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  • cora-cooks-batteries
    21.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    (QUICK POST) What the TF2 mercs would have as Midnight Snacks

    I was crying over school work so I decided to take a break and make a quick post. Don’t worry I’ll get the school work covered. 

    I am throwing the first thing that comes to mind, so I apologize if these aren’t the most accurate.


    Scout: Melted mozerella cheese. Trust me, taste amazing, although he would probably burn his finger

    Soldier: Literally punches his hand through the fridge and eats whatever he grabs first

    Pyro: Marshmellows. And probably smashes the smoke detectors so everyone can have a good nights sleep

    Demoman: If not anything containing alcohol, I think he’d eat a can of beans. 

    Heavy: Sandwich. Obviously.

    Engineer: Would probably eat something healthy like apples and peanut butter

    Medic: He found Scout’s candy stash, and is getting ready to frame someone for his own crime

    Sniper: Bagels. Like plain, without anything on them.

    Spy: He waits till the morning.

    BONUS: Miss Pauling would eat cereal.


    Wish me luck on my French work.

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  • tf2-hellhole
    15.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    You know, I’ve seen quite a lot of love for curvy people (which is amazing, never stop) but I haven’t seen much for the sticks in this world. How would the mercs react to having a tall gangly S/O with self-image issues?


    He assures you that your body is absolutely perfect. He probably says something along the lines of “I mean, look at me. I’m a stick too! Other than the sexy muscles, I guess.”

    He’s not the best at providing encouragement or comfort since it’s hard for him to get himself out of the macho mindset, but he certainly tries his best.

    Whenever you say something degrading about your body or express doubt in your looks, he just quiets you with a big smooch and tells you that you look amazing.


    Honestly thinks that you being tall is kinda hot, and he’s not afraid to say it.

    When he learns of how you feel about your body, he is determined as hell to show you how gorgeous he knows you are. He’s highly that type that looks at you like you’re a goddess and rarely sees any flaws in you or your actions; and he certainly doesn’t see your build or height as a flaw.

    Provides as much support and love as he can to show how much he cares, even though he has some strange methods of going about it.


    They are so sweet about trying to make you feel better about your body. The first time you tell them, they throw their arms around you and tell you how perfect you are, and you know they’re serious because they’re looking up at you in awe like a lovestruck puppy.

    They love showing their appreciation of your body by always pulling you into those tight hugs and smothering you in kisses. They also love affectionately running their hands over your arms, shoulders, and sides when you two cuddle. They never mean to do it in a nasty way, though; it’s just their way of showing their appreciation.


    When you tell him how you feel about your body, he smiles and calmly assures you that he thinks you’re gorgeous, then pulls you close for a big kiss to show you that he’s serious.

    He thinks it’s better for him to not make a big deal out of it, but that doesn’t stop him from showing his support and adoration for you. He always tells you that you look great, especially if you’re in a new and/or fancy outfit and always accompanies his compliments with a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek, forehead, or lips. He also tends to give you lots of soft touches.


    He honestly thinks you being in a relationship with him is kinda funny; here’s this huge, muscular, 6’3”, 400-something man with his skinnier partner who’s MUCH smaller than him.

    When you tell him how you’re feeling, he holds you gently and assures you that you are perfect as is, and probably makes a point about how unrealistic body standards are because he’s struggled with them himself.

    He shows most of his support verbally or through soft touches cause honestly he’s afraid of hurting you with a big bear hug.


    He feels so bad when you tell him about your self-image. He stands you in front of a mirror and tells you how absolutely gorgeous you are, cuddling you closely while he describes what he loves about you.

    Makes a joke along the lines of “At least you’re not short and fat,” which probably leads to you having a conversation with him about his own self-image.

    He loooves pampering you/giving you affection to prove what he thinks of your body. He mainly shows it through physical affection; he loves gently putting his hands on your hips, waist, or arms when cuddling.


    He insists that every body is different; some are long and thin, some are short and thick, and some are a bunch of other things, so you shouldn’t feel bad about yours. Besides, in his opinion, its a very perfect body. You can’t help but laugh as he talks to you; he has a way of saying the sweetest things but sounding like an asshole when he says it since he has such a hard time being sincere.

    He honestly adores your body and he makes sure he shows it. The main way he does it is by bringing you all sorts of cute clothing, and is good at guessing what fits on you well.


    Sniper is obviously the same way; he has a very tall, lanky body. He often makes jokes about it. But he has a funny way of thinking that his body type makes him look ugly and awkward, but he thinks you, with a similar body type, are perfect.

    It ends up with both of you trying to help the other feel better about your bodies. It does make you both feel better to know that the other understands exactly how they feel.

    When you two cuddle, you definitely wrap your limbs around each other,  and Sniper absolutely loves it.


    Spy isn’t particularly tall, but he knows he has skinny limbs and he is a little self-conscious about it, but he will literally never tell you that.

    Like Medic, he’s the type to buy you all sorts of nice clothing, but what Spy buys you will be much more expensive. He always makes sure the clothes show off your body type and are often custom-tailored to fit you perfectly.

    Don’t tell anyone, but like Soldier, he has a thing for taller people, so he doesn’t complain about your height at all, even if you’re actually taller than him.

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  • uwuowotf2ismylife
    02.08.2020 - 1 year ago

    I saw the pregnancy ask and now I'm wondering how they'd react once they hold their baby for the first time, and how they'd spoil them.

    Scout: he won’t shup up after the birth, just trying to talk his nerves away but will freeze like a deer in the headlights when hes given the baby. His eyes water up and he craddles them. He is speechless and makes mental prayes and promises in his head how he will be always there for them and will give him everything he has for a better life

    Soldier: he is suprisingly calm and collected, its almost like hes either having a spiritual experience or he is havinga ptsd flashback. He waits for the doctors/midwife to clean up the baby while he just sits there holding your hand a bit  tight. He wants you first to hold the child and after you havethat bonding moment he will hold it and sniffle “Welcome home little soldier, you just succeeded your first mission” and just holds them like the precious bundle of joy they are

    Engie: emotional is an understatement. Hes the closest to bawling hes ever been in his life and he barely holds it together. He can’t wait and awkwardly hugs you while you are holding the baby. He just blubbers some comfort words and just stares at your child and then back out you, he cant believe this is real, itsjust way to real and he is a mess

    Demo: he is sober and basically has the quitetest mental breakdown he has had in his life. He is shaking and when he is given the baby he just holds it close to his chest, stands up then walks up to you and gives you to hold them while he bear hugs you both. He kisses both of your foreheads and he has the sweetest smile he has ever had in decades

    Heavy:he looks like he has experienced the Gulags all over again, it hurts him beyond comprehension when he sees you in pain but he also knows that birth like all things in life isnaturally painfull and he aint a wuss to  not assist in the delivery room. He just takes the baby with both hands and just promises to them in Russian he will always be there for them to protect them with his life.

    Medic: he is the doctor so he is the one who first holds them, but he also knows skin-to-skin contact is essential for newborns so without a second thought,almost mechanically he cleans them up and gives them to you.Then he snaps, throws the gloves away and just wraps you all in his arms while crying in german( headacanon he has the twin seed inside him)

    Sniper: he is terrified. This is way too real and he cant believe his eyes. He holds them like he was to holda newborn sheep and just looks at them like he can’t believe thats real, the baby is here not in Y/N belly and he is currently holding them. Just stares and tries to photograph them forever in his mind.” Welcome lil roo, daddys got you and he’ll never leave you”

    Spy: ( a fun headcanon would be if he actually had to assist his S/O with the delivery,lets say they got stuck in traffic or the baby really wanted out) he is having many memories and he is crying, so he is just there holding his baby and his S/O crying his heart in french. He can’t leave them, not this one, not like the others. He was never there for any of his childrens births, so this a very real, very raw experience for him. He can’t escape, he can’t leave, his wayy to old for this immature things.He just stays and looks at them and you , he can’t leave, it’ll be a cruelty not even him can commit ()

    #tf2#tf2headcanons#tf2 imagines #tf2 x reader #parent mercs #fluff to cure the sad #angst
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  • shymedicmain
    27.05.2020 - 2 years ago

    Merc Rooms!


    His room is a complete pigsty.

    There are empty bottles, plates and food containers piled on shelves. His wardrobe is empty and he instead leaves his clothes on the floor.

    His pillow is probably on the opposite side of the bed and his covers are on the floor.

    He doesn’t mind that much, the only time he’s in his room is if he’s sleeping or drunk.

    Theres a dangerous amount of bombs carelessly thrown onto a little desk against the wall.

    Stinks of gunpower, alcohol and that musky guy smell.

    (Though there’s no actual food in there, Demo doesn’t like rotten food and wouldn’t leave any in his room)


    Really crowded.

    Although he has a separate room/office for building his sentries and experiments, he has a good few creations in his bedroom. He keeps his favourite tools in his room and his first ever teleporter. It doesn’t work anymore but he takes pride in it.

    He has a desk full of blueprints and pencils, rulers and little trinkets. His guitar leans against the wall beside his desk.

    His actual bed has a hand knitted blanket on it, his momma made it. He has a nightstand with a lamp and a water glass.

    Smells of metal and wood.


    Medic spends most of the day out in the battlefield and the evenings helping a patient. At night, he is still probably working. The man doesn’t sleep and is a complete workaholic.

    So his room is practically untouched.

    He has a wardrobe in the corner of the room that’s full of sweaters and shirts and a few pairs of pants.

    Theres a birdcage that hasn’t been used in a while and a desk piled high with books. God knows what they’re about, they’re all in German.

    Theres a record player in there sometimes but  he usually moves it to the medbay so he can jam out when doing surgery.

    The bed is always made, but it’s pretty plain. White sheets and a beige blanket ontop.

    His nightstand has a simple lamp ontop, aswell as a spare pair of glasses, a romance book and a box of chocolates tucked away in the drawers.

    Smells of books and Medic’s smell. Idk if that makes sense oops. It just smells like him? Every now and then he tracks in blood and that stinks up the place.


    Pyro’s room is a real sight.

    No one but the fireman himself has been inside, as the merc’s respect his privacy(tho some are scared of what they’d find inside.)

    The walls are blackened and burnt from fire, with bright posters plastered ontop. The posters consist of that cat on a branch saying hang in there and various boybands.

    The bed looks quite out of place. It has pink bedsheets with unicorn designs and stickers all over the headboard.

    Theres a basket full of plushies by his nightstand, with unicorn and kitty soft toys.

    Literally just smell of burnt paper.


    You’d think you just walked into a teenage boys room.

    The first thing you’d notice are the posters lining the wall. They’re mainly Boston sporting teams, but there are a couple pictures of Tom Jones littered in there.

    He’s got a bed pushed to the wall and a wardrobe opposite it. The wardrobe is literally full of t-shirts and spare shoes. Theres a baseball bat in there somewhere.

    Theres a rug thrown out and an unused desk with a six pack of bonk sitting on it.

    Smells like aftershave and trainers.


    He wasn’t given a room as he has his camper van.

    His van is very lived in to say the least. It’s charming in a way. Its loved and cleaned often. Sniper adores his trusty abode.

    Surprisingly, despite the man’s height, he fits well.

    There are shelves full of empty jars, a few books, dusty photos and some fishing/hunting trophies.

    Theres a kitchenette with a little counter to sit at. The mini fridge if full of bear and milk. There are cupboards stuffed with cereal, coffee and biscuits. He’s got like two plastic plates tho that have chips in them.

    His rifle leans against the wall by the door, beside a coat-hanger and his boots.

    His bed is crammed in the back. It was originally one of those pull out couches but he just leaves it out. Just a plain white blanket and two worn pillows. The guy naps more than he sleeps so he doesn’t mind.

    Smells like the outdoors and general dude smell.

    Outside the van itself, he defo has a bird feeder set up. Theres probably a lawn chair facing the horizon and a cooler full of beer. 


    His room is a bit of a mess.

    It has very few belongings, just a bed, a wardrobe, a nightstand and a trunk(suitcase type thing) against the wall. He had a desk but he tore it apart because it was a communist desk. Obviously.  

    The walls have a couple cracks and scrapes across them from the soldier’s endeavours. I have no clue what he does in there, but Medic has banned any weapons from being in that room.

    His bed is pretty normal, it’s always made when he gets up.

    Theres one of those pull up bars above his door too!

    It smells like dust and racoon pee sometimes.


    Spy’s room is surprisingly normal.

    You’d expect it to be filled with expensive furniture and cheese but no apparently not.

    The man has gotten so used to moving around for his job he owns very little. He’s grown accustomed to not getting attached to things. The only sort of expensive “pointless” thing in there are the bedsheets. They’re expensive and stuffed with duck feathers.

    His room is very plain. Theres a wardrobe full of suit jackets, dress pants and crisp shirts, a bed against the wall and a desk.

    There are a couple unused knives on his desk and a few cigarette packs. He usually hangs his blazer on the desk chair.

    Theres a rickety old lamp, a French novel and an empty wine glass on his nightstand. He keeps expensive wine in the bottom of his wardrobe too.

    His room has a large enough window, so he keeps an ashtray on the window sill.

    It smells like cigarette smoke, expensive cologne and nail varnish remover.

    (drink everytime i say expensive haha)


    Heavy’s room is a little slice of his home.

    He’s got hand sewn blankets on his bed, a little bookshelf full of books, a desk(tho he doesn’t fit at it very well), and a wardrobe.

    His wardrobe is packed with sweaters and spare bullets for Sasha.

    Theres a little vase full of flowers on his bookshelf and the windows are always open.

    His nightstand has an antique lamp, a picture of his family and an unfinished book ontop.

    He’s probably got a bear skin rug on the floor and he definitely takes off his work boots and replaces them with slippers.

    He probably has a work-in-progress knitted scarf tucked away in his drawers.

    Smells like wood, wool and metal bullets.

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  • yeetfort
    10.10.2019 - 2 years ago

    It’s 9:55 pm

    Ok so self ship fic with medic specifically where medic is just out and about maybe shopping or whatever and also he has Archimedes because he’s a weird fuckin dude and takes his birds everywhere. Archimedes sees u and maybe you have a shiny thing they like in your hair and they go Ape Shitte™ and fly over and land on your head and nest on it like it’s a totally normal thing and ur like “????????????? This sweet little bird just fuckin asserted itself on me but I like it because how cute” and medic immediately crushes hard because this very attractive person (yes, you are extremely attractive, and I don’t mean just your idealized self, I mean YOU! YOU THERE! Handsome, gorgeous, breathtaking) just got absolutely loved up on by his favorite bird, and may I add, a bird that does not like everyone, and he only trusts people that his bird likes and holds them in high respect. ANYWAYS you’ve got this pretty little bird on your head and this dude is like “I’m so sorry, he just gets a little excited around pretty people”. Your fluster meter is at like 100% while this handsome dude who just said you’re good-looking untangles his cute bird from your hair. After walking and talking together a little more and getting to know each other, you’re both just kind of like “guess I’m in love now :/” and like...it just grows from there bro.

    And that’s the meet-cute story you tell your kids and friends.

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  • heavicislit
    23.09.2019 - 2 years ago

    New headcanon, scout learning how to speak French and singing papaoutai by stromae (for spy)

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  • yeetfort
    29.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    Mercs’ pet names for you (and yours for them)


    His for you: “Possum”, “Tinkerbelle”, “Sweetheart”

    Yours for him: calling him your “Big Strong Soldier” absolutely fucking destroys him every time


    His for you: “Sweet Cheeks”, “Cherry Pie”, “Toots”

    Yours for him: “Sweet Thing”, “Stud” (jokingly)


    His for you: “Gorgeous”, “My Dazzling darling/sir/lady”, “Sunshine”

    Yours for him: “Sugar”, “My Love”


    His for you: “Darlin’”, “Honey-pie”, “Puddin’”

    Yours for him: “Punkin” (like pumpkin but way cuter), “Baby”


    His for you: “Kiska”, “Liybimaya”, “Solnishko”

    Yours for him: “Bear”, “Hunk”


    His for you: “mrrrpph”, “mrrphphrrpm!”, and one you’re pretty sure is “Unicorn”

    Yours for him: “Cutie-pie”, “Marshmallow”


    His for you: “Mon Cher/Ma Cherie”, “Mon Petit Chou Chou”, “Mon Coeur”

    Yours for him: “Angel”, “Loulou”


    His for you: “Roo”, “Love”, “Starshine”

    Yours for him: “Snake King”, “Honey”


    His for you: “Schatz”, “Liebe”, “Kätzchen”

    Yours for him: “Doc”, “Darling”

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  • yeetfort
    16.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    Mercs with a pregnant lover,,,please go ham on quirks or protective behaviors i would die for paternal mercs

    Oh my god. Ooooh my god. OoOooOOOhHHHMy GO



    - you know that stupid happy grin he pulls in the comics? It’s that, every time he thinks about it

    - It almost...grounds him a little bit? He’s more sane and down to earth now that you’ve got a little one on the way

    - Starts trying very hard not to randomly yell all the time

    - Still says the same stuff tho, but he says it to ur pregnant tum

    - Shushes other people if they’re being too loud around you

    - Secretly hopes you have a girl


    - This fucking guy. He can’t shut up about it. Tells his friends, absolutely boasts about it

    - When you told him you were pregnant he just whispered “Oh my god we’re having kids” and got all teary eyed about it

    - Will gladly indulge your weird cravings (chocolate covered pickles or some shit) and uh...might actually join in because let’s face it he’ll put some questionable stuff into his mouth

    - Tends to your every need, offers to do literally anything and everything for you

    - You were already his queen but this is a new level of dedication

    - Total adoration. He’s so excited.


    - Shocked because?? What the fuck he never imagined being a dad

    - High key sobers up and gets clean because he wants to set a really good example for his kid(s)

    - Supports you throughout pregnancy, sits with you and will rub your back when it hurts

    - Sings to you and the baby

    - Paints the nursery room and decorates it with you


    - “Oh, you’re pregnant? Well here let me draw up plans for a whole fully-equipped crib that is entirely safety proofed and-“

    - Way overplans for everything!

    - Bought the exact same baby clothes in several different colors, baby-proofs the entire house....you’re only like four months along.

    - Honey slow down

    - If you didn’t want to have the baby sleep in a crib in your own bedroom he would literally have built an entire one-room extension on the base with soundproofing and everything (it almost happened)

    - Definitely sets up an extra sentry outside ur window...just in case



    - Picks you up and holds you and is like “mess with my s/o and you fucking die”

    - Tells his family; they are so happy for you!!!

    - He’s kinda overprotective, doesn’t like for you to be by yourself for too long

    - Side note: Zhanna is the BEST sister in law and offers to babysit in the future. Somehow you don’t foresee it ending terribly well.

    - He wants to teach his child how to read very early on in life and gets both English and Russian children’s books

    - As the due date comes closer he gets more and more excited and you talk about it more often

    - Just.....family


    - *muffled “HUDDAH!!”*

    - Paints the room into pyroland; rainbows, unicorns, cotton candy clouds - you name it, it’s in there

    - Except that uh...it was all just straight up murals of fire at first. Some of it stayed, but you worked the nicer stuff in

    - Super excited when your baby bump becomes more noticeable

    - Full of love


    - initially, he is extremely nervous about having a kid

    - After all....last time he did, it didn’t go so well. He’s still very shameful about it.

    - However, when he sees you light up talking about your future together with a child he can’t help but smile and encourage your vision

    - He is determined not to repeat his past mistakes and stays by your side the whole way through

    - He adores you and will always be ready to protect you and your baby


    - Gets all sniffly and just brings you in wraps his arms around you and tells you how much he loves you

    - He doesn’t think that he’s fit to be a dad, but nearly every day you tell him how great he’ll be, and he feels just a little more confident

    - Will off a motherfucker if they say anything to you that makes you even mildly upset

    - Buys so many animal books. So many.

    - Cleans and cooks for you especially on days when it’s a little worse

    - Still in total disbelief that he will be Dad Man™


    - Usually he’s not all touchy feely but after you tell him you’re pregnant this changes drastically

    - Lifts you off your feet in a sweeping, strong hug and giggles while kissing you

    - Becomes...very soft....

    - Unless someone tries to fuck with you and then wow that is far too graphic to go over in a cute fluff post

    - He checks your health very often and makes sure you get everything you need

    - Very good at helping thru morning sickness, and afterwards he sits with you for a while and pets your tummy absentmindedly while you rest and he reads

    - Somehow, the entire situation calms him down as a person and he’s just kind of mellow and lovey.

    A/N: I may be going on a temporary hiatus for about a week or so to get settled into college. I am not leaving you!!! I shall be back shortly. Thank you all so much for choosing to follow me, and I look forward to writing more for you soon!

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  • yeetfort
    14.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    Mercs with a lover who's autistic and rocks and chews to stim, and is mortified when their mercenary bf finds out because they're so used to getting bullied over it?

    Okay so I’m not autistic, but I tried to be as respectful as possible when answering these! The last thing I would want to do is spread misinformation, so please tell me if something is offensive or just flatout incorrect!

    Soldier usually abides by “everyone’s business is their own”, and he really wasn’t trying to pry, but he just curiously asks what you’re doing. After you tell him, he can’t understand why you’re SO embarrassed, but tells you that you don’t have to hide it and in fact should be proud that something so little makes you so happy!

    Scout laughs upon seeing it just because he wasn’t expecting it, but when he sees how embarrassed and upset you are, he apologizes profusely and assures you that he isn’t making fun of you. He probably offers to beat up any stupid mfs that try to make you feel bad about it.

    Demo doesn’t think it’s any “weirder” or more shameful than being absolutely shitfaced 95% of the time. Realistically, he probably wouldn’t have noticed at all had you not said anything. He tells you not to worry, that it’s perfectly normal and good as long as it’s making you happy.

    Engie actively encourages it as an outlet for you. He probably makes you new chewables when your old ones start to get rough-lookin. The ones he makes don’t wear out nearly as fast! He thinks it’s sweet that you prefer his.

    Heavy can understand why you might not want anyone to see you stimming after you explain to him about being taunted for it. He’ll respect your space if you want to do it in private only, but he doesn’t mind it at all if you’re doing it in his presence.

    Pyro would never have even thought to make fun of you for it?? He does it all the time! (Although he chews when no one else is looking because he has to remove part of the mask.) He thought everyone did that, just in private, so really he’s more just sorry to have walked in on you! You start doing it around each other regularly without fear of shame.

    Spy has seen everything. Out of all the things he’s had to bear witness to, on the scale of “slightly strange” to “grossly offensive”, this just doesn’t even rank. You’re not bothering anyone, so why poke at it? He just lets you do you.

    Sniper just shrugs and carries on. What does he have against it? Nothing. If you’re really worried about it, he’ll reassure you that it doesn’t make him think any differently of you and that as long as it’s beneficial for you, to keep on with it.

    Medic has seen many cases with patients on the autism spectrum throughout the years, especially in medical school, so this isn’t anything new or shocking. It can actually help him to tell when you’re happy or getting too nervous/overstimulated in a given situation, and he’ll help you away from it.

    A/N: sorry for not posting in a few days. I’m not going to be able to post as much very soon, but I will try to complete a request at least a few times a week! Thanks!!

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  • yeetfort
    12.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    Hcs for medic with an s/o whos a dumb bitch and cant get shit and doesnt know things but still rlly likes when he explains shit,,,

    I’m gonna tell you what I DON’T do....I don’t KNOW shit, I don’t GET stuff, and I don’t understand THINGS.

    Medic and curious lil dummy S/O

    - it’s not that you’re stupid but...

    - Well, you’re really curious about everything, but are too excited to know what it is that you don’t use any critical thinking skills

    - He’s really patient with you surprisingly. It seems like it would be something that might drive him up the wall, but he loves to share his interests with you

    - He’ll be working on something and will tell you what he’s doing while he’s doing it

    - He infodumps without realizing it a lot, which you don’t mind even if you don’t get what he’s talking about

    - Sometimes he surprise kisses you to get you to shut up and stop asking questions for a little bit

    - You’re too flustered for a little while after that to even comprehend anything

    - Also, you don’t seem to absorb literally any information whatsoever unless he explicitly tells you every detail.

    - Secretly, you sometimes just ask about things so you can hear him talk

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  • yeetfort
    10.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    Hi there if you're feeling up to it, could u do a headcanon of how mercs would react to an s/o with ptsd? How would they handle flashbacks, night terrors, etc?

    Ahyy night terror gang (they aren’t fun but hey at least we aren’t alone) and also I don’t know very much about ptsd and I looked up some stuff but I’m sorry if some of it is inaccurate!

    Soldier likely has PTSD himself, and can see when your eyes become wide and glazed over remembering and reliving a traumatic event. Sometimes it’s out of nowhere, but he is always prepared to console you.

    Scout finds u sleepwalking during a nightmare. He remembers reading that he shouldn’t touch you or try to wake you up, but it pains him to see you walking around helplessly, especially if you’re crying.

    Demo can tell when you’re in a particularly negative mood. He’ll sing songs with you and tell stories to pass the time. Maybe, if only just for a little while, he can make you forget it all like it never happened.

    Engie holds your hands tightly to ground you during flashbacks. He can’t stand when he looks at you in the eyes and you’re just...somewhere else entirely. Somewhere bad. A place he just wants to be able to bring you away from forever and hold you tight so that you never have to go back.

    Heavy has had his fair share of extremely traumatic events that he’s had to move past, so he regularly helps you go to therapy and find healthy coping mechanisms. He promises you that even though the experiences and memories may never go away, the pain can be eased. He’s a wonderful support system.

    Pyro doesn’t immediately understand what’s wrong, but tries his best to “cheer you up” when you’re emotionally not doing so hot. After being together for a while, you confide in him what the problem is, and maybe even tell him exactly what happened. He does his best to keep you away from your triggers.

    Spy knows the gravity of the situation you’re in, and tells you that he’s willing to help you in any way he can. He is physically by your side 100% of the time if you know you’re in a fragile state that day or if you think you might encounter anything that could trigger a flashback.

    Sniper knew since before you were together. You’d told him about it when you were still just friendly with each other, and he regularly helped you through some serious flashbacks. He reminds you to take your meds every morning and night if you have any, and always takes you to do something fun after therapy as an incentive to go.

    Medic had known that you were prescribed medications for the condition, but had ever seen it firsthand. He woke up one night next to you in bed in kind of a daze, and realized that you were breathing irregularly and crying in your sleep. You screamed once and were immediately awake. This happens every so often, and when it does, he’ll hold you and tell you sweet nothings until you can fall asleep again.

    I’m sorry these took so long! Got kind of busy the last few days.

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  • yeetfort
    08.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    Could you write something about how which mercs are more traditional in their relationship when it comes to gender roles and more old timey dating “rules”

    Me likey, anon. Also, I’m gonna assume you’re talking about a fem S/O just because of the dynamics at play

    Soldier is such a mixture of it. He holds himself to “man standards”, but does not expect you to follow any particular rules regarding gender. His manliness is more of the WarriorMale variety! Anyone can be manly!

    Scout sure might act like he’s some big shot frat boy, but when it comes down to it, 70% of his BONK drinks are Respect Women Juice™. He does like to be the one to pay for dinner and calls you “his girl”. He’s a little possessive, but more in the “clingy because he adores you” way.

    Demo doesn’t give a fuck, as long as you’ll drink with him. He does secretly get a little turned on when you go full feminine in the bedroom, maybe with some lacy lingerie of your fave color. He appreciates when you’re more emotionally soft and sensitive, but he never forces you to be like that.

    Engie is definitely influenced by gendered customs but doesn’t always expect them. He prefers a gf who’s a bit shorter than he is, if just by a little. He’s such a sucker for a housewife and likes good domestic traits like if you work well with kids and are great at cooking/cleaning. This man just wants to be a really good hubby.

    Heavy thinks very highly of women in general, but when he’s in a relationship, he feels like he needs to protect you at all costs. He might not let you do certain “dangerous” activities with him or hold his guns/weapons because of his concern for your wellbeing.

    Pyro - cannot care less about stupid social rules; he just wants to be with you. Although, he’d really prefer his S/O to like the same “””girly””” stuff he does!

    Spy appreciates a “womanly” S/O who appears refined and sophisticated. He’ll have you wear stylish dresses and jewelry and kind of have you hang off of his arm when you’re walking around together on a date. He probably spends exorbitant amounts of money on high quality perfume and makeup for you to wear for him.

    Sniper doesn’t necessarily care about how other people view your relationship roles, but likes to be reminded every once in a while that someone needs him. He wants someone to really depend upon him for affection.

    Medic treats you like a lady, as it might be best described. He’ll be very gentlemanly with you on a date, and at home he’ll want you to act more subservient to him. Even though he knows you have a strong character, he’s the dominant one in the relationship and by god will he make sure that you know it.

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  • yeetfort
    05.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    how about the mercs with a S/O who collects and takes care of snakes! (snakes are so goddamn cute)

    I agree they are SO cute! Personally, yellow/orange corn snakes are my fave! (I like to call them “candy corn snakes”)

    Soldier likes the ones that are really well-camouflaged, and compliments them directly: “You, sir, are hard to spot! A covert agent! We need more men like you!” Sometimes you’ll find him holding one and telling it how big and strong it is.

    Scout draws them all the time. Sometimes they’ll be good little models and stay still, but occasionally they’ll get wiggly and not stay in the same spot for very long so he just draws them as little doodle noodles. He sticks them in your wall as little presents from him.

    Demo thinks that the venomous ones are fascinating. However, he knows not to fuck with them, and lets you do most of the handling, even for the non-venomous ones. Even though it’s from afar, he’s a fan and actively encourages your interests!

    Engie grew up in Texas, and is very wary of snakes. He saw a few idiot friends get bitten by rattlers in his childhood, and when you showed him the few snakes you kept, his hair stood on end. He thinks they’re pretty to look at and supports your enthusiasm for them, but honestly? He really hopes you don’t ask him to feed them or anything.

    Heavy has a very high regard for the natural world in general and will help you take care of them. They strike him as being very intelligent little creatures, and he treats them as such. You like to tell him snake facts whenever you’re handling them together, and he always enjoys hearing about them.

    Pyro only sees babeys whenever your snakes are out and about. If you have a Burmese Python, that would be his favorite! They’re like big, squishy noodles that just happen to have sharp mouths! He holds them often and “kisses” their lil heads with his mask on.

    Spy appreciates the snakes that employ mimicry in their coloring, like the scarlet kingsnake imitating the coral snake. They can be very sneaky like he is, and sometimes if you have them out, one will slither by his feet and he’ll lean down to let it climb up his arm. It kind of warms his heart that you are willing to share your (admittedly, very cool) interest with him.

    Sniper is the Snake KING! This guy grew up with them and he loves them to death, but respects that they are fierce and sometimes dangerous creatures. He will actively hunt out very rare snakes to take back so you can keep them. Oftentimes you’ll sit together and a tiny snake will be curled around both of your arms. You’re basically running a little zoo together.

    Medic probably freaks the fuck out the first time he sees you holding one. It’s a snake! They eat birds! You gently explain that not all snakes eat birds and yours won’t try since they’re fed well and also locked up. He comes around fairly quickly, particularly after seeing some of the especially cute ones, like the little green garden snakes.

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  • yeetfort
    05.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    What are the mercs ideal perfect date?

    I’m sorry I haven’t posted like all day today. Rough night last night (migraine gang anyone?)

    Anyways these were..so cute and nice to write and I just....this one is sweet ok

    Soldier - Date night would probably be full of exploding stuff, whether that means you shoot off bottle rockets in the desert while the sun sets or through the windows of the opposing team’s base.

    Scout - Ideally, he would like to take you out to a nice dinner like spy would, but he’s kind of broke. Fuck it, he says, and you instead get hot dogs from a 7/11 and go around back to the dumpster to hit beer cans and fluorescent lightbulbs with his baseball bat. He scores more hits than you, but you put up a good fight! It’s a perfect night (and probably ends in some sweet sex tbh).

    Demo - He prefers to stay in together for the night and make fruity cocktails for you and have some dance music playing. Some of it will be partying music, but occasionally a slow song will come on and you’ll lean into each other and sway gently to the rhythm.

    Engie - You would bake something together, and it would probably be apple pie. You’d sit on the couch and watch a movie while you ate; he always wants to let you choose which movie to watch.

    Heavy - Another man that likes to cook with/for you. He will almost certainly make something from his culture, like piroshkis (he quickly caught on that these were your fave). Afterwards, you’d sit leaning against his arm and read together until one or both of you fell asleep.

    Pyro - Bonfire, bonfire, bonfire! You make a big stone pit behind the base to house the flames. You’ll have those pine cones and powder that you can throw in to make the fire light up pretty colors! He just loves to see you in the soft glow of the sparks before you (even though for him it’s more like you’re basking in the light of a rainbow fountain).

    Spy - Augh, this guy is SO cheesy and he knows it! He goes all out sometimes, with a fancy dinner and wine and late night shopping in some fairly expensive brand stores. He almost always gets you a really nice piece of jewelry without your noticing so he can surprise you later when you get home. You have a small....collection, now.

    Sniper - He tells you to pack an overnight bag and takes you way out to a place with no cities for miles. You do a little bit of night hunting and maybe have a little fire and tell each other stories until the sun goes down. When it finally sets, you climb up his camper and lay down to see the endless expanse of stars before you. There’s no light pollution out this far, and you can even see the dust of the Milky Way. You probably shared your first kiss like this.

    Medic - Surprisingly, even though he’s normally a crazy bastard, medic likes a relatively normal and tame date: you’ll go out to a nice but not too lavish dinner, catch a movie (he’s a sucker for drive-in theaters, if you can find one). The whole time he’ll just gush over you and how nice you look and tell you how much he loves you. Before you started going out, you didn’t know he had such a sweet side!

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  • yeetfort
    02.08.2019 - 2 years ago

    ahhh headcanons for when the mercs find self harm scars on the reader? or maybe having caught them in the act or somethin?

    Anonymous said: “Angsty hurt/comforty thing...Mercs reaction to walking in on a lover self harming pretty badly? (Bad as in cutting so much or so deep blood is pouring everywhere, bad as in biting themselves so much you cant see any bare skin not covered in teeth marks, bad as in skin so burnt up from cigarette or fire burns it statys to flake, boil, or peel)”

    I’m combining these two asks because I feel that they’re very similar. Post will be tagged for trigger warnings. This one is gonna be just a little bit gruesome in some parts. Also it’s a mix of types of self harm, just a heads-up.

    Soldier probably came rushing to you when he heard you crying, even though you were trying to be quiet. An inch-long pocket knife is about halfway deep in the meat of your forearm. At first he thinks you’ve accidentally stabbed yourself, but shortly after realizes that you did it very much on purpose. He asks you why. You don’t have an answer.

    Scout asks if you want to go out for drinks and clubbing and you agree. During the night when he’s watching you laugh and dance he notices little discolored patches of skin all around your wrists and neck that he hadn’t recalled seeing before. He’s not sure exactly what it is, so he asks about it. He’s horrified when you tell him the truth, and doesn’t let you stay by yourself for a while after that.

    Demo has always been suspicious that the bruises all over your body aren’t just from you being a particularly clumsy person. Especially when he sees your bleeding and scarred knuckles and a few fresh spots on your chest and stomach. He knows he has to confront you about it, to get you some help, but he doesn’t know how.

    Engie received a very serious shock when he found you dressing huge fresh wounds on your arms and hands. You can say that it’s from a mechanical accident, it’s not that serious, but the used razor in the bottom of the trash can betrays you. He tells you that if the urge comes back to do something so awful again to go to him and he would keep you safe until you started feeling better.

    Heavy has been through this before, and he doesn’t want to let you continue on that path. He shows you old scars just beneath his ribs, and does everything in his power to help you break your cycle. He’ll still catch you in some of the worst of it though, with you leaning over the sink with a face full of glass and a shattered mirror. He puts pads on things with sharp corners to try to make your living space just a little bit safer. It doesn’t work.

    Pyro has the same awful burns as you, although they aren’t in the same places and didn’t get there the same way. After you come clean, you two sort of bond over it, but he knows. He knows you can’t help yourself and still fall victim to the same habit, and desperately tries to convince you that hurting yourself like this isn’t the answer.

    Spy sees how you bite your nails when he cloaks around you and you think no one is watching. No, not just bite - rip and tear them off your fingers until they bleed, and then tear the skin around them too. You don’t stop until you can’t get at any more of them. He hates seeing you destroy your beautiful self, and so badly wants to restrain your hands so that you can’t, but he doesn’t want to shame you.

    Sniper initially chalks up all of those tiny red spots as being bites from ants or fleas or mosquitos. Sometimes one is abnormally long. Over time, he notices that they aren’t going away, either. He catches you digging deep into your skin with your nails almost absentmindedly, as if it’s routine. He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t understand how you could be so brutal to yourself. He probably cries thinking about it.

    Medic has known for a long, long time. It was one of the first things he came to know about you after your first medical screening. He isn’t stupid, he knows that those scratches aren’t from your animals or because you had a particularly itchy bug bite. Those long, grooves scratches along your legs are not the first of their kind that he has seen. He often dresses your wounds and pleads with you to stop hurting the one person he loves and cherishes the most.

    Okay sad time is over the next few asks I’m answering are real sweet stuff!

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  • bubbz-i-guess
    08.10.2018 - 3 years ago

    *looks at snipes emotional state* that's a lotta damage!

    Now, befriending sniper in and of itself is an impressive feat. He’s not a wallflower, per se, and is actually quite comfortable in most social situations, but he still prefers his own company most of the time. Him liking you is different from being his friend, he likes most people, and has made many acquaintances from driving in his van from place to place, and because you (lucky you) caught him in a contract and not on the road, somehow you have miraculously befriended him.

     This, no doubt baffles him to no end.

    Prepare to be surprised as sniper acts extroverted around you, cracking jokes and basically being a walking meme.

    #tf2headcanons#sniper tf2#sniper #wip dont touch please caboose
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  • mostlyspyheadcanons-blog
    29.04.2018 - 4 years ago

    Hon hon! Headcanons galore!

    Hey there! Welcome to my account. This page will consist of mostly TF2 content, more specifically headcanons. Mostly Spy ones though, because I cannot get enough of that sexy beast.

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  • textsfromfandom-blog
    08.11.2012 - 9 years ago

    Dual texts #1978

    Game of Thrones vs. Team Fortress:

    (Source: textsfromsevenkingdoms)

    (Source: tf2headcanons)

    #game of thrones #Team Fortress#textsfromsevenkingdoms#tf2headcanons#tfln #texts from last night
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