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  • fangmich
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    well new sf9 photobooks will release tomorrow..

    #moo i say #sf9#zuho#baek juho #I pass on this one #they didn't even promote it😂 #two pictures aren't enough to convince me #Zuho posting badly done thirst traps every now and then for free #for what do I need another photobook
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  • divinefireangel
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    omg the youngkyun and oral ask😭 i wanna suck him off and his moans would be so🤤🤤 tongue swirling around the tip and looking up all the time then the babyboy would cum so fast💦💦

    Warning: Dacryphilia, oral (M receiving).

    A part of me knows youngkyun is weak for eye contact and if you do it with his dick in your mouth he'll definitely cum faster but also cry from the pleasure

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  • smileysuh
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Asks now open :)

    Hi :) I’m Nova and i have extreme social anxiety- but i’m working on it by trying to be active more in my asks, little positive interactions each day will make everyone happier i think :)

    but I’m not taking fic/long project requests, and please read the guidelines below before you send an ask in :)

    Ask guidelines:

    1: please be nice to me, and i’ll be nice to you :) 

    2: no promises I’ll be able to respond :/

    3: You can ask my opinions on things, lil impromptu ratings, ranking most to leasts,  fmk, and if you don’t specify, then maybe a lil blurb :)

    lets have fun, but no fic requests, I have way too many wips :)

    and ps- compliments or discussions about my fics/work are always welcome too :) 


    Fun Asks Masterlist :) 


    Donate with Paypal, donate with Kofi, Or become a Patron and access exclusive content every month :)

    #smileysuh #i'll put some of my biases tagged here so ya'll know my current thirst #wonwoo and mingyu from svt #but tbh- whole rapline be killin it #johnjaehyuck from nct we vibin- #but low key jungwoo and doyoung and even taeil have been CLIMBING #those are my 2 main groups #but if yall wanna atease me with more you can ;) #youknow im a hoe for yunho #kjaskjakjsaksa #most of ateez tbh #kino from pentagon kills me #and sf9 be dragging me so come chat about them if you want :)
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  • juhotonin
    02.01.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #my dude having a whole breakdown about sf9 #and I’m lovin it!! #the thirst for taeyang is real in that but then again this dude changes his mind so fast #zey.txt
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  • divinefireangel
    09.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SUSHIE I AGAIN HAVE NO EXCUSES OTHER THAN MENTAL HEALTH AND HATRED OF TUMBLR AJHVFHJGHJGA but but but but but !!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 I'm starting to think that each time I say I'm ot9,, zuho chooses violence. hhh. i watched the trauma vid today and i can't stop watching/listening to it, it's so good! but jokes aside it's so so good from start to finish, especially the rap parts (you know im weak for those agjhgejhs) and just EVERYTHINGGG,,, i see you and other people are having a meltdown over binnie and that makes me happy because !!!! his part was so good!

    ngl i kept waiting for like a yandere concept because that's the vibes i got and youngbin's pants??? i THOUGHT THERE WAS BLOOD ON THEM BECAUSE HE KILLED SOMEONE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND THEN I LOOKED AGAIN AND IT WAS JUST THE PRINT LMAOHAGEJHAJHA,,,, i would not mind a killer concept dude i would,, kill for it— LOL,, (i will stop talking about this)

    also i have no excuses but i accidentally looked at zuho's crotch and i'm pretty sure he's got a d*** print (BYE WHY AM I STILL CENSORING MYSELF) but even if not (because i'm still not sure entirely and i'm dumb and i don't know where a dick is even supposed to be), my brain went "/red flag emoji/ SUSH!!!!" and that is why i'm here bugging you today lol. and i came here to your blog and saw the dramA GIFS AND I BINGED LIKE 5 EPISODES AND JHUUIOOOONOISFHHJGJHDHJAVJA HES SO CUTE 😭😭😭

    I hope you've been well and safe! and life has not been annoying jhdghjghjsa.

    —your one and only babytasy who's got a nice absence streak i hate myself,, please don't answer this if you don't want to because i feel really bad aaaa

    Mental health over everything!!!!!

    I'm started flapping my hands like a duck after reading your ask lmaooo

    I'm glad I'm ot9 biased cause they ALL wrecked me with trauma 😭😭😭😭

    Right!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who got yan vibes 💀💀

    I need a timestamp for the crossed out text. For research 👀🙈

    Don't feel bad tho 🥺 I've been absent myself 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Well I had internal exams first and not I have finals in a week hehe 😕

    But pls come talk to me whenever you feel like, as you already know 😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰

    #babytasy nonnie #my cutest cheerleader #i still remember the tags 🥺 #ask#sush answers#sf9 thirst
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  • divinefireangel
    23.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I already said this but I'll say it again.

    Hwiyoung could bitch slap me across state lines.

    And I'd still want him to paint my insides like a toaster strudel.

    This is very specific I love it

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  • divinefireangel
    23.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    youngbin sitting in a chair, shirt open, makes the come hither motion w his hand to u. u wearing his favorite lingerie set. he smirks and makes u turn, admiring the red marks on ur ass from ur recent spanking.

    “now, princess, let’s try again.” you say yes daddy, anything.

    “dance on me like ur doing the last part of trauma.’


    Pls I'm picturing his sweaty abs, glistening under the pale lighting, hand that gestured you is slightly covered with your saliva cause he made you suck on its fingers a while ago.

    When you start doing the move in an agonizing slow pace, he doesn't comment. He just proceeds to run his lips over your skin, not kissing, not sucking. His fingertips graze over the outline of your lingerie, taunting you to react so he can punish you even more.

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  • divinefireangel
    23.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Back here cos I’m still not over the chair grinding in trauma lord save me

    Save us ✋🏽😭

    Brainrot is real and it's cause of that fucking move 🥲🥲

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago


    I'm just going to send you this... I adore this song and the whole album but I love Jae's lines sooo much.... head full and empty, love <3


    Fuck I don't even want to think of their stage outfits and IMAGINE him doing the back move in like the blue teardrop backless outfit 👀🥴

    I refuse to talk about the starting of the video. And for personal reasons, I will be passing away and coming back cause of that

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Every sound is music in their ears n they love it n will do anything to be able to hear that beautiful music coming from you. In other words they gonna overstimulate you make you cum hard

    Yes yes 100%

    The won't stop till they're sure you won't be able to walk normally the next day

    Kinda want this 😕

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Came here to discuss trauma AND THE CHAIR GRINDING I CHOKED WHEN I SAW IT WTF

    I have watched the video countless times by now and am I ashamed? No


    Listen I did NOT even know whom to look at and whom to not look at during the chair part 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    No. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We have everything we need to make us horny in that MV.

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Can we talk about the sexiness these 2 have ?

    Cox they are so freaking hot. The weather here is alr super hot and they aren't helping by dropping that mv . And that chair dance just no no no 🥺. That hips rolls my god 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈. Imagining having a threesome with these two they sure will make you feel so damn good and beg them to not stop Cox you just can't get enough of it . Their hup thrusting into you hard making you squirm under them using their fingers and lips well too 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈


    I'm so losing my senses over your idea omg 🥵

    These two will tease you for every little surprise sound you make cause first of all imagining getting pleasure from one of them itself is intense, and then you add another and yeah sush.exe ain't functioning right

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Also I am very much up for horny discussions about SF9 due to their sexy (again) comeback.

    I need to let out what my mind is whirring around even though it's just Monday ik

    My ask box ------> 📩📪📬📭

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  • divinefireangel
    16.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    I’d go that much for youngbin too

    But sanghyuk seems unhinged enough to, Youngbin seems more controlled than that

    Ajfjkjdjagkaoukjshaksd OMG ANON 😳

    But I understand yes yes very much understand

    *punches pillow on the side cause FEELS*

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  • fantasia-monogram
    21.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Seven to twelve

    ♥️ Inseong x female reader (female anatomy); mentions of other SF9 members.
    ♥️  This is set in the As the clock strikes midnight universe, right after the epilogue! Read it before this one to get the context.
    ♥️ Smut (2.7k words); y/n is a professional Domme. Inseong is a bisexual sub. Mommy kink, degradation, spanking. Mentions of other BDSM practices.
    ♥️ Quality Department leader Kim Inseong has two secrets: first is his love for kink, second is a massive crush on a hot guy from HR department. Every Thursday, a trusted Domme helps him deal with frustration keeping those secrets causes.
    ♥️ Disclaimer: this is just for fun! I’m not claiming that’s how they are in real life, it’s just my imagination doing whatever it wants. Read at your own discretion.

    As you stepped back into the dungeon, you admired the transformation the room had undergone while you were taking a shower. Your previous customer made a huge mess (still, not even comparable to the mess you've made of him). You weren't the best at cleaning - you've had other talents that got you through life, after all - so you couldn't help but be amazed at the work the cleaning staff did in such a short time. 

    Gone were the wet stains on the floor, and a soiled rug had been replaced for a fresh, fluffy one. All the scary torture equipment was hidden behind partition that would automatically slide out of the nearest wall by a press of a button. Antique leather chair was switched to a cozy looking armchair with blankets laid out on the floor next to it. The mood of the otherwise pretty sterile space was warmed up thanks to pink tinted lighting. 

    All of those were a tell-tale sign who your next customer would be. 

    You opened the wardrobe and took a black satin-and-lace bodysuit out of it. Your usual tight corset and leather boots wouldn't be needed this time. After you put the garment on, you opted for classic shiny stilettos, and topped the outfit with a short flowy dressing gown.

    Just to be sure everything was in place, you checked yourself out in the mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door: the look was a blend of a retro housewife and a pin-up girl, complete with vintage style lingerie, aggressive eyeliner and red lipstick. Just as he liked it. 

    There were only minutes left to the appointment, so you stroke a couple more poses to see the outfit in different angles. Perfect. You crossed the floor in a few elegant strides, to finally take a seat on the armchair in the middle of the spacious room. 

    You had a pretty chill end of the workday ahead of you. 

    A soft, somewhat cautious knock on the door broke the silence. 

    "Come in." 

    There he was, entering hesitantly, and closing the door behind him in an awkward manner. Inseong - you had no interest in your customers' last names, it was something only the administration ladies kept for business purposes - was a tall, very tall man with broad shoulders, lanky limbs and a bit of a tummy; his face, though, was that of a teenage boy, with barely any wrinkles and nervous expression. From what he told you, he was some kind of a supervisor or a boss or something in the field of corporate banking. At that moment, however, with his black bangs covering his forehead, he was stripped out of all titles he might have held as a higher up.

    Honestly, he looked pretty cute in a set of pink fleece pajamas with a print consisting of little yellow chicks. 

    He stood there, big eyes looking at you anxiously. You knew he was waiting for your sign - his wish was to experience your different moods, so you always kept him uncertain for a bit. It was more fun this way. 

    That night you decided to play nice, at least for a while. You put on your warmest smile, spreading your arms. 

    "Come on, baby, come to Mommy!" 

    Inseong didn't need to be told twice. He rushed from his place. In seconds, he sank onto his knees inbetween your spread legs. You sneaked your arms around his neck and harshly pulled him forward, only to let him plant his face right into your breasts. 

    Right, he had a thing for boobs. And muscular body types. That's why he chose to pay for your services in the first place.

    He stayed like this for a good minute or two, occasionally rubbing his face against your soft flesh. You kept gently patting his head this entire time, until you decided that was enough and yanked him away by a handful of hair. 

    "Why don't you tell Mommy about your day, baby?" You cooed, still gripping his hair tightly. His eyes, looking even bigger, were all fired up already.

    He was so easy to figure out. 

    "Y-yes… Yes, Mommy, I will," he stuttered. You let go of him, so he could sink back to the floor and lie his head on your lap. 

    You got back to combing your fingers through his black strands, just to keep the variety.

    "There is this guy in the company…" Inseong started, his voice a bit hushed. "In another department. He's dreamy. But I don't think he's interested in me. I don't think he's interested in guys at all. Or at least in pathetic guys like me." 

    You uttered a soft mhmm to encourage him. Oh, so he came in to release the frustration. You already had a plan on how to help him with that, but that required waiting for a good moment to start the actual scene. 

    "I can't believe anybody would be able to resist my pretty baby," you sighed, staying in character. 

    "Thank you, Mommy…" Inseong replied shyly; he knew how to behave, or rather, how to reply to your compliments. "Actually, he spends so much time with that… I can never remember her name… She's a monster. Five and barely a half feet of a goddamn monster. I've heard they want to promote her to a leadership position soon. And she's so old! I can't believe Jaeyoonie is into older women."

    Your eyes went wide at the name. No way. Glad Inseong couldn't see your face right now, you quickly calmed yourself down.

    "Some guys are into milfs, you know that, right, baby?" You snorted. The things you had to do just to pace the appointment right… 

    "She's not a milf! She's only a year or two older than me," Inseong explained. 

    Come to think of it, you had no idea how old he was, and it was hard to tell by his looks only. 

    "Anyway, I'm sure he's fucking her. Or that awkward skinny boy always hanging out with them." Inseong started to sound pissed off at this point. "Now that I think of it, he could easily take them both! And that would mean he's into older women and younger guys. I don't fit into any of those demographics. What a nightmare."

    "You never know," you concluded, although internally you were getting more and more suspicious of Jaeyoonie's identity. 

    "But there's more…" Inseong's voice broke at the last word. "There was a company party earlier that week… I drank too much and he saw me throwing up in the bathroom… I can't believe I embarrassed myself like that…" 

    That was the moment you were waiting for. You stopped your caresses immediately. 

    "Wait a minute. When was that party, exactly?" 

    You could feel Inseong tense up under your hand. 

    "Wednesday night…" He mumbled. 

    "Is that why you rescheduled from Thursday to Friday?" 

    You gripped his shirt at the back of his neck. 

    "Yes, Mommy… I was so hungover… I wouldn't be able to play with you…" Inseong started stumbling over his words. You slid your hand up, grasped a fistful of hair and pulled it back so he could face you in a very uncomfortable position. 

    The panic that flashed through Inseong's eyes gave you a solid rush of adrenaline.

    "Good boys don't drink more than they could handle," you stated in a dead serious tone. 

    "B-but…" Inseong stuttered, "I have low tolerance. And everyone else was drinking…" 

    You tightened the grip on his hair, eliciting a strangled whine out of him. 

    "Then you shouldn't have drunk at all, you silly baby." You slowly stood up from your seat, dragging Inseong up on his knees, followed by a litany of pained whimpers. "You made Mommy sad. I've been waiting for you the entire day."

    "Oh, no… I'm so sorry, Mommy…" Inseong babbled, on the verge of crying. 

    Not wanting to overdo it with his emotions just yet, you let go of his hair. He barely managed to feel relief, when you forcibly grabbed his chin.

    "You're Mommy's favorite boy, but you need to learn your lesson" you concluded, staring straight into his panicked eyes. "What should I do with you now?" 

    Inseong went silent, nothing but anticipation pictured on his face.

    "Oh, you look way too eager," you said, loosening the grip on Inseong's chin, "Go to the corner, hands on the wall." 

    "No, please!" Inseong cried out, although you knew very well he was just playing along. "Not the corner!" 

    "Should I make you go there on your fours?" 

    The guy mumbled a barely audible I'm sorry and obediently walked to the nearest wall. He took the usual position: propped on his hands, head hanging low, his broad back facing you - obviously, with the round butt presented to you in a shameful way. 

    To keep him waiting, you first took in the sight, unable to hold back a smirk. You knew soon he would be absolutely wrecked, his cheeks burning red with embarrassment and shining with tears.

    Saying you loved your job would be an understatement. 

    Satisfied, you approached him, clicking of your heels the only sound in the room.

    "I guess I have to spank you." 

    Inseong's head jerked up a little. 

    "I'm going to do this through your pants, though, and I'm going to use my bare hand only."

    Inseong whined, head leaning down to previous position. 

    "One more complaint and I'm going to shove a plug into your hole and make you stand here for the rest of the night." 

    "I'm sorry!" He apologized frantically.

    It's not like you haven't done that punishment before - you smiled at the memory of him coming untouched - but he really seemed desperate for some action this time. 

    You came closer and hovered your hand over the perfect curve of Inseong's butt. He trembled under your touch. So, so desperate. 

    "It's gonna be thirty, because that's how many hours I had to wait between the time you rescheduled to this meeting," you announced, causing Inseong to whimper quietly.

    "Can I count?" He asked shyly. 

    "You're dumb enough to not know your limits, I think counting to thirty would be too much to ask." 

    With that, you landed the first slap. 

    You observed Inseong for a couple seconds before continuing. He didn't make a sound, but his arms shook, long fingers folding into fists against the wall. You wondered if he would even last the whole session.

    Your predictions would soon turn out to be true: he started whimpering after each hit as soon as you landed the third one. When you approached the tenth, the whimpers turned into screams. Once you passed the first half, all he could do was to moan uncontrollably, his legs shaking so much you were wondering how could he even stand up at that point. 

    He didn't use the safe word, not even a single word of protest escaped his mouth either, so you knew it was fine to continue. He was so close to breaking. You absolutely adored the feeling of this moment approaching.

    Finally, as you were raising your hand to slap Inseong's ass for the twenty seventh time, his knees gave up. The guy sunk down to the floor, still leaning against the wall. That turned out to be too much for him, though - ultimately, he slid his hands down, too.

    You looked at him intently: Inseong, resting on all fours, kept trembling, his breathing so loud you could hear it from above. What an absolute mess. You were so amused you decided to end the session on a sweet note; however, your understanding of sweet was very... specific. 

    "What's that, baby? You can't take it anymore?" You cooed, approaching closer. Your shin brushed against his buttcheek.

    "Mommy… I…" Inseong panted, visibly struggling to form a complete sentence. "Can I touch myself? I can't take it anymore…" 

    You almost laughed at how pained his tone was. Led by curiosity, you kneeled right behind him and leaned to take a close look: indeed, he was tenting in his cute pajama pants. Pathetic.

    "Mmm, I'm not sure," you mused. "I don't think you've earned the permission to touch yourself."

    "Mommy, please, it hurts," Inseong pleaded. He regained the ability to speak, but his voice started breaking. 

    "I want you to come, but I also want you to embarrass yourself even more, since you couldn't take your spanking like a good boy," you wondered aloud in an amused tone, "What should I do?" 

    You knew exactly, but hearing Inseong hold in his breath was worth every second of suspense. 

    "Anything… I'll do anything…"

    Hearing that, you came to conclusion you've had enough of toying with him. You reached to ruffle his hair. He leaned into your touch like a cat.

    "Dumb kittens like you don't deserve to be touched directly." 

    You lodged your thigh inbetween his legs, making him moan loudly at the sudden contact. He felt hard and heavy against your skin through the fabric separating you two. 

    "Work for it, baby," you commanded. 

    Inseong didn't need to be told twice. Disregarding all dignity, he started grinding against your thigh, his thrusts becoming more and more furious with time, until he couldn't hold back grunts escaping his mouth. You could feel his cock getting heavier; years of having to keep your urges to yourself during sessions gave you incredible self control, but Inseong's eagerness was turning you on so much you had to think of something quick. To ground yourself, you grabbed onto his hips, helping him grind even harder. 

    He looked so broken, though - with his head low on the floor, resting on his arms, and his ass high up, relying on you completely in his need for pleasure. The sounds coming out of him weren't making it any easier for you either. 

    It didn't take him long to finish at this pace. He stilled, arching his back, and came with a delicious, drawn-out moan. You quickly retracted your thigh, as you felt the wetness on his pants coming in contact with your skin. 

    You let him come down from his high. Once he was fine enough to sit up, you pulled him into a back hug. He sighed happily, leaning against your cleavage. 

    For good measure, you planted a couple kisses on his cheek and the side of his neck, leaving bright lipstick marks all over; he giggled uncontrollably at your affectionate gesture. 

    "Thank you, Mommy," Inseong purred, a smile adorning his pretty lips, "My head is so clear now. I feel so much better." 

    You wondered how he could sound so innocent with a huge wet spot in the front of his pants, not to mention he probably could barely sit with his butt burning from the spanking. 

    "I hope my baby has a good weekend." You kissed his cheek once again, this time letting your lips linger on his skin for a little longer. 

    Inseong's legs turned out to be still too wobbly to support him, so you helped him stand up and walked him to the door. 

    "You're gonna be fine in the shower?" you asked, a bit worried considering his weak state. 

    "I wish Mommy would join me, but I'm a big boy. I'll manage," he assured you. 

    To be honest, you wished for the same thing, but business was business, and Inseong was just your customer - no matter how much fun you had ruining him each time.

    "Thank you, really. I needed that so much," he said, dropping the character. "See you next week." 

    You stared at the door for a while after he left, pretty sure there was something that slipped your mind during the meeting.

    At last, it hit you: Jaeyoon, probably matching Inseong's ideal buff type, working a 9-to-5 job in some corporation. Could he be your old acquaintance from the BDSM community you met at a self defense course? You wondered for a while at the possibility.

    Opening the wardrobe, you briefly rested your eyes on the clock. Seven to twelve. No time to muse over the past; you hoped those two would get together eventually, because if Inseong was the supervisor Jaeyoon couldn't shut up about all those years ago, then… well, they had some catching up to do. 

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagine#sf9 smut#inseong smut#inseong thirst#inseong scenario#inseong imagine #inseong x reader #i was away for a while #contemplating shutting down this blog #tell me if you liked this one :(
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  • divinefireangel
    02.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Ok ik I have a lot of requests, but I am also kinda overworking during classes? I think? Cause I've never done so much work and played so much attention and stuff so idk and so it'll be difficult to write so many mini scenarios for 9 effin people. I don't mean to look like I'm complaining lmao, just trying to make sure you guys know I haven't forgotten okay I'mma stop now sorry

    But Ahem!! I am very needy, as usual 💀

    So let's do a Thirstday? 👀

    Participate and let's talk!


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  • fantasia-monogram
    29.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    As the clock strikes midnight, part 3/3

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / epilogue

    ♥️ Taeyang x reader (nonbinary, female anatomy) x Jaeyoon; mentions of other SF9 members

    ♥️ NSFW (~4.2k words); threesome smut. Light BDSM, voyeurism, safe sex. No one is 100% straight.

    ♥️ You’re a beast at work, having to be tough to climb up the corporate ladder, but what you never thought of is that your attitude might be intimidating to your long time crush. Luckily, your much more laid back friend is here to help... both of you. Please read part 1 and 2 before this!

    ♥️ Disclaimer: this is just for fun! I’m not claiming that’s how they are in real life, it’s just my imagination doing whatever it wants. Read at your own discretion.

    You were in the process of taking off your satin top (the shorts and the nightgown were absentmindedly discarded back in the kitchen and you could swear you were almost embarrassed at how eager you were) when you noticed with the corner of your eye that Taeyang, instead of taking place on the bed like you established earlier, approached Jaeyoon. 

    "Before we start, I just… wanted to say thank you," he said softly, putting his hand on Jaeyoon's exposed bicep. "You were always rooting for Y/n and I, and if not for you, I'd probably never confess." 

    Jaeyoon chuckled, pulling the boy into a tight embrace. Despite the heartwarming nature of this scene, you couldn't help but feel arousal rush through your body: the sight was dreamy to say the least, considering they were both almost naked, if not for Jaeyoon's boxer briefs and Taeyang's light grey slacks. 

    "I know, I'm the best wingman ever," the older of your friends concluded, "Everything for my best friends," he added with a devilish smirk, looking straight at you. 

    That gave you an equally devilish idea to kickstart this whole scene. 

    "You sure do love Taeyang a lot, don't you?" You asked, now standing there in black lace boxer shorts only. 

    "Of course I do! He's my favorite dongsaeng!" Jaeyoon confirmed enthusiastically. 

    You hadn't missed the way the boy in question eyed you hungrily, his plush lips slightly parted at the sight.

    "Why don't you show me how much you like him, then?" 

    They both glanced at you with unreadable expressions. Then, they turned to look into each other's eyes.

    Both you and Jaeyoon, already set on the idea, were eagerly waiting for Taeyang's permission. Obviously, you wouldn't mind if he objected, since you were about to have fun anyway…

    First, he slowly moved his hands away from Jaeyoon; he spread his arms and put them up in a surrendering gesture. Then, he looked at his friend through his long lashes, mirroring his smirk. 

    He nodded, and as if on a cue, Jaeyoon surged forward to press his lips against Taeyang's. Circling Taeyang's waist with his arms, Jaeyoon started pushing the guy towards the bed, not breaking the passionate kiss even for a second. 

    You were sure you couldn't get any wetter, and you were all just starting; you never even dreamed of witnessing two most attractive men you've ever known playing like this in front of you - and on your order, on top of that - but here you were. Taeyang's needy little grunts only made the experience better. 

    Just as they reached the edge of the bed, Jaeyoon broke the kiss to give Taeyang a hard slap on the bottom; the choked moan the boy let out being like music to your ears. To finish this private show, Jaeyoon shoved the boy onto the mattress and, to make the best of his temporary distraction, he slid Taeyang's slacks down in one harsh motion, revealing a half-hard bulge trapped in bright red briefs. 

    The blush on Taeyang's face was almost the same colour, spreading through his long neck.

    "Very well!", you laughed with utter satisfaction. 

    Taeyang used this moment to free himself of the pulled down pants completely, not breaking eye contact with Jaeyoon. 

    "Sit up, hands behind your back." Jaeyoon commanded; you've never heard him use such a harsh tone before, but you figured he just stepped into his Dom self. "No touching. Behave for us." 

    Taeyang obediently did as he was told. It wasn't easy for you to not stare at his lean body. 

    Meanwhile, Jaeyoon sat back in an armchair placed in front of the bed. You walked across the room to straddle his lap, facing him. An exchange of amused smiles followed. 

    You threw a side glance towards Taeyang, who was now sitting propped on his arms, legs slightly spread, hungry expression on his face again. You were always proud of your backside; no wonder he couldn't look away despite the deep blush on his cheeks.

    "Why don't you tell me everything about your crush on me while Jaeyoon and I get busy?" you asked playfully.

    Taeyang exhaled deeply. 


    Jaeyoon must have developed some kind of mind connection with you after all these years, because his next question made you snort. 

    "Aren't you happy I dragged you through all those back and leg days in the gym?" 

    He accentuated his words by sliding his hands through your sides, only to rest them on your waist. You shivered, not having been touched like this for a long time. 

    "My ass has always been better than yours," you retorted, combing your fingers through his hair. You felt so excited you almost wanted to kiss him, but you instantly became aware of Taeyang's presence in the room; so instead, you leaned forward to press your lips onto Jaeyoon's neck. This way, you gave Taeyang an even better view of your butt. 

    Jaeyoon sighed quietly. You pulled on his hair to push his head to the side; with easier access, you started leaving lingering, wet kisses along his neck and shoulder, making sure your ass was on display all that time. 

    You heard Taeyang gulp. 

    "I… can't say it was love at first sight. It started when we were both put in Customer Service and you cut your hair short… You refused to work at phone support, they complied and I thought it was impressive."

    As you continued to work on Jaeyoon's shoulders, encouraged by his laboured breathing, his hands slid through your waist, lingering over your bottom for a couple seconds, to stop on the back of your thighs. 

    "It's embarrassing, but I happened to walk by the conference room during that meeting, and I heard everything." 

    "Bullshit," Jaeyoon laughed under his breath, squeezing your thighs in his hands, "You checked Y/n's calendar earlier and stood under that door like a lovesick idiot, looking around all that time." 

    You froze for a moment. Taeyang made a strangled, frustrated sound. 

    "Okay, yes! That's what actually happened," he admitted. "You had them in your grasp the moment you walked into that room. They basically made a whole new position for you. I've never heard you speak with that tone before, it… it almost made me hard."

    You were still stunned, knowing your first display of charisma in the company resulted in so much more than a comfortable job you enjoyed. Feeling your knees going weak, you sank down to sit on Jaeyoon's lap, pressing yourself against his thigh. 

    Oh, shit. You were so wet. 

    Jaeyoon chuckled when he noticed the wetness smearing on his skin, and gave you a light smack on the side of your leg that served more like a reminder to stay present rather than a proper slap. 

    His hands traveled up your body, slowly approaching your chest area. 

    "So you were climbing the ladder at the Compliance Department, while I kept taking calls, and this difference turned me on even more, since you still somehow considered me a friend…" Taeyang continued, clearly having more and more trouble speaking. "You started taking your job so seriously… You were praised for your work ethic… And you'd always say dating would only distract you from your career." 

    Jaeyoon pulled you closer. He carefully cupped your breasts and, after he leaned down a bit, took one of your nipples in his mouth. 

    You gasped, taken by surprise as he sucked on it slowly. 

    Taeyang let out a choked sob. You couldn't see him, but you could only imagine how frustrated he must have been at this point; that, combined with the physical sensation, made you grind down on Jaeyoon's thigh. That wasn't enough, so you moved even closer until your core hovered over Jaeyoon's still clothed, rock hard bulge. Now, that was the kind of warmth you were seeking.

    You exchanged a quick glance with Jaeyoon, just to make sure he was fine with this as well. He gave you a reassuring smile.

    The sound of the sheets rustling distracted you from responding. 

    "Don't you even think about it." Jaeyoon growled in Taeyang's direction. 

    Taeyang whimpered once again, clearly on the edge. 

    "I wanna take care of him," you whispered into Jaeyoon's ear, circling your arms around his neck, "Let's end this part real quick." 

    Your friend murmured an understanding mhmm and propped his chin on the crook of your shoulder. You figured he was staring straight at Taeyang now. Oh, how you couldn't wait to do that too.

    "You're awfully quiet for someone so desperate."

    Jaeyoon caressed your back once again, finally letting his hands land on your ass. 

    "Why don't you finish your little story? I'm sure Y/n would love to hear more of your pathetic whines."

    With that, he squeezed handfuls of your flesh, spreading your cheeks. You were sure Taeyang could see your juices glistening on the black lace of your underwear in the dimmed lights. 

    You kept still, breathing heavily. The need to squirm under Jaeyoon's firm touch was clouding your mind, but you didn't want to leave Taeyang without the visual of your briefs and inner thighs all soaking wet. 

    "Most coworkers think we have a secret relationship anyway…" Taeyang struggled to keep it up. "And I wish it was true. I promise I will never try to interfere with your career… and I will do my best to get a higher position so you won't ever be ashamed of dating me…" 

    Jaeyoon slid his tongue along your neck, stopping right below your ear to suck on the skin there lightly. It was soft, without using teeth, and you appreciated the tender gesture. 

    "Now, just… Please… Please touch me, I beg you," Taeyang's voice was breaking. "I can't take it anymore. Please wreck me." 

    That was enough, you were close to snapping as well. 

    You gently pushed Jaeyoon away and did a subtle nod in Taeyang's direction. 

    “You’re so worked up,” Jaeyoon whispered, giving you yet another encouraging pat on the thigh, “Be careful, don’t hurt yourself.”

    You gave him a confused stare, but upon closer look, you noticed you weren’t just shivering anymore - your hands were shaking, your head was spinning, and you could barely support yourself on wobbly legs.

    You carefully exhaled and stepped out of Jaeyoon’s lap, turning to face Taeyang.

    The boy stared at you with glassy eyes, hands gripping the sheets behind him, legs spread, a clear outline of his cock on his briefs on display. He was just as wrecked as you expected, yet you intended to wreck him even more. 

    As you walked towards the bed, you swiftly pushed down your underwear and got rid of it on your way. You stood in your full naked glory in between Taeyang's thighs, and to be honest, you never felt more confident in your entire life. 

    You tangled your fingers into his hair, marvelling at how soft it felt. Then, once you reached the back of his head, you pulled it harshly so that Taeyang could look up at you fully. 

    Hearing his surprised gasp gave your Dom side an enormous boost. 

    "I can't believe you kept it in for so long." You said in a firm tone, slowly leaning towards his face, "I couldn't possibly let you have your way after such disappointment. It's gonna be all about me tonight." 

    It took a couple seconds of intense staring into each other's eyes before Taeyang collected his thoughts enough to speak. 

    "Please… Use me however you want it." 

    He batted his eyelashes in a sultry way. 

    "I'm all yours."

    Now that you had his full permission, you closed the distance between you two with a tender kiss. Knowing your strict self turned him on, you didn't want to break the character, so you hoped this would be enough to convey your feelings. 

    The kiss got deeper, but never lost its loving undertone. You untangled your fingers from Taeyang's hair and cradled his face with one hand instead, while moving the other across his neck and chest. That's when you pushed on his torso, giving him a cue to lie down. 

    He whined when he had to detach from your lips, but complied without any further protest. At last, you could straddle his thighs. You kept your core mere millimeters away from his crotch that definitely needed attention. 

    "I'm not gonna keep you like this for long, I've had enough waiting," you warned, lightly roaming your fingers through his ribs and stomach. Delicate muscles of his abdomen quivered under your ministrations. 

    "It's fine either way," he replied under his breath, "I can last long." 

    "We'll see about that." 

    To make a point, you slid up to press on his length. The boy moaned loudly; his delightful sounds, as well as the friction, encouraged you to repeat the motion a few more times. Taeyang was doing better than you expected, that's for sure. He just focused on steady breathing, still gripping the sheets under him, while you felt way too close to your own climax just grinding down against him. 

    You really had a treasure in your hands. 

    Deciding you're done playing, you stopped to take a look at your workings. You traced the outline of his cock with your thumb. It wasn't too thick, which was actually perfect for you, but long enough to make you a bit concerned.

    You pressed on the head, feeling out the slit. A wet spot appeared on the red fabric. Taeyang let out a strangled moan; it was pointless to keep him struggling like that, regardless of his promises. 

    You stepped down on the floor to help Taeyang slide off his underwear. He hissed when his cock finally sprung out of the restraints. You swallowed thickly, feeling your mouth water at the sight; you couldn't wait to play with it more some other time - definitely not now, when you were ready to cum from the visual alone. 

    Hopping back onto his lap again, you grabbed a condom you conveniently left by the pillow before you started. 

    "Do you want me to do it for you?" You asked, not wanting to overstimulate the poor boy even further. 

    "Yes, please," he begged. 

    Despite your trembling and being terribly out of practice, you tried your best to put the condom on smoothly. Once it was in place, you reached to pet Taeyang's hair and cheek again. His face relaxed a bit; he even looked at you with hooded eyes. 

    "Good boy." You smiled at him. "You can touch me now. I'll need your help, I've never taken such a big boy before."

    Taeyang didn't need to be told twice. He used his left hand to hold the base of his cock for you. You lined your entrance with his length, feeling out of breath already, the pent up desire becoming too much to handle; you whined at the momentary discomfort when trying to sink onto Taeyang's cock, but his thumb was on your clit as soon as he heard it, gently smearing your juices on it in little circles. The touch alone put you on fire. It still wasn't enough - however, before you thought of backing off, Taeyang carefully spread your labia with his long fingers. This made things much easier for you and, after a series of small back-and-forth movements, you took in his entire length. 

    You circled your hips experimentally, trying to get accustomed to the stretch - you definitely underestimated his thickness before - but once you leaned forward and felt pressure right on your sweet spot, your mind went totally blank. You didn't mean to be selfish, but it felt so overwhelming you just started grinding with Taeyang's cock fully inside you, instead of riding him properly. He didn't complain, though. He kept massaging your clit in that careful, barely-there way that only helped you focus on the delightful stretch rather than distract you, while his other hand was caressing your body wherever he could reach. You could hear his gasps too, but it was all muffled when you were so struck on chasing your orgasm. 

    It hit you out of blue, embarrassingly fast, making you cry out both out of surprise and pleasure; it caught you off guard so much you almost regretted not taking your time.

    The good side of it was that you could still ride Taeyang towards his climax without overstimulating yourself. You stopped moving for a moment only to grasp his wrists and move his hands onto your waist. 

    "Sit up." You ordered, willing yourself into composure. 

    He did as you told, anticipation burning in his eyes. You cradled his cheeks, facing him up close. 

    "You did so well," you praised him, following with a deep kiss. That's when you noticed he was out of breath, just as wrecked as you wanted him to be; so ruined that when you pushed your tongue into his mouth, he sighed needily, letting his saliva drip down his chin. 

    Oh, he was such a good boy. 

    "Are you okay? Nothing hurts?" he whispered into the kiss. You tried to not melt because of his genuine concern, as you still had a lot planned out. 

    "Don't you worry, baby. Everything's perfect." 

    To prove your point, you raised your hips so only the tip was still inside you. Much to your relief, nothing hurt indeed. You were already set on coming for the second time, just to follow your somewhat underwhelming, sudden orgasm with something much better - both for your and Taeyang's pleasure.

    You smoothly sank in again, then again, until you set a steady pace. You thoroughly enjoyed all the sounds Taeyang was unashamedly making, as well as his blissed out expressions, but the way he tried to make you go faster by holding onto your waist was something you would not accept. 

    You stilled mid-thrust, earning a truly heartbreaking stare from Taeyang. 

    "Hands off," you commanded, "Keep them behind you, on the sheets." 

    You were sure you were driving him crazy at this point and you weren't even done yet, so to give him some momentary gratification, you set a fast pace, propping yourself on his shoulders. Getting so much control over the boy, as well as his desperate cries, were giving you enough energy to keep going like this for a while. 

    You were amazed at the fact he didn't come yet, despite being fully hard all that time, and you knew you couldn't draw it out for much longer as you felt another orgasm approaching. Unable to hold it anymore, you decided to help yourself with your own hand.

    Soon, you came again, clenching hard on Taeyang's length; the magnitude of this climax almost knocked you out.

    "Please, please…" Taeyang whimpered, tears strolling down his face, "Just a little more…" 

    You rode the afterglow out, already feeling Taeyang twitch, but you knew you couldn't go like this for long without the sensation becoming painful. You stilled, keeping him in all the way, squeezing around him in a set rhythm. 

    You pulled harshly on his hair. 

    "What a needy slut you are."

    He barely managed to react to your words when you slapped his face. 

    His eyes rolled back and, with a drawn out moan, he thrusted upwards into you, spilling his cum into the condom.

    You felt like it took him forever to finish, however, you didn't mind it at all when you were able to observe him so out of it, staring blankly through barely open eyelids, breathing in sharp little gasps - and all of that when his hips were still so flush with yours. The warmth and throbbing you felt inside despite the synthetic barrier soothed you after all the rough treatment. 

    Once Taeyang was done, he cautiously laid back onto the mattress. He pulled you into an embrace, helping you slide off his cock as gently as possible. 

    Just as you nestled yourself comfortably on his chest, you got startled by a grunt to your right. You looked into that direction, with Taeyang following you immediately - Jaeyoon was leaning against the wall, his hand wrapped around his cock, streaks of cum already dripping out of his fist. 

    "I'm good! I'm good," he reassured, raising his head, a slightly twisted smirk on his face. He reached for a tissue from the nightstand and wiped his hand clean.

    You hated to admit it, but you kind of forgot he was there. Suddenly, the situation became a bit awkward - Jaeyoon didn't seem to be phased, though. 

    "That was amazing," he huffed, voice still exasperated, "But I'd love to catch some sleep tonight." 

    You didn't want to be rude, but you really weren't that keen on asking him to crash at your place when you'd rather spend the rest of the night with Taeyang in your arms without any intruders.

    "I'll clean up and be on my way. No one will be surprised if you two show up together in the morning, but my folks at HR will ask me some uncomfortable questions if I come with you instead of my usual time."

    When your friend approached, he surprised you with a quick smooch to your cheek, then did the same to Taeyang - none of you opposed, too tired to react. 

    "Have fun, lovebirds!" Jaeyoon said, leaving the room. "Don't forget to lock the door later." 

    "That guy…" you laughed quietly. You sat up to check up on Taeyang. 

    Your heart wrenched at the sight beneath you: the boy just laid there with a hand loosely tangled in his hair, his cheeks shining with tears, eyelids swollen from crying and, most likely, sleepiness.

    "You need a shower, baby. " You caressed the side of his face. 

    "Gimme a break…" Taeyang groaned, covering his eyes. 

    "I'll shower with you." 

    He was up in a second. 

    Half an hour later, clean and fresh after washing up, you went back to bed. The night was warm even with the windows open, so you just laid there next to each other, holding hands, not even bothering to put on any clothes. 

    "That's an unusual way to start a relationship," you snorted, squeezing Taeyang's hand tighter. He seemed like a hand holding 24/7 type of a person, fingers intertwined, all that jazz. You loved it. 

    "How else would we do it?" Taeyang asked, his tone dry. "Should I take you on a date? Come to your place? Watch Netflix together until we fall asleep? We've done all of that already." 

    Your eyes went wide at the realization. Damn, he was right. You've had coffee and lunch dates countless times, you just never called them dates. He's been a regular guest in your apartment, and vice versa. That one time you fell asleep huddled on the couch while watching a movie was lowkey embarrassing, though - Jaeyoon was supposed to pick you two up for dinner and a movie night at the cinema, but arrived two hours late because of a family emergency. He woke you up by banging on the door; you were relieved Taeyang slept hard enough to not notice he draped his arms around you and drifted away with his nose in the crook of your neck. 

    "We're sex freaks. I wouldn't have imagined a better way." 

    His statement made you blush despite everything you had done before. 

    "Is there anything I could do for you as a birthday present?" He asked after a longer pause, turning his head to look into your eyes. "Something you've always wanted to do." 

    "I… I always…" you started, immediately catching his drift, "I always wanted to peg a pretty boy." 

    You smiled at the mere possibility of your wish being granted. 

    Taeyang chuckled, amused. 

    "Sure. Do you have everything we need?" 

    You couldn't help but laugh out loud, pulling him into a hug. He easily complied, tangling his limbs with yours in a tight embrace. 

    "I do, I do!" you giggled, all giddy. "Just give me a moment, okay? I'll get the stuff in a minute."

    A passionate kiss followed. You just wanted to enjoy the sensation: now that you had him all for yourself, without the desperation of your first time together, you intended to fully melt into his touch. Taeyang seemed to love it just as much, his body eagerly replying to your caresses; he wasn't shy with being vocal either, his moans and gasps matching yours. 

    Soon, the kisses and touches turned rough, and once you felt his length all hot and hard on your thigh, you couldn't bother to even think of your earlier intentions. You grabbed a packet of condoms from the nightstand, tossed it to Taeyang (he almost missed it, caught off guard) and shamelessly spread your legs.

    Taeyang didn't get to grant your birthday wish that night. Instead, you had two more rounds - last one with both of you so exhausted, yet still so turned on, you fell asleep right after you came. Completely vanilla, but that was all fine. You've had all the time in the world to enjoy each other and explore all of your deepest, darkest fantasies… Well, maybe except the rest of that particular night, since you had about four hours of sleep left before having to wake up to get ready for work.

    Bless the company management for organizing a monthly get-together on freaking Wednesday.

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  • divinefireangel
    28.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    being a needy sub for chani during facetime sex and he tells u how ur pathetic fingers could never make u feel as good as he could and tells u how much he wants to fuck u

    I'd prolly be able to get off by just listening to his dirty talk with his deep ass voice 😣

    He will ask you to fuck yourself harder and cum screaming his name

    And the louder you scream the harder he'll fuck you later 👀

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  • divinefireangel
    28.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    bent over by youngbin at his desk and telling his secretary to hold his calls because something at his desk needs his immediate attention


    Fuck he's gonna spank you for being so loud his secretary might hear or even his employees AND he will also spank you for not being loud enough to let them know how good he is fucking you

    He'll call you a desperate cock whore and tell you he's so proud of how well you milk his dick 👀🥵

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  • divinefireangel
    28.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Honestly never realized how many ppl saw youngbin as a dom until recently.....i usually dont look at stuff like that, but curiosity got me ngl. Yall some thirsty mfs

    Although i guess i cant judge bc the amount of times i've thought about choking him and tying him up lmao. And his tattoos man.....oh i'd love to trace them with my finger. I know hes ticklish too so it would be fun to make him suffer a bit. I'd totally peg him and taeyang tbh. Also their hands ?????? Their wrists ???? Im a sucker for nice hands and wrists. It would be nice to hold them down

    We are very thirsty and we take pride in it 👀

    Ooo Binnie as a sub is not something I generally think of, but yes my mind does wander there

    Tae as a sub, I think of a lot lmao 💀

    But since I am a switch leaning sub, I visualize the guys as doms

    Although if you wanna talk about sub Tae I'd totally recommend @fantasywritings and her works

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