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  • nukenai
    20.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    I put it on AO3 but then I took it down because it’s a random near-end chapter in a story I should really actually write, but I randomly had inspiration for a goofy edgy late-story chapter so. I will repost it here just so it’s somewhere.

    This is my Pokemon fanfic, the Legends Arceus chapter, which occurs shortly after I move permanently to Unova with MY HUSBAND LOOKER. This is near the end of that chapter of the story.

    The pain turned into numbness. The strength left her legs. Beneath her quivering knees, the ground of the place she knew as Spear Pillar was cold and unforgiving.

    Her arms were locked around her body, desperate to hold it all together. The gashes all blended together like the blood staining her coat a darker red.

    "Don't you remember me...?" She asked pathetically, her voice drowned by the wind. She tried to smile up at the great beast before her, into its piercing red eyes. "Or maybe, you don't know me yet."

    Giratina roared. It glanced at the four unconscious Pokemon around the tiny human, all defeated so easily. Especially that Luxray. It felt something like triumph at the thought - the human's pathetic, terrified face as her Pokemon was torn from her, thrown into another rift. Just like the one above them now. The one that led--

    Just as it was about to surge toward the human for a final time, Giratina paused. It thought. The rift it had opened... it led to somewhere important. Didn't it? It remembered the pain as Volo forced it to tear open the sky, but it used as much defiance as it could muster to choose where to open a rift...

    To a place where it could hear a familiar voice. A familiar, kind voice.

    Nuke's attention was on the ground. Time didn't mean much to her anymore, and she was mostly waiting for Giratina to eviscerate her. She wondered how quick it would be, and thought about what a failure she'd be considered back home.

    Back home.

    Well, they'd never find her. No one in this world knew her. Her Pokemon were all unconscious, with Kamuy possibly erased from existence, and that Zoroark somewhere far, far away. Everyone she'd ever known was in another world, another time.

    This time, no one was coming to save her.

    Using what felt like the last of her strength, she met Giratina's eyes once more.

    And it remembered.

    Giratina lived in a world where neither time nor space applied. Everything that had happened to it, in the past or the future, could be found in its memories if it searched hard enough. And then, staring down at the woman in the red jacket, a memory surfaced.

    It had seen her face before, in its world. And it had been in just as much pain, being dragged out by a terrible human.

    But this human was not the one hurting it. This human, it realized, was the one who had approached it as it lay, defeated, and placed her hand upon its head. The human in the red jacket was the one who had uttered the words,

    "It's okay. No one is going to hurt you anymore."

    It settled. The great tendrils on its back lowered, and it visibly relaxed. Its eyes focused on the human on the ground, bleeding and suffering, just like it had been.

    Giratina wanted to go to her, and speak those same words.

    But it heard its name from somewhere behind, and a terrible pain struck through it. That man, and whatever power he wielded - he was using it again, and Giratina lost itself. Its mind became a swirl of torment and pain, and it could only feel a need to destroy everything in front of it.

    When its gaze fell on the injured human, all its sympathy had vanished.

    It rushed forward with a screech.

    In Jubilife Village, every door slammed shut, accented by screams of terror. The people fled wherever they could from the massive beast that stalked down the street, turning an angled muzzle this way and that. Surely, they all thought, the omen the broken sky foretold had finally arrived.

    She certainly felt too big for the town - she was nearly as tall as some of the buildings. And she was used to humans running from her in fear. But none of the running humans were the one she was looking for. Quietly she sniffed the air.

    Across town, her senses told her. She picked up her pace and wound up in a more open area. There were strange lines drawn on the ground, and she cocked her head at them.

    "Get inside, Ingo!" A voice called. A tall woman was hiding mostly inside the doorway to a large building. "What are you doing!? That Zoroark will kill you!"

    Zoroark. She knew that word - it was what humans called her. But she didn't plan to kill anyone. Her yellow and red eyes turned and looked in the direction the woman was shouting.

    There was a man standing there, looking at her. Not running. He was where the scent had led, and he was not the human she was looking for. But...


    She knew that name. Carefully she approached the man, though he didn't seem afraid of her. He was tall for a human, but she still towered over him. When she reached him, she looked down at him curiously.

    He was staring up. "Oh," he said calmly. "It's just Shirka."

    "What!?" The frantic red-haired woman called, even farther in the door now.

    The man called Ingo reached out his hand. "This is Nuke's Zoroark. She called her Shirka."

    The Zoroark who had been called Shirka smiled at the human. Yes, that was the name she was called. And she liked the name. She wished she could ask the man...

    "Are you looking for Nuke?"

    Her ears pricked and she mimicked a human action - nodding.

    Ingo frowned more deeply, and grabbed the brim of his hat. "I'm afraid she's no longer here. She mentioned something about Mt. Coronet. She's trying to stop whatever terrible thing is happening..."

    Shirka growled deeply. Something wasn't right. As soon as the sky had changed colors, she knew something had gone terribly wrong. Though Nuke had released her back into the wild some time ago, since her initial capture, her long-frozen heart had been stirring. She didn't like the feeling of being separated from Nuke, and the changing world urged her to find her again.

    As much as she could, Shirka tried to convey her sense of urgency to Ingo. She had lived long - longer than any human in Hisui - and something in the depth of her scarred soul was very uneasy.

    You smell like her, she wanted to say, though she couldn't speak the humans' language. I can smell her on you, I know your name from her. You're important to her. She smiles when she speaks of you.

    Ingo couldn't hear words, but he somehow understood. She wanted his help. But he sighed. "I can't move as fast as you can. You'll get to her first, but I'll follow you."

    Shirka opened her mouth wide in a toothy grin. The human got it! That made two whole humans in her entire life who had understood her, in a way. She yipped and nodded again, then got down on all fours. Now eye-level with Ingo, she pushed her head forward and gently touched under his chin. An instinct she had first felt with Nuke.

    He chuckled, but had to steady himself. "I'm not sure you know how big you are compared to us." For the first time in several days, he smiled. Carefully he lifted his hand again, and placed it on Shirka's head. "Nuke was right, you are very sweet."

    She pulled away and regained her serious look, then stood to nearly her full height.

    "Of course," Ingo said, straightening himself. "No more delays. I'll prepare my things and be right after you. Go along, then."

    Shirka liked this human. He was serious, but his silver eyes were bright and friendly. In just a short time, she understood why Nuke mentioned him so much, with such fondness. It hurt her just a bit to turn away from him, but she had a mission. After glancing up to the sky and the peak of Mt. Coronet on the horizon, she tore off through the town.

    Ingo's gaze followed the Zoroark's, and he frowned again. "I do hope she's alright." He believed in her, even if his memories weren't fully restored, but there was something bothering him. Like an intuition, even though he never believed in such things before.

    Did he?

    Though he couldn't be sure of anything, he hurried to pack for his journey to the mountain.

    #my writing #did not re-read this before throwing it up here #because it's very embarrassing #so you're all just gonna have to accept that
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  • are-you-kobra-kidding-me
    20.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Me: yeah im pretty much done doing mcr fanart beyond maybe a tribute here and there

    Me, gripping my tablet pen tighter as more concerts happen: ...maybe....just a few....

    #i am making no promises i am TIRED and have comms to do #but........ #high possibilities... #and it will be so much better than the shit i posted in high school lmao that stuffs so embarrassing but im glad we were all having fun
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  • icy-scream
    20.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    seeing umbrella academy on trending is sending me straight back to how obsessed i was when s1 first released that was like my first obsession 😭

    #i had. a fanfic for it on wattpad . its so embarrassing ik
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  • kissucrose
    20.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    me leaving roblox as soon as i’m picked as the murderer in survive the killer 🤭

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  • bibblelevi
    20.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    If I don’t get to makeout with someone soon I will literally fucking die

    #i am appalled by every single man on hinge #they all just suck #men just suck in general #and i am so terrible on dates like it’s embarrassing
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  • peachygos
    20.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    sometimes u have to watch a silly animatic that macrodoses u on second hand embarrassment for the rest of the week <3

    #dshjsdhj i hate this one video sm its so embarrassing im thinking abt it always #i watch it every month like clockwork #misc
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  • t4thualian
    20.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    well its over yall i found some alcohol that i liked so i might start drinking LOL

    #its mikes hard lemonade literally so embarrassing lol #like ive said before i might consider drinking if it tasted good and well . #and im not gonna be like binge drinking or anything but i may enjoy a funny little mikes hard every once in a while
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  • betweentimeand42
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I would pay good money to screen How to Grow a Band for Punch Brothers and just watch them roast it the whole time

    #just a random little post #them string pluckin bois #it’s not like I think it’s a bad documentary #it’s that THEY apparently think it’s a bad documentary #or rather they think it was done well but they’ve moved on so far from that point #that now they look at it like an embarrassing moment in their career #I know Thile specifically has said he hates the way he comes off in the documentary #and watching it now… I can see why #so I’m getting a kick out of imagining them all watching it together and going AGGHHHH #and making fun of themselves
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  • bakedbananners
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    may i suggest black chase cousins im so happy about the casting

    YES!!! the sillies <333

    #annabeth chase#magnus chase#percy jackson#pjo#mcga#riordanverse#my art#ask #annabeth forces magnus to take pictures with her bc she wants the memories but he is so embarrassed about taking pictures LOL
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  • rnm-magic-space-xsd
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #Nameless The One Thing You Must Recall #Lance Route Spoilers #Lance is an embarrassing tease that makes me feel embarrassed shy yet happy! #Lance is so forward aaa!!! >v#me*
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  • multishipper-baby
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Eak and Owynn are probably a very unconventional couple, but I do imagine they do some classic romantic stuff in between all their crazy bullshit

    #eakwynn#fnafhs#headcanon #eak 100% kisses owynn's hands all the time I don't make the rules #he didn't at first because he thought I'd be embarrassing but once they've been together for a while? #it's a pretty common occurence #also owynn kisses eak's scar because CUTE #and flowers. owynn buys flowers for him on special occasions (birthday anniversary etc) #eak isn't that good at keeping plants alive but hey that's what towntrap is for lol #annnnnd physical contact- so much physical contact #whenever they're close to each other eak just naturally puts his hand around owynn's waist #or owynn will interwine their fingers #it's not even conscious tbh their love language is just physical touch so they get very used to keeping each other close #they're gay your honor
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  • nnizumono
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    why is this game forcing me to have another crush

    #i'm#SO embarrassed #i don't like having a lot of f/os from one source #i mean they're all different games except the two in this one but still #women be forcing my hand. in marriage #plague.txt
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  • where-the-wild-thingsgo
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Pretend you can't hear me singing but I did capture the jump (with about 4 pixels)

    #my chemical romance #mcr#gerard way#frank iero#mikey way#ray toro #please ignore the singing its so embarrassing
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  • bigkpopstan
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    writing stuff on his thighs omg ☹☹ him twitching a little while u are writing because he's just so sensitive ...

    we are not going to ignore that sunghoon thought !! i want to know !! 😼

    💌 anon

    telling him that if he doesn’t say still you might smudge it and he just whines in response bc he’s so sensitive and impatient (or needy) :( gosh I love him. I can literally picture him twitching a little bit or slightly pushing his thighs up a little. sensitive Jakey drives me nuts:( him already having some writings on him by the time you get to his thighs

    it was just a self indulgent thought from awhile back I had of sunghoon being a tease so he was sitting on a chair but like backwards n looking over his shoulder n stuff

    #💌 anon#sub jake#sub sunghoon #but sunghoon was also like-we know I’m into pegging so he was…like spreading his cheeks n stuff being that type of (haha) cheeky #but for some reason I was too embarrassed to say that in the post #🥲
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  • calcescarp
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    #i accidentally reblogged something to my vent blog this time!!!!!! THAT'S SO EMBARRASSING
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  • oh-katsuki
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    gonna have to tell my professor that I couldn’t print out our essay due today because I didn’t have five dollars in my bank account this month for the Office Depot print holding charge

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  • j-esbian
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    suddenly remembering the time i had an “”asthma attack”” at the gym, despite having no history of asthma, and realizing. oh that was an anxiety attack 😌

    #this was prob like. 3 years ago #idk WHY i couldn’t recognize it at the time lol #definitely after i’d had anxiety attacks on the reg #i just couldn’t catch my breath and kept hyperventilating and coughing to try to pass it off #bc that’s the only way i could figure out to interrupt my breathing #cause it was also super fucking embarrassing that ppl kept like. looking at me and getting concerned #it was on campus so they absolutely called an ambulance #the attention definitely made it worse i think lol it was MORTIFYING #i love having social anxiety 🙃 i know they were just trying to help #mine
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  • uhhalrightbuddy
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I wear pants like that... ☹️☹️

    #time to bury this post like a dead body #ill delete this tomorrow #this is so freakin cringe man #im so embarrassing and gross #ahhhhhh!!! i hate feeling things and i hate feeling like this #constantly just want to stop everything #murder who i am and be someone else arggg gaahhh
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  • hellofuture
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    im normal *gets out skz pobs+etc*

    #is this embarrassing enough #i have like 10+ more otw so 😐😐 #post
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