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  • magicalxdaydream
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Just One Weekend ( Shang Chi )

    summary: you have to ask shaun for a favour.

    word count: 820 (drabble)

    warning: fluff, sweet nickname calling

    pairing: shang chi x fem!reader

    author's note: this is just a quick drabble I came up with this morning and I know it's cliché but it's also very sweet and I feel like the reader and shaun have the perfect chemistry in this.

    “It’s just for one weekend!”, you exclaimed while you watched Shaun walk away from you however, he came to a stop once he heard the desperation in your voice. 

    The young man turned around and looked into your y/e/c eyes. A sympathetic look graced his face while he let out a soft sigh before he made his way over to where you were.

    “Why me? Why can’t you ask any of the other guy friends?”

    “Because you’re my best friend. Please, Shaun. My family won’t let me live it down if I go there with no boyfriend.”

    Your sister's wedding was coming up this weekend and since everyone in your family had been pestering you about getting a boyfriend, you suddenly blurted out that you already had one but didn’t introduce him yet because it was quite early into the relationship. But of course, you didn’t have a boyfriend so the only one you knew could help you was your best friend, Shaun whom you have known for as long as you could remember. 

    You knew it was a cliché to ask your best friend to be your date to the wedding and pretend to be your boyfriend and a lot of other people have done this before but there was no other way. Either you would go to your sister’s wedding with Shaun as your boyfriend or you wouldn’t go at all however, you obviously didn’t want to miss that big day. 

    “Be my boyfriend for the weekend and I promise you, I will do anything for you for a week.”, you stated, taking Shaun’s hands into yours, squeezing them softly as you looked up at him with a hopeful smile on your face.

    “A month.”

    You raised your eyebrows. Knowing him, he wouldn’t take no for an answer hence you reluctantly nodded your head.

    “A month.”, you mumbled, feeling Shaun’s hands slip out of yours as he held up his pinky finger, looking at you with a bright grin on his lips.

    “Promise.”, he demanded. 

    You felt as though you were a teenager again. You shook your head lightly before you held your finger up and pinky promised that you would do anything for your best friend for a month. You knew he would be asking for all kinds of things however you would instead grant his wishes than not go to the wedding and continue to get pestered by your family. 

    “Then we have a deal. I will pretend to be your boyfriend for the weekend and you will do anything for me for a month … starting from today.”, he stated, wiggling his eyebrows as he took your hand, grabbed your car keys and dragged you out of your apartment. 

    “But I said after the wedding.”, you said matter of factly, walking next to him as you tried to keep up with his pace.

    “Where are we even going?”, you asked him out of curiosity while the two of you walked out of your apartment building and over to your car. 

    “You will buy me a suit. I don’t have one and I can’t go to a wedding in sweatpants and a shirt. So, let’s go shopping.”, he said, grinning at you while he tossed you the car keys that you luckily caught in your hands. 

    You looked at him in disbelief, your mouth slightly opened while he waited for you to open the door. 

    “Come on, babe. You want me to look handsome for the wedding, right?”, he said as he winked at you, your mouth opening even more as you couldn’t believe what he had just said to you. 

    “Okay, no. The first rule of this arrangement is no nicknames for each other. No babe, no love, no honey … nothing. Got it? I don’t like that and you out of all the people in the world know that.”, you stated, pointing your finger at him. 

    You opened the car doors before you both got in. You quickly put your seatbelt on and started the engine, getting out of your parking spot and making your way to your local shopping mall. 

    “But it won’t be convincing if I don’t call you anything sweet, my love.”, he said, emphasizing the ‘love’ which immediately made you shiver. 

    “Stop it, Shaun. I mean you’re right but stop it … for now. You can call me nicknames in front of my family but when it’s just us two, you stop.”, you demanded, taking a quick glance at him before you focused on the street again. 

    “Alright, honey.”

    You let out a groan, slapping your steering wheel while Shaun couldn’t help but laugh as loud as he could. 

    He knew that this upcoming weekend could be a very interesting one and to be honest, he would have gone with you even if you wouldn’t do anything for him but he was definitely looking forward to it now.

    tags: @scandalous-chaos @lightprincess-world

    #shang chi #shang chi imagine #shang chi drabble #shang chi fic #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shang chi x fem!reader #shang chi fluff #shang chi fanfiction #marvel imagines#mcu imagines#mcu drabbles
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  • fuddlewuddle
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Not me writing a random smutty, crack fic about these two

    Because of their scenes in Shang-Chi, and knowing they’re both going to be in She-Hulk

    I’m a disgrace 🙃🤣



    Stephen interrogates Wong on who he's been seeing when he's not in the Sanctum.

    Wong tells him just to get him to stop asking questions.

    He then goes and sees the man in question, and their relationship develops in a way Wong hadn't dared to hope for.

    Emil doesn't mind being locked up, so much, when he has Wong visit him.

    Enjoy 💚

    #my fics#benedict wong#Wong#emil blonsky#tim roth#abomination #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #she hulk #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness #mcu#marvel fanfiction
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  • avengerphobic
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    “The bidding will start soon, I assume you are here for the same reason I am,” Shang-chi said. “The Fox Bead.” “I cannot let you have it,” Shang-chi warned. “And I can’t afford to walk out of here without it.” Shang-chi’s bodyguard tensed. “What do you need a fox bead for?” Shang-chi asked. “What do you need a fox bead for?” Jimmy echoed.

    #Shang-chi#jimmy woo#shangwoo#my fic #hehe i just wanted to have shang-chi and jimmy woo make out
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  • han-writings
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Hi! (commissions open)

    Hi so um,,, I kinda disappeared didn’t I? I’m so sorry for that 😭 I know I promised those valentine’s fics but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to any of them due to some happenings in my personal life. I’m okay now though! I’ll still try to get through them slowly! The ones sent to me were really cute and I regret not being able to publish them on Valentine’s day so I’ll write them when I can!

    commission details under the cut!

    On another note, my commissions are now open! I’m starting college soon and I want to help with my expenses because attending college abroad is expensive and I don’t want to rely on my family 100% of the time 😵‍💫

    Linked here is my commission sheet! You can find my rates there as well as my portfolio, ToS, what I’m willing to write, turnover time, etc. 

    Alternatively, if you don’t want to commission but still want to support me, I also have a Ko-Fi! Feel free to tip me there!

    I’ve also posted about opening commissions on my twitter! Please rt and share it if you can, it would help a lot <3

    I really appreciate all the love and support you have given my works while I was away 🥺💗 And I promise I’ll get back to posting soon!

    Thank you so much and I love you all ♡ 

    #kay talks#writing#writing commissions#commissions #writing commissions open #druig x reader #shang-chi x reader #bucky barnes x reader #ikaris x reader #marvel#eternals au#eternals fic#eternals imagine#druig au#druig fic #druig x y/n #barry keoghan#bucky fluff#bucky fic #bucky x y/n #bucky au #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes#winter soldier #james buchanan barnes #ikaris x y/n #ikaris fic#ikaris imagine#ikaris eternals#ikaris
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  • satan-chillin
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Wenwu was in the middle of a bridge. 

    He found himself surprisingly intact, all things considered, and walked the path on his right where he was led to a woman in red who was apparently waiting for him. 

    Her long hair that brushed the ground was white, but the hand that extended him a bowl of soup was young, and so was the face that smiled. “Drink deep,” she told him, voice light. “Drink deep and forget.”

    Wenwu held the cup in his hands, considering. “What happens next?”

    “Rebirth,” she replied. “It may not be a life as long as your previous, but it will be different.”

    “Will I find her?”

    The smile on her face did not falter, but Wenwu liked to believe he saw understanding in her wizened eyes. “I do not know.”

    Perhaps there was a comfort in the uncertainty of it all, for what else was left to tell Ying Li aside from his neglect? It was enough that the greatness she had believed their children were capable of was true, that they had her goodness and talents. 

    Wenwu stared at his reflection in the liquid and drank deep. 


    He woke to the dark, blinking until his eyes adjusted to the familiar ceiling of his bedroom. 

    He would have called it a dream, except his fingers woven to silken tresses were real, as was Ying Li's voice tinged with sleep when she came to wakefulness. 

    She muttered something against his chest that Wenwu struggled to understand amidst the surge of… everything, and at his silence she turned up at him with a concerned frown. 

    Ying Li was bright even with the bare light in the late evening, and she was here with him again. 

    Wenwu was afraid to touch, to disturb this memory that Forgetfulness was unable to erase, but Ying Li leaned against his hand, and she remained. 

    "Bad dream?" she asked softly. 

    He nodded shallowly, not trusting himself to speak. 

    Ying Li understood like she always had, shifting to wrap him in her arms, his head against her chest. "Sleep," she whispered, "I'm here."

    Wenwu drank her scent and the sound of her voice and knew she would be there when he woke once more. 

    #wenwu#xu wenwu#ying li #wenwu x ying li #shang chi #could expand to a wenwu time travel fic... maybe #mcu
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  • crazycookiecrumbles
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    A Showdown


    A/N: This didn’t exactly turn out the way I had wanted it to, but I forgot all of my notes. Special thanks to  @wint3r-h3art​ and @tom-whore-dleston​ for working out the slappening in this fic 

    Pairings/Characters: Shangqi x Stark!Reader, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

    Warnings: violence, talks about pregnancy/miscarriages, fist-fighting, clint being indifferent and pizza-obsessed

    Summary: Steve has finally come to you for help, and now you’re left facing your biggest fear.

    Previous Chapter:  A Very Alarming Message

    WC: 2.5k

    “Unbelievable,” Shangqi muttered as he sat in the passenger side of your car as you drove from the MET to Clint’s apartment in Bedstuy. It was meant to be mutual territory for all of you. Apparently, Steve couldn’t wait for you to get to the compound, and this needed to be said away from certain people, his words, not yours. Clint seemed to be the perfect man in the middle, simply because Natasha was also present, and she seemed more likely to stop a murder fest between you and Steve than anyone else.

    Especially given how Shangqi was feeling at the moment.

    “Un-fucking-believable,” Shangqi repeated to himself. “He couldn’t Ask for help while we were there? He waits until we’re outside, when you look that freaking good and feel like jumping my bones the whole night? I think he’s full of shit. He’s absolutely, totally full of shit, and he’s just doing this to give us a hard time. I fucking hate him now.”

    “Sure, now you hate him,” you teased.

    “Well, as much as you do, at least.”

    “Oh, I don’t think anyone comes close to me on that,” you countered, “but I love that your hatred of him has grown. Let your hate consume you, Shangqi.”

    “Don’t, don’t go all Palpatine on me. We both know you’re more of a Jedi than Sith leaning anyway,” He sighed as he leaned on his arm.

    You chuckled, “Well, definitely more grey-leaning at the least.” You parked in front of Clint’s building, ignoring the fact that the spot you chose definitely wasn’t a spot, and you were likely to get a ticket if some traffic cop came around in the middle of the night. “I see his bike down the block.”

    “Great. He’s here,” Shangqi groaned. “This was not how the night was meant to go.”

    “I know.”

    “You were going to do deplorable things to me, and I was going to do deplorable things to you!”

    “Trust me, I’m aware.”

    “We were going to traumatize people in a random hotel! I needed this!” He whined and loosened his tie and undid his jacket buttons. “Ugh, let’s just go. At least Clint’s there, he’s cool. Do you think he has food?”

    “Honey, I’m nearly positive that man has food.”

    Shocking absolutely no one, when you got to Clint’s floor, you could smell pizza. You looked to Shangqi who sighed in relief. You didn’t want to know where that man had gotten pizza from this late at night, but, hey, it was New York, after all. 

    The door was already open since you had rung the bell downstairs to be let in. You both walked right into the apartment and were hit by the smell of pizza even more. Clint muttered that Steve was in the kitchen, and you all walked right over there to see him leaning against the counter, his hands gripping the countertop behind him while Natasha leaned against the refrigerator. 

    Natasha caught your eye, a tiny smirk forming at the corner of her lips as she addressed you, “Hey, Stark. Still in shock I’m here?”

    “What? No. I’m totally fine with the fact that you’re back and we had a totally different relationship in your world.”

    “Well, you were dead for most of it in my world, so,” Natasha nodded. “Anyway, Steve’s here.”

    “Great,” Shangqi muttered under his breath and grabbed a slice of pizza off the countertop before shoving half of it in his mouth. “So what is it this time, Rogers? You found out we were having a nice night out on the town, and you just felt it in your bones to try to steal my wife from me for the millionth time?”

    “No,” Steve cleared his throat and lifted his head to look at you with those pitiful blue eyes. “We have a problem.”

    Rolling your eyes, which earned a smirk from Clint as he leaned over to whisper in Natasha’s ear, you hopped up and sat on the last empty counter, “Speak.”

    “I think there’s a version of you from an alternatte universe here,” Steve confessed.

    This was it. This was exactly your fear, another you in your world trying to cause trouble. You sat there listening to Steve plead his case, how he explained that you, or rather, this version of you, came to him saying how you loved him, that you and Shangqi were no more. He explained that the two of you had been sleeping together and that Steve thought this was the chance he’d been waiting for, but how he realized it was too good to be true the second she called him ‘Stevie’, but he was so enamored with the idea of having you back, he kept on doing it until the guilt got to him.

    “So, let me get this straight,” you cleared your throat. “You thought I left Shangqi, and you decided that it was totally normal for me to appproach you and fuck you after leaving my husband.”

    “Well, there was a tan line on your ring finger, and you were wearing that blue sweater I really like — “

    “I don’t even own that anymore, Steve! I burned it! I can’t fucking believe you. I can’t believe you honestly thought it was me and you just went with it thinking with your fucking dick first! This is unbelievable! And, what, you had your fill of her and you’re telling me this now, why?”

    Steve groaned, “Like I said, Y/N, I, I just wasn’t thinking. I thought it was you, okay? I love you, and I —“

    Steve did not finish his sentence. Shangqi had quietly taken one step forward, just enough space for him to reel back and throw his fist against Steve’s cheek. The super soldier stumbled but quickly recovered to see Shangqi fuming.

    “You need to stay the hell away from my wife,” Shangqi growled. “Just keep her name out of your fucking mouth, Rogers.”

    Clint cleared his throat to get your attention, “You gonna stop that?”

    You crossed one leg over the other and grabbed one of Clint’s discarded beers to drink from, “Nope.”

    “Shangqi —“

    “No,” he said, cutting him off quickly. “No, Steve. I’m sick of it. Ever since.I met you, you’ve been trying to get her away from me. Now you’re just standing here telling me all about how you slept with her and thought we were done, so you swooped in like a vulture? I mean, what kind of brazen piece of shit are you?”

    “I get you’re upset, but you’ve got to understand our history here —“

    “No —“

    “Gentlemen,” Natasha said loudly to cut over their bickering, “You’re missing the point here. Y/N Stark from another universe is here looking for family. What does that mean?”

    Steve shook his head, “She just said she wanted me back and how she loves me.”

    “And what have you been doing?” Natasha asked, then rolled her eyes when she saw Steve turn red, “Aisde from sleeping together, Steve.”

    “She kept talking about starting over, and having a family together and stepping away from all of this,” Steve explained. “It was...very domestic, I hadn’t heard you say anything like that for a long time, Y/N.”

    You hummed, “Well, I haven’t been feeling very domestic for a long time, and you were gone, so, you know —“

    “Before that —“

    “Whatever —“

    “She talked about wanting kids,” Steve said. “But she kept it short, like it upset her.”

    Clint frowned, “Where is she, Steve?”

    “She’s at the compound. I left saying I was meeting Bucky.”

    “Wow, Captain America lying again, amazing,” Shangqi snickered.

    “Out of curiosity, where’s Morgan?” Natasha asked.

    “At home….” you trailed off. “Do you think she’d go after them?”

    “I think if she’s desperate for a family, who knows what she’s capable of.”

    You knew you had to act fast, you jumped off the table and went to grab your phone from your clutch as you started barking orders, “Steve, call my father. Clint, get the special arrows —“ 

    “They’re all special — “

    “You know which ones,” you said quickly, locking eyes with the man who cringed and nodded.  You nodded to yourself, “Shangqi, rings?”


    “Okay. I’m calling Strange, we’re gonna need him.Here’s the plan. We’re teleporting to either the compound, or the lake house. Clint, I want you nowhere near. I want you as far as you can get while maintaining sight. Shangqi, you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on quake watch — after we kidnap them, of course.”

    Shangqi balked, “Excuse me?”

    “Oh, let me make myself clear:  If one or both of us gets close to breaking the planet in half, you have to stop us. Your rings can, at the very least, match my power. They have vibranium, Stephen can teleport them, and Clint —“

    “Has knockout arrows and a very special netting arrow where the netting is very thinly laced with vibranium, made it after the snap, not sure how strong it is yet, but I guess we’ll find out,” Clint added as he threw his quiver on his shoulder. “Let’s get going, shall we?”

    “No plan for me, Stark?” Natasha asked after a moment, head tilting to the side as she stared at you. “I’m hurt.”

    You chewed on your bottom lip, “I’m sure you can guess what I need from you.”

    Natasha’s eyes flickered over to Shangqi. She watched as the man gave her the most confused stare on the planet as he looked between her and you. Natasha looked back to you and gave you one quick nod in understanding.


    After gathering everyone in the middle of the night, you went to the compound to prepare for something potentially horrible. Tony said that no one had come to the compound yet, but he did have his sensors go off for seismic activity near the property before it stopped. 

    You deduced that, perhaps, you realized that the other you had been detected and decided to back off of the lake house for now. This way, when everyone was at the compound and in position, Shangqi several feet behind you with Steve, the rest of them laying in hiding, you expected to see yourself. You were waiting for it, but watching a version of you suddenly land in the dirt in front of you, ground cracking by her feet, it was unnerving. When she stood at her full height, you felt a little uneasy watching her stare at you with such intensity.

    Is this what it was like when people saw you? Wow, this was a lot.

    “So we finally meet. You found me out. It took you long enough,” she said to you. “I’m not here to fight.”

    “Good,” you replied. “Why are you here?”

    “It’s simple,” she explained. “I lost everything, and I want my life back.”

    You shook your head, “You can’t have it by taking mine.”

    She laughed in your face, “Is that what you think? That, that you and your band of merry friends hiding in the trees could stop me from taking what I want?”

    “Well, clearly,” You shrugged and nodded to her. “This is my life, not yours. I think it’s time you go.”

    “You’re not sending me back,” she shook her head. “You got your dad back, your friends, you got Stevie back and you don’t even love him like you should.”

    “He hurt me — “

    “We hurt him,” she snapped. “We failed him.”

    You laughed in disbelief, “We didn’t do shit. Fuck that guy, he’s a prick. I knew my self-esteem was low, but damn, that low to think you’re missing out with Steve of all people? Rough, buddy. I — “

    “Don’t talk about him like that!” She threw her hand up and made your heart stop. You gasped for air and clutched your chest as you went straight to the ground. Shangqi ran forward, his hand shooting forward to hit her with a ring, but she deflected his own ring back to him and sent him flying in the air until Steve jumped up, caught his arm, and brought him down.

    “Stop it!” Steve shouted. “Stop hurting her!”

    The alternate version of you lowered her hand. You gasped for air as the pain stopped and your heart started pumping blood once more. You looked up as she started approaching you in a slow, sinister walk.

    “You don’t know what it’s like to watch your husband die,” she hissed. “To watch the life leave his eyes because he died for you. You have no idea how that feels.”

    You held up your hand, your index and thumb close together, “A little bit.”

    Laughing, she knelt down in front of you, “I lost everything, and you have everything I want, well, almost everything I want.”

    You stared up at her and narrowed your eyes, “Oh, right. You wanted a baby, right? Did you think you can just take my sister and raise her as your own? Fat chance. Why not just keep letting Steve use you as a cum dumpster? He’s stupid enough to think you’re somewhat like me.”

    She chuckled again and shook her head, “You don’t even know, do you?”

    “Know what?”

    “We can’t have children, Stark,” she explained to you. “Have you never tried? Two husbands, and not a single attempt at kids? Sad, pathetic, even,” she shook her head. “We can’t have children.”

    You laughed at her. She was lying, clearly. You were perfectly healthy, so why would you be unable to have kids? That wasn’t even a thought that had crossed your mind, it wasn’t a concern, nothing ever came up. “That’s, that’s just not true. You, maybe, but there’s nothing wrong with me —“

    “Miscarriage, after miscarriage, after miscarriage, and you know what I learned?” She stood up tall. “We’re just too physically unstable to have a kid. All that power we hold in, it’s too unstable an environment, and when we use it? It’s even worse. You will never be a mother, Y/N Stark. You will never have that picture-perfect family that I know you want, but I will.”

    Now, given that this was you, you knew what to expect. Your hands came up just as hers did, and the two of you were intent on using your powers to kill the other, but you were locked in a stalemate. Shangqi tried to throw his rings into the mix, but the power emanating from you two, they couldn’t even penetrate.

    Steve’s shield hovered in the air near you, but it was flung right back. You and yourself were making the earth beneath you shake and crack, a split forming in the dirt between you. Chunks of the ground started to shoot up, and as the earth started to split, you both started to lose your balance, but neither were giving up.

    “Just let me have this!” She shouted at you, “Let me have him! You don’t even want him!”

    “You’re right, I don’t,” you agreed. “But I’m not letting some cunty, harpy version of me have him either. You will not have my life.”

    She nodded frantically, “Fine, then die!”

    Everything went black.

    #stark!verse #shangqi x reader #shangqi x stark!reader #shang-chi x reader #shang-chi x stark!reader #crazycookiecrumbles #steve rogers x reader #clint barton#natasha romanoff#marvel fic #stark!readerverse #stark!reader #shangqi#shang-chi
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  • willow-of-stars
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The way I've gotten more representation from Modern AU MDZS fics than from any other media

    #for fics where the characters are part of the asian diaspora they just really get the specifics of that experience #that no other media i've seen did. probably because it's a smaller niche #representation in western media can kinda feel like a hand wavey oh look here's a character to fill the diversity quota... #anyways moving on. are they first or second gen? who cares? #asian media made by asians with asians are super duper nice as well and good for representation... to a certain degree #they are abt asians born raised and living in asia. they don't scratch the asian diaspora itch #there are more stuff like this nowadays ofc with like crazy rich asians and turning red and shang chi and the like #but with things like shang chi and crazy rich asians they focus too hard and not too hard enough abt being asian if you know what i mean? #it's always abt heavy stuff like history and heritage and traditions. which are important! i don't want to disparage those media #but they miss the realistic and personal tiny details that modern domestic fics #with regular non super power having normal regular people characters have #it feels like an academic education abt asian culture to non asian people instead of an inside joke amongst asian diaspora #(ofc there are still moments like that in those movies that feel authentic and appreciated) #and while the focus on purely traditional asian culture is intertwined with the plot instead of separate as it should be w/ representation #again feels unnatural? like doing the calculations to optimize the representation in each scene before they can return to the plot #while with fics those details aren't strictly necessary but they're still so intrinsic to the characters that they are included anyways #and i know that feels contradictory cuz you're always told representation should feel inherent to the plot #and not feel like something tacked on in a contrived way to make a big show of diversity #but just like. in the fics‚ the plot doesn't feel like it hinges on them being asian #but at the same time if you remove them being asian‚ remove all the little references to asian diaspora culture #you lose so much of the heart and soul of the story #a chinese new year dinner involving ppl with diverse and different asian diaspora experiences #is the framework in which the plot is hung upon but it isn't the plot itself you know? #but at the same time you can't remove the asian/immigrant-ness from the story either without the plot collapsing #the story isn't abt them being asian but it wouldn't exist if they weren't. or at least be a very different story #cuz it's fine even if being asian isn't the framework the story is hung on. a celebrity au that doesn't depend on being asian whatsoever #but still authentically sprinkle little details abt being asian w/out feeling like it's being pressured to is very cool #this last part is just for me but i like the whole cast is asian cuz i grew up in asian majority areas w/ strong ties to my asian identity #so i feel even more represented by stories involving asian diaspora communities. but not every asian person had that experience #willow's posts
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  • mochie85
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sorry, Not Sorry

    One-shots based on this May prompt list.

    Prompt 3: "Apologizing is a sign of weakness"

    This one hit a little too close to home. I really need to stop being 'sorry.' This is more for me, but I hope that it strikes a chord with someone else out there too.😊 I apologize if it gets confusing at the end. (See, there I go again)🙄

    Series Master List.

    Word Count: Over 1k

    Pairing: Shang-Chi, Katy x Bestfriend!Reader

    It was a bad habit.  You didn’t know where you picked it up from. But you couldn’t help but apologize to anyone or anything you bumped into. Even when the other party was the one who bumped into you. Walking down the street, and someone wasn’t watching where they were going? “Oh, sorry,” you would say. Walking around in your flat and you bumped into the corner of your furniture? “Sorry…” you whispered to the coffee table. You didn’t know you did it, it was just something ingrained into you as a little child.

    It wasn’t until you started hanging out with Shawn and Katy that you understood how often you did it. You met them working for your dad’s valet service as you trained, first Katy, then Shawn. The three of you had become close friends. You met up with them almost nightly to let off some steam. The three of you frequented a karaoke bar that was located on top of one of your favorite Korean BBQ restaurants. The smell of delicious food and spices cooking, combined with the sound of drunken singing instantly calmed your nerves and destressed your body.

    “Sorry, I’m late. My dad made me reorganize the key caddy after someone knocked it down.” You said.

    “Did you knock it down?” Katy asked.

    “No. It was stupid Brandon!” you answered.

    “So why didn’t Brandon fix the caddy?” Katy asked.

    “I bet it’s because you said ‘sorry’ and then boss-man thought it was you, huh?” Shawn assumed.

    “Ya. How’d, you guess?” you said quietly, fidgeting your fingers.

    “Girl! You need to stop apologizing! You didn’t do anything wrong!” Katy yelled at you.

    “Ok! Sorry!” you rolled your eyes at the slip-up you just said. Both Shawn and Katy threw their hands up in exasperation.

    “Alright, alright. We’re gonna get all deep here.” Katy said. “Why do you say ‘sorry’ all the time? Did someone make you feel bad as a kid? Did you pick it up as a habit from someone older? What? What is it?”

    “I don’t know. It’s just a saying. I guess.” You answered back.

    “Does it make you feel safe?” Shawn asked.

    “Ya. You know I don’t like confrontation! And I don’t want to force myself on people.”

    “You’re not forcing yourself on people. You need to be more assertive. Don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place to apologize and to be polite. But when it ends up making you do someone else’s work. That’s a big no-no!” Shawn lectured you.

    “Why not try to change your vocabulary. For instance, instead of ‘sorry’, you could say ‘excuse me.’ Or when you bump into something, try saying ‘ouch.’” Katy said.

    “Ouch?” Shawn made a weird face at Katy.

    “Ya, ouch. What’s wrong with, ‘ouch?’ It’s only for the beginning. Pretty soon you won’t need to say anything at all.” Katy took a swig of her beer and looked through the large binder of songs. “My family is unhappy with me for not wanting to do more with my life. And when I say unhappy, I mean that in the nicest way possible. But am I sorry? No! I can’t apologize for things that are out of my control. The damn blip messed everybody up! Do you think they all got their lives under control?! No-siree-bob.” She said, skipping through the pages of the binder aggressively.

    “My father was strict. He always said that ‘apologizing is a sign of weakness.’ I think I understood what he meant now when I see you.” Shawn laughed.

    “Gee, thanks.” You said sarcastically giving him a pouty angry look.

    “But I think, it takes a stronger person to have compassion and humility to admit that they were wrong.” Shawn continued. You never heard him speak about his family. This was the first you or Katy has ever heard him mention a parental figure. That might be why Katy is looking at Shawn wide-eyed like he just revealed a great secret. “You’re very strong when you need to be Y/N. I’ve seen you haggle the hostess for the last private booth the last time we were here to do karaoke.”

    “Ya. Or that one time when Brandon almost got in trouble because he brought a guy’s car back with a scratch. You defended the poor little rookie. Apologizing profusely till his hands swiped down on the mark and it turned out to be smeared cake from a cupcake he had earlier.” You all laughed at the memory. Rolling your eyes at all the times Brandon has gotten you in trouble.

    “Our point is…you are plenty strong. You don’t need to hide behind that word. Especially, when it gets you into more trouble than it ought to.” Shawn said.

    “Ooh! I found it! The perfect song for you to belt out to!” Katy yelled at you.

    “Oh, God. What is it?” you asked as Demi Lovato’s ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ started playing on the screen. Katy handed you the mic and pushed you up as the words started to scroll past the screen.

    Now I’m out here looking like revenge.

    Feeling like a ten. The best I’ve ever been.

    And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt

    To see me like this, But it gets worse.

    “Wait a minute”     

    Shawn and Katy started doing the backup vocals, hyping you up.

    Now you’re out here looking like regret.

    Ain’t too proud to beg,

    Second chance you’ll never get.

    And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt

    To see me like this, but it gets worse.

    “Wait a minute.”   

    Now payback is a bad bitch.

    And baby I’m the baddest.

    “The baddest!”      

    You’re fucking with a savage.

    Can’t have this. Can’t have this.

     “Nah!” "Nope! You can't have this!"            

    And it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya,

    "Easy?" “But nah.”                         

    Baby, I’m sorry!

    “I’m not sorry!”        

    Baby, I’m sorry!

    “I’m not sorry!”        

    Being so bad got me feeling so good.

    “How good?”          

    Showing you up like I knew that I would.   

    “Ooh, Oh shiii” "SWITCH!"  
    "Baby, I’m sorry!"

    I’m not sorry  

    "Baby, I’m sorry!"

    I’m not sorry   

    Feeling inspired cuz the tables have turned.


    Yeah, I’m on fire and I know that it burns.


    The three of you fell laughing on the sofa, raising your drinks in the air. "To never being sorry!" Shawn said.

    "To never being sorry," both you and Katy yelled back.

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  • tom-whore-dleston
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    As my bday month comes to a close, it is safe to say I had an amazing birthday month being blessed with all the amazing writers in my life, along with the equally amazing fics they wrote. These writers put so much heart and soul into these pieces, they deserve as much love as they put into their works. We thank you for your contribution to the fandom 😘

    Some of these works are 18+ only so please be respectful of their warnings and boundaries!

    Make sure to reblog and comment on these amazing fics! Your feedback and responses are what motivate them to continue writing such beautiful works 💖💖💖

    Fictional Hotties

    Xu Shang-Chi/Shangqi

    Tantalize by @ussgallifrey

    Steven Grant/Marc Spector

    Desirous & Condemnation in Disguise by @inklore

    Peas Outside the Pod & Chicken and Waffles by @blackbat05

    Taste... & The Edge of Oblivion & Put You to Sleep by @wint3r-h3art

    Loki Laufeyson

    Your Grace by @give-me-a-moose

    Poe Dameron

    Are You Busy? By @stellarstarwarsimagines

    Stephen Strange

    Red Wine & Cigarettes by @burnthoneymint

    Please Doctor by @/wint3r-h3art

    Real Life Hotties

    Simu Liu

    Happy Birthday & Karaoke by @tonystarksfavoritedaughter

    Strip Poker with Simu by @/wint3r-h3art

    “Do you want to go for a drive and listen to Taylor Swift?” “Well for starters, I’m in love with you.” by @togrowoldinv

    Tom Holland

    Coffee Stains by @little-diable

    dividers by @firefly-graphics

    #fave fics#fic recs #shang chi x reader #shangqi x reader #steven grant x reader #marc spector x reader #loki laufeyson x reader #poe dameron x reader #stephen strange x reader #simu liu x reader #tom holland x reader
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  • blackbat05
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Sweet Payback

    Shang-Chi x Reader

    A/N: A short piece to reflect my current mental state🤟🏽 Hope this makes you laugh if you’re having a tough time like I am🙂

    Genre: Pure Crack (I got inspired by someone farting on the train, but I guess inspiration comes from the wildest of places right?)


    ‘Come on Shang-Chi! We’re gonna be late!’ You knocked on the door for what you think is the umpteenth time.

    ‘Ugh… what the hell did they put in that thing?’

    You shake your head in amusement. By “thing”, Shang-Chi meant the Tom Yum Soup you two had for dinner yesterday. Little did you know what trouble this spicy cuisine would bring to your morning.

    ‘I’m going to bring some medicine okay?’ You were concerned that your boyfriend would soon shit his intestines out together with whatever was causing this.

    The door unlocks, and Shang-Chi appears a little paler than usual.

    ‘I’m good.’ He gasps, stumbling out of the bathroom. ‘Let’s go before Fury kicks both of our asses for being late.’


    ‘Agent L/N! Shang-Chi! Good to see you finally on time!’ Fury addresses the two of you as you made it into the meeting room where the other Avengers were waiting.

    Kate Bishop gives you a sympathetic stare, passing the briefs along to you.

    ‘Morning troubles huh?’

    ‘More like bowel troubles with this one.’ You pointed to Shang-Chi who was in brief conversation with Marc Spector before being interrupted by Fury.

    Engaged in strategy tactics and training schedules for the newer recruits, you don’t see the subtle change in Shang-Chi’s expression.

    Damn it. Not now! He thinks.

    It felt like his stomach was being twisted on the inside, imaginary hands not ready to let go soon. He sees Fury deeply engrossed in his newest strategy - man would be pissed if his momentum was stopped.

    Shang-Chi had to do something soon before his insides explode. If only he could silently release a little bit…

    Oh to heck with it!

    The difference relieves Shang-Chi of his anguish. Now he had to think fast before the group of Avengers caught on to him.

    Why didn’t he think of it earlier?

    Peter is the first one to catch the putrid smell wafting around the room. ‘Uh… I don’t mean to be rude but would someone mind opening the windows please?’ The poor boy looked like he was going to suffocate if this was prolonged a minute longer.

    ‘God! What is that smell!’ Yelena pinches the bridge of her nose, standing up to fulfil Peter’s request. Despite the windows now being opened, the damage was done.

    ‘Feels like that nasty burrito we had yesterday.’ A British accent pips up from beside Shang-Chi who almost gave the mercenary the stank eye.


    ‘Yeah. For the first time Marc is willing to let me have the body!’ Steven pouts in his chair, holding his nose. ‘So much for a bloody mercenary. Gosh where is the air freshener when you need one!’

    Shang-Chi quickly does the same, turning to his unsuspecting scapegoat. You.

    ‘Uh, babe? You want to take a time out for this one?’

    You blink at him, momentarily confused. ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘Aw come on!’

    ‘Y/N! What the hell did you eat?’

    ‘Please chill on the garlic would you?’

    A series of chorus rang throughout the room as you attempt to figure out what was going on. Slowly connecting the dots, your eyes land on your boyfriend who was conveniently avoiding eye contact with you.

    ‘Oh no you didn’t…’ You mumbled it loudly enough for Shang-Chi to hear.

    He springs out from his seat, surprisingly agile for someone who had a stomachache a few hours ago.


    He quickly runs behind Steven who was looking very lost for protection.

    Scanning the room, your eyes land on the perfect weapon. You march over to Frank Castle himself who was quietly watching the chaotic scene in amusement.


    ‘Non lethal.’ Frank nods.


    Before any of the Avengers could react, you whipped out Frank’s gun, aiming it at Shang-Chi who had been abandoned by Steven.

    ‘This will ought to teach you not to be a liar!’ Releasing the trigger, the pellet flies towards Shang-Chi’s direction who expertly dodges it with much ease.

    Only to smack the boss man right in the face.

    The whole room had went collectively silent, watching the whole fiasco go down. Pellet dropping in front of Fury’s foot, Avengers started to move their chairs, making excuses from needing to go on a mission to feeding their dog.


    ‘Yes sir?’ You respond meekly, knowing what was about to come next.

    ‘My office. Now.’


    Shang-Chi hears the door to your shared apartment open. You walk in, absolutely exhausted.

    ‘Not. Another. Word.’

    Shang-Chi carefully approaches you, before you fall towards him.

    ‘Was it that bad?’

    ‘Try cleaning the entire quinjet by hand.’ You counter back, making him flinch slightly.

    ‘Sorry babe, I had two strikes from Fury this month. If I get another one-’

    You cut him off. ‘You owe me. Big time.’

    ‘Anything you say.’

    He was so going to regret that. ‘Anything?’

    Shang-Chi nods.

    ‘You’re doing laundry and dishes for the whole month.’

    Getting up from his embrace, you leave his stunned figure behind. Shang-Chi follows you a few seconds later.

    ‘Y/N? Come on we can negotiate this! Pleaseee? Did you forget how I shrunk my combat suit?’

    ‘Maybe you should consider a crop top for battle then!’



    A/N: Will be taking a break on writing for a while! I’ll still be here😊

    #xu shangqi #shangqi x reader #shang chi x reader #simu liu#shang chi#shangqi#xu shangchi #xu shangqi x reader #xu shang chi x reader #crack fic#pure crack
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    The Avengers' Sweethearts

    Previously known as Rolling Dice and Rocking Hips AU

    Pairing: Xu Shangqi x !Avengers f. reader

    Genre: Fluff and Smut (lemon)

    Summary: You learned the Mystic Arts through your adopted father, Wong. Shangqi wielded the Ten Rings after the death of his father. You both became the newest Avengers, all thanks to your dad. Eventually, you and Shangqi took the title of the most powerful couple on Earth.

    Listen to their karaoke playlist

    Comment 🅰️ if you would like to be tagged in any fics related to this AU


    Rolling Dice and Rocking Hips Part 1 | Part 2


    dice lands on face fucking


    a little more about reader

    how you and Shang-Chi met

    Incorrect Quotes

    How you and Xialing met

    #the avengers' sweethearts au #shang chi#xu shangqi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi fic #shang chi one shot #shang chi drabble #shang chi imagine #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shang chi smut #shang chi headcanon #incorrect quotes
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  • woulddieforloki
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I was rereading an old fic I started about Thor taking Natasha's place to interrogate Loki in The Avengers and through some... cognitive recalibration... breaking the hold the Mind Stone has on him and I realized that a) I actually really like it and b) it's literally almost done? I had completely overcomplicated this ending the first time around but I could cut it off a few hundred words before where I left off and replace it with a few hundred different words and it would be a perfect oneshot. How many other fics have I left unfinished because I thought the ending was further away than it was? I think it's time to look through my old drafts.

    #i have a post-Loki series Thor and Loki reunion with Doctor Strange and his therapy group i started shortly after Shang Chi came out #i wonder if i cut the last thousand words out of that and brought mobius in way sooner #if that could eventually be a fic of its own too 👀 #brodinsons #the avengers (2012) #thor#loki#thor odinson#loki odinson#loki laufeyson
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I miss devil!Shangqi so let’s talk for a bit:

    As the devil’s queen, you now had the same roles as he did. You went back on earth because you sealed a deal with an amateur rockstar who dreamed of fame and fortune. You watched from the shadows as the rockstar scribbled his signature at the bottom of a record deal you guided him to. Feeling satisfied with your work, you transported yourself back to Hell, excited to tell Shangqi about it.

    When you arrived back to your kingdom, Shangqi awaited you at his throne. His suit was red from top to bottom, matching the skin color of his devil form. He smirked as you stood before him with your hands behind your back.

    “So I see your little rockstar got the record deal,” your king commented. He patted his thigh, signaling you to sit in his lap. You climbed on top of him, both legs on either side of his hips. Looking down, you noticed the way his red dress shirt was unbuttoned just enough to flaunt his sculpted chest, along with the fresh hickies you marked him with during last night’s antics.

    “Yeah, I can’t wait to see him become the most famous singer in the world. All thanks to me.” You were beaming with excitement, and a hint of jealousy overcame Shangqi.

    “You seem attached to this kid,” he blurted.

    You raised an eyebrow. “Attached? What makes you think that?”

    “Oh, I don’t know. You just…watch over him a lot.” Shangqi’s voice dropped. You picked up on his change of tone.

    “Aww, is the Devil jealous of a mortal?” You teased.

    “I certainly am not!”

    You let out a laugh. “You totally are!” Shangqi gave you a stern look, warning you to not push his buttons. You sighed, smoothing your hands over his broad shoulders.

    “I’m sorry. I just get excited ya know? Maybe I’m letting the whole worship thing get to my head. I’m sorry if visiting him often makes you uncomfortable.” Shangqi eased up as you spoke to him. He pecked your lips quickly, accepting your apology.

    “I’m sorry too, little one. I just love you so much that I-“

    You pulled him into another kiss, this time lingering a little longer on his lips. “You don’t have to explain yourself to me. I love you and only you, my King. I am all yours.”

    The last line stirred hunger inside Shangqi. You noticed the way his eyes began to gleam as if he was about to transform into his devil form. Your hands trailed to the buttons on his shirt.

    “Besides, that mortal is nothing in comparison to you.” You slowly unfastened them until more of his chiseled torso was revealed. He watched you in awe, jaw slack and chest heaving up and down.

    “Is that so?”

    “Mhm. No living human is as loving, powerful, or as extremely sexy as you are, Shangqi.” As the last button came undone, you peeled the shirt off him. You licked your lips as you scanned over his shredded body littered in love bites. “Such pretty marks on such a gorgeous body.”

    “You did all that, my Queen.” Shangqi gasped as your pussy rolled over his hardening cock.

    “I know. I wanna mark it up even more. Wanna show you that I belong to you. All of me is yours. My mouth, my tits, my pussy, my ass. All of it is yours.”

    Shangqi chuckled, his horns sprouting through his lush hair. “Well, how could I possibly turn down such an offer from my Queen? Why don’t you start off by getting on your knees and wrapping that pretty mouth around my cock?”

    #devil!shangqi #the devil’s chair #shang chi blurb #shang chi fic #shangqi fic #shang chi x you #shang chi x reader #shangqi x you #shangqi x reader #shang chi smut #shangqi smut #xu shang chi #xu shangqi#shang chi
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Coffee and Confessions

    Pairing: !Professor Xu Shangqi x !college f. reader

    Genre: Fluff (lime)

    Warnings: professor x student/TA relationship, elements of slow burn, mutual pining, sfw teasing, reader plays footsies with Shangqi, making out, confessions, suggestiveness, preludes to smut  

    Summary: You start off your winter break with your favorite professor.

    Word Count: 2.9k

    Beta Read: @cyborg-cinderella - thank you bestie Ilysm 😘

    Notes: This fic is my submission for @tonystarksfavoritedaughter‘s 1 year writing challenge. I chose the quote: “Your lips taste like strawberries.” Congrats Hailey on the milestone! I’m so proud of you 💕 sorry for posting it past the deadline, but I hope you love it 🥺 Although no 18+ warnings are present, my blog is still 18+ so PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT IF YOU ARE NOT 18+! Otherwise you will be blocked! Remember to reblog and comment if you enjoyed what you read 😊

    It was finally winter break. Everyone around you was packing their bags to return to their hometown or planning vacations to extravagant places the world had to offer. Everyone except for you. 

    You didn’t have much awaiting you in your hometown. All the people you grew up with essentially got up and left after graduating high school and never looked back. On top of that, your family decided to make plans without you and were expected to return home on Christmas Day. That is, if everything goes well for their flight back home, and you could only hope that the weather conditions were safe to travel in. So you were left with no choice but to hold down the apartment you shared with your roommates. 

    Once your roommates left you with the apartment, you sighed in relief and plopped down on the couch. You stared at the ceiling for a few moments before deciding to flip on the TV. You were only able to squeeze in a few episodes of the show you were binging before boredom washed over you. Then, you decided to follow an at-home workout video. By the time you finished exercising, you were still bored out of your mind. 

    The rest of the day revolved around ordering takeout and starting a new show to binge watch. In the middle of watching one episode, your phone chimed to signal you received a text. You grabbed your phone from under the blanket and turned it on. It would be an understatement to say that you were shocked by who sent you the text.

    “Good evening,

    I hope you are doing well and are receiving the rest you deserve after all your hard work this semester. I know this may seem out of the blue, but there is a pressing issue that I would like to discuss with you in person. Would it be possible to meet you at the cafe on Lime & Lemon St tomorrow morning at 10am? If not, perfectly fine. We can talk over email if you prefer. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you and have a wonderful night!

    Professor Shangqi”

    You lost track of the times you read the text from Professor Shangqi. Your face warmed up and your palms persparated. The professor you had been crushing on the whole semester is requesting to meet up with you outside of school. The smile on your face was as wide as the Cheshire Cat. Then, you suddenly frowned.

    What if he wanted to meet up with you because you failed his class? What if he caught on to your crush on him and was going to confront you about it? Your mind was racing with thoughts and you didn’t know if you should cry or throw up or pretend you never received the text and call it a night. 

    “No,” you exclaimed out loud to yourself. “I should reply. It’d be rude of me not to.” And so, you sent out a quick reply and sent it without thinking twice.

    “Hi Professor!

    Yes, I can meet with you at that time. I hope that everything is okay on your end. I look forward to meeting with you.”

    Time couldn’t move any slower as you waited to hear back from Shangqi. When your phone dinged again, you opened up your messages within a second of receiving the notification. 

    “Oh, everything is fine. I promise. Just wanted to ask you something that I prefer doing in person. Can’t wait to see you :)”

    Now, you were back to smiling and biting your lip. Your fingers danced across your phone screen as you wrote one last message to him.

    “Sounds good! I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight professor :)”

    Rolling onto your belly, you screamed into the pillow that you were lying down on. You had to pinch yourself in case you were dreaming. Before you knocked out, you read over the text thread, excited you will be getting coffee with the professor you had developed a deep admiration for. 

    The next morning, you sat in your car, glancing at your reflection in the tiny mirror above you. Your palms were sweaty against your phone as you checked the time. 


    You started to hyperventilate, considering how close it was to the time you were expected to meet Shangqi. Normally, you were perfectly calm and collected around Shangqi. Yet now, you were on the verge of vomiting because of how nervous you were about going out with him. Was this even considered a date? No. Just a student and professor having a casual business meeting. Right?

    Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another car pulling into the parking space next to you. You almost yelped when you realized the driver was your professor. As Shangqi turned off the ignition and stepped outside, you took some deep breaths to steady your racing heart beat. When you finally got out of your car, Shangqi glanced in your direction and flashed a sweet smile. 

    “Hey!” Shangqi called out, sauntering towards you. “Good to see you again.”

    “Yeah, likewise,” you responded. You gave him a firm handshake like how you always did when you saw each other. Except this time, the handshake lingered a little too long for it to be professional. You both lightly giggled before anchoring your hands down and brushing fingers. 

    “Shall we?” 

    “Yes, let’s go in.” You walked alongside Shangqi until he rushed to open the door for you. A laugh erupted from your belly as you thanked him for the gesture, entering the coffee shop. As you hopped in line, Shangqi briefly glanced down at your backside before following you. He was grateful that you hadn’t turned around, otherwise he would’ve been in for it. Little did he know, you had hoped that he would look at you the way you did with him.

    “Lemme guess, you’re gonna order the matcha lavender latte,” Shangqi playfully taunted as you peered up at the menu. You pretended to act offended even though deep down, you were flattered he memorized your favorite coffee drink. Yeah, it technically wasn’t coffee, but it was better than the boring Americanos your professor always drank.

    “Of course, I am! Remember, every time I go to a new coffee shop, I have to order their matcha to compare between shops.” Shangqi beamed at how your face glowed while you spoke. “And if I were to guess, you are gonna get your tasteless Americano?” Shangqi adjusted his glasses and turned back to the menu.

    “Actually, I think I’ll get the same thing as you. It must be worth the hype if you’re always ordering it. And I’ll have you know, dear, that Americanos are not tasteless.” Your head whipped around when he called you dear. You weren’t sure how you could possibly respond to that without wanting to yank him towards you and kiss him. But the way his eyes met yours made you even more tempted to do so.

    “Next in line, please!” A loud voice projected from behind the counter. You both whipped your heads in the direction of the barista, waiting for you to approach the counter. Shangqi made way for you to stroll towards the counter first. Nodding towards him, you proceeded to the counter, reciting your typical coffee order to the barista. He punched the buttons on the screen, waiting for you all to conclude your order. Shangqi came up behind you, lightly cupping your mid back. The unexpected movement sent chills up your spine and your cheeks burned hot enough to keep you toasty in this cold weather. 

    Shangqi angled towards you. “Make those two matcha lavender lattes.” You simpered, cocking your head towards him. The barista, unbothered by the exchange occurring in front of him, tapped away at the screen. 

    “Would you like to try any of our pastries or…” his voice dragged out as you scanned the menu. 

    “The strawberry crepe sounds pretty good,” you mentioned to the barista.

    “And I’ll have the chocolate croissant,” Shangqi jumped in. The barista gave the total cost of the order, and as you dug through your bag for your wallet, the professor handed the barista his credit card.

    “Wait, I could’ve-”

    “No need for that. Besides, I’m the one who invited you here, right?” You nodded in agreement, allowing him to pay for the order. Then, you both waited to the side counter, standing so close that your arms bumped in unison. Without acknowledging the closeness, you both smiled to yourselves, glancing at the ground. 

    After receiving your orders, you both settled into a cozy corner of the cafe. Shangqi rubbed his hands together to keep warm while you bit into the strawberry that sat atop the crepe. He stared at your lips as they puckered around the strawberry, his mind wandering to the dark depths that he only visited at night. You swallowed the fruit as he chewed on the inside of his cheek. In the blink of an eye, your professor steered himself back on track.  

    “So you’re probably wondering why I invited you to coffee.”

    You shrugged with a small smirk. “Just a bit curious.”

    Shangqi laughed, “So the reason I asked you here is because…” He twirled the cup around on the table as if the right words would magically appear. Well this may not be a surprise to you, but you were my best student. In fact, you received the highest grade out of all of my students.”

    You gulped on the lump in your throat, beads of sweat forming on your palms. As much as you wanted to make eye contact while he spoke to you, your nerves got the best of you. Just the sheer thought of looking into his beautiful brown eyes would make you faint.

    “I wanted to know if you would be interested in being my TA for the spring?” The muscles in Shangqi’s body tensed while he waited for your response. He relaxed when he saw the twinkle in your eyes. You were smiling so hard you had to hide behind your hand. Moments later, you nodded your head repetitively.

    “Yes!” Your cheeks were sore from grinning. “Oh my gosh, yes! Wow, I am truly honored, Professor. Thank you so much!”

    Shangqi sighed in relief and raised his cup towards you. “To the fall semester. And now, onto spring semester.” You tapped your cup with his and then simultaneously sipped your drinks. It was refreshing to hear only good news coming from your professor. You hummed happily thinking about how you get to spend more time with him.

    Further into the coffee date, you noticed a shift in Shangqi. While you made small talk, he would eye your lips and lick his own. Was it a coincidence that he did that? Were you imagining things? Was he coming onto you? You assumed that you were overthinking everything, yet his every little move made your skin heat up.

    Feeling bold, you grazed your foot against Shangqi to test how he would react to it. He didn’t seem phased by it until your foot crept up his leg. His jaw clenched in surprise and he removed his glasses to clean the lens. His imagination still ran wild as you slowly trailed your foot in between his calves. 

    Perfect. You got him.

    To tease him more, you seductively ate the strawberry crepe that you had almost forgotten. You shut your eyes and moaned as the sweet treat hit your tastebuds. Something in Shangqi stirred as your innocent moans filled his ears and he gulped down another swig of his drink. Anything to distract himself from his mind diving deeper into that forbidden place. Meanwhile, you hid your smirk, knowing that you managed to get under your professor’s skin. In a good way, of course.

    This continued until everyone in the cafe left for closing. You both took your time leaving the cafe. While Shangqi slid the crumbs off the table with a napkin, you took your time grabbing your bag behind you. It was really obvious that neither of you wanted to leave. Even the tired baristas picked up on you and Shangqi trying to prolong your date. 

    “Well, that was nice,” you announced once you finally exited the cafe. A wave of sadness washed over you, realizing you won’t be seeing your favorite professor for over a month. 

    “Yeah, it was a nice date,” Shangqi added, causing your heart to skip a beat. You smiled timidly at him. As much as you wanted to question him about it being a date, you didn’t want to pry. You were appreciative to have spent quality time with him before spending a lonely winter break at your apartment.

    “Thank you, by the way,” you began. “For today. Actually, the whole semester. Out of all the professors that I’ve had, you’re my favorite. I can’t wait to be your TA.” Shangqi smiled at you, soaking up your kind words. You reached your hand out, waiting for him to shake it.

    “I think we’re past handshakes now.” You lowered your hand slowly. “You’re gonna be my TA so we can be a bit more casual, don’t you think?” You snickered. Shangqi extended his arms and wrapped them around you when you closed the space between you two. You felt secure. You felt home. And you didn’t want to let go of that feeling. Neither did Shangqi.

    Your professor pulled away just enough to look into your eyes longingly. The mixture of the nippy air and his comforting embrace caused goosebumps to form on your uncovered skin. His gaze moved down to your lips and his breath decelerated. Then, your voice snapped him back to the present.

    “You know something, Professor?” Shangqi’s face plastered with perplexity. “I know you have been staring at my lips the moment we stepped in the cafe.” Shangqi tried to deny you but just ended up tripping over his words. He grew more nervous as he defended himself. It made you titter how the professor that always had a way with words became a blabbing mess over you.

    “You can kiss me if you want.”

    Shangqi chuckled at your forwardness, but proceeded to move his hands to your face. His rough hands cradled your jawline before leaning in to press his lips on yours. Your heart violently thumped against your chest and your stomach twisted as your lips danced to a beat that felt so familiar. After what felt like a lifetime, he pulled away for fresh air. 

    Shangqi was awestruck. By you, the kiss…by everything. All he could utter was, “Your lips taste like strawberries.” Yet, he still brought you to a fit of giggles.

    “It was the-”

    “The crepes. Yeah, I remember.” Like a pair of magnets, your lips were stuck on his again. His thumbs smoothed over your cheeks as you tugged on his winter coat. Your tongues almost simultaneously slipped into each other’s mouths, causing you to gasp as he explored the inside of your mouth. The bitter taste of coffee mixed with the sweetness of the pastry danced along your tastebuds. You craved to memorize the taste of his tongue, to have his lips imprinted on your body. 

    “Shangqi,” you stammered, as the kiss died on your lips. “I really like you. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.” Now that you finally admitted your feelings for him, you wanted to burst into tears. Your head started to drop, but your professor tilted it back so you could gaze into his brown eyes.

    “I really like you too.” Shangqi swiped your hair out of your face so he could bask in all your beauty. He sighed in joy, “God, it feels so good to say it. I have felt things for you ever since the first day. I never thought I would adore someone the way I adore you.” He sniffled, unsure if it was the tears he was fighting back or the cold winter catching up to him. “But, here we are. I’m not ashamed to admit how much I really like you.” 

    What started off as a short peck turned into another passionate kiss. You felt his lips form into a smile against your own. He nuzzled his nose against yours, causing you to snort quietly. A sound that Shangqi secretly loved.

    “I don’t want you to go now. I wish we had more time together.” Shangqi caressed you as if it would be the last time he would ever be able to. A lightbulb in your head abruptly lit up when you remembered that you were basically spending all of winter break alone in your apartment. Perhaps, Shangqi could keep you company.

    “My roommates are back home and I have the apartment to myself if you want to come over.”   

    Shangqi perked up. “Yeah I like that. Just text me the address and I’ll meet you there.” You nodded happily before he kissed you one more time. Both of you locked eyes before heading to your cars. You shared one last subtle laugh before easing your ways into your cars. The shape of his lips still lingered on yours, and you couldn’t wait to touch them again. 

    Now, you finally had something to look forward to during winter break. More appropriately, someone to look forward to.

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    31.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    It’s the end of March, and to celebrate, I have compiled a list of fics I’ve read this month. This is new since I rarely have time to read and often time really bad at keeping track of them. 

    Nevertheless, I’m here to support the amazing creators out there who keeps our fandom afloat. You don’t know already, I appreciate each and everyone of you, and thank you for blessing us with your amazingness and talents. 

    I would love to give you the world, but I’m naught but a smol spec floating and vibing in this universe. Anyway, below you will find my list of fics I’ve enjoyed this month.


    Shang-Chi | Shangqi:

    Before Paris & The Girl in Paris @buckybleu

    Prank Wars @blackbat05

    Matt Murdock:

    Insatiable @fluffyprettykitty

    Her Favorite Lawyer 1 & Her Favorite Lawyer 2 by @crazycookiecrumbles​

    Lingering by @someplace-darker


    When I Said that I love You I Meant that I love You Forever by @inklore

    Frank Castle:

    Bind @/fluffyprettykitty

    TASM!Peter Parker:

    How Parker Met Stark  by @/crazycookiecrumbles

    Johnny Storm:

    The Annoying Antics of Johnny Storm @/crazycookiecrumbles


    Simu Liu:

    Versace on the Floor @tom-whore-dleston​

    #Linda's fic rec #march fic rec #marvel fic rec #marvel fanfiction #marvel x reader #shang chi fic recs #matt murdock fic recs #loki fic recs #frank castle fic recs #peter parker fic recs #tasm!peter parker fic recs #johnny storm fic recs #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #matt murdock x reader #matt murdock x you #frank castle x you #Frank castle x reader #tasm peter parker x you #tasm peter parker x reader #peter parker x you #Johnny storm x reader #simu liu x reader
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    A Very Alarming Message

    A/N: This takes place late in this series of one-shots. I haven’t written in so SOOO long. THis is just a quick drabble I put together because I really liekd Simu’s suit for hte Oscars

    Okay. So this is in my Stark!ReaderVerse! Feedback, as awlays, extremely appreciated and desired. ​

    Pairings/Characters: Shang-Chi x Stark!Reader, Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader

    Warnings: swearsies, talks about sex, the usual inappropriateness associated with my brand.

    Summary:  A favor for oyur father turns into, possibly, the best reat of your life, if not for Steve Rogers

    WC: 2,172

    “Shhh,” you shushed Shangqi with a press of your finger against his lips. With furrowed brow, he stared at you in confusion, eyebrows lifting as he set down his Xbox Elite controller and grabbed your wrist to lower your hand.

    “Babe,” he said quietly. “What are you doing?”

    Chewing on your lip, you looked around his room in the East Coast compound while narrowing your eyes, “I sense a disturbance in the force.”

    “Oh, here we go again.”

    “I mean it!” You whined as he wrapped his arms around your middle and yanked you over the back of the sofa until you landed unceremoniously on his lap. “Something is off. It’s too normal here.”

    Shangqi sighed heavily and leaned back against the armrest of the small sofa, pulling you back with him and nuzzling your hair with his nose, “Just because we haven’t had any drama doesn’t mean that something is wrong.”

    “It’s too quiet here!”

    “People are on missions, aren’t they?”

    “We aren’t!”

    “We were visiting your family.”

    “Pft. Still. Even Steve! Steve hasn’t tried to hit on me once. Hasn’t called me doll at all. In fact, I haven’t even seen him!”

    He raised an eyebrow as he leaned forward and prompted you to turn your head to face him, “Do you miss Steve hitting on you and trying to steal you away from me, Y/N?”

    “What? No, it’s just shady as fuck. Don’t be a dumb, jealous boy, even though it can be hot sometimes.”

    He huffed, “Maybe he finally got a hint and moved on. We’re married, you know.”

    “Wait, we’re married?” You blinked innocently. 

    Pouting, Shangqi’s hands dove for your sides. He tickled you mercilessly while you screamed and thrashed on top of him, your body wiggling and jumping around as you tried to get off of him and away from him. Failing miserably, Shangqi pulled you back onto his lap and bear hugged you.

    “Enjoy the peace while it lasts, baby,” he told you as he kissed the back of your neck. “Or enjoy me instead, right on the sofa. Or the bed. Or the floor? Either works.”

    Before you could respond, Wednesday interrupted, “Baby Boss, Big Boss is calling.”

    Shangqi snorted, “Baby boss!?”

    “Shut up.”

    “I’ve never heard that! When did this happen?”

    “He hacked into her,” you whined. “Put him through, Wednesday.”

    After a few seconds, you could hear your father, well…your clone father? Multiverse father? Something like that. Either way, you were so desperate to have your dad back, and Tony was so desperate to have his family back, you both fell into your roles fairly quickly, especially given the near-perfect parallel you both lived.

    “Spawn,” Tony began. “Am I interrupting naked time?”

    “…If I say yes, will that traumatize you?”

    “Nope, I’d just making ‘riding the dragon’ jokes. Anyway, are you guys still in New York?”

    “Depends,” you glanced to your husband who shrugged. “Why?”

    “There might be a charity gala down at the Met tonight,” Tony began.

    “Again? The fuck, it seems like they always have one.”

    “I know, right? So annoying to go to them constantly, that’s why I RSVP’d you and Mushu to go in place of Pepper,” Tony said quickly.

    “You did what!?” 

    “Hey, I’m not Mushu! I rode a dragon, I’m not one,” Shangqi argued.

    “Not the hill you want to die on, honey,” you said quietly as you patted the top of his head. You cleared your throat and let your head roll back over your shoulders as you stared at the ceiling, “Why?”

    “Well, Pepper’s been avoiding them, with good, mourning reasons —“

    “Me too!”

    “Actually, she told me you’ve been avoiding them because you called a group of old white men a racist and Smaug beat up a bunch of attempted robbers who tried to hit the place.”

    You chewed on your bottom lip, “…See why I can’t go?”

    “Thank you so much for being a dazzling, darling daughter and going to make sure Stark Industries stands strong with that girl boss attitude of yours. I know you guys don’t have anything ready. Luckily for you, Pepper’s got only the best designer contacts who pulled a couple of pieces together and are waiting at The Plaza for you.”

    “Why are you like this?”

    “I missed you too, spawn,” Tony cackled. “Have fun with Toothless over there.”

    The call ended and Shangqi was sitting next to you looking moderately traumatized, “Why does your dad know so many dragons off the top of his head?”

    “Don’t ask questions you’re not ready to hear the answer to,” you sighed and patted the top of his head. “Let’s get going. If we get through this without an incident, I’ll do that thing you really like.”

    Shangqi’s eyes suddenly widened comically. He shoved you off of him and spun you around, ignoring your giggles of laughter as he gripped your shoulders and held you in place, “With the suit on?”

    You laughed, “Yes, with the suit on.”

    He groaned. Shangqi leapt forward, his lips crushing yours as he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you deeply. He jumped off of you with a loud pop of his lips and ran around the room shouting that it was time to go while he grabbed both of your bags and belongings. He damn near picked you up himself and was rushing out the door with you to get a move on, get through the night, and get to the promised fun that awaited him.

    With your feet finally on the ground as you two went to your car, you paused mid-step. You set your foot down and turned around, staring at the building curiously as you started to use your powers.

    “Hey, what’s going on?” Shangqi asked you after loading the bags in the trunk. “Forget something?”

    “No, no,” you muttered. “I thought I felt something.”

    “Like what?”

    “Just another vibration. I don’t know. It was strong —“

    “Well, Bruce is in the lab, he might be experimenting on something,” Shangqi reasoned. “He did say he was busy this weekend.”

    “True,” you trailed off and shook your head. “Doesn’t feel like Bruce though.”

    “You know how everyone feels?”

    “Well, yeah.”

    “That is so creepy,” he muttered under his breath. “Come on you little seismometer we’ve got a ball to go to.”

    Ignoring the nagging feeling in your gut that something was wrong, you chalked it up to, maybe, you were, in fact, being overly paranoid. You climbed into the car and glanced at the compound one last time, almost like you were reassuring yourself that nothing was wrong. You shook your head, turned your attention to your husband, and grinned as he grabbed your hand and drove down to the city.


    This wasn’t fair. This was punishment.

    You and Shangqi had run off to different rooms to quickly get ready. Hair, makeup, clothing. Just deciding on what to wear from what they had available was stressful for you, but you landed on something you really, really liked after starting to become stressed and hopeless about it. After hair, makeup, and changing was done, you went to meet Shangqi who was out in the hall and ready to go.

    Except that the second you opened the door, your eyes widened, and as you tried to walk out, you slammed your shoulder right into the doorframe and howled in pain. Ever the doting husband, he laughed at you before cooing and grabbing you to rub your shoulder soothingly.

    “What was that?” He laughed, then it clicked. “Oh, this is like that time with the glasses in Madripoor, right?”

    “No. Shut up,” you muttered as you stared at him.

    It was, it absolutely was. Shangqi looked like something straight out of a magazine called ‘Sin.’ The red suit, the gold accents, the cute black bowtie and that confident, cute, dorky smile as he held your hand and stepped back to get a good look at you.

    “You look incredible, babe.” He said as he admired you. “No one will be able to keep their eyes off of you. You look so —“

    “If I’m wearing my suit tonight,” you began quietly as you looked him over from head to toe without a single ounce of shame. “Then you’re wearing that. And it stays on.”

    He laughed, cheeks gathering a slight rose shade as he stared at you, “Really?”

    “The shirt can go,” you told him as your hand ran up his bicep and down his chest, “but everything else stays. What is this strap? You know what, I don’t care. Do things with it —“

    “Oh my god, Y/N,” he laughed as he started to tug you towards the elevator, “Stop, or we will never make it there.”

    “I honestly wouldn’t mind ditching,” you confessed. “I will slam that emergency break in the elevator right now. Should I? Let me —“

    “No, no, we should go.”

    You blinked in surprise as you lowered your hand from the panel and leaned back against the elevator wall. Shangqi shook his head, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he stared at the ground.

    “You are acting like an adult. I’m surprised,” you remarked.

    “Just trying to get on your dad’s good side, is all,” he admitted. “I thought winning over Clint and Pepper would be the end of it, but, uh, well, he surprised me.”

    You cooed. You leaned over to rest your head on his shoulder as you rubbed his chest sweetly, “My sweet man. Don’t worry, he likes you.”

    “Sure doesn’t feel that way. I don’t think he knows my name.”

    “He’s adjusting to realizing you’re not an evil villain obsessed with me here, but I know he likes you. We’d have known if he didn’t.”


    “Oh, yes. He would’ve run you out of here already. He’s very persistent.”

    “I….wow, how charming.”

    Arriving at the MET, the two of you were, naturally, the talk of the town. Y/N Stark and her Avenger boyfriend, which was a step up from his previous nicknames: Bus Boy, Y/N Stark’s Boyfriend, Y/N’s Husband. Maybe one day they’d actually bother to learn his name.

    This time, the event went smoothly, but not for a lack of Shangqi trying. When he realized just how smitten you were with this red suit of his, he just couldn’t let it go. Every so often his hand would brush a little too low on your backside. He’d lean in and whisper in your ear, steal a quick peck on your neck when no one was looking, He was a menace, openly flirting with you, handing you drinks, a hand always on you somewhere no matter what.

    Plus, he was doing much, much better this time around than the first time he went to one of these things with you. He was far more relaxed and sure of himself now than he was in the past. After all, now he was here as the dutiful husband, admiring his intelligent, charming wife as she conversed, dazzled, charmed her way around the room. Although, after most every conversation you usually leaned over to your husband with a horrible, snarky remark that would make your father proud and Pepper sigh heavily.

    You excused yourself at one point to the restroom, warning Shangqi not to follow you and be a menace. He laughed, but shot you a wink which had you wondering if you were going to partake in yet another museum quickie.

    After doing your business, you touched up your makeup in the mirror and checked your phone. Just as you were about to pocket it in your clutch, it began to ring. Frowning when you saw the name, you quickly answered and brought it to your ear.

    “Someone better be fucking dying, Rogers,” you snapped.

    You could hear him chuckle on the other end, “Charming as ever, doll.”

    “Why are you calling?”

    “I just wanted to know,” Steve began, clearing his throat. He sounded like he was…nervous? Afraid? You couldn’t tell, “I just wanted to know, when was the last time you called me Stevie?”

    “Stevie?” You howled with laughter. “I have never called you that. Who the fuck do you think you are, Stevie Nicks? Please, you could never.”

    You could hear him exhale on the other line, “I figured.”

    You rolled your eyes, “Okay, enough of the melancholy. I’m at an event and you’re taking up precious time, here. Did you need something?”

    “Yeah,” Steve scratched the top of his head and looked around the room he was in quickly. It pained him to do this. He didn’t want to. He wanted to be selfish all over again and keep this to himself, have the happy life he really, truly wanted. But the last time he tried that, he destroyed you, and the two of you were never able to come back from it together. He had to do this.

     “We have a problem, Y/N.” Steve said quickly, “I need your help, please.”

    #shangqi x reader #shang-chi x stark!reader #shang-chi x reader #shangqi x stark!reader #stark!verse #stark!readerverse #stark!reader #tony stark x stark!reader #steve rogers x stark!reader #simu liu #simu liu x reader #shangqi x you #oneshot#crazycookiecrumbles#marvel fic
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    Worth The Risk

    Scenario Prompts: 'B asking A to attend a wedding with them, to get out of going with someone their parents tried to set them up with' + 'The pressure of someone's head leaning on your shoulder.' Requested By: Anonymous (I wrote it as gender neutral, as I usually do, instead of a fem!reader).

    Plot: You manage to convince Shang-Chi to help you trick your parents into believing you're in a relationship, so they will stop trying to set you up with strangers. It seems simple at first, but as things begin to get a bit out of hand, and feelings change, you and Shang-Chi have to decide, is it worth the risk?

    Pairing: Shang-Chi x GN!Reader

    Warnings: None!

    Word Count: 2.6k

    General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire Marvel Taglist: @trashywritestrash, @marvelouslyme96, @supersourlemon13, @simsiddy, @peter-parkers-cullen-nerd


    Your chest tightened as you read over the message from your mother again. It was long, and full of various details, and random questions. But the part that stuck out the most was that one sentence in particular.

    "I've got this great guy for you to meet! You can spend the wedding together, wont that be great?"

    You sighed as you set your phone down as Shang-Chi sat across from you, setting your drink down.

    "Uh-Oh. That was a big sigh, something happen?" He asked curiously, worry lining his voice.

    You looked at him and shrugged your head. "My cousins wedding is in a few days, and apparently my mother has decided to set me up on date, during the wedding."

    Shang-Chi cringed a bit. "Is it someone you know?"

    "Doesn't sound like it." You said simply. "Ya' know, I haven't talked to them in ages, and then this is what she immediately throws at me? She didn't even ask if I was single, she just assumed."

    "Correctly." He added on, but seeing your face light up with bemusement, he raised his hand defensively and let out a soft laugh. "Sorry, sorry!" When you smiled softly, he continued. "Why don't you tell them you are seeing someone, a little white lie to get out of being set up."

    You groaned, "I've tried that in the past, but it didn't change anything. My mother wont believe me, or stop trying to set me up even if I say I am in a relationship. She probably wont until I physically have someone with me to prove I'm in a relationship." As you spoke, a suddenly idea clicked in your mind.

    As you looked back up at Shang-Chi, he seemed to read your mind as he set down his drink and pointed at you. "No! No way!"

    "Oh come on! It's one wedding pretending to be my boyfriend, and you'll be saving me from an awkward blind date. Please." You whined as you stretched your hand across the table.

    Shang-Chi felt an unusual pang in his chest as you asked. His mind repeating 'my boyfriend' a few times before he pushed it away. He shook his head. "I've seen this movie."

    "What, you mean every third rom-com that comes out?"

    "Yes, exactly. And, it'll end one of three ways. One, one of us will end up falling in love with the other and it'll get painful. Two, you end up meeting the guy your mother tried to set you up with and you'll realize they are perfect for you. Or three, your parents find us out and it gets awkward, and painful."

    As Shang-Chi spoke, you felt your chest clench painfully. 'One of us will end up falling in love with the other and it'll get painful.' You almost laughed. 'Too late.'

    Pushing away your thoughts you smiled widely. "Or, number four, we successfully trick my parents, the wedding goes smoothly, we go on out merry way, and in a week or so I'll tell my parents that we broke up, but only if and when they ask."

    Shang-Chi looked at you contemplatively, and you pouted at him. "Pleeeassee? You'll be doing me a huge favor, and I'll owe you."

    Shang-Chi's shoulders slumped as he dropped his head in defeat. "Fine." He whined out. "But-" He began, as he pointed at you, "Just don't fall in love with me." He joked.

    You forced an amused smile and an eye roll as you felt that now familiar painful ache in your chest. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Would it be worth the risk of hurting yourself even more?

    - - - - -

    Shang-Chi looked at you from from the corner of his eye. Your leg was bouncing rapidly as your hands gripped your knees. He let out a soft laugh, and spoke with a reassuring tone. "Relax, it'll be fine."

    You looked over at him, and you were sure your anxiety was clear on your face. "She's gonna see right through me."

    "No, she wont." He began, "Half the time we are hanging out, random people think we are a couple, and we don't even purposefully act like one. I think with us actually pretending, we can pull it off easily."

    You nodded your head, "Yeah, you're right."

    Your thoughts were temporarily distracted as you remembered the various times people confused you as a couple. And every time, your face would heat up, and your chest would tighten, your mind would be filled with 'If only's' and 'I wish's'. While Shang-Chi would simply laugh it off as if it was a funny joke that would ever happen.

    "We're here." The taxi driver said, breaking you from your thoughts.

    Looking out of the window, you saw the entrance to the wedding venue. Small groups of people were heading inside, as the doorway was framed in white and pink flowers.

    You let out a deep breath as you climbed out of the taxi. You ran your hands down your clothes, smoothing them out. Shang-Chi came to your side and smiled at you, another reassuring gesture. Holding out his elbow, you looped your arm through his as you both headed inside.

    You didn't get far before you heard your name called out. Looking over, you spot your parents approaching, bright smiles on their faces. For a moment, the anxiety disappeared as you genuinely smiled at them, happy to see them in person after a long time apart.

    After your greetings, you turned to Shang-Chi and began to introduce them. "Mom, dad, this is Shang-Chi."

    Your parents took turns greeting him, before your mother laughed out. "I honestly wasn't sure if you were real, I thought Y/n might be playing a joke on us."

    You and Shang-Chi both laughed awkwardly. "I assure you, I am very real. Well, I hope so at least."

    Your mother giggled as your father began to lead to two of you into the next room. Your mother stepped beside you and whispered in your ear. "Cute. I like him."

    You smiled at her, feeling relief wash over you. Now you just had to fool them for the next six hours or so.

    When you had first messaged her back, informing her you were in a relationship, so no set-up date would be necessary, you were immediately bombarded with questions. Which you answered as vaguely as you could, though truth was sprinkled throughout.

    How long have you known each other? A few years.

    How long have you been dating? About two months.

    Why didn't you tell me? I wanted to make sure it was serious first.

    How did you meet? We met through a mutual friend.

    You and Shang-Chi had gone through various scenarios. Ways to answer questions that might come up. You were able to form stories mostly from truth, with a few more relationship-oriented details thrown in.

    As the wedding began, your mother was busy with your cousin, so you managed to avoid an interrogation. Up until the reception, when you spotted from across the room, Shang-Chi, alone, with both of your parents. You left your cousin and her new spouse and began walking towards your parents and Shang-Chi.

    As you approached, you saw them laughing. Your anxiety dissipated a bit, figuring it must be going well. Shang-Chi, seeing you approach, quickly dismissed himself. You heard something about dancing as he slipped away.

    Approaching you, he slid his hand into yours, causing your heart to skip a beat, and your face to heat up. You began to walk towards the dance floor slowly. "Trust me, you do not want to join in on that."

    "Oh God, what were they asking?"

    "About my family."

    You winced and squeezed his hand a bit. "I'm sorry. What did you tell them?"

    "Uh, that my parents are both dead, and my sister works at my dad's previous company."

    "They didn't push any further did they?"

    "They started too, but then I managed to changed the subject. Then you came over. So I told them I wanted to dance with you."

    "You know I'm not a great dancer."

    "I know, and neither am I, we can embarrass ourselves together." He smiled at you, and you laughed softly as you both fell into stance, just as a slow song began to play.

    You glanced to the side, and saw your parents watching you. They were smiling, and you felt a mix of relief and guilt rocket through you.

    "There's something else." He said after a moment.

    You looked into his eyes with a raised brow. "What?"

    "I may or may not have agreed to go on your triennial family vacation."

    "Our what?" Suddenly, remembering that you and your family would all go on a vacation together every three years, and that the usual time was coming up, your eyes widened a bit. "Oh, right. Wait, you did?"

    He nodded, squinting his eyes a bit as he let out a hiss. "Yeah, I kind of agreed before I actually thought about it. But to be honest, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii."

    "Is that where we're going? They never tell me anything." You complained with and eye roll. Looking back at him, you sighed. "Are you sure you wanna do this again? It's possible they might find us out. Is it worth the risk?"

    "It's alright." He quickly interrupted. "I think it's worth the risk. You never know. Things might change."

    Shang-Chi was surprised by his intense desire to keep playing partners. He hadn't realized it until this moment, but he forgot, for a few moments here and there that it was a lie.

    All those times when people thought you had been dating, the two of you would laugh it off. But there would always be a lingering feeling left behind. That maybe once day, it would be true.

    When he joked with you not to fall in love with him, he felt his chest clench in a way that caught him off guard. As if he caught himself in the middle of a mistake he didn't realize he was making until it was too late.

    During the wedding, when he saw your beaming smile as your cousin walked down the isle. He couldn't stop looking at you. He knew you were attractive, knew you were special. But in that moment, it was as if he was truly seeing you for the first time in a new way.

    When your parents were talking about you, asking him questions, as if trying to catch him in a lie, he found it easy to tell the truth.

    What attracted you to Y/n? I honestly couldn't narrow it down. It was everything. Like Y/n was a part of me I didn't know I was missing.

    Do you see your relationship lasting? Of course. I can't imagine my life without Y/n right beside me.

    And when they asked if he would go on the family vacation. He didn't hesitate, it didn't come out as a mistake. He honestly wanted to keep pretending to be with you. He enjoyed it. He wanted it to be real.

    But none of this fully clicked in those moment. It wasn't until he was holding you close to him as you danced. Your eyes met his and it hit him all at once. The realization that he had always had these feeling, pushed down and away, ever since he first met you.

    Maybe he hid these feelings to save himself from getting hurt. Maybe because he had never felt them like this. Maybe because he was afraid of hurting you.

    "What things?" You asked with a look of curiosity.

    He thought he saw a hint of expectation in your gaze, but you quickly hid it away, your face quickly becoming unreadable.

    "Uh. Us...we could change." It was almost a question, as if he was afraid to scare you.

    You stared at him, your heart hammering in your chest, your hand beginning to sweat. You were sure he could feel them in his own grip. Were you misreading what he was saying? Or did he mean what you hoped he did. What you wanted him to feel for so long.

    The two of you were still dancing, but slower and more subdued that those around you.

    You took a shaky breath before speaking. "What happened to 'just don't fall in love with me'?"

    A soft smile played on his lips. "That was one sided." He argued.

    "And a bit late."

    Shang-Chi's face fell for a moment as your words hit him. "What?"

    You shrugged your head a little bit. "By a few years actually."

    You felt him hesitate in his steps as he halted for a moment. But as he remembered where you were, he continued in the dance, moving a bit more than he had before.

    He let out a soft sigh. "I felt it too, but-"

    "But what?"

    "I don't know. I pushed it away, maybe because I was afraid."

    "Of me?" You asked softly.

    "No. Of me. Of, messing it up. I managed to push it away for a while, but...since we starting this fake relationship, I just...can't help but want it to be real."

    "You do?" Your voice was bit higher now, as your heart was beating so rapidly in your chest you thought your whole body might be shaking.

    He nodded his head lightly. "Yeah. I really do." You felt a smile spread across your face, that as soon as it was seen by Shang-Chi, his began to mirror yours. "This is one hell of a first date though."

    "Yeah, it would make a great story."

    Shang-Chi glanced over at your parents, and you followed his gaze. "But maybe not so soon right?"

    You laughed a little. "Yeah, we might wanna hang on to it for a bit."

    He looked back at you with a grin, and without helping, his eyes flicked to your lips. There were a few times in the past, where his eyes caught your lips. They lingered just long enough for him to wonder what it would be like to kiss you. But now, he did not push those thoughts away.

    You saw the way his eyes hovered over your lips, and you felt your face heat up. His eyes met yours again as he pulled you closer to him. Your chests were touching, and your faces only an inch apart.

    "Can I kiss you?" He asked, his voice a soft whisper.

    Your nodded your head, so small a motion, it would have gone unnoticed by anyone watching you. But Shang-Chi saw it, and leaned closer. Letting his lips brush against yours momentarily, before pressing them together in a kiss.

    Your movement stalled for a moment, your bodies still, as you kissed. The kiss lasted only a few second, but felt like an eternity of delight for the two of you.

    When you pulled away, he pulled you flush against him as you began to dance again. You smiled brightly at one another, as your foreheads touched gently.

    A moment passed as another song started, even slower than the last. You smiled a bit at him as you moved to set your head on his shoulder.

    Shang-Chi smiled as you rested your head on his shoulder, the warmth of your presence making butterflies continuously rampage in his stomach. He set his own head softly against your own as the two of you continued to dance.

    "I told you they weren't faking it." Your dad's voice said bluntly, as he and your mother watched the two of you from across the room.

    Your mother let out a sigh, but smiled. "Good. I'm glad. They're perfect for each other."

    xx End xx

    I hope you enjoyed! If you did, please consider reblogging, as tumblrs algorithm is trash, and the tags barely work. So reblog are very helpful! And they mean a lot! <3

    If you'd like to be added to any fandom or character taglist, let me know~

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    Prank Wars

    Shangqi x Reader

    A/N: Thought it was time for some chaotic fun! Enjoy and feedback always appreciated!

    Genre: PG-13

    Notes: If you recognize the Penguin, kudos. Heh. Credits to @crazycookiecrumbles for the idea! One swear word? lol✌🏽


    ‘You sure this is gonna work?’ Peter sets the package down, the rest of the avengers gathering around it.

    ‘Positive.’ You worked to unseal the package, excited for what’s to come. ‘This is revenge for what he’s done. You guys ready?’

    ‘Remind me why I’m here again?’ Shangqi groans.

    ‘Because you lost the bet.’ Sam reminds him. ‘And you’re the newbie. It’s kinda like an initiation you know?’

    ‘You mean slavery.’ Shangqi mutters under his breath. The Captain pretends not to hear, taking a basket to enter the supermarket.

    ‘We’ll divide and conquer. I’ll do frozen foods, you do toiletries.’ Sam instructs, leaving Shangqi to his own devices.

    Shangqi scans the list that Sam had thrust into his hands, deciding which product he should look for first.

    Moving down the aisles, he decides to search for shavers that Bruce had requested. Durable ones - was written by the Doctor himself.

    Examining each brand, he finally decides on one. Placing it in the basket, Shangqi prepares to move on to the next item, when -

    Was that a… penguin?

    Shangqi rubs his eyes, wondering if the sparring with Yelena yesterday had took more than his energy.

    But no - there it was again. Big and white, Shangqi sees a life sized penguin down the aisle, staring at him with unblinking eyes.

    Shangqi does a double take and the next moment, the strange creature was gone.

    What the heck? Shangqi shrugs, positive that his fatigue was just getting the better of him.


    ‘Alright Y/N! Shangqi is moving towards the hair care section.’ Scott tells you through your in ear monitor.

    Little did Shangqi know, Scott was running around the supermarket unnoticed, as he spied on the unsuspecting newest Avenger through shelves.

    Time to move to the next phase.

    Shangqi grabs a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, accidentally knocking over a bottle of hand soap onto the floor in the process. He bends down, preparing to pick it up, until a hand reaches out first to grab the bottle.

    A feathered hand.

    ‘Oh thank y-’ Shangqi stops midway, face to face with the penguin that was actually you in disguise.

    You hand the bottle back to him, waddling away in the suit as if it was the most normal thing in the world. If only Shangqi could see you how, as you held yourself back from bursting into laughter.

    ‘Yo Shangqi! Where ya at?’ Sam calls, appearing at the exact spot you had left.

    ‘What’s got your pants in a twist man?’ But Sam already knew the reason. Poor dude, he chuckles to himself.

    ‘Did you not see the penguin?’ Shangqi asks.

    ‘What? Penguin?’

    Shangqi wonders if he has officially lost his marbles.

    ‘Yes! The giant penguin! With those big eyes that doesn’t blink! Like a goldfish!’ Shangqi waves his hands in exasperation. Did anyone not see the strange creature walking about the supermarket?

    ‘You need to rest Shangqi,’ Sam pats him on the shoulder. ‘Looks like that training session did a solid one on you.’

    Before Shangqi could retort back, the Captain walks away with the basket in hand.


    Shangqi wildly stares around, flinching at the slightest unusual movement. Sam was actually starting to feel sorry for the poor dude and made a mental note to never put wasabi in your sushi as a joke.

    The things you do for revenge.

    As they sit at a nearby cafe, waiting to pick up Wanda’s cake order, Sam spots a feathered fur peeking out from a bush just a few feet away.

    ‘I’ll go get us some drinks.’ Sam said loudly enough for you to hear. ‘Coffee?’

    Shangqi nods, grateful for the caffeine. Maybe that was what he just needed. An extra boost from caffeine-

    No fucking way.

    Moments after Sam entered, the door opens, revealing the exact same penguin. This time, you waddled in a red sling back and ear muffs, cup of coffee perched in your “wing”.

    A child with his mother at the next table sees this, waving innocently at you.

    Beaming on the inside, you returned the wave cheerfully. Once satisfying the young child, you returned your focus to Shangi, staring at him straight in the eye.

    Shangqi is positive that he has lost it.

    Just who the hell was this creature? And why was it following him?


    ‘Good work Shangqi!’ Yelena catches her breath, holding a thumbs up. The pair walks towards the benches, eager to take a break.

    ‘Oh!’ Yelena realizes. ‘I need to return something to Katy but I’m going on a mission later. Would you mind helping me return it?’ She passes him a brown paper bag.

    As Shangqi bids her goodbye, he moves in the opposite direction towards Katy’s room. Too absorbed in his thoughts, he bumps into someone, causing the contents to spill.

    ‘Ah, shit. I’m sorry.’ He bends down to pick them up, about to thank the person that he had bumped into.

    Or so he thinks.

    You pick up the brown bag in your penguin disguise, causally returning it to him before going on your own way.

    Before Shangqi can recollect his mind, you were long gone.


    ‘Hey Katy!’ Shangqi knocks on the door. ‘You in?’

    No response.

    Shrugging to himself, Shangqi thinks that Katy wouldn’t mind him just leaving the package on the table. So he let’s himself him.

    He sees that door to the toilet is closed. Maybe Katy’s still in there. He walks further into the room, preparing to leave Yelena’s package on the desk.

    ‘Hey! I didn’t hear you come in!’

    He turns around to see the very same penguin donning glasses and holding a large pencil, scribbling away at the notebook in front of it.

    Shangqi doesn’t know what happened next as he blacks out there and then.


    ‘What the hell?’ Shangqi wakes up, blinking his eyes to adjust to the light. He is back in his room.

    That was one crazy dream-


    He sees the penguin sitting at his bedside, staring at him curiously.


    ‘Calm down dumbass! It’s me!’ You finally decide to end the prank once and for all, sparing him. Shangqi pauses, unsure of what you meant until you removed the costume.

    ‘Wait. Y/N?’ He finally connects the dots together. ‘What the hell man? That was you?’

    You nod proudly.

    ‘Yeap! At the supermarket, the training compound…’ You counted with your fingers.

    ‘And Katy’s room?’

    ‘Oh no. That was actually Katy herself.’ You added brightly, enjoying the look of shock on his face.

    ‘So… lesson learnt?’ You cheekily questioned.

    ‘Never put extra wasabi in your sushi.’


    Shangqi looks at you in disbelief, as if there was more to this madness. He finally caves in under your stare.

    ‘Never do a jump scare on you after watching Nightmare on Elm Street.’

    ‘Good!’ You beamed, satisfied with the outcome of the prank war, having the last laugh. You stand up, leaving the suit on the chair.

    ‘Wait!’ Shangqi tries to get out of bed but winces immediately due to his blackout. ‘Aren’t you going to take this with you?’

    ‘Nah! Figured you could use some watching over! Bye!’ You skipped out of the room, ignoring Shangqi’s protests.

    Needless to say, he was well watched over that night.


    A/N: This literally screams crack and chaos LOL. Guess I needed it since I’m starting my second term before I’m done with Year 3?😂

    Also credits to @wint3r-h3art for endorsing this idea. Hope it made you have the lols😬

    #shangqi x reader #xu shangqi#shang chi #shang chi x reader #shangqi imagine#simu liu #shang chi crack fic #shangqi crack fic
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    Throne of Lies [Chapter 5]

    ➢ Masterlist

    ➢ pairing: Shang-Chi x GN! Reader, reader is Xialing’s best friend

    ➢ genre: romance, action

    ➢ warnings: Movie spoilers.

    ➢ word count: 1.8k

    ➢ synopsis: You met Xu Xialing 4 years ago on the streets of Macau, and you didn’t know it at the time, but the two of you were going to build an empire together. Though, unbeknownst to her, you were already building your own empire of lies. Picks up in the middle of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

    Once you were in the halls and out of sight of Wenwu and the guy with the machete, you gently placed a hand on her shoulder while asking, “hey, can we talk?”

    She didn't even look at you and opted to roughly shove your hand off her shoulder before walking away forcefully. You let your own steps slow to a halt as you forlornly watched her retreating back. “Guessing that normally doesn't happen?" you jumped at the sudden voice but calmed when you realized who the owner was.

    You chewed the inside of your cheek, "yeah."

    "We could start a club," Shang-Chi tried to make a joke and gave you an awkward smile. "The Xialing-is-angry-at-me association."

    "We might have to invite your dad." You tried to joke back and his smile fell off his face.


    You turned your attention back to the door Xialing had holed herself in and frowned, unconsciously hugging your arms around yourself in a way to try and reassure you. Your action didn’t go unnoticed by Shang-Chi.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” he offered, seeing as nobody else was going to suggest it. He didn’t know why, but he felt compelled to try and make you feel better. Maybe it was because you gave him a literal healing hand, or because you felt more approachable than his sister, or maybe it was because of the broken and lost look on your face.

    “Not particularly.” You felt bad at turning down his offer, but the two of you met earlier today, or was it yesterday? Either way, you did not feel like unloading all of your emotional baggage onto the unsuspecting man next to you.

    “Then we can do something to take your mind off it?” he asked again and you gave him a tired look.

    “I’m not really in the mood for fighting.” That was what Xialing always did, and even before you met her, it felt like sparring was the go-to to take your mind away from thinking and to refocus on the present.

    He balked, that wasn’t what he was suggesting at all! His mind was fried as he stumbled to tell you that. “No, I would never fight you! I mean, I’m sure you can hold your own, but it’s not like I want to beat you up, or get beat up by you. I don’t know what my dad was talking about, I’ve never-”

    You put up a hand to stop his ramblings, you were long lost by this point, “okay.”

    He stopped word vomiting and looked at you in shock, whether it was because you agreed or because you got him to stop with just a word, neither of you will ever know. “Okay?”

    “What did you have in mind?” you also weren’t entirely sure why you agreed to it. You had full intention of holing yourself in your room and sulking after Xialing’s icy shoulder, but Shang-Chi and his nervous ramblings were somehow able to convince you to do something else. You inwardly smiled, it was nice having someone looking after you.

    “Oh,” he stumbled over his words as his mind drew a blank. He didn’t have a chance to think that far ahead. You watched him expectantly as he scrounged his memory for some place in the compound that was private but also not a training room.

    "Weren't expecting me to agree?" you asked with a small half-teasing, half-wry smile. After the silence dragged into the uncomfortable region.

    "No, no, I've got somewhere in mind."

    He carefully led the two of you to the edge of the compound, your walk truncated by carefully peering around corners to make sure no guards would catch you. The orange lights that lit up the area gradually disappeared until you were left with hardly any lights anywhere. The sky was still a navy blue and was casting a heavy shadow around everything in the small garden, but you could imagine it was rather beautiful in the day.

    It was a koi pond surrounded by grass and paired with the trickling sounds of a small waterfall. On the other side of the koi pond was a dense forest, but you noticed the walls of the compound reaching around and behind, presumably enclosing this section of the forest as well. The two of you took seats on the grass next to the pond and Shang-Chi peered into the small pond. Below him, you were surprised to see a few large koi fish swimming around. “I used to come here all the time.”

    “It’s beautiful.” You agreed. With your backs to the compound, you could almost forget the cage you were currently trapped in.

    “This place reminds me of my mom,” you hummed to show you were listening. It made sense, you never pegged his dad as someone who would appreciate the quiet of nature. “She was always in tune with nature, and I remember seeing her here often.”

    “Thank you for bringing me here.” You softly thanked him as you realized the significance of the oasis Shang-Chi had brought you to.

    He smiled and the two of you fell into a comfortable silence. It wasn’t long until you saw a light flicker from in the darkness of the forest. It was one, and then there were two. And it wasn’t long until there was a small crowd of tiny yellow lights. The circular sources of lights bobbed and flew towards you and then the two of you were surrounded.

    “Are they fireflies?” you asked in delight as the balls of light danced around the two of you and you giggled as you felt one of them brush against your cheek, tickling it in the process.

    Shang-chi watched with awe and near adoration in his eyes as he watched you. You were a literal beacon of light in the darkness since all of the lights around you cast you in a warm yellow glow. It looked almost like you were some kind of fairy who stepped into his world, tiny pinpricks of light seemed to reflect from your eyes and if you looked at him, you would see yourself being reflected in his own dark eyes. “Taking that as a ‘no?’” You lightly smiled at him after he didn’t respond. You didn’t notice the way he was staring at you as if you were an angel on earth.

    He blinked to ground himself again, “not sure. I was never able to catch one. Maybe you’ll have better luck, they seem to like you.”

    You nodded and attempted to catch one of the tiny floating lights, but it escaped from your hands too quickly. You let out a small disappointed sound, but decided not to try again.

    The two of you sat like that for what was probably only five minutes, but felt simultaneously like one and thirty minutes. It was the sound of some of the soldiers in the distance that yanked the two of you out of your reverie. “We probably should return to our rooms.” Shang-Chi mentioned as he forced himself up to his feet. You wanted to protest, to wait here for just a little bit longer, but his words had truth. It was dangerous enough that the two of you had snuck off.

    “Thank you.” You told him genuinely as you took his outstretched hand that helped you to your feet.

    “I’m surprised that they’re still around.” He confessed as he watched the lights peel away from you and disappear into the forest. You sadly watched them go. “They were here back when I was still a child and living here. They seemed to come after mom died. That, or i never noticed them before. Either way, they were my biggest comforts. I don’t know if they’re sentient or not, or if they can even understand me, but I’d always talk to them about all of my problems. I guess it was kind of therapeutic in a sense.” You nodded solemnly in understanding. There was more silence, and then Shang-Chi let out a wry laugh, “look at me, I’m the one who suggested we go, and now i’m delaying our return.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” you tried to reassure him, and glanced towards the forest to find the lights but the lights were long gone.

    “Come,” he finally tore himself from looking at the forest and began walking back to the main house, “I’ll take you to your room.”

    The two of you made the trek back to the rooms where you were staying in earlier and it was with an awkward air when the two of you stopped. “Thanks.” You tried to break the silence, but it felt like it only made things more awkward.

    Shang-Chi played with his hair and nervously looked at you, “uh, yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    Not wanting to deal with the painful awkwardness anymore, you hurriedly opened the door and shut yourself into the room. It was dark except for the moonlight streaming through the window, and you were worried that you may have woken up Xialing or Katy when you slammed the door, but no. There was nobody in the room. You nervously made your way into the quiet room. It was the same one that you were in earlier, the bed sheets looked the same, and you recognized some of the relics and decorations that adorned the walls.

    You frowned when after a thorough checking of the room, there wasn’t another living person in sight. You flicked on the light, and upon hearing silence, you were certain that it was empty. Xialing must’ve been really angry at you if she decided to sleep in another room, and she must’ve brought Katy with her.

    You heavily sat down on the bed. It hurt. You knew she could be petty, you had seen it with some gang members who came and left, but you never imagined you’d be on the receiving end of it. The clock on your phone said it was 9pm, still too early to go to bed, and no wi-fi connection. Of course you weren’t going to ask Wenwu for the wifi password.

    You let out a groan as you looked at your phone devoid of notifications. At least you had cell service, not that the person who you want to call would answer your messages.

    You thought back to the flickering lights that Shang-Chi showed you and sat up. You had to see them again. You eased open the door to your room and looked both ways before you escaped your room to visit the pond.

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    What I would wear going to see Shaun’s sister….

    (I do not own these images)

    #fandom#fantasy#fanfic#marvel#fashion#shang chi #shang chi x katy #shang chi x y/n #shang chi x you #shang chi x reader #shang chi x fem!reader #shang chi smut #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi and the ten rings #shang chi angst #shang chi and katy #shang chi and legend of 10 rings #shang chi fic #shang chi fluff #shang chi fanfiction #shang chi blurb #shang chi headcanon #shang chi drabble #shangchiedit#shangchiealendadosdezanéis #shang chi icons #shang chi imagine #shang chi katy #shang chi legend of the ten rings #shang chi movie
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