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  • happypopcornprincess
    21.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well! I regret to inform you that I'm currently putting The One That Got Away series on a break as I cannot write chapters during exams. It has been a really stressful month for me and I hardly have any time to write between attending classes and preparing for exams.

    However, I will be posting one-shots, and short drabbles on Joaquin Torres and other characters (listed below) regularly.

    You can suggest and send me asks about them and I will be delighted to write them <3

    Characters you can send requests about-Joaquin Torres, Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Kate Bishop, Shang Chi, Yelena Belova, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson

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  • mochie85
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sorry, Not Sorry

    One-shots based on this May prompt list.

    Prompt 3: "Apologizing is a sign of weakness"

    This one hit a little too close to home. I really need to stop being 'sorry.' This is more for me, but I hope that it strikes a chord with someone else out there too.😊 I apologize if it gets confusing at the end. (See, there I go again)🙄

    Series Master List.

    Word Count: Over 1k

    Pairing: Shang-Chi, Katy x Bestfriend!Reader

    It was a bad habit.  You didn’t know where you picked it up from. But you couldn’t help but apologize to anyone or anything you bumped into. Even when the other party was the one who bumped into you. Walking down the street, and someone wasn’t watching where they were going? “Oh, sorry,” you would say. Walking around in your flat and you bumped into the corner of your furniture? “Sorry…” you whispered to the coffee table. You didn’t know you did it, it was just something ingrained into you as a little child.

    It wasn’t until you started hanging out with Shawn and Katy that you understood how often you did it. You met them working for your dad’s valet service as you trained, first Katy, then Shawn. The three of you had become close friends. You met up with them almost nightly to let off some steam. The three of you frequented a karaoke bar that was located on top of one of your favorite Korean BBQ restaurants. The smell of delicious food and spices cooking, combined with the sound of drunken singing instantly calmed your nerves and destressed your body.

    “Sorry, I’m late. My dad made me reorganize the key caddy after someone knocked it down.” You said.

    “Did you knock it down?” Katy asked.

    “No. It was stupid Brandon!” you answered.

    “So why didn’t Brandon fix the caddy?” Katy asked.

    “I bet it’s because you said ‘sorry’ and then boss-man thought it was you, huh?” Shawn assumed.

    “Ya. How’d, you guess?” you said quietly, fidgeting your fingers.

    “Girl! You need to stop apologizing! You didn’t do anything wrong!” Katy yelled at you.

    “Ok! Sorry!” you rolled your eyes at the slip-up you just said. Both Shawn and Katy threw their hands up in exasperation.

    “Alright, alright. We’re gonna get all deep here.” Katy said. “Why do you say ‘sorry’ all the time? Did someone make you feel bad as a kid? Did you pick it up as a habit from someone older? What? What is it?”

    “I don’t know. It’s just a saying. I guess.” You answered back.

    “Does it make you feel safe?” Shawn asked.

    “Ya. You know I don’t like confrontation! And I don’t want to force myself on people.”

    “You’re not forcing yourself on people. You need to be more assertive. Don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place to apologize and to be polite. But when it ends up making you do someone else’s work. That’s a big no-no!” Shawn lectured you.

    “Why not try to change your vocabulary. For instance, instead of ‘sorry’, you could say ‘excuse me.’ Or when you bump into something, try saying ‘ouch.’” Katy said.

    “Ouch?” Shawn made a weird face at Katy.

    “Ya, ouch. What’s wrong with, ‘ouch?’ It’s only for the beginning. Pretty soon you won’t need to say anything at all.” Katy took a swig of her beer and looked through the large binder of songs. “My family is unhappy with me for not wanting to do more with my life. And when I say unhappy, I mean that in the nicest way possible. But am I sorry? No! I can’t apologize for things that are out of my control. The damn blip messed everybody up! Do you think they all got their lives under control?! No-siree-bob.” She said, skipping through the pages of the binder aggressively.

    “My father was strict. He always said that ‘apologizing is a sign of weakness.’ I think I understood what he meant now when I see you.” Shawn laughed.

    “Gee, thanks.” You said sarcastically giving him a pouty angry look.

    “But I think, it takes a stronger person to have compassion and humility to admit that they were wrong.” Shawn continued. You never heard him speak about his family. This was the first you or Katy has ever heard him mention a parental figure. That might be why Katy is looking at Shawn wide-eyed like he just revealed a great secret. “You’re very strong when you need to be Y/N. I’ve seen you haggle the hostess for the last private booth the last time we were here to do karaoke.”

    “Ya. Or that one time when Brandon almost got in trouble because he brought a guy’s car back with a scratch. You defended the poor little rookie. Apologizing profusely till his hands swiped down on the mark and it turned out to be smeared cake from a cupcake he had earlier.” You all laughed at the memory. Rolling your eyes at all the times Brandon has gotten you in trouble.

    “Our point is…you are plenty strong. You don’t need to hide behind that word. Especially, when it gets you into more trouble than it ought to.” Shawn said.

    “Ooh! I found it! The perfect song for you to belt out to!” Katy yelled at you.

    “Oh, God. What is it?” you asked as Demi Lovato’s ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ started playing on the screen. Katy handed you the mic and pushed you up as the words started to scroll past the screen.

    Now I’m out here looking like revenge.

    Feeling like a ten. The best I’ve ever been.

    And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt

    To see me like this, But it gets worse.

    “Wait a minute”     

    Shawn and Katy started doing the backup vocals, hyping you up.

    Now you’re out here looking like regret.

    Ain’t too proud to beg,

    Second chance you’ll never get.

    And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt

    To see me like this, but it gets worse.

    “Wait a minute.”   

    Now payback is a bad bitch.

    And baby I’m the baddest.

    “The baddest!”      

    You’re fucking with a savage.

    Can’t have this. Can’t have this.

     “Nah!” "Nope! You can't have this!"            

    And it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya,

    "Easy?" “But nah.”                         

    Baby, I’m sorry!

    “I’m not sorry!”        

    Baby, I’m sorry!

    “I’m not sorry!”        

    Being so bad got me feeling so good.

    “How good?”          

    Showing you up like I knew that I would.   

    “Ooh, Oh shiii” "SWITCH!"  
    "Baby, I’m sorry!"

    I’m not sorry  

    "Baby, I’m sorry!"

    I’m not sorry   

    Feeling inspired cuz the tables have turned.


    Yeah, I’m on fire and I know that it burns.


    The three of you fell laughing on the sofa, raising your drinks in the air. "To never being sorry!" Shawn said.

    "To never being sorry," both you and Katy yelled back.

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  • wint3r-h3art
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let’s spread the self-love 💜

    ILYSM SELENE 💛💛💛 thank you so much for sending this in!

    Yes Dear?—I’m trash for writing this, but it is still one of my all time fave. I literally sat down and spent maybe 3 hours on this and just let my hoeness take over because let’s be honest, Andrew Garfield in grey sweatpants is my kryptonite 🤤

    Mad At Me—one of my earliest work. I actually scrapped this from my deleted series that feature mutant!reader. It was like a love triangle between Reader, Bucky, and Loki. I didn’t really finish it, but we got this gem instead. I fleshed it out and add all the good stuff in it 🙃

    Can’t Help Myself—I think this is underrated Shang-Chi fic for sure. I love my brain rot sometimes 🤣 it’s just pure filth and nothing more.

    The Devil’s Lullaby—I think it’s obvious, but I do love me some good ol yearning and angst 😭 I didn’t know how I did it, but seems like I’m projecting in this fic 🙈

    The Edge of Oblivion—lord! This was written in a spur of the moment. I love the duality between Marc’s roughness and Reader tenderness. Yeah, it’s a rough smut, but it somehow still hold a heart in it 🥹

    #andrew garfield peter parker #peter parker fanfiction #loki fanfiction #shang chi fanfiction #loki laufeyson#loki odinson #matt murdock fanfic #Matt Murdock #marc spector fanfic #marc spector
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  • storiesforallfandoms
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    what did you call me? ~ xu shang-chi;mcu

    word count: 2707

    request?: yes!

    “can you make one with shang-chi smut with mommy kink ? but only if you are comfortable .”

    description: in which they both find out they have a new kink at the same time

    pairing: shang-chi x female!reader

    warnings: swearing, smut (mommy kink, dom/sub, dom!reader and sub!shang-chi, unprotected sex)

    masterlist (one, two)

    When Katy and Shang-Chi call you for a night out, you don’t say no. I mean, you can try, but they’ll come get you and make you come out. Trust me, I’m usually the victim of said nights out.

    I had just gotten home from work when my phone rang and the selfie of me and Katy from when we were in high school informed me that she was calling.

    “I’m not coming out, Katy,” I said when I answered.

    “Come on!” she begged. “Shaun and I just finished getting lectured about how sad our lives are so, you know, that means it’s karaoke time!”

    “Sounds like a you problem, not a me problem.”

    “(Y/N), please! I’m begging you, come out with us! Pretty please!”

    “No Katy. I just got home from work, I don’t want to go out again.”

    “You just got home? Perfect timing!”

    A knock cam at my apartment door. I rolled my eyes and groaned as I went to open the door. To no one’s surprise, Katy and Shang-Chi were stood there, similar pleading smiles on their faces. I tried to show my annoyance, but it was hard to do that when Shang-Chi was looking at me with that begging look.

    The three of us had been friends for years, and in that time I had developed feelings for Shang-Chi. We had grown so close that he confided in me for things he hadn’t even told Katy, like his real name. We had a connection, but I was never sure how deep the connection went for him and I wasn’t about to ruin this friendship by confessing my feelings.

    Unfortunately, these feelings made it hard to say no whenever Katy and Shang-Chi asked me to come out. I had never told Katy my feelings for Shang-Chi, but with how often she brought him around whenever she wanted to do something, I was sure she had figured it out on her own.

    Finally, I rolled my eyes and motioned for them to come in. “Give me 20 minutes to get ready.”


    I wasn’t sure how long we had been out. Within an hour I was already tipsy, and by two hours I was completely drunk. Katy knew how to hold her alcohol the best out of the three of us, so she was many more drinks deep but not nearly the level of drunk that she should be. Shang-Chi, on the other hand, was also completely wasted.

    Katy had sat down with me while Shang-Chi belted out the final verse of Hotel California, the go to for the two of them to sing at least once every karaoke night.

    “He needs some water,” Katy said. “He’s gonna feel like shit in the morning.”

    “So am I,” I said. “And I have to work tomorrow! Why did I let you convince me to come out?”

    Katy looked at me with a smug grin on her face. “Because you love us.”

    I tried to playfully roll my eyes at her, but I wasn’t quite sure if it worked due to my drunkenness. I finished the last of my drink and stood from the table. Everything spun for a second, which told me that I also needed to start drinking water to make sure my hangover wasn’t too severe the next day.

    “Gotta pee,” I told Katy. “Be back soon.”

    I stumbled to the washroom and managed to make it through without any mishaps. After washing my hands, I turned the water to the cold setting and splashed my face a few times. It definitely didn’t sober me up all too much, but the shock of the cold water against my face made things less spiny.

    I stepped out of the bathroom and almost ran into Shang-Chi.

    “Hey,” I said, “what - ?”

    My question was cut off by the feeling of his lips on mine. My heart raced as he pushed me back against the wall, his hands gently cupping my face. I could taste the alcohol against his tongue as it slipped into my mouth and my mind screamed at me to stop; that he was only doing this because he was drunk and we’d both regret it in the morning. But my heart didn’t want me to pull away just yet.

    Shang-Chi was the one to pull away first.

    “Sorry,” he said as he rested his forehead against mine, but he didn’t look even remotely sorry.

    “Don’t be,” I responded. “Want to go back to my place?”

    He smiled and nodded eagerly. I giggled and took his arm, leading him back out to the club. Katy was still sat at the same table, watching someone else who had finally gotten a turn to sing in their absences.

    “Hey, listen, um,” I started, trying to rack my drunken brain into some excuse. “You’re right, Shang - I mean Shaun and I are totally wasted. I think that I should...I should...um - ”

    “Guys, this is a small bar, I saw you making out by the bathrooms,” she told us. “If you’re going home together, just say that.”

    Normally I’d feel incredibly embarrassed by that remark, but I was too drunk and too horny to really care. Shang-Chi and I said our goodbyes to Katy and made our way towards my apartment. It was only a short walk away from their usual karaoke bar, but the lack of stable walking made the trek there a lot longer. We would stumble and giggle, and every now and then Shang-Chi would stop me so he could kiss me again.

    In all the years I had been crushing on him, I could never imagine how good of a kisser he would be.

    As we got back to my apartment, I fumbled with my keys at the door. Shang-Chi’s hands were against my waist and his lips were on my neck, making it even harder to concentrate on putting the key in the lock effectively. Finally, I managed to get the door unlocked and swing it open. I turned to grab Shang-Chi and pull him into my apartment. When the door closed behind him, I pushed him against it and started kissing him again.

    I pressed my body against his and could feel the bulge growing against my belly. When I reached between us to teasingly caress him, a moan slipped from Shang-Chi’s lips.

    “Fuck, mommy.”

    I pulled away from the kiss to look at him in shock. His face started to turn red with embarrassment.

    “What did you call me?” I asked.

    “Uh...I uh...nothing. It was nothing,” he stuttered. “I...just forget that happened.”

    “No, I’m serious. Did you call me what I think you just called me?”

    Reluctantly, Shang-Chi nodded. A small smirk formed on my face as I backed away from him.

    “Go to my room,” I told him. “Strip down to just your underwear and lay on my bed. Wait for me to come in. Don’t even think about touching yourself. If you do, you will be punished for it.”

    His eyes widened as my sudden dominance. I reached up to take hold of his face. “You hear me?”

    He nodded.

    “Use your words.”

    “Yes mommy.”

    “Good.” I let go of him and nodded towards my room. “Go.”

    He quickly scurried past me towards my bedroom. I could see his face was a mixture of confusion and excitement, and I had to admit I felt the same way. I had never been dominant like that before. It felt strange but it also felt...good. And it definitely felt incredibly sexy to me.

    I waited a few minutes before going to my room. I was pleased to find Shang-Chi had followed my instructions; he was laid out on my bed in nothing but his underwear. I smirked at him as he went to sit up and pushed him so he was laying down again. I slowly started climbing up the bed, hoping I looked as seductive as I felt.

    I pressed my lips against his for a quick kiss before kissing down his jaw to his neck. I took a second to nip at the skin there, hoping it would leave a mark, before continuing my journey of kissing down his body. I could feel him writhing under me already with every kiss I pressed against his exposed skin. When I got to the waistband of his boxers, he was practically panting in anticipation.

    I kissed the still clothed bulge, making him whimper.

    “Please,” he said, his voice a low whisper.

    “What was that, pet?”  I asked.

    “Please, I need to feel you touch me,” he begged.

    “Please what?”

    “Please mommy.”

    Fuck, I won’t get tired of hearing that.

    I pulled down his boxers just enough for his member to spring free. I was a bit shocked at how big he was. I took his tip in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. His back arched in pleasure as a string of moans and whimpers escaped his lips. The salty taste of his pre-cum touched my tongue, which only drove me to want to tease him more.

    The desire between my legs was growing to be unbearable. As much as I wanted to tease and watch Shang-Chi melt with pleasure, I wanted to feel him inside of me more than anything.

    I pulled away, which caused him to whine. I had never seen Shang-Chi like this before. If this were a different situation, I may have even laughed a little. But I was too turned on to laugh - I did make a mental note to bring it up later on.

    I slowly stripped myself of my clothes while Shang-Chi watched. I got down to just my bra and underwear before climbing onto the bed again and straddling his lap. His member brushed against my still clothed core. I was about to pull my underwear to the side when his hands reached out to stop me.

    My heart skipped a beat for a second, worried that I had gone too far without noticing.

    “I don’t have a condom,” he said.

    I let out a sigh of relief masked as a chuckle. “It’s fine. I’m on birth control, or you can pull out if you want.”

    “Once I’m in, I don’t think I’ll ever want to come out.”

    His words pushed me to finally do what I had been dreaming of for so long. I lined him up with my entrance and slowly sank down on his length. I pressed my lips against his as I took in every inch of him. We both moaned together in pure ecstasy. His hands moved to my hips, digging his fingers into my skin.

    “Please move,” he begged.

    I was tempted to make him beg more, but now that he was inside of me I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to last. So I obliged and slowly began to rock my hips. I could feel him so deep inside of me that just these slow movements were enough to drive me wild.

    I started to pick up my speed, first just rocking my hips at a quicker pace before starting to bounce on him. Our moans started to pick up and filled not only the room, but the entire apartment. I hoped none of my neighbors were home, or that they slept soundly enough that they wouldn’t hear us.

    “Fuck mommy,” he groaned. “I don’t know how long I can last.”

    “Sit up,” I told him.

    He followed my orders and sat himself up. From this angle, my clit was rubbing against his pelvic area while his dick hit my cervix from a new angle. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss as I felt myself hitting my climax. I dug my nails into his back, undoubtably leaving behind red marks for him to see in the morning.

    “You can cum,” I said through ragged breath. “Cum in me, baby.”

    With my permission, I felt his dick twitch inside of me before he was filling me with his warmth. He lowered his head to my shoulder, wrapping his arms around my back and pressing me to him as his muffled moans vibrated from my shoulder and through my body.

    We sat there for a long time, riding out our highs while still pressed against one another. I could finally feel the effects of the alcohol starting to wear off, but not enough for me to start regretting what had happened yet. I knew that would come in the morning when both of us were sober and realized what we had done.

    I felt Shang-Chi beginning to move as he rolled us over so I was laying on my back on the bed. He slowly pulled himself out of me and stood up from the bed. He retrieved towels for us to clean ourselves up with before sliding back under the covers next to me. He took me in his arms and pulled me so my head was resting on his chest.

    Although I knew it was a bad idea, I let myself melt into him and fell asleep there.


    As to be expected, I woke up the next morning with the worst hangover. So bad that when I tried to open my eyes, the light in the room cause my head to pound as if I had been struck with a baseball bat. I groaned as I pulled the covers up over my face, trying to block out as much sunlight as possible.

    Next to me I heard someone chuckle, followed by a voice saying, “You’re really hungover, aren’t you?”

    I threw the blanket back and looked over to see Shang-Chi still laid in bed next to me. It took me a moment to remember the events of the night before, but when I did I felt embarrassment run through me.

    “Uh...yeah...I guess I am,” I said. I unconsciously pulled the blankets tight around my still naked body.

    Noticing this, Shang-Chi raised an eyebrow at me. “I think we’re way past covering up now, don’t you?”

    “I guess we are, but...you don’t regret last night?”

    “No, not at all. Do you?”

    I shook my head, but then groaned at the return of the pounding feeling. “I didn’t, but I thought the whole thing was just like...a drunken hook up for you. I thought you’d regret it in the morning because it was me you slept with.”

    He rolled onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow to look down at me.

    “(Y/N), have you ever wondered why I’ve always been so open with you about my past? Why I’ve told you things that I’ve never told Katy, and probably won’t tell her for a long time? Or why I always help Katy to convince you to come out for drinks with us whenever she goes?”

    “Well, for that last one I just thought it was because you like to go on those nights out with her too.”

    He chuckled. “Okay, yeah, that’s part of it. But the other part is that I feel something for you, (Y/N). I have for a long time. But it felt like every time we were alone and we’d start to open up to one another, something would happen. I thought maybe it wasn’t meant to happen, but last night I was just so drunk and I lost all inhibitions so I...I went for the kiss.”

    “It was certainly a bold play,” I told him. “Not that I minded or anything, though. I thought it was hot that you took control, even if that didn’t last long.”

    It was his turn to flush with embarrassment. “Yeah, I - uh - I don’t know where that came from last night. I’ve never...done anything like that before.”

    I giggled. “It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me. I mean, as long as you keep calling me that in private that is.”

    His face lit up. “So...so you’d be okay with doing this again?”

    “Only if you take me out on a date first.”

    He cupped my face with his hand and said, “Deal” before pulling me in for another kiss.

    #shang-chi#shang-chi imagine #shang-chi x reader #shang-chi smut#simu liu #simu liu imagine #simu liu x reader #simu liu smut #shang chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #marvel#imagine#one shot#request#smut#fanfiction#fanfic#fandom
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    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Ah, wonderful choice, Little Wanderer! Browse the stories, take your time. If there is something else you would like to read, just come back to me. If you don't find what you're looking for, make a request to the librarian.

    [Check out the 500 followers special!]

    Imagine being an ancient, powerful being who Thanos desperately wants on his side

    Imagine being a legendary warrior and fighting against Thor on Sakaar

    1. Loki:

    Imagine being a civilian who catches the eye of a certain general prince

    Imagine being an annoying cell neighbor who he, unexpectedly, grows to like

    Imagine being a princess betrothed to him. On the night of the engagement, he shares a few reassuring words

    Imagine getting hurt and Loki taking care of you

    Imagine being an annoying cell neighbor and becoming friends with him

    Imagine being Tyr's daughter who saves Loki from Thanos

    Imagine meeting him while he's looking for other variants. Although he made a promise, he's willing to break a rule or two for you

    Imagine him and you being ride-or-die partners in crime. As it turns out, he meets you in every timeline

    Imagine being his past lover. As a punishment, TVA forces him to watch your death in a time loop

    Imagine him getting hurt and trying to hide it while his guilt makes him worry about your wellbeing

    2. Shang- Chi:

    Imagine getting hurt during the pursuit in Macau and him taking care of you (Part 1) (Part 2)

    Imagine living in Ta Lo and catching his eye

    Imagine reuniting with your high school sweetheart at a fighting ring in Macau (Part 1) (Part 2)

    Imagine going back to Wenwu's compound and having a heartfelt conversation with Shang-Chi about both his past and present

    Imagine having a nightmare and he calms you down

    Imagine having the powers of Sun-Wukong and telling him right after saving him.

    3. X-Men:

    Imagine spending a slow afternoon with Charles

    Imagine seeing Warren die and taking your revenge on Apocalypse

    Imagine being a mutant who spent most of their life on the run until Charles gives you a chance to start anew

    4. James Barnes/Bucky

    Imagine living together with him and people from his past break in while you're home alone

    Imagine sneaking an ultrasound among his papers to announce his upcoming fatherhood

    5. Daredevil

    "Sunflowers" -> Hearing how happy sunflowers make you, Matt wishes he could be yellow like them

    Imagine reading to him in your native language

    Imagine joining the Defenders and reuniting with him

    "Until I come home" -> [TW: nudity, injuries and violence towards a minor] When Matt breaks down, he needs help putting the pieces back together. You were home and, sometimes, that is all one needs.

    Imagine teaming up with Foggy to prank Matt

    "A snack or a bandaid" -> Matt decides to leave behind his "normal" life and that means cutting all ties with you. Unable to un-love him, you offer to always be his safe haven.

    "Halo not included" -> Lying on the gym floor, you reassure Matt that he's not a bad person, no matter what dark urges lie within him.

    "CREDO" -> Matt thought that the war between The Hand and The Chaste was the little big secret shaping his reality. Turns out, there is a much greater and older conflict hiding in plain sight - one in which he is thrown against his will. Against every fiber of his morality, Matt has to befriend the exact type of person he hates the most: an assassin. [Marvel's Daredevil x Assassin's Creed]

    "Is this who I am?" -> They called you 'Medusa' and not without a reason. While failing to kill him, Matt offers you a new start.

    Imagine taking care of his injuries

    "I have known you since a lifetime or two ago" -> andy Nelson once wrote, “Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you've been in before - you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers: You could find your way around in the dark if you had to.” But maybe the house feels familiar because you have been there before? A lifetime or two ago?

    "I'll come back to haunt you" -> You have kept your ability to regenerate a secret - something that creates an impossibly weird situation when you knock on Matt's door hours after you had 'died'. For the most part, he thinks he's losing his mind.

    Imagine meeting him on a case and he quickly becomes protective of you [Part 2]

    "Chile con carne and sparkling champagne" -> As a token of the client's gratitude, Matt is gifted dinner at an expensive jazz club Vertigo. He can't help but fall victim to your charms when you sing 'let there be love'.

    "Shut off the lights, we don't need them to dance" -> Matt has been occupied by something for the past few weeks and you took it upon yourself to help him unwind. Who said that the first dance has to wait until the wedding?

    "Persephone" -> You weren't human. You simply couldn't be the same species as the rest of the world. The question he couldn't answer was whether it was a good or a bad thing. Yes, you were his Persephone: a goddess of spring and the queen of the Underworld. Was God rewarding him or was it merely the Devil's temptation? [Could you be the Devil?] [Could you be an angel?]

    "War of the Roses" -> Your arranged fiance Billy becomes the point of interest for a certain lawyer who's unwilling to give up.

    "Whenever you're ready" -> It's unfair that would-be lovers have to choose between the heartbreak of letting go and the heartbreak of holding on. I'll love you whenever you're ready.

    "Sound of silence" ->When Matt doesn't show up to your date night third time in the row, you're not sure what to do. Angry and disappointed, you can't even talk to him. Matt learns just how unbearably loud the sound of silence is.

    "Pieces of you" -> There is something strangely intimate about lovers growing roots around each other's daily habits, slowly becoming an inseparable part of each other's routine. Matt can't name anything more comforting than your belongings scattered around his apartment, silently reminding him that he cannot be alone when his life is a part of another; that there is someone who comes back to him day after day.

    Dating Matt Murdock

    Yandere!Matt Murdock [Part 1]

    6. Spider-Man

    Imagine taking care of him after his "vigilante" nights

    Imagine him "saving" you from a pushy classmate

    "Fairytale" -> The school's underdog becomes a local superhero and gets the popular girl. Sounds a bit too Disney-ish, doesn't it? Peter would think so too if it wasn't real.

    Dating TASM!Peter Parker

    "The window seat" -> It's one of those rare days Peter takes a bus home. To his surprise, someone asks to switch seats with him and, suddenly, New York has never been this beautiful.

    7. William 'Billy' Russo

    Yandere!Billy Russo

    Headcanons [Part 1]

    "There's something in the shadows" -> Billy has been obsessed with you since the first time he saw you. Now he needs to make you fall in love with him and that requires a good plan. First obstacle to get rid of? Your best friend.

    "Moving houses" -> The next step on his list is to, somehow, get you to move in with him, to worm his way into your daily life. When he does succeed, he realizes how hard it's going to be to keep his urges at bay when you're around all the time.

    "The art of deception" -> For an ex-marine businessman, he's a great actor, which was probably the reason why you never saw through his drunk demeanor and let him sleep with you in one bed.

    "Sick leave" -> He doesn't want you going on dates, obviously. To get rid of your date, he needs to buy himself some time, which accidentally creates a new opportunity for him to win your heart. Where did he get paroxetine anyway?

    "Boobytraps" -> Inbetween his grand gestures, he relies on small "accidents" to have you rely on him. A good kitchen is one with sharp knives.

    Imagine being a vigilante and occasionally taking small jobs for him [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

    Dating Billy Russo

    Imagine him questioning you about a man he's looking for

    Soft!Touchstarved!Billy Russo [Part 1] [Part 2]

    "I hate everyone else in this world but her"

    Billy Russo and Foreign!Reader

    "When oblivion calls upon you" -> Billy surprises his hospital therapist when he says he had a different dream. It fills him both with happiness and unspeakable sorrow he can't yet understand to dream about the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

    Mafia!Billy Russo

    Headcanons [Part 1] [Part 2]

    "Red lips, red soles" -> After marrying him, you too are invited to various galas and banquets. It seems as if everyone knows of the new "Mrs.Russo".

    "War of the Roses" -> Your arranged fiance Billy becomes the point of interest for a certain lawyer who's unwilling to give up.

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  • kimoralov3
    27.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Xu Shang-Chi Masterlist

    Comforting you when you're insecure

    Put Your Head on my Shoulder

    Sweet headcanons

    #xu shang chi #shang chi x reader #shang chi x fem!reader #shang chi fanfic #shang chi fluff #shang chi angst #kimoralov3
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  • redheadspark
    24.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Prompt Time! 🖋

    I feel like writing a prompt tonight and into tomorrow!  Here is a list of Caretaking prompts that I wanna start with! Here’s how to play: Drop an Ask for which Prompt sentence you’d like and for which character.  The characters I can use are:


    Shang Chi

    Scott Lang (Ant Man)

    Oliver Wood (Harry Potter)

    Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter)

    Azriel (ACOTAR series)

    Have fun and let’s do some writing tonight :)



    "let's get you into some dry clothes"

    "keep it elevated"

    "I'm right here if you need anything"

    "you don't want that getting infected"

    "you won't even feel a thing"

    "I just wanted to check on you and see how you're doing"

    "you must be hungry"

    "be careful, it's hot"

    "you can wear mine"

    “I’ll go get something cold for your head”

    “show me where it hurts”

    "try to relax"

    "I wish I could take your pain away"

    "I'll get you another blanket"

    "I know you don't like it, but it will help you feel better"

    "don't pick at it"

    “this should only hurt a bit”

    "that's it, you're doing great"

    "we need to get some ice on that asap"

    "don't be embarrassed, it happens to all of us"

    "I want you to be comfortable"

    “I’ll have you back to normal in no time”

    "the medicine should start kicking in soon"

    "I'll let you get some rest"

    "drink plenty of water"

    “I need to check your temperature again”

    "you don't have to get up, I'll get it for you"

    "you can squeeze my hand if you need to"

    "crying is only going to make you feel worse"

    "I brought you a 'get well soon' present"

    *Prompt was taken from @love-me-a-good-prompt *

    #prompt#ask me #i feel like writing #acotar#eternals fanfic #harry potter fanfiction #cedric diggory x reader #azriel x reader #scott lang x reader #shang chi x reader #druig x reader
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  • jjskiaras
    21.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    thank you for looping me in here, lovely! for discussion? 'love confessions and karaoke'? i tried to pick one that mightttttt be lucy/tim | chenford ... i don't know if i succeeded :D!

    This one is actually an Shangchi and Katy fic. That I really should finish. But it was a good guess!

    Katy might have been the best friend of Xu Shanqi, eternal keeper of the Ten Rings but she was just a defenseless mortal. After a botched archery lesson, how was she supposed to know that dropping her bow arm would result in an arrow narrowly missing her instructor’s pinkie toe and her being banned from the range and her brand new membership card being revoked. She looked awesome in the photo unlike her bus pass photo where they’d taken her pic mid sneeze and refused to retake it. Assholes.

    #earnmysong #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shaunty#marvel#my writing#my fanfic #fanfic wip game
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    19.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Throne of Lies [Chapter 5]

    ➢ Masterlist

    ➢ pairing: Shang-Chi x GN! Reader, reader is Xialing’s best friend

    ➢ genre: romance, action

    ➢ warnings: Movie spoilers.

    ➢ word count: 1.8k

    ➢ synopsis: You met Xu Xialing 4 years ago on the streets of Macau, and you didn’t know it at the time, but the two of you were going to build an empire together. Though, unbeknownst to her, you were already building your own empire of lies. Picks up in the middle of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

    Once you were in the halls and out of sight of Wenwu and the guy with the machete, you gently placed a hand on her shoulder while asking, “hey, can we talk?”

    She didn't even look at you and opted to roughly shove your hand off her shoulder before walking away forcefully. You let your own steps slow to a halt as you forlornly watched her retreating back. “Guessing that normally doesn't happen?" you jumped at the sudden voice but calmed when you realized who the owner was.

    You chewed the inside of your cheek, "yeah."

    "We could start a club," Shang-Chi tried to make a joke and gave you an awkward smile. "The Xialing-is-angry-at-me association."

    "We might have to invite your dad." You tried to joke back and his smile fell off his face.


    You turned your attention back to the door Xialing had holed herself in and frowned, unconsciously hugging your arms around yourself in a way to try and reassure you. Your action didn’t go unnoticed by Shang-Chi.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” he offered, seeing as nobody else was going to suggest it. He didn’t know why, but he felt compelled to try and make you feel better. Maybe it was because you gave him a literal healing hand, or because you felt more approachable than his sister, or maybe it was because of the broken and lost look on your face.

    “Not particularly.” You felt bad at turning down his offer, but the two of you met earlier today, or was it yesterday? Either way, you did not feel like unloading all of your emotional baggage onto the unsuspecting man next to you.

    “Then we can do something to take your mind off it?” he asked again and you gave him a tired look.

    “I’m not really in the mood for fighting.” That was what Xialing always did, and even before you met her, it felt like sparring was the go-to to take your mind away from thinking and to refocus on the present.

    He balked, that wasn’t what he was suggesting at all! His mind was fried as he stumbled to tell you that. “No, I would never fight you! I mean, I’m sure you can hold your own, but it’s not like I want to beat you up, or get beat up by you. I don’t know what my dad was talking about, I’ve never-”

    You put up a hand to stop his ramblings, you were long lost by this point, “okay.”

    He stopped word vomiting and looked at you in shock, whether it was because you agreed or because you got him to stop with just a word, neither of you will ever know. “Okay?”

    “What did you have in mind?” you also weren’t entirely sure why you agreed to it. You had full intention of holing yourself in your room and sulking after Xialing’s icy shoulder, but Shang-Chi and his nervous ramblings were somehow able to convince you to do something else. You inwardly smiled, it was nice having someone looking after you.

    “Oh,” he stumbled over his words as his mind drew a blank. He didn’t have a chance to think that far ahead. You watched him expectantly as he scrounged his memory for some place in the compound that was private but also not a training room.

    "Weren't expecting me to agree?" you asked with a small half-teasing, half-wry smile. After the silence dragged into the uncomfortable region.

    "No, no, I've got somewhere in mind."

    He carefully led the two of you to the edge of the compound, your walk truncated by carefully peering around corners to make sure no guards would catch you. The orange lights that lit up the area gradually disappeared until you were left with hardly any lights anywhere. The sky was still a navy blue and was casting a heavy shadow around everything in the small garden, but you could imagine it was rather beautiful in the day.

    It was a koi pond surrounded by grass and paired with the trickling sounds of a small waterfall. On the other side of the koi pond was a dense forest, but you noticed the walls of the compound reaching around and behind, presumably enclosing this section of the forest as well. The two of you took seats on the grass next to the pond and Shang-Chi peered into the small pond. Below him, you were surprised to see a few large koi fish swimming around. “I used to come here all the time.”

    “It’s beautiful.” You agreed. With your backs to the compound, you could almost forget the cage you were currently trapped in.

    “This place reminds me of my mom,” you hummed to show you were listening. It made sense, you never pegged his dad as someone who would appreciate the quiet of nature. “She was always in tune with nature, and I remember seeing her here often.”

    “Thank you for bringing me here.” You softly thanked him as you realized the significance of the oasis Shang-Chi had brought you to.

    He smiled and the two of you fell into a comfortable silence. It wasn’t long until you saw a light flicker from in the darkness of the forest. It was one, and then there were two. And it wasn’t long until there was a small crowd of tiny yellow lights. The circular sources of lights bobbed and flew towards you and then the two of you were surrounded.

    “Are they fireflies?” you asked in delight as the balls of light danced around the two of you and you giggled as you felt one of them brush against your cheek, tickling it in the process.

    Shang-chi watched with awe and near adoration in his eyes as he watched you. You were a literal beacon of light in the darkness since all of the lights around you cast you in a warm yellow glow. It looked almost like you were some kind of fairy who stepped into his world, tiny pinpricks of light seemed to reflect from your eyes and if you looked at him, you would see yourself being reflected in his own dark eyes. “Taking that as a ‘no?’” You lightly smiled at him after he didn’t respond. You didn’t notice the way he was staring at you as if you were an angel on earth.

    He blinked to ground himself again, “not sure. I was never able to catch one. Maybe you’ll have better luck, they seem to like you.”

    You nodded and attempted to catch one of the tiny floating lights, but it escaped from your hands too quickly. You let out a small disappointed sound, but decided not to try again.

    The two of you sat like that for what was probably only five minutes, but felt simultaneously like one and thirty minutes. It was the sound of some of the soldiers in the distance that yanked the two of you out of your reverie. “We probably should return to our rooms.” Shang-Chi mentioned as he forced himself up to his feet. You wanted to protest, to wait here for just a little bit longer, but his words had truth. It was dangerous enough that the two of you had snuck off.

    “Thank you.” You told him genuinely as you took his outstretched hand that helped you to your feet.

    “I’m surprised that they’re still around.” He confessed as he watched the lights peel away from you and disappear into the forest. You sadly watched them go. “They were here back when I was still a child and living here. They seemed to come after mom died. That, or i never noticed them before. Either way, they were my biggest comforts. I don’t know if they’re sentient or not, or if they can even understand me, but I’d always talk to them about all of my problems. I guess it was kind of therapeutic in a sense.” You nodded solemnly in understanding. There was more silence, and then Shang-Chi let out a wry laugh, “look at me, I’m the one who suggested we go, and now i’m delaying our return.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” you tried to reassure him, and glanced towards the forest to find the lights but the lights were long gone.

    “Come,” he finally tore himself from looking at the forest and began walking back to the main house, “I’ll take you to your room.”

    The two of you made the trek back to the rooms where you were staying in earlier and it was with an awkward air when the two of you stopped. “Thanks.” You tried to break the silence, but it felt like it only made things more awkward.

    Shang-Chi played with his hair and nervously looked at you, “uh, yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    Not wanting to deal with the painful awkwardness anymore, you hurriedly opened the door and shut yourself into the room. It was dark except for the moonlight streaming through the window, and you were worried that you may have woken up Xialing or Katy when you slammed the door, but no. There was nobody in the room. You nervously made your way into the quiet room. It was the same one that you were in earlier, the bed sheets looked the same, and you recognized some of the relics and decorations that adorned the walls.

    You frowned when after a thorough checking of the room, there wasn’t another living person in sight. You flicked on the light, and upon hearing silence, you were certain that it was empty. Xialing must’ve been really angry at you if she decided to sleep in another room, and she must’ve brought Katy with her.

    You heavily sat down on the bed. It hurt. You knew she could be petty, you had seen it with some gang members who came and left, but you never imagined you’d be on the receiving end of it. The clock on your phone said it was 9pm, still too early to go to bed, and no wi-fi connection. Of course you weren’t going to ask Wenwu for the wifi password.

    You let out a groan as you looked at your phone devoid of notifications. At least you had cell service, not that the person who you want to call would answer your messages.

    You thought back to the flickering lights that Shang-Chi showed you and sat up. You had to see them again. You eased open the door to your room and looked both ways before you escaped your room to visit the pond.

    #shang chi x reader #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi movie #shang chi#x reader#reader insert #mcu x reader #marvel x reader #gender neutral reader #gn reader#male reader#female reader#marvel imagine#arv#marvel fic#marvel series#marvel#marvel fanfic #marvel cinematic universe #kimi's writing #shang chi x you #shang chi x gn!reader #shang chi x y/n #strangers to lovers #romance#action#fic#fanfic#fanfiction
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    You know you're getting old(er) when you find not only the protagonist hot

    But, his dad too 😅😭

    #send help#im wheezing #but its true #i think im having a mid twenties crisis #also where is all the fanart and fanfics for this stunning movie? #shang chi#xu shangqi#xu wenwu#simu liu#tony leung
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  • prettywitchiusaka
    13.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    #marvel cinematic universe #Doctor Strange#Clea #stephen x clea #Wong #stephen x wong #shang-chi#Prettywitch's Fanfiction #mcu clea's a fugitive au #mcu fanfic#mcu fanfiction#PTSD
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  • fantasyoutfits
    10.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    What I would wear going to see Shaun’s sister….

    (I do not own these images)

    #fandom#fantasy#fanfic#marvel#fashion#shang chi #shang chi x katy #shang chi x y/n #shang chi x you #shang chi x reader #shang chi x fem!reader #shang chi smut #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi and the ten rings #shang chi angst #shang chi and katy #shang chi and legend of 10 rings #shang chi fic #shang chi fluff #shang chi fanfiction #shang chi blurb #shang chi headcanon #shang chi drabble #shangchiedit#shangchiealendadosdezanéis #shang chi icons #shang chi imagine #shang chi katy #shang chi legend of the ten rings #shang chi movie
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    22.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    hi baby! for the fanfic ask game: ❤️💕

    Henlo bae Bea! Thank you for the ask 👉👈

    Fanfic Ask Game

    ❤️ Who is your favorite character to write for and why?

    I'm pretty sure this was predictable but it's hands down Shangqi 🙈 Other than being absolutely whipped for him (iykyk), I love exploring new ways to write him. He may have a small fan base, but I've met so many kind-hearted, fun, and sometimes-equally-h-word-as-me fans through him and I wouldn't change a thing about it 🥰🥰🥰

    💕 What is the WIP that you are most excited about?

    After much procrastination, I started writing the blonde!Shangqi I've been daydreaming about 😂😂 I orginally anticipated it being v smutty but it's turning out to be more crack fic than smut lol but I'm not complaining 🤣 I'll share a snippet bc I'm cracking myself up writing it:

    When Shangqi finally revealed his blonde hair to everyone else in the compound, the roasts came flying faster than Xialing’s punches and kicks.

    Xialing cackled, “Oh, if only mama and baba were to see you now.”

    “Hate to break to you, bus boy, but you look like shit!” JonJon exclaimed, patting his back. Even Razor Fist put in his two cents, claiming Shangqi was better off having his hair chopped off by him.

    When Katy received a picture of Shangqi sporting the bleach blonde hair, she texted back, “If you leave him now, I promise I won’t tell him where you ran away to.”

    In response to all the heat he received the remainder of his visit, Shangqi simply shrugged his shoulders at them. “I know you all have your own opinions about my hair, but frankly, I don’t care. I actually like how I look and no one is gonna ruin that for me.” His words, on top of the tone of voice he spoke in, awoke something inside you that you had no idea was there before. Your thighs clenched together as your need for him ignited between your legs. Your mind betrayed you as it was filled with dirty thoughts of him with his dyed hair.

    #watcha thinkin darling? #beakeoghan #bae bea 💖 #fanfic asks#shang chi#xu shangqi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #blonde!shangqi
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  • marvelmaniac2000
    15.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    My lil valentine marathon was a complete FAIL 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ I need to practice better time management. I guess I'll try again next year. I'll still will be posting here and there. But I won't be writing any fics for awhile until Moon Knight comes out. Right now I'm going to focus on reading more books and improving my writing. Hopefully I'll be back nastier and better 👌

    (Or follow my wattpad account: natalia171)

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  • mculibrary
    08.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Shang-Chi Authors

    last updated: 02/07/22


    #shang-chi x reader #shangchi x reader #shang-chi x you #shang-chi fanfiction#shang-chi fanfic #mcu x reader #mcu fanfiction#mcu fanfic#mcu fic #ch: shang-chi. #author masterposts.
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  • amayatheowl
    06.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    can I request a Xu Shang-Chi one, about the different stuff and small acts he will do, to tell the reader how much he loves them? Just different forms of showing love basically! Thank you!

    Thanks so much for the request lovely! Not going to lie I struggled with this one, only because I didn't want to make it a list but an actual one-shot so I had to take some creative liberties... hope thats okay <3

    Masterlist | Requests are OPEN

    Sad Corny F*ck

    Summary: Shaun had no words to explain the effect that you had on him, he was a completely different version of himself around you, while he continuously told you how much he loved you, he failed to show you that through his actions when he needed to the most.

    Warning: Unedited... Maybe swearing and sexual references

    Words: 1.9K

    Are you on this side of town? Could you be beside me right now? You could ask me that anywhere, I'd say, "Be there soon" Love don't get better than you - JP Saxe

    He could still taste you on his lips, the skin on his lips giggling, shy from what they’d just done a second ago. He stood outside your door, trying to catch his breath, smiling to himself while his fingers traced the spots of his skin you touched, trying to recreate the feeling.

    There was no other way to describe how he was feeling except for the fact that he was absolutely ecstatic and maybe even a little worried, now that he had you he knew… Love won’t get better than you.

    Shaun had a skip in his step as he finally mustered up the courage to leave your front door, smiling at the people as they passed by, their insides lighting up with the curiosity of wanting to know what had him so giddy.


    Ever since that day all he wanted to do was be around you, answering your phone calls almost immediately and rushing to meet you when you’d ask him where he was, no matter how far he’d been away from you, except this time was different…

    “I miss you.” You whispered sleepily against the phone. Shaun’s fingers gripped tightly against his own, imagining that it was you and not this tiny ass brick right now. “I wish you were here.”

    Any other day, no matter how far, Shaun would have packed up his things and fought hard against every possible barrier in the world just to be with you but there was just so much on the line this time.

    “I’ll be home soon. I promise.” He sighed defeatedly, his eyes closing, imagining the feeling of your supple skin against his, trailing kisses up your neck until he hit the spot that drove you nuts, turning an hour into an eternity, showing you how much he truly loved you.


    Your finger traced patterns through his hair, a soft hum on your lips carried by the wind, the sun shining brightly upon you two as you recounted your week and Shaun just melted against you, moulding himself against your warmth.

    He’d never cared so deeply about another being, especially after his mother and sister, the one person he knew he couldn’t possibly fuck things up with because he wasn’t sure if there would be anyone after you.

    That day he finally found the courage to admit to himself and to you that he adored you, loved you even and that it was you, always you, and only you.


    His fingers trailed around your waist as you turned, your laughter echoing around the house as he happily sang along to the song on the radio.

    You would skip about happily around him as he cooked, suddenly gripping at his hips and forcefully shaking them so he was also reluctantly joining you through his protests.

    And while he put on a front, telling you to stop, he knew this was the happiest that he’d ever felt, because no one could make him feel like you do.


    I love your eyes

    I love your smile

    I love your massages

    I love you

    He’d find the notes hidden around the house, tucked away in tiny crevices when you weren’t around, little tokens that were proof you were real and not a figment of his imagination.


    Shaun had no explanation of the effect that you had on him, except for the fact that you made him fall in love with the version of himself he was with you, gentle, caring, loving and kind. Everything he felt far from, especially in the nights when his past would catch up with him and punish him for all he’d done.

    He loved curling up into a ball and letting your arms envelope him, revealing a naive and childish side to him that no one had ever seen and you would just smile, your eyes sparkling with joy, lighting up his dark nights.

    Love really didn’t get better than you.


    That day when you found out, it broke him, ripped him apart and you. The man you’d loved and given your all to suddenly a stranger before you at a loss for words. You tore his heart right out his chest and left with it and Shaun was left with a gaping hole that no amount of bandages could ever heal.

    The phone crackled, breaking your words apart as you said them through tears as though it was unable to bear the cracking under the weight of your pain as Shaun went numb, letting your words sink into a pit he’d been carrying long before he’d met you.

    Another proof that good things were never meant for him.


    When he came back, you were long gone from the apartment you once shared, your history swiped from the apartment leaving him lost and having to find his bearings all over again. He desperately searched through the rooms trying to find something of yours, proof of your existence, proof of your relationship but every room he left him even more battered and bruised than the fight he’d just won.

    Katy couldn’t bear seeing him like this, blaming himself over something that was far beyond his reach now. She struggled to help him with the hurting because she wasn’t as gentle as you were and she didn’t know what to say when it seemed like you almost always had the right things to say.

    Shaun was defeated. In a haze he finally got up and off the couch, the house seeming as though it had been hit by a storm. It was the first time he thought to get up and do something about the mess.

    He still wasn’t sure of the effect you’d had on him, or how long your spell would last, but he selfishly didn’t want it to end, despite all your things being gone, he could still see the ghost of your relationship around the apartment, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom, everywhere he would go, memories of you would be there waiting for him.

    Shaun let out a shaky breath, opening up his dresser, his clothes messily placed in the drawer and he had absolutely no energy to clean things up so he merely dropped his other clothing in. He sloshed things around trying to make space until his finger hit the bottom of the drawer, grazing a bunch of papers.

    His heart immediately dropped while his stomach excitedly flipped, immediately knowing what those were.

    Shaun’s hands shook lightly as he picked them up, tracing your hand writing, a few of his own notes were mixed in with the bunch but it was yours he was most entranced by, to think there was a point where you loved him that much.

    He was at the brink of falling apart right now and sure that if anyone would’ve seen him, they would’ve had so much names to label him with he would be able to keep count but something about you, something about you just made him a sad corny fuck all the time and he didn’t mind it, he just hated that now he was being a sad corny fuck all by himself.

    He froze when he heard the sound of someone hissing under their breath in his apartment, padded footsteps making their way through the hall as the person mumbled to themself, their voice muffled by the closed door. Shaun instantly dropped his things back in his drawer, shutting it close rather loudly. He told Katy he needed some time and yet here she was, doing exactly what he told her not to do.

    Shaun groaned, hand gripping tightly at the knob as he tried desperately to swallow his anger and frustration, because he was sure he might fall apart. He’d lost way too much in the span of a couple days.

    “Katy I told you -”

    As the door swung open, there you stood, eyes blaringly wide, not expecting him to yell at… well at Katy but it was directed at you. Shaun’s heart almost stopped, as though taking a couple slow steps back before running up and out his chest so it could simply land in your hands.

    He was at a loss for words, nothing was running through his mind that he could simply pick and throw your way so he stood there, trying not to crumble exhaustedly at your feet. You had that effect on him, being around you soothed him to the point he was completely at your mercy, he could keep very little from you.

    “Katy told me about your dad.” You offered a half true explanation when really you just wanted to see him.

    “You moved out.” He replied, not meeting your eyes. His body leaned against the door frame for support.

    You had nothing to say, frozen before him you slowly took a step up and reached for his hands but he recoiled away. “I’m fine.” He offered you a tight lipped smile which you’d known him long enough to know was fake.


    “You moved out.” Shaun was stuck, unable to comprehend how it didn’t occur to you that leaving him would be the worst possible thing you could ever do to him.

    “I needed time.”

    “You didn’t even bother telling me.” His voice cracked, he rushed far from you, he wasn’t sure why he was so hurt when he knew the amount of pain he’d caused you but to think you would just walk away, the thought crushed his entire being.

    “Do you remember how we left things? You walked out that door without even taking a moment to explain things to me, it made me feel like you didn’t care about us at all!”

    Shaun paused, watching as you took a deep breath, your eyes glistening, tears ready to fall but you composed yourself. “I couldn’t stand being here… Especially when I felt like whatever we had was fake.”

    “It wasn’t… I - just - I’m sorry.”

    There was a silence that followed and Shaun couldn’t help but watch you struggle to find the words you’d wanted to say to him, secretly hoping this all meant that you’d take him back.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I’ve been better.” He smiled softly, turning to stare at the ground ahead of him rather than spotlight you and make you uncomfortable.

    “You’re dad -”

    “I should’ve told you, but my head… it was all over the place, Y/N. I guess I assumed we would just talk about it when I came back but -”

    “I appreciate that.” You finally smiled, approaching him and settling on the ground before him, blocking his intense staring contest with that ground. “I’m sorry I just up and left without giving you the chance to explain.”

    “You don’t have anything to be sorry about. I just - I wanted to see you first that’s all.”

    “I know.”

    You wrapped him up in your arms as he finally let go, sniffling into your shoulder, for the first time stopping to let the grief overtake him. “It was too late. I couldn’t do anything about it, just like -”

    “Shaun…” You cooed, hushing him, whispering affirmations to him as he reunited with the comfort of your skin, curling around you and pulling you to him, as close as he possibly could.

    “I thought I lost you too.” He sighed, capturing your lips in a kiss before you could even respond.

    “You’ll never lose me.”


    Yup so this is it...

    As always feedback is welcomed and appreciated

    See you soon.

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  • psychicmewhealer
    06.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Fic idea, after the movie Shang-Chi pushes away all his loved ones in an attempt to gain control over his life that keeps falling apart and he falls into a spiral of self isolation and abandonment issues but in his desperate desire to be loved he goes back to Jon Jon's ring and fights there to numb the pain then Xialing sees him and tells him "you are a shell of the brother I once met, anyway let’s get you therapy" and he’s like "no therapy is for the weak????" Then Jon Jon who has had a crush on him this whole time says "I’m actually concerned about you like I take joy in human suffering but not in that way???" then Shang-Chi goes to therapy and sobs for a whole-ass 80 chapters and may or may not start a qpr with Jon Jon

    Someone write this for me; I'm too swamped

    #how much trauma can we fit in one family #just getting mad bc the mcu attaches me to all these characters #then gives them intense trauma and never deals with it??? #shang-chi writers b like then went for it??? #shang-chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #mcu#prox explodes#fanfic
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  • marvelmaniac2000
    03.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    DAY 2 : IILunch Break II Shang Chi x Reader

    Side note: Definitely doing shit at the last minute… For now on I will try to be strict about getting a consistent schedule with my posts. Apologies, this was supposed to be posted yesterday.

    Summary: Every afternoon you take your dog (lucky) out after your shift from work and Shang Chi does something a little special.

    Word count: +1266

    Characters: Shang Chi x Reader, Your dog

    Subject: Public sex, unprotected sex, sex toys (vibrating dildo), oral sex, +18 ONLY

    Sorry for misspelling and grammar.

    You send your last text message to your boss stating you will be back in your office in an hour after your break. Today was a beautiful day and you couldn’t wait to step foot into the city. Your phone vibrated again, but this time it was Shang Chi.

    You smiled at your phone and hurried down the sidewalk of San Francisco. Many people bustled by getting to their own destinations. Valentine’s day was just around the corner and you barely had any idea what to get your own man. You patiently waited for your uber ride before finally climbing inside. This would have made year two of your relationship with Shang Chi and you couldn’t help but run through all the memories that filled your mind. The recent argument you guys had together didn’t come close to jeopardizing your relationship, however it definitely raised some eyebrows by your parents if you two were ever getting married. The view of the local stores reflected the window and finally saw the view of your loft approaching in sight. You spoke your goodbyes before you climbed out the backseat. The jingle of your keys tangled through your fingers before you found the correct one headed up the apartment staircase. Once you finally arrived at the numbered door, the faint sound of your dog barked eagerly.

    A smile crept your lips as you pushed the door open to see your little black pug.

    “How’s Lucky doing today?” you ruffled his triangle shaped ears. His blue little collar jingled beaming with his round eyes. You unhooked his leash from the wall to click it on his neck.

    “Off we go bud” you lead him out the doorway out the loft.

    Walking down the center plaza gave you goosebumps to your skin. The vibrant array of colors and activity of society bubbled you up with joy. You made your way down the walking trail toward the excluded bushes and trees where you could rarely spot other people. when skimming to see Shang Chi. Lucky jolted your arm forcefully in the direction he spotted him in the open green field. You notice a beautifully made picnic was set up under a corner of a shaded tree. The sight of it all was something out of a movie. During the beginning of the relationship. He was a nervous wreck (and so were you) from every date and time you spent together but now he felt like himself and the sweet & selfless man you have come to love with the most adorable actions.

    “This is so sweet, how did you manage to set this all up?” you clipped your pup to let him roam free.

    “A wise man never tells” he shrugged his shoulders sitting against the tree trunk. You lowered yourself to sit comfortably across from him on the picnic blanket.

    “How’s work so far?” Shang Chi scavenged around the basket to pull out two neatly sized sandwiches.

    “It’s been pretty great so far, I think I will probably get promoted so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed” you unwrapped the sandwich. “You?” you took a bite.

    “Same ole same, trying to keep a normal life even after saving the universe” he joked.

    “Well excuse me Mr. Hot Shot” you giggled. You both chatted for a while and you sat with your head resting on his lap. Shang Chi took a glimpse at his phone to check the time.

    “Uhh where did Lucky go?” he searched with his eyes.

    “I saw him digging a hole near a bush. He's fine” you reassured me. Shang Chi drifted his hand down to the zipper of your pants.

    “We still have a half hour left, wanna a quickie?” his hand slipped under your shirt to trace your stomach.

    You knew that public sex was a huge risk to take outside, but you two were willing to take that risk for the excitement.

    “Let’s move over here, They won’t see us then” he moved the basket away and moved the blanket closer behind a secluded area with tall slim bushes.

    “Oh I forgot one more thing” Shang Chi looked around before pulling out a miniature pink vibrator from his pocket.

    “Remember this thing?” he slightly displayed it between his knuckles. You shushed to come over to the bushes so you guys won’t waste anymore time.

    The rebellious nature of yourself couldn’t wait to try something this risky. Shang Chi began kissing the exposed bare skin of your v neck shirt. You eagerly unbuttoned your pants only leaving your lace panties on. While still trying to stay hidden between the bushes, assuming position you lay on the blanket with your legs spread open. Shang Chi quietly kneeled down with the dildo shaped toy in his hand.

    Shang Chi lowered his face down to peck your moisten pussy with a kiss. He turned on the vibrating dildo and rubbed it slowly between your folds. tYou moan out in anticipation, noticing how slow he was teasing your aching core. Your clit vibrated in pleasure as the vibrator felt like a softened dick rubbing inside you. You brush your hands deep inside his hair to want him to press it harder. Shang Chi moved the toy harder around your clit before slowly inserting the dildo inside your opening. You bite your lip hoping he would just do more with the toy.

    The pink toy slowly glided up and down staining the toy with your wet juices. You buck your hips to the toy and rub your own clit to double the pleasure. Shang Chi pushed your leg outward to gain more access to your wet sight. He gently pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his mouth instead. You try to let out a restrained moan feeling how soft his tongue felt. “Daddy” you whisper, wanting him to work on his skills. He sucked harder on your clit making sure not to leave any part of your inside licked. After doing so he adjusted himself up to peak around the bush to check to see if anyone else would come around.

    Once the close was clear, you watch him wonder what his next move would be. Shang Chi slowly undone his pants only to slightly expose his hardened dick through his pants. You hungrily opened your legs wider for him to fuck you. “I couldn’t help but at least put my dick in you once” he held your panties to the side and guided his member slowly into your entrance while leaving pecks of kisses on your collarbone. You whimper feeling his hardened member fit you perfectly inside your sweating core. Shang Chi let out a husk moan feeling how tight you were. Your legs wrapped around his hips to gain more deeper thrusts.

    “You feel so good but I have to pull out before someone catches us” Shang Chi breathed. A rustle noise came from around the bushes and you instantly panic frantically putting your pants back on. “Oh shit” Shang Chi redid his pants and straightened his button. But to your surprise it was nobody but Lucky rustling out with mountains of dirt all over his fur.

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  • marvelmaniac2000
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    There's a power outage going on where I live so and my laptop is about to die so I'll post as soon as I can including yesterdays and today's smut!!

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