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  • pearl-tarotist
    29.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    just a suggestion:

    For a game, maybe like a moodboard for your "potential" relationship (not necessary romantically) with your celeb/idol and your dynamics.
    What if you were a character in your favorite show

    (These are just some of my ideas/suggestions)

    What about a moodboard with your fav character of your fav favorite show and dynamics..? 🤔🤔

    To be like Hannah Montana, get the best of both worlds.

    These are great ideas and! I have been thinking about doing PACs related to Marvel or The Bridgertons, so maybe something like that?

    Thank you for the suggestions! And if you have an idea about your favorite show that you think I could do just let me know too!

    Thank you and have a nice day <3

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  • enchronocity
    29.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    people you want to know better game

    I was tagged by @sleeplessincarcosa

    Favorite color: a nice dark teal, or black like all my clothes

    Currently Reading: gotta be any damn fanfiction with my favorite viking boys, sometimes some vampires/league/etc

    Last song: 小喋日和 by FantasticYouth, its the 2nd ed for komi cant communicate. this damn song made me dissociate for 14 mins the first time i played it.

    Last series: Love, Death, and Robots S3. jibaro, the very pulse of the machine, and three robots were my faves. though season 3 in general was nice.

    Last movie: The bad guys. it be better if movies were released online so i dont have to go to the theatre but alas.

    Sweet/spicy/savory: i like cooking all of these things dammit, you cant let me choose just one. Savory.

    Currently working on: now i dont write fics, but i do love learning about all things virtual photography, currently saving money for a better setup so in the future i can take better pictures. 👀 im looking at you god of war, farcry 6, and monster hunter rise sunbreak

    not tagging anyone because im shy af. but feel free to do it if u want no pressure!

    #tag game #but im not tagging anyone #merely suggesting it into the wind so you may hear it
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  • pearl-tarotist
    29.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    I think u should hold a tarot related game. The title would be either "your next romantic partner" or "what would you be like as a famous person? How will ur fans percieve you?"

    Oooooh ~~~

    I like the second option, of how your life would be if you were famous 🥺🤔. It is something relatively new 😌

    Thank you for the suggestion!!! Have a nice day

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  • claitea
    29.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    finally used those homebrew guides for my 3ds, anyone got game recommendations?

    #clai speaks #currently have khddd open and i have twewy and kid icarus installed too #i played a little twewy last night after downloading it and uh. i suck at it LMAO #anyway i'm already looking at some series #wanted to try fire emblem? also kirby #need to see if theres any ff titles on 3ds #i believe homebrew can run a lot of older consoles too so feel free to suggest stuff from like. gba #thinking of replaying mother 3 at some point.... i miss it
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  • loudworldquietthoughts
    29.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago
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  • calcescarp
    29.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago


    #if someone who's actually muslim or from the same culture as them sees this + thinks 'why are you screaming. this is shitty representation' #please let me know #i truly have no clue and would love to know #i have seen conflicting opinions in the fandom but would also love to hear more from either side #of course this is not your responsibility. to teach people. i am not suggesting that it is #just saying i'm open! #anyway #over-apologetic white rambling over #rue reads mcga #talking tag #i do really love them tbh #Samirah is so fucking cute when it comes to Amir #and he's so fucking cute in general #they're cute #so glad that we got to see Amir actually like. See and Understand stuff #making Samirah feel accepted #ugh!!!!!!!!! so much better than the alternative. i refuse to think about the alternative
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  • loudworldquietthoughts
    29.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago
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  • cantuscorvi
    29.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago
    #( ;mortalis ) #handing you a letter with this inside #it's sunday which means i'm posting with intent to kill #🔫👀#suggestive cw
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  • yandere-vent
    29.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    I love my girlfriend so so so much!! I can't wait til I get to see her again!! I'm gonna spend every second of every day with her to catch up on the 3-4 years we've been apart. I can't wait to hold her in my arms again <3


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  • moobloom-kin-haven
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Can I get some name and pronoun suggestions for a C!Tubbo fictive? Preferably masculine if possible. I was super canon-compliant if it helps

    here you go! i hope these are good, have a good day/night! :] (these all should be pretty masc-themed)

    + Quintin

    + Heath 

    + Bennett

    + Cosmo

    + Finn

    + Sean / Shawn

    + Nathan

    + Beau

    #mod tommy 🦋🧭 #dsmp#dsmp fictive#dsmp introject#tubbo fictive#tubbo introject #dsmp tubbo fictive #name suggestions #tubbo name suggestions #mcyt#mcyt introject
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  • subcons-galactic-prince
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sometimes to get kids to do what you want them to do, you gotta just play along with them.

    Little kid came into the restaurant today and refused to listen to his parents cause he just wanted to play his game.

    So I just said "you gotta tell me what drink to get so you can play!"

    And immediately got an excited response.

    He doesn't care about the drink but he DOES care about the game.

    #asher.txt #i also think sometikes hearing the same suggestion from someone else makes them more receptive #cause it's talking to someone else and not just 'parents who i wanna fight against cause im 3' #i dunno why im posting about this im tired
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  • arcane-shadow
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    pla doodles

    #my art#pokemon #pokemon legends arceus #ingo (pokemon)#irida (pokemon)#nobokai #ingo x irida #if anyone makes a traditional pkmn ship name for it ill add it on later #a few suggestions: #frownshipping#deliciousagegapshipping#lmao #i love inflicting guilt onto fictional old(er) men its like crack to me #irida is 19 in my hc but its still an age difference of over a decade <3 #shes been considered a (young) adult by hisui standards for a while though
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  • distopea
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    [ ADORE ]  sender whispering “you’re perfect” to receiver after undressing them. ( & Maky!! )

    SOFT  DETAILS  FOR SMUT  &  INTIMATE  MOMENTS (no longer accepting, old meme!)

    It was a moment he was fearing, even if he wouldn’t admit it. The lights were switched on, the two of them were both in a controlled lust. It wasn’t an act of brutal desire but something far more intimate, a foreign and dangerous zone for Mads. His body was marked by the events of war, from the scratches, the bullet scars on both his shoulder and his waist, and finally, that missing leg, starting from under his knee to the tip of his foot. He felt vulnerable, half of a man somehow, as he usually prefered to keep his pants on just for the sake of hiding what he couldn’t accept.

    But with Kynil, he felt as if he could lower his guard. Layer after layer, his clothes were falling on the ground, revealing all these visible flaws, Mads’ confidence vanishing when eventually he was entirely exposed. It was ridiculous how he was carrying the weight of his trauma right on his skin, and how these elements of life could break him in billions of pieces. He was very close to retrieving his robe, something to cover his body, but Kynil made the first move.

    “You’re perfect.”

    His heart almost skipped a beat when he heard the sentence softly whispered. Perfect? How could he? Mads remained silent even if he didn’t try to push the other man’s away. He shivered intensely when there was a contact between Kynil’s fingers and his skin, a wave of goosebumps mapping his back. Mads looked down, a veil of sadness invading his soul. He stayed there without moving, but he accepted the gentle touch of the other one, as if he was afraid his epidermis could be set on fire.

    “I’m broken in many places.” He whispered, facing the inevitable truth. He didn’t wish to hide his emotions, not when Kynil was purposely offering him such a comfort zone. It was foreign and dangerous, yes, but through his caresses and his kisses delivered everywhere upon his chest, he was slowly melting. Gently, Mads eventually found the courage to lift his hand up, his digits caressing the blond locks of the young thief. He wondered where he could see the perfection in the horrors he was seeing, but a part of Mads wanted to believe him.

    “You’re not disgusted?” He asked while he cupped his chin, his intense blue eyes focused on Kynil’s irises. There, he couldn’t perceive any sort of resentment, disgust or fear, but only an ocean of benevolence and sincerity. Mads didn’t resist. Rather than surrendering to his usual brutal instincts, he slowly closed the distance between them and offered a long kiss, full of trust and gratitude.

    #; regensia #⌇voice of the navy ( 𝙈𝙖𝙙𝙨 | ic ) #⌇broken soldier ( 𝙈𝙖𝙙𝙨 | modern verse ) #⌇complex conscience and no more time to decide ( 𝙈𝙖𝙙𝙨 / 𝙆𝙮𝙣𝙞𝙡 ) #tw: suggestive #; this is just ;-; #; a moment they both needed I guess? #; a big step for them ;-;
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  • bcbybats
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ⊰ ♛ ⊱ ・ ︶꒷꒦۵ ˚  ╯ ❛ You should definitely eat this. It’s just a lollipop... ❜  

    #( 🦇 ❛ Opener ❜ #tw suggestive #[ I made this post just to say if i wasn't a coward this would be my pride icon #[ you can buy these lollipops at Spencer's
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  • hyuckhoon
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    so fresh - jaemin, jeno

    a/n: minha saudade do triple h junto deu nisso

    a/n: Jaemin × You × Jeno | jeno e jaemin fumantes, jeno sopra a fumaça em você, dirty talk, ação de tirar fotos na hora do sexo (preciso descobrir o nome dessa coisa), degradação (putinha, vadia), pet names (boneca, meu bem, princesa), humiliation, dumbification (?), sexo sem proteção, jaemin é mean dom (?), final ruinzinho

    a/n: triple h pfvr volta 😫😫

    Sua cabeça parece leve depois de dar algumas tragadas no baseado de Jaemin, você ri pro nada, chapada pra caralho.

    Jeno firma as mãos na sua cintura antes de segurar seu rosto com uma mão. O Lee analisa seu rostinho delicado antes de soprar a fumaça em sua direção, e te puxar para um beijo intenso logo depois.

    Jaemin levanta e pega a garrafa de champanhe barato que Mark trouxe no início da noite, depois de ter cheirado algumas fileiras de pó branco. A lembrança dele quase tropeçando nos degraus pra trazer a garrafa é extremamente cômica.

    “Devemos fazer um brinde às nossas vidas miseráveis, já que sem elas não teríamos nos conhecido!” O Na mira a bebida em vocês dois e a estoura. Você sorri mais ainda sentindo o líquido molhado escorrer por seu corpo, a reação de Jeno não é diferente da sua. É fresco, refrescante.

    “Oh não! Parece que vocês ficaram molhados, o que eu faço, hm?” Jaemin se aproxima mais e agarra o rosto de Jeno. Com um sorriso arteiro na face, o mais novo força a boca de Jeno abrir, e vira a garrafa. O líquido cai na boca do Lee e escorre o pescoço até o abdômen à mostra.

    Seus olhos brilham ao ver a luxúria no olhar dos seus namorados, os dois parecem presos demais no momento, como se quisessem eternizar cada segundo do que estão fazendo. E com essa ideia na cabeça, você se levanta do colo do Lee e procura a sua pequena câmera polaroid.

    Quando volta, decide observar de longe, apenas para capturar os momentos de uma melhor forma. Jaemin está passando a língua pelo corpo bem trabalhado do mais velho, como se a ação fosse secar totalmente o Lee.

    Sem hesitação você aperta o botão e o flash é disparado, e isso parece despertar os dois homens que te olham com sorrisinhos de canto.

    “Vem cá, boneca. É a sua vez!” Jeno pede com a voz rouca de tesão. Não larga a câmera de forma alguma, e Jaemin percebe.

    “Quer que a gente tire fotos suas sendo a nossa putinha?” Ele pega a câmera com uma mão e a observa por alguns segundos. “Gosta tanto disso, não é? Ama se mostrar pra câmera!”

    Jeno segura seu rosto novamente e Jaemin despeja o líquido, te deixando mais molhada que antes. Seus olhos se fecham automaticamente ao sentir a língua de Jaemin passar pelo seu pescoço, mas você não esperava que Jeno também fosse entrar na brincadeira. Os dois estão indo em direção aos seus seios cobertos apenas por um sutiã rosinha bebê, mas Jaemin se afasta e aperta o botão na câmera, capturando mais um momento erótico da noite.

    Jeno desprende seu sutiã em segundos, e não demora pra chupar um deles, fazendo você se mexer inquieta no colo dele, já murmurando coisas desconexas. Jaemin clica no botão outra vez.

    “Já tá toda bobinha, meu bem? Jeno está fazendo um bom trabalho? Por isso está assim, toda molinha?” Você concorda, mesmo tendo entendido pouca coisa.

    Assim que a boca de Jeno solta o seu mamilo, você solta o ar que não sabia que estava prendendo.

    “Eu tô conseguindo sentir, boneca! Tá tão encharcada que tá manchando a minha calça.”

    “Que gracinha! E a gente nem fez nada.” O sorriso “malvado” de Jaemin te fez pulsar contra o nada. “Ainda.” Jeno completa sussurrando contra o seu rosto.

    Jeno rasga sua calcinha e você não se surpreende, o maldito gosta de se mostrar dessa forma. Jaemin pede gentilmente pra você se levantar um pouquinho, Jeno retira a calça e seu pau já está exposto, mas você não faz nada, esperando uma ordem de um dos dois.

    “Pode sentar, princesa! É todo seu!” Jeno afirma tranquilo, tranquilo demais. “Vai com cuidado, tá bom? Não quero você machucadinha!”

    E você senta devagar no cacete grosso, tentado não se machucar, mas sendo a vagabunda impaciente que é, decidiu descer de uma vez só, gerando uma careta e uma mordida na língua.

    “Eu disse pra tomar cuidado, mas parece que vadias como você não conseguem seguir ordens básicas, porque só pensam em sentar em um caralho, não é?”

    Ao mesmo tempo Jaemin resolve mexer no plug que está dentro de você faz algumas horas. “Não consegue seguir uma ordem simples… tsk, você acha que merece meu pau aqui dentro também?”

    “Eu mereço, nana!” O Na retira o plug e se prepara pra entrar em você. “Por favor!” E finalmente ele introduz o pau dentro de você.

    Já não sabe mais se é a euforia do baseado de Jaemin ou a euforia de estar com seus dois homens de uma forma pecaminosa como essa, mas está feliz como nunca esteve antes, feliz pra caralho.

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  • spamzeye
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Drawings from @bxcuttrz 's aggie moment

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  • clutteredsuggestions
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    All these years…and I’m back to thinking of you.

    #cluttered#suggestion#love#feelings #It’s not the same feelings as it used to be #I just miss being close #I miss holding your hand #I miss you missing me #anyways#ED
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  • probablygayattorneys
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    If I had a nickel for every case in the Ace Attorney universe where I thought to myself “Hey, I’ve seen this before in the movie The Prestige.” I would have two nickels, which yada yada yada you all know the line.

    #phoenix wright: ace attorney #apollo justice: ace attorney #the great Ace attorney chronicles 2 #the prestige #the two cases #for the record #are turnabout serenade #and the return of the great departed soul #if you’ve seen Prestige you’re probably nodding along rn like #ah yes I can see where you’re coming from #and if you haven’t #well I highly suggest you do it’s a great movie and you’ll get far more oht of it #than from the shitposts on this blog #it has David Bowie as Nikola Tesla what more could you ask from a movie #give it a watch #then give it a rewatch because it’s like lays potato chips #you can’t watch just once #wait what am I doing this isn’t a prestige fanblog
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  • playthemusic
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Morning song recommendation to make you feel awake and refreshed 🧡

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