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  • fairy-seong
    30.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader x kim seokwoo

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual descriptions, mentions of threesomes, idk whatever the hell this is supposed to be because the initial draft got deleted and i feel like shit writing now

    kinktober day 30 prompt: threesome

    “Aren’t you the cutest?” Seokwoo giggles from the doorway.

    You turn your head, eyelids fluttering open at his sweet voice. His eyes follow the way your hips grind down, fingers inviting him into bed. Seokwoo tilts his head to the side when a moan escapes your lips, a low grunt following closely.

    “You always have fun without me,” Seokwoo smiles down at you, fingers caressing your rosy cheek when you throw your head back.

    “She got a little too needy waiting for you,” Juho grunts, bucking his hips up to match your fast pace.

    Seokwoo’s gaze switches from his friend back to you, eyebrows raised in confusion.

    “Is that so, you little nasty girl?”

    You bite on your lower lip, one arm pulling Seokwoo down to your level. Another moan spills into the room when Juho bites your neck, his thrusts slowing down for a moment while Seokwoo snakes an arm around your waist. His fingers trace your hips, thumb circling your clit with a sly smile.

    “Come,” you purr, locking lips with your other lover. “I need you too, Seokwoo.”

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  • fairy-seong
    29.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    kim inseong x gn!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): sexually suggestive descriptions, alludes to oral (male receiving)

    kinktober day 29 prompt: oral fixation

    You are seated between Inseong’s legs, eyes peaking at the way his fingers tap on the hard book cover in front of him.

    “Do you need anything, love?” he tilts his head with a faint smile.

    His digit drags across the gold-painted letters while your big pupils follow it. You shake your head.

    “Are you sure?”

    He lifts his palm to caress your cheek as you nuzzled your face into him. His thumb passes around your lips, fingers ghosting around your chin. You grab his wrist, bringing it back to your face. Inseong can’t hide his smile at how cute you looked, puckering your lips for more. So innocent and sweet. It awakened a dark desire inside him to have all of you, to see his sweet baby on the verge of tears begging for more with her adorable whines.

    He aligns two fingers in front of your glossy lips, which you more than readily take in your warm mouth. You suck on the tips slowly, lashes batting in Inseong’s direction, who struggles to keep a straight face. Your tongue circles around the tips, specks of glitter tainting his digits when you bob your head up and down. Inseong’s dick twitching, watching you smile as you take them fully in your warm mouth.

    You were so cute even as you are whining when he pumps the fingers inside your mouth, your tongue laying flat underneath them. You hum as he pushes them further, greedy for his touch. Your tiny hands grip his thighs as your lashes flutter open, sweet eyes following the print of his growing bulge in his pajama pants as if asking if you could use your pretty lips on another part of him, too.

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  • fairy-seong
    28.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    kang chanhee x gn!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual descriptions, soft temperature play; pretty short

    kinktober day 28 prompt: nipple play

    “Does that feel good?” Chanhee’s eyes glisten with desire as he stares at your naked body.

    Back arched and lips moaning his name; it was more than the answer he was looking for. Chanhee’s fingers dip into the bowl placed next to the bed one more time, fishing for another ice cube.

    He smiles, watching your hazy eyes, head buried in the pillow. He places the ice between his lips before hovering on top.

    Chanhee holds your hips in place despite your desperate whines for some friction. His hot breath fawns over your neck, icy droplets of water running past his chin and onto your skin. Another soft whine goes past your swollen rosy lips.


    Your boyfriend smiles, running his tongue over the ice cube in his mouth. He leaves a wet trail down to your chest, the tip of his tongue swirling around your perked nipples. A few drops of water fall down the middle of your chest, Chanhee cleaning everything with a smile.

    He places the ice between his lips, running it over your chest and hard nipples. A shiver runs down your spine, the heat between your legs growing even more when your boyfriend’s teeth graze over the delicate buds. He bites gently, mouth rushing to leave chaste kisses all over your skin.

    His lips are stiff and you tug at the black strands a little harder with each wet kiss. Filthy moans spill from your lips when Chanhee drops the melting ice over your chest. His fingers toy with it, dragging it around a little more over your chest and stomach each time you begged him to stop.

    #sf9 smut#sf9 imagine#sf9 kinktober #sf9 chani smut #chani x reader
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  • fairy-seong
    27.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    kim youngkyun x gn!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual descriptions, oral (male receiving), soft praise kink, curse words

    kinktober day 27 prompt: face-fucking

    Youngkyun has your hair in a makeshift ponytail, hips snapping against your parted lips. Your eyelids are closed, a soft hum escaping your throat each time your lover pushes his cock a little further.

    “That’s right, take it all baby,” he encourages you.

    Your fists ball in your lap, tongue pressed flat against his cock. Youngkyun groans at the warm, wet feeling of your mouth. You take him too well as if it’s something you’ve been dying to do all day.

    Youngkyun never asks, but fuck, just the image of his pretty baby kneeling in front of him with her mouth open and tongue sticking out makes him go crazy. When you wrap your lips and bop your head, his palm gently guides your head to move faster.

    “Your mouth feels so good,” he groans, throwing his head back.

    You can tell he’s close by the way he thrusts his hips faster, deeper, almost making you gag. He loves it when you moan around his dick, eyes squeezed shut as you struggle to take all of him. He also fucking loves you when you’re so messy and sloppy, tongue swirling and sucking every inch of his cock.

    “You’re such a dream,” Youngkyun’s breathless voice calls out to you.

    You look at him with teary eyes, watching as he moans when you give the leaking tip some quick kitten licks. It’s not long before he comes undone with one last groan, strings of white running past your lips and down your chin.

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  • fairy-seong
    26.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    kim youngbin x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual descriptions, fingering, slight public sex

    kinktober day 26 prompt: fingering

    Youngbin holds his chin with one hand, fingers tapping his cheek. It’s a slow rhythm, following the sound blasting through the speakers in the studio.

    His other hand is rubbing your inner thighs, his fingertips traveling a little further than you expected them. You clear your throat, pushing his hand away. Your eyes narrow as if asking him what he’s doing, but your boyfriend simply hides his cheeky smile behind the back of his palm.

    “I think maybe the melody could be a little more harmonious towards the bridge,” Youngbin ponders, watching his members replay the first part of the song.

    He forces your legs open, fingers tugging at the fabric covering your pussy. He flashes you a smile, feeling the wet patch.

    “Shut up,” you mumble, allowing your head to fall on his shoulder.

    He teases past your folds and in that moment you feel so glad his oversized hoodie is wrapped around your legs. He doesn’t shy away to insert them and gently pump his digits in and out, even when Juho sits across him at the table. You sigh, teeth biting into his shoulder, struggling to keep the moans in.

    It was supposed to be a cute lunch date with matching drinks and bento boxes; you should’ve realized Youngbin won’t let you get away that easily after the sneaky make-out session you had in the bathroom.

    “Do you think we can add some background vocals?” his thumb rubs your clit, voice as steady as ever. He smiles at you, eyes fluttering as if trying to say he wants to hear your moans.

    You grip his arm, turning your flushed face away from his members.

    “Can we write a rap guide by tomorrow too?” Youngkyun asks as she shuffles around the room.

    “Probably,” Youngbin replies, voice as calm as ever even though he was knuckles deep inside your pussy. “What do you think, babe? Do you want to come by tomorrow and hear another version?”

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  • fairy-seong
    25.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    yoo taeyang x gn!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): sexually suggestive descriptions, mentions of handjob(s), mentions of crying

    kinktober day 25 prompt: dacryphilia

    Your fingertips caress his cheek, thumbing away the tears. His eyes are closed when you pass your tips over them the second time. Long lashes tickle your palm and a tiny smile creeps up on your face.

    “Do you want me to stop?”

    Taeyang sniffs but does not reply.

    “Do you want to say your safe word?”

    His eyes open wide, head shaking vehemently as he brings your palm closer to his naked body.

    “No, no,” he pants, bottom lip sticking out. "I still want more."

    His chest slowly heaving, breath still rugged from his last orgasm and ravished black hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. What a sight, you think to yourself. Having the man you adore whining, salty tears running like rivers down his caramel cheeks, and the dulcet tone of his voice begging you to ruin him more.

    You lean to press a kiss on his left shoulder, fingers dancing around his abdomen until they reached his cock.

    Your other arm caresses his cheek, Taeyang nuzzling his face into your arm palm. His tears slowed down, but you can still notice them pooling in the corners of his eyes when your arm moves up and down.

    “You always look so beautiful even when you cry,” you whisper.

    #sf9 imagine#sf9 smut #yoo taeyang smut #sf9 kinktober #yoo taeyang x reader #yoo taeyang imagines
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  • fairy-seong
    24.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    lee jaeyoon x fem!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): sexually suggestive depictions, lingerie, soft smut

    kinktober day 24 prompt: lingerie

    “Is it as good as you imagined?” you ask, stepping into the room.

    Jaeyoon’s eyes sparkle at the sight of your almost bare body. The blush pink delicate lace hugging your waist to the top of your hips. You crawl onto the edge of the bed, Jaeyoon still unable to remove his gaze from your body.

    He was not the type to buy you lingerie very often, but with this one, he just had to. He knew from the first moment the ad popped up on his laptop’s screen how perfect you would look in it.

    “It’s much better,” he finally answers, hands raising to meet your tiny frame hugging his chest. “Much, much better.”

    He presses his lips on your shoulder, letting the thin strap fall down your arm. Jaeyoon pauses for another moment to take in how beautiful you looked. The white flowers decorating your chest almost made you seem like an angel; which he would argue that you were more of a devilish goddess.

    But right now all words fail when the tips of his fingers brush against your clothes core, the wet spot growing bigger, the more his fingers rub your pussy through the see-through material.

    His other arm runs up your side, his thumb rubbing your nipple through the delicate embroidery. You’re still avoiding his gaze, your cheeks currently the same pale pink shade as your new lingerie.

    “Jaeyoon,” you murmur with your head against his chest, hips working on their own to get that high from merely his fingers, “do you want to take it off for me?”

    He smiles, lips meeting your rosy cheek.

    “I want to ruin you a bit more while you wear my present, do you mind, angel?”

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  • fairy-seong
    23.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    kim inseong x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, mentions of alcohol, swear words

    kinktober day 23 prompt: drunk sex

    Inseong giggles into the crook of your neck, making you squirm underneath him.

    “It tickles,” you reply, still laughing.

    “Baby, help me,” his bottom lip is sticking out as he looks up at you.

    He ways looked adorable whenever he got tipsy. Clinging to you like a baby koala, lips puckered at all times chanting for “kissy kissy” as he called them at this time. You were equally high of his love but far less intoxicated on alcohol.

    You laugh as Inseong guides your own hand to his erection. He sulks, burying his face in the crook of your neck one more time.

    “If you keep laughing at me, you won’t get any of this,” his hand motions to your naked bodies cuddles together under the covers.

    “Babe, you look so cute, I can’t help it.”

    You feel his tip enter you slowly. His thrusts are a little lazy, but you do not mind, loving the way his warmth engulfed you and his lips were pressed to your skin. You hook one leg around his waist as Inseong quickens his pace.

    “Am I still cute?” he mumbles, lifting his head to place more kisses on the side of your neck.

    You nod, biting your lower lip, hearing your boyfriend’s breathy moans. Your walls tighten around his cock, Inseong gripping at your hips harder; his parted lips desperately nipping on the rosy spot on your neck.

    “Inseong, shit,” you whisper, lifting your hips off the mattress to meet his reckless thrusts. “More, more,” you moan, tugging at his hair.

    His teeth graze the skin, tongue triumphantly passing over the hickey. His mouth goes lower, palms guiding your hips to meet his rough pace. He pants, hitting the spot that always made you go crazy.

    “Am I still cute?” he mumbles, tongue swirling around your hard nipple, teeth teasing the sensitive spot.

    #sf9 smut#sf9 imagines#sf9 kinktober #sf9 x reader #inseong x reader #inseong smut
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  • fairy-seong
    22.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    yoo taeyang x gn!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut-ish

    trigger warning(s): sexually suggestive depictions, lap dancing, dry humping, thigh riding, soft praise kink, kind of sub-ish idol but not really, the song i had in mind while writing this

    kinktober day 22 prompt: lap dance

    Your fingers ran along Taeyang’s sides, chest pressed on the side of his chest. His white shirt falling loosely around his neck, the v cut making it a little easier for you to see the gentle lines of his chest. He sways around with you, the soft beats surrounding your dim bedroom.

    “Why don’t you dance for me? I miss watching you dance.”

    A coy smile flashes on his lips.


    You step back, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. Taeyang closes his eyelids, turning his back to you. His arms swing softly to the beat, feet following the rhythm of the song you chose. He was not expecting such a sensual song, but he does not complain. Taeyang always loved putting on a show for you.

    And he does it now as well, his palms touching his skin, one of them firmly grabbing his belt when he snaps his hips to the front. You lick your lips, a playful smile encouraging him to continue. His waist bends forward, parted lips mouthing the lyrics finishing the verse with a wave. His palm continues to caress his own body; teasingly lifting the white shirt so you can glance at his toned abs.

    “Come here,” you smile, pointing your finger to your lap.

    Your boyfriend chews on his lower lip, hips snapping again to the beat drop. He kneels a few feet away from you, arms pulling the white shirt off in a single motion. His body twists to the music, fingers passing through his hair and down to his lips. His tongue grazes his digits, which he lets loose down to his chest and below.

    Your eyebrows raise in shock. How did you not notice the obvious bulge in his sweat pants until now?

    “Sunshine, you're so beautiful,” you whisper, but you forget everything else watching Taeyang crawl on all four towards your seat.

    His hands force open your legs and you whine in response when his face snakes dangerously close to your core. A faint wave of shyness washes over you, feeling his hot breath fawn over your body.

    “Fuck,” you throw your head back, hoping Taeyang did not catch your rose-colored cheeks. “You look pretty hot between my legs.”

    “You think?” his tone is hushed as he presses his lips to your inner thigh.

    He uses them to lift himself to your eye level. He crawls on top of your lap just like you asked him to a bit earlier. His hips rut into yours, mouth hanging open as an almost inaudible moan comes out.

    “You’re so pretty,” you whisper, leaning back on your elbows. "You're doing so good, love. Go on, I love it so much."

    His movements quicken, eyelids falling shut and his whole body feeling as if it was on fire. He goes deeper, making sure you can feel how needy he was. His bulge is pressed against your thighs, Taeyang gently purring when he feels you move them for more friction.

    “Would you touch me?”

    “Anything you want, my sunshine,” you answer through hooded lids, watching him hover on top of you.

    Your fingers pass through his dark hair, lips teasing his.

    “Would you let me fuck you too?”

    #sf9 smut #sf9 x reader #sf9 kinktober#sf9 imagine #yoo taeyang x reader #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang smut #my second fav writing from kinktober hah
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  • fairy-seong
    21.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    kang chanhee x fem!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut, university professor!au

    trigger warning(s): sexually suggestive descriptions, swear words, mentions of choking, sir kink but make it spicy teacher, student-teacher relationship (everyone of legal age)

    kinktober day 21 prompt: sir kink

    Everyone knew how ruthless professor Kang could be you were no stranger to his punishments and the hoard of extra assignments for a better grade.

    “But I swear I sent the project before midnight. There must be some kind of error,” you complained, leaning back in the wooden chair.

    Your professor clicks his tongue turning the laptop towards you. His index points to a timestamp and you wish he did not catch you roll your eyes.

    “What does this say, miss Y/L/N?”

    “There must have been an error. I promise you, Chanhee...”

    He raises his eyebrows, stepping away from his desk. The room was too quiet and you could almost hear your heartbeat.


    “Yes?” your voice is softer now, knowing his name slipped up the first time.

    “What were our rules? When we are at the university...?” he expects you to finish the sentence.

    “I am not allowed to call you by your name.”

    Your colleagues knew you and professor Kang’s relationship has always been tense, but they did not know it was much more than that. Much more than being a student with a smart mouth and a cold teacher.

    You met during spring break, Chanhee’s eyes melting at the sight of the slightly tipsy young girl bumping into him before apologizing profoundly and sending him a flying kiss as a second apology. And it continued even after your heart almost stopped when you saw him step into the classroom, introducing himself as your new cinema history teacher.

    “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?” you giggled after the first class as you stole a kiss on an empty staircase.

    “Miss Y/N, I cannot let you slip up anymore. I don’t like how dangerous this gets each time we are near each other.”

    “Chanhee, please, baby,” you are now pouting and leaning forward.

    You wore that shirt on purpose; your cleavage showed a little more than normal, a faint purple mark still visible on your left collarbone. He smirks. He had you on all fours moaning so loud for him that night.

    “Miss Y/L/N, do I really need to put you back in your place right here?”

    You open your legs, fingers slowly caressing your inner thigh as Chanhee watched you with narrow eyes. He tilts his head. All too accustomed to your naughty antics. You cross your legs back not before showing him a brief preview of the wet spot on your underwear.


    You bat your lashes in his direction when he walks next to your chair. His arm traces the delicate line of your neck; another hickey from the other night when you crawled into his bed with filthy moans and arms draped over his neck. He toys with the few strings of hair, wrapping them around his fingers.

    “Sir?” your big eyes question him. “Did I do anything wrong, sir?”

    Your lover scoffs. Even in these moments, he could feel the tint of mischievousness in your words.

    “Do you think you did, Y/N?”

    Your sheepish smile always makes him melt, but this time he keeps a straight face. His body closes into yours when you get up from your seat. He lifts your chin with two fingers, replying with a sly smile to yours.

    “I hope you will remember when we are here. I am sir to you. Not Chanhee, not baby.”

    His fingers caress your rosy cheek. You nod.

    “Use your words, my beloved. Don’t make me repeat myself. I don’t think this is the place or time for you to act like a little needy girl. Is it now?”

    You shake your head, parted lips whimpering when his fingers graze around your throat and he squeezes hard.

    “No, sir. It is not.”

    Chanhee’s grip loosens around your neck, a brief smirk on his lips before he leans forward. His face less than an inch away from yours. Fuck, you really wanted to kiss him.

    “That’s my good girl. Now go, you will be late for your next class.”

    His lips barely touch your cheek before he hurries back to his desk. You smile, placing your fingers where his lips ghosted your skin.

    “And my project, sir? Will you reconsider giving me a better grade?”

    He raises his eyebrows, pointing to the door.

    “Let me think it over dinner tonight. If you stop acting like a spoiled brat, maybe you will get some extra credits too.”

    You smile. “Thank you, sir. I promise I will repay your kindness.”

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  • fairy-seong
    20.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    kim youngbin x baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: smut, suggestive, maybe fluff (?)

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, smut, suggestive scenes, mentions of polyamory

    kinktober day 20 prompt extra imagine: polyamory

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they both treat you like you are the most precious thing to grace this earth. Where they both want you to feel as loved as a goddess.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they would both take turns pleasuring you while the other one watches, almost like an unspoken competition to see who makes you moan the loudest.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they both undress you slowly, kissing every inch of your skin on rough days. Their fingers caress your skin, whispering how much they love you and how proud they are of you. Drawing a bath for the three of you, intimate moments turn into hasty kisses and naughty touches underneath the bubbles. They hush your moans with their lips, hands gripping each other’s bodies hungrily. Their thrusts are so slow as they embrace you wholly.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where you spend almost every weekend in Juho’s studio. Late-night three-way make-out sessions turn naughty and you could swear you saw Juho press the record button once you started moaning their names.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they had a rough day and you are not about to let your precious lovers stay mad. You drop to your knees taking their dicks out, soft doe-like eyes watching up as you take turns licking and sucking each of them. You jerk them faster, with rougher movements whenever you hear their low groans. You don’t need to ask them where they want to cum; they always love doing it on your chest, painting your boobs in white with low growls about how hot you look.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where you and Juho play with each other while Youngbin watches and tells him what to do. He sits across the bed, lustful gaze demanding Juho to fuck you harder as your face is buried in the pillow to muffle your moans. Youngbin’s arm reaches for yours, fingers gently caressing the back of your hand, whispering how well you are taking all they are giving you and how he can’t wait to fuck you even harder.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they take turns overstimulating you and bringing you to the edge with simply their fingers and mouths. They won’t stop until they have you shaking, your safe word blurting out between loud cries and fingers gripping their shoulders. They love it when you’re begging; they love it, even more, when they turn their pretty princess into a mess with smudged lipstick and tears running down her rosy cheeks from too much pleasure.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they never let you go sleep sad and angry. They never let you end the call without whispering they love you.

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  • fairy-seong
    20.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    yoo taeyang x kim youngkyun x gn!reader

    genre: smut, suggestive, fluff if you squint

    trigger warning(s): suggestive descriptions, mentions of polyamory, depictions may not be entirely accurate

    kinktober day 20 prompt: polyamory

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they are both shy to make the first move even though everyone knows they like you. You had to drag them out one night and confess you like both of them and want to date them.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where you adore them, even more, when they get affectionate with each other. Calling them by their favorite cute nicknames in the bed makes them blush all the time.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they would do anything you asked to; especially in bed. They love hearing you moan their names more than anything. They love it when you are loud, and they know you love it more when they are loud.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they both let you take charge in the bedroom. They’re your obedient pretty boys who love kissing your body and have you on top of them.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where the younger is the most eager to please the both of you while Taeyang is the one who will teasingly strip dance for you and Youngkyun. His eyes send naughty winks in the mirror, watching you and Youngkyun getting more turned with each second that passes.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they love being sneaky around the members and teasing you with their fingers on your thighs underneath the dinner table or kiss your neck and grip your ass in the kitchen while the others are next door.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they always take you out on dates and insist on taking a photo of your smile each time because you are the most beautiful when you smile.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they insist on helping you with the most mundane tasks no matter how boring because they feel they must protect their baby.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where every movie night date ends with the three of you falling asleep on the couch while cuddling; limbs tangled together and fingers intertwined while the bowl of popcorn gets dropped on the floor.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they drive you insane in the most childish way sometimes and you feel you want to kill them, but in the end, you always laugh and kiss their lips because you love them to bits.

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  • nocturne-overtures
    20.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Kinktober Day 16-Like an Adonis

    Pairing: Gender Neutral Reader x Kim Seokwoo (Rowoon)

    Prompt: Spanking + Body Worship

    WC: 1k+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Non Idol AU, Established Relationship, Painter AU

    Tws: Swearing

    Sws: Impact Play, Ball Gag, Wax Play, Body Worship, Slight Muscle Kink, Sex Toy, Aftercare


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©nocturne-overtures do not repost, translate, or use my works.

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 15                            Day 17

    Network Pings: @kwritersworld @kpopscape @kdiarynet 

    Sometimes art block can be a bitch. 

    When Seokwoo finds you staring at your canvas, leg bouncing and jaw clenched ever so slightly as you stare at it, he can’t help but to sigh. He leans over your sitting form, putting his chin atop your head as he looks at the canvas. 

    “Are you having a hard time, Y/N?” He quietly asks. You mutter something under your breath and nod, putting the paintbrush down and huffing ever so slightly, leaning back against his body. He hugs your neck and looks down at you. 

    “Do you want to paint me? Since you can’t settle on what to paint?” 

    It’s a simple and easy offer, innocent enough, right?

    How Seokwoo ended up with his lips stretched around a gag, eyes struggling to stay open as you alternated between spanking and slapping various parts of his muscular body. Each slap came with a firm grope and biting kisses as you kneaded at the muscle underneath his flushed skin. 

    “You’ve been working out more, haven’t you? You’ve toned up a lot.” You compliment, biting down on one of his pecs and drawing a deep, pleasured rumble from his mouth. The muffled ‘mhm’ confirms it for you, and you smile against the dark mark you leave in your wake. 

    Once his skin is sufficiently reddened and flushed, his cock standing hard against his abs, you move away, kissing the other side of his gag as he groans in protest. 

    It dies out when he sees you grab the long, slightly shimmering unlit wax candle. He stares at you curiously before he watches you light the candle, eyes going half lidded. He settles into your shared bed, spreading his legs as he watches you stand over him. 

    Long, glittering orange droplets roll down his body, the first landing on his pectoral and rolling downwards. He inhaled sharply before relaxing, fingers flexing in the sheets. Soon, more drops joined the first, some leaving little speckles along his tan skin, the others rolling off in different directions. 

    You moved further down, pushing his thighs apart. He meets your eyes for a moment before you put your focus back down, letting drop after drop of hot wax land on the skin of his thighs. 

    The area drew more of a reaction than the first, with the muffled hitches of breath and groans increasing in volume. His hips bucked ever so slightly, but you push him back with a firm hand. 

    “Careful. I dunno how you feel about hot wax on your cock, but I’d like us not to find out by accident.” You tease, smiling as a bit of the tension broke as both of you let out a small shared laugh. Seokwoo’s hips dropped obediently, the muscles of his thighs flexing as more droplets of wax joined the first set. 

    Once you were satisfied, you move back and admire your handiwork, eyes combing over his large frame as he lay splayed out for you, hands resting behind him, head settled back on the headboard, and thighs spread. His breathing was even and calm as you looked over him, moving closer to position him how you wanted him. 

    “You’re a genius, you know?” You hum, moving to kiss the corner of his stuffed lips. His chuckled made his shoulders shake as he tilted his head, letting you move him as needed. You pull back for a moment, intending to move back to your canvas before you stopped short. 

    “Ah wait, I need to make sure you stay hard during this. Do you mind?” You inquire, moving to the drawer where the two of you kept your sex toys. Seokwoo shook his head, relaxing more into the sheets as you came back with one of your favorite mini bullet vibes. You kept it on a medium setting, kissing his temple and purring a sweet ‘I love you’ as you pushed it into him once you’d lubed it up. 

    You give him a moment, hearing the slight chatter of him biting the gag before he relaxed once more, breathing a bit sharply through his nose before settling back. 

    Whatever block kept you from your work earlier was gone the second time you picked up your paintbrush. 

    Seokwoo kept his voice down to the best of his ability, his eyes fixed on you as he watched you paint. Every now and again, he took a moment, eyes closing as he tried to push back his need to buck up, to thrust against nothing in a fruitless attempt to relieve some of the pent up pleasure. Then he remembered you were trying to work, eyes opening back up to meet yours. 

    You’d always stop the moment his eyes closed, waiting for his hands to move, to sign that he couldn’t take it anymore. You’d stop in a heartbeat if it got too much, he knew that well. 

    He never did, though, relaxing into the bed, sending you a small apologetic smile as he went back to holding as still as he could. 

    The piece...came out wonderful. 

    You honestly think it’s your new favorite art piece. Every flush of his skin, every vein, and the orange trails of wax came out beautiful and once you’d removed the gag and wiped Seokwoo’s lips, showing him the canvas, his brows went up in interest. 

    “Holy shit, Y/N. Baby you did so well!”

    You smile and kiss his cheek, laying him down properly so you could start the slow, meticulous process of getting the wax off of him. Thankfully this type of candle was meant for this play and left no residue on him, but you still were careful when peeling them off. 

    “I did well because I had such a gorgeous muse.” You grin in response, bending to kiss him before tilting your head to the side, purring. 

    “Hey, we should take a shower so I can make sure you’re all clean properly. Besides, I still have to take care of this.” You smile, grabbing the base of his cock. He jolts, bucking up into your hand before chuckling, running a hand through his hair. 

    “What are we waiting for, then?”


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  • fairy-seong
    18.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    lee sanghyuk x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, mentions of sexting, nude pictures, curse worse, mentions of friends with benefits, a little self-indulging imagine

    kinktober day 18 prompt: sexting

    Sanghyuk’s fingers ghost over your picture on his phone. It’s been a while, he thinks, hasn’t it? Did you miss him as well? Did you search for him in every other dude you brought home? Look for his smile and warm hugs in the morning like he did?

    You probably didn’t.

    But that didn’t stop him from opening the chat. Last message left on read two weeks ago after he suddenly felt the urge to kiss you in the middle of that crowded room. All your friends and colleagues were there, some of which he has never even heard of before.

    It wasn’t right, and he knew he broke the most important rule, but he couldn’t stand it anymore. He wanted to kiss you, and he did. Pouring all his heart into that deep kiss, arms caressing your back, pulling you close. You loved it, but the way you rushed out the next second told him otherwise.

    “We’re just friends. You need to stop. I only agreed to this stupid friends with benefits thing for your sake,” you almost yelled, exasperated.

    “I know, it’s my fault.”

    "Just zip it. You did enough, Sanghyuk."

    He doesn’t think you will answer his texts now, but does he have anything to lose anymore? He already lost his best friend.

    “fuck, i know you probably won’t even read this, but i miss you so much it’s driving me crazy. just please, i take everything back. can we be friends again?”

    He almost wants to slap himself until he notices the three dots and your picture next to them.

    “i don’t need you to take anything back, sanghyuk. i exaggerated too, i am sorry, we are still friends, don't worry.”

    “then tell me what to do, i can do everything if you just let me.”

    And he really would. Because Sanghyuk was so smitten, he would bring the stars on the ground for you if he could.

    “i miss you too... my bed is so cold right now.”

    “would it help if i came over and hugged you right now?”

    “only hug?”

    Shit, you couldn’t be serious, Sanghyuk groans, reading over your message again. Did you really miss him like that, too? Because he spent nights and days thinking of how perfect you fit next to his frame, how tiny you always feel when you hang on his broad shoulders while he snaps his hips into you.

    “i could do more if that’s what you want. maybe take off your shirt slowly, my palms running all over your cold skin. i am gripping at your hips, my lips kissing your neck hungrily while i let you ride my thigh the way you always loved.”

    He paused, licking his lips, palming himself through his sweatpants. You don’t reply, but he continues; the fantasy in his head feeling so alive right now.

    “i want to hear you gasp when i pull away, your tiny whines are always so cute, especially when you’re whining for me to fuck you. but i can’t just fuck you like that after all this time, right, sunshine?”

    “right, sanghyukie. i want you to take everything off too, kiss me all over, and go down slowly while your fingers are in me. god, i’m so wet just thinking about you sucking on my nipples while your fingers are fucking me.”

    Sanghyuk can’t take it anymore. His erection springs free, one hand wrapped around the base while he holds the phone high enough to capture his abs and a bit of his tattoo as well; he knows you have a soft spot for kissing them. He doesn’t even think about anything else when he presses send than how turned on you would get seeing him like this.

    “shit, sanghyuk, would you want me to get on my knees and suck you off? your moans are the prettiest whenever you are about to cum and beg me to let you cum all over my tits. or do you want to do it in my mouth this time? i know it makes you so hard when i lick you clean after you're done.”

    You were going to be the death of him. Sanghyuk knows that for sure when the attached picture loads. You are kneeling on your bed, no shirt, no bra and he swears he can feel how wet you are even through this pic. Your mouth is open, tongue softly hanging out with a naughty smile on your glossy lips.

    “just how you love it, sanghyukie.”

    And he does love it. Lazily pumping his cock at the thought of you being so nasty for him, turning all his dreams into reality.

    “when i get back i will fuck you so hard, so long, sunshine. i won’t let you get away this time. i will give you everything you need, i will be everything you need.”

    He pants pressing on the picture you sent one more time. Yeah, you were surely gonna be the death of him.

    #sf9 smut#sf9 imagines #sf9 x reader #sf9 kinktober #dawon x reader #dawon smut#dawon imagines #this might also be one of my fav kintober writings
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  • fairy-seong
    17.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    kim youngkyun x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, belly bulge, curse words

    kinktober day 17 prompt: belly bulge

    Youngkyun flips you on your back, two digits still pressed at your entrance. He pumps them lazily, the corners of his lips rising, noticing how you try to clench around them, asking for more. Your bottom lip sticking out, hooded eyes searching for his.

    He smiles down at you from underneath his brown locks.

    “Do you need something, baby?”

    You nod sheepishly.


    Your boyfriend leans to press a quick kiss on your lips. Maybe he teased you enough for today. Why not give his pretty girl what she deserves?

    Youngkyun lifts your legs up, knees pulled up to your chest. Your fingers fall around his neck when he enters your pussy slowly. The smile on his face turns into a low groan when you clench around his cock.

    “Baby, I barely moved. Do you need me to fuck you that much?”

    You nod, holding your knees apart when his thrusts get harsher.

    “Look at my pretty girl,” Youngkyun smirks, watching his cock disappear inside you “loving it when she’s stuffed to a brim.”

    "Only by you," you stutter between whimpers.

    He thrusts even deeper before his motions pause for a moment; Youngkyun takes your hand into his, guiding your palm down the valley of your chest. He stops at your belly, gently rocking his hips.

    “Can you feel that, baby?”

    Lustful gaze watching you moan as you feel the bump of his cock in your belly when he snaps his hips again. He always stretches you out so well, fucking you deep and raw.

    “You look so fucking hot, right now,” he growls breathlessly, unable to take his eyes off the bulge forming in your belly with each thrust.

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  • fairy-seong
    16.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions nothing much really, soft shortie

    kinktober day 16 prompt: morning sex

    The first rays of sunshine found you, and Juho embraced, your hips rolling against his lazily. You brush the brown strands out of his face with a half-smile, the remnants of sleep still in the air.

    You lean down, allowing your head to lie on his chest as you grind down on his cock. Juho’s hands were guiding your hips gently, his eyes watching the way your pussy hugged him even this early in the morning.

    “Did you have a pleasant dream?” you ask as you ride him a little faster.

    A moan escapes your throat before he gets to answer and for a moment he forgets the outside world exists. It was you, him, and these messy white bedsheets.

    You lift your torso, placing both hands on his chest for support, nails gently scratching his skin. Juho groans when your nails graze over the hickey you left last night in a daze of pleasure. His hips push back into yours when he feels your walls clenching around his cock. This felt too good to be true, you felt too good to be true.

    “What are you thinking about, baby?” you smile.

    Juho responds with a smile of his own, eyelids falling shut when your pussy clenches around his cock again. God, you were so wet he could feel you dripping down his thighs.

    “Was your dream that good?”

    “Not as good as this,” he smiles again as you lean down to press a kiss on his lips.

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  • fairy-seong
    15.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: smut, romantic if you squint

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, a teeny-tiny pinch of angst, a very soft juho and reader

    kinktober day 15 prompt: make-up sex

    Juho’s embrace found you with your heart pierced by venom and tear-stained cheeks.

    “I didn’t mean to,” he whispers into the crook of your neck.

    The room was still cold, a nice contrast to the warm palms moving along your sides. You lift your hips off the mattress, helping Juho lift your oversized shirt. Wearing and hugging his t-shirt to sleep after your sudden breakup a few weeks ago became almost a habit.

    Juho took all you threw at him that time, from the gifts he bought you to the harsh words swirling around his mind like a tornado. You could barely remember why you argued in the first place, but it went too bad, too suddenly. Slammed doors and arms thrown in each other’s faces. Mundane habits turning into poison until neither could take it anymore. And he left.

    But now he was here; his silhouette heavy on top of your much smaller one when he leans to cup your face.

    “I am sorry,” he whispers against the thin air between you two.

    “I am too.”

    His lips move around yours as gently as a feather, almost scared you will falter away if he kisses you too hard. You hook one leg around his torso, Juho lining his hardened member at your entrance. A long sigh goes past his lips when he slips inside. It has felt like an eternity being apart from you, unable to feel you next to him each morning.

    He wants to whisper how much he missed you, how much he loved you, but every word paled compared to the way you softly moaned his name while he rocked his hips inside you. His nose brushes against yours, lips kissing away the salty tears falling down your cheeks.

    You weren't sad anymore, but you were crying. Maybe of happiness that he was in your arms once again, maybe of relief that he still loved you, or maybe because your heart felt like home in his presence.

    “I won’t leave again, I promise you.”

    His voice is choked as he speaks, struggling to hold in a sob watching you so frail and beautiful underneath him. How could he ever break up with you when you were all he loved? Only a mad man would do that, but maybe he truly turned mad that day.

    Your fingers find their way into his, holding them a little tighter each time Juho’s thrusts became too much. You whisper his name like a mantra scared for the moment to go away; scared his body will fade away and you will be left alone in this cold bedroom again.

    “I won’t leave,” he repeats once more, sealing the promise with a kiss.

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  • fairy-seong
    14.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual actions, very suggestive, use of restraints, kinda sub-idol, dry humping, mentions of over-stimulation

    kinktober day 14 prompt: restraints

    Your lips are pressed to his wrists, the pink chiffon ribbon gently decorating his arms. Juho chewed on his plush lips, a shiver running down his spine when you grind your hips against his again. You feel him getting tense as you kiss his fingertips one by one.

    “Relax, baby boy,” you smile, fixing the ribbons locking his hands to the headboard. “I will take good care of you.”

    Juho’s eyes widen at your giggles, hips pressing down on his erection as if you hadn’t been teasing him for what felt like an eternity.

    “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

    You bring your fingers closer to his clothed member, rubbing him through the thin fabric. Your chest is pressed against his, your warm bodies embracing each other. He knew whenever you took control; he ended up on the verge of tears, orgasms rushing one after another. From his mouth to his cock, your lips were leaving their trace everywhere, making him go crazy.

    You never give him what he wants and Juho has to retort to low groans and mindlessly grinding his hips up in hopes you will touch him.

    You don’t.

    But you let him see how wet you were getting by moving your underwear to the side.

    “Lean back and sit pretty baby.” you tilted your head to the side when Juho’s nails scratched the fabric tied around his wrists again.

    Freeing his cock only made me whine. He wanted to be inside you, to feel your pussy clench around his length like it always does. You smile, lowering yourself on top of his cock. Your folds brush over his tip, another moan escaping Juho’s red lips.

    “If you’re a good boy you will get everything,”

    “And if I’m bad?”

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  • fairy-seong
    13.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    kim youngbin x fem!reader

    genre: smut, a short continuation of this

    trigger warning(s): smut, swear words, soft-ish degradation, self-pleasuring (male), use of pet names

    kinktober day 13 prompt: degradation

    “This could all change in a second, you know?”

    Youngbin’s voice is nothing more than a whisper against the cold air engulfing the room. You swallow a little harder when another moan reaches your ears. Not daring to meet his gaze, you kept your eyes lower; watching your boyfriend’s palm swiftly moving along his shaft.

    Fuck his punishment and fuck him. Literally.

    “I know you wish this could have been your hand or even better,” the corner of his mouth rises “your mouth. Am I right, darling?”

    He’s right. You desperately wanted to be touched after Youngbin refused to let you do it and made you sit in the opposite corner of the room watching him jerk himself off.

    He spreads his legs wider, one digit passing over the tip smeared with pre-cum. A low groan goes past his lips, Youngbin’s head falling back against the couch.

    “Fuck, kitten. I can see you getting wet even from here,” he laughs. “Come on, I know you want me to fill you up.”

    You did, but you choose not to reply. Licking your lips, you lean back in your chair. You waited for his next move attentively, lips gently parted, fighting back the urge to slide your own hand past your folds.

    “Do you think I didn’t notice you rubbing your thighs together when I am not looking? And how you bite your lip fantasizing about my cock?”

    His fingers card his hair, Youngbin whispering your name over and over as he feels his orgasm building up. He knows you are watching through half-closed eyes as if struggling to take in all of his moans.

    “Youngbin,” you finally whisper.

    You couldn’t take it anymore, dripping all over yourself, watching the way your boyfriend is teasing you; cock in hand and your name dying on his lips with each thrust into his palm.

    “I want to touch you too.”

    He laughs, raising his eyebrows. He won.

    “Good kittens say please,” he releases his cock from his own grip and you lick your lips, seeing him hard and throbbing. “And good kittens take their punishments without complaining.”

    “But I was good,” you retort, standing up.

    His eyes trail between your thighs, juices dripping down your inner thighs as you gulp. Getting this wet was not part of your plan.

    “Good enough to deserve my cum? Yeah?” your boyfriend smile when you nod vehemently.

    “Then crawl over, kitten, and open your legs wide enough for me. Show me how wet my cock makes you.”

    “So wet,” you almost whimper as you crawl on all four towards the couch. Lying on your elbows, you do as Youngbin said.

    “Fuck, look at my needy kitten, acting like she is in heat. Do you want my dick that badly in you?”

    One nod. Deer eyes pleading for him to touch you as you felt a jolt of sweet pain rushing down to your pussy.

    “Will you misbehave again? Acting like a slut in front of all my friends?”

    You shake your head.

    “Are you sure you learned your lesson, kitten?”

    “Yes,” you almost stutter, trying to speak when Youngbin stands up in front of you. “Please, Youngbin, please.”

    He pumps his cock lazily, eyes locked with yours.

    “Tell me where you want it, dirty girl.”

    “Inside me, in my mouth. Everywhere,” you whine instinctively, sticking your tongue out.

    “Fuck. What a greedy girl you turned into, kitten. Begging for my cum like a little slut.”

    He takes a step closer.

    “Open wider,” you do as he says, opening your mouth. “You’re so cute when you’re horny,” Youngbin smirks, closing his eyes.

    It takes another second of you whining for his cock, for your boyfriend to reach his high. He smiles at your lewd moans when his cum touches the tip of your tongue, but he doesn’t listen to your pleads, lowering himself and painting your dripping pussy white. His cum running down from your stomach to your cunt and down your legs.

    “If you act like a slut, I’m gonna treat you like one, kitten.”

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  • fairy-seong
    12.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    lee jaeyoon x fem!reader

    genre: smut, arranged marriage!au

    trigger warning(s): sexual actions, smut, slight degradation, reader is a goddamn brat, soft-not-so-soft jaeyoon, swear words, this took a turn i do not like tbh

    kinktober day 12 prompt: hatefuck

    Not that you hated Jaeyoon, you could not care less about your new fiancé if not for your parents and their desire to marry the son of another wealthy family.

    Jaeyoon was not a bad guy. In fact, he was perfect. The perfect son, the perfect friend, and now the perfect fiancé. Maybe so you started resenting him as much as you did; the fact that he was your complete opposite.

    Your mother’s candy-coated words towards him only made you roll your eyes as she kept repeating how lucky her rebel daughter is to marry this young gentleman. What a shit show family reunions were, and this one was no exception.

    “Can you stop trying so hard?” you turned towards Jaeyoon when you finally got a couple of moments alone with him. “I’m sure everybody in my family already bought into your squeaky clean image, Mister I-never-do-no-wrong.”

    Jaeyoon simply sighs, taking a seat at his father’s office. He would soon inherit everything, might as well make himself comfortable.

    “I still don’t know why you agreed to this if you dislike me that much.”

    “Funny for you to imagine I would ever agree to marry someone as boring as you, Lee Jaeyoon.”

    “Boring?” he scoffs.

    You sip your champagne, placing the crystal glass on the desk. Jaeyoon spins his chair to face you as you sit on the edge of his father’s desk.

    The window was cracked open, the only thing separating you from the family reunion being the fluttering cream-colored curtains. You could still hear the faint laughs of Jaeyoon’s mother alongside your side of the family. Probably talking about whether you should have pink or white roses at the wedding.

    “When was the last time you ever did something crazy?”

    Jaeyoon tries to think of something, but the truth is he does not have an answer.

    “Got blackout drunk and ended up in a stranger’s bed?” You giggle, college memories rushing back. “Or maybe crashed your parents’ car and blamed an unknown thief?” Another fond memory.

    Jaeyoon shakes his head. You try to fake a shocked expression before breaking into laughter.

    “Ok, ok, how about having sex in your parents’ bedroom?”

    “Why would I do that?”

    His raised eyebrows and half-open mouth in surprise made him look less despicable. Almost cute, if he weren’t so stuck up on his high horse.

    “For fun, for the thrill of getting caught or having someone walk in on you while you are having the greatest orgasm of your life?”

    Jaeyoon says nothing, gaze fixated on a point behind you. He didn’t budge even when you uncrossed your legs, teasingly bringing your leather skirt a little higher.

    “Goddammit, Lee Jaeyoon. Is your dick game as lame as your personality?” you ask, noticing a sour grimace on his face.

    “Lame?” he scoffs again. “Is that the way you speak with your fiancé?”

    “I can speak however the fuck I want with whomever,” you stick your tongue out. “Will you go cry to mommy and say your future wife has been mean to you?”

    Jaeyoon stands up, your legs laying on each side of him now. A hand brings your face closer to his, fingers tangled in your curls. It’s so sudden that your breath gets stuck in your throat, but you don’t show it. His eyes narrow, the grip he has on the back of your neck getting stronger.

    “I am getting real tired of your shit, Y/N,” he spits out, words hitting like venom on your skin while Jaeyoon draws himself inches closer. “Do you really wanna try me? See if my dick is better than that shitty ex of yours you keep going back to?”

    “Yes. Do it...” your smart mouth argued back with your new lover “... if you’re man enough to fuck me in your daddy’s office.”

    You did it on purpose. You wanted to tick him off, see how much Jaeyoon could take before finally shedding his goody two shoe image. Seems like this was his breaking point.

    You turned around on your own, lifting your skirt and pulling your panties to the side. Polished manicured fingers brushing past your folds, silkiness sticking to them.

    “Will you keep me waiting, hubby?”

    Your bottom lip stuck out, throwing a pitiful look over your shoulder. You hear his zipper go down before his palm spreads your cheeks wider. He grips the flesh, your ass turning a pale shade of pink when his palm slaps your right cheek.

    “Fuck,” you hiss, gripping the corner of the wooden desk. “Is that all you got?”

    You didn’t want to back down. Jaeyoon smirks at your question as he turns your body to face him. He places you on the desk, the tip of his cock teasing your entrance. You place your hand on his erection, hurrying to push him inside. You were needy, wanting to see just how good your fiancé could fuck you.

    “Are you always this wet or just for the people you hate?”

    “Shut up.”

    Jaeyoon chuckles before bringing his face closer. Your lips meet in an ardent kiss, his teeth biting into your plush lip while he finally starts filling you up. His thrusts weren’t as gentle as you imagined, Jaeyoon’s thickness stretching out your walls each second.

    A moan cascaded down your lips which Jaeyoon did not try to hide. He found a steady pace, cock brushing against your walls harder each time you whimpered at the strength he put in each thrust.

    One arm held your hips in place, your body too small to fight against his firm hold. Jaeyoon’s muscles were on display through the button-up white shirt he was wearing and you could not deny under the glistening sweat and blazing eyes he looked quite sexy using your little cunt as a play toy.

    “Your pussy is too good compared to all the trash you talk,” Jaeyoon smirked, eyes watching his cock disappear inside you.

    “You should watch your mouth, Jae...” but he does not let you finish.

    His free arm wraps around your throat, a wicked smile on his lips when another broken whimper leaves your cherry lips. He pushes your back flat on the desk, helping your legs wrap around his torso.

    "No, you should watch it. Watch the way I make you moan over and over."

    If that's how he wants to play, you think. You hum when Jaeyoon hits your soft spot again and again. Each mewl and the lewd whispers of his name growing a little louder whenever you overheard footsteps outside the window.

    “Are you that desperate for someone to catch you?” Your fiancé hissed, shoving two fingers inside your mouth.

    You sucked on them greedily, holding his gaze when you let go; a trail of spit still connecting them to your swollen lips. You grin childishly at him, repeating the question.

    “I just want to see their reaction when they see me sprawled on your father’s desk. My juices ruining his work documents and dripping all over the place because of their beloved son.”

    You gasp when Jaeyoon’s palm holds your throat again. He leans down, kissing a line from your neck to your ear.

    “I’ll just tell them my beautiful fiancée could not wait until we got home to get fucked properly,” he hits that spot again, your legs turning numb at the pleasure.

    Jaeyoon kisses your cheek, flashing the dimpled smile he always showed in front of your parents.

    “After all, how can I refuse this needy pussy of yours when it’s practically begging me to fill her up with my cum?”

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