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  • adamsparirsh
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    9 & 15 for the fic writer asks, if you want to answer ✨🌷✨

    9. what's your writing process like?

    hm. usually i have a half-baked idea, i outline a preliminary story with a your standard beginning, middle, and end, and then i try (usually) to write based off that outline. it's funny–some fics i don't need to outline, but others (like an actual novel or a longer fic) i tend to outline because otherwise i'll completely forget where i'm going. i don't necessarily stick to the outline beat by beat though! if my characters don't fit, then i'll edit the outline first :)

    15. answered here ❤️

    fanfic asks!

    #lvnce-mcclain #thank u!!!!
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  • indigostars
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    tomorrow the kenobi series begins and i will not apologize for who i become — and mark my words, i will become annoyingly insane 🤪

    #thank u for listening to my ted talk #now if you’ll excuse me i’m going to go bounce off the walls and froth at the mouth #kenobi series#rambling
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  • mrreese
    26.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    How about Raylan for the character bingo? (unless you alread did it, I didn't see one though lol)

    that’s my emotional support cowboy 🤠🖤

    #the cowboy thing works for him i dunno man i can’t deny the allure #the reason i say im mentally ill about him #… #ill be at work right? #and i’ll be reshelving books listening to my raylan givens angry gay cowboy playlist #which is a mistake because inevitably i will double over in emotional agony #and i can’t even watch the show like a normal person #im constantly pausing the screen turning to my family like ‘did u see the face he made there?? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? what was he FEELING??’ #overanalyzing every face journey like its a damn sport #while my family cries because one 40 minute ep takes 2 hours to get thru 🫣😂 #thank u so much for the ask <33 #asks
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  • adamsparirsh
    26.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    deep fic writer asks 12 & 14 :)

    12. what's your perfect environment to write/create in?

    ideally, i'm sitting in a coffee shop and it's raining. in reality, anywhere in which i'm undisturbed for a few hours! whether i'm alone in my apartment, outside in a park, sitting at a cafe, in the library at school. anywhere i can lose myself in the focus.

    i'm very solitary when it comes to creating! i like to be alone because i'm more vulnerable when i can be alone with it.

    14. do you compare yourself to other writers? in a positive or negative way?

    oh absolutely! i think we all naturally compare ourselves to others. i do it in both ways i think! i have major imposter syndrome, but at the same time, i'll find ways in which my writing can be compared to other writers that i love and appreciate!

    fanfic asks!

    #jackluvsdaniel #thank u!!!!
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  • nostalgia-tblr
    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    no fuckin way is the longest thing i've written this year going to be this julian/lauren thing that isn't even pornographic enough to get the Explicit-rating clicks. WHY HAVE I DONE THIS TO MYSELF.

    (2790 words and there's at least three scenes left to write 😐)

    #fanfic things #i just hope there's an audience for this pairing #but i'd write it anyway so does that even matter? #but it'd be nice if people read it #u kno how it is #SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A LAST NAME!!! FFS!!! #i'm just really into that assortment of freaks okay #literally the only way i can top 10k words is with dr who babyfic and i've done enough of those thanks #it's probably M-rated if I use the f-bomb that's in my notes
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  • gothiero
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    HELLO MAR 💫 what’s your favorite saw trap??

    HI SIOBHANBFBDNGF!!!! I like thheeeeeee. The one from saw two where the girl puts her hands thru the glass box thing to get the syringe thing and then she gets trapped by Blades. i like that one. And i also like the one where strahm is put in a glass box and water fills it and then he has to stab himself in the throat because that was hot. And i like the glass coffin. And i like th

    #I like a lot of them . #siobhan #thank u for the ask!! #saw
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  • walnutcookie
    26.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    hot new lazy theme in the making

    #thank you @emailemoji for showing me the calendar i will be putting u in the code credits
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  • pftones3482
    26.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Hmmm... Phineas and Ferb paying a visit to their star and catching up?

    "You added a smoothie menu? That's SICK!"

    "Well now it can't be called a milkshake bar."

    "Oh shoot you're right....hmm...Shooting Star Shakes and Smoothies!"

    "Phineas, are you trying to get people with lisps to hunt you down?"

    #listen this is more so me just goofing off and fucking around but genuinely might revisit this prompt later #i need non-perry prompts lmao so many of my fics center on him rn #thank u!!! #thescarlettempress#pnf#asks #phineas and ferb #writing prompts
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  • adamsparirsh
    26.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    1, 6 & 15 for the deep fic asks pls and thank youuuuu!! If you’ve done those, or they don’t spark joy, swap ‘em out!!

    1. what's the fic you're most proud of?

    there's two that i'm proud of, and for different reasons! the first is here everyone knows (you're the way to my heart), because it was the fic that got me back into writing and i'm so fucking happy that i did because it has been very healing!

    the second is across our great divide (a glorious sunrise) because it's the most words i've ever written at once, and it was a difficult subject matter, but it was so rewarding to write.

    6. what's the hardest part of the writing process for you?

    i think actually executing the story. i can cook up a million plots, but when it comes to writing it, i get nervous that i won't actually be able to do my idea (or someone else's idea) justice! that's why it takes me one million years to finish prompts lol (sorry!!)

    15. how do you think your writing has improved over time?

    oh man. just by virtue of getting older and maturing, my writing has automatically improved. grammatically, content-wise, style-wise, i've really come into my own and (i think) developed a recognizable style.

    fanfic asks!

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  • correctmandos
    26.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago



    OH. MY. GOD.

    ok ok initial thoughts:


    also. i cant wait to see more of greef karga i missed him so much i want to see more of grandpa <3


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  • hanjin
    26.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Hey! Pretty out of nowhere, but just wanted to say your gifs are so smooth??? Like. How??? I've been following for a while, but just saw a Han gifset and had to stop and stare because ✨️quality✨️

    Anyways thanks for your services we love you bye~

    wahhh thank u so much this is so sweet of u 😭 it's honestly just hoping for the best w colouring... JSKGJKAGJ

    #replies#anonymous #what a lovely message thank u for this anon ♡
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  • urmumhaha
    26.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Well did you miss me?

    Walk on water just to kiss me?

    #my face#lesbian#femme lesbian #say thank u for this post btw #anyways happy thirsty Thursday
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  • montliyets
    26.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    jasmine please spare some saskia (& saskia/nick) facts ….. i am begging on my hands and knees ….. 💖🥺

    WHEHEHEHEHEHE ask and you shall receive my beloved, i’m FULL of saskia fun facts <33

    SO as i said in her edit, she’s the daughter of a very affluent architect who worked on several building plans for aeon and she’s following in his footsteps!! her father is a second gen japanese immigrant while her mother is a first gen dutch immigrant!!

    she’s not a ment (#normalgirl), with a pollard score of four, and she kinda.... mocks ments (which is part of why audra ADORES her). having come with her father to work so often as a kid, she’s met more than her fair share of egotistical asswipes

    except gray <3 gray is her buddy, her little scrunkly, and she ran more in his circle of friends, which is why she and nick/audra had never met (and why nick felt total betrayal upon learning gray has known her for so long and never introduced them)

    speaking of, i loveeeee her and nick’s meet cute. saskia is her father’s “apprentice” of sorts and when she came by aeon to oversee some of his plans, nick was like 👀 hello who is this. nick is super used to people kissing his ass and acting all starstruck when they meet him, so when she has absolutely zero reaction to seeing The Justice, he has to double check and is like “ahaha do you know who i am? 🫦” to which she bluntly responds “should i?” and to nick it’s like omg...... beautiful woman who doesn’t know my reputation and kinda dislikes me........ WIN!!!!!

    and when he does "confess” he’s justice she’s like,, yeah duh i already know. nice callsign btw did you mom pick it out for you. and nick’s like omg you lied!! and she’s like well technically i didn’t lie, i’m just not the type to fangirl over a ment. did you actually think there’s someone in this city who doesn’t know who you are? but instead of making him feel dumb she gets serious and says it’s okay, i prefer nick wiseman to justice. and that’s when he falls head over heels for her

    but back to the fun facts!! she’s an only child and she loves her parents very deeply, and they love her!! they also love nick soooooo much (he got on their good side by learning how to cook some of their cultural dishes) and he loves them back because it’s nice to see a complete family so happy together for once :((( sadge…

    she is extremely unimpressed by literally everything and nick takes it as the perfect challenge to try charming her with his winning charisma. and this king did literally EVERYTHING to try to get her to fall in love with him, he pined hard, and saskia was acutely aware of this whenever they hung out despite insisting their friendship was platonic. he was always upfront about his interest in her and she was in deep, deep denial she felt the same way. she was trying to avoid the responsibility you feel when someone loves you, y’know?? she didn’t want to power that comes with that

    so when she finally comes to terms with herself and musters the courage to tell him that yes, she does like him back he’s like..... holy shit that’s the best thing i’ve ever heard

    when they started dating, saskia made it very clear how much she did NOT want to be in the public eye, so nick kept it a secret from EVERYONE including audra :(( and audra.. did not take this well. at one point saskia came by the house to drop something off and audra answered and could tell something was off and gave nick an opportunity to confess, but he lied and said she was just a friend. so when audra saw the paparazzi photos she exploded (like,, audra is an open book to him and he keeps secrets from her???) and it caused a brief rift in their relationship bc like i’ve said before, audra really struggles seeing other ppl’s perspectives :((

    part of saskia’s “arc” is dealing with the massive public scrutiny she faced when their relationship was exposed. it was overwhelming to see such backlash and to deal with a bombardment of photographs and reporters 24/7 and she even started having panic attacks for the first time in her life and this was SUPER foreign to saskia because she’s literally Saskia!! she’s confident !! untouchable !! but not anymore :((

    on social media especially lots of justice fangirls acted absolutely insane over her when it became apparent that she’s not just another one of his flings, and in retaliation saskia got super passive aggressive fhjjhsjhs like the you wish you were me on her ig story. her twitter bio is “yeah my boyfriend is justice :)”

    the turbulence of their relationship does eventually even out (thank GOD bc that was a rollercoaster) and audra becomes super close with her and everything is sunshine n rainbows !! i mean until nick explodes but, y’know

    this was an infodump gjhssdhjskj but here are quicker facts!!

    saskia bullies nick all the time (once nick snuck up behind her and covered her eyes and said “guess” and she said “i could smell justice’s 3-in-1 shampoo from here” and it devastated him because he takes such good care of his hair)

    BUT she sees how hard he tries with his family and how much of the burden of the wisemans fell on his shoulders and even before dating one of her biggest priorities is to support him in the way he’s always supported others 🥺

    like that dream nick has of opening a restaurant when he retires?? saskia designed it for him <3

    nick brings her fun lil drinks while she works and ofc cooks for her all of the time. she has to beg him to eat out once in a while bc all of their date nights would be at home otherwise

    she’s the epitome of Big Brother’s Cool Girlfriend and gives audra sisterly advice about her love life (which audra desperately needs as a serial romantic)

    wow this is super long jsfhjfhsjhdf i hope u enjoyed i love her sooooooo much

    #it's comical how nick and audra have such similar taste in partners sjjhfjhs they both fell for the cold intimidating type #and cyberstalked them after meeting #dndjsjdndhdjk thank u for asking sophie i am. truly obsessed as u can tell 💕💕💕 #they are so sweet i’m a sucker for couples where the girl has zero emotions and can barely crack a smile for a guy who is super slutty #but is only interested in her :woozy: #letters#shadowglens #ch: saskia tsutsui
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  • sosaysdean
    26.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    omg i just read stanford era deans email from today and it made me feel so !!!!!!!!!!!! like he ran his fingers through a boys hair!!! and the boy was laying with his head in deans lap!!!!! and then that boy kissed him like what!!!! I JUST WANT TO PROTECT HIM FROM EVERYTHING

    he just wants to sit down and relax with someone nice on his lap but alas. the world is cruel

    #thank u for reading 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #he’s a mess #ask#alovelyhorror
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  • solareidolon
    26.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    for the bingo, michael from your podcasts. you know the one. <3

    bestie thats so unhelpful <3 gonna answer for the two im the most invested in

    Michael Distortion:


    i think he's lovely <3 but i really dont like how a lot of the fandom characterizes/portrays him? particularly his appearance (also he/it michael my Beloved)

    Mike Crew:

    mike my darling <3 hes one of the most characters ever lmao he went shopping for leitners he found multiple n just decided he didnt like the first few he showed up for less than an episode before being immediately shot in the head he went from offering tea to almost killing jon in like 0.5 seconds because he was rude

    i just think hes neat

    #also. both are very shippable with gerry <3 #everyone's very shippable with gerry tho #thanks for the ask :) <3 #u can have more cookies if u want #gardenerofstars
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  • boywizard
    26.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago


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  • sweatyfrank
    26.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    Send me some pokemon to draw <3

    #plz and thank u. #i just wanna to DRAW
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  • juniperhillpatient
    26.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    What made you gravitate towards Azula?

    Hm, this is a great question :) My family watched Avatar over quarantine & I fell in love with the entire story & every character. The dangerous ladies were always going to be some of my favorite characters simply because scary capable lady badasses are always going to be some of my favorite characters. Bonus points for being morally ambiguous villains trapped in a mindset because of adults & not necessarily being truly evil. Extra bonus points for Azula for having lots of Mommy & Daddy issues AND being part of a pair of super fucked up dysfunctional siblings AND the scariest AND saddest villain of the show. She just checks all my boxes.

    But those are the obvious reasons that as I was watching for the first time I latched onto Azula. If it was just those surface-level traits that I tend to enjoy in a character I would've moved on & become less obsessed by now. I'm still obsessed with Azula still writing fics & metas about her because I think there's endless untapped potential.

    Right away when I finished the show with basically no contact with fandom I wanted to join fandom & read what other people thought about Azula & I wanted to start writing about her because canon really did leave her story feeling unfinished. I'll go against the grain from many fans & say I overall felt satisfied with Avatara's conclusion besides a few major issues that could have been easily solved (namely Zuko as Firelord but this post isn't about him so I won't get into that). I have nothing against tragic villains but in the end, we didn't even get to learn what HAPPENED to Azula & the fact that she was so tragic & in such a similar position to Zuko, Mai & Ty Lee who all got happy endings - I think we could've gotten something more hopeful with her. (Don't get me started on the comics). I would have been a thousand times happier if we just heard a side comment saying she's improving - maybe that Zuko had visited her & she's doing better - SOMETHING.

    So - I'm always always gonna latch on when there's an untold story left at the end of a show & especially when there are aspects I was unhappy with.

    Also though, she's a character that will just simply never be boring & because we mainly only got her at her most brainwashed & wicked & at her absolute mental breakdown - there's so much left to explore about this girl whose father burned her brother's face in front of her, who's mother abandoned her without a goodbye & whom she believed never loved her, who's friends betrayed her because they had no choice. The snippets we got in The Beach are some of my favorite moments because we get to see Azula trying to interact normally & it's both hilarious & devastatingly sad.

    I'm in fandom for the theories & headcanons & alternate universes & fanfictions exploring the different directions you can go. There are SO many stories left to tell about Azula. She's a hypercompetent villain but she's also a child soldier who was traumatized both by the war & by her parents. She was betrayed by everyone she ever loved. She's a manipulative mastermind & she's also a socially awkward mess. I find her to be one of the most complicated & endlessly interesting fictional characters I've ever gotten into. There's so much I want to see - how would Azula interact with the gaang outside of combat? How could reuniting with her mother go? (we don't talk about the comics here) How could she unlearn her father's ideology? How would a romantic relationship look for someone like her? Could she & Zuko ever be close & learn to understand each other? How difficult could that be? There's so much we don't know & that it is so fun to imagine.

    So, those are the reasons I'm drawn in & the reasons I'm still here talking about her :) I hope you enjoyed the accidental novel of rambling lmao I love Azula so much

    #azula#atla #my atla post #pd #thank u for the great question friend <3
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  • onemagpie
    26.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    I just wanna say I absolutely adore how you draw foggy hes my biggest hyperfixation and comfort character and the way you draw him is so perfect!!

    💖💗💓💗💖💗💗💖💖💗💗 so cool you think so ! ! !

    #ask #this message cheered me up :') thank u
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  • skeleton-dream-demon
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hi!! I have no question for you, just wanna say what your art is amazing, and you deserve sooo much better feedback! Like, really! I'm in love with you drawing lokes, its so warm and pretty!!I really like the way you make shadows and poses. So dynamic :o

    I hope your day was great!💛💛💛

    Omg thank u so much! i´m so happy to hear that u like what i do! it really makes me smile! i really struggle with my art but it gives me so much motivation to hear that someone likes my stuff <3

    i wish u a really great Day/night!

    #to cute #i can die peacefully now #thank u <3
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