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  • gablonz
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    1957 Porsche 356 Speedster

    © Dave Adams PHOTOGRAPHY Automotive and Motorsport Images

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  • mensfactory
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    1956 Robert Morris’s 356 Porsche Speedster 

    As a leading proponent of Minimalism Robert Morris was a conceptually driven artist and thinker whose sculpture and sculptural installations of the 1960s and 1970s gravitated towards feats of industrial fabrication with commercially available materials including aluminum and steel. 

    Morris enlisted his sculpture assistant, Rolf Horst, to also help customize the Speedster with modifications influenced by the Porsche RS-61, including an aluminum head fairing, passenger tonneau cover, alloy seat, and alloy rear wheel spats. Morris also opted to strip the car’s body of all trim, including the removal of door handles to create a smooth body line unique to his Speedster.

    For the interior, Morris installed custom elements including a blacked-out vinyl dash and diamond-tread rubber floor mats. Thus renovated, Morris drove the Speedster until 2007, when he chose to dissemble it and paint it silver, hanging the freshly painted panels on the walls of his New York studio.

    Courtesy: Los Angeles Modern Auctions / @millersportscars

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  • killervibe
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    So I was thinking about the Incredibles kids and specifically how Violet and Dash have my personal favourite super abilities. Then I thought just how op a character could be to have both combined. And then that lead me to…

    Superhero profile: One parent is a speedster, the other has invisibility powers. The child is a speedster and can become invisible but the catch is if using both powers at once, the control of the invisibility is out of their hands. They cannot turn it off at will until they’re no longer tapping into their quickness.

    #i just randomly thought of this lmao #tkv rambles#superheroes#the incredibles #i could see this as a the flash plot lmao #the flash#speedsters#invisibility#characters#writing
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  • supersxnic-stxrms
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    🐱⯮ Muse Interaction Tags

    ⚡⯮ supersonic storms ⯮⚡⯮ sonic wachowski interacts ⯮⚡

    🤬⯮ south park’s resident cryptid ⯮🤬⯮ sonic marsh interacts ⯮🤬

    💢⯮ anarchist in azure ⯮💢⯮ cobalt the hedgehog interacts ⯮💢

    😷⯮ the hollow indigo storm ⯮😷⯮ nix indigo interacts ⯮😷

    👹⯮ bestia tempestatum ⯮👹⯮ azurikos the raiju interacts ⯮👹

    ⚫⯮ beg and plead on broken knees ⯮⚫⯮ darksonic interacts ⯮⚫

    🔪⯮ who needs quills when you got knives? ⯮🔪⯮ madness combat verse interacts ⯮🔪

    🕯️⯮ a dwindling spark in a dark world ⯮🕯️⯮ little nightmares verse interacts ⯮ 🕯️

    📻⯮ my fears catch up to me ⯮📻⯮ silent hill verse interacts ⯮📻

    🏥⯮ blue devil breaching containment ⯮🏥⯮ SCP 761 interacts ⯮🏥

    🦔⯮ i amn juste a litle blue creacher ⯮🦔⯮ feral verse interacts ⯮🦔

    🐺⯮ bark at the moon ⯮🐺⯮ werehog verse interacts ⯮🐺

    👻⯮ the fastest thing unalive ⯮👻⯮ ghost verse interacts ⯮👻

    👊⯮ fast paws and a faster mouth ⯮👊⯮ ROTTMNT verse interacts ⯮👊

    🚼⯮ little blue spark ⯮🚼⯮ child verse interacts ⯮🚼

    💠⯮ underground speedster ⯮💠⯮ sonny bluebell interacts ⯮💠

    🧿⯮ eye of the malebolge reborn ⯮🧿⯮ eldritch verse ⯮🧿

    #📘⯮ cataloguing ⯮📘 #⚠️⯮🛑 DO NOT REBLOG 🛑⯮⚠️ #⚡⯮ supersonic storms ⯮⚡⯮ sonic wachowski interacts ⯮⚡ #🤬⯮ south park’s resident cryptid ⯮🤬⯮ sonic marsh interacts ⯮🤬 #💢⯮ anarchist in azure ⯮💢⯮ cobalt the hedgehog interacts ⯮💢 #😷⯮ the hollow indigo storm ⯮😷⯮ nix indigo interacts ⯮😷 #👹⯮ bestia tempestatum ⯮👹⯮ azurikos the raiju interacts ⯮👹 #⚫⯮ beg and plead on broken knees ⯮⚫⯮ darksonic interacts ⯮⚫ #💠⯮ underground speedster ⯮💠⯮ sonny bluebell interacts ⯮💠 #🔪⯮ who needs quills when you got knives? ⯮🔪⯮ madness combat verse interacts ⯮🔪 #🕯️⯮ a dwindling spark in a dark world ⯮🕯️⯮ little nightmares verse interacts ⯮ 🕯️ #📻⯮ my fears catch up to me ⯮📻⯮ silent hill verse interacts ⯮📻 #🦔⯮ i amn juste a litle blue creacher ⯮🦔⯮ feral verse interacts ⯮🦔 #👻⯮ the fastest thing unalive ⯮👻⯮ ghost verse interacts ⯮👻 #🐺⯮ bark at the moon ⯮🐺⯮ werehog verse interacts ⯮🐺 #👊⯮ fast paws and a faster mouth ⯮👊⯮ ROTTMNT verse interacts ⯮👊 #🚼⯮ little blue spark ⯮🚼⯮ child verse interacts ⯮🚼 #🏥⯮ blue devil breaching containment ⯮🏥⯮ SCP 761 interacts ⯮🏥
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  • nicholask-la
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    From May, 2022

    #car#Porsche #porsche 356 speedster #porsche 356#Volkswagen#volkswagen bus#red#Leica m11 #original photography on tumblr #may 2022
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  • nicholask-la
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    From May, 2022

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  • dutchspur
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    #Reposted from @slang500 993 Speedster @stancenation @fifteen52 sunburst_porsche_usa #porsche#porsche turbo#porsche 911#porsche 930#porsche964#porsche 997#stanced#widebody#porsche classic#porsche speedster
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  • ufonaut
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Thoughts on Jay Garrick?

    i have the world's worst love-hate relationship with jay garrick because the fact of the matter is that i'm irreparably fond of him as a young man and bored to tears of his present incarnation. i'll always claim jay lost so much of himself when he suddenly became everybody's designated grandpa, it's not the growing older that i've got an issue with but rather the fact that his actual personality seems to have dimmed in favour of propping up every other flash.

    kupperberg's recent jsa: ragnarok novel made me think about jay a whole lot and i'll always love him for giving us a jay so very true to his golden age self: filled to the brim with a sort of nervous energy that points to outright anxiety at times, fun and funny and prone to harmless pranks, dedicated to wearing his heart on his sleeve, and -- as used to be the case with most of the jsa -- simply a man rather than A Hero. i especially love it when jay gets to joke around with the other members of the jsa and engage in their national pastime of affectionately bullying each other a little bit (like in jsa 1991 #5 when he can't quite stop laughing about carter), he's a very warm and open person so i think nearly all of the original members would have a degree of familiarity with him specifically that they might lack with each other.

    and that's not to say he never gets frustrated! another thing i intensely dislike about the present day jay is that he's so lacking in personality he's never shown to be anything but sunshine & rainbows.

    (infinity inc #8)

    i mean, it's surely moments like these that show he actually belongs in the jsa with the rest of those maniacs i love so dearly!

    my one intensely controversial opinion on jay garrick is probably the fact that i don't believe he & alan are best friends -- i know that's the general popular belief but i feel like it's a geoff johns invention at best & pure delusion at worst. i think jay has some trouble saying no or he's bound to talk himself into irreparable situations out of sheer politeness and that's the sole reason we get stuff like him letting alan live in his guest room when mr gbc is driven to bankruptcy again, it's effectively a case of immovable object (gotham-ness) meets unstoppable force (midwestern politeness). they're friends, certainly they're friends, but i simply don't think alan's had a best friend since doiby dickles!

    THANK YOU <3

    #asks#d1scow1ng #i will also say hes my second fav speedster (after johnny)
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  • protectxthem
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    @hamelinbound​ asked: ❝ i see you. ❞ EoWells

    THE    FIVE    SENSES     /      SENTENCE    STARTERS  .  | Accepting

    “I see you too kid.” He spoke, not looking up from his food. “What’cha want?” He asked, finally looking up.

    #hamelinbound​ #my fate was to become your greatest enemy (eobard thawne) #i'm the only speedster who knows what he's doing! (eowells)
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  • starryxherces
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    -- I swear I’ll come back but maybe after I add Barry Allen @exheroibus isn’t stopping me so.

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  • saeraas
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    I think maki may be saving panda if anyone does vs hajime... I just have a Feeling

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#jjk spoilers#maki zenin #I've been thinking it'll be her with hajime vs her and like one other person said it and so true to them #since maki is one of the ones we have no idea where she's at after what she did #the complete out of left field one would be nobara return but not feeling that as much as maki #like imagine the fight everyone thought was going to be the hakari debut then just SIKE maki vs hajime im down #also hajime is really fast so maki is the better match up since she clocked naoya's speeds really easily #hajime kashimo #YO?? #maybe gege just used naoya being a speedster to set how fast maki is to set up vs hajime??? #im rambling
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  • bryan360
    14.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Here’s my note before I’ll get started….


    Snuggle on 🐱🎧Mikey’s A/W Clothes

    🇵🇷Me: What’s up guys! I’m back to bring you another secret art trade request for my P-Pal @murumokirby360 on May 2022 today. Though it’ll be the third time I’ve shared an art post for this month so far; previously did on celebrate my friend’s 🎂29th birthday and 👩‍🍼 Mother’s Day. Just hoping I could take a break of sorts when it comes to getting on other tasks that needs to be completed; like saying my continuing my latest topic review for example. Nevertheless, I’m alright after finishing this request drawing from few days ago I gotten.

    🇵🇷Me: When explaining through this, he asked me for having 🐶Spot, 🐰Riya, and 🐰Cude in their own 🐱🎧Mikey’s Autumn/Winter clothes to snuggle up.

    🐱🎧Mikey: Like no brainer since last year when giving to them speedsters, Murukir and even Cude with their satisfaction. That’s what I could remember though, but it was nice for the kids nonetheless. However, we can see themselves snuggle up in their oversized pillow beds like previous times when using other friend’s clothes for comfort.

    🇵🇷Me: Yeah; while using their own clothes from yours to set up their beds and listening to music for good night’s rest. Looks pretty cute for letting them be.

    🐱🎧Mikey: Mhm. 👍 This is something I would listen to “Chillhop” or other related lofi hip hop music content whether doing some homework and of course; trying to get some sleep on. Hope that your creator friend will be happy to give something from you.

    🇵🇷Me: Yeah, but during my art progress however was a bit easier if I would to use my fingers more often than what I have was electronic pens. You see, my P-Pal send me some his artworks that he would like me to trace in. Here’s what it looks like to see in comparison. ⬇️

    🎃October. 10th, 2020 - Link Here #1

    ❤️February. 14th, 2021 - Link Here #2

    🇵🇷Me: Just to be clear though, this is not what it seems! I know that it was being traced from my P-Pal’s drawings I’ve gotten into, but It was a suggestion that he hoping for. Just wanted to help a friend though. Please don’t antagonist of what I’m posted there also.

    Spot, Riya, and Cude (in their owned Mikey’s Autumn/Winter Clothes and their oversized pillows) created by my P-Pal; @murumokirby360

    Tagged: @carmenramcat @alexander1301

    #art post #digital art post #digital artworks #secret art trade #secret art trade of 2022 #spot speedster#riya speedster#chowder cos#cude #happy tree friends oc #autumn winter clothes #autumn winter clothing #mikey#cat oc#oversized pillows#pillows#beds#sleeping #listen to music #png images #etc. #may 2022 #may 14th 2022
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  • cinematografieliebhaber
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Flash #1 - Das Schicksal von Wally West ist ein Comicsammelband von Jeremy Adams, mit den Zeichnungen von rund einem Dutzend verschiedener Zeichner*innen. Wally West, früher Kid Flash und später Flash, hat genug vom Heldendasein. In einem letzten Rennen soll ihm sein Flash-Mentor Barry Allen alle Speed Force-Kräfte nehmen. Doch etwas geht schief und Wallys Bewusstsein wird in die Körper mehrerer Speedsters in Raum und Zeit gezerrt.

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  • blanddcheadcanons
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    The Flash fam has done a literal Speedrun of dance dance revolution

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  • lovevalley45
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    not that there’s much rhyme or reason to the cw cancellations (other than a lot of these shows having queer ppl and/or POC) but if they were trying to like dissolve the arrowverse,,, picking legends as one of the ones to go is a funny choice given they don’t even get invited to crossovers anymore

    #alli says shit #legends like. the rest of the arrowverse who she #just thinkin abt that one article that was like. legends made thawne’s presence in s8 of the flash useless #like buddy the flash n legends don’t even use the same thawne continuum anymore #legends was like. okay we killed eobard thawne any last remnant of him is gone! #and the flash said that sign can’t stop me bc i can’t read n brought him back IN THE NEXT CROSSOVER!! #lot had the RIGHT to ignore that shit n say anyways with our eobard thawne canon with the actual actor #honestly wouldn’t it be funny if they revealed that it was another speedster pretending to be thawne since the crossover we don’t talk abt #anyways
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  • skylarmoon71
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    HR Wells (Flash) - Chapter 7

    “My name is Saint Walker.”

    You jolt in your bed, eyes wild.

    When you look down, your clothes are covered in sweat, chest heaving. Swallowing, you look around your room. Eyes landing on the clock, you groan.

    It was three in the morning.

    “What the hell is going on?"

    For the last few days you’d been having strange flashes and mutters of a name. This was the first time you’d made out the name clearly.

    “Who the hell is Saint Walker?”

    It’s clear that this would be a problem.

    You know it’ll be awhile before you fall asleep, so why not get some research done. Being a bounty hunter came in handy at times like this. You kick off your blankets, jumping out of the bed.


    Countless hours and no leads, you decide to take a break. It was getting close to the time you and HR worked out anyway. So as you strut through star labs, you look for the eccentric male. But he seems nowhere in sight.

    “Hey Iris.” She smiles at your greeting, sipping on her coffee.

    “Have you seen HR? We usually have our session around ten. I can’t find him anywhere.”

    “With him you can never really tell.”

    She’s not wrong.

    “You’ve been spending a lot of time with him recently. Something you want to share. “ She looks a bit cheeky, but you give nothing away.

    “We’re just training. I figured it would be easier than having him try to be a genius. You saw how well that worked out last week.”

    HR had taken it upon himself to attempt some “Science Stuff’ as he put it. He’d managed to successfully blow up a computer.

    “You’re right.”

    Just as you turn, Barry’s wind hits you.

    “Barry have you seen…”

    Your words are stopped short. Iris drops her coffee in shock, and you feel as though you’ve forgotten how to breathe.

    “Looking for someone?”

    The dark haired male makes every fear you ever had return tenfold. It’s heightened, mainly because of the speedster he has cuffed and beaten. There’s noticeable bruises on Barry’s face, and Eobard drops him harshly on the floor.

    Barry grunts, and Iris throws caution to the wind, rushing to his side. She drops on the floor, cradling Barry in her arms. Eobard just grins, and your entire body is trembling. Barry looks barely conscious. You can only imagine the pain he’s experienced.

    “Missed me?”

    You can’t speak.

    Eobard walks around, admiring the subtle changes of the cortex. You have yet to move. You know you should alert someone. But both Cisco and Harry are on Earth 2. Caitlin hasn’t come in yet, and you’re sort of glad, because that just meant one less person for Eobard to hurt. Iris is holding Barry protective as she glares at Eobard.

    “What do you want!” She yells.

    “The same thing I’ve always wanted.”

    When he turns back around, his eyes land on you.

    “I suppose that’s only half the truth. I have some new interests."

    You tell your body to move, to get away. Fight back. Anything. But it’s no use. That feeling of dread that you’d finally begun to forget, it’s back.

    “Hey (Y/N) have you seen BA?”

    HR walks in casually, and the second he takes in the scene, you can feel the fear increase.

    “HR RUN!!”

    You somehow manage to get the scream out. You mean for him to get away, but he runs to you instead. He barely takes two steps. You see the red torrents, and he’s pressed against the opposite wall. You begin sobbing.


    You’re crying, pleading. Your reaction makes Eobard refocus his attention on the male he now has hostage. HR grunts at the pressure added to his neck.

    “I’m..fine..” He forces out. He even sends you a smile.

    You didn’t understand why he came back. He’d been hellbent on getting back to his time. Barry had sent him back. So why return.

    “When I took you, it was merely to fuel my own interest. Meta human or not, I wanted you. You intrigued me.” His words give you flashes of those days. That time you’d gone through hell just to forget.

    “But after you survived my attack, it just made me want you more. You have something that I have never encountered before.” His words make no sense.

    “What the hell are you talking about, what do you want from me!!!”

    You’re so tired of being afraid. At the back of your mind you know he’d find a way back.

    “Are you being coy?” He adds more weight to HR neck and you panic.


    You drop to your knees.

    “Please…just…please…” You’re crying, and Eobard loosens his hold. He marks you inquisitively.

    “Do you really not remember what happened?

    Was he so ruthless that he wanted you to relive that moment over and over again. You grit your teeth at him.

    “Of course I remember! How could I forget? You kept me for days hoping I would relent and then you ran your freaking hand RIGHT INTO MY GUT YOU EVIL BASTARD!!”

    You’re huffing. It’s pointless to get riled up. Eobard’s focus is on you, and when you look over, you see HR messing with something at his wrist. When the silver reflects, your eyes widen. It looks like a blade that he’s trying to slip out.

    Eobard is quicker, and he uses his other hand to swipe the knife. He drops it to the floor, and this time, he grabs HR by the throat. He gasps, clawing at his neck to get in a breath as Eobard squeezes harder. Iris starts yelling from her spot on the floor, and when Eobard lifts a vibrating hand, that’s when the reality of the situation catches up to you.

    He was going to kill HR.

    You were going to lose HR.

    It was hopeless.

    “All will be well.”

    The sapphire light that fills the room makes Eobard flinch. He drops HR, trying to sift through the light. Iris and HR both shut their eyes. No one truly knows what’s happening.

    When it finally dissipates, you’re standing, and so is Barry. Iris looks on in shock, and so does Eobard.

    “You’re not-”

    You lift your hand and Eobard grunts at the beam of blue light that hits him directly in the chest. His body slams right into the wall. HR gathers himself, moving away from the devilish speedster. It takes Eobard a moment to realize that the cuffs that were once on Barry’s hands are now on his.

    He staggers to his feet, looking filled with rage.

    “How did you do that!!” He demands.

    The look on your face is distant, and it’s then he takes in the unnatural blue of your irises, and the ring that is now glowing on your finger. There’s also a projection of a being standing behind you. Your mouth opens as you and the figure recite the words spoken.

    “In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost, in the War of Light, look to the stars, for hope burns bright.”

    Eobard is lost to say the least, because for a brief second, he swears that there’s a similar light in Barry’s eyes. Whatever it was is gone, because Barry lowers his head, and when he raises, he looks stunned at what’s happening. He turns to you.

    “(Y/N).. y-your eyes..”

    You don’t seem harmed in the slightest. But Eobard makes his own evaluations when the figure behind you disappears. Your orbs return to their normal hue, but your gait hasn’t changed.

    “All will be well.”

    That’s what you say, and Eobard frowns. It would seem that he’s gotten all his questions answered.

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  • corner-stories
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    bart & whoever 28

    May Prompts

    28. Field

    Just outside of Keystone were what Bart liked to call 'empty freaking fields.' Lots of them.

    Every 'empty freaking field' usually consisted of grass, dirt, trees, and sometimes an old car that no one bothered to move.

    Despite roaming amongst nothing, Bart found a strange sense of comfort in the void. Sometimes the peace one found in an empty freaking field, situated by a Ford so old that a tree had begun growing through it, one could find peace.

    With his headphones on, Bart laid back on the hood of the aging tree-infested Bronco and gazed upon the sky. Clouds slowly moved across the blue as the sounds of late 70s west German experimental electronica played into his ears. For all his love of 80s new wave, it only felt right to appreciate the fore-bearers of the genre. The musicians in the decade before didn't always have reliable keytar synths or gravity-defying hair.

    Just as the current dreamy tones of finicky vintage synths faded away, Bart felt what could only be described as a disturbance in the speed force.

    Sitting up, Bart pulled his headphones off and glanced around the area, his gut instinct practically screaming at him to give the place a quick scan.

    Fortunately, no immediate danger was to be found, as in less than a second Irey West dashed onto the scene.

    The thirteen-year-old stopped in place, her shoes digging a small trench in the grass as she did so.

    "There you are!" Irey exclaimed. She was still clad in her street clothes, but the yellow goggles over her eyes were a telling sign that shit was going down. "We need you back in Keystone."

    "Figured," Bart replied, standing up. He gave himself a gracious moment to stretch his arms. "What's going on this time?"

    "Some dude named Captain Didgeridoo is terrorizing the park," Irey explained quickly. She walked up to her cousin and took his hand, attempting to pull him in the general direction of the city.

    Bart took a few steps, but looked at his little cousin with the most perplexed expression on his face. "Captain Didgeridoo? Was 'Baron Bogan' already taken?"

    "I dunno," Irey shrugged. "Now come on! We gotta go!"

    #bart allen#irey west#impulse#kid flash#flashfam#dc #ask box memes #i know keystone is a city but i still imagine the speedsters just doing some back country shit #like chillin' in fields and smashing things in the woods
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  • zeroto1media
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    #ARES Modena S1 Speedster TheVeerUnion StandingMyGround ZeroTo1Media
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  • skylarmoon71
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Eobard Thawne (Flash) Chapter 9

    "So he's in?"

    Barry asks suspiciously.

    "One hundred percent." Eobard punctuates. You shift on your feet.

    "I'll keep an eye on him, don't worry.” 

    Barry usually wouldn't just leave, but his actual day job was calling, and it's not like you can't handle yourself. You seem to be the best at controlling Eobard honestly.

    "If anything happens-"

    "You'll be the first to know." You say. Barry gives Eobard one more look before he's gone. Caitlin and Cisco are about doing something or the other. So you're not really alone. Now that it's just the two of you, he smirks.

    "N-No touching okay. We focus on making you good. That's all."

    "Of course."

    Eobard agrees, but he's still watching you like a piece of meat. Now you understand why Cisco was so unnerved.

    "I'm serious." 

    You were too embarrassed to tell any of them what happened in the pipeline. And Eobard was using it to his advantage. He moves a bit closer, circling you.

    "You can't tell me it doesn't make you curious. If just a kiss felt that good, think of all the other things we are capable of feeling." Your throat feels a bit dry. He raised his hand, and you're a bit taken with the flecks of electricity bouncing off his fingers. You aren't able to deny that this was more than anything you'd experience in your life. It seems to be the same for Eobard.

    "Something about you drives me wild."

    He finally stops when he's much closer to you.

    "I know the key to my survival is dependent on you, but this feels different. " That snaps you back to reality, and you lower your eyes. You still haven't told him about your knowledge of the apparent future. Some part of you is scared too. It's weird, you would expect Eobard to be the one who's usually hiding something, but today, you feel like a manipulator.

    "I need to get to work." You just move to the computers, and Eobard takes note of the way you're now acting very distant.

    Cisco walks in, slowly his step when he sees the speedster.

    "Everything alright here?"

    Cisco can most definitely feel the tension. When Eobard sends him a look, he doesn't ask anymore questions.

    The day carries on. For the most part, Eobard watches you work, or assists when he sees you need it. The tension dissipates as the day drags by. He's actually very helpful. Especially in the lab.

    "You know you'd make a good scientist." He raises a brow, and then you let out an awkward laugh.

    "Oh right."

    You forget sometimes. He practically ran this place for years. You glance at him as he goes through the lab's security system. The blond hair is becoming more prominent. It's weird, but you sort of anticipate seeing the true Eobard Thawne. In that vision you'd gotten just a brief look at his face. You try to pull the face back, but the memory has almost completely faded.


    Your phone beeps, and Barry's voice flows through the coms.

    "B-Barry what's wrong?"

    "You need to get out of the lab now!!"


    All you hear is a pained cry on the other side of the line.

    "Too late."

    You flinch, and freeze. Your body physically won't move. You try to phase, but all you manage is a few loose sparks. Eobard grunts from his position. He's in the same predicament.

    "W-Who are you.." 

    You're still standing, and the mysterious man walks closer.

    "The name's Clide, you should know it. You and your boss here created me." He snarls at you, then directs his eyes on Eobard.

    "You damn scientists, always trying to fix things that aren't broken." He walks towards Eobard, eyes scanning.

    "I thought you were dead, but I guess that was an act too. Pretending to be in a wheelchair just for pity. You have no idea how many nights I pictured this moment." Clide clicked his tongue, moving to the computers.

    "You know what it's like to be paralyzed Harrison Wells?" He kicks his feet up on the desk.

    "I was in a coma for months. I heard everything. The nurses little insults, doctors stupid assurances to my brother that I would make it out. I even felt the saw that ran over my skull while they pulled the pieces of shrapnel out of my brain." 

    He laughed, and from the tone you knew it was one of pain, resentment.

    "Guess they were right though, I made it out. But by the time I did my brother was knee deep in debt. He resorted to loan sharks because he was desperate. They don't really take kindly to people who don't pay back. " Your eyes shut when he began clenching his fist, you gasped at the pressure on your chest. You felt like you were struggling to breathe. Eobard's eyes darkened,

    "Stop it! Stop hurting her!!"


    Clide released his grip, and you whimpered, finally pulling in a breath when the weight disappeared.

    "They killed him, left him in the gutter like trash. My little brother had no one. I was supposed to be the one to protect him. But I let him down. All because you scientists have a damn itch that you can't seem to stop scratching. " You scream when you feel the pain in your gut. It felt like you were being burned from the inside out.

    Eobard looks like he's about to explode, and you barely register anything, all you see is the orange torrents that are starting to encase his body. Clide looks panicked.

    "W-What h-how are you doing that!!"

    You aren't sure how, but Eobard seems to be forcing his way through Clide’s barrier. All you see is a wave of energy, and Clide is thrown into the air. His back hits the ceiling as he crashes to the ground. He doesn't have a chance to even gather himself. His nose is bleeding, and you're finally free of his hold. So is Eobard.

    He kneels, picking him off the ground. Clide looks more than a little terrified, and he gasps when Eobard's hand locks around his throat.

    "I should kill you for even laying your hand on her." Eobard has Clide at his mercy, and you stagger to your feet,


    Eobard still has a steady hold on him.

    "He could have killed you."

    You shook your head.

    "All we do is stop bad people, it's not our place to pass judgment." Clide is still gasping for air.

    "Eobard please.."

    Your pleading voice makes him look down. His face is still contorted in anger, but he releases him. The male's body hits the floors and You sigh, and Eobard returns his focus to you.

    "Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine."

    That could have gone horrible in so many ways.


    Relief was all you felt when you found out Barry was alright. Apparently he'd been in a similar situation. After cuffing Clide and sending him to Argus, all of you were in the cortex.

    "He blamed us for what happened. This entire case we thought was a gang retaliating, but he was making everyone he saw responsible for his brother's death pay." Barry gave you the rundown.

    "Your bodies are stable. It's strange, it's like he was manipulating the chemicals in your body. " Caitlin spoke, removing the patch from your arm. Eobard stood at the side with his arms folded.

    "He's lucky nothing happened to (Y/N)."

    Cisco doesn't really like the casual threat. He coughs into his fist.

    "Well, I'd say we had a full day. How about some sleep." He was already pacing out the room. Harry followed, just glancing at Eobard.

    "Cisco's right, we should all get some rest."

    Eobard knew what that meant.

    "You don't have to look so guarded. I think it's a given that I'll be sleeping in that cage for the rest of my stay here." Barry shook his head.

    "Cisco and I cleared out one of the spare rooms. You'll be staying there from now on. " Barry walks over to Eobard, and you're tense, when he takes his wrist, you're surprised when he removes the dampening cuffs.

    "Don't misunderstand. I don't fully trust you. But you protected (Y/N). It's obvious when the two of you are close that these have no effect anyway." He was right, Eobard had forced his way through Clide's barrier, even with the cuffs.

    Barry still refuses to look at him, gripping the bands.

    "Good night." Barry's gone quicker than Cisco.

    "Can't say that I saw that coming. " Eobard mumbles.

    Neither did you.

    "I suppose I should get some sleep." 

    He refuses to look at you, turning. You get why. It's clear you were frightened when he grabbed Clide.

    "Eobard." You call him before you can back out.

    He stops.

    "Let me spend the night with you."

    It's an invitation, one Eobard himself doesn't anticipate.

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