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    tagged by  :    stole it :) tagging  :    @cometstrail , @asterys , @crimedealt , @ninerivens ( forgor to tag u in the last one , share about ur blorbos too :eyes: )

    APHRODITE  .      laughter-loving,      sweet  smiles,     dressed  in  silk  and  satin,    flower  in  their  hair,     sees  the  world  as  a  runway,     unapologetically  sexual,     the  sea  washing  their  ankles,      in  love  with  love,      stirrer  of  passion,      cunning  concealed  by  painted  lips,     secret  daggers,    doves,     revolution  in  their  kiss,     delighting  in  the  waves,      flirtatious  winks,     strolling  along  the  beach,      staring  wistfully  from  a  balcony,   this  is  how  to  be  a  heartbreaker,      wants  to  be  adored,     gets  turned  on  by  danger.

    APOLLO  .     glitz  and  glamour,     art  galleries,      turning  the  volume  up,      being  made  of  gold,     neatly-organized  music  sheets,     notebooks  filled  with  poetry,    bathing  in  the  sunlight,    the  powerful  urge  to  create,     collecting  vinyl  records,     beautiful  cover  of  Wonderwall,     playing  multiple  instruments,      tasting  like  sunshine,      healing  touch,      speaking  in  prophecies,      smile  mingled  with  wrath,     shunning  lies,     sporting  shades,      hanging  out  at  music  festivals  with  their  friends,      sleeps  naked,     arrow  to  the  heart,    paint  brushes,      probably  has  a  Tinder  account.

    ARES  .    armed  for  battle,      wants  to  raise  a  dog  with  their  significant  other,      soft  spot  for  children,     gives  piggyback  rides,     scarred  body,      blood  on  their   hands  and  face,      willing  to  fight  the  world  for  the  ones  they  love,      fights  against  injustice,      warm  hugs,     well-worn  combat  boots,     boxing gloves,     bandages  wrapped  around  bruised  knuckles,      fist  raised  in  protest,      ignites  revolutions,     fear  is  a  prison,       more  sensitive  than  what  their  tough  shell  would  have  you  think,     exhausted,      damaged  goods,     force  to  be  reckoned  with,      red  roses,      curses  under  their  breath.

    ARTEMIS  .      keen  sense  of  a  hunter,       freckles  like  constellations  on  their  skin,      piercing  eyes,      disheveled  braid,      moonlight  peeking  through  the  shadows,      the  calm  of  the  forest  at  night,      lying  on  the  grass  and  staring  at  the  stars,     mother  doe  and  her  fawn,     protecting  their  kin,     the  moon  shimmering  on  a  still  lake,      quiver  full  of  arrows  resting  against  the  bark  of  a  tree,     running  with  wolves,      bonding  while  circled  around  a  campfire,     not  being  much  of  a  people  person,      arrow  hitting  a  target,      popping  egos,      patience  on  3%,     touches  heaven  and  returns  howling.

    ATHENA  .    discerning  gaze,      unreadable  face,      quiet  museums,     owl  perched  on  their  finger,     armor  that  intimidates,    eye  for  architecture,     plays  the  sims  for  the  sole  purpose  of  building   houses,     studied  the  blade  while  everyone  else  was  busy  getting  laid,     big  fan  of  logic,     loves  brain  teasers,  ancient  buildings,     sweaters  in  neutrals  and  cool  colors,     hair  done  up,    can  kill  you  with  their  brain,     heads  to  the  library  often  to  research,    sharpened  pencils,   abs  that  can  cut  steel,   stoic  statues,     pottery classes.

    DEMETER  .     soil-covered  hands,     smile  that  can  bloom  flowers,     skin  loved  by  the  sun,     being  the  mom-friend,     can  lift  you  and  your  friends,   flowers  kept  in  the  pockets  of  overalls,     takes  pride  in  their  beautiful  garden,     speaks  to  their  plants,     leaves  rustling  in  the  wind,     stalks  of  wheat,     picking  fruit,     greenhouses,    heart  as  strong  as  a  mountain,    values  simplicity,     daisies  dotted  across  a  collarbone,     curls  crowned  with  flowers,     folded  pile  of  sweaters  in  warm  hues,     pulling  out  fresh-baked  bread  out  of  the  oven  and  the  smell  wafting  through  the  air.

    DIONYSUS  .     drunk  shitposter,     on  their  sixth  glass  of  wine  before  you’ve  even  finished  your  second,     seductive  smirks,     untamed curls,       rich  fabrics  on  dark  skin,      sleek-furred  panthers,     theater  masks,    stage  productions,    receiving  a  standing  ovation,     rose  caught  between  their  teeth,      being  the  baby  of  the  bunch,     wild  parties  that  last  from  sundown  to  sunup,     creeping  vines,     inspiring  loyalty,     grand  opera  houses,     masquerade  balls,     rolls  of  film,     shattered  chandeliers  with  broken glass  scattered  across  the  wine-spilled  floor,    pouring  champagne  into  flutes,     lives  for  the   applause.

    HEPHAESTUS  .   the  calloused  hands  of  someone  who  knows  labor,     sweaty  brow,     flame  burning  in  their  eyes,     inventive  mind,    broad  shoulders,     steampunk  goggles,     nuts  and  bolts  stored  away  in  little  boxes,     ashes,     striking  a  match,    blueprints  for  future  projects,     fixing  up  a  busted  up  car  and  giving  it  cool  upgrades,      wrestles  with  bitterness,    work  boots  have  seen  better  years,     wrinkled  plaid  shirts,     iron  melted  in  blazing  fire,     huge  jackets,   crafting  masterpieces,     greased-stained  overalls,     fascination  with  robotics,     pain  is  fuel,     stack  of  weaponry,     even  their  muscles  have  muscles.

    HERA  .       resting  bitch  face,     dressed  to  the  nines,    cows  grazing  on  a  pasture,      cool  rain,    loving  and  hating  fiercely,     hand  clutching  a  string  of  pearls,     large  chandelier  with  glittering  crystals,     plays  the  sims  for  the  sole  purpose  of  killing  off  their  sims,     romance  to  realism,     pictures  of  the  sky  while  flying  on  a  plane,     files  that  under  fuck  it,     downs  glasses  of  wine  as  they  relax  with  a  scented  bubble  bath  and  netflix,    like  their  selfie  or  you’re  grounded,     knows  57  convenient  ways  to  murder  a  man,     dark  eyes  that  penetrate  your  soul,      marble  and  gold.

    HERMES  .     devil-may-care  smile,    always  up-to-date  on  the  latest  technology,    will  steal  your  french  fries,     does  it  for  the vine,     shitposter,     puts  googly  eyes  on  everything,     meme  hoarder,     long  drives  on  the  highway,    ma  and  pop  diners,      spontaneous  road  trips,     folded  maps,     fingers  dancing  across  the  keyboard  of  a  laptop,      shooting  hoops  on  the  basketball  court,     chatting  up  strangers  as  you  all  journey  to  your  own  destinations,   goes  jogging  in  the  morning,      mixes  redbull  with  coffee,     menace  on  april fool’s,     hoodies  and  sneakers.    

    POSEIDON  .     storm  with  skin,     colorful  coral  reefs,     waves  crashing  against  the  shore,     stroking  the  soft  fur  of  a  cat,   their  heart  pounding  as  their  horse’s  gentle  trot  speeds  into  a  gallop,   tousled  locks,    clothes  smeared  with  paint,     owns  several  sketchbooks  yet  always  yearns  to  own  more,    leather  jackets,     fondness  for  diy  projects,    handwriting  that  flows  across  the  page,    nimble  fingers  playing  the  strings  of  a  violin,   velvety  singing  voice  that  haunts  your  dreams,   mood  as  ever-changing  as  the  sea,     the  roar  of  a  motorcycle,    compass  with  a  spinning arrow.

    ZEUS  .    thunder  in  their  heart,     running  on  coffee,     flash  of  lightning,     natural  charisma, eloquence,   badass  in  a  nice  suit,     aficionado  of  history,    force of nature,   lenny  face,     nightmare-filled  nights,     proud  arm  around  their  lover’s  waist,     high-rise  buildings,    planes  soaring  through  a  cloudless  sky,      technician  on  the  piano,    maintains  order,    strong  handshake,    juggling  multiple  events  on  their  busy  schedule  with  ease,  expensive watch.

    #sol / your existence is a haunting.
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    Xerjoff’s More Than Words Louis Vuitton’s Les Sables Roses Xerjoff’s Erba Pura Parfums De Marly's Delina Le Labo's Santal 33 Roja's Amber Oud Maison Francis Kurkdijan's Oud Satin Mood Maison Francis Kurkdijan's Oud Silk Mood Kilian's Intoxicated Penhaligon's Halfeti Xerjoff's Accento Louis Vuitton's Ombré Nomade Thameen's Carved Oud YSL's Black Opium Dior J'Adore Chanel's Mademoiselle Jimmy Choo Marc Jacob's Daisy Chanel's No.5 Thierry Mugler's Alien Thierry Mugler's Angel

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    しみけんが著書でAVの撮影現場の実態明かす 「訳あり物件も多いです」 – ライブドアニュース – livedoor しみけんが著書でAVの撮影現場の実態明かす 「訳あり物件も多いです」 – ライブドアニュース  livedoor (出典:livedoor) しみけん (AV男優) 【SILK LABO】しみけんさんの特技??【SILK-010】YouTube 動画 1分00秒〜 ^ “しみけんのバツイチ子持ちにはあちゅう氏が言及「子どもも2人」”. ライブドアニュース (2018年12月5日). 2019年3月1日閲覧。 ^ “はあちゅう、しみけん 32キロバイト (5,012 語) – 2021年4月16日 (金) 13:21 (出典 i3.ertk.net) ネットニュースが出たので直撃してみました。【ドン・ファン 元妻】 – YouTube (出典…

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    15.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    you know how in hockey or basketball, the winning team gets championship rings? if there was such thing in volleyball, and the adlers won, chances are kageyama would just give his away to you reader (cuz what else would he do with it right?).

    i am not allergic to rice (how tragic would that be) LOL i think it was all the junk that’s on the grains of rice that we’re supposed to wash off that might have caused it which is also why i was so confused when my mom suggested doing it (like... why am i washing my face with dirty rice bath water).

    you’re not the only one who derives confidence from their skin! ( T_T)\(^-^ ) i totally get that cuz i’ve been suffering from acne and oily skin since i was like 13 aslskdkfj it’s been a process trying to detach the two. i tried the TO niacinamide & zinc serum and i really reaaaally wanted to like it but it didn’t help ugh. maybe my oiliness was too much to handle, and i’m considering retrying it some day. i went through a really bad period of constant breaking out last year and it wasn’t until i started a medication last summer to control my hormones that my oiliness and acne really calmed down so that’s my tip (ie. see a dermatologist if you can!). now i need to deal with scars and finding products that don’t make my skin feel sticky ( ̄^ ̄)

    ajskdlfjskl omg T_T you can’t do this to me T_T now i’m just thinking of kageyama making that unnecessarily attractive 🙏thing of his right at you after each game, win or lose😭😭(also the story is inspired by the time i ran past the security guard of a chaumet store like a banshee T_T)

    rice allergy...would be...very inconvenient ;_; but i have a friend who used to be allergic to the sun ajskldfjsl and YEAH YOU’RE RIGHT IT’S PROBABLY THE PRESERVATIVES AND ALL THE ICKY STUFF THE RICE PICKED UP so if we’re going to wash with rice water, i suppose we’d have to use the second/third rinse :’) 

    you get me T_T puberty hits, and suddenly we’re vats of oil T_T oh no i’m sorry you had to go through all that :( hormones are serious instigators of oily skin :( and yeahhhh the niacinamide doesn’t work for everyone :( but seeing a dermatologist a Definitely a good tip :’) after the hormonal period, i find that clay masks, double cleansing (but not over cleansing!), and finding a good moisturize really help with oil/sebum control. another thing is to definitely change/wash your pillow case regularly. 

    hmm scar products...i’m currently using b.glen’s c serum (vitamin c) and i’ve noticed fading with my scars. another is atorrege ad+ medicated acne spots treatment and this is formulated with a vitamin c derivative, chamomile, witch hazel, and sodium hyaluronate (the salt form of hyaluronic acid) 

    i get your pain for the non-sticky products T_T it took me a long time to find out which ingredients work for me and which don’t so i used to use fresh’s rose floral toner but then it got too drying hhh and now i really like hada labo’s gokujyun toner that’s literally just hyaluronic acid hhhhh. it looks pretty viscous but i’ve found that HA absorbs really well for both mine and my sister’s oily skin. glow recipe’s watermelon sleeping mask is light as well (also has HA and AHA). pricier options are tatcha’s water cream, tatcha’s silk cream, and sulwahsoo’s hydro-aid moisturizing soothing cream. tea tree used to work pretty well for my oily skin too when i lived in a drier climate :’) oooh and i almost forgot! for the winter months, i’ve added to’s hemi-squalene oil to my sister’s routine and she really likes it. i sometimes use it as well when my moisturizer might not be enough (like when i go to a snowy climate)

    #this was A Lot #and you can totally just ignore what doesn't apply :') #hopefully your skin's a lot healthier now ! #but i'm sure you're beautiful no matter the condition of your skin :') #and don't forget to hydrate and take breaks <3 #yvonne :')#yvonne🦕 #do you have a preference for emoji :0 #baobeiers #yuren's skincare blog #<-- blacklist this if you don't want to see skincare related stuff!! #yuren's ama blog
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