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  • mirrorvideo
    22.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    i should be getting paid for living like this

    #punisher*#dnrb #i get sudden mood swings and feel emotions in crests and throughs kill me now #soooo tired #i have barely studied all day too. literally just reading stuff w/o absorbing anything #anyway. i wil study more #LOVE u
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  • thevividgreenmoss
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm turning 28 in August and today for the first time in my life I'm moving somewhere other than my parent's place...

    #gonna be broke as fuck but at least I'll be able to swing it while still helping out my family finally #I still feel like it'll fall through somehow lol
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  • idratherhavecake
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I ran around in the wet grass like a little kid and I genuinely think it healed me a little bit

    #gonposts #I also went on the swing again! #And looked for blueberries #It was really fun
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  • asexualjedi
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Gonna test my hair to see if it’s like ok enough to bleach. And then I need to go back over and research a good hair salon. And ask them if 1. They can handle my slightly pink hair 2. They have/Will use semi permanent dyes. I also wanna go to the reuse center and pick up some lace so I can make some fancy boy shirts to wear during the half a year or insane heat we get. And maybe I’ll go to the Joanns see if they have any linen or shirt material to make said shirts.

    #I feel like ur supposed to do an allergy test before u dye ur hair so I’d rather handle it myself but isk #I also wanna go to the reuse center and get some lace so I can make some fancy boy shirts for our u know half a year of insane heat #also l like dressing nice and fancy and also I’m gonna need more nice warm weather clothes for the future if I’m gonna be a lawyer lol bc rn #all I have is t shirts and idk if my pichaku shirt is lawyer material #sheek is the word I wanted to use but that is DEFO not the right spelling #also I might go to the Joanns to see if they have any shirting fabric #Bc to keep the mood swings at bay I have been busying myself with projects and u know I’m running out of stuff to do #idk #maybe I won’t bc guilt of buying fabric #but we will see #also I need to send my hair for locks of love and I think there is a third thing #this turned into a to do list bc I’m very forgetful
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  • dayabot
    22.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    daya mitski anon i'm thinking about you tonight townie daya i’m thinking about you tonigh

    #i don't need the video evidence i've already ivnented her entire performance in my mind and she even gets to swing a baseball bat #no i need the video evidence what is the REALITY #mitski daya anoniana would be abeautiful name for  a girl #my life does not know peace
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  • littlequeenies
    22.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Jane's orange/brown flowers pattern outfit

    Jane wore this outfit, designed by Mary Quant, several times in the 1960s.

    Photo 1) July 5, 1965 - at a London's rooftop for some "Alfie" film publiticy shots.

    Photo 2) October 1965 - at a London park for some professional photoshots.

    Photo 3) May 30, 1966 - at the Bristol Old Vic trip to Universal Studios. Shared by actress Judy Matheson, who was in the same stage company.

    Photo 4) With David Hedison in "Somewhere in a Crowd", TV series' "Journey to the Unkwown"'s 2nd episode, aired on November 14, 1968.

    Photos 5 & 6) An outfit with the same pattern (but it looks like a shorter skirt) was exhibited at London's Fashion and Textile Museum in the exhibit "Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution | Terence Conran – Mary Quant" from February 8 to June 2nd, 2019.

    *We don’t own any of the copyrights of these photos*

    #reusing fashion#Jane Asher#1965 Jane#1966 Jane#1968 Jane#Alfie #Bristol Old Vic #David Hedison #Journey to the Unknown #Somewhere in a Crowd #Jane acting #Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution #Mary Quant#1960s#muse#Jane muse#Jane actress#actress#model#author#cook#activist #Fashion and Textile museum #London
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