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  • athimas
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    The One in Which They Discuss Frankenstein

    Still getting the feel for the characters, I’d appreciate any and all pointers or opinions. I totally see them goofing off like teens because, well, they are. 

    WC: 1015

    TW: Straight crack. Bad grammar. Not beta’d, I live to suffer.

    Yuu was familiar with a lot of things. The way water moved between their fingers. The resistance of air against their arm when they stuck it out of a car window. They could pinpoint the difference between sweltering heat and sticky humidity. So then. On this day. This Tuesday (if Twisted Wonderland even called it that). A day of no importance, no consequence. Why was it-- On today, of all days, Yuu had to endure the most bizarre, outlandish, absolutely garbage take that was Ace Trappola’s cooking?

               “This is like, if Frankenstein chose a career in cooking, instead of being a mad scientist,” Deuce fired, point blank. Ace sputtered, waving his arms around as if floundering in the deep end of a pool. Yuu turned to Jack, who was sitting adjacent to them on Ramshakle’s newest thrift; a striped couch that belonged on one of those seasonal popcorn tins grandmas always have.

               “You guys have Frankenstein?” Jack placed Ace’s spaghetti-or was it stir-fry? -aside. Scratching the back of his neck he tilted his head in the way that very much reminded Yuu of a large dog before replying.

               “I mean yeah, but I don’t think comparing this to a war criminal is too accurate,” Jack crossed his arms and leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees. Yuu’s head tilted like the aforementioned dog.

               “A what-“      

               “Thank you, Jack,” Ace exclaimed, sitting back into the loveseat across from the prefect and Jack with a flourish, “some people have taste!” He bit at Deuce, crossing his arms in indignance. Deuce’s face contorted.

               “Dude”- ah, Yuu noted, his punk tone was beginning to set in- “you used three types of nuts in this salad.” Ace shot forward, pointing at Grim, who was sat between the prefect and Jack, perfectly content shoving his face into his plate of Ace’s…whatever it was.

               “Grim likes it!” The prefect and Jack shared a look. Grim paused his gorging with a “mrh?”

               “That’s not saying much” the group, excluding Ace, deadpanned. Ace frowned, clearly outvoted, but never willing to admit it, he makes a valiant rebuttal.

               “It’s better than that tart you made for us last week Deuce, like strawberries and apples, seriously?!” Alright, maybe not valiant. Deuce gasped, grasping his fist to his chest like a grandma gripping her pearls.

               “At least you could tell what it was supposed to be!” The two quickly devolve into another argument, hissing and spitting. Yuu mentally tallied to their checklist of requirements for the dorm a spray bottle. And a recipe book. Passing their plate onto Grim, who had just finished polishing off his third serving, Yuu turned to Jack once more.

               “Backtracking, what do you mean war criminal?” Jack, thankful for civilized conversation Yuu was sure, turned back to them.

               “Because Frankenstein is a famous war criminal.” Thank you Jack, for giving absolutely nothing.

               “Okay,” Yuu drawled, “but like, what’d he do in the book to get that label, like, does your world have different laws or?” Jack blinked. Ace and Deuce’s argument stopped on a dime. Grim, unsurprisingly, kept eating.

               “Book,” Jack said, face devoid of emotion.

               “Yeah,” Yuu circled a hand as they spoke, “The book, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly, that book.” Yuu was startled as the loudest guffaw erupted from across the coffee table. Ace gripped both hands on his stomach as he quickly became debilitated with laughter. Yuu wondered if the concoction he crafted would match the colors of his uniform.

               “Erm-“Deuce, loveable Deuce, dependable Deuce was visibly searching for words, to Yuu’s dismay, he began steadily turning red from the roots of his hair down to his chin.

               “I’m confused” Yuu quickly looked between their friends.

               “The Book” Jack repeated, same inscrutable look on his face. Yuu rushed to stand, unable to sit passively while it seemed they were quickly becoming a joke in a way they didn’t understand.

               “Yes, the book, the one everyone has to read in literature class, that book!” Ace began howling even louder at Yuu’s proclamation, falling onto the floor with a thud. Deuce’s face contorting into abject mortification as he too, slid off the couch, burying his burning face into his hands. Jack coughed into his fist, turning slightly away, he also, to Yuu’s mounting displeasure, looked embarrassed.

               “I think this is one of those moments where our worlds, ah, differ” Jack refused to meet the prefect’s eyes.

               “You think?!” Ace cackled.

               “Erm, Prefect,” Yuu turned to Deuce whose voice wobbled out from behind his hands, “in our world, that uhm book, well, its, the book-“ Deuce began to trip and stutter over his words, sounding more miserable by the second. Ace took a moment from his wheezing to lift his head and say,

               “Yuu, I don’t know about your world, but in ours, that book is straight monster po-“Jack shot up with a force that pushed the couch several feet back. Grim cried out in alarm, attempting to juggle his plate away from spilling all over his front. Ace started wheezing again. The prefect’s face burned in mortification as they flinched, lifting their arms to defend against an invisible enemy.

               “Goodnight” Jack all but shouted, clearing the room faster than Ruggie could clear Leona’s wallet. Deuce scrambled after him, stopping in the doorway to bounce back and forth on his feet before returning to drag Ace out by his legs. He would not meet Yuu’s gaze. Yuu most certainly did not want to meet anyone’s eyes for the next century.

               “Goodnight, Prefect” Ace called, laughing all the while. The dorm to Ramshackle dorm closed with a bang. Grim was grumbling and groaning about almost having dinner ruined, but Yuu was deaf to it all as they backed into the wall, burying their face in their hands, much like Deuce had done, as they sank down. After a time, Grim floated over, brushing off stray crumbs of Ace’s cooking before hovering inquisitively over the Prefect.

               “Oi Yuu, what’s wrong with you?” Yuu buried their face even deeper into their knees, arms curling around their head.

               “I hate it here” they grouched.

    I headcannon that none of them can cook, and they for sure have hangout nights.

    #twisted wonderland#twst#twst yuu#ace trappola#jack howl#deuce spade#grim#twst writing #twst x yuu #twst x reader #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted wonderland x yuu #they're teenagers ya'll #they're going to be goofy #ace is a little shit #deuce is dependable #jack probably has the most emotional awareness #imo #grim came for the food
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  • mumintroll
    27.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    on the one hand i get annoyed w my father talking about punk shit all the time on the other hand that is almost certainly because i am so so so so so jealous that he got to live through the original wave of punk and i never will

    #he was the only punk in the village as a teenager. hes MET JELLO BIAFRA !!! i will never be as cool as him :( #except i am nice. so already i am 1000x cooler than him
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  • thefastestoofinthewest
    27.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    Im jumpin on the bandwagon here, my fandoms are danny phantom, percy jackson,wordgirl,epithet erased,danganronpa,psychonauts,MLAATR,wild kratts, and miraculous ladybug!

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  • j-nope-not-today
    27.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    A/N: I tried my best this is a first writing for the turtles. requests are open!

    TMNT reaction to s/o always drawing them.


    Probably smug af about it.

    I feel like he'll act like he doesn't care, but he saves every single one you give him.

    He is constantly peeking through your sketch book when your not looking.

    He gets caught every damn time.

    And every time he just smiles and is all like "their good just wanted to check them out is all"

    Will not admit to you how much he actually likes it

    But he loves it.

    Will in fact pose for you whether you realize it or not.


    Loves it so much

    He constantly wants you to do sketches of him.

    Will not show it to the others. He wants to keep them to himself.

    You do in fact share them.

    When anyone asks he'll just make an excuse and say he doesn't know what their talking about.

    He just doesn't want to hear them pick on him. Has to keep up being fearless leader.

    Just is so happy and flattered that you draw him.

    Doesn't pose for you though.

    He wants you to surprise him with your skill and he can't sit still.

    Wants to look over your shoulder way to much.

    Just a happy boi.


    Doesn't realize that's what your doing until you show him your sketch book.

    Is very shy about it.

    But can't stop blushing.

    He definitely hangs them up in his lab.

    Keeps the ones you give him very safe and very hidden.

    He can't handle the jokes he would get.

    Loves them so much.

    He doesn't ever realize your drawing him though so he poses without realizing.

    When you show him he'll just ask how long you were looking at him.

    Shy blushy boi


    Absolutely cannot stay out of your face.

    "come on girl you got to get me from my good angle."

    "Angelcakes draw me like a French girl"

    He loves it, but loves joking about it more.

    You don't have many decent ones. The boy won't sit still.

    You always have to catch him off guard or snap a pic first.

    Shows every one your drawings.

    Insists you keep them safe. Bc he would lose them.

    Has in fact stolen your sketchbook numerous times.

    He can't be serious about it, but he loves it.

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  • comicartarchive
    27.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10 pg16-17 by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

    #consecutive pages #copper age comics #tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #kevin eastman#peter laird #comic book art #independent comics
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  • asmosshampoo
    27.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    Guess who’s birthday is coming up soon! I’m turning 18 officially and I’ll be a legal adult! Oh my stars am I excited but also scared to be 18! July 19th seems so far away but also so close?? Goodness I need to calm my nerves, I’ve been so jittery! I’ve started this account about a few months ago and the ride has been phenomenal so far! thank you everyone for the support and love I really do appreciate every single one of you!<3 being in the tmnt fandom has really been so nice, everyone here deserves the world and more!

    My friend from high school already got me gifts which is really funny and cute, she got me another Leo plushie! I’m surprised she actually remembered that Leo’s my fav! She said she couldn’t find anything for Donnie cause she knew he was my second fav but still this is so sweet of her!!<3

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  • therealbanditoo
    27.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Sometimes I don't know who you are. do you love her more than me don't you?

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  • ask-the-purple-knight
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    What's your favourite video game?

    Probably Purple game. I know it was a trap made by the purple dragons, but it was still a very fun game.

    #ask blog #ask the purple knight #rise donnie #rottmnt ask blogs #rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles #rise of the tmnt #rottmnt#asks open
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  • incorrect-tmnt2012-quotes
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Slash: This is a question to our newest members, what do you consider to be your best quality?

    Leatherhead: Well, I'm a real people person.

    Rockwell: I don’t answer stupid questions.

    Pigeon Pete: I speak bird.

    Mondo Gecko: My eyes. Oh, and I guess my butt too.

    #incorrect tmnt quotes #source: that 70s show #tmnt 2012#tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #slash#leatherhead#dr rockwell#mondo gecko#pigeon pete #the mighty mutanimals
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  • post-apocalyptic-daydream
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    FLUX Character Lore

    Leonardo Hamato

    Born: August 27th 1990 (32 yrs old)

    Place of Birth: Manhattan, NY

    Gender: Male

    Siblings: Raphael Hamato, Michelangelo Hamato, Donatello Hamato

    Species: Mutant Red Eared Slider Turtle

    Colors:  Yellowish Green, Dark Green, Brown

    Eye Color: Ocean Blue

    Height: 6’ 2”

    Weight: 285 lbs

    Star Sign: Virgo

    Clothing: Blue Mask, Arm Wrappings, Waist Wrappings, Calf Wrappings, Various Leather Belts, Pants, Knee Pads, Homemade Sandals (Made by Raphael)

    Weapon of Choice: Katana & Throwing Stars

    Nicknames: Leo, Fearless

    Human Stats:

    Height: 5’ 6’

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Chin length/Brown

    Skin Color: White

    Leonardo has a long deep scar that runs the entire length of the inside of his right forearm. He got it while fighting the Shredder, and hides it with his arm wrappings. His feet are very sensitive and have been from the very beginning. Before Raphael helped him make his makeshift sandals, Master Splinter wrapped them with discarded towels that he had cut up into strips. 

    Hobbies/Interests: Meditation, Herbal Teas, Sparring with Donatello, Dancing with Star (and randomly picking her up), Reading, Cuddling in Bed with Star While Watching Funny Clips on YouTube (Yes, even Leonardo has a sense of humor!)

    Leonardo is a natural born leader, and immediately started showing signs of his leadership skills when Master Splinter had started to teach him and his brothers the ancient art of ninjutsu. If Donatello was having trouble, Leonardo would step in and help him correct a certain movement. Or if Michelangelo wasn’t standing correctly, Leonardo would gently show him how to do it the right way. However, whenever Leonardo tried to help Raphael it would most often end up in a fight.

    When the day came for Leonardo to pick a weapon from the stash that Master Splinter had found, he instantly picked up two katana’s and started slicing them through the air all around him. 

    “These are not toys, my son!” Master Splinter had shouted as he came up behind Leonardo and took the blades away from him. 

    Leonardo whirled around and stared up into his Sensei's eyes. “I was only…”

    “I know, Leonardo, but you mustn't be careless with these blades. They are very sharp and can do an immense amount of damage to you and your brothers." Leonardo frowned as his eyes skimmed over the blades, and Master Splinter sighed. "Come, if these are truly the weapons you wish to use, I will show you how to use them properly!” 

    Leonardo trained everyday with his katana’s alongside his brothers, and for the first time he felt like he wasn’t able to help them, because they had each chosen very different weapons. His inability to help his brothers ate at him every day, until one night he decided to pick up Raphael’s Sais while everyone was asleep, and tried to train with them on his own. 

    “Ugh! This is useless!” He whispered harshly as he set them back on the shelf. 

    “What would that be, my son?” Master Splinter asked as he stepped into the training room. 

    Leonardo spun around. “I’m sorry if I woke you, Sensei!” He sighed. “I just feel..,” Leonardo began softly as he hung his head, “I feel bad that I can’t help them with their weapons training.  I thought that if I could learn to use each of their weapons, then….” 

    Master Splinter’s eyes widened. “I knew you had leadership qualities within you, Leonardo, but this is even more than I could have foreseen! 

    Leonardo lifted his head and stared at him. “Will you help me then, dad?” Leonardo asked softly. 

    Master Splinter closed his eyes for a moment, then nodded. “Yes, I will help you, but you must promise me that you won’t over extend yourself.”

    Leonardo grinned as his eyes sparkled. “I promise!” He then bowed before his father. “You won’t regret it!”

    Through training with various weapons Leonardo also grew to love the ninja throwing stars. He even started putting them in his belt during training sessions, but the only problem was that they would often scratch his arms up whenever he sparred with his brothers. So, Raphael came up with the genius idea of making a hidden compartment just under the saya’s for Leonardo’s katanas. This allowed Leonardo to casually reach behind him and grab the stars quickly.

     “After all, ya helped me find the best spot to put my Sais!” Raphael said as he pulled his Sais out from his belt at his sides and spun them in his hands, then quickly returned them. 

    Leonardo is an absolute WHIZ when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea! Master Splinter often wondered if a little bit of his scientific tendencies had rubbed off on Leonardo. So when he caught Leonardo watching him making his morning tea one day, he took the opportunity to test his theory. 

    “Would you like to try it, my son?” Master Splinter asked as he turned and pointed towards the herbs on the counter. 

    Leonardo’s eyes widened as he nodded enthusiastically, then stepped up to the counter. Master Splinter stepped to the side and pointed at the arrangement of labeled containers. 

    “Do you remember what I told you Chamomile is for?” He asked.

    Leonardo nodded. “It can be used to alleviate symptoms of hayfever, muscle spasms, insomnia, ulcers, and general inflammation.”

    “Very good, Leonardo!” Master Splinter grinned. “Now, what is the risk associated with too much Chamomile in one’s tea?” 

    Leonardo thought for a minute. “It can cause the blood to thin?” 

    “Correct! Now, I want you to use a combination of herbs,” Master Splinter pointed to the containers once more, “to make a cup of tea that will not only soothe someone’s stomach, but will help them with anxiety.” 

    Leonardo smiled as he reached out to pull the cup closer to him, then opened the metal infuser next to the closest container. He then reached for the obvious Chamomile and put a few of the small flower heads into the infuser, then reached for the container of Lavender next, putting a few pinches inside, then closed it tightly. Next he poured hot water into the cup, and placed the infuser inside, then turned to his Sensei, and bowed. 

    Master Splinter smiled and put his hand on Leonardo’s shoulder. “My son, I do believe that you will make a fine herbalist. 

    Reblog's Only Please!!

    @thelaundrybitch @turtle-babe83 @leosgirl82 @rheawritesforfun @mysticboombox

    Wanna read more of my stuff?? Click here to go to my master list!!

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  • phobiium
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Help i am thinking of like a type of art that i cant find on google. its when you take like a photo or existing work of art and you write and scribble and draw over the existing art? im sure its not necessary but all the ones ive seen are like kinda emo

    #emo and like ....teenager-esque?? #like smth a hjighschooler would do in a movie. if that makes sense #ive seen like skulls drawn on faces and stuff thats why i called it emo LMAO
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  • gapevinenerd
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    okay okay so im not into politics. i don’t care. i’m not a political person.

    but this bitch newscaster (don’t remember his name, don’t want to) was talking about gun legislation on the radio a couple minutes ago, which yknow, cool, do what you want, i just think i should have the safety to not get shot in a supposedly safe environment.

    i’m not here to argue about that.

    but this man was talking about how resource officers (we have them here in FL, idk about anywhere else though) should be able to carry firearms. Yeah, okay, cool, not my choice, whatever. but he goes on to say that without guns, resource officers are pretty much just human shields.

    he said that that should immediately deter them from the job.

    sir. sir, is their purpose not to protect us?

    i am genuinely confused.

    of the four shooter threat lockdowns we’ve had at my high school this year, i’ve spent every single one of them thinking about what i would do if a shooter walked through the door to wherever i was sitting.

    and every single time, i was prepared to face them.

    every single time, i was prepared to take a bullet.

    so tell me, sir, if i am prepared to take a bullet for people i absolutely do not like half the time (it’s a high school in florida and i’m a queer guy, i downright hate most of ’em), and the person who was SENT THERE TO PROTECT US isn’t?

    why the fuck are they there?

    [no i will not fight you in the comments] [all capitalization errors are because i was too lazy to change my keyboard settings for a rant, go criticize someone else please]

    #tw school shooting #i hate people who sound like they’ve never set foot in a school campus #at least not the kind we have to deal with #can’t wait until gen z takes over the country #not politics #just a scared teenager who doesn’t wanna get shot before he graduates #gun violence#florida#venting
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  • rinrites
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i am still fifteen and i

    want to hurt anybody as badly

    as ive been hurt,

    hear someone else

    scream out my pain.

    i want to show every boy

    that ever laughed behind my back

    (and straight to my face,

    spittle soaring)

    exactly what he’s missing out on

    never mind the look my

    english teacher gifts me

    as my skirt rides up in his class.

    i want to cause

    as much damage, more

    than i can take

    crash the car of my body

    off the side of the ravine.

    there is a part of me,

    still fifteen,

    clawing at the inside of my throat

    to let her free.

    (she’s not done.

    there are more people

    she has to make pay.)

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  • lzrdprsn
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    plz link tadpole overlord man

    Most recent tadpole update big mad scientist vibes from tiktok user 'thinfrog'

    #im so interested to see where this goes #but im also so scared its actually some teenager with a million frogs ready to fuck up the whole town
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  • lgownsmyheart
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    𝒔𝒎𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒕 𝒂𝒃𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒎𝒚 𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒐𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒈-𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔 ♥︎


    Urm so i think it might be a tad bit of an issue that my type has become literally just [insert british or irish lad who's brunette] but my town's become contaminated by badly haircutted roadmen and noodle boys, y'know those lanky lads who all turn 14 and decide the best haircut option is a perm and then keep it for like... three years ?, who I would love nothing more than to hit in the face, repeatedly, with a cricket bat.

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  • deathbutwithfuzzyanimals
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    JD is just looking for any excuse to kill people that his girlfriend will approve of. Honestly I think he should’ve suggested killing his dad. Veronica would support that more than killing teenagers I think.

    #heathers #heathers the musical #nothing better to do when you feel depressed than watch a bootlegged musical about teenage angst with murder
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  • the-chill-remains
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    The 2013 reboot doesn't touch the original, but this a really well designed poster.

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  • thinkhappythxughts
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Going on holiday with my family next week (including an auntie and uncle and their kid) and to plan for it I’m getting a new lip piercing tomorrow, already planning on blasting mcr at all times, and I have a giant pride flag ready to put in the living to room the second it becomes June. How else does one cope with being the only non-het non-cis emo in the family

    #and I realise these sound like the actions of a teenager but no I’m fully 23 years old. #tbf I’m fine spending time with all of them but my uncle is a Tory and I must make him as uncomfortable as possible #and yes I specifically ordered a 5x3ft pride flag just for this plan #me
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  • beautifulfaaces
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Zach Callison


    October 23, 1997

    American actor and singer


    Brian [The Goldbergs: 2016-2021]

    Chuck [Just Add Magic: Mystery City: 2020]

    Chuck [Just Add Magic: 2017-2019]

    Dylan [Rock Jocks: 2012]

    Ian [Diary of a Single Mom: 2009-2010]



    brown eyes



    playable: teenager, young adult

    #Zach Callison#male 90s#male american #90s male american #the goldbergs #just add magic: mystery city #just add magic #rock jocks #diary of a single mom #brunette male teen #brunette male young #90s male brunette #brown eyes male teen #brown eyes male young #90s male brown eyes #teenager male #young adult male
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