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  • eclipsecrowned
    16.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    honestly two of my best characterization choices for fankids on this blog are as follows

    what if zorya (constantine) was the heart of any team she joined?

    what if runa (helpheus daughter) had not a thought behind those wide dark eyes?

    #it added. interesting layers for characterization. of zorya who is chaotic and cunning but in a v. punk rock way. #love n kindness in the face of darkness damn it. get that pessimist shit out of her face! #and runa who is content to be content bc she knows from her parents not many get the opportunity. #who has incomprehensible power and chooses to just. let things be. to live the slow and simple life that too many take for granted.
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  • cannibalmetaphor
    15.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    reminder that i am still offering hand-printed hannibal merch!

    you can get it here, these designs will not be available again after pre-orders close until the fall.

    🫀🔪 international shipping is available 🔪🫀

    #nbc hannibal#hannibal merch#screenprinting #please rb if you like these <3 #orders have been slowing down and i rely on this business to live lol
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  • inthelittlegenny
    15.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    i want someone to be a snow golem for afterlife or origins

    #i'm playing as a snow golem in my current singleplayer and i want to see what other people do for it #i've been playing for a month so have gotten used to the snow golems quirks and whatever #and like boringly i live in the snow; but i spawned in a desert which was funny because i was melting lmao #basically; weakness/slowness in warm biomes. can't touch water. leave a snow trail wherever you walk. deal damage with snow balls #and obviously i've built myself snow golem friends #oh shit i need to make a pumpkin farm i completely forget #guess that's on my task list for tomorrow #genny rambles
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  • acidreflexing
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Things I stay on top of:

    Watching every hermit on Hermitcraft, dungeons and daddies, spy x family manga and anime, the sxf tag on tumblr, sxf fics on ao3, Sakamoto days manga, joehills streams

    With the amount of content I consume you would think I don’t have a social life

    I’m also gonna start queuing uo posts for all of my sideblogs so I can be more active in that regard (btw I currently have ~60 sides but only ~30 are ‘active’)

    #acid spill #I also make lunch and dinner everyday since I live with my sibling #I also try to listen to wtnv and TAZ ethersea but I have to be in a mood to listen to them #I’m also listening to midnight children by Rushdie on audible but that’s set at a slow pace for me #bc it’s a complex book
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  • fallen-chances
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm desiring a very specific type WKM fic that I'm afraid doesn't exist and I might have to write it myself

    #like... no other egos. just Dark and Wilford and Mark doing his evil boy shit. no direct mentions of the POV character(s).L #purely WKM+WMLW+DAMIEN universe. mentions of the With Markiplier shows. #not sure about romance... if any its slow build darkstache. #acknowledgement that dark is made of damien and celine. #not sure if dark is like wilford in not remember much of their mortal lives. maybe it comes and goes #not picky with plot... drabble-y character driven stuff is beloved to me. #maybe some introspective stuff... loose plot of trying to get revenge on Mark #idk... for what i wanna write ive been running the opening words thru my head. ill rb with them maybe #Markiplier#Markiplier tag #who killed markiplier #in space with Markiplier #iswm #heist with markiplier #.txt
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  • luvrsreprise
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    :( ash asking lexi what his intensions are with his brother was so cute. I cant stop thinking about it. another 10/10 fic

    THIS IS SO SWEET thank u!! :( that’s so kind of you

    #fic: living love in slow motion #ank asks
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  • mythicaldemigoddess-of-deltarune
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Two Halves Of Steven Universe: But Only One Becomes Sans The Skeleton  (Theory)

    we know the theory, that Sans and Steven Universe is one in the same.

    but that would be a “Yes” and “No”, Yes Steven DOES become Sans in some point in his Future, but it ain’t all of him that becomes Sans, only half of him.....the Human-Half, that will still have some traces of his Gem heritage, possibly through his Soul.

    I still believe that Pink Diamond may have faked giving up her physical form,

    but she would still be both halves of Steven’s Mom, because of the whole taking a half of herself, by taking a small fragment of her Manifestation Of Consciousness Of Light.

    it’s possible that Steven (both the human-half and gem-half)

    has two Moms, one being Pink Diamond and the Other actually being a Rose Quartz originally, and it was the Rose Quartz who possibly was created by White Diamond (and the only Rose Quartz She Made, But Pink made Other Rose Quartz that would be Steven’s Older Sisters) 

    and the said Rose Quartz, might be a Lavender type, which is a real type of Rose Quartz I think.

    Lavender Quartz, was possibly the one who was at Greg's show, and Rose only knew about it because she can see through Lavender’s eyes and hear what she hears.

    the reason why Greg didn’t seem all that into her at first, because he didn’t feel any type of spark with Lavender, but did find her to be one of his types and might of felt attracted to her, but he didn’t fall for her like he did Rose, who he gave the T-Shirt to.

    Rose might of never had healing powers, this could be a Rose Quartz power, this would mean that Lavender Quartz, who is a type of Rose Quartz, is who Steven would inherited this power from.

    Rose’s new powers was creation powers, and combining both her and Lavender’s powers can bring what was dead back to life, but there is a time limit, if they wait too long, there is no way the said life form would be brought back or if they do, they will not be brought back the same, I mean not like Lion or Lars, but something that is close to a Corrupted Gem.

    Steven’s Super Speed Powers, might of come from Pink Diamond/Rose, which she might of used to grab Lavender’s Gem after she had poof after Steven was born.

    even if Rose/Pink still had some good points about them, that make them loved by everyone, but we know the dark side to them that is evidence the series.

    Steven felt uncomfortable around his Three Of Rose Quartz Siblings, because they looked like her, well the form she chose that she reformed into after poofing/faking her shattering.

    but Steven and his Sisters, bonded like a family.

    you know Papyrus isn’t just getting a Two Brothers who use to be one in the same, but he’s getting a Army Of Older Sisters.

     anyway if there really was a Rose Quartz that wasn’t created by Pink/Rose,

    and that Rose was a Lavender Quartz, and she acted as a surrogate mother for Rose and Greg’s Child.

    Lavender could of secretly place a part of her light fragment into the newly created Pink Diamond that Rose made with her new powers, which formed during the time before she faked her shattering, and she used this power to make gem shards to look like her gem.

    the said other fragment of the Lavender Rose Quartz, would become a part of the fragment of Pink/Rose, and form into Steven.

    but the merged fragment end up splitting into “twin souls”

    one stayed in the Newly Created Pink Diamond Half, and the other half went into the still growing organic human half.

     the organic human half, was made with clay and human DNA.

    even if one half is in the human body and the other is in the gem, they are still technically one person, a fusion that was made with love, but the two halves are brothers.

    the two videos that were for Steven and Nora, left by Steven’s Mom.

    what if it was made by Lavender Quartz, and she made a third video and hid it in the Underground, that tells Steven the truth about why Pink/Rose didn’t bother to do the last two videos herself, and for her not to hate her, because despite the terrible things she done, she does truly love him.

    Lavender could even point out that she knows that when she does poof in order for him to be born, his Other Mother, Pink/Rose will use her super speed to hide not just her gem, but also go into hiding herself so no one will find out that she didn’t give up her physical form.

    it be interesting if it turned out that Alphys found the old videos that Rose left for Steven...

    even if it does turn out that Lavender would just be in a Fanon Timeline, and Rose really did leave those tapes for Steven.

    it is still possible that she never gave up her physical form, and she might of secretly had a body double who was a Rose Quartz who acted as a surrogate mother to carry Steven’s human half and gem half instead of Pink/Rose.

    the gem that is Steven’s, just looked slightly different from Rose’s gem...

    White had pulled it out, and it just didn’t fully match Pink’s gem.

    which is one of the reasons why I believe Pink/Rose created a New Pink Diamond and took a fragment of herself and placed it into the new diamond, and it split into two, one stayed inside the diamond and the other went into the human half of Steven.

    the Human Half, will die if it goes too long without their Gem Half fused with them.

    the Human Half, is the half that I believe will become Sans.

    the Gem Half, ends up being Pink-Steven but when they reform they make their appearance look more like how Steven looks in his Humans form.

    the Human Half has a blue shirt, like from the Movie...

    while the Gem Half has a black shirt, like seen in the Steven Universe Future.

    when White had pulled out their Gem, they were able to reunite but if Steven’s Gem (more like his Gem Half) takes too long to reform, it can cause the Human Half (that would become Sans) to slowly die.

    no matter the universe and timeline, even if Steven’s Mom ends up being White, Yellow, Blue or any other Gem.

    he or Nora his Sister from Another Timeline, will not be able to survive without their Gem Half.....and to go too long without them together will end up with the human half losing their life.

     I do like the AU where Blue Diamond is Nora’s Mother, and I like the idea that if Nora and Connie fuse, they would become Cora.

    I’m not sure if Nora and Connie will fuse in that AU, or if they will be called Cora.

    but it be interesting if they ended up being called Cora if they did fuse.

    the AU is called “Blue Au-niverse”, I wonder if it be okay if I drew a Fan Art about it and try to draw what I think Nora and Connie’s Fusion named “Cora”, would look like...?

    and since Nora’s Dad is still Greg, but with Blue being the Mom...

    that would still make Steven and Nora Half-Siblings.

    and if you think about it, all Steven Counterparts of Steven will be his Half-Siblings if their Dad is Greg but with different Gem-Moms.

    but like any Half-Human & Half-Gem, all those Half-Siblings and Counterparts of Steven will die if their Human Half goes too long without their Gem being a part of their body.

    in theory, if Rose, Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet fused and pull out Nora’s Gem,

    and they think she will poof if they do....

    but instead they would find two of Nora, one being sickly and is the human half, and the other being the gem half who is upset at them for what they done to them.

    I believe that if the two halves of Nora fuse back together on time, they will be okay, but if they don’t, then the human half will die.

    we learn from the episode where White pulls out Steven’s Gem, that the Human half will not survive without their Gem-Half.

    and even if it hasn’t been shown in the canon, but if a The Human Half goes too long without being a part of their Gem Half, they will slowly die, even when the Gem Half takes too long to reform.

    Sans being the Human Half that died without his Gem Half being on time to fuse back together with him, and Gaster bringing the Human Half back to life by using his magic and having Sans technically reborn as his family, just makes sense to me.

     the Gem Half, who makes his form more Human and look how The Human/Gem Steven looked in the Movie, but instead of a blue shirt, The Gem Half has a black shirt, and he still uses the name “Steven” because he is still technically Steven even if he is just one half of him while the other half renames himself Sans.

    fans can have different theories about how Steven becomes Sans,

    but this one that only the Human Half becomes Sans because his Gem Half takes too long to reform, just seems to be a possible outcome that would cause Steven (the Human Half of Him) to become Sans.

    it would be like if Zim went too long without his Pak, while his organic and possibly synthetic half does have a Soul, his Pak has his Digital Soul, the Digital-Zim.

    in one timeline where Zim dies, his Other self ends up living on as part of Zib, like a fusion, and it’s possible that both Dib and Gaz are Human-Irken Hybrids created by their Dad who is fully human but slice his DNA with Irken DNA (before Zim got to Earth, and the Irken DNA he used was Tallest Miyuki’s DNA)

    the Irken DNA wouldn’t housed in the Pak, only Irken Knowledge and their Digital Souls.

    so the reason why Zib looks Irken, might have to do with him already have Irken DNA in his genetics, and if Dib and Gaz put on Paks with a Digital Irken Soul in them, it will activate that DNA in their bodies and make them look like how Zib appears.

    but if Zib’s Pak were to be taken off, even if it use to be his timeline’s Zim...

    Zib would slowly die if he doesn’t get that Pak back on.

    if you think about it, Steven’s Gem is like his Pak, and without it being part of his body, he will slowly die.

     not everyone has to agree that Steven would have a future where he would become Sans and become the brother of Papyrus.

    but logically, it would be the Human Half of Steven that becomes Sans,

    while his Other half, still goes by Steven, and reforms to look like the Human half of Steven when he still has his Gem.

    and it is interesting that to find different names in Steven Quartz Universe name.

    like Steven Quartz Universe spells out Sans,

    Pink-Steven Quartz Universe spells out Kris,

    and Steven Quartz DeMayo spells out Suzy.

    Susie is a character that appears in Deltarune,

    but she is mentioned by that Clam-Girl at the place where Blooky and Undyne live at.

    Susie’s name in Undertale, is spelled “Suzy” but in Deltarune it is spelled Susie.

    so is anyone else thinking it is strange that you would find Sans, Kris and Suzy’s names in Steven Quartz Universe DeMayo’s name...?

    well if you take some of the letters and rearrange them,

    they will spell out Diaz  but it could also spell that out if you rearrange the names, like it coming out as DeMayo Universe Quartz.

    and Steven Quartz can comes out as Star.

    anyway just wanted to talk about that whole new theory that it is the Human Half of Steven that becomes Sans, NOT the Gem Half who lives the life as Steven without his family and friends knowing that his Human Half died when he didn’t reform in time to fuse back together with him.

    see ya later and stay safe everyone. 


    the reason why I chose the “Slow Death” and “Can’t Live Without You” Tags for this, is because The Human Half of Steven Can’t live without his Gem Half.

    but he does get reborn as Sans, so he doesn’t need his Other Half/Twin Brother who still goes by Steven, to live....he did when he was human of course.                                            

    #sans the skeleton #steven quartz universe #gem half and human half #undertale theory #steven universe theory #slow death #can't live without you
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  • luvrsreprise
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    living love in slow motion


    When you meet your soulmate, time stops. When you both acknowledge it, it resumes. What Fezco and Lexi do with this revelation afterwards is their story to write. — a soulmate AU

    link (also in title): https://archiveofourown.org/works/38990934

    a soulmate au bc these fools are meant to be in every universe!!! <3 enjoy, my friends

    #fic: living love in slow motion #fexi#fexi fics
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  • cottageapples
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    unfortunately this critter was gone when we found it, but it’s wings are so pretty i had to keep it, a necklace maybe? 🦋

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  • cottageapples
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    no matter where we are or what we’re doing, as long as we’re together she’s smiling 🥺🤍

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  • bonfires-n-hares
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    source: paintings_world_peace

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  • bonfires-n-hares
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Mr Toadflax eating bread with butter and jam (source)

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  • thewildyonder
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Flowers grow from the places where we sow them.

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  • mlmxreader
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I feel like I send you too many requests, but you’re so fucking fast at doing them!

    nahhhh, trust me, if you sent too many, I'd have said so by now - so you're good to send as many as your heart desires!

    #asks#anonymous #im currently watching the best years of our lives #so uh i may be a little slow to answer #but only for the next 2 or so hours!
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  • thewildyonder
    13.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    This is Ernie. Ernie is about a foot tall and thinks he's a cat.

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  • thewildyonder
    13.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The bison are beautiful today.

    These are locals, not mine.

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