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  • whatmakesamerc
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Welcome to RED base!

    Welcome everyone, this is my new blog just for my Tf2 content, much like my alt instagram account!

    I'll be posting full chapters of my fanfic here in addition to over on Wattpad. I'll also most likely be posting all my Tf2 content here as opposed to my main blog.

    Oh and the tag "what makes a merc" will be what I use for all content related to the fanfiction itself!

    Hope to see you around!

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  • scout-but-gayer
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I've finished an Engineer x reader oneshot! Really fluffy and fucking adorable. I'm very proud of it.

    Also the reader is entirely gender neutral! But in my mind its a male reader.

    Lmk where I should post it!

    (Ao3, wattpad, here)

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  • xxiamtiebrousxx
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chapter 6 "Afternoon Flowers" (The Medizin | Medic x Reader)

    A/n: One more comment and I can and will upload my art. 

    Medic watched as Y/n collected flowers. She was disappearing and reappearing in between jumps through the field, with a bouquet of flowers in hand. She was forming a wreath, tying it with twigs and grass. Ludwig sat down at one of the tree’s roots, under the shade. 

    “There’s a river?!?” she exclaimed. 

    “Don’t get lost Täubchen!” Ludwig called out. 

    “I won’t!” Y/n disappeared. There was a small splash, and she returned a little wet and with lilies in hand. The cool breeze picked up. Y/n patted herself down.

    “I want to act like a child,” Y/n said, sitting next to the doctor. She held up two flower crowns. “And this is how I’m going to do it. One for you, one for me.” She placed the wreath on his head, adjusting it. She tried not to mess his hair up. If she did, she would smooth it out. “There.” Ludwig reached up, slightly caressing his crown. The flowers consisted of asters, azaleas, acacia, gladiolus and baby’s breath. Thin sticks were the base and leaves and grass wove through, keeping the crown together.

    “Täubchen this is nice,” he said. Y/n put on her crown.

    “I wish this could last forever,” she replied. “Winter’s coming.”

    “It’s only March,” the doctor said. “Winter has passed already.” Y/n blushed a little embarrassed.

    “Really?” she asked. “I swear, I thought it was October or something.” She rested against Ludwig. “Maybe I was making it up.”

    “That’s fine,” he said. “Sometimes, I can’t tell what time it is. Once, I thought it was Saturday and slept through an entire fight. As it turns out, it was only Friday.” Y/n giggled.

    “You shouldn’t stay up so late,” she said. 

    “My work requires that I do,” Ludwig replied, yawning. “Besides being a battle medic, I also do my own experiments, which take up time.”

    “Then take breaks every now and then. Take care of yourself,” Y/n replied. The doctor rested his head on her shoulder.“You look tired now,” she said, looking at him. 

    “I am Täubchen, I am,” he answered. “But I can’t let jou be alone. Jou’re still sick, too vulnerable.”

    “Who said I was vulnerable?” Y/n asked, adjusting her position. “And who said I was sick?” She wrapped her arms around Ludwig. “You’ll be vulnerable if you don’t rest. Now sleep,” she commanded. “I’ve got this.” Ludwig smiled.

    “Jou’re stronger than jou know, Täubchen,” he said, closing his eyes.

    Y/n kept a good lookout. She occasionally would mess around with the plants around her, making more wreaths or rings made of dandelions. What caught her eye was the single rose. It was growing alone among the grass. Y/n reached out for it. It resembled something familiar. The way the petals unfurled, it was like a ball gown. She shook her head, closing her eyes.

    “Y/n! You look so beautiful!” Y/n saw herself in the mirror, spinning around in a dress. It was layered, with sequins going down the skirt. Her shoulders were exposed and she was wearing gloves. Her twin, S/n, clapped her hands together. A figure with a blurry face, wrapped his arm around her shoulder. 

    “The dress was your work,” Y/n said. “S/n, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    Y/n opened her eyes, the memory was vivid, even if it was half a memory. The dress, she could feel the blood red ball gown on her body. Ludwig snuggled closer to her, clinging onto her arm. Y/n smiled and kissed his forehead. It was already late in  the afternoon. She was thirsty. A drink from the river never hurt anyone. So Y/n got up, leaving the doctor to rest against the tree.

    Ludwig opened his eyes. Y/n wasn’t there. He wasn’t leaning against her, just the tree.

    “Täubchen? Y/n?” he called out. “Y/N?” He scrambled to get up, but Y/n was just coming over, wiping her face.

    “Did you call?” she asked. The doctor rushed up and hugged her tight. “What happened? Was I gone too long?” 

    “I thought jou went missing,” he replied, squeezing her tighter. 

    “I was thirsty,” she said. “I went for a drink. Is that river contaminated by any chance?”

    “No, it doesn’t collide with Teufort’s water supply, that is poisoned, so jou should be fine,” Ludwig answered, pulling back. She adjusted his flower crown. 

    “We should get going,” she said, looking up at the sky. Rain clouds began to form high above. “I think it’s going to rain again.”

    “Ja, we should leave,” Ludwig said, wrapping his arm around Y/n’s shoulder as they walked. “I am cooking for lunch. If I’m not there, the men will be ravenous. They’ll tear each other apart.” 

    “I doubt they’ll go crazy,” Y/n said, giggling. “They’ll know to hold themselves back.”

    “Unless Herr Heavy has to.” Y/n laughed. “But I hope he doesn’t have too.” The two walked back to the base, where Demoman leaned against the doorway.

    “Yer late,” he said. “Scout has already started his “sacrifice.” Spy’s trying to stop the lad from cooking Soldier.” Medic sighed.

    “I try to finish up quickly,” he said.

    “Can I help?” Y/n inquired. 

    “Sure Täubchen,” Ludwig replied. They followed Demo indoors, passing by the crazed Scout. Spy held him back, threatening to visit his mother.

    “Heavy’s been keeping us sane by feeding us sandwiches,” Demo said. “He’s been trying to cook your recipe, but it’s failing miserably.” 

    “I hope he has prepared my work area.”Pyro followed Ludwig and Y/n into the kitchen. He clapped his hands together.

    “Mmph mmph mmph mmph mmph mmph mmph (You guys look so cute and perfect with your flower crown)!” he mumbled.

    “Pyro, wanna help?” Y/n asked. He nodded. So it was decided that the pyromaniac would  help the two make lunch, even though he burned the salad. 

    “Lunch is ready!” the doctor called out. Everyone settled down at the table. They had to strap Scout to his chair. Y/n and Pyro brought in the plates.

    “Bon appetit!” she said. “Courtesy of the doctor, Pyro, and myself.”

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  • scout-but-gayer
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Totally not writing Sniper x reader fanfiction 👍 that is crazy and insane

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  • sleepycyborgz
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Hey I just finished a Pyro & Engine angst fic. I forgot to post this while it was still being made but hey, better late than never right?

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  • fineredmist
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    My Respawn: Chapter 7

    heed the chapter warnings again lol

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  • fineredmist
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    My Respawn: Chapter 5

    hey you, yeah you ludacris fool reading this, thanks for sticking with me over the course of literally less than a day

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  • fineredmist
    17.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    My Respawn: Chapter 4 just posting ao3 links here now. heed the warnings in the author’s notes

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  • fineredmist
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    AN: STOP FLAMMING DA STORY PREPZ OK! odderwize fangs 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws! FANGS AGEN MARIA! oh yeah, BTW I don’t own dis or da lyrics 4 Midnight Oli.

    On the night of the concert I put on my brown dress shoes with low heels. Underneath them were striped red socks. Then I put on a brown leather jacket with all this gold stuff on the back and front. I put on a matching glove on my arms. I slicked my hair back and made it look all spiky. I felt a little depressed then, so I shot someone from a mile away. I read a depressing book while I waited for them to stop bleeding and I listened to some MO. I painted my nails black and put on my orange sunglasses. Then I put on a tooth necklace. I didn’t put on foundation because I was pale anyway. I drank some moonshine so I was ready to go to the concert.

    I went outside. Spy was waiting there in front of his car. He was wearing an INXS shirt (they would play at the show too), tight black tuxedo pants, black nail polish and a little eyeliner (AN: A lot fo kewl mercz wer it ok!). 

    “Hi Spy!” I said in a depressed voice.

    “Hi Sniper.” he said back. We walked into his red Peugeot (the license plate said YOURMOM) and drove to the place with the concert. On the way we listened excitedly to Midnight Oil and Alice Cooper. We both smoked cigarettes and drugs. When we got there, we both hopped out of the car. We went to the mosh pit at the front of the stage and jumped up and down as we listened to Midnight Oil.

    “The Breakfast Creek Hotel is up for sale

    The last square mile of terra firma gavelled in the mail

    So farewell to the Norfolk Island pines

    No amount of make believe can help this heart of mine.” sang Peter (I don’t own da lyrics 2 dat song).

    “Peter is so bloody hot.” I said to Spy, pointing to him as he sung, filling the club with his amazing voice.

    Suddenly Spy looked sad.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked as we moshed to the music. Then I caught on.

    “Hey, it’s ok I don’t like him better than YOU!” I said.

    “Really?” asked Spy sensitively and he put his arm around me all protective.

    “Really.” I said. “Besides I don’t even know Peter and he’s going out with Olivia fucking Newton-John. I fucking hate that little bitch.” I said disgustedly, thinking of her ugly blonde face.

    The night went on really well, and I had a great time. So did Spy. After the concert, we drank some beer and asked Rob and Peter for their autographs and photos with them. We got MO concert tees. Spy and I crawled back into the Peugeot, but Spy didn’t go back into 2fort, instead he drove the car into……………………… the Badlands! 

    #tf2#sniper#spy#sniperspy#my immortal#my respawn#fanfic#fanfiction#shitpost#beckposting #heeee hooo i have a lot of chapters written of this but i'm probably gonna post the good ones and then stop #chapter 3
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  • fineredmist
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Chapter 1. | Chapter 2.

    AN: Fangz 2 @aprofessionalwithoutstandards 4 helpin me wif da chapta! BTW preps stop flaming ma story ok! The next day I woke up in my camper van. It was hot and sunny again. I opened the door of my van and drank some moonshine from a jar I had. My van was dusty white and inside it was green and blue with an Australian flag on the bed. I got out of my bed and took of my giant AC/DC t-shirt which I used for pajamas. Instead, I put on a red work shirt, a teeth necklace, cowboy boots and brown trousers on. I put on some teeth in my hat band, and slicked my hair back in a kind of messy style.

    My owl, Sir Hootsalot (AN: fuck u) woke up then and hooted at me. He flipped his short dirt brown feathers with dark streaks and opened his blood-red eyes. He put on his Alice Cooper t-shirt with a black mini, fishnets and pointy high-heeled boots. We put on our sunglasses (matching orange aviators.)

    “OMFG, I saw you talking to Spy yesterday!” he hooted excitedly.

    “Yeah? So?” I said, blushing.

    “Do you like Spy?” she asked as we went out of the van and into the outside of the base.

    “No I so bloody don’t!” I shouted.

    “Yeah right!” he exclaimed. Just then, Spy walked up to me.

    “Hi.” he said.

    “Hi.” I replied flirtily.

    “Guess what.” he said.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Well, Midnight Oil are having a concert in Teufort.” he told me.

    “Oh. My. Fucking. God!” I screamed. I love MO. They are my favorite band, besides AC/DC.

    “Well…. do you want to go with me?” he asked.


    btw this is also on ao3 now

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  • fineredmist
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    G’day my name is Mick Sni’per Mentalsickness Kangaroo Mundy and I have short dirt brown hair (that’s not how I got my name) in a mullet that reaches my neck and dark blue eyes like hot springs and people tell me I look like Mick Dundee (AN: if you don’t know who he is get da hell out of there!) I’m not related to Saxton Hale but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a professional but I have standards. I have pale tan skin. I’m also an assassin, and I work at a remote base called 2fort in New Mexico where it’s the seventh year of the gravel war (I’m thirty-seven). I’m a marksman (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red. I love Mann Co. and I get all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a brown vest with a matching glove and a red shirt, dark tan pants and brown cowboy boots. I was wearing orange sunglasses, a brown watch, a teeth necklace, and a brown hat. I was walking outside 2fort. It was hot and dry so there was a lot of sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of civilians stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them. 

    “Hey Sniper!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was… Spy!

    “What’s up Spy?” I asked.

    “Nothing.” he said shyly. 

    But then, I heard the timer counting down to the match and I had to go away. 


    #tf2#sniper#fanfiction#fanfic#my immortal #I'M SO SORRY #i would also never use Dx unironically #i am sobbing. please someone find this funny i gave my soul for it #shitpost#beckposting
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  • diedinparadice
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    I haven’t uploaded fanfiction in so long, I feel like I’m betraying some deep and buried part of me.

    Technically I have been writing, though. Just not uploading.

    When I finish chapter 2 I’ll upload the prologue and chapter 1 on AO3, so keep an eye out for it if this interests you:





    An actual plot and end goal


    A healthy dose of drug use

    The void

    Oh god the eyes

    Excluding the prologue, I’m anticipating 20 chapters, and I’ve set it up for a sequel I already have a general idea of. Not to get ahead of myself or anything; I made sure to wrap it up nice, since it originally was going to be a stand alone.

    Waiting for feedback from beta readers on a few plot points I think may be a tad overwhelming, but other than that I just need to finish up chapters 1 and 2.

    So, casually plugging my AO3 in a post that was already an AO3 plug, make sure to watch for a new multi chapter fic uploaded by DiedInParadise on AO3.

    (Name undecided, and possibly a surprise. Post will be updated with proper details.)

    Complementary playlist soon to be linked.

    #team fortress 2 #tf2#tf2 medic#tf2 spy#tf2 scout#dad spy#tf2 fanfiction#tf2 soldier#tf2 engineer #tf2 miss pauling #tf2 pyro#tf2 demoman#tf2 heavy#tf2 sniper#ao3 fic #medic does drugs #possibly #my beta readers might nerf that since the story was fine without it #sniper keeps changing his mind #and I know I’m writing him but #it’s so fucking annoying #like pick a side Jesus Christ
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  • bugwhisker
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    i wanna post something but idk what so here's some Make The Metal Sing propaganda. it's a fanfic ft. gay people and robots and it's cool :) it's on a little break rn bc of exam season but it will return in late may or early june hopefully

    read it on ao3 !

    #TeeHee giggles#tf2 fanfiction #Make The Metal Sing
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  • subby-tf2
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    I have this idea of making this tf2 as subs HC but.. its SUPER nsfw. I mean on one hand people might like it, on the other.. people will track me down and hunt me with pitchforks.

    Look imma be real with ya. I just want to dominate these barbie men.

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  • afriendinfiction
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    About Us

    We are the Mental Health Through Multidimensional Travel Company - otherwise known as MHTMT Co.!

    We understand how important some characters can be to our world, especially in these unprecedented times. In light of this realization, we here at the MHTMT Co. decided to bring your favorite media closer than ever with the world’s best portal technology. Through multidimensional communication, we can send requests to your character of choice - as long as we have a contract, of course (a list of available fictional worlds can be found through the link below).

    For less than twenty dollars - and free shipping - we provide you with not only a letter stamped with our insignia, but a trinket from your chosen character’s world!

    These letters can spice up a birthday, holiday, or any yandere shrine! For any age, for any personality, for any species.

    Here at the MHTMT, we stand by our motto: “Many worlds of possibilities.”

    Request your letter today!

    Email us: [email protected]

    *Disclaimer: While our portal technology is usually safe, we cannot predict every malfunction. By buying our product, you understand that any and all side effects from receiving a letter are not the company’s responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to: radiation poisoning, being targeted by intergalactic armies, foreign disease, curses, time traveller harassment, sickeningly sweet morals and values, sudden musical numbers, and our no refund policy.

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  • fruit-teeth
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Chronicles of Love and War (chapter 10)

    At four in the morning, the phone on Pauling’s bedside table began to ring.

    Fumbling, half-asleep, she reached for the receiver with a groan and picked it up, pressing it to her ear. “Mmm, what?”

    “Oh, this is your number!” Merasmus’ voice gasped, sounding almost relieved.

    Pauling’s brow furrowed, and she rubbed her eyes. “Merasmus…huh? What’s going on? Why are you calling me?”

    Merasmus went right into it. “I examined that powder – do you know what I discovered?”

    “Powder?” Pauling’s mind cleared a bit, and she remembered the powder that Demo had given Merasmus to look at. “Oh…that powder. What’d you learn?”

    “It’s from a curse!” Merasmus explained. “Certain witches place their curses in vessels that will burst and leave a powder behind, cursing their target. Whoever sent that vessel to your boss was trying to curse him!”

    “Curse?” Pauling repeated, squinting. “Hang on – you’re telling me someone tried to curse Saxton Hale?”

    “Essentially, yes,” Merasmus confirmed. “But they may have succeeded if there was powder left behind. Tell me – have you noticed him acting differently lately?”

    Pauling’s eyes widened. “As a matter of fact, yeah! We had a meeting not long ago, and he acted strangely. Helen stated that she had sent him to a sleep clinic or something because he was having trouble sleeping.”

    Merasmus clicked his tongue. “Hm, that sounds serious…if his condition worsens, call me and I’ll see if I can try and lift it from him.”

    “All right…sure,” Pauling yawned, rubbing her eye again. “Thanks for calling, I’m gonna go back to sleep if that’s all right,”

    “Oh…yes, of course,” Merasmus cleared his throat. “I forgot you mortals like to prioritize sleep…” with that, he hung up.

    A few hours later, Pauling got back up and went to the nearby café to pick up breakfast for herself, Helen, and Olivia. The memory of Merasmus’ phone call came back to her, and when she arrived to Helen’s home, she had to bring it up.

    “A curse?” Helen scoffed when she heard this. “That’s certainly a new one. Of course, Hale has been the target of attempted killings before, but all of those failed.”

    “Well, yeah,” Pauling shrugged. “But a curse is something different. What if its slowly killing him and we can’t see it?”

    Helen took a sip of coffee, leaning on her palm in thought. “Hm…well, when I spoke to him yesterday, he said that he was having terrible nightmares. That would be anything – poor diet, change of medications…but a curse? What sort of a curse simply causes someone to have nightmares?”

    “What if they’re more than nightmares?” Pauling persisted. “Did he say what they were about?”

    “Fighting, from what it sounds like,” Helen explained. “If it is a curse, did Merasmus say what to do?”

    “He said to call him if Hale’s condition gets worse,” Pauling replied, taking a bite of her bagel.

    Helen nodded, thinking this over. “All right, well…I’m going to call the sleep therapy clinic later to ask how everything went last night. It could just be nothing,”

    Just then, Olivia stepped into the kitchen, still in her pajamas as she rubbed her eyes. “Did you bring bagels?” she asked, her eyes going straight to the bag sitting atop the counter.

    “Sure did,” Pauling smiled, cutting one of the bagels in half and putting some cream cheese on it. “Here you go!”

    Pleased, Olivia hopped up onto the chair and accepted the bagel, taking a bite of it. “Mm!”

    Helen couldn’t help but smile a little, ruffling Olivia’s hair. “There we are…”

    The phone rang in the living room, and Helen got up from her chair to go answer it. “Oh – I wonder who that is?”

    As Olivia enjoyed the bagel, Pauling asked, “Do you want any juice?”

    “Oh! Yeah,” Olivia gestured to the fridge. “There’s some orange juice in there,”

    Pauling opened the fridge, pulling out the bottle of orange juice. At that same moment, Helen exclaimed from the next room, “What!? What do you mean he’s gotten worse?”

    Pauling froze, looking towards the living room in bewilderment. Olivia tilted her head in confusion. “Huh?”

    Moments later, Helen hung up and returned to the kitchen. She took a long sip of her coffee before speaking.

    “He got worse,” she stated simply.

    Pauling sucked her lips into her mouth, her shoulders tensing up. “…okay. Should I call Merasmus?”

    Helen thought for a moment, and then sighed, crossing her arms and looking towards the window. “Yes…I suppose that’s our best option.”

    That was it – Merasmus, Miss Pauling, and Helen were off to Raven Backwoods' sleep therapy clinic in the hopes of breaking Saxton Hale's curse. Meanwhile, they left Lucy and Olivia in the base, where the mercenaries could keep an eye on them for the time being.

    Upon arrival to the clinic, Raven met the trio right at the entrance. She was a tall, middle-aged woman with curly black hair and a faint scar on her top lip.

    “Thank you for coming,” Raven began breathlessly, before she spotted Merasmus. “Oh! Why, Merasmus I had no idea you and Helen knew each other!”

    Surprised, Miss Pauling looked between Merasmus and Raven. “Wait – you two know each other?”

    Merasmus just cleared his throat. “Erm, yes – I’ve crossed paths with Miss Backwoods before. Tell me, Raven – how, exactly, has this man’s condition gotten worse?”

    Raven started to explain, but she just sighed, leading the group into the building. “Well…it’s better if I just show you.”

    Raven led them down the long hallway and to a small room. The room appeared to be designed to be calm and tranquil, with lovely paintings on the walls and a comfy bed and sofa, but what was going on inside was everything but peaceful. Saxton Hale, dressed only in his underwear, paced the room feverishly while muttering to himself. Helen was surprised by how weary he appeared in comparison to the day before — his hair was unkempt, and his eyes had dark bags beneath them.

    “What – what happened!?” Helen exclaimed, looking Hale up and down in alarm.

    When Hale didn’t answer, Raven explained, “What happened is that nothing we tried on him worked! None of our herbs worked, none of our meditations worked, nothing. I even tried to put him in a coma – that did not work at all! He just keeps ranting about his nightmares…I’ve never seen anything like this!”

    “It’s a sleep curse,” Merasmus sighed, shedding his coat and stepping close to Hale. “The only way to get him back to normal is to lift the curse from him.”

    “How do we do that?” Pauling wanted to know, anxiously hovering beside Merasmus.

    “He needs a bath of clay, salts, rosemary and thyme,” Merasmus clarified. “And then the curse has to be sealed somewhere once it’s been lifted – I would recommend a sturdy glass jar for that.”

    Raven snapped her fingers, getting the attention of one of her assistants who was passing by. “Nellie! Fetch me one of those mason jars from the downstairs cabinet!”

    Saxton Hale let out an agonized yell and slammed his fists against the bed when the assistant nodded and hurried away. “I’m a freak! A freak, a freak, a freak!” he chanted, ripping the sheets off the bed and tearing them in half. “If I fall asleep, I’ll see the truth! I don’t want to see!”

    Merasmus approached him quickly, trying to take the sheets from his hands. “Now, now, you don’t want to do that, sit down.”

    “No!” Hale ran to the corner of the room, beginning to sob loudly. “I can’t! I can’t…I can’t sleep but I can’t be awake!” his hands shook, and he gripped his head in his hands, letting out another anguished scream.

    “Jesus,” Pauling muttered, her heart dropping. “I’ve never seen him like this before…”

    “Well!? Help him!” Helen insisted, gesturing to Merasmus. “That’s why we brought you!”

    “Patience!” Merasmus hollered at her, before turning to Raven. “Do you have a tub to mix the ingredients in?”

    Raven nodded, quickly stepping out to go get it. “Yes! It’s a washtub, but it should work!”

    Moments later, Raven dragged a large, metal washtub into the room. “All right – what do we use for water? There’s a hose outside, would that work?”

    “Hm…yes, that should be fine – no, no,” Merasmus used a light beam to push Hale away from one of the pictures on the wall. “That looks expensive, don’t break that!”

    Hale just shouted in frustration. “But its hideous!”

    “I’ll help you get the hose,” Pauling offered, following Raven outside. They got the long hose from the back of the building, but it wasn't long enough to get through the corridor to Hale's room. However, per Helen’s suggestion, they went the other way and stuffed it through the window instead. Once the hose was inside, Pauling ran back outside to the lever to turn the water on.

    As the water began to fill the tub, Raven pulled up her pack of supplies and rooted through it. “I have rosemary, I have thyme…oh, and my pink Himalayan salt!” she held it up for Merasmus to see. “Is the clay necessary? I’m not sure if I have any…”

    "I might have some – hold on," Merasmus said, picking up his coat and fumbling through the pockets until he discovered a little container of clay. “Ah, this should be enough,”

    Raven and Merasmus put the contents in the tub together, and when the tub was nearly full, Helen jumped up and called out the window for Pauling to turn off the water.

    Soon, the tub was ready, and Merasmus cleared his throat. “All right! Mr. Hale? Get into this tub,”

    Saxton stayed glued to the corner of the room, clutching the torn sheets in his hand like a lifeline. “It won’t work,” he insisted, his voice cracking. “It won’t work, it won’t work, I know it won’t!”

    “Get up, Hale,” Helen instructed, marching towards him and sticking out her hand for him to grab. “The sooner you get in, the sooner you’ll feel better.”

    Hale grunted, still glaring at the tub. Pauling stumbled back into the room, panting, her shirt soaked.

    “Had a bit of an incident with that hose,” she explained. “Is it ready?”

    “Yes, but he’s not going in,” Raven pursed her lips together, watching in frustration as Hale refused to budge.

    Merasmus stared at Hale for a moment before sighing. “You know what? I did not want it to come to this, but…” he did a twirling motion with his hand and trilled, “Up! Get to your feet!”

    Instantly, a force yanked Hale to his feet, causing him to yelp. “What are you doing to me!?”

    “Get in this tub!” Merasmus commanded, pointing to the tub. Hale took a few steps forward and walked straight into the tub, diving head first into it and making a big splash. When Merasmus released him, Hale stuck his head back up, gasping.

    “I got salt in my mouth!” he exclaimed, making a gagging sound and trying to spit it out.

    Raven handed Merasmus the jar, and she asked, “What happens, now?”

    “You will see!” Merasmus assured, unscrewing the jar lid. He cleared his throat, took a breath, and commanded, “Nightmare Curse, I command you leave this man’s body!”

    Instantly, pale pink smoke began to billow out of Saxton’s eyes, nose and mouth. Merasmus merely held out the jar with one hand and made a whirling motion with the other as Saxton coughed and spluttered. Merasmus clamped the lid on as tightly as he could once all of the smoke had made its way inside the jar.

    Pauling took a few steps towards the jar, staring in awe as the smoke seemed to twist around as if it had a mind of its own. “Whoa…that was inside Hale’s head!?”

    “Indeed,” Merasmus sighed. “I’m quite glad we removed this from him when we did, this could have turned even worse if we let it go on too long! Raven? I’ll be taking this with me so I can properly dispose of it at my own residence,”

    Raven gave a nod. “Fine by me, I have other jars.”

    “Wait,” Helen cut in. “But we need to figure out who sent this curse!”

    “Oh, yes. Of course,” Merasmus reached for his coat, slipping it back on. “I can do a spell that will lead us to the curse’s origin, so we can know who cast this originally. Would that be useful to you?”

    Helen let out a relieved breath. “Yes, that’s perfect.”

    Hale slowly stood up out of the water, dripping wet and smelling strongly of herbs and salt. Pauling took a few steps towards him, looking him over.

    “Mr. Hale?” she began cautiously. “How do you feel?”

    Hale took a long, deep breath, stepping out of the tub and trying to smooth his hair down. “I’m…fine. I feel better,” he fought to keep his eyes open, and he yawned. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to go to sleep, now…” he dropped directly onto the bed, going still. After a few seconds, he could be heard snoring.

    Raven sighed with relief, pulling a towel from the towel rack and beginning to clean up the room. “Thank the gods you were here, Merasmus…I don’t know what I would have done!”

    Merasmus waved her off. “No, it’s all right…”

    Pauling took a moment to fix her hair. “So, what’s next?”

    “Well,” Helen looked to Merasmus. “I assume we figure out where this came from.”

    “Yes…” Merasmus picked up the jar to look at it again, watching as the smoke seemed to pulsate inside. “Hopefully that will not be terribly difficult.”

    At the same time, Olivia and Lucy were having a good time at the base. Spy had brought the two girls a large box of extra costume pieces from various disguises he no longer used to keep them entertained. Overjoyed, they began to mix and match different costume pieces to make something new.

    “Um…oh! How about this wig with this?” Olivia suggested, pulling out a large, bright red wig and pink overcoat.

    “Yeah! Yeah, put it on!” Lucy urged, clapping her hands.

    Olivia donned the wig and slid on the overcoat (which was several sizes too big for her, but she didn't mind) before checking herself in the pocket mirror. “Hmm…”

    Lucy came to stand beside her, looking her up and down. “That wig’s like hair a real lady would have!”

    “Yeah, but it’s itchy,” Olivia made a face, pulling the wig off and fluffing her hair up. She passed the wig to Lucy. “You can try it if you want.”

    Excited, Lucy put the wig on her own head, running her hands through the fake red curls. “Ooh…it’s pretty!”

    Olivia reached for the costume box, rooting through it. “Oh, there’s a scarf in here! Look,” she pulled out a long, teal and gold scarf, tossing it to Lucy. As Lucy caught the scarf and began to wrap it around herself, Olivia checked the box again and noticed something: a small, sleek black box.

    Intrigued, Olivia pulled the little box out and popped it open. Olivia didn't know whether the watch was real gold or not, but she took a look at the scarf she'd given Lucy and knew the watch would fit great with it.

    “Hey!” Olivia spoke up, getting Lucy’s attention. “I found something!”

    “Huh?” Lucy took a few steps forward, peeking over Olivia’s shoulder.

    Olivia held up the box so Lucy could get a good look at it. “It’s a watch! It matches the scarf, but I dunno if it’s too big for your –”

    Lucy's eyes seemed to go blank before Olivia could finish, and she quickly reached into the box and yanked the watch out with such force that Olivia jumped. Olivia could only watch, puzzled and surprised, as Lucy dashed to the nearest window and held up the watch to the light.

    Lucy growled in an abnormally deep tone, "It's not real gold," after a moment of befuddled quiet.

    Olivia stared, unsure of what to even say. Finally, all she could manage was, “Why…why’d you do that?”

    Lucy blinked a few times, and the strange, blank expression faded off. She looked around, confused, and then look at the watch in her hand. “I…I don’t know…”

    Olivia stood up, walking over to Lucy and plucking the watch from her hand. “How’d you know this wasn’t real gold?”

    “I don’t know,” Lucy repeated, and she suddenly looked very distraught. “I don’t know why I did that – why did I do that?”

    “I don’t know,” Olivia said back. She carefully wrapped the watch around Lucy's wrist. “It’s okay – I get weird sometimes, too.”

    Lucy sniffed, looking down at the watch. It was too big for her, as it was clearly designed with an adult’s wrist in mind, but it did match the scarf. “Okay…” she murmured, but right then, the wig tumbled off her head and landed on the floor. “Oh!”

    Olivia bent down to retrieve the wig. “Oops – I got it!”

    Right at that moment, the door to the room they were in swung open. “Hey, girls!” Scout announced, grinning and carrying something behind his back. “I stopped by a garage sale, and guess what I got!”

    Lucy quickly dried her eyes and trotted up to Scout to try and get a good look at what he had. “What?”

    Scout revealed a bulky yet child-sized karaoke machine, showing it off to the girls. “Karaoke machine! I’m gonna get Engie to hook it up in the living room, you wanna come try it?”

    “Yeah!” Olivia agreed, shucking the overcoat and putting it back in the box. “Did you ever do karaoke, Lucy?”

    “No, I haven’t,” Lucy replied, putting the other costume pieces into the box. “Is it fun?”

    “Fun? Oh, it’s a bunch of fun!” Scout laughed, opening the door wider and letting the girls go to the living room first. “I think there’s Tom Jones songs on here…if there aren’t, I’ll put some in! Can’t be too hard,”

    Olivia's thoughts returned to what had happened earlier, but she ignored them as Lucy seemed to cheer up at the prospect of getting to sing. Having playdates was more fun than she could have imagined, so Lucy's strange behavior was put aside for the time being. However, it wouldn’t be forgotten so easily.

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    I am opening my ask box to questions of all types (please just... Don't be weird. It took me this long to have a tumblr account after years away due to having bad experiences previously on this website.)

    I would prefer questions about headcanons for the TF2 mercs, questions about my TF2 fanfics on ao3 maybe, or maybe even the few ocs I've shown off already? I dunno, I'm just bored and wanna try something new lol.

    I will also be taking requests for my TF2 Ship Drabbles. I am currently working on one for Bomb Voyage/DemoSpy, and my areas of expertise are SniperScout, EngieSpy, MedicSpy, and HeavyMedic.

    Will also take platonic requests.

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    Chapter 6 of my DnD/Fantasy TF2 fic, "Too Close", was just posted. Reminder to heed the tags! Please enjoy. I can't believe this story has over 1,000 hits..! That's so wild to me. Thank you to _piwi.kiwi on Instagram for being my amazing beta reader <3

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    Ok so sometimes I get lost trying to find specific fanfics in my bookmarks so I'm just gonna start linking the main ones here

    For when you need angst and flowers

    For when you need lovely stuffing

    For when you need scout looking at magazines

    For when you need angst and kidnapping

    For when you need baby inspiration

    For when you need hot but not dysphoric

    For when you need hot but not dysphoric 2

    For when you need angst and cheating

    For when you need hot and wet stuff

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