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    28.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago
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    28.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    220417 Stray Kids Fansign - Felix 🐣

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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Cr. @shining__IN

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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ( prep yourselves for me to make in character shitposts 🥹🥹)

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  • incorrectkids
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Chan: What’s something you guys are better than Jisung at?

    Seungmin: Mario Kart.

    Felix: Yeah, video games.

    Hyunjin: Emotional vulnerability.

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  • bunnyblvd
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    broken down bc.

    synopsis ‧₊❀ when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, of course your ex is bound to make an appearance

    word count ‧₊❀ 1.3k

    tags/warnings ‧₊❀ psh idk, angst and fluff, profanity, chan is a sweetheart no matter what, mentions of breakup

    notes ‧₊❀ this is garbo and i’m bored lmao also pls i know jack shit about cars i don’t wanna drive also sorry for not updating a lot i have family down

    🍰₊˚.༄ ೃ -

    you drove down the deserted road, humming the song that was playing on your phone as you tapped the beat on the steering wheel. occasionally you would look out the windows and admire the lush green forest surrounding you, it was a comforting view but it was slowly getting dark and you wanted to get back to your house or at least a city before it went dark and danger from the woods would come out.

    the sun was quickly disappearing behind the tall pine trees, making it difficult to see so you turned on your head lights but realized one was out.

    “god fucking damnit” you mumbled under your breath, silently hoping that a cop wouldn’t show up out of no where and pull you over. your music was blasting loud enough too that you didn’t hear the dinging, yelling at you that there was something wrong with your engine.

    you passed a couple of miles before your car started to slow down without your doing. you frantically looked around you wondering what was happening and when you got sight of the smoke coming out of your engine, you immediately pulled over and stepped out of your car. you tried to call someone for help, but of course, there was no service.

    “fuck!” slamming your palm against the top of your car you let other curses spew from your mouth. defeated and not knowing what to do, you reached back inside your car to pull out your jacket because you started to notice the goosebumps forming on your skin as harsh icy winds flew by. but as you pulled it over your shoulders, you realized the flimsy jacket wasn’t gonna protect you from much.

    you let out more curses, so fed up with the situation, you leaned against the side of your car, covering your face with your hands as you let out harsh sighs. watching as the few occasional car would pass by you but one slowed down and turned around.

    “christ” you mumbled under your breath, thinking some creep was coming up to you.

    “y/n?” you saw a small patch of dark brown hair peeking out of the slightly open window.

    “fuck, chan?!” you yelled at him, praying that it was him and you didn’t just call someone else the wrong name.

    “yah, what are you doing out here?” he rolled down his window more so you could see that it was in fact chan.

    “my car broke down on my way back from visiting someone.”

    he looked at you for a split second before looking at your car then back you, “let me go pull off over there and i’ll go help you”

    you shouted out small protests that it was fine and that you had it covered which was a horrendous lie. he parked right in front of your car and pulled out two jackets, “y/n, stop complaining, i’m gonna help,” he walked up to you and stopped in front of the hood of your car, “and here take this, you look like you’re about to freeze your tits off” he smirked a bit at his own little joke and threw the jacket to you as he put the other one on.

    you mumbled a thank you and quickly put the jacket on, immediately grateful that he came by. “what are you doing out here anyways?” you asked as you walked up to him and watched intently as he examined the inside of your hood, lost in his own little world, trying to figure out what was wrong with your car.

    “visiting an old friend”

    you nodded, awkwardly looking around a bit, the tension thick. you haven’t seen your ex since you two broke up two months ago and this was the last place you thought you’d meet again. while looking around you looked down at your arms and chest and realized something.

    “is this a girls jacket?”

    he took a break from tinkering with your car and looked at you, “it’s yours, you left it in there one night on accident and never got it back and then we broke up and i haven’t had the heart to take it out since”

    “oh..” you went silent, feeling a little attacked by his statement which he immediately picked up on.

    “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean for that to come off harsh i just didn’t want you thinking it was some other girls jacket, like i was seeing someone new”

    you nodded once again as chan went back to fumbling with your car.

    “i’m not seeing anyone new either” you quietly mumbled, knowing it was on his mind.

    his eyes went wide and even lit up a bit as he quickly turned around to look at you, “you’re not?!”

    you smiled and shook your head, giggling at his cute reaction to such a small statement. he cleared his throat and tried to go back to his serious persona but couldn’t hide how happy he was to hear that you were single, “why not?”

    “well i could ask you the same thing christopher” you scoffed out, laughing a bit at how his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

    “well if you really want to know, i haven’t met anyone like you since we broke up. for these past two months, every women that anyone has said would be good for me i just don’t see them as a potential partner, no one compares to you y/n”

    you were left stunned at his sudden confession, your mouth slightly open as you tried to process the information he just dumped out.

    “i’m sorry that was a lot to say at o-“ “i feel the same way”


    “ever since we broke up, i see no man the same way, no one seems like they would treat me as good as you did, no one even comes close, so congratulations chan, you’ve officially ruined all men for me”

    he smiled and let out a small laugh at your end statement, “maybe that’s not such a bad thing, maybe that was my goal all along”

    you laughed with him too, “well it worked, i cant even think of dating someone else without getting reminded of how sweet you were to me”

    he tilted his head and frowned a bit, “i miss it”

    “i miss it too” you whispered, looking down, “i miss you chan” you sniffled a little and felt your eyes start to tear up, all the past memories of you and chan just flooding in.

    he looked over at your red eyes and shaking shoulders and walked over to you, rubbing your shoulders and pulling you into a hug, “hey, come on now, don’t cry, everything’s gonna be ok” he lightly kissed the top of your head as you buried your face into the crook of his neck.

    “no it’s not chan, nothings ok, i’m lonely and everyday i think about you, you’re constantly on my mind and i miss you so fucking much but you’re just out of reach”

    he pulled away and kneeled down a bit so he could make direct eye contact with you, “baby i’m right here, i’m not out of reach im right here,” he reassured you, lightly petting your head, “you’re on my mind just as much y/n, trust me”

    “chan, i know it may sound stupid but please hear me out…can we please try again?”

    he grinned, his heart nearly beating out of his chest, “i would love nothing more” he leaned down and squeezed you, tilting his head so he could lightly kiss your cheek, grinning into your soft skin, “by the way your car is fine, you just had a cap a little loose but i fixed it so no worries”

    you giggled a little, “thank you chan, you’re the best” he smiled and leaned in so his lips were barely pressed against yours, “i’m so happy we’re back together” he mumbled out before closing the gap and kissing you like it was the last time he would ever kiss you.

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  • en-lovesick
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Getting caught checking you out.


    You were at one of your cousin's birthday party who is the manager of straykids and you catch the member checking you out


    - he was looking at you when you suddenly locked your eyes with his

    - gets a bit nervous

    - but handle it immediately

    - bows and smiles at you as if he was not just checking you out


    - this boy is confident

    - he will not even try to look away when you catch him staring

    - winks at you

    - you get startled and look away from him



    - looks away immedietly

    - you think he is cute

    - you will catch him staring at you a lot throughout the party


    - nervous Ilama

    - he'd be like 'OMG OMG she caught me staring'

    - somehow manages to calm down after a while

    - panics when he is caught staring again

    - you just laugh at his panicked state.


    - wide eyes.

    - looks away after blinking for a few seconds.

    - glances at you after 2-3 mins

    - gets shocked as you were still looking at him


    - when he gets caught he flashes his signature sunshine smile☀️🌞

    - you get blinded by his bright smile

    - you smile back and you guys started talking

    - 'so can i have you number?'


    - SHY SHY SHY pt.2

    - looks away blushing

    - stands next to you during the cake cutting

    - smiles at you when you looked behind


    - like jisung his first instinct would be to look away

    - lowkey embarrassed for getting caught

    - you join his table and sit near him

    - he didn't dare to turn towards you

    - when you tried to talk, he started eating anything and everything in the table due to nervous.

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  • bearbeomgyu777
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Still in love with blonde mullet Felix

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  • miadaifu
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    ა 🪐⼺°. 𝑭𝑬𝑳𝑰𝑿 𝑴𝑶𝑶𝑫𝑩𝑶𝑨𝑹𝑫˖ ִ𓂅

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  • locallixie
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hi can you do stray kids reacting to their s/o having a tongue piercing.

    tongue piercing ; boyfriend!stray kids' reaction. [all member]

    🖇—... Boyfriend!stray kids' reactions to finding out their s/o have a tongue piercing. [All member]

    > genre ; mature, suggestive, fluff, soft, boyfriend!stray kids, gn!reader.

    > warnings ; minor sexual themes, blowjob, marking, making out, pet names.

    > word count ; 770

    > sunny's note | Thank you for requesting^^

    bang chan—...

    Surprised at first, he have always saw you as a very soft and mild person. You wear clothes that was in-between the line of provocative and conservative.

    But when showing him the piercing you have on your tongue, he can't help but be amazed. He asked you a bunch of questions relating to your piercing. Whether eating is harder, do you accidentally swallow your piercing during sleep, how is the healing process.

    He loves the piercing, yet, is worried about it having negative side-effects on you.

    Now thinking of every time you two would be intimate in the future, he would feel something emerges inside of him.

    lee know—...

    He found out that you got your tongue pierced while you two were making out. He felt something quite cold on his tongue when it began to dance with yours in a aggressive rhythm.

    Minho pull away suddenly, "Darling, open your mouth for me, would y'a?" You complied, opening your mouth, letting him examine every tooth, every crevices inside your mouth, and the newly done tongue piercing you have.

    He finds it super attractive, especially when you're blowing him. The cold metal glides along his hard cock, making his body shivers. Bringing in a new excitement to your bedroom activities.


    Emo/goth boy! He likes the emo things, tatoos, piercings, dyed hair, dark clothing. The thought of either him or you having a facial piercing aren't as surprising as you think.

    He would happily get something done like you, his eyebrow maybe? He adore the style, it is so refreshing to be able to date someone similar to him.

    Making out with you would be heaven, the metal on his tongue as it dances and fight against yours. Or when you leave marks on his body. Licking through the teeth marks on his bare shoulders, courtesy of your doings.


    "Woah, you're so cool! Can I touch it?" He asks, seeing the teeny metal ball that sat on your tongue.

    You furrows your brows in confusion, "What? Touch it? Uh, I guess?" You pushes your tongue out of your mouth, giving him a clearer view.

    Hyunjin, in a excited way, touches the ball in your mouth with his finger. You still unsure as ever, standing there for him to touch your tongue piercing.

    Impatient, "Are you done?!" It feels like hours of him just touching you piercing like a little kid touching a polished pebble for the first time.


    "Did it hurt?" He asks, examining your newly healed tongue piercing. He wasn't there when you got it done, Jisung was quite caught of guard when you told him you were getting your tongue pierced.

    It isn't like he's unfamiliar with facial piercings, it is that he never thought you would be so bold getting your tongue done.

    "Well, a needle went through my tongue, of course it would hurt!" You laugh at his adorable question.

    You lick his lips, teasing him. The cold metal feeling runs through his lips, his cheeks heating up, shying away at your sudden confidence.


    You stick out your tongue, bragging to him about your new tongue piercing. His eyes lights up when he see the metal ball that sits on your tongue. "My baby looks so sick! Oh my God, look at that thing!" He cutely expresses his amusement.

    Felix is a generally supportive person, anything you do, he would be happy to be there for you. Even when it is getting stab by a needle through your tongue.

    Though with his soft boy appearance, the chance of him getting a tongue piercing like yours is surprisingly high. Twining!


    He was a bit uncertain about it at first, even going to the length of talking you out of it. Though already expressed his disapproval of it, he knew he couldn't stop you.

    "It doesn't suit you, angel." That was what he said when you came home after getting it done. But soon, he warmed up to it.

    "Wait, show me one more time!" He asks as you open your mouth for him to see. He smiles, loving your piercing now.


    "Can we kiss?" He asks suddenly. You recently got your tongue pierced and you showed him with much enthusiasm. Now face-to-face with a bold invite, not knowing how to react.

    He leans in, "I want to know how your tongue feels now." With sparkling eyes yet full of lustful intentions.

    "I—I guess?" Speechless, sometime you forget your sweet Jeongin is already a man.

    He presses his lips against yours, making the first move to push his tongue in. He swirls his tongue around your piercing, the metal gently bumps on him.

    Your cheeks flushes red as he pulls away, "I like your piercing, it's really cute, like you." He giggles at your embarrassment.

    #fluff#skz #stray kids x y/n #suggestive #stray kids soft hours #minho skz#chan skz#skz fluff#skz seungmin#skz scenarios#skz felix#skz stay #skz i.n #skz han#skz hyunjin#skz changbin #stray kids reactions #stray kids x you #stray kids #stray kids imagines
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  • kr-ryxen
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Found a Felix Lee wallpaper thought it was nice- BTW gonna be spamming for a bit here

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  • skz-bubble
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hyunjin sent this photos on bbl

    Quick drawing hyunjin made of lee know on blueprint.

    (hyunjin is on live and said he wanted to make a quick drawing of lee know on blueprint)

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  • zyxbook
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Oii, tudo bem??? Você pode escrever um Hc com o Felix tendo uma namorada acima do peso? Eu tenho bastante insegurança com meu corpo e queria me reconfortar com o meu utt❤️❤️

    Adoro seus Hc, são perfeitos❤️❤️❤️

    Oiii, xuxu <3 Tudo bem e com você?

    É CLARO QUE EU VOU MANDAR ESSA A A A A, fiquei toda bobinha lendo o pedido já que sou uma mulher gorda hihi. Vamo jogar essa insegurança pro lado porque somos lindas, xuxu <3 E obrigadaaaaa! 🥺❤️


    Felix é a coisinha mais carinhosa do mundo e com você não seria diferente. Os abraços seriam frequentes e de todas as formas possíveis, assim como beijinhos por todo o seu rosto e cafunés quando os dois estão deitadinhos juntos.

    Falando em deitar, quando vocês estão deitados, quase dormindo, eu tenho cERTEZA que ele deita no seu peito e fica cheio de manha querendo seus carinhos no cabelinho dele. Os braços ao seu redor, te apertando enquanto murmura o quanto ama sentir seus dedinhos no cabelo dele.

    Logo no começo do namoro de vocês Felix mal conseguia focar no que você falava porque morria de vontade de apertar suas bochechas, que ficavam cada vez mais vermelhinhas com ele te encarando. Foi só quase no segundo mês que ele finalmente, com a voz baixinha, perguntou se podia fazer isso e você deu uma risadinha e reclamou que ele demorou tanto tempo pra isso.

    Desde então, virou um hábito ele apertar suas bochechinhas e te deixar toda envergonhada. Ou então segurar seu rosto e dar o tal "beijinho de esquimó", só encostando os narizinhos, o que te tira risadinhas.

    Caso você, em algum momento, sentisse vergonha de comer na frente dele, saiba que esse garotinho notaria e te daria um sermão sobre como você não pode fazer isso, que é importante se alimentar e diversas outras coisas.

    Provavelmente, Lix até mesmo colocaria mais comida no seu prato e faria toda uma encenação caso você aceitasse. 'Mas você não gostou desses cookies? Eu fiz essa receita nova só pra você, amor.' 'Não é isso, Lix, você sabe.' 'Então não tem motivo, vai comer mais umzinho sim. Não quero esse rostinho triste porque não tá comendo direitinho.'

    Ah, e ele ficaria o tempo INTEIRO reafirmando o quanto te acha linda. Ouviria tudo o que você precisasse falar quando quisesse desabafar por qualquer insegurança que seja e logo depois te envolveria num abraço de urso. Se você chorasse, aí mesmo que te apertaria nesse abraço, deixando beijinhos na sua testa e sussurrando que você não precisa se sentir assim, não quando é a mulher mais maravilhosa que ele já colocou os olhinhos.

    Provavelmente te levaria até ao maior espelho do quarto que dividiam e te colocaria de frente para seu reflexo, iria apontar em você cada uma das partes que mais ama. Beijaria seus ombros delicadamente enquanto sussurra que não há com o que se preocupar, especialmente se seu medo fosse que Felix arrumasse outra pessoa.

    E apesar do Lix ser uma pessoa MUITO boa, ele não exitaria em acabar com a pessoa (acho que mais com palavras rs, mas depende) se mexessem com você de qualquer forma que seja. É aquela vibe de 'mexe comigo, com a minha namorada não, porra'.

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