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    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    9K CELEBRATION ☆ TOP 10 FAVOURITE MOVIES (as voted by my followers) ↳ 5. SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (2021) (48.6%)

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    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Thank you bestie for the tag @wint3r-h3art 💕 this was a cute game that got me thinking about my fictional bae hehe

    directions: highlight/bold the tropes that apply to you and your romantic f/o

    f/o: Shangqi bc duh lmao

    height difference [uhh yeah bc I'm short lmao]• mutual pining • first kiss • first love • wedding (eventually) • in-jokes • lgbt+ • family disapproves • friends disapproves • would die for each other • fake relationship • arranged wedding • cuddlers • pda friendly • and they were roommates • secret relationship • opposing world views • opposing personalities • opposing goals • getting a pet • have kids (eventually) • grow old together • relationship failures• rest head on shoulder • share a bed • token dummies • relationship doubts • they have a song • first date • share a jacket [I'll steal his reversible jacket for as long as I'm alive]• sharing a blanket • mutual interests • study buddies • bathing together • crash into hello • accidental nudity • laundry • same hobbies • cooking for each other • big fancy gala • sibling rivalry • hair stroking • dancing • laying in the grass • watching stars together • watching the other sleep • shared values • friends to lovers • enemies to lovers • lovers to enemies • childhood friends • slow burn • love triangle • toxic relationship • sitting on each other’s lap [he is big boy I am little girl it only makes sense]• can’t be together • hugs • forehead touches • neck kisses • car/motorbike rides • compliments • nicknames • falling asleep together • late night talks

    No pressure tagging @give-me-a-moose @hollandparkersx @yummymatcha @cyborg-cinderella @poetic-fiasco @frostbitten-written and anyone else that wants to join!

    #aww this was cute #sparking ideas that I will save for later #shang chi#xu shangqi #xu shang chi
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    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    tag drop! 

    #where are the stars that show us to our love || colleen x shangqi
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    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    ❛ have you seen yourself ? ❜

    The question seemed out of place.

    Moon Knight stood there, the man's shirt grasped firmly in his gloved hand. The man had gone limp a while ago, but just how long ago was a question Moon Knight didn't have the answer to. There was blood down the front of his badly swollen face. Fractured orbital. Teeth on the ground. His nose was a swollen pulp and Marc couldn't honestly say whether or not the man would be waking up again.

    He shook his other hand. Blood was slick against the white leather, stained the bandages up his arm. Blood stained the front of his mask, his own chest. He released the grip he had on the carjacker; the man's body hit the ground in the familiar thud of dead weight as he turned to regard Shangqi.

    "You're not supposed to be here."

    There was no effort to disguise his voice, he'd never really gone in for that. Not enough people knew who he was beneath the mask - hell, he didn't even know who he was beneath the mask now and again. He flexed his fingers absently; his own knuckles were swollen beneath the glove. He needed a shower, a bath. He needed to remember just how he'd gotten here.

    He tried again.

    "Why are you here, Shangqi? Is something wrong?

    #masteredlegacy#shangqi#marc spector#moon knight #// feel free to reply #// just ignore the body #// kind of
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  • fistofhnsw
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    "You know Marc, you're welcome to come over to my place whenever you'd like. It's just over there. Can't miss it." He gestures toward a large building looming over the Manhattan skyline. "And not to brag or anything, but it's got plenty to offer. A nice garden to relax in, an indoor pool. There's a training room, obviously, and I've got beds to spare if you, you know, ever want to spend the night. Maybe have some breakfast in the morning . . . no pressure or anything though."

    "Yeah?" Marc looked up, following the gesture. It was a far cry from where he himself had been living for the past few months - the everchanging landscape of his house that somehow... resonated with his troubled mind. He squinted, or at least half of his face squinted, the other half a bit too bruised to manage that. He sniffed, and then wiped away the bit of blood beneath his nose.

    "If you don't mind company I... I don't have anywhere else to go tonight."

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  • the-panda-fangirl
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I think this is why these are my favourite phase 4 projects

    #i too would be a simp if I was married to ying li or layla #im a simp #they're simps #also the rep! #they got chinese and egyptian heritage people to work on the projects for shang-chi atlottr and moon knight respectively #cc says things #so yeah#meme #mcu phase 4 #marvel#mcu #marvel phase 4 #shang chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #xu shangqi#xu wenwu#wenwu#ying li #ying li x wenwu #wenwu x ying li #moon knight#marc spector #layla el faouly #marc x layla #layla x marc #heck i'll tag steven too #steven grant#mr knight #steven x layla #layla x steven
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  • crazycookiecrumbles
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    A Showdown


    A/N: This didn’t exactly turn out the way I had wanted it to, but I forgot all of my notes. Special thanks to  @wint3r-h3art​ and @tom-whore-dleston​ for working out the slappening in this fic 

    Pairings/Characters: Shangqi x Stark!Reader, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

    Warnings: violence, talks about pregnancy/miscarriages, fist-fighting, clint being indifferent and pizza-obsessed

    Summary: Steve has finally come to you for help, and now you’re left facing your biggest fear.

    Previous Chapter:  A Very Alarming Message

    WC: 2.5k

    “Unbelievable,” Shangqi muttered as he sat in the passenger side of your car as you drove from the MET to Clint’s apartment in Bedstuy. It was meant to be mutual territory for all of you. Apparently, Steve couldn’t wait for you to get to the compound, and this needed to be said away from certain people, his words, not yours. Clint seemed to be the perfect man in the middle, simply because Natasha was also present, and she seemed more likely to stop a murder fest between you and Steve than anyone else.

    Especially given how Shangqi was feeling at the moment.

    “Un-fucking-believable,” Shangqi repeated to himself. “He couldn’t Ask for help while we were there? He waits until we’re outside, when you look that freaking good and feel like jumping my bones the whole night? I think he’s full of shit. He’s absolutely, totally full of shit, and he’s just doing this to give us a hard time. I fucking hate him now.”

    “Sure, now you hate him,” you teased.

    “Well, as much as you do, at least.”

    “Oh, I don’t think anyone comes close to me on that,” you countered, “but I love that your hatred of him has grown. Let your hate consume you, Shangqi.”

    “Don’t, don’t go all Palpatine on me. We both know you’re more of a Jedi than Sith leaning anyway,” He sighed as he leaned on his arm.

    You chuckled, “Well, definitely more grey-leaning at the least.” You parked in front of Clint’s building, ignoring the fact that the spot you chose definitely wasn’t a spot, and you were likely to get a ticket if some traffic cop came around in the middle of the night. “I see his bike down the block.”

    “Great. He’s here,” Shangqi groaned. “This was not how the night was meant to go.”

    “I know.”

    “You were going to do deplorable things to me, and I was going to do deplorable things to you!”

    “Trust me, I’m aware.”

    “We were going to traumatize people in a random hotel! I needed this!” He whined and loosened his tie and undid his jacket buttons. “Ugh, let’s just go. At least Clint’s there, he’s cool. Do you think he has food?”

    “Honey, I’m nearly positive that man has food.”

    Shocking absolutely no one, when you got to Clint’s floor, you could smell pizza. You looked to Shangqi who sighed in relief. You didn’t want to know where that man had gotten pizza from this late at night, but, hey, it was New York, after all. 

    The door was already open since you had rung the bell downstairs to be let in. You both walked right into the apartment and were hit by the smell of pizza even more. Clint muttered that Steve was in the kitchen, and you all walked right over there to see him leaning against the counter, his hands gripping the countertop behind him while Natasha leaned against the refrigerator. 

    Natasha caught your eye, a tiny smirk forming at the corner of her lips as she addressed you, “Hey, Stark. Still in shock I’m here?”

    “What? No. I’m totally fine with the fact that you’re back and we had a totally different relationship in your world.”

    “Well, you were dead for most of it in my world, so,” Natasha nodded. “Anyway, Steve’s here.”

    “Great,” Shangqi muttered under his breath and grabbed a slice of pizza off the countertop before shoving half of it in his mouth. “So what is it this time, Rogers? You found out we were having a nice night out on the town, and you just felt it in your bones to try to steal my wife from me for the millionth time?”

    “No,” Steve cleared his throat and lifted his head to look at you with those pitiful blue eyes. “We have a problem.”

    Rolling your eyes, which earned a smirk from Clint as he leaned over to whisper in Natasha’s ear, you hopped up and sat on the last empty counter, “Speak.”

    “I think there’s a version of you from an alternatte universe here,” Steve confessed.

    This was it. This was exactly your fear, another you in your world trying to cause trouble. You sat there listening to Steve plead his case, how he explained that you, or rather, this version of you, came to him saying how you loved him, that you and Shangqi were no more. He explained that the two of you had been sleeping together and that Steve thought this was the chance he’d been waiting for, but how he realized it was too good to be true the second she called him ‘Stevie’, but he was so enamored with the idea of having you back, he kept on doing it until the guilt got to him.

    “So, let me get this straight,” you cleared your throat. “You thought I left Shangqi, and you decided that it was totally normal for me to appproach you and fuck you after leaving my husband.”

    “Well, there was a tan line on your ring finger, and you were wearing that blue sweater I really like — “

    “I don’t even own that anymore, Steve! I burned it! I can’t fucking believe you. I can’t believe you honestly thought it was me and you just went with it thinking with your fucking dick first! This is unbelievable! And, what, you had your fill of her and you’re telling me this now, why?”

    Steve groaned, “Like I said, Y/N, I, I just wasn’t thinking. I thought it was you, okay? I love you, and I —“

    Steve did not finish his sentence. Shangqi had quietly taken one step forward, just enough space for him to reel back and throw his fist against Steve’s cheek. The super soldier stumbled but quickly recovered to see Shangqi fuming.

    “You need to stay the hell away from my wife,” Shangqi growled. “Just keep her name out of your fucking mouth, Rogers.”

    Clint cleared his throat to get your attention, “You gonna stop that?”

    You crossed one leg over the other and grabbed one of Clint’s discarded beers to drink from, “Nope.”

    “Shangqi —“

    “No,” he said, cutting him off quickly. “No, Steve. I’m sick of it. Ever since.I met you, you’ve been trying to get her away from me. Now you’re just standing here telling me all about how you slept with her and thought we were done, so you swooped in like a vulture? I mean, what kind of brazen piece of shit are you?”

    “I get you’re upset, but you’ve got to understand our history here —“

    “No —“

    “Gentlemen,” Natasha said loudly to cut over their bickering, “You’re missing the point here. Y/N Stark from another universe is here looking for family. What does that mean?”

    Steve shook his head, “She just said she wanted me back and how she loves me.”

    “And what have you been doing?” Natasha asked, then rolled her eyes when she saw Steve turn red, “Aisde from sleeping together, Steve.”

    “She kept talking about starting over, and having a family together and stepping away from all of this,” Steve explained. “It was...very domestic, I hadn’t heard you say anything like that for a long time, Y/N.”

    You hummed, “Well, I haven’t been feeling very domestic for a long time, and you were gone, so, you know —“

    “Before that —“

    “Whatever —“

    “She talked about wanting kids,” Steve said. “But she kept it short, like it upset her.”

    Clint frowned, “Where is she, Steve?”

    “She’s at the compound. I left saying I was meeting Bucky.”

    “Wow, Captain America lying again, amazing,” Shangqi snickered.

    “Out of curiosity, where’s Morgan?” Natasha asked.

    “At home….” you trailed off. “Do you think she’d go after them?”

    “I think if she’s desperate for a family, who knows what she’s capable of.”

    You knew you had to act fast, you jumped off the table and went to grab your phone from your clutch as you started barking orders, “Steve, call my father. Clint, get the special arrows —“ 

    “They’re all special — “

    “You know which ones,” you said quickly, locking eyes with the man who cringed and nodded.  You nodded to yourself, “Shangqi, rings?”


    “Okay. I’m calling Strange, we’re gonna need him.Here’s the plan. We’re teleporting to either the compound, or the lake house. Clint, I want you nowhere near. I want you as far as you can get while maintaining sight. Shangqi, you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on quake watch — after we kidnap them, of course.”

    Shangqi balked, “Excuse me?”

    “Oh, let me make myself clear:  If one or both of us gets close to breaking the planet in half, you have to stop us. Your rings can, at the very least, match my power. They have vibranium, Stephen can teleport them, and Clint —“

    “Has knockout arrows and a very special netting arrow where the netting is very thinly laced with vibranium, made it after the snap, not sure how strong it is yet, but I guess we’ll find out,” Clint added as he threw his quiver on his shoulder. “Let’s get going, shall we?”

    “No plan for me, Stark?” Natasha asked after a moment, head tilting to the side as she stared at you. “I’m hurt.”

    You chewed on your bottom lip, “I’m sure you can guess what I need from you.”

    Natasha’s eyes flickered over to Shangqi. She watched as the man gave her the most confused stare on the planet as he looked between her and you. Natasha looked back to you and gave you one quick nod in understanding.


    After gathering everyone in the middle of the night, you went to the compound to prepare for something potentially horrible. Tony said that no one had come to the compound yet, but he did have his sensors go off for seismic activity near the property before it stopped. 

    You deduced that, perhaps, you realized that the other you had been detected and decided to back off of the lake house for now. This way, when everyone was at the compound and in position, Shangqi several feet behind you with Steve, the rest of them laying in hiding, you expected to see yourself. You were waiting for it, but watching a version of you suddenly land in the dirt in front of you, ground cracking by her feet, it was unnerving. When she stood at her full height, you felt a little uneasy watching her stare at you with such intensity.

    Is this what it was like when people saw you? Wow, this was a lot.

    “So we finally meet. You found me out. It took you long enough,” she said to you. “I’m not here to fight.”

    “Good,” you replied. “Why are you here?”

    “It’s simple,” she explained. “I lost everything, and I want my life back.”

    You shook your head, “You can’t have it by taking mine.”

    She laughed in your face, “Is that what you think? That, that you and your band of merry friends hiding in the trees could stop me from taking what I want?”

    “Well, clearly,” You shrugged and nodded to her. “This is my life, not yours. I think it’s time you go.”

    “You’re not sending me back,” she shook her head. “You got your dad back, your friends, you got Stevie back and you don’t even love him like you should.”

    “He hurt me — “

    “We hurt him,” she snapped. “We failed him.”

    You laughed in disbelief, “We didn’t do shit. Fuck that guy, he’s a prick. I knew my self-esteem was low, but damn, that low to think you’re missing out with Steve of all people? Rough, buddy. I — “

    “Don’t talk about him like that!” She threw her hand up and made your heart stop. You gasped for air and clutched your chest as you went straight to the ground. Shangqi ran forward, his hand shooting forward to hit her with a ring, but she deflected his own ring back to him and sent him flying in the air until Steve jumped up, caught his arm, and brought him down.

    “Stop it!” Steve shouted. “Stop hurting her!”

    The alternate version of you lowered her hand. You gasped for air as the pain stopped and your heart started pumping blood once more. You looked up as she started approaching you in a slow, sinister walk.

    “You don’t know what it’s like to watch your husband die,” she hissed. “To watch the life leave his eyes because he died for you. You have no idea how that feels.”

    You held up your hand, your index and thumb close together, “A little bit.”

    Laughing, she knelt down in front of you, “I lost everything, and you have everything I want, well, almost everything I want.”

    You stared up at her and narrowed your eyes, “Oh, right. You wanted a baby, right? Did you think you can just take my sister and raise her as your own? Fat chance. Why not just keep letting Steve use you as a cum dumpster? He’s stupid enough to think you’re somewhat like me.”

    She chuckled again and shook her head, “You don’t even know, do you?”

    “Know what?”

    “We can’t have children, Stark,” she explained to you. “Have you never tried? Two husbands, and not a single attempt at kids? Sad, pathetic, even,” she shook her head. “We can’t have children.”

    You laughed at her. She was lying, clearly. You were perfectly healthy, so why would you be unable to have kids? That wasn’t even a thought that had crossed your mind, it wasn’t a concern, nothing ever came up. “That’s, that’s just not true. You, maybe, but there’s nothing wrong with me —“

    “Miscarriage, after miscarriage, after miscarriage, and you know what I learned?” She stood up tall. “We’re just too physically unstable to have a kid. All that power we hold in, it’s too unstable an environment, and when we use it? It’s even worse. You will never be a mother, Y/N Stark. You will never have that picture-perfect family that I know you want, but I will.”

    Now, given that this was you, you knew what to expect. Your hands came up just as hers did, and the two of you were intent on using your powers to kill the other, but you were locked in a stalemate. Shangqi tried to throw his rings into the mix, but the power emanating from you two, they couldn’t even penetrate.

    Steve’s shield hovered in the air near you, but it was flung right back. You and yourself were making the earth beneath you shake and crack, a split forming in the dirt between you. Chunks of the ground started to shoot up, and as the earth started to split, you both started to lose your balance, but neither were giving up.

    “Just let me have this!” She shouted at you, “Let me have him! You don’t even want him!”

    “You’re right, I don’t,” you agreed. “But I’m not letting some cunty, harpy version of me have him either. You will not have my life.”

    She nodded frantically, “Fine, then die!”

    Everything went black.

    #stark!verse #shangqi x reader #shangqi x stark!reader #shang-chi x reader #shang-chi x stark!reader #crazycookiecrumbles #steve rogers x reader #clint barton#natasha romanoff#marvel fic #stark!readerverse #stark!reader #shangqi#shang-chi
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    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    something you dare not name Xu Shangqi / Katy Chen Words: 735 // Rating: T

    a wedding, a night in spring.

    AO3 / FFNET

    #fanfiction #xu shangqi (character) #katy chen (character) #marvel #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi x katy #rating: t
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    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    if i could have a day where wong, shangqi, xialing, katy and i could just eat hotpot and steamed buns and sing karaoke, it’ll everything to me

    i really want hotpot now 😩

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    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    Shang-Chi x Reader

    A/N: I got greedy(?) and decided to participate in another piece for @wint3r-h3art celebration! I would also like to apologize in advance for me being annoying and doing another angst after my Steven one😛

    Genre: PG-13, Undercover AU

    Notes: Being a huge DC fan, I thought incorporating these characters would be great for this story😉 hope my lack of braincells did this fic justice.

    ‘Prepare for extraction.’

    ‘Copy.’ Shang-Chi signals to Marc, jet moving towards the drop-zone as agreed.

    He couldn’t wait for this to be over, to finally have you by his side after a whole six months.

    You were in deep cover at a meta human facility where runaways were kidnapped and experimented on to active their meta gene.

    Retrieving enough evidence, Fury demanded that you were to be pulled out, not wanting one of his best agents to be at risk any further.

    ‘We don’t who else the League of Shadows are involved with.’ Fury tells you at a secret rendezvous point. ‘I’m sending a team to get you out.’

    By team, you didn’t expect Shang-Chi running down the hallway to meet you and the other runaway kids.

    ‘Y/N!’ He crushes you in a massive hug. ‘I missed you.’

    ‘Missed you too.’ You couldn’t believe that this day would finally come. ‘We have to leave now. The league has probably been notified by the trigger alarm.’

    He nods, leading the group down the same way he came. Only to be stopped by uniformed guards wielding ammunition.

    ‘Those weapons are alien tech.’ You whisper to Shang-Chi. ‘Ra’s Al Ghul is going to kill all of us if it means his secrets don’t get out.’ You refer to the immortal leader.

    Maybe Shang-Chi can take the brunt of its power with his rings. But you couldn’t. And certainly not the kids.

    ‘I have an idea.’ You tell him. ‘Take the kids and move fast.’ The uneasy feeling in your stomach only grew bigger. You didn’t like it one bit.

    Six painful months. You remembered at the end of each day where you crossed out the date on the calendar, awaiting your reunion.

    But you saw what the immortal leader of the Shadows could do. If taking out one of his bases was a step in the right direction, you had to do it.

    Slowly moving backwards as the tropes advanced in on the group, you find the red button that you were looking for.

    Shang-Chi was going to hate you for this.

    ‘I’m sorry.’ You slammed your fist onto the button, activating the lockdown mode. A flicker of realisation passes by his face, and it is filled with pure terror at the thought of what you had thrown yourself into.

    ‘What are you doing?’ Shang-Chi denies reality, attempting to pry open the doors. ‘Hey, Y/N. If this is a joke, it’s not funny.’ He tries to reason with you as you watch his futile efforts.

    ‘Please, open the door and we can figure a way out of this.’ He begs. Perhaps he already knows your decision, as the scratches against the doors have turned into full-blown bangs.


    Shang-Chi doesn’t bother to hide his tears, screaming at you through the thick glass, as if it would break at his desperation.

    ‘Shang-Chi.’ You coaxed him to calm down. ‘I don’t have much time and you need to get out of here soon.’ Placing a hand on the window, Shang-Chi does the same.

    ‘There’s safe houses in Egypt and the outskirts of Mozambique. Marc and Nakia. They’ll know what to do. Tell Fury about Ra’s Al Ghul… he needs to know. The world must know about his evil deeds.’

    As you instruct Shang-Chi on the intel you gathered, you could feel your heart rate slowing down. Like a fish out of water, you could only suck on the air.

    The inhumane sounds were enough to make Shang-Chi loose his mind, but he needed to focus on you.

    ‘And…’ you had to choose your words wisely to conserve energy in your last moments.

    ‘I… will always… love… you… no matter… where… I am…’

    Panting out the last few words, you smiled, not wanting Shang-Chi to see that your last few moments were excruciatingly painful. Your nerves started to shut down, allowing numbness to take over your body.

    ‘No… No please… don’t do this…’ Shang-Chi was crippled by the memories of his mother. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to get out of the time loop.

    ‘Go.’ You weakly mouthed. ‘The kids.’ You were about to loose your grip on the timer that would set the radiation bomb off.

    Marc runs into the crumbling building, spotting Shang-Chi from a distance. He doesn’t get why the two of you haven’t got out yet until he moves closer.

    ‘Marc… please we need help.’ Shang-Chi pleads with his team member. ‘We can get her out of here.’

    A loyal comrade and a good friend, Marc Spector doesn’t want to leave you either. But he knows what you’re thinking. And he knows you’re right. You nod, as a favour to drag Shang-Chi out if he has to.

    So he does. With miraculous strength, Marc pulls him back, not stopping despite the barrage of attacks on him. Marc knows that the rage isn’t directed towards him, but to himself.

    The fact that he can’t do anything but just to stand by and watch you die.

    Finally getting onto the jet, the aircraft speeds off, getting as far away as it can from the blast radius.

    Thirty seconds later, orange flames burst into the skies.

    Thirty seconds later, Shang-Chi’s world had ended.


    The familiar sight greets Shang-Chi as he gets off the car together with his sister. Together, they walk towards their aunt Ying Nan who is solemnly dressed in black.

    Ta Lo was more than beautiful. It was a part of Shang-Chi. He had always wanted to bring you here to escape the burdens of an Avenger.

    How cruel fate was. Instead of holding your warm hands, he carries the frame of your photo. They couldn’t go back for your body.

    The funeral went by in a haze. You were always a reserved person, only enjoying the company of those you truly cherished. It was only befitting to respect your wishes.

    He feels a sympathetic pat from his sister and hears words of encouragement from his aunt. Shang-Chi waits until they leave, breaking down into choked sobs.

    ‘When I’m done with this mission. Promise you’ll take me to see Ta Lo.’

    ‘Alright, I promise.’ He offers a pinky swear. ‘No Avenger’s stuff. A whole week, you and me.’

    ‘Sounds like a plan.’


    A week later, Lazarus Island

    ‘Haa!!!’ You jerk forward violently, head throbbing.

    Your memories were in bits and pieces. The last thing you could remember was doing research at the Mongolia base.

    The kids and you running down the hall… a man… and then… orange fireballs the size of a butterfly.

    ‘Sorry about that. The experience in the pit can make one quite disoriented. Believe me, I tried.’ A low voice rumbles in the darkness, stepping into the view.

    You find yourself looking at the whites of a red helmet. The mystery man removes his helmet, the white streak of hair visibly noticeable.

    ‘My name is Jason Todd, and I need your help with bringing down the League of Shadows.’

    #xu shangqi #shangqi x reader #shang chi x reader #simu liu#shang chi #xu shang chi x reader #shangqi x reader angst #shang chi x reader angst #shangqi angst #shang chi angst #xu shang chi #wint3r h3art #lindas1.2kcelebration #lindas1.2kchallenge
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    Comfort characters I love to write about:-

    Joaquin Torres

    Peter Parker

    Sam Wilson

    Shang Chi

    Bucky Barnes

    Kate Bishop

    Yelena Belova

    You can send me requests and suggestions in the asks I would be absolutely delighted to wrote them. Thank youu❤


    Regular taglist
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    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Yeah I lied when I said I wasn't gonna be writing much bc I'm hella stressed with finals, graduation, and my summer trip coming up and all I want right now is professor Shangqi to comfort me.

    I imagine he’d set all his work to the side, steal your laptop from under your fingers, and bring you to the living room. He’d ask you to sit down on the couch while he stands behind it. Once you’re settled down on the couch, Shangqi would start massaging your neck and shoulders. 

    “There we go,” he muttered, pressing kisses to your temple. “Just relax for me, bub. Just like that.”

    You melted at how his taut hands kneaded the knots in your shoulders. Your eyes slowly fluttered, his firm hands sending you to an astral plane of pleasure. Shangqi rolled his knuckles along the area where your neck and shoulder met, causing you to moan louder than you anticipated.

    “Mmm, right there, Shangqi! Feels so good!” He bit down hard on his lip as filthy thoughts of his hands traveling further south plagued his mind. 

    “You deserve it, baby girl.” He bent down just enough for his lips to drag along your outer ear. “I see you working so hard. It’s okay to take a break.” Shangqi dug his fingers further into the kink on your shoulder, your moans progressively getting louder and his head filling with other ways to pull those noises from you. 


    “Keep relaxing, bub. Doing so good for me. I’m so proud of you, baby.”

    Shangqi continued massaging you until you requested he run a bath for you. There, he'd join you in the tub and you would be pressed against his chest while he fingered you to overstimulation. You could say that the professor had a way with his hands 😏

    #yall he looks so soft in this gif like come gimme kiss baby 🥺 #i swear on simu christ i will write an in depth smut for him just bare with me #teach me tonight au #professor!shangqi #professor!shang chi #shang chi #xu shang chi #xu shangqi #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shangqi x reader #shangqi x you #shang chi imagine #shangqi imagine #shang chi drabble #shang chi blurb #shang chi smut
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    As my bday month comes to a close, it is safe to say I had an amazing birthday month being blessed with all the amazing writers in my life, along with the equally amazing fics they wrote. These writers put so much heart and soul into these pieces, they deserve as much love as they put into their works. We thank you for your contribution to the fandom 😘

    Some of these works are 18+ only so please be respectful of their warnings and boundaries!

    Make sure to reblog and comment on these amazing fics! Your feedback and responses are what motivate them to continue writing such beautiful works 💖💖💖

    Fictional Hotties

    Xu Shang-Chi/Shangqi

    Tantalize by @ussgallifrey

    Steven Grant/Marc Spector

    Desirous & Condemnation in Disguise by @inklore

    Peas Outside the Pod & Chicken and Waffles by @blackbat05

    Taste... & The Edge of Oblivion & Put You to Sleep by @wint3r-h3art

    Loki Laufeyson

    Your Grace by @give-me-a-moose

    Poe Dameron

    Are You Busy? By @stellarstarwarsimagines

    Stephen Strange

    Red Wine & Cigarettes by @burnthoneymint

    Please Doctor by @/wint3r-h3art

    Real Life Hotties

    Simu Liu

    Happy Birthday & Karaoke by @tonystarksfavoritedaughter

    Strip Poker with Simu by @/wint3r-h3art

    “Do you want to go for a drive and listen to Taylor Swift?” “Well for starters, I’m in love with you.” by @togrowoldinv

    Tom Holland

    Coffee Stains by @little-diable

    dividers by @firefly-graphics

    #fave fics#fic recs #shang chi x reader #shangqi x reader #steven grant x reader #marc spector x reader #loki laufeyson x reader #poe dameron x reader #stephen strange x reader #simu liu x reader #tom holland x reader
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  • ao3screenshotss
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #fun fact: shangqi is actually the correct spelling of his name if you go by the sound #chi would sound different #not sure how to write it in english though so just google translate it if you’re curious #feat. my 8 years at chinese school #belinda if you ever see this i love you so much thanks for letting me copy your answers for years i miss you #title: #if you liked it then you should've put ten rings on it #author:#laiqualaurelote#ao3#ao3 funny #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #xu shang chi #i’m mad about it but i’ll put chi anyway #erik killmonger#t’challa
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  • masteredelements
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ❛    you’re the bus guy,   aren’t you  ??    ❜     /   @masteredlegacy

    #masteredlegacy #➟ v.003 #➟ closed starter #i don't have live action icons yet sorry !!! #salkfja #aang thinks shangqi is pretty cool already
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  • blackbat05
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sweet Payback

    Shang-Chi x Reader

    A/N: A short piece to reflect my current mental state🤟🏽 Hope this makes you laugh if you’re having a tough time like I am🙂

    Genre: Pure Crack (I got inspired by someone farting on the train, but I guess inspiration comes from the wildest of places right?)


    ‘Come on Shang-Chi! We’re gonna be late!’ You knocked on the door for what you think is the umpteenth time.

    ‘Ugh… what the hell did they put in that thing?’

    You shake your head in amusement. By “thing”, Shang-Chi meant the Tom Yum Soup you two had for dinner yesterday. Little did you know what trouble this spicy cuisine would bring to your morning.

    ‘I’m going to bring some medicine okay?’ You were concerned that your boyfriend would soon shit his intestines out together with whatever was causing this.

    The door unlocks, and Shang-Chi appears a little paler than usual.

    ‘I’m good.’ He gasps, stumbling out of the bathroom. ‘Let’s go before Fury kicks both of our asses for being late.’


    ‘Agent L/N! Shang-Chi! Good to see you finally on time!’ Fury addresses the two of you as you made it into the meeting room where the other Avengers were waiting.

    Kate Bishop gives you a sympathetic stare, passing the briefs along to you.

    ‘Morning troubles huh?’

    ‘More like bowel troubles with this one.’ You pointed to Shang-Chi who was in brief conversation with Marc Spector before being interrupted by Fury.

    Engaged in strategy tactics and training schedules for the newer recruits, you don’t see the subtle change in Shang-Chi’s expression.

    Damn it. Not now! He thinks.

    It felt like his stomach was being twisted on the inside, imaginary hands not ready to let go soon. He sees Fury deeply engrossed in his newest strategy - man would be pissed if his momentum was stopped.

    Shang-Chi had to do something soon before his insides explode. If only he could silently release a little bit…

    Oh to heck with it!

    The difference relieves Shang-Chi of his anguish. Now he had to think fast before the group of Avengers caught on to him.

    Why didn’t he think of it earlier?

    Peter is the first one to catch the putrid smell wafting around the room. ‘Uh… I don’t mean to be rude but would someone mind opening the windows please?’ The poor boy looked like he was going to suffocate if this was prolonged a minute longer.

    ‘God! What is that smell!’ Yelena pinches the bridge of her nose, standing up to fulfil Peter’s request. Despite the windows now being opened, the damage was done.

    ‘Feels like that nasty burrito we had yesterday.’ A British accent pips up from beside Shang-Chi who almost gave the mercenary the stank eye.


    ‘Yeah. For the first time Marc is willing to let me have the body!’ Steven pouts in his chair, holding his nose. ‘So much for a bloody mercenary. Gosh where is the air freshener when you need one!’

    Shang-Chi quickly does the same, turning to his unsuspecting scapegoat. You.

    ‘Uh, babe? You want to take a time out for this one?’

    You blink at him, momentarily confused. ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘Aw come on!’

    ‘Y/N! What the hell did you eat?’

    ‘Please chill on the garlic would you?’

    A series of chorus rang throughout the room as you attempt to figure out what was going on. Slowly connecting the dots, your eyes land on your boyfriend who was conveniently avoiding eye contact with you.

    ‘Oh no you didn’t…’ You mumbled it loudly enough for Shang-Chi to hear.

    He springs out from his seat, surprisingly agile for someone who had a stomachache a few hours ago.


    He quickly runs behind Steven who was looking very lost for protection.

    Scanning the room, your eyes land on the perfect weapon. You march over to Frank Castle himself who was quietly watching the chaotic scene in amusement.


    ‘Non lethal.’ Frank nods.


    Before any of the Avengers could react, you whipped out Frank’s gun, aiming it at Shang-Chi who had been abandoned by Steven.

    ‘This will ought to teach you not to be a liar!’ Releasing the trigger, the pellet flies towards Shang-Chi’s direction who expertly dodges it with much ease.

    Only to smack the boss man right in the face.

    The whole room had went collectively silent, watching the whole fiasco go down. Pellet dropping in front of Fury’s foot, Avengers started to move their chairs, making excuses from needing to go on a mission to feeding their dog.


    ‘Yes sir?’ You respond meekly, knowing what was about to come next.

    ‘My office. Now.’


    Shang-Chi hears the door to your shared apartment open. You walk in, absolutely exhausted.

    ‘Not. Another. Word.’

    Shang-Chi carefully approaches you, before you fall towards him.

    ‘Was it that bad?’

    ‘Try cleaning the entire quinjet by hand.’ You counter back, making him flinch slightly.

    ‘Sorry babe, I had two strikes from Fury this month. If I get another one-’

    You cut him off. ‘You owe me. Big time.’

    ‘Anything you say.’

    He was so going to regret that. ‘Anything?’

    Shang-Chi nods.

    ‘You’re doing laundry and dishes for the whole month.’

    Getting up from his embrace, you leave his stunned figure behind. Shang-Chi follows you a few seconds later.

    ‘Y/N? Come on we can negotiate this! Pleaseee? Did you forget how I shrunk my combat suit?’

    ‘Maybe you should consider a crop top for battle then!’



    A/N: Will be taking a break on writing for a while! I’ll still be here😊

    #xu shangqi #shangqi x reader #shang chi x reader #simu liu#shang chi#shangqi#xu shangchi #xu shangqi x reader #xu shang chi x reader #crack fic#pure crack
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  • atlasfoundation
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    kinda need to clarify that Shang-Chi’s surname in the comics is Zheng, it’s only Xu in the mcu

    #also the reason why his name isn’t romanised as shangqi is bc he was created in the 70s when wade-giles romanisation was still popular #it’s not meant to be pinyin please stop saying it’s incorrect #his surnames were created decades later and are pinyin #so I guess it looks kinda funny to put them together #so if you REALLY want his surnames in wade giles are Hsü or Cheng #lol
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let’s spread the self-love 💜

    aww thank you Fi (and Linda and Hailey) 😘 I had a hard time picking only five of my favorites bc I have so many lol and I'm lumping my AUs into one fic bc my AUs are my babies

    The Avengers' Sweethearts [Previously known as Rolling Dice and Rocking Hips AU]

    The Devil's Chair

    Teach Me Tonight AU

    Honey Baby AU

    Back to Sleep

    Remember to reblog and comment if you enjoyed these works! 😊

    Tagging: @crazycookiecrumbles @inklore @buckybleu @beakeoghan @aphrogeneias @burnthoneymint @give-me-a-moose @magicxc @ladyfallonavenger @sparkledfirecracker

    #whatcha thinkin darling? #poetic fiasco#shameless plug #simu liu x reader #shang chi x reader #shangqi x reader #the devil’s chair #teach me tonight au #honey baby au #the avengers' sweethearts au
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    The Avengers' Sweethearts

    Previously known as Rolling Dice and Rocking Hips AU

    Pairing: Xu Shangqi x !Avengers f. reader

    Genre: Fluff and Smut (lemon)

    Summary: You learned the Mystic Arts through your adopted father, Wong. Shangqi wielded the Ten Rings after the death of his father. You both became the newest Avengers, all thanks to your dad. Eventually, you and Shangqi took the title of the most powerful couple on Earth.

    Listen to their karaoke playlist

    Comment 🅰️ if you would like to be tagged in any fics related to this AU


    Rolling Dice and Rocking Hips Part 1 | Part 2


    dice lands on face fucking


    a little more about reader

    how you and Shang-Chi met

    Incorrect Quotes

    How you and Xialing met

    #the avengers' sweethearts au #shang chi#xu shangqi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi fic #shang chi one shot #shang chi drabble #shang chi imagine #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shang chi smut #shang chi headcanon #incorrect quotes
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  • tom-whore-dleston
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I’m probs just talking to myself out here but I’m thinking about turning Rolling Dice and Rocking Hips into a full on AU so I can write more fics with these two and I want an excuse to write more dad!Wong with reader and Shangqi lol just know that it’ll be under a different name so y’all aren’t confused

    #unwell thoughts with jordan #rolling dice and rocking hips au #i like dad!wong okay #i also love writing Shangqi and avengers!reader #they’re all so cute ugh
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