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    21.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago


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  • plum-digit
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    Muffins and Milk

    #v0re blog#comfort blog#soft vore#unwilling prey #i should draw internal #he just has a super soft tummy n the warm milk makes it even cozier
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  • luminberry
    21.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Can I get a short maw-centric drabble? I'm feeling the TEEF vibes tonight, if you don't mind~

    Hell yeah u can bruh, tho knowing me its not gonna be short...

    borrowing stuffins lad Jasper for this! (dw i asked ahead of time =w=)

    "Jasper stop frettin bout it so much..I already told ya I don't mind helpin ya out with this. It'll keep ya from snatchin someone on accident."

    "Ngh..ya'll sure, Ah mean real sure bout this?? Don't feel right ta me..what if Ah hurt ya?? Ah'd feel lower than a dang snakes belly if Ah nicked ya or somethin."

    "Jasper, yer worryin way too much bout this..Just open 'er up and I'll take care of tha rest alright? Ya look more wound up than a spring..Jus trust me a lil big fella."

    "But-but still Zeke...just worried Ah might do somethin to ya'll, don't like this M4g nonsense messin with mah head.."

    The newly M4gnified Jasper gently fretted with his now tiny in comparison friend between two now clawed massive hands. He didn't want to be this damn big in the first place..he didn't mind being able to not have damn urges to grab and devour the first grunt he laid eyes on when his stomach was empty for too long. Zeke and Bull had mentioned after the change there were several side effects..eating smaller coworkers seemed to be the most notorious for more animalistc M4gs like himself and Bull.

    Zeke had offered to step in and help however he could when the urges got too strong for him to resist, which was unfortunately growing more and more frequent the longer Jasper tried putting it off. He honestly wasn't comfortable with the entire thing...He had just barely gotten used to letting Bull tuck him away and now this happened. He didn't want to hurt his smaller friend or anyone else on accident however either so now here the two sat.

    "It'll get better tha more ya practice Jasp..Least until we can figure out a way ta turn ya back or somethin..Doc mentioned there was a glitch with respawn lately so once that's fixed I'm sure he'll get ya sorted out. Till then we jus gotta make due."

    He appreciated Zeke being so optimistic despite...despite more or less nearly always getting gulped down by one of the other M4gs or someone else. Might of been why he was so casual about letting him get this damn urge taken care of.

    Speaking of urges, he could feel his damn mouth starting to drool more the longer he held Zeke this close. The scent of coffee coming from the smaller cowboy was unfairly delicious, a warm drink would of helped settle his nerves right about now.

    "...Dangit all..Fine fine, lemme get it over with before Ah back out again. Jus-just be careful okay? Lemme know if ya'll need me ta open up or somethin."

    "Jus open up a lil wider there and tilt yer hand up a bit more-yeah thats it. Hold er steady Jasp."

    Jasper had closed his eyes the moment he opened his mouth wide enough, somehow this just made every move Zeke made more intense to him.

    He felt two warm soles slide over his tongue a brief moment, he would of been disgusted had Zeke not cleaned himself off before even letting Jasper scoop him up a few moments earlier. He could faintly still taste the soap as Zeke scooted deeper into his open maw.

    The slightly bitter taste of coffee started to roll over his senses, a few splashes of cream and sugar as well? Not his usual cup of choice but here it somehow worked deliciously. His little meal gently pushed itself deeper into his waiting maw, tiny hands briefly gripping his bottom teeth to push himself deep enough to lay flat against his tongue. Mouth now pleasantly full he pulled both it and his treat back inside and carefully closed his jaws shut around both, swallowing shallowly to let that fantastic flavor slide down his throat.

    Eyes still closed he found himself humming faintly around the treat he now had, he couldn't remember fully now why he had been hesitant when they tasted so delicious! Jasper began to shift them about after a moment or two, tasting every last inch of the other he could get to. The whole experience was making him drool excessively, forcing him to catch the treats hands gently between his teeth and gulp several times around them until he felt satisfied that neither of them would drown just yet.

    He'd happily savor this one, they were surprisingly relaxed tucked between his fangs and readily let themselves be shifted and moved to whatever position he wanted them in. Such a willing snack he couldn't help but think to himself, Jasper couldn't help the deep baritone rumble from starting up deep in his chest the longer he played with his food.

    Zeke meanwhile was having a interesting experience of his own behind Jaspers pearly whites. He had started out on his back intially since..it was the most comfortable position for him to be eaten. He had figured Jasper would let him slide back after a moment or two..Only to find himself being gently rolled around by that massive tongue.

    He was flipped over and pressed to the roof of his friends mouth, pinned against those sharp teeth again and again..And even had his arms pinched delicately between those massive fangs before the mouth flexed and gulped all around him, squishing him repeatedly before the intense pressure lessened and the whole process began anew. Zeke was thoroughly soaked and Jasper was lost in his own happy world if the sudden skull rattling purrs were any indication.

    Zeke tried to call out to Jasper and see if he wanted a break, only to have that tongue muffle his attempts again and again. He could only hope Jasper would give him a break sooner or later right?

    Any attempts to move or pry open Jaspers mouth to give a signal were thwarted with a harsh pin to the roof of the mouth and several more long gulps, several of which were beginning to leave Zekes legs a little too close to the back of the throat..and any attempts to move back to safety were proven useless as Jasper unconsciously began to tilt his head back..

    "Uh, Jasper ya gonna let me back out big fella? ...Hello? Ya'll said ya weren't gonna sw-"

    Jasper swallowed hard as he felt his snack eventually start to tickle the back of his throat..He had teased himself enough and let things take their natural course. One more hard swallow was all it took to send his treat down to his stomach, hands coming up to feel the small form vanish entirely inside of him.

    Letting out a deep satisfied sigh, Jasper relaxed and felt his food settle in that strangely wonderful way down in his core that only live snacks could do.


    Jasper felt his head slowly clearing from the weird blissful fog he had gotten lost in the moment he felt his "food" shift inside.

    "...Ah did it again huh..? Damnitall..ya'll alright in there Zeke? Shoot Ah didn't mean ta swallow ya down like that..."

    "Yer alright Jasp! Just wasn't expectin all that.."

    "....sorry..Wasn't myself jus then. Knew this was a bad idea from tha start."

    "Jasper I told ya'll it was alright, I'm still in one piece in here. Ya can let me back out just as easy right?"

    "..Ah suppose so yeah. Might need ta find Bull though ta help."

    "Well if ya wanna go find him I ain't really goin anywhere. Ya did good though big guy, didn't hurt me one bit."

    "This ain't quite somethin ta celebrate but if ya'll say so..Jus sit tight and I'll go find Bull."

    Zeke sighed in his new surroundings as he felt Jasper start to move, might be stuck in there for a few more minutes. Not that he minded, something about being treated so gently was a...interesting experience to him. As a minor reward he stroked the nearest wall he was laid against, feeling the muscles around him immediately tense up before a soft purr met his ears.

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  • luminberry
    21.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Thoughts on fearplay and a mean pred but they let their prey go as they never had the intention to keep them as a meal. The pred either likey feeds on emotions or they just like doing it

    As I have mentioned im a bit of a enjoyer overall of fearplay in general honestly :o it does add something so noice to fics when done right i feel?

    the overall uncertainty of the preys fate as they're more or less outright ran down by someone or something far more powerful than them who they know is a bastard and as most tropes go, a bastard in the possession of someone smaller and powerless to fight back against them doesnt end well for the prey.

    But a pred who just loves gloating over the fact they hold your fate in their hands, hinting at all the horrible things they're more than capable of doing to the poor soul held in their hands.

    finally downs them after maybe having fun rolling them around in their mouth for several minutes, thanking them for the fun game of chase and the lovely meal they made. The prey likely on the verge of tears thinking this is the end as they slide down to their demise, maybe even blacking out from the shock of it all..

    only to wake up elsewhere safe and sound, just a lil worse for wear and very fuckin confused...maybe the pred leaves a note threatening to finish their "game" next time..Never really telling them the truth because then they wouldnt get that filing meal/ thrill of seeing their favorite toy fleeing in terror from em

    they could end it if they really felt like it but maaybe that particular prey is special to them or they dont want to lose such a tasty snack after one game or two.

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  • stuffing-and-bluffing
    21.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    Hey y’all

    I need like 30 bucks for a walking cane so I’ll be doing some sketches in exchange for kofi donations <3 Can be lewd or not, I don’t really mind, it’ll basically be stuff in the simple stuff part of my comms sheet 


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  • ask-cupcakesans
    21.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Does nightmare eat blue time from time? If he does, can we see?

    Also would be do it to protect blue in a way?

    At first, I thought you were talking about nylo XD

    I'm actually working on a comic for that where Nightmare fear plays Berry only to be protecting him in his belly. :>

    #anonymous#anon ask#answered #idk if it was for fantasytale nightmare or nylo #so I went with ft nightmare #soft vore
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  • vorror-story
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Inside them, you feel safe.

    Inside the pit of their stomach, inside their guts, you’re safe.

    It’s wonderful and beautiful that you’ve made it inside them.

    You are safe there. You are safe here.

    They can’t take this bliss from you

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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Tiny mer au; Karl and Bad's incident

    Karl's still unconscious but... what will happen when he wakes up? :)

    This is going to happen soon...

    Tw: safe/soft vore and blood under the cut (it's soft because Karl was already injured before Bad found him)

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt vore#tw vore#safe vore#soft vore#tw injury #tw injury mention #tw blood #tiny!karl #giant!bad #mer!bad #tiny mer!au
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  • venator-peccati
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Hmmm. Burps are good

    #soft vore #Like when a pred or someone who's been recently stuffed uses one to answer a question #Like 'oh where did x go' and they just burp. Good shit 👌😩
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  • luminberry
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    What are the rules for requests? And do you only do mawness stuff or do you do other fandoms or original ideas?

    Well I'll state that I don't do requests involving kids just because I don't feel comfortable writing them in vore scenarios.

    I don't mind fatal or safe vore, hell you can even try some spicy requests. I'll usually use "spicy noms" as a catchall NSFW tag on here the day I actually post saucy fics..

    I do enjoy mawdness prompts yes since that's what caused me to make this blog, but I won't turn down original ideas or some fandoms, only way to find out is to send em in for me to look at.

    And any general questions I do have dms opened so if u want to ask directly my channels are open and welcoming to curious inquiries anon!

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  • tinystarwatch
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Late to the party, but here's my bingo!

    #put yourself on blast why don'tcha #starwatch#soft vore#safe vore#vore bingo #granted i'm a rea/der/insert guy and platonic x character fics are my jam
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  • a-nom-aly
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    protect you (from the madness that is raining from the sky)

    TW: brief s*icidial ideation, brief fear (even tho the prey quickly clues in the pred doesn’t wanna hurt him lmao)

    Incessant laughter, maniacal and cruel filled Cesar’s ears like some horrible, catchy tune. A cacophony of harmful words, begging him almost desperately to end it all. Suddenly the horrendous noises were countered by angry shouting, the trance the voice had him in snapped and he registered Mark standing in front of him protectively, kitchen knife drawn in the hand that wasn’t shielding Cesar A growl that almost didn’t sound human rose up from the back of Mark’s throat “Get the fuck away from my friend, bastard!”, venom dripped from the other male’s tone, and his glare was harsh, as if daring the tall, unnatural humanoid creature to even look at his best friend Cesar’s madly thumping heart settled when the alternate made a staticky, ringing hiss before it vanished out whatever entrance it came in from. Only leaving him and a still fuming Mark in his childhood home’s kitchen Heaving a sigh of relief, Mark dropped the knife haphazardly onto the counter, turning to Cesar “You okay?” “Yeah, yeah. M’fine. But what was that about?”

    Mark shrugged

    “Mark, I’m ser-” “We’ll talk about it later. Can we please get out of here before another one of those things shows up?” Cesar exhaled a sigh, rolled his eyes and gave a curt nod. Mark busied himself with opening the door. The door opened with a click of the lock. Damn thing had locked them in before attacking them. Eerily intelligent move

    After the whole ordeal, Mark couldn’t even look at Cesar without some weird, intrusive thought coming to the forefront of his mind. The worse one was when his thoughts suggested to eat Cesar, that it would be safe

    He ignored it for the most part, he was acting irrationally. That encounter has clearly wrecked his nerves more than he thought it had The thoughts got worse on the drive home, Cesar quietly occupying the passenger seat 

    Mark was grateful when they pulled into his driveway

    He hadn’t even realized he was staring until Cesar pointed it out

    “Dude, you’re uh..staring an awful lot” “Oh, fuck. Sorry” Cesar gave an awkward smile, walking off into the living room to sit his things down The thoughts returned again.  Mark grimaced Eat him, they pleaded Safe, best friend out of harm’s way

    And that made him finally crack “Hey,  Ces, Can I talk to you for a sec?” “Yeah, sure. Whatcha need?” came the other man’s reply “You trust me, right?” Mark asked, plainly “Yea-why’d you need to ask though?  We’ve been friends since pre-school” “Good” was Mark’s simple reply. Before the other could get another word, Mark’s height distorted in front of his very eyes. Not by much, unnervingly so, but Cesar felt cat sized compared to the other. Gentle hands clasped around his shoulders and lifted him carefully to Mark’s face. And then he was lowered into his best friend’s maw and he started to scramble wildly

    Too bad for him, the other began to gently swallow. Any protest or pleading died on his tongue. It didn’t take long for him to slip into the organ that would have meant his doom. If he was food, and he wasn’t The stomach walls gently held him in place, enough that he couldn’t writhe or fight but enough that he could breathe easily Some part of him wanted to cry, lash out, kick, anything to get out. But another part knew Mark would never intentionally harm him. So between the alternate attack and whatever this was, he went limp. Nothing stung. Nothing smelled horribly acrid He relaxed as best as he could in the somewhat cramped space he’d been so delicately tucked away inside of Pleasantly warm and full, a few gentle rubs over the hardly noticeable bump in his middle and weird, intrusive thoughts sated and Mark fell asleep. So did Cesar. Two best friends in perfect tandem in a most unorthodox situation, and neither really cared.

    #safe vore#soft vore#nonsexual vore #if u know these characters no u dont #don't maintag #technically a fix-it fic both of these blorbos are dead in canon but fuck canon
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  • acorncake
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Noms with Ch4s3r?

    My favorite spooky lad~

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  • tinystarwatch
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    K I'm back on my dream bullshit. The story isn't really relevant to this one though.

    Got eaten by a pred who had a psychedelic tie dye-ish multicolor stomach that was just violently saturated. Like the colors weren't hard lines but a slightly gradient between patches.

    I think the most common colors were yellows, greens, pinks and turquoise? There was A Lot going on.

    Anyway it was the most beautiful stomach I've ever seen, and I'm going to think about it for the rest of my life!

    #i dream really vividly but v0re dreams are few and far between unfortunately #starwatch#soft vore#safe vore#extreme cuddling#internal pov#very cool #wish I could paint this #dreamwatch#vore dream
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    When he says it, It's for a reason 4

    Here it comes the fourth part of the tiny mer au >:] Dream's trauma

    Hope you enjoy :)

    Tw: Safe/soft vore, accidental slight fearplay, fear of being eaten

    Several days had finally passed in which the tiny mers had spent time with the humans to recover. They had waited until nightfall to take the little ones to the beach, which they had arrived at. "So, we leave you here?" George asked as they placed the mers in the water. "Yes, calm down, we can go home on our own, besides this time we have each other." Sapnap replied, placing a hand on Dream's shoulder.

    “Will we see you again?” Quackity asked, looking at Sapnap and Dream. "Uh- We don't know... That depends on our parents, which we disobeyed so we may end up grounded..." Dream confessed while shrugging. “In that case we will come here every two days in case you come one day and if not then we can take a little bath before going back home.” Karl commented. The mers nodded as they swam away from the shore.

    "bye!" They said goodbye by diving into the water shortly after. "Well, having met these humans, one could say that not all of them are bad." Dream finally said. Sapnap nodded in agreement. "Yes, but we can't trust everyone, only them are an exception." Suddenly a large shadow fell over them followed by a voice that seemed mad. “You two… may I know where you have been?”

    They both shuddered as they started to turn around, meeting a rather upset Bad and Skeppy. “Uh-…Hey Dad, Skeppy…” “Don't come at us with that now. Sapnap, where were you? And Dream we told you not to move from where you were.” said the blue mer. “I went to the beach while you were sleeping, so I could see the beach…” “I remembered he mentioned that he wanted to go to the beach, so I went to find him. I'm sorry…” added Dream crossing his arms sadly looking down. 

    Bad sighed heavily before he started reaching for the tiny mers, bringing them closer to his face. "I guess then you'll already know what you're getting, right?" he commented as he brought them closer to his wide open mouth. At that moment Dream froze. He stared frantically at the teeth, mouth and tongue in front of him, the memories of being eaten and the great possibility he had of dying, remained etched in his head.

    He tried to wriggle out of Bad's hands, writhing desperately to stay away from his mouth as tears began to fall from his cheeks. “Dream? What are you-?” Bad was interrupted when Sapnap reached for Dream's shoulders and began to carefully shake him. “Dream, calm down! It's just dad! He won't do anything to you! You are safe!" Dream paused for a moment looking lightly at the three mers who were with him, before hugging Sapnap tightly, beginning to sob.

    “S-Sapnap?” Bad said softly, trying not to alarm Dream further. The orange mer looked at his father with a sad expression. "It's not your fault dad... something bad happened to him while he was looking for me... Just... Give him some time to recover emotionally." Bad sighed softly as he nodded.

    “Dream?” The green mer looked at the big red mer with tears still in his eyes. "Can I carry you? Only in the hands, no mouths, is that okay with you?" Dream looked at him for a moment before nodding, being cradled in Bad's two giant hands that cradled him against his chest.

    Dream wiped tears from his eyes as he closed them, snuggling closer to his father. Bad smiled sadly as he looked at his son. “Hey, dad, I wouldn't mind being in storage. May l?" asked Sapnap, getting closer to his face. Bad gave a small nod before opening his mouth wide enough for Sapnap to enter. Once he was inside, he closed it gently and swallowed as gently as he could, feeling him go into the storage in no time.

    "Okay, let's go home..." Bad said quietly so as not to wake up Dream who had fallen sound asleep. Skeppy nodded as he swam alongside him for a while until he got tired, joining Sapnap inside the storage soon after. It wasn't long until they reached the reef where they lived, Bad heading and lying on his bed quietly so as not to wake any of his passengers. He closed his eyes and finally fell asleep.

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt vore#tw vore#safe vore#soft vore #tiny!dream #tiny!sapnap #tiny!skeppy #giant!bad #giant!karl #giant!george #giant!quackity #mer!dream #mer!sapnap #mer!skeppy #mer!bad #tiny mer!au
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The first meeting with Punz wasn't the most pleasant, especially for him...

    Tw: Safe/soft vore, unwilling prey under the cut

    Eat who? Who weren't you going to eat supposedly, Punz??

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt vore#tw vore#safe vore#soft vore#unwilling prey #giant!badboyhalo #giant!bad #mer!bad #tiny!punz #pelican!punz #tiny mer!au
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  • novorehere
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Thinking about preds posting their prey on social media...

    - Scrolling through Snapchat stories, you do a double take when you see the selfie you took earlier of you and your friend with the caption “Doesn’t ___ look tasty today?” Or something similar.

    - You’re about to slide down the pred’s throat, scrabbling for dear life for anything you can grab hold of. The pred suddenly opens their mouth wide, and you’re met face-to-face with a phone screen just beyond their jaws. Your terrified face is reflected back at you through the front facing camera, you can see yourself slipping as powerful muscles tug at your legs. A quick flash and camera shutter sound is the last thing you see moments before a thick gulp sends you down for good. You SO hope they don’t post that...

    - Preds realizing that “those” kinds of posts tend to get a lot more likes than their normal pictures do... You’ll help them out, won’t you? Great! The next thing you know, you’re being dragged into a full-on photoshoot with staged poses and everything. Dangling you above their mouth, sitting on their tongue, holding you by the shirt with their teeth... the list just goes on and on. You have to redo a couple of them a few times, (“Stop blushing, you need to look more scared!”) but eventually the pred is satisfied. Well, almost. They still need the “money shot” to to speak. And there’s no redos on that one.

    - Preds tagging the prey in their photos. Now everyone gets to know just who went sliding down their throat. Especially when accompanied by a cute or teasing caption. Maybe something simple like “Down the hatch!” or “Look what I caught!” would do. Or perhaps they get a little more daring, mentioning how good you tasted, or how delicious your squirms felt on the way down... Their comment section is always filled with “OMG jealous!!” and “No fair, I want one!” to the prey’s dismay.

    - Preds taking photos with you obviously in them, but not showing your face. A perfectly timed side shot of a bulge traveling down their throat with a finger trailing its descent. A cheeky tummy pic covered in heart emojis, very slightly rounded out around your body. Maybe even a shot of your legs slipping past their lips if they’re daring enough. Even though their posts go viral, only they know the identity of their little snack...

    - The prey helping the pred pick out and edit which pictures to post, like a social media manager. “No, not that one, it’s too unnatural... Yeah, that’s a good one, love the angle on the teeth. Maybe we need a little whitening touch-up first. Ooh, doesn’t that filter just make my eyes pop?”

    #op#vore talk#soft vore#safe vore #I’ve two specific culprits on my mind #if you know me you can probably guess who
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  • junothewolf
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Little Red Robin Hood (Genderswap) (Vore Story)

    Finally got the Red Riding Hood genderswap request done. Actually pretty proud of how it turned out.


         The dappled shade of the forest floor complemented the biome’s signature soft, musky breeze quite well as a joyous little boy playfully skipped through the underbrush, well on his way to deliver gifts to his grandfather. The young one seemed to be quite happy, his tan, woven picnic basket swaying gently with his movement as his signature red hood bobbed up and down in accordance with the force of gravity. He was humming a merry tune to himself as he continued on with his journey, completely and utterly unsuspecting of anything dangerous around him at all.

         Unfortunately, as is the case with most young children, when subtleties in danger lurk about, it can be exceedingly hard for their innocent eyes to comprehend anything malicious about the circumstances at hand. Our modern times cope with this problem by educating kids on the basics of these dangerous subjects at a young age, therefore preparing them to face the world, and leaving them much less vulnerable then they would be otherwise. In this story’s time, however, education was most certainly not a universally applied concept, and as such, for poor Little Red, the story continues.

         “Say, little one. What are you doing alone, all the way out here?” a feminine voice oh-so casually spoke up.

         Little Red, being rather confused on how he was not able to spot the owner of this voice thus far, instantly brought his journey to a halt before swiftly swiveling his head around as he let out an instinctive: “Huh?”

         “Oh, I’m right over here, dearie.” the feminine voice continued on before a few bushes rustled and a full-grown wolf lady on two legs slowly and steadily stepped out from her foliage cover. Aside from her words alone, she possessed a subtle gleam in her eye that would signal to the experienced that something was extremely wrong here, yet Little Red was absolutely not experienced enough, and as such, the eye’s warning sign appeared to be nothing but mere meaningless gibberish to him.

         “Oh! Well hi there wolfie!” Little Red enthusiastically greeted the woman while giving her a warm welcome wave. “How’s your day been?”

         “Oh, me?” responded the wolf. “Well, I was just enjoying my daily stroll around these here woods, when I spotted, well, you! An unattended little boy, skipping off towards, well who knows where? I just had to check and make sure everything was alright, you know.”

         Little Red giggled. “Oh, oh no Ms. Wolf, nothing’s wrong here! I’m just on my way to deliver some treats to my grandfather, that’s all!”

         The wolf’s eyes instantly grew twice as wide. “Your grandfather, eh?”

         “Yep. Just a little ways up the trail from here. Not far at all. Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I tell him that I brought him freshly baked pastries!”

         The wolf’s tail began to flick back and forth as she took a step closer to Little Red. “Yes, I was certainly able to smell the pastries from here.”

         “Homemade, too! Just how he likes them!”

         “Say what, little one, I know exactly what will go well with those baked goods of yours.”

         Little Red’s eyes gleamed with that sheerly invaluable kind of wonder and curiosity that seems to disappear forever once the veil of innocence is ripped off. “Really? You do?”

         The wolf gave a toothy grin. Friendly to Little Red, but something else entirely to the wolf herself. “Yes, of course! You see, there’s a lovely patch of flowers in the meadow just west of this here trail. Go in that direction for a minute, and it's right there. You can’t miss it. Why don’t you bring your grandfather some of those as well so he can have something nice-smelling in his house for a while?”

         Little Red gleefully held his basket to his chest and squealed. “Oooooh! Good idea! I’ll go there right now!” and with that, Little Red turned around in order to dash his way off of the trail and off towards the meadow, but not before calling back with a simple cry of: “THANKS, WOLF!”

         The wolf couldn’t help but give a devious chuckle back. “You’re welcome, Red.” she snickered, but merely to herself. 


         The wolf licked her lips clean before rubbing her paws together and narrowing her eyes. “Ah, the sweet, crunchy delicacy of seasoned meat. A generation I won’t be able to sample for much longer.”she  whispered to herself under her breath before at last clearing her throat and knocking on the door.

         A few seconds after the knock, a weakened, shriveled voice managed to call back: “Come in!” and the wolf almost instantly took this welcoming offer in full thrust.

         Knowing quite well that the old geezer was, well, for lack of a better term, a blind fuck, the wolf had absolutely no issue stepping inside, and nearly straight up to the bed, without the dumb jiji noticing a single thing. The wolf even had time to gleam her sharpened fangs at the useless, bedridden curmudgeon before he (at last) picked up that something was off.

         “Wait a second, you’re not my Little Red!”

         “Nnnnnnope!” the wolf cockily replied the exact instant the old fart was done talking, without a single ounce of hesitation in her being. “Welcome back to the real world, pappi-o, glad to see you return!”

         “B-But I thought Napoleon was gone now!”

         “What?” the wolf swiftly responded, with a slight undertone of genuine confusion in her voice. “I’m not…”


         “Well- Well you wish I was Napoleon, because then your death would be so much easier for you!” she at last improvised, adapting her performance as such by  modeling a finger gun, cocking it with a *tic-tic* sound, and “firing” it straight at the dumbo elder’s chest. There may or may not have been a brief moment where the wolf legitimatley wondered if the fogey actually believed he had been shot, but nonetheless, the resulting air of shock that lay itself static on the idiotic codder’s face was more than enough for the wolf to at last commence the main show.

         Opening up her maw to reveal full force her shimmering, sharpened set of fangs, the wolf knew for absolute certain that the dull gaffer would continue to be locked up by his own numb-skull via his paralyzing sense of shock, thus leaving her well open to anything and everything she wished to do to him.

         Stroking her long, pink wolf tongue across the helpless graybeard’s face, the wolf was almost instantly able to sap up the most delectable flavor that she yearned for whenever she did something like this: fear. That irreplaceable, delicate, yet so tinglingly delightful taste of fear. Prunes and a little bit of baby powder as well, yes, (even though baby powder wouldn’t exist until a few centuries later), but for the first few licks, the almost literally brainless oldie’s flavor seemed to almost radiate an unwavering, undeterred sense of fear. 

         Opening her maw even further in order to shove the ol’  krupper inside, Little Red’s idiot grandfather was placed squarely into the relatively small area as he did his very, very best to not move a single muscle, lest be positively ripped to shreds by the wolf’s shining, fine teeth on display. As his head was moved back towards the gullet, the wolf could sense that it wasn’t just his instincts prompting him to stay still at this point, as he was now consciously holding his head square to the floor of the tongue, as to not brush any of his fine, white hairs against the wolf’s uvula and possibly risk annoying or angering her. To this, she could only scoff.

         “Yare yare darze, jiji. You’re even more pitiful than I thought.” 

         These words, in addition to their intended effect of mocking the living manifestation of the word “pathetic” into submission, (not like that task was difficult in any sense of the word whatsoever), also brushed a front of warm air onto the badge-cove’s puny, pruny being, adding itself cleanly onto the pile of warmth that had accumulated within his being from the natural heat within the maw and his body’s natural reaction to its shock; a reaction that was now about to be compounded into even more heat as the epiglottic covered up the trachea, and the upper esophageal sphincter shoved the head and upper body of the vapid oldster into the esophagus.

         With the upper part of his arms now pinned between his sides and the muscle walls, the cretinous antique could now do staunch nothing to help himself out of this situation, his body’s sheer inability to not be completely and utterly helpless now displaying itself in full force, as the brain-dead bag of bones simply sat there as a growing lump in the wolf’s throat, fully allowing her to caress her tongue all around his form, to her, and her alone, heart’s desire.

         At last, there came another gulp, and as the ancient mummy’s body at last fully entered into the wolf’s esophagus, the wolf herself on the outside licked her chops clean as to savor any last traces of that savorous flavor of fear for perhaps the last time this meal. She then proceeded to lightly rub her paw over the visible bulge that the living zombie was making in her throat as the muscles on the inside proceeded to merley do their job of squeezing any swallowed item down towards the stomach, that object in this case being Little Red’s grandfather.

         The boneheaded crinkle spent literally who the fuck knows or cares how long merely staring blankly at the smooth, pink walls that were tightened around his body and squelching him on down towards his doom. Because of his idiocracy, he wasn’t even able to recognize the fact that the wolf’s heartbeat was now discernible to anyone with just over a single brain cell until it was far too late to be warned. As the lower esophageal sphincter at last delivered him to the stomach, the walls began to rapidly expand in order to meet the size requirement needed to fit the entire body of a full-grown, (perhaps a bit too over ripened…no who am I kidding this one is DEFINITELY over ripened), human within its confines. 

         On the outside, the wolf was able to experience this rapid expansion up front, her great, furry gut bulging before her as it lay gently within her arms.

         “Oh…oh yes…” she whispered to herself in pleasure as she felt the inane twirly within settling down for his extended stay. “Yes…..”

         Back on the inside, Old Man McStupid up in here was literally so dependent on the rest of the world for fucking everything, that he could not find himself able to re-adjust himself into a more comfortable position when he first took the plunge. I’m serious. His body really did just say: “You know what? Fuck this shit, you’re on your own.” As such, the practically paralized coomer was literally forced to tilt his head up as much as was physically possible for him, just to avoid drowning in the stomach juices. It didn’t really help the situation to know that the walls were shifting slightly with each gurgle and grumble it produced, and that the walls were slick, coated with a fine layer of a mucus-like substance in order to prevent the stomach from digesting itself. As such, the damfool bubby was barely able to keep himself alive at all as the churning walls continued to slightly stirr about his being as it constantly slid off each surface due to its slickness.

         This couldn’t be anything of a bother to the wolf, in fact, if anything, she relished in it. Letting out a soft bout of chuckles on behalf of the incompitent ploopy’s struggles, she continued to rub and pat around her gigantic, growling gut as she began looking around the room, a devious, sly grin on her face, for anything, anything at all she could possibly use to aid herself in enacting her plan’s next step.


             After a few peaceful minutes of simply waiting silently for Little Red to get back from his flower run, the wolf’s ears at last perked themselves up as there came yet another set of rapping on the chamber door. (That…means knocking, ya know.)

         The wolf softly giggled as she re-adjusted upon herself all the old-man clothes that she had found in the expired dust pile’s closet. She was forced to suppress a rising sneeze as yet another bout of the stuff suddenly flew off from the outfit and up into the air, frustrating her considerably.

         “I swear to fucking christ, I almost lost my meal back there putting this shit on! Okay, now lemme just…”

         The wolf was just barely able to shake off the majority of the dust that was still left on her disguise before Little Red at last decided to come in without an invitation, and thus turned the doorknob, forcing the wolf to get back into her sleeping position in the bed as quickly as physically possible, and clear her throat as to prep the best “old man voice” she had for its upcoming, glorious, o’ so glorious time to shine.

         “Grandpa! I’m here!” a stunningly oblivious Little Red happily called out as he recklessly swung open the door and entered further into the room, the door somehow managing to find a way to swing back into a closed position from the large amount of kinetic energy it had just received from Little Red.

         “Like grandpa like grandson I guess…” the wolf reasoned to herself in her head as Little Red somehow managed to make her way all the way up to the bed without realizing something was up with his “grandfather”. She could only guess that the blatantly unaware young'un had simply inherited his grandfather's terrible eyesight. That seemed like the most obvious explanation.

         “Surprise, gramppy! I got you some flowers, too! Some nice wolf lady showed me where a patch was back on the trail, so now your house won’t smell like the inside of an old boot anymore!”

         The wolf smiled deviously to herself upon hearing these words, remembering fondly just what opportunity had opened up to her because of those flowers, before rolling over in the bedsheets to at last meet Red face to face once more, and, if she was to have her way, for the very last time, ever.

         “Oh, how wonderful, dearie! You can just set them over by the side table there! I’ll get to them in due time, see.” she at last croaked out, doing her very best to sound like a decrepit old man as she did.

         “Okay!” Little Red happily obliged, setting down the gifts at the specified location before making her way to the side of the bed. “So how have you been today?”

         “Oh, me?” the wolf responded in a falsely incredulous voice. “Nothin’ much. Just been waiting for you.”

         “Ah. Well, ok! That makes sense!”

         “Hah, yes, it quite certainly does.”

         There then came, rather inexplicably, actually, a period of considerably awkward silence that followed, where Little Red merley sat himself down on a nearby stool in the back left corner of the house and began to hum a merry tune, completely and utterly ignorant to the reality of pretty much everything happening around him.

         The wolf couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed. She needed him to get closer for the perfect strike opportunity, goddammit! She needed that strike opportunity! She really did! And she was going to get it, no matter what this oblivious Little Red wanted to do. Thus, she began to think. What could she do to lure this Little Red in? Just what possibly was there she could do?

          It was right then and there, right in that very same second, that a lightbulb turned on inside her head, causing her ears to instinctively perk up.

         All according to plan, of course, as Little Red himself had also perked up upon the simple action.

         “Oh, Grandpa!” he began to lightly tease. “What silly giant ears you have!”

         The wolf rolled over in her sheets again in order to make eye contact with the young Red.

         “Why of course, my dear, how else would I pick up on all that fancy new wordle you whippersnappers are making up nowadays?”

         Little Red narrowed his eyes. “What?”

         “I mean-uh-what better to hear you with!”

         Little Red smirked. “Why of course, grandpa. I’m guessing the same goes for those big ol’ eyes of yours then, right?”

         The wolf couldn’t help but give a toothy grin upon Little Red’s statement. “Of course, of course, sweetie! All the better to see you with!”

         Little Red noticed the wolf’s grin, and immediately clasped his hand over his mouth to help suppress a laughing bout he thought might be rude to unleash. Instead, all that came out was a simple snort and one giggly-toned sentence: “And what big teeth you have? Oh if only there was some way to clean them, then maybe they wouldn’t get to be as bad!”

         The wolf’s tooth and fang filled grin became, to the young boy, rather inexplicably larger as his “grandfather”’s tongue was suddenly unveiled and he began to rise right out of bed.

         “THE BETTER TO EAT YOU ALL UP WITH!” the wolf at last cried, flinging the bed sheets off the mattress to reveal the full extent of her relatively ginormous wolf form to poor Little Red, who didn’t even have but a single moment to scream, or even just think briefly about what the wolf’s massive belly might mean in this context, before it was already too late. With her dagger-like, pointed claws wrapped straight and tight around his neck, Little Red instinctively froze, for even an oblivious kid like him knew that if he moved a single muscle at this point, it would take one second on the wolf’s part, and then he’d be dead. As such, the wolf had, just as she had back with the grandpa, complete and total control over the situation, and was about to abuse that power to the absolute limit.

         First and foremost though, she needed to sample that fear. There was an obvious difference in unami between the fear of the older generation and the fear of the younger generation, but nonetheless, fear in any form was still ridiculously delicious and pleasing to the wolf, and as such, she began the process with a few well coordinated tongue stokes around the horrified little boy’s face and signature red hood, before the flavor of fear once more seeped through her taste buds and all the way back into her brain, thus deriving her a sense of pleasure from the chemicals it released after the fact.

         As such, the wolf began to excessively slobber, ultimately getting the shock-filled Red drenched in plenty of the stuff before he even entered the maw. Realizing this, the wolf found it no worth messing around any longer, and as such, simply opened her maw as wide as she possibly could in order to give the terrified boy a preview of what was to come before it actually came. This state of time was not to last long, however, as the wolf shoved Little Red’s face and upper body into her maw but a few seconds later, before lightly clamping shut, leaving his lower half dangling loosely on the outside.

         The wolf began to continue soaking in that sweet, sweet, sweet, taste of fear as Red continued to refuse the notion of movement, positively terror-striken at the thought of what the wolf could do to him if he disobeyed or resisted but slighlty, if at all. As such, the wolf had absolutely no problem lifting up her head in order to help Little Red slide down towards the gullet via the law of gravity. She felt something large fitting itself square into her gullet, as something soft and cloth-like bumped upon the uvula above. The wolf gave one last lick to the shaken boy’s middle before swallowing for the first time, pushing his head and upper body past the upper esophageal sphincter and into the esophagus itself. She then began to loll her tongue a bit as it lazilly flapped around on the outside of her maw, drooling uncontrollably as she smoothly and gently rubbed and stroked the giant bulge that Little Red was making in her throat, o-so ready to initiate the next step in the process.As such, she swallowed again, thus shoving Little Red’s lower body into the throat as well, and allowing her own to at last take over the rest of the process as the wolf let out an excessively sigh and flopped back down onto the bed on her back, staring in quite simply joyous anticipation at her already enargened gut, merley waiting, patiently waiting, for it to be delivered its second giant meal, thus expanding its already rotund size even further.

         On the inside, Little Red was simply unable to do anything at all except breathe heavily, as his innocent childhood brain was just simply unable to process this kind of situation. As such, the feeling of the slick, smooth throat muscles constantly squeezing him down via patterned pulses was completely null to his mind as he was squelched down even further. He wasn’t even able to recognize the sound of a heartbeat when it came up, though this time it wasn’t ‘cause he couldn’t sense it, he just hadn’t ever heard a heartbeat before, which makes perfect sense for the time.

         At last, however, Red reached the lower esophageal sphincter, and at that point, he just could not tune out of reality anymore, as the instant that his head was squeezed on through, he almost instinctively let out a positively heart-breaking, despairing cry of: “GRANDPA!”

         The moment the wolf had been able to discern those words, the rest of Little Red’s body at last joined with said grandpa of his within the wolf’s guts, thus causing the walls to expand even further. With a great gurgle and growl, the wolf’s stomach continued to grow and swell until at last it had all the space it needed for its two guests, who just perhaps, would only ever be able to see each other once more after this moment was all over.

         Little Red on the inside at last just couldn't take it anymore. Bursting out into a frantic, utterly anguished bout of tears as the churning stomach walls continued squeezing in on him, Little Red held close the form of his barely conscious grandfather, who had somehow managed to get himself into a much more comfortable sitting position instead of the complete and utter lack of a position we saw him in last time, as his dearest grandson did what little he could to let his elder know that he was here now. Little Red could not tell if it was the stomach’s heat making him warm up or his own body doing so, but whatever the case may be, both he and his grandfather knew they wouldn’t last much longer in here, and so merley subconsciously chose to come close and embrace each other once more just as soon as the grandfather came to, before anything else happened to them. This would drag on for a few minutes until the soothing hands of his grandfather had somehow made Little Red’s tears stifle but a little.

         “...oh…oh Red.” was all that the grandfather was able to say. But to Little Red, that was enough. Even as the constant pulsing of the heart rate and the semi-irregular gurgles and grumbles of the stomach continued to reverberate around within his ears, Little Red knew for certain that those three words of his grandfather would never, ever, ever leave his mind.

         Back on the outside, the wolf had at last managed to pull the blanket back up onto the bed, and had re-wrapped it around herself before she went to fluff the pillow slightly. At last laying down, one hand over her massive gut and the other leisurely dangling off the bed, the wolf merely patted and rubbed over the soft, squishy chamber holding her two delectable, quivering meals, before she licked the fear from her chops one final time, made a satisfied “mmm” sound, and simply began to doze off, though not before addressing her two pieces of prey one last time, with one simple sentence that she knew neither of them would be able to hear. And that sentence was, plain and simply: “Good night.”

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