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  • boyswhentheyrebored
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    thinking about that one girl i saw on twitter with the bio “lesbian except for femboys”. hope she’s doing well. hope the discourse girlies didn’t fucking murder her.

    #also she was like 15 i think so i hope she’s. coping well with what i know she has been exposed to i guess.
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  • haleigh-sloth
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Not to bring the anime up but I’m watching it rn and wondering

    Where do y’all think season 6 is gonna leave off at? 🤔

    #lowkey hope it cuts off right before deku rogue arc so I can hear him say he wants to save Shig #and cuz I wanna see the hospital chapters #bnha
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  • the-ninjago-girl
    20.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    I'm up to episode 8 on the new season and I just gotta say


    Also arsonist pixal confirmed? She definitely got the vibes. She and kai most definitely start small fires for fun

    Ma'm please why did you shine the flashlight in your eyes-

    I can't wait to finish the other eps it's so good

    #ninjago#lego ninjago#ns16 spoilers#ns16#ns16 leaks #ninjago season 16 spoilers #ninjago season 16 #crystalized spoilers#ninjago crystalized #also when i was watching the 2nd ep and saw the other water lady i was like: thats def nyad AND I WAS RIGHT #i kinda hope sometime within the season she has her moment of clairity and remembers who she was like nya did #shes like their great great grandma or smth so it'd be cool to have her chillin' at the monastery #also this au is making me think of a new au ;)
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  • violasarecool
    20.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    *plays a game so i can talk about it with my physiotherapist*

    #not actually but also kinda. i was hoping to start fallen order before my next appt lol but cramps are kicknig my ass so maybe not #slowly falling out of star wars but the gameplay looks fun so im shoving it into my game queue before i lose all interest #me
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  • indianterritory
    20.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago


    #i keep hoping the case will have the right outcome and that people will open their eyes #but who am i kidding none of these people making jokes or placing bets or mocking rape testimonies care about survivors #because people that care about survivors dont place bets on ''who will win'' or make tiktok sounds from a woman talking about being raped #to say 'lucky' 'wish that were me' 'doesnt sound so bad!' #AT BEST theyd admit to ''mutual abuse'' as if thats even a fucking thing #abuse tw#rape tw
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  • lentlilly
    20.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    “You’re not… how I thought you’d be.” (from hoshiszora to tsaritsa)

    first impression starters | x

    " Is that so? I guess I'm a little.. softer in person. " She giggless, placing a hand over her mouth. Or maybe it's because of the way the Raiden was? Because compared to her, she definitely gave off a nicer aura. Maybe also her height, but her mind didn't instantly jump to that.

    She's curious what his initial impression was though. She knew the rumors, and she made them that way intentionally, it's just.. a little amusing.

    " I'm a little curious though, what did you think I'd be like? " She asks, her hand lowering down to her chest, adjusting her stance softly.

    " My reputation is quite important to me, you know. " She's, mostly messing with him, noone was really around to spot her and ruin this moment. She hopes at the very least. At least not a lot of people knew her in Inazuma. Not by appearance, you'd never guess.

    #omg. the tumblr formatting is so weird #I hope this works #ic. i manifest my enemies; will i manifest an early grave? #tsaritsa. that goodbye was just like you; i was grieving a nonsensical past. #hoshiszora #ask. please text me later the instructions to forget you.
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  • g0thsim
    20.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    The medication I need to survive should be free.

    #y’all I haven’t been able to do stuff bc I’m too old be covered by my moms plan happy birthday to me….. #thots and prayers squad #I’m literally going through terrible withdrawal symptoms bc I’ve been micro dosing hoping I’ll get some help but :::::0) #suicide mention after //// #////////////////////////​////////////////////////​////////////////////////​////////////////////////​//////////////////////// #////////////////////////​////////////////////////I’m too weak to even kms in this state lol #I’m going to have go tomorrow because I literally have none left that I can split #being low class is literally so crazy like how tf are we ever supposed to get ahead or make a life for ourselves
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  • lokigodofaces
    20.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    love how people keep trying to talk to me about Depp v Heard as if i have been keeping up with it

    #listen i hope things turn out well for depp & all but i am barely paying attention #i hate all the memes & stuff coming from a case dealing with domestic violence #inappropriate wouldnt you say? #i mean people tend to not have any boundaries between themselves & boundaries (ie all the hate directed towards tom hiddleston & zawe ashto #n) but this is going too far #so i dont pay attention bc too often i see stuff i hate #& then someone will ask me how i thought about what heard said under oath & like idk whats happening #apparently heard admitted under oath to perjury #so yeah thats a big deal hope shes prosecuted for that #liv won't shut up
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  • kyloodle
    20.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    🦓 🦓 🦓

    #bikini check#🦓 #also my tan is coming along so nicely #and I’m having a v good day #so I hope y’all are having a v good day also #me#cute#pretty#fashion#body positive#girls
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  • chojuuro
    20.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago
    character/s: Karatachi Kagura, Shimizu Hiroki (oc), Chojuuro rating: T (language? mentions of almost-death) content: kagura deals with survivor's guilt, post-stabbing from boruto e246 (im still not taking it well), takes place in my canon-divergent oc canonverse a bit after this fic. oh and father/son bonding <3 words: 1456

    Hiroki’s awoken to the sudden sounds of something that his sleep-hazed brain can’t quite place and a gentle illumination coming from the other side of the hospital room.  He runs through his mental checklist, making sure everything else in the room is secure, and of course it is – Kiri’s hospital is one of the more secure buildings in the village.  Even still, he’d made sure to place an extra seal on the windows for the extra security as soon as his arm felt good enough to weave chakra without putting up a fuss.  And it did still put up a fuss; he’d exacerbated his old injury for sure during the fight with the Funato’s roach, that much is certain.  Even now, a few days later, his nerves ache and burn dully under his skin and the stiffness makes even regular movement tough.

    Maybe Misuno’s right.  Maybe he’s getting old after all.

    Hiroki checks his phone but stops just as he’s unlocking it at the sounds, again, and he feels the hair at the back of his neck prick and raise and mentally, he makes a list of everything in the room that could be used as a weapon both by and against him as his arm flexes–

    And then he realizes what he’s hearing is crying.  Ah.


    “Oh, uh–”  Kagura shakes his head, wipes at his eyes with the back of his arm.  He offers Hiroki a weak smile; the same one that Hiroki’s been seeing since Kagura was little, the one that tells him that his boy just needs a little reassurance, a little care and love.  “I…thought you were asleep.  Sorry.  I’m fine.”

    Slowly, Hiroki shrugs off his hospital bed and perches at the edge of Kagura’s, reaches over and ruffles the boy’s hair when he sits up.  Kagura tries to protest, he really does, but Hiroki knows half-assed when he hears it.  The smile he throws Kagura’s way is softer than normal, gentle in the wake of his eldest’s distress.  His bad arm hangs limply at his side, closer to Kagura, so he’s twisted awkwardly in a way that, really, right now, he doesn’t mind.  

    “Wanna tell me what’s wrong?”

    Kagura looks at him, finally, and in the weak lighting from his phone plus the puffiness from crying, the dark circles under his eyes are that much more pronounced.  He hesitates a moment and Hiroki’s ready to tell him that he doesn’t have to, that really, if Kagura isn’t feeling ready to talk about it then he’s not obligated, but Kagura beats him to the punch.  He reaches up and moves Hiroki’s hand off his head – Kagura warns him of the inevitable stiffness in his back if he stays twisted like that, and Hiroki can’t really argue.  

    Kagura sighs gently through his nose, frowning down at the bed sheet over his legs; Hiroki watches quietly as Kagura finds the words, searches his mind for exactly how he wants to go at this.  

    “Do you…”  Kagura’s brows furrow and his frown deepens, and Hiroki swears he can see tears collecting at the corners of his eyes again.  “Do you ever feel like, maybe, the first time they attacked…”

    Hiroki waits patiently as Kagura tries so, so hard to get the words out, but he can see how desperately Kagura’s trying to force the words out and how badly it hurts.

    “...Do you ever wonder if maybe you shouldn’t have made it?”

    It feels like somebody reaches into Hiroki's stomach, grabs hold of his guts, twists and yanks.  He feels his heart shatter; Hiroki knows how fucking badly it hurts and now empty Kagura must feel and he wishes so, so badly he could take the hurt, take the pain, take the grief.

    "Sure," Hiroki says, finally, voice quiet. "Sometimes."


    Hiroki laughs once, humorlessly. There's a far away look in his eyes as if he's focusing on something in the distance that isn't quite there.  "It gets better the more time passes.  Easier.  A lot of people died during that first incident and I very nearly was one of them.  But y’know what?”


    “I wasn’t.”

    Kagura’s mouth drops open for a brief moment in some cocktail of surprise and uncertainty of whether this is a joke.  But Hiroki’s face is steeled, for once; the comforting little smile of a father leveling with the son that he very nearly lost.  

    “And neither were you,” Hiroki continues.  “I know it hurts now, and it probably will for a long time, and you don’t have to talk about it till you’re ready to.  But your dad and I are so fucking proud of you.”

    Kagura looks down at his hands, brows furrowed deeply as he mindlessly rubs a finger along his knuckles, over an old callus.  Tears prick at the corners of his eyes and he takes in a shuddery breath, and Hiroki doesn’t dare to say anything, to move; he watches Kagura carefully, trying not to let his heart break.

    “It just kinda feels like, why me?  You know?”

    It’s at that moment that Hiroki caves.

    He reaches over and carefully – so, so carefully – wraps his useful arm around Kagura’s shoulders, pulls him in for a hug with half the normal amount of arms but just as much love and affection as he always has.  Kagura curls into him, fists a hand into the front of his shirt; he leaves tear and snot stains in the fabric, and knows that Hiroki welcomes them the same way he’s welcomed everything else. With an open mind and an open heart, a big grin and a bigger hug.  

    "You just gotta remember," Hiroki says, and Kagura thinks it may be the most gentle sound he's heard from his papa in a long time, "you survived for a reason.  You're still here for a reason.  You're a strong kid, Kagura; you've got a huge heart and a bright future ahead of you. You're gonna be okay, kiddo.  Promise."

    Kagura nods slowly, but the look on his face is grim.  And, Hiroki supposes, he can understand why; Kagura is barely 16 years old.  Barely 16 and has already stared death in the face, turned his back on it and said not today.  Many lives were lost, both shinobi and civilian alike, in the war  with the Funato, and among all of them, Kagura was not one of them.  Kagura is a survivor, and that’s not easy for anybody.  

    Kagura is just a boy, and it’s hard to remember that sometimes.

    They’re quiet for a long time and that’s when Hiroki notices the room getting lighter; the sun’s rising slowly outside, Hiroki realizes with a sigh.  He goes to move off the edge of Kagura’s bed so they can both try and get some sleep, but he’s cut off at the pass before he can make a real move.

    “I…  Thanks, for this,” Kagura tells him, gratitude written all over his face.  Hiroki gives him a big grin, the signature Hiroki grin that shows off his teeth – and he stands, reaches over to ruffle his hair and revels in the soft, half-hearted protests.

    “You know you can always talk to us.  None of that Kiri pride bull here, right?”

    Kagura sighs softly, but he nods, looks up at Hiroki with a tired little smile of his own.  “I know,” he says.  “Thanks, mama.”

    “–What did you just say?”  

    It takes Kagura a long moment before the realization sets in and he flushes to his ears, rolls over onto his side with his back to his father’s side of the shared hospital room and yanks his covers up almost over his face.  “Nothing, goodnight!”

    Hiroki laughs from deep inside himself and finally climbs back into his hospital bed, and though he doesn’t fall asleep right away – though he’s a little too busy unexpectedly playing back some old childhood memories of his eldest – he finally dozes off, feeling warm and full.

    He and Chojuuro really did raise a great kid.

    (“You’re mama!” a young Kagura declares with all the confidence of a five year old.  His finger is inches from Hiroki’s nose as he changes the victim of his point from Chojuuro to Hiroki, and it takes everything in the new fathers to keep their laughter inside.

    “Why am I mama?” Hiroki asks, and he’s not even sure if it’s genuine curiosity or if it’s just to see what he says.  Probably both.

    Kagura puts his hands on his little hips and nods, so incredibly sure of himself.  “‘Cause!  He’s daddy.  And you can’t have a daddy without a mama.”

    Chojuuro looks at Hiroki with a mischievous sparkle in his eye.  “You hear that, mama?”

    Hiroki can’t explain the way his heart swells.)

    #im normal about this family #ANYWAY #i know its not obvious so allow me to explain #during the First funato incident hiroki suffered a stab wound to his neck/shoulder that severed his brachial plexus #bc of ninja magic he made a mostly full recovery but bc he healed it himself on the battlefield #it was a little wonky at best bc uhhhh adrenaline #brachial plexus injuries can often lead to intense nerve pain and - in severe cases - paralysis of the arm #in hiroki's case; bc of ninja magic it USUALLY is fine unless he uses it a lot. which he did in this case #see the Last hiroki fic where he uh ripped funamushi's head off DJFHB and also did a lot of other varied rampaging #so he exacerbated his injury A Lot and he's stuck in the hospital AGAIN #(meaning: he could totally go home but he wants to be there for his kid so kagura isn't stuck in the hospital alone) #so when its exacerbated badly like this it kinda is temporarily paralyzed #i hope this makes sense #im taking medical liberties on the basis of ninja magic #ocposting#oc canonverse #extended mist fam #emfcu#shimizu hiroki#chojuro#chojuuro#kagura karatachi#desfic
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  • inverrrt
    20.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago
    @grayflown​ is getting an unprompted starter !!

    ❝ Excuse me, ❞ Sakanade stood not too far from the... er... relatively fit ( and not particularly bad looking ) person standing no more than about six feet away from the jester. There’s no denying as to how fit they came to be which piqued Sakanade’s interest in wanting to know what their exercising routine and eating habits were.

    ❝ I’m sorry to intrude on your space bubble, so to speak, ❞ he motioned both hands in their general direction, ❝ but I was wondering if you could tell me your secrets for looking the way you do. ❞

    Pausing for a brief moment, he felt like he was missing something but could quite place what. ❝ Oh, duh, ❞ Sakanade said to himself, quickly shaking the thought out of his head. Placing a hand out in front of himself, he continued, ❝ I’m terribly sorry about my behavior. The name’s Sakanade. Might I ask what yours is? ❞

    #IC 逆撫 i'm diggin' with my fingertips ; i'm ripping at the ground i stand upon ; i'm searchin' for fragile bones #grayflown #i needed to refresh my memory what pronouns you used for your variation for nightwing so i hope me using 'person' is fine! #i know your carrrd says they & he pronouns but i didn't want to risk anything. #that and sakanade doesn't know them yet so it is they / them pronouns until they are familiar with one another! #if that's okay with you of course! #i also have absolutely no idea why sakanade's asking about their exercising routine and diet considering how insanely ripped he is. lmfao. #and i promise you that he's not hitting on nightwing rest assured. he's also kinda sorta taken. XD #i also apologize for this being all over the place. #feel free to let me know if you want me to change anything!
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  • 8bit-mau5
    20.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago


    #IVE WAITED 4 WEEKS FOR FRIDAY SESSION UGH. UGH #RIPPING MY SHIRT OFF #takes an excedrin. wish me luck i hope the pain settles before i get 3 - 4 hours of fun dungeons and dragons and dating time #i love Tungsten so much im SO excited augh #8bit beeps
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  • dreaming-of-assclass
    20.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Hi! Could you do the “hold my hand” prompt between Sugino and Okano? I would LOVE to read it 🥺

    Absolutely hahaha 💕

    Okano + Sugino - “Hold my hand”

    Okano drummed her fingers on the edge of her seat, getting increasingly impatient. It was supposed to be a short train ride, yet somehow it felt like it was taking ten years.

    She tugged again on the hood of her pink sweater, making sure it was staying put over her hair, before leaning against the window.

    It was late spring now, and the weather was a clear indicator. It was a sunny day and a light breeze was in the air, brushing past everything. All around her, the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom and scattered their petals everywhere like blowing kisses.

    It wasn't normal for her to take a train to school. In fact, she almost never did. Her house was close enough to bike to Kunugigaoka and the mountain base, and it was a good way of exercise too. On some days, she was fine with walking too.

    But recently, some relatives from Korea came around for a visit, and Okano had spent the night at her aunt's house. It was a little risky given that it was a school night, but her excitement was too strong. She missed her cousins, all of whom had grown so much taller and older now. And she missed all the snacks and amazing Korean cuisine that came with them.

    So, as soon as she'd gotten back home the day before, she packed an overnight bag along with her school uniform, and her mom had driven her over to the aunt's house. Her brothers came as well, but couldn't stay the night because of extracurriculars and events the next day.

    Of course, being one of the "Class E losers who weren't permitted to be in clubs anymore," her schedule was presumed to be free. Which Okano was fine with. Better they leave her alone than pry into her assassin training.

    Now she was on her way to the train stop that was closest to Sugino's house, where they would continue walking together from. She hadn't really thought anything of his innocuous text last night, but now she felt her stomach flipping just a little.

    Just a tiny bit.

    "Arriving at: Nakano Station. Please carefully exit the train."

    She leapt up at the sound of the announcement before grabbing her bag and making her way to the door. A few seconds later, it opened and she jumped out, savoring the fresh air that instantly flooded her senses.

    The breezes carried the scent of cherry blossoms with them, creating a sweet aroma that made her want to stay in place forever. The sun blanketed her with its warmth and glow, as the light blow of air brushed her cheeks.

    She turned and followed the crowd, scanning the area for her taller baseball-obsessed companion. It wasn't long before she spotted him, standing under the shade of one of the cherry blossom trees outside the train platform.

    Okano hurried the pace, feeling the sensation of butterflies in her stomach grow even more. She slowed down once she reached a few meters away from him. Of course, Sugino was absentmindedly tossing a baseball in his hands, unaware of her presence.

    "Morning, loser," She called out, instantly gaining his attention. His head snapped up and a smile instantly formed on his face.


    Okano mentally slapped herself. Get it together, girl.

    "Oh, hey," he greeted, in that same dumb chirpy friendly tone she was used to. "How was yesterday? With your family?"

    She shrugged, walking alongside them as they began exiting the train station. "It was good. My favorite part was seeing my cousins and getting a bunch of gifts from Korea."

    "Yeah I bet." He tugged lightly at the hood of her sweater. "Is this one of the gifts?"

    Okano batted his hand away, feeling her face flush. "No, I've had this forever."

    "Really? You should wear it more often. It's actually kinda cute."

    She glared at him from the corner of her eye. Was he teasing her? What kind of joke was that supposed to be?

    "I don't need to take fashion advice from someone who basically lives in t-shirts and sweatpants."

    Sugino laughed. "Ah, but that's the look that's supposed to drive the ladies wild."

    She wrinkled her nose. "Who told you that?"


    "Well, she's wrong." Actually, she wasn't. Okano didn't want to group herself into the majority, but the few times she'd seen Maehara in that type of outfit, she felt her attraction skyrocket. And then he'd open his mouth and it would immediately plummet into disgust.

    And with Sugino, well, it made her wanna dive into his arms forever.

    She glanced up at him again, noticing a petal had landed on the top of his head. It was such an endearing sight, she couldn't help but let out a laugh.

    His gaze fell on her. "What?"

    "Nothing, you just-" She cut herself off and moved without thinking. She raised herself on her tiptoes and grabbed the petal right off his soft hair.

    It wasn't until their eyes met that she realized how close she'd gotten. There was practically a centimeter between them.

    Okano scrambled away quickly and held it up to him. "There was a petal on your hair," she explained, feeling the heat rush to her face.

    Sugino's eyes were wide, but his expression swiftly morphed into a sheepish one. "Oh, thanks," he replied, reaching up to scratch the back of his head.

    "No problem." She fiddled with it in her hands, half tempted to toss it away immediately and burn the mortifying moment out of her mind forever.

    But the second half in her wanted to hold onto it. To feel the soft petal and carry the sweet fragrance, to forever associate cherry blossoms with the look in his eyes when they were so close to each other.

    She was quickly snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of his voice.

    "Okano, look out!"

    She felt his arm grab her and tug her back towards him, away from where she'd been standing. Okano felt her head collide with his chest, her nose brushing against the fabric of his school uniform shirt. It smelled clean, like soap.

    She was frozen, her mind struggling comprehend what had just happened. Then she caught sight of the car rushing past them, going at a much higher speed that it should have.

    "Idiot," Sugino muttered with a scowl, his gaze following the car. Okano belatedly realized his arm was still wrapped tightly around her shoulders, holding her close against him.

    He noticed a moment right after her, and released her. "Ah, sorry," he stammered. "It was just coming your way really fast, so I wasn't thinking..."

    "It's okay," Okano answered without thinking. She looked up at him and his gaze was to the side, looking anywhere but at her. His cheeks were tinged a light shade of pink, and it was adorable.

    "Thanks," she told him before grabbing her bag and inspecting it to make sure it wasn't open or ripped after falling to the ground. She unzipped it and briefly checked the contents.

    She then noticed the petal was laying on the ground by her feet. She snuck a quick peek to make sure he wasn’t looking, then she stuffed it into her bag. The sound of his voice caught her attention.

    "Wait a second..." Sugino trailed off. "Are those pink highlights in your hair?"

    Okano paused, then her hand immediately flew up to the top of her head. Instead of the protective pink hood, she felt the loose curls of her hair. At some point in the chaos, her hood fell down. Oh, come on-

    She pulled her bag back on and crossed her arms. "My cousins made me try out this dye they brought. It's temporary though, so it'll fade in the next couple days."

    Before he could say a word, she quickly added, "Oh, and it's supposed to be peach, not pink."

    Sugino tilted his head, his gaze still on her hair as if it were a math equation or something he was trying to figure out. Just as she was about to demand what was so stare-worthy, he finally spoke.

    "It looks really good on you. I like it."

    Her eyebrows shot up. "Really?"

    His lips curved up into a smile. "Yeah, you look like a Kpop star. It's really cute, especially with that hoodie."

    She felt her face heat up, her fingers tugging on a curl. "Oh, well, I already knew I look good...so you're stating the obvious." The words just spilled out in a blur.

    Sugino nodded along solemnly, his mouth fighting the smile that was returning. "Of course, of course."

    Okano tapped a foot against the pavement, feeling the butterflies come back stronger than ever. "Well, uh, we should get going."

    "Yeah..." He suddenly outstretched his palm to her. "Hey, hold my hand."

    Her jaw dropped as she stared at him. "Are you out of your mind?"

    He rolled his eyes. "Just in case you're not paying attention again, and some car decides to try and run you over. This way, I can easily pull you out of the way."

    She scowled, ignoring the way her heart was racing. "First of all, that car was speeding! Secondly, you sound like you just want an excuse to hug me again."

    For a split second, Sugino looked as if he'd been caught. Then his mouth fell into a flat line and he groaned in impatience. "Come on, Okano, quit screwing around. We gotta go."

    "Ugh, fine!" She clasped his hand in hers as they continued walking, ignoring the way their palms fit against each other.

    She was certain her face was gonna implode. "What if someone from school sees us and thinks I'm your girlfriend or something? Or worse, Korosensei sees us?"

    Sugino laughed. "I'd just tell them that you're way too vicious to be my girlfriend."

    "I should've kept my mouth shut and let you keep walking around with a petal on your head like an idiot," she grumbled, earning more laughter.

    It sounded like music to her ears.

    By the end of the day, two things happened.

    They weren't spotted by anyone, and luckily, were spared the embarrassment of their class' obsession with shipping.

    Okano realized that she may have had a tiny, microscopic crush on Tomohito Sugino. And she was half convinced he felt the same way about her.

    #assclass#ansatsu kyoushitsu#assassination classsroom#tomohito sugino#hinata okano#writing #ahhhh this was rlly fun to write #Okano is so fun to explore the perspective of #sporty kids vibes >>>>> #and I always associate her with cherry blossoms #idk why #but I used this request as an excuse to include her and cherry blossoms motif haha #I hope you enjoy this!!!! <3 #sugikano
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  • appalachianapologies
    20.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago


    it’s gonna be a fuckin behemoth of a fic and it’s gonna be angsty as hell but im just SO excited for it!!

    set in early 2014, a crossover between H50 and MacGyver (surprise, that other crossover was just me testing the waters muahaha), this fic will be jam packed with angst, h/c, and my personal favorite: actually dealing with trauma. 

    essentially, my goal is to write another Burning Cinders but this time for mac. the guy deserves it <3

    Harry's old house no longer feels like home, LA is filled with strangers, and every corner is filled with hostiles. Unable to escape the terror of his mind, Mac makes an impulsive decision to meet a man Jack once told him about: Steve McGarrett.
    While in Oahu, adamantly refusing to admit that he's running away from his own mind, Mac finds bits and pieces of himself that he never thought he'd ever see again.

    snip underneath for those who would like a sneak peek!

    “Rarely get to drive my own car,” Danny grouses, after five minutes of just radio. “Steve, the damn menace that he is, drives no matter whose car it is.”

    They’re close enough to the ocean that Mac can smell salt water. “Jack’s like that,” Mac absentmindedly answers. “Never once, for the entire time that we were partnered, let me drive.” Joked that Mac wasn’t even old enough for his license.

    “Where’d you serve?”


    Even though they’re not stopped, Danny glances over to the passenger seat, taking in Mac’s features in the millisecond that he gives himself. “They take ‘em young, huh?”

    “Nineteen,” Mac replies. “Middle of the semester.”

    “You do that a lot?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Jump ship and go to a new country?”

    “Hawaii’s in the US.”


    “And no,” Mac finishes. “I don’t.”

    #long haul emotional fic here we fucking go!!!!! #i'm so excited for this #i've been trying to find an excuse to have a full on couple of book length fics about the shit mac's gone through #(would you fucking believe it that that was originally what Double Vision was gonna be LMAO i just made it worse) #and kel; the absolute legend that they are; brainstormed with me and basically gave me the free inspiration and final push that i needed #i'm really excited and i hope that you all are ready for it! #she's gonna be wild #in which vi thinks about writing #Lighting the Final Candle #macgyver 2016#macgyver#hawaii 5-0#angus macgyver#steve mcgarrett#danny williams #ALSO in case i didn't make this clear: jack is NOT dead #he's vibin in frankfurt- you'll see #bestie is not at his prime but he is doing just fine and absolutely isn't dead #...i'll do a lot to mac but i won't kill jack off #also to lailuhhh: im making him happy this time!! it's just going to take about 80k words #ANYWAY IM SO EXCITED AND I REALLY HOPE YOU ALL ARE TOO #LMK IF YOU ARE 👉👈
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  • symbolofpeacee
    20.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    i need to scream into a pillow or something after that latest yona chapter

    #in a good way #i just have so many feelings. all about hak. #hope he takes a good long rest now BC HE DESERVES IT !!!!! #my ramblings
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  • elinaline
    20.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    At this point I don't need a hug or a massage, I need someone to lay on top of me a d fuse with me and relax me so much I stop breathing and disappear. I need to be extinguished by an embrace larger than life and softer than love. I need to be five and crying in my dad's arms until I pass out again.

    #funnily enough im doing much better than yesterday #i saw a hopeful post apo movie whose morale was ''what a privilege to witness the beauty of it all'' after getting news from someone i was #worried about so yeah. im doing much better. i still wish i could let everything go and have someone take the pain from me for a while
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  • gatorstims
    20.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Hey!! Could you possibly do a stim board based off twin fantasy by csh :)

    Posted! Please let me know if you need anything changed!

    #asks #i hope you like it #thanks for the request! #another great song! #lots of song requests #introducing me to so many good songs
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  • readthelastpaage
    20.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Found out today that an encounter with my ex-best friend felt 1000x worse than any encounter I’ve had with an ex-boyfriend.

    #alisha tags her personal posts #i just. people do not think about how awful friend break ups are #and she was in MY coffee shop and that was so weird #and it’s like. yo. I wonder how you’re doing I hope you’re well #I am sad we aren’t friends anymore but cannot forget all the shit that went down #and we are older now and different people than we were years ago #I do wish that some of the shit had not gone down the way it did
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  • obsmiechujek
    20.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    💖Linhardt my beloved 💖

    #i saw a man so beatiful i started crying #fire emblem three hopes #linhardt von hevring #fire emblem three houses #few3h#fe3h#doods
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  • bobateastay
    20.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    this is the first time in months and months that i enjoyed writing enough to stay up late making a moodboard for a fic and proofreading it and listening to music and vibing while correcting it 😭😭💗💗 guys writing is starting to be fun again

    #i'm so overwhelmed #i really love this so much i hope i never have to lose this feeling again #trash talk
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