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  • thebadbatch
    01.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Everybody! You've all been beyond patient with me and for that I have some Bad Batch Headcanons coming up! I've literally just finished writing Hunter's part and I'm on Tech's now. I'm hoping it'll be done today! Thank you all so much for waiting for me to be ready writing again:) I'm pretty sure I had writers block 😂💓 But yes! It's Christmas themed because it's the 1st of December and I'm soft and wearing a penguin jumper. 😂

    Ily all stay tuned lovelies! 💕

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  • neon-junkie
    22.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I’m stuck on the idea that the boys’ idea of someone being compatible with Tech would boil down to the most simple and unrelated crap. Like there’s somebody they get into contact frequently and they just go, “Oh, she and Tech would be good together, right?” Tech obviously doesn’t agree with their (lack of) theory. Not helping us Wrecker going “Well why not? You wear goggles, she wears goggles/glasses; you talk about weird stuff, she talks about weird stuff…” (Of course, Tech actually does like her but he can’t give them the satisfaction based on their dumb logic)

    Of course, Wrecker, of all people, would be the one to pit you and Tech together. I think he really would see something simple, like you both wear goggles, and be like "yeah, you two should kiss!!"

    Tech approaches you bluntly because he doesn't want Wrecker to be right. You two can't be together just because you both wear goggles!

    But then you'll say/do something, something totally random and unrelated, and Tech will sense a warm feeling in his chest at the sight. Shit, okay, maybe Wrecker is onto something?

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  • neon-junkie
    27.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Hey, could you please write reader being part of Crosshair imperial squad, having a crush on him, and he being cocky about it? Thank you. I really love your blog, and fuck those haters, your’re amazing while they’re just gross.

    ahah thank you anon <3 here's a few headcanons based around this trope. gender-neutral reader : )

    Crosshair is somewhat of a cocky, smug bastard, regardless of whether his chip is active, or not.

    So, even if his chip wasn't activated, he'd still get cocky and tease you about your little crush. Yes, the feelings are mutual, but he needs to torment you before he makes a move.

    Crosshair is a perceptive man, always on his toes, taking in every sight and sound that he can get his hands on. He always pays attention to small details, including certain elements about you.

    Despite being a soldier, you don't fall in line like the other members of his squad. Something is... off about you, and Crosshair realises what it is pretty swiftly.

    Eye contact is the main thing. You can never look your Commander in the eyes, especially when he's directly talking to you. And on the odd occasion where you have, your cheeks always turn a deep shade of red, and sweat appears above your brow - blatant signs that something is unsettling about you.

    You're always tense around him. Yes, your back is straight, and your arms are at your sides, just like the other soldiers. However, nervousness is always radiating off you, and your uneasy breaths do little to hide your crush.

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious, and your Commander decides to test a few things out, just to be certain.

    Before dismissing his soldiers, your Commander asks to speak with you privately. The rest march off, and you're left alone with Crosshair.

    With your helmet tucked under your arm, there's no escape, no way of hiding your reaction to Crosshair's next set of words.

    He stands before you with his usual, glaring expression, an odd expression for what he's about to say. When he does speak, his tone of voice is still bitter and venomous, but you're almost certain there are flirtatious undertones, especially since he's praising you.

    "You did good today, Trooper. Although, your shooting skills could do with amending. The offer is there if you'd ever like one-on-one lessons."

    Internally, you're screaming.

    Externally, you're gorming at the floor whilst attempting to keep your cool, questioning if your Commander is hitting on you, or is planning to get you alone so he can murder you.

    Your mouth goes to open, but nothing falls out, minus a soft squeak. Kriff, you're only making the situation worse!

    You're almost certain you can see your Commander smirking in the corner of your eye, but you dare not look up and check, not wanting to lock your gaze onto his, and worsen the sickly feeling in your stomach.

    "I'd be willing to take on those lessons, Commander," you eventually stutter.

    "Huh, willing," he replies with a purr. "Now, that's a word I enjoy," Crosshair chuckles.

    And just like that, he's turning his heel to leave. "The shooting range, 1800 hours. You are dismissed," he says over his shoulder, barely glancing your way as he excuses himself.

    All you can do is stand there, wide-eyed, ready to pass out at any moment as your mind spins into overdrive.

    Well, better go and get ready for your date lesson...

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  • neon-junkie
    17.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Something I never see people writing about in their fics is dom(me) drop aka top drop. Especially for reader experiencing it. And while I was thinking about it, I kinda wound up thinking about if Crosshair ever got top drop. He knows he can be very kinky and rough, domineering and even degrading. And he prides himself on that — usually. But it’s so easy to neglect dominant needs during aftercare that perhaps even he denies he needs it.

    That is, until he does. And it slams him out of nowhere. Maybe it catches him hours or even days after their most recent session. Maybe it happens more immediately after. Whatever the case Crosshair feels…bad. Like “I’m a bad person” bad. He loves you he knows that much snd hopes you know just the same though he doesn’t really verbally express it as much we the next guy. But Maker, what sort of sick fuck must he be if this is how he shows you his love? It doesn’t matter if you consented to the spankings, the utterances of “whore” and degrading you to nothing more than “a hole to fuck” — you’re much more than that to him yet he feels good by saying and doing things things to you…

    Of course, you feel horrified that it got this bad; the poor baby already conflicts with himself more than even he’d admit to himself. Of course he needs aftercare just as much as you do! You have to convince that scrawny darling into letting you hold him, wrapped in a blanket, speaking gently with him and occasionally pressing a kiss to his forehead with assurance.

    When things start to lighten up, you have to set a regimen in order: Followed just as strictly to the T as he does with you. You love Crosshair, after all, and you know he loves you. That’s why he definitely needs some TLC, even after playing his favorite games…

    aghhhh aksfjslkdjg!!!

    Crosshair questioning his morals after degrading you during sex, god, I love this!! I can just imagine him sitting on the edge of the bed, hunched over, elbows resting on his knees as he questions his life choices - just like this.

    I doubt he'd do it whilst you're awake, though. You two have had a cuddle after sex, shared kisses and words of praise, and you've fallen asleep in his arms. Maybe Crosshair got up to use the refresher, and he finds himself sitting on the edge of the bed.

    This is where you wake up due to lack of snuggles, only to find him looking miserable. Now it's time to smother him, to reassure him that he's not a bad person, to pull him into your arms and run your fingers through his hair, to be the voice of reason that he needs.

    Yeah, I love this

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  • neon-junkie
    11.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Okay, my friend and I keep thinking about Tech having a hand fetish, like this man can orgasm just by you sucking on his fingers. He wants to have one hand inside you and one in your mouth and he gets so overwhelmed with pleasure. It makes sense, he does work with his hands a lot. What are your thoughts I know he's your fav 👀<3

    I swear, the entire fandom has come together to agree that Tech has a hand fetish! I've seen a few things here and there for this specific trope, but here are my thoughts. (gender-neutral reader)

    Tech probably didn't realise he had a hand fetish, at first. He's so used to working with his hands, tinkering and fixing things, always with his gloves on, cause you know, safety first! He gets cramps on occasion, and he used to just brush them off, until you came into his life.

    Before you two started dating, you overheard Tech wince whilst he was working. Concerned, you asked what was up, and he brushed you off as he replied, "ah, just another cramp in my hand. No bother, it'll go."

    You're not going to tolerate that! Tech is the backbone of the Batch, and the least he deserves is to work in comfortable conditions. You forced him to stop working, and insisted on easing the pain through a massage. Tech's stubborn, and reminded you that he's fine! But then you dragged his chair away from his station, and placed it opposite yours... If you want to give him a hand massage that bad, then fine! Whatever!

    Tech's rolling his eyes as you remove his gloves, and within the first minute of the massage, he's insisting that he's better. Phfft, no he isn't! You continue, and as the minutes pass, Tech becomes more and more relaxed. He doesn't even realise that he's engulfed in the activity, watching you work, until you make a comment about how soft his hands are. It's an innocent comment, but oh kriff, your voice! Your tone of voice is so sweet, so gentle, so caring, and suddenly this room is way too hot, right?!

    Tech comes to realise just how much he does with his hands; the hands that pilot the ship, tap away on his holopad, tinker and repair things. And now, they're the hands that entwine with yours, or wrap around your throat when you want them to. They're always so accurate, so precise, especially when they're working you open, rubbing at that soft spot that has you seeing stars.

    And now one is in your mouth. You're wrapping your tongue around two thick digits, and Tech is seeing stars at the sensation. Are his hands overly sensitive? Has this always been pleasurable? Why didn't he think of this sooner? Tech doesn't even realise that he's fucking your mouth with his fingers until you lightly gag, and kriff! his cock twitched hard at that.

    It's almost as if his fingers are a substitute for his cock. He doesn't need to slip his cock between your lips, he can just stick two fingers into your mouth instead, and enjoy the ghost-like sensation.

    However, you can also use this to your advantage. Has Tech still not come to bed yet? Refusing to sleep because he wants to work? Go over and take a seat next to him, ask for his hand (to hold, because he always wants to hold hands,) then slip his glove off, and insert his fingers into your mouth before he can process what's really going on.

    Tech.exe has stopped working

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  • neon-junkie
    11.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    ive been trying to fall asleep but all i can think about is getting stoned with crosshair and giving him the best BJ of his life

    Stoner Crosshair lives in my mind rent-free. Everything is under the cut for obvious drugs and nsfw warning, gender-neutral reader<3

    So, you know when you're high, and totally zoned out? Like, you suddenly become aware that you've been fiddling with the covers for the last half an hour, or that it's taken you 10 minutes to chew one bite of food?

    Okay, right. Imagine being in that zoned out stage, but you're sucking Crosshair's cock. I mean, you're not really sucking it, more like experimenting/playing with it. Crosshair is in his own world right now, also out of it, lazing about whilst you're just kinda seeing how many ways you can suck his dick.

    Does it actually feel good when you press your tongue against the base of his shaft?

    How long can you only suck the tip before he gets whiny?

    Do you still have a gag reflex whilst high?

    How much of his cock can you fit in his mouth? And how long can you keep it there?

    You're just trying things out, experimenting, and Crosshair is losing his mind. You're pushing all of your limits, and essentially using Crosshair as your test subject. He's losing his mind, moaning away whilst his mind is in overdrive. Crosshair's thoughts are like:

    "Karking hell, my entire cock is down their throat! Ah, now they're holding it there? Keep going... Kriff! That was long- ah, now they're only sucking the tip? Oh, Maker, they're killin' me here!"

    And to make things even 'worse,' Crosshair can't cum. His body physically won't allow him to cum. Everything is too much, and too little at the same time. It's oh-so-good, but the weed in his system has put a blocker on his climax. So, all he can do is lie back, and let you go to town on his cock until he's physically pulling you off because he's soooo sensitive, and because it's time to return the favour.

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  • neon-junkie
    06.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    headcanon time: i think crosshair would really benefit from being taken care of! not just in bed i mean like, his s/o giving him a nice backrub, massaging his scalp when he lays down, being the big spoon too! giving him physical attention is so good for his soul. he's so set on not being vulnerable but it really makes him feel so good to be woken up by his s/o bc of chin scratches or belly rubs or ticklish fingers. he's secretly very receptive to blatant affection

    (gender-neutral reader)

    You know that meme: "What was that?" "Affection." "Disgusting... do it again."

    Yeah, that's Crosshair.

    He often views affection as vulnerability. Heated fucks are his usual style, pure sex, filthy and heavy. He never stays after, never gives you a tender kiss or cuddle, and rarely helps clean up. Well, he'll clean himself and his mess up, but he'd never even think about helping you clean yourself up. (Lie, he has thought about it, and then told himself off for being 'soft and weak.')

    But he slips one day...

    Crosshair was exhausted, worn out from pounding you into the night. All he did was lie back on the pillow after cumming, and whilst he was attempting to regain his breath, he allowed his eyes to fall shut, and that lead to him falling asleep. Morning came, and holyfuck- he woke up to find you curled up against his chest, softly snoring away.

    The thing is, this is the first time that Crosshair's felt warm in the morning. Not physically warm, but emotionally warm. You look so gentle and tender against his chest, and Crosshair is silently cursing himself as he shuffles deeper into the bed, and allows his eyes to flutter shut as he pulls you closer, soaking up the affection that you're giving him.

    Of course, you weren't expecting things to pan out this way either. Crosshair staying over after sex? Absurd. Unheard of.

    However, after that night, it becomes somewhat of a regular occurrence. Crosshair did try to push you away - he doesn't want attachments, even though he's the one texting you first, inviting you over, craving attention from you. He tried to simply fuck you, but he's driven himself too deep, and low-and-behold, he finds himself making love to you one night, followed by falling asleep in your arms, and pulling you closer as he wakes up to the sensation of you playing with his hair.

    Just don't mention his soft side, alright? Crosshair totally doesn't silently ask for affection. He never puts his head in your lap when he wants a head rub, or lies on his front and complains about his muscles aching when he wants a massage. Oh, but he'll mock you whenever you give him one.

    "Giving me another massage? You must think that I can't handle being a soldier. Hah! Anyway, move your hands lower, please..."

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  • neon-junkie
    30.09.2021 - 7 monts ago

    That moment when you realize that because the Marauder would have to be a car in a Modern AU (specifically one of them huge Volkswagen-type buses), and because Tech refers to the Marauder as specifically his, it means he wants to fuck you in his car. Specifically, he wants to fuck you in his Volkswagen-type bus of a car.


    I'm thinking the Batch, (or Tech, to be specific,) owns a camper van. The classic looking one, you know the one I mean! It's dark grey, like the marauder, with red embellishments, both inside and out.

    Tech's the mechanic, so in his eyes, the bus is his. I mean, he's the one always doing the repairs, and modifications, not to mention he's always driving. Yeah, the camper van is his. The Batch own a house (or were given a house by the Kaminoans,) but the camp van is definitely his!

    But it's still a vehicle, and like all vehicles, they rock whenever people are having sex in them.

    So, one of the Batchers wakes up in the middle of the night, and they can hear something weird coming from outside. They peer out of their window to see the camper van rocking like crazy. The windows are drawn, and the lights are off, but it doesn't take a genius to realise what's going on in there.

    Harsh words are exchanged with Tech the next day, and he attempts to brush them off, giving them the, "well, the bus is mine," speech. The Batch won't take his nonsense and continue berating him. Ugh, whatever, fine!

    After that, Tech always drives you to a nice location to fuck you. He puts effort into the locations he picks by researching local dogging spots - yes, he specifically looks for dogging spots, even though he doesn't want anybody watching. He just needs somewhere quiet! Sometimes he'll even pack and picnic, and enjoy cuddling with you whilst you two munch away, only for him to fuck you silly after... with a nice view!

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  • neon-junkie
    09.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    I need you to know that I woke up at 3am to share this with you because I thought you needed to have this on the brain:

    Tech and Camgirl!S/O doing absolute power couple shit by having him come on her sessions so they can do “How To” videos for her (well, now it’s THEIR) audience.

    “How to Eat Her Out”; “How to Find the G-Spot”; “Clitoral Stimulation 101”; videos testing out toys; all that jazz. Because Tech can’t miss an opportunity to put his vast knowledge to use, especially if it means mixing it with pleasing his mesh’la 💖

    I swear to god, you people are trying to kill me...

    At first, you two are quite shy about all of this. I mean, talking to a camera is a weird sensation, and even Tech is hesitant, despite his natural urge to teach and educate.

    But, as the horny levels heighten, and you two progress in your relationship, it becomes second nature.

    Your videos gain a lot of views, not just because they're lustful, passionate, and genuine, but because they're informative. There's a couple having sex whilst informing the audience on how to achieve specific targets, so viewers can jerk off whilst leaning something!

    Tech gains some form of dominance through the videos. You're essentially his fuck toy, a person who he can test and experiment with. And Tech begins filming 'experimental' videos with you:

    "How long can I leave her bound and untouched until she begins begging?"

    "The average woman can orgasm within 13 minutes. Can I achieve it in half that time?"

    "Is it possible to reach climax without paying any attention to the vagina?"

    You get the point.

    Then, you two begin taking requests, and the doors of intimacy open up even more as viewers come up with weird, yet interesting ideas. Tech has a checklist of all the things he wants to test on you, from toys, to settings, to roleplays. You've caught him editing his checklist when he's meant to be doing work, and as always, he punishes you for 'spying' on him - filmed and posted, of course.

    Yeah, Tech gets really into your 'educational videos.'

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  • neon-junkie
    07.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Okay, hear me out! We know that Tech is snarky towards his brothers when they question his intelligence or abilities. (Wrecker is the one who pushes his buttons the most) He always has some sort of clapback or just huffs an “of course I can do it” like he’s so offended they don’t understand him by now he just gets all cocky about it.

    And I now imagine him being that cocky while he’s fucking you silly. Just has you underneath him on his bunk, pounding you so hard that you are seeing stars, making you feel amazing beyond words. and you’re giving him praises and telling him how amazing he feels and he is just like “of course I am Cyare, no one else in the galaxy knows how to make you scream like I can.”

    I feel like his praise kink flows into his cocky side/ degradation kink that it gives Crosshair a run for his credits!

    oh... oh my god... are you trying to kill me off? oh my lord. good heavens above. this has touched my soul.

    Tech... ugh... YES. He's smart, and he knows he's smart - that's what he was made for, duh. But when it comes to sex, he's done more than enough research, and instantly puts his research into play. He'll adjust things to meet your needs, seeing as everybody is different, but he always pays attention to detail, and makes mental notes of every single reaction.

    So, when he wants you to turn into a stuttering, mushy mess, all he needs to do is follow his previous research, and boom- done!

    And he has every. single. god. damn. right. to be cocky!! He doesn't even realise that he's doing it, at first. You'll be gushing about how good he's making you feel, and he'll roll his eyes and be like, "well, yes? I know what I'm doing!"

    However, after multiple hook-ups with you, he realises that shit- he really is good. Tech does further research, and finds that most men lack during sex, only focusing on their own pleasure, and whatnot. Tech really is good, especially because he focuses on your pleasure, rather than his own.

    After that, his cocky/degrading side begins to really come out. At first, it's minor comments, things along the line of, "nobody else can make you scream like this, can they?" and "another orgasm? I'm uncertain if you're spoiling me, or if I'm spoiling you."

    But the more it goes on, the deeper the degradation becomes, eventually hitting a point where Tech is proud that he's the best partner you've ever (and will ever) have, and he'll ensure that you know that. Fuck, he'll even restrict and limit your orgasms, denying you until you tell him over and over about how exceptional he is, and how incredible he makes you feel.

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  • neon-junkie
    30.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    alright crosshair fluff time :)

    he seems absolutely impossible to be embarrassed at first glance and even quite a bit into the relationship. but that's until they find out what makes him tick: affection and lovey dovey stuff ☺ he's not repulsed by it, he just becomes significantly more awkward and has even surprised himself, that when you peppered his face with quick kisses, that he actually stuttered more than once. trying to tell you to "knock it off". also embarrassed when he's reaching up to get something and you poke his armpit by surprise and he lets out a little girl shriek because he's SENSITIVE okay not ticklish he swears on his life.

    Crosshair isn't one for PDA. He doesn't see the point in it - why do couples feel the need to smother each other in public? ugh, disgusting, save it for private. He'll maybe give you a kiss here and there, or hold your hand whenever you two are walking around the city, but that's about it.

    You know it winds him up, and you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wind him up. Maybe it's because you're a horrible person, maybe it's because you know he'll punish you for it. Whatever. Who knows?

    Crosshair returns from a series of missions. You're waiting in the hangar, watching the Marauder land, the cockpit door opening shortly after. Crosshair is always the last to exit the ship, perfect, meaning his brothers will definitely see this embarrassing display.

    You're calling out to him, using all those annoying, mushy pet names that you use whenever you want to wind him up. "Crossy! Crossy-wossy! My toothpick chewer! My lanky sniper!" and so forth.

    Crosshair grumbles, already noticing the snickering from his brothers. He refuses to remove his helmet, knowing what's in store. You're grabbing at him, trying to take that damn bucket off his head, and he's dodging your every move.

    Either he lets you, or he gives up. Both? But it comes off, and now you're pulling him down to your level, his helmet tucked under your arm, peppering kisses all over his grumpy face.

    He casts a glare at his brothers, muttering under his breath for you to stop. "Quit embarrassing me. I'll get you back for this, you know? It's not funny-"

    Soon, sympathy takes over, and you lighten up, no longer coddling the furious man. He swiftly shoos you away from his brothers, an arm around your waist, pulling you from them before you can make things worse.

    Oh, he'll get you back alright

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  • neon-junkie
    26.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Not a request... just a question: I can't be the only one who headcanon Crosshair as a hardcore voyeur? Like... There is no way he doesn't just gets off by watching people with his sniper rifle's scope (and grind against a flat surface/his cod piece as he's sprawled in the sniper pose flat on his stomach if he sees anything he particularly likes).

    you're killing me here... oh my god.

    okay but what if- you and the Batch are on Coruscant for a few days, and you've informed the Batch that you're going to meet up with some friends and go on a night out. They're cool with it, "comm us if you need picking up."

    Anyway. You're out in the club having a good time. Crosshair decided to head into the city to do his little... shenanigans, until he comes across the club that you said you'd be at. He climbs up onto a nearby roof, sets up his rifle, and peers through the club windows until he spots you.

    You're dancing provocatively, super duper slutty, having a good time with your pals. Crosshair knows he shouldn't be spying on you, but holy kriff, his cock is solid, and he can't help but begin grinding against his codpiece as he watches you dance the night away.

    Everything is going well, until you notice a flash in the corner of your eye. You peer up from the dance floor, and spot the reflection of a scope on the rooftop. Exiting the club, you swiftly realise that Crosshair is spying on you, but he's vanished before you can even react...

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  • neon-junkie
    26.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Hey sorry if this is absolute filth but kissing Crosshair's knuckles/forehead/cheek and him being struck by the innocent and tender guesture

    I've always headcanoned that during Crosshair's 'teen' years, he used to punch walls a lot as a way of channelling his anger. Maybe the Kaminoans berated him often for not having flawless sharpshooting skills yet, so he'd punch the wall before begrudgingly picking up his rifle and firing round after round until his fingers are sore from spamming the trigger.

    With age, he's learnt to control it, but he still slips up every now and then. He almost always has bruises on his knuckles, and when you come along, he keeps them hidden beneath his gloves.

    Until you see them one day, and begin kissing along each individual knuckle as he tells you about his bad habits. Through your motivation, he learns how to stop, but you still kiss his knuckles, this time as a gesture of congratulating him for keeping them bruise-free and tidy.

    Followed by kissing his forehead and cheek as you murmur sweet praise about how wonderful he is, how much hes improving, how hes changed your life for the better, and so forth.

    Don't be surprised if Crosshair looks away; he's trying to hide the tears in his eyes

    #violence tw#bruises tw #trigger warning for something idk what uhfjalkdjfskljg #the bad batch #crosshair x you #tbb crosshair x you #crosshair #self harm tw #this is kinda self harm right?!?!!? #tbbheadcanon
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  • neon-junkie
    26.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    based on the crosshair snuggle headcanons, i bet he's super affectionate when he's sleepy and barely awake at all. early morning or even in the middle of the night he'll nuzzle into your chest and purr, or taking your hand and putting it on his head silently requesting some scratches. but in the morning he denys it so hard. he's like you're dreaming there's no way i did that. but secretly he's like uh oh i probably did fuck

    Crosshair is the type to cling onto you in his sleep. It's impossible to simply share a bed with him. That man will end up spooning you. He's touch deprived, he just wants to be held, but heaven forbid he ever asks for that stuff - ew!!

    Even if you're his s/o, he's still not going to ask, not unless he's half asleep (and probably sleep talking.) You could totally coax a lot of information out of him too when he's in that state.

    "Do you love me, Cross? What do you love about me? Does somebody want head scratches? Who do you adore more: me? or your rifle?"

    Crosshair answers because he honestly thinks it's a dream, there's no way you're this irritating and needy when he's trying to sleep, right?

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  • neon-junkie
    23.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Okay so imagine Tech is doing his thing, aka being distracted by whatever is before him, blocking everything out.

    His s/o loves how passionate he can get when he gets really into something, but right now she would like for him to get passionate in her. So she saunters up to him in the cockpit, making sure nobody else is around.

    “Oh, Teeecchh~” she coos. He happens to glance up just in time to see her raise her shirt (well, it’s his spare blacks, really), giving him a lovely eyeful of one of his favorite places to be.

    …Here’s the thing, though: Given it’s Tech, he could likely reply in one of two ways.

    Either he freezes, turns read, and quickly tries to compose himself (he fails), or he keeps an impossibly straight face and looks back at his holopad, stating a polite, “They’re lovely as ever.” He pretends to go back to work but obviously that’s not happening now that he’s seen those sweet puppies.

    Either way, Tech is a mess. And if anything is getting done, it’s you — nothing he set out for us getting tackled any time soon.

    His reaction would be both of those things, in that exact order.

    Tech freezes up at first because "oh maker, tits!" but swiftly collects himself. He checks over his shoulder, fearing that someone has accidentally seen you flashing him, and double-checks that nobody is about before he turns back to you and replies, "they're lovely as ever." (which is such a Techy like response haha)

    Tech knows that the coast is clear, and asks you to sit on his lap, straddling him. Your knees rest on either side of his hips, hands lingering over his shoulders, the perfect height to give him a forehead kiss. He hums happily, before placing his holopad on his lap, freeing his hands to push his your black up over your chest.

    You're exposed, and with his holopad back in his hand, Tech begins lazily kissing your breasts, latching his lips around your nipples and sucking, all whilst continuing to do his work. His mind and gaze is focused on his holopad, but his lips and body are fixated on you

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  • neon-junkie
    21.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Hello, I have a request for Crosshair

    Could you please write him and reader being friends with benefits? I think totally think that he would have one ksksks

    Anyways, thank you (:

    Headcanons for this. He would 10000% have a fwb, no doubt about it (gender-neutral reader)

    Whose idea was it? Yours? His? Neither. This just... happened.

    Since you first joined the Batch as their medic, you two have always had this flirty, teasing, bullying type of... thing going on. It was a thing, at first, a weird thing where you two spoke to each other like garbage, with sweet and flirtatious undertones.

    "Messy job," Crosshair once commented as you bound his arm. "I thought those nimble hands could work better than that," he added with a laugh.

    "Ugh, bite me," you hissed through gritted teeth, attempting to focus on your work.

    "Where? Point it out, and I'll leave my mark," Crosshair snickered.

    You were silent for a few moments, focusing on fastening the bandage around his arm. Without thinking, you gestured to your neck, one of your favourite areas, and before your hand could move away, Crosshair had dipped his head down and begun nibbling along your neck.

    Things went on from there, despite Crosshair's minor injury.

    At first, it was a strict 'no strings attached' arrangement, mostly because you two wanted to keep this a secret, not wanting to put a wedge between the Batch, or work, (even though it was painfully obvious, and the Batch knew. Neither of you were exactly quiet.)

    One of you would leave after each session, depending on whose room you were hooking up in. It was usually yours since your bed is comfier, given that you purchased proper bedding, rather than sticking to the GAR assigned garbage.

    And maybe that's why Crosshair fell asleep against you one night. It was your comfortable bedding, right? He just wanted to sleep in a proper bed, right? Even though you were cuddled up in his arms, both worn out from a heated and heavy session.

    Crosshair was gone before you woke, leaving you with the question, 'what the kriff happened last night?'

    He distanced himself from you for a while. He became blunt, snappy, no longer flirtatious and playful.

    Everybody noticed. Hunter pulled him aside and informed him that he needs to knock it off, and then pulled you aside to ask what happened. You told him nothing, reassuring him that everything's fine, that Crosshair must have been going through one of his distant patches.

    A week passes, and now that everybody's back on Coruscant, it's time to celebrate with a night out at 79's!

    You head to the bar to purchase another drink, unfazed by the multiple shots already flowing through your blood stream. The music is pounding, the lights are blurry, and you don't mind the stranger that approaches you and begins chatting away.

    Oh, but Crosshair does.

    He watches, at first, death-gripping his own drink, the glass threatening to shatter in his grasp.

    He slams his now-empty glass down on the table, not muttering a word to his brothers as he slips out from the booth, heading straight to the bar.

    The sensation of somebody slipping their arm around your waist startles you, and you peer over your shoulder to see Crosshair, fire burning in his eyes.

    "They're taken," is all Crosshair says, swiftly shooing the stranger away, who obviously do not fancy getting himself tangled up in this mess.

    "Since when?" you question as you turn back to Crosshair.

    He doesn't answer you.

    Instead, he orders a drink, and pays for yours whilst he's at it. You repeat your question, failing to draw another answer from him.

    "So much for no strings attached, huh?" you slyly comment.

    Crosshair finally snaps. "It's not like you've moved away from me," he says as he gestures to his arm, still snugly around your waist.

    "I don't want to cause a scene," you innocently shrug.

    "I do," he huffs. "We can cause one right here..." Crosshair begins saying. He firmly grasps your chin, keeping your gaze fixated on his furrowed brows as he continues talking.

    "...How about I kriff you right here, huh? For all these regs to see?" Crosshair continues, and dips his head down to kiss along your neck, nipping at your jawline, leaving his marks on your skin.

    "Maybe then they'll realise that you're taken, that you're mine."

    "Cross-" you gasp, and gasp once more when you feel his hand slip down your waist, kneading firmly at your ass. "Restroom, now," you order.

    Crosshair chuckles, moving his lips from your soaked neck. He swiftly downs his drink, and you do the same, followed by grabbing his hand and pulling him to the nearest restroom.

    Before you enter, you turn to him, your brows slightly furrowed as a stern tone takes over your voice. "But after this, we're talking about things, alright?"

    "Alright," Crosshair agrees with a chuckle, slyly smiling as he urges you on, ready to bend you over the restroom sink for all the regs to see.

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  • neon-junkie
    18.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    i know we’re all whores here but i can’t get the thought of telling crosshair that you love him for the first time out of my head. no one has ever told him that, not even his brothers because it went unspoken. i feel like he’d almost have a panic reaction and deny it, tell you that you’re wrong and don’t mean it because why would you? that man loathes himself most days and would never admit to it, and he has a wall up for a reason. now here comes you, taking it down slowly, brick by brick. sometimes you have to put bricks back, let the wall be as is and respect the uncomfortable comfort it brings him to hide himself. but construction always starts back up, sometimes he takes the first step and removes a brick to let you know that he reciprocates the feelings, and the end result of being able to love him fully and freely will be worth all the frustration and patience that comes with it.

    and after all of that i want to suck his dick

    He denies your feelings, tells you that you're wrong, that you're imagining things, that you're making a mistake. Eventually he gives up, and accepts that you love him. Don't be surprised when he doesn't say it back, at first. He doesn't think that he's worthy of your love, let alone everything else that you give him, so why would he dive into such thoughts when he hasn't been given that right?

    After shooing your love confession away, things continue from there. You understand, you know what he's like, you know he needs time to come to terms with these things - many things, actually.

    But then he wakes you up one night. It's not intentional, he was trying to be quiet. His presence is missing beside you, his side of the bed is empty, and you find him hunched over the edge of the bed, legs off the edge, feet on the floor, head in his hands.

    He's sobbing, silently crying to himself because holy shit, somebody actually loves him. Somebody's taken him in, flaws and all, and has given him a reason to live, a reason to love, a reason to get up in the morning and say his prayers at night. He has somebody to hold, to kiss, to cuddle, to remind him over and over about what an incredible person he is.

    Crosshair just... he can't handle it. It's too much, in the positive sense. He feels you shift in the bed, getting up to place a loving hand on his forearm, yet again being the support that he needs in his life.

    He attempts to wipe his tears away, but it's too late. So, through his babbles and cries, he finally lets the flood gates open, and tells you everything. There's so much, so so much, to the point that he doesn't even know where to start. Crosshair begins talking, picking any path, and doesn't stop until the early hours of the morning.

    And yet again, you're here throughout it all, cooing at him sweetly, kissing his cheek and temple every so often, slipping in soft comments and words of affection as he rants and rambles away.

    Crosshair looks at you as he finishes, squinting slightly due to his reddened and irritated eyes. He softly smiles, and finally replies "I love you too," followed with, "I'm sorry I took so long to say it back," gesturing to when you first said it the other day.

    Your bond grows tenfold that night, becoming inseparable. Crosshair feels so much weight slip from his shoulders, and it shows instantly the next day; he's calmer, light-hearted, smiling and laughing with ease. Everybody notices, but nobody comments, not wanting to accidentally place a brick back onto his fallen walls.

    And it's all thanks to you :)

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  • neon-junkie
    18.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    I LOVED message received! Spicy tenderness 🥰

    What about after the rough multiple rounds of reunion sex you're pretty sore and trying to get up and do something nice for Crosshair like caf or make breakfast and he catches you wincing when he touches you? Smug bastard? Worried/guilty? Insists on spoiling you cause he realizes he took it a little too hard last night and you're hyrting now? Incredibly turned on he gave it to you that good and might need to jack off after he gets you back to sleep?

    Thank you!! I still need to write the second part to that fic :o but for now, have these headcanons based on your ask<3 (gender-neutral reader)

    Multiple rounds later, you fall back onto the bed, panting and wiping the thin layer of sweat from your forehead.

    You're sore, and you know you're going to be sore for days to come, but you weren't expecting to be in this much pain.

    The pain sets in even more once you've slept, awakening to stiff joints, and a snoozing Crosshair beside you.

    Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, the pain gets heavier as you slowly get up, walking with a limp to the kitchen, groaning as you attempt to scavenge some form of breakfast.

    Crosshair has fucked the soul out of you, and it's your turn to spoil him with a hot meal, and a cup of caf on the side, exactly how he likes it.

    You can overhear Crosshair chuckling from the bedroom, exiting moments later with that smug, cocky smile plastered across his face.

    "What's so funny?" you grumble, locking eyes with him.

    Crosshair pulls the strings on his sweatpants, tightening them around his hips, noticing how your eyes flick over his bare torso. "Sounds like someone's a little sore," Crosshair chuckles as he stands behind you, slipping his arms around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder.

    "And who's fault would that be?" you question as you quirk a brow, peering at him in the corner of your eye.

    Crosshair chuckles as he replies, "mine," followed by planting a soft kiss on your shoulder. "Are you alright? If you're in pain, then I-"

    "-I'm fine, honestly," you cut his words short.

    Crosshair rolls his eyes; you're just as stubborn as he is.

    His hands move from your waist, his palms pressing on the back of your hands, and he takes over cooking, using you like a puppet.

    You playfully attempt to push him off, but he's not having it. Crosshair has the audacity to instruct you whilst he continues cooking, "-you need to flip the pancake now, mesh'la. Don't make such a mess-"

    Playful laughter fills the air as both of you finish cooking breakfast, the sounds fading into silence once your favourite holoshow is put on.

    Breakfast is scoffed down, and Crosshair insists on giving you a massage in an attempt to ease your pain, and make up for his brutal pace.

    He pulls you back into bed, and knows exactly what he's doing as he kneads as your ass and thighs, working at the muscles, untying knots, and so forth.

    Crosshair's gentle touches soon lull you back to sleep. You deserve a lazy nap, despite waking up almost an hour ago. It's your day off, so why not enjoy it?

    As he removes himself from you, lying back on his pillow, he can't help but grin at the knowledge that he fucked you so good that you're struggling to walk. He's a smug, cocky bastard, but he deserves to be one.

    Despite climaxing so much last night, Crosshair's cock stiffens up again, eager for one last release. He frees himself from his sweatpants, lazily stroking himself at first, wincing at his own soreness.

    Overstimulation doesn't seem to be an issue. Crosshair's mind repeats everything that happened last night; how good you looked beneath him, how you were almost in tears from climaxing so hard, how sweet and sinful his name sounded coming from your lips.

    He orgasms with a soft grunt, his release covering parts of his chest and stomach, the final drops trailing over his knuckles.

    After cleaning himself up, he curls up against you, sneaking his arm beneath your head as he pulls you into a spooning position.

    Gentle kisses are placed along your shoulder before Crosshair lets his eyes fall shut, content and still smug, eventually drifting off to sleep with you in his arms.

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  • neon-junkie
    26.06.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Hey, I want to make a request

    So, everyone already wrote a enemies to lovers with Crosshair and Hunter, right?! But what about one with Tech? I think that would be interesting

    Thank you and have a nice day

    Enemies to lovers... my weakness...

    I like the idea of you and Tech clashing due to your personalities, or maybe you're also good with technology, and suddenly Tech has 'competition'? (gender neutral reader)

    Originally, you joined the Batch as their pilot, but you've proven your worth through an array of other skills: combat, shooting, medical, and technology.

    Everybody was pouring their praise onto you, happy with their newest member who can hold their weight, and more, until you spoke up about something technology related.

    Hunter asked a question, and since you knew the answer, you replied. Nobody responded, and you were met with an variety of shocked expressions.

    At first, you had no idea why the Batch had turned ghost white, until you locked eyes with Tech, who was red in the face and absolutely furious.

    Oh, yeah. Tech's the Batch's nerd... he was rather upset with you beating him to the answer, and to prove his worth, he began expanding your answer to Hunter, as if to prove that he knows more than you do.

    It was petty, childish, cringe worthy, but after Hunter spoke to you later on, he explained that Tech can take these things personally, and feels like you're attempting to 'take his place,' despite that not being the case at all!

    After that, Tech had it out for you, and it was clear how much he did not like you.

    You've literally saved him from death multiple times, only for him to mutter "thank you," under his breath, furious that he had to rely on you.

    He's always trying to one-up you. Sometimes, when a technical question is asked, Tech will pause and wait to see if you'll answer. If you do, he'll find a way to state that you're wrong, followed by giving his version of the answer.

    The bickering is extremely petty, and the Batch soon find their ways to ignore it.

    Hunter has tried talking to Tech multiple times, as has Echo, but he won't listen to them. He needs to be the only person in his role, as in his mind, that's all that he's 'good at.' Technology is his 'only strength', and having you come along has damaged his confidence and self-worth.

    Until one afternoon where you're attempting to work on a project of your own. The grappling line on your utility belt failed last time you attempted to use it, so now you need to figure out why.

    You take the small contraption apart, cleaning it through, then put it back together, but it still fails to launch.

    Grumbling to yourself, you rummage around the ship, looking for replacements. You find scraps here and there, enough to replace the worn bolts and screws, and get to work on repairing it.

    Tech is nearby, tapping away at the ships control panel, focusing on his own job. He's hyperfocused, mouth slightly parted and eyes fixated on the screen, but the sound of you cursing under your breath draws his attention away.

    He watches for a while as you fiddle about with the gadget, unable to repair it, cursing over and over in frustration.

    Tech doesn't want to directly ask if you need help, so he covers up his offer by saying, "you're ruining my focus," followed by explaining where you're going wrong.

    You're glaring as you mutter "thank you," and attempt to do things his way.

    Tech watches you work like a hawk, and soon rises from his seat and settles beside you, prying the gadget from your hands and fixing it whilst explaining what he's doing.

    "-And as you can see, doing things my way always works. Look, this device is as good as new, all thanks to myself."

    "Yeah, yeah, I get it," you grumble. "Thank you, Tech."

    Tech returns to his work station, and you decide to ask an important question. "Does this mean you'll stop being bitter with me now?"

    "What ever do you mean?" Tech questions, his eyes glued to his work.

    "Well, you've finally one-upped me, so surely we can get along now?"

    Tech surprisingly flashes you a smug grin as he replies, "we can get along, but that doesn't mean that I won't jump at future opportunities to prove that my intelligence is superior to yours."

    Oh, it's like that, is it?

    After that, your previous bickering turns playful, and the Batch is surprised to see you two getting along, let alone working together. You and Tech make it a competition, and of course, Tech is winning, not that you mind.

    It'll only be so long until the feelings finally come out... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    #i didnt proof read this so sorry lol #swwriting#swheadcanon#tbbheadcanon #tech x reader #enemies to lovers #the bad batch #clone trooper tech #tech #tbb tech x reader #sfw #gender neutral reader #gn!reader #star wars#tbbwriting
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  • neon-junkie
    26.06.2021 - 10 monts ago

    *anxiously waves* I know your requests are open currently, but I was wondering if you take requests for anything that isn't x reader? As in, would you be open to writing your headcanons or a drabble, etc, on how the Bad Batch works together? I'm a loser for the platonic brotherly bonding, but I don't want to request something if it is not something you would be interested in working with. Thank you, and sorry for bothering you!

    I wanted to focus on some non-fighting headcanons, like how the Batch works together when they're not on the battlefield. Feels weird not writing x reader content, but I enjoyed writing these!! ^_^

    From what we've already seen, we know that Tech regularly gets help from Echo and Omega when he's working, and Wrecker whenever he needs something heavy lifting, but what about Hunter and Crosshair?

    Crosshair helps Tech with fiddly work because he has nimble fingers. Tech's fingers have a tendency to ache/cramp as he does more tedious work than the other Batch members, so when they cramped for the first few times, Crosshair noticed and offered to help, with Tech's guidance, of course.

    Hunter goes shopping with Tech whenever he needs to purchase things for his work. Tech is awful at bartering, but Hunter is great, so he always tags along to help haggle the price down.

    As we know, Wrecker lifts Gonky on the regular, but since Omega arrived, she likes to sit on top of Gonky whilst Wrecker is lifting them. Omega will often cheer Wrecker on, or fiddle about on her holopad.

    Hunter has a tendency to walk around the ship every night and tuck in people who have fallen asleep at their stations. Tech is a regular since he always falls asleep whilst working, so Hunter will put his holopad on charge and place a blanket on him.

    Crosshair either falls asleep with his arms crossed, sitting back against a wall, or slouched on his bunk with his rifle in hand as he fell asleep whilst cleaning it. Hunter always moves his rifle, and puts a blanket on him. Crosshair is a light sleeper who usually wakes up, but always pretends to be asleep.

    Omega and Echo like to do puzzles together, usually jigsaw puzzles, which are rarely finished as they slide off the table whenever the Marauder takes a sharp turn.

    Hunter helps Crosshair dye his hair. Crosshair used to make a mess when he was new to dying it, and Hunter offered to help. By now, Crosshair knows exactly what he's doing, but he refuses to dye it without Hunters help. It's one of the few things they do together.

    Hunter and Crosshair also gave each other their face tattoos. Hunter's was done with a tattoo gun, whereas Crosshairs was done by stick and poke.

    The Batch aren't ones for hugs because they've been raised as soldiers, but since Omega joined, they've slowly become accommodated to hugging and hug each other on the regular.

    Echo can almost always be found in the cockpit when the Marauder is in hyperspace. When he was in the 501st, he was never on the bridge, so it was rare that he saw hyperspace. Now he never misses the opportunity to gaze out at it, and will chat with whoever comes and joins him.

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