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  • feam-tortress
    16.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    Different classes' "MEDIC!" calls rated by how they make me feel.


    Very distinguished, moderately loud, but his "Let's go, Doc!" sounds like he's inviting me to kill some bitches, not heal a bastard. Which isn't a problem per se, but I have the maximum damage output of a slug. Love the "Alright, I feel good!" though, makes me think myself accomplished while still remaining impersonal, great job. 8/10.


    Professional, straightforward, matter-of-factly. Short but loud enough to be easily heard from a distance. "You deserve a medal!" is one of the best reactions to getting healed. 10/10.


    Way too quiet, baby, I'm sorry, you probably have to press it fifty times before I register your voice as something other than the vaguely sexual noises from my neighbors' bedroom. 6/10.


    Way too long, Jesus fucking Christ. I hear him hollering from across the map. He starts that "MEEEEEEEE-..." and by the time he's done with the "...-DIIIIIIIIIIIC" I've got him at full health. And what's that? You didn't need my help? 3/10.


    He sounds like he's calling for his husband (true and real and canon). "I love this Doktor!" is easily my favorite response. Brought down only slightly by the tendency of some players to expect me to pocket them. Which. I mean. You got that massive pool of health, you can take a hit. 9/10.


    So very polite. So eloquent. If anyone hurts him again, I will cry. I want to kiss him on the nose and protect him forever. "You're alright, Doc!" awww, you aren't half-bad yourself, you handsome devil. 10/10.


    He sounds like he's dying all the time, but if there are two Medics on the map, you bet your ass I'll heal the fuck out of my labcoated brother, if only because I know what it's like to be a high-priority target. Still too overdramatic though. 5/10.


    Oh, you gotta really hurt him for him to call me. Especially love those interactions where a shy Sniper will hold back on the call until he's at 1HP, then see me healing him, and get a bit more confident calling for me in a pinch. I mean, they're hella useful near the front line, but most often they don't survive long enough without at least some heals. Anyway, that "Thanks, mate!" warms my heart, 7/10 but only because it's too quiet.


    French, 0/10.

    That's it, hope you enjoy!

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  • emeraldspiral
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    New HeavyMedic fic prompt;

    RED Heavy is in love with his Medic and BLU Medic is in love with his Heavy, but neither of them are willing to risk the consequences of making a move without knowing if the other reciprocates. But when they find each other unarmed in an isolated space on the battlefield, they figure they have nothing to lose by taking the opportunity to fool around with each other. Sure, RED Heavy isn’t the one who shielded BLU Medic from explosive shrapnel with his own body, and BLU Medic isn’t the one who spent twelve hours tending to a critically injured RED Heavy when his medigun was damaged. But they can hardly tell the difference with their clothes off.

    In the afterglow, BLU Medic has a moment of clarity where he realizes that if their dopplegangers have mostly the same personalities and he loves his Heavy and the other Heavy loves his Medic, then perhaps their respective Heavy and Medic love them both back after all.

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  • tf2husbandryofficial
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I gave the Heavy a sandwich and it left and came back with a Medic. Should I stay inside ? Or come out with a sandwich for both ? The Heavy’s making gestures as if to assure me it’s safe-

    Approach with caution. Heavies can generally keep Medics in line, and Medics frequently form strong bonds with Heavies. If your Heavy is able to convince the Medic that you are part of the pack, the Medic will generally not try to kill you for parts.

    An offering of a sandwich is a good place to start, yes.

    -- Dr Peake

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  • koi-the-kaprosuchus
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Oh gods I just realized I never posted this. Never got to finishing it, as my motivation died for it. Sorry y’all.. anyways, the sketch was that scene of Heavy hugging his mama :)

    I will try to remember to post things from now on.. in fact, I’ve got two other completed things to post!

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  • tf2husbandryofficial
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    What’s the best way to befriend (or potentially even domesticate) a wild Heavy? There’s one that regularly visits my yard and he seems relatively gentle

    Heavies are wonderful companions! If you want to give them some gifts to befriend them I think you should get them sandwiches orRussian literature, however often just being around them for extended periods of time cam make them closer to you!

    If you wish to approach one, crouch and generally appear as non-threatening as possible, that way you will not be seen as a threat

    If they start to bring members of thier fortress/poot over then that means you have befriend it! However I don’t suggest making it live with you, as separation from thier group can be extremely harmful

    #dr. (?) spaghetti #tf2#heavy tf2
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  • vintage-rejects
    15.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    People ignore the perfect potential of Saxton Hale and frankly it’s disappointing

    #gUYS #SAXTON HALE IS SO GOOD #hi welcome to I literally do not hate a single tf2 character #like at all #except maybe classic heavy like fUCK that guy but— #but like c’mon #✨Saxton Hale✨#tf2 #team fortress 2 #tf2 saxton hale
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  • sparkaed
    15.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Not the best i could have made but i didnt want what i had finished to go to waste

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  • feam-tortress
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    There should be a cosmetic item for Heavy that is kind of like that one dove that sits on Medic's shoulder, except it's like twenty doves at once and they're everywhere. There should also be a taunt where they all take off and swarm the enemy and just eat them.

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  • yaikat
    15.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    has this been done yet

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  • darkness9000a
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    #darkness9000a #darkness9000.a.com #darkness9000 #darkness9000.a #tf2 #team fortress 2 #heavy weapons guy #heavy#spy#Carl#athf #aqua teen hunger force #Spy puppies#fred flintstone #don’t call me fatso #tf2 heavy #tf2 red heavy #RED#tf2 spy #tf2 red spy
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  • cooltf2facts
    15.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Scout: look see? I told you I'm not crazy! I TOLD YOU!

    Heavy: And your not crazy because...

    They’re talking about how the pressure cooker exploded in front of Scout’s very eyes for seemingly no reason. But everyone thinks Scout had a hand in this…

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  • darkness9000a
    15.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
    #darkness9000a #darkness9000.a.com #darkness9000 #darkness9000.a #tf2#tf2 heavy#tf2 demoman#tf2 spy#Carl#athf #heavy weapons guy #spy#demoman#medic#tf2 medic#fred flintstone #don’t call me fatso #15.ai #youtube#references#RED #tf2 red medic #tf2 red heavy #tf2 red spy #tf2 red demoman #Spy puppies#dog#heavy #aqua teen hunger force
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  • diedinparadice
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I haven’t uploaded fanfiction in so long, I feel like I’m betraying some deep and buried part of me.

    Technically I have been writing, though. Just not uploading.

    When I finish chapter 2 I’ll upload the prologue and chapter 1 on AO3, so keep an eye out for it if this interests you:





    An actual plot and end goal


    A healthy dose of drug use

    The void

    Oh god the eyes

    Excluding the prologue, I’m anticipating 20 chapters, and I’ve set it up for a sequel I already have a general idea of. Not to get ahead of myself or anything; I made sure to wrap it up nice, since it originally was going to be a stand alone.

    Waiting for feedback from beta readers on a few plot points I think may be a tad overwhelming, but other than that I just need to finish up chapters 1 and 2.

    So, casually plugging my AO3 in a post that was already an AO3 plug, make sure to watch for a new multi chapter fic uploaded by DiedInParadise on AO3.

    (Name undecided, and possibly a surprise. Post will be updated with proper details.)

    Complementary playlist soon to be linked.

    #team fortress 2 #tf2#tf2 medic#tf2 spy#tf2 scout#dad spy#tf2 fanfiction#tf2 soldier#tf2 engineer #tf2 miss pauling #tf2 pyro#tf2 demoman#tf2 heavy#tf2 sniper#ao3 fic #medic does drugs #possibly #my beta readers might nerf that since the story was fine without it #sniper keeps changing his mind #and I know I’m writing him but #it’s so fucking annoying #like pick a side Jesus Christ
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  • ragri5
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Sanvich time for Big Pootis and Lil Pootis!

    Inspiried by @quazies last animation♥️

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  • wilburia
    15.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Any tf2 ships that are your personal favorites or that you just like ? (and PLEASE give any hcs you have for them :D)

    My favorite TF2 ship:

    Okay so...

    Do you want me to be honest with you? Because this is REALLY controversial. And also super rare, like almost-never-talked-about rare. It doesn't even have a proper ship name. My favorite ship is:

    ALL the mercs in a polyfidelity

    You may be thinking "Wait, that means Spy and Scout are dating!?" Yes, yes it does. And before you start typing that rant I just want to specify a couple of things:

    I would only ship this in an AU where they AREN'T related. I don't even really like the idea of Spy being Scout's father because that means he was a deadbeat dad. He never did ANYTHING for Scout or Scout's ma, even though he supposedly "loved" her. And, I also know that polfidelity's are VERY uncommon and is usually MUCH smaller than 9 people dating each other. Some of you guys may also be writing a paragraph because I decided to ship Pyro with the other mercs, and they have a child's mind. And to that I say, this is in another AU. Where even though Pyro still does experience hallucinations, they actually know that they are hurting people, they just don’t really care. Also, even though Soldier is still dating Zhanna none of the other mercs are involved with her. And yes, that technically makes it NOT a polyfidelity but, ehhhh, close enough.

    Besides, just think about it!

    You can take all your FAVORITE ships and have them all happen at once! Also, I can't help but imagine them trying to slip each other kisses on the field while still trying to keep it a secret from the other team. Or the look of heartbreak and defeat on their face whenever they see their loved one get killed, imagine Heavy's reaction to Medic's death happening whenever ANYONE on the team dies.

    The pet names, the cuddles, the movie nights! From stupid rom coms to war documentaries, to crappy action movies, to ten-dollar budget telenovelas, to cursed horror movies! By the end of each movie, there will always be someone crying, screaming, laughing, shocked, sleeping, bored, or making out. 

    ALSO! Imagine how much better the team would be when it comes to fighting! Not only would the team be battling with genuine RAGE for harming their loved ones, but the communication and cooperation would be SO much better! They might even learn a bit about each other’s “trades” which would make them much more dangerous. Imagine, them all knowing basic first aid so when Medic is busy they can make sure that they all don’t die, or them all learning how to rocket jump or remove a sapper from a sentry!  AND IMAGINE DEMO AND ENGIE AND MEDIC AND PYRO JUST GEEKING OUT TOGETHER! Trying to explain concepts like chemistry and biology to each other and them all just loving each moment of it! And Sniper just holding his hat over his face as the whole entire team just flirts with him as he tries and FAILS to hide how flustered he is! Or Scout and Spy trying to prove that they are in fact NOT gay as the entire team is just like “Bitch what we’ve been dating for like 2 years” 

    OH! And them both trying to prove how manly and badass they are but at night they are def the little spoon. OR the team BEGGING FOR kisses from everyone (which they obviously get)The sadists of the team swooning as they watch their loved ones blow the other team up from the inside out, the like three people who can cook on the team desperately trying to stop the entire team coming inside the kitchen to “help cook.” Medic yells at them all to stop smoking but when someone offers him a cigarette he takes it and shuts up. Speaking of Medic, it will actually start being fair about who they heal instead of just following around Heavy the entire time! 

    The whole entire thing is funny and chaotic and stupid but so so SO loveable and darling! I know I may get a lot of hate, or I may lose a lot of followers (mostly because of SPYSCOUT, even though in this Au they aren’t related) but you know what? I can’t help it, whenever I see a team of people together I always think “Okay but what if they kissed.” I know I didn’t exactly answer the question but EHHHHHH


    (SORRY FOR BEING DEAD! I’M CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH A BIG DEPRESSIVE SLUMP! ASK ME STUFF AND TELL ME YOUR OPINIONS ON THIS! Also, no hate to u if u dislike this, just don’t be mean about it.)

    #tf2 batting helmet #tf2 flash fire #tf2 hop scotch #tf2 heavy hitters #tf2 texas two step #tf2 quick fix #tf2 headcanons#tf2 pyro#tf2 medic#tf2 heavy#tf2 #tf2 Demoman headcanons #tf2 demoman#tf2 engie#tf2 engineer #tf2 speeding bullet #tf2 spyscout #tf2 4th of july #tf2 Boots n bombs #tf2 cold war #tf2 Helmet Party #tf2 Fruit scones #tf2 American Aviators #tf2 Freedom fries #tf2 Molotov #tf2 Bear grill #tf2 texas toast #tf2 burn ward #tf2 flaming arrow #t2 french toast
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  • doobnnoob-tf2
    15.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    prompt: what kind of animal do you think each Merc would like to have?

    Scout: Unrealistically, a cheetah.  But that’s dangerous and also probably illegal.  After he’s thought long and hard about it, he’d probably decide on a horse.  They’re just as playful as dogs, you can still teach them to fetch, and he can decide if he wants to run alongside it or ride on it’s back.  What more could he want?

    Soldier: MORE RACCOONS.  Lots and lots and looooots of raccoons.  But most importantly, he wants a raccoon dog.  He loves their little hands and how crafty they can be.  Not to mention, their beady black eyes and fluffy faces.  He doesn’t understand why his teammates keep trying to tell him to put them outside.  If you didn’t want your stuff chewed on, you should have put it up better!

    Pyro: Jellyfish.  They’re like underwater stars and are surprisingly calming to just sit and watch.  Granted the whole water thing makes them uneasy but as long as the water stays inside the tank, they could make this work.  (”I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine.”)

    Demoman: A komodo dragon.  There’s no other real reason than they look really cool and they’re called dragons.  If anyone is a sucker for mythical creatures, it’s Tavish.  That and they just look real fat, and if there’s anything he loves more than myths and legends, it’s a fat animal.

    Heavy: A cat, if he could only find one he wasn’t worried about hurting due to his large size.  He especially loves kittens, but they’re too small and underfoot for his liking.  Reading a book and having a cat purring on his lap just sounds wonderful to him.  A mostly independent animal suits his tastes better.

    Engineer: A beagle.  Not for hunting purposes, he just loves those big ears and short legs.  And they’re small enough to sit in his lap while he’s working on experiments.  He’d also want a golden retriever, a family dog to lay by his feet.  If he really wanted, he could teach it to bring him his tools as well.

    Medic: As much as he loves and adores his doves, he wants a cockatoo.  Something to match his own goofy personality.  Though he isn’t sure if Archimedes would approve of having a bird larger than herself taking up his attention.  He has a soft spot for white birds in particular, but the Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is the one he’s had his eye on for many years.  A bird he could teach tricks to and even teach to talk back to him for when he gets tired of hearing his own muttering.  Now it’s just a question on who’s soul does he have to sell to get one.

    Sniper: Back before he got into the assassin business, he liked bird watching.  His father would yell at him for wasting his time, climbing trees with a pair of binoculars.  He’d want a kookaburra.  His mum had a wild one that would visit all the time and she’d feed, and thus he began to associate the bird with her.  Maybe he could also teach it to laugh at his jokes..

    Spy: A nice, big boa constrictor.  Maybe it’s because being called a snake so often gave him the thought, maybe it’s just because he wants something viewed as sexual draped across his shoulders.  Or maybe it’s because he has already made floor plans to get an aquarium installed in his smoking room and he knows Scout is terrified of them and it will deter him from barging in again.

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  • mori221c
    15.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    College au short comic

    What happened before this: What happened before:

    Students in BLU planned to retaliate on Mundy's survival game team because they lost to them too many times. Yet Jean leaked the information to RED so their plan didn't work. Jean can no longer stay in BLU, therefore under Mandy's proposal he transfered to RED.


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  • peachdalooza
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    bald man summer

    #keep forgetting to post stuff here #i love heavy still #still practicing to draw him more #lmk what u think #myart#heavy tf2#tf2 #team fortress two #team fortress #team fortress 2 #bald man summer
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  • scoutzone
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    sketched some dads before going to sleep

      insp by @quazies new animation :D

    #sPY YOU'RE HOLDING HIM BY HIS HEAD #heavy#little pootis#tf2
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