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  • cartoongirlshenagians
    20.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    we got a stan and kyle special now its cartman turn.. maybe kenny will be next but not before we get 10 more randy specials

    #zero kenny specials for us #im expecting 1 butters special #south park
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  • m0thp1mp
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What are your thoughts on Velvet?

    Who? Ha! Just kidding Vels.

    She's the only bitch around here that's got a fucking brain in her head.

    #red light district #scream it for me asks #blindfolded demands anons #I have a few thoughts myself pertaining to Velvet because we have like zero information on how he treats her #but going off of how he seems to act with the ladies vs the men in his life I really do think he respects her more then he respects Vox #I just haven't decided on an overall how he views her yet just that he doesn't treat her as bad as he treats everyone else #velvet is definitely special in some way to him either on a child level or actual friend but she doesn't get the abuse that Vox gets
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  • kits-shrine
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Reila was buzzing with excitement, home; she could finally go home. She wrapped her arms around Kagu’s neck, placing soft kisses along his jawline. “Take me home.”

    ‘Though it will soon be with you.’

    "Hold tight little Spark." Kagu rumbled lowly hugging her to him, their bodies engulfed in flames as he took them from that false sea to the true one.

    In a blink he stood on a sandy beach, with the wave gently lapping at the shore and he looked at the merwoman in his arms warmly. Kagu turned his attention to the shore spotting a outcropping of large stones that would enable him to deliver her into deeper waters without wading out. "Here we are. Welcome home, Reila." He smiled as he lowered her into the water.

    Distracted as he was with the treasure in his arms he failed to notice the tide causing a surge of water to wash over the rock and his legs just as he let her go. The water, to say the least, reacted violently. He yelped as the water acted as though it became a giant hand yanking his legs out from under him to fling him up and out of the sea. The waters churned as his body hit the shore with a loud thud (and cursing on his part) and a loud voice rang out victoriously.

    "HA! I KNEW I'D GET YOU ONE DAY!" Hoori rose from the waves as his intrusion summoned her. Her eyes flashed with a feral grin on her face as she continued smugly eyes on the fire god as he lay there thoroughly vexed "I sensed something was going on but I never thought it'd be you daring to step foot in my waters, Kagutsuchi."

    #mermaid reila #mermay special rp #mermay#aizawasluckylady#god kagu#god hoori #Kagu is salty #He went from hero to zero real quick in front of reila
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  • jellyloveru
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    knux >:D

    #балаболим #i have zero self control #then again! he's VERY hard to find and it's my special day! #i know i have one already but this one's bigger and has 7 quills instead of only 2
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  • satosuguslut
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago


    #elli: rambles #me on my #should I deactivate special #I’m like damn I don’t wanna write anymore #like I have zero time I have research all summer long so #like ndjddjjsjddnndsnnsjsjss #also just extremely unmotivated bc literally #even if I were to write who caressssssss #full time reader from now on #dropping the writer shit omg #tired 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
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  • suhowo
    14.05.2022 - 6 days ago


    #obviously i hate eurovision mainly for the israel thing but #the way tumblr losers post about it with this weird ~im so special bc im european~ attitude is so #like do any of you realise how that sounds to self-aware europeans and the literal rest of the world ??? #you people are so fucking stupid for real #anyway on that note if i see One more eurovision post today i will kill even if it's from a beloved mutual #zero tolerance policy i have had Enough
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  • firebirdsdaughter
    14.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    DAY TWO…

    … I DID IT!

    Now bed.


    He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been able to relax, lay back in the grass, watch clouds passing by. It was a behaviour that was  alien to even the most acceptable HumaGear, and for him it was completely unthinkable—until now. Everything was wet from dew, and he would need to wash these clothes afterwards to get out the grass stains, but he didn’t care—so many of his memories were wrapped up in darkness, blurred to the point he couldn’t tell where his mind ended and the Ark’s began, or even completely unattainable that just being out in the sunlight was… Nice.

    He felt her presence more than heard her, a familiar, comforting figure moving closer—she was as much a part of him as his own components, so he didn’t even open his eyes when she sat down beside him on the grass, then lay down, pillowing her head on his chest to watch the sky as well, twirling a flower between her fingers. After a while, she began to hum softly—not any particular tune, but one that resonated with his very core, in synchrony, like everything else they did.

    For a while, they just lay there while she hummed their song. “… Aibou.”

    He saw the flicker of purple in her hair, felt it as her head turned agains his chest to look up at him. “What is it?”

    “Play them again.”

    In moments, he felt the link establish and let his eyes drift closed. Memories flashed through his mind that he both knew and did not know—though he knew they were his, secreted and protected deep within the coding of his dearest, closest friend, but he could never summon them to his own mind. Many contained Jin as he had once been—his first steps, first words. At least, the first that she had been there for. Others were just peacefulness, similar to what he was experiencing now. Others were less visual—he felt something when she played them, a sense of purpose, a confidence that he been stripped away from him years ago. A hope. A dream.

    In time, however, the remembrances faded, and he was lying in the grass again, with the new and yet comforting weight of her head resting against his chest. He felt her shift against him, and then her fingers, the ones not adorned with claws that mimicked Acid Analyse, were brushing his cheek. “I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

    He opened his eyes, hurriedly raising his own hand to his face to find he had begun crying without realising. And yet… It wasn’t exactly unpleasant. “I’m not…” He began, but realised he wasn’t exactly sure what he was. Finally, he settled for “I’m not sad.”

    She said nothing, but she didn’t need to. They were so perfectly attuned to each other, neither needed words to understand. She settled back into the same spot, picking up her tune again. Without missing a single beat, they returned to their personal balance.


    They soft.

    #Firebird Writing #Kamen Rider Zero-One #Kamen Rider Zero One #mbjrweek#mbjrweek2022 #my precious evil stoic scorpion dad #and special guest character… #guess who! ^^ #gods I feel like who's that pokemon #Binary Retro Rider
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  • gaysoups
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    i want to know more abt ur conan faves :) they seem le funny

    THANK U! THEY ARE... zero akai and hiro are so funny :]

    zero is very very good at a lot of things, but only bc he loves learning how to do a little bit of everything and tries very very hard! v dedicated to making life better for as many ppl as he can and solving issues by meeting ppl on their own levels rather than brute forcing the issue (v much looking at the most recent ztt chapter where he showed like Genuine Intrest in the breakdancing crew even though he was initially going to ask them if they had witnessed a suspect...)

    He's also very good at driving even if he seems very reckless dvfnsvs. Type of guy to play chicken with a train and drift into a child (and then open the car door and plop the child out on the other side)

    His aversion to the color red is like Kinda Sad but also Really Funny (it's because of Akai <3) it's just a cake but they're trying soooo hard to not be bothered by it <3 he's like this the entire chapter it's so dvfndvsvjdsb

    He's like... a p tragic character (in that afaik he doesnt have any mentioned family and all his close friends died in rlly unfair ways) but he is trying so hard every day to help ppl bc he has so much love in his heart and a need to protect everyone he can!! I love him a whole lot :]

    ^^ him completely forgetting abt catching a thief bc he got super into completing this obstacle course zvfndhsvs. v rare moment of him goin overboard but he's allowed I think

    AKAI IS LIKE. very very funny guy. will vaguely flirt with his archenemy. gets called a clown by a child and decides he's gonna do everything in his power to protect the kid. played accordion in bars to get thru college. he's with the fbi rn but also in disguise under the name okiya subaru bc he had to fake his death! as subaru he's living in shinichi's house, and will just show up next door at the professor's if he overhears smthn he wants to stick his nose into (usually with food svfhdsh)

    he's like... a lot more nuanced than most other characters in the narrative make him out to be! lotta times when characters are like "wow I didn't expect that from you!" but nothing rlly seems out of character! he also loves his family a whole bunch even if he has to be pretty distant from them rn... I'm the biggest sucker in the world for loving sibling relationships and the akai sibs r GREAT for that

    ^^ dangling the child over a building (the child asked for him to do this)

    AND OF COURSE... HIRO MY FRIEND HIRO. very traumatized guy n a lot of the story we've seen of him was him finally getting resolution for it! he's kinda quiet but also teases zero bc he's comfortable with them (childhood friends :']) but none of it seems mean-spirited! he has a hard time opening up to ppl bc he doesn't wanna get ppl involved/possibly hurt bc of his problems even when they are offering their full support... very full of love but self-sacrificial to a fault :( (he's fine and alive and well in my heart bc he deserves it after all he's been thru). Also v good with kids! love him very much wish he wasn't dead in cannon <3

    He's kinda silly and goofy but only once he's warmed up to u I think... more so than ppl give him credit for! Very kind overall I think his kindness is what stuck with ppl the most thru the years... I know in my heart he was initially just meant to be "hey look it's this guy's dead best friend are u sad yet?" and there's like SO LITTLE content 4 him but 4 some reason he became my favorite <3

    SORRY THIS WAS LONG I love these guys so very much... thanks 4 the ask!!!

    #long post#fujikochan#detco posting #MY GUYS MY BELOVED GUYS. #special mention of course to the other members of the wps squad i think u can trace back Why Zero Is Like That to Them specifically
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  • degenerita
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Everytime that “zero make-up” post goes around it makes me super mad.  “Beauty” is a basic skill just like learning to cook, clean, or maintenance your car. Everyone should know those to a degree. And I am ABSOLUTELY including men in this. They need to learn to present themselves in public too. Make-up, fashion, and all.

     I’m all for normalizing women’s natural face for day-to-day life. Office work doesn’t need make-up. Low cost product sales don’t need make-up. Any type of volunteer activities can go “zero make-up.” But if you show up to your best friends wedding looking like you just rolled out of bed, you’re not being “progressive” or “open-minded” or “comfortable.”

    You’re being a fucking asshole.

    In the same breath of men that refuse to learn to cook. Tl;dr Learning to make yourself look decent is a skill that EVERY grown adult should know even though “decent” does need some redefining.

    #my daily life is zero makeup #my face is my face and it doesnt need editing #BUT #special occasions and special circumstances require me to have make-up and fashion skills #it is not an excuse to not learn
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  • planetpeacock
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    the fact it literally only took me about 6 minutes to find every single gif and image of RJ City on this sight is truly upsetting. Just admit y’all don’t have taste

    #classics.txt #insert that 'fine i'll do it myself' clip #i'm BARELY starting to make my own gifs but damn #i really do gotta do it myself what the fuck #not to mention literally zero other content
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  • exo-s-victory-lap
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hae su was definitely involved in the dads crimes the way she acted about getting questioned on the corpse look was so indignant. Also the way she said 'our' in reference to her brother....the only other person she could be including in that is her dad right?

    #mine #idk that also comes across as very possessive #i like her i wanna see howdee #deeply she's involved #interesting that heeseong chose to run away and erase his past but shes working professionally on body gore special effects for movies #like she really put zero effort in to escaping her past #flower of evil
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  • void-bee
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    i did another season 0 screencap redraw >:3c

    #yugioh#yu-gi-oh#ygo#season zero #ygo season 0 #season 0#yami#yami yugi#yami yuugi#listen #season 0 will always be so special to my heart #brinley arts#redraws #HES SO FERAL #IN THE BEST WAY
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  • solradguy
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Wow, there really is no elegant way to put ‘火事場の馬鹿力’ into English, huh

    #textpost #This idiom kicked my butt for like 45 minutes so it gets a very special callout post!! #I went with 'the raw brute strength one unlocks in special moments of intense distress' #None of the suggestions I found on JP>EN forums discussing the idiom really fit the flavor I needed for the sentence I'm working on #A direct translation is 'great physical strength at the scene of a fire' but that makes like zero sense in English haha #The first two kanji in the second half of this (馬鹿) are the same ones for 'baka' (idiot) lol #idiot power of the fire scene #Ah... Japanese is so tricky.....
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  • hammerbacks
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Followed you for Bond (and I associate you with that fandom), stayed for the nice blogger. ^^

    aw thank you!!! 🙈 i can def say the same thing about you, too!

    #specially the second part of that back @ you ☺️ #can finally do more bond content again now that i have zero uni stuff to stress about until september!!! #funny that i saw this as the living daylights came up on shuffle #milverton#ask#ask meme
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  • thebongobooks
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    #fake book cover #a bongo book #star crossed lovers #be careful #you'll get sstuck in midair #special relativity #sex in zero gravity #consenting adults#space #charles bongo garrett #the bongo books
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  • beamattack
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    some dark matter knights. and kirby

    #kirby#gooey#zero#zero two#miracle matter #dark matter swordsman #dark matter blade #gijinka #i'd love to draw galacta knight and morpho soon as well… i'll save it for another day #ANYWAY knights are my weird special interest. #gooey isn't a knight… just a page. bc he's baby #kirby isn't an official knight either bc he just Appeared one day #miracle matter is rumoured to just be an enchanted empty suit of armor
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  • gaysoups
    23.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    #whenever the author colors zero he like. always makes their hair rlly brown? n im not complaining but like. huh #but look its them my two special guyyyys #detco posting
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  • fermentedfemme
    21.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    i am picking up the hearstopper fandom (webtoon commenters) and throwing them 50 miles away from me. good lord!

    #mine #its not everyone i CAN distinguish when someone is being not weird abt shows however. good heavens! #u guys see one (1) skinny white soft boy and the moment he has a non positive emotion abt anything its made into this whole. thing #cannot explain it well. its just an over dramatization and theyre just...shoving the characters into weird sterotypical boxes #i think this highlights a lot of my issues with boyfriends. theyre all just sterotypes and there is ZERO substance #not saying u cannot enjoy that. i thought boyfriends was fine given its genre and audience #but. idk. heartstopper just PERSONALLY holds a special place in my brain where schitts creek lives #and i understand thats a me problem. however! some things ive seen. oh some of the things ive seen #ANYWAY#dont rb #heartstopper. #<-- black list 'heartstopper.' if u do not want spoilers or just dont care. using the . at the end bc id ontw ant it in main tags
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  • nintendonewsblogger
    21.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Get a closer look at the Zero Tolerance Collection: Special Limited Edition and retro release

    It was announced earlier this week that the old-school arena shooter Zero Tolerance was seeing a release for Switch. This release will include three separate Zero Tolerance titles in one collection, and fans can go with either a digital or physical release. While we detailed the physical release, we didn’t actually have full details on what it included, nor did we have the packaging. Today those details have been shared.

    While you can get the Zero Tolerance Collection: Limited Edition, that’s just a standard game and box release. Above is the Special Limited Edition, which is limited to 2,000 copies, and is priced at $56. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the package.

    Special Limited Edition Box

    Game for Nintendo Switch or PS4

    Colourful Game Manual

    2 reversible Posters (DIN A3)

    3 Logo Stickers

    Postcard Set

    Cardboard Standee

    Soundtrack CD

    Game Flyer (DIN A6)

    Along with the Switch version, there will be a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive release of Zero Tolerance Origins, which is limited to 1,500 cartridges. These will also be available for $56.

    Again, pre-orders for all of these options open up on April 24th, 2022 on the Strictly Limited online store.

    #switch#nintendo#zero tolerance #Zero Tolerance Collection: Special Limited Edition
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