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  • chamonamile
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ok but who is going to be brave and make a tom wambsgans edit to last great american dynasty???

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  • greggsandham
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    tom as diana part 2 (part 1)

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  • greggsandham
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    tom as princess di pulling up in their revenge dress (based on this post)

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  • romancanine
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Ok. just rewatched succession first ep and like. Have we discussed yet that greg is introduced right after kendall

    immediately after seeing ken trying to negotiate a deal we jump to greg fucking shotgunning that Doobie in his car. like obv the cut was for Contrasts sake but. But. This groundwork being laid for Kendall wobbling in his position, bravado and all, and then Greg Mr Falling Up The Stairs….. idont think we have enough meta about the weird parallel dance that these characters do throughout the seasons (mostly bc greg on team kendall was so watery and cringe) but honestly that post that was like. kendall is a roy trying to get out and greg is a roy stripped down or w/e is soooooooo true

    and the writers really wanted this nailed in DAY 1 that they are at opposite sides of the battle and kendall and greg are both digging in the same underground tunnel working towards each other. kendall is rolling the rock up that hill but desperately wants to let go of it whereas greg is strolling alongside him …. neither can see the end of the uphill journey but they both have vastly different attitudes. kendall wants to let the rock roll, greg wants to push up a pebble and manage the climb without any sisyphean struggle. ep 1 kendall wishes logan happy birthday, meanwhile greg is shocked to learn that its logans birthday at all.

    from the get go they were written as foils and yet ive literally never encountered another piece of media where foils interact as bizarrely as they do together. which in itself is a perfect mask to keep us from realizing they are foils. three times until the cock crows brother cockadoodle doo oh of course theyre just bizarro characters they have no intense significant thematic relation. SIKE!!!!!! kendall and greg are the most directly intertwined characters this whole time!!!!!

    #i wish i could put this more eloquently #i know that many people have done good meta on this before #but just considering that this is the FIRST TWO MAIN CHATACTSRS WE ARE SHOWN #it feels like something we should feast on more #idk i’m probably beating a dead horse like i KNOW ppl have done good meta on this i know ive seen it #it’s just that realizing after rewatching the first ep hit me like a cannonball #succession#succession meta#greg hirsch#cousin greg#kendall roy#succession hbo#my post#jeremy strong#nicholas braun
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  • georgeromerosanalcavity
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    This is literally about a relationship where her boyfriend tried to force her be in an open relationship so she leaves him to live with her mother…….. LITERALLY Tom……

    #adding to my tom country girl playlist #succession hbo#tom wambsgans#dolly parton#Spotify
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  • georgeromerosanalcavity
    19.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Tomshiv vs Togan rivalry couldbe summed up by Dolly Parton’s Traveling Man

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  • your-ace-cousin-clover
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Oh yeah, he's read the AO3 logs. x

    #Why is he bringing up homoerotic overtones? #bestie #you alright? #he's still camp Tomgreg imo he's just acknowledging that's he's kinda acting and look at Nick which yeah true #god gave me speed reading just so I could skim for Tomgreg mentions in macfadyen profiles #succession#tomgreg#tom wambsgans#cousin greg#succession hbo#Matthew macfadyen
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  • pynkhues
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    how do you think stewy would realistically react to kendall telling him the truth about the car crash?

    Y'know, I've actually wondered this a lot and while I'm not entirely sure, I suspect he'd probably be a little similar to Roman? In that sense, he'd be less concerned with the act itself, and more with the impact it had had on Kendall, and that it would sort of flatten out into this space of worry for him but dismissiveness of the act overall.

    I do think there'd probably be an added layer of bitterness from Stewy though too, because the show's implied that Kendall and Stewy have done pretty awful things together before between the drugs and Kendall's bachelor party, so the fact that Kendall would hide something like this and lose them the deal that Stewy had been orchestrating - - it's probably going to feel like a betrayal all over again. It's a sort of fundamental distrust which is indicative of a deeper fracture in their relationship – something doubly significant when you consider that Kendall trusted him to such a serious degree in the early episodes of s1 with the Waystar debt information.

    It's this interesting insight into exactly how quickly Kendall retreats after he feels burned, and for all the ways he trusts too freely, he's never trusted anyone as much as he's trusted his father.

    #it's such an interesting thing to speculate on #i am sooo curious as to how roman and shiv knowing plays out in s4 #and while i'd love others to find out i think connor's the only one who will #hbo succession#kendall roy#stewy hosseini #kendall x stewy #welcome to my ama #succession meta
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  • romanroysgf
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i really wanna make a set of masterposts outlining the references to history/mythology/etc used in each season + their significance. would anyone be interested in that?

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  • sssaccharine
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tom saying Greg should go seduce some widow with his sad eyes and then “killing” shiv by pushing her down the stairs and asking greg to come with him. well it worked

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  • locosalamanca
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Howard Hamlin & Kendall Roy: ‘Conflicting Interests’.

    “He’s New Mexico’s finest,” Connor says, motioning to the tangerine-brown, white-shoe to his right.
    And the ultraviolet white teeth to match. “Howard Hamlin, esquire,” he extends a well-manicured hand. “Connor has told me so much about you.”
    “Yeah?” His heart sinks into his ass. “How long was it before he got to my coke problem? Ten minutes? Five?” He gives Hamlin a hollow smile. “I guess you can’t blame him though: it must be tough, being that fucking boring - right Con?” He claps his brother on the shoulder. “You’ve gotta find something to talk about.”
    He finally shakes his hand: “Kendall Roy, family whipping post. It’s a pleasure.”
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  • uglydwarfsblog
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tomgreg Survivor AU

    The succession cast is playing CBSs Survivor

    Tom, Greg, Kendall, Connor, Marcia, Tabitha, Rava, Lawrence Yee, Kerry, Naomi, and Karl on one tribe

    And Shiv, Roman, Stewy, Gerri, Nate, Willa, Mattson, Comfrey, Contessa, Rhea, and Frank on the other tribe

    No Logan cus I say so

    Tom and Shiv are still married

    The Roy’s are still siblings

    Tom is meeting Greg for the first time (he can still be the Roy’s cousin or not whichever you prefer)

    Tom and Greg grow very close to each other over the course of the game while shiv is off in the other tribe

    Tom shows Greg the ropes of how to back stab and manipulate and looks out for him in the game

    Tomgreg slow burn

    The people that make it to the merge:

    -Tom, Greg, Shiv, Roman, Kendall, Marcia, Willa, Comfrey, Contessa, Frank, Gerri, Rava, Mattson

    After the merge tensions run high and Tom must struggles to balance his new found connection with Greg and his loyalty to his wife

    Tomshiv definitely still has an open marriage that Tom has never thought to act on till now

    Top 6:

    Tom, Greg, Shiv, Mattson, Willa, Roman

    Tom pushing Shiv down the stairs and saves Greg during tribal with his own hidden immunity idol that he found, shiv get eliminated

    Tom promises to take Greg to the top 3 with him but can Greg promise the same?

    Top 3:

    Mattson, Roman, Greg

    During the final 4 Greg betrays Tom and makes an alliance with Mattson and Roman to got to top 3 after Mattson wins the final immunity challenge

    Tom is heart broken



    During final tribal council we get a whole lot of drama as the top 3 are questioned as to way they should win

    We get biting remarks from Shiv to Greg

    And we get a heart felt confrontation from Tom to Greg

    Ofc Tom still votes for Greg bc he loves him and is kinda lowkey proud of how much of a snake Greg has become

    Everyone else has beef against Mattson and Roman and so Greg wins by default

    Absolutely no one saw it coming or is happy about it except Tom and Greg himself

    Finally reunion show:

    All the drama and confrontation

    We learn that Tom and Shiv are filling for divorce but that Tom and Greg haven’t really talked about everything yet

    We get the idiots (tomgreg) working out their feelings on national television

    All is well that ends well and tomgreg end up victorious and use the million to go on a uber luxurious Italy trip

    I have thought about this WAY to much and have some much more to say. I’ve never written fan fic myself but this AU has been plaguing me for ages so I might have to start. If anyone else likes this idea pls feel free to write about it or add anything to it. Anything to fuel this brain rot would be so appreciated!!

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  • royrockstone
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    A Chaotic and (mostly) Deeply Unserious Succession Ask Meme

    1. favorite pairing (that could actually work if they got their shit together)

    2. favorite pairing (cringe fail edition)

    3. favorite rarepair

    4. which kid is most like logan?

    5. who do you think will take over wr?

    6. who deserves to take over wr?

    7. season 4 predictions? (/is it futile to even guess?)

    8. how do you think the show will end?

    9. how did you get into succession?

    10. wardrobe item from the show that you want

    11. any other rich people things that inspired genuine envy (a meal, a vacation, etc)?

    12. favorite succ fanfiction/fanart/fanvid/uquiz?

    13. a song that is succ-coded To You

    14. favorite member of the c-suite? (hard mode: no gerri)

    15. lore you want unpacked (sally anne, marcia’s backstory, etc)

    16. logan moment that made you the most homicidal

    17. funniest scene

    18. hottest scene

    19. cringiest scene

    20. Is Succession A Comedy?

    21. favorite motif through which to analyze the show (eg, dogs, food, cigarettes, piss, real vs non real persons)

    22. favorite literary allusions or intertexts

    23. least favorite thing about the show (hard mode: not comfrey)

    24. dream guest star

    25. favorite performance (can split into lead, supporting, and guest if you want to be a coward about it)

    26. what do you think happened with dog pound?

    27. do you think baird and gerri had a happy marriage?

    28. Birth Order Discourse (roman youngest, shiv youngest, or twins?) (+ ages if you want)

    29. a beloved personal headcanon

    30. a headcanon of no importance (eg, connor prefers milk chocolate and shiv prefers dark)

    31. sexuality headcanons

    32. fuck marry kill [insert three characters]

    33. honesty or L to the OG?

    34. would you rather: see Sands or read roman’s screenplay

    35. wyr: go to shiv’s wedding or caroline’s wedding

    36. wyr: go to tern haven or the hunting retreat

    37. wyr: have to talk to connor about napoleon or frank about shakespeare

    38. [a wyr of the asker’s choosing]

    #you should also mayhaps ask Me these #succession#succession hbo#ask meme
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  • hoss-bonaventure
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    what if succession gets the supernatural treatment and just goes on for like way more seasons than it humanly should? like after season 5 or 6 everyone thinks it’s gonna come to a close, but then some article would pop up like “succession confirmed for 3 more seasons” and everyone pales. gradually the show becomes more and more unhinged and nothing really makes sense. kendall is probably suffering from every mental illness in the book, logan is dead and idk roman probably eats a bit of his flesh enabling his cannibalism arc, and shiv is solely trying to keep the company afloat but failing. tom and greg are of course just being gay for each other in a non-canon way and fans are outraging because they’ve done literally everything romantic short of kissing each other. however, in the final season it’s revealed that greg is like a federal OP who’s entire mission was to bring down waystar and exploit the roys, so he arrests everyone and tom is like “so all of it was fake” and greg just has to look away guiltily, single tear drop falling down his face. this of course springs a bunch of discourse over the legitimacy of tomgreg and maybe during the duration of that whole mess it’s revealed nicholas braun has a twitter dedicated to reblogging tomgreg fanart.

    #a world where everything is the same but succession has 17 seasons #it would never happen mainly cause jeremy strong would go actually insane #but image succession going from the well respected show it is now #to a monstrosity worse than supernatural #also i was dead serious about the cannibal thing #roman 100% gives off flesh eater vibes #sucession#succession hbo#supernatural#spn#destiel#deancas#tomgreg#tom wombsgans#greg hirsch#shiv roy#logan roy#kendall roy#roman roy#castiel#dean winchester#sam winchester
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  • sallyjreed
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #SALLYJREED!   an independent and low-activity portrayal of sally reed from hbo’s barry, exploring concepts such as survivor’s guilt, finding yourself, and the exploitation of womanhood. 18+ and mutuals only.   loved by reed.
    #carrd in the links above! #complete aesthetic rehaul and everything #also. the new alias<3 am i embarrassing? yes #but i realized how much i liked it and it's p gender neutral so hehe #‎٭ ° ⋆ — CIAO‚ BABIES! ( ooc. ) #٭ ° ⋆ — SELF-PROMO. #indie barry rp #barry hbo rp #indie hbo rp #indie crime rp #indie succession rp #barry spoilers #kinda?
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  • georgeromerosanalcavity
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’ve said it multiple times now but there’s just something so gross about how the women (the men as well and in a different way) in Shiv’s life regard her….. like the men regard her as this kid playing house and wasting their time, ignoring her prospects, but typically I’ll see the women in Shiv’s life react to her with this….. jealousy almost specifically in relation to her proximity to Logan and it’s the most disgusting implication. I think it definitely has to do witth Logan’s misogyny and I think a lot of people under him, specifically high ranking women under him, have learned to work around and manipulate that misogyny rather than do anything effective about it, so to them, it is just a constant battle for the only spots carved out for women, no more but there can certainly be less. Being Logan’s daughter, all the women in Shiv’s life might have seen her as an oncoming threat rather than an heir, or even as a literal child. Shiv has been sexualized by nearly every person in her life and when it comes to the women in her life they don’t react to that with any sort of understanding or anything, but just as her not being able to “take the game”. When it comes to Gerri and Marcia there’s some weird fucked up rivalry there where Shiv reacts as if they have seduced Logan like a siren or some shit and directly threaten her position and they similarly, if not without exasperation. And when it’s not in relation to Logan, there’s still moments of rivalry or contention in other places, usually to put her down in her position and job or in her family…. It’s fucking weird. And in another post I might write about how Grace insulting Shiv with Roman in I Went To Market might parallel Roman and Shiv and Tabitha making fun of Tom in Vaulter (I can’t remember if that’s the right episode actually but you know)

    #succession hbo#shiv roy #like why are you as a godmother regarding your goddaughter with such contempt and rivalry
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  • whateveryoumakeme
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    If Shiv Roy no gay, why make me gayer?????

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  • georgeromerosanalcavity
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Tom and Shiv cannot have a kid it will hurt. I don’t need a Moral Orel situation

    #succession hbo#tom wambsgans #minus the thing with the coach and orels mom #but the ‘i love i love you i love you i love you’
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  • esotericfloozy
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    just joined tumblr after years of being off the site. mainly posting content about the following fandoms:


    barry (hbo)

    our flag means death


    what we do in the shadows


    and probably others

    looking for mutuals + new content + jokes


    #hannibal#barry hbo#ofmd#wwdits #neon genesis evangelion #nge#succession #new to tumblr
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  • georgeromerosanalcavity
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I think Family Jewels is a Shiv album before anyone tries to woobify anyone else to I’m putting a claim on it. Defending Shiv as a Marina girl with a spear

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