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  • justanotheruser
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    There's just something about seeing characters grow and realize you grew up with them.

    Just some rambled messy thoughts below

    I've never really relate to Anne that much but seeing her grow just a bit more braver, a bit more confident and slowly but surely loving herself is amazing. And Planters were there for her all the way, especially Sprig.

    She was never alone in her time in Amphibia even if she was betrayed she stayed and damn was it ever worth it cause isolation is a dangerous foe. We all saw how their friendship grow and cultivate and how they help as well as comforting one other, even if one doesn't fully understand. And how Anne willingly gave her phone to Sprig so that they have a part of her Damn Sprig has one of the most technology advance tool, in there time aside from Frobo lol God, it's so seen how much they all care and love one another, I'm gonna miss this two. Thank you Amphibia ❤️

    #amphibia#anne boonchuy#sprig plantar #gosh i have still so much to say for this 2 but I dont how #i just love them sm #anotheruser's art#justanother ramble
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  • lukas-dreemurr37
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Fun Fact! During the very first episode of Amphibia, when Anne and Sprig are fighting the mantis and she is holding the claw up and telling him to run, her eyes flash blue. It is only for a second, but it is showing us that she has her abilities, even then. Even if she can't reach them yet.

    Yes! It’s so amazing how much foreshadowing and thought Matt and his crew have put into this show, it’s so aspiring.

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  • guardianjameslight
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    "The Multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little".

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  • basil-kat
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Amphibia screenshot redraw!

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  • boiling-oil58
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    *inhales*......ok hear me out....au time what if instead of Anne getting stuck in amphibia....sunny day jack gets stuck in amphibia he was with his sunshine keeping them away from their friends and family to have them all to himself now he's going on magic adventures with a little pink frog boy idk how he'd end up there tho...or how the frogs are able to see him no problem or how he can't read minds anymore but now he's friends with sprig so-

    Also idk if Peter and John take the place of Marcy and sasha or if it's just Marcy and sasha and everything is the exact same but instead of Anne it's sunny day jack

    #somethings wrong with sunny day jack #sunny day jack #amphibia#sprig plantar
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  • punk-63
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #sprig plantar #amphibia season 3
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  • thisbelongsto-nohbodys
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Headcanons of Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop?

    Going off the hidden fact that the future we saw in Wartwood was several months later instead of the 10 years we saw with the Trio, so heres a few for each of the Plantars (sans Anne):


    He helped to design the Anne statue in the town square thanks to the pics on Anne's phone.

    Because Ivy and Maddie became better friends while Sprig was on Earth, he started hanging out with Maddie more often (altho' sometimes he feels like a 3rd-wheel when the three of them are hanging out together).

    He continued to train with Grimes and together they freed the rest of the mind-controlled beasts within the Valley. Beatrice, Tritonio and Yunan are taking care of the rest of Amphibia.

    Sprig is often the unfortunate test subject for most of Polly's inventions.

    When Anne's phone rings because of a scheduled event that was in her calendar he thought it was her or someone calling at first but eventually gave up hope on that and figured out how to silence those alerts.

    When they traveled to the new continent Sprig chronicled every thing he could and is on the look out for any magic item that might allow him to either travel or communicate with Earth (no luck so far).


    Continuing to study robotics by going to the robot factories outside of the Valley and by talking to Andrias. He wasn't willing to teach her anything at first but her determination and the love and care he saw her put into Frobo made him teach her with the belief that she'd use robots for more than death.

    She continued to practice Muay Thai that she learned from Anne and supplemented it with martial arts taught to her by Felica who was training Ivy as well.

    She turned the Fwagon into a mobile workshop and even tho' she developed a number of robots and inventions to help around the farm and Wartwood, so far they haven't been 100% reliable (either they explode, catch on fire or go on rampages) but she's determined to come up with something to help others.

    She got a scholarship to New Newtopia University but had to put that on hold in order to travel to the new continent with her brother(s).

    Hop Pop:

    Not wanting things to be weird for Sprig and Ivy's relationship, he and Sylvia decided to co-habitat but not marry.

    For the first time in Plantar history, his California avocados won the Plantar family the best dish in the Wartwood Potluck. After that every frog, toad and newt wanted a taste.

    Hop Pop wrote plays based on the movies and series he and his grandkids watched on Earth. They became hits and he'll often travel to the Marsh-Pits Theater to direct his latest script.

    Before rebuilding his home and clearing out New Wartwood he gathered up anything he could find that belonged to Anne and kept it in the family vault.

    He's incredibly proud of Polly and her intellect but is hesitant with using her robotics around the farms except for Frobo.

    He was very surprised that Bessie and Joe Sparrow had Snird babies but one look at those babies and he once again felt the love he had for Johnny Big-Bottom

    That's what I got for our favorite farm frog family for now.

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  • chimerainabox
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    a humanized Grime, Wally and Sprig, a Frog!Anne(Franne) and LEGS.

    #fanart#Amphibia #One Eyed Wally #Grime#Anne Boonchuy#Polly Plantar#Sprig Plantar#Humanizations #and one….Frogifying #that’s the word let’s go with that.
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  • navi-bluu
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    …I just had an idea *runs and grabs pen to start doodling*

    #I actually did just have an idea #gem deity anne takes a form that isn’t her (to sprig ofc) and he talks #well is about to #then Anne realizes it’s sprig #she goes into human form and they reunite #it’ll be an entire thingy #ig
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  • shy-anon-writes
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    More screenshots bc I have been brainrotting so hard-

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  • wixelt
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Follow-up/2nd part to this, continuing The Immortal Marcy Wu. Don’t know how long this’ll be. Lemme know if I should make a master-post for all this, in case I write enough for that.

    Also, feel free to ask questions. Questions help brain write idea. :P


    Anne Boonchuy’s days were numbered.

    At first, neither she nor her partners had wanted to believe it, thoughts of a cryptic offhanded comment by a cosmic entity unfamiliar with mortal interaction forced to the back of their minds with the apparent revelation of undying life. And yet, with those first grey hairs, they were all forced to confront the obvious.

    Being mortal and immortal are two contradictory states of being. It is impossible to possess both at the same time.

    Once upon a time, at the end of a war now more than two decades behind them, Anne had made the ultimate sacrifice to end the threat of the Core, rendered into leaves on the wind as she channeled every ounce of energy she could muster. Every sliver of power the Calamity Box had lent her was burnt through in a single moment.

    Every last shred, til there was nothing left.

    And though she had been returned, whatever power kept Marcy Wu and Sasha Waybright outside of the ability to age held no sway on her, and time now acted upon her, as it did for anyone, denying her the same immortality.

    Even the backup body the Guardian had interred her soul into hadn’t remedied this, though it was unclear if they lacked the power to innately bestow such a gift directly, simply hadn’t thought to.

    Or had chosen not to. This possibility had sent Sasha into a fit of tearful curses before she’d simply broken down sobbing. For her part, Anne did not dwell on it, and even to her mortal end she was rather hesitant to debate the answer.

    For Anne Boonchuy, boundlessly determined and compassionate, it was an eviscerating emotional blow, at first. For so long, despite the other fears it brought forth, she had been sure - so absolutely certain - that she would spend eternity walking worlds with the two brightest lights in her sky, blazing pink and green.

    And now, with the evidence of her age before her, it was as if the Guardian was telling her when she was to die all over again. That damned cosmic deadline let slip, the interaction starved “not-Domino” unable to keep their trap shut.

    She had deluded herself for so long with denial that maybe, just maybe, they’d been wrong. That their divine perceptions were as fallible as any mortal’s, and that the trio’s mutual immortality was proof of that.

    No dice, it seemed.

    For a long time, she would be inconsolable, existential dread thought left years in the past rear its ugly head. Some days, it would paralyze her completely, unable to move forward til Marcy and Sasha rested with her, assuring her they were still with her, and that they weren’t going to leave her side. Not then, nor ever.

    Even with Anne’s days numbered, all three knew now what awaited her instead.

    When she had first met the Guardian in limbo, she’d had 78 years. Now, she had barely more than 50.

    And that was almost too much to bear.

    Some days even visiting Amphibia and spending time with old friends for continued reunions, or dropping by newer friends from both their own world and others - met over the years - wouldn’t shake Anne from the dark cloud hanging over her head.

    Then one day, things changed.

    Once, in the space of a decade where Anne’s relationship with the two loves she now called wife had unfortunately drifted for a time, she had made peace with the mortal deadline she’d then known. And here, now, she did so once more.

    In a relative moment, some internal revelation - a personal epiphany all her own - broke her from stagnation at the idea of leaving her loves behind. Marcy would personally never quite get Anne to admit what had changed in her view of the inevitable end - perhaps Anne herself didn’t have a full answer to give - but from how things moved from there, she and Sasha could hazard a few guesses.

    Anne made peace with the time remaining, as long and winding as it was, content to not waste the time she had left by the side of her loved ones. And in turn, Marcy and Sasha would vow to not waste a single day of the time they all had left together.

    50 years was a long time, but none of it would be used frivolously.

    As days became weeks, then years, then decades, no-one would ever be able to say Anne Boonchuy’s life was spent unwisely. Be it as a herpetologist, an ambassador between worlds, a caring daughter and spouse, or so many other things, hers’ was a life full of everything a well rounded existence should be.

    And in her image, Marcy and Sasha followed suit, living life by their love’s side with the same boundlessness.

    Sasha’s career as a child therapist made many leaps and bounds, involving many lives bettered, books and papers published and so much else, becoming a leader in her field.

    Marcy’s web-comics, already popular inside their niche circle, blew up with the passion she poured into them from both the good and bad times, and they would see both animated television and live-action film adaptations (though if you asked Marcy or any of her work’s fans, the former was better).

    And none of it, not for even a second, held any semblance of regret. For her entire life, right to the end, Anne was happy, calm about all that was to come.

    She knew for sure now what awaited her at the end, though what had once been fear now only bore the acceptance that she would still live a full life regardless.

    As the years drew on, Amphibia would - as the technology permitted transit between realms grew more advanced, travel becoming easier and easier - once more be the second home to the three that it had always truly been, even more so after Anne’s parents passed on.

    Though Hop Pop had himself also long ago gone to rest - Anne having been lucky enough to see her adoptive grandfather several more times before the end - Sprig, Polly and so many others still remained, and where once the tears of reunions long overdue had been shed, now there was only joy and celebration. Contentedness that for their remaining days they need not be separated by boundaries and flimsy and the walls between universes.

    Thus it surprised no-one when - years down the line - a much aged Anne chose where she wished to retire to. Amphibia of all places would see her grow old with grace.

    True to their vows and their hearts, Marcy and Sasha - still appearing as young as they had for decades - followed her. With years of government aided planning in place to cover the tracks of their apparent eternal youth, it hadn’t been too much of a hassle to get their affairs in order, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu vanishing quietly from Earth life after years of being reclusive.

    There was nothing on Earth for either of them, anymore. There hadn’t been since Terri’s passing more than 5 years before.

    Inseparable as the day they’d reunited, the Calamity Trio - as Sprig had once teasingly dubbed them over a game of Flipwart - stayed together. In her final days, Anne would never once be alone.

    Anne Savisa Boonchuy - Heart of Calamity, Hero of Two Worlds, Beloved Wife - passed on in the town of Wartwood, Amphibia in 2098, 78 years to the day since her resurrection. Surrounded by her remaining living family and friends - both amphibian and human alike - she would not soon be forgotten, even as her two spouses - still youthful - clutched her hands in sorrowful tears.

    If they could somehow have imparted some aspect of their own eternal life force into her in that moment, they would have. But years of time spent desperately trying in decades long gone to keep Anne’s flame burning had proven fruitless, no matter which friend or ally they had consulted (a collaboration between Luz and Mason had come the closest, but by that time a 45-year old Anne had begged them to let the matter rest, and they’d obliged).

    Despite the sadness of the loss and the tears shed, a great calm followed for Marcy and Sasha in their mourning. Though there was now a gaping hole in the hearts of both women - a physical absence that could never be replaced - it was not truly goodbye. It never would be.

    At night, resting in each others’ arms under the branches of the Plantar family home, the two would dance still in flows of green, pink and blue, in dreams that were more than dreams.

    In waking, they would invite a presence that would surround them everywhere they journeyed, cocooning the two with reassurance and love, speaking promises that they would never be alone. And in time, with practiced listening, these whispers on the wind would coalesce - whenever the stars were right - into full exchanges that only Marcy and Sasha would ever hear the other side of.

    Even in whatever passes for afterlife for wielder of immense cosmic power bound by rules meant to keep her mostly separate from the affairs of mortals, Anne Boonchuy would always bend the rules to remain by her lovers’ sides.

    Thus, when Sprig and then later Polly passed away only a few years later, Marcy was certain Anne would be there for them, too.


    Debated going further, but this seemed like a good place to stop for now. Nicely melancholy, rather than some sort of angst gut-punch. Lemme know what you think (and if I made any grammar errors), as I have more ideas after this. :P

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  • melodiesfromthevoid
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Me at the beginning of amphibia: huh guess I’ll watch this frog show cuz I’m starved for cartoon content, probably won’t get attached at all

    Me at the end of amphibia: w-why

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  • kingoftheu
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Anne when she realizes she never got to plan a Sprivy Wedding.

    #amphibia#amphibia spoilers#amphibia finale#anne#anne boonchuy#amphibia anne#sprig#sprig plantar #sprig x ivy #ivy#ivy sundew#sprivy#shipping#shipping meme #anne would absolutely be a bridezilla #like she would be the bride from hell and this isnt even her wedding #ivy would be more chill
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  • missallsunday
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    #andrias threw sprig out of the window. #he is going to die. #💟txt
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  • missallsunday
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    #''look at sprig i gave you this. I gave you everything. I just didnt want to be alone.'' oh my god. #also anne forgives her even though she is fucked up 😭😭. she is going to hsve issues this is like the 3rd time her friend has betrayed her #💟txt
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  • cokiocokito
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Anne and sprig are just very strong and late.

    Very proud…goodbye thank you very much amphibia 4 years. ❤️👩🏽‍🦱🐸

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  • asteroid-b113
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    can't think about anything else but them

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  • coolguystims
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    sprig plantar stimboard for anon :)

    💗 💚 💗

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  • ilovetvtoons
    27.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I miss them so much.

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