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  • lazycacing
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Late night thoughts #9:

    It had been a long and dreadful day, you finally made it home. Levi had been waiting at the door for hours. When he heard the jingle of your keys, he pulled the door open and ushered you into the house.

    Stepping out of a quick shower, Levi pushed a mug of warm milk into your palms and guided you towards a stool in the middle of your bedroom. He had the hairdryer ready.

    Levi was blowing your hair while you sipping the warm milk, eyes half closing due to fatigue. He switched off the hairdryer when he was done, removed the mug fron your palms before wiping your lips with your towel.

    He carried you in his arms and gently placed you on your side of the bed. But you locked him in your arms. "Mmm.. please stay," you begged him, burying your face into his chest.

    "Okay.." he lowered himself next to you, removing your arms so his body wouldn't lay on you. He cuddled your close, kissing your forehead long and slow, happy that you were finally home with him.

    #levi ackerman #levi x y/n #levi x reader #aot x y/n #levi ackerman x reader #levi x you #levi ackerman x you #levi fluff#levi heichou#midnight thoughts #been a rough day for me #captain levi#snk levi #levi hugs and cuddles
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  • happybird16
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ModernAu! Levi doesn’t have any allergies per say, but his skin is sooooo soft and sensitive. He has to use sensitive skin soaps and detergents. Can only wear soft cotton, linen and cashmere. Even his bedsheets are layers upon layers of smooth silk, almost cool to the touch.

    It’s part of the reason he’s such a clean freak. He couldn’t take care of his skin properly growing up so he cleaned obsessively to try to stop the burning itch of his skin.

    #Levi hcs #Just a little thought I had before work #imagine fucking him on those silky sheets #sooo sensitive to your teasing touch #aot hcs #attack on titan hcs #levi ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk#levi #modern au hcs #modern au
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  • eremika-mika
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Okay but the fact that EHs say we’re reaching when they see Eren smile at Historia and start screeching about twu wuuuvvv. I swear it’s like they get worked up by them getting within a five mile radius of each other.

    to this day i still don’t know how eh got to be so big I really must’ve missed something

    #snk was just an onslaught of eremika and y’all thought erehisu was endgame?? #PLEASE#mikasa ackerman#eren jaeger#eremika#ere/hisu#snk#anonymous#my post
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  • rabbits-of-negative-euphoria
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    fanartists stop stripping Armin of his short king status 2k22

    #- HK #he still the shortest of the shiganshina trio #eren is a whole half foot taller than him #eren’s over 6 feet tall i hate that #last night my friends and i were talking about emus and cassowaries and i was like ‘cassowaries are as tall as men’ #and my friend didn’t believe me and i was like ‘well a SHORT MAN they’re 5’8’ #so obviously my first thought when I looked up armin’s height just now was ‘hm shorter than a cassowary’ #mobile#x#SNK#Armin #obviously this is not counting his Titan form which is almost certainly taller than a cassowary
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  • incorrectsnkships
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    it’s two am but i’m feeling fucking emotional as shit right now i fucking love attack on titan so much i wish i could forget all my knowledge and all my love for it just so i can rewatch it and have a fresh start and relearn everything and experience those moments of confusion where i don’t know what’s quite going on but then realising half a second later again and go back to the time when i just started watching it when i thought that levi was the main character and then being pissed because where the fuck is levi yknow? where’s levi and that shitty blond dude who shags him? why have they appeared so late in the show, huh? what were they doing? being gay for each other??

    #incorrectsnkships #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk#eruri #i genuinely thought that levi was the main character #i was so pissed when i found out he’s not #but he will be in my heart #now i’m sad again #levi ackerman#erwin smith
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  • happybird16
    21.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Okay that last post got me thinking: What would the AOT characters quirks be in the BNHA universe.

    Thoughts below the cut:

    Levi: Something giving him superhuman agility, strength and speed. He can basically fly the way he hops between buildings at lightening speed. Uses swords as support weapons. Was originally an underground hero, working with Isabel and Farlan. Got into a really bad fight against a villain and Erwin showed up last minute, after they had already died and the villain was left bleeding everywhere by Levi’s blades. Erwin recruited him to his team, so now Levi is (reluctantly) the country’s #1 hero, right in the lime light.

    Erwin: Some sort of battle IQ. Gives him statistics on everyone’s abilities the moment he lays eyes on them, along with probabilities based on their surroundings. Was only an up-and-coming hero when he ran into Levi, barely in the 100’s, but now he’s firmly at #2.

    Hange: They can see into your biological nature, though sometimes it requires skin contact for them to get a full picture. (They can even tell you if your diets lacking.) This gives them complete insight into how a quirk works and any potential weaknesses. Originally wanted to be hero support, using their quirk to build various suits and equipment to match each hero’s specific biology, but Erwin convinced them otherwise. (They hypothesize he has a secret second quirk that makes him very persuasive.) They’re now #3.

    Miche: Sharp nose, obviously. Maybe some sort of bloodhound-like quirk. He can use a small bit of someone’s scent to hunt them down.

    Eren: Titan, obviously. Basically his whole family has the same quirk, but he’s the first to want to use it for good. (Maybe…if he doesn’t get corrupted)

    Zeke: Also Titan, though he’s not exactly… good.

    Mikasa: Very similar to Levi, though her quirk grants her a bit less flight and a tad more speed. It’s immediately apparent that they’re related.

    Armin: Here comes the Sun. Ya’ boys basically a nuke. Has a huge drawback of basically knocking him out after, not to mention the mental toll. Only used as a last resort, he intends to become a purely rescue hero. Wants to save people from burning buildings and being buried in rubble. He fear the day he’ll get called on to actually use his quirk in a fight.

    Sasha: Some sort of super hearing. Extremely fine tuned to that she can hear a pin drop from a mile away. She’s the best for recon.

    Connie: Distraction. He’s really good at getting the undivided attention of whomever he wants. He typically uses comedy, but literally anything he says can get a villain to follow him. May or may not use it on his friends occasionally, but doesn’t always mean to.

    Jean: Leadership. As long as he exudes confidence, those around him do too. It bolsters the quirks of others around him, reflecting back to make him physically stronger for everyone who believes in him. The same holds true for doubt, though, making him weaker in turn.

    Reiner: Some sort of hardening quirk, obviously. Maybe a bit of self healing mixed in, making him basically un-killable (even though he’d like that sometimes)

    Annie: Mimic. Since that’s technically the female titans actual ability. She has to touch someone first, but she completely mimic their fighting style from that point on. When she’s super stressed she can even use a bit of their quirks.

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  • ackerfics
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    because i was so completely into writing levi in aus, i forgot how he acts in canon 🫠 istg, writing aot in canonverse has never been this hard and i am only in the 7th chapter of my full-on aot fic 😭 feel free to drop by in this ridiculously spontaneous piece of work any time !! i'd appreciate it so much 🥺🌷

    #rorytalks#musings 🪐 #diadems: my huge project in a long while :> #levi x reader #eren x reader #aot x reader #attack on titan x reader #snk x reader #levi ackerman x reader #you guys can send asks here about your thoughts aaaaaa i'd love to get to them! 😚
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  • bluebellhairpin
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    no because now I can see it. Zeke is like that guy I had in my course who, admittedly, I never got along with because we bickered and nagged and threw insults all the time - we were like nightmares to each other - but when we were paired together for an assignment, we worked together like clockwork. the bickering and insults never stopped (death would come first and we knew that) but we knew what to do to get shit done. and it was fun. working with him was the only time for the whole year that we both got perfect scores. that's what Zeke is like.

    #which kinda scares me but what can u do #ive also never seen course guy since but also what can u do #nemos thoughts#zeke jaeger #attack on titan #aot#snk
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  • asterias-paralias
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sooo, there is this song that fits levihan so damn well I had to share it. The translation is rough but hopefully it gets the message across. The first verse is the river scene, the second one is the forest scene and the last one is Hanji's final sacrifice.

    Πέτρα Petra (Stone)

    It all seems like a lie.

    The stream takes me elsewhere

    And the bank it leads me to

    Doesn't look like me.

    The river took me

    And my empty hand

    Has since lost yours.

    All before nightfall.

    There's a stone in my heart.

    Throw it into the fire, in the furnace.

    A dark stone, burn it if you want.

    Save me and see for yourself

    What we'll be left with.

    Only dust and steam.

    The clouds have grown dense,

    The walls have surrounded me.

    And these black wings,

    The new ones,

    Stay tied to my body.

    They are foreign to the sun.

    If only I could take everything back

    And live.

    Listen to it if you want (it's in greek)


    #will do an analysis at some point #levihan#song lyrics#snk#aot #the lyrics read as something they could have thought or said to eachother
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  • ipostmythoughtshere
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    -Yelena, AOT

    #thoughts#noise#quotes#anime quotes#anime art #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #yelena attack on titan #yelena snk#eren jaeger
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  • euph-rias
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    Some headbands from theme parks I own plus a pieck one!! 💕

    #ellefteria speaks #this is based off a dream i head and a convo in the yelena gc 😈 #i worked at tokyo disneyland and had some cool coworkers and one of them had lena as a gf and i woke up jealous 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💀💀 #me n the gc discussed yelena working at disneyland and having to wear silly outfits 🥺💕 #ANYWAYS yes i own these but thought pieck should have one too bc the cart is cute! #aot yelena#yelena aot#snk yelena#yelena snk#yelena#my art
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  • knightinsourarmor
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one thinking Levi would have made a great Warhammer Titan? Probably yes.

    #( this man would be unstoppable as the warhammer ) #( 6am thoughts ) #( he's smart and inventive and and and and . . . ) #— (tag tba) snk. #— levi ackerman | the absurd hero’s refusal to hope becomes his singular ability to live in the present with passion
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  • bluebellhairpin
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Levi has a very delicate skincare routine. He does so much and it's cannot be disturbed in the slightest otherwise hell breaks loose. Toners, cleansers, scrubs, face cream, eye cream, spot cream, face masks, eye masks, moisturiser, sunscreen. Everything. Every day. But he does it all with so much anger because Erwin just has to wash his face with cold water once a week and his skin looks exactly the same as Levi does.

    #life isnt fair and levi knows all about it far too well #nemos thoughts#eruri#levi ackerman#erwin smith #attack on titan #aot#snk #shinjeki no kyojin #headcanons
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  • amatxs
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    memento mori / levi ( attack on titan ) ( EVERY VERSION OF THE STORY ENDS WITH YOU BEING SLAUGHTERED. ) a/n: quote by tory adkisson

    ONE : IN YOUR WINGS THERE IS HORROR FOUND, THE LINING OF CRIMSON FEATHERS TARNISHED WITH BRUTALITY AND APPARITIONS AND HAUNTENINGS. rust coats your tongue, brutal, invades the senses when the bitterness falls from bloodied lips.

    coward. coward. coward coward coward COWARD.

    your hands quiver, seek purchase in the sensation of cold steel against flesh. oh, love, how they ache, calloused and scarred from the aftermath of combat. your fingers wrap around the battle gear, attempt to find stability in something-- to ground yourself to reality, make yourself known and real and present through the acknowledgement that you can touch your surroundings, leave your presence through the imprint of your existence.

    you wonder if your next expedition will be your last. you always do.

    you think you are ready for this ; you think you can prepare yourself for the worst, brace yourself for pain and sacrifice endured, steel the heart to protect what little of it is left from the deaths you will witness. but you can't. you never can.

    YOU ARE HUMAN, AFTER ALL. you cling to the thought of that, try to save yourself from drowning in the madness they call despair. ( to be both human and a survivor in an everlasting war is an oxymoron in itself : impossible, unachievable, and surely you know this by now, don't you? )

    but you are a soldier first and foremost, and to struggle in the battle against fear is to succumb to selfishness, to wave a white flag and admit defeat before you have truly even fought.

    beyond the walls there is devastation, death, & doom. the encounter of horrid creatures, the tearing of limbs, the screams that pierce your ears. beyond the walls is what follows you inside the comfort of your home, and beyond the walls is what follows you into your nightmares.

    the door creaks behind you. your hands are aching. you turn, see levi standing at your doorway. his expression is indecipherable as always, but you smile nonetheless ; it is hollow and born from hopelessness.

    "captain," you speak up, and how silly that you almost think you will drown in the tears that refuse to fall, "i don't want to die."

    he does not speak.

    in silence, you mourn together.

    TWO : so they'll say the grass is meant to be greener on the other side, that it'll flourish and bloom in the presence of flowers and vegetation alike. you grimace, your limbs exhausted, bruises and fresh injuries serving as a reminder of pain. you stare out into the distance, observe your surroundings.

    instead of green there is red, the grass stained with the blood of comrades you cherished. numbness overtakes you, and to what extent does grief accompany it? you are unsure. but you think you should be feeling something more.

    your chest is heavy, feels like you can't breathe. you keep looking, anyway.

    your allies rest nearby, countenance made of anger and agony and anguish. knees hugged to their chest, solemn and quiet tears that make their bodies tremble until their muscles scream in protest.

    ( you think you should be feeling something more. you think you should. )

    something tells you to stop-- tell them it's alright, it's over for now, but the truth is that none of those words will matter. a temporary consolation can only work for so long, and everyone has already reached their breaking point. it wouldn't mean anything, not anymore. so you keep your mouth shut, continue to walk forward in a mindless trance until you come face to face with humanity's strongest.

    there is blood smeared across your cheek. your shoulders hang low, exhaustion settled deep on your features. how different things are now, levi thinks -- he recalls your first expedition-- how your hands wrung together with anxiety, your body tense, your gaze wandering as if an ambush could come at any time.

    now, before him, he sees nothing. you are unrecognizable.

    ( you know this, too. you look in the mirror, see nothing but vacancies in a self-deprecating reflection of who you once were. )

    "did you survive?"

    the words ring apathetic, but somewhere in them, there is a brewing disquiet.

    you smile, but it does not meet your eyes.

    "i don't know, levi."

    THREE : you used to love and hate returning home. home meant returning to the comfort of your bed, returning to safety-- returning to a semblance of normality in this shitty life. but returning home also meant returning to hatred, suffering, and the angry and remorseful cries of the civilians. you don't know where their loved one went. you don't know why that child's father died-- did he die in vain? did you find remnants of his being? did you see her? did she tell you how she was going to come home to her younger siblings?

    you tread forth, ignore the resentful tones that carry too much weight. it's not heavy, not anymore, but something still is, you suppose. you just don't know what. you can't feel it, either way, so you choose to not think about it. it's easier this way.

    levi looks at you, recognizes that feeling that sends a longing in the ravages of a tattered heart. he knows this feeling : the acknowledgement of yet another loss of someone he cherished, the knowing that you are too far gone, the seldom acceptance of yet another fallen.

    he doesn't want to know. he doesn't want to feel this, doesn't want to understand this -- but he can't tear his eyes away -- and why-- why does his chest tighten and hurt when you meet his gaze?

    you try to smile again, worn from the throes of survivalism, but it only leads to more heartbreak.


    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #attack on titan x reader #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #levi ackerman #levi x reader #levi #hahaha . snk you thought you'd seen the last of me ( unfortunately real ) #i wrote the original story 6 yrs ago but i decided to revise it and !! the length is abt the same but it's fascinating to see my writing #change bc it feels so much longer ?? and heavier and gruesome #i am rly excited and happy w how it turned out. the difference is rly neat to see #.: writing
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  • knightinsourarmor
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    @harbringerofdecay liked my bnha levi starter call ( and got a rude asshole thief in return ):

    All men are not created equal. This was the cruel truth of their world, one had to settle with, in order to survive. Quirks were the real curse of their society, forcing them to adjust to a new order of things, one humanity wasn't prepared to face. When heroes are needed, that is when civilization has reached its lowest point and Levi confirmed his beliefs every single day. Every day, as he'd fight for his own survival.

    His eyes had been following the boy for a while now. Nobody approached him, even if many would glance with worry at him. As long as there were heroes around, it shouldn't be their business. How convenient, to rely on somebody else, right ? Fake was their concern, as fake was the peace they believed in. It was when the child disappeared from the crowd, heading into an abandoned alley, that the man made his presence known.

    Kneeling right in front of him, his eyes searched for any visible injuries. “ Oi, brat. ” He couldn't tell what had happened to him, but from the look on his face, he could assume nobody would be looking for him. He could recognize the eyes of someone having lost everything. “ You look like shit. ” Too bad for the kid, having to settle with somebody like him, for the time being. “ Now, why don't you stand up. A bath is what you need the most right now, ” he said, extending his hand towards him.

    #( i suck at starters so i thought since i'm gonna post a crappy one let's make it sooner than later *shrug* ) #( seriously i suck at starters so don't mind this shitty one as a decent writing sample ) #( i'll get better as the thread progresses ) #( hoping it's fine ^^ ) #— (tag tba) thread. #— levi ackerman | the absurd hero’s refusal to hope becomes his singular ability to live in the present with passion #— (tag tba) ic | levi ackerman. #— (tag tba) bnha. #— (tag tba) snk. #— (tag tba) shigaraki tomura. #— (tag tba) bnha | levi ackerman. #harbringerofdecay #— harbringerofdecay | 001
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  • sailewhoremoon
    04.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    if someone has a prince!armin and knight!eren fic SOMEWHERE PLS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD PLEASE SHOW ME 🧎🏾‍♀️🧎🏾‍♀️

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  • redrisingsun
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Eren. EREN? NO

    #I knew it was going to happen but I thought it was gonna be like. the last episode or something #snk
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  • qrtmin
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    currently thinking about . . . CATBOY! ARMIN <3

    CW : catboys, duh. sub! armin. mommy kink. dry humping. oral (f). heat. mentions of creampie.

    CATBOY! ARMIN who is extremely shy when he first moves in with you. he barely looks in your direction, any glances he manages to take always done in secret. it's not that he doesn't like you — which is exactly what you worry about for a while — but instead, he just thinks you're too pretty, too welcoming, too nice, and he doesn't feel like he is worthy any of that, getting intimidated by all your good deeds, wondering and worrying if he deserves it all.

    CATBOY! ARMIN who, eventually, gets more comfortable with you, learning to receive and appreciate all your affection, and who slowly becomes more and more curious about all the ways he can repay you. he's very generous, doing anything you request around the house, always working extra hard so you come home to a spotless place each night, feeling nearly dizzy anytime you praise him over it.

    CATBOY! ARMIN that learns after a while how much he actually loves cuddling. he's timid about it at first, hesitant to let you envelop your arms around him when you first bring the topic up — but after some time, he becomes obsessed with, even gaining the habit of slipping into your bed every night because he apparently can't sleep anymore unless you are holding him, which is obviously concerning considering the amount of extra sleep he should be getting when compared to a regular human, so you never say no to him, allowing him to hide his face on your neck and even in your chest however he pleases, sniffing you slightly before practically purring against you. sometimes, when he's already fast asleep, armin will hump against you subconsciously, hard bulge pressing into your front while he lets out small whines. you never bring it up to him, finding that habit of his cute — the way a wet spot always stained the front of his pajamas most mornings even cuter — but he always apologized for it nevertheless, saying he didn't mean to do that and make you uncomfortable, even if that was never the case in the first place.

    CATBOY! ARMIN who helplessly wants to please you. he simply feels like he doesn't do enough, so after some thinking, he comes up with an idea he hopes you will like. he suggests it with a fire burning behind his cheeks, face blushing bright as he asks if you would like for him to try to make you feel good — like, actually feel good, not just do stuff like cooking for you or washing your sheets or any other stuff that left you feeling good in a completely different sense. you chuckled at him, and for a moment armin worried you would rejected him and thought he was silly for even suggesing such thing — but then you said "yes" with a bright smile, and armin felt like he was thrown into cloud nine that exact instant.

    CATBOY! ARMIN who loves being between your spread legs, tongue flicking up your wet slit eagerly, tasting as much of your slick as he can, moaning and whining as he lets his lids fall close, mind feeling hazy as lust explodes inside him. you just taste so good, and the flesh of your thighs feels so nice under his fingertips, that armin can't help but keep going, hips shamelessly pressing and humping against the mattress under him, dick so hard he feels like he will burst any second. when he has made you cum at least twice, and is on the verge of doing so himself, he looks up at you with hooded eyes, all his arousal glistening behind his gaze as your juices stain his lips and chin prettily, voice whiny as he asks a hopeful "did i make you feel good, mommy?", expression brightening up the second you nod your head positively and let out a breathless "yeah, you did, baby". he then begs if he can cum now, and much to his surprise, you say that he can — and that even better, he can do it inside you if he wants it, the hopeless whimpers of "please" that leave him as he desperately pulls apart the knot on the strings on his sweatpants cuter than you anticipated.

    CATBOY! ARMIN who is always shy about his desire even when he is more than visibly horny — but once his heat hits, all that is thrown out the window, his neediness sparkling brightly as he begs you to "please, mommy, please... i wanna feel you, please". he almost feels like crying, cock so hard it hurts between his legs, but he is so enthusiastic and eager that you can't say no to him. even in that situation, he always puts you first though, making you feel as good as he can thorough his cloudy state and asking first before finally cumming, silky seed spilling on your body countless times that evening — more times than ever before anyways — taking a while before armin is finally tired and feeling drained. you cuddle him extra tight that night, praising him for always being so good for you, leaving sweet pecks all over his face before you two finally drift off to sleep.


    #. . ☆ gyu writes ! #sub! armin is a rare thought for me to have but when it comes up it destroys me beyond recovery ngl #might do one of these for gojo btw hehe #smut#armin smut #catboy! armin #armin headcanons#armin hcs #armin x reader #sub! armin #aot smut#aot headcanons#aot hcs #sub! aot #aot x reader #attack on titan smut #attack on titan headcanons #attack on titan hcs #snk smut#snk hcs#snk headcanons #snk x reader #shingeki no kyojin smut #armin x y/n #aot x y/n #snk x y/n
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  • redrisingsun
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Getting the feeling that Hange might be from Marley……………….

    #snk #I don’t know though it’s just a thought
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  • starlit-trickster
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    some day i shall have the willpower to yell about kof outside of servers and dms

    some day

    #vinyl says things #please god give me the will to subject my followers to my inane ramblings on fighting game men dfhjgkdflkgjhdflkghdflkgd #THE 98 DRAMA CDS MAN. i wanna animatic some scenes from the first one sooooo badly #most of my thoughts center around kyo and iori lol. mainly iori #the shingo manga is making me lose my mind #'oh hey isekai featuring everyones favorite comic relief' #he is sent to the past and witnesses the rise of the yagami. #i have a lot of fun looking through the stuff snk did back in the day #i wanna know whats being said in the neo geo radio station skits #dont even get me started on nests saga dear lord #prolly my favorite one #the most logical thing after sealing away a god hellbent on destroying humanity? unethical science #oh god im rambling in the tags aaaaaaa
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