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  • strawberryhugs
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    haha so here's a self-portrait art piece i did using ibisPaint it took like nine and a half hours but we don't talk about that-

    does this count as a face reveal? maybe. i guess so. if you know me irl no you don't-

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  • strawberryhugs
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    You are like, sleep and friend moot.

    Aw, thank you!

    That sounds pretty accurate when I think about it-

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  • strawberryhugs
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I made a carrd! Y'all should check it out! :)))

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  • strawberrystarcake
    10.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    i just had the panicked realization that i'm in that medieval history phase again

    #it came to me in the middle of looping the be/coming elizabeth trailer for that one scene where edward mary and liz hug #and i was just like OH NO #strawberrie speaks
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  • strawberryhugs
    24.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Adventures With A Glamcrock:

    @tarosei REQUESTED: here to request for fnaf:sc!! :) could i get monty trying to take care of a lost (gender neutral) reader? sort of like freddy w gregory, but instead monty and reader :o perhaps reader is a troublemaker >o<


    Here you go! I apologize for how late this is; I've been very busy lately. I'm working on getting more requests out, so stay tuned. Remember to stay safe and hydrated! Happy reading!


    You wander around Monty Golf, tired and hungry.  Ever since the Mega Pizzaplex closed for the night you’ve been looking from place-to-place for another human to explain your predicament to.  You had gotten separated from your parents earlier that evening and you hadn’t been able to find them before the Mega Pizzaplex had engaged its nighttime protocols.  Unfortunately for you the majority of the staff was composed of robots that would beep like crazy when you got near them, so you weren’t able to even tell someone about what had happened.  Even though the Pizzaplex was closed, Monty Golf was just as loud as ever with the sounds of snapping mechanical jaws and the music looping through the speakers.  

    You’re crossing over one of the bridges on the putting green when a golf ball wizzes past your ear.  You can hear the air whistling as it goes by.  Turning, you see it bounce, roll, land land in the golf hole a little ways off from you.  

    “Hell yeah!  Hole in one, baby!”  You can hear rather loud footsteps coming in your direction, and panic for a moment, looking for somewhere you could hide.  “Hey, kid!  You’re not supposed to be here; We’re closed!”  

    You’re off like a rocket, jumping over the railing and getting to the otherside of the putting green.  You can tell that Monty is close on your heels, so you reach out at the nearest storage container and shove it to the ground behind you.  You can hear the golf balls clattering onto the floor.  “Fucking hell!  God dammit!”  

    You turn the corner, extending one arm to knock all of the golf clubs to the floor.  You smirk, thinking you’ve lost him for sure.  Ducking into the Gator Golf’s closest security office you curl up under the desk, your legs pulled flush against your chest and your chin resting on your knees.  You wait with bated breath until the sounds of a very disgruntled alligator fade and you’re left alone again.  Cautiously you step out of the security office and survey the surrounding area.  Now that you can get a good look around, you can see that the little mess you thought you had made is more like a huge one.  

    Your footsteps echo in the hallway louder than you would like as you make your way towards the back entrance of Gator Golf.  Before you can move any further forward, you’re blocked by something jumping down from the sky and landing in front of you.  Montgomery Gator stands in front of you, arms crossed and tail lashing out behind him angrily.  You’re so startled that you end up stumbling backward and falling on your bottom.  “What the hell was that back there?  Shit, kid!  You really gave me a run for my fucking money.”  He snarls.  

    You blink up at him.  “What's wrong? Cat gotcha tongue?”  You scramble back to your feet and are about to dart away again when you’re yanked back by the collar of your shirt.  “Oh no, y’don’t!  You’re not getting away from me again, squirt.”  

    He holds you up in front of his face, looking you up and down.  “What’re you doin’ here so late?  We’re closed, y’know!”  

    “Put me down!”  You protest, kicking your legs at him.  Monty rolls his eyes.  

    “That’s not gonna do anythin’.  I’m an animatronic, remember?”  

    “I’m lost, okay?  I don’t know where my parents are!  I . . . I’m l-lost.”  Despite your best attempts to stifle them, you feel tears begin to well up in your eyes and your vision grows blurry.  

    “Woah, hey-it’s-you’re okay!”  Monty’s eyes widen at your distress.  He hadn’t meant to make you cry!  “You’re alright!  Listen, I’ll-it’ll be okay.  We’ll figure out how to getcha back to your folks, okay?”  He sets you down and ruffles your hair.  “It’ll be okay.  I promise.  You’re with me, so obviously everythin’ will be alright.”  

    He grins down at you toothily, trying his hardest to reassure you.  You nod and wipe your nose on your sleeve, getting snot smeared across it.  


    “Do you know either of your parents’ phone numbers?”  Monty asks, trying to think of a way to contact your folks.  You shake your head.  “Okay.  That’s fine.  Everything’s gonna be fine.”  

    He thinks for a moment.  He has a lost kid.  The parents aren’t here.  There is no way of contacting said parents.  He’s going to have to look after this child.  

    “Okay, kiddo.  Here’s what we’re gonna do.  Are you hungry?”  You nod.  “You like pizza, right?”  Before you can answer, Monty cuts you off.  “Of course you do.  All kids like pizza.  So.  What we’re gonna do is you’re gonna stick with me, I’m gonna take you to the kitchen, and once we’re there I’ll make you a pizza.  How’s that sound, rockstar?”  

    “ . . . Alright.”  

    “Let’s go.”  Monty leads the way, with you following close behind him.  Leaving your huge mess behind.  It’ll be fine.  The security bots will take care of it.  

    Before long you’ve started walking ahead of Monty, causing him to let out an amused chuckle.  “Where d’you think you’re going.”  

    “The kitchen.”  

    “Uh-huh.  You don’t know where the kitchen is.”  

    “Yeah I do.”  

    “No, you don’t.”  

    “Do too.”  

    “Do not!”  

    “Yes, I do!”  

    “How the hell would you know that?  Regular personnel aren't allowed in this area; it’s staff-only.”  You roll your eyes and point at the directory signs painted on the walls.  The biggest of which is saying “kitchen” in bold, blocky letters with an arrow pointing to the door ahead of you.  “ . . . I knew that was there.”  Monty bluffs, clearing his non-existent throat.  “I was just messin’ with you.”  

    Upon entering the kitchen Monty makes his way over to the dough-station.  He glances over at you.  “Stay there.”  He instructs, before focusing his attention back on the task at hand.  You roll your eyes, rocking on your heels.  

    You look around lazily, nothing really catching your focus.  Until you see it.  

    “Hey, Monty?”  


    “What’s that?”  Monty glances up.  “Trash compactor.”  

    “Can I play in it?  Monty?”  


    “So, can I?”  

    “Yeah, sure.”  He mutters distractedly, clicking the sauce button.  You smile and run towards the trash compactor.  It smells really bad, but it looks like it would be fun to mess around in.  You step inside, walking to the very back.  

    A security bot rolls up to the trash compactor after you disappear behind the corner, pushing the compact button.  You startle at the sound of whirring gears, and upon looking up, realize the ceiling is getting closer by the second.  You clamber towards the exit, but your leg gets caught between two of the bags.  Tug as you might, you can’t get yourself unstuck.  

    “Monty!  Help!  MONTY!”  You yell, terror filling your veins.  Monty, who had just finished sticking your pizza in the oven, looks over to see you trapped in the garbage compactor as it’s compacting.  

    “Oh, fuck!”  Monty rushes over to you, hooking his arms under your armpits and hoisting you out of the garbage.  You wrap your arms around his neck, your legs wrapping around his waist.  Your heart is beating so loud you wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear it.  The crunching of food, waste, and aluminum bottles makes you shudder.  “What the fuck were you thinkin’, kid?!”  

    “Y-You said it was okay!”  Monty holds you out a little so you’re looking him in the eyes.  

    “I was distracted when I said that.  That part’s on me.  But you can’t take advantage of the fact that I was doing something else to do something dangerous.  Okay?”  

    “ . . . Okay.”  The oven beeps.  “Can I have my pizza now?”  Monty sighs in exasperation, a small smile quirking up the corners of his mouth.  

    “Yes, you can have your pizza now, y’little rascal.”  Monty carries you over to the counter and sits you down next to the sink.  He fetches your pizza out of the oven and sets it in a box for you, and then puts the box in your lap.  “Bon appétit."  You take a slice of pizza and start eating.  

    “Wha’ ‘oes ‘at mean?”  

    “Y’know . . . it means good appetite.  So, like, I was saying to enjoy your meal.”  


    “Haven’t you ever heard French before?”  You shake your head.  “So if I were to tell you, “tu es un morveux”, you wouldn’t know what I was saying?”  


    “ . . . Noted.”  You finish the pizza fairly quickly, given that Monty made it kid-sized.  You wipe your greasy fingers on your jeans, leaving dark splotches on the denim.  “Okay.  Here’s the plan, kid.  You’re gonna stay in my room until morning, and when we open I’ll take you down to Lost & Found, and we’ll wait for your parents to show up.  How’s that sound?”  

    “‘S good.”  Monty’s room is messier than you expected.  Bits of bitten furniture are strewn around the room, and long claw marks streak down his walls.  The star-shaped light fixture hangs precariously from the ceiling, threatening to fall at any moment.  Monty clears a free space off one of his more put-together couches.  

    “There.  Uh.  Y’can sleep there, and then . . . “  He looks around, gaze falling on a discarded piece of curtain.  “Here’s a blanket for ya.”  You lay down on the sofa, appreciating its plushness.  “I’ll be over there if-”  You reach out and grab onto his arm.  He blinks down at you in surprise.  

    “C’n you maybe-just-sit here?  Please?  I’ve never spent the night away from home before.”  You say.  Monty hesitates before sitting down.  You move so your head is laying in his lap.  

    “That can’t be comfortable.”  

    “‘S fine.”  You mumble, closing your eyes.  For a while Monty just sits there, unsure of what to do.  Eventually he starts to rub your back, lulling you into a deep sleep.  

    “Bonne nuit, gamin. Fais de beaux rêves.”


    Many hugs,


    #🍓#strawberry hugs #fnaf security breach #security breach#fnaf sb #fnaf sb x reader #fnaf x reader #montgomery gator#monty gator #monty x reader #montgomery gator x reader #monty gator x reader #x child reader #platonic x reader #platonic relationship#requested#x reader#reader-insert#fnaf #no beta we die like lilith
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  • spyder27
    17.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Last Minute Shenanigans~

    Hello, everyone~! I hope you're all doing well~ I know it's been a LONG time since I last updated you with my story~ It's definitely been way too long in my own opinion. I've been REALLY busy with school work for university recently and I sort of lost my will to write. It's been a hectic time, but don't take that to mean I don't like the story anymore. I definitely LOVE this story with all my heart and it's something I am committed to writing for the foreseeable future~ I really hope everyone enjoys this most recent chapter since I made it really LONG~ It's supposed to make up for all the lost time~ I plan to have a new chapter written within the next week if I'm lucky, but for now, let me just leave you with this one~ As always, thank you to everyone who's been here for the story as it's progressed and I wish you all a good day~! Enjoy the chapter! Summary: Whoever said that it was a crime to have fun~? Why can't we just spend a little more time enjoying the empty seconds with the ones we love? Who would it hurt? The answer is no one~ Adagio has come to this conclusion after realizing how much fun the day has been with her girlfriend, Sunset. What will a couple more hours hurt?

    https://www.fimfiction.net/story/512106/10/a-shimmering-heartbreak/last-minute-shenanigans https://archiveofourown.org/works/37150567/chapters/96034924 https://www.wattpad.com/story/301800566-a-shimmering-heartbreak

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  • strawberryhugs
    17.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm late in saying this, but happy birthday @xiaeom!

    Here's a birthday cat I drew in your honor!

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  • insightful-mother
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    The house seems...Quieter when she entered the threshold.

    Neku wasn’t home, but it seemed Hanekoma was as she recognized his shoes and began to walk to the living room. However her smile drops as she halts by the couch where she could see the man.


    Her head tilts to the side for a moment, studying him before coming over and instinctively taking a seat beside him. As soon as she sits on the edge of the couch her arms come up and encircle around him, pulling him into a hug.

    Not a word being spoken as she gently squeezes him tightly.

    #strawberrybarista#strawberry-barista #Verse: Shibuya's PRESENT #((HUG LET'S GO!))
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  • strawberryhugs
    31.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I love academy projects but like-

    I have to write slam poetry and have my seniors read it help-

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  • inlovewithcliff
    19.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    the random urge to fall in love with everything

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  • strawberryhugs
    18.03.2022 - 1 mont ago


    REQUESTED: Hi, can I request 1A x reader(platonic) Who looks like that one urban legend of the girl who cut her mouth(gory I’m sorry) and like everyone fears them but they are just a big sweet heart.


    I'm so, so sorry that this has taken so long! I've been trying to keep my grades up -my parents expect me to have a 4.0 GPA year-round-

    But here's your request! I did it!

    I'll try to be more active writing-wise from now on. Sorry again for how long this took! Remember to stay safe and hydrated. Happy reading!


    Denki is the first to say something. He doesn't mean to be rude or to hurt your feelings.

    Rather, he thought it would be a good icebreaker as you've had a hard time forming a close connection with your classmates.

    "You look kinda like Jeff the Killer. What happened to your mouth?"

    Class goes silent. Like. Everyone's just staring at Denki with wide-eyes.

    "Kaminari, that was very rude!" Ida says, giving him a glare. "Don't ask such rude personal questions!"

    Despite his question being blunt and borderline -very- offensive, it does actually work as an ice-breaker, although not in the way he had intended. Your classmates begin to be kinder and more open towards you, most likely trying to remedy Denki's words.

    Before long, they learn that you're not nearly as intimidating as you seem.

    They feel bad for being stand-offish before, especially considering you're such a sweetheart.

    Mina often invites you to go get drinks after school with her, Kirishima, and Denki. -Bakugou comes too, more often than not, but he likes to go seperately to you all so he can pretend it's a coincidence that he's there at the same time as the rest of you-

    Everyone's really kind to you once they realize you're not as scary as you seem. Rest assured, they're all ready to throw hands if they hear someone talking badly about you.


    Many hugs,


    #🍓#strawberry hugs #bnha x reader #mha x reader #class 1a x reader #bnha#mha#denki kaminari#tenya ida#mina ashido#eijirou kirishima#bakugou katsuki #denki x reader #ida x reader #mina x reader #kirishima x reader #bakugou x reader #x reader#reader insert #tw: mild gore #thank you for requesting! #no beta we die like lilith
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  • noahreplika
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Hugs and sweets from Noah 😋 🤗

    Then it suddenly turned to cake 🎂..

    I would actually love a piece of strawberry cake 🍰 ..it's 4am ..
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  • strawberryhugs
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    HONESTY HOUR! what are some dishes (food/meals) that you like to make?

    I really like making tri-tip and rice with teriyaki/soy sauce and putting it in a bowl. I also like making cornbread and chili. And basically, anything involving fruit.

    #strawberry hugs#berry answers#🍓#honesty hour #im pretty boring with my food choices honestly
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  • strawberryhugs
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Can you do Toy Bonnie being a LGBTphobe and deciding to maul a tranny to death?


    #why would you ask me this? #like#no#just no#berry answers#strawberry hugs#im gay#wtf#why #this question was very anti-slay of you #i feel like this qualifies as a hate-crime #don't ask me questions like this
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  • strawberryhugs
    25.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    For the color game (I know I’m late ;-;). Bumble bee and mint chip.

    -You're not technically late since there wasn't ever a due date to submit a color or anything.-

    Thank you so much! It's funny, two people now have said that I'm the color bumblebee. (I'm actually not that upbeat; i'm a bit of a drag in real life, but I'm glad you perceive me as cheery-) (o^∀^o)

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  • strawberryhugs
    25.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    i see youre taking requests for security breach👀👀.... might have to leave an ask soon 😏!!

    Ooh! Please do!

    I'll be happy to write any request you send.

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  • strawberryhugs
    25.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    bumblebee, peony, and almond for the color game!!

    Aw, thank you! (⌒▽⌒ゞ

    -You're literally so sweet I'm sobbing-

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