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  • jellyluchi
    20.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    reading another historical romance novel and this is another one of Those ProSid Scenes

    #taha talks #the guy in this one is so deliciously grumpy like him omfg #but also pretty sweet #man i fucking love dudes who are like 'arghh im a meanie bad guy' and then turn around and shower their wife with love #prosid
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  • horny-on-main-thembo
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Being a romantic is super sexy of you. And if someone gives you shit for it, tell me so I can be a crazy mean guard dog femme about it for you


    Hey Cherry Anon? I'm 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and giving you whatever form of physical appreciation you consent to (hugs, smooches, handshakes, awkward waves, the choice is yours)

    #🍒 anon #this was so fucking sweet?! #not me unexpectedly crying into my wine glass #thank you #Seriously thank you
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  • felrend
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Just thought of a new headcanon for our Captain.

    Erend records himself with his focus making old world recipes like Dylan Hollis!

    He finds Betty Crocker (just using her as an example) cook books with the help of Apollo and thinks it’s a fun idea. No one at the base is complaining, unless it’s a super gross recipe or they just don’t have the right ingredients, because Erend is actually a good cook.

    Erend watching everyone enjoying his cooking 🥹

    #horizon forbidden west #erend#erend vanguardsman#headcanon#TikTok#inspired#dylan hollis #he fucking would #and you know it #lmao #it’s so sweet #and hilarious
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  • whatever-dude
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    IS CALE HURT???? i s2g is cale makar is hurt i will go feral

    #my sweet sweet boy better be ok #ohmygod i am going to flip out #gonna scream #i hate it here #cale makar #my poor sweet baby #If he’s actually hurt I will fuck someone up #colorado avalanche#avs#nhl#hockey #nhl 2022 playoffs #stanley cup playoffs 2022 #stanley cup playoffs #5.19.22 #round 2 game 2
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  • goatpaste
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    yeah there's a lot of rumors that Araki was supposedly have the guy who saved Josuke be... Josuke himself, stuck in a time loop bc Bites the Dust, but I think Araki flat-out confirmed that no, that was never in his plans, it really WAS meant to be just a random Good Samaritan who Josuke chose to imitate

    mhm mhm, thats what iv been told

    and it just being some dude is totally fine ykno! its sweet and nice and whatever

    its just like

    there sure what a guy they drew looking a lot like josuke, just out in the snow, bleeding?? im like

    what the fuck is up with that guy, he good??

    #both just random good hearted person is very good #and josuke being his own hero is also sweet! #i still love the idea and like visual of a josuke in the middle of a fight #torn and battered around #watching his mother and his own life go by with btd fucking up its time looping in a panic after josuke beats the shit out of it #josuke suddenly being in this blinding white street of snow #then he see's it #a car stuck out in the snow #doesnt connect the dots #and ignoring his own pain and blood lose because their stuck in the snow #and he helps #maybe getting a glance in the mirror as the face of his young mother and his own young self #as it drives away into the flurry of snow #josuke bleeding out a dark dot in his black uniform in the middle of a snow stormed white blanket engulfing him #falling down to his knees after this and watching his young childhood he can hardly remember at his age anymore #his mother falling in love with joseph #crying when he leaves her behind and shes pregnant #her raising him by herself with her father #josuke and her against the world #josuke sick in the hospital as tomoko despite having no idea whats wrong with josuke staying by his side and not giving up on him #before a return to the present #iDK MAN#like #something about the narrative of the stranger who was your hero who you wanted to live up to and be #was you all along and you were always good enough because it was you #its niche but its sweet to me
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  • minimoonwhispers
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    xiangyan hcs!!!

    for you? always >:33

    (and also. just in general bc. They’re the ship ever)

    xiangling/xinyan ship hcs

    xinyan and xiangling both have all sorts of nicknames. ranging from childhood to current here and now! from silly ones like foodie and xiongmao (panda in chinese) for xiangling to ml (music lover) and yanyan for xinyan! as time passed on, their nicknames became more romantic, like chūntiān (spring) for xinyan, and qiūtiān (fall) for xiangling. others include: my flame, my beauty, my silk rose for xinyan and my fuel, my charm, my junyen chili for xiangling. their most romantic ones involve “my melody” from xinyan since xiangling is the base, the support for xinyan to boost her music to create a cohesive song, and “my spadle” from xiangling bc it’s a constellation from the night sky and xinyan never fails to shine like a star

    i headcanon xinyan witb 4c hair so she has to maintain it much differently compared to the rest of the population. from pre-pooing her hair to using alternate hair products (sulfate free shampoo vs conditioner), it’s a lot different from what xiangling does. however, xiangling wants to learn nonetheless. not even as a romantic partner, but as a friend, as someone to help out and be there for her friend since in the past, xinyan never had anyone to do her hair for her in the same xinyan did her hair. and xiangling wants to give her that intimacy that she knows her dearest friend craves. xiangling always asks before doing xinyan’s hair, prioritizing boundaries over all. xiangling does her absolute best to follow xinyan’s instructions to a t, and does research on her own. teyvat may not have google, but i don’t doubt they have other resources just as easy to access if not more for their nations!

    i can also imagine the two of them going fishing together! this is based on more familial content as my family has done it for generations to provide food as substience agricultural—so xiangling and xinyan would do the same. with xinyan initially starting from poor origins, i imagine xiangling starting the same as they’re both childhood friends. plus, it’s easier to befriend someone of the same economic status from my experience. contrarily to popular belief, wanmin restaurant wasn’t always the booming business known today—it too had simple origins. and during those times, when food and money was scare, theyd take each other’s hand and head out to the river to fish for their family. sure, they may struggle fishing overall but they manage! and best of all—xinyan gets to watch the maos (xiangling’s family) cook them up a mighty fine if she does say so herself! no one can cook a fish like the maos!

    xinyan can canonically sew so i can definitely see her making small trinkets and gifts for xiangling. initially, she only forced herself to learn how to sew to Make Her Family Happy from conforming to the standards of womanhood but. Seeing xiangling’s joy at receiving such thoughtful gifts, xinyan strives to improve till sewing becomes something she genuinely enjoys. sure, xinyan still struggles and certainly isn’t a fast sewer but any means (unlike her mother) however she’s able to create patterns and designs like no other! and xiangling is her inspiration, her muse, the reason why she hones her craft, creating the outfit she wears today! similarly, xiangling is the muse of xinyan’s songs, inspired by the cook’s passion and vigor. with xiangling’s energy… xinyan becomes inspired and can’t help but follow in her footsteps! she’s constantly inspired by the other :33

    they also enjoy going on walk togethers! from helping xiangling gather ingredients for her recipes to xinyan playing her songs while they go about their day, to just plain hanging out… all of their outings are enjoyable, bringing smiles to their faces. xiangling’s favorite thing to do is wander aimlessly, having no location in mind; they often find the best discoveries. from creating flower crowns of their favorite plants to leaving out treats for the dogs in liyue to even having an impromptu concert with no explanation, attracting civilians and tourists alike with the food and music. the special feelings both girls get when they hang out with each other is an inexplicable feeling like no other. and they wouldn’t trade it for the world

    finally, xiangling’s ideas for dishes come from xinyan!! whenever xinyan comes to visit xiangling at wanmin restaurant, she gives her own share ingredients for xiangling to create new and innovative dishes for customers, shaking the cooking industry as a whole. unlike the majority of liyue, xinyan isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what can be considered food; this result a lot of xiangling’s foods that are both experimental but wholly flavorful—that’s something you can always count on from xinyan’s collaboration! additionally, xinyan is her canonical taste tester and willing to try new things, even if xiangling’s past recipes haven’t been the most successful. xinyam push aside xiangling past failures to go to the dish judgement free <33 and that support is unparalleled by no other; xiangling wouldnt trade it for the world

    long story short,, both parties mean the world to each other and they wouldn’t know what theyd do without the other. if there’s any relationship that tethers the line between romanticism and platonic attraction, it would be them. and theyd be fine with both. maybe others don’t get that but to them, all that matters is being with each other through thick and thin, through the best and worst, no matter what. that’s what their attraction, their love is for each other :33

    #genshin impact#genshin hcs#genshin xinyan#xinyan genshin#xiangling genshin#genshin xiangling#xiangyan#mistu mumbles #mistu’s loonie whispers #they are the couple ever tbh and while i haven’t been super invested in genshin lately #they will always have a place in my heart be it friends or lovers <333 they mean the fucking world to me hehe :333 #there’s something so sweet about being by someone side no matter what society deems you to be thru it all #i think that’s what true love is just being there for someone thru thick and thin even if u don’t know what to do that’s when u know #that person loves u #xiangyan embodies that perfectly #similarly they’re each other’s inspirations and muses being the ‘rockstar’ of their owl respective art is xinyan puts it and that #is so cool #and i think while they themselves aren’t involved in the others art form they understand eac others passion enough to encourage + foster it #and that is so important especially when both parties face opposition be it their friends (xiangling with xingyun) #(or xinyan with her family and majority of the population (#hehe :33#dryadfairy
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  • chansoldoll
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    They gave me 8 minutes of them being super soft with each other and kinn smiling like THAT at porsche, them holding hands, THE CUDDLES, so yeah I'm not gonna survive going forward. But like on a real I'm scared for Saturday cuz this was so soft and adorable like what does this mean for episode 7, like should we be afraid cuz I'm definitely afraid...

    #kinnporsche #Like that was so fucking cute but does this mean episode 7 is gonna be just as sweet or will we suffer #Like help please 😭😭😭😭 #kinnporsche the series
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  • louve-garoue
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Headcanon that after the events of A Link to the Past, Link still got chased around by misguided guards every now and then, even after Zelda publicly announced that he was innocent of the crime of kidnapped her. So she put that declaration on an official paper for Link to carry around and show the misguided guards.

    When that didn’t fully work she publicly pardoned him for a crime he didn’t comit and also sent him a letter of pardon to show the people that unjustly keep blaming him as proof of that pardon.

    When that still didn’t fully work and there was still very stubborn guard that refused to believed it and just found other pretext to put him in jail sometimes, Zelda wrote Link a letter explaining very professionally that by royal degree, it was now illegal to put Link in jail for any reason and any knight doing so will be put into Martial Court (and Link of course has every rights to escape should that still happen). Basically what I’m saying is that the Hero of Legend can do this (id under the cut) :

    Id image : the "not to worry. I have a permit." meme from Parcs and Rec. But on Ron face is a of Link from "a link to the past" and on the cop's face is a artwork of a soldier (as in brainwashed knight enemies Link has to face in alttp). On the permit is written "He can do what he wants. Signed : Princess "wery tired of this shit do not test me" Zelda". Underneath that is a picture of the Triforce with written "Royal seal of approv", the "al" of "approval" being hidden under the fingers of the cop.

    #I spend too much time on this edit but it was worth it #the permit is very official I assure you #This headcanon was created with linked universe AU in mind but also #I found it hilarious that sweet canon boy has literally and effectively been placed above the law without so much as complaining #(probably) #Zelda just saw the many rapports of Link still being chased and did all that of her own initiative #She know he won't abuse the power she just gave him #Also the 'fuck you fuck you I'm very tired of this shit do not test me' is heavily implied in the letters (especially the last) #and can be seen clear as day by anyone that had to deal with official letter at any point of their life #the threat of martial court is very credible #loz #legend of zelda #alttp#alttp link#alttp zelda#link#zelda#loz alttp #loz a link to the past #a link to the past #soldier#hyrulean guards#alttp soldiers#alttp soldier
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  • mitsuxii
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    does. does anyone. does anyone watch assassination classroom.

    #i know judgment does #my singular lifeline in a vast sea of tokyo revengers and demon slayer #no bc karma and nagisa do things to me fr #like karma’s whole vibe and him being strong as fuck during his 1v1 with nagisa???? jesus christ #and when nagisa had mr takaoka SWEATING??? sweet jesus
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  • lacheri
    19.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    how old is reader in moon river? or like what age range, and what about levi ?

    love your writing btw ❤️❤️

    I purposefully left out the age ranges so anyone and everyone could imagine themselves in reader’s shoes!! but in my little head I imagine reader to be around 21-25, same with ema and such

    LEVI however is in his late 20’s early 30’s (so canon-ish age at the start of aot)

    thank u so much ))): hugging u through the screen

    #you’re so fucking sweet thank u #it really makes me motivated to post and write whenever u guys ask me questions ahhhh so so so sweet thank u for indulging me #cherieanswers#nonnie 🖤 #moon river asks
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  • glacialmarch
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ooc  i, like khioniya, can only be roused by offers of jashenka.

    #ooc #i am absolutely here for more than that to develop but bruvski #at this point she may as well exist solely for sweet unhinged mommy/son murder duo content #and i am so here for that FDKJSDF LMAOOOO #they're just so sweet together stop... look how adorable. how lovely. oof. #i always crave the tenderness between two dark mfuckers #HMM YES GOOD. #CRAZY ASSHOLES who are very very sweet also #kind but fucked up & vice versa #hm hm hm yes #given that she does in potential extend this to all those who fight & die with her ahhh... the religious zeal in the fatui makes sense fjdjf #yes as a matter of fact mommy will ensure you come home safe but only so long as u fight her wars with her. amen.
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  • nucleoplasmic
    19.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i’ve been called bestie only twice but every time it has given me full body shivers of disgust.

    #i know at least one of the people who called me that isn’t part of the usual crowd who likes saying bestie so much #and they’re actually very sweet #but even then I can’t fucking take it agshsjs literally call me anything else
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  • tentacletherapistttt
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    i had cereal for the first time in months

    #i had frosted flakes #they kinda sucked #they are so fucking sweet
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  • killrockstar
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I just sit here twiddling my thumbs. Gerard out there singing and I can’t hear her 😓

    they should have checked the phone connection at the venue like when you're buying a house before they booked it i'm going to start like growling and kicking let me SEE THEM

    #like its THE fucking show and i cant see her sweet face ..... #i know theyre going to do something important
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  • thiswaycomessomethingwicked
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago
    ‘Mazzeri?’ Cardano tastes the word. ‘That’s not a term I’ve heard before.’
    ‘Dream hunters, I suppose you could call them. They’re strictly Corsican. I’d have been surprised if you’d heard of them. They prophecy the death of others through their dreams where they hunt wild boar, hares, goats, birds and kill them.’
    Napoleon tilts his head, replies with a cool smile: ‘With a knife. Sometimes, even, by hand and teeth. Like a dog. They read the entrails of the animal and see the face of the one destined to die.’
    Cardano leans forward and refills Napoleon’s brandy, then Bertrand’s. The house is entirely quiet. Heledd must have left, or she is upstairs or out back. There is no noise, no life other than themselves. Despite the sun, the warmth of the day, and gentleness of the room, the shadows seem to grow longer. Creep out from edges where they lurked. When Napoleon glances into them, he half expects to meet the maddening green eyes of the creature from the night before.
    It is rare that he feels he is being hunted. But that is exactly how he felt when the entity stood, half shadowed beneath tree, and stared.
    ‘They’re more than prophesiers, though,’ Napoleon continues. Voice breaking the still. ‘When they kill the animal, mazzeri sever the soul of the condemned from their body. The victim may linger for a few days or months, but they live on borrowed time, for in reality, they’re already dead. Leaving us with an interesting question.’
    ‘Which is?’ Cardano asks.
    ‘Do mazzeri predict death or cause it? Are they prophesiers or murderers?’

    Back on my bullshit. Can I write Napoleon without mentioning the mazzeri at least once? No. The answer is no. 

    Arthur: excuse me HWAT

    Bertrand: ignore him, he’s being melodramatic. 

    Arthur: i mean...he’s french and corsican. of course he’s melodramatic. 

    Bertrand: don’t tar us all with the same brush. 

    Napoleon: Bertrand. You’re the one who always suggested more outlandish things to do and ways to dress whenever I snuck out to walk around the streets of Paris. 


    Bertrand: I was being helpful. 

    #Napoleon: anyway pretty sure it's not a mazzeru who killed the kid in the tree. #Napoleon: it's not like there are any corsicans around here anyway. #only french. #Bertrand: . . .i mean #Napoleon: not a fucking word Bertrand #napolington #finally have a title for this #Sweetness Walks a Bitter Road #napoleon bonaparte#arthur wellesley
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  • ohgodohfuckidontknow
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    unknowable this, unknowable that. i like that my mom knows how i drink my tea. i like it when my friends send me songs they think i’ll like and they’re right. i like it when my roommate brings me chocolate covered strawberries because she knows i didn’t have the chance to go pick them up myself. i love being known i love knowing others and i love community

    #sometimes it IS abt the small things!!! bc the small things show you care sometimes!!! #this was all started bc i’m currently drinking out of this cute mug my mom got for me on a whim that has little illustrated plants on it #like that’s sweet as fuck!! i love it!!! #xar’s stuff #humans. #fuck it. romanticize everything
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  • lochee
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    best ever phrase in fanfiction history (in my honest heartfelt opinion)

    Oh. Oh.

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  • pomfiores
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    trying to convince Vil to accept courtship is like 

    love (derogatory)

    #◟ ⋆ㅤㅤif my hair's a mess﹐my mind's a mess.ㅤ( ooc ) #to delete * #remember that post i made about villains not getting that true love bs askjfha #villains dont get happy little endings like that and i stand by that post #maybe ill go look for it but #i was onto smth. #and in that same breath i will say i wanna give vil that KFSJAH just let him choose someone that he wants by his side oKAY #its so. domestic. so sweet. so rare. especially w my stronger muses they're like 'the fuck is this lol'
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  • strikkster
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    When people irl ask for my Insta/Snap/FB, I just say "I don't use that, sry."

    Not only am I trying to avoid giving potentially creepy or annoying strangers access to my personal information, but I'm also being completely honest. I don't want a rando to have access to my personal information, and I definitely don't want to help a recklessly profit-driven media corporation to track my (and my friends') every move both online and irl and then sell this very detailed personal dossier to other recklessly profit-driven corporations without my consent or knowledge.

    #technically I guess I have accounts on there #but I truly don't USE them #they sit unupdated until I want a filter lol #p sure inactivity was the reason my first fb got deactivated #hard to do anything wrong when I hardly ever log in and literally never post #if they want my sweet attention so fucking bad they can try being more transparent and less evil #and maybe make something for humans to use when they aren't in the mood to be bought or sold idk #delete your social media
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  • illiana-mystery
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    My favorite scene from Loving Miss Hatto. 

    #barrie is a precious old man #and must be protected #let me give him the biggest hug #adorable old man #what a cutie #barrie #loving miss hatto #oh my heart #my sweet alfredo #❤❤❤❤#alfred molina#fucking dork
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