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  • that-foul-legacy-lover
    27.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    mmmmm you having to wake up early in the morning. usually you groan in annoyance but force yourself out of bed, until one morning when you wake up with arms wrapped around you.

    ah. must be Childe. he’s begun to make a habit of coming to your room whenever he has a nightmare, which is unfortunately often. he’s cozy and warm, clinging to you lightly, as if he’s afraid you’ll notice and get angry. you lay for a few extra minutes, relishing his warmth and soft fluff, before pulling away to climb out of bed.

    only to be quickly pulled back down into the covers again by Childe, who grumbles and drowsily shakes his head. you try again, and are met with the same result. a few more tries makes Childe crack his eye open and growl, annoyed but nonthreatening. when you finally relent and lay back down he huffs and holds you tighter, nuzzling into the back of your neck with sleepy purrs.

    looks like work will have to wait for a bit.

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  • crownshattered
    27.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    @diverse-hearts​​​​​​​​​ inquired:  ❛ why are you laughing? this is a very serious situation. ❜ - Dottore / Childe

    200 Random Dialogue—No Longer Accepting

    The redhead continued to bark out his laugher, entirely uncaring of how the doctor may perceive his outburst. It was funny, but at the same time, it wasn’t. It made Tartaglia furious. This man was trying to use his family, the only thing more important to him than his work, against him. Recruiting Tonia was merely a matter of being able to control the harbinger Childe, nothing more. He didn’t care about Tonia’s strengths. He just wanted to use Tartaglia.

    “But it’s hilarious!!” No it wasn’t, it was enough to make him sick but the idea of it was somehow almost humorous nonetheless. Still, what he mostly felt was furious that Il Dottore would dare use one of his siblings against him. If it wasn’t for Her Majesty’s need for her harbingers, he would kill the bastard for attempting such a thing. He still might kill him anyway. No, what was really funny was the fact that he was acting like this wasn’t to blackmail Tartaglia. Playing innocent…he hated liars.

    Tartaglia continued as he approached the other Harbinger. “It’s funny that you think you can blackmail me with my own sister. Tonia is strong. She can handle herself. And I will never be one of your little dogs, got that?? I don’t give a damn about what goals you want to accomplish. I am loyal directly to Her Majesty, not to you.”

    #| ᵏᵃʳᵐᵃ ᶦˢ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ᵍᵒⁿⁿᵃ ᶜʰᵃˢᵉ ʰᶦᵐ ᶠᵒʳ ʰᶦˢ ˡᶦᵉˢ [tartaglia ask] | #|genshin impact| #| ᵐʸ ˢᵒⁿᵍˢ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʷʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᶦᵈ ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵈᵃʳᵏ ;queue; | #diverse-hearts #| ᵃˡˡ ᵐʸ ᶠʳᶦᵉⁿᵈˢ ᵃʳᵉ ʰᵉᵃᵗʰᵉⁿˢ; ᵗᵃᵏᵉ ᶦᵗ ˢˡᵒʷ [interactions {il dottore}] |
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  • casperian
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    To those who remember

    hehe I drew a self indulgent angst piece about my self insert and Ajax being ghost buddies while Zhongli is left alive to mourn another loss…L + ratio amiright?

    #genshin impact #genshin impact fan art #genshin impact childe #genshin impact tartaglia #genshin impact ajax #genshin impact zhongli #art#drawings#my art #genshin impact angst #on my knees begging for this not to flop
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  • p-antomime
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    hi kiki! i've been seeing your interactions between u and 🍥 anon and i can say that i'm obsessed on how they talked abt foul legacy childe 😭 so like, can i req for him? reader is from liyue and she somehow got tangled with the traveler and paimon so she's somehow helping them. after childe saved them from the soldiers chasing them (right after morax died) childe got interested with the reader and everytime he has free time, he always take her on a date. reader is oblivious abt his actions tbh (she's a kinda a bimbo hehe) then one time, she's going home, she encountered some treasure hoarders or whatever enemies. they attacked her thinking that she's meddling with their plans and childe arrives (he's actually just walking around for some air and he saw that they're attacking his beloved) ofc he got angry to the point he used his foul legacy form. reader is shocked cuz blood is everywhere and he doesn't know childe has that side, so she runs away. childe saw that and chased her and that's when he can't control himself and started to pin her down and corrupt her by eating her out (with his long ass tongue ) and taking her virginity. just size kink and monsterfucking for my beloved childe 😍. i hope this isn't too much 😭😭😭 i'm sorry for that, kiki 😭

    NO BUT LMAOO I THOUGHT THAT tumblr somehow screwed your ask up because i wasnt being able to find it in my inbox and then i remembered that i had put it in my drafts so i could remember the details of your req pls i was so dumb BUT ANYWAYS ANYWAYS! FOULLL LEGACY CHILDEEEE?? WE LOVE TO SEE IT ! and the monsterfucking had my mouth WATERING

    here we go bby <3

    #genshin smut #genshin impact smut #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #childe smut #genshin x reader smut #genshin x female reader #childe x reader #childe x fem!reader #tartaglia x reader #tartaglia smut #tw.monsterfucking #foul legacy childe #tw.size kink #tw.virginity
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  • p-antomime
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    if you insist.

    𖦹 minors don’t interact.┊wc: 3,2K.

    𖦹 content: mean dom!ajax, monsterfucking, dub-con, breeding!kink, virginity loss, size!kink, cunniligus, unprotected sex, pinning, power imbalance, pet names.

    𖦹 pairings: [foul legacy form]!childe x fem!reader.

    ᥫ᭡. request. ┊ taglist! ┊ genshin masterlist.

    "You took your time!", he exclaimed with a simplistic little side-smile as he saw you approaching as your finished trying to untie your dress that was almost all crumpled as you had to get around helping Paimon and the Traveler, "Do y’know how long I've been waiting for you?" 

    "I was busy! Helping y'know who, Tartaglia," you replied and stood beside him before looking over to see where exactly you were. 

    Truth be told: you didn't even remember that the path he asked you to take led to the Wanmin Restaurant because your brain had been completely absorbed for more than three hours in the miscellaneous tasks that seemed to never end coming from Paimon's hands. 

    "You didn't answer my question, pretty girl," his tone was softer now and made you relax automatically as it was matched with his arm passing over your shoulders to pull you closer as your eyes looked at the menu you never got around to memorizing. 

    "And I don't even need it!", you replied with a soft, velvety tone that made his heart beat so fast it felt like there was a drum in the middle of his chest. 

    It was always the same, Childe even felt stupid when he stopped to think how you had his heart in the palm of your hand and didn't even realize it, but he didn't blame you for that either, because in case you didn't realize his feelings soon enough, it was okay by now for him to just have your company. Just you being happy and well was enough to make his existence less fervently hellish, especially since the very moment his water-colored eyes hovered over your graceful figure Tartaglia felt in the most heavenly field of affection that could possibly exist, even if your hair was a bit disheveled after you, Paimon and Traveler had been ambushed and chased by soldiers he had to deal with. 

    Dealing differently than he used to with you whenever he had some free time. If violence followed Ajax wherever he went, you were a beautiful exception that made him have the need to drive you around like a porcelain doll about to break, that was obvious to everyone but you, every time he unwittingly brushed his fingers against your arms and immediately stroked the same spot just to make sure he hadn't squeezed too hard and hurt you. 

    "What you've been doing, huh?", you asked Childe as soon as he had finished taking your order; he had already memorized what your favorite dish was, "I haven't seen you properly in weeks," he ran his tongue over lips before shrugging and looking away. 

    "I'm an extremely requested guy, pretty, I already told you that, but...", his eyes glared at you before his head tilted in your direction and you didn't even flinch; Tartaglia almost rolled his eyes in irritation at your inattention and naivete, "It seems like you don't even hear me when I say something.” 

    And then a pout appeared on your lips before the two of you started a heated discussion about how you were always paying attention to what he was saying, and for most of it your partner in going outs — which to him were more dates than that — was just giving you little smiles and not even paying attention to what you were saying. Childe was busy studying, analyzing and admiring your features and details without paying attention to time and he did this even after you had eaten and it was time for him to theoretically return you to Paimon, who immediately asked if he had forced you go out with him. 

    The answers were varied, while you gave a shy smile and denied with the head, he pretended to be offended and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye before letting go of your hand and watching you slowly disappear in the direction where the Golden House stood. His job for the day was complete and it was just to spend a little time with you and make the most of it, even if now, after several months since the first contact between you and him, there was little left unvisited in Liyue that he could take you to for a new date. 

    As always, you didn't expect to see him again so soon and the rest of the week passed in such a monotonous way that at some moments you wished Childe would magically appear on your side to keep you company during the long afternoons; as long as the current one you were using to get home alone and somewhat oblivious to the space around you since the road remained the same as always. Or you thought it was. 

    A closed bag in the middle of the path caught your attention and your frown creased before you looked around. There was no one there until you looked diagonally and saw a group of people who, from their clothes, you already knew very well who were. The gray masks over their faces made it obvious what their backgrounds were. 

    "Uh, who are we seeing here?! A nosey girl?", you took a few steps back as you heard one of them speak and immediately pulled out a pyro potion or two. 

    "I don't— I promise I didn't see anything, sir, I just—" 

    Immediately, you tried to explain yourself as your feet seemed to have a life of their own and your brain told you to run, especially since you didn't even have any treasure for them to steal. 

    As soon as a "Fry!" and a Molotov was thrown in your direction, you immediately took off running without even seeing where exactly it had fallen. And obviously, other footsteps with heavy boots were following you; your brain could barely reason where you could go or head. Desperate measures bring almost no reasoning, however, the situation would get worse. 

    And it got as soon as you felt the wind speed around your body change and become more intense, almost as if something was making you fly and your head turned to see what, or who, had made the aura of the place change dramatically. Now it felt like even your last neuron was telling you to flee far away. 

    "What the hell—", before you could finish speaking, your mouth dropped into an "O” shocked. 

    A huge creature, about ten feet tall, with claws for fingers, a cape that looked like it had bits of stars and constellations on it, a reddish-tinged mask with a small purple glowing jewel shining in the center, purple fuzz around its neck, the same red hair you knew so well you would recognize it from yards away. It had the foul legacy of carrying, breathing and finding itself in violence. And violence is exactly what it brought: in the blink of an eye you found yourself surrounded by shattered, torn, blood-spurting bodies. 

    If the fear before was of dying, it had been tripled now and you tried not to stumble as you turned your back on that and the rest of the treasure looters who would still be killed by a Tartaglia who gave in to the impulses of his own rage and used the transformation most damaging to him for simply seeing the girl he loved in danger. But even under the mask, he didn't expect to see you turning your back and running away from him, the one who saved you less than a minute ago. You should be feeling flattered and safe, however, you were just feeling even more frightened that you didn't know that the worst side of Childe was that mortifying thing. 

    And having to chase you through trees, bushes, grasses and big rocks while you tried not to fall and keep running made something click in his mind and mix with the little bit of resentment. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush of being chasing you as if you were in a game of predator and hunter, wolf in sheep's clothing and helpless bunny, maybe it was more horniness than that. However, regardless of what that mix of feelings was doing inside Ajax, your fear grew even more as soon as one of his claw-filled hands grabbed your dress by the hem and made you fall to the floor with the face getting a little dirt on it. 

    "Plea-please, I don't—", you coughed trying to drag yourself away, but the only thing beneath your fingers was fertile, half-wet dirt, "Don't kill me, please, I didn't– nothing, did nothing wrong, plea–” 

    Your legs were shaking, Childe could feel it as soon as his large hands slid from the hem of the dress to the exposed skin of our thighs and inevitably one of them went to remove his mask before his somewhat deeper than normal voice resonated and reached your ears, "You should be thankful I didn't let 'em— stop trying to fucking fight me, mortal, you barely can stand up." 

    It was still your Tartaglia there, pushing your dress up and trying to gain access to your pussy, but at the same time it wasn't — you knew deep down, even at the high peak of your inattention, that your redhead would never pin you to the ground like that thing, that monster did to keep your head and face down and ass up. 

    For all the seconds it took him to rip open your panties and finally get a glimpse of the place on your body he most wished he could touch and taste, you tried to struggle against his large, strong hands that continued to keep you pinned to the floor. 

    You felt something brush against your sensitive clit and immediately tried to close legs that were held open by Ajax above your much smaller body than his, then the same wet, soft something slid down between your folds and reached your tight entrance. A shiver ran through your body as soon as his lips latched onto your pussy as if he was about to make out with it and eyes closed tightly thinking that this would make the situation reverse itself and that Childe would let you go. 

    However, that was not an option. He had always been so patient, so loving, so kind and the only thing that it paid off for him was you being completely oblivious to his real intentions to have you at least as a girlfriend. Now was the perfect chance, even more than perfect, even if his Foul Legacy form undermined his life in an extremely dangerous way. At the moment, Tartaglia simply didn't care; if it was necessary to use his most monstrous form to get you dumbfucked, he would do it without a second thought to the consequences. 

    You could feel Ajax's long tongue going from your clit to lick it to your entrance to fuck and tease you to the point of making you hide the face in your arms feeling more than humiliated that you were getting wetter and wetter as he played with your body as if you were just a doll — and, comparing physical power and height, you were indeed. 

    "Tight, you're so fuckin' tight, every time I lean against you and your pussy tightens around my tongue, I can feel how fucking tight you are, are you a virgin, huh?", Tartaglia asked and stood up momentarily to see your entrance leaking more and more and you dared not answer with anything but a whimper that died as soon as his large, broad chest brushed against your back, "You are, for sure, bunny, I can smell your shyness for being a fucking virgin and liking to be tongue-fucked by a monster." 

    A cocky chuckle escaped him and made you clench around nothing, you prayed he couldn't see this reaction and his face moved closer to your shoulder where his pointed fangs brushed against it as if they were threatening to cut the skin. It was the first time that your pussy seemed to tingle intensely and a knot, heat seemed to be present at the foot of your belly, was this an approaching orgasm? If it was, you wanted Tartaglia to somehow cure you of this anxiety of being about to cum and not being able to do it on your own. 

    "T-Tartaglia, 'm feeling, so strange, feeling d-dizzy and—", a loud moan escaped you just as one of his knees pressed against the middle of your legs, almost making them have to spread as wide as possible to accommodate it there. 

    "And?", he asked encouraging you to fall for his lewd corruption and perversion and feeling his massive cock confining still in his pants need painfully to be released soon, "And what, hm? I didn't even get your pretty tongue out of your mouth, so I'm sure you can use it to finish talking, huh?", his face moved away from your shoulder and back close to your pussy to let more kisses and licks over it, you barely noticed the way your hips tried to force themselves against his face. 

    "Oh, oh, look at you, pretty tiny girl, showing yourself off for such a monster like me," he whispered still against your pussy before bringing hands to his own pants and armor to start dismantling and taking them off, making the sounds of metal and fabric tinkle and thump against the floor around you, "How bad d’you want it, hm? How bad do you wanna feel a dick stretching you out for the first time?" 

    Again his pecs brushed against your back and you felt his big hands hold you by the waist and this time something softer and far less flexible than his long tongue brushed against your sensitive clit and made you flinch against the floor. 

    "Tell me and I shall give it to you, tiny bunny," you nodded shyly and tried to keep the face hidden in your arms, "You don't want me to force you to say it, do you? Everything you gotta say is 'please, Ajax, fuck me hard, fuck me until I can't walk, fuck me until I can't think about anything but your dick' with your pretty voice, it's not that hard.” 

    You looked down, to see what exactly was between your legs. And regretted it immediately, there was not a remote chance that Tartaglia could get it into your too-small pussy. 

    It was big, large, massive, had even solid veins around it throbbing and leaked a lot of pre-cum; and you silently wondered how much cum he could pour inside you, right into your womb, only to soon after move the head to the side and the other trying not to convince yourself that you didn't want to have him deep inside you, kissing your cervix. 

    "Y'know you want it, bunny," his voice whispered close to your ear and you felt his long tongue playing with your earlobe, "You just need to say it 'n it's enough, say it." 

    The tip of his big fat dick placed itself exactly against your tiny entrance, you gasped and your fingers dug into the dirt beneath your body, your sense of ethics seemed to disappear as soon as Tartaglia kissed and licked your neck. 

    "P-Please, Ajax," your voice came out breathless and almost inaudible and a sly smile appeared on his lips, his cock leaking even more and his self-control beginning to slip from his hands, "Fuck me hard, fuck me 't-till I can't walk, fuck me 'till I can't think about anything but– ngh! " 

    Tartaglia couldn't wait for you to finish speaking, his dick slammed deep inside your pussy until the tip was kissing your cervix and the pain of seeming to be impaled took over you with eyes watering and teeth biting hard on your lips almost to the point of bleeding. 

    "F-Fuck, this–fuck!", his head fell back as he felt your walls squeezing him massively, trying to push him out and his big hands possessively placed themselves on your waist, "So fuckin' tight, I barely c-can— ngh move," he grunted and looked down between your legs where your pussy was trying to get used to his huge girth. 

    "A-Ajax, 's hurt-hurting," you gasped with small tears falling and wetting the dirt and Ajax leaned over your back again, keeping you still, and whispering, "It's goin' to be so good in a few seconds, you're gonna feel so good," his deep voice made you clench even tighter around his shaft. 

    And indeed, the monster deep inside you wasn't lying, as slowly his hips began to rock against yours and made you have the pain being replaced by a simmering pleasure that soon again had you on the verge of cumming with your clit throbbing even more as his cum-filled balls slapped against it. 

    Seeing you try to move body against his, Tartaglia immediately understood that he could move and it took less than five seconds for him to start thrusting hard, always with your body under his keeping you pinned between him and the ground to make sure that his girl got every last drop of cum. 

    While still thrusting, he slid one hand down your crotch to reach your lower belly and press on it just for the pleasure of knowing how deep his massive cock reached, "Feeling it, bunny? Feeling how deep 'm fucking you silly?" 

    The only things that came out of your lips were moans and whimpers and your eyes teared up again, this time not from pain, but from urgency to cum; urgency that was filled as soon as Ajax rubbed against your most sweet spot in one long thrust. 

    Your vision blurred and body trembled beneath his, it seemed that even your consciousness wavered and returned to normal as spasms ran through your every muscle and drool dripped down the chin; all while Childe still was pinning you with his whole size and height.

    This was all just one more incentive for the monster above you to keep fucking you through your orgasm until the overstimulation snapped you out of the bliss and brought you back to a sense of what was happening; now it seemed your walls could feel him even deeper, so deep that the moment his cock released all of his thick sticky cum you were absolutely sure he'd thrown it all right into your womb. 

    If there was anything human left in Childe up to that point, even as he fucked you like a beast almost seriously bruising your hips, there was none of that left when he forced your torso down, making you lie completely flat against the ground, and pulled your hips all the way back until your ass was fully encased in his groin. 

    "Such a fucking good cocksleeve," he whispered pulling away and slowly pulling out to see his white cream leaking out of your tiny little entrance for how much he had cum, and anyone else would realize how overwhelmed you were, but seeing you shuddering completely made Ajax swallow hard and feel all the blood in his body focus on his cock again, "Uh, what's that, bunny? Did I hear you right? You saying 'Ajax, I want more, make me pass out from cumming! Please!'? Oh, I did, right?", his tip spread the cum over your folds before thrusting back inside your small pussy, "If you insist, who 'm I to deny it to you, hm?" 

    ㅤ🏷 tagging: @myarlert @medusalovessnakes @imsatansqueen @lordbugs @zorosbozo @goldenmnr @semisgroupie @qudvxnkanx @kuroaka @sleepy3 @scholarlogy @ushijimasthiccthighs @kumikocchi @crackheadwithtoes @hannas16 @misss-chrisss @rosso-seta @sxnriodollx @ren-simp @ranswhxre @bunnozi @corosetadpole @alureasoley @wakasa-wifey @momoewn @jadeisthirsting @joxuke @sftbunnyy @tojidilfs @scandescent @festive .

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    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    And now they know...

    synopsis: someone accidentally finds out that you and your lover use things, that make your sexual life less boring.
    pairing: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli (separately) x fem!reader
    tw: pretty suggestive, mention of sex toys, shibari and pegging, very suggestive in Zhongli’s (usage of toys in public)
    word count: 3.5k+ words in total
    author’s note: let’s just imagine that their level of technical development allows these things to exist in their world ;D
    Btw if you want to see the same scenario with other characters, you may suggest it in my askbox and we’ll see if my imagination decides to provide more


    Usually it is Adelinde who tends to the master's bedroom whenever the time comes. Being the head maid and serving first your husband and then you too, she has your absolute trust and whatever things she'd stumble upon - she'd never question.

    Not to mention you do not need to be a genius to know about your masters' active sexual life with all those dirty sheets. If anything she is happy that you two share passion for each other not only as partners but as lovers too. 

    Either way, it should've been the usual day as always until it isn't. There is a disaster in the kitchen that should be cleaned before you return from both of your shifts in Mondstadt and Adelinde has to be present to coordinate the process.

    That's why she has no other choice but to send two of the younger maids to clean the master's bedroom.

    Adelinde gives clear orders: change the bedding, bring the old one to the laundry along with any dirty clothes left in the basket, swipe dust and sweep the floors. Nothing difficult, the girls should be fine, she thinks.

    The girls are fine indeed for a few first tasks. The bedding is changed, laundry is collected in one heap and one of the maids hurries to bring it to the laundry room. The other meanwhile decides to start sweeping the floor

    And all is good until the broom hits something under the bed. Confused, she carefully bends down and spots a box hidden there.

    Curiosity killed a cat but not a maid. Working for the Ragnvindrs is a wonder itself, not only because the payment is amazing but the two masters are incredibly neat, so there is usually no extra work to do. But a box discarded under the bed? Doesn't sound all that neat.

    Assuming one of you could've accidentally knocked it under the bed and forgot to throw it away, she decides to ask Adelinde what to do later.

    Right when she wants to set it aside the other maid returns. This one is even more curious than her colleague. The only difference? Her need to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong is uncontrollable. When else can you get a glimpse of the estimated couple's privacy? That's a chance worth a shot.

    With little persuasion done the lid is off and curious gazes are met with intricate red ropes of smooth but thick material laying there tied in a pretty bow.

    At first they are puzzled. Why would one keep ropes hidden in a box and under their bed? But then the realization hits. Not uttering a word they exchange glances, and almost as if on cue their cheeks start burning furiously. Their fantasy has gone wild.

    "I-is that what i think it is?" The finder squeaks, eyes back on the ropes. "D-does Master use these to tie Lady's wrists to the headboard and, and…" she swallows and then whispers, "d-do explicit things to her?"

    The image of you with hands above your head, legs spread for your husband to fit in, fills their minds and provokes a more furious redness on their cheeks. That's definitely not the thoughts one should have about their employers but it's too delicious and scandalous to pass! Both of you are easily considered hot people, but being a married couple who involves some kinky stuff in the sex life? Oh Barbatos, that's juicy.

    "M-maybe he ties her whole body? These are long and I heard about that shibari technique from Inazuma…" says the other, carefully touching the ropes to test their strength.

    "And what's with it..?" The girl's eyes widen in awe, mind trying to paint the picture of it.

    "Well… her body's immobility should allow Master to have her at his complete mercy. I've read it once in the novel "I was no one, but now I own the castle". The male lead had the female lead all tied and sitting in his lap."

    "Ah! That can't be!"

    "It can! I also heard some people install hooks in their ceilings to hang the tied person in the air."

    As words are spoken, two sets of eyes dart to the ceiling. Nothing, and it almost feels disappointing.

    "B-but why? It isn't comfortable..?" the confusion is written all over her face as she once again tries to imagine it and has a hard time doing so.

    "Um, I assume the man has the woman at his groin level, so-"

    "Ahem, girls, are you done cleaning?"


    Adelinde's appearance spooks them to death and they hastily close the box, pushing it back under the bed. Getting an earful for not having finished the cleaning yet, both are sent out, so their superior can do it faster.

    On their way down the hall girls can't stop fantasies of all the possible ways those devilishly looking ropes could be wrapped around their Lady's body.

    Little do they know though that these ropes are more often used on your husband than on you, because at times you have to hold him back somehow in his vigorous attempts to pleasure you neglecting his own needs.

    Expect some strange rumor going around the manor about some alpha man and his helpless wife. You and Diluc only exchange glances full of perplexion whenever you hear the hushed whispers touching the topic.


    Strangely enough but your lover gave in to your pleas to do some redesigning of your shared apartment. Frankly speaking, it should've been done a long time ago as the man changed little to nothing from the times of the previous owner. Your reasoning of "our home should feel more like us" was quite convincing, so after making sure you budget allowed it, you went for it.

    Of course in the end you both were extremely proud of the result of months of your hard work. Working your normal jobs and spending most of the free time on your apartment was tough, but you absolutely nailed it.

    It totally deserved a celebration. To present your renovations you invited your closest friends such as Rosaria and Venti. Diluc also promised to stop by (with more than one bottle of fine alcohol as your boyfriend and his two friends hoped), but was going to be late with no one being able to look after the tavern.

    Meanwhile the sister of the church and the deity of the said church are led by you from room to room, showing the major and minor things you've changed. Venti is actually pretty curious asking about this and that, and Rosaria simply observes, but does give a couple of compliments for your and Kaeya's choices.

    Things go like this until you hear a 'babe, come here for a moment!' from the kitchen and have to leave the two in your bedroom, giving them permission to roam further if they'd like to.

    Well, the bedroom is definitely not a room they'd like to get more looks at, though the new bed you've gotten looks pretty nice and comfy. Venti, being the shameless person he is, doesn't think twice and falls back first across the bed, bouncing a bit from the impact with the mattress.

    Rosaria can only shake her head at the bard's happy giggles and praise of how the bed felt. She watches him squirming further and further until his head almost hangs on the other side of the furniture. And his beret starts to fall.

    Throwing his arm back and trying to catch it, Venti arches a little and his gaze lands right under the wardrobe. With eyes wide he suddenly sits up, alerting the rosewood haired woman, and hops off.

    In confusion Rosaria watches him round the bed and fall onto his knees in front of the wardrobe, crouching and reaching for something under it. Her eyes widen too when she sees the source of Venti's excitement.

    That is the box used by Dawn Winery to pack one of the most exquisite wines. The 'cost me a fortune' wines! Just how the hell did Kaeya manage to get his hands on something like this!? And never telling his friends? Outrageous.

    Venti seems to have the very same thoughts. Aside from that his fingers tremble and eyes shine with figurative stars in them.

    The silent mutual understanding is reached: they have to at least take a peek at the treasure they've stumbled upon.

    So, the lid is off faster when one can say the word 'wine'.

    What they didn't expect to see was quite a big collection of sexually entertaining tools. Blindfolds, nipple pins, gags, ties and a proudly lying diagonally massage wand vibrator.

    "... am I seeing things?" Venti pokes the ball gag with his forefinger to make sure it isn't a hallucination. He is aware he hasn't even touched alcohol today yet, but who knows…

    "You most definitely not," the woman looks over the box's contents, noting the wand is from a seller prouding himself for high quality of the goods and rightfully so.

    "I feel betrayed though."

    "Me too."

    Who would've thought to put sex toys in the wine box!? Well, apparently you two, appearing in the doorway of your bedroom.

    "Venti, Rosaria, we've been calling your names for some time now, have you gone deaf-"

    Your words are cut short when you notice what has them so occupied. As Rosaria lifts the vibrator your cheeks flush red and an embarrassed squeak leaves your mouth.

    "What's this Kaeya? Don't tell me you can't satisfy your girl anymore. I thought that a silver tongue of yours can do more than talking."

    "It most definitely can, Rosaria. Now tell me,” and he flashes her a teasing smile, “isn't it unholy to hold something made for sin, huh, sister of the church?"

    "Isn't it stupid to put your stuff into the box like that!?" Venti knocks his knuckle against the lid with the logo of the Dawn Winery and the wine's name. "Is your brother even aware of how you use the remnants of his production?"

    There is a pause that makes you glance at your lover. You are met with a rare version of Kaeya - an embarrassed Kaeya.

    "...don't tell Diluc."

    "Oh no, we will."


    Your relationship with Lumine is…interesting to say the least. She fights the man you date on a weekly basis, you treat the said man's wounds and bruises after said fights and listen to his excited summaries of those 'sparring sessions' as he calls them.

    How much in common you and the blond Traveler have - a whole ass Snezhnayan man. Why not try for a friendship then? Or whatever was your reasoning when you first approached her with a welcoming smile and introduced yourself as Childe's girlfriend.

    The Harbinger's girlfriend.

    Needless to say both Lumine and her floating companion were pretty much alerted and for the longest time extremely cautious around you. They couldn't wrap their minds around how that menace and epitome of destruction of a man could have such a patient and lovely significant other. At one point Lumine even straight away asked you if you were being held hostage by the ginger, to which you only snorted and laughed, assuring her you were fine and free.

    When being asked if you held any grudge against her for getting in fights with your boyfriend you only roll your eyes. 'If he enjoys his butt being kicked, so be it' you simply shrug your shoulders. You know Childe's limits and you know he is going to be fine anyway. Honestly you can thank Lumine, because when the ginger comes home after having been knocked around by her he becomes so clingy and seeks your attention which is always cute. No need for her to know though, you are not that mean to ruin Tartaglia's Fatui image.

    Time flies by and eventually Lumine warms up to you gradually, even Paimon learns that it's okay to consider you separately from your boyfriend. In the end both are impressed that there were no hard feelings on the plate and you've managed to befriend them.

    One time you decide to bring them over to your house for lunch. Childe was sent on a mission that'll last for a couple of days, so you can peacefully invite your new friends without your boyfriend picking a fight with them (there were occasions when the four of you were out together and you and Paimon had to physically stop the blond and the ginger from drawing their weapons out. Sometimes you really wanted to bonk your man for being so adrenaline thirsty).

    Giving your guests a quick tour around the house, you apologize for having to leave them to their own devices so you can finish the cooking and let them roam the rooms as they please.

    Paimon being Paimon quickly suggests searching for mora. To Lumine's disapproving gaze she only shrugs her shoulders. 'C'mon, this Fatui bastard's pockets run deep! No one is gonna get harmed if we lend some'.

    And she starts roaming on the shelves. Lumine can already imagine how much she'll have to apologize in front of you for Paimon's behavior. Knowing that her traveling companion is stubborn and hard to convince otherwise unless food or, well, mora is included, the young woman averts her eyes to rid herself of guilt.

    That's when she notices a suspiciously looking box. It pretty much could be some Fatui related stuff, some plans, some schemes or anything to harm people.

    Lumine does trust you now but she doesn't forget who you are sharing the house with. Stealing isn't good but if it is something dangerous, she can grab it and dispose of it later.

    Making sure no approaching steps are heard, she quickly and quietly walks to the box and without any noise opens it.

    "What the-" she chokes on her own words almost immediately, staring at the box's contents with heat rising to her cheeks. While not involved in a relationship she is (thanks to certain connoisseurs from Mondstadt) aware of what the things inside are. 

    A strap on, butt plugs and cock rings with a couple of bottles of lube are laid neatly on the bottom of the box. At the moment Lumine has millions of questions she is not sure she wants to hear answers to.

    "Hey, girls!" The voice startles her, head jerking to the room entrance where you are standing with a cute apron over your dress. "Food is ready, we can start."

    "Food!" Search and everything else forgotten Paimon is out of the room in a second. Meanwhile you fix the still clutching the box top Traveler with your eyes and then warmly chuckle.

    "Oh, so you found our little fun box? Sorry you had to see that, I probably forgot to put it away to a safer place."

    Lumine has finally snapped out of her stupor, rushing to close the box.

    "Wha- why is it you who apologizes??"

    "Because I invited you and should've paid more attention to cleaning," you are not phased at all, walking to her and accepting the box from her trembling hands. "No big deal though, I kind of expected you two would explore this place."

    "You peg Childe?" The question is out before Lumine can stop herself. You watch in amusement how she realizes what she's done and covers her mouth with her hands.

    "Well, yeah. Even though this man treats the bedroom as a battlefield too, sometimes he turns into a huge sub."

    "What? How? But he is-"

    "Tough, strong and intimidating Fatui Harbinger, yes, you are correct. But once he returns home he becomes a completely different person, desiring for nothing more than to cuddle or to get the stress fucked out of his body. Sometimes he has me. Other times he asks me to peg him and destroy him completely. Ah, yeah, the cock rings are for punishment. Comes in handy every week when he provokes you for a sparring session… again, sorry that you have to deal with it."

    Lumine only nods absentmindedly as you lead her to the dining room, eyes blank and thoughts swirling around the image of the Tartaglia being bossed by his girlfriend in the bedroom…


    Having dinner with your husband and either his boss or his friend (?) isn't an uncommon thing. This time however you agreed to meet as the company of four. There's been a lot of stuff going around lately that is absolutely worth sharing with each other.

    As you and your husband discuss your plans for the evening you reach an agreement to succumb to the passion of lovemaking right when you come home from dinner. It's been awhile since you had a night to spend together doing more than just cuddling in bed. Work has been exhausting and one of you usually falls asleep before kisses could lead to something more.

    With this fact taken into consideration, you come to a realization that by the end of the evening either you or Zhongli is going to be impatient to get into bed. But you haven't been penetrated for quite some time and you are oh so tight for Zhongli to dive right in. So to prepare you beforehand, your considerate lover suggests an idea.

    He is well-versed in creating things, so making a nice smooth dildo with his geo powers, just a size or too smaller than him, was nothing to the man.

    His hungry eyes are drinking in the sight of how the lubed cool toy is fitting inside of your pussy, walls constricting and you producing the sweetest little pants and whines. It is so hard not to throw the dinner out of the window and have you right there and then.

    However the stoic man manages. Now the toy is snuggly filling you, keeping your walls stretched and prepared for what is going to come later. Zhongli has warned you though that since the toy is made from a high-quality mineral (the fanciest stuff for his beloved wife), he is able to control it with his geo powers and is going to use it to send some vibrations to keep you wet and lubricated.

    You would've never guessed your husband could be this perverted but the thought makes you clench. Not to mention you have been dying to try something different from your usual lovemaking, and this is a new sexual experience, should be a safe one too.

    Until it isn't.

    You do not have problems with sitting here, enjoying your meal and conversing with Hu Tao and Childe. Occasional vibrations in your core are not something you can't handle. They keep you excited but not to the point where you'd start squirming in your seat uncomfortably.

    However pretty soon your husband seems to get lost in some topic. You are not sure how exactly his geo controlling works, but it appears to be by some hand movements, because the more he starts gesticulating the stronger and faster the vibrations become.

    It gets hot, unbearably so and you tug on the collar of your attire. Thighs squeeze together and tremble with how intense the pleasure is.

    "Y/N?" You practically bolt in your seat when the ginger sitting close to you calls you quietly not to ruin Zhongli and Hu Tao's heated discussion. "Are you alright? You are pretty red and, pardon me, sweaty. Is it the spices? Do you need me to accompany you outside for some fresh air?"

    Oh, it is very sweet of him and normally you'd thank him and accept the offer, but you just know, if you try to move more than an inch, you'll have a very hard time.

    "N-no, Childe, everything is fine!" You answer as quietly, fearing your voice will betray you. "Just need some time, nothing more, I promise," you try to smile at him, desperately ignoring the shiver rolling down your spine and how soaked your panties have gotten. You think you convinced him, you think you can manage it through the dinner, you just need to touch your husband's shoulder and ask him to-

    And then Zhongli snaps his fingers. Your face first pales and then bursts with a crimson blush, quickly covered by both of your hands. And even like that you produce a pretty audible whiny moan.

    Oh Geo Archon, you've just came. In a public place, with your friends nearby and from a toy.

    Childe's eyes stare at you shocked, but it's not like you see it with your eyes closed shut. Zhongli finally notices the state you are in as his sensitive ears catch your sexy sound and nostrils breathe in the sweet scent of your arousal only he can sense.

    The vibrations instantly stop and a strong arm in a brown coat sleeve is wrapped around your shoulder. You hear his soft hushes near your ear, that try to break through the fog in your mind and you absentmindedly lean into his body, desperately desiring him close.

    "Well, well, Mr Zhongli…" Childe has a shit-eating grin on his face. He waits for Hu Tao to leave with a promise to get you some water and chuckles, watching the two of you with his dark eyes. "I didn't take you for someone who would use toys and in public no less… ah~ that's a story worth retelling you in the future to see your embarrassed faces again."

    Needless to say you leave earlier, because the dull ache in your core and Childe's dirty glances are impossibly hard to ignore.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #diluc x reader #diluc x fem!reader #kaeya x reader #kaeya x fem!reader #childe x reader #childe x fem!reader #zhongli x reader #zhongli x fem!reader #diluc ragnvindr#kaeya alberich#tartaglia#zhongli #genshin impact smut #moonlit pearl stories
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  • popo-the-weeb
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Genshin Males in a Modern/School AU

    Characters: Venti, Xiao, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya

    Warnings: None

    My first post! Please do tell me if there are any mistakes in the writing or any improvements I can make and I’ll be happy to do so. 



    Is on the verge of failing, but not failing yet

    Late. To. Every. Class

    Except music though, he's quite good

    Creates and starts food fights in the canteen and gets dragged away by either Zhongli or Xiao

    Skips classes he doesn't like to go sit a tree and play his lyre


    The ultimate emo kid

    No, I mean it. Monster cans, platform boots, hot topic shopping trips, you name it

    Girls fall for him like crazy, love letter frequency: 4 per week

    Good at sports, especially the ones with jumping

    Loves Mr Zhongli’s history class, always has A+ in history


    Has a new girlfriend every week, or maybe 3 girfriends at once

    A jock who is more of a failure than Venti. Well, at least he has simps

    Very rich, pays for everything Mr Zhongli buys

    ‘Meet me behind the gym, after school’ is repeated everytime he wants to throw hands

    Has been in principle Celestia’s office several times


    Ex-student council member

    Straight A student but still has b#tches

    Another rich one, wears those Burberry trench coat and Versace leather shoes to school

    Goes to school with Kaeya on a black Mercedes every day

    Could’ve gone to private school, but Kaeya wanted to go here so….


    Wears an eyepatch to school even though his eye is fine

    Over accessorizing is his top priority

    A sadist with generally good scores

    Once caught drinking in the boys’ locker room

    Venti’s partner-in-crime, starts mischief everywhere 

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  • that-foul-legacy-lover
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Ok so another thing that came to my mind what if FL has catlike tendency’s and one day y/n just shows up with a Laserpointer. Please I’m so curious about the utter chaos that could come from that


    that's the sound his claws make when he runs across your hardwood floor because the laser pointer can and WILL grab his attention. it's not EXACTLY like a cat- i think he knows the little red dot isn't actually a tangible thing he can grab, but he LOVES running around and chasing it!!! he doesn't even need to catch it, really, he just adores chasing it. honestly i personally think that Foul Legacy Childe likes chasing things in general, but he really doesn't want to damage anything so he refrains from it most of the time. but as long as you're careful with where you point the laser, it should be fine!! so he loves chasing it around, you can see how he perks up when you offer it to him <33

    and bonus, sometimes when he's chasing it he'll turn and hop up onto the couch next to you and flop over your legs, laughing and rumbling and sticking his tongue out at you while you ruffle his hair <333

    #genshin impact#genshin childe#genshin tartaglia#foul legacy #foul legacy childe #childe#tartaglia#genshin tartagalia#chit chat#anon #CAT LEGACY CAT LEGACY CAT LEGACY- #he will also stare at you from across the room before coming over and plopping his head in your lap #be careful with the laser pointer tho because his claws can leave serious scratch marks in the floor!!!! #another thing he likes chasing: butterflies!! but he's very careful and gentle with them <33 #foul legacy with a butterfly on his claw aaaaa #short scenario
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    ‼️smut written by a minor, dni if uncomfortable‼️

    WOO this one is. definitely something.

    i am down SO horrendously bad for this man. hes so amazing and i hope he gets a rerun so i can wish for him 🤪 i skipped his third run bc i was saving for albedo

    anyways 🧍

    includes: amab+masc terms for reader, dom reader, oral (reader recieving), degradation, anal, begging. let me know if anything should be added!

    Just thinking about sparring with Childe. Throwing insults back and forth, watching him slowly lose his composure, fighting harder against you as he becomes desperate. Only to slip up, and inhale sharply as he's forced to his knees, you behind him. Your sword pressed lightly against his throat, a hand in his hair, pulling it back so he's looking up at you. He starts to struggle, but stops as your blade presses just a bit harder.

    "Cat got your tongue, Tartaglia?" Smirking down at him, he looks at you as you playfully pull his head around by his hair. "The eleventh harbinger, on his knees, not even seeming embarrassed." He scoffs, closing his eyes.

    "Its not embarrassing to lose. It happens to the best of us, I thought you'd know that." He winces as you give another tug at his words, referencing all the times he's beat you, before releasing his hair. You kick the bow out of his hands, and it clatters across the floor as you move around to face him. Staring down at him, keeping your sword on him, only now the tip was under his chin, keeping him looking up.

    "I liked you better when you were quiet."

    "Isnt that unfortunate? Guess you'll have to shut me up." His eyes flit from your sword to your face, and you scoff.

    "Right, I'm sure you'd love that," You moved your sword to gently trace his face, watching as he closed his eyes and shivered at the cold, sharp metal. "Fucking whore."

    His eyes opened wide, and he moved quickly towards you. But he was at a disadvantage, being low, and it was easy to catch his wrists as he lunged up at you. Holding tightly onto one, moving behind him, and pushing your knee into the back of his. You drop your sword to grab for his other arm, struggling to hold him in place as you both fall to your knees. You lean forward, forcing him to hold the both of you up unless he wanted to be pushed face first into the floor.

    He still struggled beneath you as you twisted his arms behind his back, causing him to grunt in pain. He didnt say anything, but stopped struggling, breathing heavily as you set your head on his shoulder.

    "That wasnt so hard now, was it? You just have to make this difficult." You spoke into his ear, and he turned his head to face you.

    "Why would I be good for you, huh? Think you deserve to fuck me?" He glared, but the cocky smirk on his face was one you'd seen before.

    "I never said I wanted to." He dropped the glare, and seemed confused for a moment. You smile at him, releasing your hands and getting up to walk away.

    "No, no, wait, you cant just-"

    "I can, actually." He gets up, matching the few steps you'd taken, wrapping his hand around your upper arm. He leans into you, holding you close and resting his forehead against yours to look you in the eye.

    "Please? Surely you arent so cruel as to leave me like this..." He teases, rolling his hips against yours so you could feel his bulge.

    "It isnt my fault you get off from fighting." You say, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, one hand finding itself in his hair again.

    "Not from fighting. Just you." He says quietly, kissing you, moving to leave kisses on your neck. "Please, baby, need you so bad." His hands grip your hips tightly, pulling you closer.

    "Fucking desperate slut," you whisper, pulling his hair and pushing back down on his shoulder. He lets himself be pushed to his knees, looking up at you with a look of triumph. "This what you want? Cant even wait until we have a bed." You say, one hand gripping his hair as you undo your belt with the other. He helps your pants down, kissing eagerly around you.

    "Dont tease me right now." You warn, pulling his head to where you want it. He doesnt argue this time, taking you into his mouth. You groan as he presses closer to you, wrapping one hand around the back of your thigh.

    He holds it tight as you begin to fuck his face, hand tight in his hair. He moans, and you shiver, moaning after him, before looking down to see him rubbing himself through his pants.

    "Youre fucking depraved." You mutter, thrusting into his mouth. "Like being used like this? You like being treated like a whore?" He moans, sucking around you, causing you to curse and continue to pull on his hair.

    "Fuck, keep doing that. So good for me, arent you? Knowing your place, fuck, Childe, gonna fucking," Your head is tilted back, and you roll your head around to gaze down at him. "So close. Want my cum? Gonna keep being good and swallow for me?" He doesnt answer, gripping your thigh tightly as he moans around you. You groan again, giving a few more thrusts before cumming in his mouth. Its the best kind of overwhelming to feel him moan around you, throat tightening as he tries to swallow without pulling off.

    "Fuck, did you come from that?" You ask, pulling his head off, watching the hand on his pants slow. He doesnt answer, clearing his throat, which gives you time to shove him onto his back, reaching to pull his pants down. He did.

    "God. Unbelievable." He gasps as you wrap a hand around him, moving slightly. "You really get off being used, huh? From being a cute little fucktoy?" Its so fun to tease him, not giving him a chance to catch his breath. To watch him struggle to find his usual wit while you toy with him, stroking him until he was hard again. His moans are loud, and you were glad this was private property where nobody would be able to catch you two.

    His hips buck into you, and you pull your hand away to hear him whine.

    "Relax, darling, give me a moment." You say, pulling his pants off the rest of the way, kneeling between his legs so that his thighs rested on yours. He moved so that he was leaning on his elbows, then reached into the inside of his coat. Youre not sure what he's doing, until he tosses a small bottle at you. You have to move your hands quickly off his thighs to catch it, and you get the feeling you know what it is as he takes his coat off completely.

    "You carry lube around?"

    "I stay prepared. Are you suprised?" His jacket hit the ground, and he leans forward to be in your face as he unbuttons his shirt. "So eager to call me your whore, give me some credit." He smirks, kissing you as he slides off the rest of his clothes.

    "Now hurry up and fuck me." He says quietly, reaching down for the bottle.

    "You think you decide how this goes?" You ask, pulling the lube away from him. He groans, leaning into you.

    "You fucking tease, I swear, why cant you just-"

    "Do it yourself." You cut him off, moving the lube into his hand and pushing him lightly, just so he wasnt pressed close to you. "You want to be fucked so badly? Put on a show." You watched with amusement as he rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath as the bottle clicked open. You narrow your own eyes, taking hold of his chin to force him to look you in the eyes.

    "Want to repeat that?" He stares, holding his breath, and you feel his exhale as he shakes his head slightly. You let go, and he doesnt move for a moment, then readjusts as he lubes his fingers, reaching down for his hole. He sighs, moving his hips as he works his fingers inside.

    You watch him, running your hands up and down his thighs as he begins to moan.

    "Fuck, please," He groans, wiggling his hips and struggling to get his fingers deeper. "Need you, fuck, please, help me, need it so bad." You watch him as he pleades with no shame.

    "Maybe." You say, smiling softly as you squeeze his thighs. "If you keep asking nicely." He whines, grinding into his hand.

    "Please," He says again, voice cracking. "Want to feel you inside of me, want you to use me, please, its not enough, I want you to make me cum, baby, please," He's rambling breathlessly, looking at you desperately as he fingers himself. You just smile, running one hand up his thigh to stop his wrist, the other hand reaching for lube. He shivers as you pull his hand out, replacing it with your own after your fingers have been lubed. He whines as you push in two fingers, slowly thrusting. It doesnt take long before you add a third, listening to Childe's moans of 'thank you' and 'please, sir' as you feel him tighten around you. With a bit of maneuvering, you apply lube to your dick, stroking it a few times before pulling your fingers out.

    He glares at you, head moving up from where it had been arched back against the ground.

    "Why did you stop, you fucking-" He cuts off as you push inside of him, both of you groaning. His head falls back again, and he melts into the ground as you sink into him fully. You move to hover over top of him, pushing his legs up and grinding into him.

    He whines, clenching around you and reaching for your arms. You take your hands off his thighs, and he wraps them around your waist. You begin to thrust, reaching for his hand with one of yours, while bracing yourself with the other. He moans with you as your fingers interlock, and you continue pushing into him.

    "This what you wanted?" You ask, leaning down to his face. "All that fighting, just for you to be fucked like a whore on the ground." Childe moans around you, hand tightening around yours.

    "Yes, please, there, right there-" He trails off into a moan, and you lean your head down onto his, breathing in his air as you thrust into him.

    "Gonna cum? Are you gonna make a mess for me, Childe?" He doesnt answer, squeezing your hand and continuing to moan, then whines as you slow down slightly, forcing him to meet your eyes.

    "Answer me." He whines again, pushing his hips up and gasping for words.

    "Yes, fuck, Ill cum, Ill cum for you, please dont stop, please dont stop," he sounds so pretty, and you speed back up. You listen carefully to his moans, imprinting them in your mind. Its so unlike him, and yet perfectly fitting, and hot as fuck to hear him falling apart on your cock.

    You let go of his hand to stroke him, leading another loud moan out of him as he thrusts into your hand, then back down onto you.

    "Fuck, gonna cum," He gasps, squirming, and you mutter encouragement while sinking into him. A few moments later, you groan as he gasps for air, cursing as he cums on your hand, hole tightening as you cum in him.

    Its silent for a little, just the two of you breathing as you stop thrusting, laying down on his chest. The feeling of his cum soaking into your shirt doesnt bother you right now. Not between the warmth of Tartaglia, or the ache slowly setting into your shoulder and knees from being braced on the hard floor. You didnt want to think about his head, having been pressing down into it for most of the time.

    He ran his hands up and down your back, and you moved after a moment to sit, taking your shirt off to wipe up the rest of the mess. It was a good thing there were showers here, otherwise it would be an uncomfortable trip home. Childe knew what you were doing as you gathered up the scattered clothes, and he moved to grab the discarded weapons, the two of you making your way to the showers.

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  • unkownknowledge
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    #Youtube #childe x aether #chaether #Tartaglia x aether
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  • ittostan
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Genshin boys comforting their ftm bf (who is dysphoric)

    Request: hiya! could I pls request headcanons of xiao, zhongli and childe comforting their ftm bf who’s feeling dysphoric?


    I don’t have body dysmorphia a lot so I didn’t know much but I swear I tried my best!

    @urcatbf This is terrible I’m so sorry!!😭😭😭

    𝗖𝗛𝗜𝗟𝗗𝗘 —

    * Childe comes home calling our your name thinking he’d be met with a hug and a big kiss you normally give him but nothing. He thinks your asleep so he goes to your shared bedroom to see his boyfriend in bed in/with (whatever your comfort clothing/item is) and by what he sees he sort of knows what’s going on.

    * Childe would either go to see if you guys have any snacks or food you like to cheer you up a little or he’ll go to almost every store in liyue to get you whatever would make you even a little happier (but he’s hoping it would cheer you up a lot) he’ll come back with his hands full, dumping everything on the bed

    * Childe would lay in bed with you all day if he had to even if it meant he’d be asked tons of questions the next day but he could take anything if it meant you’d be happy of course!

    * Childe would hold you close to his chest either telling you things to brighten you up hoping to soon get a small smile or chuckle out of you.

    * If you’re comfortable with it childe would show you how much he loves you and every part of your body (take that however you’d like-) .

    * He’d take you to any stores to get you clothes, or get binders, or do whatever you wanna do to make you feel better about your handsome self.

    𝗫𝗜𝗔𝗢 —

    * Xiao got to your shared lovely home he always loved going to since well he got lucky and got to live with the best person he had ever met and will ever meet seeing you hiding in bed or wherever you like to try and calm down he would be a bit nervous to ask but of course did so he could help you as much as he could

    * Xiao would probably take a while to understand what’s going on but once he knew he tried to figure out what he could do to help you

    * Xiao may not be one to like a lot of touching or being touched but when it comes to you he’d be so close you would barley be able to breathe.

    * Xiao would hold you close under the sheets and listen to you talk for as long as you want while his hands ran along your back to comfort you and his head laid on yours when your head laid on his chest.

    * Xiao would wait until you were done telling him how you feel and all to offer some help however you want! New clothes, trying things you want to do to make you feel how you want to feel. If you say anything about not wanting to give him trouble he’d simply say “Trouble? Hah Trouble means nothing to adepti (and your boyfriend). There is no trouble that can last for a thousand years.” (His voice line for troubles lolol)

    * Would almost kill anybody who misgenders you or says anything about the fact you’re trans!


    (Forgot to add his name to each one sorrrrryyyy!!))

    * He’d come back after a day of doing whatever he does like helping childe or doing contracts or just working at the funeral parlor- he’d see you in bed surprised he didn’t get welcomed immediately with kisses everywhere but he assumed maybe you just weren’t in the mood! He was certainly right and wasted not a second to be in bed with you

    * Pulling you onto his lap with his hands running up and down your sides for comfort he’d ask “what’s the matter my love?” In the softest comforting voice ever like you could hear it a thousand times and never ever get tired of it

    * For a man who’s lived for like forever he’d still maybe ask about it a little about about this dysphoric feeling and if you maybe are one to just try and forget about it he’d tell you every story he can think of which might even take all day and by the time you were done the sun was already rising in the sky!

    * If you are one to get rid of the feeling as quick as possible he’d ask you how and what you want to do before going immediately to help you!

    * He’d cook for you

    * Cuddle you

    * Read you poems or books

    * Go out and shop with you

    * Maybe even convince him to get a little change done! Maybe to his hair

    * Definitely end the day off with a suffocating amount of kisses to each others faces ending with him of course getting the last kiss and to your lips

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    #childe#fan art#genshin#tartaglia#genshin impact#art #he'd flash me this smile just before he heals himself to full health for the second fucking time #like fuck off dude just die like a normal person
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    I love, love your content, is sooooo good, gosh. So I was wondering if you could do something like first kiss/first night with genshin characters? Slemthing spicy, if you don't mind with Tartaglia, Xiao and Kaeya.

    Thank you!


    [★] taking your virginity drabble

    [✰] oh my... im so sorry this took so long afsjsdj but i hope u enjoy it huhu

    gender neutral reader, virginity loss, breeding, body worship, begging, light teasing, hinted degradation, gushing, use of some pet names


    gentle type of rough with you. his being a harbinger is a given for the rough part but his more humanly side gives off a natural impulse to be considerate with handling you. you're akin to that of a sweet angel in his lap, twitching from the previous orgasms and gasping into his lips as he kisses you sweetly, his heated kisses distracting you from his very cock stretching out your hole filled with his seed. he's obsessed with the way you come, squealing as thick, white liquids cream around the girth.

    "just a little more, doll, need you gushing around me just like that again."


    tries to be very gentle, treating you like a fragile piece of glass in his hold. in other circumstances, whereas you're not a virgin, he would be rougher; however, this is a different case. he'll pepper saccharine, chaste kisses across your jawline followed up by his red tongue dragging against your soft skin as he worships your body. his dick is filling your viscous crevice perfectly, it doesn't even feel sinful when you hear his cool praises pass through your ear.

    "mngh— look how well you take me... le'me have more of you, angel, promise i'll make it worth your time..."


    adores how flustered you get in his arms as he sensually rolls his hips up to cause his girthy cock to reach the deepest of your sopping, wet hole, stretching you out just right all for him. he'll lightly tease; not to degrade you (yet), but to make you writhe and moan in the delirious state of lust, his cold lips contrasting against your hot ones. the room is filled with the lewd noises of his name dripping off your tongue and the heaviness of his balls smacking against the curve of your ass.

    "oh, baby, don't get all weak on me now, we're just getting started,"

    © tarohu 2022 do not repost, plagiarize, modify or post my work across different social media platforms ZzZ$!

    #[💣] vivi writes #[✉️] vivi's mail #[👩‍🍳] filler post #gender neutral reader #genshin impact #genshin x you #kaeya x you #xiao x you #childe x you #tartaglia x you #genshin impact smut #genshin imagines
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    They impulsively kiss you (Part 2)

    → Masterlist

    → Part 1 (Albedo, Ayato, Itto)

    Summary: They finally gather the courage to kiss you.

    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe x (gn!) Reader (separate)

    Warnings: Fluffy! Mentions and description of injury and blood (Childe). Mentions Childe's real name. Overall the description of the kisses are very detailed.

    A/N: Part 2 is finally here and thank you all for your crazy support of Part 1! I'm sorry for the long wait but I think it paid off. I gave this my all and the kisses are even more detailed now and the length of the individual chapters is longer, too. I would absolutely love to hear what you think. My ask box is open, run it in if you need to. ♥ Also - yes I still have creative ammo for a third part! :3


    You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you set down the basket full of grapes on the table in front of the entrance of the Dawn Winery.

    "Our best helper is back with another big basket I see." Adelinde, who stood behind the table, remarked with a content smile while she weighed the basket and scribbled the amount down in her notebook.

    The yearly grape harvest had come around and like every year, you and many other Mondstadt citizens had volunteered to help, too. The Winery already employed a lot of staff but during the harvest time most of them were needed for the actual wine making process, so the winery looked for short term workers every year that were in turn rewarded with a precious sum of Mora as payment and for the one who harvested the most grapes during the time, a crate of high quality vintage wine - and who were you to say no to that? Such an opportunity was hard to pass, especially since money didn’t grow and trees and as a self-employed artist it was good to accumulate some savings for bad times. 

    The "starving artist" unfortunately wasn't just an idiotic romanticized figure in novels, there was a little too much truth to it - you knew as much now. Your monthly income solely depended on the amount of commissions you got, and as a one-man-business there naturally was only a fixed amount of them you could accept at once. Plus, of course, the amount of commissions that came in fluctuated throughout the year. And all that summed up was precisely why you were here every year around the same time and helped out - that and you got to see and talk to the vintner himself a little bit if you got lucky. 

    You knew Diluc through your line of work, he often commissioned paintings from you when he needed a gift for an important business meeting or various other occasions. In fact he came around for commissions so often during the past six months that you could consider him a regular by now and although thus far, your relationship wasn’t more than just mere business acquaintances, you always found yourself attracted to him and had the strong desire to to get to know him better and get a glimpse of what he hides behind that rather cool and distant demeanor.

    "Are you sure you don't want a permanent position as an employee here, dear? I think no one ever manages to harvest as much as you do and you even have an eye for the fruit, always picking the ones with the perfect ripeness."

    "Well, I am flattered, Adelinde, but I think I love being an artist too much."

    "It's a pity! But Master Diluc really is fond of your art so I’m sure he would be devastated if you stopped painting, he is basically a collector of your work at this point… Oh my, I’m talking too much - It's past noon already, I’m sure you want to take a break for a little while. No one will be able to catch up with the amount you have harvested anyway. I would say the crate of wine is guaranteed again, my dear."

    “That’s what I like to hear!” You chuckled before saying your goodbyes and started to head for your usual place for your lunch break down by the lake.

    Basically a collector by now, huh? It had just been a brief gossip with Adelinde but that sentence kept on playing on repeat in your head. Was he interested in you, too? No, that would be foolish to assume, he just admired your work, that was all. Right?

    When you were strolling down the path and your spot came into view, you were surprised to see that it was already occupied by someone else today. A familiar figure of a man with flaming red hair was sitting under the tree by the lake, his coat evenly spread underneath him and his back was leaning against the bark.

    “Fancy seeing you here!” You said and decided to sit down on the grass next to him. “You’re sitting at my lunch spot, I hope you don’t mind if I join you?”

    “Not at all.” He responded and gave you a small smile. “How is the harvest going? I can’t help but notice that you help us out every year.”

    “It’s going well and it looks like I have the honor of getting a crate of your finest wine this year again.” You said in a singsong voice and smiled at him widely to which he just huffed in response, the corners of his mouth twitching up ever so slightly.

    “You know, you could just ask me for wine if you want some.”

    “Oh, I couldn’t possibly afford that normally! So working and getting wine as a compensation? Perfection!” You giggled and lay back on the grass, looking up at the clouds, missing the adoring glance he threw your way.

    “How are you doing?” He asked after a short silence.

    “Huh?” Taken aback by the sudden question you looked back at him. “What do you mean?”

    “Well, I’m just asking how you’re faring.”

    “I am… good. You know just… living life, doing art.”

    “You seem so surprised.” He chuckled at your reaction with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

    “I guess I just didn’t expect you to ask me that, you always seem so…”

    “Distant? Cold?” He asked while looking below himself plucking some blades of grass out of the ground with a pensive expression.

    “Yeah… I don’t even mean it in a bad way, you just always seem to maintain a professional distance, I’d say. For example, I couldn’t imagine you hugging or even kissing anyone...” Once you had finished your sentence you leapt up from your lying position, eyes widening in shock about your own words and you got the urge to slap your hands over your mouth. You were talking way out of place and who were you to lecture Diluc Ragnvindr himself about his mannerisms?

    “I’m so sorry, please forget what I said, I–”

    “Thank you.”


    “For your honesty. I feel like a lot of people hold themselves back around me out of politeness, but never you.” His crimson eyes met yours and you could see that he wholeheartedly meant what he had said and you felt your cheeks heating up. Before the awkward silence could fester and before you could say anything, he rose back to his feet, brushing some dirt off his clothes and swinging his coat over one shoulder.

    “Well, I should get back to work, I have a few important meetings coming up. Thanks for joining me.”

    “Of course.” 

    After helping out a little while longer on the vineyard until the sun was setting, you returned back home. You were still confused about the encounter earlier in the day and wondered why Diluc hadn’t been angry with you. In fact, he seemed more like he was genuinely brooding about what you had said and you couldn’t shake the feeling that you had somehow struck a nerve.

    You decided it was best to get your mind off of things for the rest of the day and since you actually had some commissions you needed to get done still, you started getting lost in some painting while the sun sunk further below the horizon and the amber color of the sky soon turned into a night blue. The only noises you could hear were the gentle brush strokes on your canvas, the calming pitter-patter of the rain that had started to fall outside not too long ago, and – a knock on your door.

    You snapped out of your creative trance at the sudden noise and wondered who would knock at your door in the dead of the night. When you opened it, you found none other than a very drenched Diluc Ragnvindr standing in the rain front of your door.

    “Master Diluc? What–? Come in, you’re going to get sick!”

    “Pardon, I– uhm…”

    You looked back at his form as he began to speak, not moving an inch from where he was standing and scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. His hair was sticking to his forehead and he had the same pensive look that he had earlier when you had spoken but there seemed to be some nervousness mixed into it now. He opened and closed his mouth a few times in an attempt to speak, before letting out a huff and smiling to himself, his eyes pointed to the ground.

    “Is everything alright?”

    “I just… thought about what you’ve said to me earlier and, I’m sorry but, I just can’t seem to get it out of my head.”

    “That was incredibly rude of me to say, by Barbatos, I should never have–”

    You stopped talking mid-sentence because your train of thought was interrupted by Diluc taking slow steps in your direction, looking you right in the eyes now. He was enamored by your appearance, he always has been. He noticed the little paint speckles on your cheek, giving away that you had been painting, the lively glow in your eyes that made him fall in love with you the moment he first laid his eyes on you and your homely smell that comfortably numbed his senses every time he came in contact with it. You were like an invisible force that kept pulling him in. 

    He was now standing right in front of you in the entrance of your home. His hands found their way to your hips, squeezing them gently as his eyes darted between your eyes and your lips with a sensual expression. What happened in milliseconds felt like an eternity to you. The touch of his hands made you feel a tingling sensation all over your body, and you could hear the drumming of your heartbeat in your ears.

    When you looked him back in his eyes he suddenly lifted one of his hands to your neck and brought his face down to yours, pressing his body flush against yours and uniting your lips into a passionate kiss that made you close your eyes and tumble back a few steps against the wall behind you, gripping his coat for stability. Your senses were so overwhelmed you couldn’t even feel how the water in his clothes seeped into your own, all you could think of was the taste of your shared breaths and how silken his lips felt when slotted against yours.

    Diluc, too, only felt the addicting feeling of your soft lips against his, making him completely blind to the world surrounding him, as he was completely lost in you. He had taken interest in you a while ago and your talk earlier that day had been his wake up call - he needed to make a move if he wanted this - if he wanted you. The fact that you thought he seemed distant and cold had bothered him all day since, and he wanted to prove to you that he could be more than that. The feeling of kissing you now and feeling your soft skin under his palm caused a comforting warmth to blossom in his chest. He could feel that the hole in his heart he sought to fill all those years was slowly filling up with a painting of your image.

    “Do you still think I seem too distant now?” He whispered against your lips with half-lidded eyes.

    Your reply was wordless as you moved your hands to his neck and pulled him in once more to unite your lips. If this is what Diluc Ragnvindr’s love was, you were ready to get drunk on it until the end of time.


    "I want you to go to Dragonspine to patrol the eastern area of the mountain, I’ve marked it on your map. There have been reports of unusual activity there and we need some information about what exactly is going on over there. However, stay vigilant, it could very well be that the Fatui are behind it. If that is the case, head right back here and we will discuss how we will progress further."

    "Yes, of course, Acting Grandmaster." You exclaimed and bowed your head at the Blonde in front of you. 

    You'd been called to Jean's office first thing this morning when you had arrived at the Favonius headquarters, and much to your surprise, you had already been given such an important patrol. 

    “Excuse me for asking, but am I supposed to go alone?”

    “Indeed. Will that be a problem?”

    “No… no of course not.”

    It had only been about half a year since you had joined the Knights of Favonius and your training was going well, in fact, more than well. You'd been told by multiple other knights that your skills were outstanding and that they'd never seen someone pick up fighting skills as fast as you had. It was of course great to know that all your efforts and training sessions were paying off but to be given the order to go on patrol on Dragonspine, while you were basically still wet behind the ears, felt like it was still a number too big for you. But it wasn’t like you had much of a choice now anyway.

    "Great! Make sure to pack accordingly, I'm sure you're well aware of the dangers the mountain harbors?"

    "Yes, ma'am."

    You bowed down one last time before heading out of the office. The nervousness was basically written all over your face and your stomach felt like it wanted to rid itself of the meal you’d eaten a bit ago. As you headed out of the office and closed the door behind you briefly overheard Lisa, the librarian of the Knights, who had been present during the whole meeting, asking Jean if she really thought you were already fit for patrolling there, which made your heart sink to your stomach even more than it already had.

    You slowly made your way to the Recruit’s office, where you and the other recruits had their equipment stored and began making a list of what you had to pack in your head. Your feet suddenly felt as if they were glued to the ground and every step took all your willpower. 

    There were plenty of stories surrounding Dragonspine and since your childhood days the only thing that always stuck in your memory till this day was to not go there ever, especially not alone. 

    You opened your locker and grabbed a couple of your belongings that you stuffed in a bag and attached your sword to your belt. What else would you need? A warming bottle wouldn’t be possible since it needed time to be crafted and Starsilver to have it made and you had neither of those. 

    "What’s up with that frown, sweet pea?" A sultry voice stopped your thoughts that were racing 1000 miles per hour and instead made your heart race at the same pace.

    “Captain! I… It’s nothing.” You shook your head and tried to avoid his gaze because his presence had somehow started to make you nervous recently. He leaned on the doorframe close to you with his arms crossed over his chest and followed your every move with his ice-blue eye.

    Kaeya had been your mentor ever since your first day here and he was also the one who taught you most of your sword fighting and recently you had noticed that you have started to become uncharacteristically fidgety whenever he was around. Your heart always started racing, your stomach started feeling fuzzy, your palms started sweating and your thoughts became more and more blurry and you felt like you were unable to string words together properly. For the first while you had tried to ignore it and get your act together and thought it would eventually pass but you had to start being honest with yourself, you had begun to develop feelings for him. 

    It was hard not to, in all honesty. Due to his always flirty behavior he had wrapped you around his little finger faster than the wind could blow through the streets of Mondstadt on a stormy day and you found yourself thinking about him more and more throughout your day.

    “Well, in that case we can head off to Dragonspine soon, I hope?”

    “We?” You asked flabbergasted. “B-but Jean–”

    “Jean told you that you were supposed to go alone. Yeah, I know that already. Lisa told me and since I am coincidentally free, I have made it my task to accompany you.” He smiled at you flirtingly and you swore you were about to pass out on the spot.

    “Won’t you get in trouble for leaving your post, though?”

    “Ah, well, maybe. but once I can tell everyone that I saved our sweet little recruit from becoming a popsicle I’m sure they will actually thank me. Don’t worry so much about me or I might start thinking you have feelings for me, hm?” He teased and walked away with a big smirk plastered on his face which caused your face to violently heat up. Did he know?

    On the evening of the same day when you both had already been wandering around Dragonspine for a couple of hours, the sun was beginning to set on the horizon, engulfing the mountain in an orange light. But with the fading light the mountain also grew even colder than it had already been all day. The wind felt like tiny needles that pierced your skin and your hands and feet began to go numb. It soon became clear that you wouldn’t be able to reach east Dragonspine during the remaining hours of daylight.

    “C-C-Can we find some shelter for the night?” You shivered and desperately tried to keep warm.

    “What’s wrong? Can’t handle the cold?” 

    It was truly amazing how unbothered he looked in his regular clothes while you on the other hand were a shivering mess even though you were wearing about seven layers of clothes. But then you shouldn’t be too surprised given that he was a Cryo vision wielder. 

    You threw him a scolding glance before turning around and walking towards the small hole in the cliff face that you had just spotted. “Over there seems to be a ca-cave, let's take some shelter there.”

    The cave had enough space for you both to comfortably lie and sit in. You both set up your camp for the night and sat down next to each other on your sleeping bags. Although you were now shielded from the biting cold of the wind outside you didn't seem to get any warmer. Your fingers were already feeling extremely stiff and neither blowing hot breath on them nor rubbing them together did anything to ease that feeling.

    "Could you make a f-fire?" You asked Kaeya with chattering teeth.

    “What do you want me to make fire with, sweetie? This?" He sarcastically asked and motioned towards his vision to which you just replied with a roll of your eyes.

    "Very f-funny! I know you packed flintstone earlier."

    He smirked at you and started to light a little campfire soon after. You scooted closer to it and held your hands up against the crackling flame that dimly engulfed the both of you in a warm orange light. As you rubbed your hands together some more and tried to get the life back into your fingertips, Kaeya watched your every move. How your lips formed a barely noticeable smile due to the warmth and how the light of the fire perfectly framed your face. In his eyes you were so perfect he wanted to scream it off the peak of Dragonspine for the world to hear. When you looked up at him with a content smile, his entire world stopped spinning and all he could think of was you. 

    He moved a bit closer to you until your shoulders touched and you could feel the body heat he was emanating. He suddenly grabbed your hands and took them into his surprisingly warm ones, squeezed them and blew his warm breath on them in an attempt to help with the cold. He truly wasn't affected by the cold at all. You looked up at him with a mix of disbelief and surprise because of the sudden gesture and your face heated up violently, even more so when you saw the caring look in his eye and the way the corners of his mouth started to shift upwards into a smile.

    He slowly inched closer to your face, until you could feel his warm breath ghost over the skin of your lips. He was so close you could smell his cologne. He was looking at your lips with a desire you’ve never seen in his eye before and you noticed that his breathing had become erratic. The moment felt like it lasted an eternity and your heartbeat quickened. You almost didn’t dare to breathe anymore. Your heart was beating so loud in your chest you were sure he must be hearing it.

    "What…?" You began to ask but you didn't get far because your words were cut off by his lips that hungrily crashed into yours. He intertwined the fingers of his right hand with yours and cupped your cheek with the other. The time felt like it had stopped at that moment and the cold that had been picking at your skin all day was completely forgotten, in fact, you probably had never felt so warm in your entire life before. You inhaled sharply from the sensation of his lips moving against yours. The endorphins started to rush into your bloodstream, sending your mind into a spiral and making the coil in your stomach burst into a million butterflies as you leaned back into him and returned the kiss. 

    Kaeya, too, felt the emotions crashing in like a tidal wave. He had imagined this moment for so long already and now that it was finally here it was even better than he could have ever imagined. The way your lips moved against his was addicting and the way they tasted was intoxicating. He wished he could ingrain this feeling into his memory forever. 

    “You like me!” He cooed and it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. 

    You could feel him smirk against your lips. But behind his cocky façade you saw that he felt the exact same way about you, the way he had whispered the words just now was another proof of that.

    “Shut up and kiss me again, you idiot.”

    You didn’t have to tell him twice.


    You looked over to the clock on the wall - 10 p.m. it had gotten quite late already. They were supposed to be back by 6 p.m

    You were walking nervously up and down in your office, waiting for that familiar sound of the main doors of the headquarters opening. 

    Today was the day the Harbingers were supposed to get back from some kind of secret mission. So secret in fact, that even you, as their personal physician, could neither know about it, nor travel with them like you usually would. You only hoped everyone was alright.

    Actually, if you were being honest to yourself, you only hoped that Childe would be alright. He had been on your mind every single day since their departure two weeks ago and you had started to realize that he might be more to you than just some random guy you had to bandage or patch up occasionally. You knew he had the tendency to rush headfirst into fights at any given opportunity and sometimes, even though it was rare because he was a capable fighter, he overestimated his abilities and ended up getting hurt in some way.

    You sat down at your desk antsily, flipping through the pages of some magazine without actually taking in the contents of the pages and bobbing your knee up and down. You thought that if Childe could see you being so worried about him now, he’d probably have a snarky comment to make about it and huffed to yourself. He’d be fine. Right?

    Thirty more minutes passed until you heard the front door finally open with a familiar creak. You immediately jumped up from your chair and rushed down the hallway, almost stumbling and kicking over a vase in the process.

    “You’re back!”

    “We are.” Signora sighed nonchalantly, throwing her cape into the hands of one of the lower ranked Fatui walking by her side and motioned him off without uttering a single word and you wondered why she had to always act so high and mighty.

    You quickly began scanning the group but no matter how often you counted, there were only eleven of them, not twelve and the one face that was missing – was Childe. At this moment you felt your heart drop to your stomach.

    “Where is Childe?” You asked with evident worry in your voice.

    “Why? Are you into him or something?” Scaramouche mockingly replied, donning an mischievous grin.

    “Scaramouche!” Signora admonished making him just shrug. “Well, doctor, we actually don’t know. He got into a fight on our way back here and told us to go without him and that he’s got our back. Which is actually why we are late - there have been some… unforeseen incidents”

    “And you just let him stay there and fight alone? You’re supposed to be the most powerful and highest-ranking Fatui officers!” You almost screamed and felt dread seeping into every fiber of your body at Signora’s reply.

    “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine”

    “How can you be so sure, Signora? Where was he the last time you saw him?”

    “Well, even if I wanted to tell you, I couldn’t do that because then I’d unfortunately have to kill you.”

    “Stop this nonsense, he will be fine. He always is.” Dottore chimed into the conversation, flinging his arm around Signora’s shoulder and letting out a mad cackle. “Now, I haven’t had anything for dinner yet and I can become nasty if I don’t so let’s stop dawdling around.”

    They started moving down the hallway again, brushing past you now completely ignoring you. They didn’t even seem remotely worried about the fact that they have possibly sent Childe, their own comrade, to his death. Unbelievable, you thought to yourself before heading home even more worried than you had been prior.

    It was pitch black and cold outside, thick snowflakes were falling from the sky creating a white blanket that made the world appear muted. The only sound you could hear was the steady crunch of the snow under your feet. Fitting weather for how you were feeling if you were quite honest.

    You unlocked the door to your home, wondering if you’d manage to get a minute of sleep tonight, already pondering on how you could make any of the Harbingers tell you the location of Childe’s last whereabouts. They would surely be alarmed as well if he wouldn’t be back by tomorrow morning, right?

    Still lost in thought you switched the light on and hung your coat on the coat hanger by the door, carding through your hair with your fingers and exhaling in frustration because you couldn’t get over the reaction of the other Harbingers. How could they care so little? Or were you maybe being too paranoid?

    “You’re home late, doc!”

    Startled by the sudden voice you dropped the keys you were still holding and flipped around screaming. Your heart was heavily thumping in your chest and your eyes widened in shock until the realization started to seep in.

    “Childe? Huh… what? How did you get in here?”

    “I picked the lock on your back door.”

    “What? Why would you do that?”

    “You weren’t home.” He shrugged with a shit-eating grin on his face, leaning against the doorframe leading to your living room.

    “That’s not an excuse to break into my house! I was waiting for your return at the headquarters.”

    “You were waiting for me?” His grin grew even wider for the flash of a second before he suddenly let out a raspy cough and almost toppled over as his face contorted into a pained grimace.

    “Childe?” You panicked and hurried over to him. “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s nothing, doc. I’m fine.”

    Upon closer inspection you could see that there were big beads of sweat forming on his forehead, making his auburn locks stick to his skin. He was paler than usual as well, his breathing seemed labored and –

    Drip. Drip. Drip.

    You looked below you and saw thick, red droplets of blood trickling down, staining the carpet crimson. Looking for the source you saw that Childe was holding his side with one hand and a not quite irrelevant amount of blood was oozing from in between his fingers.

    “Lie down immediately!”

    “I’m fine!”

    “You’re literally bleeding!”

    “I’ve been through worse.”

    “Don’t be so pig headed, do what I say!”

    You made him lie down on your sofa and grabbed some medical utensils and helped him remove his shirt to be able to get a look at the wound. It was worse than you had even imagined, the wound was deeper than you thought and was colored in a deep red crimson.

    “Shit, this looks bad.” You cussed.

    “You should see the other guy.” Childe chuckled and immediately hissed in pain.

    “This is not funny, Ajax!” 

    You had never called him by his real name before and he immediately noticed it as well, effectively shutting him up. He wondered what it had to mean; were you genuinely worried about him? Did you care for him or were you just acting because of the Hippocratic oath you'd sworn? 

    He closely observed how your eyebrows furrowed as you were cleaning and stitching up his wound when it suddenly struck him, that you were the first person in a long time who he felt safe with and who he could turn to no matter what. Lying on your sofa listening to your concentrated breaths almost made him forget the pain that was shooting through his system.

    “Alright, that should do it.” You said, tying a knot after the last stitch “This is going to leave a nasty scar.”

    “Just another one to add to the collection.”

    He didn’t miss how your eyebrows furrowed further after his statement but you didn’t comment on it. You stood up and grabbed some bandages from your cabinet before sitting down in front of him on your coffee table again.

    “Sit up and lift your arms, I need to dress your wound.” You commanded, not missing how his trained pectorals moved when he did as you told him. Curse him for being so distracting by just… existing!

    You fixated the bandage, looking up at his ocean-blue eyes, fearing you’d drown in them any second not missing that they looked unfamiliarly lively right now and there was a dust of pink to be seen on his cheeks.

    “Sorry for bleeding on your sofa.” He almost whispered.

    “Don’t worry about it, a sofa can be replaced but not… you.”

    You barely had any chance to finish your sentence when he leaned forward and pressed his slightly parted lips onto yours, putting one of his hands on your waist and the other cupped your cheek, rubbing small circles on your skin with his thumb. You relished in the feeling of his soft lips being pressed onto yours as a thousand fireworks exploded in your mind and your heart felt like it was set on fire and close to combusting. 

    You instinctively locked your hands behind his neck, gripping on a handful of his locks as if your life depended on it – as if it was the only anchor that kept your heart from sinking into the endless ocean of feelings that crashed over you like a tidal wave.

    He moved in a little closer as your lips continued to move in perfect unison only letting out a small groan in pain, but he was not going to let his wound ruin this moment for him now. He’d dreamt of this moment for so long, his heart longed for you, his body craved your touch and his soul yearned to be with you.

    “Please stop getting hurt.” You silently begged as your lips parted, looking deep into his cerulean eyes.

    “What if I just get hurt to be able to see you again?”

    “You don't need to get hurt to be able to see me. You never did.” You could see his lips form into a smirk before they were united with yours once more.


    Let me know which one was your favorite. I always love interacting with you all! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

    Characters I have noted down for a third part so far are Xiao, Thoma and Zhongli (my love) btw.

    I ramble way too much in the notes, don't I? Guess that's my brand at this point lol!

    Tagging: @x-zho since you asked to be tagged ♥

    Do not repost, copy, translate or edit - © dustofthedailylife

    Maple dividers are mine - do not copy.

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    26.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    helloooo sorry it took me a bit to reply, i was very busy with prepping stuff for my art exam !! the post was so sweet i couldn’t stop smiling when i saw it aaaa i was so tired when i saw it so it really made me feel much more energized , thank you ! and it’s so sweet that xiao wants to be friends with me hello watch me collapse and cry right now

    for the story id like to choose childe with office romance if it’s alright ! the hcs were genuinely so sweet i couldn’t resist LMAO

    :DD again tysm for taking the time to do this !! o7

    We are happy that you liked the responds. After all, your joy is our top priority! Excuse us for the long wait. There were things we had to attend to. We hope you enjoy your story~ The event.
    Word count: 3k Pairings: Childe x Fatui! reader Tropes: Office Romance Warnings: 3d person POV, the reader is referred as ‘she/her’, the reader has a code name ‘Terra’.

    The clatter of horses’ hooves echoed in the night. A cold wind was hitting bare skin, making your body shiver. Liyue was getting nearer which meant that the Fatui reinforcing detachment was close to meeting their new general. Their horses didn’t make much noise but sometimes the animals allowed themselves to neigh. They were tired, just like the soldiers riding them. But the mission wasn’t over yet, therefore, the troopers had to keep their guard up for a little longer. They couldn’t afford attracting the wrong crowd in the foreign land!

    They tip-toed around the city to find Snezhnaya’s bank. There were five of them in the detachment and it wasn’t that hard to keep their profile low in these dark streets. Among them there was a third secretory. She was not a fighter at all, hence they had had to keep an eye on her during this long journey.

    An outstanding professional from Sumeru. Even though she had a Vision, she was only good at sitting at the table, signing papers, or conducting talks with diplomats. Nature was full of dangers that, sometimes, even a warrior with a Vision couldn’t handle. The young woman had tried to fix her incompetence in physical strength, but her high expectations had been crushed by the amount of work she had been assigned to do.

    ‘Hello there!’ a cheerful voice welcomed the newly arrived soldiers. They were lost in the complicated Liyue streets and didn’t know where to go. How lucky of them that they stumbled upon the one they needed.

    The secretory lifted her head up from her map. She inspected the man who dared to greet them. He wore the Fatui’s grey uniform; he had red hair, a red scarf and a mask on the side of his head.

    How come only the ambassadors were allowed to not cover their faces? It was hard to breath in these things. Fatui was so unfair to lower-rank participants sometimes. All of them had to keep their identities a secret and, sometimes, they even had their names replaced with fake ones.

    ‘Are you Childe, The 11th Fatui Harbinger?’ the secretory asked folding the map. Childe was only a code name that referred to his youngest age among the rest of The Harbingers. Tartaglia, or better Ajax, was his real name. People said he was one of the most reckless members, skilled in combat. She did some research on him and his background before the meeting.

    ‘And you must be my reinforcement, right?’ he said with a smile. ‘The third secretory Terra, if I am correct?’ Childe reached his hand out to greet the woman.

    Terra – a code name she was given for her firm beliefs and strictness towards others and herself. ‘That’s me.’ The polite secretory shook his hand while the rest of the soldiers took their hats off to salute him,

    ‘Detachment “Lynx” is at your service, comrade harbinger!’

    ‘I’m looking forward to working with you!’ Childe said and crossed his arms.

    ‘Let me properly introduce myself, comrade Childe,’ the woman said, nodding her head in respect. ‘Ex-academician from The Sumeru Academia, rewarded for various essays. Code name Terra. I am the new third secretory, here to handle public speaking, negotiations, sorting reports, employment resumes and other orders from The 11th Fatui Harbinger.’

    The chap grimaced at the amount of work she could do. ‘I was good all by myself, thank you very much,’ he laughed.

    ‘Comrade Childe, please. I was ordered to assist your people during your missions and I will do my duty as the third secretory.’

    ‘Yeah-yeah,’ he replied, waving his hand. The lad looked away, annoyed and discontented. ‘Remember not to fuss about the little things though.’

    Terra was confused at why he would say that. Did she really look like a person who’d pester somebody with every detail of their missions? ‘I wasn’t going to…’

    ‘It’s late right now. You’re free to go,’ Childe commanded the detachment ‘Lynx’. ‘Comrade lieutenant will escort you to your lodgings and we’ll discuss everything at Snezhnaya’s bank tomorrow morning at 6 AM.’

    ‘Yes, comrade harbinger! We have honor, comrade harbinger!’ The soldiers saluted their general and followed Nadia.

    ‘I have honor, comrade Childe,’ Terra said and was ready to leave as well.

    ‘Hey,’ the lad stopped her, ‘you’re a Vision bearer, I see!’ His gaze was fixated on the accessory on her hip. He was informed about Terra’s powers and he couldn’t help but smile when he discerned a Cryo symbol on the treasure.

    Her Vision was the opposite of his! In theory, his dear secretory could be a strong opponent. How exciting! Now that he thought about it though, Hydro barely had any advantages against the other Visions. Except maybe Pyro if the holder was weak.

    ‘Yes, I have a Vision,’ Terra said in a flat tone.

    ‘Now that’s interesting! How about we spar to see who’s the best, huh?’

    ‘I doubt that my skills will be enough, comrade Childe. I joined the Fatui only a year ago and had never trained before in my life. I’m still learning.’

    ‘It doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance in winning! Who knows? You might surprise me.’ A mischief smile crawled on his lips while he lowered his head to stare at Terra to intimidate her.

    ‘Do you want to duel right now?’ she asked in a nervous tone, tensing at the closeness between her and her boss.

    ‘No. no! Of course not!’ Childe chuckled. He straightened up his posture and his gaze turned into a soft one. ‘You’ve arrived from a long journey. You should eat and rest.’ He paused for a moment. ‘Unless you-u-u-u want us to battle right now??’

    Terra nodded her head in disagreement. ‘As much as I’d love to accept your invitation, I’m afraid I’m not in my best shape,’ she replied, giving him a tired smile.

    ‘Then let’s go and take some rest,’ Childe said and threw his arm round her neck. ‘We’ll arrange our duel later!’

    First day meeting him and he was already touchy with her. She was going to have quite a lot of problems with his over-friendly attitude.

    What she didn’t know was that she’d have quite a lot of them in general. Terra began to see why she had been sent to be his secretory. This pal didn’t have any problem with getting into a fight.

    Terra had worked under Scaramouche at first and, from that experience, she knew very well that fights could be avoided. They had always been the last resort with the little man who preferred to stay in the shadows. He had decent plans that tricked his victims and it helped him to avoid unnecessary fray.

    It wasn’t like Terra didn’t enjoy working under Childe. Quite the contrary, if she had to pick between these two, Childe would be her only option. He was gentle with his workers and managed to be strict at the same time. Scaramouche had been impulsive, on the other hand, and it had been hard to control his anger. He could slap Terra without feeling any guilt for it. Having bruises on her arms had been a common thing for Terra back then. She was relieved that Childe didn’t have such violent tendencies.

    The problem with him was that he had this line that indicated if he’d take extreme measures. Childe could and he did work in the shadows; he was good at it. After all, he got to the top not because he was Tsaritsa’s lovely boy or something. But sometimes Terra wished he was more patient with people instead of getting into a combat. He was a professional and unprofessional at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Childe grew attached to her. There were many things he liked about Terra: from her competitive and persistent personality to the way she handled her job. He didn’t get the chance to meet her as often as he’d wish. She was only the third secretory, after all, and couldn’t get any bigger tasks. There were other, more competent co-workers with whom she always competed.

    Childe admired how much she did to perfect each of her skill. He liked how angry she got at herself for mistakes that she’d made. He loved how hard she tried to get rid of her flaws at any work she was doing. His favourite pass-time with her were friendly spars.

    ‘Eat this!’ she shouted, manifesting a snowstorm at him. It was too weak for Childe to be blown away by it.

    He smirked, feeling superior. However, that was exactly her trick. He closed his eyes on an instinct to avoid any snow getting in. While he was distracted, she summoned three big, sharp icicles above his head.

    When Childe tried to move, he also realised that his feet got stuck to the floor by the growing ice. Quite a cheap tactic if he had to rate it. She had probably learned it from Signora.

    The warrior got out of the grip, his boots left inside the ice cage. It didn’t matter to him. At least, he could move. Barefoot, he ran up to Terra from behind.

    The mage didn’t even have the chance to react. In a blink of her eye, Childe got away from her trap and kicked her in her spine. The woman flew away and hit a wall.

    That was the end of the fight.

    Terra couldn’t move after the impact. She was breathless and bruised. Her head hurt and spun. She was getting dizzy with her vision going in and out.

    She blamed herself for learning magic this slow. Who would’ve known that casting spells was this difficult? She could perfectly use her powers in any other aspect of her life, but as soon as it came to combat, she struggled to summon decent jinxes. She lacked speed. She lacked blood-thirst.

    ‘You’ve made some progress!’ Childe cheered above her head. Those words were fake. She was sure of it. Terra saw how she’d fallen in disgrace before him.

    Childe knelt down to look her in the eyes. ‘Hey now, cheer up!’ he said, patting her shoulder. ‘You actually did pretty good this time.’

    Terra refused to take his compliments. She knew how she did. Awful. The 11th Harbinger had continued on beating her to the ground every time. As if it had been a simple game to him! This spar was no exception.

    Childe frowned when he saw a grey look on her face. Sometimes Terra’s strictness towards herself scared the lad. She was incapable of seeing the improvements and always had her head turned up towards the unreachable sky where she saw her goal. Childe loved her competitive side, but sometimes it was too much. He was afraid she would break one day.

    ‘Come on! I’m on a whole other level! It doesn’t mean that you’re bad. I’m just that good!’

    Yes. A very good way to cheer up someone. Bravo, Childe.

    Even though he had little brothers and sisters, he was not the best at calming someone down. Sometimes, words didn’t come out right.

    Childe sighed after he saw that Terra’s mood had only dropped more. ‘Let’s get you to the hospital now. I will rearrange your paperwork so you could rest well today.’


    ‘T-t-t-t! No “but”s,’ he stopped her indignation. ‘It seems like I’ve overdone it. You do not look good.’

    Childe inspected her body for any injuries. ‘We’ll see what the doctor says. Your head seems to be OK, but I’m not sure about your chest and arms.’ He took Terra bridal style in a very careful manner. Whatever she said to him, it went over his head as white noise. He was too determined to take care of her because she wouldn’t do it herself. He knew it. It had happened before and it’d have happened again if he hadn’t taken charge.

    After that fateful day, the admiration turned into a desire to surround the achievement addict with… his care. With his bright feelings. He knew he was growing too attached to her. He knew that what he felt everyone liked to call ‘love’.

    ‘Please, address to me as “Childe”. We are friends! There’s no need for formalities.’ It was one of the first steps towards breaking their business-only relationship.

    Well, Childe might think that he was Terra’s friend, but the woman was too reluctant to give him that title.

    It didn’t unhinge him. The lad was sure that she’d give in eventually.


    ‘I’m going to visit Sumeru next weekend,’ Terra said one day. ‘My sister’s birthday is coming soon. I want to celebrate it with my family.’

    ‘Oh, what a coincidence! I was also planning on visiting Sumeru!’ Childe caught up immediately.

    ‘Why do I hear of this now?’ Terra looked at the admirer in suspicion.

    ‘Well, why should I tell everyone about my plans?’

    ‘It’s a very poor excuse, Childe. If you go off from your post for a week, The Fatui won’t be able to handle it,’ she reasoned. ‘Yelan is getting in our way recently. She’s a very smart individual and we need your leadership more than ever.’

    ‘I’ve got it under control! I have someone to replace me, actually.’

    ‘Why would you need to visit Sumeru anyway?’

    ‘Well, I need to do some investigations there!’

    ‘Can’t you–’

    ‘No, I cannot send out a reconnaissance party! This needs my personal attention!’

    Terra sighed. She can’t argue with Childe when he was being this stubborn. Somehow, his lying skills dropped by a hundred when he was with her. What a fool he made of himself sometimes. When she was in sight, people wondered if he was the same 11th Fatui Harbinger, smart and coy.

    ‘Just... don’t get in my way when I’m in Sumeru, please,’ Terra grumbled. ‘You and I don’t know each other, got it?’

    Childe nodded.

    But he didn’t even consider in trying to follow her request. After all, the thing that needed his personal attention was her family. The man wanted to acquaint himself with them before starting to fully court his favourite lady.

    Terra didn’t like that Childe kept invading her privacy like that. He befriended her family way too easily for her comfort. Childe had built the best bond with her dad, the two going fishing from time to time. Her family seemed to like her boss. He told funny stories; they laughed. He also couldn’t stop complimenting Terra when he talked to her parents. Be it intentional or not, he made a very good impression on them!

    ‘What were you talking about there?’ Terra wondered when she saw her mother, father and her boss walking out from a private room. All three looked suspiciously happy about something and it made her worry. Childe walked away, radiating joy.

    ‘Oh! Nothing much, sweetheart!’ her mum answered. She looked at her daughter with such pride that the girl doubted her mother’s words.

    ‘He was only telling all the nice things about you. He thanked us for raising such a great daughter,’ her father explained and smiled at her.

    ‘We are so proud of you, my darling! You’re growing up so fast,’ her mother said and caressed Terra’s cheek lovingly.

    The girl let a faint blush crawl on her face at the compliments. ‘Did he say anything else?’

    Her parents exchanged knowing looks but kept silent. Terra felt left out. Whatever they had been talking about, it had been important. And she had an idea of what they could be talking about. It scared her a little.


    Ever since then, Childe became more clingy. He was more touchy with her than he was before. He liked to pat her on her shoulder or slap her back when he made a good joke. It didn’t matter if she laughed at his jokes or not, he did it anyway. He also loved to hug her whenever the two met on the streets.

    Terra tried her best to avoid him, but sometimes she fell into his traps. Eventually, she couldn’t help but melt into his touch and feel addicted to it. She preferred not to admit it though.

    Childe was also more flirty with her now, throwing a couple light-dirty jokes or blocking her way to compliment and praise her. There were a couple times when he bought flowers after successful missions and shrugged it off, saying those were ‘thank you’ gifts.

    ‘Unless you want it to be something more,’ Childe purred in his deep voice and looked straight into her eyes.

    It wasn’t hard to add two and two together to understand that Childe had asked for her parents’ permission to court her. Why else would he keep the connection with them? Why else would Terra receive letters where her parents ask about marriage? Sometimes they asked how the relationship with her boss was progressing!

    Terra didn’t know what to do with this information. She decided to let it be until she figures out her own feelings.

    ‘Comrade Childe–’

    ‘Call me Childe,’ the boy said with a pout.

    ‘Comrade Childe,’ Terra continued her report without following his request, ‘there’s been a lot of movement detected in The Chasm. We haven’t heard from the old reconnaissance party in a long time. Nobody has returned yet. Yelan has also taken interest in The Chasm and it’s getting harder to keep ourselves hidden from her. One of our men got captured by her already. I’m afraid our plans got revealed.’

    ‘Tsk,’ Childe was getting tired of all the possible things going wrong. ‘What happened there exactly?’

    ‘Happened where?’

    ‘The Chasm. What’s going on in there?’

    ‘Well, the new reconnaissance party discovered unusual power radiating from the mines. Hilichurls keep getting in there but they never get out. Also, the troop barely survived an attack when they were outside the mines. Their reports tell us that The Famous Traveler attacked them.’

    ‘Her?’ Childe let out an amused laugh. ‘Oh! Anywhere she goes, there’s always something going on.’

    ‘Yes. She seems to always find trouble. You are not thinking of going in The Chasm yourself, are you?’

    ‘Of course not! I am going there with you!’

    Oh, that reckless child. Did he really want to take her out on the most romantic places of all, The Chasm?

    ‘Comrade Childe–‘

    ‘Childe,’ he corrected her with an annoyed expression.

    ‘Childe, I don’t think it’s a good idea to investigate the area yourself. We already have The Liyue Qixing on our tail for our persistent interest in The Chasm. We can’t allow any more reckless decisions.’

    ‘You are scared, that’s all.’

    ‘This isn’t about me,’ Terra said, frowning. ‘This is about you! We’ve got Yelan on our back! Yelan! We need your orders!’

    Childe sighed and leaned back on his chair. ‘I’ll go there by myself. You will handle things here.’


    ‘Do you have any better ideas?’

    ‘I am only the third secretory. I am incompetent to lead your people. In fact, I shouldn’t even report all this information to you! You’ve got other people for that!’

    ‘Then I promote you to a counselor!’ Tartaglia winked at her.

    This was the moment when Terra realised that this jokester had been toying with her all along. She didn’t know what he had been planning, but he sure took his sweet time to spend it on her.

    She sighed and massaged the sides of her head. ‘Why are you always so lunatic?’

    ‘Ha-ha-ha! Only for you!’ he told and got up from his chair. The man approached Terra, sharing a loving gaze with her. He let himself pet her on the head as if she was a little girl. ‘One day, you will get promoted to a counselor. I’m sure of it.’

    The secretory lifted her eyes up at him. She was confused at the sudden affection and praise.

    ‘After all, you’re doing so much,’ Tartaglia continued. ‘I know that you can achieve anything with that thick head of yours.’

    ‘I’m not sure if you’re complimenting me or downgrading me.’

    ‘Take it however you want,’ he laughed.

    #i should really learn to make some shorter plot lines #i had to cut the plot in half and i still couldn't manage to not make it messed up #genshin fanfic #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #childe x reader #childe fanfic #tartaglia x reader #⤞ my genshin works ⤝ #cupid's arrow in your bum #x reader#female reader#reader insert
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    I'm declaring this as "good enough" :)

    Have some chiluc ❤️

    #this took me a while because i'm still figuring out this program #and i'm not a digital artist lol #fan art#fanart#genshin impact#chiluc #childe x diluc #genshin #genshin impact fanart #diluc ragnvindr #childe genshin impact #diluc genshin impact #tartaglia#diluc#childe #i attempted to 'paint' the background and it was a mistake #idk how to paint digitally #idk if i even know how to paint traditionally #it's been so long
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    Child’s Play 🌊 I still think that Childe is the most fun hydro character to play, but I'm very looking forward to Yenlan! She looks so cool and interesting! Do you have a Childe or are you Childeless?

    #childe#tartaglia#childe tartagalia #childe tartaglia ajax #genshin impact childe #my art
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    thomachi angst fic now posted on my ao3! https://archiveofourown.org/works/39218268/chapters/98126034

    still a work in progress, but I have big plans for it !!

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