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  • tkiesai
    23.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Sooooo, I'm on a huge Pokémon Legends kick right now so I drew my PokeSona in the outfit I wear in the game 8D

    #my art#pokemon#art#pokemon legends #pokemon legends arceus #pokesona#pokemon oc#sorta#trainersona #? #and yes those ears are the ears of the banefull fox mask #cuz I like it #lol
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  • telerin
    22.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    dad asks me how my summers been going and i drop like 10 paragraphs on him sorry king

    #tobias talks #its been like 6 months so i got a lot to update him on #i said i wanted to just text him whenever i got smth to say #but i. well #sorta forgot #look its super easy to do that when u dont use the messaging app and have a poor memory lol
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  • zeroideaman
    22.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

    The jaws that bite,

    the claws that catch!

    I’ve been thinking about Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky poem and 3rd Life so it seems I’m gonna just draw some 3rd Life stuff with various stanzas of said poem.

    #zero’s art#3rd life#trafficblr#rendog#martyn inthelittlewood#blood test #I’ve been rotating this in my brain for a bit now lol #I’ll be making a sorta part two of this with other people so yea :v #hope you like these pieces #zero rambles in the tags
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  • salamanderslizard
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    went out for a smoke on the back porch, noticed the neighbors lil pitbull in my yard. i hadn't met her before so i wasn't sure if she'd wanna say hi, but i waved through the window and she ran right over.

    spent the next 15min with her in my lap insisting on all the pets.

    reminded me so much of my heart dog - the big clumsy paws, the smell, that lil bit of pitbull dandruff lol.

    its been two years since I've had cuddles like that, how fucking healing 😭

    #idek her name #her dad called her over before he went inside but i have no idea what he said to her lol #she's never leashed up #(which is sorta worrisome) #but i hope she comes over more #i needed that #lizard rambles
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  • mikiruma-art
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    5 22 22

    for a palette challenge on twitter! always love an opportunity to draw my favorite program!

    #my art#digital art#my ocs#ocs#myclixie #clixie.exe #original character#eyestrain - #eye contact - #sorry for the (sorta) impromptu hiatus. lol. work and burnout is a lethal combo
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  • ihatebnha
    22.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    what if i post this fic and then never post again

    #......../hj #do. i want to leave this blog or am i just .... tired #(as in. i need to go to bed) #not even in a sad or bad way but all my motivation to be Good is like................ gone #its waned a bunch since ive started but now it feels like im skidding against the bottom of it #which sucks bc #i sorta refuse to be low effort #and i KNOW why this is happening #but its ..................... weird #even tho i could it feels like... changing my posting style would change this space #so idk how to feel or what to do u know? #anyway this isnt meant to be depressing this is just whats on my mind #bc part of me feels that thing where like. i put so much effort into something and then need to sleep for 100 years #which is funny cuz my fic is only like 5k words #*skull emoji* LMFAOOO #but u know. writing is my greatest struggle #and i put a lot of effort into EVERYTHING on here actually #so idk what to say #or what i was expecting LOL #things are def gonna change but idk how yet #sorry to put this on u tho........... i really do wish i could be the same tireless person forever #and again. i could just be tired and sad in that sense bc today was literally ENDLESS #but anyway #praying my betas didn't kill this fic #(they didnt im just a lazy baby) #but ill see yall soon #not writing#caitie thoughts
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  • endwalkr
    22.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #lotr good #lol i know i already made a post about it earlier this week but i finished watching the extended movies<\3 #reading the appendices is slightly on halt since its no less work than studying but #i think readinf the books was soooo much fun like i already really miss being able to pick it up every day for month #the fact that you spend so much more time reading than watching a movie sort of makes the connection a bit stronger in a way #like im not sure how many hours i spent reading all 3 books over four weeks but it must be like 40 at least #being able to see it all in movie form is soo lovely cause 1) theyre just such fun movies and 2) you dont have to work your brain to #visualize things as much #although i did end up getting quite used to the writing style and endless describing of landscapes #so i didnt have to focus super hard anymore after a while #but yeah still its nice to just be able to sit back and let it sorta come at you rather than actively read it all #though a difference is that in the book if you find a scene or quote that hits hard you can just sort of read it over and over while still #staying in the zone or the vibe of the scene #whereas in a movie you can rewind of course but it breaks it up a bit xD #sometimes while reading i would loop a quote 4 or 5 times in my head before moving on #idk wtf i am talking about its almost 4am but i am so surprised i ended up liking lotr so much #like i wanted to watch it cause i was curious and general cultural education and stuff but especially after reading of course #ive not really had a new interest where i can like do endless research and learn soo many things about it for quite a while #the experience of finding something new and like slowly familiarizing yourself with it more and more is so much fun #also sjfjdj at me having to read and watch the grey havens scene twice within a week #first the book last monday and now the movie #me sobbing both times😭 #its just really good #and i reiterate because it must be said #nobody ever did and nobody ever will do it like samwise gamgee #shoutout to taking the hobbits to ise gard #shoutout to the shire theme constantly transitioning into the gridania theme in my head #and good night (collapses) #long post #< in case of accidental tag opening sjfjdj
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  • oleanteri
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I wanted to try and draw emo boy Ingo too

    #submas#ingo#pokemon#my art #ive seen bunch of ingo art with these sorta clothes #so I wanted to try lol #I mean he already has the black and white aesthetic #and a ghost type ace #its perfect
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  • cephalopaints
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    scrapped sketch for something on my s3cz page :>

    #ocs#splatoon#splatoon 3 #splatoon 3 concept zine #clownin' around#art tag #lil sneak peek of what my page is about #sorta#may 2022 #just felt like postin somethin here #been really depressed today sorry lol ✌️ #i finished my final exam yesterday so that means i dont actually #havto go #which is weird #having one of those cartoonish dilemmas #i cant handle change oughuuooooughh my routine is overrr im afraid of change ouhhh #you ever watched steven universe lol /j #sorry for ranting i'm really bored today
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  • 557-973-234
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    prompt list for the children

    "then let me kiss you on the nose" "NO! LEAVE MY NOSE ALONE"

    "please just a few more minutes, here you can reapply the sunscreen so I don't look ashy"

    "come sit on my lap" "no you evil gremlin, i know you're plotting something"

    "i got you a few cacti because of ..radiation and stuff so you can put them around your device-" "yougotmethesebecausei'vekilledeveryplanti'veeverbought"

    "no you did not bump into my lips BY ACCIDE- see you in court!"

    "i feel so bad for not remembering your nam-" "no no no listen i heard someone else ask you for help so i just called out your name and all this time we've been bumping into each other i kinda sorta forgot that you just like...didn't get my name because I never told you and well the occasion to use it has just..never happened and ugh here i go again"

    "let me tuck you in" "but i have to go pee"

    "the power's out again" "i'll come pick you up so we can star gaze"

    "i should start a wordpress blog for my recipes" "you have successfully fried ONE POTATO THAT I PEELED AND CHOPPED FOR YOU"

    "do you want me to make you a beanie?" "once you get the hang of 'making', yeah :)"

    "you washed the dishes? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY ROOMATE?"

    "I've never done a braid before" "then I will not be your test run"

    "actually, they're called bicycles because you have cycle on them in pairs, side by side , through the woods like in the movies" "literally no?"

    "i'm so angry i could shave my head" "????"

    "carrots just taste so energy inducing like eating a remote battery you know?" "you HAVE to stop watching documentaries on how a person can live on one vegetable for a ye-" "they HAVE those?"

    "say please" "no"

    #if you use one please let me know so i can maybe ...read and um...mayhaps reblog-ah! idk #prompt list#kpop #but not strictly kpop #even though i wrote this with czennie in my lol #where my neowriters at? #multifandom#multistan #these don't have to be romantic btw #they can be platonic #or whatever else comes to mind when you read these #writeblr #writers of tumblr #writing community #reblog if you want :) #and have fun with these #free prompt list #prompts#writers prompt #number 10 is kinda sorta looking like a jaemin prompt #number 6 is definitely mark feeling guilty meanwhile he has no reason to #mark your friendly neighbour; but also mark your classmate who almost always goes grocery shopping at the same time as you EVERYTIME #stray kids#skz#pentagon#golden child #neo culture technology #nct#nct 127#nct dream
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  • inkfelled
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    kendral is like, i fell in love with a man who turned out to be a god and he fell in love with me but unfortunately i hate the gods so i will be sacrificing him literally and figuratively to achieve freedom for myself and humanity as a whole and yes, i still love him and yes, this is tragic and no, i wont make a different choice because i dont love him enough

    and i think thats very sexy of her 😌

    #writeblr#oracle wip #i forgot what writeblr tags are lol #oc intro#sorta
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  • bluealicerose
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I feel like my stance on space colonization is something that I never will change so go ahead and put that on my eventual, and/or currently in-progress callout post

    #bluealice.txt #joke post mostly lol #sorta #this is prolly the dumb purist inside me speaking but I REALLY don't wanna look up a the moon one day and see... a cacophony of city lights #let her live her life unmarred by the wretched things that killed her mother!!! #*truth boomb
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  • citrustlacuache
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Doom Cube, an attempt to emulate a pencil-like style digitally.

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  • mismess
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I love your style so so much! I'd watch a cartoon in your style!

    Aww thank u !

    Could never actually make a whole cartoon lol but that makes me think of when I used to animate all the time, I do miss it I need to find that motivation again

    #i had some i was sorta working on recently but id have to reinstall the program for it and i dont think my little 100 dollar ebay laptop- #- could handle that lol #talk
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  • bumpscosity
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Gonna watch zending for the first time since I first played it in 2016 wish me luck <3

    #I’ve talked many a times about how emotional it makes me #ONLY other one that messes me up this bad is skip button and even then it isn’t as bad #i think it’s bc it’s ENTIRELY caused by the player. in not stanley narry sorta just kicks you out and in ski lol button #he made the button. zending tho is ENTIRELY the players fault #anyways try not to cry challenge for me #sassy speaks#tsp
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  • vaixation
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Y'all I found another little tiny snake in my bathroom. What a cutie! Poor thing was really fricking scared (I wasn't trying to scare them, I was trying to catch the little friend to safely relocate outside but gosh dang was this little noodle FAST and was BOOKING IT- that feeling when small line thing goes NYOOM). I put them outside in some tall grass and made sure they were actually under the cover of something before heading back inside (mostly because I worry birds/other predators would attack them and wanted tiny friendo to be safe). But. How cute???

    #crepuscular#snakes #that feeling when you just go to brush your teeth #and outta nOWHERE this fricking wiggly noodle books it across your floor #wildest teeth-brushing encounter i've ever had in my life like. hELLO???? #very fricking cute though. what a tiny and good friend. i love them. #they were sooooo small. ToT what a cutie. #i wonder if this is the same type of snake i found in my bathroom last year? #the one i found the other time was more brownish and this one was silvery #i wonder if this guy's a little baby or if that's just their size??? #either way... smol. precious little wiggly noodle friend i hope they have a good life!!! ;o; very fun getting to see a noodle today #even though it sorta jumpscared me - look i'm an anxious easily startled person - i think it was kind of the highlight of my day so far LOL #tiny snek......... i wuv them
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  • megalobonia
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    ot3 dynamics

    fell sans:  - “man of the house” - also known as “large and in charge” or “boss” - extremely dominant, possessive and can get a bit controlling. - patience for bs in the negatives - can get aggressive when upset

    lola: - “the she-pimp” - also known as “the brat”  or “troublemaker”  - likes to stir shit on occasion - very proud of her boyfriends despite everything - enjoys being chased after

    ferno: - “the housewife” - also known as “malewife” or “waifu” - very affectionate - will prepare you food and worry about you all the time - losing years of his life when his partners fight.

    #v; skelebun on fire #hoopsheartthrob#spookyscientistskeleton #( since all 3 of us sorta mutually stalk each other i'm not even gonna @ u guys #u will come across this eventually lol )
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  • therealyaspen
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Me: Ok so I'm back to fixating on pokemon, cool. Looks like I have blorbos too now, huh. Hmm, I'm getting an idea for something concerning an old favorite character, I should go back and re-watch a bit so I can make sure I've got his character down

    This fuckin guy:

    Me: ...I have another blorbo.

    #yaspen speaks#pokemon#pokemon alain #god just. HIM #also god i forgot how many people ship him and mairin... hhh they are kinda far off in age dont you think?? #also in my mind they have sorta a found family siblings dynamic sO #i havent kept up with the anime in a WHILE but i heard hes coming back?? good for him #anyway keep your eyes out i have Thoughts for an au that idk if ill write for sure but i may Discuss #pokeani#pokemon anime #might as well tag those too huh lol
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  • fridaygalaxy
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    #he and i both get insane gender envy from simon . how do i tell him thats me /j /j #no he kinda sorta knows lol #but yeah !! forcing it to watch the betty and most simon episodes bc theyre my favorites #simon says#finn's fun #we're matching discord pfps too !!!!! chirp took simon but its ok :] /gen #im so excited heehehehe
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  • transblings
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Istg i think terfs have like.. no logic when it comes to actual trans peoples perspectives on feminism and their own transition

    I am transgender yet I support a good boatload of their ideals because i have a working fucking brain, i'm confident in my transition because i know my own reasoning and know its not internalised misogyny or whatever the fuck (not to devalue those who have detransitioned for those reasons), and im sure as fuck not a misogynist towards others!

    Goddamn ive lived as a woman surrounded by women, i know the fucking struggles and- unlike some may imply from me just being trans- i understand women arent just all cheap copies of each other and all these other things ive noticed they like to imply we transgender men think. and honestly it makes me sad...

    I understand there are trans folks who fucking suck, rapists, murderers, harassers of various degrees, but i oh so fucking wish there was a comprehension that wanting my own body and mind to actually process together the way they wish didn't make me all these awful things in their minds, but theres no real point in thinking or worrying about it... It's just odd to have been a terf myself a good couple years back looking over the fence now.

    #this is just a sorta ramble rant.. not gonna profread #goodness ive also seen so many of them saying theyre in trans friend groups #and its made me a bit scared of my own cis friends #even though i know i can trust them and all lol #trans#trans man#lgbt#transgender#ramble#terfs#transphobes#transphobia tw
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