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  • dailypokemoncrochet
    28.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    FOTH Electrike!

    One of the surprisingly weirder shaped Pokemon! Next time I make one will be with a completely different approach because I forgot to check all the different poses before making it and didn't realize that the head bumps are each separate and the body more streamlined in shape with a yellow stripe running up top.

    #pokemon#crochet#amigurumi#electrike#FOTH #fresh off the hook #that means i just finished this one! #i know i say 'the next one i make' somewhat often #but thats not gonna happen till im done with ALL of them probably #and i also feel like i should say again #that what you see on this blog #nearly every pokemon i crochet #is what i consider a prototype #because it's the first try #i dont bother to make multiples of the same pokemon unless i have to
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  • vulturecarcasses
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    pspsps who wants some really fucked up charles lore

    #erin we can dm abt it in discord if u want bc ik you'll probably like it. I mean I'm pretty sure hostel is your favorite movie sooo #you know. uh if anyone else asks tho uh huge warnings for graphic torture and abuse as well as deprivation from food and kidnapping #yeah it's. a lot #as soon as the 'story' (there is no consistent plot for new shadow fields so far) he's already missing and somewhat hurt so. #he's really in it I guess. he gets the award of one of my favorite tropes! he comes back wrong #some peoe think it's not actually him anyone when he comes back to town #its. quite horrible to be honest.
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  • nulluxe
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    naw wait wait a damn minute. what if hunters ear scar was an actual murder attempt since belos was getting trigger happy with murdering the clones?? nd since hunter somehow dodged and or belos missed, he came out of it alive. first caleb-grimwalker to ever survive a murder attempt, so belos let him go free out of a somewhat guilty conscious? orrrr,,,,

    “out of all the grimwalkers, you looked the most like him.”

    #like. it makes sense? #and it’s even more fucked up if you think of it like that #coz that means hunter is the youngest grimwalker so far #like I’m pretty sure the rest of them somewhat made it to their adulthoods #BUT THE POINT OF THE MATTER. #belos was going to straight up murder a child. and he found literally Nothing Wrong With That #toh s2b #the owl house #toh spoilers#toh belos#toh hunter#emperor belos
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  • cesium-sheep
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    arin was trying to remember the word “resilience” which of course set me off on the whole issue of there should be no one single darling of the mental health field, she said I would get along well with her mentor so I asked if she thought it would be fun to watch us yell together. then she said some shit about her mentor might have some valuable perspective on the matter she’s not really able to put into words, which, y’know, sounded kinda fuckin dismissive of my 15 years of experience. so I prodded her about it cuz this is a sore spot we’ve discussed repeatedly. she expressed that she sometimes feels I’m being categorically dismissive of things she’s found useful (taught by mentors she’s found useful who were always more than the sum of the frameworks they were presenting) and I pointed out that’s basically never the case and I’m literally always complaining about things being held up in isolation as darling children and rigid frameworks. and it’s gonna be important that she doesn’t just brush off my expertise once she has letters next to her name while I still don’t. (I also pointed out this concern of hers may come in part from the fact that many people who used to be close to her would likely dismiss the field as a whole out of fear despite substantial potential for genuine benefit. which is obviously not the case with me because I give them all the chances they need they just never fucking catch up to me.)

    she acknowledged this and said she understood. she agreed that I do know stuff and while her patient base will be different from what I cut my teeth on so things may not always apply, there’s ways to say “I don’t think that applies here” without saying “you don’t know what you’re talking about”.

    #I think it is fair to call my knowledge expertise. #I only have a bachelor's but I also have. 15 years of experience. with severe and somewhat wide-ranging disorders. #on the rare occasions people are talking to both me and a licensed therapist #the therapist often comes to the same conclusions I did. #(and where we differ significantly the person tends to feel my assessment is more solid.) #on the rare occasions a mental health professional recognizes my knowledge and is able to keep up #we have a fantastic time talking shop. #(this is most common in older professionals. the young ones still love their frameworks too much.) #the only difference is the letters. #(and possibly the knowledge of specific historical artifacts but 1 that doesn't stick well anyway and 2 it's not useful to me.) #(I do not give a shit about piaget or freud.) #(they do not give me any insight into the individual in front of me.) #(the most they can offer is an appeal to authority if that seems to be something the person needs.) #this is a sore spot for me. #knowledge gained unconventionally is frequently dismissed and degraded. #even if I'm fucking right about A Lot. #more right than a lot of people with the letters.
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  • kazeoto
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    “ Did you think I was gonna leave you like this? ”

    INJURY STARTERS  (  X  ) ACCEPTING !  //   @ryusxnka​​

    ever  the  fascination  .  he’d  captured  attention  across  the  field  .  surely  a  distraction  but  the  cost  deemed  worthy  by  those  spectating  .  as  it  was  ever  enthralling   (  &  )   a  rare  scene  .  of  those  viewers  ,  there  were  those  who  looked  upon  with  awe  or  envy  .  always  swimming  in  eyes  beholding  any  of  the  leaders  .  perhaps  it  was  fems  nature  that  rendered  her  unperturbed  .  and  so  ,  she  did  not  sparing  the  popular  frosty  prodigy  a  glance  .  maybe  it  was  simple as  coming  to  having  an  understanding  of  ones  strength  .  a  wisdom  from  her  how  seeing  shouldn’t  put  weight  on  one’s  abilities  .  

    that  ,  might’ve  been  the  fems  thoughts  overall  (  &  )  why  a  glance  was  never  spared  to  his  direction  .  trusting  in  (  &  )  knowing  his  power  .  

    in  the  end  ,  fault  wasn’t  on  him  at  all  .  the  numbers  were  against  them  ,  for  each  hollow  hoard  held  the  numbers  .  personnel  on  their  side  had  exponentially  decreased  .  when  it  came  down  to  it  ,  not  every  shinigami  had  latent  talent  or  battle  experience  .  that’s  was  what  made  subordinates  (  &  )  the  superior  different  .  

    is  that  her  issue  ?   the  cause  of  her  current  position  ,  supine  on  ground   (  &  )   eyes  to  the  sky  .  hip  flesh  skewered  ,  crimson  wetness  pooling  under  her  .  before  having  kept  up  to  the  tasks  ,  dealt  with  in  stride  .  swiftness  from  skills  ,  never  seeming  phased  by  the  odds  .  

    she  blinked  .  vision  turnt  fuzzy  before  his  arrival  .  ever  the  one  to  embody  a  carefree  attitude  ,  even  when  the  clocks  for  her  were  stopping  .  

                  ❝     …    …    no  that’d  be  unlike  you    …     ❞

    #alkjdsfn #caleb congrats you the first person to get kira killed :D #hi so i based this around them having somewhat known each other ways #not strangers but also not bffls #hope that is ok #ryusxnka #001. ` ☆  ❪  inbox .  ❫ #001. ` ☆  ❪  bleach arc .  ❫  you’ve painted your wings in a war rotted world
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  • inahallucination
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    neil: todd you’ve gotta seize the day! find what you want and take it! do whatever it is that you want no matter what !!!!

    todd, who’s already talked to his cute roommate: :( but i did do that

    #anderperry #neil encouraging todd to do whatever #vs todd who's so proud of himself for being able to somewhat talk to his cute cute perfect roommate #it may seem like a small victory but a victory is a victory #dead poets society #deadpoets#neil perry#todd anderson #todd and neil #neil and todd
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  • undead-dragonborn
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    my brief phase of interest in portal speed running has not failed me

    #rtgame’s newest highlights was of portal so i wanted to play it again #STILL GOT IT (somewhat)
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  • narcoticwriter
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Me: I enjoy thought-provoking works with good characters, interesting world-building, and a decent plot.

    Also me when something gets punched really hard:

    #i have a somewhat shameful addiction to mecha and anime that runs on 85% hype #one punch man season one was a goddamn masterpiece #it still gives me serotonin to this day #narky thinks
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  • suchbrokenstars
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    {Son -- @darkempicr​}

    “So you’ve come.” Vader observed. “Have made your choice, my son?”

    #darkempicr#m: vader #v: sidious's apprentice #i hope this works #have a vader who got himself healed at least somewhat so he doesn't need his suit
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  • slav-every-day
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #imma see 2 completely different and separate sportsball games this weekend! #which is crazy cause I find them somewhat boring #but I’m going with family so that’ll be chill #slav #slav every day #voltron #first is a womens soccer game #and the second #is a mens baseball game #lol
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  • epithmia
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    dis/lyte got me by the neck whenever cro.ss worl.ds doesnt when im not in drafts or dms and so i’ve been taking the chance to practice this style for commissions soon by designing an oc for that game who’s more than likely gonna be tama.mo no m.ae inspired. probably. most likely. 

    #i need to change the shoes from those #sneakers to some type of platform shoe #i had the shoes done before i started sketchin everything else and now that a general #thing has somewhat been established those shoes are so mf ugly #sneakers have no place here #none #f.ila sneakers do not fit this anymore #➢    ooc . #➢    tbd . #anyway they're great and once again gender does not matter to my creations they go by they / it #has no name. #for now
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  • savegalkissy
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    (One shot, Jiglup, cw: mentions of death, major character death.) lupin reflects in his old age

    Lupin liked the idea of dying a dramatic, explosive way as a young man, rather than aging. To be remembered at his peak, at his glory days, to be triumphant to the end and never forgotten.

    So he still surprised how content he is now, when he was the one of the last of the gang that remained.

    Fujiko had gone first, because of course the thing she would steal from him last would be the idolized way he expected to go. A beautiful tragedy until the very end, where she left the world with no trace of the mystery beneath, shot out of the sky during a heist. Sitting on the porch, he looked up at the clouds and sighed. Many an ex of hers mourned, and several movie producers went to start making movies about the events. Dramatized, of course. Inaccurate, of course. Everything Fujiko would have loved. Lupin smiled to himself, and waved to the clouds with an old cane. “I can only hope you’re happy up there.”

    “Lupin? Who are you talking to?” Came a voice from inside.

    “Fujicakes, dear.” He smiled at the gruff voice. “I know not even the devil could keep her from scamming her way into heaven. I’m just hoping she saved me a ticket!”

    Jigen gave an audible groan, stepping out onto the porch, scraping along a walker. Thirty years, needed oxygen to get around the house, and a walker, but he was still a sharp enough shot to give Lupin a glare beneath his hat. “Broad’s been dead for about 30 years and you’re still on about her? And what’s this about heaven? You’re not going anywhere yet, and even if you do the only place you are going aint up.”

    Lupin laughed, the same laugh they’d been hearing for years, before he felt a kink in his back and had to stop with a wheeze. He felt a hand rub over his back, as Jigen lowered himself into a chair besides him. “Believe me, I know. But hey, if she gets there, with her, Goemon, and pops? We got a solid chance of breaking in.”

    He heard Jigen snort a wheezing laugh, before leaning back in the chair. He reached a calloused hand out, and Lupin didn’t even need to think. He reached over and took it in his own, holding the aged fingers in his own.

    #lupin iii #lupin the third #lupin the 3rd #jiglup #I am somewhat drunk and very tired so forgive any mistakes
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  • russbutfish
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    comfort doodles ig? espresseleine but like home life ya

    this was supposed to b somethin bigger but it kind of turned into just them living together n being n love ya :DDD

    #madeleine cookie#espresso cookie#espresseleine #espresso cookie x madeleine cookie #crk#cookie run #russ boy's arts #digital art #more of the them #i'm not sure what else to tag this as so #drawing in the (somewhat) cookie run kingdom style is very fun tbh
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  • mtndew-glowstickflavor
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    #puppet master #for a fanfilm ill honestly say this was kinda cool #im amazed at the effects they managed to do the most tbh #the kills reminded me a bit of yakuza 7 special moves with how dramatic they were i liked it lmao #it was all obviously very cheesy but i somewhat enjoyed it
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  • vigilant-shadow
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Hello! Welcome to my independent, semi-selective rp blog for Xiao form Genshin Impact! It's open to everyone, all I ask is that you, please, read my rules and about before interacting!

    #ooc #rules and about #finally made a proper thing #somewhat #still needs a banner tho probably #or some kind of icon to make it less bland
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  • absolllite
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    meteor shower, quick take cover!

    #this thing was so FUCKING stressful to do why cant csp be a functioning program #anyways uh. at least im somewhat happy with the result #originshipping#pokemon#steven stone#champion wallace#champion steven #gym leader wallace #latios#latias
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  • an0nymousghost
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    life updates:

    i have some 10 more posts for y’all from last week; i played a lot of sims cuz i was sick and miserable. now im doing my annual rewatch of fruits basket :D i am a fruba fan first, human second. also i failed half my tests because i did not go to school for a week. 

    #txt#abc #i read the back third of the manga and i think i have somewhat processed the loss of season 3 #i talk abt it all the time on my fandom blog though #not xoxo-celeschul i have a differnet one
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  • itznarcotic
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    waiting in line at the post office to renew my passport for after my exams end and there’s this guy who works at the help desk asking both the people who go up and his fellow employees “Did you see Jared Leto Morb all over those guys? It’s Morbin’ time, haha” with him gushing about Morbius with the energy and enthusiasm of a child that drank their first cup of coffee. 

    on one hand, love that all the Morbheads in the room are reveling in the confused responses he’s getting. on the other, hate that nobody is doing anything about the AC that’s set at quite possibly the most uncomfortable temperature possible for the summer heat

    #text#morbius#morbhead#Jared Leto#rambles #end my suffering....... #the line is taking ages to move #even if the morb gushing is making it somewhat more bearable as time passes #and gives me something to hyperfocus on for a little bit
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  • songtwo
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    its actually a great thing blur never became popular outside the UK bc then they would've disbanded way earlier and i refuse 2 imagine my life without blur 1997 and 13

    #though it's funny how britpop besides oasis never took off yet my dad somehow knows all the more popular bands #like he does know about music but mostly mainstream music and usually the stuff they got popular in the us is the stuff that would get #popular here #like he knows say elastica and suede rather than artists i think r more popular like Fiona or PJ #and like he remembers hearing them on the radio and watching the videos on tv #but also something I've noticed is that those bands have a large following in LATAM so maybe they only got somewhat popular over here #and not the us #which is curious like nowadays what's popular in the us doesn't have any impact here and vice versa #but it wasn't like that in the 90s #but anyway . this isn't even related 2 the post I'm going back 2 my reading
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  • winglssdemon
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I'm ready to stan Reva harder than anti-jedi Anakin stans.

    She's a fantastic villain.

    #reva#kenobi spoilers #like dude i am soooooooo gay #if anakin can get somewhat of a redemption then reva def can
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