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  • onef1lm
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    navigation! ✧˖*°࿐

    ## 심장 가장 깊숙한 곳 가 ˚࿐ ,, welcome to nahee's blog!

    requests open!

    about me! // carrd
    sf9 masterlist ˚◞ ♡
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    only sf9 & tbz content!

    you can request anything as long as it's not mature (ie. nsfw, etc.)

    i might consider writing about certain topics but do check in with me first :)

    i write everything except for matchups, i may start writing a series once my national exams are over!

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  • fantasydreamecho
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    ♡this was inspired by my messages (more like our little scenario) with @yootaesowl ; thank you for letting me post it, beloved 💕

    a short headcanon with yoo taeyang about one of your love languages:

    you and yoo taeyang have the habit of taking (not so) random photos and sending them to each other; it was one of your fancies you've never thought would really happen- to be vulnerable with someone, to share whatever was going on in the constant combat between your heart and mind and just be understood and accepted; "i'm thinking of you.", "i hope you'll cheer up a little.", this is what these messages convey- one of the love languages you've developed in your relationship with him; you both felt a bit giddy- just the thought of being into each other's minds, and tattooed on each other's souls, whether you consciously realized this matter or not, was enough to make you go through the day. after all, there is someone who waits for you to come home at the end of the day. there's someone whom you can call your home, your hidden, sacred place and feel safe. after all, someone truly cares. after all, there's still some beauty and magic left in this often ruthless world.

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 scenario#sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff #sf9 x reader #sf9 headcanons #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang imagine
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  • onef1lm
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    hello! i'm nahee, 6teen, asian :D i've been on tumblr for a few years and i used to run a hq account!

    i write for sf9 and tbz only! my content varies from oneshots to blurbs, absolutely no mature content allowed!

    i have the right to choose what content i'm comfortable with writing, but i'll try my best to accommodate to your requests :) have fun requesting!

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  • blu-joons
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Crisis Talks ~ Kim Seokwoo

    You didn’t know where to look as your body tensed up upon finally hearing Seokwoo walk through the front door. His footsteps were heavy as he walked in, his sighs loud enough for you to know that he had had yet another long day, the type of the day that seemed to happen just about every day with him by how dramatic he was.

    As you expected too, there was no acknowledgement of you from Seokwoo as he walked through into the living room. You were used to it, it didn’t hurt you anymore, in fact if you were honest, just about all of your feelings for Seokwoo had been muted for quite some time.

    It had been as if your life had been on repeat every single day. It was the same routine, you come home, wait for Seokwoo, but when Seokwoo comes home, usually late too, he decides to ignore you and close off from everything instead.

    You were lost in your daydream until you heard a sigh come from the kitchen where Seokwoo had gone, quickly followed by a slam of the fridge door. His footsteps marched through the house to you, standing in the doorway with his arms folded in front of his chest.

    “Do you not even bother to check your phone anymore these days?” Seokwoo suddenly asked you.

    “It’s on charge, I’ve not gone near it for a while.”

    A roll of the eyes followed from Seokwoo, “I asked you to defrost a meal, I need to eat before I go to the studio for a late rehearsal Y/N.”

    “How’s that my fault?” You challenged, turning on the sofa to face him. “If you need to sort out meals for yourself, that’s on you, that’s not on me.”

    Your head shook in disbelief as Seokwoo stared across at you, surprised where his sudden accusation had come from. You knew that his frustration was so much more than a missed meal by the way his eyes stared across at you.

    “What makes you think I’d even do something like that for you anyway?” You then quizzed.

    Seokwoo’s frame jolted back by the sudden frustration that appeared in your voice too. For weeks he had barely taken the time to acknowledge you, but suddenly when he wanted something doing, the two of you were talking like the best of friends again. You couldn’t believe it, how arrogant Seokwoo came across to you.

    You expected something from Seokwoo, but he was silent. He didn’t quite know what to say, not preparing himself for you to fight back and stand up for yourself having barely heard a peep out of you for quite some time.

    “You treat me like I’m nothing for ages,” you began to yell across to Seokwoo, “and then because you want something we’re together again. I don’t care how stressed you are, you can’t blame not having a meal in the fridge on me, I’m impressed you expected me to do anything for you.”

    Seokwoo let go of a shaky breath as soon as you fell silent, “I thought that was what people did in relationships, they do things for each other. I didn’t realise that I was such a chore Y/N.”

    “Our whole relationship isn’t normal; it probably is more of a chore because you just have no time for me anymore.”

    You stood up from the sofa as Seokwoo didn’t reply, wondering where his fight was for the two of you. You had never failed to understand how important work was for Seokwoo, but even this was far too much for you to come to terms with.

    All you had to do was take a couple of steps towards the door, and Seokwoo stepped into the room. “Where are you going?” You asked as he followed behind you.

    “I’m not letting you go,” Seokwoo told you, moving around the room to block off the door for you, “if this feels like a chore for you, then we need to talk about it.”

    You weren’t sure if someone had flicked a switch in Seokwoo or something by how quickly his attitude shifted. His arm lifted to block off the route to the front door for you, refusing to let you just walk away from him.

    Your eyes stared down at the ground as Seokwoo studied you closely, letting go of a sigh. “I had no idea that you felt that way,” he began to tell you, watching as you took a few small steps back into the room again.

    “That’s because you’ve had no idea that I’ve existed for the past couple of weeks,” you told Seokwoo, looking up to see his head nodding in agreement with you.

    He had thought that it was normal, thought that you didn’t care about how fractured your relationship had become. But now that he heard you talk, Seokwoo knew that he had ended up just driving you away.

    “I’m sorry,” he whispered, walking back into the room too. “I have been stressed, and it’s no excuse, but I never meant to make you feel as if I don’t care or anything like that, I’ve been struggling to know where I am most of the time these days.”

    “Why didn’t you say?” You quizzed, “when have I ever not understood?”

    “I know that now, Y/N.”

    Your shoulders dropped as Seokwoo reached forward to try and take a hold of your hand. “All of this could have not happened if you had just told me what was going on rather than just choose to shut me out like this.”

    “I thought I was protecting you,” he admitted, “I thought it would be better for you if you didn’t get caught up in my mess at work.”

    “But we’re supposed to be a team,” you murmured.

    “I know,” Seokwoo acknowledged, knowing exactly where he had messed up with you. “I still didn’t want to worry you or panic you with anything that was going on, it’s not exactly been the easiest time between acting and the group.”

    It hurt you to hear just how bad things were for Seokwoo, but what hurt the most was hearing him tell you how much he didn’t want you involved, how much he didn’t want to bring the burden on his shoulders onto yours too.

    “Please don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me things,” you told Seokwoo, resting your hand over the top of his. “I bet that I can understand more than you think I can most of the time. If you don’t tell me, then this is just going to keep happening between us, and I don’t know if I can go through all of this again Seokwoo.”

    “Me too,” he whispered, offering you a small smile. “I realise now that bottling things up isn’t good for anything, and it’s certainly not good enough for us. I felt like I was slipping further away from you the worse the stress got. Closing off felt like the right thing to do, but now I realise how stupid of a thing that was to do.”

    “It wasn’t stupid, you thought it was right,” you assured him.

    Seokwoo’s head shook in reply to you, “it was the wrong thing though because it ended up driving a wedge between the two of us. That’s the last thing that I would ever want to do, I’m so annoyed at myself that I ended up pushing you away, especially to make you feel as if our relationship was a chore for you too.”

    “From now on, talk to me,” you told Seokwoo, “I promise that everything will be much easier for the both of us if we talk.”

    “I will,” he promised you, “I made a mistake closing off, that’s not something that I’m ever going to do again.”

    The smile on your face slowly turned up, “do you still need something to eat before you go?”

    “Let’s order, it’s my treat.”



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  • fantasydreamecho
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    sharing this sudden idea before I forget it:

    sometimes you wonder whether it's not your husband Hwiyoung the one who is carrying a child; you can't be angry at him when he looks at you with those warm puppy-like eyes, while he's munching on the last biscuit (which is your favourite), at 1 a.m; "I swear I would buy another package before you wake up.", he mumbles apologetically and looks at your growing bump with a sad smile. how can you be mad at him?

    anyway, you often have your late-night walks to the local convenience store, when you crave another peculiar combination of foods, or when you can't fall asleep; actually, this is something you did at times, when you were still dating; you both happily chew on your food in silence. soon you'll be awake in this small hour for a different reason. you can't wait for this moment to come. your hand instinctively settles comfortably on your belly, his eyes automatically observe you and your little bean in amazement. it's natural yet magical and miraculous. is this real?, he ponders.; "please, grow healthy and strong.", he softly whispers to your bump and kisses it, before he joins you in dreamland, after your food adventure; this is something like a ritual, him talking to your baby; for some time it was just a monologue but then a kick here and there started to give him some reassurance that his angel was fine and growing well.; Hwi and you couldn't wait for the adventure and blessing of parenthood, and having your convenience store dates but this time alongside your little one.

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Long Slow And Wet Kisses - Yoo Taeyang

    Based on this post.

    A/N: Thank you for giving me permission to write this @moxleyunstable​! I really did like the drabble you gave with it and I had to turn this into a full fic.

    Warnings: Fluff, hint of angst, friends to lovers.

    W/C: 1.1K

    You were an amateur photographer, or you claimed that you were one since you just loved taking pictures, and you always used Taeyang as your muse when you were out and about, and he managed to join you, you had known him for over ten years now and became close to the other members of SF9, over the course of the past few years you had noticed a shift in your feelings for your friend, from a more light heated feeling to a more intimate feeling, you always admired him, how hard he worked and at the same time, how much effort he puts into everything while also taking care of himself physically and mentally, you, on the other hand, struggled to sometimes do that, but he was always there to lift your spirits and remind you to take it one day at a time.

    “Can you just stand in front of the tree, put your hands into your pockets, and tilt your head upwards,” You say, today was another day he had managed to clear to spend time with you, he quickly moves in front of the tree, pushing his hands into his washed-out blue jeans, he looks upwards, and you bend down slightly, you snap the picture of him and smile as you open the photo app. “Ohh, it looks so good,” You hand him the phone, and he looks at it, his sharp jaw had been highlighted in the picture.

    “Ohh, it looks so good, you’re right,” He says, he hands his phone back to you. “Could you take one of me against the tree?” You nod your head, opening the camera app once more. “How do you want me?”

    “Against it, one leg bent and staring at the phone,” You instruct, without thinking much about how it will look, that was until you looked at him through the phone, seeing the intense look from him, some of his hair was covering his eyes, giving you an intense stare, his lips and eyes-catching your attention immediately before everything else slowly caught up. “I uh, yes,” You snap the picture before handing him his phone back, he looks at it.

    “Y/n, you’re the best!” He says, he couldn’t stop smiling as he looks between the two pictures you had taken, you nervously swallow, that last picture had you reeling on the edge, and your feelings had hit you strongly, you look at him, watching as his eyes sparkle and his smile still on his lips as he looks between the two pictures.

    “I… Tyang… can I confess something?” You ask, he turns his head to look at you, his smile fading when he saw the serious look on your face, he quickly exits the photo app and locks his phone, putting it back into his pocket, giving you his full attention.

    “Sure,” He says. “What is it?” He takes your hand, causing a warmth to go up your arm, he guides you towards a nearby park bench. “Is something wrong?” He sits down, pulling you to sit next to him.

    “I… Taeyang, I like you…” You mumble. “I really like you,” You feel him squeeze your hand.

    “I like you too, Y/n,” He says, you chew on the insides of your cheeks, you were afraid he wouldn’t realize what you meant, you let out a sigh and shake your head.

    “I’m glad you still do, I was getting worried that after ten years of friendship you were getting tired of me,” You say, deciding to keep your confession to yourself, you take in a deep breath. “Happy ten years of friendship, Tyangie,” He smiles and leans closer to you, pulling you into a tight hug, missing the emotion that was building up in his eyes.

    He knew you liked him, he was well aware of it and decided not to say anything of it, it was too much of a risk to ruin a ten-year friendship with you, he didn’t want to lose you if it didn’t work out, you meant too much to him to let the intimate feelings you were feeling for him ruin it, even if he felt the same way, he didn’t want to ruin it… that was, of course, before he saw you talking Chanhee, and being a little too close to him for his comfort, it was only a week after you almost confessed when he had invited you the company party, and suddenly the sight of you laughing and touching Chanhee became too much for him, his jaw was clenched as he watched you dance with Chanhee, leaning closer to him to whisper something to him, which had made the maknae smile and laugh, it was a sight he hated, and before he knew it, his feet were carrying onto the dance floor, straight to you, he takes your elbow, spinning you around to look at him.

    “Tya—” You begin, only to be cut off when he placed a hand on the side of your neck and jaw and pulled you in for a kiss, his eyes shut, hoping that yours were also shut, hoping that you could understand what this kiss meant, hoping you will accept these feelings for him, return them, begging to the universe that you would take this as his confession, the seconds passed by, and you only leaned in more into the kiss, your hands moving to the side of his face to cup his cheeks, the innocent kiss, slowly turning into more, what couldn’t be said was suddenly being screamed, slowly, he breaks the kiss, both of you breathing hard, eyes staying close, you feel his hair touch your forehead as he leans his head against yours.

    “Please… tell me…” He whispers. “You accept this as my confession…” He didn’t dare open his eyes, and neither did you. “Because I really like you more than a friend, Y/n… and as much as I don’t want to throw away the ten-year friendship… I can’t keep this for myself anymore,” His warmth felt so soft, his hold on you felt so comforting, his scent… smelled and felt like home.

    “I feel the same,” You whisper, his other hand that had fallen to your waist softly squeezes you, a smile settling on his lips, and he decides to open his eyes, finding that you still had your eyes closed, he softly chuckles.

    “Y/n…” He whispers. “Open your eyes, or should I navigate you out of here?” Your eyes snap open to looking at him, the noise that had managed to disappear when he kissed you suddenly reappear. “Come on… let’s go somewhere, where we can be alone.”

    #yoo taeyang imagine #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang one shot #yoo taeyang oneshot #yoo taeyang oneshots #yoo taeyang one shots #sf9 imagine#sf9 imagines#sf9 scenario#sf9 scenarios #sf9 one shot #sf9 one shots #sf9 oneshot#sf9 oneshots
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  • athenathesharkwrites
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    This Is Hard - Dawon

    A57— “This is hard for me too..”

    Warnings: Fluff, suggestive.

    W/C: 881

    “This is hard for me too…” He mutters as he held the jar in his hand. “But I can get it, don’t worry, count on me,” You watch as his muscles bulge as he uses his strength to try and open it, you had tried before him and couldn’t budge it open, and had called him to try it.

    “Let me run it under hot water,” You say, holding your hand out for him to give you the jar, he shakes his head, turning the other way and continues to try and wedge it open. “Sanghyuk…”

    “I’ll get it in a moment, give me a minute,” He says, you watch him leave the kitchen and shake your head, you turn towards the stove which contained the food you were busy with, you turn the burner down to allow the food to simmer as you await for Dawon to return with the jar, you begin chopping the vegetables, it was silent for a while before you heard, what sounded like a war cry and moments later he was back in the kitchen. “See, I told you to just give me a moment,” He places the now open jaw on the table, you look between him and the jaw.

    “Did you run it under hot water in the bathroom?” You ask, picking up the wet jar.

    “Pfft, no, no, that is all me,” He says, you nod your head and take out the needed amount of the contents.

    “So, this is your sweat?” You ask, you watch his face fall slightly, and a pout forms on his lips, you smile and put the jaw down, you lean over the counter and softly peck his pouting lips, his eyes light up, and he looks at you. “My strong man, thank you for opening this,” He smiles at you.

    “It was no problem… but I did use the tap in the bathroom,” He says, you let out a fake gasp.

    “No, and I thought this was your sweat,” You say, he lets out a huff and moves around the counter.

    “Oh, stop, you already caught me,” He mutters. “But I could use your help when you finish this,” He wraps his arms around you from behind, he rests his chin on your shoulder as you stir the food. “I’m stuck on this level… and I know you’re a hardcore gamer, my love…” You smile and turn your head slightly.

    “Are you asking me to help you through the level?” You ask, he gives you his best puppy dog eyes and a pout.

    “Please…” His voice sounded so soft as he spoke, you tilt your head towards him and softly peck his lips again, he smiles and moves closer, making you kiss him again and again, you begin giggling and turn your head away from him, his lips continue to attack your cheek. “Will you help me?”

    “Hmm, I’ll help, I’ll teach you how also,” You say, you feel him gently squeeze you more against him and another kiss lands on your cheek, this time longer.

    “Thank you, my love,” He says, he unwraps his arms from around you and makes his way out the kitchen, you shake your head and finish the food, once it was finished you make your way to the living room where you found him laying on the couch, waiting for you.

    “Ready to learn?” You ask, he quickly sits upright, his eyes lighting up once again, he pats the spot next to him, and you make your way to him, he wraps his arm around you once you sit down and had the controller in your hand. “Let’s see…” He leans his head against your shoulder, watching as you begin the mission, only to struggle at the part he had been struggling with also.

    “I’m not learning anything, Y/n…” He says in a teasing tone.

    “It takes time, I need to get into the right mojo…” You say, you could feel your skin heating up. “This isn’t as easy as it always looks, getting the right mindset…”

    “Just admit it, my sweet love… it’s hard for you also,” He says. “I won’t hold it against you,” He was smiling as he watched you struggle through the level, but he quickly stops his teasing when you were closer to the end of the level, he hadn’t reached it yet, and he was starting to think you were going to make it… until you let out a frustrated huff when you couldn’t.

    “Dammit!” You say, gripping the controller. “Okay… fine… this is hard for me too, but we will make it through, Hyuk!” He smiles as he watches you, he loved seeing you become this serious while playing a video game, it somehow made him love you more and somehow turned him on from seeing you get angry and frustrated.

    “If you get it, baby… we can have a big celebration,” He says, you swallow, knowing what his celebration was.

    “Now you just made me lose my focus…” You whisper, he smiles and turns his head, his lips touching your arm, and he kisses upwards. “Hyuk…”

    “Did I?” He whispers. “Oops,” This time his lips were right by your ear. “Then get it back, baby, or I’ll make it harder for you.”

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  • i-might-be-in-love-with-hao
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Just Fine Until It's Not

    Kim Inseong Concept Photos + Character Outline

    Kim Inseong

    Mafia Leader ( Kim Family)

    Born on July 12, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: A

    -Inseong is an only child and receives a lot of pressure from his parents

    -100% in love with Yuri

    -100% is ignored by Yuri

    -gets hurt quite often because of the temper he has

    -which usually lands him in his personal nurse's office (Song Hyunwon)

    -hates Kang Yeosang with a passion

    -amazing artist

    -high intelligence

    Just Fine Until It's Not

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  • lost-inthedream
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    SF9 when their special other's love language is cooking

    genre: fluff

    pairing: SF9 x gn reader


    Bonus song rec: Moon Jong Up - Us


    Youngbin gets used to your love language so quickly! After you showed up two times with homemade snacks he is not surprised anymore. It is not a bad thing at all, he still smiles with the same enchantment and tender eyes. "What did you bring this time?" he playfully asks taking your tote bag from your shoulder in case it is heavy. He loves to hear you talking about recipes and appreciates that you share your favorite ones with him.

    ➹ Inseong:

    Oh my, I think Inseong would be so proud of his talented girlfriend/boyfriend, always bragging about your skills to his friends and family. Don't be surprised if one of his members tells you how good that pie tasted. Inseong was so excited about you making him a whole and delicious pie that he shared it with his members while he could not stop talking about you. " of course she/he can do a lot of things other than cooking". Also, he is gonna propose to you quite fast lol


    Jaeyoon will pamper you 1000 times more every time you offer an appetizing dish. You can literally make him food a million times and he would still be amazed by your gesture. Ok, let's go to the spoiling part. He feeds you like a baby even if you say the dish is all for him. "Nooo. Open your mouth, love" He also makes the cutest faces as he tastes each portion, telling you it is even better than the last time you cooked.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Dawon is the opposite of Inseong in the sense that he will never share the food you made him with his friends or anyone. The fact that you express your love by cooking is so precious to him. He texts you a few times during the week to say he still thinks about the cupcakes he ate on the holiday. He normally texts you quite a lot so he needs multiple subjects.

    ➹ Zuho:

    Juho is so obvious, once you all finish the meal that you prepared with so much love, he goes for cuddles. There are no excuses, none of you are washing the dishes or anything. CUDDLES. It is a simple relationship, you make sure that he eats well and he composes special songs for you. The number of times you entered his studio with something healthy to your boyfriend is uncountable. "You always know when I need a break"

    ➹ Rowoon:

    I feel like at some point Rowoon will convert your talent and passion for cooking into quality time. I mean, you all start to have cooking dates because he asks you to teach him. "No, I'm not asking you to stop cooking for me, I wanna spend more time with you, love." He loves watching you and kissing the top of your head when you are distracted.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Unlike Youngbin, Taeyang will be surprised every time you gift him with food. He likes to let you know about his schedule so you are aware of his most busy days. These ones are when you prepare his favorite dishes so he will be able to relax at the end of the day. "Oh, babe, you're perfect". He takes your hand from time to time while he eats.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    I feel like Hwi is a pretty chill boyfriend, hence you all prefer peaceful dates, such as stargazing or having picnics. You always offer to cook something for the occasion and he helps you with ideas and chopping ingredients. At these moments you both look more like a married couple than anything.

    ➹ Chani:

    His mood is always lifted by your food. It does not matter if he is really upset or if he is already in a good mood. "Look at you being an angel again" He likes to tease you for spoiling him too much. It is clear that he is so thankful. Chani treats any of your skills with naturality instead of calling all the attention to them. Yet he admires you a lot and he tells you it by praises when you are alone.

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  • blu-joons
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    First Kiss ~ Yoo Taeyang

    You smiled anxiously across at Taeyang as he walked back into the living room to find you sat still on the sofa, taking a nervy sip from your glass of wine before placing it down on the table in front of you, just in time as Taeyang sat himself back down beside you.

    There was a little bit of awkwardness between you both after the end of your film, Taeyang didn’t want you to go home just yet, offering to keep you there for as long as possible, enjoying your company like he always did.

    “Do you want to watch something else?” He asked, glancing across at you. There had been mumblings of feelings between the two of you for weeks, creating a growing divide in your friendship as neither of you wanted to talk about it.

    “I think it would be a good idea, we can’t exactly sit here in silence,” you slightly laughed.

    Taeyang nodded in agreement, “what is going on between us Y/N? This is ridiculous.”

    He had hoped inviting you over would help to make life a little bit easier for you both, but instead it just felt like it made things worse. Seeing each other stirred up plenty of feelings for you both, some wanting to scream about how you felt, the others trying to get you to keep pretending.

    “I’m guessing that the boys keep speaking to you too,” he whispered as you remained silent, turning everything off to focus on you.

    “I’ve heard a few things about you, and a few things about me.”

    You tried your best to push what the boys were saying to you to the back of your mind, convincing yourself that they were causing up trouble. After so many years together, you couldn’t imagine Taeyang wanting to risk your friendship for something that might not come true, the last thing he’d ever want to do was completely lose you.

    “I bet I can read your mind,” Taeyang responded, resting his head in his hand, “you like me, don’t you? That’s why you’re struggling to speak to me right now.”

    “And if I did, would you like me back, or would it be one-sided?”

    A sigh came from Taeyang as he looked away from your eyes, giving himself a moment to ponder. He couldn’t lie, of course, he liked you after so many years of friendship, but whether a relationship would be a step too far, Taeyang didn’t know.

    He’d had the boys in his ear for weeks like you had, trying their best to assure him that it would be a good idea. Taeyang knew you well enough to know what you wanted by the look in your eyes, but whether he was as transparent, was enough matter altogether. You could read nothing from Taeyang, which only frightened you even more.

    “It wouldn’t be one-sided,” he finally replied back to you, knowing that as he listened to his heart there was only one direction that he wanted to go in. “I’d be stupid to ever not want to be with you, wouldn’t I? This isn’t a friendship, at least not for me, and I hope not for you either.”

    It was exactly what you needed to hear to finally be able to let your heart settle, relieved more than anything else that you hadn’t thrown yourself in at the deep end only for Taeyang to stay shallow.

    The smile on your face that was growing was the perfect reassurance for Taeyang too. “Where do we go from here?” You chuckled back across to him nervously.

    “That depends, where would you like for us to go from here?”

    “We shouldn’t be making this so awkward, we’re not strangers.”

    “Let’s just do what feels right,” Taeyang suggested, “we should clear the air and be as we normally are, and for me, there only feels like one possible way for us to be able do that.”

    You looked to Taeyang with intrigue as he shuffled a little bit closer towards him. You had no idea what he was thinking, for all of the times you had been able to pick up on how he was feeling, this time around you were simply stuck.

    “If we’re really going to make a go of things, I think that we should just kiss,” he suddenly announced, terrified to look across to you and see how you would react to his suggestion.

    There was no reaction from you at all though as you tried to process what it was that you had heard Taeyang say. A part of you felt as if you were stuck in some sort of dream, wondering how your night had managed to flip so quickly.

    After a bit of thought, your head nodded, “I think that would be a good idea.”

    A chuckle of surprise came from Taeyang, “I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time,” he admitted, shyly looking across at you, coyer than you had ever seen him before.

    Taeyang didn’t want to end up changing your mind, or see you do the same, quickly leaning forwards and closing the distance between you both for the very first time.

    “It’s funny, as a best friend, you’ve always had a face that I’d like to punch for being annoying, and now here I am wanting to kiss you,” you joked.

    “I’m trying to create a romantic mood, stop ruining it.”

    “Sorry,” you laughed, “I’m just not used to any of this.”

    Before you could speak again, Taeyang made his move and pressed a kiss to your lips, cupping the side of your face with his hand. It was a kiss that could only be described as perfection for you both until Taeyang pulled back away.

    “I’m glad I did that,” he whispered as soon as his lips left yours, keeping the close distance between the two of you.

    Your head nodded in agreement with him, taking a moment to compose yourself as you felt your heart flutter, seeing a new side of Taeyang in his eyes that you had never seen before.

    “I’m glad you did that too,” you replied to Taeyang after taking a couple of moments to yourself, “if anything I’m annoyed that we didn’t do it sooner, even though that would have meant actually listening to the boys.”

    “I’m dreading seeing their faces when we tell them,” Taeyang chuckled back to you, leaning a little further back to be able to see the smile on your face, “they’ll be the first ones to tell us how much time we’ve wasted.”

    “Or we’ve just got plenty of time to make up for.”

    “I like your thinking,” Taeyang cheered, reminding himself yet again why he shared such an incredibly close bond with you, “I can think of several things for the two of us to do to make up for all of that time too.”

    The corners of your mouth turned up even further, feeling your heart race around Taeyang as if it was your very first time seeing him.

    “Do you think you’d be happier staying the night now?”

    “I think so,” you smiled in reply, taking a look around the room, “you’re not still going to make me sleep on the sofa, are you? I think we’re a little bit past the stage of having sleepovers between us, don’t you?”

    “You’re definitely not on the sofa tonight.”



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  • athenathesharkwrites
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Seduce Me? - Hwiyoung

    A47— “Are you trying to seduce me?”

    Warnings: Smut, nudism, descriptive scenes, explicit language, pet/nicknames, nipple play, panty fingering, dirty talk, mirror kink, thigh slapping (one), cum tasting, blowjob, face fucking, unproductive sex (reader is on the pill), messy release.

    W/C: 4K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    You look at yourself in the mirror, you were preparing a surprise for Hwiyoung’s birthday, well a special surprise later tonight, and you were just checking if it was fitting, you look at yourself in the lingerie set before moving to pick up one of his jackets and pulling it over your shoulders, you tug on it and turn to the side, smiling while nodding your head, you lower your head and begin zipping it up, not hearing the footsteps approaching the bedroom as you focused on closing the jacket, you gasp as you feel arms wrap around you and a head being placed on your shoulder, you look up and found Hwiyoung looking at you through the mirror, he slides his hands past the jacket and slides his hands over your skin, feeling how exposed you were underneath his jacket.

    “Hmm, love, what are you doing?” He asks. “Are you trying to seduce me?” His eyes bore into yours through the mirror, and you could see lust starting to form in them, causing them to darken, his hand slides lower, and he could feel the fabric of your panties, his other hand slides higher, and you watch as he cups your breast.

    “I… well,” You begin to say, he moves his head to your neck and softly kisses along it. “It was supposed to be your birthday present later tonight…”

    “Oh, so you were planning on seducing me later tonight then…” He says, You smile at him and feel his fingers pull at the elastic of your panties. “Well, since I’m here now, and we don’t need to be anywhere… any time soon…” He trails off, his hand slips out from the jacket you had on and moves to the zipper you had only managed to pull up halfway, he slides it open and moves his hands to the collar of it, he pulls it off your shoulders, revealing the lingerie set to him, his licks his lips as his eyes move over your body through the mirror, you could feel yourself becoming wet underneath his gaze, he drops the jacket to the floor and places his hands on your shoulders before slowly sliding them down along your arms. “So beautiful… and all for me, for my birthday.”

    “Do you like it?” You ask. “I tried to find it in your favourite colour, but they were out of stock,” He licks his lips before moving to nuzzle his face against your neck.

    “I love it, sweetheart… it’s the perfect colour on you,” He says. “I want you to wear it a little longer, I know you hate these… so I hope you won’t mind me ruining this set and doing you a favour also,” One of his hands rests on your waist while his other hand slides over your tummy before reaching your breasts, his fingers ghostly slide over your nipple, and you could feel it becoming hard from the feathery touch. “I know it must have been expensive, but I know you… you won’t mind me ruining it.”

    “I won’t mind,” You quickly say, you felt your skin becoming warm and your insides knotting together at his touch and attention, he lifts his head to look at you through the mirror. “You can tear them, ruin them… I got it for you to do with as you please,” You watch his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallows.

    “I wasn’t hoping for permission, but thank you for giving it to me,” He says. “It looks so beautiful on you, hugging every part of you beautifully…” His nail lightly scratches at your nipple through the thin fabric, and you could feel the sensations running through you and going straight to your core, you squeeze your legs together and feel your wetness moving around and moving past your folds. “I wonder what kind of surprise is waiting for me at your pretty pussy,” You tilt your head back and lay it against his shoulder. “Guess I’ll need to find out,” He takes your nipple between his fingers, rolling and tugging on it through the bra. “But I have this sneaky suspicion that it’s going to be heaven,” His nose brushes against your ear before his lips were against your neck, leaving a trail of kisses behind, his fingers continue to play with your nipple, his hand on your waist slowly slides over your tummy before his fingers slide over your panties, cupping your mound, you try and watch his movements through the mirror, you swallow as you feel hi fingers creeping closer to your folds, your jaw slacks, and you turn your head to the side against his shoulder, your nose touching his neck as you do, his lips move from your neck to your shoulder.

    “Kyun…” You whisper against his neck, his fingers slide over your folds, feeling the wet patch forming on the fabric, your breathing becomes harder as you feel his fingers slowly tracing along your folds, spreading your arousal that had formed on your panties, you close your eyes and swallow, his touch felt so gentle as he rubbed your folds through your panties, you could feel tingles running through your body, he lifts his gaze and watches you through the mirror, watching what his hands are doing to you, he pinches your nipple and watches as your back slightly arched.

    “So pretty, and all mine to devour,” He says, he could feel your breathing against his neck becoming faster and shallower, you reach up and reach behind you, sliding your fingers through his hair and grip onto it, he presses his fingers against your folds and pushes the fabric between your folds, his fingers press below your clit and slowly slides to your entrance, pushing your panties between your folds, your toes curl against the tiled floor at the light friction being caused against your clit, you hear your wetness squelching as his fingers reach your entrance. “Hmm, so nice and wet for me already, did the thought of surprising me in lingerie turn you on this much?” You could feel him dragging his fingers along the inside of your folds, moving past your clit, almost purposely avoiding it.

    “Hmm,” You hum in response.

    “I bet so,” He says, he slides his fingers back and forth, feeling your wetness coating his fingers as he does. “I'd be hard as a rock if I was planning such a surprise for my princess for her birthday,” You whimper and turn your head away from his neck, you open your eyes and caught sight of his hand between your legs, and his other hand squeezing your breast as his fingers were toying with your nipple.

    “Oh, uhhh, oh,” You gasp out, feeling his fingers finally touch your clit and rub slow circles against it. “Kyun…” A heat was slowly travelling up your legs, you arch your back and feel his hand pressing more into your breast, his fingers tug at your nipple, and you swore you heard the fabric being torn. “Kyun,” His hand slides across to your other breast, and you swallow as you saw the hole that had been torn into the thin fabric.

    “Oops,” He mutters, he takes your other nipple between his fingers and begins rolling the bud, his fingers slide to your entrance, and he dips a finger into you, pushing your panties in along with his finger, the thin fabric rubs against your pussy as it's being pushed into you, you try and squeeze your legs shut from the pleasure running through you.

    “Kyun, ohh, oh, Kyun,” You moan, he slides his finger in you before stopping when he got halfway, he pulls it out and your clit twitches at the feeling of the fabric sliding out and harshly rubbing the sensitive nub. “Uhhhmmm.”

    “That’s it, let me hear those pretty moans from you,” He says, his finger slides back in, and you could feel your insides knotting together, he repeats the movement over and over, his lips move to the strap of your bra, his teeth graze against your skin before he took the strap into his mouth and pulls it back before releasing it, letting it snap back against you, causing your walls to clench and you to gasp. “Oh, did you find that hot?”

    “Kyun… fuck,” You whisper, your skin felt on fire, and you could feel it becoming clammy with sweat. “The sound…”

    “The sound… the snapping sound of it, sweetheart, are you hinting to get spanked?” He asks, you shiver and close your eyes, a soft whimper leaving your lips. “Maybe not full-on spanking, but some soft ones for it to still leave a mark behind,” Your back arches, and you could feel the tightening feeling growing bigger inside you. “Or maybe I should ask where you want it, where do you want me to spank you, sweetheart?” His tone was soft as he spoke, but you know his eyes were dark as he stared at you through the mirror. “Your pretty butt, or maybe your beautiful thighs, or perhaps this gorgeous pussy of yours,” Your whimpers weren’t helping him determine which one you wanted most, he slips another digit inside you and curls them inside you, rubbing the panties against your walls. “Answer me, sweetheart.”

    “Th— thighs,” You whimper.

    “Hmm, those pretty thighs, they would look good with my handprint, especially close to your soaking pussy,” He says, his words were so filthy, and it was only edging you closer to your high, he uncurls his fingers and slides them out, adding another digit, stretching you more and causing the fabric to tighten and rub more against your clit.

    “Ky— Kyun,” You moan, you were close, you could feel it, you just needed one more thing to push you over the edge, his hand on your breast slides over your tummy and moves over your thigh, his fingers knead into the skin. “Kyun… Kyun, oh.”

    “Spread your legs a little more for me, sweetheart,” He says, you bite your lip and move your feet apart, knowing what he was planning, you feel his hand sliding to the inside your thigh, his fingers pressing into your skin before his hand disappears from your thigh all together your eyes roll to the back of your head behind your lids as you feel his hand suddenly collide with your thigh, so close to your pussy, your walls squeeze around his fingers and our mind is thrown into the clouds, pleasure running through you as the tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you release around his fingers and your panties.

    “Ky— Kyun, oh, oh, fu— fuck,” You moan, you pull at his hair, your other hand reaches for his arm, and you grip onto it, your nails dig into his skin. “Ohh my… Kyuuuuunnn!”

    “That’s it, that sounds so pretty,” He coos in your ear, his nose brush against your ear, his breath hot against your ear, his fingers slowly moving in and out of you, easing you through your high, his fingers knead into your thigh where he had slapped it, you could feel the staining sensation slowly becoming numb, you knew there would be a red mark for a few hours, you slowly open your eyes and stare up at the ceiling, he slides his fingers from you and lift his hand, you lift your head and watch as he lifts his hand in front of you, you swallow and watch as he moves it closer to your face only for him to move it past your face, you whimper and clench as you hear him sucking his fingers into his mouth, you watch him through the mirror as he sucks on his fingers, your lips part as you watch his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows, he holds his gaze with you through the mirror and slowly pulls his fingers from his mouth, releasing them with a pop that made you whimper and clench. “Did you want to suck on my fingers, sweetheart?”

    “I… I, oh, I’m… I,” You stutter out, you weren’t sure what to say, you did, you thought he would make you, you were prepared to clean his fingers, prepared to feel him press his fingers down against your tongue and make you drool, his hand slides away from your thigh, and he turns you around to face him.

    “Don’t worry, I have something else for you to suck,” He says, he watches as you swallow and how your eyes roll to the back of your head before closing, a shiver runs up your spine, and you can feel your own release soaking your thighs as it leaks through your panties. “I want you naked on the bed for that,” He slides a hand to your back, and he unclasps your bra, the bra springs lose, and the straps hang loosely from your shoulders, he moves his hands to your shoulders, hooking your straps and pulling them down. “Should I toss this in the trash?” He holds it up, reminding you that he had ripped a hole into it.

    “I… yes…” You say, he nods his head and tosses it towards the trashcan, he chuckles and shakes his head as his tongue pokes from his lips, his hair moves over his eyes as he shakes his head, and you notice the bead of sweat that had collected on his skin and had made some of his hair stick to his forehead, his hands move to the elastic of your panties and hooks his fingers into them. “Wh— what’s so funny?” You had to ask, because why was he laughing and shaking his head.

    “It’s just… you did all this trouble, went through all the trouble of buying this set, and I know how much you hate lingerie, just to surprise me, and I just ruin them in minutes,” He says, he pushes your panties down, you gasp as you feel the fabric being pulled away from your clit before it fell to the floor around your feet. “Next time, just come as yourself, I love you as you are, you don’t need to buy and wear something that makes you uncomfortable,” He lifts his head to look at you. “But I did love this surprise, I won’t mind it if you do decide to do it again, but I prefer having you comfortable,” You slowly nod your head, feeling your heart swelling at his words. “I almost don’t mind that I tore a hole into the bra,” He takes your hand and leads you to the bed, making you sit down on the edge of it, you squeeze your legs together as you feel your arousal squelching and leaking from you. “Thank you for the surprise, and I love you, so much,” He removes his shirt, revealing his toned body and honey-toned skin to you.

    “And I can’t wait to feel your pretty mouth suck my cock,” You were given whiplash with how quickly his words went from sweet to filthy, his hands move to the button on his jeans and undoes it, he undoes the zipper and pulls his jeans down, letting it pool around his ankles, his hands move to the elastic of his underwear, your hand's grip onto the bed as you slightly lean forward, you could see the outline of his cock, and you could almost feel drool collecting in your mouth, he pushes his underwear down and steps out from them and his jeans, he uses his foot to kick them aside and steps closer to you, he wraps his hand around himself and moves to stand between your legs, he presses the head of his cock against your lips and smears his pre-cum over your lips. “Open those pretty lips.”

    “Youngkyun…” You whimper before parting your lips, he slides the tip of it into your mouth, and you close your lips around him, his hand stays on the base of his cock while his other hand moves to the back of your head, his fingers moving through your hair and grips onto it, your tongue slides along the prominent vein on his cock, his jaw clenches as he feels your warm wet mouth welcoming him, you hum around him causing his grip to tighten in your hair.

    “Ohh, oh that feels good,” He says, he slowly guides your head back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of you, the head of him reaching the back of your throat before he slides out of you. “Fuck, your mouth is absolutely heaven also,” You clench at his words. “Just like your pussy,” You whimper around him, his breathing picks up and his Adam’s apple bobs up and down, you could feel drool spilling from your mouth and running down your chin and neck, you hallow your cheeks, and he lets out a low groan at the sensation, you look up at him, w watching his face and neck, his chest was rising up and down as his breathing was becoming faster. “Fuck, you suck me so good, I might just cum in your mouth at this rate,” You move your hands to his thighs, he drops his head to look down at you and found you staring up at him and your saliva dripping down your chin, you could taste the saltiness from his pre-cum on your tongue. “Ohh, fuck… fuck, I need to be inside you, fuck,” He tugs at your hair, pulling you away from his cock, you suck on the head of his cock just before it slips out from your mouth. “Fuck!” You could see his muscles twitching.

    “Such a naughty little thing,” He mutters, he releases your hair. “Move up, get comfortable,” You quickly do as he says, moving to the middle of the bed, you grab a pillow and move it lower for him. “Such a good girl,” He climbs onto the bed and moves between your legs, he picks up the pillow, and you lift your hips for him, he positions the pillow below your hips, rising them for him. “So eager for me to reach deep inside you.”

    “Fuck… Kyun,” You whine, he smirks, knowing how much his word were getting to you.

    “Let’s see… where should I cum today?” He asks, you shiver and feel him move his cock through your folds, coating himself with your wetness and smearing your saliva between your folds. “Thighs… stomach…” The head of his cock slips into your entrance, your jaw slacks at the light stretch you felt, he unwraps his hand from his cock and moves it to the crease of your hip, he slowly fills you, making you feel every inch of him, and you swore you could feel the prominent vein on his cock against your walls as he fills you and stretches you. “Oh, fuck… that feels so good, sweetheart, you feel so good,” You bend your legs and press your heels into the mattress.

    “Ohh, oh, uhhmm, hmm,” You moan, your body almost turning sideways at the pleasurable feeling, the sound of your wetness squelching sounds around the room, and you clench around him.

    “Hmm, already milking my cock for an orgasm, so needy,” He says, his hands press down on the crease of your hips, keeping you against the mattress, he pauses once he filled you to the hilt, he slides a hand over your abdomen and presses down, making you moan as you feel the pressure inside you.

    “YOUNGKYUN!” You moan, he moves his hand away from sliding out of you halfway and thrusting back into you, making your breasts bounce as he does.

    “Fuck, I love when you scream my name like that,” He groans out, the sound of skin hitting against skin echoes around the room, making it sound so sinful, your moans and his groans bounce off the walls along with the sound of your heavy breathing, you could feel your thighs becoming wet as your wetness splattered against them with the pace he was moving.

    “Kyun, oh, oh, Kyunnn, I’m, fuck… fuck,” You moan, you close your eyes and press your head into the mattress, your back arches as you feel another high building up. “Good… fuck, it feels… so good, fuck,” He groans and slides one of his hands to your pussy lips, and slide his fingers along them, teasing your pussy as he thrusts into you, you could feel your skin flaring up, your toes curl at the feeling running through your veins.

    “Fuck, you feel good, fuck, taking me so well,” He groans out, your walls pulse around him, milking him for an orgasm. “Cum for me, sweetheart, make a mess on my cock and on our bed,” His thumb slides over your clit, making you jolt and arch your back from the bed, causing your chest to push out, he licks his lips as he watches your body reading to him, to what he was making you feel, you could feel a pressure building up inside you, he rubs figure-eights on your clit, your muscles twitch, and you feel your legs shake, you press your heels more into the mattress.

    “Kyyyyyuuuunnn!” You moan outs the tightening feeling inside you snaps, and a hot pleasure runs through you, stars explode behind your lids and your mind is thrown into the clouds, he moans as he feels your walls clamp down around him, and hard, his pace picks up at the same time his thrusts become uneven, his grip on the crease of your hip tightens, he slides his thumb away from your clit, smearing a trail of your arousal over your mound and over your thigh before he grips onto your hip.

    “Fuck, fuck, so good, oh, fuckk,” He says, the filling feeling suddenly disappears from you, you open your eyes, feeling dazed from the high you had experienced, you could hear the sound of wetness still moving and lifting your head to look at him, and saw he had his hand around himself, palming himself. “Sit for me,” He sounded breathless as he ordered you. “I wanna cum on your tits,” You clench and feel your arousal leaking from you and spilling onto the bed, you sit upright and extend your legs, feeling more of it leak from you, he sits higher on his knees and moves his hand faster along his length, you swallow as you watch his stomach muscles pulling, your eyes fall to the head of his cock, watching his pre-cum dripping from him. “Talk to me, sweetheart, fuck.”

    “I… uh, fuck, you… fuck make a mess on me, Kyun, coat my tits with your cum, fuck,” You say, you weren’t sure if you were doing it right, but hearing him let out a low groan, you knew you said the right words. “Spill your load on me, mark me with your cum,”

    “Fuck, you’ve, fuck, got such a filthy mouth, fuck,” He groans, you watch as his cock twitches and reach out, you cup his balls and squeeze it, he lets out a moan before hot ropes of cum spill from you and hit your chest, you moan and clench as you feel the warmth from his load hit your skin and sliding over your breasts.

    “Fuck… fuck, it feels so good, Kyun, fuck,” You praise, you throw your head back, feeling some of it drip onto your belly, the last few drops spill onto your thighs and mound, the warmth from it quickly cools down against your skin, he lifts his head, swallowing and breathing loudly, his eyes unfocused as he stares at you.

    “That… that was the best present anyone could ask for,” He says, he sounded so tired, but looked so blissed out, he moves over your leg and lays down on the bed, you lay back on the mattress, looking at him, you feel his cum sliding over the side off our breasts, he reaches over and pushes some of your hair that was stuck against your forehead away, you lean into the touch.

    “It was supposed to be for tonight,” You say, you reach out and run your fingers through his hair, pushing some of the strands that were sticking to his face out of the way, his hand slides down to your thigh, and he places it over the handprint he left behind on your skin.

    “We can do it again tonight if you’re up for it,” He says with a cheeky smile on his lips.

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  • zuxnon
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Insert Bias Vampire AU

    Note- this is old, i gave it a quick read over and a light edit and i liked it enough that i wanted to post it HAHAHAH so heres a two year old cringe write <3

    Warnings: Dark, Vampire AU, Kidnapping/humans being bought/sold, Blood mention, Oral (F recieving), Implied sex. Reader is basically a blood slave. 

    you never meant to fall for him. the man- the creature- you were forced to call master, forced to surrender your veins for him to sink his teeth into. you never thought you would, either, but you lay on your back one night, encompassed by his overwhelming scent and you looked into his eyes and your heart dared to flutter.

    it wasn't as if he hadn't taken you of his own will, as if your reasoning for hating his guts was any less than valid, but for some reason as time wore on in slow ticks of the clock occupying your practically barren room, you felt him creeping into your thoughts more and more. and you came to a rather repulsing realization rather quickly that some part of you just didn't seem to hate it anymore. he was interesting, something quizzical to occupy your thoughts when you were left alone to rot in wait of the next time he decided to puncture you with his fangs. plus, god was he beautiful.

    and some time after that realization, maybe when you first felt his touch tonight, ushering you into his room for him to drink, you came upon the one that you were in love with him.

    you stared into his eyes as he crawled atop of you, animalistic, blood-red eyes trained hungrily in on your near-nude figure, but you couldn't seem to look away. they were mesmerizing. you didn't flinch when he raised his hand, let his fingertips linger on the side of your cheek and twirl in the ends of your hair as it trailed downward. when he leaned down, helped pry the flimsy, worn down bra you were given when you were bought by his estate from your chest and ducked his head uncomfortably close until his lips were brushing the sensitive tissue of your breasts, fluttering in butterfly kisses over your skin. if anything, you moved closer, arching your chest into his touch and sliding one of your hands into his perfectly styled hair to encourage him further.

    you felt a bit sick to your stomach upon realizing that you wanted him to bite you, wanted him to mark you as his own with the scars of his hunger- but somehow, it was in a good way, your stomach churning nervously, hopefully. he seemed to sense it, to understand what you wanted but he waited. he did, though, flash a terribly smug smirk up at you and let his fingers trail down your body, slipping under your thin dress to push it down, off your ankles for good this time, and climb between your legs. you were desperate, scent pungent and tempting and he knew he was rock-hard in his already tight black jeans after just one waft of your arousal. he hid his erection against the mattress, letting out a shuddered breath against your skin and watching in amusement as chillbumps arise.

    he knew he was torturing you, took pleasure in it, but what made it all the worse was the fact that he had never once kissed you. never before had his lips brushed your body in such a way, but now they were, his hot breath fanned over your chest and he peppered slow, soft kisses and sucked small hickeys on your breasts. you lost track of time, rolling your chest up into his mouth until he was losing his mind, fangs poking out at his bottom lips until they started drawing blood and it wasn't the blood he was craving.

    "Can i drink?" he asks, voice low and raspy and so desperate, despite how he tried to hide it, and you nodded eagerly, hands pulling him closer as you arched your back further into his mouth. you could feel his fangs scraping your flesh, hear him breathing in your scent and it was just taking him so long, he took forever to pierce you like you craved and you knew you were going crazy for him, losing control to his spell.

    "drink, m-master, please. mark me please." you're begging before you even know there's words coming out of your mouth, and he lets out the deepest, most animalistic growl you've ever heard from any man, woman or vampire you'd met before. it'd not even finished reverberating from the back of his throat when his teeth pierced the flesh of your breasts and his hips rutted against the bed as he began losing control of his own instincts. Like some sickly sweet poison racing through your veins whenever he drank your blood, fire burned in you and every inch of skin you had was covered in the most pleasurable and confusing tingles and fuck, any pain that had or even would happen was worth it in that moment.

    back when you didn't want it, when you weren't wrapping your legs around his waist as he buried his face in your breasts, it felt different. it stung, you could feel every cell in your body stinging as if he truly had lit you on fire, and god you hated it, hated being his but now here you were begging for it, for the messy-haired creature to take you in any way and you knew, it wasn't hard to tell, that he wanted to have you.

    you could tell by the way he moaned into your skin, by the way his hips shamelessly fucked into the bed as he drank up your sweet blood, by the way his eyes flickered between brown and blood red as he stared up at you, one hand on your waist to hold himself up and the other tangling in your hair and pulling. he retracted his fangs, but oh, he wasn't done. he quickly licked the bite mark and at remarkable speed he had moved, hand pulling your head to the side with the help of your hair before he had pierced your pretty neck.

    he was up on his knees now, other hand roaming your body, playing with your nipples and your sides as he drank until you had just started to hit your limit, pulling back before he could hurt you.

    the first thing out of his lips was a groan, tilting his head back as his eyes fluttered closed and his brain lingered on thoughts of you and what you were doing to him. the more you wanted him, the more he needed you. you stared up at him as he slowly licked around his lips, making sure he got every drop of your sweet blood, and somehow the sight was so unbearably hot, you felt your thighs squeeze together and you knew he knew.

    "you're so fucking wet, baby... smell so good, fuck i want you." he groaned softly. his resolve was cracking, he was giving in to the sweet temptation that you seemed to radiate. you had always seemed to radiate. it was torturous to him, drinking from his mate when he knew it hurt her, but she, you, smelled so good, he could never resist. and then it stopped hurting, he started to sense... arousal every time he drank from you. every time his fangs were out or his lips were near your neck or wrist or chest he could smell you, feel your heart pounding and hear you whining for more. it was always tempting, increasingly tempting, but that day he was worried he would snap.

    the sight of you so close to bare, arching into his touch and when your own resolve had snapped and you began to beg him to be his, to feel his teeth sink into you and rather than just taking, leave a mark as well, had drove him to the edge of madness and he was fighting, rather than want, a ravenous need to dive right in.

    "master, p-please." you whimpered, fisted his shirt in your hands and gently tugged on it to get his attention.

    the way the word master slipped out of your mouth, like the most breathless, desperate beg for his attention, he thought, was what had caused him to snap. with lightning speed, he had spread your legs and laid between them, not even hesitant to connect your lips with his own. you, on the other hand, froze, breathless as a shock of some unknown realization had radiated through the nerves of your body and it was like your heart itself stopped, but then within seconds you sighed, gasping for air against his lips and tangling your fingers in his hair to pull him closer.

    it didn't take very long, though, for you to nudge him down to your sensitive neck, whimpering and squirming as he kisses over it and his other hand falls to rub at your core, quickly finding how fucking soaked you were and grinning against your neck.

    it was like you blinked and he had moved, settled himself between your thighs and started prying your panties off your hips. you raised your hips to help him slide them down, but were surprised to feel a horribly pleasurable gust of cool air against your heat when he tore them off instead. he could get you some more, prettier panties than the thin, uncomfortable looking white fabric that was provided by his estate. you hardly needed these and he hardly felt like dealing with them. so he tossed them over his shoulder and dropped to lay flat on his chest, watching, mesmerized as strings of your slick hung between your thighs where you'd been desperately rubbing them together, your heat glistening in the dim light and god he had never been harder than he was right now. he slipped in closer, giving you no warning before he dove in, cleaning off your inner thighs before your core.

    "such a messy girl, huh? you made such a mess of yourself and now you're making master clean you up, how dirty." he teased, the rasp on his words causing you to clench your thighs, but he didn't let them close. he chuckled smugly and, again, without warning, he dove in. you could feel every movement of his tongue so crystal clear, it was like you were watching, visualizing every lap and nip and suck at your lips and it was driving you wild, your hands were clenched in his hair, back arched and 'master' falling from your lips over and over and over again instantly as he licked and cleaned every drop of your arousal off of your core, even going as far as to dip his tongue into you, which had you gasping aloud and panting for breath as you clenched around him and pulled him closer to you.

    you didn't know how long he stayed down there, pleasing and teasing you, but when he sat back up on his knees it felt like seconds- like not long enough.

    you watched through heavy-lidded eyes  as he quickly stripped himself of his shirt, ground his palm into his aching hard-on and made a show of taking off his pants. it seemed like every second he wasn't touching you was minutes longer than the ones he was, and it just made you whine louder, more- but he seemed to like that. the thought wasn't particularly outlandish, you thought. knowing him for so long had really let you in on that. he made sure to take his time, ensuring that you wanted him, making you beg, making sure you weren't  going to change your mind. he was pretty sure he had his answer when he slid out of his clothes and his cock sprung free, your eyes darkening at the sight.

    "m-master, please!" you whimpered, feeling your core throb in anticipation. "please, i need you, please,"

    he scooted forward on the bed, lifting your thighs to lay them over his own as he moved closer, free hand wrapped around his cock to rub it over your slit, collecting the wetness that had gathered and shuddering at the heat.

    "you're sure?" he hissed through his teeth, feeling himself slowly losing the ability to stop. when you met his eyes, grabbed his shoulders to pull him closer, nodded your head quickly, that was all it took for him to give in.

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  • sf9official
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    @ sf9_official_jp: solo profile photo - hwiyoung
    #imagine my disappointment that they posted hwiyoung instead of juho #also early 🧐 #maybe they’ll still post juho later? #anyway it bothers me they went out of age order now I get it it’s Hwi’s bday but still lol #hwiyoung#sf9#kim hwiyoung#kim youngkyun
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  • zuxnon
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    SF9 Masterlist

    Fluff - ♡ Smut - ✰ (/suggestive) Angst - ☾



       ✰7:34 PM    ✰1:07 AM    ✰Dirty talk    ✰“Are you trying to turn me on or are you really just that oblivious”    ✰“Were you just masturbating?”    ✰“Don’t make me take you home and punish you.”    ✰“...i bet behind closed doors she’s latex and whips.”    ✰Foursome    ♡Last night before tour    ✰Foursome p2    ✰M*sturbating in front of you Inseong

       ✰“If you interrupt me one more time, i swear to god.”     ✰“Stop distracting me.”    ✰1:09 AM


        ♡1:47 PM    ✰3:07 AM    ✰“Once we start, i might not be able to stop.”    ✰“If you don’t like my teasing then why are you moaning?”    ✰“Tell me what you want.”    ✰“Let me finish this and i swear ill go down on you...”    ✰“I’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly.”    ✰Oral fixation


       ✰2:49 PM    ✰10:19 PM    ✰5:57 AM    ✰“If we get caught, i’m blaming you.”    ✰“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”


      ✰“First one to make a noise loses.”   ✰Foursome   ✰Foursome P2


    ✰8:08 PM ✰“Are you trying to turn me on or are you really just that oblivious?” ✰“If we get caught i’m blaming you.” ✰“You’re more than just a one night stand.” ✰7:46 PM

    Taeyang   ✰3:27 AM   ✰“I don’t care what you do, just fuck me.”   ✰“I’m not sure if it’s a sexual thing or not.”  Hwiyoung   ✰8:37 PM   ✰“Make me.”   ✰“The only way you’re getting off is on my thigh.”   ✰“Mine.”   ✰“I’m not jealous, its just... You’re mine!”   ✰Partners in crime   ✰Foursome   ✰Foursome P2   ✰ 7:26 AM Chani   ♡2:47 PM   ✰Foursome   ✰Foursome P2

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  • fantasydreamecho
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    warnings: angst, a little fluff; probably too self-indulgent

    I wrote it with Hwiyoung in mind but I'd rather leave it with an optional bias instead; as always, excuse any typos

    You let your tears fall down as soon as you feel a pair of two strong arms gingerly wrapping around your stooping frame. You clutch at his blue sweatshirt, now wet from your tears as well. His gentle fingers lovingly caress your damp hair, his lips soothingly mumble "it's okay."

    You've always loved rain. There was something outworldly in walking under the crying sky, most of the times with headphones in your ears and music as your perpetual companion. For some obscure reason rain brought you some comfort and solace. Maybe because there was more rain in your life than sunshine, hence you were used to it.

    You both know you can rely on one another. But sometimes there are moments when you hide in that little imaginative castle of yours, diminishing any access to it. You prefer to be on your own rather than hurt those you cherish with your heart and soul. Still, the yearning for being held and listened to is loud.

    "Let's go home now, hm? Let's wash away the stress a little with a nice warm shower? Or bath, if you prefer, hm?", he whispers as he tenderly wipes your tears of your soft skin. A thunderous growl fill in the air, making you look at his flushed face. You burst out laughing at his embarrassed countenance. "Or maybe we should eat something first.", you suggest, feeling suddenly shy at the way he looks at you. His eyes hold so much love, warmth and tenderness. You wonder if he can see the same in your eyes. "That's right, that's right. There's no better medicine than food. I'll make us ramyeon and then we can have a bath. And cuddles. Yes, definitely cuddles. But be ready because I won't let you go out of my embrace during the whole evening. And night. And everyday.", he stutters. You playfully slap him on the shoulder as he takes your hand in his. "Run?", "Run.".

    You might think you're alone but you aren't. You know there'll always be someone who will walk (or run) right beside you when the weather is not so fine. They will hold you when you don't feel like yourself, push you a little when fears overwhelm you to take that little step, catch you when you fall. They will patiently wait you to stand up on your feet again and will proudly celebrate every success, big or small. Your leave a chaste kiss on his sweet lips as you finally reach your cute apartment. A rainbow adorns the dark sky.

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  • blu-joons
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Visiting Him On Set ~ Kim Seokwoo

    His shoulders dropped as soon as Seokwoo spotted you after finishing filming his scene, finding you sat out of the way. Your smile was wide after you’d watched him record, recognising the lines from the many reads of the scripts that you’d done with him.

    Your eyes were stunned as Seokwoo walked towards you dressed in his outfit, unlike anything that you had ever seen him in before. You knew that the drama was traditional, but there was something about seeing Seokwoo in his hanbok that made your heart flutter, especially coupled with the innocent smile that he wore too.

    He couldn’t reach you quick enough, weaving around the members of crew and the equipment that was lying around, holding onto you as soon as he reached you, touched that you had made the effort to visit and support him.

    You could feel in his hold that it meant a lot for Seokwoo to have you there, having tried for weeks to arrange a date when you’d been able to visit. Seeing him on set was the one part of the job that you always missed out in with him, but at last you had gotten to see him in action and admire the work that went into filming a drama.

    “I’m so glad you were able to make it,” Seokwoo smiled as he pulled away from your embrace, “what did you think?”

    Your head nodded straight away, as Seokwoo moved his hand down your frame before holding onto your hand. “I was impressed, I know I’ve read through the scripts, but seeing it here makes it all so real, and believable too.”

    Seeing the smile on your face was all that Seokwoo had wanted when he invited you down, wanting to show off to you. As the crew started to leave the set as the scene came to an end, Seokwoo took your hand and led you across to let you take a look at the set properly, showing you all of the little details that had been added to the place.

    It really felt as if you’d been transported back several years as you walked around, with it stripped back and bare just like it used to be. With Seokwoo in costume too, you couldn’t quite believe where you were as you walked around.

    “I can’t believe that you get to act in a place like this,” you told Seokwoo as he pointed out to you where the house that he often acted in was just a few metres away from you.

    “Come on, I’ll show you backstage too,” he encouraged, taking a tighter grip of your hand and pulling you off of the set and through a door down a long corridor.

    “What’s behind all of these doors?” You asked him, not quite able to read what all of the signs on the doors said because you moved so fast, only being able to read one sign, the sign that belonged to Seokwoo’s dressing room.

    Once he stopped, he processed what you said, pointing to a couple of the places. “There’s all sorts going on here, equipment is stored, footage is reviewed, and lots of adjustments are made in costumes to these rooms too.”

    “It’s where all the magic happens,” you suggested, to which Seokwoo nodded in agreement with you, “those poor costume designers must have a nightmare dealing with you, you’re far too tall for them to work with.”

    “I think they secretly enough it,” Seokwoo teased in reply to you.

    “You mean that they like your muscles?” You asked, sending a knowing glance up to Seokwoo. His head shyly nodded, having been complimented many times by the members of the crew for how well his physique suited hanbok.

    A shy smile crept onto Seokwoo’s face as he found you staring across at him too, understanding why he had picked up the attention of so many of the staff.

    “I could get quite used to wearing hanbok, it’s very freeing,” he told you, twirling around once he was in his dressing room, “I might have to bring one of these home with me once I’m finished filming over here.”

    A chuckle came from you, disturbed by a knock at the door of Seokwoo’s dressing room, with a head poking round the open door.

    “Hi,” a familiar face smiled, “I thought I heard company, is this the Y/N I’ve heard so much about?”

    It didn’t take long for you to know who was speaking, recognising the face as Yoonsu’s, a colleague that Seokwoo had told you plenty of stories about. “This is Y/N,” Seokwoo told him.

    You smiled widely across at him. “It’s nice to meet you,” he told you as he walked further into the room, “I’ve heard a lot about you, do you have any idea how much he gushes about you?”

    “I don’t gush,” Seokwoo corrected him, looking to him and hoping that you would believe him, “I’ve just mentioned you every now and then when others have talked about their partners, that’s all that I do.”

    “Is it?” Yoonsu chuckled back to him, “you might want to look good in front of Y/N, but I’ll tell her all about what you’re like.”

    “You’re exaggerating, just don’t listen to him Y/N.”

    Your head shook back to Seokwoo, “I’m interested to hear what you’ve been saying to all of your colleagues, especially about me too.”

    A roll of the eyes came from Seokwoo, knowing that you’d played right into Yoonsu’s hands for him to throw Seokwoo under the buss. There were plenty of things that Yoonsu could tell you, his only worry was that he wouldn’t have enough time.

    Whilst Seokwoo started to change out of his current hanbok, Yoonsu sat you down on the sofa and started to tell you plenty of Seokwoo’s secrets, especially how much he loved to brag about what the two of you got up to.

    “He mentioned that you went to a nice Thai place last week,” Yoonsu smiled, “next time you guys go you’ll have to invite me.”

    Through the mirror of the dressing room, you could feel Seokwoo’s eyes staring. He was desperate for Yoonsu to shut up, but he just couldn’t, especially as he saw how invested you were in hearing all of the things that they had heard about you from Seokwoo.

    “He’s been whining for weeks about how much he’s wanted to have you here to watch him,” Yoonsu then told you, “I’m glad you’re here just to shut him up.”

    “He whines?” You asked in surprise, immediately looking across to Seokwoo, knowing that you had yet another thing to tease him about when the two of you got home.

    His head shook rapidly across to you, “I just mentioned that it might be nice, I’ve never whined about having you here to watch me on set.”

    “Shall we go and ask the others too?”

    “No,” Seokwoo called out, not needing anyone else to stich him up. “I might have whined a bit, but it comes from a good place.”

    The smile on your face grew as Seokwoo defended himself, “to be honest, it’s touching to know just how much you wanted to have me here.”

    “Wait until I tell you some more stories,” Yoonsu laughed, “you might not find Seokwoo so cute after you hear these.”

    “No way, you’ve told enough stories for one day.”



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  • athenathesharkwrites
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The Race Towards Your Heart - Zuho

    Banner by: @atinyfantasytothemoon​, thank you for making it <3

    A/N: Okay, this story has been coming since October 2021, and it’s finally here, the creation of the story itself had a story behind it, but it’s finally here, it took a while, but it’s here.

    Warning: AU, F1 Driver!Zuho, Zuho seems cold hearted at first, slow burn, reader overthinks, comedy, angst, fluff, happy ending, cliché ending(?).

    W/C: 6.5K

    The shutters from the cameras snapping pictures was becoming irritating to Zuho, he could barely hear himself think as pictures were taken of him non-stop, and he was only at the security gate, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes, hiding how irritated he actually was, his black hair was styled back, with some string of hair was hanging loosely over his forehead, the leather jacket fitted him perfectly as if it was made just for his body, and everyone could see the Aston Martin tee he had on underneath it, he licks his lips as he holds his pass up to the security scan before entering the paddock, he lets out a sigh of relief when the sound of the cameras faded into the distance. ‘Thank fuck, they’re not allowed back here.’ He thought.

    He was well known around the paddock, he’s been driving for three years and just signed with Aston Martin, it was the first weekend for the season and everyone was curious to see how he would do in the new team, apparently, they couldn’t pick up how well he was doing during the winter testing, but he couldn’t blame them after the announcement made that the car had received big upgraded and would be a monster for the opening race, everyone was on the edge of their seat to see the big changes on the car after seeing it at the Barcelona testing, would this season be the year of Aston Martin? For Baek Zuho to be crowned World Champion?

    “Zuho!” Youngbin, his race engineer, calls out when he spotted as he exited the Aston Martin motorhome, a girl trailing behind him, one of your hands was in front of your mouth, Zuho could see that you were trying to cover your mouth as you nervously nibbled at your bottom lip. “We’ve been waiting just for you, I want to introduce you to my friend,” Youngbin turns around to look at you. “Oh, come on, Y/n,” He takes your hand, pulling it away from your mouth, you immediately release your lip and look at Zuho, you had heard many rumours about him, about how cold he was… Or that was what you heard, Youngbin had told you a completely different story about him, although you would just have to judge for yourself now that you’re meeting him. “He won’t bite,” Zuho tilts his head in confusion, had you heard the rumours, but most importantly, did you believe them? “This is Y/n, she wanted to join me for a weekend, but she’s a little nervous,” He could see it in your eyes, you were trying not to show it, but with you avoiding eye contact and looking past him at something else, he knew that you were afraid, but he wasn’t sure why or what had you afraid. “Y/n, this is… well, I don’t think I need to introduce you to him, you already know him,” You could feel heat travelling up your neck and to your cheeks, making you look down at the ground, your hair falls over your face. “Don’t be shy now, you were cheering loudly for him last season.”

    “Youngbin!” You quickly say, you push your friend, hoping it would get him to stop talking, but you knew nothing could easily have him stop, he chuckles and wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. “Shut up, shut up,” you mutter, you reach up and place your hand over his mouth, Zuho couldn’t help but chuckle seeing the two of you. “YOUNGBIN!” You pull your hand away as you felt his tongue press flat against your palm, you slap your hand against his chest and drag it down, rubbing the saliva off on his shirt, a smile was on Zuho’s lips, the cold façade long gone.

    “As I was saying,” Youngbin begins to say, he glances at you. “Before I was so rudely interrupted, this is, Y/n, we’ve been friends since childhood, I know, I know, you haven’t met her before.”

    “It’s okay, you haven’t met all of my friends either,” Zuho says, you freeze in your spot, your hand pausing on Youngbin’s chest as you heard Zuho’s voice, it wasn’t like you hadn’t heard it before, but hearing it in person, how deep it actually is compared to what you heard on television. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/n,” Your name sounded so good coming from him, and you had to stop yourself from gripping Youngbin’s shirt as you felt your knees shake.

    “It’s… It’s nice to meet you, too,” You quietly say. “I uh… I would shake your hand, but someone licked it…” You look up at Youngbin.

    “It’s fine,” He says, you almost flinch at how cold it sounded. “I need to go get ready for a press conference,” You wanted to pout, the rumours about him swirling in your thoughts, and you were actually in a debate with your mind, was he really cold or was he just in front of the press?


    You sit in the garage next to Youngbin with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones on, you knew it was this loud at a Formula 1 event, but not this loud, even though you wire the pair of headphones, you could still hear the loud engines, but the experience was worth it, you watch as Youngbin gave information to Zuho about the track and about his lap times, it amazed you how it all worked, the camera never caught how hard the engineers worked in the background, and you were in such awe at everyone’s job in the garage, you look at the screen and watch the green car underneath the floodlights of Bahrain, it looked absolutely beautiful as he turned corners and sped down the straight.

    “Okay, you’re doing good, at this pace, we could get pole,” Youngbin says, you perk up at hearing the word ‘pole’, you look at the timings and find him at the top of the timings sheet, leading the pack. “Box and we can discuss the data, and see where you can improve,” He didn’t receive a reply back, but you assumed he was used to not getting one, you watch as he writes something down before gathering the papers he used during the session, he looks at you and places his papers down on the table, he moves his hands to your headset and lifts it away from your head, you flinch at the loud noise surrounding you. “Come on, we’re going to the motorhome,” You had barely heard him but took off your headset and left it on the desk, you quickly exit through the back of the garage in need of some form of silence while you waited for Youngbin and Zuho to exit also.

    You lean against the wall and look around, the place looked absolutely beautiful at night, the lights in the trees really made it feel like something special at Bahrain, you hear chatter as Younger and Zuho exit the garage, Youngbin nods his head at you, silently telling you to follow them, you quickly, but silently, follow behind them, you could hear them talking ahead of you, it was about the data and lap times and where he could improve during the qualifying session, you enter the Aston Martin motorhome, you lick your lips as you stop in your step, your mind suddenly swirling with unkind thoughts, it suddenly felt like you were intruding and in their way and decided to split away from them, going towards the coffee bar and snack bar to get something while they continued towards Zuho’s changing room or towards the briefing room, you bite your bottom lip nervously as your eyes scan the menu in your hands, you couldn’t really focus on the words on it, the overwhelming feeling of being in the way and intruding was filling your thoughts, you ended up pointing at something random on the menu and thanked the person before paying for it.

    When you had arrived Thursday, it felt like a dream, a fairytale come true, but now on Friday night, it felt like you were only a burden to your friend and in his way, you stare at your hands as you started counting down the hours until the weekend was over.

    “What seems to be going on in that head of yours?” Zuho asks, you quickly look up at him, surprised that he was talking to you and standing next to you as you waited for your drink and food.

    “I uh… Where’s Youngbin?” You nervously ask.

    “He needed to go talk to the other engineers,” He says, you slowly nod your head, your lips forming an ‘O’ as you do. “Do you want to share what’s on your mind?” You take in a deep breath and give him a smile.

    “Nothing much,” You say, he raises an eyebrow, knowing you were lying, he leans over the countertop and turns to you.

    “I can see it in your eyes, you look upset, they’re not as bright as they were this morning,” He says, you let out a sigh and look back down at your hands. “Are you feeling lonely?” Your head snaps up, and you look at him with wide eyes. “You’re not in the way or a bother to your friend, in fact, to me, it feels nice having someone extra, Well… someone Youngbin trusts, which means I trust you also,” Your food and drink were placed down in front of you before you were both left alone once again. “We just get caught up in the date of the car and where it can be improved, but your company this morning was nice,” You couldn’t help but smile at his words and nod your head, he looks at what you had ordered, only to twist his face. “Is this what you like?” You look at the drink and food and recoil as you see what it is.

    “Oh, oh, no,” You mutter. “Oh, this is why I shouldn’t be absent-minded,” You didn’t even drink whatever that drink was, but it didn’t look too delicious, and the food, you didn’t even want to start about the food. “Oh… what am I gonna do…” He couldn’t help but smile at your adorableness, sure you were panicking, but you looked absolutely adorable.

    “I’ll take care of it,” He says. “Do you want to get lunch or dinner sometime?” You smile as you feel your heart skip a beat. “Maybe tomorrow night?”


    You sit across from Zuho as you watch the night sky on the balcony you were on, his eyes were on you as he took a sip from his drink, qualifying had gone well for him, and he was on the front row, and in his mind, he had dubbed you as his lucky charm for the weekend, but he wouldn’t admit it out loud.

    “I have a question,” Zuho says, he places his glass down on the table, and you turn your head towards him. “How come I’m only meeting you now, did you just never want to come to a race weekend, or was something else stopping you?” You chew on the insides of your cheeks.

    “Well… I was in between work last year, it was hard finding a stable income,” You say, he nods his head. “But I finally found a permanent position in November and when Youngbin asked if I could come for this year’s season opener, I didn’t want to decline,”

    “Hmm,” He hums, his eyes searching for any sign that you might be misleading him.

    “And I also thought, life is too short, I don’t want to one day realize I only spent my time working or trying to find work,” You say, his lips part at your statement. “I know I still have a ton of time, but… life is also unpredictable.”

    “That’s true,” He says. “I’m happy you decided to come with him, it’s nice to see a new face around the paddock,” You nod your head, giving him a shy smile before picking up your drink and taking a sip. “Are you nervous?” You tilt your glass further, making him chuckle. “You don’t need to be… I’m not as what the rumours say I am…” You lower your glass and place it down on the table, keeping your hand around it.

    “Cold… rude… mean?” You ask, he nods his head, and you could see some hurt flash through his eyes. “Do you just… come across like it in front of the press to protect yourself?”

    “It’s easier to come off as cold as to pretend you’re okay with them asking you about everything you don’t want to talk about,” He says, you nod your head, once again chewing the insides of your cheek. “It’s easier to brush them off when you’re not in a good mood, usually they know not to approach you then.”

    “So… are you a cuddly guy when no one’s looking?” You ask, hoping to lighten the mood just a little, you watch as a smile spread across his lips.

    “That…” He begins, he leans back into his chair. “That’s something you’ll need to find out for yourself,” You couldn’t help but smile.

    “Definitely cuddly,” You say. “No doubt a cuddly person,” He chuckles and picks up his drink. “I bet you secretly have a plush, am I right?” You watch as he swirls his drink around in the glass.

    “I have two cats, do they count as plush?” He asks, your eyes widen, and you bring your hand to your mouth.

    “You have cats?” You softly ask, he nods his head before taking a sip from his drink. “Oh gosh, you’re a softie, oh my, you… definitely pushes at night with how soft they are, and the purring when you rub their chin,” He lowers his glass as he listens to you gush about cats, making him smile and feel at ease on the inside. “And when they show you their bellies… the trust they’re showing you, oh gosh, I hope I can meet them one day.”

    “We can arrange something,” He says, putting his glass down. “I’m sure they’ll love you and grow fond of you quickly,” You nod your head.

    “Do they let out a little or long meow when you arrive home?” You suddenly ask, his smile seems to widen at your question, throughout the night he told you about his cat and you both started getting to know each other more, and growing comfortable with each other, you almost didn’t want the night to end with how much fun you were having with him, but when you entered your hotel room, you could feel the quietness seeping in, and you almost started to miss his company and his cute laughter, the rumours you had heard about him, completely gone and erased from your mind.


    It wasn’t the last time you attended a race weekend, you attended many more throughout the season, and each time you did, you grew a little closer to Zuho, little by little, and soon you were mostly going just to see him and talk with him, Youngbin had picked up on it and was teasing you about it, but you didn’t care, not when you knew you had grown feelings for the Formula 1 driver, even though he was teasing you about your crush and feelings, he was happy for you, mostly because he had heard from Zuho also, and Zuho was just as head-over-heels for you, when there was a weekend you couldn’t make it, Zuho would ask about you, where you were and why you hadn’t come along the weekend before constantly asking Youngbin if he’s heard from you yet and if he has, the question: “How is she doing?” Would usually follow, by the time the end of the season was rolling around, Youngbin had made sure to bring you along almost every weekend, it was after all just the final five races before the end of the season would be concluded, and Zuho needed all the support he could get, he was in the fight for the championship and leading as the final four races approached.


    “Come on, you need to be there for him, show your support for him,” Youngbin says, he follows you around in the store as you were grocery shopping. “It’ll mean the world to him, he even asked if you could come.”

    “I’m sure I’ll only be a distraction for him, and also in his way,” You say, he lets out a sigh and picks up your favourite cereal and puts it in your cart.

    “Trust me, you won’t be, please!” He begs. “I’ll pay for your groceries!” You look at him, raising an eyebrow at him.

    “You will?” You ask, he nods his head. “And you hope I’ll go to the last four races?”

    “In return that you go to them,” He says, you shake your head and move your cart forward.

    “All right, because I know you’re not going to stop pestering me about,” You say. “I’ll come to the last four races,” You see him starting to smile. “But you better pay for all of these.”

    “Oh, I will, happily,” He says, you smile before stopping in front of the most expensive coffee’s and tea's, his smile quickly falters. “Wait…”

    “Are you changing your mind?” You ask, you reach for the tea and coffee, putting one of each in your cart. “Because if you are, you should tell me now.”

    “I… no, no, I’m not changing my mind,” He says, you could hear the nervousness in his voice.

    “All right, good, because I still need to go buy food,” You say, you watch as his face drops, and he swallows, which made you chuckle and push your cart forward.


    And that’s how you found yourself at the fourth last race of the year, watching everything go horribly wrong for Zuho, at first it was qualifying, and then it was a software issue, and then during the race he had to retire the car ten laps before the end, you watch as they wheel in his car, Youngbin grabs some papers, glancing at you, you look at him with concern in your eyes, you knew about the pressure during the final few races, Youngbin was always so stressed during that time, and now you were seeing the frustration and pressure live from the garage, you watch as Zuho climbs out his car, his helmet staying on his head, he makes his way past you with Youngbin behind him, you decided to follow them, since you don’t know many people working in the team anyway, you stop once you saw Zuho take his helmet off and heard him curse loudly, he turns to Youngbin, and then you can’t hear anything anymore, you just stay in your spot, not wanting to interrupt or disturb or possibly make him even more angry, but it seemed like your efforts went to waste as his eyes fell on you, you felt a shiver move through you at how cold his eyes seemed, you see him suck in a deep breath, your eyes move lower, and you see his free hand clench.

    “And you!” Zuho practically growls out, your breath gets caught in your throat, Youngbin slowly looks over his shoulder before spotting you, the confusion he had in his eyes disappears, and he turns back to Zuho.

    “Juho, don’t,” He says. “Don’t,” He tries to stop him, but with the red mist still in front of Zuho’s eyes, he pushed past Youngbin, almost in a harsh manner, you swallow as you look at his figure approaching you, his teeth grinding against each other, his fists clenched.

    “Why are you even here?” He asks, making you flinch at the harshness in his tone. “Just because you know Youngbin, doesn’t mean you can just beg him to bring you to each race to stalk me!” A lump starts forming in your throat. “Fuck, you just bring bad luck with you!” A frown forms on your face, and at the same time you felt a pinch in your heart, you could feel yourself growing smaller in front of him, and you weren’t sure what you had done wrong, how had you caused the issue with the software. “You’re just an obsessed fan,” He stops in front of you, you look u at him, you could feel your eyes glossing over as tears form in them, he was your favourite driver before you had even met him and having him say these harsh words to you was hurting you, and it was making you feel like nothing. “Nothing more, nothing less,” Youngbin had followed behind Zuho. “You’re always going to be nothing to me.”

    “Juho, that’s enough!” Youngbin says, grabbing Zuho’s upper arm, ready to pull him away, but before he could, Zuho said one more thing that could have been left better unsaid.

    “Why don’t you just fucking leave, disappear, and don’t come back!” He says, his tone cold, his eyes cold, your hand collides with his cheek, hard enough to make his head turn to the side, everyone pauses at the sound of your hand colliding with his cheek, luckily it was only the three of you and a few other people, but they quickly went back to what they were doing, it was silent for a solid minute as you glared at him.

    “I didn’t come because I wanted to, I came because he told me you wanted me here,” You say, you could feel tears prickling in your eyes, but you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction and show him how much his words had hurt you. “They say, never meet your favourite, you always end up disappointed, and they’re right,” Zuho slowly turns his head to look back at you the red mist that he was seeing now dispersing. “And I’m fucking disappointed right now,” Realization slowly sinks what he had told you and guilt starts to eat at him. “Don’t expect me back, ever again,” You walk past him, bumping shoulders with him on your way, Youngbin releases Zuho’s arm, letting out a sigh, he runs his hand through his hair, he was now in the middle between you and Zuho, he knew you would never let him choose between you two, but he knew that you would never talk to him about his work again, just to avoid the topic of Zuho, he looks at his friend before turning away and going after you, knowing he had to comfort you first, since you’ve been friend’s for years, and he wasn’t worried about losing his job, but he knew he could lose your friendship, Zuho let’s out a sigh and brings his hand to his head and runs his fingers through his hair.

    “Shit…” He mutters. “Fuck, what did you do, Zuho?”


    Zuho sits in his private jet, night had fallen, and you had long left to return home, Youngbin was sitting across from him, a water bottle in his hand and the notes from the day’s race resting on his lap, he watched as the racer runs his fingers through his hair before his hands come together in front of his mouth, Youngbin could see the worry and distress in his eyes.

    “I fucked up, I know, I shouldn’t have said that,” Zuho mutters, his leg was starting to bounce, a sign of his nerves kicking in, his heart was racing faster than it’s ever done, not even while he was driving in his Formula One car did his heart ever beat this fast. “I was just so fucking angry, and she… she was there.”

    “I was there also!” Youngbin snaps, he was pissed that his friend had attacked his other friend.

    “But you weren’t my target, you were explaining everything to me about what went wrong,” Zuho says. “And then I spotted her and everything went red,” Youngbin lets out a sigh, shaking his head, he had comforted you just hours earlier, and now he was comforting his other friend. “How is she…?”

    “She hasn’t spoken much, but as you know she’s on her way home,” Youngbin says, he leans forward, putting the water bottle onto the table. “You fucked up, and after I tried so hard to convince her to come,” Zuho lets out a sigh. “She actually told me that she was afraid that she was going to be a distraction or in the way,” Zuho looks up at Youngbin, his hands falling away from his mouth. “I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have convinced her, seeing how you reacted,” Youngbin lets out a sigh and runs his hand through his hair. “What you did, was the exact opposite of confessing to her, what happened to that?”

    “I was going to confess after I won the race!” Zuho says.

    “You should know better than anyone else, that this sport is unpredictable, it tears your heart out and stomps on it, it doesn’t always end how you would want it to,” Youngbin says, he stands from the chair he was sitting on, picking up his notes from his lap. “If you want to fix it… or try to at least, you should act soon because she’s not always a very forgiving person, she will protect herself and cut you out of her life completely if she feels it’s better for her mental health,” Zuho looks up at him.

    “You… you can’t convince her to come to another race weekend again, can you?” Zuho asks.

    “It’s like you just ignored what I just told you,” Youngbin says. “You’ll need to go to her, maybe even beg her to forgive you if you want to even see her again,” He places the notes down on the table. “This time, you need to go to her, because she sure as hell will never set foot in the paddock again.”


    A week has passed since the incident, and you had made are to keep yourself busy, you barely spoke to Youngbin, mostly because you weren’t sure how to approach him, you knew he and Zuho had a close friendship also, and you wished you never even went to the first race of the season, it would have made things so much easier, you let out a sigh and place your hands against the counter you were cleaning, your head hurting from all the thoughts that were running through your mind, you hear the door to the coffee shop open, and you take in a deep breath before turning around and lifting your head, a fake smile on your lips, ready to help the customer, but it quickly fades when you see the person you never wanted to see again, you could feel a pinch forming in your heart as you saw him.

    “What are you doing here?” You ask, trying to sound cold, but you knew that you were on the verge of tears, and you needed to try and keep it back.

    “I need to talk to you,” Zuho says.

    “Well, I don’t want to talk to you,” You say, you turn around, picking up the rag and start cleaning again, you hear him walk around the counter before his hand moves into your vision, he takes your hand, and you shake it, shaking his hand away from yours, you turn to him, glaring at him, your eyes glossing over.

    “What?!” You say harshly.

    “I need to apologise…” He says. “What I said… I didn’t mean it, it was unnecessary, it wasn’t aimed at you,” You roll your eyes, letting out a scoff.

    “Well, it sure as hell sounded like you meant it,” You say. "Get out from behind the work area,” He looks around before he steps closer to you, you take a step back until your butt collided with the counter behind you, his hands move past you, and he boxes you in between him and the counter.

    “You can scream at me, hit me… but please, I didn’t mean to say those things, we’ve grown so close over the past year…” He says. “I want to have a chance to apologize properly,” You lift your eyes, and he could see the tears forming in them, you sniff as you feel your nose becoming runny.

    “Whose to say you won’t say that again next time you become stressed?” You ask. “That’s not what I want in my life… I don’t want to be a punching bag, Juho,” He nods his head, taking in a deep breath, he’s never seen you so close to tears, and here he was, about to witness you cry because of him, because of something he had done.

    “I don’t deserve your forgiveness, not with what I had said to you,” He says. “But I’m here… begging for it,” His voice sounded strained like he was close to tears himself, and you could see his eyes glossing over. “I’m here to beg for it because I like you too much,” You swallow the lump forming in your throat only for it to return. “To just… leave it like that, to leave you hurt the way I did, I don’t want you to vanish from my life, I want to see you more in it… I want to see you as much as I possibly can,” A stray tear falls from your eyes and rolls over your cheek, causing him to break, he sniffs, trying to hold his tears back. “You can think about it, I know it doesn’t sound like much of a decent apology… but please, think about giving me one last chance,” He takes a step back from you and reaches into his pocket, another tear falls from you, and you sniff, he pulls out an envelope and stretches his arm out to you. “Think about it, and then… when you’re certain you want to forgive me, give me a last chance… please, come to the last race of the season,” You shakily take the envelope from him, more tears coming from you.

    “I’m sorry I caused you to cry,” He mutters and takes another step back from you. “I’m sorry I’ve caused you pain, I’m sorry I’ve caused… this painful, hurtful… feelings, and experience to you," He moves out from behind the counter. “I’ll understand if you don’t show up, I’ll leave you alone… but part of me is hoping you will show up,” The lump in your throat grows bigger, you were no longer trying to hold the tears back, you wanted him to see and know how much he had hurt you. “I’m sorry for causing you this much pain… I’m sorry, Y/n…” He reaches the door and places his palm against the glass door. “I know this isn’t a proper apology… and what I did was unforgivable, but I want to see you… again and again, over and over.”

    “Zuho… Please,” You mutter, your voice cracking as you plead with him to just leave.

    “Think about it, long, hard, you don’t even need to show up at the last race, you can just tell Youngbin when you’re ready to meet with me…” He says.

    “Please, go… Juho, please, just… leave,” You say, you lower your gaze to the floor as you hear him sniff, he was crying also, and most likely stalling, he didn’t want to go in case it would be the last time he would see you, the picture of you crying would be his last memory of you, the words he said to you would always haunt him.

    “I… goodbye… Y/n,” He says, he pushes the door open and exits the coffee shop, the door shuts, and you push yourself away from the counter, moving to the kitchen, your co-workers watch as you move to the break room, they had most likely heard your conversation with Zuho.


    You sit in your apartment, the envelope in your hand and opened, inside was tickets to Abu Dubai where the last race would take place along with that there was some information about the hotel you would be staying at, you weren’t sure if you wanted to go, if you would go, tears were staining your cheeks and your hands shook as you cried, you never wanted to see him again, but part of you wanted to see him again, wanting to meet with him again, you had a few more weeks to decide before the final race would take place, and you knew you had to think about it carefully, you hadn’t spoken to Youngbin yet, and you weren’t sure if he knew that Zuho had visited you, or even knew what Zuho had given you, and you knew you had to get in contact with him soon to ask him if he had known, you would never be mad at your childhood friend, you put the envelope down and lean back against the couch, closing your eyes and letting the tears freely fall.


    You step into the garage of Aston Martin, it was Sunday, the last race of the season, and you had missed half of the race, you had only arrived at Abu Dubai and had taken your time to go to the track, your mind running with thoughts as you thought about what you would tell Zuho, you were willing to forgive him and work on rebuilding the trust that was broken, rebuild everything you had built up while you were getting to know him, you move towards Youngbin, and sit down on the chair next to him, he turns his head to look at you, his eyes widen as he sees you.

    “You’re here?” Youngbin asks. “He’s going to be surprised when he steps out of the car,” You give him a small smile. “Is it good news you’re bringing him?”

    “Hopefully it is to him,” You say. “How is he doing?” You turn your gaze to the screen.

    “He’s leading, but we have a safety car, hopefully, he’ll keep the lead and win the championship,” He says, You nod your head, watching as everyone weaved behind the safety car. “Are you okay?” You nod your head again, turning your head to look at him.

    “I am, don’t worry, focus on the race Mr Kim,” You say, he chuckles and turns his head back to the screen, watching and writing things down, as the safety car come to an end, Zuho fought tooth and nail to stay ahead, and thankfully he managed to pull away from his rivalry, by the time he reached the end he was over three seconds ahead and won, your eyes widen as loud cheering went around the garage, people hugged and even picked other’s up, Youngbin was suddenly stormed and pulled into a hug, you had never experienced it live, but you had seen the celebrations on television, but you never imagined it would be so loud, your shoulder was patted as people passed you and ran out the garage to go meet him at the podium ceremony.

    “Congratulations friend, you did it, it was hard sometimes, but you did it,” Youngbin says into the radio, trying to stay calm, he looks at you. “There’s a surprise waiting for you when you get back, but enjoy it, Juho, you are the champion of the world!” You didn’t hear Zuho’s reply, but judging by the smile Youngbin wore, he must have said something back or even cursed with joy, Youngbin takes off the headset and looks at you. “Do you want to come with us to the podium celebration?”

    “I’ll go along, maybe… add to the joy he’s feeling,” You say, Youngbin nods his head and helps you off the chair, you exit the garage and make your way towards the podium, you watch as the cars park underneath it, Youngbin pushes you through the mechanics until you reached the front where the barricade was put up, you watch as Zuho steps out from the car, standing on top of it and lifting the steering wheel into the air, fireworks going off in celebrations, he jumps off the car and puts the wheel back in place before he moves towards his team, he pauses in his spot as he caught sight of you next to Youngbin, he immediately pulls his helmet and balaclava off and hands it off to one of his team members, he walks towards you, you could see joy and happiness filling his eyes.

    “Y/n…” Zuho breathes out. “You came,” He throws his arms around you and pulls you into a hug, you could feel his team pushing up against you to get to him, to pat his back and head while he held you in his arms. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

    “We should talk after your celebration,” You whisper, you feel his hand moving to the back of your head.

    “We will, wait for main the Aston Martin motorhome?” He asks.

    “I’ll meet you there,” You say


    You watch the lights of the Abu Dubai hotel illuminate the night, a cup of coffee in front of you on the balcony of the motorhome Aston Martin had, you were waiting for Zuho to join you, you were certain about the decision you spent the last few weeks thinking about, you wanted to give him at least one more chance, and mostly, you wanted to sort everything out with him, clear the air, you turn your head as you heard the glass door being pushed open, you softly smile as you watch him step out onto the balcony, the night air greeting him.

    “Y/n…” He softly says, you stand from your chair as he walks towards you, he wraps his arms around you, burying his head into the crook of your neck and took in a deep breath, taking in your warmth and scent. “I can’t believe you came, I was so worried you wouldn’t…”

    “Well… you seemed extremely sorry, and we do need to clear the air between us,” You say, he slowly pulls away from the hug, his arms remain around you.

    “We do… but first, before we do,” He says, he lifts one of his hands, pushing some of your hair out of your face. “I want to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.”

    “And what’s what?” You ask, his hand comes to rest on the side of your neck.

    “This,” He mutters, he pulls you closer to him, his lips suddenly brushes against yours, your eyes widen as you feel his lips against yours before you had a chance to kiss back he was pulling away, his eyes filling with sadness, you swallow as you look up at him before reaching up for the back of his head and pulling him into another kiss, your eyes shutting and your lips moving against his, his lips were quickly moving with yours as he kisses you back.

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  • 100zuho
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    4 + inseong

    4. Sharing an umbrella in the rain.

    college!au (( and vague friends to lovers!au ))

    the sun is setting over the university campus in a thousand shades of pink that you can see from the window of the library

    you can feel the end of spring in the scent of the air, can see the first flowers of the new year wither to make place for the next ones

    however, what you couldn’t see from inside while packing up was the murky grey clouds gathering

    there aren’t many people still around on a friday evening — at this time there might be a few lectures still dragging on or club practice

    but the quad is deserted when you walk across, trying to tuck your most important things under the fabric of your hoodie as the rain starts coming down in fat droplets that seem like they are in slow motion

    you don’t hear inseong’s heavy footsteps as he runs up to you because of the sound of the rain

    the drumming of it simultaneously becomes louder and drowns out when his umbrella is lifted above your head

    “hey” he breathes out a little breathlessly, looking at you with that goofy smile of his that makes his dark eyes sparkle 

    it’s like looking into your own little night sky

    when you greet him back and thank him, he shifts closer to you while walking and nags you a little bit for not calling him

    “i didn’t know you were around and i wouldn’t want to bother you” you explain to him 

    “you can call me anytime,” he says seriously

    and you can’t look him in the eye because you know he means it and it makes your heart do this strange dip

    “yeah, just. it wouldn’t bother me. call me,” he adds, trying to sound nonchalant as he clears his throat and looks away at the greens of the campus getting drenched with rain

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    Arranged - Yoo Taeyang

    Requested by: @sepguuu​

    Warnings: Arranged mirage AU, angst, fluff.

    W/C: 953.

    It was weeks just right before the big day was supposed to take place, you sat across from Taeyang as you stared at him, the foolish idea of both your parents weighing heavy in the air, neither of you had taken the news well when they had delivered it, you weren’t willing to give it a chance, and he wasn’t either, you knew your reasons as to why, but you didn’t know his, but you didn’t know him at all, you didn’t know anything about him at all, and you were supposed to just sign a piece of a paper to devote yourself to him?

    The scene looked like a fantasy movie, the walls surrounding you in the room were white, the table white, everything had this elegant feel to it, while you both wore black while staring at each other, you were forced to spend the next two hours with each other, and only five minutes had passed, which had felt like an eternity already, his face was hard and unreadable as he watched you, his hair styled in such a way that showed is forehead while a few strands were loosely hanging over his eyes.

    “Is it possible for us to bail?” He asks, you scoff and reach for the glass of water on the table, he raises an eyebrow at your scoff.

    “Do you think they would let us live it down if we do?” You ask. “They probably told the servers to make sure we stay until the two hours are up,” You take a sip of your water, he watches you and moves the sleeve of his jacket to look at his watch, checking to see the time, you put the glass down and look around the room, so much money, and for what?

    “Then maybe we should use this time to establish some things when we do eventually get married,” He says, you nod your head, it was probably better to get that out of the way before the actual day. “I’m sure you will agree on this one, but we’re not sharing a room, nor a bed.”

    “No need to even say that,” You say, he nods his head, pulling his sleeve over his watch. “What’s mine is also mine, you don’t touch it, understand?”

    “The same goes for you,” He says, you nod your head and quiet down when a platter was brought inside and placed on the table before you were both left alone once more. “Don’t touch my personal items, such as my camera, or computer, not even to move them.”

    “You have a camera as well?” You ask, he pauses as he was reaching for something on the platter, his head snapping your way.

    “As well?” He asks, you nod your head, and he slowly retracts his arm. “You take pictures as well?” You nod your head once again. “What else do you do?” His demeanour suddenly changed as he becomes interested in what you do, but most importantly, what you both have in common, that was all you needed to break the ice between you both, the time after that flew by as you both started talking more about your hobbies, sharing your likes and dislikes and slowly started to understand each other a little more, by the time you were leaving, he was holding your hand, and you were laughing at a story he had told you.

    “Did that honestly happen?” You ask, with a slight giggle in your tone, he nods his head. “Gosh… haha,” You tilt your head back, and he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of you laughing, you looked absolutely beautiful, and suddenly he didn’t mind much that you were both being forced to marry each other, although, he would have preferred everything more naturally than being forced.

    “Do you have a little more time?” He asks, checking his watch. “I have another hour before I have to go, and I’m hoping we can spend a few more minutes in each other’s company,” You smile and nod your head.

    “I have a little extra time still,” You say, he nods his head and begins guiding you down the street. “Where are you taking me, Mr Yoo?” He smiles and squeezes your hand.

    After that day you and Taeyang grew closer and closer, even starting to arrange meet-ups without your parent's interference, and slowly you both started developing feelings for one another and started getting along, so much that the day before the big day, you were supposed to go home and follow tradition, but you didn’t want to leave his place, you were cuddled into his arm on his bed, legs intertwined and fingers interlaced, he was playing with the tips of your fingers, and you watched.

    “I should go…” You mutter, not making an effort to get up, he chuckles at your words. “But… should I really?” You feel his nose brush against your forehead. “Hmm, you’re making it harder.”

    “You should go, unless you want our mothers to come and drag you out of here,” He mutters, you chuckle and nod your head slowly, they were probably keeping watch on his building to be sure you would leave. “Should I take you?”

    “Can we just… a few more minutes,” You whisper, he hums and softly kisses your forehead, keeping his lips against yours for a moment longer, taking in everything that is you, only a few months prior you both despised each other, and now you were both here, you not wanting to leave his side for one night only, and he had to admit, he didn’t want you to leave his side either, even if it was just for one night.

    #yoo taeyang imagine #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang drabble #yoo taeyang drabbles #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang one shots #yoo taeyang oneshot #yoo taeyang oneshots #yoo taeyang one shot #sf9 oneshots#SF9 oneshot #sf9 one shot #sf9 one shots #sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 drabble#sf9 drabbles#sf9 scenario#sf9 scenarios
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    Photograph - Yoo Taeyang

    Requested By: @sepguuu​

    A/N: Okay, so this was a bit tricky for me to figure out, what he would kind of do that would make reader misunderstands, but I tried my best!

    Warnings: Hint of angst, humour, fluff.

    W/C: 1K

    You had been invited to South Korea to take pictures for a company, they had hired you after seeing your portfolio and wanted you to photograph for a magazine issue, you were setting up everything in the studio you would be using when the person entered, you pause as you look at him, his black hair as a bit messy from the windy weather outside, it almost looked like he was annoyed to be here, which had immediately put you off from him, you look away and continue setting up your camera.

    You were sure you had met his type before, and you were sure that neither of you would enjoy the shoot today, but you would need to push through, sometimes you wish you had chosen the nature path instead of doing work for magazines or other companies, but these were also the ones that paid your electric bills and utilities each month, so you had to suffer through it, you let out a sigh and hang your head, already starting to count down the hours from when the shoot will end.

    “What’s wrong?” One of your assistants asks, you let out a sigh and lift your head, looking at them. “Are you scared you’re not going to be able to hold yourself back with him?” You shake your head. “I would be, he looked like he could take all the contracts from models.”

    “He can be good-looking and everything, but if he’s not enjoying himself in front of the camera… what’s the point?” You ask. “He looked annoyed when he stepped in, I feel like this is going to be a long shoot…” You turn away from your assistant, missing the confused look she was giving you, she knew more about the person you were going to be taking pictures of, and she quickly realised you were not used to all the seriousness, usually, your clients would come up to you and greet you with a smile, while this was completely different.

    “Y/n… I think you’ve got th—” She was quickly cut off when Taeyang stepped out from the dressing room in a new outfit for the shoot, he walks towards you, and you avoid looking at his face, not wanting to see another annoyed expression on his face.

    “Hi, you must be the photographer,” He says, your knees almost betraying you at how warm-like his voice sounded when he spoke. “I’m Yoo Taeyang, and I only heard good things about you, and can’t wait to work with you,” Your mind was suddenly in a spin, all the thoughts you had about him earlier now jumbled and completely turned upside down, you were fighting with your mind, not wanting to really admit you had thought wrongly of him, that you were wrong about what you had initially thought of him, you slowly lift your head to look at him, and almost stop breathing at how breathtaking his smile was, fuck, how wrong you were, how damn wrong you were about him.

    “I, I, I’m Y/n, it’s a pleasure… to meet you,” You slowly say, almost extending your arm out to shake his hand when you remembered that it wasn’t something they did, you quickly drop your hand and curl your fingers. “I’m sure it will be a pleasure to work with you,” You hear your assistant turning around, taking in deep breaths, probably trying to hide the fact that she was laughing. “I uh, you can go stand there, and we can get started,” He nods his head and moves onto the platform where he would be posing for you, you look at your assistant before picking up your camera, you give him a smile, and he quickly returns one just as big if not bigger.

    “You may not have said it to his face, but you owe him an apology for your thoughts,” Your assistant whispers into your ear, you turn your head towards her, almost giving yourself whiplash as you do, she backs up, holding her hands in the air, you slowly look back at Taeyang.

    “I… Ahem,” You clear your throat. “Can you look right at the camera, serious expression,” You lift your camera, zooming in on his face and almost dropping it as you realised how good he looks, he damn good he absolutely looks, and you quickly realise that the shoot would be a long for completely different reasons, you snap the picture and look towards the laptop screen, watching as it appears. “Perfect,” You begin directing him to pose differently, and you manage not to trip over your own feet as you follow, by the time you reach the end of the shoot you were a little more relaxed and had even started joking with him about certain shots, you sit with him as you go through the pictures.

    “That, that looks good, how did you know it would look so good?” He asks, taking out his phone to take a picture of the screen. “I need to post this,” You watch as he takes a picture of your laptop screen.

    “Honestly, I was just taking a chance,” You say. “You seem like you would fit this type of pose perfectly, no matter the angle, and I was right, wasn’t I?” He nods his head, locking his phone. “You were an excellent model today,” He softly giggles, which cased your insides to flip at the sound.

    “Thank you, I tried my best to comply with everything you asked of me,” He says. “Can I ask if you’re available sometime this week?” You lean back in your chair. “I’m studying photography, I was hoping you could give me some tips on it,” You smile and nod your head, feeling like your inner child was jumping up and down.

    “I am, I definitely am,” You say. “Make sure to bring your camera, and we can go around, and I will try my best to give you some tips,” He smiles at you, you could feel yourself slowly falling into a spiral, just getting lost in how beautiful his smile was.

    “Thank you,” He says, your eyes flicker up to meet his eyes, your breathing stops for a moment, his eyes seeming to lure you in more, you could kick yourself for the thoughts you had on him, he was nothing like those others you had met in the past, he… he was completely different, and you couldn’t wait to discover more of him.

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