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  • moonstrider9904
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I need to ask before I'm alone, what it feels to rest on your patient lips

    Crosshair in 1.15 Return to Kamino

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  • lorjukka
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    lazy clone hug doodles because im sad

    dont look at the hands or ill cry

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  • shadows-fan-space
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    OG Bad Batch Fighting Styles TCW + TBB Ep 1

    I meant to actually do the whole Bad Batch series too but alas. Here are the various things I’ve noted about their fighting styles based on what we saw in TCW and the TBB: Aftermath! Plus a headcanon or two.

    Enjoy~* EDIT: Tumblr killed the format :(


    Acrobatics over power


    My boy be pouncin’ all over the damn place

    Leg sweeps

    Weapon of Choice: Vibroblade or pistol

    Sergeant Shaggy McStabby

    Quick and brutal strikes, doesn’t leave enemy time to regroup

    Switches between pistol and knife

    Rush enemy head on→TCW S7E1


    Watch out for them leggies

    Cody-level kicks


    Distance attacks (sniper, duh)

    Loner and commonly fights alone

    Rarely fights head on

    Weapon of choice: Firepuncher Rifle he calls “Dauntless” (headcanon) and pistol

    Never misses a shot

    Main special attack→ Reflecto-Patches

    Hints towards an affinity for judging angles/mathematics

    Fights dirty in hand to hand

    Tries to take out enemy from behind

    HC→ When fighting organics, goes for pressure points

    Leverage over power

    Rarely moves quickly but is actually quite acrobatic

    Sliding maneuver TCW S7E2

    Surfin’ USA TBB S1E1

    Unless you count getting flying side thrust kicked by a tween

    Spooky scary sniper man

    Stays out of direct fire and prefers a silent yet deadly ambush attack

    Lookout and scout for more stealthy missions

    Designated Driver→ TCW S7E1

    Possible weakness: Bright flashes of light

    TCW deleted scene S7E3 on pipe with lightning flash

    He and Wrecker always have a “game” of who can take out the most droids

    Crosshair often wins, apparently

    Smug little shit

    Can and will use legit anything as a deadly projectile

    Blade, dart, lunch tray, hairbrush, look out it’s comin’ for you


    Brute force→ Mutation

    Lifted gunship, held up a leg of the giant whatever-that-thing-is in S7E3

    Weapon of choice: Fists or giant vibro blade

    Special Attacks

    Wrecking Ball

    “Let me see what you have.” “A knife!” “NO!”


    Crushing power

    Often gloats over defeated enemies

    Somewhat sadistic

    Exhibit A: TCW S7E4 “Not the face!”

    Despises stealth


    Often takes the lead on frontal assaults

    Often lays down cover fire/stays behind to give others more time

    Does not follow orders

    Literally any episode is an example

    The bigger the odds, the happier he is

    Weakness→ Heights

    Basically Rico


    Jokes a lot when fighting

    Dogpile on sentients→ TBB S1E1

    Bit of a literal take on “I am the weapon”


    Quick strikes

    Agility and speed over physical power

    TBB S1E1→ Zips in to place multiple detonators then remotely activates them

    Outwits and outflanks, rarely uses a direct attack

    Prefers to let others cover him while he uses a variety of distance weaponry

    Not a melee fighter

    But watch out for those legs (TBB S1E1)

    Uses environment

    Twin pistols

    Highly sensitive when working with circuits→ Blocks everything else out while working with them

    Quickly switches from “battle mode” once the fight is over

    Nonchalant even during battle

    Rarely seems bothered by anything

    Tactics can verge on suicidal

    “We jump!”

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  • moonstrider9904
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Today, May 26th, is my first anniversary on tumblr!! Yay!!!

    So to celebrate, I commissioned the amazing and talented @nereeitor for an art of me with my beloved tree-man and I am so!! Happy!! I'm choking up and getting emotional, this art is so beautiful! Thank you!!

    And thank you to everyone else, to my followers, moots and friends, for making this past year so special, for supporting me and believing in me, for being obsessed over the same fictional men as I am, for reading what I write and looking at my gifs and watching my edits

    When I made this blog a year ago I could not possibly imagine the scale of the impact, and I am satisfied and grateful for all I've come across

    Thank you all, and may the force be with you!

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  • ladykagewaki
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    @the-echo-in-the-room @exceptionally-minded @badbatchsmolbean @tbbs-best-hair @lula-and-the-cavalry @azi--345211896246498721347 @gnk-99 @superiorsniper

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  • fangirl-goes-nova
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I feel like you are really smart so I have a question. Do you think that genetically, if Crosshair was to have a kid that it's hair could be white or is that just a result of his defectiveness and would not even enter the gene pool? I remember there was another clone in TCW (I can't remember his name) who also had white hair. This is so random but I just had to ask.

    This has been sitting in my ask box for ages (please know that I live in shame).

    To be clear, I'm not smart and I know very little about genetics.

    But things like hair and eye colour are determined by sets of alleles, more commonly called "dominant" and "recessive" genes.

    If a person possesses a dominant allele (e.g. the gene for brown eye colour) they will likely have brown eyes, even if they also have a recessive allele (for blue eyes).

    To have a recessive allele expressed (this, iirc, is called a phenotype - so your genotype being the genes and the phenotype how they are expressed, in this example the eye colour) you need a pair of them. So, for example. If both parents have blue eyes, they only have the genes for blue eyes, so their kids will also have blue eyes.

    If one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue, it gets a little more complicated. If Brown Eyes has two dominant genes, they're passing both of these on, so their kids will have brown eyes. But if they have a recessive gene they can pass that on too, so there's a chance their child can have blue eyes.

    (I'm so sorry Alison. IDK if I'm even making sense at this point. It's been a long day. I made a rubbish chart to try and explain it - I'm a visual thinker).

    So for Cross, it depends on several factors. Is he naturally silver and is this dominant or recessive? Is he naturally darker haired and is the silver due to premature greying?

    Either way, if the above is governed by a gene that can be passed down (naturally silver or early greying) then there's a chance it can enter the gene pool. So, in theory, his kids could be silver haired or they could go grey early, like him.

    Again, not a geneticist and I only know the bare basics of this (yay for school biology lessons). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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  • i-am-1142
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    is this a good time to post this

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  • mrsct7567
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    How I think me actually meeting and interacting with the bad batch would go

    Hunter- my crush on him doesn’t help the fact that I can’t help but get all flustered around him and try to play cool and act like I don’t like him but at the same time I feel like he is the same as me when it comes to meeting new people where it’s like I’m not extremely forward when it comes to meeting new people, people have to come up and talk to me to get to know me better so once I finally gather up the courage to talk to him I feel like conversation would come easier and the more we spend time with one another the more we become more comfortable with one another. And the silence is more comfortable than anything rather than awkward.

    Tech- I think tech wouldn’t really care either way if I was there or not but I feel like if I worked up the courage to ask him what he’s working on or whatever it is he wants to talk about I will just let him ride it out until he was done and I feel like he would appreciate that and learn to kind of like me more hopefully hopefully he’ll like the fact that I let him ramble on and that I think it’s cute

    Wrecker - I think Wrecker would like me the most he would definitely hug me and would probably be the most outgoing with me and would talk to me the most besides Omega. I think I would hang out with him and Omega a lot just to like play around and whatever and I feel like if I gave him my candy or something like that he would just be head over heels for that.

    Omega- hopefully omega likes me I mean I’m nice to her I mean of course I’m gonna be nice to her she’s just a little kid and I think she’s adorable and I wanna protect her with everything in my power.

    Echo- I think Echo and I would get along the best because we both have very similar senses of humor and he just has that vibe that’s very approachable and conversation would be very easy-going and I feel like we would talk to each other the most and I think that because we’re both the moms as I like to think of it.

    Crosshair - cross couldn’t give two shits about me he treats me the same way he treats everybody else he treats me like a useless person which I am he’s not wrong, but I bring my value where I bring my value and he thinks it’s just whatever. He just never talks to me I never talk to him I leave him alone that’s that.

    He just couldn’t care less if I was there or not but unlike tech if I wasn’t there he might be a little calmer but if I am there he just I’m like the worst thing to ever exist and a disease that’s infected the ship but whatever he can suck my dick. Maybe one day he will learn to tolerate me and maybe find my personality to be not as bad as he makes it out to be. 

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  • peelpatine
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    A little WIP for today, I’ve had this idea in my head for so long so it feels great to finally see it coming together💚

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  • moonstrider9904
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Was rereading your one shot Raising Morale again, and was sort of wondering how you think Tech and Cross would come to an agreement in having a partner interested in both of them? I know both boys, especially Cross, prefer having control to a degree in their lives, since they have so little control over their own lives. Do you think Cross would tolerate having Tech also interested in his partner (not withstanding that it was also his partner's choice to be interested in Tech as well), and how can you see the brothers communicating between each other when they realize they both like the same person?

    And what kind of negotiations can you see them having about the time they spend with the partner? Can you see them allotting specific days for one or the other, or would they be able to allow the partner to fully choose who they wish to spend their time with? I imagine it would be hard at first for the boys to figure out how things work with a polyamorous partner, but they'd figure it out and possibly become even closer over time?

    I don't know, I honestly just like thinking about the boys being able to communicate healthily and have it so their relationships are not strained over misunderstandings, even if it takes time to get there.

    Thank you for the inquiry, anon!

    For starters, I think Crosshair will always have some degree of jealousy and he'll always have that need for control, but he's also very respectful of the parties involved in the relationship and he'll never do anything to hurt them.

    That said, I will die on the hill that it would be very, and I mean very hard for Crosshair at first but he wouldn't lash out, not at Tech and not at their partner. I think polyamory would be very new to both of them as it is, but Crosshair would probably be more reserved with his doubts until he figures out a way to phrase them to his partner. I like to think he'll first wait for a moment alone with the partner in question before addressing the matter with Tech.

    Tech, however, is far more open with his questions and he comes up with "strategies" to keep time balanced between the boys. I think that they first decide on a sort of schedule, but over time things won't be as rigid. Arrangements go from specific times or days of a week per partner to simply going with the flow, depending on how each party of the relationship is feeling, what they want to do, etc.

    Eventually, it's their partner who calls the shots as to who to be with, but the boys learn to be flexible with it in time.

    The one agreement that stays is that communication is priority, and if I'm honest, this one is primarily for Crosshair's peace of mind. He knows he's not as likeable as his fellow brother may be, so he needs to be reassured in some way.

    Tech needs the reassurance too, but I think he finds it more easily with words of affirmation whereas Crosshair requires the quality time--although words of affirmation are always welcome for him too.

    Of course there are a few struggles along the way, but I also like to think about them having a healthy communication and growing in that sense :3

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  • chopper-base
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Omega: can I say a bad word?

    Hunter: ...why?

    Omega: that kid was bullying me

    Hunter: ...go ahead


    Crosshair: *so proud*

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  • azul-days
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    When all of the bad batchers become “まんじゅう”٩( ᐛ )و

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  • moonstrider9904
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Of Emperors and Covens

    Chapter 1 of Night Personified

    {series masterlist} | {next chapter} {previous chapter}

    {crossposted to AO3} {join my taglist!}

    WitchHunter!Crosshair x Fem!Reader x Warlock!Maul

    Series summary: You’ve formed part of a local coven for little over a year and you love your secret life as a witch, but it never comes without its dangers. You live in a world where witches’ powers are feared, and things only get more dangerous when the Emperor decrees that all witches and practitioners must be hunted down. With your coven scattered, you come to rely on an eclectic warlock and one of the hunters for your survival.

    Chapter summary: It is high autumn and preparations for Samhain have you feeling more powerful than ever, but a decree set forth by the Emperor of your land determines that your life as a witch means direct danger to your life.

    Warnings/tags: Mature (minors still not allowed). Angsty, brief mentions of death, targeting of a specific group, mild mentions of injury.

    Songs: simple harp variation no. 1

    Word count: 6.6k

    The elders of the coven took their places at the center of the circle. Air, fire, water, and earth had been called to the circle, leaving only spirit to be called upon to complete the casting. You watched as you tightly held your green candle in your already quivering hands; for the first time, and after not having spent long in the coven, you had been bestowed the honor of representing the element of earth in the circle to be cast that night on your very first full moon ritual.

    You were mesmerized. Shivers covered your skin as Shaak Ti, Luminara, and Depa Billaba positioned themselves in three corners of the central altar, the three of them raising their hands as Shaak Ti chanted the words to beckon the element of spirit to smile upon the circle and the ritual. Secretly, you wondered if you’d ever be able to take such a spot in the casting of a circle, to be an elder witch of a coven.

    Perhaps someday, you thought, as your lips willed themselves into a small smile, brightening your features more beautifully than the light of the candle you held ever could. In the past days, your mind had been occupied by possibilities, by new knowledge, by the endless ways to practice magic and how beautiful it could all be. 

    Your first month at the coven had been mostly you researching different focuses of magic, all of them wonderful in their own ways, and your blood boiled every time you thought of learning a new one. You wanted to learn them all. You wanted to be a powerful witch ever since the first time you felt the breeze of magic brushing at your fingertips. The moon always called to you, beckoned you to look at her for endless hours as she shone through the night. Herbs called to you according to how you felt, or what you needed. Animals felt at ease around you. You could know things would happen before they did, predict how people would act.

    Even your younger roommate, Ahsoka, had felt these things, though she had begun before you and there came a time in which she had stopped talking about it. It wasn’t very long before you had joined the coven, only a couple weeks after Ahsoka did, and you had been learning everything at nearly the same pace. 

    Despite the years between your age and Ahsoka’s, you both saw the ways of the coven with equal wonder. You had both been taken under the wing of Shaak Ti herself, the eldest of the coven, whose grace and wisdom only made you further look forward to anything you’d be able to do as part of a coven.

    Watching Shaak Ti and the other two elders in the center of the circle made your heart skip beats. You knew that full moon rituals were very important, not quite solemn, yet commanding respect, and even so, you couldn’t help but to grin widely as you held your green candle. Across the room was Ahsoka, who smiled encouragingly at you; you could tell she was as giddy as you. You listened closely to the words being spoken by the elders, focusing on the intents of gratitude and fulfillment of a full moon, feeling yourself be soothed by the power of the full moon.

    It was a short ritual, but then, not many rituals were very long. It wasn’t so much the length, but rather the meaning in the actions performed, the intent behind every celebration, the act of witches coming together to honor nature. So far, that was proving to be one of your favorite things of being a witch, how it didn’t matter to keep up formalities, protocols, or repeating things just for the sake of doing them. Often, in your day life as an aide, you came across many people doing things without meaning, only performing tasks to fulfill a purpose dictated by someone else. 

    In the coven, you felt free of all of that. You felt free of the shadow that had been cast by the rule of the recently self-appointed Emperor Palpatine. The consequences of his actions showed more each day; cities were quieter, nights were darker, people were afraid.

    It was why you knew that going to Redwood House to meet with your coven was a risk, but you’d had no problem thus far, and you wouldn’t trade this freedom and sense of belonging for anything.

    When the ritual ended, you and the rest of the coven went to the outside of Redwood House, meeting in its back yard where a bonfire was lit and the dancing and chanting began. You were still being taught the arts of tribal dancing, and didn’t yet dare to form part of the tribe around the bonfire. 

    Instead, you watched, your features still illuminated by that bright smile. You watched the dancers around the fire moving in harmony; of all of them, you had always loved Fennec and Barriss’ techniques the most. 

    Your attention was then drawn to the crimson logs that made up the house’s walls, with vines and moss growing on them, reaching all the way up to its wooden roof that held birds’ nests and webs. From there, you gazed at the naked treetops that towered around Redwood House, most of them with their leaves having fallen, but still with a fair amount of golden and brown foliage decorating them, until finally, you gazed up at the bright silver moon.

    She never failed to amaze with her beauty.

    “Are you enjoying yourself, sister?”

    Your head jerked at the direction of Shaak Ti’s voice; you found her to be smiling at you with her usual serenity, and you couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed at how you reacted. Ignoring the way your face felt hot with the sensation, you shyly smiled at Shaak Ti and met eyes with her, allowing yourself to look at the jewelry and embellishments she had worn for the ritual. Shaak Ti was a witch alright, an elder one at that, but there were times when you felt she looked like a goddess.

    “I am,” you responded to her. “The ritual was beautiful, and this is beyond anything I could have imagined. I’m just happy to be here.”

    Shaak Ti’s smile widened, pleased with your response. “And have you by any chance decided what magic to focus on?”

    Your features dropped slightly at the absence of an answer to her question. “No, I’m afraid I haven’t. I’m drawn to a lot of forms of magic but I can’t seem to pick one.”

    She laughed softly. “Yes, I sense your conflict and your indecision. But you must remember there is no one path for a witch, nor does your path have to be defined by only one thing. It’s helpful to keep that in mind. You define yourself, your coven will support you.”

    You admired Shaak Ti’s way with words, and as your features brightened with a smile once more, you whispered a soft “Thank you” that could barely be heard over the lively music and dancing.

    “Come,” Shaak Ti gestured in the direction of the bonfire. “I want to show you something I learned when I was beginning my path as a witch.”

    You hesitated to walk with her, your gaze nervously looking at the dancers around the bonfire.

    But Shaak Ti chuckled at you. “Don’t worry, I won’t make you dance in front of everybody. I want you to feel grounded, centered in the earth.”

    It was not difficult to trust Shaak Ti, and you always looked forward to anything she could teach you. You walked with her around the dancers, greeting your fellow witches with kind smiles as you passed by, until you and Shaak Ti were at the edge of the backyard and of the celebration.

    It was already quieter there; the forest loomed in front of you, illuminated only by the ethereal light of the moon. Shaak Ti took a few paces in front of you and you heard her inhale deeply, with her back turned on you, yet you knew she was closing her eyes.

    “Important decisions require peace of mind, my fellow witch,” she spoke. “Grounding is, perhaps, one of our most important practices as wielders of magic. It helps keep our intents clear, making it easier to manifest. A grounded witch is a strong witch.”

    You walked up beside Shaak Ti as you took each of her words to heart, breathing deeply as you came to a stop and faced in the same direction as her. Then, Shaak Ti raised her arms and opened her eyes, her gaze falling peacefully in the gap she left between her palms, its purpose being to frame the shape of the moon above in the sky.

    “Let her guide you,” Shaak Ti said.

    You did the same. Raising your arms and cupping the figure of the moon, you allowed yourself to feel peace returning to your mind. Air entered and left your body in deep breaths as you thought to yourself what it was you wanted to achieve as a witch, confident that though you didn’t know the answer now, you would find it when the time was right, and that your path would be your own.

    You and Shaak Ti remained standing together peacefully as the sounds of the celebration behind you endured. Soon, you both lowered your arms, and your gaze met hers again. She was smiling upon you the way a loving mother would, and you felt yourself about to burst with gratitude and with honor.

    “Now, go enjoy yourself,” she told you.

    You smiled at her just a bit wider. “Thank you.”

    She gave you a reassuring nod and, with that, you walked off in the next direction and met up with Ahsoka to keep watching the celebrations taking place on that moonlit night.

    One year later

    The night before at Redwood House had been lovely. You and some of your fellow witches had made spell jars using herbs and crystals, a practice you had grown to love. You were so certain that you’d be doing it again next time you went, which led you to the morning markets of Tarkintown, flooded with people and merchants and the scents of bread and fruit and food being cooked and cheese. 

    Ahsoka walked next to you with one of her arms linked in yours while the other held a basket where you’d already placed dried lavender and sage. The two of you were headed to a nearby emporium to get salt, always handy for protection and purification, and from there you’d continue on your quest for sealing wax and whatever other herbs came across your path.

    The town was just a tad noisier than it usually was; you were never a great lover of noise and ruckus, but it did mean life. Deep down, you preferred a lively town to a deserted one. There was only so much silence that could be peaceful before it became lonely, even heavy. Judging by the harsh decrees that the Emperor had issued, among them curfews and restrictions towards merchants, you welcomed the town’s happiness if only it gave a ghost of a sense of freedom.

    And it chilled you to acknowledge the truth, but anyone who believed they were truly free under the rule of this Emperor was blind.

    Still, you were as free as you could be, and for the time being, it was satisfactory. Your nights at Redwood House gave you what you needed. There, you were allowed to be yourself, as were all of your fellow witches. It was your sanctuary, your home; there, you saw your family. Thinking about it always brought a warm smile to your face.

    “Do tell me what you’ve decided,” Ahsoka spoke with the smirk she usually carried, bringing you apart from your thoughts.

    You gave a long sigh. “Kitchen, lunar, chaos, crystal, hearth witchery… They all call out to me, ‘Soka. Shaak Ti once told me a path doesn’t have to be defined by just one, but five focuses seems too many.”

    “Not if it works for you,” Ahsoka replied. “But I get the feeling you’re not entirely sure.”

    “It would be easier if one option called to me more than the others,” you admitted. “It’s not as if I haven’t had time to think of it. I just can’t decide.”

    “You’ll have plenty to work with for most of your options,” Ahsoka reassured you. “I just can’t promise you’ll find a lot about chaos magic. There isn’t a single chaos witch in this coven.”

    “Perhaps I’ll be the first,” you said with a sly little smile.

    Ahsoka laughed. “I do wish you good luck with that, because you won’t have as much mentorship.”

    “It’s alright,” you said. “I don’t expect the elders to tell me everything. I know that there are a lot of things I’ll have to find out for myself.”

    “Such as your choice,” she said.

    You looked over at her with mischief. “Be nicer to me, remember I’m the one who brews your tea at night and I could make it so you won’t sleep a blink.”

    “Ooh, I’m shaking!” She faked terror.

    Playfully, you nudged Ahsoka as the two of you continued to walk down the main street of the market, leaving only a few meters to go between yourselves and the emporium. You and Ahsoka were just at the emporium’s doorstep, from where you smiled inside over at Fennec behind the stand, when you heard all the people around the area shuffling about and talking louder than usual.

    It was then that you turned to watch the sea of people on the street parting to make way for a young man, an imperial messenger, from the looks of his uniform. He stood on a crate to gain visibility above the crowd, instantly catching everyone’s attention even though he wasn’t even near being the most imposing man in town. He didn’t have to be. It wasn’t often that an imperial messenger was sent out to deliver a decree, and whenever it did happen, everyone had to listen.

    It was either that or being forced by guards into the palace to hear it from the Emperor himself, but Palpatine knew he had already intimidated everyone enough already to listen to his messengers on the street.

    “Heed the words of your Emperor!” The messenger called out as the crowd fell silent. “To further purify the land, Emperor Palpatine is calling forth his finest to hunt and rid Tarkintown from witchcraft and its malices.

    You felt your chest pang with premonition.

    “Anyone who is sighted as a practitioner of any form of witchcraft,” the messenger continued, “or furthermore, any accomplice who is not a practitioner yet seeks to hide or in any way help a witch, shall be brought forth to the Imperial Palace to be prosecuted and executed. All known sites must be reported and demolished. The decree is effective immediately; imperial forces will carry the hunt out by default, and anyone who wishes to sign up as a hunter may do so in any local imperial outpost.”

    You wanted to look over at Ahsoka, you wanted to convey the utter terror and indignance that you felt, or try to look around to see if anyone else found it as despicable as you, but your heart sank when you realized doing so would only give you away. You wanted to look over your shoulder to check if Fennec had heard the news, but you were certain she did. You wanted to see if she was afraid or if she had begun sharpening one of her blades behind the counter. 

    If you did any of that, you’d only put yourself in danger.

    All you could do was look at the imperial messenger, suffocating in the silence of people around you who were equally petrified by the drastic measure. It was very clear since Palpatine appointed himself to power that he wanted to get rid of a lot of things, and he’d made it clear he didn’t approve of magic and witchcraft since before his rule—it was his doing that witches had to tone down their practice, seclude themselves in the deepest corners of the forest where any outsider would be lost. He had begun spreading the awful rumors and lies about witches many years back, and despite all the hate towards them, you never thought he’d go this far.

    And yet, he’d all but finally formalized the war between magic and his empire.

    “That is all,” the messenger said as he stepped down from his crate and hurried down the street to preach the news to the next segment of the town. 

    Around you, people went back to their business as normally as they could, but hearing the gossip about the news was inevitable. You didn’t recognize anyone else from your own coven in proximity, but you weren’t sure as to members of other covens. As you looked around, you found a few people who reflected the same dismay in their eyes as you.

    You wished each of them the best.

    While you remained immobile outside, Ahsoka walked into the emporium with a normal, steady pace, and she stepped up to the counter where Fennec stood deafeningly silent, unusual for her when it came to her fellow witches.

    “A kilogram of salt, please,” Ahsoka said. “We’re going to need it.”

    You felt your heart wrenching at her words.

    After leaving Fennec’s emporium, you and Ahsoka silently agreed it would be safer to not go looking for more herbs. From the look of things, nobody would be meeting up at Redwood House anytime soon, and who knew how long it would be before you could be together with your coven again. 

    All of a sudden, the feeling of union you had with them began to tear apart, but you fought it. Now was the time when you had to be most united—you knew better than anyone that magic transcended physical barriers and spaces. Not being physically with your fellow witches did not mean you were alone.

    However, you wouldn’t deny that you’d feel a lot safer if you were with them.

    You and Ahsoka made it back to your little house before the sun reached its highest point in the sky, just in time to keep the burning sunlight from making you feel worse. You loosened your dress’s waist bands in an attempt to help yourself feel more relaxed, but your heart still raced with powerlessness and fear.

    On the way home, you had already seen people signing up at imperial outposts. Other than feeling your heart shatter more, you couldn’t help but wonder how many of those people Palpatine had managed to brainwash, and how many others were simply too afraid to take a stand against him.

    You sighed. It wasn’t as if pondering on those answers would solve your current problems, anyways.

    You tried your best to live the rest of your day with as much ease as was possible. Not long after your running of errands, you had to go to work at the book shop. Your duties as an aide there weren’t arduous, and with the recent news, the book shop wasn’t as busy anyway. 

    Eventually, Sir Locke, your boss and the owner of the book shop, let you go early. You worried for a moment he had noticed your heavy mind, but he seemed to pay no mind to it. It was what you liked about Sir Locke—he always minded his own business, and he was always off in the worlds of his books and whatever else he was reading or writing to care much about judging people. He was the person to always give you space and boundaries, and you currently couldn’t respect that enough.

    You were grateful that the rest of the day was anticlimactic, but you were sad that you wouldn’t be returning to Redwood even if only to make sure your fellow witches were okay. It pained you, but you kept your ear open to hear any news of witches who were unfortunate enough to get caught.

    So far, no one had been brought forth to the Emperor, and silently, you thanked the gods.

    The hours stretched as the sun set and the night veiled the town. The waning crescent moon wouldn’t be up for another few hours. You and Ahsoka were abnormally quiet in your house, finding little things and errands to do to keep your minds occupied. 

    As you brewed your nightly moon milk, a drink you and Ahsoka desperately needed to find some peace, you stirred counterclockwise to drain the fear and the awful thoughts coming to you, and afterwards, you stirred the pot clockwise for love, for protection—

    You gasped.

    Your protection spell jar, the one you had made before at Redwood House. You’d forgotten it there.

    “What’s wrong?” Ahsoka asked you, her voice shaky.

    You turned to her quickly so as to not keep her worrying. “Nothing, I just… I forgot my protection spell jar at Redwood.”

    Ahsoka sighed, admitting relief. “Well… You can always make another one.”

    Something about being apart from your first spell jar didn’t sit well with you, though. You had poured soul and intent into that craft, so much that it didn’t feel right to replace it. Heavens knew you needed the protection, and you would for gods knew how long.

    “Oh, no,” Ahsoka said. “You’re not thinking of going there to get it. Tell me you aren’t.”

    You could pick up on the worry in her voice, and you realized it was unhinged to be thinking about being out at night near your coven house, but if there was one thing you knew as a witch, it was that your intuition and your feelings were powerful. Your own magic was telling you to have that spell jar with you.

    “No one truly knows about Redwood House,” you said. “And even if it’s been sighted as a coven, hunters aren’t going to bother looking into it now that the news are out there. They know witches won’t be going near their usual meeting places.”

    “But everywhere else will be guarded,” Ahsoka pleaded. 

    Your gaze strained at her. “I know. But I can’t leave it there. I just know that I can’t.”

    Ahsoka sighed. She conveyed her understanding, but also her worry of something happening to you. 

    With soft paces, you went over to the coat rack next to the door of your little house and you grabbed your dark gray cloak—you wouldn’t cover your head entirely, knowing it would only make you seem suspicious if anyone saw you, but anything that could veil you from prying eyes was welcome. You put it on and walked over to Ahsoka to take her hands and you gave them a gentle squeeze, looking fondly in her eyes.

    “I’ll be fine,” you said. “Don’t wait up for me.”

    When she realized she wouldn’t stop you, Ahsoka let you go out of the house.

    From there, you marched north into the forest and made sure you were seen by no one. Though the forest was dark, you felt at home in it; you knew the path to Redwood House by heart and you could make your way there from anywhere. Your steps were swift and quiet, your mind set on retrieving the spell jar from the house, and though Redwood House was hidden in a deep corner of the forest, the journey didn’t feel eternal. You genuinely felt you were heading home.

    When the shadow of the house loomed above you, you felt a weight being lifted from your shoulders. It was alone and dark inside, since truly, none of your fellow witches had gone there that night. But there were also no hunters or guards, making the area completely safe. After praying a silent thank you to the gods, you walked yourself into the house and quietly closed the door behind you.

    You let the scent of lingering incense and smudge sticks calm you down. Your eyesight had become accustomed to the dark, and you didn’t need a candle to aid you as you looked for your spell jar, which you figured should be in one of the east wing rooms. The bottom edge of your skirt brushed gracefully against the floor as you walked, your shoes subtly marking your footsteps, though not too loudly that it would put you at risk. 

    You waltzed into the room and felt around the table, finding you were driven by your intuition until your hand brushed on top of the little jar. You smiled as you felt it; it was no taller than your thumb, its glass decently sized, not too thick or thin. It had been sealed with white wax, and it contained salt, dried lavender, dill, and a clear quartz. 

    With relief, you clutched the little jar to your heart and exhaled your worries. It was now finally time to return home, and you felt at peace now that you were reunited with your spell jar. But then, just as you exited the room you were in and returned to Redwood House’s main hall, you heard a quick hiss, like a dart being shot, followed by a light impact on one of the front walls of the house. You went cold when you heard the cracking of fire, and through one of the windows, you saw the orange glow of flames spreading quicker until you began to feel the heat inside the house.

    A flaming arrow had been fired into the house, and you were still inside it.

    Did they know you were there? Was this part of their witch hunt? Thousands of thoughts raced through your mind, and all you could do was hold on tighter to your spell jar. You needed that protection now.

    Your feet finally carried you running out the back door of the house, your mind so anxious you hardly took the time to recognize that the one place you had begun to feel was your home was currently burning up and would soon be ashes, all part of a statement your despicable emperor was trying to make. The cold air of the night struck you when you were finally outside, and you tumbled backwards and flopped into the ground facing the house, watching as it was set ablaze.

    All of that done by a single flaming arrow.

    You stumbled up to standing and prepared to run, and no sooner had you turned around than you saw a man standing before you.

    His eyes were brown, a brown so dark they looked like the night sky. His brown skin looked warm in the glow of the flames, his expression was hard, yet uncertain. His right eye had a finely traced tattoo of a reticle over it, and his curls were silver like the moon that protected you. 

    And this man had a bow pulled with an arrow aimed directly at you.

    You were speechless. You held the jar so tightly you feared it would break in your hand; you could hear your heartbeat thudding in your ears, fearing it was the end, fearing Ahsoka’s devastation once she realized you hadn’t returned, the danger she could be put in when people realized her roommate was no longer with her. Tears formed in your eyes, but you were too shocked to let them fall.

    Instead, you looked at this man. Your eyes were set on his, and if only for a second, you swore you saw the archer soften at the sight of you.

    You took a couple of paces back, your hands brushing the logs on the walls of the house when you got an idea, but you’d have to execute it quickly.

    “D-Don’t hurt me,” you stuttered. “Please.”

    He continued to look at you, frowning, silent. The archer spoke no words, but he didn’t fire the arrow into your heart either. If you didn’t know better, you’d say he was hesitating. But if he let you go, he’d be in danger too, being an accomplice. He looked like a smart man who wouldn’t put himself in danger for the sake of a pretty stranger, and you couldn’t trust him.

    The archer was just beginning to lower his bow when your hand found a stray branch along the logs, and you swung it in his direction, the edge scratching up his cheek as he groaned and fell to the ground. You instantly regretted causing someone else pain, but you were in danger, and all you could think of was how much you needed to get out of there.

    You felt the burning need to leave that place when you heard the cries and shouts of a horde of witch hunters approaching, and you were more than certain that the archer had been the one who fired the flaming arrow that was now burning your coven’s home.

    You didn’t dare look at the sight of Redwood House burning. All you did was run, and as you ran, you cried. You ran faster than you ever thought yourself capable of until you reached one of the spots your coven had told you about—hiding was not unusual for witches—a tent covered in leaves that looked like just another pile in the autumn forest.

    You opened the tent and hid inside it, huddling into a ball to better fit your figure inside, and you lay on the ground clutching the jar to your breast, trying your hardest to keep yourself from weeping or from making any sound. You trembled, your spare hand covering your mouth and nose to keep it together. You could still hear the calls of the witch hunters as they approached, and as much as you feared they would find you, they never did.

    The cries continued to come in waves, until at last, the hunt was called off. They all left, and even after there was no more sign of danger, you remained in your tent, laying on the ground sideways with tears rolling down onto the floor. You closed your eyes and waited so long that the night became freezing, but it was also quiet. Peaceful.

    Your jar had done you well, and now, you were ready to go back outside. You stood up and revealed yourself to the night, leaving the tent the way you had found it in case you ever needed it again. By that time, the waning crescent moon was already making its way up the sky, filling you with a sense of relief and of gratitude.

    You knew, definitely, that she had watched over you that night as well.

    Trying to ground yourself, you inhaled and raised up your arms. Your hands, raised up in the air, cupped around the silhouette of the waning crescent as you inhaled the cool air of the night. You remembered that night when Shaak Ti had taught you to ground yourself, one of the very first nights you’d spent at the coven.

    How different things were back then.

    Your chest continued to heave as you attempted to still your anxiety; it was more difficult for you to focus than you wanted to admit. All the while you looked up at the beautiful crescent moon, comforting in all her beauty as if she could speak into you, your mind raced with thoughts of doom and torment if you were to have been followed. You hoped with all your might you hadn’t been.

    You thought of the others. All the members of the coven displaced, forced to hide, one mere week away from Samhain. You feared for their safety, praying to the moon to protect them, and finally, your hands lowered when your breath steadied.

    Sighing, you closed your eyes. Flashes of the persecution plagued your mind as your mind recalled the events against your will. You were quite confident your face wasn’t seen, not by anyone but the archer, at least. In your head, you saw brown eyes as they took notice of you from afar before the chaos ensued. Those brown eyes that did not look merciful, yet you were sure they had spared you. Piercing, menacing gaze, yet you felt in your heart it was the reason you lived if only had it been a warning you should start running. In the deepest, most obscure corner of your heart, you hoped you could see the brown eyes again.

    You felt you were mad for feeling such a desire.

    “You were not followed.”

    Your eyes opened with a jolt as an alarmed gasp escaped you, your body nearly leaping off the ground. The voice that had torn you from your thoughts was deep, smooth, deceptively comforting in the middle of the forest—and you knew it was dangerous. You hoped, for a short moment, that when you saw the owner of such a beautiful voice, you would see those brown eyes you were longing for, but you were wrong.

    The skin was not tan, but crimson. The tattoos were not only over one eye, but all over his body. And the eyes, they were not brown. They were yellow.

    You couldn’t help but feel fear as he approached you. His black cloak flowed with the wind; he pulled down his hood to reveal horns crowning his crimson, tattooed head. He wore all black; black boots, black trousers, a black shirt that had a slit along the neckline, reaching low into his navel, revealing strong muscles underneath, all of them with the same red and black pattern. His figure was coated by the long cloak that made him appear one with the night.

    You were certain he wasn’t a spirit, but you weren’t quite sure what to make of him. You figured if he wanted to hurt you, he’d have done it by now, but you weren’t in the position to give people the benefit of the doubt.

    Then, his glistening yellow eyes flickered to the little jar you clutched in your hand. His hard gaze became amused, and finally, his gaze met yours again, making you showered with shivers all through your skin.

    “My lady, you are a witch,” he spoke again.

    You dared not admit the soothing, wondrous effect his voice had on you. He knew what you were and he was not threatening you; instead, you found yourself drawn to him.

    You gulped, allowing yourself to speak. “Are you a witch too?”

    He walked up to you, positioning himself beside you, yet facing your opposite direction. The man inhaled deeply, raising his face slightly as his eyes closed. “Witch, wizard, sorcerer. Warlock. I have gone by many names.”

    “Were you chased too?” You asked him innocently.

    His laughter was deep, smooth, like a song in the night. “If the hunters had pursued me, they would be dead.”

    Your skin went cold, and in your deepest corners, you knew that was true. Then, the man looked sideways at you, his amused expression softening ever so slightly.

    “How foolish of you to be out on a night like this,” he spoke. “I gather the little jar is the cause of all this, yes?”

    You sighed. It wasn’t as if Ahsoka hadn’t warned you.

    “What is your focus, witch?” He asked you.

    His question made your heartbeat stir again. On top of everything that was happening to witches all around, you still hadn’t defined your path. However, you doubted there would be a need for it any longer.

    “I…” you hesitated. “I have no focus. No path.”

    “What calls to you?”

    That, you recognized, was a very different question, one that you could answer. The corners of your lips tugged up in a faint smile as your gaze peacefully fell on the trees ahead of you.

    “Hearth and kitchenry, crystals and lunar magic…” you trailed off as a tear rolled down your cheek when a burst of memories of your coven hit you.

    Redwood House is gone.

    “Chaos,” Maul spoke, breaking you from your thoughts.

    You looked at him in amazement. “How did you…?”

    “I sense it in you, my lady,” he said. “I can see it. Chaos calls to you, as it does to me. I excel in it.”

    He walked forward and positioned himself behind you, making you have to turn around to face him. He watched the curiosity in your eyes as though he were feeding off it, and he then smiled at you, a wicked, yet alluring smile that would remain ingrained in your mind.

    “You are fortunate,” he said as he extended his hand. “You need not return to that village where you will be hunted. You will not have to continue to hide. You can come with me, and I will show you the ways of chaos magic.”

    You could hardly believe what you were hearing, but you realized this was no petty attempt to lure you in and hurt you. You also realized you didn’t know this man, you didn’t even know his name. And leaving would not be prudent, if anything, it would make matters worse. You had contemplated leaving, but it had to be done at the right time.

    Still, the idea of not choosing your path devastated you even more.

    “I have longed for an apprentice for so long,” he said, more to himself than to you.

    “I can’t,” you said, your voice finally sounding more normal. “I can’t leave with you. I have to look after my fellow witches, and if I disappeared now, the ones closest to me will be suspects of witchcraft. I can’t do that to them.”

    The man drew his hand back in, and though he seemed disappointed by your rejection, you knew he understood.

    “Yes…” he spoke. “The ways of the coven. The union between sisters, between witches.”

    “Have you no coven?” You asked him.

    “I am alone,” he said, looking up into the night. “I have been, oh, for what feels like eons. It is my path, dear witch, as I’m sure you will one day understand.”

    Silent, your gaze fell to the ground, unable to find more words to say.

    “We shall meet again, then,” he broke the silence. “I know your heart will not handle not knowing the ways of magic.”

    “But…” you said. “I do not know who you are.”

    His gaze met yours. “I am someone who does not want to cause harm to you. That is all you need right now, dear witch.”

    Deep inside, you felt that magical beings needed to stay together in times like those.

    “Return here tomorrow at night,” he told you. “The hunters will not return, they will have no reason to. We will be safe. Now go, return to your village. Keep your fellow witches safe.”

    Your mind was still flooded with uncertainty as you watched him walk around you, until he was positioned in front of you, gazing at you.

    “What is your name?” You asked him.

    Subtly, his lips formed a smile before he walked past you. In silence, he walked farther into the forest until he fully disappeared into the night, leaving you without an answer, only with the proposal to meet him there the following night.

    You stood there, alone, wondering what had just happened. It was all too much for your mind to process, and all you wanted to do was collapse into the ground and cry. But you couldn’t. You wouldn’t. You still stood, rounding up the energy to return to your village.

    And the jar remained tightly held in your hand all the while.

    Then, in the silence of the night, the crescent moon watched you lovingly as you made your way back. At the same time, a pair of yellow eyes watched you as well, knowing you would return.

    Thank you for reading! Reblogs are much appreciated!

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    The Price of Truth

    Rating: 18+ minors, this ain’t it for you, get out of here

    Pairing: OC x Crosshair

    Warnings: these apply to the entire work and will not appear in each chapter: alcohol use, unprotected sex, violence, canon-typical gore, swearing, let me know if I missed anything

    Wordcount: 2053

    Summary: This is my first fanfic! WIP. I hope I’m doing this right. OC is a journalist, gets assigned to field work, and stumbles across a massive conspiracy regarding the clones. Slow burn, slow build. AU where some timelines are probably non-canon, and things go differently with the inhibitor chips. The next day Poppy goes shopping in a second hand store with one of our old faves-Commander Fox! The perpetually caffeine-dependent, sleep-deprived, wonder boy of the clone army.

    Sorry if the formatting is weird, my computer is old so I had to get creative with posting this.

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

    A sharp rap at her front door jerked Poppy from a deep slumber. She hadn’t fallen asleep until hours after Coltway had left, tossing and turning in bed, mulling over their conversation. It took her a few seconds to realize why she had such a tight feeling of anxiety in her chest. She lay there for a few moments longer, before a second, more insistent knock, interrupted her musings. Reluctantly leaving her comfortable bed, Poppy slipped on house shoes and shuffled over to the front door. All she could see when she glanced through the peephole was a red cup of caf.

                “I should have known,” Poppy said, swinging open the door. “No other civilized person would show up before the crack of dawn. It’s barely 5:00 AM, Fox,” she complained as he walked into her kitchen.

                “Better get used to it. You’re about to have much earlier mornings much more often,” Fox stated, handing her the caf he had brought her. She sipped it gratefully, enjoying the smooth flavor rolling across her tongue. Poppy didn’t know the next time she would have such a simple pleasure like good caf again.

                “How did you find out?” Poppy inquired.

                “I heard about Ric from the detachment he was stationed with, and Senator Amidala mentioned it in passing,” Fox explained. “So, are you nervous?”

                “No,” Poppy lied quickly.

                “Uh huh. Bullshit. You’re shaking in your boots, I can see it,” Fox said bluntly.

                “Alright, great. Yeah, I’m nervous,” Poppy admitted, taking a seat at her table, and placing her head in her hands. “I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never been embedded in an active combat zone, and I don’t know many clones other than you or your men.” She looked up at Fox, searching his face for judgment before she asked, “What if I can’t keep up? What if I can’t do my job well enough?”

                Fox gave her a thoughtful look, sipped his caf, and set it on the counter next to him.

                “Look,” Fox said, “It’s true you’ve never been in active combat zones, but I know you’ve done work with pirates in the past. It’s not all that different,” He stated.

                “That’s what Mas Amedda said too,” Poppy said in surprise.

                “Mas Amedda? When did you talk to him?” Fox questioned, looking bewildered.

                Poppy explained everything that had happened in her meeting with Coltway yesterday when she was reassigned. When she finished, Fox looked even more deeply confused.

                “Mas Amedda went to this meeting specifically for your reassignment?” He questioned, more thinking out loud than actually inquiring while running a hand through his long black curls. “Well, I have no idea what that’s about. I’ve only met him a handful of times, and usually on business directly involving the Supreme Chancellor. It’s odd for him to be this interested in a story about mere clones,” Fox finished. He heaved a sigh, deep in thought. “Try not to worry about it. The Chancellor has a hand in a lot of different projects. Now, go get dressed. We’re going to get you gear today.”

    15 minutes later Poppy had showered, pulled her hair back into a braid, and dressed simply. This was not a pleasure excursion; she had a lot to get done today. As they stepped out of her apartment into the warm sunlight, Poppy let Fox choose their path.

    “So, why aren’t you protecting the Chancellor or thwarting bomb threats to the Senate today?” She questioned, as he steered them onto the train.

    “I took the morning off,” he responded gruffly. Poppy looked up at him, taken aback. Fox hadn’t taken as much as an hour off from his duties in the more than year of time she had known him. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him, making him sigh and cross his arms.

    “Look, you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to getting gear for the environments you’re going to be in. You don’t know where to look, or what will be useless,” he stated in his signature, blunt manner.

    Poppy looked at the train floor, frowning slightly. She had no reason to feel ashamed or inept, but sometimes Fox could really cut right to the heart of the matter.

    “And also,” he took a deep breath, “because you’re one of the few people in this galaxy besides my brothers who I know genuinely cares about me as a person, and I would disgrace myself if I didn’t make sure you were taken care of before you leave.”

    Poppy studied him closely as he looked out the train windows, refusing to meet her gaze, his mouth a thin line. This was one of the reasons she was dreading this reassignment so much. She had so many people she cared for here in her life, and she was being pulled away from all of them with no warning.

    “Thank you, Fox,” Poppy said simply. Fox nodded, and she knew they understood each other, and nothing more needed to be said.

    When they stepped out of the train Poppy was surprised to find that Fox led her not to one of the big stores on the upper levels, with their huge, shiny holo displays, but to a small store comprised of only a few rooms. It was tucked between a simple diner, and a rundown nightclub that was closed during the daytime hours.

    “Fox, what are we doing here?” she paused before entering.

    “Getting you gear,” he stated.

    “Look, I have a card from the Coruscant News Network with no upper limit on it to buy whatever I need. We can go anywhere I want to get me really good gear. Are you sure about this place?”

    He turned to face her fully, comprehending that she was not on the strict budget the troops were normally confined within.

    “If we go and get you gear somewhere on the highest levels, there are several issues with that. The first is that the gear we get there is designed for rich tourists who will use it once to go on an exotic vacation to Hoth and never dig it out of their closet again, while showing everyone pictures of their ‘death-defying’ experience at fundraisers. That gear will last you three weeks and you’ll pay triple the price, minimum. The next problem is you are going into an active combat zone. You do not,” he placed an extra emphasis on the last two words, “want to look shiny, in any way, going into an area like that. It will make the troops question if you can handle yourself, and it will make you an instant target for any enemies that spot a perfect parka hood poking out above a foxhole,” he continued. “If we look in here we’ll find gear that’s high quality, has some slight wear so that you don’t look shiny, and will actually hold up,” he finished.

    She nodded, following him inside the shop, as he added,

    “And you can buy us lunch with that no upper limit card before I have to go back.”

    A smile twisted her lips as the bell on the door tinkled. The shop held rows of every kind of clothing imaginable with no easily discernible organizational system. A few patrons perused the aisles, generally looking for specific things for a discount like her. Some of the clothes would have been better off simply being thrown away. Surely no one would find it reasonable to pay even partial credits for socks with holes in them, but then again, the war had hit some people particularly hard, and she tried not to think of anyone being that desperate. Poppy walked behind Fox, happy to let her mind wander as he grabbed things from the racks- a shirt here, a jacked there, and a few pairs of pants. He stopped in front of the water-repellent parka selection and looked hard at her, his eyes raking up and down her figure, for longer than was polite.

    “What?” she asked, more aggressively than she normally would have.

    “I’m trying to decide what size is best for you,” he stated.

    “Well, normally I’m capable of picking out my own sizes and clothing, thanks very much Fox,” Poppy responded acidly.

    He shook his head, smiling at the ceiling.             “Poppy, gear to protect you from the rain is some of the most important of all. Half of the injuries you can sustain are due to sitting in a wet hole for hours. If the jacket is too tight, you’ll get cold in an instant and suffer from hypothermia. If it’s too loose, water will seep in and you’ll get any number of horrible infections that I try not to think about,” Fox shot back.

    “I’ll take these two and try them both then,” Poppy conceded, grabbing both of the raincoats Fox proffered.

    An hour later they were leaving the shop burdened with several bags each. They had managed to find everything Fox insisted Poppy would need including several pairs each of black and brown pants, a few simple long and short sleeved brown, black, and gray shirts, a parka, a raincoat, and a new pair of boots. This last item was a pleasant surprise to Poppy, as she had tried to insist her old boots would work, but Fox told her those “sissy boots would have her bleeding after 20 minutes of marching.” She had been slightly offended at that, but could not deny that the new boots formed to her feet so well she could barely feel them.

    As they sat down to have lunch Fox caught her eye and held her gaze.

    “Are you nervous?” he asked.

    She didn’t have to ask what she should be nervous about. In a few hours she would be meeting the squad, and there was nothing but anxious energy rattling around inside her. Her palms had been sweating since they left the shop. Poppy nodded.

    “I don’t blame you. You’re not a clone. You weren’t born and bred for this. But all clones, despite our differences, will make it a priority to take care of a civilian.”

    Poppy nodded again, unable to think of anything of value to contribute to the conversation.

    “I liked Ric,” Fox said suddenly, making her look at him. There was an unusual expression on his face that she hadn’t seen there often. Perhaps it was grief? Concern? Maybe a mix of the two. “He was never quick to judgment, and treated me like a person the few times I met him. This squad, and other battalions he was embedded with, will remember that about him, and take it into account when you join them. Clones aren’t always as open to outsiders, but his work will help you have an advantage when you meet them,” he finished, looking out the window as he sipped his third cup of caf for the day.

    “What do you know about them? Have you served with any of them before?” Poppy questioned.

    Fox considered the question while sipping the overpriced caf that Poppy had bought them both.

    “They’re… different.” He finally stated.

    “Different, like, bad?”

    “No, not really,” Fox stated evasively, but he couldn’t keep a smile from forming on his lips.

    “I’m missing the joke,” Poppy replied.

    “They’re highly competent, have an unparalleled success rate, and operate alone most of the time,” Fox stated, succinct as always. “They’re just… different.”

    “Your vagueness does not inspire confidence, Fox. What am I getting into here?”

    “Look, you’re not going to be paired with normal clones, that’s all. You’ll be with an unorthodox group. I’ve undergone specialty training with the leader of the squad in the past though, and he’s as effective and knowledgeable as any other commander I’ve ever worked with.”

    “As good as you?” Poppy questioned, causing Fox to crack a genuine smile. It was a rare sight on his face, which was more often than not pinched with the stress of ensuring safety in a city like this.

    “As close to as good as me that someone can get. The important thing is, they’ll keep you safe,” Fox said. “And who knows? Different may help you finish your story. Now let’s get out of here. You don’t have long until you meet them, and punctuality is a trait they’ll appreciate.”

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  • ladykatakuri
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I want to share with you all the very first Requested Story I made. I followed this writer from AO3 to this site, just so I could request a story and I love it dearly. I have it printed out and in a binder with my own works so that I can read it anywhere at any time. Though I have requested many more stories of many more amazing authors here and I have received awesome works as response, this will always have a special place because it is the very first.

    @reluctant-mandalore @cyroku I can not thank you enough for this amazing gift and know that I love it as much now as I did when you first presented it to me 🥰

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  • chopper-base
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Crosshair: good soldiers....

    Omega: 😶

    Crosshair: say kriff the empire and buy their little sister presents-

    Omega: 😊💗

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    Wanted to draw some sexy lady batch wearing the slave Leia outfit!😍😍

    I went a little crazy with Wrecker’s scars but I regret nothing because it was lots of fun to draw!👌👌

    In case you’re wondering, yes there will be a male version!😋😋

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