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  • atlabeth
    21.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    sadie i had a dream about us meeting in person last night and it was WILD


    #so honored to have been in ur dream <3 #moots<3#simplysolo
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  • simplysolo
    20.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    here’s my wip of nat for cartier ✨

    i hate coloring so i might just post the lineart and call it a day 🙈 anyone interested in me doing a series?

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  • simplysolo
    19.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    i mean… she is a disney princess 👑

    [click for better quality]

    #wanda maximoff#simplysolo’s art#wanda#wandavision#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#marvel comics#scarlet witch #doctor strange and the multiverse of madness #agatha harkness#elizabeth olsen#lizzie olsen#fanart#doctor strange #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness #dsmom
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  • simplysolo
    19.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    here’s a lil nat doodle i did bc… well bc i love her

    [click for better quality]

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  • atlabeth
    26.01.2022 - 3 monts ago


    omg first of all i’m SO so so sorry that i haven’t been interacting w you online recently (college courses are real bitches >:( )

    anyways i hope you’re enjoying it!! make sure to take car of urself and i’m so incredibly proud of all the progress you’ve made! keep going girlie ✨💕


    don’t worry omg!! i’ve been rlly fuckin busy with school too and it sucks sm

    thank you!!! it was a pretty fun day and i think im gonna buy a lottery ticket today lmao. make sure you do the same, i love you so much!!🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • atlabeth
    06.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    sadie babe i’m so proud of you!! i know both of us haven’t had much time to catch up with each other recently, but i can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future! i love you so much and i promise i’ll spark some conversation back up once i find the time!! ❤️

    for the 500 celebration: 💥

    thank you so much omg sdfjklhln <3<3 im so sorry that this is so late but i love you too!!!! im so glad we're friends, thank you so much for being along for this long af ride with me from the beginning<3 dont even worry, just knowing you're around is great ilysm

    💥okay so im giving you zuko and enemies to lovers because i know you love him and also. ur pfp is kylo ren i know you're into the enemies to lovers thing lmaoo

    #atlabeth 500 #im so sorry this took so long shdjkfh #im slowly working thru them #simplysolo✨
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  • atlabeth
    02.07.2021 - 10 monts ago


    omg your taste is ✨impeccable✨ like damn that playlist slapped hard ✋😩❤️

    sooooo i made a playlist for you 🥺👉👈 it’s a collection of songs (15 i think?) that remind me of your beautiful self; i hope you enjoy

    check ur dm’s ;)

    babe OMG 😭😭😭😭😭

    first of all this is so sweet???? like wtf ?? also i’m glad you like my music taste and the playlist


    #how did i get such perfect friends #brb while i cry #simplysolo✨#sadie answers
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  • atlabeth
    29.06.2021 - 10 monts ago

    SADIE LOVE LOOK AT YOU!!!! omg it barely took you a month;;; what an ICON you are ✨

    manifesting at least 500 for you by october ;)

    here you go babe:


    THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE OMG🥺🥺THIS MADE ME SMILE SO HARD ILY 😭 god if i hit 500 by october i’ll cry

    🎈 line from a wip — this is from part 5 of ehfar

    Y/N bit down hard on her lip to stop the tears and shoved it back into the drawer before closing it and leaving her room in a haste. Sometimes she wasn’t strong enough to handle the memories.

    📸 stupid atla pic — i love this one so much lmao😭

    🎶 here you go bbbbbb

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  • atlabeth
    01.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    again, congrats on 200 followers! y’know what? here 😏



    🧚‍♀️ killer by phoebe bridgers. love that woman

    🍉 OKAY the stars are just bc of ur kylo ren pfp and star wars but also for some reason?? purple?? dont ask those are just the vibes

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  • atlabeth
    17.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    OH MY GOSH. CONGRATS BBY YOU’VE HIT 200!!! i’m absolutely positive that you’ll be building your following even faster from here on out— you’ve got an adorable personality and amazing writing skills. we haven’t been mutuals for long, but i’m so incredibly excited to get to know you more! anyways, here’s to celebrating 200! 🥳✨


    a little bit about me: something about sitting in a comfortable silence with friends makes my brain short-circuit. like, being surrounded with people you love, and just being able to find peace and joy in their presence without even having to say anything?? it’s the best feeling in the world. it’s that sort of warmth that just spreads throughout your chest. i’ve never felt anything else like it. ❤️

    first of all ? ? ? sjdfk bhdnluzkfdl ???? omg the entire first half made my brain short circuit dfkjgh thank you so much ???? ily??? so much ???? im smiling like an idiot lmao THANK YOU i cant wait to get to know you more too <33333333 3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 THANk YOU 

    🌹i’m shipping you with zuko!!

    that is such a cute lil fun fact i totally relate. i feel like zuko would really know how to appreciate comfortable silence, like there’s something so special about just being able to sit with someone and just?? be??? with them?? and he would love that. after a life with such high expectations, just being is something he would love. 

    🎁 omg my first impression of you was that you were so sweet?? and i liked you immediately because you actually talked to me??? skdfhj but yeah it was basically “she is so nice im so happy we’re talking” 

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  • sukifans
    14.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    ✨ You are a light! Maybe you are super positive, maybe you make someone laugh, maybe you're simply a good soul, but send this to 5 other people who brighten your day! ✨💛

    thank you, you’re so sweet!!

    #mel.answers #simplysolo
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  • red-hood-redemption
    01.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    tbt to rlly bad Injustice 2 scribbles by @simplysolo and me

    ‘twas a simpler time 😪

    #dc comics#batman#injustice#the chaos#the eNERGY #we peaked as artists here @simplysolo #never again will I be able to top this
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  • raelwrites
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Dark side of the moon

    Part 6 of Reverence! I'm sorry this is so late- I got a little distracted with other wips and exams-

    The moon has it's dark side, and so, you're bound to feel it's effects one way or the other. How does your lovers help you through it all? And when they can't, who will take care of you? Enjoy <3

    Side note, I don't know anything about Spanish, so I relied heavily on Google translate- so uh- apologies to any Spanish speakers if some of the dialogue's...off-

    Tagging @qjuiq-writings as always, and other ppl who wanted to be tagged- @bb-skyrunner @alexloveskili @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected], @moumouton4, @gruffle1 @burninggracesandbridges @420catboy, @mrsbarnes107th @simplysolo, @bloodmoon-bites, @kotonei-molyneux, @raging-trash-of-mind, @theawkwardspork, @rosesinmars

    Masterlist/ Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5

    Dark side of the moon: Something that’s not visible but always lurking- a part of oneself that one tries to hide

    The moon was related to many things. Change, protection, comfort- but also erraticness, loneliness, and a hidden madness- The word lunacy came from the moon, after all.

    As the high priest of the moon, it was a given that you would be influenced by both the negative, and the positives of your god’s domain. Most times though, you could keep the negatives pushed down- you could keep the negative emotions under control.

    But sometimes, sometimes- it got too much. Serving Khonshu, as well as maintaining your mundane life- helping Marc with his missions- It made your control slip. And during these times, you would sink into the dark side of the moon- you would sink into an all-encompassing loneliness.

    But thankfully, before you could fall beyond reach, your lovers would catch you.

    ~ ♥~


    You could hear Marc’s voice- firm and coaxing- from under the covers. But you couldn’t bring yourself to pop your head out from your little blanket cocoon to greet him. You curled up into yourself and laid there.

    You could hear the soft padding of feet approach you, and you could feel a pair of large, warm hands stroke your curled up form.

    “Come on, baby- let me see you.” You squirmed slightly, as his hands steadily stroked your body. “Baby-”

    You pulled yourself out of the cocoon and blinked up at him, with only your face exposed. Marc gave you a small half smile as his rough fingers reached to brush at your cheek.

    “There you are.” Marc leaned down to press a soft kiss onto your forehead, right above where Khonshu’s mark was. “I know, baby. I know.”

    Although he didn’t specify, you understood what Marc was talking about. He was the one to make the deal with Khonshu. So he, like you, was easily influenced by the changes and the effects of the moon. But unlike you, who held more of the divine aspects of Khonshu’s power, the pull of the moon was weaker for him.

    “’m cold, Marc.”

    “I know, baby.” He unwrapped the blankets from your body and shushed you when you whined. “Come on.”

    You nearly melted into Marc’s embrace as his warmth permeated through your limbs. His fingers rubbed reassuring circles at your lower back, and you buried your face into the crook of his neck, sighing as he pressed you closer to himself.

    “You’re freezing.”

    “I know.” You sighed out, nuzzling into his neck, and pressing a soft kiss onto the exposed skin. “I told you I was.”

    You and Marc were connected in a fundamentally different way. Under the same god- in a sense, your souls would be connected together- one way or another. The two of you didn’t need words to communicate. With a touch, with a look, you could convey your thoughts- your emotions to him, and he would understand.

    As his grip on you tightened, you knew what he wanted to say.

    You’re not alone. I’m here. We’re here.

    You responded with a soft nip onto his neck. Marc scoffed, but you could hear the explicit fondness in the sound. And from that, you knew he got the message.

    I know. Thank you. I love you

    ~ ♥~

    Whilst Marc helped you get through the darker consequences of your connection with the lunar deity through physical touch, Steven got you through it with soft words and gentle reassurances. He was patient, and kind as your mood changed and shifted drastically.

    “You alright now, love?”

    You sniffled slightly, self-conscious, as you tentatively took the cup of tea Steven offered to you.

    “Yeah. Thanks Steven- And I’m sorry you got to see that.”

    Steven gave you a soft smile before shaking his head. He sat next to you on the sofa, and you could feel his knee bump into yours.

    “No need to be sorry, love.” Hesitance was clear on his face, as if he were contemplating whether or not to say something. “Uh- Marc told me. About the side effects? Of being the high priest?”

    You hummed before taking a sip of the tea he gave you. You had been a complete wreck today. The stress from your ‘normal’ life, and the pressure of having to track after another sun cult made the dark side of the moon rear its ugly head- eating away at your self-control. And well- you had snapped at Steven. And being the kind, considerate lover he was, he was more concerned about you- and that had made you feel so horribly guilty, and you had cried. You were a mess right now.

    “That doesn’t mean I can be mean to you.” You leaned your head on his shoulder. “I’m really sorry, Steven.”

    “Does it happen often?” He leaned his head on top of yours. “The mood swings, I mean.”

    “Not really. Just when I get too overwhelmed.” “Are you overwhelmed now, love? Is the big bird giving you too much work? Do I have to tell him off for you?”

    You laughed lightly at Steven’s words. Of course, he would fight the literal lunar deity you worshipped.

    “Hmmm As much as I appreciate the thought, Steven, I’m going to have to pass on that. It’s not really Khonshu’s fault. Balancing my quote unquote normal life and being the high priest of the moon is hard. And that normal life was not the best today.”

    “Oh love”- You could hear the sympathy in Steven’s voice- “is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

    “You being here’s enough.”

    Steven made a small, flustered noise at your flirty words. And you smirked as he cleared his throat several times.

    “Flatterer.” He said, his voice breathy. “But really love- do you need me to do anything?”

    “Could you- could you maybe read for me? One of the myths?”

    “Of course, love. Anything for you.”

    ~ ♥~

    “I’ve heard from the worm that you were feeling… overwhelmed.”

    You jumped when you heard the gravelly voice behind you, but soon relaxed when you felt the familiar roughness of the bandages stroke the back of your neck. You leaned back into the lunar god’s touch and sighed.

    “Yeah. Juggling the duties as your high priest”- you could feel Khonshu preen, and you rolled your eyes affectionately- “and the responsibilities of being a quote unquote normal person is hard.”

    You could see and feel Khonshu’s hand slip into yours, as he gently twirled you around to see him. You smiled fondly at him as he tucked your head under his beak.

    “You don’t have to keep your mundane life. You could focus on me.” Khonshu said, sounding surprisingly needy. “I could gift you riches of the world, little one. And you could live off of that.”

    You were half tempted to accept his offer but-

    “As much as I’d love to, my dear god”- you tilted your head up slightly to press a soft kiss onto his beak- “I enjoy having some sort of mundaneness in my life.”

    Khonshu made a discontent noise as he pulled you closer to him, gently rocking you back and forth.

    “The things you do to me, my high priest.” He murmured, a soft fondness in his voice. “I cannot bring myself to deny you of anything.”

    “Then stop calling Steven a worm.” You immediately quipped, nudging his chest with your head. “I know you like him.”

    “I do not.” He said, unamused. “But if you want me to, little one, I will.”

    A short silence ensued as you basked in the presence of your god. Your lunar deity, whom you worshipped with your soul and your heart-

    “If it gets too much for you, little one, you do not have to push yourself to do everything I ask of you.”

    “But Marc-”

    “I do not love Marc Spector like I love you, dear one.” He rumbled, his grip on your hand tightened. “I do not wish for you to tire yourself just for my sake.” Khonshu pulled away from you so that he could tilt his head down to look at you. “Swear to me that you will stop when you feel overwhelmed.”

    You nodded, at the pure concern in his voice. And when you did, he let out a soft, content noise. Enamoured by the sight of your god, you let him lift your hand up to twirl you around.

    And as he did so, you watched as the familiar scenery of your room fade away into somewhere new- The stars shining in the skies, and bright lights of windows of buildings a distance away. You felt the water under your feet, and the cool breeze at your cheeks.

    You looked at Khonshu in wonder when he stopped twirling you around. He was wearing a different outfit from normal- a white suit, which reminded you of Steven’s-

    “I like your outfit.” You breathed out. “It suits you well.”

    He tilted his head proudly as his hand- cladded in silken gloves now- held yours firmly.

    You looked down at your feet, and noticed that the two of you were standing on water, which reflected the stars above you. On the reflection, it seemed as if the two of you were standing on the night sky.

    “Well, little one”- Khonshu lifted your hand to his beak- “may I have this dance?”

    And you smiled, as you allowed the deity to twirl you around once more.

    ~ ♥~

    Blood covered your face. Your hands. Your- your soul- In the distance you could hear them call your name. Marc- Khonshu- Steven- But you couldn’t respond- you couldn’t-

    It was supposed to be a recon mission. But it had all gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    Khonshu was the lunar god, yes. But he was also the god of vengeance- the hearteater-

    The blade fell from your hand and clattered onto the floor. You couldn’t breathe- you couldn’t- you had to get away- you had to get away from them-

    And so, you ran away, trying to ignore the way your hands were coated with blood. Trying to ignore how it felt when you ripped someone’s heart out-

    You soon collapsed against a wall, heavy sobs ripping from your chest. You weren’t- you were used to being around death- but you had never taken someone’s heart out of their chest-

    You looked at your trembling hands through your blurry eyes- the blood caking your fingers- the blood, which you knew you could never wash away- no matter how hard you tried. Even if you washed your hands in the unending water of the ocean, you knew it would only dye the seas a blood red.

    A call of your name. You gnashed your teeth. You needed to process this alone-

    “Go away, Marc.”

    “Él no está aquí. He’s not here, cariño.”

    You turned to look at him. He definitely wasn’t Marc- and he wasn’t Steven either. He presented himself far differently from both of them. Was he- was there another alter?

    You stayed silent as he slid down next to you.

    “Who are you?” you whispered; your throat still clogged from your guilt- your emotions-

    “Jake. Jake Lockley. The idiotas don’t know I’m here.”


    The man hummed as he took your trembling, blood covered hands in his. You tried to pull away from him- not wanting to cover him in blood too-

    “No te alejes- Stay still. You’re not going to hurt me or anything, cariño.”

    You didn’t know why, but you let him brush your palm roughly- and surprisingly enough, his roughness grounded you.

    “I- I cut someone’s heart out.” You breathed out. “Oh my god-”

    “Stop. Nada va a cambiar. It’s in the past. What’s done is done.” Jake pulled his hand away from yours and instead cupped your face, forcing you to look at him. His eyes were fiery and dark- different from the rough protectiveness of Marc and the gentle compassion of Steven. “Focus on the present.”

    You took in a deep breath and nodded.

    “Good. You calm now, cariño?”

    You nodded again. But he didn’t release your face from his hands. He simply stroked your cheeks. And licked your lips before asking softly;

    “Why haven’t I seen you before?”

    He gave you a smirk, and you couldn’t help but tilt your head in confusion.

    “You have. I’m just a better actor than both of them.”

    Your mind flickered through some of the past interactions with Marc and Steven- and everything clicked. Going out on a date with Marc, but him not remembering the day after. Steven growling at someone when they bad mouthed you-

    The realisation must have been clear on your face because Jake let out a short bark of laughter.

    “Do they-?” you trailed off, asking silently.

    “No. They don’t know I’m here. I don’t usually entrometerse ah- meddle with what they do.”

    “But you’re here with me now?”

    “Si.” He ran a rough thumb over your lower lip. “You’re theirs- I know. But they won’t understand. ¿La sangre en tus manos?”

    You tilted your head and blinked owlishly at him.

    “The dark side of the moon, cariño. The hidden parts of you. The unforeseen parts.”

    “And you do?”

    “Por supuesto. I’m more influenced by Khonshu than Marc or Steven. Less influenced compared to you, but much more than them.”

    He released your face from his hands and instead pressed his hands over your bloody, open palms.

    “You were protecting yourself- and us.” Jake pulled his hands away from yours and showed his palms to you. Some of the wet blood on your hands must have transferred onto his hands because he too, had red palms. “No es tu culpa. Don’t blame yourself. Not for protecting yourself from some people who wanted to kill you.”

    You mutely nodded, tears welling up in your eyes once more. Jake must have seen your crumpling expression because he frowned almost immediately.

    “Mierda- Don’t cry- Por el amor de Dios- Do you want Marc or Steven to be here?”

    You shook your head vehemently before pulling him into a hug. You felt Jake grow rigid in your embrace.

    “Just- please stay?” You half begged. “Please?”

    You felt arms- so familiar, yet somehow not- wrap around you as he relaxed.

    “Claro, me quedaré todo el tiempo que quieras, cariño.”

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  • redpool
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    (Picture credit to @simplysolo )

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  • brekkers-desigirl
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sunshine-Jake Lockley x fem!reader

    Different instances in which Jake was soft for his sunshine.

    Not proofread! Please comment and reblog<3 Hope you enjoy it!

    tagging: @messers-moony-lupin @just-laufeyson @confuscitaita @simplysolo

    It was quite ironic, really.

    To even think that someone like him, someone as violent and as dangerous as him, someone who did not care for other people except himself and his alters, would allow someone to shoot a bullet through his brain if it meant you were safe.

    You. The complete opposite of him.

    If he was north, you were south. If he was the moon, you were the sun.

    Most people wouldn't believe that two people who were so different from each other managed to make a relationship work. But it did. He would be soft for no one but you, and you would be protective of him, why though, he never knew.

    You knew when to be serious, you weren't always a sunshine. You got pissed too, he remembered the day you had walked back and forth in front of him, ranting about work and how your stupid co-worker made you do everything, and how they treated you as if you were dumb.

    He was speechless as your voice went up and down, spitting expletives and gritting your teeth, your eyes were menacing.

    To calm you down, he did something he had never ever done for anyone, and he doubted he ever would.

    He had slowly walked up to you, and kissed you softly before leading you to the couch and cupping your face as the both of you sat down, your eyebrows were furrowed.

    He took a deep breath, and as his fingers started playing with your hair, he starting to sing. Softly and calmly. His voice a little raspy, but beautiful nonetheless. As the minutes went by, your frown disappeared and was replaced by the smile he loved, the toothy one which highlighted your face and smile lines.


    This was wrong, this was all wrong. He should never have even thought of leaving you alone, not today.

    Because here you were, unconscious. Your breathing ragged and uneven.

    He had gotten back from the job Khonshu had set him for. Of course he had told you about Khonshu, and Marc, and Steven. And though you were spooked for a while, you had accepted it with your relentless optimism and bright smile.

    Oh that smile.

    He would do anything to see it right now. He would do anything to see you awake, dancing to your music carelessly and tripping over discarded shoes.

    He loved you so much. To the point where he was currently wanting to vomit his guts out at the thought you of you dying.

    His eyes shone with tears as he knelt on the side of the bed you were on. He slowly took your limp hands in his and kissed them, his tears falling in little rivers down the expanse of his cheeks and down his neck.

    "Mi amor, please wake up. I need you to wake up. I can't do this without you. I'm literally on the verge of vomiting at the mere thought of you dead and oh dios-I, I cannot even comprehend the thought of you not in my life. Please, please wake up."

    His begging went on, his throat starting to hurt and burn with every ragged inhale. Like crushed glass was being rubbed against it.

    At some point, he fell asleep, his hands entwined with yours.

    When he felt his hands being squeezed, and your sore voice softly calling out his name, he let out a small sob. He immediately pulled you into a hug, muttering incoherent words as his hand went to the back of your head, caressing your hair as he stroked your back.

    "Don't ever do that again." he wheezed.

    You pulled back and smiled, how you smiled even after being beaten up and thrown across the room, then being unconscious for a while, he didn't even know. And he didn't care. He was just thankful that you were here, kissing his cheek and softly stroking his nose as you looked at him so lovingly.

    "Jake Lockley, te quiero.(i love you)" you said, and kissed his forehead.

    Gosh, he loved you more than any wretched thing in this life.


    "Jake, calm down." your tone was firm as you stepped in front of him.

    He glared at you, and you glared back, not taking his shit, "Sit down Jake."

    He looked away. This was stupid.

    He felt your fingers cup his face and move his head so he was looking at you, you smiled at little and kissed him. It was like cool rain on a hot day, like a gentle breeze. It was like the soft warmth of the rising sun.

    You pulled away and directed him to the couch, the both of you sitting down.

    And you sang.

    Your voice was lovely. Though it wasn't like a professional singer's. to him and to anyone sane, it was lovely and pure and calming.

    He let his head rest on your palm as he looked at you with all the love he could muster.

    He could hear Khonshu let out a laugh, but he didn't care. All he cared about was you.

    After you finished you spoke up, " Don't get pissed over such a small matter, love. It only makes you feel bad and it doesn't make anything better."

    He nodded, "Okay, mi amor."

    He would be soft for no one. No one but you.

    His sunshine.

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  • atlabeth
    27.09.2021 - 7 monts ago

    sadie's 500 follower celebration!

    link to nav while this is pinned

    so!! just saying this is insane. when i started this blog i never thought that i would get a hundred followers, let alone five hundred. but here we are, halfway to 1k, and i cant be thankful enough. i have my own little corner on tumblr with the sweetest people ever that make me smile every day, and i am so SO lucky to have such a positive space to come to!!! so to anyone who talks to me, follows me, likes, reblogs, or even just reads my fics, THANK YOU. i would not be here without you and i love you<3

    this event will go from today (9/26) to october 10th! this will give me enough time to work through all of these within my schedule as well as give everyone time to send things in :-)

    the rules are the same as always - you can send in as many emotes as you want and i'll do my best to deliver :-) and every post will be tagged with #atlabeth 500 so you can filter it if you want until the event is over

    anything specifying a fandom or a character is only for atla, lok, or obx as they are what i feel most comfortable writing!

    for everyone!!

    🌹 give me a fun fact about yourself, a fandom, and your sexuality, and i'll ship you with a character! i've done this every time so now its just a thing i gotta do lol

    💅 send in a question and i'll answer it! (please be sfw though!)

    🍂 give a character and a word and i'll write a small blurb for them!

    ☀️ send 3 characters for kiss, marry, kill (bc we are sfw here)

    🧸 i'll post a deleted line from one of my fics! (or a normal line from a wip if i run out of deleted lines lol)

    some extras for mutuals!!

    🍉 i'll make a moodboard based off of your vibes! (i had so much fun doing this last time so im doing it again since i have so many new moots)

    🔥 give me a color and i'll write your name/username in (bad) calligraphy

    💥 i'll assign you a character and a trope!

    tagging some moots to celebrate!!

    @arquitecturadelanada @missmorosis @atsumuahh @amourslover @pogueslandia @rcbinlogy @alltooreid @spencersmagic @sokkascroptop @raewritez @babypandawrites @simplysolo @sokkadora

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  • atlabeth
    28.06.2021 - 10 monts ago

    sadie’s 300 follower celebration!!!

    god it feels so weird even typing that?? i can’t believe it!! just last month we were at 200 and now we’re at 300 which is so so wild. i can’t thank you enough, whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just hopped on the ride i am so so happy that you’re here and i love you all!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    this event will go from today (june 28th) to july 7th, and everyone (including anons) is welcome to send something in!! there’s no limit to how many you can send :-)

    everything from this event will be tagged with ‘atlabeth 300’ so feel free to filter that if you don’t want it clogging up your dash

    for everyone

    👑 -> for a matchup!! everyone liked them a lot last time so i’m bringing em back baby. send in your preference and a fact about yourself and i’ll ship you with an atla or lok character! if you sent one in last time i’ll try to give you a different character

    🎈 -> i’ll give you a line from one of my many, Many WIPs

    ☀️ -> tell me a color and a fun fact about yourself and i’ll make a moodboard for you (i loved doing these last time so i’m opening them up to everyone!!)

    📸 -> i’ll give you a really stupid atla pic

    👒 -> adding in the chattin option again! we can just talk besties i wanna know how ur doin

    for mutuals

    🎶 -> i’ll make you a lil playlist of songs i think you’ll like (🅱️lease dont roast my music taste)

    🌺 -> give me an atla/lok character and i’ll make a small edit of them for you (you can check my ig @atlabeth for an idea on what they'll look like)

    🌈 -> give me a color and ill draw (extremely poorly) a lil creature for you. all of these will be on the same canvas on my phone so they'll all be friends

    tagging some moots to sb and come celebrate!! @arquitecturadelanada @simplysolo @missmorosis @sokkascroptop @akiris @sokkadora @babypandawrites

    #atlabeth 300 #hopefully this doesn’t flop lmao that’ll b embarrassing #angels like queue
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  • atlabeth
    16.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    sadie’s 200 follower celebration!!!

    link to navigation while this is pinned

    first of all thank you all so much once again ahaha i still can’t believe it. thank you for reading my stuff, talking with me, or just being here for the vibes. and to anyone who leaves comments in the tags or replies or reblogs? you have my entire heart and i remember them forever.

    there aren’t very many rules for this, you can choose as many emotes as you want and i will try my best to deliver lol. this’ll go from today (may 16th) to june 1st:-)

    every post for this will be tagged with #atlabeth 200 so if you dont want it clogging your dash up feel free to filter it until the event is over !! 

    for everyone!!

    🌹 + send me a fun fact about yourself (+ sexuality if you want) and i’ll ship you with an atla/lok character!!

    🧚🏻‍♀️+ i’ll give you a random song from my playlist 

    ✨ + i’ll give you a random pic from my camera roll (may or may not be atla related)

    🪐 + an atla/lok ship and i’ll give my unwanted opinion on them

    👒 + a prompt from one of these lists (please specify!) and an atla/lok character and i’ll write a small blurb! 

    🌟+ let’s talk besties!! about life, the current socioeconomic status, your favorite color, school, what’s goin on. i wanna know

    some extras for mutuals

    🍉 + i’ll make you a moodboard based on your vibes

    🏵 + i’ll give you a small handwritten note

    🎁 + i’ll tell you what my first impression of you was

    tagging some moots to celebrate!!

    @simplysolo @babypandawrites @missmorosis @sokkadora @akiris @arquitecturadelanada

    once again thank you all sm, hopefully this doesn’t flop lmao !!

    #i was gonna wait until after my apush exam but i was too excited lmao #pls don’t let this flop besties #atlabeth 200
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  • atlabeth
    08.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    thank you for the tag @arquitecturadelanada !! starting anew so it doesnt become too long lol 

    favorite song at the moment: purge the poison - marina

    a song you associate with a favorite character or ship: im so bad with songs for characters but war with my mind by crimson apple works for an oc im writing a zuko fic with 

    a song that could be about you: crying all the time - alexandra savior lmao 

    a song you think is overrated: i think olivia rodrigo is very talented but driver’s license isn’t my taste 

    a song that reminds you of a specific memory: complicated by avril lavigne reminds me of simpler times riding in the car w/ my mom in the 2000s 

    last song you listened to: i’m listening to year of the child from the falsettos obc right now 

    a song that makes you laugh: the irony of choking on a lifesaver - all time low 

    a song you want your mutuals to listen to: liquid smooth - mitski

    tags: @simplysolo @madswonders @sokkadora and anyone else that wants to do it!! 

    #sorry this took so long omg i forgot to do it #tag games
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  • atlabeth
    28.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    thank you sm for the tag @madswonders !! 

    10 favorite characters (no specific order lol) 

    katara (atla)

    suki (atla)

    cristina yang (grey’s anatomy) 

    elle greenaway (criminal minds)

    emily prentiss (criminal minds)

    david rose (schitt’s creek)

    annabeth chase (percy jackson) 

    catra (she-ra)

    piper mclean (percy jackson)

    abed nadir (community)

    nickname: sadie technically lol since its not my real name 

    zodiac: aquarius i know there’s more but i know nothing about astrology lmao

    height: 5’1

    hogwarts house: ravenclaw 

    last thing i googled: code team hospital , i was curious about it in grey’s anatomy lmao 

    song stuck in my head: borderline - tame impala

    followers: 182 which is so crazy sdjkf i love you guys 

    amount i sleep: i try to get 7-9 hours 

    lucky number: 13 

    dream job: tv reporter !! 

    wearing: one of my dad’s old shirts and flannel pajama pants. i just woke up lol

    favorite songs: i have no idea honestly, it changes all the time. i’d say either dynasty by rina sawayama or my tears ricochet by taylor swift 

    favorite instrument: i play trombone so i guess i have to say that huh 

    random fact about me: i love to crochet 

    favorite authors: i don’t read nearly as much as i used to but it has to be rick riordan and suzanne collins because they shaped my childhood 

    fav animal noise: birds chirping first thing in the morning 

    aesthetic: i dont really have an aesthetic ?? i wear a lot of yellow though 

    favorite color: yellow and pink 

    last film i watched: tangled 

    last show i watched: grey’s anatomy 

    last thing i texted: “np” to my dad 

    sweet, spicy, savory: savory 

    pets: i have none but i used to have 2 cats

    no pressure tags: @arquitecturadelanada @criminalhotch @simplysolo 

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