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  • ta17fcbarca
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    New Signing part IV - Alexia Putellas Version

    The season was going great, almost two months in and FCB femeni was unbeatable, setting up the possibility for a perfect treble. The team was rotated often, all the players got along great. They even had amazing chemistry, knew where and when people would run to, passed into spaces where nobody would think possible, connecting up with one another while looking unbeatable. The rumors started again, the media started to get a glimpse of the Y/N-Alexia relationship. Something that was impossible for them to hide. Twitter was going crazy at any interaction their stars had with one another, begging for off the pitch content from them. The first break in women’s football was approaching, so players had some extra time on their hands. Lives on instagram started to become a routine, posts where Y/N and Alexia were seen on the background. They even did a live together while talking to some other National teammates, their chemistry was undeniable. Videos of the Spanish national team joining the training camp started to be posted, all the fans were going crazy at the return of Spanish football after their clear dominance during the Euros.

    The national team had lined up a couple of international friendlies to keep the momentum going. Spain would be playing against the Netherlands ont the first friendly and both of the teams had a lot to prove, neither wanted to lose and both teams wanted to show their dominance. It was setting up to be the most exciting game for the national team in a while. The rivalry was real. Some dutch players had previously played with Y/N when she was back at Arsenal. That didn’t stop the rivalries the players showed to one another.

    The game was here - Spain vs Netherlands, a game that was being played in Sevilla Spain. The dutch players came out onto the tunnel, all looking like they were ready to go to war, nobody laughed. It was polar opposite for the Spanish national team, players were cracking jokes, talking to one another, it seemed as if they weren’t bothered by the Dutch players. Naturally, Y/N and her previous Arsenal Dutch teammates greeted one another.

    “Long time no see kiddo” said Van de Donk to Y/N.

    “Oh hello there, it’s been a while, how is it going at Lyon?” you asked.

    “All good, all good” responded Van de Donk, “Viv and Beth have been talking a lot about you ya know?” She said hoping it would take Y/N’s mind off the game.

    “Say hi to them for me, would ya?, I would love to get back together once the friendlies are over, just like old times” Said Y/N while getting back into the Spanish team line while waving to Viv who was at the back of the Dutch line.

    Y/N was typically third on the line, right behind Paños and Alexia. Alexia had heard your encounter and turned to you, “I didn’t realize you knew them” she said with an astonished face.

    “Y/N is the popular kid here, did you expect she was any different over at Arsenal?” Asked Paños with a mocking voice to Alexia in hopes to rile her up a bit before the game.

    “Oh c’mon, focus on the games girls, let’s go out there and show them why we are the favorites for the World Cup” Y/N said while looking to the pitch.

    It was time, kick off arrived. The Spanish team seemed to struggle against the Duchesses physicality, nonetheless, they still fought for every ball, no challenge was enough. Once the first goal was in, Spain had gotten their groove back. As soon as the second goal hit the back of the net, the Duchesses knew they wouldn’t be able to compete against such a technically strong Spanish national side, so they resorted to some dirty tackles here, some long balls there, hoping anything and everything would throw the Spanish team’s game.

    It was the 57th minute, Spain was 2-0 up, thats where Y/N sees Van de Donk on her typical run against Alexia looking to foul her. Alexia goes down, everyone heard her scream, it looked like an awful tackle. Y/N and the whole Spanish team runs in the direction of Alexia, the substitutes and fisios included. When Y/N realizes she could do nothing for Alexia, she runs towards the referee demanding a red card for Van de Donk after that dirty challenge.

    “That’s a red ref!” yelled Y/N.

    Van de Donk ran onto the scene, “I got the ball” pointing at the ball while screaming at both Y/N and the referee.

    “That was dirty” Y/N said to VdD while pushing her.

    The team noticed the commotion and some teammates ran to your defense. Separating the Dutch national team from you and the referee. The anger from all the players was showing, demanding VdD’s expulsion. They had noticed Alexia was injured. Y/N went to help Alexia and the fisios.

    “You will be okay” Y/N said to Alexia, “we will get our revenge” promised Y/N while grabbing Alexia’s hand.

    The referee showed VdD a red card, confirming VdD’s expulsion from the game, she then ran to Y/N and showed her a yellow following her consistant protest throughout the game.

    The Spanish team looked ready for revenge, they became more physical, forgiving no tackle. The passes became even more precise, the goal was clear, trash the Dutch national team right there and then. The goals started to pour in, Y/N kept involving herself in the attack, assisting Jenni twice in a row. 88th minute, a perfect pin point from Patri to Y/N’s feet, the way was clear to goal, Y/N shaped up her body outside the box and BOOM, a golazo. Y/N ran to the cameras pointing to the camera, putting her hands up to make up the number 14, Alexia’s number in the national team. It was clear to whom that goal was dedicated.

    After the game, a 5-0 win for the Spanish side, Y/N was asked to appear before the media. The reporters asked about the game and celebration.

    “It was a tough game” Y/N responded, “they were physical and committed many fouls” pointed out the new Spanish star, “we felt it was necessary to get some sort of revenge after Alexia’s forced substitution, that’s why I dedicated the goal to her” Y/N said with an obvious sparkle in her eyes.

    On her way to the dressing room, there was Alexia, waiting on her. Y/N ran to her “Are you okay? How is your ankle?” Y/N asked worried about Alexia.

    “It looked worse than it was” She replied calming Y/N, “they said I shouldn’t play the next friendly to be safe” she said with a sad look.

    Y/N put her arm around her and accompanied Alexia to the dressing room, the team was waiting on news form Alexia, worried she was injured. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Y/N broke the good news to the team, celebrations started, not only for Alexia, but also for the great football they had just played. Alexia, who was sitting down, kept looking at Y/N while she celebrated with the team when Patri approached Alexia.

    “You two really have something huh” she whispered to Alexia.

    Alexia looked at Patri “You think so?” she asked with hopeful eyes.

    “Ale, c’mon, she can’t even hide how she feels about you” replied Patri quietly so the other teammates wouldn’t overhear the conversation.

    “She talked to you about it” asked Alexia while she turned to Patri showing her clear interest in Y/N.

    “Neither of you can - “ said Patri, “If you two are together, congrats and - you go girl’” she followed while looking at Y/N, “but if not”, Patri looked at Alexia - “it’s time you change that huh” she said while joining the celebrations.

    Alexia started to think about how she acted around Y/N in front of her teammates, how they always sat next to each other during the team travels. It was clear she couldn’t hide how she felt about Y/N. Behind the scenes wasn’t any different, they were always having sleepovers, cancelling plans so they could hang out with each other. Their feelings were developing quick and it was time to do something real about it. Alexia knew Y/N liked big gestures, she was a real romantic. Y/N made it a habit of giving Alexia flowers on week ends, taking her out on diners to less known places in hopes they could keep themselves off the medias radar. That’s where Alexia got a brilliant idea. She wanted to ask Y/N to be her girlfriend over diner, but it had to be special, so she waited until the national team camp was over.

    Alexia enlisted the help of Alba, her sister, on making the same dinner they had on their first date. Thankfully Patri wanted to help too, so she took Y/N to a bar with some teammates after practice, allowing Alexia to run off to meet up with Alba. They set up the perfect surprise, flowers were everywhere, a path of rose petals made a path throughout the apartment onto the terrasse, where a diner table was set up with Y/N’s favorite wine. Alba had managed to sneak out the apartment mere seconds before Y/N arrived. Y/N had gotten a text from Alexia “Meet me at mine xx”. Y/N made her way to Ale’s apartment, a bucket of roses on her hands, she wanted to ask Alexia to be her girlfriend after the chat she had with Patri at the bar.

    Y/N rang the bell , Alexia ran to the door excited then she knew Y/N was there.

    “Oh wow” said Y/N with mesmerized eyes looking at Alexia, she was wearing a skin tight black dress, something Y/N loved to see Alexia in.

    “Aww thanks for the flowers” said Ale while grabbing and bringing Y/N into her apartment. “I have a surprise for you”, she said while kissing Y/N.

    “Another one?” Said Y/N smiling “Aren’t you the surprise?” She added. “I want to ask you something love”.

    Alexia looked at Y/N, looking at the flours and Y/N’s nervous face, that’s when she realized, they both wanted to ask the same question, so without thinking twice about it, Alexia said “Yes -“ and jumped onto Y/N’s arms.

    Y/N kissed Alexia back, “But I didn’t ask it yet…” she said letting Alexia back onto her feet. Y/N’s face expression changed, “I lost my keys, could I get yours?” She joked.

    “Omg, I thought it was something serious!” She said while hitting Y/N’s chest.

    “Aww, you got all nervous” Said Y/N jokingly before adding “girlfriend” with a radiant smile.

    Alexia and Y/N started kissing, slowly making their way to the bedroom, Y/N didn’t even get to see the surprise Alexia had set up. It wasn’t like Alexia would stop Y/N’s moves in order to show her the surprise she had prepared. The started undressing each other - once Y/N had unzipped her dress, she saw how on there was “Will you be” written on Alexia’s stomach, “Be what? -“ asked Y/N, “Oh, we both” she followed up slowly realizing they both had wanted to ask the same thing.

    Before she could finish her sentence, Alexia shushed her while she kissed Y/N’s neck. What would follow would be the most amazing night they had spent together, showing each other how much they cared for one another.

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    Jean-Marc Furlan (Auxerre) après le barrage aller contre Saint-Étienne : « Un léger espoir »

    Jean-Marc Furlan (Auxerre coach after the draw against Saint-Etienne 1-1): “It’s not a great result because we will have to play at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium and it will be difficult. The players struggled to adapt to a Ligue 1 rhythm. After twenty minutes, it settled down and then, in the second half, much more significantly. I regret not having materialized the three or four chances that we…

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    Julian Alvarez 6 goals Thrashing | Haaland & Alvarez Deadly Man City Duo? Manchester City News Julian Alvarez scores 6 goals Erling Haaland to Man City #ManCity #ErlingHaaland #PepGuardiola Join ... via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnTp4X3ydkY

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    They’ll take your women and your money and then act sick….

    Waiting for Idrissa Gueye to explain or to apologize for why he missed the PSG game(s).

    The community he rebuffs buys soccer tickets. Naked!!


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    he cannot beat the puppy allegations
    #intak#p1harmony#p1h#hwang intak#p1hedit#kflops#p1h intak#intak gifs #he was so good at soccer he looks so happppyyyy
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