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    “mum. do you know where severus is?”

    “oh hello, petunia, darling. aren’t you on your date?”

    “i’m getting to that. mum. where is your son?”

    “severus? he popped out a bit and said he was taking mercutio round to the park for a walk—”

    “a walk—! that little…”

    “now, dear, what’s all this about? has something happened? is severus all right?”

    “oh he’s fine, mum, you don’t need to worry about that. it’s just that he’s sitting right outside the restaurant where freddie and i are having a date!”

    “…what do you mean?”

    “i mean he and his great big dog are on the pavement outside right now watching us eat!”


    “i know you just didnt laugh at me, mother.”

    “i’m sorry, dear, but…really? just ignore your brother and have a wonderful time.”

    “MUM. we’re sitting by the window and he’s staring right at freddie like he’s some sort of…insect! or something he’d like to make disappear! and mum i swear if he uses magic on him i’ll…”

    “im sure he won’t…don’t snort, dear. it’s unflattering. what about freddie?”

    “what about him?”

    “freddie isn’t bothered with severus being there?”

    “he just thinks severus is one of those homeless chaps…mother! it isnt funny!!! severus is acting like a bloody lunatic, stalking us to the restaurant. i shouldnt have told him about the date…”

    “he would have known about it anyway, with you prancing about the whole week.”

    “mum. please come and get him. it isnt funny.”

    “he wont do anything, darling, i’m sure he’s just being protective in his own way. especially after that disaster with that last chap…dursley?”

    “vernon was a pillock but i handled it fine. i dont need severus to silently threaten my date each time!”

    “it’s just a phase, dear.”

    “…that is a hilarious understatement, mum.”

    “ignore your brother and just have a nice time. if he’s still there in the next ten minutes i’ll have daddy come round to get him. he might miss his medication if he stays there too long.”

    “thank you, mum.”

    “love to freddie. don’t stay out too late.”

    #evans!severus #au #sev assesses his sister’s dates #and is often a little shit about it #threats are his love language #the hair and piercings were also a phase #but worked well in that scenario #freddie was a posh tosser #hp#snape#petunia evans#my art#messy sketch
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    Severus Snape x Muggle! Hashira! Demon Slayer! Reader

    The mysterious flower 🌺🌸💮

    Introduction: A mysterious girl appeared out of nowhere coming to the Golden Trio and Severus' aid. Who is she? Where did she came from?

    I only own Y/n Setsunai, she's about 16/17 so this is months before the events of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba and took place during in the events Prisoner of Azkaban.

    Of course the idea of door between dimensions is not mine unfortunately.

    Warnings: Werewolves, Blood, Demons, mentions of slaughter, Death, and swords.

    Before her mother was killed, Y/n was given a strange but vintage looking key in which she muttered it would help her one day in the future. She never let go of it. She kept with her no matter where she go.

    She witnessed it all that very day, her mother getting eaten as she covered her mouth to hold back her screams. I didn't take long for the Demon to caught her as well. She thought she'll finally be able to accept death. However, she was saved in time by a woman with pale violet eyes as she can't help but feel sympathetic towards her. She later took in by her.

    She pretty much never had an easy life but she was happy although. She had a good reason why she joined the Demon Slayer Corps. To avenge her mother. Her father passed away due to an illness. Ever since, then Y/n then trained very hard as she then became Kanae's Tsuguko. She sees her, Shinobu, and later Kanao the sisters she never had. She didn't had any siblings she was an only child.

    Everyday, she would look at the key her mother gave her in which she wore around her neck and smile when she thinks about the words her mom left for her.

    She would be constantly be assigned to go with Kanae since she is the Flower Hashira and Y/n herself is the Flower Tsuguko. However, things change after Kanae passed away when she was found by Y/n and Shinobu. They were both devastated. Kanae then begged for both girls to leave the Demon Slayer Corps and live a normal life. However, they both refused. Shinobu demanded what the demon what attacked her look like. After describing what the demon look like. Kanae died in Shinobu’s arms.

    After Kanae's death, Y/n became the new Flower Hashira. Sanemi doesn't seem to complain, though. He knew Y/n because she was friends with both Kanae and Shinobu. The two of them get along well with each other. Since then, Y/n took her job seriously and pretty much does every mission she's assigned under the Master's orders. After missions, she does returned to the Butterfly Estate. She didn't gained her own Hashira estate since she refused and decided to continue staying there. Pretty much, she secretly helps Shinobu concoct wisteria poison. Being a Demon Slayer is not always about swinging a sword. As a child, she and Shinobu had been studying science and medicine.

    They even concocted antidotes to counteract a demon’s poison.

    Back in the present, she was heading back to the Demon Slayer's Headquarters after a completing a mission by a nearby town. It was night time, she was walking in the forest. However, as she walked her key let out a tiny glowed. That made her stop in her tracks. She then looks at the key. “Huh?” she muttered in confusion. She then look to towards the right as she saw a faint pink light from a far.

    She then followed where ever it could lead to as she then found herself to be in front of some kind of door but it looks western looking. She then notices the keyhole on the door knob is glowing the same bright pink light that her key radiate off.

    She then reluctantly yet cautiously took off her necklace before she then puts inserts the key into the key hole before giving it a turn as she did a light pink light was released. The Flower Hashira then covers her eyes before taking the key out of the key hole as the light vanish as she then puts the necklace back on her neck again before she careful twisted the door knob while opening the door.

    As she did so, it reveal to be a some place she didn't recognize. It was wooded and green. She then got inside out of curiosity.

    She then looks around. She never seen this kind of environment. She can see a castle from far away.

    Y/n then look up to see owls and birds flew in the sky as she walk closer yet slowly. Then something more like someone caught her attention as she hid behind a rock nearby. A man dress in all black, had black hair in mid length, hooked nose, and black eyes she never thought she saw beautiful in a man that were capable of something within them. Most likely she hates guys who are being flirtatious.

    Severus Snape, the Potions Master of Hogwarts. Had to go and stop Sirius Black (his childhood bully) from killing Lily's son, Harry James Potter. He growled at the thought of Black trying to kill the son of his former best friend. He has to stop him before it's too late.

    He then felt as if someone was looking at him. Severus diverted his attention to where Y/n was; however, the Flower Hashira hid herself immediately before he caught her looking at him. The Potions Master arch an eyebrow. It probably was just nothing. He then went inside the Shrieking Shack. Once he was no where in sight. Y/n look up making sure not to make a sound. She then sighs in relief.

    Moments later....

    As Y/n is slowly getting impatient and is about to leave, six people emerge. It’s three teenagers and three grown men - one of them is restrained. The Flower Hashira can’t help but be confused. Where is the man dressed in black? What happened to him? She’s surprised when one of the men turn into a werewolf. Okay, she did not expect that. The man who was restrained suddenly turns into a rat and leaves in an instant. Y/n is puzzled. These people can do magic? She suddenly notices the man in black. He’s towering over the boy with glasses and a scar on his forehead. However, the man instantly turns around and shields the three teenagers as he hears growling. He looks rather traumatised when he sees the werewolf. Perhaps he has had encounters with one before? The werewolf suddenly attacks them.

    Y/n knew she can't stand there and do nothing. She then disappear into to thin air. As the werewolf was about to strike. The Flower Hashira interfered right on time by delivering a strong kick as the creature was thrown back before losing consciousness. The man in black and the three teenagers look at her, surprised. How in Merlin’s name did she did that? Y/n turns to look at the four; her eyes met with the man in black’s eyes. “Are you alright?” she asks in soft tone lacing with concern. Severus clears his throat. “We are fine, thank you…” he says, still surprised by what happened. The Trio nod, confirming they are okay as well. “Excuse me, but… Who are you?” Harry questions. “And where the bloody hell did you come from?” Ron exclaims.

    Before Y/n could say anything. They then hear a growl. The werewolf is slowly starting to gain consciousness making the 5 them look in shock and surprised. “Talk later....” The Flower Hashira mutters before taking out her Nichirin Blade Sword. One of the them, the girl named Hermione Granger recognize it as a katana but it's not something she'd seen before. It was bright pink, the guard was shaped like a flower, then there are kanji writing which translates to “Evil Demon”. Who is this woman? They watch as she get into an offensive stance. The werewolf started to attack but this time Y/n. “Hana no kokyu (Flower Breathing)...” She thought in her head before she then started breathing gently. “Ni no kata (Second form)” the four watches her. What is she doing? “Mikage Ume (Honorable Shadow plum)...” She thought as she then spins gracefully before delivering several rotating sword slashes, dodging and deflecting every single physical attack. The four were in shock. How in Merlin's name did she did that?

    As she does they noticed something odd about the katana. Various different flowers seem to move around with each slash she uses to deflect physical attacks.

    Y/n then delivered another strong kick as she then knock the werewolf unconscious once more. Severus and the Trio are surprised yet amaze on how she managed to deflect physical attacks. The Flower Hashira then puts her Nichirin Blade Sword back in her scabbard that was on the side of her belt.

    “Wow, that was awesome!” Harry and Ron exclaim at the same time. Severus agrees, he however won’t admit it out loud. Sirius nods in agreement. “It really was. How did you manage to fight Remus off like that?” he questions.

    Y/n sighs. “Training.... I usually train.... But I rather not push myself.” She points out to them. Hermione notices her clothes were different as well. The clothes she was wearing look like the ones from the Taisho-Era Period of Japan and of course the Gryffindor girl could tell she's not from around here.

    “Who are you?” Hermione questions, looking at her curiously.

    Y/n then takes a deep breath. “My name is Y/n. Y/n Setsunai.” She says as she tells them her name. The 5 look at her in surprised. Her name doesn't seem to be a very local name. She must've been a foreigner.

    “Where are you from?” Harry questions.

    Y/n then scratches the back of her head nervously. “W-well, I'm....” she was then cut off when they heard a growl. Lupin starts to regain consciousness again. “You got to be kidding me....” she mutters under her breath. Sirius then changes into a dog. He then lure Lupin away all the way to the woods.

    “Sirius!” Harry exclaims as he follows them into the woods. Hermione and Ron gasp. “Harry, no!” Hermione yells. The boy seems to either ignore her not hear her, though. Severus sighs. “Dunderhead… He’s going to get himself killed” he mutters.

    “Get back here!!” Y/n calls out as well but it fell on deaf ears as she and the others watch as the boy ran towards the woods. The Flower Hashira then turns to look at the others once again. “Is he crazy?” she asks. Hermione sighs.

    “Obviously” Severus states, rolling his eyes. Hermione and Ron glare at him. Hermione stops Ron before he can say anything he might regret back to their teacher.

    The Gryffindor girl then looks at Y/n once again. “You haven't answered the question Harry was asking you. Where are you from? When you told us your name it doesn't seem to be a local name.” she says. Ron and Severus nod in agreement. The Flower Hashira sighs. “Japan, but not here exactly.” she says as she then looks to the side.

    Severus raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean by ‘not here’?” he questions.

    Y/n shrugs as she then look away from them. “Well, I'll show you. Follow me.” she says as she ran towards the spot where she had been. The three look reluctant nonetheless they followed her.

    They then stop by a huge door but it was open. As the Flower Hashira then was inside which the place on her side was also wooded but not green like there’s. They reluctantly yet cautiously entered through as they then look around at their unfamiliar surroundings. “Weird, I know, right?” Y/n mutters. The Flower Hashira then notice Wisteria flowers by the door.

    Hermione notices as well as she then made her way to touch the flower. “Is this wisteria?” she asks curiously as she, Ron, and Severus look at her waiting for her answer. The Flower Hashira nods “Yes, I have a feeling on why to make sure that there aren't demons entering your world.” She points out.

    Ron then gulps looking a bit scared when Y/n said Demons. “D-demons?” he squeaks out. Y/n then sighs “Mental note; you need to be careful in saying it especially to those who aren't familiar with Demons.” she thought in her head. The Flower Breathing user then nods her head in confirmation. “It’s because they do not like the smell of it. They had been keeping away from it.” she says.

    Severus clears his throat. “Care to tell what this place is?” he questions, raising an eyebrow.

    “This is the forest I usually walk while on my way back from long missions.” Y/n points out as she looks around. “I did not go on this side, until when I found this door.” She points out.

    Hermione then turns to look at her. “How did you find it, exactly?” she asks. The Flower Hashira then scratches the back of her head nervously. “Well, I was on my way back until,” she then shows them the key that was around her neck. The one her mother gave her. “It glowed bright pink and led me here.” She then points out.

    The Flower Hashira then looks at the key. “It was given to me by my mother before she was killed.” She mutters as she then flinched as she remembered how her mother was devoured right in front of her.

    Hermione and Ron look at her sympathetically. “I’m sorry for your loss” Hermione slowly says.

    The Flower Hashira just gives a sad smile. “Here...... Life hasn't been easy for me but I had to live for my mother's sake. I always kept the key with me. I know she's always with me. No matter what.” she mutters.

    Severus clears his throat. “They say your loved ones never truly leave you…” he states.

    Y/n nods, agreeing with him. “I agree they'll always be with us no matter where we go....” she adds as she looks to the side for a moment. Before looking up, at them once again. “By the way, you didn’t tell me your names since I told you mine.” she states.

    Hermione looks embarrassed. “Oh, sorry about that! My name is Hermione Granger” she says. “I’m Ron, Ron Weasley” Ron states. “Severus Snape” Severus mutters.

    Y/n can't help but give a soft smile. “It’s nice to meet you three.” she mutters. The Flower Hashira then looks around. “By the way, we should head back to your world. After all I couldn't risk about Demons noticing you’re here.” she states.

    Ron gulps. “Yeah, let’s get out of here…” he whispers, looking scared at the mentioning of demons. Hermione roll her eyes. “I agree, let’s go” she says. Severus nods. “Yes, let us…” he states.

    The three then head towards the door as they returned to their world with Y/n following behind them. She then turn once again before closing the door and then took off her necklace before inserting the key into the key hole, locking the door to prevent any demon from entering the other world. The Flower Hashira then puts her necklace back on before she then followed Hermione, Ron, and Severus on tow.

    The four people move towards a castle. That intrigues the Flower Hashira. “What is this place?” she questions, looking at the building in awe. “This is Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” Hermione explains.

    Y/n was in awe when she saw the castle. Severus was a bit surprised. She wasn't like any Muggle he seen. She doesn't seem to be very judgemental.

    They enter the castle and walk through the halls. They then enter a room that seems like a hospital - it must be their Hospital Wing. They stay in the room and wait for the boy, Harry, to return. As they do so, Y/n looks at the key her mother gave to her before she was killed. Severus can’t help but look at her rather curiously, feeling intrigued by her. Meanwhile, Hermione and Ron are worried about their friend. Is he okay? Did Lupin hurt him? And were there any Dementors nearby?

    Moments later....

    Harry came back not injured but he was panting. The others noticed. However, the Flower Hashira and the Potions Master narrowed their eyes at him as they both approach him which surprised the Potter boy. “Are you stupid? What were you thinking?! You know, that was dangerous!!!” Y/n scolds.

    Harry glares at her. “Excuse me?! I was trying to save Sirius!” the boy exclaims. Severus rolls his eyes. It would be better if the boy didn’t try to save that dog…

    “But still that was reckless. You would get yourself killed.” the Flower Hashira states as she then kept her eyes narrowed at Harry. “Whatever” he mutters as he sighs. “Rude.” Y/n mutters in low voice as she was then glaring daggers at Harry as her eyes glow in a bright pink color. The boy's face paled when he felt her glaring at him.

    As the others can’t see her face, they look rather confused. Severus raises an eyebrow. Is Potter afraid of her? “Talk to me like that again....” The Flower Hashira starts as Harry started shivering in fear. “And you'll regret it. I suggest you watch your tone when you are talking to girls.” She added. The Potions Master can't help but smirk. He was impressed.

    Harry gulps. “Right… Sorry” he mutters, still feeling scared. Severus rolls his eyes. Right, like Potter really is sorry. The dunderhead would probably do it again. The Flower Hashira’s eyes then turn back to normal. She then moves away from the boy leaving him still shivering in fear. Okay, Y/n really scared him.

    Meanwhile, Hermione, Ron and Severus are still confused why Harry was scared of her.

    Y/n sighs as she look to the side. Harry then turns to look at the others as if saying “Did you see that?!” Hermione and Ron shrug, not getting what scared their friend. Harry looks bewildered. Did they really not see that?!

    Severus raises an eyebrow. What was Potter even referring to? He along with the others were snapped out of their thoughts when Y/n clears her throat. “Anyways, what happened to that man? Who lure the werewolf into the forest?” she then asks.

    Harry sighs. “The Dementors almost got him, we were saved in time… He will however be sent back to a prison called Azkaban” he explains, looking frustrated.

    Severus huffs. “It’s too bad he didn’t get a Dementor’s kiss…” he mutters. That makes Harry angry. “He’s innocent!” the boy exclaims. “Is he now?” Severus asks, raising an eyebrow. “Bloody hell, who saved you?” Ron asks, looking surprised and ignoring their current argument. Hermione nods. “Yeah, who saved you, Harry?” she questions. Harry sighs. “Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but… my dad, it was my dad. I don’t know how, but it was. On the other side of the lake, I saw a deer. It made the Dementors leave us alone” he explains. “But Harry, your dad is dead…” Ron slowly points out, looking worried. “I know what I saw, okay?!” Harry snaps.

    The Flower Hashira sighs. “Earlier,” she starts getting their attention when she spoke up. “Another man was with them. However, he turned into a rat and ran away to the woods.” she pointed out. The Trio looks at her in shock. How did she knew that? Severus looks confused. Another man was with them but who is she referring to? “From what I can speculate he seems to be a coward.” Y/n adds. “No better than the Lower Moons of the Twelve Kizuki.” she thought in her mind.

    Harry huffs. “He is a coward! He’s the reason that my parents are dead!” the boy exclaims, looking angry. Ron and Hermione give their friend a sympathetic look. Meanwhile, Severus is confused. So there was a third man, and he’s somehow the one who sold Lily and James Potter’s location to the Dark Lord. But who in Merlin’s name is it?!

    “Don’t worry, Harry. We will get Peter Pettigrew another day, I’m sure of it” Hermione says, comforting her friend. Severus raises an eyebrow. Peter Pettigrew? Didn’t Black kill him? Unless… Right, all they found was a finger. He faked his own death.

    The Flower Hashira can't help but give a sympathetic look. She knew what it was like since she seen it herself.

    Y/n then decided to speak up. “I’m sorry for your lost but you must know. Your parents are watching over you no matter what. They will always be with you.” she says. The Flower Hashira was pretty much talking to Harry.

    Harry smiles. “Thanks, I appreciate it” the boy says. Even though, she was scary at first but Harry never thought Y/n was very understanding. Y/n then remembers something. Her voice snapped them out of their thoughts “I would love to stay but I have to leave.” she mutters.

    “Will you go back to your world?” Hermione questions. The Flower Hashira just nod her head. Harry looks confused on what Hermione is talking about.

    “Wait, will you leave us now?” Harry asks, sounding a bit sad.

    The Flower Hashira nods “Yes, I had to because someone I knew back in my world would be looking for me.” She says as she then holds the key her mother gave her 3 years before she was devoured right in front of her and of course the time before she joined the Demon Slayer Corps. She then looks at Harry one more time. “By the way, I never got your name.” she mutters.

    Harry’s face turns a bit red from embarrassment. “Sorry. I’m Harry, Harry Potter” the boy says politely.

    Y/n just gives a soft smile. “It’s nice to meet you.” she just mutters. She then looks around. “I should go now.” she mutters before disappearing to thin air as the others look amazed yet stunned. Harry then turns to look at Hermione. “Where did she go?” he asks. She just looks at him before she answers. “I think I know where.” she mutters.

    “Bloody hell, that was awesome” Ron exclaims, still stunned.

    “Indeed. It was… spectacular” Severus mutters. He’s impressed with the girl from another world’s skills.

    However, there is something about her intrigued him. She was rather quiet, patient, understanding, kind, and of course a bit scary when she's angry even though he's still confused why Potter was scared of her. However, about her last name “Setsunai”. The Potions Master knew it was a Japanese word however it has a lot meanings.

    It depends on the context. Sorrow, wistful, “feel sorry for”, pathetic, heartbreaking, agonizing, etc. It is mainly a mix of both loving and sad emotions. However, according to Y/n. Her mother was killed but her eyes tell something else while he was looking at her while they were waiting for Potter moments ago.

    “Okay, where did she go?” Harry questions, absolutely confused. Hermione clears her throat. “While you were after Sirius Black and Professor Lupin, Y/n showed us something. You see, she comes from a different world than ours. We went through a portal and saw her world” the girl explains.

    Harry was in shock. There was a portal?

    “It was bloody awesome” Ron says, thinking about when they went through the portal. Severus rolls his eyes. “If you hadn’t run after Black and Lupin, you would have seen it for yourself, Potter” he states, scowling.

    The Boy-Who-Lived just glares at their Potions Professor. Well, for saying that.

    Hermione and Ron keep looking between their friend and Potions Master, scared they might kill each other if they continue glaring at each other like that. Hermione clears her throat. “Well, I think Harry needs some rest, sir” she states as she looks at Severus. The man huffs before leaving the Hospital Wing.

    As Severus strolls out of the Hospital Wing and through the halls, he can’t help but think about Y/n. He wonders how she was able to deflect damage from Lupin in his werewolf form and even able to knock him unconscious. He also can’t help but think about her understanding. He noticed that she was a very kind and calm girl, though Potter seemed to be scared of her when she got angry. Even when she wasn’t angry, apparently. He still wonders why the boy was so scared of her. Severus won’t admit it, but she was in fact quite scary when she got angry. Well, it was entertaining whenever the Boy Who Lived got scared. The Potions Master smirks at the thought.

    He wonders if they will ever see her again.

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    The best line out of this entire website is 'he fucked that old man'

    #what did snape do to Dumbledore? #he fucked that old man #favourite post of all time
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    Headcanons for Qui-Gon Jinn and Severus Snape AU

    So about a decade ago, my brain gave me an idea for an AU where Severus Snape and Qui-Gon Jinn are brothers. I remembered about that a few days ago and that I have a bunch of headcanons for the au.

    Qui-Gon is the oldest out of the two. He was one and a half when Severus was born. Qui-Gon was three years old when he was taken to be a Jedi. Qui-Gon has a lot of memories of Severus but Severus only has a few of him.

    Looks wise, Qui-Gon is a blend of Eileen and Tobias while Severus resembles Eileen more.

    Whereas Qui-Gon is more willing to follow the direction of the Force, Severus believes it's up to the individual to forge their own path and make their own luck.

    Severus absolutely refuses to use the Imperious curse and he seethes with rage every time that he remembers that the Jedi, who are supposed to be the guardians of peace and justice, consider a mind trick to be harmless. It makes him even angrier that he knows Qui-Gon has used it in the past.

    Qui-Gon is quietly envious of the fact that Severus inherited their mother's talent with potions.

    When Qui-Gon returns to Earth to help against Voldemort and after he glimpses Severus' Dark Mark, he quietly excuses himself to go meditate. During his meditation, he uncovers the mystery of the Horcruxes and calls in a few favours.

    Voldemort is defeated quietly before he ever regains his body and one of the favours Qui-Gon calls in ends with the removal of Severus' Dark Mark.

    Qui-Gon is not finished yet. He visits Dumbledore and while he never shouts, Dumbledore knows that Qui-Gon is beyond disappointed with his actions. It's a new feeling for Dumbledore and one he doesn't like. Instead of yelling, Qui-Gon appeals to Dumbledore's feelings unknowingly stirring up memories of Ariana and when Albus and Aberforth were younger.

    Severus finds out and leaves their mother's potions journal out on Qui-Gon's bedside table for him.

    Being in a relationship with both of them:

    Both men treasure you. There's no doubt about that. Expect to have quiet nights by the fireplace where one of them reads to you and/or comforts you if you've had a rough day.

    Minerva is your closest friend and strongest supporter. She approves of you and thinks you're good for Severus. She's not quite sure what to make of Qui-Gon. He seems nice enough but she worries about how it'll affect Severus if Qui-Gon leaves again.

    Both men have experienced trauma and loss as well. Sometimes their walls can go up unexpectedly and leave you off balance. However, one strong aspect to your relationship is communication and understanding everyone's boundaries.

    You get absolutely spoiled on your birthday and if you are teaching at Hogwarts, not only is Severus in a nicer mood every day, he *gently* reminds the students to be on their best behaviour for you.

    Both men love to cuddle, and they give the best ones which leave you feeling incredibly safe, protected and warm.

    #mywriting#my thoughts#headcanons#star wars#harry potter #qui-gon jinn au #severus snape au #mentions of trauma and loss #small spoilers for harry potter #reader insert#polyamory
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    so I’m reading harry potter and the half blood prince again and i noticed something. well rather thought of something. How much does Voldemort know about snapes treatment at the hands of the marauders? because it seems like it should be a bigger deal that Voldemort gives snape wormtail as a ”servant”. someone snape can order around at will. and snape makes him do menial tasks too. and bellatrix doesn’t even blink at this when she follows narcissa to spinners end. is there more to this arrangement than meets the eye, aka allowing snape to get some payback at one of his tormentors, or am i looking too much into this?

    #Snape#severus snape#harry potter#wormtail#voldemort #half blood prince #What did snape tell him? #It just seems odd to me
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    Title: A Minute, If I May? created for @microficmay

    Author: hermioneclone

    Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Bondage, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Implied Consent, Kinky, Wax Play (Mind the Ao3 tags for anything added)

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    I can't tell if you like the Marauders or Snape more. Which one do you like?

    I like and dislike them both for different reasons. I'm not really anti any of them, nor am I pro any of them (except older Remus!). They all have their pros and cons, which I'll very briefly list here:

    James: we know so little about him from canon, other than the fact that he bullied/pranked others, eventually won Lily over, fought in the war, and died in an attempt to give Lily time to run off with Harry. I actually think of James as a "woke" Draco Malfoy, in that he's got all the pampering and swagger, fighting for the "little guys," but not super aware of the broader societal problems. He's a teenager, to give him some credit, but his worldview is rather distorted. As a character, I'd give him a 5.5/10. He's okay.

    Peter: we know more about him, thankfully. He was the tag-along friend. In one of my fics I tried exploring how and why he gave into Voldemort, and my conclusion is that his friends grew up and moved on but he didn't. Remus was off with werewolves, Sirius was doing who knows what, and James had a family. We know Sirius & James were the closest, so it's safe to assume that after school, their little group fell apart a little. Peter got left behind and when faced with defending his old friends or joining what looked like a stronger cause, it makes sense. Not to say Peter's betrayal is on his friends - he still had full agency - but my head canon is that Peter felt left out and took his anger out in a really misguided way. As a character, I'd give him a 4/10. Meh.

    Sirius: we know a lot more about him! Adult Sirius and teen Sirius are almost two different people to me. So we'll start with teen Sirius. Teen SB is a little shit. He, like James, is a product of his upbringing. Yes, he wants to rebel and fight for the good guys. Yes, he wants to fight against prejudice. However, in doing so, he forgets about others' feelings or how his actions affect others. His temper and pride get the best of him - he thinks he's better than others because he, too, is "woke." As an adult, he's better, in some ways, because he does recognize mistakes and he's more than punished for it. He eats rats for Harry to stay closer to him. He improves with time, like a good wine. 7/10.

    Remus: just like Sirius, I need to differentiate between adult Remus and teen Remus, but he's got similar issues either way. Remus is a coward at all ages. He wants so desperately to be liked (understandable, given his condition) that he doesn't call out what's going wrong. He is loyal to a fault. He hides behind excuses over his wrongdoing or his inaction. He's not challenged very much - none of the Marauders are - in terms of personal growth, until he's older. This is why I ship Remadora and not Wolfstar. Tonks challenges Remus to be better; Sirius is literally in arrested development after the age of 22. But, this paragraph is about Remus. By the end of DH, he's happier and has shown tremendous personal growth. 10/10. Chef's kiss.

    In a brief scenario to show what I mean, imagine the four Marauders dealing with aggressive racists:

    Sirius and James: start beating them up after a heated argument because "that's what they deserve"

    Peter: joins in the beating up because Sirius and James went in first and are clearly winning

    Remus: doesn't think solving violence with violence is the right thing to do, but stands to the side and says nothing.

    Now, for Snape:

    Snape: again, teen Snape vs. adult Snape, two different people. We'll start with teen Snape. He is understandably bitter. Like the others, he's looking for a place to belong. He might have creepy little friends and a desire to "out" Remus as a werewolf, but none of these things deserve death or torture. As for his friendship with Lily: they are both immature. Lily probably doesn't understand the enmity and implications of the relationships among wizards in the houses or by blood status. What Snape said to her - calling her a Mudblood - was not unforgivable, IMO, especially considering the trauma that led up to it. However, Lily's a teen girl in this scene and she's got her own friends who likely haven't helped. Snape loses Lily, and at that point he's really got nothing left to lose.

    OK, now for the big things. Snape trying to save Lily while not bothering with Harry or James. I definitely think he didn't care if James lived or died. I think Harry, in Snape's eyes, was a lost cause. Voldemort was set on killing the kid, and Snape had probably seen enough that he knew it was a lost cause. That being said, if Lily had survived, I doubt the friendship could be salvaged. Was it selfish of him to want to save Lily only? I think so. But, like many people (realistically) he wanted to save his own priorities.

    Now adult Snape - no excuses for the way he treated the children, even if he was covering as a Death Eater torturing Gryffindors. Yes, all the teachers at Hogwarts had their issues (and this is a red herring logical fallacy, btw, to compare Snape to others), and Snape was particularly cruel.

    That being said, he was committed to defeating Voldemort, even if his reason was very personal. He was committed to helping Harry stay alive, again, even if it might've just been revenge on the man who killed Lily. He's neither the first nor the last person/character to go into a battle with a single cause. He could've said screw it, I'm out, but didn't. Yes, he was a dick to children and yes he was cruel, but he was committed, till the end, to helping Harry, Dumbledore, and the Order to defeat Voldemort.

    I give Snape a 7/10 for similar reasons as I gave Sirius a 7/10. He made some major mistakes - and continued to do so - but where it mattered most, he helped.

    In the example above of Marauders dealing with racists, this is a bit how I see it if Snape had been involved:

    Snape: does nothing immediately. Plans a long, slow burn to destroy the racists' cause, lives, and credibility. Changes nothing about his life otherwise.

    So...to answer the question...took a little time to get there, whoops...Marauders = meh. Teen Snape = meh. Adult Sirius = better. Adult Remus = give me more of that man. Adult Snape = better.

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    Counting the number of Snape’s buttons for Snience

    In total there are 38 buttons. 9 on each sleeve, 4 on each pant leg, and 12 on the front of the frock coat.

    I imagine he switches between using magic or just manually buttoning and un-button based on his mood. If he’s in a hurry, then magic. If just wants spend a little more time by himself before heading out for the day, then he does it with his hands. The process of manually fasting each one helps clear his mind and brace himself before heading out in the morning.

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