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    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    enhypen - their relationship with idol!s/o gets exposed (req) includes: ot7 | wc: 1.6k genre: idol!au, hurt/comfort | tws/cws: dispatch (all), brief mention of panic attacks (jake), crying (sunoo) a/n: slightly modified but well, its still kinda the same mould as the og request, so idc. my shortest work in a while lol.


    heeseung is gonna immediately worry more about you and the effect this will have on you/your group than the effect it'll have on him and enhypen. the minute he finds out that dispatch had leaked pictures of you on a date, and a picture in which you two were kissing, he was immediately texting and calling you, and when you finally answered, he didn't even really care to discuss what to do, he just wanted to know how you were feeling, and if you needed any company, support, attention or anything else like that. during any meetings or official decisions about whether to go public or not, he'd stick by you, siding with you on any choices that needed to be made. you wanna go public? welp, everyone is boutta find out just how dedicated a boyfriend he is. you wanna stay private, well it'll be kinda hard to explain the kiss, but he'll stand by you, no matter what. if anyone even suggests you two break up, though, he's immediately finding some way around that idea. he can't bare the thought of you two being separated.

    -it'll be okay, love. we got each other, we can get through this together. just like we always do.


    jay is a gentleman, we know this, so usually he's quite good at hiding from the press whilst out in public, but this time he just got caught in an unfortunate situation. it didn't look too bad, in fact it just looked like friends having lunch together, but dispatch is dispatch and tried to blow this whole thing up. you and jay didn't really get a choice, as both your companies saw how easy this would be to cover up and just took the opportunity to hide it without really asking you and jay if that's what you wanted. if you didn't mind the cover-up, he'd be a tad more careful about taking you out and if you didn't want it to be covered up, if you wanted to go public, he's 100% down to take you on more public dates in hopes of getting caught. if you two do finally get caught out in a way that isn't easy to brush off as just friends, be:lift is immediately on his case about how he purposefully planned this and he's just playing it smug AND ignorant at the same time. his angel wants? his angel gets!

    -hey angel, i've booked us a reservation at this beautiful restaurant. who cares if dispatch catches us? if they do, then we can finally showcase how perfect of a couple we are. *winks*


    now jake, i think jake would be so afraid about this. he's not just worried about how this will affect him, he's terrified of how this will affect you! he's trying to think over how this will affect enhypen and then he says something to himself in his mind and he's like "oh god that affects (y/n) too!" and he can't stop thinking about it, over and over, until eventually another member of enha notices how he's basically on the verge of a panic attack and has to help calm him down. if any meetings about you two together were to be had, he's 100% shaking out of nervousness and the minute breaking up is suggested is the same minute he has to bite back tears. it's only when you push really hard against a break up happening that he realises he isn't going through this alone and you, his darling love of his life, is there to fight for him. you're here, fighting for you, him and for your relationship to be able to continue happily and healthily. ultimately, i don't think he'd sacrifice his career for his love life, as he wouldn't want you to do that either, so he'd beg and pray and demand for one more chance for you guys to stay together without getting caught again. and he's lucky, cuz you guys get this chance!

    -i'm so afraid, darling. but i've got you by my side and i don't have to go through this alone. i gotta keep reminding myself of that. i love you, darling.


    oh, he hates this. he's so protective over his sister, so imagine how protective he is over you! the minute he realises you're being followed by dispatch, he's cutting the date/get-together short, trying to pass it off as just a friendly meet-up and then is immediately going his separate ways with you, apologising with thousands of texts and a delivery of flowers to your dorm/apartment later that night. when his company pulls him up on it the next day, he's very quick to affirm that you two are just good friends and it was just a casual meeting. the company believes him however dispatch doesn't and they keep pushing. eventually they get the golden photo; you two kissing goodbye. he's immediately pulled back into another meeting with be:lift and they tell him to break up with you. he begs for one last chance, swearing he'll be more careful with it and that he hadn't meant for you two to get caught out (obviously). you two are forced to go public after your company/companies talk it out but you two are very respectful about it, not at all happy about being outed, but making do with the circumstances at hand. as long as he still has you by his side, he doesn't care too much, to be honest.

    -we'll be safe together, angel. no matter who tries to get between us, i'll stay by your side forever.


    i genuinely think sunoo is gonna be the one to cry about this and blame himself for getting you two caught out. he had forgotten to take off the bracelet he had with your name along with a love heart on it, and fans quickly picked up on it, even finding out who made the jewellery, and quickly get the confirmation that it was sunoo who ordered the matching bracelets you and him had. he would immediately be begging his members for help and when the meeting between him and his company comes up, he's hoping and praying that your meeting is going better than his, because he is trying so hard not to sob his way through the meeting. he apologises over and over, promising to be more careful and even though the relationship does end up going public, he'd ultimately be your biggest supporter, just like he was before, except now he has a little bit more space and wiggle room to do so without exposing too much about you two, cuz, well, that already happened lol. he's really apologetic about it for days after it happens though, and it takes you kissing him in the middle of one of his rants for him to finally stop apologising.

    -this isn't going to affect us too much, right? you'll still be my star, yeah? my light? you will? ahh, i love you so much, bubs.


    jungwon may be the leader, but in this moment, he feels helpless. he really feels like he's fucked up his group's reputation, you/your group's reputation, everything. he just feels like he's fucked up. you two hadn't even really been caught out in a dating-esque scenario, you just so happened to be seen out together, and one picture was captured where he was feeding you. ultimately, the choice to go public or private was up to you, but, unlike heeseung, i don't think jungwon would want to go public about this. he seems like he wouldn't want that to happen, so if you wanted to go public, he'd try and persuade you to stay private, pulling in factors like age, and how long you two have been debuted and stuff. however, if you wanted to stay private, he'd appreciate that so much. not to say he wouldn't appreciate you if you wanted to go public, i just don't think its the path he wants to take, as he's only 18, and he just doesn't want that kind of spotlight on him right now.

    -i'm sorry, honey, it's just i feel like we are still really young and i'd rather wait for a little bit longer, until we're older, maybe, before going public. wait, you wanna stay private too? oh thank god, i love you honey, so much.


    oh boy. he's gonna be so stressed and upset about this situation. even if it was your fault, he's still gonna blame himself for this entire scenario. he's immediately going to his hyungs and begging them for advice, even going so far as asking them to accompany him to the meeting with management, not wanting to be in that room all by himself. i don't think he's too big on pda, especially since he knows the chances of getting caught with you are quite high, so i don't think it'd be something like a kiss that gets you two caught out more like people reading too much into a hug. "it was a romantic hug!" well i mean, yeah it was, but stfu no it wasn't. ultimately, i think he'd prefer to stay private. he's so young, he really doesn't need that kind of heat on him, and neither do you. i think even if you did want to go public, his and yours companies would push for you two to stay private, again, due to the ages of you two. he's very sweet afterwards though. he spends a whole week buying you things and apologising over and over, even if, again, it was your fault. you'd have to beg him to stop otherwise people are gonna get suspicious all over again. he just feels bad, okay?

    -we'll be okay, right, (n/n)? yeah, yeah, we'll be okay. i'm sorry we got caught out, i'll try be more careful next time. no no, don't blame yourself, baby, i don't care what you say, i'm sorry for getting us caught out. it was totally my fault.

    © property of cieluvity 2022. pls dont copy.

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  • 1lv1
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Sound of the dark🌠

    This is the second part of sound of the dark and I hope you enjoy! Oh and I advise you to listen to Nap of a star- txt

    Part 1

    You were debating if it would be a smart idea to continue walking if you’re gonna have to walk by that stranger, after all it could be dangerous. It’s dark and there’s a tall man you’ve never seen before. But before you knew, your legs were already moving towards him. You felt a weird sense of curiosity towards him. The closer the two of you got, the more you felt the urge to run to his side. Ask for his name, what Musik he was listening to or the reason why he was out here, in the fields of a tiny village. You were close enough to see what he was wearing now. He was wearing all black. Casual jeans, a turtleneck, a pretty long coat and a beanie. You wondered why he was wearing so much layers because it was getting hot even if it’s night already. It exited you to think about you being able to see his face soon. You wondered if he saw you too, you weren’t sure because his gaze was on the many fields wich were filled with colourful flowers in summer. You hoped he would come back in daylight, it would be a shame if he wouldn’t be able to see the Beauty of it. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you realized how close you two actually are, it's actually embarrassing how nervous you get about this stranger. You took your headphones off again, just in case, and were once again met with the silence, setting off your anxiety. He seemed to notice your presence too. He turned his head and the two of you held eye contact. You understood the people talking about love at first sight now. You couldn’t even see his whole face because of the black mask he was wearing, but the moment you locked eyes with him, your heart exploded in your chest. It was beating so loud you were glad he was wearing headphones. He gave you a quick nod, acknowledging your presence and turned back to the fields. That interaction was probably about three seconds long but for you alone the eye contact was going on for hours. You wondered if that’s the feeling people describe when talking about crushes. You never really had a real crush, sure sometimes there’s a cute person you’re interested in but it has never been like this. You’ve never so comfortable with the silence.

    Wahhh thank you for giving so much love to the first part!!!!

    I appreciate you so much for reading, I hope you have an amazing day💗-I 🫶🫶

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  • 117luv
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago
    something about you ఇ chapter 9 : just date already

    synopsis: for two years, jay had been harboring feelings toward you, but he doesn't have any confidence in asking you out. it was until one faithful day, that he was paired with you for a literature assignment. he takes this only chance by confessing his feelings.

    masterlist ꩜ previous ꩜ next

    a/n: i totally agree w/ heeseung 😓

    taglist [OPEN]: @beans-and-jeanes @hseungi @enhacolor @deeznutsriki @aizzon @fairycheol @rrvvby @enhasengene @c9tnoos @bunniin @aleenamya @dipsydoo542 @seosracha @hwalllllllelujah @tomorrowbymoa-together @vantxx95 @lhsng @sroka-zlodziejka @sunghoonsblackgf @kwiniwk @hobistigma @annoyingbitch83 @qghosty @jjhmk @tlnyjoong @artstaeh @w3bqrl @soobins-gf @jaysbbybrat @teti-menchon0604 @r1ki-lvrs @sh1mzu @jjunbug @bennettsprmcy @papiibuprofen @i-yeseo @nyfwyeonjun @en-jongseong @kimmchijjajang @mintydump

    #SAY SMAU! #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smut#enhypen smau#enhypen headcanons#jay park#park jongseong #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #ni-ki x reader #jay imagines#jay fluff#jay smau#jay headcanons#jay scenarios #park jay x reader #enhypen au #park jongseong x reader #enhypen masterlist #jay park x reader
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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    PAIRING. previous jay x female reader, sunoo x female reader

    GENRE. social media au, fluff, angst, mentions of cheating, (ex)boyfriend’s best friend to lovers

    SUMMARY. you would’ve never expected your boyfriend of 6 months to cheat on you! plotting revenge, you decide to go for what will hurt him the most; dating his younger, much cuter best friend.

    ask to be on taglist in inbox or comments

    profiles 1 | profiles 2

    one — brb, gonna cry

    two — get your ass up girlfriend!

    three — who’s kim sunoo?

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  • parkmejeon004
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    11:45 p.m. - Sunoo

    PAIRING Sunoo x GN!Reader
    WC 544 words || masterlist.
    WARNINGS i do not have anything more than amateur knowledge about photography but I do know editing is either the best thing or the worst so 😭

    The hardest part of photography was the editing, you believed. You shift in your chair, stretching after finally having finished with the hellish part of your job. Okay, maybe not that bad- but complaining from time to time was healthy, alright?

    You slouch in your desk chair, closing all the folders, content that your work was done when your eyes land on the folder at the far end of your file.

    It was an old folder, you realised; back from when you had gotten your first expensive camera — the one you had called your firstborn jokingly — half jokingly, actually.

    Curious, you click on it, watching it open up into various other folders. Eyes moving past the various folders — some of them dedicated to cats, some memes, some of your friends and family — but the one that catches your attention was the last folder.

    The one that was titled as Sunoo with a heart next to it. Your eyebrows lift in surprise, having forgotten about it.

    It mostly comprised candid pictures that you had taken of him secretly. Which was the reason most of the pictures were ones where he had his eyes closed, or was looking away. 

    Sunoo had a habit of striking a pose, usually a peace sign or a heart, when he realised you were taking pictures. Or to snatch your phone away. Or to cover his face when he realised your camera lens was pointed in his direction.

    But the rare moments of when he wasn’t looking directly at you, unaware of your sneaky antics, were the moments he was the most beautiful.

    There was one particular picture that was your favourite, though; It was the one where Sunoo had his head turned away from the camera, his eyes focused on the sunset at the beach, a dazzling smile in place.

    You remembered this moment very well; how could you not? It had been the very moment you had realised just how deep your feelings for Sunoo ran. 

    The ever present sparkle in his eye, the breathtaking smile — the way he had looked at you right as he heard the camera shutter that shattered the dazed state you had been in… the sulky pout that had immediately taken over his face… 

    “Sunoo…” your tone had cut him off, his annoyed rambling coming to a stop as you continued, “I think... I love you.”

    The words had come rushing out of your mouth before you could stop them, and the blush you were rewarded with was worth it.

    “What are you doing up this late?”

    You hear a voice from behind, and whip around to find Sunoo entering through the door, coming to stand by your side as you hurriedly try to close the window. But bad luck strikes and your computer screen freezes right as you try to close Sunoo’s folder.

    “Why are you- oh?”

    Sunoo huffs a laugh as you blush, embarrassed at being caught going through a folder dedicated to him alone.

    “You really liked me, huh?”

    “Shut up,” you grumble.

    “You still do, I hope?” He rests his elbow on the headrest of your chair as you finally succeed in closing the folder.

    “Of course. I wouldn’t have confessed if I didn’t, would I?”

    Taglist : @soobin-chois @blessed-sky @nar-nia @bambisgirl @sunoona @seung-scrittore @skzenhalove @renaishun @axolotlboo @axartia
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  • soobisunfairy
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    Profile 2: the sassy girls + dongpyo

    Choi yn - A college student, she's smart, and kind. Yeonjun's younger sister, she used to date ni-ki when he's still a trainee but broke up when i-land happened. After cutting ties with riki, she didn't know what happen to him not until she saw him again in her shop buying cakes.

    Park sooyoung (Joy) - Red velvet's member, yn's friend. They met when yn helped her choose a perfume after that she invited yn to have lunch with her, and becomes friend after talking and knowing each other.

    Jennie kim - Blackpink's member, she knows yn and they're already friends even before she debuted. They met in new zealand.

    Jang wonyoung - Ive's member, they met when yn visited music bank because yeonjun asked for her presence. Wonyoung thinks yn is so pretty and sweet so she approached her and offers to be friend

    Son dongpyo - Mirae's member, he's yn's bff in school, they're both loud and loves to talk a lot so they become friends.

    Note: pls don't mind the age differences lol, T_T

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  • soobisunfairy
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    Love again - a nishimura riki smau

    Pairings: idol!riki x fem!reader

    Synopsis: choi yn, the so called "god's favorite child" by the people who knows her. Everyone envies her for being lucky, good at her studies, talented, pretty, rich and choi yeonjun's sister. As she opens her own pasty shop in front of hybe building, everything seems fine at first. Not until she met again the first ever guy who broke her young heart, her ex boyfriend. The famous dance leader of enhypen, Nishimura riki also known as ni-ki. Will choi yn still be the "god's favorite" in terms of love?

    Genre: Romance, Social media au, fluff, slight angst, smau, crack

    Warnings: swearing, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes

    Featuring: ENHYPEN, TXT, BLACKPINK's Jennie, Ive's wonyoung, Red velvet's Joy, Mirae's dongpyo, Straykids

    Status: On-going

    Taglist: open

    Enjoyyyyyy!! :)))

    Profile 1: en-high-pain

    Profile 2: the sassy girls + dongpyo

    ਏਓ 1 ਏਓ

    ਏਓ 2 ਏਓ

    ਏਓ 3 ਏਓ

    ਏਓ 4 ਏਓ

    ਏਓ 5 ਏਓ

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  • lov4soobs
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    “ ready to love ” 020. high school musical
    a/n: ahhh only 2 more chapters are left guys unfortunately😭


    previous - next

    taglist : @sophiko22 @enhacolor @ja4hyvn @jwsflower @chiukat @mingyuswrld @kyutekyuala @fallingforya @aleenamya @choisanr @caty-catts @wccycc @hiqhkey @that-awkward-shiz @sophhloaff @seventeeneration @nvertheless @i4cho @paragonofroyalty @simjakeissohot @wygkld @blaaiissee @danihow @diorsgyu @prettysung @chirokookie @baehaechannie @highfelixstarsblog @szniki @iwuvjay @enhasengene

    #enhypen#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen jay#jay smau #jay social media au #jay x reader #enhypen fake texts #enhypen fanfic#enhypen sunghoon #enhypen jay scenarios #enhypen fanfiction#sunghoon smau #sunghoon x reader #enhypen jay park #enhypen jay smau #sunghoon social media au #enhypen sunoo
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  • blu-joons
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    When He Uses An Insecurity Of Yours In An Argument ~ Enhypen Reaction


    The sound of the several bits falling out of the kitchen cupboard caused you both to jump, with you turning away as some of them fell on top of you.

    “All I wanted was a saucepan,” you huffed, finding it in amongst the mess.

    A sigh came from Heeseung who was sat at the table, “you’re always so clumsy, I mean how can one person make as much of a mess as you do constantly Y/N?”

    “I don’t mean to,” you replied to Heeseung, placing the pan back down, “do you think I do all of this on purpose? Because I really don’t.”

    “I’m just saying, maybe you should try and be more careful.”

    “Right,” you frowned, walking towards the door, “in that case, I guess thank you for the advice.”

    Heeseung’s eyes narrowed in your direction, “where are you going now? We’ve only just sorted on argument, and now you want to start off another one?”

    “I’m not the one starting anything,” you challenged, “maybe you should think about what you’re saying to stop arguments starting.”

    “I just said that you were clumsy,” Heeseung defended, “what’s so wrong about pointing that out?”

    “You know exactly what’s wrong with it.”


    You didn’t move at all as the bedroom door opened, hearing Jay clear his throat as he made his way across to sit down on the end of the bed from you.

    “Please go away,” you asked, still irritated by what had unfolded earlier.

    Jay’s head shook as he made himself comfortable, “I can’t go away, not when I know that you’re still mad at me. I want to put things right between us Y/N.”

    “How can you?” You honestly asked him, “I mean you said what you said earlier, and you must have meant it to even think to say it.”

    “I never meant for it to hurt you, that was unfair of me.”

    “Why?” You quizzed, “what did I do to make you want to dig so low to hit me where it hurts?”

    Jake’s shoulders shrugged back at you, “I wish that I could answer that question, but I can’t. All I can say is that I was an idiot, a massive idiot who didn’t think.”

    “I wish I could tell you that I disagree, but you were a massive idiot,” you acknowledged, “you still are a massive idiot really.”

    “Can we just talk?” Jay enquired, “five minutes is all that I want to talk to you about this Y/N.”

    “You’ve got five minutes, but that’s it.”


    You stopped walking as soon as Jake spoke, scoffing in surprise as you listened to him, taking a moment to make sure that you heard him right.

    “That was low, even for you,” you warned him, shaking your head in disbelief.

    It took a moment for Jake to realise what he’d said, sighing as soon as he did. “Y/N, I just wanted to get you to stop walking away from me,” he tried to explain.

    “What goes through your head to think using the thing that I’m not insecure about is a good way to get my attention?” You asked in confusion.

    “I wasn’t thinking, that’s probably my problem right now.”

    “You’re not wrong,” you sighed, “I can’t believe you all people would say that to ma Jake.”

    His shoulders dropped as he met your disappointed eyes. “Can’t we just talk about this and try and solve it? I don’t want for this to carry on any longer.”

    “I’m sorry,” you replied to him, “but right now I don’t think I can just sort stuff out, I think I need a little bit of space from you.”

    “I am sorry,” he told you once again, “you know that I didn’t mean to hurt you like that, right?”

    “Right now, I don’t really know Jake.”


    Your eyebrows furrowed as Sunghoon raised his hand into the air for a moment, finally getting you to be quiet as the two of you continued to argue.

    “What?” You snapped, with plenty more that you wanted to say to him.

    Sunghoon brought his hand to the top of his head, “you’re giving me a headache constantly talking to me, with how chatty you are we’ll never sort this out.”

    “Well, we won’t now,” you whispered, taking a couple of nervous steps away from Sunghoon, “I didn’t realise that I spoke too much.”

    “I’m just saying, I need to get my opinion across too.”

    “Sure,” you timidly replied, “I won’t say a single word if you feel that I talk too much then.”

    Sunghoon tried to reach out for you, but you brushed him aside straight away. “I didn’t mean that you talk too much, but right now, you are a bit.”

    “You’re just digging yourself a bigger hole right now,” you told him, “if you’re trying to make me feel better, than it’s not working.”

    “I wasn’t thinking,” Sunghoon sighed, “I don’t think you chat too much all of the time Sunghoon.”

    “I got what you mean, don’t worry.”


    Your eyes went wide, spinning around to look at Sunwoo. His expression dropped as he realised what he’d said, running around to stand in front of the door.

    “Move,” was all that you said to him, unable to bring yourself to be with him.

    Sunwoo’s head shook as he tried his best to stand his ground, “I’m sorry,” he repeated several times, blocking your access to the door handle to open it up.

    “I’m being serious,” you warned him, “you can’t just say something like that and expect me to stay here with you right Sunwoo.”

    “Jut let me apologise and explain, please Y/N.”

    “There’s nothing to say,” you coldly replied, “that’s why you said what you said, isn’t it?”

    Sunwoo’s head shook back across at you, “just let me talk to you,” he smiled, feeling your hand begin to push at his side to get Sunwoo to move out of your way.

    “You can talk to me later,” you offered up to him, “but right now I would really appreciate it if you just let me be alone Sunwoo.”

    “I didn’t mean it,” he reminded you, “please just know that much Y/N, that’s it.”

    “I just need time to think Sunwoo.”


    The sound of your apartment door opening caused your body to stiffen, hearing Jungwon’s footsteps walk through, you couldn’t bring yourself to look.

    “There’s bedding on the spare bed for you tonight,” you called out to him.

    A sigh came from Jungwon as he dropped down to sit on the sofa, “I’m sorry,” he told you once again, trying his best to get your attention, but failing miserably.

    “There’s no need to apologise, I’m glad to know just how much my untidiness bothers you,” you responded, keeping your voice level.

    “I wasn’t thinking when I said what I said to you earlier Y/N.”

    “I got that,” you told him, “but that doesn’t change the fact that you said it, and meant it too.”

    Jungwon’s hand brushed over the top of his head, “I’m trying to put things right Y/N, can’t you at least just look at me and try and see how sorry I am.”

    “You’ve said sorry,” you reminded Jungwon, looking across to look at him reluctantly, “but that doesn’t just fix everything this time.”

    “I’ll give you some space if that’s what you need,” he weakly smiled, “I’ll sleep in the other room.”

    “I think that’s for the best right now.”


    As you asked once again how Riki was as he sighed across the room, he dropped his pen and spun around to face you, shaking his head at you.

    “What have I done now? I’m just trying to make sure you’re alright,” you told him.

    Riki’s eyes rolled back across at you. “Stop asking me how I am and making me lose focus. Not all of us can have simple jobs like you rather than being a successful idol.”

    “Wow,” you breathed, unsure quite what to say as your expression dropped, “I-,” you began, but quickly found yourself stopping again.

    “Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just stressed with work.”

    “I know what you meant,” you told him, “I’m not as good as you because I’m not an idol, right?”

    As you stood up from where you sat, Riki stood up too. “No, you are successful, and your job is super important too, I shouldn’t have compared you to me.”

    “You know how small I feel sometimes with work compared to you,” you reminded him, “and now you just use that against me Riki.”

    “I’m sorry,” he told you, trying to reach for his hand, “I shouldn’t take this out on you.”

    “You’re right, I did nothing but care for you.”



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  • 117luv
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    something about you ఇ chapter 8 : jay's villain arc

    synopsis: for two years, jay had been harboring feelings toward you, but he doesn't have any confidence in asking you out. it was until one faithful day, that he was paired with you for a literature assignment. he takes this only chance by confessing his feelings.

    masterlist ꩜ previous ꩜ next

    a/n: pretend the cat from chap 5 n this chap r the same lol . also i thank god for jay's stylist 4 giving us ody jay 😵‍💫‼️

    taglist [OPEN]: @beans-and-jeanes @hseungi @enhacolor @deeznutsriki @aizzon @fairycheol @rrvvby @enhasengene @c9tnoos @bunniin @aleenamya @dipsydoo542 @seosracha @hwalllllllelujah @tomorrowbymoa-together @vantxx95 @lhsng @sroka-zlodziejka @sunghoonsblackgf @kwiniwk @hobistigma @annoyingbitch83 @qghosty @jjhmk @tlnyjoong @artstaeh @w3bqrl @soobins-gf @jaysbbybrat @teti-menchon0604 @r1ki-lvrs @sh1mzu @jjunbug @bennettsprmcy @papiibuprofen @i-yeseo @nyfwyeonjun @en-jongseong @kimmchijjajang

    #SAY SMAU! #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff#enhypen smut#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau#enhypen headcanons#jay park#park jongseong #jay x reader #heeseung x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #ni-ki x reader #jay imagines#jay fluff#jay smau#jay au#jay scenarios #jay park x reader #enhypen au#enhypen masterlist#jay headcanons #park jongseong x reader #jay park imagines
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  • nyanggk
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago



    ★彡pairing(s)彡★ : gamer!heeseung × gamer!fem!reader
    ★彡genre彡★ : slice of life, crack, smau, strangers to lovers, romance, fluff, comedy
    ★彡warning(s)彡★ : profanity, cringe, heeseung is a perv!, lots of gaming references esp. league, NSFW
    ★彡based on彡★ : real life! fun fact: this is actually how me and my long-term boyfriend met — with some modifications.
    ★彡a/n彡★ : as always, reblogs, likes, and comments are always very much appreciated. feel free to give me your feedback and critique.

    Truthfully speaking, becoming your boyfriend doesn't feel any different from how the two of you were back then when you were just flirting with each other online. The two of you still tease, mock, and throw dirty comments at each other whenever and wherever you two were Albeit, you guys were shy at first, not being used to having the other person directly front of you when you tell them phrases like "Shut the fuck up before I slap my d*ck across your forehead" — you mostly said this phrase by the way. But within a short span of three days, the two of you have effortlessly surpassed it and can now do it shamelessly in front of the other.

    For the record, after the two of you had your long awaited first kiss with each other, Lee Heeseung had been pronounced from then on to be your boyfriend. Now, along with obtaining the prestigious title of being YN's boyfriend there comes various responsibilities and tasks that he must uphold. You're proud to say that within the time that the two of you have been officially together, Lee Heeseung has effortlessly carried out all of these tasks and resolved any kind of conflict that's come his way.

    Lee Heeseung had fulfilled all of them seamlessly — even doing extra little side tasks here and there to gain extra love points from you. 

    For example, he always accompanies you wherever you go. If you want to go shopping, he'll take you to a store he likes, sometimes even paying for all your purchases even with you protesting in the background that you can pay for it yourself.  He listens to you you you talk about your favorite teen romance comedy drama. He lets you rant about ehat irritates you and then hugging you after. He takes you on picnic dates, goes to watch movies with you, holds your hand, everything! You name it, Lee Heeseung, your official boyfriend, has most likely done it.

    Actually, now that you think about it, there is something Heeseung hasn't done yet.

    And that is to meet your parents!

    Well, it's just 'parent' without the s.

    "YN… I don't think I can do this." Heeseung confesses nervously from beside you. 

    After a successful day spent with Heeseung out at the river, you had decided that after 3 weeks into your relationship that today is finally the day that you should introduce him to your mother. And so, here you two are, standing in front of your porch, fulfilling your mothers request to have dinner with the both of you.

    Releasing a sigh, you squeeze Heeseungs hand that had been permanently wrapped around yours in assurance as you try to ease the tension in his jittery body. "It'll be fine, bambi. My mom will love you." You say, giving him a smile in order to somewhat calm his nerves. "I'm pretty sure she already does, if I'm being honest."

    As much as Heeseung wanted to reciprocate the sweet smile you gave him, he can't. He's too caught up in his own doubts to ever smile as comfortably as you're doing right now. 

    "B-but what if—"

    "Too late!" You cut off, suddenly ringing the doorbell to your house.

    It doesn't even take a minute for the door to open, revealing the image of your mother wearing a plain white apron, a chefs hat, and a spatula grasped in her hands. 

    "Mom, Hi!" You greet, pulling your mother in for a warm hug and releasing the hold you had on Heeseungs hand. "I want you to meet someone actually. Mom, this is Hee— Heeseung?" You call out, cutting yourself off as you search for your boyfriend who's not by your side anymore but instead, hiding behind you like a scared child facing an ominous stranger.

    "Oh? Is that Heeseung?" Your mother asks, craning her head to the side to peek at the boy who's eyes were shyly darting from your mothers figure and to the ground.

    "Hello... Miss?" He trails off, waving shyly, trying to give her a charming smile but instead, looked as if he was constipated.

    "Aww" She coos. Everything Heeseung does— even merely just standing there, seems to make your mom squeal, gushing about how adorable he was being. 

    You can't blame her really. With your boyfriend peeking over your shoulder, his bambi eyes wide, and a nervous smile spread across his lips you won't lie to yourself that you've been wanting to squish his cheeks in the palm of your hands multiple times because of how cute he always looked. You know that this is only one of the many auras Heeseung has. Your mother just doesn't know the hot side of him. "Just call me Mom." She winks at your boyfriend.

    Rolling your eyes at your mothers antics, you give your mother a chance to look at Heeseung now that you aren't covering him anymore. The boy looked shy and he felt small under your mothers gaze, resembling a child even though to you, your mother wasn't radiating any sort of intimidating aura like she would whenever you would go to introduce her to your past boyfriends.

    "Ah YN, He's adorable!" She squeals, pushing past you to give your boyfriend a big hug. In shock, Heeseung stumbles a bit, not expecting your mother to warm up to him immediately. You, on the other hand, weren't shocked to see the action coming from her at all because unlike the others, your mother loved Heeseung even before she had met him. You're not so certain why. You can only guess that it's because he's the only one who actually treated you right. "Come in. The two of you!" She ushers the both of you inside.

    Heeseung follows behind you as he steps inside the warm comfort of your home. It's completely different from his dorm to say the least. Constantly being surrounded by other teenage boys close to his age means that there's always some sort of mess somewhere like clothes being piled up in a corner or dishes that were carelessly left unwashed. The younger boys weren't exactly a nightmare to live with per se. He finds comfort inside their cramped dorm because there, he always has his friends to play with, talk to, and spend his free time with. 

    In contrast, your house is clean and organised. Taking his shoes off before sitting on the couch right beside you like you told him too. Inside your living room is a normal sized TV, the news playing a little bit too loud for Heeseungs taste but it was understandable since your mother wanted to hear it all the way to the kitchen where she was currently finishing up the dishes she was preparing. There's a small coffee table in the middle of the room as well as a fuzzy white rug underneath it. Heeseung fingers itch, trying to fight the urge to run his fingers childishly through it.

    Being the observant girlfriend that you are, you notice this, making you cover your mouth to hide your snickers.

    "Heeseung," You call out, lacing your hands with his like before. "Are you feeling okay?"

    "Y-yeah I'm good. Just still a llittle nervous that's all." He chuckles awkwardly.

    "It's nothing to be nervous about, Hee. My mom literally adores you. I'd even say she likes you more than me at this point since she talks about wanring to see you so much."

    Hearing this, Heeseungs tilts his head at you in interest. "Really? What does she say about me?" He asks, face leaning dangerously close to yours and a smirk playing on his lips— the usual expression he would wear when he's teasing you. 

    "How much you stink." You deadpan, shoving his face away with your hand, slightly afraid that your mother might see the two of you.

    'Don't get me wrong, I love it when he does this but I'm not risking my mother seeing and then teasing me about it afterwards'

    Heeseung whines at that, shaking your hands that were threaded with his in protest. "Tell me~"

    Rolling your eyes, you smile at how cute your boyfriend's being. Even when he acts childish like this, you can't ever seem to be mad at him. "Nothing really. She's just been bugging me a lot about you lately. Saying how she's so glad her daughter finally has a functional boyfriend. How handsome you are. How nice you are yada yada."

    "How did she know what I looked like before?" He asks. "Did you show her pictures of me, huh, YN?" He teases.

    And he's right, you have shown your mother multiple images of Heeseung, even going as far as to tell him how pretty his voice sounded and how hot he looked whenever he danced. But of course, Heeseung can never know any of those or else, it'll be the end of you and a start to his endless teasing.

    So you dismiss him, telling him that she happened to have seen a picture of him on your phone while the two of you were texting. Heeseung doesn't seem to buy it but nods his head nonetheless as your mother calls out to the both of you, telling you that dinner is ready.

    The both of you make the short trip towards your kitchen, telling Heeseung to sit down while you and your mother prepare the table, much to his protests.

    As you were reaching up to grab the plates for the top shelf, your mother appears beside you, smiling knowingly. "YN, the both of you are so cute!" She gushes, bumping her hips with yours.

    "Ow, Mom." You whine. "You were looking?" You ask to which she replies with an eager nod. "That's so embarrassing."

    "How can I not look?! It was adorable, really." She assures you. "Finally, you found a decent man."

    "Hey, my other boyfriends weren't that bad."

    Your mother gives you a look and you feel a little afraid as she looks like she's about to throw the silverware that she's got at you. "Really? Your first boyfriend made you a side hoe and your second one only dated you because he's a weeb and he thought you looked like an anime girl he liked."

    "Jheez, Mom. Didn't need to get so personal there." You say, rolling your eyes as you secure the plates in your arms. Walking back towards the dining table, you place the plates on top of the mats, smiling warmly at your boyfriend when the two of you make eye contact and sitting down at the opposite side of him once you are done. 

    From the kitchen, your mother reappears, placing a hot pot filled with what seemed to be curry and Heeseung bows gratefully at her as she sits down at the head of the table. 

    "Mom, this looks so good." You gush, excitedly picking up the ladle to pour some curry for yourself when your mother suddenly slaps your hand away. She looks at you and her eyes dart from Heeseung and then to the curry, silently gesturing for you to pour some for him first. Seeing the exchange, Heeseung tries to hide laughter with a thank you as you do what your mother tells you too with a frown.

    As the three of them start eating, Heeseung eyes turn up to look at you and then your mother. He can't help but notice the multiple similarities that the two of you share— not only your features but your mannerisms were alike as well.

    Like Heeseungs thoughts have said. You're a spitting image of your mother and she's a spitting image of hers. Even after all she's been through, she still stands lively as if her youth didn't pass by a second as she was raising you all alone. 

    When you were being born and your mother was in the delivery room, your father had gotten involved in a car accident and died on the spot as he was on his way to the hospital. As your mother was pushing you out, she was cursing your father for being late once again. Your father had a bad habit of being late for everything, your mother told you one time when she was sharing stories about their relationship to you. Sadly, your mother caught the news that he was dead after she had successfully delivered you by herself. Knowing how hard it's been for her to raise you without her other half, you were reluctant to leave her alone in South Korea without anyone to stay by her side and assist her. However, she always prodded you to go and chase your dreams, supporting you no matter what. And so, eventually, with a lot of persuasion coming from your mother, you went off on your own journey in Australia.

    "So, Heeseung," Your mother starts, quickly gaining the attention of both of you. Her face is in a semi serious manner. However, you can only smile to yourself at your mothers obvious act to try and make Heeseung nervous for absolutely no reason when she knew how much the boy was nervous. "How has YN been treating you so far?"

    The potato that you were chewing gets spat out in an unladylike manner once you hear your mothers words. "Mom!" You squint your eyes at her, watching as she bursts out laughing as she points at the chunk of potatoes scattered across the dining table. "What do you mean 'How has YN been treating you'?! May I remind you that you are my mother and not his?!"

    Still in a state of laughter, "I-I'm sorry, dear. I just co-couldn't he-e-lp it. Look at him being so nervous!" Your mom says, struggling to talk straight as her laughter continues.

    With that, Heeseung finally loosens his tensed body, permitting himself to laugh as he looks at the chewed up piece of potato laying in his place. He checks to see if your mother was staring at him. When he sees that her eyes are still closed whilst laughing, he looks you in the eye, picking up the piece of your food that landed on his plate and then eating it afterwards. He manages to do all of this while putting on a straight face and you applaud him for that. However, that doesn't stop you from cringing at his antics. So, you throw a small bulk of rice at him, laughing as he tries to dodge it.

    "Well, now that I think of it, Mom," He smirks at you but his voice falters a bit at the end, still shy about using the name. "YN hasn't been treating me all too well these days." He pouts. This apparently shuts your mother up, as she tilts her head in confusion, silently telling the boy to elaborate and continue. "You see, your daughters been calling me many hurtful names recently."

    Both you and your mothers eyes go wide as you immediately tell your mom that it isn't true but she doesn't seem to believe you at the moment as she continues to pierce you with her hawk-like gaze. "That is not true! Mom, do not believe a word coming out from him."

    "Mom, it's true." He says, fakely wiping the non-existent tear that left his eyes as he gripped his chest as if his heart was wounded. "She kept on telling me how stupid I am and that she's ashamed of being with me"

    "YN," Your mother gasps. "Why would you say such a thing?!"

    "First of all! I only called him stupid because he kept on inting my rank games. And second, that was me just being sarcastic!"

    "Still, you hurt the poor boy." Your mother reasons out, getting out of her seat and hugging your boyfriends shoulders from the back to console him as he continues to carry out his pained act. "YN, say sorry and that you love him." She says in a stern voice.

    Wearing a victorious smirk on his face, you glare at your boyfriend. "Never!"

    "You will." She orders.

    "Why should I?! It's not my fault he can only play one champion properly!" You protest, stomping your feet under the table.

    "Hey!" Your boyfriend screams. "Take that back!"

    "Agreed, YN. I don't know what you guys are talking about but take it back." 

    "Granny." you mutter under your breath.

    "What was that?" She asks, raising an eyebrow at you in speculation, daring for you to repeat what you had just called her.

    "Nothing." You grumble, folding your arms to show that you were angry before sighing comically as you rolled your eyes. "I l—love you, Heeseung…" You blush. "and… Sike! Bitch, you thought! Get better at the game, loser"

    ★彡previous , masterlist , next彡★

    so this was requested by one of my sweetest moots, suna and you can find her ask here! I actually had quite a lot of fun writing this mb for taking a bit too long rodkepsd

    just for the sake of my sanity, I'm probably only going to write 2????? idk depends

    but if anyone wants to send in more requests your welcome to however I'm not sure when I'll be able to upload them.

    TAGLIST [CLOSED] : @kyukittie @lhsng @jakeisnotafurry @tomorrowbymoa-together @sd211 @bloomedberry @rionah @kimmchijjajang @nikipedia07 @msxflower @arizejkt19 @togesgf @daiyuvrs @amarillyis @soobnism @sunsunu @purplebearheart @love4heejake @caty-catts @diestheticu @sophhloaff @rrvvby @lalalalawon @thaliese @heedeungie1 @wonswondrland @meowmeowhoon @heesflor @cyuuupid @axartia @enhacolor @artstaeh @chirokookie @duolingofanaccount @skzoddinaries @rikisnuggie

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  • 246sn
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    ⸝⸝ sunny days ﹝ ⟡ ﹞ f٬reader ⊹ sunoo / jake ! ׅ ֺ ̟

    SYNOPSIS | kim sunoo was a popular student. so popular in fact that he has numerous fan accounts, but he only cares about one : an anonymous user who posts encouraging messages every morning before school. his goal is to figure out who this mysterious person is but what would happen if one betrayal reveals this user’s “true identity”? would they rather fight for love or stay with the person who has been with them since the beginning?
    GENRE school au/smau , fluff, angst, brothers best friend! jake, classmate! sunoo, love triangle, double ending WARNINGS i’m still not funny 😢, bad words :0, sunoo and jake won’t date each other 😅 i hope this makes it clear when i say reader x sunoo/jake
    STATUS coming soon ! START 03.31.22’ TAGLIST is open! send an ask or comment to be added <3

    ◟ profiles — yn and her lovers ╱ rascalz and their sponsors !

    ⠀⠀⠀prologue | coming soon!

    #sunny days! #sunoo smau#jake smau#enhypen smau#enhypennetwork #sunoo social media au #jake social media au #kim sunoo#sim jaeyun#sunoo#jake #sunoo x reader #jake x reader #sunoo x y/n #jake x y/n #sunoo fluff#jake fluff#sunoo scenario#jake scenario #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #enhypen #enhypen fake texts #enhypen fluff
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  • bomkkaji
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    enhypen as your seatmate.

    heeseung ︴rarely ever listens to discussions unless it piques his interest. instead, likes to draw to pass time and feed his boredom. you catch him using you as reference sometimes for his drawings.

    jay ︴an organized mess. drops his pens and leaves his notebooks often so you have to return them after class. it's suspicious the amount of times it's happened—he may be intentionally doing it to get closer to you.

    jake ︴passes you messages during class. if paper isn’t an option, he’ll use his hand or arm, as long as he gets your attention and makes you laugh.

    sunghoon ︴attentively listens to class. you sometimes ask to borrow his notes and he gladly gives them to you, even sometimes taking an extra step to help you understand the lesson better by staying behind during lunch.

    sunoo ︴will take every chance there is to recite. when the teacher randomly calls you to answer but you weren’t listening, he whispers the correct answer to you.

    jungwon ︴dozes off during class sometimes because he never skips a day of dance practice. so he doesn’t fall asleep anymore, you often buy coffee for him and leave it at his desk secretly.

    ni-ki ︴always distracted and abusing his desk, carving letters or drawing on it. your eating-during-class buddy.

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  • theaspen
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    summary : Jay seems to keep appearing in your alternate nightmares. He acts as your night in shining armor, always helping you in your sleep. But when you try to stop the nightmares altogether he doesn't like it.

    genre : thriller, angst, one-shot.

    pairing : Jay x you


    One-shot will be coming soon! (hopefully)

    I'm very excited to be working on this!

    Tag List is open, please send in an ask to be added.


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  • enhadiares
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    Enhypen reaction to someone flirting with their s/o.

    %...Disclaimer I do not condone this behaviour . This is just imagination and none of the members are like this.

    %...Pairing Enhypen x reader

    %...Genre Yandere

    %...Warning cussing, threats, mention of violence. Not proof read.

    %...a/n Guess who's back? ME. LETS GOO!! Also this had been sitting in my drafts since ages so I decide to just post it☠️

    ࣪˖ 𖣠 LEE HEESEUNG 𖤐

    He would be kinda mad and angry at the guy for flirting with you so he would keep his hands around your waist and peck you cheek Infront of the guy so he gets the idea that you two are together and would go. But when the guy ignores whatever he did and still continues to flirt with you , he would straight up be like 'if you don't want to have a broken nose - leave' with dark eyes. Hearing this , the guy would be kinda scared and would go away.


    This guys is known as the most possessive member.

    Of course he would be jealous and would straight up be like "fuck off ,she's mine". If the guy still continues , he would definitely punch the living daylights outta him. Everyone around you would be scared as well.

    ࣪˖ 𖣠 SIM JAKE 𖤐

    He would be patient when the guy is just talking but when he starts flirting, Jake would loose his patience and would hold your hand to show that you guys are dating. And then tell the guy that you are taken and he should not even dare to come near you again.

    ࣪˖ 𖣠 PARK SUNGHOON 𖤐

    My guy was so annoyed , and wasn't even trying to hide it. Would high-key state the guy up and down and be like - 'how tf you even dare to come near my s/o'. Something inside him would snap and he would hold your hand and immediately leave while purposely bumping his shoulder with the guy not before warning him to stay the fuck away from you or the would be consequences.

    ࣪˖ 𖣠 KIM SUNOO 𖤐

    He would be low-key judging the guy. He would scoff and say to the guy ,"how do you even have to courage to come near my gf with that filthy face and personality of yours. And to think that my angel would even talk to you." Would sassily take your hand and walk off , making the guy dumbfounded.

    ࣪˖ 𖣠 YANG JUNGWON 𖤐

    He would be cringing so bad from the pick-up line the guy was trying to use on you. He would give the guy his judgy stare and there would be a long silence after the guy said a very bad pick-up line. He would start laughing and making fun of the guy. That was enough to make the guy feel embarrassed , and so he left.


    He would glare at the guy . His would stare daggers at the guy. He looks intimidating and his stare didn't help. The guy would start sweating and fiddling with his fingers. He was testing Niki's patience and Niki didn't like it one bit. So he pushed the guy and threatened to break his bones if he didn't leave immediately. The guy obviously ran away.

    Feel free to tell me if there are any mistakes .


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  • i-dejun
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    # smoke up a glimpse of heaven

    enhypen 02z reaction to finding out you smoke

    🎧 offonoff, tablo, & miso - cigarette

    genre - idk anymore. kinda fluff ig (maybe angst for jaeyuns)

    word count - i was too lazy to check sry

    warnings - smoking (#dontsmokekids) , not proofread

    a/n - this is so old omg. i wrote this cause i have a nic addiction lol. also y’all, feel free to send in asks cause i’m bored and stuff.


    i feel like jongseong would ask if you could pass him a cig… like he probably has smoked atleast ONCE in his life. this is lowk self indulgent because i think smoking is hot and i saw an edit of him with tattoos yesterday and it awakened something in me (i <3 badboy jay).


    bro is so concerned. he WILL as you a billion questions about it. at the end of the day, he understands that it’s your choice but that won’t stop him from encouraging you to quit.


    he’s like the perfect inbetween of jay & jake. like he’s a lil concerned but also a lil intrigued. will TRY to smoke one with you but can’t handle it. my man’s coughing his brains out and immediately regrets it. never again.

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  • lov4soobs
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago
    “ ready to love ” 019. hoon’s hitman


    previous - next

    taglist (open) : @sophiko22 @enhacolor @ja4hyvn @jwsflower @chiukat @mingyuswrld @kyutekyuala @fallingforya @aleenamya @choisanr @caty-catts @wccycc @hiqhkey @that-awkward-shiz @sophhloaff @seventeeneration @nvertheless @i4cho @paragonofroyalty @simjakeissohot @wygkld @blaaiissee @danihow @diorsgyu @prettysung @chirokookie @baehaechannie @highfelixstarsblog @szniki (bolded if i can’t tag)

    #enhypen#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen jay#jay smau #jay social media au #jay x reader #enhypen fake texts #enhypen fanfic#enhypen sunghoon #enhypen jay scenarios #enhypen fanfiction#sunghoon smau #sunghoon x reader #enhypen jay park #enhypen jay smau #sunghoon social media au #enhypen sunoo
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  • 117luv
    23.05.2022 - 4 days ago
    something about you ఇ chapter 7 : heartbreaker

    synopsis: for two years, jay had been harboring feelings toward you, but he doesn't have any confidence in asking you out. it was until one faithful day, that he was paired with you for a literature assignment. he takes this only chance by confessing his feelings.

    masterlist ꩜ previous ꩜ next

    a/n: yn... r u even trying 2 hide it 😸

    taglist [OPEN]: @beans-and-jeanes @hseungi @enhacolor @deeznutsriki @aizzon @fairycheol @rrvvby @enhasengene @c9tnoos @bunniin @aleenamya @dipsydoo542 @seosracha @hwalllllllelujah @tomorrowbymoa-together @vantxx95 @lhsng @sroka-zlodziejka @sunghoonsblackgf @kwiniwk @hobistigma @annoyingbitch83 @qghosty @jjhmk @tlnyjoong @artstaeh @w3bqrl @soobins-gf @jaysbbybrat @teti-menchon0604 @r1ki-lvrs @sh1mzu @lordduckass @bennettsprmcy @papiibuprofen @i-yeseo @nyfwyeonjun @en-jongseong @kimmchijjajang

    #SAY SMAU! #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff#enhypen smau#enhypen headcanons#enhypen smut#jay park#park jongseong #jay x reader #heeseung x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #ni ki x reader #enhypen scenarios#jay imagines#jay fluff#jay smau#jay headcanons #jay park imagines #enhypen masterlist#enhypen au #park jongseong x reader
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  • juicyhypen
    23.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    a food fight with sunoo.

    imagine teasing him for his habit of munching loudly (i don't think he does this, let's just pretend lol) and him trying to prove a point by making you eat the same food. you tried hard not to munch the same way he does so you can tease him more about it but sunoo knows what you were doing. he suddenly dip his finger to the cake’s icing to put some on your cheek then started running away while laughing like crazy leaving you in disbelief. u then did the same thing as you chase him to get back for what he did. instead of running away from u, sunoo waited and catch u causing him to fall on his back with u on the top of him. both of u laughing at each other’s faces, after a few minutes, ghost of smiles remained on you lips as u got lost at e/o’s eyes...

    while his palms rested on ur waist, ur finger with a bit of icing left softly made a contact with his lower lip as his tongue grazed them for a taste...

    cas notes: this is my first drabble and it’s fluff + sunoo for a start ! expect more in the future, thank u, bffs <333 (feel free to request something, love u!)

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  • pjsfvs
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    ▸ Dating with enhypen incluide

    ot7 x reader // fluff

    a/n: I'm new writing here on tumblr and english is not my language so if there are any mistakes please forgive me


    Morning and night texts, giggly kisses, gaming together, borrowing hoodies, belly rubs, head pats, songs about you, ranting to each other, romantic poems

    Park Jay

    Receiving random gifts, late night walks, Cook cooking together, warmest hugs, shopping, neck kisses, not wanting to get out from the bed, breakfast in bed, pampering each other, dancing around the kitchen, encouraging words

    Jake Sim

    Rooftop cuddles, warming each other up in the cold, laying in each other's laps, poking you for attention, lunch datos, a folder in his camera roll dedicated to you, sweet notes, arm around your waist, fluffy blankets, couple photos

    Park Sunghoon

    Lazy days, hungry kisses, warm hugs, sharing a bed, pointless conversations, 3am make-out sessions, deep eye contact, tracing shapes on each other's skin, pinterest couple, cafe or ice rink dates

    Kim Sunoo

    Bright smiles, mini photos shoots, k-drama nights, cooking together at 1am, matching wallpapers, matching outfits, making each other laugh, valentine rings, face masks pulshies, butterfly kisses, vacations, holding hands and swinging them, sweet pet names, braiding hair

    Yang Jungwon

    Continous nagging, study buddies, singing to you sleep, self defense training sessions, opening the door for you, meaningful conversations, consolations heart warming confessions, physical affection, cheek kisses

    Nishimura Riki

    Hesitant kisses, comparing hand size & heights, piggy back rides, oversized t-shirts, texting funny pictures, play fighting, pints of ice cream in the freezer, teasing, gaming competitions, dance covers together

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