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    Lee Felix / 561 words / smut

    10. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” & 146. “Were you just masturbating?” “U-uh..no, I was just..” “Want some help?”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    You felt extremely hot and bothered and it didn't help that the guy across the hall you've been drooling over for the past few hours at this party kept looking at you. You attended this frat party in the hopes of hooking up with a random stranger to fulfill your needs, yet no one seemed to catch your eye. Although, you were hoping that one guy in particular would be there tonight. 

    A few months ago, Lee Felix caught your eye. Once a shy and nerdy boy who you worked on projects with, now had a major glow up and was the most popular jock in college. All the girls fussed over him and how good he was in bed, yet he knew how to treat a girl well and not run out on them after sleeping with them. He gave them the aftercare they needed and gave them the attention they deserved.

    That's where you found yourself now, at some random frat, feeling horny at the idea. It wasn't like you to get off in random places, you were usually able to contain yourself till you got home, but right now, you were aching to be touched. You ran up the halls and into a spare room, forgetting to lock the door on your way in. The bed was comfy but not like that mattered much.

    You laid flat against the mattress, your skirt around your waist as your fingers began to rub circles on your clit. It felt dirty to be doing this here, but gosh, you needed to imagine it was Felix fucking you with his fingers instead of your own. As your fingers entered your tight pussy, the door opened wide and you were met with a handsome figure. 

    "Fuck! Felix!" You squealed, sitting up from the bed and pulling your skirt down to cover any of the last modesty you had left. 

    "Were you just masturbating?" Felix smirked.

    "U-uh..no, I was just..” You trailed off, trying to find a valid excuse but none that could justify your actions right now. 

    Felix grinned at your dazed state before locking the door behind him, "Well, don't stop on my account," He grinned as he made his way over to you and sat on the end of the bed, "Want some help?"

    "What?" You stuttered, feeling shy under his gaze now that this could actually happen. 

    "Oh come on, Y/N!" Felix chuckled, "I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. I want you as much as you want me, but I'm a gentleman and won't ever do that until you give me permission to."

    "Lix," You mumbled softly, avoiding eye contact , "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you recently."

    Felix giggled cutely at you before taking a hold of your chin, "Neither have I, but I didn't know how to talk to you after so long. I usually like to take a girl who I like out on a date first, but for you, there's an exception."

    You were caught off guard when Felix pushed up against the bed, his lips pressing soft kisses to your skin and his hands roaming your sides before touching you through your wet panties, "Just lay back and relax, baby. Let me ease that tension you've built up in that silly head of yours. 

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

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    in this world, it’s just us

    pairing: chan x fem!reader
    themes: pure fluff, slight angst if you blink
    if you like this content pls comment + reblog!

    Chan eyes you from the couch, stifling a laugh as he watched you roam about the kitchen. The dough you had been working on was long abandoned on the counter as you danced around to whatever tune that was currently blasting through your headphones. He knows that if you realized he was up from his nap already that you would be a bit embarrassed, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

    In moments like this he felt himself falling even deeper in love with you. If you would have told him two years ago that he would be engaged to a person as beautiful as you he would have laughed in their face. With his career, it was hard to admit to himself sometimes, but he only ever imagined a future like this. He never thought it all possible.

    Until he met you.

    The start of your love story wasn’t something Chan had ever imagined happening. In fact, Chan thought for the longest time that you didn’t like him at all. The two of you had mutual friends and when you were introduced at a get together that he finally had the time attend, the two of you were a bit awkward to say the least. It was like that every time the two of you had run into each other. He had come to learn that you were very cold and stand-offish upon meeting people.

    One of your mutual friends had told him not to take it too personally, that once you got to know someone you would eventually open up to them. The first time Chan caught a glimpse of your shy yet blinding smile across the room, a part of him wanted to see that smile directed at him—for only him.

    However, much to his dismay, the more time you spent together the further and further you slipped away. You tried your best to carry a conversation with him but he always felt like he was making you uncomfortable. You’d easily avoid his eyes and on a few occasions make up an excuse to slip away.

    One of your friend group outings had ended up being at the beach. You had arrived quite a bit later with some other friends, making home under a tent as you watched the rest of your friends play in the water with a soft smile graced upon your lips.

    “Not swimming,” he asked, startling you out of your thoughts.

    You shook your head, tucking a wind blown strand of hair behind your ear.

    “I’m not really a fan of the ocean,” you softly stated as Chan took a seat next to you.

    “Any particular reason?”

    He noticed the way your eyes flickered up at his before swiftly looking away.

    “Had a bad experience or two when I was younger. I won’t get in but—,” you cut yourself off as you stared out at the waves.

    “It’s calming to listen to.”

    Chan’s eyes widened in surprise at your answer. He had to admit that you even revealing the tiniest part of yourself had made him a little giddy inside.

    The conversation went smoothly between the two of you the rest of the evening. Chan couldn’t help the smile that kissed his lips when you started opening up to him. The two of you ended up ditching the others, finding an ice cream parlor not too far from the beach. You talked about anything and everything, getting to know each other on a deeper level. Chan was finally lucky enough that evening t to hear your laugh and be the cause of it.

    As the two of you were walking to the bus station that night you had decided to apologize to Chan.

    “I’m really sorry about how I’ve acted before in passing. I’m not really good with people. Also you are really cute and I got nervous whenever you approached me,” you let out a shaky laugh.

    “Wait you think I’m cute?”

    You rolled your eyes as you delivered a barely there punch to his arm.

    “That’s all you got from that huh?”

    Chan let out a laugh as he stepped closer to you, “To be fair, I think you’re really cute too.”

    Let’s just say the two of you went home that evening with red cheeks and rapid heartbeats.

    It had taken you awhile to let yourself go around him. But the more Chan broke down your barries the more in love with you he fell. Now he couldn’t get enough of you, his beautiful wife to be.

    Chan lifted himself from the couch, stretching his legs before making his way into the kitchen. You startled at his hands on your waist, fixing him with a playful glare as you turned to face him.

    He reached up, gently tugging the headphones from your ears. Chan moved to take your phone from your pocket before you could protest.

    “What are you doing,” you asked, quirking an eyebrow up at him.

    “You’re having fun in here without me,” he pouted, removing the headphones so that he could resume the song out loud.

    “Im my defense you were supposed to be napping.”

    Chan shrugged as he set your phone down on the counter, pulling you closer to him by your waist.

    “Dance with me.”

    The two of you moved about the kitchen, jumping around as you made up silly choreographies to the music. Chan twirled you around, heart fluttering at the way your face scrunched with laughter at his antics. At some point the two of you ended up close, foreheads and bodies pressed together. The music was long forgotten as you basked in the presence of one another. Chan’s heart felt full as he held you close to him, nuzzling his face further into your hair as he inhaled the familiar scent of you.

    ‘In this world, it’s just us…’

    Loving you was the one thing in life that came easily to him—the one thing Chan felt like he had got right.

    taglist 🏷: @multifcndoms @tueblurtle @hauntedtreeface @lixesque @jisungsbff01 @softie00 @cb97i @chrissybang @leechanniee

    If your name is bold I wasn’t able to tag you for some reason!

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    🪴hyunjin thoughts…

    Something about Hyunjin going absolutely feral for your belly pooch. He doesn’t know why it has such an effect over him but you just look so soft and squishy. From the way it’s accentuated when you wear form fitting dresses to the way it spills over your underwear when you are sleeping, Hyunjin can’t get enough. If he had to choose something physically attractive about you one thing would be your stomach.

    He’s obsessed.

    He loves the way it jiggles with your laughter, how soft and plush it feels when he buries his face into it. Hyunjin loves the way it feels beneath his hands as the two of you engage in sinful activities. He could spend hours worshiping that part of you.

    At night he would make you be the little spoon just so that he could rest his hands on your stomach, drawing soft figures across your skin. When you are cooking he’d come up behind you, tuck his face into the crook of your neck as his fingers kneaded gently at your stomach. If the two of you were at an event, he would keep the back of you pressed closely to him with a single hand on your stomach.

    Hyunjin’s fascination with your stomach had honestly made you feel better about yourself. You never felt more loved than by Hyunjin and he made sure to let you know that he loved every part of you.

    bonus: if you were to lose weight hyunjin would be happy for you of course if that’s something you wanted but he would get a bit pouty and cuddle against the plushness of your tummy as you run your fingers through his hair, pressing soft kisses against your skin.

    #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin fics #hyunjin x you #hyunjin imagines#hyunjin scenarios#hyunjin fanfic#hyunjin smut#hyunjin imagine #bang chan x reader #stray kids #stray kids x reader #stray kids fanfic #bang chan fics #skz fanfic #lee know x reader #changbin x reader #han jisung x reader #lee felix x reader #seungmin x reader #jeongin x reader #skz smut#skz fanfiction#skz imagine #skz x reader #stray kids x you #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios
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    Timestamp Masterlist

    ʙᴀɴɢ ᴄʜʀɪꜱᴛᴏᴘʜᴇʀ



    ʟᴇᴇ ᴍɪɴʜᴏ

    ꜱᴇᴏ ᴄʜᴀɴɢʙɪɴ

    ʜᴡᴀɴɢ ʜʏᴜɴᴊɪɴ

    ʜᴀɴ ᴊɪꜱᴜɴɢ

    ʟᴇᴇ ꜰᴇʟɪx


    ᴋɪᴍ ꜱᴇᴜɴɢᴍɪɴ

    ʏᴀɴɢ ᴊᴇᴏɴɢɪɴ

    #guess what#stray kids #stray kids imagines #skz blurbs #stray kids smut #skz#skz imagines#skz smut #skz bang chan smut #skz bang chan #skz lee know smut #lee felix smut #seo changbin smut #hwang hyunjin smut #han jisung smut #kim seungmin smut #yang jeongin smut #skz x reader #stray kids x reader
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    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    So I’m planning to move my platform (HELP IDK I SOUND LIKE AN INFLUENCER) from wattpad onto here but everything is so overwhelming.I don’t even know who I’m telling this to tbh 💀, but n e way back to what I was saying.I am indeed a writer and I do write KPOP smut and I guess you could say I write fan fictions in general, but I usually never get far with those.I write for enhypen, ateez, nct, wayv, txt, and maybe skz in the future.I used to write for bts and then I kinda stopped keeping up with the group as a whole bc idk 🤷🏽‍♀️.

    I am ALSO a gg stan although I don’t really write for my ggs but once I get moved into here maybe I will 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ idk.

    But n e ways, I do wanna say that I won’t be deleting my wattpad account but the books I will be moving onto here which means they will get deleted off of wattpad.

    Anyways, I’m just very excited but also nervous to get things started on here!!I can’t wait to make new friends and finally get my work recognized (if it even does 🏃🏽‍♀️ the writers on here are way better than me so it might not even make it out there like I would want) !!

    - haze

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  • lix-ables
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ⌜ᴅᴀᴛɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ᴅᴜᴍᴍɪᴇs — ᴀ ɢᴜɪᴅᴇ⌟

    pairing — han jisung x reader

    wc: around 600-800 words each

    summary — you and jisung are new to the couple business. this is a mini guide on how to get about dating while being in college, trying to  pass tests and finals, but also spending as much time with each other as possible. 

    rating — 18+.

    genre — smut, fluff, mini series.

    i. series will be updated every week, dates will be added soon

    ii. this is my first time writing something like this, i hope you cuties enjoy, let me know if you want to be part of the taglist <3 pictures are not mine, credits to owners!!) (also coz @chvnnie hypes me up too much)

    contents of the guide —

    chapter i, step i. study dates, trying to study, but failing (obviously)

    chapter ii, step ii. meeting the bois (who knew they’d be soft wholesome baby-men?)

    chapter iii, step iii. late night drives (with a side of interruption of his roommates)

    chapter iv, step iv. picnic outings (where jisung promptly forgets to get pizza, like how?)

    chapter v, step v. facetime, but with the whole gang (just because they’re wouldn’t leave, and they’re cranky)

    chapter vi, step vi. visiting his studio (so dingy? it needs some color)

    chapter vii, step vii (to be written)

    #han jisung x reader #han jisung x y/n #han jisung imagines #han jisung scenarios #han jisung drabbles #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #skz thoughts#skz imagines#skz scenarios #skz hard hours #stray kids smut #skz smut #han jisung hard hours #han jisung smut #stray kids han smut
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  • planetdream
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    hello~ just saw your post about the prompts and, as a good simp (for your work your writing and stray kids) i'm here to ask you!

    could you maybe do a seugmin work with prompts 18 ("don't worry, i'll take good care of you") and 42 ("do you think they can hear us through the tent?" "we can") pretty pretty please? thank you!

    PROMPT ! 18. "dont worry, i'll take care of you." + 42. "do you think they can hear us through the tent?" "we can."

    THIS DRABBLE CONTAINS ! smut [fuckin in a tent. slight exhibitionism i think?] WORDS ! 791

    💌 thank you for requesting this ! and thank you for liking my writing <3 i think i really really like this one u guys <3

    when seungmin and the others invited you on a fun little four-day camping trip, there was no way you could say no. spending time with your boyfriend and friends surrounded by nature seemed like something you needed to experience with all of them. the great outdoors. soaking up all the sun. going for a hike or just chilling at the campsite reading a book—whatever each day brought, you were sure to enjoy it. 

    the first day, today, was fun—although setting up the campsite had taken up most of the day, your smile never once left your face, even when you got confused about how to set up a hammock. there was a lot of work that need to be done, but it still felt like such a relaxing day. especially towards the end of the night, everyone caught up in their own things—a few of the boys being idiots, naturally, as the others are scattered elsewhere. 

    similarly, you and seungmin, inside your shared tent and so close to each other it’s nearly suffocating. your back is pressed to his chest, hands holding you close so there’s nowhere you could go—until his hand trails further south, your underwear and pants already away with, same as his. the pads of two of his fingers (he’s a middle and ring finger kinda guy) land on your clit at the same time as his lips meet the back of your neck, just as delicately too. 

    you melt into him, admittedly whining, not one for teasing right now. “don’t worry, i’ll take good care of you.”

    it’s a promise—an oath; one that he follows through with immediately. it’s as if his mouth and his hands work together: one kiss for every circle against your clit and one lick against your skin whenever he dips his fingers into your wetness. and when he does ladder, soaking the pads of his fingers in your wetness, he wipes it all over your cunt, even getting it on your inner thighs just for the sake of making a mess. 

    seungmin continues to touch you, working you closer and closer until he’s sure that he’s got you relaxed enough. which he can tell, not only from how wet you are but from how liberal you are with your moans, loud enough for someone to hear you if within earshot. seungmin doesn’t blame you, in fact, he kinda gets off to it—the idea that someone could be listening to him fucking you, and the escalation that maybe they’d end up fantasizing about fucking you, unable to satisfy themself by fucking into your warm cunt and instead having to deal with using just their hands. 

    he could almost pity them, almost. instead, he chooses to bury himself inside of you, fully, groaning out directly into your ear. thus causing shivers to snake their way down your spine—feeling him touching and kissing you is one thing, but combine that with the feeling of him stretching you out, fucking you full, and the softness of his moans; there certainly is a heaven on earth. 

    seungmin fucks into you deeply, but still not enough for him, resulting in him hiking your leg up, holding it against your side so he can fuck you even deeper. his fingers continue at your clit just the same as he continues to kiss you, syncing the speed of his hand movements to the speed of his hips. 

    it doesn’t take him much to get you over that edge—he worked you up so nicely, so sweet and soft, ensuring that he takes care of you. and the way his cock curves into you, a perfect fit, especially when he’s fucking you from the side like this. he’s everywhere he needs to be, loving on you all over, the only thing you need to do is completely fall apart for him. 

    and even though the speed of his thrusts increased as he fucks you through your orgasm, and chases after his, the stimulation isn’t excess. everything feels so right and the warm feeling of his cum spilling inside of you, filling you up is just the cherry on top. you stay like that, pressed together for minutes, seungmin massaging over the leg that had been hiked up. then, he turns your head just enough to kiss you, lips pressed together for the first time in what seemed like hours. 

    “do you think they can hear us through the tent?” the kiss is broken by your question, followed by a shy laugh. seungmin opens his mouth to speak, only to be cut off. 

    “we can.” there are a few distant sounds of agreement that follow and you bury your face in the pillow beside you. at least there are only three more days…

    #💌 — mail time #💌 — curiousgworge #✰˚. !! dream.hardhours #🧸 — luciddream.skz #skz smut#seungmin smut
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    Here's the request for Hyunlix!

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    Here's the request for Jeongin!

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    Here's the request for Han!

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    #skz stay#stray kids #stray kids stay #bang chan #stray kids smut #bang chan abs #skz chan#channie #skz chan smut #stray kids chan #skz chan abs #skz channie#skz #stray kids channie #channie abs#channie smut #bang chan smut
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  • planetdream
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    hiii! could you do 40 from the prompt list with lee know? 🙈

    PROMPT ! 40. "i don't know what to do." "let me teach you."

    THIS DRABBLE CONTAINS ! smut [blowjob—but kinda more of a handjob. spit] WORDS ! 654

    💌 thank you for requesting this <3

    there isn’t quite a word to express your nervousness surrounding the situation. of course, there’s nothing to be nervous about when minho is right in front of you, ready to give you all the reassurance you’re needing. 

    it’s not like you’ve never seen (or held) his dick before, it’s been inside of you more times than you can count. but, somehow someway, his cock has never been in your mouth (because usually, he’s too busy with his mouth on you or fucking into your warm cunt to even think about other places). and, in the heat of the moment one night, you expressed how much you’d love to wrap your lips around him. upon mentioning it, minho just smiled and kissed you—obviously saving the thought for later. 

    now, later has come and you’re on your knees for him, positioned all prettily between his legs. you grab his length, right at the base, and pause before sighing. you look up at him, eyes locking with his—and then breaking contact to get another look at his dick. bottom lip between your teeth because you’re tempted, but still holding back. “i don’t know what to do.”

    the initial nervousness creeping back up, making a home for itself deep in the pit of your stomach. minho sits up from his position on the couch, cooing at you—a hand making its way to the side of your face, caressing your cheek. 

    “it’s okay,” he says, thumb swiping over your bottom lip, still wet from being bitten. “let me teach you.”

    “first, i want you to spit on it.” he nods to you before leaning back. you follow his orders, letting the spit hang off your tongue and drip onto his cock. you look back up at him, wanting to receive more orders on what to do next. and with your eyes filled with such softness and eagerness to learn how to please him, minho thinks he could cum right on the spot. naturally, it takes him a moment to reply. “now, use your hands…like this. gotta get it nice and wet. just like this..”

    his hands work on top of yours, guiding them up and down his cock at a minimum speed. minho lets you continue like this, eventually telling you to add more spit and to speed up your movements, showing you exactly how to twist your wrists as you move your hands up and down his cock. (though he fails to  mention how if you press the pads of your fingers to his balls, squeezing, he’d cum quicker than normally—can’t let you have too much power so soon.) and after a few minutes of applying what you learned, and minho’s soft moans encouraging you, you seemingly get the hang of it. 

    the hiccups of nervousness reappear when minho encourages you to put your mouth on him, stating that all you have to do is lick and suck on the tip so as to not overwhelm you too quickly. so you take a deep breath, lowering your head to place your tongue on the tip of his cock, one lick—then another, and another. until you wrap your lips around the head, tongue swirling over it while your hands move on him, just like he taught you. 

    bobbing your head up and down, hallowing your cheeks as you suck him in—something he didn’t teach you. then his hand makes its way to your hair, and his eyes screw shut. voice lost, stuck somewhere in his throat rendering him unable to properly warn you about how he’s about to cum. minho’s kissed you after he’s eaten his cum out of your cunt many times before, but to taste him on your tongue so clearly like this? definitely a new experience. so when you pull off of him, he understands it, he can read it on your face and he laughs—reassuring that he wouldn’t be offended if you spit it out.

    #💌 — mail time #✰˚. !! dream.hardhours #🧸 — luciddream.skz #skz smut #lee know smut
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  • urbestamgirl
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago


    Han Jisung x Y/N
    WC: I wrote this on my phone so i have no idea but it was supposed to be a short drabble and it’s not.
    Warnings: it’s smut, so be warned, nothing too sad nothing too horny, vanilla sex.

    Habits are hard to break, specially when you’ve never intended to fall into them. Trying to recall when it started. When you were just a young girl, shyer than the rest, quieter than the rest, just not as captivating as anyone else. When you finally managed to get your first kiss you settled for whatever. So it went on, with the second, and the third. That’s what they were, nameless kisses in a drunken haze.

    Soon enough, in a drunken haze you went home with those nameless boys. Touch starved, accepting any crumb they were willing to give you for the night. That’s the closest you’ve gotten to being loved, when they say your name repeatedly. Once you’re done, you put on your clothes, and walk back home, embarrassed for yourself. You’ve come to accept your fate, nothing but a girl who was there to fuck. And the other day, even if they met you at college, run into you in the city. They wouldn’t look your way, call your name, or give you anymore love than they already gave.

    Still, every other Friday, you’d find yourself at a club or house party, trying to fill that void. Your cup full of whatever beverage was available, tonight, you were chugging on beer, you stayed in the improvised dance floor with your girl friends. Until you had to get your cup refilled, you went back to the kitchen hoping to get something stronger this time. The room was basically empty, if not for a couple making out on the table and a black haired boy getting his own liquor. You move up to his side, trying to get a hold of the bottle in his hand, he looked at his side, smiling with the side of his lips and getting a red tint on his round cheeks. “Here” he hands you the drink. “Thanks” you offer him back a smile.

    He leans back against the counter and sips on his drink, as if waiting for you. “Enjoying the party?” you eased in, trying to make it less awkward. “Oh, yeah.” he responded shortly, not much of a talker apparently. “Well, I’m going to the dance floor, see you.” you bid goodbye to the boy in the kitchen, making your way back to the girls.

    “You still here?” one of them asked as you returned to the group, you laughed, choosing to ignore the double meaning behind it, and sipping on your drink, soon, feeling loose enough to start dancing again.

    It was about 1am by now, and your thighs were already quite sore, taking you to sit on a couch for a while. You scoff, looking around you, a girl humping on a guy’s lap, probably her boyfriend, the scene a little more bitter than you expected. You’ve come to learn that at parties, you should always stay at the dance floor, that’s what the singles do, if you stray too far you’re only going to be met by you biterness. You finished your cup, feeling sorry for yourself, but this time, you couldn’t get burried in your sorrow as the sit behind you sunk down and you looked up to the person besides you.

    The same black head of hair and sharp brown eyes looked back at you. Before even thinking anything out of it, about how much that boy was handsome or how tipsy you actually were, you went to your phone. Besides the reputation that followed you, you weren’t the one searching for meaningless one night stands, you were actually a shy person at most. The boy coughs a little before asking; “What’s your name?” you could hear the nervousness in his voice as he spoke. “Y/N” you state, plainly, not daring to cross eyes with him. “My friends have told me about you”, now you look to him, but he’s starring into the dance floor. “What about?” you bite the bait, worried about what rumour has been going around. “That you’re pretty” he shrugs his shoulders. You sigh a little relieved, not sure that was the true but happy enough the boy beside you didn’t try to offend you.

    “What’s your name?” you ask him. “Jisung, Han Jisung” he answers, so softly you could barely hear him through the banging music. “Well, nice to meet you” you smile, going back to your phone as he didn’t seem interested in you. “You know” he starts off “ I found you pretty too.” he completes making you look up once again, but he still hasn’t met your gaze. “You’re very handsome yourself” you tell him, making him finally meet your eyes with that same reddish tint rising to his face.

    “I’m going to fill my cup, do you want some?” you ask him. “I’ll join you actually, if that’s okay.” he says getting up after you. You nod, leading him into the crowds of people. Once into the kitchen, you take both your cups filling them with booze, feeling eyes burning into you the whole time. You look back at the boy, not much taller than you, meeting his gaze and giving him his refilled cup. He takes it to his mouth almost immediately, whereas you choose to wait a little, pretty out of it already. He puts the cup down, almost at the bottom again, putting all of his attention back into you. You look away this time, overwhelmed about the attention, choosing to drink it away. “Can I kiss you?” he asks, just as low as the last time, making you wonder if he actually asked you that or it was just a trick of your mind. But as soon as you feel a pair of hands on your hips, you know it’s not just imagination, so you nod, stuck in your same position as he leans down.

    His lips are ghostly over yours, just a whisper as you feel he’s not sure of what he’s doing. You take it as your turn to take action and lace your arms againt his neck, bringing him closer to you. Your lips meet again, not parting away this time, one of your hand coming to his cheek in an attempt to deepen the kiss, which he plays on, pulling your hips, making it bump into his own and taking advantage of your gasp to meet tongues. It was a kiss of hunger, bodies touching, hair pulling, grabbing. After what felt like only seconds, you pulled away for air, looking to his face. His lips red and glossy, eyes droppy, hair messed up in the most attractive manners, he was also catching his breath, chest heaving up and down vigorously, but he did not stare away from you, almost as if he was appreciating your beauty too.

    “Do you want to go back to your place?” you ask him, hopeful. He lets go of your body, making you scared he was rejecting you, only to hold your hand and lead you out of the crowded house. “I live nearby, is it okay if we walk?” he asks and you only nod back in response, enjoying the chance to sober up a little. The walk was the most pleasant you had, by far, as the boy made an actual attempt to get to know you, and you to know him. You discussed your majors and learnt he was studying music, he told you nice stories he had with his friends and roommates and even some of his life dreams. You were taken aback by his honesty, deciding not to share as much with your one night stand, only going for the superficial matters, as your major and some of your interests. Caught up in the conversation it didn’t take long for you to get to his place. He had seven other roommates as you came to learn, but he told you not to worry about them coming in, as they would only leave the party in the early morning.

    He unlocked the door and took off his shoes and jacket by the hanger, helping you to take your own coat off and place it. As soon as you did, you felt his lips on your neck, giving it sweet kisses and than moving you along into his bedroom. You were left in your tank top and jeans, he was still behind you, kissing your neck, your shoulders and moving up to you cheeks. This was nothing like what you were used to, and even though it frightened you, you were thankful he wasn’t rushing to take your clothes off and get it over with. A soft moan escaped your lips as he found that spot between your collarbones and neck, making you decide to finally move and kiss him back.

    The kiss was just as hungry as before, messy, but not in a bad way, your lips fit together really well. You grabbed his shirt, pushing him into his bed, sitting down on its edge, you kept kissing him and moved your hands from his defined torso to his hair, yanking it back, getting a chance to look in his eyes, now black with need. You hovered over his lap, his legs between your knees and you could feel how hard he was under his jeans. “You’re so pretty” he said against your lips and you smiled back at him. “Touch me then” and he did as you asked, lifting your shirt off and moving his hands to your waist, his lips leaving yours only to be attached to your exposed chest. Not losing a second, he went to your back and unclasped your bra, already taking his lips to your hardened nipples. He kissed your left boob, sucking and biting into your nipple, not leaving the other one waiting he twisted it between his fingers and then changed sides. In return you gave him soft moans of encouragement and moved your hips againt him, showing him how eager you were for him. His lips went back up but he didn’t kiss you this time, instead he moaned softly, before flipping you into your back and settling on top of you.

    Without you humping on him, he went back to kissing you and whilst one hand gave him support, the other one unbottoned your pants. He moved away from you again, to get your jeans off, making you miss his touch on you. By now, you were basically naked under him, only your underwear left on and he took this moment to kiss you all over, going southern each time, finding the waistband of your panties in no time. Your mind was foggy already as he started placing teasing kisses on your thighs, soon he was kissing exactly where you needed him.

    You sat up on your elbows looking at him as he continued teasing you. “Jisung, you don’t need to do that” he looked up to you, soft smirk on his lips, “I know babe, I want to.” you left you head fall back, not feeling the need to protest as you felt him move your panties aside and brush his hands in your folds. Before you could even complain about his slow pace, he replaced his hands with his lips giving you sweet kisses all over your clit. Yet, he remains as teasing as before, licking you up and down slowly.

    “Fuck Jisung, if you want to do it, please do it then” you groan, your head back up, watching him. His only reaction was to chuckle against you, sending you some much needed vibrations. He started to move sucking and biting into your sensitive sposts, his eyes locked on yours as you let out breathy moans and whispers of his name. “So wet for me.” he would praise you, continuing his assault on your clit, your brain was gone into the pleasure that was building in your stomach. You move one of your hands to grasp his hair, urging him to go faster, as you felt the pleasure spread to your toes. “So desperate and pretty.” he’d stop to say, only to put his two fingers inside of you and pump then in a slow pace. His mouth on your bundles and his fingers reaching into you, now starting to curl in that spot you desperately needed, taking you over the edge.

    “I’m almost there” you tell him, your back arching, your hips grinding up, looking for more, only to have him halt away and leave you gasping. “Jisung, please” you’d beg for him to continue, but he was already coming up to kiss you. You tasted yourself in his tongue, moving away to take his shirt off. His chest finally in the open for you to appreciate the lines of muscles in his body, he was, by far, the most attractive person you’ve been with, and that made you even more restless.

    It’s your turn to kiss on his neck, leaving soft love bites on his pale skin, marks you knew would be gone in the morning. Your hand kept sliding down his body, meeting his bulge and rubbing against it, and as he left groans in your ear, you knew he was just as eager as you. You unbotton his jeans and let him slide it down his body, along with his boxers. His erection slaps against his stomach and you take on the full view of his body. “Do you have a condom?”

    “Yeah” he grunts, far too gone too. He reaches on his nightstand for a pack, and hands it to you. You rip the plastic on your lips as you maintain eye contact, his gaze begging you to go faster. You take the rubber and slide it down his dick, him meeting you with a grind of his hips, you give him a few pumps before laying back and letting him take the lead. This time around, he doesn’t tease, bottoming out in you, the pressure reaching your stomach. “You feel so fucking good” he moans out and waits a few seconds before thrusting again, he starts building his rhythm and adjusts your leg to go over his hip, making it reach even deeper inside you.

    Usually, it would take you a long time to have an orgasm from penetration itself, if you even managed to have one, but you were so consumed by his previous teasing that it doesn’t take long for the pleasure to build on your body. His thrusts are deep and steady, reaching in the right spots inside you. And as you call out his name, your hands running againt his back you feel him twitching inside of you, going even faster as he loses himself in the pleasure. He works hard for it to be just as pleasurable for you, running his fingers in your clit in circular motions. The more you near your orgasm, clenching against him, the louder his moans get. “Are you close?” he grunts out. You can only moan out a yes as he quicken up his pace, ready to reach that high. With his effort, it’s no wonder you both reach your high at almost the same time, he keeps thrusting into you, riding that orgasm until he feels soft, he doesn’t stop circling your clit, not until you finally see white and buck away from him, overstimulated from your finished orgasm.

    He lifts himself off you, and you had to control the complaint from leaving your hips as he didn’t fill you anymore. He took the condom and made a knot in it before disposing it. Before he threw himself in bed you were already on your feet, searching for all the pieces of clothing around the room. “What are you doing?” he asks as you put on your underwear. “Getting dressed” you chuckle. “Are you leaving?” he asks before you put your shirt back on, and you only nod back at him, used to this moment. “It’s dangerous for you to go out in the street at this time” “I’m sure I’ll be fine Jisung” you state back at him.

    “You should stay the night and we’ll grab some breakfast in the morning” he says, somewhat of a sparkle in his eyes. “We don’t have to do that.” You tell him grabbing your pants from the floor. “I know that silly, I want to.” he says, with a tenderness you never expected. Meeting your apprehensiveness he only taps on his bed “Come here Y/N”.

    You choose to oblige this time, leaving your pants on a new spot on the floor and reaching to lay besides him. He lets you roll to his side and places his arms on top of you, the two of you spooning as he climbs up to place a soft and unexpected kiss to your forehead. “Let’s get some sleep, yeah, I’m tired” he says before turning off the lights from his bedstand.

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  • charmercharm3r
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    See Us Two


    wc: 2.4k

    Synopsis: Sometimes, words aren’t enough. Sometimes, words aren’t needed.

    warnings: smut (though very brief and extremely vanilla), mostly just fluff


    It was safe, here in your little bubble of bliss. The one bedroom apartment you’d found on the top floor of an old building was practically a warehouse because of how industrial it felt. Windows on random parts of the four walls, one leading onto the open roof space of the apartments that resides below yours. Looking at it from outside, it probably looked like a shithole. The closet space was so small, there was no washer or dryer, just about everything needed to be renovated or else the whole place might explode soon. But it was yours, a little corner of the world where you could escape and let yourself feel content without the outside caving in, looking for a way to break you down to skin and bones. At least, that’s how Jisung described it. He always had a beautiful way with words. 

    The green rooftop is where you stood now, hanging the white linen sheets on a wire you’d previously brought home to dry from the laundromat down the street. Jisung was sound asleep in your bed, tired from the days upon days he’d spent pouring himself into his work. It was a breezy spring afternoon, which he didn’t mind sleeping through and you didn’t mind letting him. He deserved the rest.

    But the sun still bore through the hazy grid windows, somehow almost as bright inside as it was outside even with the sheer drapes you’d hung to lessen the rays. You liked waking up to the sunlight, it made it feel as though you were awakening on your own time, not society’s. A white sundress felt appropriate for the day, letting your hair down to run free in the wind.

    The open window gave the perfect view of your sleeping boyfriend, stirring for a moment before hugging a pillow close to his chest. It awed you, how helplessly gorgeous he looked even in slumber, even when he was far away in dreamland and you were unfolding another sheet to hang and clip to a clothesline. The warm feeling in your chest was nothing compared to the sun as you walked towards the window and get a clearer view of him in total peace.

    Reaching over the sill to grab the cup of hot water you’d made earlier, you sipped on it, leaning back against the railing and watching the sheets sway. It was a moment of tranquility you wouldn’t get back once the day was over and you had to return to the outside world.

    Jisung shifted again, you heard the sheets ruffle and a pillow fall to the ground, followed by a tired groan. You didn’t turn around, sipping the hot water again and closing your eyes to really feel the cool afternoon air. Then your back became all too hot. But not the kind of warmth that came from the sun, a hot body was nearly pressing against your shoulder.

    Jisung was awake, head now cradling into the nook of your neck as his arms snaked around your torso to pull you closer despite the window sill acting as a barricade. A low hum escaped him, soft lips placing lazy kisses to your bare neck and shoulder. “You’re up so early,” he grumbled.

    You giggle, reaching a hand back to stroke his bed head. “It’s almost one in the afternoon.” The kisses traveled up, behind your ear and along your cheek, any exposed skin he could reach. “Too early. Come back to bed.” You were so tempted, wanting nothing more than to get lost in the sheets with him. But the wet linens that were sitting in the laundry basket beckoned for you to continue with the chore. He watched you eye it from behind the plaster barrier.

    Just leaning away slightly and turning your head, you gave him a quick peck to the lips. “Let me finish hanging these, go back to bed. I’ll be there in a bit.” Another kiss and he let you go, albeit reluctantly and not without another parade of smooches. 

    You grabbed the wet laundry and tossed it over the clothesline, grabbing another wooden clip to keep it in place. The wind twisted the other sheets behind you, engulfing you in them. If the roof wasn’t only accessible through your front door, you’d have been startled by the hands that were gently grabbing your hips. Jisung peeked his head over your shoulder again, this time stepping around you and picking up one of the freshly washed pillow cases. He intentionally reached in front of you for the clips, head brushing against your chest and slightly nuzzling into your breasts. You giggled, placing a hand to his forehead and giving a kiss to the top of his hair, moving the tub of clips on the floor between the two of you just after. You didn’t notice he was just in a white shirt and his boxers until the breeze tossed the white sheets up again. It surrounded the two of you, almost as if the linens spoke and encouraged him to close the space between your bodies. He stepped in tighter, bringing a hand up to your cheek and holding you in place, “so beautiful.”

    You wanted to savor him, every second his skin was on yours and every second your eyes stayed glued to one another, reading into the secrets of each other’s souls. You didn’t want him to let you go, but there was just one more pillow case to be hung, to which he took the liberty of finishing. The sheets blew against you as you drank in the sight of Jisung, honey-like skin illuminating against the pure white of his shirt and the sunlight. Your dress flowed with the laundry, whirling around the two of you in a fresh tornado of flower scented ivory threading.

    He took your hand as soon as he’d clipped the last bit of laundry, leading you back inside to your beloved bed. The room was bright, though less so than the roof, perfect for a lazy afternoon nap even though he had just woken up. Jisung had no intention of sleeping. He just wanted to be near you, be able to inhale the way you smelled and be able to practically taste it because you were so close to him. It’s all he’s ever wanted.

    You didn’t need to be coerced into stripping your dress off, it was a force of habit to not wear your outside clothes in bed— let alone any clothes in bed besides maybe a bra and a pair of panties. Jisung watched on his back as you slipped it down your body and let it fall to the floor, climbing almost completely naked into bed with him save for your underwear. He immediately sat up and readjusted you so that it was you on your back and head in the pillows. Not every intimate moment with him was sexual— the times where he’d sneak his head under your shirt while you brushed your teeth just to feel your skin on his. When he’d unclip your bra as you were on your stomach to place kisses down your spine, or now when he spread your legs to lay between them and rest his head on your naked belly, peering up at you through his lashes. It was like this for a while, fingers carding relaxingly through his thick hair as he matched his breath to follow your chest, up and down.

    Safe. You were safe here, in your little bubble with Jisung. Safe until he started to place gentle kisses down your belly, skipping over the hem of your underwear to trail down the inside of your thigh and repeating on the other. His hands gripped under your knees, bringing them up to plant your feet firmly on the mattress. Your fingers didn’t leave his hair until he kissed his way back up, cupping his chin and making his look at you from between your legs. He looked even more ethereal than before, eyes big and glazed over in both exhaustion and horniness. You didn’t look away, smiling when he began to get shy and hide his face into the crook where your thigh met your core. “Sometimes I wonder,” you said softly, pulling his attention from playing with the hemline of your panties with his teeth. “Where do you end and where do I begin?” He smiled into the supple skin of your thigh, giving it one last kiss before trailing the tip of his tongue over your clothed heat.

    He eyed the growing wet spot, taking in a deep breath of your arousal. “I’ve said it so many times,” he kissed the darkening spot, “I’ll say it forever,” fingers looping your underwear and pulling it down, “so, so beautiful.” 

    Jisung tossed the fabric somewhere, not looking as he licked his lips. You fingered through his hair again, not rushing him as he stared at your now sopping cunt as if it were the last thing he’d ever see. Feeling his warm breath on the sensitive area, you let out a moan. Jisung took this as his queue to dive in. He first kissed your throbbing nub, then let the tip of his tongue circle it, progressing to the entire wet muscle running a stripe along the whole of your cunt. The way he’d look up at you, eyes half lidded as he lazily lapped at you, it felt all too perfect, too surreal you were sure you’d awaken from a fever dream at any given moment.

    A particularly good suck of your clit made you throw your head back and cry out, shutting your eyes as his fingertips traveled to your entrance. He teased it, gathering your essence to easily guide one finger into you. After a few pumps and you tugging harder on his hair, he added a second. You were in utter bliss, so sensitive under his touch. But having you cum around his fingers wasn’t his plan, little to your knowledge. As much as he loved when you came undone right in front of his face, into his mouth, he wanted more.

    Jisung pulled away, leaving you moaning out his name from the sudden lack of skinship. He stripped off his shirt and found himself snuggling his head into your neck again, sucking languidly at the skin. You forced his boxers down, not even fully down his thighs before he was lining himself up with your core. “Just wanna melt into you,” you breathed into his ear. Groaning, Jisung hitched your legs higher around his torso and pushed into you.

    There was little to no resistance, so slick and relaxed with him— around him. He became sheathed entirely in a matter of seconds, hands pressing hard into your thighs. You couldn’t help pulsing around him, feeling every inch of his cock sound and snug inside you. The two of you were a moaning mess without even a single movement, content with just being inside one another. “Being this close isn’t close enough,” Jisung spoke, though it didn’t sound as though he was speaking directly to you. His eyes were shut as he rubbed his forehead into your bare chest, his own chest contracting in a labored breathing. If only you could stay like this all day, if only time could stop in this moment and freeze the two of you, so encapsulated in one another and so lazily in love.

    However the hunger got the best of you, making you contract harder in need. “Ji, please move,” you whimpered. It was gentle and unrushed the way he pulled out and pushed into you, going at a snail’s pace to memorize every time your walls fluttered around him. This what making love was, being at one another’s command so much that there were no other words that needed to be said, you both just knew.

    You knew how to tug his hair just enough to make him shudder, how to massage the skin of his shoulders to draw him closer and make his hips stutter just the slightest bit. Whereas he knew how to get you to call his name with his fingers dancing along your clit, how to make you throw your head back in pleasure as his hands found yours and pinned them above your head. You didn’t need much else, squeezing his hands increasingly hard the closer you got to your high. Just as you, he was on the verge. Skin slapping and incoherent moans, slurred affirming words filling the dead space of the one apartment that Jisung built for you in his heart. It was easy enough to tell he was holding himself back from pumping into you, wanting to share the euphoria the same way you’d shared just about every other bit of yourselves.  And with another deep pound, Jisung hit just the place you needed to topple into your climax, arching your chest into him as you ripped out his orgasm as well.

    Jisung let his body weight fall on top of you for a second before rolling to the side, pulling you with him so he didn’t fall from your pussy. You could feel him beginning to soften, but it seemed as though he didn’t mind since he wrapped his arms around your neck and tugged you closer, gently kicking off his boxers. Though slightly sweaty, you inhaled deeply, hoping to engrave his scent into your brain. Your eyes began to shut, feeling him rub his cheek to your temple. “Still not close enough,” he whispered, making you giggle. “It won't ever be.”

    “You would live inside me if you could,” your voice was getting quieter as sleep started to overtake you.

    “Put me in your pocket and take me with you everywhere. Everyone would see you, but they’d really be seeing us two. Just wanna be with you always.” The post nut clarity always brought out his little secrets. Though they weren’t really secrets, more like confessions of love, the things he wouldn’t have the courage to say if you weren’t lulling into unconsciousness and thought it was just a figment of your imagination. But you always knew it was just so whollely him, Jisung putting his entire being on display in the form of words because he always had a beautiful way with words.

    And as the darkness clouded you, he brushed your hair from your face and caressed your cheek, pressing one last kiss to your forehead. “Can’t tell where you end and I begin.”


    A/N: no thoughts, head empty except for sleepy boy Jisung

    #stray kids fanfic #stray kids fluff #stray kids smut #stray kids angst #han jisung smut #han jisung fluff #han jisung angst #han jisung fanfic #han jisung x y/n #han jisung x reader #han jisung x you #skz fanfic#skz smut#skz fluff#skz angst
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  • starryychansfw
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Like It || Chan drabble (+18)

    genre: smut (minors dni!!)
    word count: 309
    warnings: dom!chan x sub!reader, manhandling, swearing, teasing, fingering, sprinkling of dirty talk✨
    a/n: no thoughts just being manhandled by chan😵‍💫


    Heavy pants broke the silence of the room as Chan all but ripped his shirt over his head before meeting you halfway in a heated kiss. His body burned against your bare chest as you were shoved against the back of the door. Your hands tore through his blond locks, threading your fingers between the strands as Chan softly moaned into your mouth.

    “God, baby,” Chan murmured against your lips, pulling back to stare at you with hooded eyes. “Missed me that much?”

    He didn’t give you a chance to respond; he lifted you clean from the floor and threw you onto the nearby bed. You gasped, heart pounding from the rush of adrenaline as Chan pinned your hips to the mattress and started trailing kisses over your collarbone to illicit small whines from your lips. His hands roamed over your skin, teasing the waistband of your shorts while the other lifted your left leg over his shoulder.

    “My girl's so needy today.” He whispered, lips ghosting along your inner thigh. “Want me to fuck you so badly, huh?”

    Already it felt like your sanity was slipping through your fingers, as Chan peeled away your remaining clothes and started to finger your clit.

    You gasped and clutched at the sheets, his quick brushes over the bundle of nerves sending shots of pleasure through your body. His hands massaged your thighs before he leaned over you, hovering above you with his face inches from yours.

    Blinking rapidly and breathing heavily, you forced your eyes to look up at him. He was smirking, hot pants fluttering over your lips.

    “Chan-” you whined, the relentless teasing to your clit becoming unbearable. All he did was chuckle and softly kiss your neck.

    “Don’t worry, darling.” He murmured in your ear, making goosebumps dance over your skin. “I know just how you like it.”


    likes + reblogs are always appreciated!! and you’re looking for more skz content, check out my sfw account @starryychan

    thank you for reading!!🥀

    #stray kids x y/n #stray kids fanfic #bang chan #bang chan smut #chan#chan smut#skz chan #skz chan smut #stray kids chan #stray kids chan smut #stray kids smut #skz smut #stray kids fanfiction #stray kids imagine #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #stray kids#skz#skz fanfiction#skz fanfic #skz bang chan #stray kids bang chan #stray kids bang chan smut #skz bang chan smut #bang chan imagines #bang chan imagine #bang chan fanfic #bang chan fanfiction #chan fanfiction
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  • shinnych4nnie
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Fantasy // Bang chan (+18)

    Bang chan x lector femenino
    advertencias: bang chan!dom, sexo vaginal, fingering, leve degradación, lugar semi público, sexo sin protección (ustedes TIENEN que usar protección ok?), cachetadas leves, ahorcamiento leve
    © este contenido solo pertenece a @shinnych4nnie, no traducir/adaptar sin antes pedir mi consentimiento

    Nota de autor: Holaaa de nuevo, vuelvo con otra historia. Otra en el estudio de Chan, perdón tengo algo con ese lugar xd que lo disfruten! ♡︎




    golpeé la puerta del estudio dos veces, escuché a mi novio decir que entre. me lo encontré sentado en su silla de escritorio con el celular en la mano y con la otra acariciando su duro miembro de arriba abajo, muy lentamente.

    '¿qu- qué estás haciendo amor?' dije estática en frente de él. no entendiendo porque mi novio estaba acariciando su miembro. me sentí celosa de no ser yo quien lo hiciera.

    'no me dijiste que escribías fanfics', empalidecí, 'no sabía que escribías todas estas cosas sobre mi, ¿de verdad quieres todo esto?' dijo aún masajeandose y mirándome con sus ojos completamente dilatados.

    se levantó, acercándose a mí sin separar su mirada de la mía. era tan intenso que empecé a sentir como mis bragas se mojaban con solo verlo así. se colocó detrás; tomando mi cintura para acercarme a su tenso cuerpo y sentí la erección en la espalda, sus manos tomaron mis senos, apretó y masajeo sobre la ropa. pegué más mi cuerpo a él suyo. '¿quieres que te trate mal y te diga que eres una puta?' no respondí, una de sus manos había bajado y la metió dentro de mis bragas, tocó mi clítoris y yo solo pude gemir. 'claro que quieres, mírate, ya estás empapada y todavía no empecé con lo mejor.'

    'desvistete' susurro en mi oído, me sentí nerviosa de hacerlo aquí en el trabajo pero como si leyera mi mente agregó 'cerré la puerta, rápido te quiero desnuda y acostada en el sillón ya, zorrita' rápidamente me quite la camisa seguido del sostén y la falda.

    chan, durante todo el proceso seguía detrás mío, observando todo y masajeando su miembro. lo oí suspirar cuando mi culo decorado por la tanga de encaje quedó a la vista. dos segundos después ya me encontraba como él me pidió, desnuda y en el sillón.

    'así que… ' comenzó diciendo mientras se acercaba a mí a pasos muy lentos, parándose en frente mío, tomó mi barbilla para que lo mirara y con la rodilla hizo que abra las piernas, dejándome expuesta y con el coño brillante por la excitación que ya tenía 'una de tus historias decía qué quieres que te coja en mi estudio' su mano que estaba en mi barbilla bajaba por mi cuello, rozandoló despacio, haciéndome sufrir y rogando por su toque, gemí por lo bajo. chan me dió una bofetada, no muy fuerte pero si lo suficiente para que sentir un poco de picor en mi mejilla izquierda 'silencio perra, no quiero que hagas ni un ruido' me empujó para que me recueste y se posicionó entre mis piernas, las subió hasta mi pecho y me ordenó que las sostenga y no las soltara por nada. 'estás empapada, tan necesitada y desesperada. tanto te gusta que te cojan maldita puta? mmh?' decía mientras pasaba su dedo índice arriba y abajo por mi coño haciéndome retorcer pidiendo más, el rió 'debería darle lo que esta puta quiere o hacerla sufrir un poco más?' me retorcí debajo de él, en modo de queja. él sonrió 'sigamos jugando con mi juguetito entonces'

    introdujo dos dedos rápidamente sin avisar y empezó a moverlos en círculos lentos, sacando y metiendo lentamente. quise moverme para aumentar la velocidad de sus dedos pero me lo impidió. con su boca jugaba con mis senos, pasaba de uno al otro mordiendo los pezones, chupando y dejando marcas por todos lados, cada tanto levantaba la vista para verme. cuando sentía que mi centro temblaba, él retiraba los dedos y dejaba de hacer cualquier cosa con sus dedos o su boca. lo hizo tres veces. me estaba frustrando no poder liberarme y verlo que se regocijaba con mi sufrimiento me excitaba más.

    'por favor, lo necesito. no puedo más, te necesito dentro mío, por favor follame' lloré no pudiendo aguantar más las ganas de sentir a mi novio bombeando dentro mío. saco sus dedos y los metió en mi boca 'chupa' y eso hice, sintiendo mi sabor.

    acercó su miembro pero no lo posicionó en la entrada si no que lo apoyó todo sobre mi coño y empezó un vaivén torturador. arriba y abajo. arriba y abajo. mis jugos lubricando su larga y gruesa longitud mientras acariciaba entre los pliegues de mi coño. me estaba volviendo loca. 'por favor' dije con lágrimas en los ojos.

    me miró y me besó fuertemente, introdujo su lengua en mi boca desde el primer momento y también metió su polla de un solo golpe, nuestros gemidos se unieron en la boca de cada uno y el empezó a penetrarme fuerte, duro, profundo sin esperar ni perder el tiempo.tocando el punto dulce que él tanto conocía.

    el ruido de la piel chocando y los gemidos ahogados llenaban la habitación. rompió el beso y se incorporó para verme. tomando mi cuello me dijo 'mira como disfruta la muy zorra, así te gusta no? por dios tu coño se devora toda mi polla, mira' soltó mi cuello y agarró mi cabello y haciendo que mire hacia abajo, ver cómo su polla entraba y salía de mi, como me llenaba completamente haciéndome sentir tan llena hizo temblar mis paredes 'mmh ya quieres venirte, te estoy sintiendo como me aprietas. hazlo, puedes venirte'

    exploté a su alrededor, mordiendo mi labio para evitar que nos escuchen, tanto que sangró. chan embistió varias veces más, depositando todo de sí dentro de mi, mordiendo mi hombro para evitar hacer ruido. aún con un poco de energía restante me tomó entre brazos levantándome y haciendo que me acueste en su pecho.

    'lei que te gustaría que varios de los miembros te usen como su juguete, creo que a los chicos les va a gustar eso' sonrió y me besó tiernamente. 'voy a cumplir todas y cada una de tus fantasias mi amor'




    #skz smut#skzscenarios#skz fanfic#skzimaginas#skzsmut#skz imagines #skz hard hours #skz hard thoughts #skz bang chan #bang christopher chan #bangchan #bang chan smut #bang chan imagines #bang chan hard hours #bang chan hard thoughts #bang chan fanfic #stray kids smut #straykidsimagine#straykidshardhours #stray kids fanfic #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x reader #bang chan x you #bang chan x y/n #bang chan x female reader #bang chan x reader
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  • eyuqi
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Is That Blood? L.M.

    Genre: angsty, fluffy type shit. idk.

    Word Count: 942

    TW: Mention(s) of blood/ fights/ violence, implied abusive ex, reader and Minho share a kiss.

    More Info: Lee Minho x best friend reader, not proofread so enjoy lmao.

    You came back with a first aid kit. Minho was looking at you like a puppy who had just broken a vase. You placed the kit on the kitchen counter and got to work. You gripped Minho's chin and turned it to the side, getting a better look at the wound. It didn't look too bad but it was still bleeding. You dipped a cotton ball into some disinfectant and slowly patted Minho's cheek. He hissed in return and pulled his face back slightly. You mumbled a quick apology and gripped his cheek pulling him closer. Your faces were now dangerously close, your breath hitting Minho's jaw. "I'm sorry," Minho said quickly before looking away. You kept cleaning his wound. What he did wasn't okay but it was understandable. Your ex was a manipulative piece of shit who destroyed your mental health and ruined all your relationships, except Minho. He had never left you alone, he was always there. Always. Even when you were at your worst. So when you confessed to him about the things that your ex had put you through, Minho had sworn to himself that he would make your ex regret ever laying a finger on you the next time he saw him. And he did. He cornered him in a dark alley after spotting him coming out of the convenience store. It was a few punches at first, nothing he couldn't handle. But then your ex started hitting back and Minho was done at that point. He didn't give a single fuck about what would happen to him. So he beat the shit out of your ex. And if you were being honest with yourself, Minho being so protective of you was so fucking hot.

    You came back with a first aid kit. Minho was looking at you like a puppy who had just broken a vase. You placed the kit on the kitchen counter and got to work. You gripped Minho's chin and turned it to the side, getting a better look at the wound. It didn't look too bad but it was still bleeding. You dipped a cotton ball into some disinfectant and slowly patted Minho's cheek. He hissed in return and pulled his face back slightly. You mumbled a quick apology and gripped his cheek pulling him closer. Your faces were now dangerously close, your breath hitting Minho's jaw. "I'm sorry," Minho said quickly before looking away. You kept cleaning his wound. What he did wasn't okay but it was understandable. Your ex was a manipulative piece of shit who destroyed your mental health and ruined all your relationships, except Minho. He had never left you alone, he was always there. Always. Even when you were at your worst. So when you confessed to him about the things that your ex had put you through, Minho had sworn to himself that he would make your ex regret ever laying a finger on you the next time he saw him. And he did. He cornered him in a dark alley after spotting him coming out of the convenience store. It was a few punches at first, nothing he couldn't handle. But then your ex started hitting back and Minho was done at that point. He didn't give a single fuck about what would happen to him. So he beat the shit out of your ex. And if you were being honest with yourself, Minho being so protective of you was so fucking hot.

    You came back with a first aid kit. Minho was looking at you like a puppy who had just broken a vase. You placed the kit on the kitchen counter and got to work. You gripped Minho's chin and turned it to the side, getting a better look at the wound. It didn't look too bad but it was still bleeding. You dipped a cotton ball into some disinfectant and slowly patted Minho's cheek. He hissed in return and pulled his face back slightly. You mumbled a quick apology and gripped his cheek pulling him closer. Your faces were now dangerously close, your breath hitting Minho's jaw. "I'm sorry," Minho said quickly before looking away. You kept cleaning his wound. What he did wasn't okay but it was understandable. Your ex was a manipulative piece of shit who destroyed your mental health and ruined all your relationships, except Minho. He had never left you alone, he was always there. Always. Even when you were at your worst. So when you confessed to him about the things that your ex had put you through, Minho had sworn to himself that he would make your ex regret ever laying a finger on you the next time he saw him. And he did. He cornered him in a dark alley after spotting him coming out of the convenience store. It was a few punches at first, nothing he couldn't handle. But then your ex started hitting back and Minho was done at that point. He didn't give a single fuck about what would happen to him. So he beat the shit out of your ex. And if you were being honest with yourself, Minho being so protective of you was so fucking hot.

    "Why are you even here?" You mumbled, looking up at him. And only then were you able to realize how close your faces were. You gulped nervously, feeling the air around you becoming thicker, tension dripping from Minho's eyes. "I wanted to see you." He pulled your hand away from his face and gripped it strongly before letting it go. Minho's hand found its way to your cheek. He caressed it softly and smiled at you. "Shit, I had to see you." You could barely stand up, let alone answer. What the heck was going on? Your heart was beating rapidly, trying to figure out if he was going to do what you thought of. Correction, what you had thought of a million times. His hand moved toward your lips, running a thumb across your bottom lip, slightly pulling them apart. Minho's gaze was now focused on your lips, his intentions as clear as day. He leaned forward slowly, too slowly for your liking. So you closed the gap between your lips eagerly, reaching for his neck and pulling him closer. The moment your lips touched his, a sigh left Minho's lips. He smiled into the kiss, pulling you even closer from your waist.

    You broke the kiss after what felt like ten minutes, staring at each other. Both of you were completely out of air, your lips were puffy and swollen. You giggled and cuddled into his chest, flustered about the events that took place. Minho wrapped his arms around you giggling at your flushed out face. You looked up from his warm embrace. "So you came over to kiss me?" You asked, teasing him. He looked at you for a while before responding. "That wasn't the initial plan." He touched your noses together before continuing. "But if this is what I get for beating up your ex, heck I can do it every day." You rolled your eyes and hit his chest jokingly. "You don't have to beat someone up to kiss me." You slowly trailed a finger up and down his chest. "You can just do it whenever you feel like it." After that, his lips were on top of yours almost instantly.

    Well, this was the best snack you could ever ask for.

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  • cb97s-whore
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Dessert H.H x F.Reader

    Pairing : dom Hyunjin x sub f. reader

    Summary : its your birthday an Hyunjin wants to spoil you

    Warnings : temperature play {ice} / Sensory depravation, established relationship, oral {f receiving}, fingering, praise, little bit of dirty talk, vaginal penetration, un protected sex (Thats a no no) , breeding kink (only at the end) clif hanger cause I'm a bitch.

    Wc. 3k

    Authors notes : this is a work of fiction (not real)

    minors DNI

    --------------------------------------< 3-----------------------------------------

    You pick up your wine glass and take a sip of the red wine in it, the liquid travelling so smoothly down your throat, you had finished the dinner that Hyunjin cooked and prepared, you're sat here at your dining room table  waiting for Hyunjin after he took the empty plates into the kitchen.

    It's your twenty-fith birthday and Hyunjin clearly wanted to do something special for you, he never cooks unless it was breakfast food. You  had spent the day shopping with your friends and as soon as you got home you smelled food.

    You threw the bags onto the sofa and went to the kitchen and hugged him, he turned his head and kissed you on the lips "happy birthday my perfect girl" he said as he turned around and hugged you back, he pulled away and kissed you again and again, you ended up sitting on the counter him in between your legs, "god I want to fuck you right now, but I have a meal to cook and you need to get changed" he said as he pulled away.

    You were in a very low cut white shirt and jeans and he was wearing a black dress shirt the first three? four? buttons undone, the sleeves rolled up half way up his fore arms, and trousers  so he was right,  you ran into our shared bedroom and got changed into a short red silk dress, it just about covering your ass, you also put on his favorite lacy red underwear to match, and pretty red heels.

    "Whats for dessert?" you ask him sweetly as he sits back down at the table "actually,.. I was thinking we do something different for dessert" he says with a smirk etching on his face.

    "Oh and whats that?" you ask knowing exactly what he means / well not exactly /  "You'll have to wait" he says as he stands up and offers a hand for you to take, and you do, the anticipation driving through your veins. He leads you to your bedroom and shuts the door behind you.

    You sit on the alaskan king sized bed the sheets being white silk as he walks up to you and takes your face in his hands, gentle cupping your cheeks, he leans in and kisses you, his soft lips pressing against yours.

    His cologne flooding your senses causing you to hum into the kiss, he slowly pulls away and smiles, he then walks to your closet and slides open the glass door, revealing like ten different robes, he pulls on the strap of a black silk one then slides shut the door."I was thinking maybe" he started as he stood in front of you.

    Slowly wraping the silk around your head, covering your eyes"its supposed to rile up anticipation" he says as he ties a knot in the back. Not too tight it hurts and not to loose it falls off, he kisses you again, your lips quickly falling apart, letting his tongue in for a passionate kiss, his teeth find your bottom lip as he pulls away, gently tugging at the pink tissue.

    You wrap your legs around his thighs and his hands find your ass cheeks before he picks you up and lays you down on the middle? of the bed, he pulls away completely, earning a whine from your lips. "stay there, i'll be back in a minute" he says as you hear foot steps walking away.

    He comes back second later and you hear him place something on the right bed side table, you feel him hovering ontop of you and you wrap your arms around his neck, your lips crashing together so easily, his fitting perfectly against yours.

    He carries the kiss down your neck, and starts off with little pecks then gradually moves to wet kisses and light nibbles, he moves to your left shoulder, pulling the thin strap of the dress off your shoulder with his teeth. His right hand slids between your thighs as his mouth kisses you.

    His lips are soft as he kisses the top of your breasts lightly sucking whenever he gets a chance. Those soft 'kisses' hopefully  creating  soft purple marks. Your heart is beating unreasonably fast as he squeezes your right thigh, his left hand pulling the strap down your right arm, he pulls at your dress, sliping the silk fabric down your body.

    He kisses right under your bra and pulls away, you can feel him looking down at you, as you hear the sound of fabric hit the floor, "god I love your body" he says."So pretty and just for me" he knew what he was saying was true you are his, you're laying in your underwear in front of him, on the bed he sleeps in, and in a couple of minutes you'll be screaming his name.

    You nod your head, agreeing with him as your body slowly starts heating up waiting for his touch."Relax baby" he whispers as his cold fingertips caress your skin, his hands feeling your waist as his lips connect with your stomach and make their way down, when he gets to your navel he stops and  his hands make their way up your body.  

    You feel his hands on your ribs as they trail to your back, you hear a click and your breasts feel relief, you bring your arms forward to let him take your bra off, "fuck" Hyunjin lets out as he throws the lacy, too-expensive bra on the floor with your dress."Your tits are so perfect" he says, like he hasn't seen them before, like he didn't see them this morning when he was pounding into you with no remorse, those mornings you love, it's the perfect thing to wake up to, him between your thighs eating you like he's been starved for years and you're the only thing he can find.

    "Hyunjin, why are my eyes covered again?" you question as you feel his hand make its way to your right boob, kneading and squeezing it as his mouth works on your left, you suck in a breath as he sucks on the tissue, what were soft kisses are now sloppy and wet as he makes his way down.

    His left hand still on your boob, his right hand picks up your leg and he starts kissing your thighs, starting near your knee, the knees he loves to be pressed onto the floor as he fucks your throat. His kisses trail up your thigh and he takes his hand away from your boob and down to your hips.

    "Lift" he says almost like a demand, as he pulls at your very much wet underwear, you lift your hips, letting the lace fabric be pulled off your body, you bend your left leg and he takes it off, you bend your right leg and he takes them completely off.

    "Fuck I want to fuck you so bad" he whispers as his hand rub the sides of your thighs, "you still haven''t answered my question" you say to him as you feel his body weight come off the bed. "This will answer your question" he says as his body is back on the bed, hovering over you.

    He kisses your lips, his lips are cold as ice and his mouth is completely closed, which is not normal especially in moments like this. He adjusts himself then theres a very familiar yet unfamiliar feeling of coldness on your neck.

    It slowly disappears and you feel the water drip down your neck, ice, his cold tongue takes its place as he licks the water, he kisses the same spot then you feel the ice again, on a different part of your neck.

    It doesn't stay there though it moves down to your breasts, you suck in the cold air and the ice reaches your left nipple, you let out a gasp as the ice circles the bud, he moves it from your left  boob to your right, you can feel his now cold beath on your skin and you swear goosebumps have risen on your skin.

    He drags the ice cube down the valley between your breasts and down your stomach, he drags the ice around your navel in circles, you can feel your chest heavily rising and falling as he gets lower, his cold hands find your inner thighs and he pushes your legs apart as the Ice trails to the inside of your right thigh, extremely close to the place you need him the most.

    He moves it over to your left thigh as the water drips down your right, he moves it in circles all around the inside of your thigh, he pulls away and his lips press onto the cold skin the ice was just circling. He sucks on your thigh, every cold bit then moves to the other leg.

    Once he's done abusing your legs with his lips, creating hickeys in places others won't see, he pulls away and you feel his weight on one side of the bed and a bigger piece of ice is on your body, straight onto your clit, "fuck" you let out as he starts moving the ice cube in figures of eight.

    Your hips move unexpectedly and you feel his lips, he hums and it sends vibrations to the bundle of nerves, your legs instantly try to close but his hands are holding them open, you let out a 'soft moan' as Hyunjin likes to call them, when the ice circles your hole, the temperature of the ice heightening all your sensitivity.

    "Shh, its okay baby" he says as he pushes the ice cube all the way in and you let out a not so soft moan, and his mouth is back on you licking your juices and the water as he sucks on your clit, "uh fuck" you moan as your hand moves to his head, tangling your fingers through his hair.

    That tongue you swore was magic slips into your hole "hyunjin" you practically whimper as he wraps your legs around his head, god he didn't lie when he said he wanted to be crushed between your thighs.

    "Such a pretty pussy" he says as he pulls away for a second, you feel the coldness of the ice inside you and his warm tongue press against your clit "hmm" he hums in content as he continues lapping up the juices, you feel a finger proding at your hole, he sticks it in and you let out a loud moan, having some thing warm inside you contrasting with cold ice.

    He adds another finger and by now your just a moaning mess, his fingers move in and out of you and you feel a knot start to form as the tips of his fingers brush over the gooy spot.

    "Jinnie" you moan the nickname as you pull at his hair, making him moan as he looks up at you, his lips still on your clit "I need you" you say and he pulls away completely. Kneeling in between your legs, his hand unties the silk wrapped around your head, you can finally see, the room was dim and perfect and so is your boyfriend.

    You look up at him for a second then kiss him, you can taste yourself on his tongue, you've always wondered why he loves going down on you, you didn't taste bad but kind of sweet. Your hand on the back of his hair holding him in for a few seconds until they find their way to his front, unbuttoning his buttons as he kisses you, the kisses sloppy but neither of you cared.

    He frantically took his shirt off of his shoulders as you started to unbuckle his belt, you pull it from the belt loops and he breaks the kiss and stands up, he pulls his trousers and boxers down in one swift movement, your eyes met with his hard on as you bite your lip. He kicks off his trousers and gets back onto the bed, back in between your legs, he kisses you, one hand on your face the other holding his dick, he lets out a shaky moan as the tip touches your folds "so cold" he says as he starts to push himself in.

    "mm" you hum in delight as he pushes in fully, you can feel the cold water drip out of you "you're so perfect" he exhales as he bottoms out, your tight cunt wrapping so perfectly around him, he pulls out slowly and rolls his hips back into you and you swear he is moving the ice inside you, you let out a loud moan as he did it again and again.

    "Jinnie, feel so good" you moan as he kisses your shoulder, then your neck "hmh?" he hums as he rolls his hips so softly its perfect, every time he pushes in the water drips down you to the sheets under you. You moan as his hand moves down to your clit and he rubs it in circles, the fact that he knows your body so well makes you clench around him and he lets out a grunt.

    "You don't know what you do to me y/n" he says as he kisses you "I can feel it inside me hyunjin" the sound of his full name from your lips just drives him crazy, he slams his hips into yours harder than before and grabs your thighs, pushing them against you as he fucks into you.

    The new position making him push deeper into you and you moan loudly, you know that when you say his name it gets him going, and thats just what you needed.

    "Fuck Hyunjin" you moan out as he hits ever part of you perfectly he grunts your name with another thrust And you throw your head back, you arch your back as your leg rubs at your nipple, "ah fuck" he moans, your walls slowly closing in on him, "keep going-m close" you almost cry out.

    He snaps his hips harder into you, he hits so deep you feel like you could cum right then "close Jinnie" you almost yell as a moan slips out straight after "me too, you can take a bit longer right baby?" he grunts and you know you can't "cum in me please" you moan out as your finger nails dig into his back "wan your babys" is all you have to say.

    "Fuck y/n" he moans as warm liquid fills you up, coating your walls white, and with that "cum with me baby" he says and thats exactly what you do, throwing your head back with the pleasure he is giving you "Hyunjinnie ah fuck" and you let go.

    He fucks you slowly through both of yours highs "Jinnie" you moan "hm? got my babys in you going to fill you up again, yeah baby?" you moan at that and wrap your legs around him. "please Hyunjin"


    #hwang hyunjin smut #skz smut #stray kids smut #hyunjin smut#kpop smut
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  • karibear
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    1 0 : 1 1 p m

    🪶 switch!felix x switch afab!reader

    🐚 oral (m. receiving), overstimulation (m. receiving), unprotected sex, slight dacryphilia, dumbification, use of babyboy & babygirl, slight daddy kink, slight choking kink, creampie, this was rewritten for lix from my keeho blurb, it was so soft and then it went kind of filthy... idk what happened -

    ⏳️ 1.4k words


    felix and you tumble onto the bed, entwined with each other. his hands travel restlessly across your skin, leaving burning trails in their wake. lips mold against yours, tongue intruding between your teeth. his heart beats rapidly under your fingertips and his needy groans vibrate softly against your face.

    "need you," he breathes.

    you don't waste a second, pushing him off you and rolling on top. as you hurriedly begin to undo the button of his jeans, lix's eyes widen with surprise. normally, he's the one to take a leading role in the bedroom, so this sudden change of pace somewhat surprises him. he's far from complaining, though, especially when you're lowering your mouth onto his length with a soft whimper. his hips buck automatically, but you push them down and shoot him a raised eyebrow.

    biting his lip, felix nods in response to your silent command for him to hold still. he's never been treated this way before, but he thinks he might be enjoying it... a lot. your mouth envelops him warmly, your fingers wrapping around what you can't handle. you start slow, bobbing your head and flicking your tongue along the underside, moving your hand in rhythm with your lips.

    "fuck..." moans your boyfriend, long and low. his head tosses back, making you almost smile around his girth.

    when you hollow your cheeks, sucking on the hot, rigid hardness resting on your tongue, felix gasps. his breaths begin to go shallow, and his fingers reach down to tangle in your hair.

    "you're so good, baby," he groans, sending a rush of heat to your core. as you moan in response, a sharp hiss leaves his lips. almost desperately, you bob your mouth down around his cock, squeezing the base with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. your tongue traces his slit every time your head recedes to the tip of his length, and his breaths start to become higher and faster, stomach heaving, fingers tightening in your hair, until -

    "baby, I'm going to cum," keens your boyfriend, shivering when you hum in response. his red lip gets caught between his teeth as he twitches in your hold and then cums hard into your mouth. eagerly, you swallow all he has to give.

    and then you keep going.

    "what are you doing?" whimpers felix. "it hurts..."

    still, you don't stop pumping his once-more-hardening length, but you do lift your mouth off him.

    "yeah?" you coo. "you want me to stop, baby? what's your colour?"

    his eyes are clenched shut, fists rigid on top of the sheets. "g-green," he whispers.

    your lips lift at the corners in a tiny smile, half endeared and half sly. slowly, you sink your head back down onto his red tip, kitten-licking at the slit. he tastes sweet, and he sounds even sweeter, moaning and crying for you. he can't seem to stop squirming - his hips won't stop bucking even when you use both hands to hold him down, now using only your mouth to sink and rise off his girth repeatedly. the suction of your mouth is driving felix insane, the warmth, the velvety softness of your tongue. it isn't long before he's coming again with a high-pitched whine, back arching.

    as he blows more ropes of white into your mouth, a satisfied hum rumbles in your throat, only causing more overstimulation for the panting, teary-eyed boy on the bed.

    “please,” he begs, “no more. ‘s too much.”

    again, you slide off of him, though your hands continue their ministrations, slow and steady. “are you sure?” you coo softly. “what’s your colour, baby boy?”

    felix sucks his lip into his mouth. “green,” he whimpers.

    quietly, tenderly, you laugh. “aww, baby doesn’t want me to stop, does he?”

    his eyes are sparklingly wet and brimming with adoration as he slowly shakes his head. his motions are slow and shaky, unsure, like he’s too drunk on you to think straight.

    you hum. “I could go down on you all day, pretty boy. love making you feel good.”

    a high-pitched whine claws its way out of his throat as you tighten your hands around him, picking up the pace just enough to make the tears spill out of his eyes.

    “please!” he keens, shivering and bucking uncontrollably. your hand rolls over his pretty pink tip, pressing into the sensitive skin and yanking a sob from his lips.

    when you sink your mouth back down, enveloping his girth in slick warmth, a final, high-pitched wail rakes out of him, and his balls tighten as he cums harder than all the other times before.

    “fuck, fuck, fuck,” he sobs, fisting the sheets in his hands.

    “good job, love,” you breathe tenderly, working him gently through his high.

    when he looks down at you who swallowed all the cum he had to give, you swear you see stars glimmering in his eyes.

    “will you fuck me, please?” he whispers, droplets collecting on his eyelashes. he looks so angelic, so ethereal, that your heart skips a beat.

    in lieu of a response, you crawl up his body, kissing him softly so he can taste himself lingering on your tongue. the past thirty minutes of hearing his desperate cries and watching his beautiful faces has made you dripping, more soaked than you’ve ever been in your life. you don’t need any prep whatsoever, simply sliding down to sit on his cock and letting your walls suck him deep inside. in unison, you both let out deep groans, breaths hitching as he bottoms out inside you.

    “you’re so hard, lix,” you murmur, pupils dilating in lust as he bites his lip.

    “ride me,” he whispers. his hands grasp your waist hard enough to bruise, eyes burning into yours whilst your foreheads press together.

    with one last kiss to his plump lips, you sit up and place your hands flat on his firm chest, slowly beginning to bounce on him.

    “fuck,” groans felix. throwing his head back, he releases a deep groan that has you clenching hard. “you’re so wet,” he pants.

    you can’t help but whimper, feeling the undertones of the atmosphere beginning to shift as your roles slowly but inevitably change. his eyes bore into yours, dark with lust and hunger as he rocks his hips up to meet yours. the hands on your waist bring you up and down hard and fast on his rock-hard length, and each forced bounce leaves you whining breathlessly.

    “fuck me just like that, baby,” lix groans - almost growls.

    “daddy,” you whisper. “daddy, please - ”

    the second the title slips past your lips, a switch flips behind his eyes. before you can blink, you’re suddenly on your back, legs swung over his shoulders, as he pounds into you. “you gonna take it like a good girl?” he growls into your ear, slowly sliding one hand around your throat. he’s fucking you so deep, so well, that you’re only capable of whining in agreement, hands clinging helplessly to his shoulders. “you’d better,” he chuckles darkly, pausing to push your legs higher. “after overstimulating me like that, you’d fucking better take everything I give you.”

    you’re much too far gone to fully register anything he says. his rock-hard dick pistons into your wet heat, sending pure fire down all your nerve endings as he brushes your deepest sweet spots. he’s got you in the tightest mating press, growling obscenities into your skin even as he lips tenderly grace your neck.

    “cum with me, babygirl,” he orders softly, tender words a stark contrast to the punishing pace of his thrusts. at his command, you sob out, pussy twitching erratically around him, milking him for all he’s worth. groaning your name, felix pumps you full of cum, pushing it all deep inside for you to keep safe.

    “you’re such a good fucking girl for me,” he moans when he finally collapses on top of you. your hands trail each other’s bodies as you each whisper grateful praises into the other’s skin.

    “I think I like it when you take control,” lix eventually murmurs sleepily. his face is buried in the crook of your shoulder, tongue tracing slow, leisurely circles.

    you giggle quietly. “yeah?”

    “mhm. just as long as I get to fuck you like that after.”

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  • j-0ne25
    26.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    MANIAC (18+!)

    SYNOPSIS: After a huge fight resulting in breaking up with your toxic boyfriend, you go to the studio, hoping to get your mind off of him. But your plans of being alone are disrupted by your coworker being there…

    GENRE: angst, fluff, smut
    WORD COUNT: 5.3k
    CONTENT INFO: jisung x afab reader, nonidol!au, rapper!jisung, coworker!jisung, producer!reader, friends2lovers, coworkers2lovers, lots of crying omg, (past) toxic relationship
    WARNING: very toxic relationship including gaslighting and insulting, depression and anxiety, mention of panic attacks, mention of borderline personality disorder, mention of therapy, swearing, break up
    SMUT WARNING: dom!jisung, sub!reader, fingering, oral (m receiving), piv, unprotected sex (pls don’t be stupid), lots of praise, hair pulling, name calling (princess, good girl, babygirl), dumbification, aftercare
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: this isn't proof read and English isn't my first language. I hope you enjoy reading this :)

    The characters do not portray any of the skz members in real life, the names are just used for fiction. Also minors do not interact, this post contains mature themes. By clicking on “read more” you consent to nsfw content.

    Click clack, click clack, you hear the droplets of water hit the sink, as you wash your face, trying to get rid of the smudged makeup from crying. When some of the eyeliner accidentally meets the inside of your eyes, you shut them reflexively, the pain stinging your whole face.

    Grabbing the nearest towel, not caring it’s a white one that’s definitely gonna get stained from the black colour, you dry your skin, placing it back after it. You now take a first look in the mirror again, your cheeks and lips swollen, eyes bright red from crying.

    “Sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me, no one understands me with my opinion. Do you know the difference between people trying to understand the world and actually understanding what matters- it’s not your job, it’s not paying taxes- these are just small problems”, he explains and you have to suppress a laugh, completely shocked about his privileged point of view, “but us people, who think about the world in its profundity- our lives are the hardest, we’re doomed with all these thoughts, while average, non-thinking people just go through the day without worrying.”

    You’re not answering anything, even if you wanted to, you don’t know what to say. He’s talked about this issue for quite a long time now and you see it as a coping mechanism for him to avoid his problems, escaping real life. It’s not like he’s actually reading some philosophical literature or anything, that could make him believe stuff like that. It’s all from his imagination, he creates these ideas in his mind during depressive episodes.

    You’re not answering anything, even if you wanted to, you don’t know what to say. He’s talked about this issue for quite a long time now and you see it as a coping mechanism for him to avoid his problems, escaping real life. It’s not like he’s actually reading some philosophical literature or anything, that could make him believe stuff like that. It’s all from his imagination, he creates these ideas in his mind during depressive episodes.

    Your boyfriend has had some trouble with his mental health since the beginning of the relationship, just like you have, but in comparison, you're aware of your problems, going to therapy, working on yourself. He’s mostly just waiting for the ‘right time’ to appear, when he’s ready to overcome his challenges or that they just magically vanish. 

    Another big difference between the both of you is that you’re very self-reflective during and after arguments - he’s not. Most of the time, he blames his own problems on you or other people. If something doesn’t go exactly the way he’s expected, his world collapses and the next few hours or even the whole day is ruined. 

    “Of course, like always you aren’t responding to anything, typical of you- you know, sometimes I feel like you don’t care about me- exactly like anyone else”, he says, rolling his eyes again, as he grabs his laptop and continues with whatever he was doing. “I’ve had a panic attack some minutes ago and you expect me to function?” You ask him now, reminding him you have to deal with your own problems first.

    “That’s what you always say- you with your panic attacks- always so stressed out over nothing”. Feeling the next tear run down your cheeks, you instantly wipe it away with the back of your hands. “Wow, so you’re not taking me seriously?” He scoffs again, with a serious look on his face now. “Well, let me think. You’re not exactly helping me either. Also, my problems are actual problems, yours are just in your mind”, he asserts.

    He’s so fucking annoying when he’s discussing shit that doesn’t really matter to you, totally oblivious to the fact, he’s not the centre of attention. Grow up, the world is an asshole to all of us, you’re not the only one suffering. But he’s turning his friends into enemies with this attitude.

    You’re tired at this point, not caring anymore. You’re probably lying to yourself, always letting him talk to you like that, pretending everything is fine, when you get along again after a fight. At first, you were the one to apologise - most of the time for things you haven’t even done, but he’s always reading things between the lines, taking everything the wrong way, it’s like walking on eggshells. But nowadays, you don’t care anymore, which scares you in a way you may be falling out of love.

    “You know what? I don’t care anymore. I’m done with you treating me with little to no respect, never listening to my sorrows”, you tell him and you’re surprised you can actually be so bold. Getting up from his seat now, he walks towards you. “Me treating you disrespectful? You’re always the one whining about their shit and getting anxious about the smallest things. I should accuse you of being disrespectful. You drain my energy with your annoyance.”

    “Then why are you still with me?” You provoke him, trying to get an honest reaction out of him. “Well, I don’t know either. I don’t know how anyone else can keep up with you. You’re so annoying, you don’t even deserve my attention. Even though I’m the best thing that has ever happened to you.”

    “Do you even listen to yourself?” You ask him, standing up now as well. “You’re the one talking down on me now? Be thankful I’m still with you, no one else would want you anyway.” The way he’s insulting you like that, talking about you as if you’re worthless, you get goosebumps everywhere. It feels like your skin is curling up on itself, while you have the urge to scream your lungs out. Feeling so uncomfortably small next to him, since he’s taken all of your energy, you contemplate what to do next, while trying not to get a full-on panic attack again.

    “Well, I guess if it’s so unbearable to be with me, we should end- whatever the hell that is.” He simply laughs about what you’ve said, as he grabs you by your arm, before he replies: “Alright. We’re over. But don’t dare coming back to me.” With a last smile, you push his hand away. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

    The rain outside has helped you calm down a bit, but every time you have to think about the previous situation, the tears form on your lower lash line again. You’re okay with crying on the tram or the bus, these people there don’t know you and with it being a Sunday evening, it’s not as crowded as usual anyway. 

    Getting off at the next station, you walk towards the tall building which is your spontaneous destination for tonight, as your backpack with your most important belongings gets wet from the rain. Entering through the door, you use the elevator to get up on the fifth floor, hoping no one will be in the studio.

    Your hopes soon vanish, when you find a familiar face, as you contemplate turning around again, but when you realise you don’t want to go home to your own apartment yet, you walk in. He immediately turns around, stopping the music he has been listening to. Jisung greets you with a warm smile, as he stands up and walks towards you.

    “Hey, how are you? Didn’t expect you to be here”, he says while pulling you into a hug, as his scent finds your nose, the perfume he uses always lets you relax a bit. You immediately move away, finding it a bit awkward to have him so close, while you’re still unsure your puffy face is too obvious.

    Your concerns turn out to be true, when he looks at you a bit too long, before he asks again: “Oh god- Y/N, what’s going on? Have you cried?” You sheeply nod, unable to answer with words because you know the tears will just burst out again right again. “Is it okay if I hug you?” Is the first thing that comes to your mind and, as expected, you’re crying again. 

    “Hey, it’s okay- just tell me what’s going on, as soon as you’re ready”, he reassures you, softly caressing the back of your head and you already feel a bit safer again. It feels like until now you’ve held your breath, but you let the air escape your mouth, as your muscles slowly stop tensing. 

    After a minute, when he’s still holding you tight, you begin to explain: “I’ve just broke up with my boyfriend- we’ve got in a huge fight and then I left and came here- because I didn’t know where else to go-“, your words are cut off by your own sobs, but Jisung doesn’t mind you clinging onto him. “I’m so sorry, Y/N”.

    “I’m so sorry for ranting- you were busy with stuff, weren’t you?” Your friend shakes his head in denial, instantly reassuring you that it’s okay you’re telling him about your problem. “Don’t worry, I’m always there for you. Do you want to talk about it?” You take a few steps back, turn your bag from your back around, so that you can reach inside and pull out some tissues. The soft paper material helps you clean away the salty droplets on your skin. 

    “If you don’t mind”, you say, really hoping you don’t annoy him. Since your now ex boyfriend has always held you back from showing your feelings, having to hide all your considered ‘bad’ emotions, no matter if anger, angst or sadness, it’s hard for you to actually allow yourself to talk about these issues. “Y/N, I wouldn’t offer it, if it wasn’t okay, alright? Also- talking always helps, believe me.”

    Sitting down on the two chairs next to each other in front of the mixing desk, he hands you his water bottle, offering you to drink something, which you instantly do. Gulping down half of the liquid, you start panting when you place down the plastic again. “Slow down, take your time”, Jisung tells you, while carefully patting your arm.

    “Well, for quite a bit, things between me and him have been kinda toxic- at least that’s what my best friend always says. Basically, we fight all the time over the smallest and stupidest things, but he always just blames everything on me- when the tiniest inconvenience appears, it’s because my voice sounds bored, I didn’t give him enough attention, enough respect or whatever.”

    Jisung just sits there in disbelief, not expecting it to be that serious. “And how do you handle this usually?” Taking a deep breath and gathering all your thoughts, you continue: “At the beginning, I gave in and even apologised for stuff I clearly didn’t say or mean in the way he stated. But at some point, I was just so tired, you know? I gave up. I just didn’t answer anymore, waiting until he came crawling back, which he always did. But even then, when he tried apologising, he still blamed it on me.”

    “That sounds so awful, I don’t know what to say- that’s exhausting. I mean, I know about your mental health situation, but it seems a lot like he’s constantly gaslighting you. If I’m allowed to ask, could this be connected to a psychological thing that he has?” Chuckling at his question because he’s not the first one suspecting this, you answer: “My best friend said this as well- from her own experiences, she compared it to borderline personality disorder, but she’s not sure either, it's not exactly the same. He’s not seeing a therapist or looking for one, that makes it kinda hard. I even offered to help him search for one, but unless I don’t do all the work, nothing happens.”

    “Possibly, she could be right but I’m not sure either, he definitely sounds like a maniac”, he admits. You instantly continue your explanation, when another aspect crosses your mind: “He’s talking me into thinking it’s unbearable to be with me, that I’m so annoying with my anxiety attacks, no one could handle that and I should be thankful for him spending time with me.”

    Jisung’s jaw immediately clenches, as he listens to what you’ve just admitted. It takes a lot of strength for him to stay calm, he’d like to punch your ex right in the face, still in shock at how he has treated you. “You know nothing he’s saying is true, right? You’re a wonderful person and he should have taken your mental health issues seriously.”

    Instantly, a warm smile appears on your face, his simple yet honest words reassuring you. “Thank you- not only for the compliment, but also for listening. I really had to get this off my chest.” Jisung grabs your hands now and for a second you don’t know how to handle his sudden touch, realising you’ve never held hands before. The new tension is soon interrupted by your phone receiving a call.

    Looking on the screen and reading his contact name, you halt in place and Jisung immediately senses it. “Don’t pick up”, he says, reaching for the device, before he turns off the volume and lays it aside, “you’re with me now, okay? I’ll take your mind off of all this.”

    Jisung was right - working on his songs is the best kind of distraction for you at that moment. Getting lost in the tunes, listening carefully to his lyrics and reading between those lines, changing some of the sounds with the help of your talent in composing - you are his producer and colleague after all - lets you concentrate on something else than your ex. 

    “I bet everyone tells you this all the time, but your lyrics are out of this world”, you compliment him. The boy immediately blushes, getting all shy, as he covers his face with his palms, giggling about what you’ve said. “I’m just telling the truth”. Slightly peeking through his fingers, he carefully looks at you, before he nods and whispers a sheeply ‘thank you’.

    “I think we should take a break, maybe eat something downstairs?” You suggest, as you realise you’re hungry and he might be, too. “Yeah sure”, Jisung answers and you both get up from your seat, walk out the studio and enter the small store on the other side of the street. It’s a good thing it’s still open, since it’s already midnight and the company you work at will close soon. Ordering simple pizzas for the both of you, taking a seat at one of the tables located in front of the huge window, you wait for your food to be served. 

    “So- do you already know where you’re going now?” Jisung asks, hoping his question is not too personal, after all he’s not only a coworker but a good friend as well, just worrying about you. “I mean, I have my own apartment so I’m not forced to stay at his. But since all his stuff is still at my place, I feel uncomfortable right now staying there. That’s actually why I went to the studio.”

    Jisung nods understandingly, as he takes a sip from his beverage. “If you’re not tired yet, we can go to my place”, he offers, hoping it doesn’t sound suggestive or weird, wanting to make you feel even more uncomfortable is the last thing he wants. But his worries are soon proven wrong, when you answer: “Oh, thanks, yeah sure. If you’re still motivated we can work on new songs. I’ve made some progress with some of the instrumentals I’ve talked about and I can show them to you, if you like.”

    “I hope you don’t mind the mess, I didn’t expect guests to be honest”, Jisung says, scratching the back of his head, as you both enter his apartment. “Don’t worry”, you tell him, as you place your jacket on the clothes rack. “Do you want something to drink?” He asks you, walking towards the open kitchen in his living room. “I’m fine with water, to be honest.”

    Both sitting down on his couch, you pull out your phone, searching for the instrumentals, as he turns on his laptop. “So, it’s something different this time. I was trying to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. So I completely understand if you don’t like it”, you’re already going into self-defensive mode. “Hey, slow down, I’m sure I will like it”, Jisung begins, “there’s no need to be insecure around me, okay?”

    When you finally find the files you’ve been looking for, you press the ‘open with’ button and select your preferred programme. The speakers of your computer affect the quality of the sound, but neither of you mind. Jisung closes his eyes, in order to fully experience the melody. The instrumental track isn’t that long, only one and a half minutes long, but when you catch a glimpse of the boy sitting right next to you, his facial expressions tell you he totally likes it. 

    “Wow- I’m more than impressed, Y/N, I don’t even know what to say”, he begins, as he opens his eyes again, switching between looking at you and the screen, “that’s- amazing- even though it’s in fact totally different from your usual stuff, I’ve instantly become addicted to the last part. The harmonies are just- excellent.” Blushing instantly, you try to avoid his gaze and cover your face in the palms of your hands, just like he did earlier in the studio.

    “Don’t get shy now, I’ve never met someone as talented as you- it’s like these ideas just naturally come to you”, he tells you, carefully grabbing your wrist, so you don’t hide your face anymore, ”it’s also kinda cute you’re blushing about this”. Playfully pushing his hands away, you answer: “You’re not in the position to judge me, you went totally shy earlier as well.” Jisung giggles, before he lays his laptop aside, placing it on the couch table. “I meant this in a positive way, you know?”

    You simply nod, unsure what to answer. When he gingerly guides his hands towards your own again, softly connecting his fingers with yours, goosebumps appear all over your skin, which he notices. “You’re perfect and anyone who doesn’t appreciate this, doesn’t deserve you”, he says quietly, as his eyes watch the way your hands lay in his.

    Since you can’t handle any kinds of compliments, still insecure thanks to the constant insults from your ex, you only know how to answer sarcastically: “Are you trying to flirt with me, Han Jisung?” Chuckling at your assumption, slightly feeling caught, he answers: “Yes, actually that’s what I was going for.” Scratching the head of his back, he gets shy now, too. That’s why you decide to make the next move, testing the waters. 

    “Then why did you stop?” Giving him a wink, the boy in front of you gains confidence again, as his thumbs slowly caress the back of your hands. “I’d rather show you, if I’m honest”, he says, letting go of your hands and bringing his own to your face, gently caressing your cheeks, as he holds you. Your eyes meet and you notice his gaze flickering down onto your lips.

    But the tension is soon interrupted by your phone ringing, resulting in him letting you go out of reflex. Since your device is still laying on the couch table, you can see your ex’ contact name on the screen. “Don’t pick up”, Jisung demands, as his eyes lay on your scared facial expression. “I won’t”, you immediately answer and look right at him, but switch back onto the phone again, when a notification pops up.

    Love <3: Where the fuck are you? Why aren’t you in your apartment?? You fucking someone else? I bet you do

    When Jisung sees you shaking out of fear, he holds your hand again, as he says: “Hey, don’t worry. He won’t do anything, you’re safe here with me. I’ll protect you.”  Hesitantly nodding, you move a bit closer to him. “What can I do for you to make you feel better?” He asks, pushing your chin up so you look at him. “Just be there for me and make me me forget about him.”

    Pulling you into a hug first, he starts patting the back of your head, as he holds you close. “If I’m going too far, please tell me immediately, okay?” He says. “I will”, you answer, moving a bit back now in order to look at him again. Jisung is unsure now if it’s okay to make the next move. Even though you’ve been very boldly flirting with him, since that previous call your mood has shifted.

    But he doesn’t have to worry anymore because you’re the one to take the first step, carefully placing your lips on his. By the way he reacts, you notice he’s getting a bit shy as well, but soon gains confidence, grabbing your face softly with his hands. Instantly feeling safe by the way his lips move with yours, you allow his tongue to enter. 

    Jisung’s hands find their way around your waist, slowly pulling you towards him and as you get the hint, you get up and move on top of him, straddling his lap now. While your tongues fight for dominance, saliva mixing together, butterflies erupt in your stomach and you feel the blood in your veins tingling. Unconsciously, when his hands wander down and meet your hips, you start grinding on him, friction helping you with the build-up in your lower stomach.

    When Jisung realizes what you’re doing, he guides his hands even lower, as they land on your ass, roughly grabbing the flesh through the material of your pants. Feeling him smirk against you, lips still connected, you move back with your head and look at him. The boy just stares at you, the mischievous smile still on his face, as he whispers: “Enjoying yourself, princess?”

    You sheeply nod, as you place your mouth on his again, continuing with the kisses full of passion. But Jisung has other plans, as he pulls away again, before he says: “Do I have to repeat myself? I’ve asked you something.” Blushing at his unexpected confidence and dominance, you cover your face in the palms of your hands, unsure how to handle his demeanour, even though you like it. “Don’t hide yourself, princess”, he repeats the name again, making you internally go crazy.

    Suddenly but guardedly, his hands find their way on your thighs, playing with the hem of your skirt. “Eyes on me”, he demands, as his hands wander even higher until his fingers land on your underwear. Brushing your lingerie, he places his lips on the side of your neck in the meantime while one of his hands holds your hips in place. Not much later, the other one pulls the fabric covering your heat aside, carefully touching your already wet folds.

    “All for me?” He asks, giving you a mischievous smile, tilting his head, as you see his tongue meeting his upper teeth. “Yes, all for you”, you sheeply admit, as you position your hands on his shoulders in order to gain more balance for what’s about to follow next. Slowly dipping one of his fingers inside, he spreads your liquids over your bundle of nerves before he starts drawing circles on it with his thumb. Two of his fingers go inside and out again, the pace quickly becoming faster. 

    “F-Fuck- feels good, Ji”, you moan, as you let your head fall back in pleasure, still trying to stabilise yourself but when you lose control he puts his free hand on your hips. “Wait until I replace those fingers with my cock- but until then we’ll have to spread that tight cunt a bit more. Seems like that pathetic guy didn’t fuck you properly.” You would have thought, the mention of your ex boyfriend would ruin the mood. But Jisung, in comparison, just does a way better job in satisfying you, not only for instance by immediately finding your clit and knowing what you like but also with the way he talks to you. 

    Feeling the knot in your lower stomach tightening, you get lost in pleasure, your brain already far away, as you moan Jisung’s name over and over again. The fingers on your hips wander up under your shirt and you instantly get the hint, pulling both your shirt and bra over your head. His hand grabs one of your boobs, roughly massaging it, as his lips land around the bud of the other one, softly giving licks. Being overwhelmed with all the stimulation you come undone, nails digging into the skin of his shoulders.

    Soon, his lips and hand let go of your breasts, as he pulls his fingers out of you, bringing them to your mouth. “Be a good girl and suck”, he says to which you obediently follow his order, parting your lips and allowing his digits to enter. Your own liquids meet your tongue and your eyes his own, never departing the gaze, doll-like look on your face.

    Jisung feels his own pants getting even more uncomfortable, his prominent bulge pressing against the fabric of the jeans, which you immediately notice. That’s why you find yourself on your knees in front of him who’s still sitting on the sofa. Not needing any further instructions, your hands land on his belt, opening it and helping him pull down his pants and underwear. When you see his cock for the first time, you understand now, why he wanted to prepare you. 

    Placing your lips around his tip, you slowly guide your mouth down his length. Totally impatient, Jisung grabs your hair at the back of your head, creating a makeshift ponytail in order to control the pace just how he likes it. “Fuck- just like that, you’re doing great, princess”, he praises you and you can already feel yourself getting aroused again, pushing your legs together in hopes of dealing with the sensation, which he notices.

    “Hey- a bit more patient, babygirl. Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you soon”, he says, as he pulls your hair, making you disconnect from his length, just starring at him with hopeful, big eyes. “You look so pretty on your knees for me, you know that?” He asks, rather in a rhetorical tone, right before he guides your head onto his cock again, making you gag for a second. Following his orders considering the pace, you pump your head up and down.

    His hips sloppily start thrusting into your mouth now, practically face-fucking you. But Jisung for sure knows if he doesn’t stop now, he’ll cum immediately. That’s why he grabs the makeshift ponytail again, pulling you away from him, as you just sit there on your knees, confused look on your face. “Take the rest of your clothes of, I’m gonna fuck you now”, he informs you in a strict tone and you instantly stand up again, getting rid of your skirt and underwear as he does the same with his own clothes.

    When you both stand in front of each other, his demeanour shifts for a moment, as he grabs your face with both hands and places his lips on yours. He kisses you passionately one last time, before you both stumble onto the couch again and you lay on your back, Jisung on top of you. As he stabilises himself on one of his forearms, his other hand finds your cheek, softly caressing it as he speaks: “Are you sure about that?” Looking at him with big eyes, your legs already spread for him, you answer: “Yes- Ji, I can’t wait anymore-“.

    The boy towering over you doesn’t need to be told twice, as he brings his hand on your face down to the base of his cock, as he positions the tip at your entrance. Slowly pushing inside, your wet walls immediately clench around him, that’s why he waits for a few seconds. “I’m ready- you can move”, you tell him and Jisung places both his forearms next to you, as his hips start thrusting. 

    Looking down, you see his huge length disappearing inside of you, a visible bulge on your lower stomach. “Fuck- you’re so big”, you cry out, shutting your eyes in hopes to deal with the unbearable pleasure. “Y-You feel s-so good around me, princess”, Jisung says, rolling his eyes to the back of his head in the process. Grabbing one of your upper legs and laying it on top of his shoulders, the new angle helps him hit just the right point inside of you.

    “Fuck- Ji”, you try to say something, but your words are just mumbled, by now you’re a complete moaning mess underneath him. “Aww, is my princess already to fucked out to form simple sentences?” He asks you, as his lips land on the outside of your neck, the rough bites surely create marks on your skin. Digging your nails into his back, you’re positive he’ll have some visible memories of tonight in the morning as well.

    But your mind soon drives off again, only thinking about how good and deep he’s thrusting into you. “Ji- close- cum”, you moan out, almost incomprehensible what you’re trying to say. “Babygirl, just a bit longer, okay?” He instructs, as his hand lands on your cheeks, thumb caressing your skin, as you just stare at him, brain far away. “Did I fuck my pretty girl dumb?” He asks, chuckling right after.

    “S-So good”, you just blurt out, grabbing his face and he immediately moves nearer, placing his lips on yours. The kiss deepens and his movements get sloppier, as you get close to your second orgasm of the night. “Ji- please- can I cum?” You manage to ask him, after your lips disconnect. “Go on- be a good girl and let go, I got you”, he says and you instantly give in, feeling your climax through your whole body, even much more intense than the last one, as you clench around his cock.

    It doesn’t take him much longer, as Jisung’s moans get louder and louder, painting your walls white when he reaches his own high. For possibly a minute, you both are just panting heavily, trying to physically and mentally calm down. When reality hits you, Jisung already pulls out of you, some droplets of the mixed liquids dripping onto your bare legs.

    He toddles into his bathroom right away, short after bringing a wet towel for you, as he helps you clean yourself. Giving you some fresh clothes from his wardrobe, you thankfully put them on and gulp down the rest of the water that’s still on the couch table. 

    “Are you good? I hope I wasn’t too rough or anything”, Jisung wants to make sure, as he pulls a strand of your hair aside, tugging it behind your ear. “I’m gonna be completely honest with you”, you start and you can already see the insecurity on his face, “that’s not only exactly what I needed but also definitely the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.” Exhaling because his worries are proven wrong, Jisung giggles, as he places another kiss on your mouth. “Same counts for me. So, when you’re ready, we can go another round.”

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