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  • muzansfavoritedemon
    28.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Uzui: Obanai said I was insane for thinking such things so.

    Uzui: Rengoku, When I get murdered can you make sure I become an unsolved case?

    Rengoku, Already used to it: Yeah Sure, I'll hide your Body somewhere where the Cops won't see

    Uzui: Thanks Bud

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  • kyomajor
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Tengen Uzui + Wives



    Tengen and his wives Spoiling Fem!Black!Reader would include


    #demon slayer #demon slayer x reader #demon slayer x black reader #tengen uzui x reader #tengen wives#tengen uzui #Tengen Uzui x black reader #uzui x reader #tengen headcanons #Uzui Tengne masterlist
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  • thatonerandomsimpinthecorner
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Hmm... to celebrate you a bit more, how about you take the prompt you just used for the Kamaboko Squad (about celebrating their s/o's achievement) and try applying it to some of the Hashira? It doesn't have to be all of them, just the ones you like the most or whomever you prefer to write for :3

    A/n: Gladly! 😁😁😁

    Gn!reader with you/your pronouns.

    (Seperate!)Sanemi + Rengoku + Tengen + Muichiro + Mitsuri × Reader

    Celebrating You pt.2


    Probably acts like he doesn't care at first

    (That's how he tends to be about most things, at least at first)

    But pretty soon, you notice

    How he casually slips your achievement into conversation with the other pillars

    How he's just a tad bit less blunt for awhile after you tell him, because he sees you all happy about it

    And, if you really, REALLY pay attention

    His almost silent mumble of "good job" right after you tell him about it

    Now, if you don't pay such close attention, you will either:

    A: not notice at all, think he honestly doesn't care, and he finds himself feigning annoyance as he says "good job" just a little louder

    Or B: Someone was rude about your accomplishment. Then you are about to hear (very angrily, very loudly) exactly how much he admires you for reaching your goal, and how the loser who insulted you would be lucky to have done half of what-

    And just like that, he's said too much, and his tough-and-indifferent act is completely done for (just about this tho; mans still got issues :))

    Not that you'll miss it (too much) 🤍


    Just like Tanjiro

    You couldn't find a greater supporter

    Oh god


    Will shout the news of your lovely achievement from the rooftops

    Probably starts conversations with it


    "Good Evening, Kyojuro!"
    "Ah, hello Tengen, my friend! Have you heard what my darling (Y/n) just-"

    No one will be catching a break for awhile, but, as I said with Zenitsu

    He's just proud of you!! Let him celebrate!!

    Best boi; gets you (insert favorite food) as a reward 🧡



    Oh my

    I sincerely hope you wanted a party

    Because you're getting one

    No if's, and's, or but's

    There will be a party

    "But Tengen, it was just a small achiev-"

    Shhh. You get a party.

    And that party is FANTASTIC

    You end up having the time of your life, even if you were against the idea to begin with

    Just imagine..

    Tengen, telling everyone how amazing his darling (you) is, the whole while you are seated on his lap. No need to get up; if you need to go somewhere, he'll carry you.

    Accomplishment or no accomplishment, Tengen will treat you like the god/goddess you are 💖


    You probably think he forgot what you did the second you tell him

    But no

    It lingers with him no less than 5 minutes! Can you believe it? FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!

    And even then, he still knows you did something, he's just forgotten the details

    Asks you to repeat it a few dozen times

    But that's okay

    About the sixth or seventh time you tell him, certain basic stuff about it starts to absorb

    So when he comes across another hashira

    He recounts to them the fantastic story of your achievement

    With like

    60% accuracy

    But hey! He's getting better at it!

    By the time he's done misinforming most of the pillars

    And you've told him what you did about 30 more times

    He's finally got it!

    He can tell everyone how amazing his partner is

    And be around 90% truthful in his storytelling 💙


    Probably squealed like a preteen girl at a Justin Bieber concert when you told her what you did

    Also doesn't matter if what you accomplished is considered a big deal or not

    She's proud of you no matter what

    Like Kyojuro, this new achievement of yours is the first or second thing she brings up in conversation

    She will not get over it for awile

    Even after all the excitement of it fades for you

    It could be months later

    And she'll just randomly remind you of that amazing thing you did that one time like a year ago-

    Another one who throws you a party

    She'll take any excuse to celebrate you, her wonderful darling 💗

    A/n: I'm quite proud of this fic! 😆

    And, to whoever's reading this, whatever you've done, I'm proud of you too!! 😊🤍🧡💖💙💗 As always, special thanks to amywb for requesting!!

    #demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #kny#fanfic#writing #kimestu no yaiba #anime / manga #demon slayer x reader #demon slayer x you #demon slayer x y/n #demon slayer x gn!reader #kimetsu no yaiba x gn!reader #kny headcanons #demon slayer headcanons #kyojuro rengoku#tengen uzui#uzui tengen #demon slayer tengen #mitsuri kanroji #mitsuri x reader #demon slayer mitsuri x reader #tokitō muichirō #demon slayer sanemi x reader #kny sanemi #demon slayer sanemi x reader headcannons #demon slayer sanemi #sanemi x reader #sanemi headcanons #tengen x reader #tengen uzui x reader
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  • on-zhere
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #demon slayer #demon slayer uzui #artwork#digitalart#digital art #artists on tumblr #anime fanart #demon slayer entertainment arc #uzui tengen
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  • brightpinksunrise
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Hehe hoping on a trend with everyone’s favorite siblings/j

    #brightpinksunriseart#demon slayer #kimestu no yaiba #kny #kny oc hibiki #oc#tengen uzui#uzui tengen #uzui clan oc
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  • cielinde
    27.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Every kny chracter you write for as discord mods? (〃▽〃)キャー

    featuring: slandering/praising the hashiras, upper moons, and muzan tags/warnings: discord shittery!! notes: THIS IS THE FUNNIEST REQUEST I'VE EVER GOTTEN LMFAO AS A MOD MYSELF I HAD SM FUN WRITING THIS xx (lean-level crack under cut!)

    ・・・☆ literally the law. literally the type of mod to say “that’s sad, but please take it to #vent” and “no pictures in #general.” hands out warns, mutes, kicks, and bans like it’s free candy, and no loophole is getting through them. takes discord modding to a whole new level, they may as well be classified as a discord dictator. the discord mod equivalent of an over-sensitive twitter girl who wishes she was ramona flowers.

    ・obanai, kokushibo

    ・・・☆ abuse of power. will ban anyone they find annoying, changes anyone’s nicknames to their own amusement, and probably threatens people to boost the server. might even doxx you, who knows? they probably even get mad if you ping them, even if you’re just replying to their message. puts you in timeout for 14098109 hours. their love language is typing out “?warn @ (your username)”

    ・sanemi, muzan

    ・・・☆ absolute fuckery. never mods properly, all they do is fuck around and show off their mod status and maybe even flexes their nitro. puts animated emojis in all their messages, has gif profile pictures at all times, has a banner, and their nitro boost badge is probably at 2 years. they can be fun as hell, or annoying as shit. probably spams and breaks the rules themselves, but they’ve still kept the mod for so long they probably even have adam and eve’s autograph.

    ・tengen, daki, douma, gyokko

    ・・・☆ an actual normal mod. surprise, surprise, it’s someone who can actually mod and chat like a normal human being. uses mod commands appropriately, and is well-liked by the server. probably hates one of the “absolute fuckery” mods, but at the end of the day they’re still the same species of creatures that need to touch grass. occasionally streams in vc and sets up events, but is probably susceptible to getting scammed by e-girls woops.

    ・gyutaro, akaza

    ・・・☆ the super respected mods. everyone listens to what they say, and they’re literally the backbone of the server. chaos usually ensues when they’re offline, but their online presence is like “big dick energy” but in a respectful way. only uses mod commands when things get really bad, but other than that, they’re super easy to reason with and are mature as hell. checks up on server members and might as well be a discord parent to many. don’t provoke though; will literally delete your online presence.

    ・shinobu, gyomei

    ・・・☆ barely online mod. are they dead? have they been kidnapped? are they secretly a CIA officer by day and santa’s reindeer by night? who knows. their last message was a millennium ago, and their status hasn’t even been “online” since the last time you weren’t dreaming about literal 2d pixelated people. yes, you, the reader. still has mod for some odd reason, and the role isn’t coming off even until the second coming of christ. or the third. who knows, really.

    ・giyuu, muichiro

    ・・・☆ precious baby, lovely cinnamon roll sunshine lavender unicorn’s tears fairy’s flesh. embodiment of all things sweet and lovable, they’re the mod who everyone just loves. the most welcoming and comforting, they’re like the server teddy bear who you can talk about anything to. always down to vc and chat whenever, and are literally the best online friends anyone could have. probably has a cat constantly SITTING ON THEIR CAPS LOCK KEY AND USES A SHIT TON OF EMOJIS TOO ✨🧚‍♀️💍🐸🦋🪱🦈🦩🎋🌈🍒🍖🍧🧃⛸🎪🎨🩰🎭🎲🧩

    ・kyojuro, mitsuri

    #kny x reader #kny headcanons #demon slayer x reader #demon slayer headcanons #obanai iguro x reader #kokushibo x reader #sanemi x reader #muzan x reader #uzui tengen x reader #daki x reader #douma x reader #gyutaro x reader #akaza x reader #shinobu kocho x reader #gyomei himejima x reader #giyuu x reader #muichiro x reader #kyojuro rengoku x reader #mitsuri x reader
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  • cielinde
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    hc request here. I was wondering how does the hashira (specifically Giyu, Kyo, Tengen, Sanemi) go about initiating sex with their fem! SO? are they shy about it or super direct? do they get all handsy or what? bonus to include the following demons Douma, Alaza, Kokushibo. also make it NSFW cuz I'm a horknee hoe 😏😜💕

    featuring: giyuu, kyojuro, tengen, sanemi, douma, akaza, kokushibo x f! reader (separate) tags/warnings: sin ahead! (more under cut!)

    ・・・♡ giyuu ・actions over words for sure ・he won’t be very direct in a verbal sense, more so hinting at it but with more touches ・in peaceful nights, he’ll wrap his arms around you and pull you closer to him with your back against his front ・starts by quietly telling you how much he loves you while peppering your neck with soft kisses, gradually becoming bolder and bolder the more you respond to him ・will slip his hand into your clothes to stroke your cunt and rub your clit in between his fingers while you feel him quickly harden against you ;) ・if you want to, you can get him to admit how much he wants you! ・tease him a little and he’ll tell start letting his thoughts run on its own <3

    ・・・♡ kyojuro ・direct!! ・very, very direct in a way that catches you off-guard ・like he can just admit it out of the blue and sees no problem in it. if you get flustered it just riles him up even more ・VERY HANDSY AS WELL!! ・depending on the situation, he can be either direct or handsy, but most of the time it’s both ・simple pecks turn into something more, and through all the needy groping, pulling, and bruising kisses, he’ll tell you everything he wants to do with you ・will even start grinding himself on you from how much he wants you ・but really, he isn’t afraid to be honest with you <3

    ・・・♡ tengen ・once again VERY DIRECT ・and once again, in both ways, too ・has NO SHAME at all!! literal king of dirty talking, has no problem in giving you a potential heart attack from him blurting out all the things he wants to do to you and what he wants you to do to him ・also doesn’t hold back in telling you what you do to him ;) ・starts off by being more verbally direct, but once he lays a hand on you, he’s NOT letting go ・his touch is literally electric, and his need for you is even more intoxicating ・asks you if you can feel how much he needs you by pressing his hardened cock against your thigh while fingering you just because he’s just THAT proud of wanting you <3

    ・・・♡ sanemi ・direct in his own…sanemi way ・is normally very, very rough ・like in a way where it looks like he’s trying to initiate a fighting session instead of sex ・grabs you, pins you to a wall, table, or whatever’s close by, tears both of your clothes off, and starts fucking you wild ・tells you how much of a ‘fucking tease’ you are and how he just can’t control himself because of you ・not afraid to be straightforward especially if it’s in the form of degrading you at the same time <3 ・rough, needy, and always hungry for more! will probably start fingering you before you even know it

    ・・・♡ douma ・absolutely a sneaky little bastard ・starts touching your thighs or gropes at your breasts, maybe even ghosting his fingers right against your cunt or tugging at the waistband of your panties for good measure ・if you call him out on it, though? he’ll turn the tables on you and tell you what a dirty-minded girl you are for seeing his ‘innocent’ touches in such a way ・it doesn’t stay innocent for long, though ・whispers the DIRTIEST things ever as he nibbles on the shell of your ear ・indirectly direct; will try and break you enough to beg for him ・if he’s super needy though, he’ll just pull you into his lap and make you bounce on his lap like a good whore <3

    ・・・♡ akaza ・TOTAL FLIRT ALERT ・feather-light touches, flushed smirks, and tons of teasing ・depending on his mood, he’ll either be super super handsy with his touch roaming all over your body pressing himself on you orrrr he’ll try and make you initiate it verbally after he’s teased you enough ・most of the time he’ll just go in for the kill ・sweet, heated kisses on your lips and jaw as he starts humping your cunt, cock leaking as lust starts clouding his eyes ・teases you about how ‘needy’ you are when he’s just as needy ・loves it when you playfully fight back! messy makeouts and stubborn grindings with him <3

    ・・・♡ kokushibo ・is either vocal about it, or silent but handsy about it ・if he decides to tell you straight-up, he’ll be as commanding as can be ・will make you strip and display yourself for his hungry eyes before he starts being rough and demanding with his body! ・will tell you how you’re his and his alone, and loves it when you pliantly submit yourself to him ・if he’s feeling a little too thirsty, he’ll just wordlessly start paling at your cunt and flicking your clit to prepare you for his thick cock ・you can DEFINITELY feel how hard he is for you, and he intends on letting you know ・authoritative with a sprinkle of mindless lust for you <3

    #kny x reader #kimetsu no yaiba x reader #demon slayer x reader #demon slayer smut #kny smut #giyuu x reader #giyuu smut #kyojuro x reader #kyojuro rengoku smut #tengen x reader #uzui x reader #uzui tengen smut #sanemi x reader #sanemi smut #douma x reader #douma smut #akaza x reader #akaza smut #kokushibo x reader #kokushibo smut
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  • shinobus-bonnet
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    why dont you stay the night?

    Tengen x black reader

    Warnings: none. 

    Genre: little angst to fluff (based off the song ‘stay the night’ by the internet)


    "I'm leaving." you declared

    You just got done arguing with your husband, you couldn't even remember what yall were arguing about but you knew you needed to get out of that house before you lost your mind.

    "where are you going to go?" your husband asked smartly

    truthfully all of your family lived too far away to seek shelter for the night but you knew you needed to leave.

    It all started when the two of you went shopping at the market. it seemed like your husband was already annoyed by you dragging him there and every time you asked for his opinion on what yall should eat for dinner it was always a “i dont care” or “I dont know” which was weird because usually he would have an input on these things.

    When you asked him what was wrong and he just ignored you and brushed it off.

    “uzi? why are you being so rude towards me?” you asked

    here comes the denial.

    “im not being rude to you.”

    “all day you’ve been ignoring me or blowing me off. Just tell me whats wrong”

    “Nothing is wrong! Just stop fucking asking me its annoying me” he yelled at you

    You flinched at his yelling. He never raised his voice at you in the manner that he did. Small tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as the two of you stood in complete silence. Tengens face softened and he quickly came over to you

    “Get away from me Tengen” you hissed. 

    His heat broke at the way you spat out his name. You havent called him that since the beginning of yalls relationship. 

    “Baby I didnt mean to-” he began but you did nothing but simply but your finger in his face and walked away from him.  Going into the bedroom some tears fell from your face as you packed a small bag to leave for the night. 

    Your feelings were hurt. You guys never had communication problems like this

    There was a small knock on the door with Tengen gently calling your name. You ignored the knocking and zipped up your bag. You opened the door and pushed pass him 

    “sweetheart, where are you going?” he asked

    “Im leaving” you declared 

    “Where? Theres no need to leave lets sit down and talk about this.” he asked softly 

    “After you just yelled at me for wanting to talk about this? No now please move out my way” you said rolling your eyes 

    “Its dark out and your family lives miles away, Just stay the night. We dont have to talk. Just....stay... please” he practically begged

    You bit the inside of you cheek and huffed as you walked into the bedroom  again. 

    A few hours passed and the tension was somewhat gone. You walked to the kitchen for a glass of water. Tengen was sitting on the loveseat reading a book. He looked up to see you trying to grab the glass to drink from. 

    “here let me get it for you” he offered. 

    You muttered a thank you and went to the water pitcher to pour you a glass.

    “I just want to say Im sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You don’t have to accept my apology right now.” He said softly

    “Im still upset with you uzi. I wish you would’ve told me what was wrong instead of blowing up on me.” You expressed crossing your arms 

    “I know. I have no excuse. Let me make it up to you.” he said kissing your hand

    You knew he was serious about this. He was never the one not to own up to his actions 

    The two of you sat on the couch as your husband spilled his heart out to you. It was comforting to say the least that you two had this type of relationship where there was trust between the two of you. You loved him..alot. 

    for the rest of the night the two of you sat in each others arms in silence sharing small kisses between the two of you.

    Before the two of you went to bed he caressed your face and muttered a ‘I love you’ to you. 

    Your heart fluttered at the declaration as you muttered the declaration back at him

    Kissing you on your forehead he wished you goodnight.

    #tengen uzui x reader #tengen x reader #uzui x reader #uzui tengen x reader #tengen oneshot #uzui tengen x black reader #Uzui Tengen x black!reader #demon slayer x reader #demon slayer x black reader #demon slayer x y/n #demon slayer x black!reader #demon slayer x black y/n #kny x reader #kny x black!reader #kny x black reader
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  • lotuslilyandlilies
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    KnY/Demon Slayer

    (Image is not mine)


    Kamado Tanjiro


    Agatsuma Zenitsu


    Hashibira Inosuke


    Tokito Muichiro


    Rengoku Kyojuro


    Shinazugawa Sanemi


    Iguro Obanai


    Tomioka Giyuu


    Uzui Tengen


    Kanroji Mitsuri


    Kocho Shinobu


    Kibutsuji Muzan






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  • multi-fandom-messss
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tengen: I have three wives

    Zenitsu: well uh

    Zenitsu: *grabs tanjiro and inosuke* i have two bfs so hah

    Tengen: well I have a bf too but he's currently on recovery after some crazy incident with upper moon 3 so and I actually have 4 partners but nice try

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  • multi-fandom-messss
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Rengoku and Uzui: *randomly start making out*


    Tomioka: guys what the actual fuck we're on a mission-

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  • giornosrightboob
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Uzui x Male reader Hcs please

    MY TIME TO SHINE!!! As a man myself it will be easier to write tha a normal female reader. and my gay ass will have fun to write about Uzui aswell. i will include the wives cause i like going cannon wise so srry about that. For the other people that Requested, I am working on them! (all of them) so please exuse me if it takes such long time!

    Uzui x Male Reader Headcannons!

    Tengen would love you regardless your gender. Youre his husband and, wait for it your also husband to three other girls! Of course alot of people will be suprised when Tengen starts saying "spouces" instead of wives because now your involved. He has no shame in saying your his husband and You go in pride saying that he is yours. Suma always clings to you while you're also the person Makio always gossips to. You also casually enjoy helping Hinatsuru in the kitchen and often join Tengen in training. Whats conviniant with also having a husband is knowing his "male" needs. As in not only horny thoughts but aswell knowing those relatible moments of only a man could understand. Also, You know whats the best? Cuddles. Not only from Tengen but the whole "family"! Arguments are weird. You'll be yelling at Tengen for something he did wrong and he would probaby yell back. Hour later he will come and be like "Im sorry, it was not flashy of me to yell at you" Its cute how he just admits it. Hugs after it? i think so. You know what he loves saying the most? "Mr Uzui" and it isnt directed to him, no no no, its directed toawrds you! He loved how he said your name with his last name. It made his pride flower like a dandilion in a summery feild! (if your a demon slayer) You dont get to see your spouces so much due to your jobs. Slaying demons everyday is hard, y'know? So when all of you are finally together in the Uzui mansion its a day to enjoy. Enjoying dinner and just enjoying eachothers presence. Its truely something to live for. Tengen gets absolutely too eager to see you when he finds out you make a pit stop at te butterfly mansion due to an injury. Expect friendly husband bimbo to rush to see you. More hugs than i already mentioned? i think the fuck so.

    (if your not a demon slayer) You would ALSO be lonely. With your dear spouces out slaughtering demons day and night it gets boring to clean, cook and doing whatever you do. You love it when your dear spouces come home even if its just one hour. You have your needs aswell so sometimes you sneak out of the house without the Kakushi's of th ehouse knowing. Doing your usual "man" stuff. (im sos about saying "man stuff" im basically out of ideas.) Tengen tries to be home as much as possible, but when he isnt its just letters through letters.

    At the end whatever gender you are, demon slayer or not if you are Tengens spuce than you are truely flamboyant.

    see what i did there, no? just me finding it funny? ok then

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  • giornosrightboob
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    You think Uzui is popular now? Just wait until Hanagezuka apears for less than a minute.

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  • keicxns
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    箕 ꒰ Uzui Tengen ꒱


    𖥻 don't repost or remove watermark !
    𖥻 like or reblog if you use/save


    ૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა

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  • densenubi
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kamaboko squad + Reader during the Entertainment District Arc but it's the scene:


    "Ugly concubines." from Mulan

    #demon slayer x reader #demon slayer#inosuke hashibira #inosuke hashibira x reader #kny x reader #kny#tanjiro kamado #tanjiro kamado x reader #Zenitsu agatsuma x reader #zenitsu agatsuma #tanjiro x zenitsu x inosuke x fujiko in a nutshell #mor#tengen uzui #tengen uzui x reader #demon slayer x y/n #entertainment district arc
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  • sjhanny2000
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Decisions, Decisions

    Hey y'all! I am currently in between jobs and have had a lot of extra time to work on my writing projects these last few weeks.

    So let's talk Fights and Sweet Touches! First of all, I want to thank you all for the love and support you've shown for this piece so far; it honestly has been so inspiring to see all of your comments, reblogs, etc. With that said, I need all of y'alls opinions regarding the story.

    There are two, no, three avenues I could take with this:

    1.) Continue on with part 3 of Fights and Sweet Touches.

    2.) End it on part 2 but continue it in the next slated story "Baby Maybe?"

    3.) I end the story here altogether and leave it as an another AU.

    I can go with any of these three options, but I want to see what you guys would like to read next!

    #uzui tengen x reader #tengen uzui x reader #tengen uzui x y/n #tengen uzui x you #uzui tengen#tengen uzui#author ask#fic ideas
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  • violetarks
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    telling them they look pretty

    anime: demon slayer
    characters: kamado tanjiro, agatsuma zenitsu, tomioka giyuu, kocho shinobu, rengoku kyojuro, uzui tengen, kanroji mitsuri, shinaguzawa sanemi
    #kamado tanjiro x reader #kamado tanjiro smau #tanjiro x reader #tanjiro smau #agatsuma zenitsu x reader #agatsuma zenitsu smau #zenitsu x reader #zenitsu smau #tomioka giyuu x reader #tomioka giyuu smau #tomioka x reader #kocho shinobu x reader #kocho shinobu smau #shinobu x reader #rengoku kyojuro x reader #rengoku kyojuro smau #rengoku x reader #rengoku smau #uzui tengen x reader #uzui tengen smau #uzui x reader #uzui smau #kanroji mitsuri x reader #kanroji mitsuri smau #mitsuri x reader #mitsuri smau #shinaguzawa sanemi x reader #shinaguzawa sanemi smau #sanemi x reader #sanemi smau
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