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  • acorncake
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    What about some Hank stuffing, make him have a big chonky belly :)

    Ate a lotta food and had something extra to go along with it

    #honestly i dont draw super large bellies so this is like the max for me #whos in there? who knows. could be an agent #mawedness combat#mawdness combat#soft vore#v/ore#open ended#acorn answers#unwilling prey#stuffing
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  • kangaroosmile
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Give you all the love you deserve - Changbin


    description: Changbin comes home late to you waiting with dinner. To make you happy, he eats it all, filling his sweet little tummy. While he eats you notices his bloated tummy and start to stroke it.
    Needless to say this man is more than embarrassed but maybe, just maybe he kinda likes it?
    pairings: Seo Changbin x gnreader
    genre: Relationship, Boyfriend Changbin, feeding, food, tummy, belly rub, non-sexual kink
    triggerwarning: food, eating, stuffing,
    word count: 1.7 k


    You were waiting for Changbin. It was already past 10 p.m. and to be honest you were quite sad. Chanbin promised you to come home earlier. At least he promised to try. Because of his busy schedule you two couldn't meet as often as you both wished. So of course you were sad that he was late. He didn't even text you to let you know he would come later. You just hoped that the food you cooked would still be good. You let out a little sigh and decided to watch a new episode of the drama you watched recently. You sat there for about twenty minutes when you finally heard the door to your apartment opening. Slowly you stood up and walked towards your front door. Changbin was already getting out of his shoes when he saw you.

    "I'm sorry for being so late", he muttered and smileď at you. "Can you forgive Changbinnie?", he asked in a higher voice and touched his cheek with one finger, looking all cute. You nearly rolled your eyes but couldn't hold back your smile. You nodded softly after a moment, he then smiled wider and gave you a quick kiss on your cheek.

    "Why are you late anyways? Didn't you say the filming would not take longer than 8 p.m.?", you asked, took his hand and slowly pulled him towards your living room.

    "Oh Minho-Hyung kinda forced us all to eat together after the filming. You know it's been so long since we all ate together." You stopped in your tracks and stared at him. His eyes grew big, suddenly so sad. "Did I say something wrong?", he asked, stepping closer to you. You let out a little sigh.

    "It's just that I cooked for us", you explained with a little pout on your lips. For a second Changbin stayed silent, rubbing his tummy.

    "You know I wasn't really hungry when we ate earlier so I didn't eat much. But I'm kinda hungry now", he explained.

    "Oh really?", you asked happily. When he nodded, you pulled him again towards your living room. "Sit-down I will get the food. What do you want to drink?" While Changbin got himself comfortable and you grabbed the dishes you made.

    "Do you still have soju and beer?"

    After you placed everything on the table you sat down next to Changbin, your back against the sofa. While he poured the soju and beer into his glass, you placed some of the meat you cooked on his rice. With a big smile he turned his face towards you.

    "Love you. Thanks for making dinner", he whispered and then gave you a soft kiss on the lips.

    "I love you too", you whispered, while you brushed through his hair. "And now eat." For the next few minutes you two ate silently. All you heard from time to time was a little hum or a small huff. Because you tasted the food you made several times before you stopped eating after a while, you felt full and watched Changbin eat instead. With his cheeks full of food he looked so cute, you couldn't hold back a smile and carried his cheek for a moment.

    "Do you like it?", you asked shyly. With red ears he nodded.

    "It tastes amazing, jagi", he mumbled, giving you a soft smile. Happy with his answer you started to side hug him, your head on his broad shoulder. You started to play with his hair softly while you continued to watch the episode you started earlier.

    "Can you let me be for a moment? It's warm. I want to take my hoodie off", Changbin said after a while. With a big pout on your lips he drew back a bit and watched how Changbin pulled the hoodie over his head. Doing so he also pulled the shirt underneath up a bit, revealing a very full looking tummy. It was sticking out a bit and looked all packed. It looked like Changbin himself didn't even realise that his tummy was exposed for a moment. With a soft smile you closed the distance between you two again, while Changbin took a big sip of his drink. He let out a little huff when he placed down the empty glass. Slowly your one hand travelled from his broad shoulder, over his chest but then stopped before you went down to his tummy. You could feel his glance at you so you returned it slowly. He looked at you with big eyes waiting for your next action.

    "Can I?", you asked, sending a short look towards his tummy. The next second he escaped your glance and started to laugh while he hid his face behind his hands.

    "If you want to", he whispered but still couldn't look you in the eyes.

    Slowly your hand wandered lower and was now laying on his bloated tummy. Smoothly you rubbed his tummy in small circles which made Changbin sigh in pleasure. He pulled you closer to him, hugging you with one arm. It made you feel all warm and safe.

    "Your tummy looks so tight", you giggled, patting it lightly. You heard a low groan from Changbin.

    "God this is so embarrassing", he muttered under his breath, blushing like crazy.

    "Why should it be?", you asked, caring and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. "I think you look extremely cute and you were so happy while eating." You now stroked soft circles around his navel, smiling at him as he finally found your glance again.

    "You think so?", he asked surprised.

    "Excuse me? Of course! Do you even know how attractive you look right now? How lovable?" He started to laugh and tried to escape by hiding in the crook of your neck.

    "What are you doing to me?", he whined, while he pulled you even closer to him. With a small smile on your lips, you placed a kiss on his red ears.

    "I just give you all the love you deserve." Hearing these words, he drew back a bit and connected your lips with his. His lips were warm and pressed softly against yours. You could taste the beer he drank a bit but it didn't bother you that much. When his lips left, you slowly opened your eyes again and met his eyes. He stroked over your cheek lightly and then ate the chicken and rice that was left on his bowl.

    "That was really good, jagi. But I ate way to much", he muttered laughing at the end and patted his own bloated tummy.

    "I'm happy you liked it", you whispered. "You have such a sweet little tummy right now."

    Looking down at his sweet little bloated tummy he let out a sigh.

    "Hannie will tease me when we get to the gym tomorrow. I can already hear him.", Changbin whined and showed you a big pout.

    "Naww I kinda want to see that to be honest", you replied laughing.

    "Of course you would", he muttered but then started to laugh too. "You are unbelievable."

    "That's my you love me."

    "Yes I do."

    "Can we go cuddle in bed?", Changbin asked after a few minutes, looking all sleepy.

    "Of course we can", you replied with a smile and stood up, followed by Changbin. He let out a little whimper as he was holding his tummy. "Are you alright?", you asked with concern.

    "Yes but I just noticed how much I really ate. My tummy feels so heavy", he muttered, leaning a bit against you.

    "Well maybe you shouldn't have eaten two meals in a short time", you giggled and stroked his cheek softly. His eyes went all wide which made you giggle even harder.

    "How did you know?"

    "We have been dating for about two years now, Binnie. I learnt to tell when you are lying. Also you normally only drink soju and beer when you have to eat the rest of my dinner after you finished yours and are already quite full." He rolled his eyes for being catched. "But I appreciate it that you eat all the food even though you already ate dinner just to make me happy", you then whispered and gave him a kiss on his lips.

    "I would do it again." With a found smile you stared at him for a moment, then you pulled him with you towards your bedroom. After you stripped down your clothes and got into your pyjamas you two layed down.

    Changbin let out a loud satisfied sigh and hummed while he got comfortable. You pressed yourself against his side and placed your head on his muscular chest. Changbin searched for your hand and linked them together when he found yours.

    "Thanks again for making dinner. It was really delicious." Softly stroking over his cute bloated tummy, you smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the nose.

    "Next time we can also just put it in the fridge and eat it the next day, Binnie. You don't have to force yourself to eat something", you then whispered. You felt him nodding.

    "I know but to be honest it kinda felt", he stopped mid sentence, getting all red in the face. "I kinda liked the feeling? I felt all warm and safe and you next to me made it even better. Also I kinda liked it when you took care of my tummy."

    "Oh Binnie thank you for sharing this with me", you replied, knowing how much courage saying it must have cost him. "And like I said earlier I was so happy seeing you happy and comfy and you looked so cute with your stuffed cheeks and the relaxed smile on your lips."

    "If you want, we can do this again sometime. I will take care of you, will spoil you with all your favorite food and make you feel all comfy and warm." A happy small smile appeared on Changbins lips and he hugged you tighter.

    "You would do that for me?"

    "Of course, I love you", you whispered. "And I also like to see you all flustered when I tease you or take care of your tummy." You couldn't hold back a giggle as you saw his reaction.

    "Of course, of course", he muttered.

    After that you two fell in comfortable silence while you took care of his tight tummy.

    "Goodnight, jagi", Changbin whispered after a while, already half asleep.

    "Goodnight, Binnie. Sleep well", you muttered too and continued to stroke over his tummy till he was asleep.


    #stray kids#skz #skz x reader #kpop#changbin#soft changbin#soft feeding #seo changbin imagines #seo changbin x reader #changbin fluff #stray kids changbin #changbin imagines#seo changbin#stuffing #seo changbins tummy #belly rub#nonsexual kink#nonsexual feeding
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  • themi-lovato
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    nah i'm fine. earlier this guy who um let's say i was involved with for quite an amount of years and fucked me over mentally and emotionally to quite an extent was loitering around the bar i was sitting at with my friends and at some point he just... started staring at me. a few meters away. but still staring straight at me. and he did it again before he left too for even longer. all that i can say is that if he's trying to intimidate me it won't work because i could literally ruin his entire career by sending a single link to some people. but i'm saving that card for when he's actually just about to do something worthwhile

    #also lmfao ok. every person i've ever dated (except for the most recent one) has been chubby. i looooove soft #but oh my god ladies... he got like... unhealthily fat. like alcoholic hard thick belly fat. #he's also short so he looks like a toad #call me shallow but this brought me comfort. #it also appears like his hairline is receding. the earth is healing ❤️
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  • fuckedupouttamymind
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I’m on my knees for you..

    I’m begging 🥺

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  • the-return-of-the-king-feeder
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Sucked in vs normal.

    Sucking in was a struggle 😅

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  • bellyballer
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Soft rolls

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