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  • lightleckrereins
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    First look at the bliss 4.0 queens in costume.

    (@/jessicawalker83, @/deetomasetta)

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  • sixthemusicalextras
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    @/jessicawalker83 on Instagram, 24 May 2022

    First tech run for Bliss 4.0!

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  • thefakepicasso
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    ummmmm? is there something im missing?

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  • six-costume-refs
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Question to your ask you just answered about Natalie’s costumes originally being made as A/C/H and Bryony’s being B/S/P and you mentioned something about the Howard skirt Natalie had potentially being scrapped or altered, but given that on the cruise she had an open skirt for Aragon wouldn’t she have likely had the skirt used for Aragon and Howard had she actually covered both? So the skirt in black would’ve likely been made regardless

    Hey! The skirt she had for Aragon would have been made regardless, but she was meant to have three costumes - Aragon, Cleves, and Howard - with separate pieces for each (so yes, two open skirts). Gabriella Slade actually posted a sneak peek at some of the samples for Natalie Pilkington's Howard skirt at the time:

    Front two are the Howard samples, while in the back you can see two samples for Natalie Pilkington's Aragon skirt (wound up going with the right). ----- Jul 2019, @/sladegabriella

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  • six-costume-refs
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hello! So I read that Natalie P was accidentally made a Howard swing costume while she was a Bliss swing, but I don't think we have ever seen her in a swing skirt? I would've assumed it was altered and given to Bryony but it couldn't have been because black vs teal swing. So was Natalie P initially meant to be a teal swing? In which case, wouldn't her pants (the ones that were accidentally fitted for Bryony) have also been teal? I'm so confused 😭

    Hey! @lightleckrereins and I broke that down a while ago here. It's a little outdated, though, so here's the gist and a few updates: - Natalie Pilkington was always supposed to be black and Bryony Duncan was always meant to be teal. The only thing that changed was that the costume orders were initially made for the wrong covers: Natalie in black as A/C/H, Bryony in teal as B/S/P. Basically, H and P just got swapped around while everything else stayed the same. - Two most likely options for Natalie's Howard skirt: either just scrapped it entirely and made Bryony Duncan a new one OR they altered/broke it down for Bryony (hard to do but possible) - We know that what became Natalie's Parr pants are the same as what were initially made for Bryony Parr. I go into more detail on that post but basically it's not a super hard switch (+ with more info since writing that post it would have been even simpler than I thought)

    I go into some other details + possible scenarios on that post but that's the shortest, most likely version.

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  • sixthemusicalextras
    14.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    @/coleylamb on Instagram, 13 May 2022

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  • mushroomcaphat
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    #like. on some level yes it's my fault that I'm awake right now because i took a nap for several hours this afternoon and it was blissful. #but i hate that doctors and people who preach sleep hygiene care about this exclusively and will hear that and go ah so this is all because #of your choices! #maybe but like i could not stay awake and those six hours were so good and i slept so soundly #which i don't get basically ever #i just want to get ten hours of sleep without waking up constantly and only half sleeping for like 5 of those #i know i got 13 ish hours of sleep every night over the weekend but it didn't work or it was counteracted immediately by getting three last #night or SOMETHING because i was like fighting for my life in my last class of the day today i was actively warding off sleep #and now i can't sleep........ #jules.txt
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  • thefakepicasso
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    OBC Album Review/Thoughts, Jessica Niles’ RETURN To Six, Debuts, Herstorical Events and more! #sixcastbriefing03


    This week has been a big week for Broadway lovers nationwide! And we are already on Week 3 of this briefing series, love how I am able to make a briefing full of content every week for this queendom.

    Let us start with events in the last week:

    29/04: The Broadway cast album was announced in a teaser video posted on the SixBroadway social media sites.

    04/05: Channing Weir (alt. B/C/H on the 3rd Breakaway cruise) makes her Anna of Cleves debut, making her and fellow swing Madeline tied at 2 roles each so far.

    04/05: Six on Broadway performs a Ex Wives/Six mashup on The Today show, with the debuts of Keri Rene Fuller and Joy Woods (Seymour and Parr respectively) on television.

    05/05: Jessica Niles (former Breakaway cruise Anna of Cleves) is announced to be the new Anna Of Cleves on the fourth UK Tour cast, replacing Aiesha Naomi Pease, who departed the production in April due to personal reasons.

    06/05: SIX: Live on Opening Night is released.


    Okay, before we get started on the review, let me get a few things clear. This fandom has been a mess recently and it is because of little things that bug outsiders. This show has been on for 5 years and only now are you choosing to spread your negative opinions about the plot, the costumes, the songs, the design. The show will never be historically accurate because they are not trying to replicate The Tudors. They are reclaiming stories that were claimed, and having a bit of fun. Plus, if you still think the show is going to be historically accurate after looking at the poster, then I think you need look at the poster a bit more. No historical queen ran around with spacebuns, pink ponytails, red bodysuits, blue pants and golden chains.

    That being said, let us review the album.

    EX WIVES: This song was the one I was afraid of when it wasn’t originally confirmed to be a live album. The promo audio clips sounded dry, lacked energy and ruined the vibe of the song for me. But, oh my god, this album did it so much justice. The energy of the crowd, the interlude going into it, and the queens’ excitement radiated through the album and I am so happy with how it turned out.

    THE REPRISE: I loved how they included the mini dialogue before the reprise because it sets the expectation of the rest of the album and it is so coherent between the two songs before and after NAD OMG THAT TRANSITION INTO THE NO WAY DIALOGUE

    But there’s only one you need to hear from tonight: So hilarious and I love how the crowd’s laughter is on display as it just feels like the concert itself, ugh I love how funny Adrianna is.

    No Way: Adrianna sounds so good in this album and the energy of the crowd lifts up her No Way so much. One issue I do have is how dry the background music is which in no way serves Adrianna justice.

    The One You’ve Been Waiting For: I love how you can hear the guitar strings break down and their energy is beyond the roof.

    DONT LOSE YOUR HEAD: I felt like this wasn’t Andrea. It was so autotuned and she has now got a mature interpretation to it that I don’t necessarily enjoy personally but still a great energy from the crowd and Andrea.

    HEART OF STONE: Why is this my favourite song on the album? I didn’t care for Abby’s version at first but when I clicked on the song, I was immediately strung in and now it is constantly on replay.

    HAUS OF HOLBEIN: They should have never altered the vocals on this song. It lost its fun and energy because of the autotune and it ruined the song and joke of the song for me personally.

    GET DOWN: This song benefits from a live audience. It is a crowd song, a pleaser and one that feels like a club party in a full house.

    ALL YOU WANNA DO: She is incredible, Sam portrays the role with so much effort but I see why they didn’t include the emotion in the original song. It is so loud and shaking that you can’t admire it and the strains feel painful.

    IDNYL + REMIX: Anna Uzele is amazing, her voice is so unique and can work well with or without autotune. I have been wanting a legal recording of her 2021/22 riffs for ages so props to Six for that.

    SIX: I really love how they included the acoustic version at the beginning of the song rather than separating them up. It is such a good song and the claps of the audience makes it even better.

    MEGASIX + PLAYOUT: This song needs more audience sounds but finally a professional recording of the Megasix. And I love how they acknowledged the ladies in waiting with including a song just for them and filtering everything out. Love how it wasn’t all produced with sounds in a studio but actually with real sounds.

    HOS (alt version): Masterpiece. The harmonies, the clear voices, the lack of autotune, the fact they made Courtney and Nicole debut as Seymour on an album!

    Overall thoughts are that I am so grateful they did this album and they worked with it well and I am so grateful that it wasn’t studio produced as we might not have had this authenticity or interludes and clarification and it would just feel like a repeat of the first album. Now I patiently await for the proshot, Australian Recording, Heart of Stone with AUS alts and a cruise album.


    Leesa Tulley’s Catherine Parr debut (11/5/22)

    Closing night in Canberra (15/5/22)

    Final week for the UK Tour in Cardiff.


    Madeline Fansler (alt A/S/P on the 3rd Breakaway Cruise) as Catherine of Aragon in her Six Debut.

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  • thefakepicasso
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    liv aragon

    bryony boleyn

    caitlin seymour

    jessica cleves

    alicia howard

    natalie parr

    full cast of cruise queens on land now!!

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  • femmilf
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    im also downloading audiobooks to listen to for probably the first time since i was what. 15. 14? theyre torchwood audiobooks and like almost purely the toshiko centered stories because im like dreadfully in love with her

    #get to hear naoko mori talk for like six hours. bliss bliss bliss #.txt
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  • lightleckrereins
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Queens wearing other queen's costumes.

    Because I think the when and why of this is extremely interesting.

    Courtney Mack: (who could have made this photoset by herself) Courtney wore parts of four different costumes that weren't originally made for her while one was planned, one was an emergency cover and two were early debuts before the Broadway alt costumes were finished.

    Sam Pauly's North American tour skirt: when Courtney joined as principal, she wore Sam's Howard skirt with a new top made for her. She wore the same combination for the Boston run as principal and during the Edmonton run as alternate

    Sam Pauly's first Broadway skirt: on her early Broadway debut Courtney wore again her tour top with Sam's 2020 Broadway skirt.

    Andrea Macasaet's NAT costume: Courtney rejoined the cast as an alternate for the St. Paul run where she started covering Boleyn, she wore Andrea's full costume for this as her joining was last minute due to cast injuries.

    Andrea Macasaet's NAT and Broadway costumes: when Courtney debuted Boleyn early in Broadway previews, she wore a mix Andrea's tour top, sleeves, and Broadway skirt.

    Nicole Kyoung mi-Lambert: wore two costumes in Broadway previews that were made for other queens as alt costumes weren't ready by that point.

    Adrianna Hick's NAT costume: When she debuted Aragon early in Broadway previews, she Wore Adrianna's tour costume.

    Brittney Mack's NAT costume: She debuted Cleves early too during previews wearing Brittney's costume.

    Mallory Maedke in Abby Mueller's NAT costume: Mallory debuted Seymour early in previews wearing Abby's costume as alt costumes weren't completed by that point. Interestingly she would have made her Parr debut in Anna Uzele's costume in Broadway previews as she was first cover Parr in 2020 but Anna's costume was said to be broken at the time, so Nicole went on in her own teal alt costume, later when the show returned in 2021 Mallory didn't cover Parr anymore meaning she never played the role despite covering it for a while.

    Cassie Silva in parts of Courtney Mack's costumes: Cassie did a short run as alternate for the Broadway production before the start of the Aragon tour. She never went on, but did at least one dress run as Howard. For this she wore parts of Courtney Mack's Howard costumes, what was most likely her 2020 Broadway costume with added studs on the collar trim (not pictured), and her current skirt full breakdown.

    Hana Stewart in Mallory Maedke's Aragon costume: Hana did a short run as an alternate in the Broadway company, in her only show as Aragon she wore Mallory's costume with a new leotard as her run was too short for her to have a new costume made full long breakdown in here. She wore her orange alt as Parr too (most likely because no other existing Parr costume was a good enough fit for her).

    Collette Guitart in one off Millie O'Connell's Boleyn costumes: When Collette made her six debut early than planned, she wore one of Millie's costumes since hers wasn't done yet, likely not the one pictured as Millie wore at least three different costumes during her Boleyn run. Collette probably wore this instead of a band costume (which she wore later) because the costume fitted and was not in use at the time.

    Bryony Duncan in Alicia Corrales-Connor's Howard costume: When Alicia left Bliss 1.0 early Bryony took over as principal Howard wearing her costume (while still covering Boleyn too).

    Lori McLare in Bryony Duncan's teal alt costume: Lori joined Bliss 1.0 for the final weeks of the run and wore the Howard variation of Bryony's costume. During this time, the K charm was attached to the top collar instead of the chocker which Bryony wore. Later Bryony wore the costume again during her UK universal swing run and the chocker came back.

    Vicki Manser in Jodie Steele's Howard costume: When Vicki joined the UKT as Howard she wore Jodie's costume (with a new skirt waistband) instead of her own. There has never been an explanation as to why or as far as I know an acknowledgment to the switch. This lives on as one of the biggest mysteries in six history.

    Natalie Pilkington in Liv Alexander's shorts: When Natalie joined the UKT she wore her cruise top (slightly altered at the bottom) with what seems to be Liv's shorts instead of her own. She also got new pants and a Cleves jacket instead of the ones she had on the ship.

    Liv Alexander: during her run as universal swing Liv wore a band costume, and two old costumes instead of her cruise ones. Natalie Pilkington and Bryony Duncan did wear their cruise alt costumes. No reason given for Liv to not have hers, but it could have been damaged or simply not fit after over a year in storage, with how short her run was going to be not altering might not have been worth it. (note: there is a chance Liv's Boleyn costume from Breakaway 2.0 was originally made for someone else, but since there were two cancelled productions in 2020 with costumes in progress there is also a chance Liv was part of one of those. In that case the costume could have been made for her and only altered for Breakaway 2.0)

    Grace Mouat's West End costume: Liv wore Grace's costume with a set of Cleves sleeves (almost certainly the same she wore for Cleves) as Aragon

    Shekinah McFarlane's first Cleves costume: For Cleves she wore Shekinah's first costume which she had worn as an alt in WE and as principal on UKT and had recently been replaced with a new costume.

    Chiara Assetta in Ella Burn's costumes: Chiara took over from Ella as orange alt in the Australian production and inherited most of her costumes too. She wears Ella's top and full Cleves. She wore a new peplum with pants (unconfirmed if new or Ella's) for promotional material and at least one dress run, but never for a show, she has worn the main top with shorts for all characters except Cleves.

    Cristina D'agostino in Zara MacIntosh's pink alt costume: Cristina is resident Choreographer and assistant director for Six Australia and sometime late in the Sydney run she became alternate swing meaning she would go on in case the company didn't have enough alts to cover all roles (only in that case not as a regular swing). She currently has what looks like Zara's pink alt costume and wore it for a photoshoot (together with what might be Jodie Steele's or Vicki Manser's Howard boots) I go into more depth on this one in here. There is no information on whether Cristina will get a new costume or keep Zara's.

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  • thefakepicasso
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    OBC CAST RECORDING, More US Debuts, Hannah Lowther Auditions for SIX, Herstorical Events + more! #sixcastbriefing02

    24/04 - 30/04 Hello and welcome back to the second instalment of the Six Cast Briefing which I drop every week on a Sunday. So, the end of this week brought some MAJOR news! First let’s have a look at some debuts/redebuts/emergency covers etc and a quick timeline of events.

    24/04: Hana Stewart leaves the Broadway production of Six after roughly a month and a few days in the cast. During her time, she played Aragon and Parr once respectively.

    25/04: Six announces the US Boleyn tour Greenville dates.

    26/04: Six drops a brand new Six: Teen Version for school productions and it is currently up for licensing in the UK, Ireland and some other republics.

    27/04: Erin Palmer Ramirez (alternate B/H/P in the Aragon tour cast) makes her emergency debut as Boleyn in a two show day, making her the first alternate in the production to cover their second role.

    27/04: Six announces the US Boleyn tour Hershey dates.

    27/04: Harriet Caplan-Dean (super swing in the UK Tour cast) makes her debut as Katherine Howard, meaning she is two queens away from swingo!

    27/04: The cast for the Bliss 4.0 production is announced:

    Starring: Gabbi Mack as Catherine of Aragon, Casey Esbin as Anne Boleyn, Ellie Wyman as Jane Seymour, Sasha Renae Brown as Anna of Cleves, Nicole Lamb as Katherine Howard, AJA Simone Baitey as Catherine Parr. Kayla McSorley and Willow Dougherty are onboard swings as well as Emily Rose Lyons, Chelsea Wargo and Hannah Taylor starring as the three rehearsal swings. The roles for alternates:

    Kayla McSorley - Boleyn, Cleves, Parr

    Willow Dougherty - Aragon, Seymour, Howard

    Emily Rose Lyons - Aragon, ?, Parr

    Chelsea Wargo - Boleyn, Seymour, Howard

    Hannah Taylor - Boleyn, Seymour, Cleves

    The ladies in waiting for this production featured Jungsoo Lee, Julia Agre returning from previous productions alongside new ladies in waiting Christine Sutin and Bia Malto as well as Mint Romero being announced as the first ever acknowledged rehearsal lady in waiting.

    28/04: Alexandra Crosby makes her Broadway debut as Joan.

    29/04: Six on Broadway announces the much anticipated CAST RECORDING! Release date, tracklist and even casting has yet to be confirmed but we know it’s existence and that it will be coming out in 2022.


    On the 26th April 2021, the third UK and Ireland touring cast was announced. Lauren Drew returning as Catherine of Aragon, Maddison Bulleyment reprising her role as Anne Boleyn, Caitlin Tipping coming back from the Bliss to play Jane Seymour, Shekinah McFarlane as Anna of Cleves, Vicki Manser making her triumphant and unexpected return as Katherine Howard and new member Elena Gyasi as Catherine Parr. Jen Caldwell, Harriet Watson and Cassandra Lee returned from the previous UK Tour to be alternates and Natalie Pilkington from the Bliss joined them as a Super Swing.

    Ok, so now we have gone through actual events, let’s talk about some fandom gossip, news from other sectors of musicals and more. Thursday, on TikTok, Hannah Lowther (notable for playing all three heathers in Heathers The Musical) confirmed that she had received an audition through from her agent for Six West End and she was going through with it. Throughout the TikTok, she began trying out songs for her self tape to send to the producers, mainly Beyoncé. @sixboots.co.uk on instagram made the theory that she was going to be auditioning for the West End because someone from the west end would be joining the UK Tour cast to replace Aiesha Pease who sadly departed from the show last week. It could be likely, Shekinah and Amy have both left productions that have been ongoing to join new casts while still playing quite an integral part in the show. Jen and Natalie have also left to do rehearsals with another production, so it may be likely. Now, after reviewing Hannah’s vocal reels, tapes and more, there is no way she is going to be replacing Paisley (who automatically would be first choice for the UK Tour) as her voice isn’t that way. Sure, it would be nice for her to experiment for Aragon, but I wholeheartedly believe she would be the first bet for Boleyn or Boleyn/Howard for the next WE cast change in September.


    Last week it was song of the week, but now it’s Queen of The Week in a role. Meaning an actress portraying a role that made them the Queen of the Week.

    So, Queen of the Week in a Role is…

    Harriet Caplan-Dean who is a Super Swing on the 2022-23 UK Tour cast portraying her first ever role in her debut as Catherine Parr!

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  • sixcostumerefs
    29.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    8 Jan 2022, @/mox.dawson

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  • lightleckrereins
    28.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    wait how do we know natalie wore liv’s shorts when she was on tour?

    because i always just assumed they were her original shorts because of the fit differences and also the materials look different

    but tbh i just base these assumptions off of a first glance lol😅😅

    So as always it is my usual answer: as far as we know but there is a lot of evidence pointing to her wearing Liv's shorts with a few minor alterations

    Left to right: Natalie's Bliss shorts, Natalie's tour shorts, Liv's Breakaway shorts.

    You can discard Natalie wearing her cruise shorts, those had no cutouts on the side vinyl panel and had chains, while the chains could have been removed, changing a full panel requires taking the shorts apart almost entirely, specially when they were reusing as many costumes as possible on tour reopening (and if they were making them more detailed why not keep the chains?).

    The only black shorts available at that time aside from her's were Liv's. She did end up getting new pants and a cleves jacket, but she got those later.

    If we go at it, the lenght matches, same with the stud count on vertical seams. And while there are a few differences towards the waist, all of them are towards the waist which does seem to be narrower and can be easily explained by the seams being taken in near the waist. The placement of the stripes on the central panels is weird too, it comes together making a point instead of being parallel on both sides as usual (also explained by that seam being altered). It also seems to have a new waistband. And the cutout layout on the side panels is areally good match to Liv's.

    As to why altering Liv's shorts for her instead of her own? We don't know the state of her Cleves costume which was notably all missing (same with Bryony's teal Seymour and Caitlin's cruise Seymour), after over a year in storage it could have been damaged, otherwise there isn't a reason for her to not wear her top (which should have fit since her main top did) or jacket instead of a new one either. It might have also been easier to alter Liv's shorts which were originally widet than her own as there was more material to work with.

    So basically it falls in the realm of unconfirmed but a lot of evidence in its favor.

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  • adotboleyn
    28.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    can't believe bliss & the uk tour have tied in the amount of casts

    also, how there's 2 Emily's, 3 cast members with last name mack, and 2 with last name Lamb

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  • lightleckrereins
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Welcome Bliss 4.0 queens

    Gabbi Mack: as Catherine of Aragon

    Casey Esbin: as Anne Boleyn

    Ellie Wyman: as Jane Seymour

    Sasha Renae Brown: as Anna of Cleves

    Nicole Lamb: as Katherine Howard

    Aja Simone Baitey: as Catherine Parr

    Kayla McSorley: as onboard swing (covers not announced yet)

    Willow Dougherty: as onboard swing (covers not announced yet)

    Emily Rose Lyons: as rehearsal swing (covers not announced yet)

    Chelsea Wargo: as rehearsal swing (covers not announced yet)

    Hannah Taylor: as rehearsal swing (covers not announced yet)

    Christine Sutin: as Joan/Keys

    Bia Malta: as Maria/Drums

    Jungsoo Lee: as Bessie/Bass

    Julia Agra: as Maggie/guitar

    Mint Romero: as rehearsal guitar

    This is the third US based cruise cast following Bliss 3.0 and Breakaway 3.0. It is the second production to have three rehearsal swings following Bliss 3.0. It marks the return of Jungsoo Lee and Julia Agra who were LIW in cruise productions before. It is also the first time a rehearsal LIW is announced (and one of the rare ocassions the LIW are officially announced).

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  • thatoneguyatthecorner
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


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  • thefakepicasso
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    new bliss cast just dropped

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  • sixcostumerefs
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Quick throwback for Marilyn Caserta’s Aragon debut!

    8 Jan 2022, @/marilyncaserta

    #six the musical #marilyn caserta #six bliss 3.0 #catherine of aragon six #ashlee waldbauer #anne boleyn six #jane seymour six #brianna mooney #katherine howard six #six musical
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