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  • histoires-de-la-louve
    18.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    18.05.22 message du jour

    Le jugement.

    Les vérités sont dévoilées.

    Nous sommes dans une période où les faux semblants, les masques résistent autant qu’ils le peuvent. Mais, la vérité vraie, celle qui ne plaît pas, celle qui nous soulage et défait l’illusion qui nous emprisonne, nous empoisonne, cette vérité vient nous libérer.

    Quel est notre rapport à la liberté ?

    Comment vivons nous l’authenticité et ses chemins escarpés ?

    Savons-nous réellement vivre en liberté ?

    Que ça nous déplaise de montrer notre vrai visage, que ça nous déplaise de prendre connaissance et conscience de celui-ci, nous sommes et ce que nous sommes nous devons l’accepter et avancer avec.

    Personne n’est parfait, personne n’est belleau à 100%.

    Nous cachons toustes des travers, des mendonge et des manigances aux autres. Que ce soit dans l’intention de les protéger, dans celle de sauver les meubles, dans la peur de montrer notre manque d’efficacité.

    Chacun.e nous avons des parts d’ombre.

    À nous de les montrer et de les accepter, car au final, c’est en premier lieu nous-mêmes que nous décevons.

    Les ombres permettent d’apporter du relief à la lumière.

    Belle journée et courage les amours.


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  • montystarotchild
    17.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    The Fire 🔥 and Water 🌊 signs have a timeless message waiting for them! The Air 💨 and Earth 🌻timeless messages will be released first on my Patreon and then later on YouTube 💕

    Aries: https://youtu.be/exdflLkUwqk

    Leo: https://youtu.be/yRZhRWqFpB0

    Sagittarius: https://youtu.be/1B7YY40pIkI

    Scorpio: https://youtu.be/1VMy9byWJjU

    Cancer: https://youtu.be/fRH2fK4BLbc

    Pisces: https://youtu.be/SZTVmLFLZ-k

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  • mutantes-sinmas
    17.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Las cartas siguen hablando

    #oraculo de delfos #tarot reading #moon and stars #cosmic messages
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  • wa-kaizen
    16.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Paid Readings

    a little about me; hi! first off, thank you for reading my post, i appreciate it a lot. i am sei-jin! i have been interested in both astrology and tarot for multiple years now, to be exact, 8 years. i am taking it more seriously since this year, as i would like to earn some money from it. this isn't my first blog, i had a previous one with the same name which tumblr happened to deactivate, however, i am here to help you now! i have also provided paid services before. ♡

    「 Questions you might have 」

    Can I ask for a tarot reading to be based off of astrology instead? Absolutely, I am always open to any suggestions or requests you might have. I am here to help, not hold you back.

    Can I get a reading on something that's not on this post? Of course, you can costumise to your will.

    Can I purchase multiple things at once? Yes! As many as you want, I really don't mind. We will both gain from it.

    Why are there no word limits on in depth readings? Can't force messages to come through.

    What tools are used for readings? Tarot cards, oracles, charms, intuition, the help of your spirit guides! For astrology services I strictly use your chart and, if there is any, the other person's.

    How long does in depth readings take? 1-3 weeks.

    Where can I reach you if I can't text you here? On my side blog @sei-jinnie or on insta at wa.kaizenn

    If you have any more questions I will happily answer you.

    「 Customise 」

    22$ Basic 3 - This is where you provide up to three basic questions or topics you want to get a reading on

    70$ In depth 7 - This includes the same thing, but you can ask up to seven questions and you would need to provide information on each one so I can give you as much information as I possibly can.

    THE ANSWER: Basic/Average 18$, In depth 40$

    GUIDE; if you buy 3 costume questions and a long answer, you would need to pay 62$. If you buy 7 depth costumised questions and buy short answers that's 88$. And so on.

    「 Tarot 」

    — generic

    each; 16$ | together; 90$

    - spirit guide messages

    - career reading

    - aura reading

    - who are your spirit guides?

    - how does your future look like

    - basic info on future spouse

    — monthly

    you can choose the topic for monthly readings, they also don't always have to be the same topic. keep in mind, you would need to pay every time you receive your service.

    Updating/Guide monthly on one topic 18$

    Updating/Guide every 3 months on 2 topics 25$

    Updating/Guide every 6 months on 4 topics 60$

    — future

    - you in the future, how to work towards it 26$

    - your future spouse in depth 100$ (keep in mind, I will tune in on literally everything about him)

    - your future children 22$

    - your future career in depth 68$ (everything i can see about it)

    - your future in laws 18$

    - your future life. 67$ (instead of past life)

    — special

    - 20$ five questions you have anytime, for one month (if you want to extend the amount of numbers and or months, you have to pay more.)

    - in depth past life 80$

    - helping you build up the person you want to be 18$

    - all about your spirit guides 22$

    「 Astro 」

    — these services are all 36$

    Future reading How you will change as a person, what will change in your life, who will you loose, who will you gain - will mostly use vertex for that -
    Career reading a rundown, what you excel at, what are your weaknesses, how to be as successful as you possibly can be
    Birth chart reading I will tell about you in depth - what kind of person you are -, your friends, significant other, career, future, your family, what could bring you luck

    — future s/o

    In depth 100$ Their appearance, style, music style, love language, personality, their mental state, how are they right now, their career, exes, friends, family, complex/unusual life views they have, how will you meet them and when

    This is it for now, maybe I will add more in the future. Until then, thank you for reading, I hope you will find interest in my services and we will be able to have a great connection! Have a wonderful rest of your day! 🖤

    Thank you for reading.

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  • wolfiebaby2911
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Hi there!

    Are you interested in exchange reading? therefore I'm here to offer you one! But, there's some rules that you need to follow:

    1. Anon are accepted but please sent me your birthday and initial (ex: my initial is bc, my birthday is in October 29)

    2. You can ask me any questions except about your future spouse, death, legal enquiries, third party situations etc. since I'm not that good and comfortable about that question. I'm sorry😭🙏

    3. Please sent me my reading first so i can feel your energy then I'll answer yours immediately. You can sent me any reading about my general message, career, higher self, etc.

    4. You can sent it in ask or message if you want it to be more private

    5. Please leave a feedback after you received your reading!

    If you see this post and you're interested in exchange reading then please kindly follow, like and reblog!

    Status: Open

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  • spiritualincarnatedentity
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    hii! im a sagittarius. what does SD (virgo) think of me & does he have any messages he'd genuinely want to say?


    Hello lovely

    Ooh, a fellow Sagittarius!

    It sounds like you want both tarot and a channelled message, so I'll see what comes up

    Before I begin, I want to warn you that while I am picking up messages, this could be their energy just as much as yours, so please only take what fits and leave the rest. Likewise with tarot - only take what fits, leave the rest

    Based on the cards, it seems like this person is listening to their friends too much, esp cos it seems like they do have feelings for you. It feels like they're fighting their feelings though, like they aren't sure whether to act on them. Do their friends gossip about you? Or make fun of you or something? Idk, there's an immature energy here from this person's friends, and they value their friends and their opinions

    Your channelled message: 'you're so cool. Why would you wanna be with me? I mean, listen, I love my friends, but they can be the worst when they wanna be, and they're not exactly great about you. But I'm sure once they meet you, you'll get along great! They just need to get to know you

    'But even if my friends weren't an issue, I am. I mean, I'm not in the same league as you. Or at least, I don't feel like I am. Why settle for a loser like me when you can have anyone? Literally anyone. Maybe it's better we aren't close cos then I can't fuck this up. You deserve better than me'

    Wow, okay. This person has self esteem issues. Or they seem to overthink things, esp with you, so they feel insecure when they think of you two together. I'm getting people pleasing here too cos they value their friends a lot, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They just maybe listen too much to what they have to say

    I hope this helps answer your question

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  • spiritueelonderweg1111
    15.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ⚜❤ welke envelop kies jij? ❤⚜

    ➡️ boodschappen vh universum + stel een vraag + berichtjes van een geliefde - tijden staan erbij

    Video met de boodschappen ➡️


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  • hawthorne-house
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    It’s later than I anticipated but!

    Hello Visitors and welcome to Hawthorne House. As promised I have the general energy check in for all the signs up now (link to be posted below). I’m sorry it took so long yall, honestly I didn’t think the video itself would be as long as it was so I didn’t account for the extra upload time but here it is! This video has a general collective reading at the beginning of it and then is broken up into the individual signs. Everything should be timestamped. Some of these readings have very specific messages, others are more general and might apply to a larger group. Not only is this a quick energy check in but it may also have some clue/clues as to which card to select for the Full Moon Doors of Destiny reading coming up. But it’s not required to watch this one in order to watch the other. It’s just to let you know there might be some connection for you. At the latest, the Full Moon video will be posted on the third day of the Full Moon which will be Tuesday the 17th. Thank you for taking the time to visit! I hope the information you find is interesting, helpful, or affirming for you in some way. Yours, Aria

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  • hawthorne-house
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    Hello Visitors, welcome to Hawthorne House! As the title states it is Friday the 13th. I didn’t realize that until about five minutes before I sat down to do a new reading but it certainly explains why the energy was so whackadoo today. Bit all over the place. About this reading. I have one up that I recorded yesterday that is a reading/message for the collective as a whole. Then today I ended up recording a video that was meant to be an energy check in for all the signs. Which it was. But it also might have some clues as to what to pick for the up coming full moon pick a card that I will be recording and releasing on Monday. Visiting Hawthorne House is like finding yourself in the most bizarre and fascinating Scavenger Hunt. Something we were quite fond of even when I was a child. Grandma Danamae and I were always coming up with clever games like that when I was a tot. It felt like practice for when I’d come into my craft and need those sorts of skills. The video I recorded today will be up tomorrow and I’ll post a link to it here then for those interested. You don’t need to watch it in order to join in on the full moon pick a card but they might have some interesting insights for you all the same. They’re all short 15 minutes pulls and if I remember right some of them had some quite specific information that might only pertain to handful of people and others were more like the energy check-in I was anticipating. If I’m honest though they went by so quick and the information came out in such a stream that I can’t remember much of what those specifics were. If you’re interested in the collective reading also I’ll post that below. And after the full moon reading is done with I’ll see about when we might do our next round of short free readings. Which may mostly be in video format because it’s easier to get the info to you. This full moon reading is also another of our experiments. I’m making public for the first time one of Hawthorne House’s specific layouts that I use, adapted for a collective reading rather than for the individual. So it’s quite different from normal which will certainly be interesting to do. Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday and are looking forward to a relaxing or entertaining (as per your preference) weekend. Yours, Aria Here’s the video from yesterday as promised. The actual card pull is timestamped for the second half of the video. If you don’t feel like joining in on the chatter.

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  • a-shared-experience
    13.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    May 15/16 brings the blood moon solar eclipse in the sign of secretive ass Scorpio. The thing about scorpio is that they make for great detectives whether it’s everyday life or the metaphysical. They’re pretty spicy in bed as well. Expect big reveals ! Having failed attempts at dating them and growing up with a Scorpio mother I admit I used to

    throw playful shade but after dissecting my own birth chart, my Scorpio placements are the coolest .

    This eclipse will be affecting Aries and Taurus in the relationship sector where only the strong will survive and new solid commitments will be made.

    Gemini will be getting a wake up call in regards to health so if you’ve been brushing chronic stress and fatigue under the rug … the rug is being ripped out . Whoosh. Take a magic carpet ride into a vacation.

    Cancer will be ditching their shell and self expressing without hesitation. This isn’t the time to clam up har har

    Leo’s living situation will be at the forefront whether this involves moving or redecorating

    Virgo may be having difficult conversations and addressing any power imbalances which could lead to powerful change, reuniting kindred spirits and work in writing, teaching, social media will all be exciting outlets for you at this time.

    Libra may feel this eclipse in the job sector - try to remain flexible with any department changes or complete switch up in career. Now is a good time to assess your finances as well.

    The spotlight will be on scorpio as this eclipse is in their sign- you could be revealing something you’ve worked really hard on- or changing your look completely. Either way it’s all about you bebe

    Sagittarius - this is a time of surrender , acceptance, forgiveness and rest. Artists and healers may experience a surge in creativity as well as dive into inner work to break old negative patterns of behaviour and move beyond their own limitations . Remember - it is not that the healer is healed per se , it’s that they are dedicated to healing

    Capi’s may be up for a switch in career and a switch up in friends. If you’ve been feeling uninspired it’s time for a change to realign yourself with your values. This could see some goats going viral or accepting offers for exciting new positions. *fingers crossed … I am ready for excitement * for the singles this is an exciting time for dating . Hi, my names B - I’m a huge nerd , little bit of spice ;)

    Aquarius - prepare for a dramatic career change that could see you stepping into a leadership role. Aquarius has the capability of innovating in a way that no one else can so don’t hold back. There could be developments in a key relationship with a father or father figure or prominent male figure in your life at this time

    Pisces - this eclipse will highlight a need for independence. If you’ve been holding yourself back to please others then the powerful change will come to those around you . It’s time to stand firmly for what you want, who you are and where you want to go. Prepare for impromptu trips either business related or spiritual journeys.

    I pulled a card for each sign , hope this helps and may the eclipse bless us all with the changes our souls thirst for <3 as always when it comes to astrology you can check your sun, moon and rising but typically your rising/ ascendent sign will be most applicable. I’m not an astrologist so this is just for fun.

    Do you have any Scorpio placements in your chart? These placements are sure to be affected. Check out your chart to better prepare for the lunar cycle.

    I have a Scorpio midheaven which gives the uncanny ability to read people.People with this placement can tell immediately when someone is lying to them. It’s almost like a 6th sense that subconsciously reads a persons body language, various personality nuances, voice inflictions and a host of other sensory perceptions. It gives an amazing ability to focus on one thing and hone in on it with laser focus. It gives staying power needed to finish seeing any projects or tasks through to the end. It’s almost impossible to rest until you’ve reached a satisfactory conclusion. This could find you holed up for days on end working to the extent of neglecting your own personal needs for food and sleep. It will be vital to have a partner who understands your work ethic and someone who can care for you when you’re absorbed with creating the next genius invention or revolutionary methodology. You find career success with your “ never give up” attitude and deep seated passion for your chosen career. You can quickly rise to a level of expertise in your field and find great personal satisfaction in your accomplishments. Your self worth is tied into what you do for a living. This kind of passion makes you fearless in the pursuit of truth and much needed change. Your life purpose is to grow and experience new things which is done best through career choices. Each time you shift career trajectory you discover a new life purpose in learning. Whether your work improves one life or a million you derive the same amount of joy, achievement and personal and spiritual growth.

    Scorpio delivers an intensity to your personality and an analytical mind that craves a good mystery. You cherish humanitarian efforts , are a seeker of eternal truth and bring light to the darkness. You are intriguing, curious and sensitive. You love to explore concepts that terrify most people. Even if the information would hurt you - you’re not afraid to get to the bottom of things . You believe humanity as a whole should strive for truth, leaving behind all the material distractions. You’re enigmatic and don’t allow people to get to know you very quickly.

    You don’t care for people who are easy to figure out . You love the process of discovering what makes someone unique and what their flaws are.

    People will see you as someone who’s difficult to understand because you know all about the darker side of life and have put up walls to protect yourself. You are highly receptive to peoples feelings even when they aren’t expressed and can physically feel evil lurking around you. You yourself have a dark and mysterious aura despite being quiet, reserved and a bit timid at times. When you speak - people listen. You compel others and easily hold their attention.

    You dislike noisy people and prefer private atmospheres over extravagant parties and luxury. You don’t care at all about money or material possessions and wish everyone could focus on human connection and universal truths. You chase success , not power. You love learning and improving yourself. You are elegant, precise and resilient. You love diving into someone’s mind and learning everything about them. You understand actions and motivations better than most people. You know what drives the nun as much as you can comprehend what motivates a killer . Natives with Scorpio midheaven will often test their limits and do things that would be considered dangerous. They want to know how far they can go and how much they can handle. They are fearless and don’t think of death as something scary. They don’t strive to live forever or escape death. They expose themselves to danger out of curiosity. They want their job to be associated with adrenaline, mystery , life and death and will never seek praise or financial success. The only people they want to impress is themselves . They are terrified of hurting anyone or causing emotional pain. They know first hand what it’s like to be betrayed, disappointed or sad so they avoid being the cause of another’s suffering. They are compassionate and feel most alive when they help someone . Women with this placement are dignified, magnetic and intellectual and will often have difficulty sleeping because they have too many possibilities and theories in their minds. They are ardent and feel everything more profoundly than most. They are loyal partners seeking long- lasting connections. So if you’re seeking an emotionally aware, intuitive and perplexing partner - find someone with prominent Scorpio placements.

    Welcome to eclipse season bebe

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  • pleiadianstarhealer
    13.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    You are juggling with a lot of heartache and disappointments.

    Lately, it seems that all you've endured is coming up to the surface.

    You've been stumbling between being able to function and melancholy.

    You ask yourself, " When will I ever stop hurting!?"

    Please understand that you can be in the process of healing and experience happiness.

    You don't have to be healed to be happy.

    There is a beginning of when you start your healing, but no timeline of when you're done with the work.

    You're are supposed to learn from your journey.

    Acknowledge your pain, feel your pain, go insane if you want, just remember to come back.

    Please always come back.

    Life is meant to be lived fully, but not in an endless loop.

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  • histoires-de-la-louve
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    13.05.22 Message du weekend

    La Sirène des égouts.

    « Hey ma beauté !

    Et si tu te regardais dans un vrai miroir aujourd’hui ? Pourquoi doutes-tu de ta beauté ?

    Pourquoi te rabaisses-tu ?

    Tu le sais pourtant qu’il n’y en a pas 2 comme toi !

    Tu es une personne merveilleuse. Regarde ce que tu sais faire ! Regarde ce que tu as accompli !

    Pourquoi te compares-tu à un macaron alors que tu es un cannelé !

    Arrête ça et observe toi vraiment.

    Qu’apprécies-tu chez toi ? Ton regard de braise, ta faculté à t’adapter à n’importe qu’elle situation, tes talents culinaires ?

    Qu’aimes-tu moins chez toi ? Tes cuisses, ta franchise au quart de tour, ton aversion pour les pieds moches ? »

    Ce weekend nous avons l’opportunité, plus que d’autres moments, de nous regarder autrement.

    Nous sommes invité.e.s à trouver du beau dans ce que nous aimons peu chez nous. Nous pouvons d’abord nous questionner.

    Pourquoi cette partie de moi me déplaît ?

    Est-ce parce que cela ne plaît pas à la société et/ou à mon entourage ?

    Est-ce vraiment rédhibitoire pour moi ?

    Si je le changerais ce sera comment et pour le remplacer par quoi ?

    Au final, est-ce possible ?

    Si non, comment apaiser le regard que je porte sur cette partie de moi ?

    De même pour ce que l’on aime chez nous.

    Qu’est-ce que j’aime chez moi ?

    Pour quelles raisons ?

    Comment puis-je le mettre en avant davantage ?

    Qu’est-ce que cela m’apporte ?

    Beau week-end !


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  • plutonicpleasures
    12.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐟𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 + 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐟𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮

    this is a collab that includes @d4rkpluto @mystiicwinter @fxiryheiize @etherealjaehyuns and @vasnecia about how your future partner wants to say to you and how they would treat you; this could be read as your future spouse as well


    《Pile one》

    What do they want to say to you

    Cards I got: The hierophant , the emperor, 5 of wands,8 of pentacles, 7 of pentacles, 4 of cups


    This person is representative by the hierophant and the emperor, this person believes in traditional masculine roles but they're not misogynistic at all. On the contrary they wanna tell you that they're very caring and attentive to your needs and wish to know about your day. They might get easily overwhelmed by workload so they seek some soothing from you 🥺 this person is committed to their career and goals, they might even be into charity,they wish that you'd be the same. They believe in marriage and want to create a blissful life with you! They also believe that relationships need to be worked on just like a goal you have to gear and nurture it into being. The negative however is that this person doesn't express themselves alot, they give alot of love but don't know how to recieve it back or accept it back :( ;( you will need to show them how to do so.

    They might be too much into their heads alot, overthinking could be a self destructive habit they indulge, they could use sex as a escape and might ignore their deep wounds and let them fester until they can't handle themselves. Might indulge into drugs sometimes. They're probably into bdsm and would like you to sit on their lap or at their feet. Might get you pink furry lingerie lmao with them pink furry cuffs. They just want to take care of you and make sure you're okay. You're their baby 🥺 they're also financially abundant <3

    How will they treat you

    Cards I got: sorry I reshuffled the deck before I took note of the cards 😫😫

    🔗 This person has the empress as the first card so I feel like this person is very very caring and nurturing and has motherly energy to them even though they’re represented by the masculine emperor and the magician this person is like "I’ll take care of you" they’re the type of person that would cook for you This person could also divides tasks between you both and might believe that teamwork is the key. They also might see you distressed about something and they come up to you and they're like "what’s the problem? tell me so we can solve it together" they will make sure that you were taking care of spiritually physically mentally. just very very sweet because this person cares a lot about you. They also have these young love fantasies y'all might want to go to amusement park,eat cotton candy, get on rides with you, they might need to heal their inner child so this could be an outlet for them. Go on innocent activities and have fun with you with your best friend. This person has a very "I’m the provider I’ll take care of you" energy to them which is why they're very dominant because they’re represented by the emperor and the magician they might coerce you into doing stuff,not in a bad way of course but like you will do things they say because they're very convincing or they’re very leading they know what to do and you just follow what they say. They also might want a lot of kids. This is a pleasure dom, they’re there to give their partner all the pleasure there is. They'd never try to hurt you, if they do they'll Apologize right away. 🥺🥺🥺 this is so sweet pile 1!! I hope you enjoyed it!


    「 pile two 」

    ╰─➤ what they want to tell you

    ╰─➤ cards : nine of pentacles, the queen of wands, the devil, knight of wands, eight of pentacles

    tw sexual messages

    this person is HEAVILY attracted to your physical appearance and you as a person if i am being honest. you know those people that don't even have to fit the standards, it's just the way they are that makes them so sexy? that's you in their eyes. the queen of wands makes me believe you are either out of their league or they simply perceive you as someone that's superior compared to a good number of people they know. they want to express this appreciation they have for you and compliment you a lot. they love your body, they want to be close to you and touch you in some way at all times. whether it's an arm around your waist, your hands clasped together or arms linked. your presence gives them comfort. they feel like a very reserved individual, one that doesn't express their love that easily. for you, it will reside on the things they do but they won't have any problem telling you beautiful you are. they want to do a lot of things to you as well (sorry for getting graphic). they are dying to speak about what they do once they come home and they have all the time in the world to think about you. they want to get a reaction, leave you flustered. "are you thinking about me too?" they wanna ask. expect a lot of communication inside the bedroom and if you want to have a sexual side to your relationship, expect them to talk a lot about it to you. they want to tell you about all of the fantasies they've been having ever since they discovered this attraction towards you. if you don't mind it, they will get into details (they might avoid saying things that you can tease them with).

    moving on, they want to be direct about their intentions with you. once they will realize how much they love you, this need of settling down will grow bigger and bigger. it depends on you if you want to make them yours for life but it looks like this is what they want. they crave to express their possessiveness towards you as well and need to hear it from you too. i see that they will ask a lot about your thoughts and emotions related to them. you could be dealing with a rather anxious person that requires reassurance from time to time and once they see they can get it from you, it will start popping up more often.

    ╰─➤ how will they treat you

    ╰─➤ cards : ace of wands, two of swords, queen of swords, king of swords, three of wands, ten of wands

    this person's behaviour towards you screams husband/wife material due to their provider tendencies. this seems to be something rather unexpected from them, a result of their past actions in old relationships. it is the type of treatment that is reserved solely for the ones they deem to be worthy of it, but if i am being honest, you are probably the first one to experience it. i think many people will be shocked by seeing how they act when they are near you. in my mind, i see someone who keeps an arm on you at all times to show you are together, to have you close. if this is a man, expect traditional actions such as opening doors for you or taking the lead in social settings. if this is a woman, she will have acts of service as her love language, helping you when you need it and doing her best in providing support. being loved by them is like going through a beautiful winter. the cold is there yet it can't take away the ethereal essence that this season has. their hard exterior won't be enough to keep in their affections and in spite of the lack of constant romantic gestures, you will know they care for you.

    they will treat you with respect. your words will hold power in their eyes, your opinions all taken into consideration. they like to believe you are a strong couple that together holds a lot of power and your intelligence is something they are proud of. the swords suit makes the native sharp in their communication and your witty remarks and fierce comebacks will be like melodies to their ears. they won't let anyone disrespect you either. it's something almost forbidden for them to allow the people around to bash on their lovely partner without dealing with consequences. i heard that rumors might be ignited at the start of your partnership and be sure they won't tolerate it. they see you as something to be loved and protected and not because you can't do it yourself but because you shouldn't do it all by yourself. give them the chance to ease your burdens, please. i'd like to also mention how they will like to tease you and play fight with you. it will be fun, being with them. just don't act too annoyed at their antics or else they will actually believe it.




    ♇ this is an interesting spread, but i got that they want you to start something new. you might be focusing on something that isnt good for you, holding onto something that isnt good for you; this could be a habit or a someone because this thing might delay their arrival. this could also manifest onto them finding a different love interest. they also want to tell you to release some anger, they would want you to know that they want you to take that stick out your bum and just go with the flow.

    ♇ they want to tell you that you get them excited, could be sexually or just a pure excitement to see you. they want to tell you that the thought of you makes them motivated and they would want to take you out on many dates; this could also insinuate that your future partner wants to tell you that they're coming in soon. they want to tell you that them being not close to you kills them, this might be their higher self coming through but they might live in another city or town?

    ♇ they also want to tell you to find balance without them, you might depend on their energy or on the thought of them to make yourself feel better. howbeit, that is the opposite of what they want you to do. this person is a very independent person, or they're someone who would not like the fact that their future partner might depend their happiness on them, it kind of scares them. [ by the way they might be a bit older than you or they look older ] they want to tell you that they want to give you affection a lot, and they might love-bomb a lot to the point it seems suspicious, but they're just a very openly affectionate person.

    ♇ what your future partner wants to tell you is for now to release them, or to not over-think about them and be too curious about them due to the fact that it might ruin future things. on one hand, this also goes back to the habit you need to let go of. there's something you do, you might not do it intentionally but it is bad for you. you might have this hidden bitterness inside of you? you might be thinking pessimistically about something and you're close to manifesting it into your life; they want to tell you to look around at what you have and be grateful for it.

    ♇ they want to tell you that they find you physically attractive, and that they would want to touch you a lot. this person might be big on pda, they also want to tell you to spend your money on things that are beneficial. look around for opportunities you might complain about not getting because you're too much pitying about the past. they want to tell you that you two will thrive from each other, like a lot.



    ♇ we can interpret this as them being a huge lesson for you, im hearing a lesson for you to becoming more aware than you think you are also thinking that you know how the world thinks when in general you have much to learn. your future partner will help you to becoming more adaptable in different scenarios, and accepting changes to things you dont want to change. this future partner will have a heavy impact to you, more than you think as well. i feel like your future partner will also point out things you want to hide about yourself or things you're unaware of.

    ♇ your future partner will be very careful about how they treat you, as you guys might be someone who needs a lot of reassurance, your future partner will like to show you the effort they'll put for you; you two will be each other's best friend, they would want to show you that they not only you're lover but the person you can count on as well. when the romantic energies are acknowledged by the both of you, you two will become friends before lovers. they'll definitely be romantic things your future partner would want to show you as well.

    ♇ your future partner will want to communicate with you a lot, they're someone who doesnt like the silent treatment. might've grown in a home that didnt have the best example of parents so they dont want to go through it, or they grew up in a home where one of their parents taught them the important factors in a relationship, and that might communication. they would want to text you a lot, make you laugh, ask your questions about yourself, they'll be very intuitive about you as well. a very thoughtful partner and it'll be shown in their gifts.


    Pile Four


    ➥ Cards: The Hierophant, 2 of Swords, The Moon Rx, The Tower

    Channeled Messages: “soulmate” “don’t give up on me” “I’m sorry please forgive me” 

    They want to tell you that they are all in, but they need time. This could be someone that you are currently in a relationship with, or it could be someone you tend to be on and off with, never knowing where you stand. They want you to know that you complete them. The yin to their yang, the light to their dark, the peanut butter to their jelly, whatever you wanna call it. They need you to know that they would go the distance for you any day. This makes sense being that one of your channeled messages is “soulmate” They also want to tell you that you need to love yourself before you love them. They don’t want to be in a relationship to be the other half you depend on, they want you to be complete and happy on your own, before you meet them. 

    This is especially true in an emotional sense. They want to tell you that they are not the best person to talk to about emotions. They do not handle them well and prefer to be the logical one in a relationship. They want you to know that they aren't too far out of your reach, but they want you to lose them to love yourself, because they aren't ready. The Hierophant here gives a soulmate feel but the 2 of Swords and The Moon Rx say fear. I’d say that there will be a lot of waiting for this one Pile 4. They seem to be emotionally unavailable right now. They want you to know that they are still here though, and that they apologize if you find their aloofness unbearable or annoying. 

    This person is likely going through a Tower moment right now and not your average “omg everything is going to hell” Tower moment, but a moment of pure lust and passion. This person wants you to know that they are heavily attracted to you and everything that you are. When they met (or meet) you it may have felt like their heart exploded. A true Tower moment of the heart. If you know this person, expect for this to happen as some sort of epiphany and for them to do something crazy that they've never done before to try to get your attention. This sudden burst of passion will make them act tf up Pile 4. 


    ➥ Cards: 6 of Wands, Strength, 5 of Wands Rx, Page of Cups Rx

    This person will treat you like their best and brightest business partner, best friend, and lover all in one. They constantly want to start new projects with you, and work on goals and grow together! Be prepared for this person to never let you go, because for them no problem is too big that love cannot solve. This person will never let you go to bed angry and even if you're upset with each other, they will still tell you that they love you before they leave the house. They strike me as the type of person to do that because “you never know what will happen”

    This person will be your knight in shining armor. They will always be there to pick you up when you've fallen down. Like I said before, this relationship is solid. This is the “opposites attract relationship” One partner is calm, cool, and collected, and the other one is full of emotional outbursts and spontaneity! You balance each other out perfectly. I wouldn't be surprised if this person happened to be a bit older than you as well. This person finds light in your personality and appreciates that you balance them out. They aspire to be your rock. Someone you can always count on. 

    Remember how I said that this person wants to keep the peace. This may prove to be a bad trait later on because with the 5 of Wands in Rx here, they could start to be dishonest with you about certain things because they don't want you to get upset or worry. A very “what they don't know won't hurt them” mindset. I said before that they were bad at dealing with emotions. This card is giving me the feeling of lying about your own because you don't want to seem weak and you don't want your partner to worry about you, so you want to fix it yourself before they notice. Encourage this person to speak up, and remind them that sharing their emotions, especially negative ones, is not a bad thing to do. Especially with the person you love.

    This person may have a tendency to exhibit childish behaviors. This only seems like it may happen when you “disrupt the peace” Like I said before, they likely will not tell you if they are upset or angry about anything, but if you realize that they are, and you try to confront them about it, they might get upset and accuse you of trying to create friction within the relationship. Another theme the Page of Cups in Rx represents is being overly sensitive. I said before that they prefer to remain logical, being overly sensitive about certain things could irritate them and make them retreat back into their shell. 

    ˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ @fxiryheiize



    DISCLAIMER: The messages that I have gotten are from intuition and intuition only, so it may not resonate with everyone.

    Hello, pile five! Welcome to your reading!


    Right off the bat, when I was channeling your energy, I had heard ‘’stop being hard on yourself’’. They want you to take a break and really relax yourself. You might have something going on that is draining you emotionally or you have something difficult to accomplish (be it school or a friendship). When it comes to the friendship, I saw ‘’let it/them go’’. It’s not worth it for you at the moment. That friendship is going to get tiring for you over time and it’s not what you need at the moment. I’m also seeing that you might have difficulty with a decision. You either will need to choose or take your time with making the final choice. 

    tw. sexual messages:

    Something about your body (especially your back and breasts) will be very attractive to them. They’ll want to have a lot of doggy style sex. They’ll be railing you, then be gentle with you while changing positions, then they’ll go back and apply the pressure as before. There is a lot of awe and soft energy here and just pleasure. Wetness here. Something about water here). There is lovemaking as well. They’ll want to see you in missionary while looking at them in pleasure. It’s just very hypnotic to them and they live for it too. 


    There is a spiritual connection here between the two of you, meaning that it could be something that didn’t happen by chance. It was predestined. There is a mention of wanting to take care of you and adoring you often. Be it through giving gifs, emotional comfort, or intimacy (it doesn’t have to be sexual always), they’re always willing and want to take care of you. I get a vision of a man just wanting to cuddle and be near his partner all of the time. They are very caring and protective of you. As if you’re a delicate being. They’re just very much in love with you, my dears. 

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  • temperancedivination
    12.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Mercury rx in Gemini: Water signs collective 🌬

    A lot of you have been taught to completely disregard your emotions. Not get rid of them but you have learned not to acknowledge them. The past has made you believe that your emotions are too strong and flamboyant and loud but that’s not true. How you feel matters and it always has people just don’t like to feel guilt or uncomfortable due to your reactions. This Mercury rx is asking you to release the past but also build anew you don’t have to be scared to unleash your true feelings anymore. This rx is all about revising the way we express ourselves and you my friends have not been expressing yourselves nearly enough or honoring your true feelings. Feel with your heart not with your head if that makes sense. It’s time to realign with your souls purpose.

    Scorpio risings - Mercury retrograde is taking place in your 8th house and will station direct in your 7th house. There’s something you need to reevaluate that has to do with intimacy and being intimate others. You scared to get close to others because of what you’ve been told but you know your heart is craving these connections. Start listening. Mercury also rules your 11th house of dreams and connections it’s time to expand and start living your actual dreams.

    Pisces risings - Mercury retrograde is taking place in your 4th house of home and foundations and will station direct in your 3rd house of communication, peers/siblings. You may not have gotten the nurturing you needed coming up. It’s important you have people in your space who actually value your feelings, speak up this rx and set boundaries and tell those who care about you about your emotional needs and how they should be met. Mercury also rules your 7th house of partnerships are the people around you putting in the same effort as you?

    Cancer risings - Mercury retrograde is taking place in your 12th house of solitude and spirituality, and will station direct in your 11th house of dreams, friend groups and connections. It’s time to go within and honor your emotions. Use this rx as a time to meditate or journal, anyway that will allow you to tap into your higher self. Im also getting that it’s time you guys call in your soul tribe, you don’t have to do everything alone anymore.

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  • histoires-de-la-louve
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    12.05.22 Message du jour.

    The hanged one (Le pendu)

    Patience est mère de vertu.

    Je ressens pour cette journée un temps de repos.

    Ce repos sera un repos actif. L’objectif étant de clarifier une situation et définir la meilleure marche à suivre face à une situation complexe.

    Nous aurons droit à des compréhensions, de nouvelles approches, un nouvel angle de vue qui nous permettra soit d’avancer, soit de changer de direction.

    Dans tous les cas, cela nous débloquera.

    C’est aussi une journée idéale pour s’initier à de nouvelles pratiques divinatoires ou de communication avec le monde astral.

    C’est aussi une période opportune pour enrichir nos connaissances historiques et mythologiques.

    Belle journée.


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  • killshot777
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Daily Channeled Message: 🪱♡*. . .🍥 .🥥 003

    Focus on your mind and body.

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