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    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago



    Every time we hit the next hundred follower threshold there will be a week-long fic event! My way of saying thank you for sticking around for the ride and being so supportive in the only way I know how, writing thirsty fics hueheuhue. For everyone who follows this shit fight of a blog, do your applicable time conversions to make sure you catch even bigger shit fights of a fic!


    My requests are always open 🎉 Refer to my prompt list HERE for your asks. Currently writing for Din Djarin, Boba Fett, and Moon Knight (all the boys including Khonshu).

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    Mandalorian Season 3: Rise of Skywalker Species Footage

    At the end of the day, viewers are eager to continue the story of the original series and the Book of Boba Fett may have helped to fill the gap with new adventures in the era...

    #the mandalorian season 3 #rise of skywalker #rise of the skywalker #rise of skywalker species footage #the mandalorian series #the book of boba fett #book of boba fett #boba fett#tbobf#grogu #the mandalorian au #the mandalorian s3 #the mandalorian x reader #the mandolarian#mando#din djarin#grogu djarin#mandalorian#star wars#ahsoka tano#luke skywalker#ashoka tano#darth vader#quicontent
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    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    The cast and creators of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Ashoka || Star Wars Celebration May 28, 2022

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    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    okay you can really see how much more care was put into the kenobi show compared to the bobf just from the tattooine scenes… in kenobi they actually bothered to make the actors’ clothes weathered from the desert and stuff like that

    #kenobi spoilers#kenobi series#tbobf #this isnt to knock the kenobi ahow btw #i just wish disney put the same amount of effort into both shows honestly #you can really see how much they phoned in the plot in bobf too #ugh fuck you favereu
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    he's the main bitch and he knows it

    #temuera morrison#tbobf #the book of boba fett #star wars#pedro pascal #star wars celebration
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    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    I’ve got a question. You said that Tem loved his role and was happy to reprise it. But I read on TV Tropes that Tem hated being Jango and considered it beneath him. Which version is true?

    (TV Tropes is a website about fictional tropes/cliches/etc. but they can be biased; they’re sadly pretty pro-Reylo for instance)

    Oh I believe that's not true. Tem was incredibly nervous when he started the role as Jango. He had high respect for Ewan an actor who he considered as 'highly professional'. You can find that statement in his own words in many Interviews of his. Actually, yesterday was an attack of the clones celebration panel (because this week are the Star Wars Celebration days) where he told the story again. You can find it on the official Star Wars YouTube Channel. Tem is a really humble human. Ofc he knows his worth and talent but in Star Wars he always saw a big opportunity for him. Also the statement wouldn't make much sense in my eyes because before Star Wars, Tem was mainly acting in small independent movies from New Zealand. I believe I watched them all, and their are great btw! But I think Star Wars was a big breaking point in his career.

    Oh and take this foto of Tem with you..🥺🤲🏻

    #star wars #attack of the clones #revenge of the sith #jango fett#jango#boba fett#boba#tem morrison#temuera morrison#clones#clone wars #the book of boba fett #tem#tbobf #obi wan kenobi series
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    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I didn’t really have any strong opinions on obi-wan kenobi but dang did it remind me Star Wars does not know how to do chases that don’t involve ships 😅

    #obi wan kenobi #obi wan kenobi show #the mandalorian #the mandalorian season 3 #why were grown bounty hunters struggling to just grab a 10-year old #acting like little branches they could just push aside were the biggest obstacles #had me screaming at my tv to just get her like a crazy person 💀 #oh also when the jedi in episode one pulled down the flag things and they actually stopped like they couldn’t just jump or run around it #getting tbobf power ranger speeder flashbacks #hope mando season 3 just has the ship battles cause idk if I can take seeing that goofy editing in a show I actually like lmao
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    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #I love getting messages from friends like this #star wars#tbobf#dincobb
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    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    this is at least the SIXTH time we’ve seen order 66…please. all i ask is a moment of rest.

    #star wars#kenobi show#kenobi spoilers #obi wan kenobi spoilers #rots‚ clone wars‚ bad batch‚ tbobf flashback‚ fallen order‚ and now kenobi #unless i’m missing one #order 66 #eclipse’s posts <3
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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the lady who gave obi-wan spice was so pretty, between her and the mod girl from tbobf i’m going to have so many crushes

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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    as much as i love wandavision and moonknight the disney+ star wars shows are something else

    #kenobi #obi wan kenobi #the mandalorian #the book of boba fett #tbobf#star wars #they also have their flaws but at least they are already a part of a bigger universe #whereas some marvel shows try too hard to prove that they're in the mcu
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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Why do people be part of a fandom just to shit on everything

    #not at anyone in particular #I've noticed it a lot in this fandom #First with tbobf #And now with kenobi
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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Lost. | Prequel to Found.


    Pairing: Kenobi!oc x Boba Fett

    Summary: prequel to found.

    Years before Kyra Kenobi met Din Djarin, the Rebellion general caught the eye of another bounty hunter who she enlisted to smuggle her through a war zone to return to Mandalore and take her place as duchess.

    Warnings: age gap; oc is 19 going on twenty at the beginning of the story, same age as luke and leia, back and forth word play, fighting with Bo-Katan, things are starting to get steamy

    Word Count: 2.7k

    A/N: I had people suggest that I should do a prequel to found and well here it is, it won't be particularly long and will have some time jumps but I'm excited to explore the truth of them before he appears in found and elaborate on what I've seen in the Book of Boba Fett




    I'm woken by a hand on my shoulder.

    "We're entering the system."

    I sit upright and look out, sure enough recognising the familiar sight and ask "How did you get past the checkpoints?"

    Somehow me falling asleep during the process doesn't feel coincidental.

    He doesn't reveal anything. "You paid me for transport, not questions."

    I don't press any further and set my eyes on Mandalore in the near distance, immediately notices the lack of Imperial warships. As intelligence said, they've retreated back to the Empire's strongholds while they try to regroup following the destruction of the Death Star.

    As we approach the planet I feel the beskar hidden beneath my robes, knowing the rumours of discord within the palace are no doubt true. And it is time I put an end to it.

    "Alright, where do you want me to drop you?" he asks.

    "The palace," I answer and his helmet tilts towards me. "It's time to go home."

    He doesn't ask any questions as we enter the atmosphere and it's clear from the protests in the street that Bo-Katan has already lost control of the planet. He doesn't ask questions as he lands on the palaces landing dock and I'm unsurprised and disappointed to find the doors unguarded. And so I use the force to blow them open, the Bounty Hunter following me in as I tear the veil from my head. Everyone immediately stepping through to let me enter the throne room where the council is protesting Bo-Katan's rule.

    "The Duchess is dead!"

    "She is," I announce, my voice ringing through the throne room. "But I am not."

    "Princess!" someone exclaims only to be corrected.


    The room bows to me, except for one, Bo-Katan.

    "You're alive," she says, almost seeming disappointed.

    "Why wouldn't I be?" I ask.

    "Because your mother isn't."

    "Darth Vader took her prisoner, by the time I got to her she was already gone," I say, trying to still my shaky voice. "As is my father. Both dead. And the Death Star destroyed along with our ally Alderaan. While the Empire cedes it is time to unite."

    "Under who?" she asks.

    "The Manda'lor," I answer and remove my robes to reveal the beskar beneath. "Now, where is the Darksaber?"

    With everyone here she has no choice but to publically hand it over to me, as I won it through combat.

    And so she kneels as she gives me the Darksaber, as does the rest of the room, by eyes meeting the Bounty Hunter's who stands at the doorway, having had no idea what cargo he was transported beneath the Empire's nose.


    Once we're out of the throne room Bo-Katan follows me to my room, chastising me like I'm a child.

    "You can't rule Mandalore and fight for the Rebellion."

    "I can't protect Mandalore alone," I remind her. "The Rebellion is all that stands between Mandalore meeting the same fate as Alderaan."

    "It didn't stop Alderaan from being destroyed did it?"

    I snap my jaw shut and she shakes her head at me.

    "You are too young for this," she chides. "Too young to rule."

    "I am a Jedi," I remind her. "Yet it was you who made me a child soldier Bo-Katan. Do not disarm me now I am the one who wields the Darksaber."

    "I am not disarming you," she grits out. "I am saying that you are in no position to rule Mandalore."

    "And you are?" I challenge knowing the state I found it in.

    "I am. Because I am not a child who wants to run off with smugglers and farmboys on an impossible mission."

    "Yet we did it," I say proudly. "We did. We destroyed the Death Star. A farm boy. A smuggler. A wookie. A princess. And a Jedi."

    "A Mandalorian," she corrects. "You couldn't be further from your father."

    "He never trusted you, not truly," I tell her spitefully. "He never admitted it to my mother, but I knew."

    "For all the Jedi claim to know all, he was the most blind of the lot," she says and I clench my jaw. "He never knew his own padawan had turned to the darkside until it was too late." She takes a step forward. "Never saw the bloodlust in his own daughter either." I strike her hard across the face and she just laughs. "See, you cannot be both a Mandalorian and a Jedi."

    "Get out," I say thickly.

    "Excuse me."

    "Get out!" I scream at her, using the force to peg a vase at her head which she narrowly dodges. "Get out you hateful bitch!" She leaves with one warning "You know you can't do both." The door's left wide open as I pace the room, wanting to scream, scream at what I haven't even let myself have a moment to feel. The death's of my parents. There is no reasoning with the Empire anymore, we are at war and now is the time to arm ourselves. But the Rebellion needs me, Leia needs me and so does Luke.

    I can't just abandon him.

    It's then I hear the voice of the Bounty Hunter.

    "You're making a mistake."

    "Who are you to advise me?" I ask him pointedly. "You don't even claim to be Mandalorian."

    "Don't be like your mother," he warns and I tense up. "I was a boy during her reign before the Republic fell. I remember the trouble her stubbornness caused. It was her refusal to see beyond herself that led to the civil war."

    "If you hated my mother then why do you think I am making a mistake? And what mistake is that? Coming back here to take Mandalore or the idea of leaving it to Bo-Katan."

    "Because you won it in combat, not her," he says, from the tone of his voice knowing how. "Your mother may have been a shit ruler in my eyes but your aunt is a terrorist. She was left as regent for weeks and nearly thrust Mandalore into another civil war despite the Empire being right above them."

    "I know," I say quietly. "She is a terrible ruler and a cruel bitch. But this isn't about my faith in her, this is about freedom. Keeping Mandalore free and using this opportunity to strike while the Empire is weak."

    "You can't rule a country that's always been on the brink of civil war while fighting for a terrorist organisation."

    "Terrorist organisation?" I exclaim and laugh dangerously. "So you are an Imperial."

    "Anyone who fights against the Empire is a terrorist by definition," he retorts. "You won't win this war, fighting the Empire will only lead to Mandalore becoming the next Alderaan."

    "I'm a Jedi as much as I am a Mandalorian," I tell him with pride. "I did not spend my life hiding from inquisitors to be told by my own aunt who made me a child soldier and a damn bounty hunter that I have to choose!"

    He scoffs. "The Jedi. The Jedi were the Republics militia, they brought about as much peace to the galaxy as the Empire. And I'd dare say as much bloodshed."

    I look back at him. "What do you know of the Jedi?"

    "More than most," he says gravely. "I was a boy when they murdered my father in cold blood. They deserved what the Empire gave them."

    My blood runs utterly cold. "You dare say that to me after I witnessed Darth Vader murder father in cold blood?" My voice shakes as I stick a finger into his chest. "After all the blood the Empire has shed!"

    He grabs my hand tight. "You're young, so let me give you some wisdom. The Empire will be around for a long time to come, and there is nothing your little rebellion can do to stop them. But you can save Mandalore. The Empire wants you to leave Mandalore in your aunts hands so she can let it fall apart, destabilise it to the point the Empire doesn't have to even raise a weapon to destroy it."

    "And if I stay they'll come with their weapons to destroy it," I counter. "I'd rather instability than genocide. I was there when he destroyed Alderaan. Mandalore was next," I warn him and the space between us turns cold. "I'm sure you've done your jobs for him. And the Empire. But don't forget your creed. You may claim to not be apart of Mandalorian society, just as all the others who suffered exile to Concordia. But we are Mandalore. We are a creed. Do not forget it."

    He looks at me approvingly. "You are the one who needs to remember that. And make sure the rest of Mandalore does as well if you want them to survive."

    And I realise I have an impossible decision in front of me. "I leave Mandalore in Bo-Katans hands and it will destroy itself, and if I stay then it becomes a target."

    He tilts his head at me, hand still wrapped around mine. "Are you asking my advice princess?"

    "Perhaps," I reluctantly admit, at a loss and not wanting to trust anything that comes out of Bo-Katans mouth. Somehow trusting his counsel above any other.

    "Unite Mandalore at whatever cost if you want it to have a chance in hell at surviving itself," he advises. "And as for the Empire- don't put a target on your head."

    "It's already there," I tell him. "A bounty hunter should know that."

    It's only then it clicks he could put a blaster to my head now and be the Empire's hero, and he knows it. But his hand is holding mine and not his blaster.

    "A princess should know better than to trust a bounty hunter."

    I tilt my chin up towards him. "You know you'd be dead before you could reach for your blaster."

    He chuckles. "Is that a bet?"

    In a split second by saber is at his throat at the same time his finger is on the trigger and I despite the way I smirk I can't help but respect him. 


    I stand on the balcony of the palace to give my address, projectors plastering my face across the planet and know both the Empire and the Rebellion will be watching.

    "My mother, Satine Kryze died in the custody of Darth Vader," I begin, trying to keep my voice strong. "I was with her in her last moments, where she was as stoic as always. Her pacifism was her most defining feature as Duchess, and it is what divided Mandalore."

    I cannot be a hypocrite, I loved my mother dearly but I did see the flaws in policy, yet am able to sympathise with her decisions now I am in the same position myself.

    "Yet in her last words to me she told me to never stop fighting and that is the message I send to every Mandalorian, on planet and scattered across the galaxy. To the pacifists and the warriors. To fight for peace, to fight for freedom. To fight for our survival!"

    I hear the crowd below not cheering, but instead shouting a battle cry.

    "Mandalore was the next target of the Death Star which destroyed Alderaan, we cannot give the Empire a second chance! It is time to put politics aside and for Mandalore to be united for the first time in its history or else we face extinction!" I look to the people of Mandalore, tears in my eyes and my voice fierce. "From the pacifists to the exiles of Concordia I call to you to return home to defend Mandalore. To fight under my command while the Empire is weak!"

    I stand there in my blood red Mandalorian armour as a statement and i do not want it's meaning to be open for debate. "Today I take the throne of Mandalore not just as duchess, but as the Manda'lor who weilds the darksaber. The first Manda'lor in generations by right of combat and I damn well promise to fight first for Manda'lor and second for the Rebellion!"

    I feel Bo-Katan and the Bounty Hunter both watching me, knowing my words put a target on my head that is burning red having made my decision.

    "Mandalore will today enter a state of Martial Law," I decide, knowing many will be horrified by the decision but it is necessary. "Mandalore will be ruled by military authority until we are once again able to have the time to honour democratic process. But we cannot wait in times such as these, we need action and not debate. The clans of Mandalore are invited to meet with me for war council in which we will put together an immediate plan for tackling the current war against the Empire."

    I pull my attention away from the crowd to look into the camera. "And to Darth Vader who murdered my mother, who murdered my father the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi you know that your days are numbered because as long as I live so do the Jedi."

    I turn my back and walk past Bo-Katan with guards at my back, not once looking at her and know this has only just begun. ~ I'm in my new office, drawing up and signing off on the order for martial law to give to the council when the Bounty Hunter enters. "You're speech," he begins. "It was impressive."

    "Thank you for your wisdom," I say, still curious. "What charge does it come of?"

    "None," he answers. "Just don't get Mandalore destroyed."

    He goes to leave and I ask. "Come to the war council."

    He seems amused. "Why would I do that?"

    "You are the last of your clan from what I gather," I say and tread carefully to get him to reveal his name to me. "What clan would that be?"

    "Nice try princess."

    "Alright Bounty Hunter, what is your price?" 

    "Depends," he contemplates. "What can you offer me?"

    I smile to myself, intrigued by the mystery behind the helmet.

    "An extended contract," I offer. "I need a right hand and I cannot trust Bo-Katan."

    Now he's intrigued. "And what is involved in this contract?"

    "You've provided me with better advice than I've ever received elsewhere, I would like to have you with me as an advisor," I tell him. "Just name your price."

    "Beskar," he says. "And your saber."


    "I know you have one," he says and I tense up. "I don't trust the Jedi. Leave it with me as insurance."

    "No chance in hell of that," I say holding my ground. "Mandalorians as a whole don't trust the Jedi, yet they trust me."

    "I have a unique experience with your kind," he says then mentions. "I met your father once."

    "How?" I ask in bewilderment.

    "He was trying to kill my own," he answers and things start making sense.

    "Did he?"

    "No, Mace Windu did that," he replies and I look away. "Do you see now why I don't trust you?"

    "A Jedi's lightsaber is the least powerful part of them," I warn the bounty Hunter. "Just as a Mandalorian's armour is only an extension of the warrior beneath. I would know as I happen to be both."

    "You are still young, do not overestimate yourself."

    "I am not a child," I say bitterly, going on twenty now. "How can I be a child when I've been a soldier my entire life. Raised for war."

    It's then he removes his helmet and I swallow my words at his face.

    "You're a clone."

    He shakes his head. "Far from a clone princess. But still, I was raised for war."

    "Your father was Jango Fett," I say, finally piecing it all together. "And you are-"

    "Boba Fett," he finishes for me. "Have you heard of me?"

    "No," I answer, feeling as if I should have, and perhaps I will soon regret that I do not know his reputation.

    "You will," he promises me. "Your rebel intelligence will see to that."

    "Should I be concerned that you'll betray me?"

    "Depends on the price," he says and I'm ready to negotiate. "What can you offer me that the empire can't."

    "Honour," I answer.

    He chuckles. "A man can't survive on honour alone."

    "Then name your price."

    "You couldn't afford me full time, neither can the Empire," he says dismissively. "But don't you worry, there's nothing I can tell the Empire that they won't already know already." The rational part of my brain is screaming not to let him anywhere near my war council, but my instincts tell me he is not yet bought. 

    "Name, your, price," I repeat slowly and raise an eyebrow. "Every man has one."

    He is a man who isn't used to taking no as an answer, to being argued with, and in his eyes I see I've gained his respect.

    Which is why his answer surprises me. "Dinner."

    "Dinner?" I repeat in surprise.

    "Wear something pretty," he says offhandedly, challenging me now. "And I'll be at your damn war council."

    "Deal," I agree, too intrigued to refuse and he bows his head to me before putting his helmet back on.

    "Princess," he says excusing himself and I find myself smiling rather dangerously, knowing just how terrible of an idea this is, but liking it just the same.


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    Twenty Two

    Pairing: Kenobi!oc x Din Djarin

    Summary: Satine and Obi-wan’s daughter fought in the war against the Empire and lost her faith when she lost Mandalore. Until she found him. A lone Mandalorian searching for a Jedi.

    Warnings: lil smut, fluff, parent things, fighting w ahsoka over jedi stuff, not much warnings, next chapter will be intense

    Word Count: 3.7k

    A/N: next chapter is boba time and so so so sorry its been so long




    We enter my apartment on Chandrila to find Luke training Grogu, or rather trying to get the child to focus during meditation. A lost cause.

    The child's eyes immediately spring open and he waddles over to us.

    "We're home," I smile at the Child. "We're home Grogu."

    His eyes widen at the sound of his name and he makes a surprised exclamation. I hold him tight in my arms as he jumps into them and smile up at Din, wondering what it could be like to hold another child in my arms. One I grew in my own stomach to be a sibling for Grogu.

    But first it is past time we saw Ahsoka, one of the last survivors of the Jedi.

    And then, then it will be time to reach out to some more familiar.

    To my father. Part of me remembers how he went after Leia when she was just a child and the madness it brought despite wanting to hide, and I know I've been reliving that history with Grogu.

    I miss him so much.

    But I can feel him with me as Din holds Grogu, the child that has changed my life, and in so many ways saved it.

    While Din looks after Grogu I sit with Luke.

    "You saw Yoda?" I nod. "What did you say?"

    "Many things," I sigh. "Grogu was his child, all those years on Dagobah and Yoda never once searched for him." Luke grimaces. "You can imagine that I let him have it."

    "Oh I can imagine," he says and asks "So now you'll seek out Ahsoka?"

    I nod again. "We won't be safe until Gideon's dead and gone, Grogu needs all the help he can get."

    After a detour to Tatooine to pick up the Razor Crest we are on our way to Ahsoka Tano.

    I sit back and observe as Din dotes on Grogu, a true father. And for once I make us food while he's distracted.

    "Eat," I order him after I've put Grogu to bed and he knows not to say no.

    "Thank you," he says, certaily the most well mannered Mandalorian I know, and when I leave so he can take his helmet off to eat properly he quickly says. "You don't have to go."

    "Are you sure?"

    "We may as well be married," he says and I smile to myself.

    "In my twenty eight years I could never imagine ever marrying," I tell Din, although I'm not quite sure how truthful it is. I've loved with everything I've had, but he's the first man I've ever imagined building something with. Building a home with. "Until you."

    "I can say the same."

    I sit in his lap, an arm slung around his shoulders as he lifts his helmet up enough to drink the soup, unable to shake the uneasy feeling in my stomach.  "We still have a long road ahead to protect him from Moff Gideon."

    "Are you afraid?" he asks me and I don't know how to answer. "You aren't the only one."

    "Where will we go?" I ask Din, at a loss for what comes after this. "After we see Ahsoka, where can we possibly go where we'll be left in peace. From those who want to harm Grogu, and those who still want me dead."

    "We can run from Moff Gideon, or we can kill him."

    I look at Din, proudly. "We'll kill him. We'll leave Grogu somewhere safe, with Luke, and we will hunt Gideon down and kill him and his entire fleet, and another other Imperial scum who dares think they can lay hands on our son."

    He pulls me firmly into his lap, a hand holding my cheek, thumb beneath my jaw.

    "I love you."

    When I look at him, it's like looking in a mirror. At the killer in us both. At the Mandalorian in us both.

    "And I love you."

    I close my eyes as he reaches for his helmet and I feel his lips on mine, desperate, smiling at how he comes between my legs and dim the lights. 


    We lie together in the dark, my head on his chest.

    "What do you remember of your home?"

    The question catches him off guard. "My home?"

    "Your home."

    "That is was destroyed by the Seperatists, same as countless others when the Republic fell."

    "Before that," I say, running my fingers down his chest. "Surely you must have some happy memories?"

    "I was an only child," he tells me. "I remember my father lifting my up on his shoulders when there'd be celebrations in our village, it was built similar to the cities on Tatooine, except more urban and less sand. My mother, she was a seamstress, my father worked in mechanics and taught me as a child how to fix ships."

    "Like you've been teaching Grogu," I say, remembering Grogu helping him with the wires. "He taught you well, just like you'll teach him."

    "It was a simple life, a happy one," Din says. "I want that for the kid."

    "I was raised between a home in the desert of tatooine and a palace. My life was never simple, and I'm afraid it never will be."

    "I know," he says stroking my arm. "And I know the kids life has never been simple, and I'm afraid that because of who he is, who you both are, he'll never have that."

    "I think the time for a simple peaceful life is long gone," I admit. "All we've known for too long is violence."

    "There was a place," he tells me. "Where the child and I took refuge. A village on a forest planet. We stayed there for weeks. There- there was a woman." Something in my stomach churns. "A woman with a young child. I wanted to stay, with her and her child, with Grogu. I wanted it more than I'd wanted anything."

    I dare to ask. "What happened?"

    "Bounty hunters came for Grogu, and put the entire settlement in danger. I realised that no matter how badly I wanted it, we wouldn't have it."

    "And now?"

    "Now I've found you."


    We walk through the forest of Corvus with Grogu until we reach the walls of a city.

    I keep my head down with a veil wrapped around, knowing my face could be known.

    "State your business."

    "We've been tracking for a few days, looking for a layover."

    "Nice armour," the man atop the wall says. "You a hunter then?"

    Din nods. "That's right."


    "Last I checked."

    The corner of my lip turns up.

    "And her?"

    "My wife," Din says with a hand on my back and I keep my head down.

    It must be good enough for them. "Open the gate."

    We walk in trying not to attract attention, but that's hard with Din, the big silver Mandalorian in a place as grim as this. There's armed men with rifle's on the roof tops, which says enough about the sort of place we've stepped into.

    I walk behind Din as he tries to question the towns people with little avail as a man finally tells us. "Please, do not speak to them, or to any of us."

    I raise a hand to quiet Din but it's too late as two armed guards stand behind us.

    "The Magistrate wants to see you."

    As we're taken to the magistrate we pass people strapped to shock poles, and something tells me Din and I won't be leaving this settlement without a fight.

    We're taken inside to the magistrate, a peaceful looking woman draped in robes with grey streaking her hair, but the energy I feel from her is anything but peaceful.

    She instructs us to come forward and so we do.

    "You're a Mandalorian?"


    "And who are you?" she asks me.

    I keep my head down. "His wife."

    "That was not what I asked," she says. "Who are you?"

    "A native of Tatooine," I tell her, not elaborating and she doesn't ask further.

    "I have a proposition that may interest you, Mandalorian."

    "My price is high," Din replies, wanting to get straight to finding Ahsoka as much as I do, sensing that searching here may have been a mistake.

    "This target is priceless," she says, peaking our interest. "A Jedi plagues me." Perhaps not a mistake after all. 

    "That's a difficult task," Din says.

    "But one my husband will do for the right price," I intervene, wanting to know where Ahsoka is.

    "The Jedi are the ancient enemy of Mandalore," she says and I can feels Din's eyes on me. "But you would know this."

    "Like I said, my price is high."

    And so she brings forward a spear, one I immediately realise is pure Beskar. 

    "What do you make of this?"

    Din steps forward to examine it, coming to the same conclusion as I do.

    "Kill the Jedi, and it is yours," she promises, reeking of the Empire to me. 

    "Where do I find this Jedi?" Din asks, upon returning it to her.


    As we are exiting the city the man who let us in says to Din "You should leave your woman here. We'll take good care of her."

    "She comes with me," Din repeats without room for argument and we set off to find Ahsoka.

    We do not have to venture far into the wasteland of a forest before I can feel a presence and pass Grogu to Din. 

    "What is it?"

    And it's only a moment later when a blur jumps down upon us and my saber meets hers. The sight of another Jedi is enough to throw her off her attack and I look into the eyes of Ahsoka Tano.

    "Ahsoka, my name is Kyra," I tell her, but she still does not trust me. "Kyra Kenobi."

    She lowers her sabers, eyeing me in disbelief yet not surprise. "You're Obi-Wan's daughter, it was true after all." She looks past me to Grogu and sighs in realisation. "Bo-Katan told you where I was, didn't she?"

    "She did," I say, putting my saber away. "Ahsoka, we need your help."

    She steps past me to Din, looking at Grogu in his arms and back to me. "I heard about all you did during the war, I thought you had given up the Jedi way."

    "My father did, and so did I for a long time," I confess to her. "But the child needs me now, because the Inquisitors- or what's left of them- they won't give up looking for him."

    "You look so much like him," she tells me, looking upon me carefully and brings a hand up to my face. "You have so much of his heart as well."

    "He raised me well," I promise her. "He spent my entire life trying to right his wrongs, to take care of Anakin's children." Her eyes sadden. "His children are good Ahsoka, they are everything he could have been."

    She confesses to me. "I should have come searching for them, but- I knew it would only put them in danger."

    I nod, knowing the danger the three of us were in hiding from the inquisitors. "It's okay, but now- now we need your help."


    Din and I sit watching her as she gets into Grogu's head, convening with him in a way I haven't been able to.

    Din leans over to me and whispers "What is she doing?"

    I hush him. "Be patient."

    Finally she brings him back over to us, both of us noticing how Grogu seems to be speaking with her.

    "Do you understand him?" I ask her.

    "In a way," she replies. "Grogu and I can feel each other's thoughts."

    "We went to the temple on Coruscant, searching through the database for him and found he was Yoda's," I say and she seems amused, a little disturbed as well. 

    "Did you know Yoda?"

    "Luke and I went searching for him, and as soon as he heard the names Kenobi and Skywalker he started swatting us off like insects with a stick." 

    The thought of that makes her laugh. "It would. Your father, Anakin and I, we were quite the disaster lineage. Anakin was my master but in a way he was more like a big brother, your father was the responsible one but even he wasn't immune to causing a little chaos."

    "That does sound like him," I smile fondly. "He raised me first as his daughter, and second as a Jedi, mostly for my own protection. So when I learned Yoda just abandoned Grogu well- as it would seem Yoda's force ghost is still quite alive and well, it wasn't pretty for him."

    "I don't doubt that," she tells me, understanding me in a way that's uncomfortable. "You have your mother's passion for justice, and your aunt Bo-Katan's anger. But your father's strife of being left with a Padawan who is unique and hunted in so many ways. Can he still weild the force?"

    "Yes," I answer, looking at him. "When we try to get him to do it on command he is just like a child who wants to play instead, but the moment he or us are in danger his command of the force is unlike anything I've ever seen. It seems to come out most when he is afraid."

    She nods. "That would make sense. He has had to survive for a long time, and hiding his abilities would have been a great part of that."

    Din finally speaks. "I was tasked to bring him to a Jedi, and I found Kyra. Since then we've been running from Moff Gideon, trying to find someone who knows more about how to help him than we do. He needs your help."

    Ahsoka's face is heavy as she contemplates this, before finally deciding. "Let him sleep, I'll test him in the morning."


    Come morning I stand with Din and Ahsoka.

    "I trained Luke, half the time I had no idea what I was doing, let alone if I was doing it right but somehow I didn't mess up as badly as I thought I would," I tell her. "After the war I trained Leia, she was a far better student than Luke, I suppose while Luke was gentle she had a real fire in her, she had from the day I met her."

    "Just like her parents," she remembers. "They'd be so proud of them both." I smile to myself as she takes Grogu. "Let's see what knowledge is lurking inside that little mind."

    Din's been letting me handle everything without much to say, but I can feel that he's nervous.

    "It's fine Cyare," I promise him, squeezing his hand as Ahsoka walks away with Grogu and set's him down. "No need to worry."

    We watch as Ahsoka floats down a rock to Grogu and he happily catches it. "Now return the stone to me Grogu."

    "He doesn't understand," Din says, still fretting.

    "He does," Ahsoka and I both say and I say to Grogu. "It's okay, you can give her the stone, it's safe. Just like what you were doing with uncle Luke."

    He still whines a little and drops the stone, Din sighing like a dad watching his child be assessed at school and I give him a look to stop freaking out.

    Ahsoka tells Din "He's hidden his abilities to survive over the years." She looks back at Grogu. "Let's try something else, come over here."

    Din nods for Grogu to go but he doesn't move. "He's stubborn."

    "Not him," Ahsoka says to Din. "You. I want to see if he'll listen to you."

    I nod to Din to do what she says and he agrees even though he comments "That would be a first."

    "I like firsts," Ahsoka remarks. "Good or bad they're always memorable."

    I watch in amusement as Din tries to get Grogu to take the stone and getting frustrated when he doesn't, throwing the stone aside. "See, I told you he was stubborn."

    "Give him the ball," I tell Din, looking at his pocket. "You know how much he loves that ball."

    Din sighs and pulls it out, holding it between his fingers. "Alright kid, one more time, take the ball. Come on, you can have it."

    I'm smiling as Grogu takes the ball and Din erupts in celebration, just like a dad. "Good job! Good job kid!" Din walks over to Grogu, bending down in front of him. "That's right, I knew you could do it. Very good."

    "He's formed a strong attachment to you," Ahsoka notes. "To both of you. He sees you as his parents."

    "We are," I say proudly. "I was raised by a Jedi and a Mandalorian. I don't see any reason why he can't be as well."

    "Remember Kyra, you are the exception, not the rule," she warns. "I know better than anyone what attachment can do to a Jedi."

    "Only when you let that attachment turn to fear, possession, anger," I reply, standing my ground. "My parents loved me dearly, and I loved them. Yes losing them drove me half mad but not to the darkness, my father raised me better than that."

    "He raised Anakin better than that as well," Ahsoka says as I become defensive. "But look what love did to him."

    "Yes, love can be a cruel thing," I say knowing it well. "The closest I ever danced with the dark side was because of love and I left him for dead." I can't look at Din. "That was many years ago, I know where I stand with the force, the darkness does not tempt me and Din and I will raise Grogu how my father and mother raised me."

    "Then I wish you well," she says and adds "But I cannot help you if this is the path you wish to take."

    "What?" Din exclaims. "Why not?"

    Ahsoka looks at me. "She knows why."

    And so I speak up. "It is common Jedi belief that attachment is forbidden, any sort of love, familial, platonic or otherwise." There's bite in my voice. "But considering you turned your back on the Jedi council I thought you would know better than that."

    "And this is what I mean," she says approaching me. "There is anger in you, and fear in Grogu. And that fear can lead to-"

    "Lead to what?" I ask her, that anger certainly surfacing. "He's a child, what can he do? There is no sith for him to join, there is no Palpatine, just bad men who want to harvest his midichlorians for some sick experiment!" Din starts to step between us but I swat him away. "I came here because I thought you would want to help protect him, leave the training and the raising to his mother because I've trained both children of Anakin Skywalker and they turned out great! You didn't, you never even came looking for any of us once during the war so don't lecture me on the darkside when I am trying to protect Grogu and Leia's son from it and you are just sitting here hiding like all the rest!"

    She just nods, not wanting to fight with me and turns her back on us, walking away. "This was a mistake, you should leave and I should get back to the village."

    I'm willing to let her but it's Din who calls out "The magistrate sent me to kill you." She stills and looks back at us. "I didn't agree to anything, and I'll help you with your problem if you just help us protect Grogu."

    I avert my gaze, leaving this mess to Din and she agrees.


    Din gives her the run down on what kind of power they've got while I carry Grogu, still not speaking. Just wanting to free that town and get off this planet.

    And so I play the bait, running in supposed fear to the city, putting on my best act.

    "The Jedi! The Jedi's here!"

    They let me in, sobbing with fake tears.

    "Where is the Jedi!"

    "Out there!" I gasp out and beg. "Please let me see the magistrate."

    They guide me through the town, bringing me straight to the bitch while Ahsoka and Din wait to attack inside the city walls.

    "Magistrate, the Mandalorian's wife."

    They bring me in and leave me with her, just a few guards with us.

    "Did she kill your husband?" she asks, feigning empathy.

    "She told me something," I begin, my veil covering my face. "That you worked with the Empire destroy and pillage worlds."

    She stiffens. "Did she now?"

    "My own world, was destroyed and pillaged by the Empire for it's Beskar." I pull back my veil and show my face to her. "Funny that you have the spoils of Mandalores destruction right there in your hand, and a Jedi standing right in front of you."

    She holds the spear tight, knowing who I am. "Kyra Kryze."

    I ignite my saber and ask her "Tell me, do you still work with Moff Gideon?" She doesn't answer and I just laugh. "Oh it is funny, because while he's been trying to hunt us down here we are, and it only seems fair I leave him a little message."

    Now she seems amused. "You're going to kill me?" It's then I hear the shooting start in the city and her eyes widen in realisation. "The Jedi and the Mandalorian-"

    "The Jedi are the ancient enemy of Mandalore but it seems I'm both," I tell her, knowing she isn't walking out of here alive as the guards raise their blasters. "Fire away."

    The blasters ring out only for me to deflect them right back at the guards, each of them falling to the ground. And that's when the duel begins.

    And perhaps it is wrong that anger i channel in the force with each swing, the grief with each manouvre, everything a Jedi should never do. But in it's strength is my discipline with those emotions, weilding them as I weild the force, never letting it lose control, but using it with discipline and finally with releasing them when the Magistrate falls and I lift up the beskar spear to emerge to Din and Ahsoka. 



    As dawn rises we stand outside the city walls, listening to the celebration within. Din having reluctantly accepted the Beskar Spear as it will be of more use to him than me.

    "I suppose you'll be leaving now," Ahsoka says.

    "We will be," I say. "We won't be safe however until Moff Gideon is dead."

    "Perhaps there is something I can do to help you," she says and tells us. "Take Grogu to the planet Tython, there you will find the ancient ruins of a temple that has a strong connection to the force. Place Grogu on the seeing stop on the top of the mountain and from there you can gain a deeper understanding of him, and how to best raise him with the path he wishes to take."

    I nod in respect. "Thank you Ahsoka." I'm about to leave but turn back to her. "Luke and Leia would like to meet you, to learn from someone who knew Anakin who their father was before Vader."

    She's conflicted, but nods. "I will see what I can do."

    "May the force be with you."

    "And with you."

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