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  • captainharvey
    28.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    guys, confession time...

    it has been more than a second there...

    #i wish i could blame the friend that chose the outfit for movie night #but i've been going through my own sterek tag like weeks before that (while watching karate kid movies) #and then i started reading the fics that i've recced myself like ten years ago #and then i rewatched the pilot #you guys #the nostalgia is hitting hard #also it feels like the polar opposite to the sad german cops with their adult problems #gimme jittery stiles energy #and fantasy tropes #as a palate cleanser
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  • imagine-sterek
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    There’s a tik tok where a mom is trying to give her baby’s a bottle but they keep rejecting all of them until she showed that the baby will only drink from a ketchup bottle (the kind with a pointy tip) and it’s hilarious. So imagine Derek and stiles’ kid being like that and feeding from a ketchup bottle.

    Stiles did it as a joke, now it’s the only way their child will drink milk.

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  • wheredidhiseyebrowsgo
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    hii, i wanted to ask are there any fics where Stiles and Derek are already together or do end up together yet they have a fight but then make up. yunno like fighting but in a domestic way. :)

    Hi @starrr-dusttt! @kevaaronday made this list for you!

    With Love And Understanding by tnh1722 

    (2/2 | 5,656 | Not Rated | Sterek) 

    Stiles always remembers important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, deathdays. The first time he does forget, it just so happens to be one of the most important to Derek. But just as they do with everything else, they work through it together.

    The Habits of My Heart by cloudsarefluffy 

    (1/1 | 5,130 | Mature | Sterek) 

    On Tumblr, Anon asked: I'd love to read established relationship Sterek where Stiles starts feeling insecure/worried because Derek has been working late/sneaking around but really he's just been rebuilding the Hale house and getting everything ready to propose to Stiles. If you find some way to work in sex, jealous Derek, scent marking, regular marking, and manhandling that'd be even more awesome! Thanks so much for taking prompts! <3


    It’s because the world is filled with beautiful people— specifically, people that aren’t Stiles. There are a lot of choices in Beacon Hills alone that would be better candidates for who could date, and even fuck Derek Hale, so Stiles is frighteningly aware of why it all just suddenly clicks together as he’s eating soggy spaghetti by himself one night.

    Scott McCall: Carrier Pigeon Extraordinaire by nerdfightingwhovian 

    (1/1 | 2,817 | Teen | Sterek)

    Stiles does something stupid and gets really hurt. Derek gets angry which causes Stiles to get angry. From there it's just a vicious cycle until Stiles storms out. Then it's up to Scott to get them talking to each other.

    A.K.A. In which Stiles and Derek are Ron and Harry and neither Scott nor Hermione are owls.


    “So what’re you waiting for, then?” Scott flopped down next to Stiles.

    Stiles pulled off a very Derek-looking glower and crossed his arms, staring petulantly at the ceiling saying, “His apology.”

    Scott rolled his eyes and went to talk to Derek.

    “He wants me to apologize to him?” Derek snorted and returned to putting away his groceries, Scott stared as Derek put away a carton of 1% milk. “He’s the one that was being an idiot.”

    “Yeah, but he yelled first!” Stiles protested, pacing his room while Scott sat, dejected on Stiles’ bed.

    I Spent All The Love I’ve Saved by Sun_Flower97

    (1/1 | 2,264 | Teen | Sterek) 

    “Don’t be a bitch to me because your boyfriend didn’t say what you wanted him to this morning.” She spat.

    “I tried to be nice about it and I was going to let you talk but you turned me down and so you’re just going to have to listen to me.” She placed her gel pen on the table.

    Sterek Angst with some good friend Lydia

    The Rain by anniecornstack 

    (1/1 | 1,844 | Explicit | Sterek) 

    Derek's actions leads to him and Stiles having a serious argument although Derek had meant no harm. - An angsty one-shot about the two of them fighting and making up. Rated explicit for sexual content.

    Down With The Prom Queen by CelestialVoid 

    (1/1 | 1,695 | Teen | Sterek)

    Stiles has been struggling for years to keep his power under wraps, but it only takes one night—one jealous-fueled prank at homecoming—for things to come undone.

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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A Legend of a Lonely Boy by bunnymaccool

    Explicit | 42k | 1/1 | Complete

    (Season 2 AU beginning with 2x09 - no Alpha pack) - Peter Hale managed to climb his way back up from death only long enough to do one, terrible, horrible thing. It was enough to accomplish his goal. To leave a legacy. Two months after killing his uncle for the second time, Derek is feeling sick and weak, heavy in his own body. What Deaton is telling him should be impossible... but...

    There is a werewolf legend. About unmated alpha who desperately desired to have heirs, so he studied the moon and the stars in such great depth that he discovered a secret. On the night of the full moon, when the stars aligned just so … he could plant his pups into whatever body he desired. Regardless of species, regardless of gender.

    The danger is this ... werewolves are not meant to carry pups alone. They need someone to guide them, love them, protect them during this time of vulnerability. A partner. A mate. But Derek Hale has none of these things. He has no one. If he and his pup are going to survive, he may just have to follow the ridiculous suggestion Deaton puts forth. The completely annoying, loud-mouthed, pain in his ass suggestion that makes Derek want to rip someone's throat out. With his teeth.


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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    A Healing Silence by HelloWhyTheFuckAmIHere

    No Rating | 36k | 28/28 | Complete

    Stiles is slowly pushed out of the pack following his fight with Scott about Donovan's death. After receiving a phone number from an old friend, Stiles is surprised to find that it belongs to the one person who may be able to bring him back to himself.

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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    A Hale for the Holidays by rlnerdgirl

    Explicit | 38k | 1/1 | Complete

    “I sent you a Christmas card that got sent back to me. Did you get a new apartment?” his dad wonders. The question is all suspicion and little anything else.

    A flicker of an idea sparks. It’s not nearly formed well enough for him to say, “Yeah, actually,” and when he follows that with, “I moved in with someone,” he wants to punch himself in the face. He’s living with someone?!

    “You’re living with someone?” It’s the same voice and tone as the one in Stiles’ head, just thirty years older.

    Two things keep Stiles from bashing his face onto the table: there’s a steaming cup of coffee in the way and, more importantly, his dad will definitely hear. Someone passes by in front of him and a semi-familiar book cover catches his eye. “Derek Hale,” he muses, and stops. No. That wasn’t meant to be out loud.

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  • familiaranonymous
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Derek: Love is dumb.

    Derek, glancing at Stiles: And I'm the dumbest man alive.

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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    A Convenient Marriage by Dexterous_Sinistrous

    Explicit | 53k | 10/10 | Complete

    Stiles took a deep breath, his gaze dropping from Derek’s as he turned to look back in the vanity's mirror. He looked at Derek’s distorted image in the reflection, noting how he could only see part of Derek’s body—his hand, adorned in rings, wrapped around the handle of an ornate cane.

    The image of a powerful man, who did not belittle himself for the sake of an uncle's bastard.

    Derek was much more than the rumors speculated, and Stiles was intrigued by that. ~*~ Or, the regency romance novel where Stiles is having Peter's baby, and Derek marries him for propriety's sake, (or so Stiles assumes).

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  • hoshisakurai-kawaiiartblog
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i saw Sterek drawings in your gallery, do you have more of them?

    Hello! I'm so sorry for the delay. I have many unanswered messages for 2 months :p Okay; For now, I only have a few sketches saved, like this one where Derek takes Stiles to buy hamburgers to celebrate his birthday. I'm sure this drawing will look prettier when I apply color to it.

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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    A Burning Thing by dragontattoo75

    Explicit | 35k | 17/17 | Complete

    Derek never trained to be an alpha with all the responsibilities it implies. But after a bloody betrayal, the unlikely happens, and Derek becomes the new leader of the Beacon Hills pack. With his life turned upside down over night, he has to figure out what he’s expected to do with the pack’s omega, a boy he’s done his best to avoid for a decade. Stiles learned many years ago that giving the omega attention isn’t Derek’s style. Now Stiles’ future doesn’t look too good, because at some point, he and his new alpha has to produce an alpha pup for the pack.

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  • 0hheytherebigbadwolf
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Stiles: Derek's just a jerk. A sexy, sensual, creepy, sexy jerk.

    Scott: ...

    #teen wolf #incorrect teen wolf quotes #disaster werewolf children #sterek #scoot and biles: the dynamic duo of beacon hills #disaster bi stiles stilinski
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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    A Bro's Guide to Surviving an Assassination Attempt by TuppingLiberty

    Explicit | 30k | 9/9 | Complete

    In college, Stiles stumbled into a gig on YouTube as an activist for supernatural rights. Now in his early twenties, he loves the work he does - that is, until someone wants to kill him for it.

    Enter Agent Derek Hale and his team, who are trying to catch a killer, and keep Stiles safe.

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  • dr-fumbles-mcstupid
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    podfic teen wolf, EUReKA

    Voiceteam is making me HELLA Productive, excuse the spam, Here are some new podfics for y'all.

    [ID - a line art wolf in with indistinct birds in the background, on a solid yellow background. In a font that looks like it was stmaped on with some faded edges says disambifutiaon with the author name directly below and the reader's names listed at the bottom right of the image - End ID]

    for the time warp challenge I chose two really old fandom that i hadnt touched in years, eureka and teen wolf.

    Title:  Disambiguation

    Fandom:  Teen wolf/Eureka

    Pairing: Derek/Stiles

    Author: Idyll

    Reader:  Dr_Fumbles_McStupid as Stiles, cheshiretears as Lydia

    godoflaundrybaskets as Scott, CrimsonMoonn as Martha

    pezzax as Allison, roseszain as Derek, Jetainia as Danny

    Summary: The one where they're all scientists in Eureka, and Stiles is being stalked by Derek's freakishly lifelike animatronic wolf.

    Download or stream on AO3

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  • sages-stories-22
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    This was supposed to be a desk job, a way to pay the bills until I finished my degree. I didn’t expect to be sitting here five years later in the coach’s office.

    Only five years ago I was sitting outside this place for the first time. I’d applied for the assistant coach position as a way to pay my way through school.

    I never expected to drop my degree and pursue a job as a high school lacrosse coach. Especially not in the crazy town I grew up in.

    Though I wouldn’t change it for the world. There was a knock on the door bringing me out of my thoughts.

    “Come in!” The door opened to reveal Scott.

    “Hey man you ready?” He asked as he walked in carrying my daughter.

    I smiled as I took my daughter. “As ready as I am every year.” I said as we walked out.

    He chuckled and nodded patting my back. “Hey, I have a question.” Scott said as we neared the field. “Do you ever regret it?”

    I knew what he was asking and shook my head. “I love it. I have good pay and steady bourse. Besides I get to spend time with Derek and the kids.” I said shrugging.

    “I get to help a lot of kids this way.”

    He smiled and nodded. “I didn’t think you [email protected] he said as my son ran over with Derek behind him.

    “He couldn’t wait for the game to start.” I chuckled ruffling his hair. “It’s alright. I love every moment I get to see them and you.”

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  • justanothersterekficgirl
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    Link also in on my page, along with a link to my AO3 bookmarks.


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  • christinesficrecs
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    This post came across my dash so of course I had to make it sterek. 🥰  

    found their phone number in a library book au

    Mate of the Literary Soul by thewolfthatwrites | 4.2K

    What kind of idiot would put their phone number out there in the world for any stranger to call?

    hitchhiker ride au

    King of the Road by stoney | 30.4K | Explicit

    Derek sees the guy--all long lines, furtive glances, hungry--leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek's hungry, too.

    A Slight Distraction by otter | 5.5K 

    Derek's parents pick up a hitchhiker. Laura is completely horrible. Everything turns out better than expected.

    met through online rpg au 

    Navigating This Space Between Us by omni | 9.6K | Explicit

    Derek gets forced to watch some sci-fi show about a surly, secret prince and the sarcastic young spaceship captain hired to aid him on his quest. Strangely enough, he finds himself hooked on it. So much so that he's even drawn into the fandom. There he meets a popular fanfic author with an oddly endearing attitude, and he gets rather smitten. Maybe this mystery guy could actually help get him to stop pining for Stiles...

    Midnight Wolf vs Abominable Snowman! | 20.4K 

    Derek almost makes the mistake of saying, It’s not fanart, but he manages to catch himself, biting his tongue. This stranger, who’s already identified himself as at least a casual fan of Midnight Wolf, doesn’t need to know that he actually is the artist and author, not just another fan.

    (500) Days of Sitting In Front of the Computer | 4.1K

    The boy, Stiles Stilinski, had always been into MMORPGs. The other boy, Ithuriel, had always been into MMORPGs as well, albeit secretly. The Alpha, Derek Hale, was possibly the object of Stiles's affections. One day, Stiles met Ithuriel.

    But be warned, this is not a tragedy in which Derek Hale saves Stiles's virtue from Ithuriel. That would be ridiculous.

    This is a love story.

    accidentally taking each other’s bags phone au

    The Right Number by kyaticlikestea | 30.3K

    When Stiles Stilinski's phone gets switched at the gym, he really just wants it back. The last thing he's expecting is to fall hopelessly in lust with the guy who's got his phone.

    So, of course, that's exactly what happens.

    camp counselors au

    wanna wanna wolf by bleepobleep | 3.8K

    The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin. If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now. He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone.

    What a Darling Summertime by skoosiepants | 4.2K

    "So I think the Hales are werewolves," Stiles says to Scott, walking their woodchucks and honey bears to the lake for morning swim. Camp Moonbeam? It's almost too easy.

    antiques shop au

    Gravity's Got Nothing on You by zosofi | 83.9K | Explicit

    “Three weeks,” Derek says.

    “Still don’t want to,” Stiles says.

    “I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that… that has Stiles interested. Alf’s Antique’s may be a great job, but it’s not a high-paying job, and half of Stiles’s tuition is coming from financial aid, so…

    “How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.“

    called the wrong number while drunk au

    Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again? by sophisticatedyet | 8.7K | Explicit

    Stiles gets a wrong number call from an old man who can't install his antivirus software. He feels like doing a good deed, so he decides to walk him through it.

    Derek is not an old man, just a technologically incompetent twenty-six year old TA who has made enemies of the entire UCLA IT department. The helpful stranger he has just accidentally called is about to become Derek's go-to computer guy.

    Wrong Number by greenleaf | 9.8K

    Even wrong numbers can get it right sometimes.

    ...Or one where Stiles dials the wrong number and keeps forgetting to change it, while Derek ends up going along for the ride and sees Stiles four times before Stiles meets him.

    There’s No Escape for the Potato Man by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) | 53.9K

    “Who is this? Where’s Erica?”

    “Wrong number, asshole!”

    “Stop calling me an asshole,” the man on the other end snapped aggressively.

    Stiles could understand. He’d be pretty aggressive too if he’d murdered someone and texted a wrong number to ask for help burying the body. This guy obviously failed How To Be a Serial Killer 101.

    found your their dog wolf!derek au

    Fully Grown by thedaughterofkings | 36K

    Stumbling across a wolf in the preserve is not what Stiles expects when he goes for a run the last night before school starts again. But even if the wolf acts more intelligent than a mere animal, he can’t have anything to do with Stiles’ unusual soulmark, four vicious scratches down his forearm, can he?

    And what is Kate Argent doing back in Beacon Hills for the first time since the Hale Fire?

    The Key by aussiebee | 7.4K

    Eligible bachelor Derek Hale has announced that whomever can take the key from around his dog's neck will be the person he marries. Stiles Stilinski think this is utterly ridiculous.

    Wolf in the House by JoeLawson | 33.4K

    “What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.”

    “And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly.

    “And I always wanted a dog.”

    Actual Puppy Derek Hale by Rawren (Deshonanana) | 18.1K

    Derek didn't know what was worse: the hunters, being trapped as a wolf, being hit by a car, or the fact that he had somehow become some kid's pet dog for the unforeseeable future.

    yoga class au

    Around the Bend by lupinus, uraneia | 14.8K | Explicit

    Derek can't stop staring at Stiles, the bendy new yoga instructor at his family's gym. Stiles thinks Derek's a repressed homophobe who hates Stiles for making him want the D. They fall in love.

    Baby Yoga For Beginners by otatop | 7.6K

    He started the ridiculous class because his best friend harassed him. He stayed because of the teacher.

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