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  • ratmonsterz
    16.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    trainsition goals

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  • ghostypetrainer
    16.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Funny mental image: Zoroark!Ingo drenched wet. his usual fluffy mane is just dripping. I don't know if it's more cursed or funny🤣

    Either way he looks miserable

    Emmet and Elesa can't help but just burst into laughter, but it's short-lived as they all simultaneously remember a particular habit that Ingo has had since he was a kid, and never successfully broke.

    They don't get nearly far enough away before Ingo's giving himself a full body shake, sending that water flying everywhere- namely on them.

    #asks #zoroark possession au #ingo#emmet#elesa#submas #I mentioned this in heat wave but. yes. he still does this as a human #yes. it comes from the same cain instinct that made him teach haxorus earthquake #akari who saw this coming is already hiding behind a large rock
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  • autumn-sweet-fae
    16.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    You know, if you take stock in the headcanon that Kabu is Flannery's grandfather, I could see Hoenn getting involved to an extent. (Not to mention, I feel it would just be right for that to be the first region Leon and Hop go to.)

    I’m not personally familiar with Hoenn as I’ve never played the games, but I have heard of the idea of Kabu and Flannery being related!

    He’s from Hoenn originally so it makes total sense. Plus she’s said to have mentioned her grandfather use to be a member of Hoenn’s elite four, and for him to move to Galar to lead a gym there is a much nicer thought then her granddad dying.

    Also! The existence of Charm in Arceus confirms that Hoenn’s ghost type trainer Agatha and Sinnoh’s rock type trainer Bertha are related! So that could come up too when Leon and Hop meet with Flannery.

    And I don’t think Hoenn would be first, because I like to think Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh are all fairly close to each other geographically.  what with them being inspired by different islands in Japan.

    Leon and Hop might end up in neighboring Kalos first through no fault of their own simply because of air plane travel shenanigans. Oh, I also think that Alola would be the mid point between Unova and Sinnoh, so Emmet and Eleas would be stopping their briefly to switch flights durring their travel to Sinnoh.

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  • autumn-sweet-fae
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Soooooo in regards to foraging in your wanted au.... More or less intense taste? Giving a spice loving pokemon from the past a spicy berry from present time..... Would or would it not burn their tongue off? Surely due to selective breading the berries are spicier. The question is would they be able to handle it? I could see one of them thinking they're prepared for it but they're not.

    I feel like it depends on the berry how much it has changed in taste. I feel like some spicy berry’s have indeed gotten even spicier, and a few might have become a bit more mild but their appearance has become more vibrant.

    But yes, some pokemon love the change, some absolutely hate it. But, while Hisui only had 18 berries to choose from, there are 65 to be tasted in modern Sinnoh! So hopefully there’s another favorite to be discovered.

    Which brings me to the idea that, while foraging, Akari and Ingo find a bunch of berries neither of them recognize. And in allot of places they expect to find the kind that they know, they keep find other berries that have taken over. Allot of the berries are fine for eating and some of them Ingo and Akari remember having helpful effect, but later, when they are in desperate need for a specific type of berry, they only have a bag full of berries that are completely useless right now

    Also there’s a difference in how some of the berries work depending on what era they’re from. Hisui razz, nanab, and pinap berries were all great alternatives to heal their pokemon for when Ingo or Akari were running low on potions. But the modern version of these berries are now only eaten for their taste and have lost their healing properties.

    Every other healing berry isn’t much better off, their healing effectiveness dropping from healing up to half of a pokemon hp to only 1/8th, and that’s only if the pokemon who eats it doesn’t reject its taste. The fact that even flavors that some pokemon did enjoy in Hisui are now intolerable to them does not help.

    Also the quality of the modern berries also effect the quality of the potions Akari and Ingo make themselves. The potions with modern  ingredients are less powerful then the Hisuian one, much like the store bought potions.

    #pokemon #submas wanted au #Akari#Ingo #pokemon legenda arceus #pokemon bdsp
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  • justawipp
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #myart#digitalart#cute#comic#pokemon #pokemon legends arceus #submas #subway master ingo #pokemon lucas
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  • far-from-official
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Perfect Day

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  • far-from-official
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I Can’t Believe My Dumbass Br▽ther Is Having A Playdate With A Sociopath ❣

    #submas#subway masters#battle subway#subway bosses#emmet#ingo#volo#kudari#nobori#elesa#Kamitsure#comic#illustration #pokemon legends arceus #? #the game was originally played on twitter lmao #you couldve choosen a worst option
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  • autumn-sweet-fae
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Some poor sod: okay so you’re a warden, she’s… uh, the champion and also maybe(????) the New(?) boss of team galactic(????????), he’s a subway boss, she’s a gym leader, that pokemon is a noble……. Which.. which one of you has the most authority?

    everybody, pointing to Blissey as one: Omelette

    Omlette giggles innocently at her humans answer as she gently rocks one of Lady Sneasler’s babies to sleep. The person who asked is so confused. Because the tone of the answer almost sounded grim, and yet all they see is the wholesome picturesque scene of a Blissey doing as all Blisseys do, kindly and selflessly caring for another living being. 

    Meanwhile, there is a soon to be former criminal enforcer sitting in a jail cell in Sinnoh who is just completely reevaluating every single one of his life choices. This man saw his life flash before his eyes. He hears the guys in the next cell over talking about how there is nothing like the cosmic horror of seeing Arceus and Palkia in the flesh, but they are wrong. He looked into the face of true horror and it was pink and fluffy.

    If he manages to find away out of this jail, he will give up this life of crime, go back to his  tourist trap hometown, and help his family run their BBQ restaurant.

    (Btw, I’ve finally decided! His intimidating nickname will be Doom, his proper first name is Kenneth.)

    #pokemon #submas wanted au #pokemon ocs#blissey
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  • kharmii
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Art credit to: いぬ@otakunonamida Twitter.

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  • mizfitjess
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I adore his smile

    Also this was supposed to just be a sketch but I can’t stop myself

    #subway master ingo #subway boss ingo #Ingo #subway master nobori #pokemon#submas#myart
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  • alveolion
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    love getting thoroughly invested in fan content for media ive never once touched. go train boys go

    #this is about submas lmao #i keep seeing them on my dash and i will never play those games but i like watching them run around on my dash #its like watching the neighbors kids play from my back porch
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  • dragonofthedepths
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Camp Half-blood AU 15.5.22

    Adaman is the son of Lord Dialga, God of Time Irida is the daughter of Lord Palkia, God of Space Ingo(a̹̤̰ͪ̾ͨ̄̑̾̾ͬ͞n͚͕̼͎̅̉͢d̸̳̮̘̅̂̇́̏̔͆͆̏ E͖̙̲͍̥̫̟̾̿͝m͂͋̊҉̭̗́m̶͍̻̲͔̰͛̊̌͜ẽ̥̅ͩ̓̀t̸̩ͮͥ̐̕͘) is the son of the Banished Lord Giratina, God of distortions Akari is the Unclaimed daughter of [LORD ARCEUS] Rei is the son of Lord ¿Entei? Kamado is the son of Melli is the son of

    They[K,I,A] rock-paper-sizzored themselves out of existence (or this plane of reality at least)

    Day (338/100) of my #infinitedaysofwriting @the-wip-project I still have no sleep

    #Subway Boss Ingo #Trainer Akari#Commander Kamado #Pokémon Legends Arceus #all shippers feel free to interact the entirety of my blog is a very pro shipping space #Percy Jackson AU #gods and demigods AU #scribblings from the deep #∞daysofwriting#pokémon#submas #Clan Leader Adaman #Clan Leader Irida #Giratina#Dialga#Palkia#Arceus#Sinnoh Trio #Dialga and Palkia are Gods #fix tags later
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  • submaslover
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    part 3 of my Little Nightmare au

    Walking through the city was troublesome, the rain rarely let up, but when it did it left behind a chill that will cling to your bones. The sweaters the boys sport hardly help but having someone else close by certainly did. As the twins wander, in search of fresh cardboard, they stay hand in hand. This way Emmet won’t get lost in the city as they walk.

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  • alaina-berry
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Nimbasa City Warden - Part 21

    It had been four days. Ingo finally woke up. After being asked by the nurses and doctor how he was feeling, he was asked if he remembered anything. “You have a couple friends that are very concerned about your memory…” they told him. He gave them his name, told them of Emmet and Elesa, his pokemon, where he was for the last five years…

    Everything seemed to be in order. His recovery was going smoothly and he’d probably be discharged within the next couple days. However… Just because he was recovering ‘just fine’, didn’t mean he wasn’t in any pain.

    His head was throbbing, his arm was numb, his hip felt like he’d been hit by a car- which considering what he really was hit with, he might as well have been, and every time he took a breath, he had the urge to cough. “How long have I been decommissioned?” he croaked.

    “Four days, sir.” The nurse answered, writing on her clipboard.

    “Four days?” he shook his head.

    The pokemon- the police wanted an answer in three days and he’d been out of commission for four. Realizing this, his heart rate spiked and he took in a deep breath, trying to sit up.

    “No, no, no, no- sir- I need you to lie back down.” she gently put a hand on his good shoulder.

    “I need to talk to the police department…” he grunted, plopping back down.

    “They stopped by yesterday and spoke to your brother.” she said.

    A wave of relief. Emmet… probably figured something out… right? For the love of Arceus, everything hurt. “What happened…?” he asked, he was hit by the wyrdeer clone, twice. Everything beyond that was blurry.

    “Someone had attacked you with his pokemon. A very large pokemon that looked something like a stantler… but… evolved.” she recounted, “It broke a handful of ribs on your left side, your left arm, bruised your hip very badly. You were also minorly concussed- which was why we were concerned about your memory.”

    Ingo nodded, then fought the urge to cough. Instead he slowly took a breath.

    The nurse noticed this, “With the broken ribs, it collapsed a lung as well.” she said, wincing. “But you’re recovering remarkably well thanks to the audino we were loaned.” she smiled. “How are you feeling?”

    “Like I was hit by a train…” he muttered.

    “Ah… I’ll bring you something for the pain… I do have a few people that wanted to check on you, are you feeling okay enough for visitors?” she asked. “Or would you rather they waited?”

    Ingo shook his head, “They can come in…” It was just Elesa and Emmet, right? Why did she say ‘few’? “Who is it?”

    “Well, it’s your brother, the Gym Leader, and the Alolan Champions.” she said, “Four people total.”

    Ingo nodded. Jason and Alaina got here- he wondered how long they’ve been here.

    “Alright, hon, I’ll send them right in.” she gave him a warm smile and stepped out the door briefly. “Quietly, now…” He barely heard her instruct the others. Then slowly and cautiously, they filed in. First Emmet, then Elesa, then Jason and Alaina. The nurse smiled at Ingo and the others, “I’ll come check back in a few minutes.” she said before walking out of the room.

    There was a moment of silence where everyone exchanged looks with Ingo, then each other.

    Ingo finally took a deep breath, painful as it was and it led him to cough slightly, “Before you all ask, I feel worse than garbage but I’ll live and my memory is fine.” he said, watching the others relax. He looked at Emmet, “The nurse said you spoke with the police.” he said.

    Emmet tensed, “I didn’t know what to tell them. It was my first time hearing about the situation, so I had nothing to go off of.” he said, “But-” he tipped his head to the Alolan Champions, “They offered to take them.”

    Ingo looked over at the confident Jason and the bitter Alaina. “Are you sure?” he asked.

    “Those pokemon deserve another chance. They didn’t ask to be born like this- so we’ll try and give them the best life we can by rehabilitating them and helping them find their place.” Alaina gave a firm nod.

    “We have a spare island or two out on the poke-pelago that we can house and train them on- away from people, and away from pokemon that could be negatively affected by aggressive, invasive species.” Jason confirmed.

    Elesa crossed her arms and nodded, “We figured it was the best course of action. If anyone could tame those pokemon, it’d be the two that helped put a stop to Team Plasma.” she said.

    Ingo felt as though a weight had been taken off his chest as he looked over to the champions, then sighed in relief, laying his head back, “Thank you so much… Did they say that their option was to euthanize them?”

    “You know for a fact I wasn’t going to let that happen.” Alaina hissed.

    Ingo smirked, then furrowed his eyebrows, “So… what happened? I was hit that second time by Guard and… that’s about all I remember.”

    Elesa, Jason and Alaina exchanged looks, then Elesa spoke up. “Well- Ingo, you were collapsed by the time I reached you. People were streaming the fight, so as soon as I saw what was happening, I ran over as quick as I could. Dash was prepared to help stop that thing from hitting you and- what did you call her, Irida?”

    “How did Irida get out of her ball? She wasn’t in the condition to fight, I never would have sent her out.” Ingo asked.

    “She said she let herself out.” Alaina said.

    “She wanted to protect you.” Jason nodded.

    Ingo’s heart skipped a beat, “Oh…” he looked down, “I see.”

    “Before the wyrdeer could hit Irida- great name by the way, I think that’s a great name for her- Alaina and I had Zane and Kiri try and block the attack. Since they’re both dark-type attacks, they only took the brunt of- if anything- light physical damage. The uh… police came and tranquilized the wyrdeer before anything else happened.” Jason explained.

    “They didn’t get to Jermy before I did, though.” Alaina hissed. “Even Elesa got a hit in.”

    Elesa turned red and Emmet snickered. Elesa cleared her throat, “Yeah- I kicked him… with my heels. After the ambulance came and picked you up. I didn’t… like… stab him or anything- but he was going to feel that for a while.” she pointed a thumb toward Alaina, “She was the one trying to strangle that bastard.”

    “Woulda killed him too, if the cops hadn’t pulled me off and arrested him.” Alaina muttered, almost disappointed.

    “Lainey…” Jason purred and put an arm around her, “What did we talk about regarding murder?”

    “Hey- I’m still pissed that Volo got away!” Alaina snapped and shoved him away.

    Ingo chuckled. “So what’s the word on Jermy? Do we know how long he’s going away?”

    “Loooong time.” Emmet crossed his arms. “Everything Jermy was doing was verry illegal- not to mention the two accounts of attempted murder.” he pointed between himself and the groggy twin in front of him. “Endangerment, abuse, neglect, all that stuff that Plasma would have gotten hit with except this guy would have made them sick, too.” Emmet shrugged, “I do know that no matter what, he got his trainer’s license revoked. He’s not allowed to have a pokemon anymore.” he said, “The moment he’s seen with a pokemon in his possession, he’s getting arrested again.”

    “That guy can rot for all I care.” Elesa crossed her arms.

    A wave of pain causing Ingo to clench his good hand. Jason frowned, “Ingo, Emmet and I were talking and Alaina and I are going to host you two in Alola.” he nodded toward Elesa and glanced at her, “You too, if you wanted.” he looked back at Ingo, “You two need a vacation- after everything that’s happened the last two weeks- you two deserve it.”

    Ingo thought for a while. What was next? He doesn’t take this vacation and he goes back to Gear Station and talks to concerned and excited ‘fans’? Emmet offers to switch places and he’d get flashbacks to the last time they switched places? He strains himself with battles and work before he was ready? He didn’t like taking days off and spending them at home, especially if he’s feeling okay enough to work. He sighed and nodded, “That sounds lovely, actually.”

    Jason smiled, “Great! We’ll get you two set up on the resort on Akkala Island!” he nodded, “You have no idea the amount of convincing your brother needed.” he said.

    Master Post

    #subway boss ingo #subway boss emmet #submas#subway masters #pokemon legends arceus #pokemon bw#pokemon b2w2#pokemon #nimbasa city warden #good lord i wrote this after part 19 dropped #and lemme say... #I live for comments that curse the antagonist's name in all caps
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  • scaredyrabbit
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Art dump of Lady Sneasler and her warden

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  • manchasama
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Is it only pairs of twins that get features or do triplets, quadruplets, etc also get inhuman features as well?

    I'm not an expert on genetics, but my reasoning was this.

    The legend goes that it's descendants of the twin heroes that were cursed for continuing the war the brothers gave up. Over the years, the curse starts to wane, and the features stop showing up as much or as obviously. This could be because the people learned their lesson and it faded naturally, or because they have children and dilute the bloodline down, or both.

    Either way, when the bloodline is the strongest, the children tend to be born as twins, and when the bloodline is strongest is when the features show up.

    That said, it's a legend, and not something written in stone. It's unlikely that only blood descendants of the twins participated in the war and were cursed, so perhaps those cursed were also "cursed" to have twins, to prove that they'd never let a divide come between twins again.

    Because Unova was founded by twins, the twin theme runs throughout. Realistically it's likely triplets or otherwise would be born on occasion, and going by the logic I described they would probably have features! In terms of story telling, well...*shrugs?* Mythology supports twins only and all that jazz.

    #fun times ahead #submas wing!au #hey i just fixed a plot hole that had been bugging me #about how the 'descendants' were the ones cursed #i know im the one who made up the legend but i was also like #'what /only/ family fought a war that big? please how unrealistic!' #and now i have a good enough explanation #alright i am done for the night #need sleep
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  • mickules
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    What do you love most of your job?

    Honestly? This:

    Seeing little kids (or honestly anyone) standing on the footbridge waving and seeing their tiny faces just LIGHT UP when you blast the horn . . .

    It's my absolute favourite thing It makes my day.

    #submas#ingo#emmet#train driver#chingaderita#ask #i usually work night shifts so I don't get to do it that often #we've got rules about when we should blow the horn #but everyone just collectively ignores them when there are kids who wanna hear it #mickules#mick answer
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  • manchasama
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    further thought on the tunnel cryptid pre-PLA thing on how it can end: one of the newer recruits is stuck doing the grunt work of watching back hours of all the night's tapes to look for the mystery 'mon and gets a shot of Ingo in full view. only a few frames, but very obvious nonetheless. (they get it, their sisters have horns they hide under custom made hats, just because it's known about doesn't mean that type of stuff isn't really personal and typically kept secret. and the bosses are DEFINITELY obviously keeping their thing secret, they ain't a snitch.)

    they print out the screenshot and delete that section of tape, go to the bosses' office and tell them they found the mysterious corviknight and redirected it out of the tunnels.

    Emmet: it can't have been a corviknight there have been no signs of-

    employee: *stares at bosses, hands over picture of ingo*

    employee: it was a corviknight and it's gone now

    Emmet and Ingo: ....


    *wheezes* It was a corviknight and someone with photoshop will make it true. I love this, it's so good!! Man, since I already have to split the wing!au for PLA, who's to say I can't split other parts of their history too. Two worlds running in parallel, as it were hee hee~

    Also Ingo are you offering hush money? :o Suspicious!

    I really like the touch that they have sisters with features too<3, it fits into the world so well and provides the perfect reason why they keep the secret. Also from then on Ingo and Emmet hire them to continue to alter the footage, since they did so well. With appropriate monetary bonuses for overtime work, ofc.

    #fun times ahead #submas wing!au #aaaa i love this #the problem with secrets is that there are so many satisfying ways to break the secret #and it's ever so hard to choose which ones to do
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  • manchasama
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    the first time one of the depot agents bring up the wings to ingo and emmet is when they realize. "wait. YOU GUYS WERE THAT THOSE POKEMON SIGHTINGS WE NEVER FIGURED OUT--"

    AH YUP CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED! *cackles* The one and only time anyone says anything explicit about it and it's just so they can scold their bosses for being a menace.

    #fun times ahead #submas wing!au #the long hours everyone spent looking #but also the realize their bosses spent just as much time looking #'did you not realize we meant you??' #they plead the fifth
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