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  • 1thatgotaway-egg
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Redrew Screenshot from Origins Cinematic Intro

    Okay I’m gonna be honest but I love rewatching the old trailers for COD Zombies, like as soon one I click on one I can’t look away

    It’s been a while since I watched the cinematic intro but I wanted some references for the Primis crew so I redrew that one scene right before the Giant Robot nearly steps on them lmao

    #guess who had to redesign the way they drew Richtofen #asked my friends to give me feedback on how I drew the Primis characters #they had some mixed opinions on Primis Richtofen #changed a couple of things #but he looks relatively the same from when I first drew him #also I feel like drawing the Ultimus crew atm #might just draw stylized portraits of them who knows #currently thinking of changing my profile pic #maybe I'll change it to Dempsey or Nikolai instead of Takeo #NOW it's time to draw the Ultimus crew >:) #let's just hope my drawing style doesn't yassify them in the process #edward richtofen#takeo masaki#nikolai belinski#tank dempsey#cod zombies #black ops 2 #Silly Nation#SQFD
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  • ultimisdempsey
    14.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    icons i made for my silly little group chat

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  • 1thatgotaway-egg
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Primis Takeo and Richtofen Sketch (ft. Doodles)

    Okay continuing on with drawing the Primis Crew’s clothing, I drew both Takeo and Richtofen this time (it was so hard trying to draw their clothing compared to Dempsey and Nikolai cause there were so many details to be aware of lmao)

    Also, I got bored during class and I spent too much time drawing on sticky notes (currently putting the most attention on Takeo since he’s the easiest one to draw off the top of my head)

    #takeo masaki#edward richtofen#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski#cod zombies #black ops zombies #it was so hard finding good references for these two #now my camera roll is full of 3d models of these two #not that i'm complaining #since Takeo is the easiest to draw off the top of my head #i keep fixating on him with this hair down #since I now have an idea on their overall design #we can get to the good part lmao #still planning on drawing the MOTD and the Ultimus crew at some point #Already drew the MOTD crew #BUT it wouldn't hurt to draw Finn or Sal some more #once again I used watered-down acrylics #not planning on restocking my watercolors till b-day #Silly Nation#SQFD #ALSO CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH DER EISENDRACHE POSTER #MIGHT RECREATE THE POSTER LATER ON #that goes for most of the cod zombies map posters for the most part lmao
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  • primisnikolai
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    was scrolling through codz fanart with a friend and found this and wanted to redraw it purely for the nostalgia bcs this kinda shit shaped me

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  • 1thatgotaway-egg
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Finally Drew the Primis Crew after like 10 years, kinda weird to think about how I didn’t think of drawing them until just this year 

    Ight now for context, I was bored, and I wanted to draw Primis Richtofen, but then I ended up drawing all of them... :0 woops

    #I like the way I drew Dempsey in the first pic not gonna lie #I think I made Takeo too mad-looking tho #Might go back and draw their features differently #dont want too make their faces too similar #definitely need to go back and fix the back of Richtofen's hair #I think i did a good job on the doodles imo #Bruh that reminds me #Nikolai's headgear thingy took too much brain power from me #tank dempsey#nikolai belinski#edward richtofen#takeo masaki #black ops 2 #Currently planning on drawing these guys more often #Probably in dumb scenarios tho for the most part #Silly Nation
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  • jamieaiken919
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    well even if you didn’t I am here to deliver lmao

    some self shipping fluff with ultimis Edward!

    i put this disclaimer in the notes on the fic but I’ll put it here too- the first two chapters of this are suitable for all readers, which is why it currently has a G rating, but the rating will increase once the third chapter is added. that won’t be anytime soon though, which is why it’s rated G for the time being lol

    #writing#my writing #self shipping on main #self ship stuff #self ship fic #self ship writing #call of duty zombies #cod zombies#codz#edward richtofen#tank dempsey#takeo masaki#nikolai belinski #yes im putting this in the tags no I don’t give a shit #i am running on zero sleep and spite at this point :)
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  • moonshot-eclipse
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Can i just take a moment to rant about AO3 zombies stories. Like WTF is with SOFT RICHTOFEN!? who the hell is he and where did he put my insane man!? Y'all cannot make him soft! Just because he's most likely gay doesn't mean its free game to make him soft!! Like leave the poor man alooone! Dempsey is another one! People make him be overly mean to EVERYONE, he's not that much of an asshole! I swear it! Then we have the abusive Nikolai trope. Don't. Just don't. Its so baaad, he's not even abusive! He's a good boy! He's a big teddy bear so treat him as such! And now we come to one of the worst ones HOW THEY TREAT TAKEO, like come on guys, Takeo out of the whole crew is the most chill guy ever, he actually has a sense of morals, treat him better.

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  • cursedcodzombies
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
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  • jesmeraki
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    On 10/26/21 I was approached by @nunemi with the amazing opportunity to be a part of a fan animation project for the Call of Duty Zombies series.

    This 2 minutes and 57 seconds long fan animation is a love letter to this game and a project that united all of us fans together to bond over our love for these characters. 

    If you’re a Call of Duty Zombies fan or know someone who is feel free to watch this lovely animation or share it with others to love.

    #call of duty #call of duty black ops #call of duty black ops zombies #call of duty zombies #cod zombies #cod zombies fanart #call of duty zombies fanart #edward richtofen#tank dempsey#takeo masaki#nikolai belinski#samantha maxis#doctor maxis#fanart#digital art#animation#digital artwork#digital fanart#digital drawings#fandom#fandom project
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  • angel-honeypots
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Der Eisendrache

    forever in love with this man. he's so handsome my heart can't handle this

    (my screenshots)

    #he's so gorgeous #love of my life #tank dempsey#cod zombies#codz #call of duty zombies #call of duty #edward richtofen#nikolai belinski#takeo masaki#my screenshots
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  • cheesy-sausage
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Together, maybe for the last time. (Takeo x reader)

    Location: revelations

    Non explicit content

    It happened,

    you finally did it,

    the kids where in the house and all five of you where safe. It was the day you guys arrived and you were tiered, everyone was sleeping and doing their thing.

    you could finally rest but you didn't want to.

    For some reason you couldn't do it, you had something else on your mind, something you didn't realize till now, it was him, takeo, there was just something about him you loved. he was serious, strong and interesting. You liked that about him, it was diferente, nothing you've ever seen. He was definitely something special, and you just found out you love him. you didn't really know what to do, so you decided to follow him and see what he was up to.

    (Your POV)

    I walk around looking for takeo, but there is no sign of him anywhere, now this is really strange, takeo tends to be in the kitchen or outside sitting under a tree but he isn't there, where is he?

    (Narrator POV)

    (y/n) starts to get very worried and looks for the other 3 , maybe they know where he is.

    You decide to go to the basement, where you knew Richtofen would be.

    As you walk into the basement the doctor turns around in surprise and says:

    "(Y/N) what are you doing here?"

    "I was just looking for takeo but I couldn't find him, do you know where he is ?" You answer in a slightly worried tone.

    "No, I haven't seen him" Richtofen answers a bit intrigued.

    "Well, I'll just keep on looking then, bye" you say and Richtofen waves.

    You run to the door and get out. Now you look for Nikolai, he really seems like the one that would know where takoe is.

    When you approach the door of Nikolai's room you can hear the voice of two people talking, they where Nikolai and.... takeo !?

    What was takeo doing in Nikolai's room was something you didn't understand, you thought they didn't like each other, what was happening?

    You decide to listen to their conversation.

    (Y/N)'s POV

    "So what do you think i should do?"asked the voice that seemed to be takeo's

    "I think you should just tell her you know, let her know how you feel"

    said the voice that was definitely Nikolai's

    "I think Nikolai is right you can't just ignore your feelings" says a third voice, tank's

    "Well, I'll tell her" said takeo.

    Tell her? Tell me? Tell me what? What's going on?

    (Narrator's POV)

    As (Y/N) starts wandering about what she just heard, she starts to inch closer to the door in order to hear better, but as soon as she presses her hand against the door, it opens letting her fall onto the ground.

    The faces of the three men turn towards her.

    "(Y/N)! What are you doing here?!" Nikolai asks in a shocked voice.

    Tank stares at you surprised, and Nikolai turns his head towards takeo.

    Everything is quite and nobody moves until takeo gets up to help you.

    You were holding hands and he was looking deep into your eyes.

    "How much did you hear"he asks in a soft yet sad tone

    "Just enough" you respond, as you crash your lips against his.

    It lasted a bit less than a minute but it was fantastic.

    He was about to speak when you heard a loud noise and the earth started shaking

    Dr. Monty and Richtofen came up to you and told you what was happening, Monty said that you guys would save his perfect universe, and that you where about to face the greatest evil you could ever encounter... the shadow man.

    As you walk outside you can see how the world was destroyed, you were scared, you didn't know what would happen when all of a sudden you feel a pair of arms wrap around you in an embrace.

    As the hug ends takeo looks deep into your eyes and says:"we will fight together, maybe for the last time".

    #takeo masaki x reader #takeo masaki #cod zombies fics
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  • cheesy-sausage
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    For those of you who didn’t know I write cod zombies x reader fics on Wattpad and I have decided to cross post them here cuz no one seems to use Wattpad anymore, they’ll be on my profile under a cod zombies fics #. Thanks for reading

    #cod zombies fics #Richtofen x reader #edward richtofen#takeo masaki#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski #Nikolai belinski x reader #tank Dempsey x reader #Edward Richtofen x reader #takeo masaki x reader #cod zombies
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  • voiddedsystem
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Pov you’re Dr. Yena

    #cod zombies #call of duty zombies #call of duty nazi zombies #edward richtofen#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski#takeo masaki#ultimis#primis #idk im just tagging shit #this meme came to me very suddenly!
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