked to him about everything, and as you began to tell him about how snowed under you were at work, he knew that it meant you beating yourself up for it.

    His eyes never moved from watching you as you turned onto your side to be able to look across at him properly. His smile was soft, reassuring you that there was nothing to worry about when you were with him, that he would look after you.

    “It’ll be alright,” he whispered once you had settled.

    “It doesn’t feel that way right now,” you huffed, dropping your head to rest against Jaeyoon’s shoulder, “it feels like a mountain that’ll just keep growing.”

    “I promise you that that’s not going to happen,” Jaeyoon replied, keeping his voice nice and calm around you. “I’m not going to let that happen to you Y/N, it shouldn’t be happening to the point where you can’t even sleep.”

    He hated the pressure that came at you from work, wishing at times that he could do all of it for you, just to make life much easier for you.

    “You’re busy too,” you reminded Jaeyoon, “you’ve probably got enough on your plate as it is.”

    “None of that is as important to me as you are though,” he chimed.

    A soft chuckle came from you as Jaeyoon managed to find all of the right words to comfort you and reassure you. He didn’t care how late it was, how much he needed sleep, all that he was worried about was taking care of you.

    It hurt him knowing that you were suffering, it was horrible for him to see that you weren’t able to sleep, when he knew that sleep was what you needed the most deep down.

    Jaeyoon continued to watch you as a trail of soft sighs escaped you, trying your best to keep it together. “Don’t fret,” he told you as your expression began to turn slightly panicked.

    Your head nodded as Jaeyoon guided you, listening to the calmness in his voice and using it to try and relax yourself, trusting in everything that Jaeyoon had to say.

    “Thank you for always helping me,” you suddenly told Jaeyoon once you settled, “even though it’s probably about three in the morning.”

    “The time doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is you Y/N.”

    “What about work? You can’t show up at work exhausted tomorrow,” you continued to try and argue, but Jaeyoon quickly quietened you back down again.

    None of it mattered to him, no matter how much you fretted that it would. He meant it when he told you that you were his priority, as much as he cared about work, he cared about you too, and especially your wellbeing.

    “We can lay here wide awake all night long if you can’t fall asleep,” Jaeyoon told you, “maybe we could watch something, try and distract you for a little while?”

    “You know that you really don’t have to do all of this for me Jaeyoon.”

    “But I want to,” he proudly smiled in reply to you, “you always help me out, so when you need help too, I should always be there to support you and encourage you.”

    Your smile turned up appreciatively, “if you start yawning at work tomorrow, I’m going to make sure that all of the boys know that you’re yawning because it’s your own fault.”

    Jaeyoon knew that the boys would understand, they worried about you like he did. You were close with every single one of them, best friends almost, whenever they knew you were having a hard time, they loved helping Jaeyoon to try and cheer you up.

    “Do you want to tell me more about what’s going on at work?” Jaeyoon offered to you, “anything that you feel like might be easier on you if you talk about it, or is there anything that you think that I might be able to help you with?”

    “It’s just the usual stuff,” you smiled back to Jaeyoon, “the usual everyone presuming that I’m there to do everything and they can get away with doing nothing.”

    “Is there not someone that you can talk about this too?” He enquired, “don’t you have people around who can tell others to pull their weight for a change?”

    “You’d think that they would, but they don’t.”

    A sigh came from Jaeyoon as he pressed yet another kiss the top of your head. More than anything he wanted for you to go get out of there, but he knew that it wasn’t that easy for you, that office had been your place for years.

    “How about I grab my laptop?” Jaeyoon proposed as you shuffled slightly in his hold, “haven’t we got the latest episode of Seokwoo’s drama to catch up on?”

    “Are you really sure that you want to watch that at three in the morning?” You frowned across to Jaeyoon. Before he could even respond, he had bent down and picked his laptop up from underneath his side of the bed.

    “If you’re going to have a sleepless night, then we’re both going to have a sleepless night,” Jaeyoon promised you, “I’d much rather be awake and keep an eye on you than sleep and worry about how you are.”

    “You’re too good to me sometimes.”

    “I’m to you as you are to me,” Jaeyoon corrected, “maybe that’s why the two of us make such a good team when we’re together.”

    “We’re the best team in the world.”



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  • thekeeperandthechaser
    28.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Death Wish

    Hwi Young was mostly certain that she was joking. Mostly.

    “Did you say you aren’t eating?” he asked, and his girlfriend looked at him, head tilted as she looked him in return.

    “I need to lose weight for my photo shoot.”

    “You’re not going to starve yourself. I don’t care about some photo shoot.” Joo Sa raised an eyebrow.

    “Well, I do.” Hwi Young muttered. “Sorry, I don’t think I caught what you said.”

    “I said, I don’t think you need to lose weight.” Joo Sa remained quiet as Hwi Young picked at his BBQ nervously. He honestly never knew what to expect when he said something like this. Sometimes, his model girlfriend wanted to kill him. Other times, she would melt and tell him she loved him.

    “Why do you always get so touchy about this?” He looked up, not sure how to answer. He honestly didn’t know.

    “I don’t know. I just…I don’t think…I guess…There should be a healthier expectation for people in the industry, you know?” he asked. She tilted her head, curious.

    “Well, that is going to be a longer battle than is worth for me to not lose the weight I need to lose before this photo shoot.”

    “At least have a salad.” She looked at him, unable to hold back the snort.

    “Did you seriously just say to at least have a salad?” Hwi Young flushed.

    “Yah! Just do what I say!” She giggled.

    “Yes, sir!” She flagged the waiter, quickly putting in her order, continuing to giggle at her boyfriend.

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  • twisted-tales-of-all
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Service Swap

    In a tale of 4.8k words, we visit the SF9 universe to look at dance instructor Yoo Taeyang and one of their students who happens to be a tattoo artist (Gender Neutral!Reader). After he compliments their tattoos, Taeyang and Y/N work out an exchange of their expertise. This story touches on the idea of Taeyang’s first love, as well as lost love with a permanent reminder of the person. There are warnings for some language usage, as well as attending a wedding, discussion of tattoos and needles, and moments of angst.

    After jumping around unsuccessfully from teacher to teacher, you decide to attend a dance class that your friend swears by. You set low hopes before walking into the studio to prepare for any disappointment you'll face. Once inside, you notice that you've arrived before most of the class, so you start stretching in your favorite spot. Although only two others join you, you can't figure out which person is the instructor.

    When the rest of the class arrives, you're shocked to find it less packed than expected, heightening your spirits. With fewer dancers, you have more space for a better range of movement. As the music begins, you find the tall, skinny, dark-haired boy at the front, facing everyone else. He quickly introduces himself and the dance he's teaching today. Then, he instructs everyone to warm up their muscles with stretches. After a couple of songs, he asks everyone to move to the side as he plays the one he's teaching. He performs the dance as a quick demonstration before requesting that everyone return to their positions.

    "We'll be learning the pre-chorus and chorus today. I made this choreo, but remember that you don't have to follow me strictly. If you feel the flow bringing you in a different motion for a bit, feel free to incorporate that! Dancing is personal expression, after all."

    With these reminders, he begins teaching the first eight-count, keeping track of everyone's comprehension. You notice that his friendly aura makes it easier for others to ask for clarification when needed. Because he helps everyone personally, you get more time to practice each count properly rather than moving too fast.

    After learning the dance, Taeyang assigns a number to everyone at random. Then, each numbered group takes center stage to show off what they've learned while everyone else motivates them. He points out something good in each dancer before moving on, making sure everyone feels included. You hype the other groups up and put all your efforts into your performance, so he comments on your amazing energy.

    While most of the group leaves, you finish with some simple stretches as a cool-down before packing up. Taeyang approaches as you reach your bag and compliments the tattoos on your arm. You thank him and point out a small one near your wrist, telling him how you did this one yourself back when you were an apprentice.

    "Wait, are you an artist? That's so cool! I've always wanted a tattoo but they're expensive and the size I want takes quite a while."

    "Oh, what do you want? If you've wanted it for a while, my recommendation is to go for it. It obviously won't leave your mind otherwise." You joke, curious what designs he enjoys.

    "I want a piece on my side that represents my dancing story. I'm thinking of maybe putting some music notes and flowers into the background, but I'm still not sure of the focus point I want. I'll probably have to discuss with the artist a lot, but I haven't even chosen an artist yet." He laughs at himself for thinking so deeply about the tattoo without choosing an artist.

    "Well, there's an artist right here. The plan sounds meaningful and fun to do, so I'd be down to talk it out with you and figure everything out." You offer despite being unsure of whether he'd accept.

    "That'd be great, but I'm sure it'd still be pretty expensive, and I don't think I'd have the money to spare."

    "Assuming you want it in black or grey, it should be around $800, but I can cut you a deal if you're interested." Thinking of this as an opportunity, you consider an exchange, "This is the first dance class I've thoroughly enjoyed in a while. If I can get some free lessons for a year, I'd do it for free. Or a few months of individual training if you don't want to give that much time away for essentially free."

    When he turns silent, you tell him to think about it. You assure him that the offer won't float away as you tell him that you plan to sign up for the next class the following week. As you head for the exit, he sparks back to reality and bids you farewell, so you tell him that you'll see him next week.

    The week between classes drags on forever, but you arrive in the studio once again, early enough to be the first person in the room. You practice some choreography that you've been working on as you wait. After only a short while, Taeyang arrives. Seeing nobody else in the room, he brings up the offer again.

    "How many private lessons would I need to give you to get the tattoo? It's been on my mind all week, and I think you're right. I think I have to get it - or at least start planning it - to get it off my mind."

    "Well, assuming the piece is $800, and your regular sessions are only $5 entry price, let's bump it to $10 since they're one-on-one sessions... I think 80 sessions seems like a bit overkill. How about 50 sessions? That'd be about six months if we do two sessions a week. Maybe that's still too much. I'm not sure how exactly to gauge your lessons cost-wise." You struggle to try and even out the trade, but you can't seem to accurately price his lessons.

    "Y'know, you may be selling these lessons for far too low," You add.

    "No, you see, selling at $5 ensures that more people can join if they'd like. If I were selling individual lessons, it'd be closer to $25 for an hour. So, if we base it off that price, it'd be 32 lessons. That's only four months if you wanted two sessions a week."

    "Okay, that seems much more fair. Four months of lessons for your intricate side piece." You confirm, laying out the final offer.

    "I'm fully down for that, but could we discuss the tattoo and get a sketch before we start? I want to make sure I like the design." He asks, innocently unaware of how artists charge a deposit for their time.

    "Okay, but even if you don't decide to follow through, I'd like six or seven lessons. I usually charge a 20% deposit to account for the time it takes me to come up with designs for people."

    He effortlessly agrees to the deal right as the rest of the class begins to file in. For that lesson, your excitement never falters. You've gained personal lessons with an instructor that fits your picky expectations, and you'll get to create another masterpiece meaningful to someone. In your eyes, it's a win-win situation, and Taeyang clearly thinks the deal is worth it on his end, too.

    As your second lesson in his class finishes up, you begin your cool-down routine once again. After the others leave, Taeyang returns to the topic of his tattoo almost instantly. You laugh at his eagerness and innocent excitement. You remember feeling the same way when you scheduled the appointment for your first tattoo as well, so you fully understand his mindset about the situation.

    "Taeyang, calm down. We'll get to discussing the design soon, but I'd like to finish my stretches first." You laugh as you explain yourself to the boy.

    Although he pouts at you for momentarily halting the conversation, he understands and waits for you to finish. You finish your stretches and ask him if he'd like to begin the consultation portion of the tattoo process now or later. As expected, he enthusiastically asks to start as soon as possible, so you pick up your belongings and lead him out of the studio.

    "I take public transport here. If you'd like to take it back with me, I don't mind hosting the meeting in my apartment for today."

    He agrees, following your lead as you ride the subway lines back to your complex. His eyes wander as you walk the halls to your room, so he lightly runs into you when you stop in front of your door.

    As you enter the key to unlock the door, you joke, "What's up, Taeyang? You act like you've never seen an apartment building before."

    Nervously scratching his head, he admits, "I don't really have friends, so I haven't been to apartments other than mine as an adult."

    "In that case, I apologize. I never would've guessed. You appear very social from the classes."

    "Well, that's work. I'm somewhat of an introvert actually, so I only work, work out, and head home most days." He follows you inside and looks around, amazed. "Woah, your apartment looks really nice. You're good at decorating."

    "Oh, thanks. I don't even notice anymore. I've been meaning to change it up again soon, but if it's nice, maybe I should leave it. Come over here to the desk area; we can discuss there so I can take notes or sketch things out."

    He follows you and sits down next to you. As you ask for him to remind you of his design plans, you note down key aspects he mentions - dance, music notes, flowers, and a meaningful focal point that's yet to be decided.

    "Do you mind recounting your dance story? We can work together to figure out the main part, but I'd like to know as much of the story as possible, details and all, so it can be accurate."

    "It's really long; are you sure you want it all?" He asks with apprehension in his voice.

    "Are you sure you want an accurate and meaningful tattoo?" You ask back so he can understand how funny it is to ask.

    "Okay, okay. I just hope you're prepared." He starts before taking a deep breath to prepare himself.

    He begins by telling you the age he began to enjoy dance and how that happened, and you take notes on any important points. Continuing, he mentions that dance always helped him, even when people couldn't. He describes his love of dance in a similar fashion that childhood lovers describe one another - soft, comforting, familiar. You scribble down "1st love" to remind yourself of this right as Taeyang mentions that he wants to love someone who gives him the same feelings that dance does, but he has yet to find that.

    "You've never fallen in love?" You interject, shocked by him again.

    He chuckles as he shakes his head, "Not so much as a single crush. For a while, I thought I was broken. Got a girlfriend, but we broke up once she confronted the fact that I only treated her as a good friend. It struck me then - the fact that I think of love differently than most people. To me, it's not a person and not the memories you build. It's that feeling of warmth, that you'll be okay for as long as the love remains within you. Not a case of whether you receive that love in return, but that you know it's still within you."

    "Still within you... that's such a romantic way to approach love. Whoever you end up loving will be very lucky."

    Taeyang tries to return to the story again, but he's interrupted by your phone ringing. You apologize and stand to answer the call, finding your best friend on the other end of the line. They alert you of a change to the date of their upcoming wedding, claiming that the couple doesn't want to wait any longer. In doing so, they remind you that you have a plus-one space automatically given as a part of the wedding party, and you now have only a month to figure out who to bring. You thank them for the heads up and excuse yourself under the guise of a client. Upon hanging up, however, you curse at the thought of having to find a date or deal with the clearly-empty seat at the event.

    "Everything okay?" You hear Taeyang stand thanks to your cursing.

    "Sorry to startle you. My friend is getting married, and they moved the date up. I'm part of the wedding party, so I'm supposed to bring someone, but finding someone means I'll have to go on blind dates or something." You groan at the thought, remembering how draining first dates can be.

    "When is it? I might be able to save you. If you'd like me to, at least," He offers, nerves raising as he realizes that it sounds like he's asking you on a date.

    "Really? Would you? That'd save me a lot of hassle, and I can use the opportunity to learn more about you that might help with the tattoo."

    "Yeah, if I'm free, then I don't mind. Just let me know when it is so I can prepare."

    "We have just over a month. You really are going to save my ass, so thank you, Taeyang." You smile brightly at him, making him grow a bit shy. Noticing, you switch back to the topic at hand, "Should we get back to your story now?"

    Sitting back down, he continues telling you everything about his dance journey. You add a few more notes, especially when regarding more recent events. You ensure that you have all the important notes before he leaves for the day.

    "Do you live far? Should I call you a taxi? I brought you here without thinking about the return trip. I'm sorry." You worry, realizing that it's later than expected and thus more dangerous.

    "It's fine, Y/N. Don't worry. I'm only a couple of stops away, and you live right by the station, so I should be safe."

    As he flashes you a soft smile to comfort you, you request that he messages you once home. He jokes that you're already acting like he's your boyfriend but assures you that he'll follow your plea. As the door shuts behind him only seconds later, you find yourself speechless at his words. You thought you were simply being kind at first, but you realize that it could come off as being more than friendly.

    Although you begin to worry about the misunderstanding, you choose not to mention it to him. You prepare for bed and find his text about the safe return once you finish your routine. While deciding how to reply, you fall asleep, too tired from the long, eventful day.

    You find another message when you wake:

    You smile at the kind message, replying with a wholehearted appreciation for him trusting you in this process, adding that you're extremely thankful for his offer to come to the wedding on top of agreeing to solo dance lessons already. He reminds you that you still have to discuss when to do the lessons and what you'd like to learn.

    For the next couple of days, your conversations bounce between the dance lessons and the tattoo design, with some basic conversations about daily life sprinkled in when a conversation dies down. You settle on the days for your lessons, give him some dances you'd like to learn or improve, and send over some unfinished sketches for parts of his design to hear his thoughts.

    Time flies, and you reach the wedding day quickly enough. You look in the mirror one last time before leaving your apartment and meeting Taeyang out front. Standing in front of his car, he dons a full suit with a tie and pocket square that complement your outfit perfectly. He waves at you with a bright smile, then he opens his arms for a hug as you approach.

    "Hey, stranger. You look amazing. Thank you again for doing this for me. I know they're my best friend, but weddings are always so nerve-wracking for me. With you here, it won't be as bad." You claim, feeling his heart racing as you hug him.

    "No problem, especially with how close we've gotten over this month."

    You drive off to the wedding together, only to be shocked when Taeyang introduces himself to everyone as your boyfriend. When you get a moment alone with him, you confront him.

    "Sorry, I thought it'd be easier than having to explain our relationship a bunch of times. Plus, we basically act like a couple - minus the skinship - so people would eventually ask."

    "You should've warned me, at least!" You want to scold him, but that's all you can say before the bride and groom approach you.

    "Since when do you not tell me when you get a new partner?!" Your best friend asks with their hand on your shoulder.

    "Ah, you've just been so busy with wedding planning and everything. I didn't want to take your focus away from it." You make up an excuse, hoping to quickly stop the conversation before you need to add more lies.

    "Well, after today, I better get the tea! I'll see you soon, though. Have to go visit everyone."

    You wave them off before allowing your anxiously-perfect posture to fall. Taeyang laughs to himself before asking you to tell him the story you'll be using. You glare at him, sitting down at your assigned table without giving him an answer.

    The rest of the day passes smoothly, and nobody questions you about your sudden new boyfriend, so you claim that win in your head as Taeyang drives back.

    "Would you like to hang out some more? Or are you tired of people?" He asks about halfway home.

    "Is there something you'd like to do?"

    "I'd just like to stay with you. I enjoy your company."

    Ultimately, you decide to hang out with him. You start by relaxing at a nearby stream, quietly enjoying your time together, but the cold weather ruins the calm night. You move to his apartment as it's closer to the stream. You talk for hours, learning about and understanding one another better in the process. Eventually, you begin fading out of consciousness as sleep overtakes you, but Taeyang leads you to his bed before you fully knock out so you can rest comfortably. He sleeps on the couch that night.

    Only three months later, you finish the tattoo design and bring Taeyang into the shop for his first appointment. You try a few different placements before it sits on his skin the way he wants it. Once he's satisfied, you ask him to lay on his opposite side so you can begin. Prepping him, you find the boy shaking.

    "Are you nervous or excited? Your whole body is shaking, Taeyang."

    "A bit of both. I'm really excited, but I also don't know what to expect. Some people say the needle hurts a lot, but others claim they're overreacting."

    "It fully depends on the person and the placement. I've warned you that this tends to be a more painful place for a tattoo, but don't worry. You can always ask me to stop, and we'll take breaks regardless. I work at your pace."

    "Could we do a test or something? Like a little dot or a short line so I can prepare?" He asks, eyes in puppy mode.

    You laugh as you accept his idea. You inform him that you'll do a short line to begin, then you turn on the machine and follow through with the plan. You feel him tense up, but that's a typical reaction for most people, regardless of the number of tattoos they have. You switch the machine off, wipe the mark clean, and ask him whether he'd like to continue.

    "That wasn't too bad." He responds through clenched teeth, "Let's keep going. I'll tell you if I need a break."

    "Alrighty." You whirl the machine on, "I hope you can take a good few hours of it today."

    After five hours and three breaks, you finish today's session. Taeyang checks the progress in the mirror, proud to finally see his ideas and dreams coming to fruition. You wrap him up and give him care instructions, and he goes home to rest.

    You check up on him every day for the next few weeks, living for his reactions to each stage of the healing process. With only the outline done, it leaves both of you eager to fill in the design with shading and everything.

    In the dance lessons following the session, you notice Taeyang wearing shirts that reveal the tattoo. Even unfinished, he's so proud of the piece that he constantly wants to show it off.

    Another month passes before you're able to get him in for the second session. Somehow, this session passes even smoother despite the more painful shading and white highlights. Taeyang's sheer determination to finish allows you to complete the piece now when you thought you'd need another day for details.

    Just like in the first session, Taeyang admires the artwork in the mirror. You ask him if you can take a picture for your portfolio, but he cuts you off with a tight hug, burying his face into your shoulder.

    "Thank you. Thank you so much. It's amazing. It's so... so- it's perfect, Y/N. I love it." Taeyang mumbles into you, spilling endless praises from his lips.

    You awkwardly pat his back as you wait for him to finish, zoning out halfway through his shpeal. You must've missed an important cue when you zoned out, as his lips suddenly press themselves against yours. You carefully try to work past this, telling him to go rest up since his emotions are overwhelming him. You disregard the photo you wanted, opting for a healed photo later.

    At home, the thought of the kiss refuses to leave your mind. It confuses you, and you can't pinpoint whether he meant to do it or whether his emotions overwhelmed him into doing it. You also don't know how you feel in response to the action. Looking back on the scene, you can't tell whether you wanted to kiss him back or push him away. You simply froze up when it happened; it caught you off guard.

    The next time you meet Taeyang, you find him apologizing for his actions. He admits to having feelings for you, but he understands that he shouldn't have kissed you out of the blue like that. Starting like this fills the meet-up with awkwardness, but you try to alleviate it by explaining that his emotions must have been all over the place due to his enjoyment of the finished product.

    Before you part ways, he asks whether you'd like to date, and you ask him to give you time to figure out your feelings. It's only been a week since the kiss, and you still don't know how you feel. With this new development, you force yourself to address your feelings and define them. You've been avoiding them for most of the past week, so you're relieved to have something to force yourself to confront the situation head-on.

    You take the next two days to do exactly that. Placing your sole focus on properly categorizing your feelings, you find yourself making excuses when calling it anything more than friendly love. Although you hate to break the news to him, you think it's best to do it quickly, so you call him down to the spot by the stream, asking to talk to him for a bit.

    He quickly makes his way to the meeting point, as if he's a puppy running to his owner. As you see his soft smile shining at you, you feel a lump swell in your throat. He finds a nice rock to sit on and asks you to sit with him. You refuse, as standing permits you the ability to escape quickly in case your answer causes issues.

    "Taeyang, I can't date you. It took me a while to pinpoint how I feel for you, but I think it's best we remain friends. I don't think I can reciprocate the feelings you have for me. I'm really sorry." You admit, fidgetting as an excuse to avoid meeting his gaze.

    "That's okay, Y/N. I'm not going to try to force you to fall for me. I mean, I should hope I know how hard it is to fall in love." Surprisingly, he responds simply, taking the rejection far better than you imagined.

    "Are you sure you're okay? You don't need to force yourself to be. If you need space from me or comfort or anything, just ask me."

    His lips curl up as he forces down a laugh, "Well, I'm not sure I'd call this okay, but it feels sorta numb. I don't know what I need, frankly. Just don't ditch me; Don't leave me in the past simply because of my feelings for you."

    You explain that you won't ever be that person, and you sit with him in silence for a bit longer before he stands and decides to head home. He thanks you for letting him know your answer so quickly, hugs you, and walks away. You watch him leave and notice his posture change after a few seconds. Seeing his slouched posture, paired with some clear huffs, your heart breaks again as you recognize that he's crying now that he thinks you can't see.

    Other than the remaining dance lessons and a touch-up tattoo appointment, you and Taeyang don't talk very often. In fact, a couple of years pass before you see him again. Donning an oversized hoodie, he calls out to you as you pass him on the street. Turning around to see who called you, you're greeted by a long-forgotten but familiar smile that brings a messy bundle of feelings into your chest. Your name in his mouth rushes memories back into your mind, and you don't know how to respond.

    "Y/N! Hey, it's been a while. I'm sorry I kinda ghosted you after everything. It took a lot longer to move on than I expected. Care to get a coffee or something and catch up?"

    "Uh, yeah, sure, let's do that. I want to hear how you've been."

    Eventually, he notices your engagement ring, and the heartbreaking numbness returns to him after years of being free of it. You see this reaction reach his eyes, making them lose their once-everlasting glimmer as he asks about the lucky partner. The lump from your chest catches itself in your throat, and you feel tears force themselves into your eyes. Trying to hide your reaction, you take a sip of your drink, clear your throat, and explain that you met someone while getting a tattoo. Suddenly, the painful irony of the situation hits you like a truck, and you can't help but ask about the tattoo you gave him.

    "It's still my only one, but I've made sure to take good care of it. Every time I see it, it reminds me of you and all those memories we made. It's a weird feeling, having a permanent reminder of my first love on my body. I guess it just hoards all sorts of meanings within its ink." He awkwardly laughs off his comment, but it makes the tears fall from your eyes despite your best efforts to keep them in.

    "Don't cry! Y/N, what's wrong? Is it me? I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything upsetting by my words. It's interesting, but I don't mind remembering you. There are so many good memories-"

    "No, no. I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm crying. I think there's just a lot of emotions overwhelming me. I'm happy to see you again and grateful that you're doing well, but everything hits at once. And with me just getting engaged only a few days before, it feels like some sick, twisted fate to meet you randomly now, out of nowhere. I- I don't know. I'm sorry."

    After your tears dry and you regain control over your emotions, Taeyang explains the past few years he's had. He hopped around on personal jobs after finding private training more to his taste, and he only returned to the city a week ago, giving himself a much-deserved break from work. Although he hasn't found anyone else he loves as much as he loves to dance - and loved you - he boasts about wooing people around the world with his beauty and graceful storytelling within his dance. He goes so far as to show you a picture of his award for best original choreography. Engraved on the trophy, the title of his art, "A Permanent Reminder" gives you more than enough background for the story he conveyed to win.

    As you part ways once again, your hand hovers over the tattoo your now-fiance did for you: a twist of flowers in the shape of a music note, sitting within the shape of the sun. You couldn't bring yourself to tell him that you met your future partner due to wanting a tattoo to remind yourself of the man you fell for too little too late.

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  • fantasydreamecho
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    ♡this was inspired by my messages (more like our little scenario) with @yootaesowl ; thank you for letting me post it, beloved 💕

    a short headcanon with yoo taeyang about one of your love languages:

    you and yoo taeyang have the habit of taking (not so) random photos and sending them to each other; it was one of your fancies you've never thought would really happen- to be vulnerable with someone, to share whatever was going on in the constant combat between your heart and mind and just be understood and accepted; "i'm thinking of you.", "i hope you'll cheer up a little.", this is what these messages convey- one of the love languages you've developed in your relationship with him; you both felt a bit giddy- just the thought of being into each other's minds, and tattooed on each other's souls, whether you consciously realized this matter or not, was enough to make you go through the day. after all, there is someone who waits for you to come home at the end of the day. there's someone whom you can call your home, your hidden, sacred place and feel safe. after all, someone truly cares. after all, there's still some beauty and magic left in this often ruthless world.

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 scenario#sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff #sf9 x reader #sf9 headcanons #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang imagine
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  • blu-joons
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Crisis Talks ~ Kim Seokwoo

    You didn’t know where to look as your body tensed up upon finally hearing Seokwoo walk through the front door. His footsteps were heavy as he walked in, his sighs loud enough for you to know that he had had yet another long day, the type of the day that seemed to happen just about every day with him by how dramatic he was.

    As you expected too, there was no acknowledgement of you from Seokwoo as he walked through into the living room. You were used to it, it didn’t hurt you anymore, in fact if you were honest, just about all of your feelings for Seokwoo had been muted for quite some time.

    It had been as if your life had been on repeat every single day. It was the same routine, you come home, wait for Seokwoo, but when Seokwoo comes home, usually late too, he decides to ignore you and close off from everything instead.

    You were lost in your daydream until you heard a sigh come from the kitchen where Seokwoo had gone, quickly followed by a slam of the fridge door. His footsteps marched through the house to you, standing in the doorway with his arms folded in front of his chest.

    “Do you not even bother to check your phone anymore these days?” Seokwoo suddenly asked you.

    “It’s on charge, I’ve not gone near it for a while.”

    A roll of the eyes followed from Seokwoo, “I asked you to defrost a meal, I need to eat before I go to the studio for a late rehearsal Y/N.”

    “How’s that my fault?” You challenged, turning on the sofa to face him. “If you need to sort out meals for yourself, that’s on you, that’s not on me.”

    Your head shook in disbelief as Seokwoo stared across at you, surprised where his sudden accusation had come from. You knew that his frustration was so much more than a missed meal by the way his eyes stared across at you.

    “What makes you think I’d even do something like that for you anyway?” You then quizzed.

    Seokwoo’s frame jolted back by the sudden frustration that appeared in your voice too. For weeks he had barely taken the time to acknowledge you, but suddenly when he wanted something doing, the two of you were talking like the best of friends again. You couldn’t believe it, how arrogant Seokwoo came across to you.

    You expected something from Seokwoo, but he was silent. He didn’t quite know what to say, not preparing himself for you to fight back and stand up for yourself having barely heard a peep out of you for quite some time.

    “You treat me like I’m nothing for ages,” you began to yell across to Seokwoo, “and then because you want something we’re together again. I don’t care how stressed you are, you can’t blame not having a meal in the fridge on me, I’m impressed you expected me to do anything for you.”

    Seokwoo let go of a shaky breath as soon as you fell silent, “I thought that was what people did in relationships, they do things for each other. I didn’t realise that I was such a chore Y/N.”

    “Our whole relationship isn’t normal; it probably is more of a chore because you just have no time for me anymore.”

    You stood up from the sofa as Seokwoo didn’t reply, wondering where his fight was for the two of you. You had never failed to understand how important work was for Seokwoo, but even this was far too much for you to come to terms with.

    All you had to do was take a couple of steps towards the door, and Seokwoo stepped into the room. “Where are you going?” You asked as he followed behind you.

    “I’m not letting you go,” Seokwoo told you, moving around the room to block off the door for you, “if this feels like a chore for you, then we need to talk about it.”

    You weren’t sure if someone had flicked a switch in Seokwoo or something by how quickly his attitude shifted. His arm lifted to block off the route to the front door for you, refusing to let you just walk away from him.

    Your eyes stared down at the ground as Seokwoo studied you closely, letting go of a sigh. “I had no idea that you felt that way,” he began to tell you, watching as you took a few small steps back into the room again.

    “That’s because you’ve had no idea that I’ve existed for the past couple of weeks,” you told Seokwoo, looking up to see his head nodding in agreement with you.

    He had thought that it was normal, thought that you didn’t care about how fractured your relationship had become. But now that he heard you talk, Seokwoo knew that he had ended up just driving you away.

    “I’m sorry,” he whispered, walking back into the room too. “I have been stressed, and it’s no excuse, but I never meant to make you feel as if I don’t care or anything like that, I’ve been struggling to know where I am most of the time these days.”

    “Why didn’t you say?” You quizzed, “when have I ever not understood?”

    “I know that now, Y/N.”

    Your shoulders dropped as Seokwoo reached forward to try and take a hold of your hand. “All of this could have not happened if you had just told me what was going on rather than just choose to shut me out like this.”

    “I thought I was protecting you,” he admitted, “I thought it would be better for you if you didn’t get caught up in my mess at work.”

    “But we’re supposed to be a team,” you murmured.

    “I know,” Seokwoo acknowledged, knowing exactly where he had messed up with you. “I still didn’t want to worry you or panic you with anything that was going on, it’s not exactly been the easiest time between acting and the group.”

    It hurt you to hear just how bad things were for Seokwoo, but what hurt the most was hearing him tell you how much he didn’t want you involved, how much he didn’t want to bring the burden on his shoulders onto yours too.

    “Please don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me things,” you told Seokwoo, resting your hand over the top of his. “I bet that I can understand more than you think I can most of the time. If you don’t tell me, then this is just going to keep happening between us, and I don’t know if I can go through all of this again Seokwoo.”

    “Me too,” he whispered, offering you a small smile. “I realise now that bottling things up isn’t good for anything, and it’s certainly not good enough for us. I felt like I was slipping further away from you the worse the stress got. Closing off felt like the right thing to do, but now I realise how stupid of a thing that was to do.”

    “It wasn’t stupid, you thought it was right,” you assured him.

    Seokwoo’s head shook in reply to you, “it was the wrong thing though because it ended up driving a wedge between the two of us. That’s the last thing that I would ever want to do, I’m so annoyed at myself that I ended up pushing you away, especially to make you feel as if our relationship was a chore for you too.”

    “From now on, talk to me,” you told Seokwoo, “I promise that everything will be much easier for the both of us if we talk.”

    “I will,” he promised you, “I made a mistake closing off, that’s not something that I’m ever going to do again.”

    The smile on your face slowly turned up, “do you still need something to eat before you go?”

    “Let’s order, it’s my treat.”



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  • yootaesowl
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    #chani#sf9 #will we talk about his arm? #no? good with me because i need my sanity #but his hair looks so fluff
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  • divinefireangel
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    petition to be juhos pretty princess and just lay in his lap after a long day when he's cane home all tired on the couch just wantinf to cuddle with you and the cats

    Pls this is the DREAM 😭😭😭😭😭

    And he'd so slowly and lovingly stroke your back, maybe a soft unreleased song in the background as well with the occasional motor sounds from the cats

    Maybe he'll even murmur about his day. If something bad happened he'd tell it to you with a pout, which you will match :((((

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  • fantasydreamecho
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    sharing this sudden idea before I forget it:

    sometimes you wonder whether it's not your husband Hwiyoung the one who is carrying a child; you can't be angry at him when he looks at you with those warm puppy-like eyes, while he's munching on the last biscuit (which is your favourite), at 1 a.m; "I swear I would buy another package before you wake up.", he mumbles apologetically and looks at your growing bump with a sad smile. how can you be mad at him?

    anyway, you often have your late-night walks to the local convenience store, when you crave another peculiar combination of foods, or when you can't fall asleep; actually, this is something you did at times, when you were still dating; you both happily chew on your food in silence. soon you'll be awake in this small hour for a different reason. you can't wait for this moment to come. your hand instinctively settles comfortably on your belly, his eyes automatically observe you and your little bean in amazement. it's natural yet magical and miraculous. is this real?, he ponders.; "please, grow healthy and strong.", he softly whispers to your bump and kisses it, before he joins you in dreamland, after your food adventure; this is something like a ritual, him talking to your baby; for some time it was just a monologue but then a kick here and there started to give him some reassurance that his angel was fine and growing well.; Hwi and you couldn't wait for the adventure and blessing of parenthood, and having your convenience store dates but this time alongside your little one.

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  • divinefireangel
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Mtl of sf9 that would want to date outside (parks,resturants,etc.)

    I'm assuming want outdoor dates?


    Yoo Taeyang










    YooTae loves taking pics of pretty skies and prettier you so outside with natural lighting is the best according to him. Kyun in adventurous and he seems like someone who loves to explore cafes and places. Sanghyuk is in top 3 solely cause of his recent insta pics that have me dying cause he looks so cute and boyfriendie i wanna squish his cute face omg i need to stop rambling

    Youngbin will love and prefer long drive dates, like in the vlogs of his! Jaeyoon, oh my heart, I think his ideal date will be something super super sweet like cooking for you, for example. So that will involve going to the convenience store and getting the ingredients but also coming back home so he can make you sit like a doll and pamper you like a baby uwu. Juho wants his cat children to love you, so best way is to cuddle them! Of course he isn't against the idea of taking them out, but they are house cats 😂

    Inseong, Chani & Seokwoo, the busiest three will definitely want as much rest and relaxation they can get so i dont think their first choice will be an outdoor date tbh. Occasionally of course they will go out out for a date too, like some restaurant they saw while they were filming at a location.

    #the they in juho's part may or may njot include him as well as a house cat hehe #not*#lmao#anyway#sf9#sf9 mtl#sf9 fluff#sf9 headcanons
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  • divinefireangel
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    MTL sf9 to be cheesy and clingy in a relationship

    Why'd this make me blush lmaoo







    Yoo Taeyang





    Sanghyuk, Jaeyoon, Juho, Inseong & Youngkyun are soft bois™. They're all very soft soft soft and there is no way they would stay away from you given the chance. Sanghyuk and Jae are also ones who will use cheesy pick up lines on you all the damn time (special mention of Inseong as well here).

    YooTae, Seokwoo, CHANI & Youngbin are ones who will seem reluctant at the thought of cheesy things but will throw a tantrum (small, cute one) when you don't do cute things together.

    Also would like to mention Tae & Seokwoo as clingy ones along with with the top 5 😂

    #sf9#sf9 mtl#sf9 fluff #sf9 x reader #sf9 x reader fluff
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  • lost-inthedream
    13.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    SF9 when their special other's love language is cooking

    genre: fluff

    pairing: SF9 x gn reader


    Bonus song rec: Moon Jong Up - Us


    Youngbin gets used to your love language so quickly! After you showed up two times with homemade snacks he is not surprised anymore. It is not a bad thing at all, he still smiles with the same enchantment and tender eyes. "What did you bring this time?" he playfully asks taking your tote bag from your shoulder in case it is heavy. He loves to hear you talking about recipes and appreciates that you share your favorite ones with him.

    ➹ Inseong:

    Oh my, I think Inseong would be so proud of his talented girlfriend/boyfriend, always bragging about your skills to his friends and family. Don't be surprised if one of his members tells you how good that pie tasted. Inseong was so excited about you making him a whole and delicious pie that he shared it with his members while he could not stop talking about you. " of course she/he can do a lot of things other than cooking". Also, he is gonna propose to you quite fast lol


    Jaeyoon will pamper you 1000 times more every time you offer an appetizing dish. You can literally make him food a million times and he would still be amazed by your gesture. Ok, let's go to the spoiling part. He feeds you like a baby even if you say the dish is all for him. "Nooo. Open your mouth, love" He also makes the cutest faces as he tastes each portion, telling you it is even better than the last time you cooked.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Dawon is the opposite of Inseong in the sense that he will never share the food you made him with his friends or anyone. The fact that you express your love by cooking is so precious to him. He texts you a few times during the week to say he still thinks about the cupcakes he ate on the holiday. He normally texts you quite a lot so he needs multiple subjects.

    ➹ Zuho:

    Juho is so obvious, once you all finish the meal that you prepared with so much love, he goes for cuddles. There are no excuses, none of you are washing the dishes or anything. CUDDLES. It is a simple relationship, you make sure that he eats well and he composes special songs for you. The number of times you entered his studio with something healthy to your boyfriend is uncountable. "You always know when I need a break"

    ➹ Rowoon:

    I feel like at some point Rowoon will convert your talent and passion for cooking into quality time. I mean, you all start to have cooking dates because he asks you to teach him. "No, I'm not asking you to stop cooking for me, I wanna spend more time with you, love." He loves watching you and kissing the top of your head when you are distracted.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Unlike Youngbin, Taeyang will be surprised every time you gift him with food. He likes to let you know about his schedule so you are aware of his most busy days. These ones are when you prepare his favorite dishes so he will be able to relax at the end of the day. "Oh, babe, you're perfect". He takes your hand from time to time while he eats.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    I feel like Hwi is a pretty chill boyfriend, hence you all prefer peaceful dates, such as stargazing or having picnics. You always offer to cook something for the occasion and he helps you with ideas and chopping ingredients. At these moments you both look more like a married couple than anything.

    ➹ Chani:

    His mood is always lifted by your food. It does not matter if he is really upset or if he is already in a good mood. "Look at you being an angel again" He likes to tease you for spoiling him too much. It is clear that he is so thankful. Chani treats any of your skills with naturality instead of calling all the attention to them. Yet he admires you a lot and he tells you it by praises when you are alone.

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  • blu-joons
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    First Kiss ~ Yoo Taeyang

    You smiled anxiously across at Taeyang as he walked back into the living room to find you sat still on the sofa, taking a nervy sip from your glass of wine before placing it down on the table in front of you, just in time as Taeyang sat himself back down beside you.

    There was a little bit of awkwardness between you both after the end of your film, Taeyang didn’t want you to go home just yet, offering to keep you there for as long as possible, enjoying your company like he always did.

    “Do you want to watch something else?” He asked, glancing across at you. There had been mumblings of feelings between the two of you for weeks, creating a growing divide in your friendship as neither of you wanted to talk about it.

    “I think it would be a good idea, we can’t exactly sit here in silence,” you slightly laughed.

    Taeyang nodded in agreement, “what is going on between us Y/N? This is ridiculous.”

    He had hoped inviting you over would help to make life a little bit easier for you both, but instead it just felt like it made things worse. Seeing each other stirred up plenty of feelings for you both, some wanting to scream about how you felt, the others trying to get you to keep pretending.

    “I’m guessing that the boys keep speaking to you too,” he whispered as you remained silent, turning everything off to focus on you.

    “I’ve heard a few things about you, and a few things about me.”

    You tried your best to push what the boys were saying to you to the back of your mind, convincing yourself that they were causing up trouble. After so many years together, you couldn’t imagine Taeyang wanting to risk your friendship for something that might not come true, the last thing he’d ever want to do was completely lose you.

    “I bet I can read your mind,” Taeyang responded, resting his head in his hand, “you like me, don’t you? That’s why you’re struggling to speak to me right now.”

    “And if I did, would you like me back, or would it be one-sided?”

    A sigh came from Taeyang as he looked away from your eyes, giving himself a moment to ponder. He couldn’t lie, of course, he liked you after so many years of friendship, but whether a relationship would be a step too far, Taeyang didn’t know.

    He’d had the boys in his ear for weeks like you had, trying their best to assure him that it would be a good idea. Taeyang knew you well enough to know what you wanted by the look in your eyes, but whether he was as transparent, was enough matter altogether. You could read nothing from Taeyang, which only frightened you even more.

    “It wouldn’t be one-sided,” he finally replied back to you, knowing that as he listened to his heart there was only one direction that he wanted to go in. “I’d be stupid to ever not want to be with you, wouldn’t I? This isn’t a friendship, at least not for me, and I hope not for you either.”

    It was exactly what you needed to hear to finally be able to let your heart settle, relieved more than anything else that you hadn’t thrown yourself in at the deep end only for Taeyang to stay shallow.

    The smile on your face that was growing was the perfect reassurance for Taeyang too. “Where do we go from here?” You chuckled back across to him nervously.

    “That depends, where would you like for us to go from here?”

    “We shouldn’t be making this so awkward, we’re not strangers.”

    “Let’s just do what feels right,” Taeyang suggested, “we should clear the air and be as we normally are, and for me, there only feels like one possible way for us to be able do that.”

    You looked to Taeyang with intrigue as he shuffled a little bit closer towards him. You had no idea what he was thinking, for all of the times you had been able to pick up on how he was feeling, this time around you were simply stuck.

    “If we’re really going to make a go of things, I think that we should just kiss,” he suddenly announced, terrified to look across to you and see how you would react to his suggestion.

    There was no reaction from you at all though as you tried to process what it was that you had heard Taeyang say. A part of you felt as if you were stuck in some sort of dream, wondering how your night had managed to flip so quickly.

    After a bit of thought, your head nodded, “I think that would be a good idea.”

    A chuckle of surprise came from Taeyang, “I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time,” he admitted, shyly looking across at you, coyer than you had ever seen him before.

    Taeyang didn’t want to end up changing your mind, or see you do the same, quickly leaning forwards and closing the distance between you both for the very first time.

    “It’s funny, as a best friend, you’ve always had a face that I’d like to punch for being annoying, and now here I am wanting to kiss you,” you joked.

    “I’m trying to create a romantic mood, stop ruining it.”

    “Sorry,” you laughed, “I’m just not used to any of this.”

    Before you could speak again, Taeyang made his move and pressed a kiss to your lips, cupping the side of your face with his hand. It was a kiss that could only be described as perfection for you both until Taeyang pulled back away.

    “I’m glad I did that,” he whispered as soon as his lips left yours, keeping the close distance between the two of you.

    Your head nodded in agreement with him, taking a moment to compose yourself as you felt your heart flutter, seeing a new side of Taeyang in his eyes that you had never seen before.

    “I’m glad you did that too,” you replied to Taeyang after taking a couple of moments to yourself, “if anything I’m annoyed that we didn’t do it sooner, even though that would have meant actually listening to the boys.”

    “I’m dreading seeing their faces when we tell them,” Taeyang chuckled back to you, leaning a little further back to be able to see the smile on your face, “they’ll be the first ones to tell us how much time we’ve wasted.”

    “Or we’ve just got plenty of time to make up for.”

    “I like your thinking,” Taeyang cheered, reminding himself yet again why he shared such an incredibly close bond with you, “I can think of several things for the two of us to do to make up for all of that time too.”

    The corners of your mouth turned up even further, feeling your heart race around Taeyang as if it was your very first time seeing him.

    “Do you think you’d be happier staying the night now?”

    “I think so,” you smiled in reply, taking a look around the room, “you’re not still going to make me sleep on the sofa, are you? I think we’re a little bit past the stage of having sleepovers between us, don’t you?”

    “You’re definitely not on the sofa tonight.”



    #sf9#sf9 imagine#taeyang#taeyang imagine#yoo taeyang #yoo taeyang imagine #sf9 reaction#sf9 scenario#sf9 taeyang #sf9 yoo taeyang #sf9 drabble #sf9 one shot #sf9 fluff #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang reaction #yoo taeyang drabble #yoo taeyang fluff #yoo taeyang one shot #kpop#kpop imagine
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  • zuxnon
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    SF9 Masterlist

    Fluff - ♡ Smut - ✰ (/suggestive) Angst - ☾



       ✰7:34 PM    ✰1:07 AM    ✰Dirty talk    ✰“Are you trying to turn me on or are you really just that oblivious”    ✰“Were you just masturbating?”    ✰“Don’t make me take you home and punish you.”    ✰“...i bet behind closed doors she’s latex and whips.”    ✰Foursome    ♡Last night before tour    ✰Foursome p2    ✰M*sturbating in front of you Inseong

       ✰“If you interrupt me one more time, i swear to god.”     ✰“Stop distracting me.”    ✰1:09 AM


        ♡1:47 PM    ✰3:07 AM    ✰“Once we start, i might not be able to stop.”    ✰“If you don’t like my teasing then why are you moaning?”    ✰“Tell me what you want.”    ✰“Let me finish this and i swear ill go down on you...”    ✰“I’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly.”    ✰Oral fixation


       ✰2:49 PM    ✰10:19 PM    ✰5:57 AM    ✰“If we get caught, i’m blaming you.”    ✰“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”


      ✰“First one to make a noise loses.”   ✰Foursome   ✰Foursome P2


    ✰8:08 PM ✰“Are you trying to turn me on or are you really just that oblivious?” ✰“If we get caught i’m blaming you.” ✰“You’re more than just a one night stand.” ✰7:46 PM

    Taeyang   ✰3:27 AM   ✰“I don’t care what you do, just fuck me.”   ✰“I’m not sure if it’s a sexual thing or not.”  Hwiyoung   ✰8:37 PM   ✰“Make me.”   ✰“The only way you’re getting off is on my thigh.”   ✰“Mine.”   ✰“I’m not jealous, its just... You’re mine!”   ✰Partners in crime   ✰Foursome   ✰Foursome P2   ✰ 7:26 AM Chani   ♡2:47 PM   ✰Foursome   ✰Foursome P2

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  • lost-inthedream
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    warning: just a tiny hint of sex

    It's not that you are down to whatever, you're there to anything he comes up with. You are not only a girlfriend, you are a partner in crime. Both your bodies and your minds speak the same language which no one else can comprehend. True, you seduce him with the way your head tilts as you persuade him into staying for the night, also with the way you let him know it is a good time for love. He is there to anything you come up with.

    Inseong's type of girl
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  • fantasydreamecho
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    warnings: angst, a little fluff; probably too self-indulgent

    I wrote it with Hwiyoung in mind but I'd rather leave it with an optional bias instead; as always, excuse any typos

    You let your tears fall down as soon as you feel a pair of two strong arms gingerly wrapping around your stooping frame. You clutch at his blue sweatshirt, now wet from your tears as well. His gentle fingers lovingly caress your damp hair, his lips soothingly mumble "it's okay."

    You've always loved rain. There was something outworldly in walking under the crying sky, most of the times with headphones in your ears and music as your perpetual companion. For some obscure reason rain brought you some comfort and solace. Maybe because there was more rain in your life than sunshine, hence you were used to it.

    You both know you can rely on one another. But sometimes there are moments when you hide in that little imaginative castle of yours, diminishing any access to it. You prefer to be on your own rather than hurt those you cherish with your heart and soul. Still, the yearning for being held and listened to is loud.

    "Let's go home now, hm? Let's wash away the stress a little with a nice warm shower? Or bath, if you prefer, hm?", he whispers as he tenderly wipes your tears of your soft skin. A thunderous growl fill in the air, making you look at his flushed face. You burst out laughing at his embarrassed countenance. "Or maybe we should eat something first.", you suggest, feeling suddenly shy at the way he looks at you. His eyes hold so much love, warmth and tenderness. You wonder if he can see the same in your eyes. "That's right, that's right. There's no better medicine than food. I'll make us ramyeon and then we can have a bath. And cuddles. Yes, definitely cuddles. But be ready because I won't let you go out of my embrace during the whole evening. And night. And everyday.", he stutters. You playfully slap him on the shoulder as he takes your hand in his. "Run?", "Run.".

    You might think you're alone but you aren't. You know there'll always be someone who will walk (or run) right beside you when the weather is not so fine. They will hold you when you don't feel like yourself, push you a little when fears overwhelm you to take that little step, catch you when you fall. They will patiently wait you to stand up on your feet again and will proudly celebrate every success, big or small. Your leave a chaste kiss on his sweet lips as you finally reach your cute apartment. A rainbow adorns the dark sky.

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  • lost-inthedream
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Requests for reactions are open

    I wanna be creative throughout this month. Send your ideas in 💙

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  • blu-joons
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Visiting Him On Set ~ Kim Seokwoo

    His shoulders dropped as soon as Seokwoo spotted you after finishing filming his scene, finding you sat out of the way. Your smile was wide after you’d watched him record, recognising the lines from the many reads of the scripts that you’d done with him.

    Your eyes were stunned as Seokwoo walked towards you dressed in his outfit, unlike anything that you had ever seen him in before. You knew that the drama was traditional, but there was something about seeing Seokwoo in his hanbok that made your heart flutter, especially coupled with the innocent smile that he wore too.

    He couldn’t reach you quick enough, weaving around the members of crew and the equipment that was lying around, holding onto you as soon as he reached you, touched that you had made the effort to visit and support him.

    You could feel in his hold that it meant a lot for Seokwoo to have you there, having tried for weeks to arrange a date when you’d been able to visit. Seeing him on set was the one part of the job that you always missed out in with him, but at last you had gotten to see him in action and admire the work that went into filming a drama.

    “I’m so glad you were able to make it,” Seokwoo smiled as he pulled away from your embrace, “what did you think?”

    Your head nodded straight away, as Seokwoo moved his hand down your frame before holding onto your hand. “I was impressed, I know I’ve read through the scripts, but seeing it here makes it all so real, and believable too.”

    Seeing the smile on your face was all that Seokwoo had wanted when he invited you down, wanting to show off to you. As the crew started to leave the set as the scene came to an end, Seokwoo took your hand and led you across to let you take a look at the set properly, showing you all of the little details that had been added to the place.

    It really felt as if you’d been transported back several years as you walked around, with it stripped back and bare just like it used to be. With Seokwoo in costume too, you couldn’t quite believe where you were as you walked around.

    “I can’t believe that you get to act in a place like this,” you told Seokwoo as he pointed out to you where the house that he often acted in was just a few metres away from you.

    “Come on, I’ll show you backstage too,” he encouraged, taking a tighter grip of your hand and pulling you off of the set and through a door down a long corridor.

    “What’s behind all of these doors?” You asked him, not quite able to read what all of the signs on the doors said because you moved so fast, only being able to read one sign, the sign that belonged to Seokwoo’s dressing room.

    Once he stopped, he processed what you said, pointing to a couple of the places. “There’s all sorts going on here, equipment is stored, footage is reviewed, and lots of adjustments are made in costumes to these rooms too.”

    “It’s where all the magic happens,” you suggested, to which Seokwoo nodded in agreement with you, “those poor costume designers must have a nightmare dealing with you, you’re far too tall for them to work with.”

    “I think they secretly enough it,” Seokwoo teased in reply to you.

    “You mean that they like your muscles?” You asked, sending a knowing glance up to Seokwoo. His head shyly nodded, having been complimented many times by the members of the crew for how well his physique suited hanbok.

    A shy smile crept onto Seokwoo’s face as he found you staring across at him too, understanding why he had picked up the attention of so many of the staff.

    “I could get quite used to wearing hanbok, it’s very freeing,” he told you, twirling around once he was in his dressing room, “I might have to bring one of these home with me once I’m finished filming over here.”

    A chuckle came from you, disturbed by a knock at the door of Seokwoo’s dressing room, with a head poking round the open door.

    “Hi,” a familiar face smiled, “I thought I heard company, is this the Y/N I’ve heard so much about?”

    It didn’t take long for you to know who was speaking, recognising the face as Yoonsu’s, a colleague that Seokwoo had told you plenty of stories about. “This is Y/N,” Seokwoo told him.

    You smiled widely across at him. “It’s nice to meet you,” he told you as he walked further into the room, “I’ve heard a lot about you, do you have any idea how much he gushes about you?”

    “I don’t gush,” Seokwoo corrected him, looking to him and hoping that you would believe him, “I’ve just mentioned you every now and then when others have talked about their partners, that’s all that I do.”

    “Is it?” Yoonsu chuckled back to him, “you might want to look good in front of Y/N, but I’ll tell her all about what you’re like.”

    “You’re exaggerating, just don’t listen to him Y/N.”

    Your head shook back to Seokwoo, “I’m interested to hear what you’ve been saying to all of your colleagues, especially about me too.”

    A roll of the eyes came from Seokwoo, knowing that you’d played right into Yoonsu’s hands for him to throw Seokwoo under the buss. There were plenty of things that Yoonsu could tell you, his only worry was that he wouldn’t have enough time.

    Whilst Seokwoo started to change out of his current hanbok, Yoonsu sat you down on the sofa and started to tell you plenty of Seokwoo’s secrets, especially how much he loved to brag about what the two of you got up to.

    “He mentioned that you went to a nice Thai place last week,” Yoonsu smiled, “next time you guys go you’ll have to invite me.”

    Through the mirror of the dressing room, you could feel Seokwoo’s eyes staring. He was desperate for Yoonsu to shut up, but he just couldn’t, especially as he saw how invested you were in hearing all of the things that they had heard about you from Seokwoo.

    “He’s been whining for weeks about how much he’s wanted to have you here to watch him,” Yoonsu then told you, “I’m glad you’re here just to shut him up.”

    “He whines?” You asked in surprise, immediately looking across to Seokwoo, knowing that you had yet another thing to tease him about when the two of you got home.

    His head shook rapidly across to you, “I just mentioned that it might be nice, I’ve never whined about having you here to watch me on set.”

    “Shall we go and ask the others too?”

    “No,” Seokwoo called out, not needing anyone else to stich him up. “I might have whined a bit, but it comes from a good place.”

    The smile on your face grew as Seokwoo defended himself, “to be honest, it’s touching to know just how much you wanted to have me here.”

    “Wait until I tell you some more stories,” Yoonsu laughed, “you might not find Seokwoo so cute after you hear these.”

    “No way, you’ve told enough stories for one day.”



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  • 100zuho
    06.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    4 + inseong

    4. Sharing an umbrella in the rain.

    college!au (( and vague friends to lovers!au ))

    the sun is setting over the university campus in a thousand shades of pink that you can see from the window of the library

    you can feel the end of spring in the scent of the air, can see the first flowers of the new year wither to make place for the next ones

    however, what you couldn’t see from inside while packing up was the murky grey clouds gathering

    there aren’t many people still around on a friday evening — at this time there might be a few lectures still dragging on or club practice

    but the quad is deserted when you walk across, trying to tuck your most important things under the fabric of your hoodie as the rain starts coming down in fat droplets that seem like they are in slow motion

    you don’t hear inseong’s heavy footsteps as he runs up to you because of the sound of the rain

    the drumming of it simultaneously becomes louder and drowns out when his umbrella is lifted above your head

    “hey” he breathes out a little breathlessly, looking at you with that goofy smile of his that makes his dark eyes sparkle 

    it’s like looking into your own little night sky

    when you greet him back and thank him, he shifts closer to you while walking and nags you a little bit for not calling him

    “i didn’t know you were around and i wouldn’t want to bother you” you explain to him 

    “you can call me anytime,” he says seriously

    and you can’t look him in the eye because you know he means it and it makes your heart do this strange dip

    “yeah, just. it wouldn’t bother me. call me,” he adds, trying to sound nonchalant as he clears his throat and looks away at the greens of the campus getting drenched with rain

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 headcanons#sf9 imagines #sf9 inseong scenarios #sf9 fluff #sf9 inseong imagines #sf9 inseong fluff
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  • sweetdejun
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    summer of '22 drabble game

    I haven't done one of these in a while but, since I have enough free time this summer, I wanted to put this together for everyone!


    I write mainly for nct and bts, so I'll take requests for them, but other groups I'll take requests for include: exo, seventeen, ateez, stray kids, day6, pentagon and sf9 (I don't really listen to new gen groups much, so I don't know anything about them)

    I will write either angst, fluff or both. NO SMUT PLEASE!!

    I will stop taking requests on June 1 at midnight EST! this is hopefully enough time for people to send in their requests

    FOR SENDING REQUESTS: send the prompt number + member from group (ex: 1 + nct jaehyun)

    here are the prompts (most inspired by @creativepromptsforwriting, thank you!)

    "it's too hot, maybe we should take our clothes off"

    "I won't be participating"

    "I never liked summer anyway"

    "let's go get ice cream"

    "why are you busy, it's summer!"

    "I know what you're thinking"

    "are you jumping into the pool, or should I come out and push you in?"

    "I can barely keep my eyes open"

    "I could kill for a slushy right about now"

    "is that for me?"

    "who's genius idea was that again?"

    "how does painting and a picnic sound?"

    "don't promise anything you can't keep"

    "I have two weaknesses: apple pie and you"

    "you're absolutely insane, do you know that?"

    "I haven't stopped thinking about it since then"

    "funny how things turned out, huh?"

    "you're too cute"

    "did you just call me 'dude'?"

    "get your butt over here and kiss me"

    "are you nervous?"

    "you look good in that"

    "I did think of one thing we can do.."

    "I wish I never told you about that"

    "it's only a matter of time"

    "when will we ever see each other again?"

    "can you believe summer's almost over?"

    "I'm what?"

    "take a picture, it'll last longer"

    "I'll see you soon, I promise"

    BONUS: free prompt! send me whatever you want (but keep the rules in mind please!!)

    I'm so excited to finally put this out! I will be awaiting requests from you all!

    #sweetdejun#kpop writing#kpop#kpop fluff#kpop angst#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps #summer of 22 drabble game #bts x reader #nct x reader #exo x reader #seventeen x reader #ateez x reader #stray kids x reader #day6 x reader #pentagon x reader #sf9 x reader
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  • tojispearl
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Kpop Idol! Gojo Satoru and Makeup Artist y/n

    Gojo Satoru x f! reader

    note: just my personal opinion about how a relationship with gojo would be like if he was a Kpop idol. Got inspiration from Rowoon of SF9 and Yunho of Ateez lol. Ignore any mistakes

    Reblogs and comments are appreciated!


    Doesn’t sit/standstill when you fix his hair or make up. 

    Constantly messes up his hair and contact lens. 

    Does manner legs, so that you can do his makeup but also teases about how you can’t seem to do his makeup when he stands straight  

    {Korean Manner Legs, which is stretching one’s legs sideways or standing with a wider stance than usual—just think of when you’re in the process of doing a split. They do this in order to appear shorter for certain camera shots or to adjust for their makeup artists, stylists, interviewers, fellow actors, and even fans.}

    Secretly comes over to your apartment so that you can make him some home cooked meals, he’s tired of eating out all the time.

    He also likes the instant ramen you make. Any chance he gets to be outside his dorm, he’ll just come over to your apartment. 

    Holds back all the PDA, because of his fans and media 

    Even if it’s for a second and you both are alone, expect a lot of hugs and kisses. 

    Takes you on expensive and cute dates when he’s touring since people in that particular city won’t know it’s him. 

    Tries to kiss you before he goes on stage, because he considers that as his lucky charm. 

    Finds it really cute when you’re intently fixing his make up with eyebrows furrowed and smiles because you look so adorable when you’re really focused.

    Likes it when you get shy and flustered when you catch him staring at you while you do his make up.

    Now, do his members know you both are dating? Yes, because he makes it really obvious. You both got scolded by the manager but Gojo reassured no scandals would be leaked. 

    Pulls both other male and female idols because he’s so attractive and charming but he only loves you and he makes sure that you know that.

    You and geto are best friends because only both can handle gojo. And gojo trusts you both a lot. 

    Geto was the first one to find out about your relationship.

    When other idols try to hit on him after music bank shows etc he knows you’d be jealous so he just ignores all their requests and meets you in the changing room. 

    Try calling him “my love or my baby” and he’s probably going to keep remembering that forever. 

                   NFSW under the cut, MDNI 


    Fucks you in the changing room before he goes on stage, so that he can perform well on stage. 

    Makes you wear a vibrator and controls the pace when you apply and fix the make up of other members of the group. Gets jealous that you’re touching them while he’s right in front you. 

    Fucks you in the agency practice rooms when you’re alone with him. He likes the thrill and the way you’re so on the edge because you might get caught. 

    Each city/ country he’s touring in, expect to be fucked in each city in a five star hotel against the window. 

    If he gets to sit next to you in the van, he’ll slip his fingers under your skirt and rub your clit in circles and edge you, leaving you wanting more and in a daze. 

    Tbh he just wants to take you on date and fuck you in a motel but he can’t do that since he’s famous, so he  takes to private and expensive bars with private rooms so he can spoil and fuck you. 

    Grabs your ass, every chance he gets. You're standing in the corner and no one’s behind you? Spanks you. 

    You both almost got caught when he took you to the dorm and geto caught you making out with gojo. 

    He’s so pent up so if you decide to meet at your apartment just know your neighbors won’t be able to sleep the whole night. 

    Slow love making when it’s your birthday or it’s just your anniversary since you started dating him. Expect a fancy date, maybe even in another city. He loves to spoil his baby and fuck her good too. 

    Once by mistake you had called him daddy and he now demands you to call him that when you both are alone. 

    Phone sex is very much apparent because of his schedule you can’t meet up much. He misses you a lot when you go for weeks without seeing each other. 

    Contrary to your belief, gojo does amazing after care. Loves to hold you and even loves it more when you hold him, because it’s so adorable when you try to hold him and just pat his back. He was love and touch starved since he was young. 

    “You’re such a pretty little whore for me”. 

    “Cum for me, baby” 

    “Meet me after the show, we need to start where we left off before”

    Really loves you, but has difficulty expressing it through words, so he gives you a lot of gifts and a lot of hugs and kisses to show that he loves and appreciates you a lot. 

    Tags: @novaresque ue / @ambieux my lil gift to you <33, @seindou , @slttygeto (thank you for proof reading it <33)
    #gojou satoru x reader #gojo x y/n #gojo smut#gojo headcanons#jjk#jjk headcanons#jjk smut#gojo fluff#jjk fluff#gojo satoru#jujtsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen headcanons #jujutsu kaisen smut #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen gojo #jujutsu kaisen fluff #sf9#ateez#kpop
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