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    “Black Boys Bloom Thorns First: Volume 4, Chapter 31″

    Need to catch up? Of course you do! So much has happened since “Wet Sugar” and all those other Pantherverse stories. Masterlist HERE.

    "If you stand for peace on earth Not some superficial gladness Speak out against the madness Take the hand of a detached soul Walk with him and feel his hunger Help put his pain asunder I know we can answer the need Stop the war, turn up the music Each voice can sing harmony Won't you try and just listen Hear what you've been missin' You will find that love's a much better groove"
    Young Disciples – "Get Yourself Together"

    Erik typed some code into a floating screen, then wiped his dry, itchy eyes. Reaching into a side drawer, he pulled out eye drops and used them liberally to soothe the irritation and onset blurriness.

    "I can finish up if you want to sleep," Shuri said.

    She watched him from the other side of the workstation where she inputted data with painstaking care. He stretched his neck and glanced over to his left. Nick Fury curled himself into a ball on a massage chair that Shuri often used for her tense muscles from late night work. The chair could fold all the way back into a fully automated massage table that used hydromassage if the body was worn out. Erik told the man to go to bed, but Fury wanted to be around for every stage of development. Thankfully, Rogers left hours earlier once he saw the boring parts of their work. Typing, thinking out loud, and comparing notes wasn't as exciting as smashing up bodies and buildings to the great Captain America. Shuri and Erik were in the zone. The final tests for the SP-1 would happen in a few days, and then the drones would be sent to the coordinates Fury gave them that still emitted gamma radiation from where the tesseract was used to open a wormhole years ago when Thor first came on the scene and before the little blue box was sent away from earth.

    "I can do another half," he said, rubbing his eyes.

    "Go to bed," Shuri said.

    Shuri put down her screen pen and turned off the computer images of data that floated in front of her.

    "We have a busy and long day tomorrow. You can't face the people with bags under your eyes," she said.

    He nodded and pulled away from his standing chair.

    Fury woke up then, stretched, and stood up from the massage chair.

    "Done for the night?" Fury said.

    Erik nodded and threw on a jacket.

    "Big day tomorrow," Fury said.

    "Yeah," Erik mumbled.

    "Is there somewhere you and I can have a nightcap? Talk shop in private?"

    Erik glanced at Shuri, and she turned away from them.

    "I know a place," he said.

    Fury wandered around Erik's suite as the prince made them drinks from his personal bar. Wakandan whiskey with lime juice. Strong and bitter. Handing a tumbler to Fury, Erik led him to his balcony for fresh air.

    "Things will be different for you once the world knows you exist," Fury said.

    "I'm ready for it."

    "Are you?"

    "As ready as I can be."

    "From what T'Challa told me, this country still hasn't healed from your civil war."

    "Hopefully, being back will help," Erik said.


    Erik sized up Fury.

    "What are you not telling me with that look?" Erik said.

    "I have a confession to make."

    Fury took a heartier swallow of whiskey. Erik braced himself for more fuckery to compound all the other issues he had to deal with.

    "I lied to you and T'Challa about still being the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D."

    Erik put down his tumbler on the balcony table.

    "I've been hiding out and working in secret. I lied about S.H.I.E.L.D. so I could get here and pressure T'Challa to help us. HYDRA infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. I help run the Avengers compound with Stark money."

    Erik rolled his eyes.

    "Shit always goes back to Stark in some way when it comes to more problems."

    "You know him?"

    "Believe it or not, I used to be an intern for him before I left for M.I.T. That man has been on my nutsack since I was eighteen. I know all about that dude."

    "I detect a strong disdain in your tone."


    Erik picked up his tumbler again.

    "Why lie to T'Challa?"

    "Without a connection to a U.S. agency, he might've ignored my request for help. Everything else I've told you all is facts. S.H.I.E.L.D. can't be trusted anymore. I installed the new director myself to rebuild the organization. But I still don't trust it. I lay in the cut and do my work in the shadows with the Avengers. T'Challa is now the global leader that the world looks to out of fear. You know how it is. The enemy of my enemy—"

    "Is not your friend."

    Erik finished his drink.

    "Just so you know, I'll be king again in the future. I don't make new friends and I don't need them."

    Fury stared at Erik with lifted brows and parted lips. He tilted his head in confusion.

    "You'll be king again. After what you did?"

    "Some changes are coming down the pipeline. When I take control, the world won't be the same."

    "Back to your outright killer ways then?"

    "Nah. Restitution. Reparations. Realignment. The violence will only come when the world tries to challenge me. As my son would say, you test me... I teach you a lesson."

    Fury touched his forehead and cradled his glass in his hand with nervous agitation.

    "Don't worry. I'll still handle this alien shit. But best believe, they can catch hands too if they get out of pocket. If they're still alive."

    Erik stood up and leaned against his balcony guardrail. The whiskey had him talking like his old self. Something stirred in his chest. A cool sensation tingled his scalp, and he closed his eyes, embracing the energy. Ogum was with him. Still.

    "Good luck tomorrow," Fury said.

    Erik walked him toward the door. The man staggered a bit.

    "You can stay in my guest room," Erik said.

    The last thing he needed was a drunk fraud stumbling through the palace back to the Talon port. He opened his front door and informed his night guard, Xira, that Fury was staying the night because he was too inebriated to walk.

    "I can get back to my villa fine," Fury said.

    "Go to sleep, old man," Erik said, pointing to the guest room.

    Fury waved a hand and strolled into the room, closing the door behind him. Erik went back to the balcony and looked out over the slumbering city. He tapped his kimoyo and considered his speech for the revelation of his survival.

    Erik waited patiently behind a floating wall that separated him from the outside balcony where Yani, Disa, and their children waited for him with T'Challa, Ramonda, and Shuri. Umama and Baba Z each held one of his hands as they stood beside him.

    "Breathe easy, grandson. We are with you," Baba Z said.

    Erik wore emerald green robes that matched his grandparents. T'Challa would speak from a prepared statement, and the elders would present him to the world. He concentrated on relaxing his shoulder muscles and the clenching of his jaw, but the crowd outside sounded wary and apprehensive. They used the balcony with the amphitheater seating for serious events within the Udaku household. Wakandan citizenry only expected serious announcements from there. Embedded in the floating wall were two viewscreens. He watched T'Challa's POV and also the crowd's POV. His cousin looked across the ocean of Black faces.

    "I stand here before you as your king and protector of our great nation…" T'Challa began.

    Umama nuzzled her nose into the side of Erik's cheek. She was dressed in an elaborate puffy black silk coat that had a train that trailed four feet behind her. Instead of the isicholo, she sported the round purple halo crown of the head, Queen Mother. Baba Z sported a similar coat that was less puffy and with a gray sash across his chest that denoted his King Father status. His elder locs were braided around panther claws that stood above his forehead like a regal crown.

    "It is my duty as the ruler to bring forth the news of Prince Erik N'Jadaka Udaku—"

    "Baba! Come out!" Riki shouted.

    There was a gasp from the audience and T'Challa's face couldn't recover from the shock of being interrupted by Erik's son and his impatience. Yani placed a hand over Riki's mouth and the boy wiggled from her grasp.

    "Baba!" Riki yelled again.

    T'Challa quickly spoke over the child.

    "Prince N'Jadaka has been revived from a mortal wound. I hid this from the nation because I did not have the ability to heal him until my sister, Princess Shuri, could perfect a technique to stabilize his functions. I know this news is quite a shock, and our family has been working behind the scenes to make sure my cousin has the best mental and physical care. Many of you will have questions about what this means for the future of the monarchy, considering I am the protector of his children. I will let the prince address this issue. I bring to you, my beloved nation, Prince Erik N'Jadaka Udaku. Son of Prince N'Jobu. Son of Lady Califia. Grandson of Queen Mother Niyilolawa and King Father Azzuri."

    T'Challa stood back from the dais podium, and Erik's grandparents guided him out into the light of a piercing sun. Once more, the audible reaction of the Wakandans could not be contained. Not just for Erik's living presence, but also for the first public appearance of Umama and Baba Z in over two decades.

    Erik looked toward Yani and Disa first, after he stepped to the podium. They both wore the same emerald green colors as him, with matching dresses that flowed out around them. Their isicholos were pale lavender with an embroidered texture that matched the detailing of Umama's halo crown. The family linked the women with his grandmother, a subtle message of unity. His children all wore long tunics in seafoam shades of green. Riki's sandy hair was fashioned into soft two-strand twists with panther claws woven in a few to match Baba Z, while the girls had miniature halo crowns linking them to Umama.

    He knew Yani and Disa were nervous, but they were proud of him, too. They both stared at him with warm expressions. Ogum stirred in his chest and head again. First impressions were everything, and how he would address the nation would determine how he would be received. A floating teleprompter brought up his prepared statement. He cleared his throat. Ignored the statement.

    "There are no proper words to tell you all how I feel today. For some of you, I am the son of a traitor. For others, the hope of justice for what Ulysses Klaue did to you without my father's knowledge. I am the son of a Prince from this nation. But I am also the son of the diaspora. The lost tribe. The disappeared ones. The forgotten children who were stolen from the motherland and made to toil as slaves to fatten the pockets of Europeans and some Arabs all over the world. Look at me. Wakandan blood runs through my veins. I was your king once, three long years ago. Despite what they may have said about me in my absence, please believe I wanted the best for my people all over the world. I was raised by parents who believed in justice, fairness, and liberation. My grandmother, Umama, tells me I have the personality of my greatest grandmothers, Queen Shuriyah and Queen Tiye. Warrior women. Wise women. Women who led this nation and protected it. They have a grandson from out there who stands before you today, humbled to be part of that bloodline—"

    A few cheers erupted from the crowd with a smattering of handclaps and ululations.

    "I am Prince N'Jadaka. The one who brings thunder. I am the horse of Ogum, he who is of iron and the earth. I carry his sword of justice for whoever needs it from my people out there…"

    Erik pointed toward the west and the buzzing from the crowd grew boisterous as his words floated over them loud and clear.

    " — and for the people here. My family was torn asunder, but now we will reconcile and lead this nation with openness. Do not think I wanted to destroy you when I took the throne, which was my birthright to do so. I wanted to harness your power to free your diasporic cousins you have denied yourself from knowing. Look at my children. My family tells me you love them… adore them. They have been a healing balm for you in the fading darkness. I want it to be known that there are some of you out there who want them gone. Want their mothers gone…"

    A low rumble went through the sea of faces.

    "Let me say this to you now. Anyone who tries to lay a hand on my children or even breathe wrong in front of their mothers will feel the wrath of Ogum and my ancestors you revere. I will put you out of this world—"

    "N'Jadaka!" T'Challa hissed under his breath.

    Baba Z shook a sage head to silence the king.

    "He will speak his truth!" Baba Z shouted to the people.

    "Any of you who want smoke with me would be foolish to test my sincerity."

    Umama stepped closer.

    "You will suffer my wrath too," Umama said.

    She stroked T'Challa's arm, but nodded for Erik to continue.

    "It is a time of healing. It is a time for the Udaku family to bond. I want better for all of us. Even my detractors and haters. My Baba…"

    Erik curled his tongue in his mouth to keep from crying.

    "My Baba always wanted to bring me here. He told me he came from a beautiful nation full of beautiful people. He also believed that you had the tools to free the rest of our people. Believe it or not, the lost tribe are your people, too. They need your power. Your wisdom. Your spirit. You are unbought and unbossed. You have been free and prospered for thousands of years. I would ask that you allow me to share that brilliance, as I represent you from now on. I am a changed man, but still a warrior, so don't get it twisted thinking I've gone soft on my intentions to alter the world. But I have a new family. Grandparents who have years of catching up to do with me. I have to do the same with my own children. I ask that you give us space to rebuild a stained legacy. Right wrongs within this family first is my priority. King T'Challa and I will do a special live broadcast with WBC in two days. We will lay out more fully what will transpire in the coming months. I want to publicly thank my cousin, Princess Shuri, for saving my life. I want to also thank my cousin King T'Challa for taking care of my children and making sure the mothers of my children were provided for and looked after in my absence. Thank you to Lady Abdullah and Lady Galiber for holding it down. Umama, Baba Z, thank you both for holding me in your hearts and standing with me. Queen Ramonda, thank you for raising up my kids in the ways of your reserve and ferocity. I see who you really are now and I hope we can find common ground, Auntie. I am the son of this nation. Our nation. You are my people even if some you won't accept me. I'm not going anywhere. Prince N'Jadaka is alive and well. Wakanda Forever!"

    The rallying cry zipped through the people like an electrical charge.

    The explosion that rumbled their feet from the ground afterward shocked everyone. In the distance, Erik caught sight of smoke and more explosive debris coming from Mena Ngai, the great mound where vibranium was mined. The Dora Milaje surround the royal family with spears thrust forward. Another loud blast made people in the crowd scream. Erik sprang into action. He pushed his grandparents back inside the West Palace and dashed over to Yani and Disa. He picked up Joba and Riki while blocking Sydette from harm with his body.

    "Inside, everyone!" T'Challa shouted.

    The Dora Milaje activated a shield that swept all around the palace. Royal guards ran to help get people outside moving to safer places. T'Challa shouted into his kimoyo as his Black Panther suit shrouded him in protection.

    "What is happening?! I want information now!" T'Challa shouted.

    A palace shuttle stopped in front of them and the entire family climbed in, whisked away across the bridge, and ushered back into the East Palace. Alarms throughout the building frightened his babies. Joba and Riki clung to his neck. Sydette watched his face from a front seat on Yani's lap.

    "It's the mines, Your Highness. Someone has detonated explosives—"

    The palace shook. Another blast, near the interior of the city.

    They moved quickly into an elevator and were escorted by the Doras to the highest floor of the palace, which acted as a panic room. They rushed Twyla from her quarters on the lower floor to join the group. Shuri helped Umama into the suite and she noticed the questioning look on Erik's face.

    "This rooftop suite can convert into an aircraft and lift off from the structure if we need to take to the skies," Shuri said.

    Erik felt better about being there. He hugged his kids and made Yani and Disa sit with his grandmother. Reinforced shields went up over the windows of the dual safe-house/aircraft. Shuri showed him where the craft would detach from the building and he went back to his children to help calm them. Not being in control of containing the situation drove him bonkers. T'Challa was on it, and it gave Erik a moment to process.

    "Baba, what's happening?" Sydette asked.

    Erik held her hand, then pointed to one of the wide windows.

    "See, the stingers are out, there goes a battle cruiser…"

    He pointed out the surge of military support heading toward the Great Mound. Joba clutched onto the fingers of his left hand.

    "It'll be okay, baby girl," he reassured her.

    Joba pressed her face into his side while Disa rubbed her back. Erik's body was running on pure military instinct. His daughter couldn't sense fear in him at all. Her small shoulders loosened up then.

    Zinzi's image floated above T'Challa's wrist.

    "Tell me what is happening, Zinzi!" T'Challa said.

    The king stormed over to an alcove, and Erik joined him.

    "Sabotage, King T'Challa. We have several hundred miners wounded. They were on lunch break. Whoever did this purposely triggered their explosions, making sure our workers were not in the bowels of the mountain when they blew up their targets."

    "Any lives lost?"

    "None that are accounted for. We have taken a preliminary head count with our body sensors. We identified no one as missing. There is substantial damage done to equipment and several of our processing plants. They aimed to stop production and I am afraid they have succeeded. It will take us some time to assess the total damage. There will be no vibranium mining for at least a month or more," Zinzi said.

    "Keep me posted. General Okoye and the military heads are on their way. We had another explosion closer to the city."

    A royal guard popped up on T'Challa's wrist next to Zinzi's floating image.

    "King T'Challa, several lines on the monorail system have been destroyed. It has brought traffic to a halt because of structural damage to the outdoor rails. We are helping injured individuals get to nearby hospitals. No fatalities reported yet. At least seventy people wounded with fractures, broken legs, and internal injuries…"

    "A coordinated attack," Erik said.

    He moved with T'Challa to a further corner of the room, away from the women and children. Ayo stood with them along with Noxolo and six other Doras.

    "Looks that way," T'Challa agreed.

    "They chose the least busy time of day when most Wakandans are on siesta. Miners eating food outside of the mound. Few people ride the public transit at this time. The goal wasn't to kill, but to send a message," Erik said.

    "But a message about what?"

    "I'm back, and some punk bitches don't like it."

    "But no one knew you were back except W'Kabi, and he wants justice for himself through the courts. He wouldn't do this knowing it would hurt his chances of being reinstated. The rebels are on your side," T'Challa said.

    "Then it's got to be people who are against you. Making a statement to warn your ass about something that has nothing to do with me."

    T'Challa's face mask swept over his face.

    "You are safe here. Stay in this space until you hear from me. I'm going to check on the mines," T'Challa said.

    He left the suite with Ayo. Shuri rubbed her forehead.

    "We still have work to do on the probe. This is just awful. Lockdown will mess up our target date if this bombing continues terrorizing our people," Shuri said.

    "All I care about right now is them," Erik said, nodding towards their grandparents and his family.

    Shri nodded.

    "You too, cuz," Erik said, touching Shuri's chin.

    Shuri glanced around, then reached into a side satchel she had draped around her chest. She pulled out a golden claw necklace. Erik grinned.

    "Drastic times call for extra backup, Golden Jaguar," Shuri said.

    She handed Erik his necklace, and he slipped it over his head.

    "Baba," Joba said.

    His daughter ran over to him with Riki in hand. Sydette wandered over behind them and they admired his flashy necklace. He got down on one knee so they could see it up close.

    "Pretty!" Sydette said.

    "This is going to help Baba protect you," he said.

    "Uncle T'Challa protects us with his suit!" Riki said.

    Erik rolled his eyes in a playful gesture.

    "Unc got game, but Baba does it best. Wanna see?" he said.

    Talking to him relaxed his children's nerves even more. They watched him with sparkly eyes full of curiosity during the madness. He stood up and simply thought of kicking ass, which activated his suit. It swept over him so fast that his kids squealed with delight. Yani and Disa ran over to gaze at him in full jaguar mode.

    "Daddy got it goin' on too," he said to his children, but the message was for the women.

    He turned to Noxolo and Shuri's Dora, Kidada.

    "I want to check the perimeter of the entire outside floor," Erik said.

    His personal Dora followed him out of the safety suite. When he glanced back, his children, and their mothers, stared at him with admiration. That made his chest swell with pride. He meant what he said to the Wakandan people on the balcony in the West palace. Fuck with his family, and he was fucking with the world.

    Shuri rushed out to him.

    "N'Jadaka! I'm getting a breach warning in my lab," she said.

    Her eyes widened as she glanced down at her kimoyo.

    "Fury is there. His signature is on the premises."

    "Can we take the Scorpion Fighter?" Erik asked.

    "We have to leave it here in case the family needs it for extra protection during a lift-off. We can grab a quad stinger from the internal port."

    "Let's go!"

    They ran with Noxolo and Kidada. Rapid deployment of protection stingers flew out of the West palace by the time they reached a free quad stinger. Noxolo flew them away from the protective shields, and they ascended quickly above the city in seconds. Smoke blackened the skies as they surveyed the damage down below.


    Fury's voice crackled with confusion through Shuri's beads.

    "What are you doing at the lab?" Shuri asked.

    "I wanted to catch up on the work you did last night when I fell asleep. Figure you didn't mind since I have access and you all were busy with N'Jadaka's homecoming. What the fuck is going on? Your news is going crazy—"

    "Fuck!" Erik said.

    A chunk of Bashenga Mountain imploded on the north-facing side. Pitch black smoke belched from the cliff opening.

    "Fury!" Shuri screamed into her beads.

    Noxolo swung them around and dropped the stinger fast onto the south-facing ledge of the cliff. Popping the top open, Kidada and Shuri hopped out of the quad stinger.

    "Fury, can you hear me?" Shuri shouted at her wrist.

    "I'm going to need some help, Princess," Fury panted over the beads.

    An image finally popped above her wrist. Lab shelving that fell during the blast trapped Fury. Erik stepped a leg out of the stinger when another stinger zipped past them from the opening in the mountain.

    "Go help Fury! Noxolo, follow that stinger. That's gotta be someone involved with these attacks!"

    Erik secured himself back in the quad stinger and Noxolo shut the top and took off after the other aircraft. The other pilot tried to lose them, but his Dora was a peregrine falcon on its ass. Moving faster than fighter-jet speed, they dipped and avoided terrain as their enemy led them further away from the mountain and toward a less populated part of Wakanda.

    Noxolo did her best trick moves to catch the culprit.

    "These mofos do not want to be caught… oh shit!"

    Power-diving at a steep angle, Erik's stomach left him miles behind.

    "I can overtake them over that lake since I have more juice in this stinger, Prince N'Jadaka!" Noxolo shouted.

    "Do what you gotta do!"

    "Whoa!" Noxolo yelled.

    The enemy stinger in front of them took a steep nose dive and crashed into the side of a canyon wall. It exploded into an orange ball of flames on impact. Noxolo swooped around with the quad stinger.

    "They did that on purpose!" Noxolo said.

    "Take us back and notify the military to get out here and collect what they can salvage from the wreckage."

    "Yes, Sir."

    They flew back to Bashenga Mountain in time to see Fury given oxygen as Shuri tended to his superficial wounds with a first aid kit. When he saw Erik, he grinned.

    "Never a dull moment in Wakanda," Fury joked.

    He coughed, and Shuri made him comfortable. The lab was in disarray, with some smoke damage, shifted and fallen equipment, along with shaken lab techs. He ran to check on the probes. They were still secure and undamaged.

    "What a mess," Shuri said.

    She glanced around her workspace and shook her head.

    "We were lucky I installed protective shields and better security measures months ago. It's probably what protected this lab and the transportation stations in the heart of the mountain."

    "Who did this?" Fury asked.

    Shuri turned on her computer table viewscreen and swiped open a window that had a live news broadcast. T'Challa's face appeared on camera as he inspected the damaged mines and checked on injured workers.

    "Whoever it is, they probably have a lot more in store for us," Erik said.

    The three of them and Shuri's uninjured team stared at the viewscreen for answers.

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    Cover of the Day: Avengers #122 (April, 1974) Art by Gil Kane, John Romita, & Gaspar Saladino

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    Do you think T’Challa is more submissive than people think?

    Yeah... I’ve seen most fans take him as a very Dominant Daddy, and while I agree, I seriously think he’s more often into having his hands tied up and his head thrust into a pussy (or around a dick).

    He’ll be your toy until you give him the permission- and when you do, his Dom side comes out to pin you down and fuck your brains out.

    A lot like @tchallasbabymama‘s Thunderstorm; which you should surely read unless you have done so already. (in which case you should read it again.) (I’m also assuming you’re not Cece, because this was sent at 2 AM 😂)

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    IKTTIMH (TMHBM) [Chapter 6]

    I know the truth in my heart (Though my head betrays me)


    Previous Chapter

    Word Count: 10,515


    The lab was quiet. Unusually so. 

    Normally, there'd be people around, dropping by, pointing towards things, trying to understand. Numbers and equations flew around screens, measurements and materials finding their place in between them. 

    The projects that were cooked up in the vast, open lab were far too complex for those who surrounded the geniuses that worked within its walls. 

    Silence roamed in the room, the late hour of the night, or small hours of the morning, rendering the place quiet. Only until a bracelet started vibrating, announcing an impending call did the silence cease.

    The wearer was too entrenched in their work to notice. Exhaustion usually makes people forgetful and distracted. It wasn't their fault that they hadn't realized their wrist was buzzing, and by then it had stopped.

    Then it started again.

    And again.

    And again.

    Someone was calling. Incessantly.

    The quiet was broken time and time again. The darkness, however, was omnipresent. A sky painted black, illuminated only by stars and a moon. Asteroids flying across the open field. The same sky that stretched across the globe.

    It wasn't until the doors to the lab opened, light from the hallways flooding through the dark, sulky room that the tinkerer pulled themselves away from their schematics.

    Two guards pushed the doors open, allowing another four people to storm into the private lab.

    "Is it not 3:27 in the morning? Why are there people in-"

    "Shuri," called T'Challa's voice. 

    "We are needed in America."

      4 days had passed since Peter remembered Thor.

    Since Harley's forgotten birthday.

    Nothing much had transpired during those days. A bored, restless, sleepless Peter stayed either in his room or on the common floor's couch for the duration.

    Peter had initially been terrified that FRIDAY would tattle on him about the whole not-sleeping thing, but everything had been quiet when he was in the Medbay, being watched 'round the clock. If he could get away with it then, he could get away with it now.

    He liked talking with Thor to pass the time. Everything seemed easy when he did. Things were simple, things were pleasant. Bruce didn't give the same impression. Although he showed great compassion and care, Peter couldn't shake the memory, the feeling of complete panic when he'd first recognized the man. Back when he had not a single clue as to who he was.

    Peter had wanted to talk with Harley during those days. The boy seemed to have vanished. They saw each other at dinner, sometimes, when the entire team was gathered. If not for those fleeting moments, Peter would've thought Harley had dropped off the face of the Earth.

    It hadn't been an easy time for him. The 17th, especially.

    Harley had wound up in the lab after lunch. Tony didn't spend much of his time here, lately, so he knew he could get some quiet. He would've rather a place that didn't hold so many memories of him and Peter, Before, but those were few and far between in the Compound.

    The lab had been quiet. Harley could hear birds chirping outside the windows, soft light streaming in through the glass. It seemed painfully normal as if he was just spending an afternoon about to tinker.

    It didn't feel like he was 18. It didn't feel like nobody had remembered his birthday. It didn't feel like Peter had slipped right through his fingers.

    And yet, all those statements were true.

    Harley dragged his feet around the lab dejectedly, a lackadaisical attempt at finding himself something to do other than sitting and staring into the abyss.

    He wasn't having the greatest day. He'd woken up late, but he hadn't cared. Then, an hour or so after waking up, still dazed and sluggish, FRIDAY had broken him from his stupor.

    "Mr. Wilson has asked for your presence on the common floor."

    Harley and Sam didn't interact much, if at all. They were on the same team, of course, but that didn't give them much more material than small talk. The fact that he had been calling meant it was either something completely idiotic, or completely serious. With Peter's condition, the latter was more probable than the former.

    "Mr. Parker is involved in the inquiry," FRIDAY had added helpfully. 

    Harley had run.

    The elevator had not been fast enough. Not for the situation, not for Harley's ever-rising anxiety levels. He'd considered ditching the elevator and storming in through the stairs.

    He'd found Sam, Peter, Thor, and Tony. He'd been anxious, that much had been clear to everyone in the room. Harley had been hoping for some good news, and it seldom had been.

    But it really wasn't.

    Harley had slipped out when they'd started talking about the mission. He didn't need to hear this. Peter might have, but he didn't.

    So, he found refuge in the lab. He sulked in peace, twirling wrenches around for no good reason. Harley tried not to let it get to him. He'd been trying that a lot lately, to no avail. He couldn't just give up on Peter, though. He had to keep fighting.

    He had to.

    But Peter remembering Thor on his birthday cut deeper than he thought it would. It was a stabbing pain, a searing, burning, impassibly rough pain that he hadn't anticipated.

    Remembering was good. It was progress.

    He repeated that like a mantra, running it over and over again in his brain. If only it would stick. If only it would take the dagger out of his aching soul.

    The lab became a sanctuary of some sort for Harley. The next 4 days he spent mostly in there. He tugged the blinds closed, allowing him to wallow in the dark. It was always easier than under the warmth of sunshine. 

    Harley didn't do much. He'd go on his phone, refreshing the messages he had with Peter, praying to some God out there that something would pop up because Peter had remembered and he'd wanted to surprise Harley like the dumbass he is. 

    Nothing happened. Harley's birthday wish had yet to be fulfilled.

      On the 21st, the fourth day since Thor, the fifth since Bruce, Peter finally slept.

    The team all ate dinner together, Peter opting for a seat in between Thor and Bruce, which sadly left Harley across the table, but he had to pick his battles.

    Peter filled up on dinner, his energy levels having depleted significantly since he started moving around. It'd been tolerable at best when he was bedridden, but now it was nearing on unbearable if he didn't have at least 4 meals a day. He couldn't remember eating this much Before, but then again, he didn't remember much of anything from Before.

    Peter didn't realize he was being handed a tray of freshly baked rolls until two were already on his plate. He didn't put them there, but they had somehow materialized on the china sometime in between his blinks.

    His mind was running on fumes. It took him far too long to answer anyone's questions, which he tried his best to avoid altogether. He didn't remember having a bad short-term memory Before, but that was definitely the case right now. His brain was foggy, filled with smog so thick he could barely understand anything through it. All thoughts were halted, his memory hazy, his focus practically non-existent.

    Peter worried he had always been this way. He worried he didn't remember being such a burden to the people around him.

    He filled himself up on food, doing his best to compensate for his lack of sleep with an overdrive of nutrition (which was impossible in and of itself because of his insane metabolism, but you can't blame a guy for trying).

    It wasn't like Peter had been avoiding sleep. Insomnia had just been so strong, so overpowering that he hadn't really been trying for the past few nights. If he knew he'd just toss and turn, sending himself into a state of frustration and annoyance, then he'd rather skip that and just keep watching television or walk around the Compound.

    Once Peter had finished his dinner, he went over to the couch in the adjoining living room. No one batted an eye, the kid liked laying there for hours on end.

    Tony found it strange that the TV hadn't turned on after a few minutes, so he checked on the kid, finding him asleep.


    An aggressive, incessant shush came from Tony as he rounded the room back towards the dining hall. "Peter's sleeping, nobody make a sound or I will personally crush the vocal cords that emitted it."

    The whole team went silent. Tony's threat wasn't what got them to quiet down, but what came before it. Peter was finally asleep.

    Every single time Tony had seen Peter, he was awake. Tony had fallen asleep watching the live feed from Peter's room in the Medbay countless times, finding the kid awake after he went to sleep, and up before he woke up. Either he had been getting exponentially short nights of rest, or they had simply been non-existent.

    Tony ushered the Avengers out of the common floor, telling them to confer in the conference rooms if they were desperate for time together. Stark was determined to keep his kid sleeping for as long as humanly possible. If that was measured in hours or days, he didn't care. So long as Peter would finally stop looking like a deadweight dragging itself around. The bags under his eyes already fulfilled that position beautifully, Peter didn't need to be a life-sized model.

      7:21 PM.

    Peter slept from 6:32, when he flopped onto the couch, until 7:21. Under an hour.

    Tony would've been mad at the short length of rest, even for a nap, had it not been for the screaming.

    Agonizing, sorrowful, petrifying screaming.

    It wasn't a cry, it wasn't a choked sob. It was a yell, a scream. A desperate plea for help, for safety.

    Tony had been at the kitchen island, working on his StarkPad. He'd seen Peter stir a few times in his sleep, but it hadn't been cause for concern. This, however, was cause for concern.

    After the first murmured words, Tony got up from his stool. He made his way lazily towards the couch, trying to check on Peter without disturbing him back into full consciousness if he was still dozing.

    It wasn't until Tony made it so that he was right above Peter's sleeping figure that he could discern what was being muttered. And then it started.

    A particularly piercing shriek caught Tony off guard, making him flinch hard.

    The scream wasn't really what had Tony worried, though it had caught him off guard. It was the voice who emitted it. The raw, terrified, young voice.

    Peter had his eyes screwed shut, his legs pulled up to his chest, hands clenched tightly into fists twitching idly over his chest. His head was jerking around every so often, his brows creased and lips pulled into a tight line when the kid wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs.

    Which he was.

    The yelling was awful. It was loud, painful for all parties involved, and terribly grief-stricken. There was nothing but pure sorrow and desperation in Peter's cries. It didn't even seem like the boy was saying any words, just screams of agony.

    Tony, after getting over the initial shock of Peter being the source of the noise, found a spot on the floor by the couch. He sat on his knees, trying to shake the teen awake.

    "Pete? Come on, kid. Wake up, Bambi, you're okay," Tony was saying, desperate to get his pain to stop.

    Peter continued to thrash on the couch, arms and legs flailing aimlessly yet powerfully, his screams echoing in the vastness of the common floor.

    Tony had been the first one to react, to reach the kid and try to coax him back to consciousness, but he certainly wasn't the only one to hear Peter's pained pleas.

    "What happened?" came Steve's voice, followed closely by another.

    "Who's--" Clint cut himself off when he saw Peter on the couch, as far from resting as one could get.

    Tony looked over his shoulder at both men who just entered the room, panting and panicked. "He won't wake up."

    Steve locked eyes with him, just for a second. There was nothing but fear. Dark, overwhelming, crushing fear.

    Peter was still screaming, not that anyone blamed him for it. They just wanted him to be okay. That's all they'd ever wanted.

    A few firm steps later, Steve was right by Tony's side, aiding in trying to wake up the kid. Nothing they did seemed to bring him out of his trance. Beads of sweat were beginning to form on Peter's hairline, his pulse slamming dangerously fast against his wrists.

    Peter took an unintentional swing at Mr. Stark, his nightmare creating an inescapable sense of panic. Tony barely dodged the punch, gripping the kid's arm as he came closer, once more. Forgetting that Peter was an enhanced individual, with incredible super-strength, Tony was taken aback when the boy ripped his arm from Tony's, flailing it around with more agitation than before.

    Steve, super-soldier that he was, found his task in holding Peter's limbs down as he tried to fight against it.

    Tony was brushing Peter's hair off his face, desperate to bring him any comfort. He just wanted to make this okay, to make the cries stop. 

    "Shh, Bambi. You're okay, you're safe. Just wake up, buddy," Tony whispered into Peter's curls, pressing an impressively light kiss to his head. He snapped his head away from the screaming teenager, turning towards the other person in the room.

    "Clint, you have to call T'Challa. The Wakandans can fix this."

      3 minutes of incessant calling and voiceboxes later, Clint got through to T'Challa. Rhodey had taken it upon himself, having heard Peter's horrifying screams from the training rooms, to help with the calls. He'd made no progress whatsoever on getting through to Shuri, but Clint assured him T'Challa would relay the message in person. Once they'd gotten confirmation that said task had been accomplished, they both put their phones away, stepping back into the elevator to take them to the common floor.

    Almost immediately after barking out the order to Clint, Tony asked FRIDAY to get both Banner and Cho to the common floor. All he had said was 'Peter's not waking up,' and that had caused a cascade of panic and dread to fill the Medbay as both doctors rushed out of it, emergency supplies in hand.

    They hadn't been expecting to hear Peter screaming if he was supposedly asleep, but it all clicked into place within a few seconds, when the screaming didn't let up.

    Peter's throat had to be ragged by now. It was without a doubt dry, Peter's cries being cut off mid-momentum sometimes, his throat unsupportive of his non-stop yells. That didn't stop his unconscious body from trying.

    Helen arrived by his side, finding both Steve and Bucky holding him down. He still thrashed under their relentless grip, but the movements were far more subdued than they'd been prior to the soldiers' arrivals. Cho barked orders at Bruce, telling him what supplies she'd need and to draw up a certain amount of a certain medicine.

    Tony felt wildly out of place. He was by the kid's head, trying to shush him and placate him. The words didn't even seem to be registered at all, or Peter would've been calmed down by now. It wasn't going in one ear and out the other, it simply wasn't being accepted at all.

    With Steve's entire efforts being put in keeping Peter's arm outstretched and immobile, Helen was able to start an IV (again). The question stood as to whether or not Peter's thrashing would rip it out before they got the chance to sedate him.

    Thankfully, he didn't.

    The screaming tapered off as Peter's breathing became increasingly heavy. His movements turned sluggish, the sedatives pulling him out of his terror, back to the semi-stable stages of REM sleep.

    Everyone relaxed when Peter finally stopped moving and yelling. Silence had never seemed so serene, yet so horrifying.

    Peter had just screamed his lungs out, his throat dry, his tongue ragged, until he'd been forced out of it by drugs. If they thought he'd been doing better, they were sorely mistaken.

    Nobody moved for the longest time. They all stared at Peter, watching his forehead ease its tension, his hands unfurl from their tight fists. After a few minutes, once Helen was sure Peter would stay under, she spoke up.

    "What happened?" was all she asked. There was no use in beating around the bush. 

    "Nothing, really," Tony answered. He had no forewarning that this would happen, and there was no possibility of anything having set him off. The entire team was either on different floors or stashed away in conference rooms at the opposite end of the common floor.

    Cho sent a glance towards Tony as stepped closer to Peter, plucking a penlight from her pocket, shining it quickly in both eyes. "Pupils are dilated."

    Bruce's brows furrowed at the information. "FRIDAY, what was his pulse like during the... screaming."

    Tony visibly winced at Bruce's final word, but no one said anything. It had been horrifying for everyone, most of all Tony. It was hard to imagine that Peter had been the one responsible for the noise, let alone that it had started from nothing.

    "Mr. Parker's BPM was 196 two minutes ago."

    Cho clucked her tongue, putting the pieces together. It had been quite obvious, but she had wanted to confirm it before speaking with the rest of the group.

    "This was a night terror," Helen announced, brows pulled together, pulling her gaze away from the now-peacefully sleeping boy.

    Bruce nodded in acquiescence, leaving the other 4 men in the room mostly clueless. Tony knew what it was like, but he'd never gotten stuck like that. Screaming, pleading in anguish. He prayed Peter wouldn't remember any part of the dream that caused such intense pain.

    "Why couldn't we wake him up?" Clint asked, almost shamefully. They'd all felt helpless, but hearing Peter yelling with such force was a sound Clint had never wanted to hear and would pray never to hear again. If that sound came from Cooper? Clint would be crying right alongside him, desperate for it to stop. He probably would’ve pulled his hearing aid out, too. How Tony hadn't burst into tears or crumbled into a mess of emotions was frankly astounding.

    Cho didn't seem to know how to respond. And that was more terrifying than anything else.

    They didn't have answers.

    This wasn't like the amnesia. They'd just needed to complete a few tests to figure it out, and despite the wait that had to be endured for those tests to be accomplished, it was still a simple answer. It hadn't been pleasant, but it had been a clear-cut answer.

    This was not. This was confusion, desperation, and helplessness. They simply didn't know.

    "How has he been sleeping?" Helen asked, needing more information if she was to make an educated guess.

    Tony, his hand still brushing locks of hair from Peter's forehead, answered quietly. "Less than me, if at all."

    Steve knew just how little sleep Tony had been getting. Finding him passed out at the kitchen island was not a rare occurrence as of late. Seeing him up at 3 in the morning, pouring over live footage of Peter (still awake, enthralled in a TV show or movie,) then finding him awake (still) at 6, cooking up breakfast for their entire bunch.

    "FRIDAY?" Steve asked, knowing the AI would be able to give them a more accurate tally.

    "Mr. Parker has last slept on the 15th of December. This week, he has had 6 hours of rest."


    No reactions from anyone, aside from raised eyebrows, mouths gaping at the numbers.


    Tony's choice of word would've been reprimanded had it not expressed exactly what everyone was feeling. There wasn't anything better to describe the utter despair.

    Peter hadn't been sleeping. At all. It wasn't just a few naps, short bursts of rest here and there, giving him a little kick of energy to keep going. He just wasn't sleeping. He'd forgone rest. The questioned begged as to why? 

    They'd have to wait until he was awake to know, but with the extended amount of time he'd gone without, that might be measured in a span of days.

    "We should monitor him, at least while he's sedated," Bruce proposed, though it wasn't received well by Tony.

    He snuck a glance away from the boy, turning towards the scientist. "He hates the Medbay. It's practically the only thing he's seen since waking up. Let him sleep in his room. FRI can keep you updated."

    His words weren't fueled with anger, he'd kept his voice calm, level. The undertone in it was fear. He was terrified. He didn't want to leave the kid's side. Not now, not until he was sure that he'd never have to hear that godforsaken screaming ever again. He wanted to swaddle the boy in bubble wrap, in a box, wrapped in shining paper, topped with a bow. He had to protect Peter, save him from things he wouldn't be comfortable with.

    "Tony, you know it's safer if we-"

    "I can't let him go back there," Tony cut in, voice wavering. "I can keep him safe. He'll be okay in his room, he won't be as scared when he wakes up."

    As awful as this whole ordeal was, if Tony could get Peter in his room, if he could make him feel more normal, not like a lab rat, like someone who was being watched 24/7, then maybe it'd make it all just a little better. A little more tolerable. Less stressful, less frightening.

    It might've been better for them to forgo the IV and just inject Peter with a sedative, but with his metabolism, there was no telling if it would've been enough to keep him under. So, they had to deal with those consequences and decide if the IV was enough of an obstacle for them to prevent Peter from sleeping in his own room.

    Cho sighed deeply. There wasn't much to be done about night terrors. There wasn't much danger with the sedatives, either. Peter would be as safe in his own room as he would be downstairs. "His room is fine. Just make sure he rests, and have FRIDAY call us when he wakes up."

    "Of course, Dr. Cho," came the AI's voice from the ceiling.

    "Hey," Rhodey said, placing a gentle hand on Tony's shoulder. The man whipped around, finding his best friend's eyes. "Pete's okay. We'll get him to his room."

    Tony finally noticed that Steve had been looking at him expectantly. Peter's hair was still entangled in his fingers, and Tony showed no signs of moving to allow Peter to be moved elsewhere. Tony blinked dumbly, realizing that they'd all been waiting for him. He swallowed thickly, stepping back, letting his hand linger on Peter's head, relishing in the contact with the boy.

    It felt so wrong this way. Peter didn't know him. There was nothing he could do about it except wait it out. That proved to be a lot harder than he had anticipated. There was hope, though. A tremendous, stupendous amount of hope. Shining in from every corner of the world, in the form of happy smiles thrown his way, cacklings with Thor, math and science explanations with Bruce that Tony overheard. Bits and pieces of the old Peter, their loved Peter, springing back into their lives. It felt like music to his ears every time Tony caught a glimpse of it. He couldn't wait for it to be the norm, once more.

    Steve and Rhodey gently picked up the boy, supporting him as they dragged him over to the elevator, Tony trailing behind them. Clint wasn't sure how to act, but he bid them goodbye and went back towards the conference room to make a call back home. Bruce and Cho cleaned up the supplies they'd used, waiting for the elevator to come back down, empty, to go back towards the Medbay.

    Once Peter was settled in his bed, looking so small and fragile, asleep and pale under the covers, Tony let the panic finally settle into him.

    He didn't want to let it show, God knows no one would ever let him live it down, but he had too many emotions to keep them all bottled up. It just wasn't happening.

    Tony managed to wave off Steve and Rhodey, assuring them he'd be fine to take the first shift watching Peter. He wasn't leaving the kid alone, not for a single second after what had just transpired, and the fact that no one had noticed he hadn't been sleeping prior to the night terror. 

    Tony found himself alone next to a semi-comatose Peter. He grabbed the teen's hand gently, desperate for some contact. He'd been trying to give him independence, especially when he didn't remember how co-dependent they were Before. It didn't mean he hadn't been missing the fuck out of his kid.

    "I'm sorry, kid," Tony mumbled, not too sure why he was speaking to a sleeping figure.

    It was always easier to apologize when they couldn't hear, he presumed. That was why he had apologized to Howard's grave, anyway.

    "I should've been there for you. It won't happen again. Promise."

    A promise that didn't have any meaning. Peter wouldn't know the promise would be made. Even if he did, it wouldn't hold any value for him. He didn't know Tony.

    "You're gonna be okay. We're figuring this out."

    Whether he was placating Peter or himself wasn't clear. It didn't matter in the end. Neither of them would believe it.

    "Get some rest. I'll be here, always."

    While Tony wouldn't be there when Peter woke up, 12-some hours later, he was still there for the kid all the time. Anything he needed, he would have. No questions asked. No limits.

      Harley was blind to anything that had been going on.

    He'd been avoiding Peter as much as possible. Seeing him was hurtful, and it wasn't his fault, but it didn't ease the pain to tell himself that. It was hard to look at Peter without falling in love with him all over again, and he knew he wouldn't be able to do that. Not for much longer, anyway.

    Harley had appreciated the time he'd spent with him when he was still in the Medbay. The setting made it easier for him to understand that this was not a normal situation and that it would be resolved in the shortest delay possible. Now, though, with Peter roaming the halls like he always did, talking with his family like he always did, it made it impossibly hard for Harley to think that this was out of the ordinary. Like any part of this was wrong.

    The only way for him to convince himself that Peter would remember him eventually was if he didn't let himself see that Peter didn't remember him now. Fake it till you make it. Ignorance is bliss. All that jazz.

    His plan was easy enough for the first few days. All was well, aside from the few times he had to have dinner with the team. He couldn't help himself from stealing glances at his boy friend. He looked good, healthy, and he was conversing with the people around him, sometimes. He wasn't the one initiating the conversations, not by a longshot, but he was still answering whenever they happened to strike one up.

    Everything was going perfectly according to plan. It was all working out. Of course, that's when it went to shit.

    Harley had been in the lab, as per usual, when Rhodey had come striding through.

    "Harley?" the man called through the vast, empty space. The lights were off, but FRIDAY had definitely said that Harley was in Tony's lab.

    The teen didn't move. If he didn't do anything, Rhodey would go away, right? That's how shit worked in movies. This was not a movie.

    Rhodey walked through the lab, pace fast and calling out Harley's name time and time again. Eventually, the boy gave it up and stood from his spot laying face-down on the couch in the back of the room. "What's up, Rhodes?"

    Rhodey openly gaped at the kid. "'What's up?' Really? That's all you have to say?"

    Harley was caught off guard by the sudden aggression in Rhodey's voice. What the hell had he done that was so offensive?

    "Yeah?" Harley replied, unsure. "What else am I supposed to say?"

    Rhodey didn't know how to proceed. Harley was being fucking dumb; not moving from the lab, barely eating outside of dinner, not reacting when he was told Peter had been screaming like he was dying. 

    "Why haven't you been by to see Peter?" Rhodey asked, voice tight.

    That seemed to get his attention. "What happened with Peter?" Harley asked, face morphing from indifference to panic.

    "You- Nobody told you?" Rhodes asked, stepping down from his anger. After the teen's confirming shake of his head, Rhodey supplied him with what he'd been missing. "He had a night terror. He wouldn't wake up from a nightmare."

    Harley's face fell. Flat.

    He wanted to see Peter. It was all he had wanted, but he'd managed to convince himself every time that it was better if he didn't. Except this definitely trumped that. 

    Rhodey was exasperated that Harley was exhibiting the same self-destructive behavior that he'd seen Tony do more times than he could count, but at least he still cared. Harley wasn't completely gone in his spiral that he wasn't bothered by the fact that his boy friend was in great emotional pain.

    Extending his hand out, an invitation to pull Harley up from the couch, Rhodey spoke calmly. "Come on. He's still asleep, but I'm sure it'll do both of you some good."

     Rhodey was right. It did do him good to see Peter.

    He was thankful that he hadn't been there during the episode, if Tony's descriptions were anywhere near realistic, it sounded awful. Grateful that he had been absent in a time so horrid, yet feeling helpless that he hadn't been present in a time so dire.

    He loved Peter. He loves Peter. He should've been there, no matter how terrifying and soul-crushing the screams might've been.

    And despite that, he was still eternally grateful that he wasn't. It was probably selfish of him, but when was he not?

    (Usually when he was around Peter.)

    Harley spent some time by his side. He sat on the end of the bed, watching his lover sleep. Deep breaths, the rising and falling of his chest. Soft snores and head turns.

    It was all very quiet, very calm. The opposite of what had been described before. Harley assumed the sedatives had a part to play in that. He didn't really mind, so long as Peter was okay.

    Harley didn't speak to Peter, preferring to observe him. He placed a gentle hand on his ankle through the comforter, hoping his presence wouldn't jostle the kid awake, but at least make him feel not so alone. Not so scared in the recesses of his subconscious.

    He left as quickly as he had come. He'd ensured Peter was okay, felt better for having seen him with his own two eyes, and then he was off.

    There was no reason for him to linger there, staring, waiting, yearning. It was all too hopeful for Harley. He wanted to be bright and excited, but the facts weren't all pointing towards the same place. Peter would've been optimistic, he always was, but that was one of the only things that neither of them had rubbed off one another. Peter kept his optimism, Harley kept his pessimism; complimentary in their relationship.

       "Finally," Tony said mere seconds after FRIDAY informed him that a Wakandan jet had just touched down on the grounds. It was a little after 2:30 in the morning on the 22nd. 

    He left Peter's room, where he'd been stationed ever since the kid's transfer there. Tony moved towards the landing pad, joined shortly thereafter by Bucky, Bruce, and Natasha. Sleeping had been rough on everyone lately, and with the news that the Wakandans would be joining them any second, it was probable the Compound was more alive than ever.

    "How's the kid doing?" the latter asked upon seeing the other three. The whole team had been informed of Peter's night terror. Those who hadn't been present weren't as horrified at the prospect as those who had witnessed it, but the general atmosphere in the Compound had been wildly tenser since.

    "Asleep. Breathing. Alive," Tony replied. It was abrupt, but not exactly unkind. There just wasn't much to say other than the fact that he was still alive. A terrific blessing he would not be taking for granted anytime soon.

    The hatch from the jet opened, revealing T'Challa and Shuri, both making their way down.

    "T'Challa," Tony greeted, shaking the man's hand. "Thank you for coming."

    "Of course," came his reply. "A fallen soldier is in need. We will always come to help."

    They all exchanged pleasantries, Tony urging everyone inside, desperate to get their new visitors to work. The sooner they started, the sooner everyone figured it out. There was time to waste, but that didn't mean they wanted to waste it.

    Several extra personnel were aboard the jet, including several guards, and technicians of some sort. It wasn't clear to the Avengers who these people were, but if Wakandan royalty deemed them necessary, they would be nothing less than welcome at the Compound.

    Shuri commandeered the unloading operation. "Where shall we set up shop?" she asked, turning towards Tony.

    "Our supplies are in the Medbay, on the 2nd floor, but Peter's room is on the 8th."

    "Of course they're not at the same place. Why would they be?" Shuri muttered to herself sarcastically. "We'll be using our own utilities. Is there an elevator nearby?" she called louder, speaking to the entire group, now.

    "Straight ahead," Bruce answered, narrowing his eyes at the very young girl. "You're the one in charge here?"

    T'Challa tried to stifle the grin that came from the question. He had seen firsthand how Shuri reacted to those kinds of questions, and he pitied the reaction Bruce would get for asking. "Yes," T'Challa said, cutting off any momentum Shuri was gaining to reply. "My little sister is the best scientist in Wakanda."

    "Which means I'm the best scientist in the world," she supplied helpfully. "I am fully capable of helping Peter. Might I ask where you were when I was last here? That's right, you were busy not solving the problem."

    Tony outright laughed. It felt strange, having spent the last few hours in near-silence, but it was a welcome distraction from the sulkiness of Peter's quiet room.

    Bucky smiled, staring intently down at the floor. Bruce's cheeks flushed, prompting him to head inside, avoiding the situation in the only way he knew how; flee. Natasha smiled brightly at Shuri (which she rarely ever did). "Pleasure to see you again, Shuri."

    "The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Romanoff," Shuri replied, bounding off the platform and towards the inside of the building. "Is Peter awake at the moment?"

    The answer should've been 'No, it's 2 am,' strangely enough, the answer was 'No, he's got enough sedatives in him to tranquilize a sumo-wrestling horse.'

    T'Challa wasn't much help in this scenario, having had very little experience in the scientific field. He did, however, think he could be useful in the rest of their efforts. There had to be more to be done than just fixing the amnesia. The mission hadn't been entirely successful, from what he'd been told over the phone.

    Bucky and Natasha led T'Challa over to the conference rooms on the common floor, finding their task in informing their guest of what had transpired.

    Tony and a very ashamed Bruce helped Shuri and the technicians move their equipment to the 8th floor, into Peter's room.

    It wasn't a lot of supplies, but enough that the room felt ridiculously smaller once they were done piling stuff inside. They'd let up on the sedation, per Shuri's request, though they were letting Peter sleep the rest of it off. It took another few hours before the kid woke up.

    After a total of about 12 hours of sleep, the majority of it thanks to sedatives, the rest thanks to the quiet Shuri insisted on having in his room, Peter awoke. She only achieved her desired silence by ushering Tony and Bruce out, telling them they'd be 'notified when needed.'

    Needless to say, she had no intentions of notifying them for a while. 

    Peter woke up groggy. He felt the softness of the comforter over him, the spaciousness of a mattress, as opposed to the tight space the couch was. It felt nice, to finally have been able to sleep.

    He didn't remember falling asleep. He didn't even remember getting to bed, but he wasn't complaining. He was still tired, but as much as before. It wasn't exhaustion that seeped into his bones, weighing him down from within. It was just a normal 'I have responsibilities and I'm a member of society with too much on my plate' kind of tired.

    He stretched his arms and legs out, waking himself up as much as he could. He turned to his side, glancing at the clock on his nightstand.

    7:14 AM.

    He's slept overnight. That was a first.

    Pulling his eyes away from the clock, he noticed the surreal amount of equipment in his room. That hadn't been there before. Had they brought all this stuff in while he was sleeping?

    It would've made a lot of noise, no? He would've woken up?

    Peter rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, trying to remember what he was doing before going to sleep. How he got here.

    His brain seemed foggy. It wasn't just tiredness, but something else. His thoughts were slow, though he wasn't new to that sensation.

    He sat up in bed, only to be met with the sight of a young girl at the end of his bed.

    Someone he didn't know.

    Someone he hadn't met before.

    She had been watching him sleep. Peter tried not to think too hard about that.

    "Um... hi?"

    She raised her eyes from the tablet in her hands, meeting Peter's confused gaze.

    "Peter!" she greeted happily. "How are you feeling?"

    She wore a sincere smile, the corner of her eyes crinkling with joy. Whoever she was, she was either happy that Peter was awake, or happy that he was in pain.

    It didn't feel like the latter.

    "I'm... good," Peter answered. He wasn't sure how to interact with her, but she seemed nice enough. A friend of some kind, he assumed.

    "I'm assuming you have no memory of me," she claimed, standing from her cross-legged spot, moving to the side of his bed, standing next to where he was.

    "No, I- I'm sorry, I don't."

    The girl smiled fondly. "No need to apologize, Peter. I'm just glad I get to see you again," she smiled. She started tapping away at the screen in her hands, though it wasn't clear what she could've been writing.

    "Is there anything I can get you?" she asked, offering water, food, more blankets, the whole nine yards.

    Peter merely shook his head. "Not to be rude, but- Who are you?"

    She laughed, shaking her head at herself. "Of course, I'm sorry for not introducing myself. I'm Shuri," she supplied, putting her hand out for Peter to shake.

    "Okay, that's- thanks."

    Peter was nervous. He didn't interact much with girls. That wasn't to say he was nervous or anything- really, he wasn't. Shuri seemed like a great friend, he just didn't know how their friendship was before.

    Was she the reason why May and Harley had been weird when Peter asked about a girlfriend?

    "I was brought here from Wakanda," she stated, setting her tablet down on Peter's nightstand. "I am a scientist, here to help you."

    Peter's expression turned to distrust. Shuri was nice, yes, but that didn't mean she was qualified, necessarily. "You're a scientist?"


    She didn't seem like she was going to elaborate. However, she didn't seem like she was lost, either. She was determined and smart. Peter could feel it. He knew what it was like for people to downplay your capabilities because of your youth. He wasn't going to do that to Shuri, she deserved better than that. Plus, it'd be hypocritical. Peter was no hypocrite (at the moment).

    "That's- Really cool, actually."

    "Yes, it is," Shuri agreed, her lips quirking upwards. Peter was just like she remembered him from their past encounters. Sweet, awkward, dorky in a good way, and overall Anxious Bisexual™. "Mind laying down so I can scan you?"

    Peter obliged, a nervous smile playing at his lips. He was expecting a clunky machine, or some of the big equipment to be wheeled into play. He was pleasantly surprised when all Shuri did was wave her arm above Peter's entire body, an image of Peter's body springing into a hologram seconds after she was done.

    "Holy shit," Peter gaped at the display. Holograms were standard, but the fact that Shuri's bracelet had scanned him and was also the source of the hologram was pretty fucking cool. "You are... on X-games mode."

    Shuri had to stifle the laugh that came from Peter's comment. "Yes, well it seems that you are as well, Parker."

    Peter braced his hands by his side, raising an eyebrow questioningly. When Shuri nodded at him, he pushed himself back into a sitting position, propped up by his headboard.

    "What's the verdict?" he asked, far more at ease than he was before. She had laughed at his reference, she called him Parker (which was something he didn't know he needed), and she was being ridiculously nice. Shuri was the friend he didn't know he needed. He wished Harley was there, he hadn't seen much of the other boy in the past week.

    "Well," Shuri started, spinning the hologram so it faced Peter. "Your physical health seems perfectly fine, though I can't say for your psychological state," she added with a raised brow.

    "I'm okay," Peter promised, smiling timidly from his spot.

    He was mostly okay. He missed having Harley around to talk with, and he hadn't seen Bruce in a while, but he guessed that was a good thing. Thor was nice to chat with, but he hadn't been around all that often lately, so that was disappointing. Shuri seemed to be the perfect addition to what he'd been missing, so having her here was exactly the remedy he needed. If they were truly friends like she seemed to be, then there was plenty left to be learned about their bond. And if she was the girlfriend that had everyone on edge whenever he mentioned it, then he'd just found her again.

    (It didn't feel like it, but his mind was all scrambled, he wouldn't know any better.)

    Shuri smiled down at him, content that he was both physically and (somewhat) psychologically okay. It could've been worse, she reasoned. Though near-total memory loss wasn't a stellar occurrence to endure, Peter wasn't dead, so that was something.

    Peter swung his feet over the edge of the bed, making to get up. He'd been sleeping for 12 hours, and he hadn't gone that long without the bathroom in very long. He tried to get up, only to stumble back down on the bed. The sedatives (unbeknownst to him) had taken their toll.

    "Careful there," Shuri said as she gripped his forearm, the hologram projection from her bracelet dissolving as she dropped her wrist from its specific position. "Wouldn't want you seeing stars, now, would we?"




      The Quinjet's motors were loud in Peter's ears. It wasn't his first time on the jet, but every single time he came aboard it he noticed the way the engines roared louder than he remembered. It was cumbersome, to say the least. He found it hard to focus with the obscene racket taking place all around him.

    Usually, when sounds got too loud, Peter had an escape. The Quin, however, didn't allow for that.

    The flight lasted seven hours. It was absolute hell on Peter's senses, but it was worth it.

    His first trip to Wakanda.

    His first time meeting Shuri in person.

    Mr. Stark had set him up with Shuri a couple of months after Germany. Bucky had been sent to Wakanda to help him out with the whole 'Winter Soldier' thing, and Shuri was taking the lead on that project. When Mr. Stark learned that Shuri was a 15-year-old kid-genius, just like Peter, he'd done his part in getting them to exchange numbers.

    There were more than a few winks in the process from Tony. Peter just laughed it off.

    He and Shuri had been texting regularly ever since. They had the same kind of humor, the same taste in music (theatre pop, 80s rock, and a smidge of SZA in there, too), and they both had a passion for science. Their entire friendship was a no-brainer. 

    It didn't take long at all for them to become best online friends. (Ned's title could never be replaced)

    So, when the Quinjet landed and the hatch opened, Peter was one of the first people off the plane. He bounded down to the concrete landing area, coming face to face with a trio of royalty and a dozen or so guards standing next to them.

    Peter saw T'Challa first, nodding his head solemnly with a 'Hello, Mr. Wakandan King, sir,' to which Shuri snickered loudly. He turned to face her, and that's when it hit him.

    This was Shuri. This was his best friend across the fucking globe.

    He wasted no more time in tackling her in a hug that sent both of them tumbling to the ground. A few guards stepped closer, believing it to be an attack, but T'Challa waved them off. There was no threat here, that much was clear after how Peter had addressed him.

    Tony and Bucky stepped off the plane shortly thereafter, finding Peter and Shuri practically rolling on the floor in laughter. They were physically on the floor, but they weren't rolling, so Tony was slightly less embarrassed than if that had been the case.

    "Okay, Pete, stand up and be polite for a minute," Tony scolded.

    Peter stifled his laughter as best he could, standing up and offering his hand to Shuri to help pull her up. Once they were both back on their feet, they exchanged a simpler hug of the not rib-crushing variety, and Peter fell in line with Tony and Bucky.

    "Barnes!" Shuri exclaimed, pleased to see him again. He'd spent his fair share of time in Wakanda after Germany, and they'd gotten close. So close, in fact, Bucky still owned goats in Wakanda, which he prayed were being cared for in his absence.

    "Shuri," Bucky beamed, pulling the girl into a side-hug. "Who's been taking care of my goats?"

    Shuri laughed at the question, "Ayo, so don't worry. Stevie and Becca have been taken care of."

    Peter was shocked at the new information but tried not to let it show. Okay, he didn't really try.

    "Mr. Bucky? You have goats here? Called Stevie and Becca?" Peter squealed, excitement making him giddy.

    "Yeah, kid. And if you'll excuse me, I bet they've missed me."

    With that, Bucky was off to see his goats. (Who knew?)

    Shuri waved him off, telling him to ask Ayo how they'd been behaving, before turning over to her favorite guest. "I have something to show you."

    The announcement was cryptic, but not ill-received. Peter looked over his shoulder at Mr. Stark, his face full of uncertainty.

    "Go have fun, kiddo. I have grown up stuff to do," he said, answering Peter's unasked question. The boy merely smiled brightly, looking back at Shuri.

    "Let's go!"

      Shuri led him inside the building. What Peter had called 'the castle' because they were royalty, even though Shuri insisted that it wasn't a castle and that they weren't 'that kind of royalty.'

    Winding their way through the maze of corridors and floor-to-ceiling windows, expertly guided by the princess, they eventually found themselves in the South wing. Shuri blocked the entrance to a double-door, grinning from ear to ear at Peter.

    "We're going in here," she said, her tone chipper and excited.

    "I can see that," Peter replied, laughing nervously. "What's in there?"

    "You'll see," Shuri promised with a tilt of her head and a shrug of her shoulders.

    She took a deep breath, taking one last long look at Peter before pushing the doors behind her open. They revealed the tallest ceiling Peter had ever seen in his life.

    It was a spectacularly large dome, glass all around. Every single wall, the whole ceiling, it was all glass. The floors, opposite to the previous white tiles in the rest of the building, were a pristine black. Shining, glistening in the dark, vast room.

    There was no light, which was disconcerting, especially considering the late hour of the night. The only reason Peter was able to see at all was because of the moonlight streaming in through the walls.

    It was breathtaking. You could see the entire Wakandan skyline, the fields rolling in the distance, far beyond the business of the city. Lights from every skyscraper filled Peter's sight, twinkling like stars, shining and bright, colors of white, yellow, and orange tinging their view.

    Standing tall in the middle of the room, cutting through the dome ceiling, was a monstrous telescope. Peter thought you could see into another universe if you looked through it.

    Peter audibly gasped as he took it all in, spinning around to see as much of it as possible. 

    "So?" Shuri asked, looking at him expectantly. "What do you think?"

    Peter gaped at her. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was incredible in every sense of the word.

    "Are you kidding?" he squeaked, running to encase her in his arms. "This is amazing!"

    They spent the rest of the night, like, all of it, in the observatory watching the stars. They saw them move as time progressed, saw the moon's glow change spots, casting different shadows at different times of the night.

    It was a perfect evening, a perfect night, and well into a perfect morning.

    They were both exhausted the next morning at breakfast, even in front of the huge spread of food that sat before them. Neither of them would change a thing, though.

     Peter swayed where he stood, falling back onto the bed, even with Shuri's vice-grip attempting to keep him standing.

    "Peter? Are you alright?" she asked, concern lacing her voice.

    The boy took a deep breath, steadying his racing thoughts. There was nothing but flashes of Shuri in his mind. The time he went to Wakanda, those times she came to New York, the first time she met MJ, the time she told him she was dating MJ. It was all falling into place, and it was making his head throb.

    "I'm- I'm okay?" he said, though it came out more like a question than a statement. Shuri frowned.

    "Are you sure?"

    "Y-Yeah. Just got a little mad, I guess, that you've been holding out on me with that observatory."

    Shuri's frown cut deeper before it eased. She felt momentarily more confused until it all let up. "Peter!"

    He sat back up, finding his strength in his best friend's arms. "It's so nice to see you again," Peter claimed, tightening their hug just a tad.

    He felt safe in her arms. He felt like he had a place. Like it was all okay, if only for this moment. He had a friend, he wasn't alone. He remembered.

    "FRIDAY," Shuri called into the room, though her head didn't move from its spot on Peter's shoulder. "Tell everyone Peter has remembered more."

      They should've been excited. The team was optimistic, sure, but they weren't excited anymore. They couldn't find any rhyme or reason for Peter's remembering. There was no connection at all to the people or the ways he was remembering. The only thing that linked all the people that Peter had remembered was that they were all Peter's friends.

    So, the team wasn't nearly as excited as they used to be when Peter remembered Shuri.

    It wasn't a specific word that had been repeated, Tony made sure of that by rewatching the footage prior and after Peter's memory sparks. And, it certainly wasn't the most important people in Peter's life. Thor? The kid had seen Thor a handful of times when he wasn't busy ruling Asgard.

    It made no sense for Peter to be remembering this way. Amnesia didn't work this way. What the fuck was this?

    The Avengers were starting to get anxious. Peter was remembering, but it was sporadic. It wasn't gradual, it wasn't a few new memories whenever he woke up (certainly not, considering he hadn't been sleeping), it wasn't anything the team could put their finger on. Despite his physical health getting much better, the boy was more confused with every new memory coming back into his fragmented mind.

    It was like trying to solve a puzzle. Peter didn't know where to put the pieces of his mind that he already had. He thought it was 2015, yet he was wrong. He had no clue what to start with, the side pieces of his puzzle were too deep in the box to even place correctly. He was shooting in the dark. Every time he remembered someone new, more puzzle pieces were being dropped into his box of a mind. He didn't know what to make of anything, and what he thought he knew was being pushed farther and farther away from his grasp.

    The team didn't know what to do, at this point.

    They had to resort to a meeting.

     A couple of hours later, once Peter had been ushered back to sleep (with a secret little cocktail of sedatives, soft coos, and hair playing), everyone settled into one of the conference rooms on the common floor. Room 17A. They'd remember that for a while. Shit had gone down.

    "We need to figure this out," Tony called from the head of the table. To his right, Sam, Wanda, Vision, Shuri, Bruce, and May sat, either anxiously fidgeting, or projecting calm despite themselves. To Tony's left, Thor, Steve, Clint, Rhodey, Bucky, and Nat were seated. At the other end of the table was T'Challa, listening intently.

    "If I may," Vision started, raising a hand tentatively to gain everyone's attention. "I believe, from my knowledge of amnesia, that Mr. Parker is currently on course with predictions surrounding regaining his memories."

    "The Vision is correct!" Thor boomed, slamming an open palm onto the wooden table. "Young Peter has remembered me, and thus is healthy and strong."

    Tony's eyes narrowed at both of them, disapproving of their comments. Thor was a little self-centered at the moment, but they could ignore him easily enough. Vision was throwing a wrench in the works because he was quite literally the internet, so his opinion was more often than not factually correct.

    "His mind is distant," Wanda said, placing a gentle hand on Vision's arm as if asking permission to speak. "I can feel it. He's not who he was before, but I don't think this is just because of his memory loss. He feels... cold."

    "Cold?" Rhodey asked incredulously, looking at the young woman with a raised eyebrow and a perplexed expression. "How can a mind feel cold?"

    Wanda shrugged, unsure how to explain it to someone who couldn't feel it themselves.

    "Alright," Tony said, trying to get them back on track. "So we think there's more here than just normal amnesia?"

    "Every test we've done points towards it, Tony," Bruce announced, placing his hands together on the table.

    "Tests aren't always reliable. They could've been wrong-"

    "When you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras," Vision supplied. "We must not jump to the most improbable solution, simply because we fear it the most."

    Everyone stared at Vision, who remained impermeable underneath their gazes. "What he said," Bruce added helpfully.

    "We were called here to help, were we not?" Shuri spoke up, raising a brow inquisitively at the rest of the table.

    "Yes," came Tony's exasperated reply.

    "Then kindly allow us to do so," the girl said as she stood up.

    "How much experience have you got with this, kid?" Sam asked, seated deeply in his chair.

    "More than you."

    Bucky sent a glare at his partner from across the table. "Shuri helped me after Germany. She's the one who pulled all the HYDRA shit from my brain. She's good."

    "The princess of Wakanda has experience removing pieces of memory, as she has done for Mr. Barnes. She does not, however, have any experience retrieving information from the depths of one's consciousness."

    Vision was proving to be very helpful in this scenario. Tony wasn't having it.

    "Alright, Toaster, you're dismissed. Phase through the wall if you have to, just get out of here. You're not helping."

    The message was received, and it didn't take long for the request to be fulfilled.

    "Tones, you think this isn't just amnesia?" Rhodey asked, trying to clarify what the man was getting to.

    "I don't know," the billionaire admitted honestly.

    "Vulture is still out there," Natasha reminded them. Her timing seemed a little off, but they were welcoming just about anything about Peter's situation right now. "You were all a little preoccupied--"

    "--Busy saving a kid's life--"

    "--To stop him from getting away," Nat finished, adding one of her murderous stares Sam's way for the interruption.

    "Vulture?" May asked, piping up for the first time since the whole debacle had started.

    Bruce turned to her, seated next to him, and started explaining what they knew of him quietly. The man signaled to Tony to keep going with the meeting.

    "Nat's right, we need to find him," Steve concluded. "He's an important part of this, and if it's really not amnesia, then he might be behind this."

    Clint had stayed quiet. He didn't want to think that this wasn't amnesia. He didn't want to think about any of this, at all. Peter was just a kid. Whether it was amnesia or not, he was in pain, he was confused, he didn't remember his family. Top three things Clint wanted least for his kids. Peter now fit into that category.

    "I can take the lead on the Vulture case," Nat said, raising her previous point.

    "I can help out," Steve offered, sending a tight-lipped smile towards his friend.

    "FRIDAY can help you guys search," Tony added. He pulled his phone from his back pocket, typing furiously. "I'm setting her up to scan the city, and Jersey, for Toomes' facial markers. She'll give us a ping if she gets a hit."

    "Feel free to use Wakandan satellites to aid in your search," T'Challa said, knowing their advanced tech could definitely be useful in times like these. "I could oversee their use, as well as help with the process."

    Nat and Steve nodded, standing up to get to work. There wasn't much else for them to say, they'd prefer to start searching than to sit around, twiddling their thumbs. T'Challa joined them, moving swiftly out of the room.

    "And what do we do when we get a ping?" came Sam's voice, as he leaned forward, crossing his arms over his chest, resting his elbows on the tabletop.

    "We'd need a team available 24/7 to track him down," Clint suggested. He wasn't one who supported waiting around. He was an act now, think later kind of guy. Especially when it came to his kids. He wanted to be outside, fighting, searching, ASAP.

    Sam pointed a finger towards Clint in agreement. Bucky and Wanda nodded their acquiescence as well. Everyone seemed on board.

    "Okay, rotating schedule. Teams of three. On-call for 6 hours at a time," Rhodey suggested, going for peak efficiency, as well as safety.

     "If you get a ping on your shift, you get your ass out there and don't come back until Toomes is either dead or dying," Tony added.

    It was quiet for a moment after Tony's proclamation. Everyone was in agreement. It would be resolved in the next few minutes. Now, they had a plan. They were a team, a single unity, working towards a common goal. They all wanted Peter's wellbeing and wanted the perpetrators in custody.

    "What about Peter?"

    May, despite knowing that Vulture was very important, also had to be thinking of Peter first. She cared too much about her nephew not to be thinking about him all the time, add to that the fact that he was a masked vigilante, and she was nervous even when she slept. 

    "He's being monitored 'round the clock," Bruce assured her, placing a kind hand on hers. "We're keeping an eye on him."

    "You can't watch him constantly," May protested. She thought she might've sounded childish, or petulant, but she was advocating for Peter. They couldn't watch him constantly, that much was a fact. They needed something for when there weren't any eyes around.

    "I've got a monitoring program set up within FRIDAY. She tells me whenever the kid does pretty much anything. If he so much as opens the wrong door, I'm notified," Tony assured.

    May hesitated before speaking next. She didn't want to overstep, and certainly didn't want to undermine Tony's importance in Peter's life, but he was her nephew. "Could I be alerted too?"

    Tony smiled at May from across the room. "Of course."

    They all breathed a little better after that meeting. Room 17A. Where problems had been brought up, and problems had been solved. 

    T'Challa and Shuri had been welcomed into their team, embraced by (almost) all for their abilities and intelligence. T'Challa would be assisting with the search, and even asked to be included in the rotating schedules for the Vulture ping. Shuri would be working closely with Banner and Cho, figuring out what they'd learned so far, doing some testing of her own, and drawing conclusions together. Shuri had plans to turn one of the guest rooms next to the living quarters into an office for them, where they could work in close proximity to where Peter would be spending most of his time. She was antsy to get started, sending an impatient glance around the room;

    "Could we wrap it up?"

    Next Chapter

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    (Hhhmmm I think I’m gonna call this one Thoughtful Anon)

    Black Panther…yeah, I remember him from the airport fight. Didn’t really deal with him much, but he looked pretty legit in his fighting style and stuff, ya know?

    I was a little preoccupied at the time to pay that much attention though.

    But! I got the 411 on him from Nat back during the - the, ya know, Thanos stuff. Anyway, did you know the dude is a king? Like legit royalty! That’s crazy cool honestly. Overall, from what I gathered, he’s a pretty cool, respectable guy.

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    #dc doesn't even have t'challa
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    Black Panther sketch cover: the Pink Panther (2018)

    Art by: Frank Cho

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    Goddess Interrupted - Chapter 1

    Warnings: Mentions of death, torture, blood, nightmares, and cursing.

    Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha, Tony x Pepper, Wanda x Vision, Bruce, Thor, Loki, and Sam

    Word count: 1905

    Chapter 1

    ‘What in Hel just happened?’ I think to myself. Snow softly floated around me as I turned over. I stand up and look around me, taking in the scenery. Snow, ice, foliage, and animal life. I can feel them starting to gather around me. However, I couldn’t care, my world has fallen apart. Everything that I had is now gone, everything that I was praying for gone. My home, my family, my people. How could He have done this to me? He promised to me that he would stand by my side not just as my King but as my father. 

    A creature that's small, fluffy, and brown is the first to approach me. She props herself up on a small rock that lies near me. I pet the beautiful creature as more approached. As they all settled down around me everything went dark. 

    “Y/N? Earth to Y/N?” Steve slapped the side on my foot. “Come on, I need your help.” I climbed out of the van and stood in front of him.

    “What is it?” I stared into his eyes but then my eye was caught by something I thought I lost a long time ago. James Buchanan Barnes as I live and breathe. I look back at Steve, “How? When?” I start walking over to Bucky.

    “Apparently I was what you needed all along,” Steve spoke with a smile on his face.

    “Y/N? My memory of you is fussy and confusing,” Bucky spoke.

    “That’s fine, I'll help you. Whatever you want to know.” I spoke happily, “I’m just glad that you're you again.” I ran my hand up his chest and to his hair. “I have missed seeing those beautiful eyes of yours.” 

    “Okay I want you guys to have a great meet up, but we have things to take care of.” Steve joked, “Starting with this.” Steve walked to the truck of the beaten-up car. He pulled out a long case and placed it on the trunk lid. “Y/N.” motioning to the case. I walked around to the case, the power radiating off of it felt familiar. 

    “Steve, is this what I think it is?” Steve shook his head in agreement. “Oh, my Valhalla!” I opened the case and there lied Dawn. My sword, the present my parents gave to me before my first battle. I removed her from the case as a tear slid down my cheek. “Oh, I’ve been looking for you for a century.”

    “What’s so special about a sword?” Scott asked.

    “This.” I spoke as a shimmer of gold flowed along my body. My Asgardian armor clinging to my body when the gold disappears. “I thought I’d never wear this again.”

    “Wait, you’re Asgardian?” Scott and Sam asked simultaneously.

    “Yes. My name is Y/N Odinsdottir. Not Y/N Watson. I’m sorry I lied to you, but I had too,” I apologize.

    “Are you a god too?” Scott asked.

    “Goddess,” I corrected. “But yes. Goddess of War and Battle.”

    “Well now that we’ve wasted enough time, can we please get going?” Bucky moves towards me. “You look beautiful, Doll.” I smile in response. 

    “Y/N you stay with Bucky and Sam. Tony doesn’t know you’re coming; he wants you to stay out of this.” 

    “Of course, he did.” 

    “If things get too rough out there, can you? You know Change?” Steve asked.

    “I can’t change back until my power is at full strength, so things would have to get catastrophic.” Steve shook his head in understanding.

    Bucky, Sam and I started running apart from the group. We ran alongside some windows that overlooked the rest of the group fighting our friends. Then something broke through the window and took out Sam. Bucky threw a punch but the human in a red and blue suit caught the punch. “You have a metal arm. That is awesome dude,” a teenage boy said. I kicked him in the chest, sending him flying through a wall. I pushed Bucky to move and grabbed Sam’s hand pulling him to move as well. The boy got up and moved to start fighting again. I felt something grab my right foot and pull me back. I fell and was dragged back to the boy. Bucky quickly stopped and grabbed me. While Sam flew to the boy and picked him up flying about the airport fighting in midair. I ripped what looked like spider wedding off of my foot and stood up. Sam crashed against a beam that lined the ceiling. Sam got stable and the boy started crawling along the other beams. “What the hell is that thing?” Bucky asked while throwing a piece of walling at the boy.

    “It's a teenage boy, I’m not sure what all he can do.” I spoke as the walling that Bucky threw was now being thrown at Sam. “Bucky?” He turned to face me. “I need you to get Sam and go.” 

    “What about you?”

    “I’ll catch up. Just go.” I opened my wings and flew after the boy. The boy flings something white at Sam. I punch the boy across the face, and he hits the floor. I land next to him and grab him, but he grabs me and throws me into Sam and Bucky, sending us falling to the lower level. I land on Bucky as the kid throws another white fluid at Sam’s hands and mine as well. “Guys look I’d love to keep this up, but I only have one job here today. And I got to impress Mr. Stark.” ‘Fucking Tony’ I thought. “So, I’m really sorry but…” Red wing grabs hold of the boy. “What?” and sends him flying out the window. I turn to Sam. 

    “Really?” I speak with my Y/H/C hair hanging in my face.

    “You couldn’t have done that earlier?” Bucky asks frustrated. 

    “I hate you,” Sam responded. I stood up and ripped the webbing from my hands. Then from Bucky’s arms. I walked over to Sam and ripped the webbing from his hands too. “Why does this stuff have to be so sticky?” I flung my hands around trying to get it off and out of frustration, “You know what,” I decided to burn it away. My hands lite on fire burning my slightly. 

    “Y/N calm down,” Sam requested. I took a deep breath and we started moving. We met up with the others fighting on the mat. We all lined up side by side facing the rest of the team. “What do we do Cap?” 

    “We fight,” Steve ordered as he started charging at our friends.

    “This isn’t going to end well,” Natasha stated as her side charged as well. We continued going after them.

    “They're not stopping,” spoke the teenage boy.

    “And neither are we,” Tony was pissed I knew that. Even with the Iron man mask I knew seeing me he felt betrayed. We ran after each other and when we met the fight erupted. Sam and Wanda took to the sky just as Roddie, Vision and Tony did. I fought with Vision as everyone else took their own person to fight against. I tried to keep my eye on everyone throughout the fighting. But Vision was after all trained by me so of course he knows how to blind side me to get the landing punch. Wanda helped me keep an eye on Bucky, she knew how much he meant to me. She only asked that I don't hurt Vision too much in the process of fighting. I was flying past Bucky as he was fighting with T'Challa and just as I was about to land Wanda used her magic to grab T'Challa's hand and throw him into something. Vision was relentless trying to take me down. I had to use some Asgardian magic to confuse him for a bit. I made illusions of me that surrounded him while I landed and helped Bucky. 

    “How are you up there and down here?” He asked, glancing up at Vision and at me. 

    “I’ll tell you on the ship,” we started running to the ship. Tony after his fight with Scott started shooting at me and Bucky. I saw through his mind that he had his aim set on Bucky, he was powering up. I jumped into Bucky, sending him rolling into Steve as Tony shot me with his laser light. I hit a luggage cart, “Oh gods. That fucking hurt.” I layed on the ground for a second until Steve came across the comms, “We need something to distract them.”

    “Something big,” Sam added.

    “I’ve got something but I won’t be able to hold it for long. On my signal run like hell, and if I tear myself in half don’t come back for me,” Scott spoke. I got to my feet, and started running until Vision landed in front of me.

    “Vision, please,” I started.

    “You know I can’t let you go Y/N. He has to be taken into custody.” Vision walked up to me. I sighed. He knew that I wouldn’t stop either. Just as we are about to start fighting Scott grew into a huge form of himself. Vision took off after him, and I shrugged my shoulders and started running along Steve and Bucky. T'Challa is not far behind us, but our team distracts him. 

    “Gods couldn’t this plane be any closer?” I yelled. Steve and Bucky laughed. Depree from the fighting was crashing around us. We were about to the Hanger when the control tower started falling into the opening. Wanda and I held it as best we could as Steve and Bucky continued running. Then Wanda let go and the tower was far too much for me to handle when I'm so out of practice. Steve and Bucky just barely made it across as the tower fell. Vision ran to Wanda’s side. I looked for T’Challa but I couldn't find him. ‘He got through too.’ I started running to the entrance. 

    When I reached the entrance the plane flew out. The back door was open, “Y/N come on.” Bucky yelled over the comms. I opened my wings once again and took off after the plane. Roddie was behind me along with Sam. I reached the entrance and landed. As I turned I saw Sam about to get hit with something.

    “Sam lookout!” Sam maneuvered away from the yellow light. But Roddie got hit. “RODDIE!” I went to go after him. But Bucky caught my arm. “I'll be right back I promise.” I flew after Roddie as he was plummeting to the Earth. I reached out as far as my magic could let me, I was only able to grab a part of him before he hit the ground. I landed next to him just like Tony. “He’s alive but badly injured. I have to go. I’m so sorry.” Tony just looked at me completely confused and betrayed. I flew back to Steve and Bucky, I landed a little rougher than normal. 

    “How is he?” Steve asked. I looked up at him and a tear fell down my face. 

    “Alive,” I stated. Bucky helped me to my feet. “He’s paralyzed.” I sat down on the table in the center of the room. “Are you guys okay? Any healing needed?” Bucky shook his head no and Steve responded with a ‘I’m fine Y/N/N’. I layed down on the table until we reached our destination.

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  • griots-tales
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Headcanoning Wakandan Monarchs: (title, name meaning reign and predecessors)

    Monarch W’Rorun (golden one): 1860- 1899

    Queen Alawewile (land of greenery): 1899- 1938

    King Azzuri (one of excellence): 1938- 77

    King T’Chaka (blessed reign): 1977- 2016

    King T’Challa (fertile land): 2016- 18; 2023 ; 2025- 53

    Monarch Azzari (hailing hope): 2053-2092

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  • griot-of-wakanda
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Which character from black panther do you think is more likely to do a love spell to have someone fall in love with them?

    Shuri- in a very hormonal + intellectual moment, she's gonna try to seduce a girl with whatever it takes (she's going to invent the spell, btw). And also kinda regrets it later because she realizes it's not true love.

    Starlord T'Challa- because I KNOW this boy would do some shit like that at least once. Although it would be more like a 'get horny for him' potion than a romantic thing.

    W'Kabi- he slithery snek. for 100% selfish reasons.

    #ask griot #ask me stuff like this #black panther#t'challa
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  • nothotsheadmilf
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    i miss chadwick rn and the fact t'challah will never be played the same is eating me up 😕

    #im gonna cry so hard #this world literally sucks ass #t'challa#black panther#marvel
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  • griot-of-wakanda
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    (For Starpanther ship) Who’s better at riding dick, Black panther or Star Lord T’Challa?

    Idk why but I've got a strong feeling it's BP😂 The stamina gives

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  • griot-of-wakanda
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Who sits on whose lap the most? (For starpanther ship)

    While the monarch would definitely have sat on Starlord's lap once in a while, I feel that Starlord has the knack of lap-sitting whenever the Monarch is on some monarchly business.

    I assume that Starlord is a little lighter because of age and no herb, so that would be more practical.

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  • chaneajoyyy
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    So I’m digging deep into my fanfic memories, and I vaguely remember a T’Challa fic where he’s a drug addict that gets high off small doses of the heart shaped herb… do you happen to remember who wrote that one? Maybe it was on Wattpad but I’m pretty sure it was on here.

    Yes! It's called Writings on the Wall series by my good sis @brihann 😘. I'm adding the chapters here!👇🏾. This is what I could get right now. She changed urls and handy updated all fics. I’mma see what i can find from my reblogs and be on the lookout as well

    #bp librarian at your service #the bp plug #let's chat#sip tea#talk fanfiction #talk t'challa fanfiction #talk black panther fanfiction #talk marvel fanfiction #t'challa x black!reader #husband!t'challa #dad!t'challa #t'challa fanfiction #black panther fanfiction #marvel fanfiction #chadwick boseman fanfiction #anonny asks
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  • griots-tales
    22.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    This is a T’Challa x Nakia song and you can’t change my mind.

    #T'Challa Nakia #T'Challa x Nakia #T'akia#T'Chakia #Nakia x T'Challa #music
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  • griots-tales
    22.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Can you do prompts for Star panther ?👀

    Suree! It took some time because I didn't have enough at the time.

    🐱‍👤10 StarPanther prompts!✨

    Non sexual

    "Okay, but how are we going to explain this... us, to Mama?"

    "If I were you-" / "T'Challa, you are me."

    "Why are you- why are you sitting on my throne?" / "I mean, no one noticed,"

    "You look... really nice!" / "Well, I look like you..."

    "Shaving your chest hair doesn't make you smoother than me."

    Smutty/ sexual

    "I-Isibuko? is that a stripper costume?"

    "Ahh, so that's why they liked me on my knees back then..."

    "It's Friday, and I want nothing more than getting dicked down by my double in a little sundress." /

    "And who is your King?" / "You are, kumkani wam!"

    "Oh, T'Challa... you're such a slut."

    #T'Challa#T'Challa imagines #star lord imagines #star lord tchalla imagines #starlord tchalla #starlord tchalla smut #black panther#t'challa #black panther fic #wakanda #black panther fanfiction #smut
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  • glowwyvern
    22.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Yeah ok Deadpool can interact with Moon Knight but only if Wade Wilson, shockingly, makes no DID related jokes towards the system and is like "Hey, looks like you worked things out with the rest of the crew huh, Marc?" And Marc is all "Yeah, actually, yeah, and I'm glad that you're alive, heard about the cancer." Then introduces Jake and Steven. And Layla.

    See...it's because Wade and Marc were actually good merc buddies back in the day and it's a totally heartwarming moment.

    #rest of the team is like staring confused not getting it #deadpool#moon knight #i want my faves to be friends #rip T'Challa tho #:'(
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